May, 2002



The Parting

   John's plane touched down at New York exactly 20 mins after the special flight carrying the Crown Prince and his entourage of security personnel. He rushed through immigration and was greeted by Patrick. Pat informed him about the just arrived Crown Prince and also told him about what his sources at the Department had told him about some secret 'operation' about tracing out some 'individual'...

   "The young Prince is in your city... and we must find him before they do!"

   "What? The Prince? You mean the Crown Prince's son?" Pat asked, incredulous.

   "Yes. And he was supposed to be in Austria with his friends, holidaying for the fortnight..." John quickly filled in his friend with the background.

   "And why is he here?" Pat asked.

   "That also we will find out once we get him and talk to him... and that's one reason we must find him before the police does. Hope he has checked into a hotel and not staying with some friend... that would be more difficult to find..." John said taking out a large, recent photo of the Prince and handing it over to Pat. "Get this on the front page tomorrow... And what has the consulate staff been doing?" he asked.

   "Nothing that would draw too much attention. But I did get some information." Pat replied. "Some frantic inquiries are going on... and a special team from the FBI has been assigned to help."

   The prince was the first to wake and as he slowly sat up he felt his ass mouth throb... It felt sore, but his spirit was soaring too. Turning and looking at the sleeping figure of his new friend, his lover, he smiled, feeling all tender. The boy looked so handsome as he slept, the covers thrown off, the magnificent teen body revealed, glowing in the late morning light filtering into the room...

   Sitting there he stared, his eyes moving from face to pubes... admiring. He wanted to crush his lips to the slightly parted mouth and kiss the boy. He wanted to wrap his arms around the boy and hug him tight... wanted to kiss his way down the smooth torso till he reached the amazing cock. He wanted to take it in his mouth and suck it to hardness once more and feel it pulse. He wanted to make it relinquish its liquid treasures in his hungry mouth... And as he admired the sleeping Chris he saw the boy stretch in his sleep, a soft moan escaping the parted lips... He watched the thigh and calf muscles flex as the legs stretched out, the thighs spreading wide, akimbo... He saw the sleeping penis roll to one side and then begin to slowly fill out... the pink tip gradually swelling as the shaft started lengthening and thickening... Mesmerized, he watched the cock stretch out and harden... begining to throb as if shrugging off slumber to lift it's bloated head, reaching for heavens. Unconsciously his hand reached out to touch the awakened phallus and as the fingertips carressed the sizzling shaft he heard the boy moan and felt him move.

   Chris opened his eyes and stretched.... "What are you doing?" he asked smiling at Gilbert, enjoying the soothing touch on his burning flesh.

   "Good morning. Just admiring the view!" he replied grinning.

   Chris jumped up and playfully punched him on the arm, "You're one horny bastard?"

   "Ow!" the prince exclaimed in mock pain, "You bet!" he said grabbing at the erect penis before they fell into each other's arms, kissing.

   Pulling back, breathless, the Prince looked at Chris and smiled, "Let's eat!" he said.

   Chris pulled back, a look of mock horror on his face... he looked at the prince, his eyes wide and the eyebrows raised high and then he knit them together as his lips curled up in a naughty smile....

   "Please, I meant food! Let's eat some food, I'm starved." Gilbert said swatting Chris lightly.

   "Thank God!" exclaimed Chris, rolling his eyes.

   "But lets take a shower first... we are all sticky and smell like cum bags!" said the Prince scowling and then smiled.

   "Yea..." replied Chris, his hands squeezing the awesome butt that he had deflowered the night before.

   Together they went into the tiny bathroom and got under the shower, adjusting the water to the right temperature.

   Lathering each other, their hands slid over the smooth surface, caressing... and as it started feeling better and better, the memories of the previous night returned, arousing fresh needs in the young souls. Turning the Prince around Chris began working on the back, the soft hands slowly gliding down to first touch, then grab at those awesome teen buns. Dropping down on his hunches he soaped the cheeks, kneading the full globes with loving hands, sliding gentle fingers into the tempting crack running along the length of the bubbles.

   The Prince leaned forward, his hands on the tiled wall for support and thrust back, moaning lustily. And as gentle fingers slid lower, running along the length of the crack to lightly touch the raw anal mouth he clenched the cheeks tight and groaned, his hips jerking away.

   "Still hurts?" Chris asked, voice tinged with concern.

   "Yes..." he replied in a hoarse voice, the ass still tense.

   Parting the cheeks gently Chris peered in and gasped, "Jeez, it looks real sore..." totally shocked by the deep purple color of the wrinkled opening and the swollen, pouty mouth.

   "Yes..." gasped the Prince with the soreness and the thrill of the soothing caress, "But I'm sure your sore too..." he whispered.

   "Yes..." Chris responded, "Hey, lets finish the shower and then you lie down and I'll kiss it and make it feel better..." he said quickly getting up.

