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Bumping Into Love

Chapter 2

I groggily opened my eyes the next morning when I felt the warmth beneath me stir. I tilted my head up to look into Eric's amazing eyes; they too looked as though they had just opened. His arms were still wrapped around me, hugging me tight. He pulled me up until I was level with his head, then leaned in and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

"Morning baby." He said smiling down at me in a soothing voice.

"Morning." I replied, smiling back.

As we lay there snuggled up to each other, we could hear the rain patter against the windows of my room. It appeared to be a dark gloomy day outside, which I didn't mind, because I just wanted to spend my day in bed with Eric. We lie there for a few more minutes, until Eric kissed me again, and slid out from beside me.

"And where are you going?" I asked, trying to pull him back into bed with me

"Nature calls, I'll be back." He replied kissing me again, and then proceeded to the bathroom. He still didn't have anything on, and the view of his derriere sauntering away was quite enjoyable. A minute later I heard the toilet flush, and saw him saunter back. He was looking on the floor all around my room, and finally when he crouched down to look under my bed I ask:

"What are you looking for?"

"I can't find my boxers anywhere, you cloths are here, and so are mine except for my boxers." I laughed at his reply. This caused him to jump on the bed, and pull back the covers.

"Ah hah! The culprit." He yelled, grabbing me, and began to tickle my stomach.

"That's not gonna get you anywhere, I'm not ticklish." I stated in between laughs.

"Oh really? Then what happens when I do this?" He asked as he proceeded to again tickle me all over, sending me in to convulsions of laughter.

"Okay, okay, Mercy, Mercy!" I shouted. "I give up, I'm ticklish."

"That's what I thought." He replied in a jokingly snoodish tone.

"Sorry, I was cold last night, and these were the closest thing to me."

"You think I'm mad because you are wearing my underwear?"

"No, it was just..." He silenced me with a kiss.

"Umm...your lips are so yummy." I stated when the kiss ended.

"So are yours, although right now, you got the morning breath thing going, and it isn't really working for ya." He said joking.

"Well that is what happens when you kiss me before I am all beautified by the miracles of modern dentistry."

We proceeded to talk some more, about nothing in particular, just anything that came to mind. That when a question popped into my mind.

"Eric, question."


"You're jacked like a mofo, you play sports, or work out a lot?"

"Yeah, I'm at the gym every other day if not more."

"Really? You never mention it."

"Oh, I guess it is just part of my daily routine, it's mundane like going to class."

"Oh, but do you play any sports, or do you just work out?"

"I didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"I guess I didn't, I play lacrosse at Brown."


"Yupp, I'm actually the co-captain this year."



"Oh how sexy, I got myself a hot lacrosse playing stud. So if you're the captain, then that means your pretty damn good."

"I guess you could say that." He said smiling.

"Well I wouldn't get all cocky, you've never played me, I bet I could kick your ass."

"You play lacrosse?"

"Yeah...I guess you could say that..."

"What position do you play?"

"Offense...defense...offensive defense...actually I just throw the ball around with people some times."

"Oh." He said chuckling. "So you think I'm sexy huh?"

"Yeah, who doesn't? I bet you get jumped by people all the time." I joked.

"Yeah, that does happen often." He replied in a sarcastic manner. There was a bit of a silence, and he said, "Yeah, and lots of people steal my underwear too." He then proceeded to tickle me. I convulsed in hysterics, five minutes, and many mercies later, he stopped. A few minutes after I caught my breath I broke the silence again.


"Anyways..." He said.

"So, about last night..." I trailed off with a nervous look on my face.

"Yeah, what about it?" He asked with a smug look on his face.

"How was I...it you know?"

"You were phenomenal." He said laughing.

"Really?" I asked calming down.

"Yeah, for your first blow job, that was pretty damn good." He said smiling, and softly kissing me on the lips. After that we continued to talk for a few more minutes until my stomach started to growl with hunger, and we went and ate breakfast.

"Hey, I got an idea, you wanna go to the gym with me today. We can get you just as jacked as I am in no time." Eric asked.

"Ahh I don't know, gyms have never really excited me. I mean I don't mind treadmills or stuff like that, but I don't like lifting." I replied.

"Oh come on, it'll be fun."

"I don't know..."

"Well just think, you'll be to see me scantily clad, pumping my muscles in ways I bet you've never seen my use them before." I thought for a moment after his remark and said: "Well when you put it that way, who wouldn't want to go?"

"I knew you would see it my way." He said kissing me on the lips.

I put on some warm ups, and a grungy tee-shirt, put a pair a jeans and a clean tee-shirt in a bag, and off we headed to Providence. Eric decided to be daring and let me drive in the pouring rain. I drove like a grandmother, and was laughed at by Eric because of it, but hey, we made it there in one piece. Eric gave me directions to his place, which I assumed would be either a dorm, or an apartment somewhere near Brown, but as we pulled up to the house on the East Side, I was surprised to see a beautiful old Dutch Tudor with an Audi parked out front.

"Good, Caroline is home, I really want you to actually meet her in person this time." Eric said as we were getting out of the car. We walked up the cobblestone path the led to the front door.

"Wow, this is a nice place." I said as we entered the house.

"Yeah, Caroline's parents bought it for her sophomore year, I moved in our junior year."

"They bought it for her?" I asked flabbergasted.

"Yeah, I know, her parents are a little generous about stuff like that. Anyways, you can put your bag in my room, and I need change anyways." He said as I followed him up the stairs that perfect ass showing me the way. We went into his room, and I dropped onto his queen size bed, which was stationed in the corner of his room.

"I really like your room." I said as I looked around at the wood furniture that matched the cream color, which adorned his walls. I noticed his the laptop sitting on his desk, and his large chest of drawers, there were three lacrosse sticks propped against the wall in the corner, and his book bag, aimlessly placed against the desk. "It has a rustic style to it which I like." I said as he entered his bathroom, which was hidden in the corner behind his door. "Thanks." I heard him say as he closed the door. He came out a few seconds later, and joined me on the bed.

"You know, we are gonna have to christen this bed at some point." Eric said with a seductive grin on his face. I laughed at his remark, and kissed him softly on the lips. Just then Caroline walked into Eric's room.

"Eric you home...?" She asked trailing off spotting us on his bed. "Oh sorry guys." She said embarrassed, turning around to leave.

"No, it's okay." Eric said, breaking the kiss. Caroline turned back around and smiled at us.

