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Brother's Keeper
Chapter Three


"He said we could fuck him," a voice said.  "And I think we should."

"He definitely deserves it," came a reply.  "I think I'm going to wait, though.  You can go ahead."

My ass was on fire.  My mouth and throat were parched.  I opened my eyes to find myself on the floor in front of the sofa, still bound and gagged.  I felt the slime of wet cum between my ass cheeks.  Tripp Sadler was sitting with one ass cheek up on the arm of the sofa and Colin Nuckols was sitting in an armchair.  There was a disquieting silence in the apartment.

"Look, he's coming around," the first voice said.  It was Tripp's.  They were both smirking at me.

"God damn," Colin said.  "I mean, I always said that macho, exclusive-top BS was a cover, but who would have guessed he was such a fucking bottom?"

"And a size queen to boot," Tripp quipped.  They both chuckled.

I shot back a "fuck you," but it was completely unintelligible through the shorts still shoved in my mouth.

Tripp and Colin were both fags.  In fact, I'd fucked them both during our freshman year.  Each had been a one-time hookup but we'd stayed friends:  a one-night stand was all I'd wanted, and it was all they'd wanted.

There were a few dozen gay guys out on campus.  We weren't tight knit by any means, but those who were similar kind of stuck together.  There was an emo crowd.  A drag crowd.  A femme crowd.  A political crowd.  And a jock crowd.  Tripp, Colin, Jeff, me, we were all jocks.  Queer, yeah, but predominantly masculine.  We hung out with fellow jocks, gay or straight.  But because we were the gay jocks, our circles definitely overlapped more than most.

Tripp, who had a haughty, multisyllabic, multi-generational name appropriate for the trust fund boy that he was, got his nickname from his suffix--a Roman numeral three.  A rugby player, he had a broad, stocky frame of average height but it was wrapped in muscle.  His eyes were hazel and his casually unkempt, sandy hair teetered on the edge between blond and brown.

Colin was from a more modest background and had only gotten to college on his basketball scholarship.  He was tall, taller even than the Nelson brothers, probably 6'5" or 6'6", with black hair and cobalt blue eyes.  Colin was one of my most persistent critics when it came to Jeff, mostly because Colin had had a crush on him from the very beginning and was always jealous of my ability to hold Jeff's interest no matter how badly I treated him.

And now I was naked in front of them.  Bound and gagged and covered in cum.  And they'd seen me getting fucked up the ass.  Not just getting fucked, but cumming like a fucking firehose while getting fucked.  I wondered what I had missed between blacking out and coming to.  I wondered how I was going to smooth-talk my way out of this one.  Once someone took my shorts out of my mouth, that is.

"I don't fucking believe you," came a voice I knew very well, in a whining tone I also knew very well.  But there was something very different about it now.  I turned my head to see Jeff Nelson walk in from the hall.  "I've put up with a lot of shit from you, but I never thought you'd try to fuck my kid brother."

I shook my head and tried to protest.  Tripp and Colin chuckled again.  I wondered suddenly where Chris Nelson was, and what his explanation had been.

"Oh, shut the fuck up!  I know my brother.  He only has sex with guys who try to fuck him first.  It's his thing.  It gets him off.  He told me you tried to fuck him."

"What?!" If the word didn't make it through the shorts, the incredulity in my tone did.  I couldn't believe this.  Apparently Chris had painted a very one-sided story and conveniently omitted his seduction and betrayal.

"So you're going to deny planning to get me out of the apartment all day so you could fuck him?" Jeff interrupted.

"God damn it!"  I wanted someone to take the gag out of my mouth so I could explain.  My frustration came across as something more like a complete denial.

"Then what the fuck was this doing under the bed, right where Chris said it would be?!"  Triumphant like a tv lawyer getting a client off for murder, Jeff held up my book bag, which contained the laptop, which I'd said I'd left in my gym locker.

"God damn," Colin said.

"Holy shit," Tripp agreed.  "That is fucking cold.  Fucking his brother behind his back?  It's like daytime tv.  Somebody call Jerry Springer."

I stared at Jeff, feeling the futility.  I couldn't defend myself.  Even without the gag, nothing I could say could make him believe the whole truth after whatever Chris had told him.  And even if I could make him believe the whole truth, how much better was it anyway?  That, yeah, I'd planned to fuck his brother, but only because Chris had seduced me?  And that Chris had basically fucking raped me?  But that I'd ended up getting off on it?  But I could tell Jeff didn't care about Chris fucking me; Jeff knew that was his brother's modus operandi.  And I couldn't deny getting off on it; they'd all walked in on me getting off with a cock up my ass.  And what a fucking cock.  They'd obviously all seen it, since Chris was just as naked as I was.  And Tripp's size queen comment eliminated any room for doubt.

I turned from Jeff to Tripp and Colin to see if they would offer any help.  None was to be found.  Tripp was looking down at me in disgust.  Colin's look was frozen loathing.  Except his eyes.  There was a hint of glee in his eyes.

