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Bumping Into Love

Chapter 5

The next morning I awoke in Eric's arms. Amazingly, I was awake before him. He was the one that usually woke me. "I must have really worn him out last night" I thought to myself with a chuckle as I untangled myself from his limbs. He made a little grunt and pulled me back tight against him during my first attempt, but after a light kiss he let me leave the bed to relieve myself. When I returned Eric was awake and smiling at me when I crawled back under the light sheet that covered him.

"Morning Baby." He said kissing me on the lips. I smiled my response, tracing my index finger around the ridges of his muscular chest.

"You're getting some nice definition you know." He remarked about my body, rubbing his hand along by bicep.

"Well this is what happened when you drag me to the gym all the time. And it wasn't like you started me from scratch. I wasn't a skinny little twerp. I had muscles before. They just weren't as bulgy as they are now."

"Well the results have definitely been worth the effort."

"Yeah, you've allowed me to be able to kick your ass."

"Oh really, you think you can take me?"

"With my eyes closed. I'd have you begging me to let you go."

"Oh, I'd love to see this someday."

"Oh it'll happen, just when you least expect it."

"Uh huh, whatever you say." He replied kissing me again.

"Mmm... you always taste so yummy." I remarked.

"I bet you taste sweeter."

"That gives me an idea. I'll be right back." I said getting up out of bed, and pulling on my pajamas bottoms. I went into the kitchen to get some fruit and saw the note from my sister.

Gone out for the morning to the beach with mom. Call us about meeting for lunch.

-Love El

P.S. You guys look adorable all cuddled up.

The postscript of her note made me blush a little, but I returned back to my man, my love, with a couple of clementines, an apple, and some strawberries.

"What is this?" He asked as I sat down on the bed next to him.

"My idea of breakfast in bed." I said peeling one of the clementines. "Now open up." I commanded, feeding him a piece.

"Mmm...that was delicious." He said taking a strawberry and feeding it to me.

It was 11:30 when I managed to pull away from his kisses after we finished our little snack. I called my sister and we made plans to meet for lunch at a cafe on Lincoln Road. Like all the restaurants in Miami, the food at this cafe was really good. Eric, of course, being the charmer he is had my sister eating out of the palm of his hand by the end of our meal. After seeing him on the beach the day before, she knew he was hot, but she wondered how he would stack up in personality. Guessing by the way they got along during lunch, she really liked him, which was a very good thing. The four of us did a little shopping afterwards, but Eric, who's feet weren't' used to his sandals was starting to get blisters, so we went into an XOT. I was surprised at the shoes that he ended up buying. They were a very styling pair of blue and tan Diesel sneakers. We were in some store, I forget which, and I talked him into squeezing into a really tight pair of jeans. They looked hot on him, showing off his great ass, and legs, as well as his package in the process. He didn't like them though, to my disappointment.

We headed back to the apartment and went down to the beach to catch some rays. Eric had on a different bathing suit this time. They were shorts, but they were tight fitting, but not nylon Speedo type of tight. They covered about half his thigh, and the effect made him look even taller. They were quite irresistible on him. He said they were Ralph, which triggered me remembering seeing them in a magazine the summer before. At some point during the afternoon the two of us took a walk down the beach. It was a nice leisurely stroll, and I loved that he wanted to hold my hand. We passed this section of beach were the lounge chairs were surrounded by rainbow flags. We weren't sure if it was the "gay" section or if it they were just using the flags for color. We also saw a few little Portuguese Man-of-Wars that had washed up onto the beach. They were really a really pretty shade or violet.

When we got back to our chairs, we decided to head up to the pool for a quick dip, and then headed up to the apartment to relax in the air conditioning for a little bit. We took a shower, washing the chlorine off of us, and then getting into some khaki shorts and t-shirts we plopped down on the couch and watched a little television.