"Caroline, this is my boyfriend Andrew, and Andrew this is my best friend Caroline."

"Hi." I said, getting up off the bed to shake her hand. "It's nice to finally meet you in person."

"Likewise, Andrew." She said smiling at me. She was a very pretty woman, very tall with long shoulder length blonde hair. She reminded me of a combination of Laura and my sister's friend Bethany. Since she was tall, she also had long skinny limbs, that were kind of lanky, but in an attractive way. I sat back down on the bed next to Eric, not really sure how to act. "So what are you two up to today?" She asked.

"Actually, we were gonna go to the gym in a little while. I'm gonna get Andrew pumpin' some iron." Eric responded with a smug smile on his face.

"Ahh, I see. Yeah, he tries to do the same thing with me, but I have yet to give into his attempts."

"I said the same thing, but then he turned it into a sexual thing, and it was hard to resist him." I replied.

"Oh, you would have buckled at some point." Eric said.

"I don't know about the one." I said.

"If I had started tickling you would have complied to my ever whim."

"We had this discussion this morning. I'm not ticklish." I replied in a serious manner.

"Oh really? Well then what happens when I do this?" He asked wrapping his arms around me, and tickling my stomach. My stomach immediately began to convulse. I fell back onto the bed, and flailed my arms trying to get him to stop. "I thought you said you weren't ticklish." He stated laughing.

"I'm not." I managed between gasps of air. Seriously I am the most ticklish person in the world; even the slightest touch will set me off. This comment of mine caused Eric to really start to tickle me more.

"Okay," Laugh. "I give up." Laugh. "I'm ticklish, really ticklish." I said trying to catch my breath. Eric decided to give pity upon me. He was still lying on top of me, and he decided to give me a kiss.

"Okay, I think I'll leave you two alone." Caroline said, turning around to walk out of the room.

"Nope, were done." Eric said, getting up off me, leaving me lying there, wanting more of those delicious lips of his.

"So what are you two up to tonight?" Caroline asked.

"Umm, I'm not sure." Eric responded looking at me.

"Well Sig Ep is having a party tonight, I don't know if you guys wanna go, but it should be fun." She stated.

"Yeah I heard about that one, well see, I'm not sure if Andrew wants to go."

"Okay, well I think I am gonna head out and do a few errands now that your home."

"Okay, I'll see ya later." Eric said as she left. We continued to sit there; well he continued to sit there as I lay staring at the ceiling. "So, whatcha think?" He asked lying down on his side next to me.

"What do I think about what?"


"Umm, she's seems nice, I guess." I said sort of flatly with no emotion.

"You guess?" Eric asked with a slight chuckle to his voice.

"Well I hardly talked to her." I again said flatly.

"Well if we're gonna go to the gym I think I should change." He said quickly kissing me on the lips, and rising from his spot next to me. I turned my head to see him walk over to his drawers, pull off his tee-shirt, and grab an older rattier looking one, pull it back over his head, covering up his chest and torso. He pulled a pair of shorts out of another drawer, and changed into those, and finally pulled out a pair of warm-up pants, and some socks. He put the pants on, and came back over to the bed sitting down to put the socks over his large feet. "You look comfy." He stated when he was finished, shifting his position to see me.

"I am."

"Well it's time to get up, the gym is gonna get crazy in an hour or so."

"But it's nice and comfy right here."

"I don't think so buster, ya got this far, don't think your gonna get out of it now."

"All right fine." I said with a grunt, sitting up next to him.

"Don't worry you'll have fun." He said standing up, pulling me up with him. He gave me a quick kiss, and swatted my butt as he grabbed his keys.

"Hey what was that for?"

"Just seeing how much firmer we can make that thing." He replied.

"Are you implying that I'm fat?"

"No, not at all, you're a little skinny if you ask me."

"So are you saying I'm anorexic, or bulimic?" I asked joking.

"Never mind, you're impossible."

The gym wasn't that bad. While Eric did his extensive weight training, I ran on the treadmill. When he was done, he dragged me off my pal (the treadmill) to do some lifting. He obviously didn't realize how difficult I can be, because he literally had to pry my fingers off the damn thing. After that, it wasn't that bad. I abused my poor arms lifting those damn weights, and after and hour of using all these other weird machines I was really sore. I did make a friend in the rowing machine though. Eric was right, it did get crazy, and I ended up having to wait for a treadmill to use will Eric was finishing up. By the time Eric finished up, I was just out right dead. I think I ended up running twenty miles total, and plus my arms were starting to get really sore.

So we headed back to Eric house. His tee-shirt was all sweaty and he looked really hot. When we got back to his house, I had to resist the urge to jump him right then and there, but Caroline was home so I felt it would have been inappropriate. I followed him into the kitchen and he poured two glasses of water, which I guzzled down. I proceeded to pour myself a second.

"You know, you're not supposed to guzzle down water after you exercise." Eric stated

"Yeah, I know, small sips, but I'm thirsty so fuck it."

"Someone has a dirty mouth, now doesn't he?"

"Oh don't you start, I doubt you are the perfect saint."

"I'm also 21."

"So, that means shit." I said sticking out my tongue at him.

"Watch what you do with that thing or someone might bite it off."

"Like who?"

"I don't know, maybe me." He said standing really close facing me.

"And why would you do such a thing."

"I don't know, because you can be so rude sometimes."

"But if I didn't have my tongue I might not be able to do other things." I replied. As I said this he got really close, his nose just inches from mine.

"What kinda things?"

"You know, things..." I said being cut off by his lips pressing against mine. Locking me in a passionate kiss.

"Mmm, you have such yummy lips, and your tongue is kinda nice were it is. I think I'll leave it, but just for now." He said with that sexy grin of his.

"Okay, thanks." I responded smiling.

"I need a shower, you wanna join me?" He asked with that sexy grin still present.

"Umm let me check my schedule." I said pretending to think. "Yeah I think I'm clear for a shower."

"Good." He said grabbing my hand and pulling me to ward the stairs and then to his room.

After I entered Eric's room, he closed the door, and proceeded to take off his tee-shirt and pants. After that he seductively kissed me while he grabbed at my shirt, pulling it over my head. He wrapped his arms around me when his lips met mine again, and he began to slide their way down my back to my pants, which were off not to long after. He broke the kiss as he led me into the bathroom, closing that door. I turned on the overhead light, and the fan as he started the water.