"So what do you want to do with him?"  That was Tripp.  Colin was still staring at me.

"I don't care.  I'm fucking done with him," Jeff answered.

Colin smiled smugly at me.  His smile said, "I win and you lose."  And then a flash of an idea crossed his face and the smile became evil.  He looked up to Jeff.  "I think you should fuck him."

"What?" Jeff and my brain responded in unison.  But in my brain it had an exclamation point.

"You should fuck him," Colin continued.  "All these months, he's fucked you.  And I don't just mean literally up the ass, Jeff.  I mean all the shit he's made you do and put up with.  All the bullshit chores.  His fucking whoring at the club.  He deserves it.  You deserve it.  And it's the perfect way to break it off.  Forever."

Silence hung in the air again.  All eyes were on Jeff, except his, which were on me.  He scowled as a long moment passed.

"He does deserve it," he said at last.  "But you guys know me.  I'm a bottom.  I don't fuck.  It doesn't do anything for me.  I don't think I could even keep it up.  I never have before."

I think I sighed in relief.  But it only lasted a second.

"Oh, I think you could this time," Colin said.  His voice was thick with lust.  He got up from the chair and walked to Jeff.  There was a hardon in his pants and he didn't bother trying to hide it.  "I think you could keep it up if I fuck you while you fuck him."  All eyes were on Colin now.

Tripp whistled.  "Dude, that's fucked up," he murmured.

"What?!  He deserves it," Colin retorted.

"Yeah.  I mean good fucked up, not bad fucked up," Tripp explained.  "Like, damn, that's fucked up."

"I don't know," Jeff began.  Colin, who had made his way across the living room, cut him off.

"Jeff, you know he's treated you like a piece of shit.  I've seen it.  I've told you about it.  Fuck, we all have."  He was speaking softly with one hand on Jeff's shoulder.  "He's the piece of shit.  You need to put him behind you and get with someone who'll treat you right."

Jeff looked past Colin at me again.  My eyes were wide, pleading silently.  I didn't want Jeff to fuck me.  I didn't want to get fucked again at all.  My ass was a fucking volcano.  I especially didn't want Jeff to fuck me, and I doubly especially didn't want him to do it in front of Colin and Tripp, or anyone else.

"OK," Jeff said quietly.  One word.  Two letters, really.  He might as well have kicked me in the nuts.  I closed my eyes in resignation.  I was done.


The logistics were surprisingly simple.  Colin gingerly removed the cummy seat cushions from the sofa and stacked them on the floor while Jeff got lube from the bedroom.  The lube was for his ass, not mine.  Colin applied it as they stripped, all while Tripp picked me up and threw me chest down on the stack of sofa cushions.  As stained as they were with cum already, I guess no one cared about the crusty, gooey mess on the front of my body adding to the streaks.  And to think Jeff used to bitch that I didn't put coasters on the lamp stands under my beers.  But Jeff wasn't the bitch anymore.  Not after today.

I did try to struggle for a minute.  Then Tripp slapped me so hard it made my ear ring.  "Come on, Tom.  You know you've had this coming for a long time.  Man up and take it.  Don't make it worse for yourself."

If Tripp, who was always laid back and never cared about a god damned thing, was that far against me, I was done for.  He was always a fucking picture of insouciance.  I had done a lot of shitty things to a lot of people, but I never phased Tripp.  No one ever did.  If he was against me, I really was fucked.

I jolted as Jeff's cock brushed my ass.  He was kneeling behind me but he wasn't hard yet.  But I heard him moan and looked over my shoulder to see Colin kneeling behind Jeff and sliding home up his ass.

"Mmm, that feels good," my roommate said.  He twisted his own head back and he and Colin began to make out.  I turned away.  Tripp was watching the scene, his pupils dilated, one hand idly stroking a prominent bulge in his jeans.  He glanced over to the armrest where his other hand lay.  I followed his eyes to see him checking the view in his cell phone.  I closed my eyes.  He was recording it.

It didn't take long for Jeff to get hard with a cock up his ass.  It never did.  I guess now I understood why.  But no one forgot what he was supposed to be doing with it.  I felt a hand on my hips as he pushed his cock down and thrust forward.  Even his little dick seared me as he pushed it in.  I hoped he just held it still while Colin fucked him to orgasm.  My hope didn't pan out.

"Now back up on me," Colin instructed.  As Jeff moved back to slide his ass onto Colin's dick, Jeff's dick withdrew from mine.  "See?  Do you like it?"

"Hell, yeah," Jeff answered.  "I love your cock."  He slowly slid forward again and I whined.

"I think the bitch likes it, too," Colin said.  He thought wrong.

"Fuck him," Jeff said coldly, with no attempt at humor.

"No, look."  A hand closed on my dick, and I was shocked that it was hard again.  They both chuckled.  I looked back to see Colin holding Jeff's hand around my dick.  "Jerk him off and see if he rides you," Colin suggested.