We both ended up taking a nice, refreshing, late afternoon nap by accident. My sister woke me from my slumber, because Eric and I were taking up both sides of the couch. I crawled over to Eric's side, and snuggled up to him. I woke him up in the process, but he didn't mind. He greeted me with a smile, and said hello to my sister. He and Els started talking about something, but I really wasn't interested, and ended up zoning out. I had noticed that Eric was starting to get some nice color, and that was just after two days of being in the sun. "I wonder what he looks like in the summer." I thought to myself as I rubbed his arm.

"So what are you guys up to tonight?" My sister asked.

"I'm not really sure. We'll probably go out to dinner somewhere, but after that I'm not sure." Eric replied.

"You wanna go clubbing?" She asked.

"I'd love to, but I'd feel bad leaving Andrew here."

"No, he can come with us."

"How? He isn't 21, and come to think of it, neither are you." Eric stated.

"I have a fake, and my mom lets him use one down here, just because she knows that it's one of the only things to do here at night."

"Really? Your mom lets you do that?" Eric asked.

"Yupp, I'm just not allowed to drink...too much." I mumbled into his shoulder.

"Does he pass for 21?" Eric asked.

"With you I will." I again mumbled into his shoulder.

"Okay, well then let's do that tonight. What time we gonna go?" He asked.

"Things don't get started till 11." Els responded.

"Well do you want to go to dinner with us?" Eric asked politely.

"I donno, I'm gonna see what my mom's doing for dinner, how `bout I get back to you."


They quieted down again, allowing me to go back to my peaceful slumber. Eric woke me not too long after with the soft rubbing of his fingertips up and down my arm. The sensation caused goose bumps to cover my skin.

"Have a nice rest?" He asked me, after I rubbed my eyes.

"Snuggled up to you how could I not?" I replied.

"You are a little charmer, you know that?"

"Yupp, how else could I have caught hold of such a hunk of man?"

"I donno, I think it has to do with the fact that you're so cute."

"I donno about that."

"Well it's true. That little grin you get on your face when you're laughing is lethal to me. Meaning lethal in a good way. Your green eyes make my heart throb, your button nose makes me want to hold you and not let you go. But I would have to say your best attribute is your lips. I really can't resist those." He said giving me a soft kiss on the lips. "They're so soft and tender."

"Now who's being the flatterer?" I asked blushing.

"You and you're sister look a lot alike." He stated. "I think it's mainly your facial structure that does it."

"We are siblings you know." I retorted.

"Does your older brother look a lot like you?"

"Yeah, a lot."

"I bet he's a looker."

"A lot of people have said that about him, yes."

"I bet you're cuter."

"Thanks stud." I said giving him a kiss for his compliment. Flattery will get you far in my book. After a few minutes of a nice silence Eric said, "Baby, can you get up, my arm is loosing circulation and I can't feel it anymore."

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said getting up off the couch and stretching. "Let me massage it to get some blood flowing."

"You're so good to me."

"I try my best." I said kissing him again.

I grabbed his hand and started to rub the palm. I could feel the relaxed muscles underneath. I worked up and down his long fingers, kissing the tip of each when I was done. I then moved up to his wrist, rubbing in circular patterns. I had to really work my thumbs harder as I worked father up his forearm. The closer I got to his elbow, the harder time I had fitting my hands around the cylindrical shape of his arm. Once I got to his upper arm and was massaging his large biceps, I had to change my tactics. The muscle there was the hardest. It was fun to move around, and see the elasticity of the flesh.

"You having fun playing." Eric asked with a slight chuckle.

"Yupp, your body is quite fun to touch."

"I wonder what you're mother would say to that statement." Eric said facetiously.

"I meant nothing sexual by that statement. It's just fun to feel the way your muscle reacts to touch and movement."

"I know, I was just teasing." He replied with a smile and a kiss. "Thanks baby, your hands work magic."

"Anytime stud."

"How about we go get dinner now, it's about seven."

"Okay, well let me go see what Els is doing."

She did accompany Eric and me to dinner. My mom decided to have a quiet night to herself. My sister was cracking jokes about how she should go look for some hot young stud to have a little fun with for the evening. My mom laughed, and went on about how she was planning on doing the exact thing. Thank god my mom has a sense of humor, I don't know what I'd do if she didn't.