   Spinning around the Prince stared at him, amazed yet completely thrilled. "I'll lie down but only on condition that I too get to kiss your soreness away..." he grinned.

   Washing off quickly they got out from under the water and dried each other off... hands never ceasing in their unabashed roaming... caressing, the eyes already dark with passion, smoldering...

   Lowering his gaze the Prince grabbed at the large penis dangling lazily between Chris' thighs, "Well, your beautiful penis looks sore too" he commented giving it a soft squeeze as the large head filled his palm.

   Looking down Chris smiled in reply, "Well, not exactly sore but very well worked over."

   "But it looks sore to me..." the Prince insisted, with a twinkle in his eyes, "Well, a pair of sore butts and a sore penis... surely calls for some action and I'm sure we can find a way of how to do it!"

   Grinning broadly Chris swatted his back as they walked out of the bathroom, "I think that we can easily...!"

   The bed soon squeaked with joy as the young teens clambered in... the hunger that had pulled them out of bed totally forgotten with the rising tide of renewed lust.

   They had traced the Prince to the hotel and had already 'secured' the area. Men had already been posted in and around the hotel. Now it was for the Prince to decide and they could move in...

   He was visibly ecstatic when told about his son having been traced and of his being alone and safe. For a fleeting moment he stated that he would like to personally go and bring him back but then realizing how foolish such an act would be, not to mention how dangerous too, he fell silent.

   So it was decided that the Chief of Royal Security along with the FBI agents, would go to the hotel to bring the Price back. He would be taken straight to the airport where the Crown Prince would be waiting for him and together they would fly back home, immediately, before anyone even got wind of it.... It was vital, to save the King and the government a lot of embarrassment.

   The local police would be asked to seal off the area, like in any other 'normal' case of crime, and hold back all public from the hotel till further orders... till the special officers moved in and whisked away the Prince. But nothing specific would be told to them. And with all the secrecy it also had to be done urgently... for one never knew what other secret agencies or terror groups had already gathered information about the young Prince's escapades... And who knew what they would do! As for the press, if it got too nosy they could always come up with a nice sounding story!

   They scrambled out of bed, shoving and jostling each other, laughing like playful children as they pulled on their clothes. Both felt so happy, so excited. For both this was their first time... their first 'affair' and both knew it was not just lust... but much more. Chris was sure it was love and he could think of nothing but the days ahead, the days in each other's arms... He knew this guy was from Europe and was just visiting the US, but he didn't want to think so far ahead... not yet. He was happy and that was all he wanted to think about, this moment, this instant. And treasure it forever... It felt like he was flying and he just wanted to let go and soar even higher...

   Both felt as if they were in heaven... unaware of the thunder bolt about to strike! Unaware of the men slowly closing in...

   They didn't feel like going out so instead they went down to the small restaurant attached to the hotel and ordered their breakfast, laughing and chattering joyously as they waited to be served. They seemed oblivious of the world around them, totally immersed in each other, falling silent only when the steward reappeared, laden with the breakfast tray and sat silent as he set the table. Once alone they resumed their banter, quiet forgetting about table manners and not talking while eating.

   "Hey, yesterday was like crazy and I didn't even get to call home... and I'm sure mom will be real mad. No, I guess more worried than mad. I've never done something like this before." Chris said as they walked out of the restaurant. "I guess I better get back home and check if she needs any help, you know... And I promise I'll be back within the hour."

   "Yes, I think you better do that..." replied the Prince, "but make it fast, I can hardly wait..." he trailed off, suddenly shy.

   "Wait for what, eh?" Chris giggled, his heart already beating faster.

   "You..." replied the Prince, looking straight into his friend's eye, smiling.

   "OK, see you soon..." whispered Chris as he turned to leave, his heart desirous of a tight hug and a kiss, but also aware that such a thing was not possible in public...

   The Officers went up and tapped on the door...

   Hearing the knock his face lit up and he rushed to open the door, wondering if it could be Chris already, expectant, a happy smile ready on his young, handsome face.

   But the strange men standing there left him disappointed... and before he could react, with flashing id's and soft smiles the men crowded in through the door, forcing the surprised and confused young man to step further back into the room... And as he watched, another figure entered the room and slowly closed the door behind him, someone very official looking, someone vaguely familiar...

   "Wha... what's all this and who are you?" he asked, not totally unafraid, before realization dawned on his confused mind and he recognized the Chief of the Royal Security Unit, 'God, they had already traced him out?!' he thought, his heart sinking in shock and horror...

   "Your Highness, your father, the Crown Prince has come to take you back home. He is at the airport, waiting for you." the Officer said with the respect reserved for royalty.

   "What...?!" he exclaimed... 'God!' he thought, his mind shouting for Chris to return quickly.