"I'm gonna guess that you've never taken a shower with someone before." Eric said wrapping his arms around me again. I shook my head no since I hadn't. When I think about it, I hadn't even ever taken one with a parent.

"Well first of all, we need to get rid of these." Eric said hooking his thumbs under the waste band of my underwear and pulling them down. After he did this, he pulled off his own, and stepped into the shower letting the water run over him. I followed him in, standing to the side, as he stood under the nozzle.

"Okay, switch." He said, us switching places, so that I was now under the showerhead. Eric picked up a bottle of shampoo and poured some into the palm of his hand as I wet my hair.

"Okay, come towards me a little bit."

Smiling, I stepped forward, as Eric reached up and began to lather up my hair. Showering, to me, was just one of those normal, everyday things that was supposed to be done, no big deal about it. This, on the other hand, was something different. True, there was a sexual element about it, evidenced by the fact that both Eric and myself had become somewhat aroused, but there was also something special about the way my hair was being washed. The way Eric was massaging my scalp, working in the lather, running his strong hands over my head. It was done not only in an effort to get me clean, he also did it in a loving way, just like a mother or father would wash a newborn child. His actions were full of tenderness and caring.

"Rinse," Eric said with a smile. I took a step back and tilted my head towards the streaming water, washing the shampoo out of my hair. Meanwhile, Eric rinsed some of the remaining lather off of his hands, and had turned back around for a bar of soap.

I came back towards him again, and Eric worked the soap over my chest and stomach, moving it around in circular patterns, spreading the bubbles all over. Again, it was done in a gentle and sensual way, as he moved ever so slowly down my body. Crouching down, he washed one leg, all the way down to my foot, and then switched sides, this time working his way back up towards my groin.

"Okay, now turn around."

I turned to face the water, rinsing myself off in the process. Bracing myself against the wall of the shower, I leaned forward, allowing for my back to be washed. Then, Eric began to massage my shoulders, working out any tension left over from all the lifting I had done.

"Feel good?" He asked.

"It feels great. Keep this up though and I'm gonna start to fall asleep!"

Laughing, Eric bent to kiss the back of my head. "Okay, my turn."

We switched places once more, and this time it was my turn to do the washing. I had to reach up a little to wash Eric's hair, but he bent his head a little to make it easier. Washing Eric went pretty much the same. I tried to repeat the same actions that were done on me, as I wanted Eric to feel the same warmth and affection I had felt only moments before. It slowly dawned on me that there was more, much more, to being intimate than simply any type of sexual act. It involved a great deal of touch, of gestures that showed concern and love. This realization caused me to smile as I was washing Eric's right leg, and I once again thought to myself how lucky I was to have found someone to show me this whole new world.

Eventually, the hot water turned warm, then lukewarm, and then started to become cold. Turning around, Eric shut off the shower, and then turned back, pulling my wet body to him. We kissed for a few moments, and then Eric opened the door.

"So how did you like your first shower with someone?"

"Let's just say this, I hope it's the first of many."

Eric grabbed a large towel and began to dry me off, rubbing my arms and legs, chest and back, and then toweling off my hair. After a couple of minutes, I took another towel, and repeated the same actions. Then, wrapping our towels around our waists, Eric opened the bathroom door. He walked over to his dresser, grabbed some cloths and proceeded to cover up his very gorgeous body. I got the cloths I brought out of my bag and did the same. When I was done I sat down on his bed, flopping backwards, so I was looking up at his ceiling. I must have dozed off for a few minutes, because when I opened my eyes, Eric wasn't in the room anymore.

I hear some talking downstairs, so that is where I headed. As I came to the bottom of the stairs, I saw Eric and Caroline crashed comfortably on the couch, watching TV and talking. They looked over at me, when I walked into the room.

"Hey there pup." Eric said smiling at me.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked sitting down next to.

"Not long, I'd say about a half hour." He replied. "You looked so peaceful, and I couldn't bare myself to wake you."

"Ah, it's okay, it was rejuvenating. You whipped me out at the gym today." I said.

"I warned you. The last time I went, he almost killed me. I swear I couldn't lift my arms for a week." Caroline said laughing.

"You are so full of shit. After I took you for the first time, you started going regularly." Eric replied.

"Yeah, but I don't go with you anymore." She said.

"Well I had a nice time. It's a nice kinda pain. It means that I'm accomplishing something." I said.

"Finally, someone sees it my way." Eric said laughing.

"Hey, I see a lot of things your way." Caroline said laughing too.

After we talked for a little more, they were watching some movie on HBO that I wasn't very interested in. When it was over Caroline asked us what we were going to do that night. I shrugged my shoulders when Eric looked over at me, gauging my response.

"Well then you're gonna come to the Sig Ep party tonight, I kinda got this thing with one of the brothers so I really wanna go, but I don't wanna go alone. And if the two of you go, I won't feel bad ditching you guys." She said.

"Which brother?"

"His name's Alex. You know who I'm talking about. He's a senior, about you're height, blonde, plays football, really cute."

"What's his last name?" Eric asked.

"Umm... Day I think."

"Wait, is he in my philosophy class?" Eric asked.

"I don't know, but he's really cute, and when I bumped into him the other day on the quad passing around with his friends, he was just... I don't know, charming I guess. We talked for a few minutes, but then I had to run and catch my class. He was really nice. And he has a great ass too."

"Wait, yeah, I think he is in my philosophy class, he's a pretty smart kid from the stuff he's said."

"Kristy said that this TriDelt slut has been all over him since he broke up with his girlfriend. So I guess I've got some competition." Caroline said.

"Well if he hasn't given into this girls shit by now, I think you don't have to worry about him." Eric replied.

"Well I am gonna go call Kristy, see what she is up to tonight?" Caroline said going up to her room.

"Mmm now I've got you all by myself." Eric said kissing me tenderly.

I smiled when he we parted. He made me feel so good about myself when I was around, which was very good, because I beat myself up a lot.

"Eric, are you in a fraternity?" I asked.

"Nope, I enjoy the parties, but I can't stand the other stuff." He answered.

"Oh, okay, just wondering."