Jeff stroked and I involuntarily clutched my ass.  "He's milking me!" Jeff exclaimed.

"What a faggot," Colin said.

"Remember, he said we could fuck him but he can't get off anymore."  Tripp's voice was gravelly and impatient.  He?  Chris?  Giving out permission?

"Don't worry, he won't be cumming," Colin snickered.  "But we will."


I didn't get to cum.  Jeff kept stroking my dick to make me clench my hole around him.  And he gradually built up speed from his slow, leisurely pace riding Colin's dick and my ass.  I got close to cumming a couple times and Jeff, who knew my reactions better than the other two, would promptly announce it.  And Colin would reach under and smack my balls hard, making me shriek into the shorts and buck on the cushions.  It also make my cum urge pass.

Jeff came inside me.  It was from Colin's fucking, not from fucking my ass, but it didn't make any difference.  He came before Colin so I got to endure Jeff's limp dick in my hole while Jeff writhed in pleasure on top of me and I could feel Colin's deep, vigorous thrusts reverberate through Jeff and into me.

When Colin, too, was done, they both dismounted and Tripp took his turn.  His dick was bigger than Jeff's but not as big as mine.  Not nearly as big as Chris's.  But it felt like a fire hydrant going up my tired, abused ass.  He fucked like a stallion, too.  At one point, he leaned over me and whispered in my ear.

"Hey, Tom?  I think you're gonna need a new boyfriend."  He pulled my face up by the hair and I opened my eyes to see Jeff sitting naked across Colin's bare lap in the chair, making out.

"Hey, Col?" Tripp asked.  "You gonna want a turn at this on your own?"

"No," Colin answered, looking over at us.  "I think I'm happy with what I've got here."  He smiled at Jeff, stroking his shaved crotch, and resumed making out.

"Sorry, Tom.  Guess you blew your chance," Tripp said, dropping my head back on the cushions and plowing even deeper inside me.


I was eating Colin's cum out Jeff's ass when Chris Nelson returned to the apartment.  Well, actually, Colin's cum had been gone for a long time.  But I was still lying on my back across several of the cushions, held in place by Colin and Tripp, as Jeff writhed and cooed while sitting on my face.  The two guests were in the middle of a discussion about double fucking me together.  It was the first time in hours I'd had the shorts out of my mouth but I still couldn't voice my objections.  Chris's arrival fortunately cut short their plans.

"Did you fuck him?" Chris asked.  If it was directed at anyone in particular, I couldn't see who.

"Hell, yeah!" Tripp answered.

"You too?" Chris asked his brother.

"Yeah," Jeff replied.  "Colin fucked me so I could cum up his ass."

Chris laughed.  "So I guess I know what the bitch is doing now."  He paused and took in the scene for a moment.  My cock was only half-hard between my splayed legs.  "Did he cum?"

"No," Colin answered for everyone.

"Let him up," Chris said.  "I want to talk to him."

Jeff's ass disappeared from my face.  I blinked my eyes at the light and worked my jaw.  My arms were still tied behind my back so I couldn't wipe away the sheen of cum and spit around my mouth.  Chris's fists clutched several shopping bags.

"Hello, bitch," he said.  He stood directly beside me, towering over me, silhouetted against the overhead light.

"Please leave me alone," I pleaded.  My voice sounded strange.  Raw, like my throat.

"Don't you want to know where I've been?" he asked.

"No, I don't think it is going to have been anywhere good for me."

"You might be right," he replied.  "We'll see."  He was smiling softly.  It almost looked like he was taking pity on me.  I no doubt looked pitiable.  My hair was a mess from having been pulled around all day.  My arms were still tied behind me, my wrists chafed raw from the shoelaces, my face raw from crotch and ass, my tongue and lips felt swollen, and I was covered in crusted streaks and splotches of cum literally from head to toe.  Most was on my chest from my own cum shots, with occasional trails in my hair.  I knew a lot had leaked down my legs from my ass, too.

"You still owe me an orgasm, by the way.  I got my fourth right just as your lights went out."  He paused.  "But you got off twice when I fucked you, so you've had five."

"Please leave me alone," I asked again.

"No, Tommy," he said gently.  "This day doesn't end for you until the score's in my favor.  Or at least even."  He stepped back and looked up at the others.  He saw Jeff sitting in Colin's lap on the chair again, Colin petting him possessively.  He eyed them up and down, assessed the change that he'd missed while he was gone, and consented to it with his silence on the subject.

"Guys, can you get him cleaned up?  I've got a couple things to take care of."  He put half the bags down to free a hand, picked one bag free from the others, and tossed it to Jeff.  "Make sure he knows how to use all of that stuff.  And I'm going to hang onto your wallet for a while longer, if that's OK."

"Sure, bro," Jeff replied.  And Chris picked up his bags and went to the bedroom.