   "We must leave immediately... before the press or anyone even gets a hint of this," the Officer continued as his eyes roamed the tiny room, taking in everything. "We can help you pack, Your Highness." he added looking at the two men from the FBI accompanying him.

   "No, that won't be necessary." said the Prince as he turned away, going to the closet to get his things out, knowing the futility of trying to resist but hoping to delay... hoping for Chris to return... to see him one last time, tell him...

   Chris didn't have much explanation to do... But with a whole day and a second night planned out his mother did manage to keep him back for much longer than he would have liked, extracting her 'pound of flesh' for granting her permission! He didn't protest much, instead quickly finishing all the work she wanted done and to avoid further delay rushed out of the back door before his mother could stop him or remember of something else that needed to be done.

   And as he rushed out of the kitchen door he spotted the open newspaper lying on the kitchen table, a large photo of a handsome youth smiling up at him with bold captions screaming - "PRINCE IN THE US?" The face looked oddly familiar but he had other thoughts on his mind, thoughts of Gilbert, and the things they would be doing together... and no Prince, handsome or not, was going to make him pause from hurrying into his lover's arms!

   And as he hurried down the path cutting across the park there was a spring in his step, the teen heart fluttering at the memory of the previous night and the thoughts of the coming moments of togetherness. He could hardly wait to get back to his new friend...

   He was in love and there was no doubt about that... For a moment the fact that Gilbert was from Europe cast a momentary shadow on the happy thoughts, but the gloom past quickly... Surely he could convince Gilbert to transfer to an American University, maybe even his own college and then they could be together... already thinking too far ahead.

   And as he walked out of the park he noticed the patrol cars blocking the road in front of the hotel. He didn't much care about it... 'Maybe another holdup or some such thing', he thought as he hurried forward anxious to get to the hotel and Gilbert. But as he got closer he noticed the barricade put up around the entrance of the hotel and the crowd of curious onlookers that had gathered around the outer perimeter of the barricade, officers keeping them at bay.

   He also noticed a reporter from one of the smaller local eveningers trying to get out information from the officer nearest to him.

   It was now obvious that whatever the problem was, it was inside the hotel... and that got him really worried... Worried about what was going on... He didn't for once worry about Gilbert or even imagine that his amazing new friend could be in any kind of trouble or be the cause of any of this... He didn't know what was happening, but he surely understood that there was some major problem at the hotel. And that was what he was worried about, of the fact that he may have trouble getting in, past all the security... And that would be terrible! He could hardly wait to rejoin Gilbert... be in his arms... share the joys of togetherness, and of love... and continue with their mutual discovery of the pleasures of the flesh...

   The Prince was absolutely devastated...

   He wasn't so much afraid of the King's or his father's anger... neither was he upset about all the questions he had to answer. And he was sure that his 'secret' was intact. The secret service guys had traced him out but luckily Chris wasn't around when they came knocking. But that's what worried him most - Chris...

   What would he think? How would he feel about the whole thing... the 'lie' that the Prince had given about himself? He hadn't returned yet and now he wouldn't even have a chance to give an explanation to him.... Tell him how much he truly loved him... how much all this had meant to him, how much he had enjoyed those few hours of total bliss in Chris' arms... Tell him how sorry he was about the truth, about his compulsions, this sudden departure...

   He felt so guilty, as if he had broken some promise, the boy's trust... He wanted another moment with Chris, but that he knew was impossible now. And as he walked out of the building and was led away to the nearby waiting car, flanked by the officers, he spotted Chris in the crowd, beyond the yellow ribbons... Chris too saw him at exactly the same moment...

   Their eyes met and instantly Chris broke out in a smile and waved... before realization struck him and he noticed the official looking men flanking his friend. The expression of joy turned to horror and then disbelief and then wonder as the reality of the situation gradually sank in... as the familiarity of the picture in the newspaper finally registered in his mind...

   He had slept with a Prince!!!

   And as he looked back again he saw the Prince looking at him... and there was pain in those large eyes... the electric blue eyes eloquent, pleading... brimming with love... and a hint of moisture...

   His raised hand slowly lowered, the outstretched palm still frozen in the incomplete wave... and he smiled, at his friend of one night, before slowly turning away and moving into the jostling crowd...

   John stood with Pat on the opposite side of the street... a slight look of disappointment on his face. He had got some good footage of the young Prince being led away but he was sad that he and the authorities had arrived almost simultaneously... And he couldn't get his exclusive scoop after all. But he could still do a bit of snooping and still get the story... and his observant eyes had also noted the young boy in the crowd wave out at the Prince... the Prince's constant gaze at the boy... the looks on both faces, unmistakable, distinct.... He was sure he could get the boy to talk... But then, was it worth it? Did he really want a 'scoop'? Did he really need a 'story'? Would he want to splash the story on the front page? Would he want to spoil it for the kid?

   Slowly he turned and went back to their parked car and drove away, suddenly feeling very happy...

   The End



All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

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