We continued our vigil from the couch, and again I fell asleep, my head rested on Eric shoulder, as I cuddle up to him. He woke me up about an hour later, and asked if I wanted pizza for dinner. I said that was fine, so he called. Thirty minutes later that pizza was at the door. Eric paid, and we sat down, and ate. The rest of the night we chilled at his house, watching TV, laughing and joking around, there was a lot of kisses every so often, here and there, and then 9:30 came around and Caroline came downstairs a nervous wreck not sure what she was going to wear, and all of that stuff. By the time we got her all squared away, it was 10:30. We left taking Eric's car, being optimistic that Caroline wouldn't need to come home with us that night. On the way Eric told me he wasn't going to drink much at all, because he figured he was going to have to drive us home. I wasn't quite sure what to do, get absolutely hammered in front of my boyfriend who I hadn't known for too long, get somewhat drunk, or just maybe drink a little. I figured I'd have a fun time, and get somewhat drunk, and the hell with the whole new boyfriend issue. If he wanted me, he would have to want me when I was drunk too, or at least this is what I was telling myself.

When we got there, Caroline stopped us and we did a one over to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. Though she hadn't, she still looked like a nervous wreck. `I guess she must really like this guy.' I thought to myself, making a mental note to ask Eric about it later. Whereas she was all decked out till the nines in sexy, but not sluty cloths, Eric and I were just in jeans and a tee-shirt. I learned that there is more to Caroline than meets the eye, because the nervous wreck that she was before all disappeared when we entered that house. When she passed that threshold, she became this different woman, this very beautiful women who had an heir to her. By the way she held herself, and the way she projected her presence, she morphed into this irresistible women who could have any man she wanted. Watching her walk through that door was like watching the sunrise on a dark desolate place. She turned quite a few head, I will tell you that, and got a few dirty looks from the other girls around her. Her smile was warm and welcoming, but at the same time it had an heir to it that mad her exotic.

I must have had a weird amazed look on my face, and Eric must have known what I was thinking, because he whispered into my ear "I'll tell you later," as he proceeded to lead me by my hand, over to a group of his friends. Another thought that had gone through my mind was how should I act. I saw the looks Eric was getting from the girls around us, and I wondered if I should hold him tight to me, letting everyone know that he was taken, or would he not want me to do that. I decided to be a little standoffish, and give him his space just in case. I was really nervous about his guy friends, and how he would act around them with him.

When we got over to his friends Eric said hi to all the people who had claimed the area around a couch and a few chairs. There were plastic cups, and beer bottles and cans on the coffee table, or in people's hands.

"Hey bro, what's up? Glad you came tonight, this party should be hopping." One of the guys on the couch said.

"Hey Greg. Yeah it should be a fun time." Eric responded.

I had kind of wandered off from the conversation at hand, this was partially because I wasn't sure how to act, but I was also looking to see where Caroline went. Plus, over the music and the conversation of all the other partygoers, I couldn't really hear what they were talking about, seeing as how I was standing behind Eric, jammed in between a few different crowds of people. I must have looked a little lost, because Eric turned around and asked me what was wrong.

"Umm Eric, I got a question for you. We've never really talked about this, but I was wondering if you were out, and your friends knew about you."

"Yeah, of course, I meant to tell you on the ride over, Caroline distracted me, but don't worry about being too touchy, all my friends know, and they won't care. I was just about to introduce you when you walked off." He said.

"Oh sorry, my mind kinda wandered, and I was looking for Caroline."

"It's okay cutie." He said kissing me, he turned me around, and pushing me in front of him, walked us over to where his friends were.

"I found him guys, this would be Andrew." He said to them. I received a chorus of `Hey Andrews', and `Hey dudes.' I just waved and smiled timidly back, not really sure who they all were, but if they were Eric's friends I was sure as hell going to try to befriend them also.

"Eric he's a cutie, where'd you find him? Freshman seminar?" One of the girls asked.

"Umm no not really, we kinda bumped into each other at the mall." He replied.

"Well I'm gonna go get us some drinks, Andrew you want anything in particular?"

"No not really, but I hate plain beer." I responded.

"Oh okay, I'll be right back, guys don't slaughter him."

I stood there for a second, in a silence, none of us really knowing what to say until one of the guys on the couch offered me a seat, which I accepted. And another one of them asked, "Hey, you look familiar, I think I've seen you around campus, or actually, do you play any sports here?" He asked sincerely. I kind of started to chuckle, because I thought the question was funny. Obviously Eric hadn't told his friends that I was only sixteen and didn't go to Brown.

"Umm no not really, I have played sports here at Brown, but it was during the summer."

"Really, then you played on a varsity team, what did you play?"

"No, not really I played at the soccer camp here this summer."

"Oh, I see..." He said, it not really clicking first, but then I saw the confused look on his face. "I taught at the soccer camp, but it was only for high school kids."

"Uh huh..." I said, "I never said I was in college."

"Wait a minutes, so you're only in high school? How old are you?" He asked.

"Only sixteen." I said with an innocent smile on my face.

"Damn, Eric shot low this time. You're parents know how old he is?"

I laughed and answered, "Oh yeah, my mom loves him."

Not so long after, Eric returned plopping down next to me and handed me my drink. I asked him what it was, and he said it was a little surprise. Jokingly I asked him if he laced it with some drugs, especially any date rape drugs. He laughed at that remark and lightly seductively nibbled on my ear, whispering that I would find out later. Of course he said this jokingly and his friends busted up laughing. My little plan of become `somewhat drunk' must have backfired, because about an hour after my first drink, I was plastered off my ass. The rest of the night was a complete blur. I laughed a lot, and I remember one of Eric's friends saying, "Dude, this one's a hoot." About midnight, I think I passed out/fell asleep, cuddle up to Eric. When he left, not too shortly thereafter, he ended up carrying me to the car, driving us home, and carrying me up to bed. I slightly remember him undressing me, and crawling into bed. I curled right up to him when I felt his strong arms wrap around me, and him whispering sweet nothings into my ear as I again drifted off to that wonderful land of dreams.


The next morning was a killer. The headaches were horrendous; it felt like someone had hit me in the head with a hammer, many, many times. Add that to the multiple number of times in which I ran to the bathroom and after vomiting swore to the porcelain throne never again. Eric was a good sport about it. That morning, even though my body felt like crap, Eric kept my spirits high, and that helped the whole agonizing process a lot.

"Eric, what did you put in that drink?" I asked later.

"It was a rum and coke, why?" He replied.

"Ugh, your pal rum and I don't get along to well. I'm not sure why, but whenever I have it, I get like this."

"Aww, I'm sorry cutie."

"It's okay, I shouldn't have drunk that much anyways."

"Nah, you were having a fun time."

