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Jake & Brian
Chapter One: One Drunken Night.
By: The Writer Boy.



The night was deep in darkness; ethereal orange glows from street lamps cast themselves luridly against the snow.
I shivered violently as I tried to get warm; the flat was always so cold! Another plus of being a poor student! I impatiently waited for the kettle to boil.

Jake wasn't home yet, his last class ran a bit later than mine. He was studying Journalism, I was studying English Literature.
We'd known each other for just over two years, he'd sat next to me in our psychology class and we'd hit it off right away.
He was funny and sweet, intelligent and oh so handsome if only he was gay! We'd jokingly mentioned having sex and getting married almost daily, and we'd even been married on Facebook since our second day of knowing each other. I don't think he really knew just how badly I wanted him!

"God, it is fucking freezing!" Jake exclaimed as he came home, tossing his bag over the sofa, it narrowly missed the pathetic mini Christmas tree we'd set up on the coffee table, which had already lost six lights.

"I know, the weather says it's due to get worse," I shrugged slightly, somehow feeling guilty for being the one to break this bad news, "Least classes are over until after Christmas."


"Yeah s'pose, I've got a couple of essays due though." The sofa groaned as Jake let his weight fall upon it.


"Tea?" I handed him a cup. Two sugars, bit of milk.


"Thanks man, what would I do without you?"

"Stumble through life completely lost and heart broken?" I joked, sticking my tongue out at him.


"Damn right!" He laughed, making room for me beside him.


"So what's the plan for tonight? Pizza? Chinese? Indian? All of the above?" I asked, reaching for the phone.


"Let's go for pizza...and alcohol!" He announced, waltzing over to the fridge and displaying the bottles he'd been stock piling for the past three months. I smiled at the thought, we'd both had a shit day,
we were both newly made adults, throwing my usual caution to the cold outside, I nodded in agreement, as he started to bring the bottles over.


The night progressed at a relatively easy pace; we'd watched a few shit movies, eaten a massive pizza and gradually descended into the realm of drunkenness. Naturally, the conversations of essays died pretty quickly, and we were soon talking about more...sensual things.

"So, how often do you wank?" Jake asked, his face a slate of seriousness.


"Depends - sometimes once a day, sometimes three times a day. You?" I admitted, the room had begun to spin slowly, I knew I shouldn't have mixed tequila and vodka, but, live and learn.


"Round about the same, once I did it nine times my cock was rubbed raw!" His laugh, although a booming bass had the shyness in it of a little boy that's been caught looking at his dad's naughty magazines.


"Nine times? Horny fucker!" I shouted, slapping his arm gently.


"Hey, I'm a boy; it's one of the only things we can get right!"


"Well...when you put it like that!" I joked, winking at him before downing the brown liquid that rested within my glass. It scorched my throat, ran into my chest and seemed to burn solidly before vanishing
and leaving me feeling even more relaxed than I already did. The world was starting to turn topsy-turvy.


"Bri...what's it like...to be gay?" His voice had become timid; he was terrified of offending me.


"Oh it's fine! We don't get arrested or shot anymore so it's all good." I giggled to myself, my head felt lighter than the rest of my body.


"No...I meant the other stuff. Sucking dick and all that." I had barely heard him, the room was dark but I swear I saw him blush. Jake and I had never discussed our sexual habits in detail, of course, we'd made a few lewd jokes in front of our friends, but we'd never had a conversation about it.


"It's great, can be a bit of trouble at first, getting used to deep throating ex cetera but I love sucking dick to be perfectly honest, one of the best things about being queer if you ask me."
I reached for the vodka bottle and fell forwards, landing in-between the sofa and the coffee table. I burst into a fit of laughter, deciding in that second I'd definitely try this `drunken' thing again.


Jake tried to suppress his laughter as he began to help me up, gripping my upper arms with his strong hands and pulling me to a standing position.
He was about a foot taller than me and stared at me curiously, I couldn't define his look.


"Thanks, I think I'm a b" I was cut off as his lips were suddenly on mine, his hands left my arms and were running up my back, before locking around my waist to sabotage any escape attempt.
I didn't want to escape. I fell into his kiss, his passionate, warm, consuming kiss. He was straight, this didn't make any sense to me, but I didn't care.


When we finally broke apart, he looked away from me slightly, his cheeks flushed. I felt something against my thigh and upon looking down, I saw what it was. A tent had formed in his pants, a big tent at that!
He smiled shyly as I returned my gaze to him. I ran my hand up his back causing him to shiver; he started kissing me again, more forcefully this time. He swung my body gently onto the sofa, and lay over me, showering my neck with gentle bites and kisses steeped in passion.


I moaned softly as he took his shirt off, revealing his perfectly chiselled body: strong arms, Pecs and six pack abs. My cock swelled to full hardness, I wanted him, and my body yearned for him. I ran my hands all over that body, touching as much as I could as he did the same to me. The darkness protected us, it shielded the secrets we had begun to form, and there was no going back.


I popped the clasp on his pants and put my hand inside his boxers, he sighed softly into my ear as I began rubbing his thick cock, gently pulling the tender foreskin back and forth to tease him slowly.

He pulled off his pants, tossing them aside, and shifted his body so that I was on top of him. I kissed his neck and chest, stopping to suck on his hard nipples which drove him wild before moving to his stomach. A small trail of dark hair ran from his belly button to his swollen shaft, I was so close to it I could smell the sweet sweat which had settled on his balls.

I looked up at Jake, his eyes were closed and his mouth was open into a small smile, he knew what was coming for him.


I took him into my mouth, careful to guard my teeth with my lips. His dick throbbed as it travelled further into me, my jaw felt strange with his massive cock inside it it had been a while since I'd last sucked a guy!

He sharply breathed in as I started to suck, bobbing my head back and forth while my tongue spun around his swollen head, my hand gently toying with his medium sized balls. I moved back up his shaft and sucked solidly on the head, causing him to buck and breath deeper, his hand running through my hair as I began deep throating him again. He was so big; he must've been about nine inches, and thick!

His cock oozed pre-cum, it tasted phenomenal, salty but not too harsh. I swallowed it heartily as I felt him start to fuck my mouth; his hips pressed and pushed off the sofa, penetrating my mouth as he held my head in place with his strong hands.

His thrusting became more urgent; I sucked harder as he fucked my mouth deeper, his cock seemed to get even bigger as he balls began to tighten against his body. He growled sexily as he began to shoot in my mouth, splattering the sides of my cheeks, my tongue and the back of my throat with his hot salty seed. I swallowed automatically, I longed for the taste and was slightly worried I'd drown in his cum; there was so much of it! Jake breathed deeply as his orgasm abated; I stood up and gazed at his body, naked and beautiful in the dark, partially lit by the moonlight outside He opened his eyes and met mine. He smiled slightly before standing up, grabbing his pants and walking towards his room. I couldn't understand it, I felt hurt and rejected.

His entire body shook as he turned back to me, glaring down at me. I felt small compared to him, dwarfed completely by his height and anger.


"Tell no one." He simply said, before storming into his room and slamming the door.