"Yeah, but I don't like the morning after shit. Listen to me, it's sounds like I'm pregnant." I said laughing.

He laughed in response, "Well I hope you aren't pregnant, cuz one, I wouldn't be the father, and two, I'd be a little disappointed with your plumbing."

I laughed harder at this, which just made my head ache worse. I have to say, the comfort that Eric was giving me was definitely helping get rid of this hangover. Other aftermath of the party was the absence of Caroline that morning at Eric's house. Eric said that he had talked to her before she left with her new hottie of a man. We were still lounging around in bed, Eric in just his hot, revealing boxers, and me in a pair of pajama bottoms. Normally I would have been uncomfortable shirtless, but around Eric I seemed to not have mind. I mean, I'm not fat, I'm not skinny, but I'm not anything special either, and somewhere a long the lines of my life, I became self conscious about my body. Not to the extent where I'm anorexic or bulimic, but I work out a lot. Well, I run a lot, but I don't really do much with my chest. Eric just made me feel comfortable about my self. Though right now, he was looking quite irresistible with his messy hair, and stubble on his face because he hasn't shaven yet. If it weren't for the headache that was quickly dwindling I would have been all over him.

"What was with Caroline last night at the party? One minute she was a nervous wreck, the other, she was the beautiful, angelic woman, whose presence just demanded your attention." I asked, trying to get Eric's sex appeal off my mind for a little while.

"Yeah, that's Caroline. She's weird like that. When you get to know her on an intimate level, you see the human side of her, and then when she's in public she blossoms...into exactly what you said. Her mom, and her other sister are the same way."

"But if she's such a confident person, then why was she a nervous wreck earlier?"

"That's just Caroline, she's not really confident, her bravado is just really buyable."

"Oh, I see." I stated. After a few silent minutes filled with by me looking into Eric's eyes, he asked me how my headache was.

"It's better, thanks for asking." I said kissing him on the lips.

"Mmm, good." He replied. "How about we hop in the shower then, and do something with this day."

"Sounds good to me."

While we were in the shower, I couldn't keep my hands off of him. He was just so hot. I was in euphoria just watching this stud, dripping wet, standing next to me. While I was soaping him up, the contact between our skin was sending electrical surges all through my body, and his nibbling and sucking on my neck, was also sending me even more waves of pleasure up and down my spine. The ability to rub and massage his muscled body turned me on so much, and not to long after we had gotten in the shower, I broke the kisses with his lips, and began to travel all around his body, ending at my chosen destination. His strong fingers were entangled in my wet hair, as his body racked with ecstasy caused by the pleasures of my mouth. Knowing the fact that it was I who was pleasing him so much, sent me also into a state of euphoria where my only goal was the pleasure him to my greatest extent. It didn't take him long to reach the same euphoria, and when he did, his knees buckled and he joined me on the floor of the shower, kissing me passionately, as the water ran over both of our bodies.


The day progressed with a trip to the gym, going to Bread & Circus to get some food to make dinner, and a phone call home, to ask my mom if I could sleep at Eric because we didn't feel like driving home. Eric didn't have any classes until after lunch, so he said he could give me a ride to school. My mom just used it as an excuse to spend another night with my father, and avoid the traffic Sunday night, and drive home Monday mid-day.

I had a light weekends worth of schoolwork, and all I needed to do was read a couple of chapters for English. Yet, it was quite difficult to focus on the pages of Arthur Miller's The Crucible when Eric was pleasantly distracting me by running the tips of his fingers up and down my left arm, as I lie cuddled to him, my head resting on his left pectoral, sprawled on his bed. His left arm was wrapped around me as he watched something or other on the television he had in his room. For some reason I never find background noise such as music or the talking on a television distracting while I read, but the shivers that were being sent up my spine due to his caressing was really distracting me from my work.

I attempted to put up with his attention until his hand made it's way to my stomach and proceeded to distract me even more. That is when I did something about it. Without turning my glance away from my book I grabbed his hand and stated: "Would you stop please, I can barely read my book as it is with you just laying here."

"Sorry babes," he said brining up his hand to run it through my hair, bending to kiss me on the forehead, "I'm just kinda bored right now, there isn't anything on TV right now, and you look so cute right there, reading away at your book, I couldn't keep from touching you some how."

"Well go see what Caroline is doing, I know you have yet to ask her the details about last night, and I know you are dieing to know."

"She is in the middle of writing a paper."

"So, I'm in the middle of trying to read a book here."

"Well fine, I'll go downstairs and watch TV then."

"I'm sorry Eric," I said looking up at him, and kissing the palm of his hand "I don't want you to move, you're too comfy, and I only have 15 minutes worth left of reading."

"Okay babes, I can control myself for that long...I hope." He said with a sexy grin on his lips. I reached up kissed him on the lips, to thank him.

When I finished my reading, I just threw my book over near my bad, and continued to cuddle with Eric. It was one thing to cuddle with Eric, It was another to cuddle with him when he was shirtless, and the later was the present. His skin was so soft. Yet underneath, I could feel his strength in the solid muscle that his velvet skin covered. I was having fun exploring him more closely than I really had ever before. I traced the rifts between his pectorals, and his abdominals, this time memorizing the lines, instead of just feeling them in a passion filled state. I came to his belly button, and traced the rim of it, proceeding down to the waste band of his boxers. I chuckled in my head when I noticed the rubber duckies printed on them. Some day I will track down the textile designer for the GAP and thank him for the amusing prints that they created to grace the underwear of my man. I followed the trail of hair that started here, at the waste band of his boxers, and lead up to his belly button, where it lead an inch higher and dissipated into tiny blondish, downy hairs. I continued to travel up the vertical cleft between his abdominals until I reached the dusting of brown hair that once again appeared in the valley between his large pectorals, and spread upwards a little onto his chest. It gave him even more of a masculine sex appeal than the appeal of just the raw power his muscles possessed. Though, like his skin, to the touch of the finger, or even a cheek, the hair was soft and pleasing to the touch.

When I finished my exploring, I found Eric's strong right hand, and gave it a little massage, that ended with our fingers entwined. The intimacy I felt with him, I had never imagined was possible. I felt so special to be able to touch him, to caresses the skin of such a beautiful and sex man, and know that I could claim him as mine. We continued to lie there on his bed, my right cheek resting on his left pectoral, his left arm wrapped around my back, gently running his finger tips up and down the sides of my abdomen, our fingers entwined, and our bodies completely relaxed. We were watching TV, but at least my focus was mainly on the closeness of Eric, and memorizing the pattern of his breathing, or the rhythm of his heart.

Caroline came in at some point. She smiled at us, as she stood leaned against the doorframe, looking upon us. I didn't notice her, and I don't think Eric did until she coughed. I strained to turn my head to the left, as she asked us if we wanted any ice cream, because she needed a snack and was running off to the convenient store a few streets down. Eric replied with a no thanks, but I decided I wanted something sweet, and asked what flavor she liked.

"I don't really care, I'm sorta in the mood for something chocolaty, maybe some Ben & Jerry's `Phish Food'."

I laughed at this and said I'd split it with her. I could feel Eric's chuckle emanating deep inside his chest, as we both remembered the incident at the mall in which we met, involving `Phish Food.' When I heard her return, I got up and went downstairs to fix myself a bowl.

"You two looked quite comfy." She said to me smiling as we were scooping our ice cream.. I blushed at her comment, and she continued: "He makes a really nice pillow doesn't he." We both laughed at her statement.

"How would you know, you been sleeping with my man?" I asked feigning anger.

"Honey, I have fallen asleep drunk on that boy more times than I can count."

"Yeah, that happened to me last night."

"Oh really? He get you all liquored up at the party?"

"Yeah, I'll admit, I had a few to many drinks."

"Oh I know the feeling, once you get them flowing it's hard to stop." She said, causing both of us to laugh.

"Yeah, I kinda wanted to take it easy last night, I mean I donno how Eric would react to me getting plastered one of the first few nights we've gone out together."

"Honey, you really need to relax, Eric doesn't care about shit like that, just as long as you were having a good time, he wouldn't care. Plus, it isn't like he hasn't gotten shit faced in his time. Let me tell you, the boy guzzles alcohol like it's water some nights."

"Yeah I can imagine that." I said as in my head a picture of Eric slamming down shot glasses in a race. The thoughts of Eric brought a smile to my face, which Caroline saw and commented on.

"You really like him don't you."

"Yeah, I do. No one's ever paid so much attention to me, or made me feel so good about myself." I said, again smiling thinking about Eric.

"Yeah, he's a charmer. His brothers are the same way; it's a Broman thing." She stated.

"He makes me feel like of the center of the universe, and oh, the expressiveness of his eyes, he's irresistible. He melts my heart. And the way he touches me with the tips of his fingers, making my skin tingle, and long for more of his touch. The tone of his voice sends shivers up my skin when he whispers into my ear, or speaks low enough so only I can hear him..." I said sighing, dreaming of my man he was only upstairs, "anyways, I need to stop thinking about him."

She laughed and told me she knew what I meant.

"So how was your night last night? You didn't come home till lunchtime; I presume things went well with Alex."

"Excuse me, I am not that easy." She said laughing.

"Well then why didn't you come home last night?"

"Because I thought that you and Eric might like the house to yourselves. I was afraid all I'd hear for a couple of house was grunts and moans." I laughed at her statement

"So where did you go then?"

"I crashed at my friend Kristy's."

"Oh, well what happened with Alex then?"

"Things went well with him, we flirted for a while, in the end I got his number, and I left it at telling him I'd call him sometime."

"Oh, did he get yours?"

"Honey, rule number one, first of all a girl never gives out her number on a first encounter. I have to keep up my reputation of being quite hard to get a hold of." She said laughing.

"Oh god! You women are just too weird. This is why I prefer men." I said the same time as I finished up scooping my ice cream, and left the kitchen to go upstairs and back to some cuddling with Eric. I heard her laughing at my statement, as I climbed the stairs.

I strolled into Eric's room; he was still sitting there in bed, sexy as ever in just a pair of boxers. I crawled up next to him, giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Mmm, you taste like chocolate."

"Mmm, you taste like Eric."

I proceeded to eat my ice cream, feeding Eric spoonfuls every so often. I shared like the nice boy my mommy taught me to be, and I ended up giving him the last little bit. Though I dripped a little bit on his chest in the process.

"Look at the mess you made now with you ice cream. We just don't have any luck with this stuff, some how we manage to get it all over." He said laughing at his misfortune.

"Yeah, but this mess is small enough that I can clean it up." I said as I licked the drip of chocolate on his chest. The combination of the taste of chocolate and the taste of his skin was irresistible. I licked my way up to his neck, nibbling at his Adams apple, and finally navigating my way to his lips. The taste of Eric was now over powered by the sweet aphrodisiac taste of chocolate. My hands again began roaming all over his body, as his hands pulled me tight to him, his right hand entangling in the hair in the back of my head, and he pulled my head in surging more passion into the kiss and our bodies.

Though I was disappointed when he broke the kiss to roll me over onto my back, getting up and closing the door, so that we wouldn't disturb Caroline as she finished up the rest of her work that was due t/m morning. He did come back to the bed though, kneeing with his legs on either side of me, he took both of my hands and placed them over my head, as his lips returned back to mine, ravishing them with his passion. I had never felt that much pleasure before until that night. Though when I moved my arms down, the run them through his hair, or over the skin of his beautiful body, he put them back over my head, threatening to bind them there with rope if he had to. I wanted to know why he didn't want me to touch him, but my brain was too intoxicated with ecstasy to formulate the question.

Eric truly made me feel like I was the center of the universe, as his mouth worked up and down my body, pleasing parts of me that I didn't know could feel so much euphoria. Eric found that the soles of my feet, like my stomach, were putty to the gentle brush of his finger, and the soft kisses of his lips. His gentle fingers worked magic all over my skin, as did his lips. He had me wreathing in pleasure as his eyelashes fluttered around my belly button. When I finally fell victim to sleep, I had never felt more relaxed from the massages and kisses he had given me, my skin still tingled from the contact of him, but mostly it was the intimacy of it all that made my heart flutter as I curled up to him after the final apex of euphoria finally flooded through my veins ending with convulsions of ecstasy.


Little of importance occurred over the next couple of weeks. My soccer season had officially started, which meant that I had practice everyday after school, and games most Wednesdays and Fridays. I hate the league that my school plays in, because we have to travel two and a half hours to Cap Cod to play teams. But it was nice to be able to look over at the sidelines of home games and see Eric smiling at me. When he was picking me up from practice one day, so we could go out to dinner, just to spend some time together, my friend Hopie whispered that she would "hit that anytime." I'm pretty sure I stood there, mouth agape for a few minutes while I processed what came out of her mouth. And because Hopie has a big mouth and the fact that my school is tiny, and no one has anything good to gossip about, most people knew about Eric by lunchtime the next day. At soccer games some of the gossipers would come up to him and assault him with questions. He was a good sport though, and just smiled it off.

Before I knew it, our one-month anniversary was coming up. I, personally, am not big on these sorts of things. To me, six months, a year and so on would be important, but I needed to ask Caroline what he felt about it, and see if I needed to plan on doing something for him. When I was calling Eric one night, he ended up not being home, but since Caroline had picked up the phone I figured I might as well have asked her then.

"Hey Caroline."

"Hi Andrew, how are you?"

"I'm doing pretty good, how about you?"

"I'm doing well, thanks. Eric isn't home at the moment, but I'll tell him you called, id that okay."

"Well, I was actually calling for you."

"Oh really?" She asked, I could hear the smile on her lips. "And why would you be doing that?"

"Well I sorta have a question for you?"


"Well, it's Eric and my one month anniversary thingy coming up in a couple of days..."

"Uh huh..."

"And I was wondering, if you know, if Eric was big into that sorta stuff?"

"Well Eric normally isn't, but I donno, the way he talks about you, I think he might be planning something." She said.

"Oh okay, would you happen to know if it's sorta big?"

"No, he hasn't told me, but even if he did, I wouldn't want to spoil it for you hun."

We talked for a little while longer. It turns out that things went well with that guy Alex. They were still in the dating stage, but things were starting to get more serious. But unfortunately our conversation had to be cut short due her being late for dinner with Alex.

A couple of nights after the conversation with Caroline I received a call from Eric, he told me to ask my mom about going away with him for the weekend, that Monday was Columbus day or the "Rape of Americas" day as I like to call it, so I didn't have school. Of course she didn't mind, but I really wondered what Eric had planned. He did give me a few hints though, telling me to pack some warm cloths, but on a whole to not pack heavily. So when Friday arrived, he picked me up after school and we were off. I had had a week crammed full of papers and tests, and late nights, so I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

I remembered heading north on 95, but I fell asleep not long into the ride, and was woken by Eric when we had reached our destination. We were in a small town somewhere in the boondocks of New England, at a small shop that had a sign for canoe rentals. I followed Eric inside the small old building, and asked the guy where there was a bathroom. I ended up having to go over to the little convenient store, and when I returned there was a large green canoe strapped to the top of Eric Bimmer. When I got in the car, I was opened my mouth to say something about the canoe, but Eric silenced me first with a finger to my lips, but replaced it with a gentle kiss. He told me that I would find out in a few minutes. And after a short fifteen-minute ride, I did find out. We were at a small boat ramp on a beautiful lake. It was gorgeous breathtaking. To the side of the lake was a large granite cliff that stood out from the sloping mountains, which surrounded us.

I helped Eric get the canoe off the top of the car, well, I helped slide it off, Eric did most of the lifting. He opened the trunk of the car, and I helped him put all our stuff in the canoe. There was a cooler, and a crate of food, a tent bag, his clothing bad, my clothing bag, and a couple other duffle bags, which he crammed into the pretty spacious canoe. He left me to watch the boat as he parked the car away from the ramp, and check to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. He returned with a smile on his face and asked: "Have you ever canoed before."

"Yeah, I've done it at summer camp when I was little. Question though. Where are we going?"

"You'll see don't worry."

"We'll the sun is starting to set, and I really don't want to be out on the lake in the pitch black."

"Don't worry, we'll be there before dark."

"Okay, just as long as you know what you are doing."

"Trust me baby, we won't be stuck on the lake in the pitch dark." Eric said, wrapping me in a hug, and kissing me on the forehead.

"Whatever you say big guy."

And with that, we got in and started paddling, across the lake I wasn't sure to where.

"Wow, this view is breath taking."

"I know isn't it, I timed it perfectly just for you." He said smiling at me.

The sun was a fiery orange that reflected over the placid water like a mirror, and made the granite cliff glow brightly. All I could hear was the lapping of the paddles against the water, and the serine silence that surrounded us. This was an amazing surprise Eric had timed it perfectly. It took about half hour for us to paddle over to a small inlet on the lake and another ten minutes to paddle down to the end of the cove. It was very secluded where we landed. There was a small opening that was void of any tree trunks yet still covered by the canopy of the pine forest in which the lake inhabited.

"Hey Eric, where are we by the way, meaning what state are we in?"

"Maine, you were asleep for like five hours."

"It is gorgeous out here."

"I know, my friend Chris and a few other friends came up here for a week one summer."

"It doesn't seem very inhabited."

"Nope, civilization is about a 2 hour ride away, and the summer season is pretty much over, so it's just me and you out here."

"Just the way I like it." I said kissing Eric. I turned and looked out on the water, which we bordered. Half of the sun was still visible over the farther shore, and I felt quite content leaning back into Eric's chest, his arms wrapped around me, both of us soaking up the sight.

For the next little while, Eric had me busy myself by putting up the tent. Now don't get my wrong. I may be a pampered little shit at home, but I'm not a snooty little prick. I like camping, I only wished my parents liked to, and that I could have gone with them as a kid instead of only going during summer camp, but oh well, at least I found a man who seemed to enjoy it. The tent was pretty self explanatory, and only took me about ten minutes to put up. While I did that, Eric had set up the propane stove that I must have missed him put in the canoe, and had started cooking us food. I was glad, because my stomach was starting to growl. When Eric noticed that I was done with the tent, he busied me more with blowing up the air mattress. That took about fifteen-minutes to pump up with a foot pump. And when I was finished with that, I put it in our tent, I throw a sheet over the mattress, threw in our pillows, and put our bags inside the tent as well.

It sure wasn't a candle light dinner, but sitting there watching the sun finish setting over the pine covered hill was a far greater spectacle that I was glad I shared with Eric. His concoction of ingredients was blissful to my taste buds, and his company as I ate was a dream come true. The waning light was caught in his amazing eyes, and the glowed more brightly than I had ever seen before. I was really starting to fall for this man, hard. When we finished eating, Eric pulled me closer to him, cuddling up to his strong chest. There was a light breeze blowing from out over the lake, and it was soothing to feel it brush chills over my exposed arms as I listened to Eric heartbeat. We watched the moon rise, and it was gorgeous white of purity. Every star in the Milky Way could be seen with radiance. We talked for a little while about nothing of much importance. We were happy to be in each other's company. The soft rubbing of his thumbs was easing the tension out of my muscles, and my eyes soon began to become heavy.

I'm not sure what time we turned into bed. But as we lie there in the tent, cuddled under the light blanket, I couldn't control myself. This man meant so much to me, and I wanted to show him how much. This weekend that he had planned was an amazing surprise, and I wanted to show him my appreciation. The contact against his skin was giving me tingly sensations. His thumbs on my back were sending chills up and down my spine. And his lips were so soft and tender against mine. My kissed started out gentle, and soft, and increased with passion. He was greedily eating up my lips as well, our hands roaming. I massaged every muscle of his that was within reach of my fingers. The hard strong feel of his biceps had me reveling and turned me on even more. My lips began to travel from his mouth down to his neck, to nibble in certain places he liked, and down again kissing across the broad expanse of his chest, down further past his abdominals, to his belly button which I lightly blow air into, tickling him. I ended the torture, and pulled off his boxers, giving him freedom and me access to more tender spots. His fingers were entwined in my hair as he moaned of ecstasy from the pleasures I was giving him with my mouth. Though I abruptly stopped to idle protests from Eric, and returned to his lips. He gave me a questioning look with this passionate brown eyes, and I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, and answered told him why I had stopped.

"Eric, I want to move to the next step with you." I said in his amazing eyes, and into his soul. He rolled me onto my back, getting up onto his side, looking down at me and asked: "Are you sure, I don't want to rush you."

"No, no, Eric you aren't rushing me. Heck, you've been so patient, I'm sure you are used to getting ass on the first date, and I know I've made you wait a while, but I know I'm I ready. I definitely know I want you to be my first. You are so caring, and gentle Eric, there isn't anyone else I trust more."

"Are you sure baby, you don't have to do this for me."

"I'm sure Eric, not shut up and kiss me." I said, pulling him on top of me, his lips to mine. His lips worked magic all over my body, beginning with the soft nibbling on my neck and each, and ending with lightly blowing across the bottom of my feet, which sent me into fits of tickles.

"You are sure you want to do this?"

"Yes Eric, I'm sure."

"You know it is gonna hurt at first." He said, soothingly kissing me on the forehead as he peered into my eyes. His eyes were so easing; I would have done anything he wanted at the minute.

"Yeah I know it's gonna hurt. It kinda scares me, but I know you'll be gentle."

"Oh course I will baby." He again said kissing me on the forehead.

He started kissing me again, as his hands slid down my body; his right hand found my butt and began to do amazing things. His kisses became more passionate as he at first worked one, and slowly adding more fingers into me. It felt weird at first, but the longer he worked the more pleasurable it became. After a few minutes of his work, he stopped abruptly and pulled back from my lips. I gave him a questioning look and he said.

"Baby, I just realized, I didn't expect any of this, and I didn't bring any condoms, and I'm sorry baby, but I'm using a condom, I don't care how much you trust me."

"I figured you'd say as much." I said with a smile on my face, and paused for a minute as how pondered what I said. "There's some condoms and lube in the side pocket of my bag. He grinned at me devilishly, leaning down and kissing me quickly, but hungrily on the lips, and proceeded to ransack my bag, looking for them. Though when he did find them, he held them up triumphantly, with the cutest grin on his face. He looked like a little kid who had just found some missing toy. He crawled back over to when I was lying on the mattress, kissed me and said: "You sneaky little shit, if your mother only knew what you had planned."

"Well are you glad that I planned." I asked raising my eyebrow to him.

He kissed me and replied, "Of course I'm glad, and actually I'm quite ecstatic."

"This is a good thing, now I'm sure I'll get my money's worth on this ride."

"Baby, in Ericland, every ride is worth more than what you paid."

"Yummy," I said with lust filled eyes, "now lets get this van a rockin'." And with that I pulled him into a passionate kiss. His hands worked there way back down to my butt, and again his fingers easily entered me again with help of the lubrication. Though Eric played with me a little this time, and when the pleasure became enough to make me start to vocalize with deep moans, he felt it was time to move on to the next step.

Sliding the condom on over his length, Eric lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders. He leaned down, pressing his forehead to mine, and stared into my eyes. He took my hands into his big strong paws, placing them over my head. The comfort that engulfed me with just one look into his eyes, relaxed me. His kissed me lightly on the lips, and whispered very quietly.

"Trust me baby, it will feel really good after a little while."

"I trust you." I said kissing him on the lips. I couldn't break the contact from those brown pools of emotion. Those large orbs were a window into his gorgeous soul. All I could see within him was a comfort and caring. And as he slowing began to press against me, the pain wasn't registering within me. All I could focus on were those amazing eyes of this man. It wasn't until his kisses stopped, that I felt the dullness in me. It was more of an ache, and he must have noticed the slight grimace on my face, because he whispered, "It'll stop soon, I'm almost there baby, I'm just letting you get used to me inside you." And after a couple of minutes of kissing my forehead, my lips, and my neck, as his strong hands, remained in the tight squeeze I was giving him. And when I told him the pain had pretty much passed, he started to enter me more and more, while he kissed me again on the lips. I felt when his entire length finally had entered within me, and I let out a small moan, to the feeling coming from within me, as he moved a little. He moved again, and the pleasure appeared again, causing another moan.

"I think I found your `pleasure button'." He said smiling.

"My what?" I asked in a little bit of a daze.

"Your `pleasure button,' well that's what I call it at least. It's your prostate," And as he said that, he rubbed it again, sending more waved of pleasure up me spine.

I responded with a passionate kiss, on his lips, which he eagerly returned. Soon he began to slide out in and out of me, at first in a very slow pace. Each time he pushed into me, he would hit that wonderful spot, sending waves and waves of ecstasy cursing through my veins. The electricity created between us would have been enough to light New York City for a week. The passion engulfed me, as his rhythm became fast and fast. Our hands roamed all over each other, our kissed, expression of pure bliss, and the deep resonating moans that came from within Eric's strong chest, drove me crazy. I lost track of the time as all the seconds and minutes blurred into one long eternity focused solely around us. It was no longer the two of us, just one identity formed and bonded by the passion created. At some point that night, the ecstatic pleasure came to a climax. The stars exploded showering the universe with a light so bright and pure it would never be witnessed again.


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