The three of us had a nice meal at a small Italian cafe on Ocean Drive. Eric was very touchy feely with me at dinner. He fed me a little of his meal, and held my hand a lot. When he wasn't holding my hand, it was on my thigh, rubbing me lightly. Not enough to get me aroused, but it was comforting to be in contact with him. When we were walking back to the apartment which wasn't far up the street, he bought us ice cream, which we shared. My sister commented to Eric about how she wished a guy would focus that much attention at her when she went out, and I knew she was jealous. What can I say, not only is Eric a stud, but he's a gentleman too.

"You know, he does have brothers."

"Really? You're gonna have to introduce me to one sometime." She replied.

"Nah, I don't think you're deserving of the Broman charm."

"Oh kiss my ass." She responded joking.

We wanted to go someplace that was playing something of the Latino genre. When we got there, my sister and I got on out and started dancing. I was shaking my ass for a while with this pretty girl who looked about a day over 21. We had fun, I told her I was going to go get a drink, but that I'd be back, and proceeded to look for Eric.

"Hey dude." I said playfully punching him in the arm, when I found him leaning against the bar, talking to this angel of a girl. Her silky brown hair was pulled back away from her face, to show her dazzling eyes and amazing smile. Plus her tall, slim shape which was hugged by a sensuous pair of jeans and a backless top, made her impossible to take your eyes off. She almost had a radiating glow to her, which when added to the rest of her made me feel very envious of her. I do have many insecurities, and a beautiful person like her talking to Eric was definitely one of them.

"Hey baby." Eric said handing me my drink.

"Is this the Andrew you refer?" The angel spoke to Eric, smiling at me.

"Yes, this would be him."

"Hi, I'm Cameron." She said extending her hand.

"Hi, nice to meet you...do you two know each other?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, sorry, we went to high school together." Eric stated. "She saw me walk in, and came over and bombarded me with a hug."

"Yeah, Eric and I go way back."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, we were high school sweethearts. We dated for what? Almost 3 years?" She questioned looking at Eric.

"Yeah, I think that's about right."

I gave Eric a Does she know about you/us? Sort of look. His response of a smile I figured to mean yes.

"Oh really? Well in that case, you and I are gonna have to become best friends, that way I can find out all his juicy secrets." She and Eric laughed at my comment. I had a sip of Eric's beer, told Cameron that it was nice meeting her, and then went back to find that girl I was dancing with. She danced away from her current partner over to me once she spotted me, and we boogied the night away.

I had never been to a night club with Eric before, and we had never talked about them. I wasn't sure if he danced, and I hoped that if he didn't he wasn't bored, but when I kept going back for more drinks, he was still at the same place at the bar, laughing with Cameron. He looked like he was having a good time with her, and I was glad because I sure was having a hell of a time. This girl, who's name I found out the be Ana, not Anna, Ana, was from San Francisco on vacation with her family. It turns out they were staying at a hotel just up the street from me. We bumped into my sister and the men she was dancing with a few times. At about two a.m. my sister dragged me away from Ana to the bar where Eric was still talking to Cameron. She programmed his number into her cell phone and we left. I didn't realize how tired the dancing had made me until I fell asleep in the cab on the way home.




The cold smacked me in the face when I walked out of the airport in Rhode Island. My father was waiting for us in the car, which we quickly loaded with our bags and piled in to get into the warmth. January had definitely arrived while we were in Miami, and boy was it cold. Thank god, BMW made heated rear seats. I was also partially mad at my father when I got in the car, because he left Miami due to supposed "work." Another very interesting fact was that he said he would pick us up after my mother informed him that Eric was going back to Pennsylvanian for a week before he returned to school for the semester. Needless to say, I wasn't thinking quite highly of him. Our flight got in at about eight-ish, and by the time we got home, I was tired and ready to head to bed.

As I was heading to the kitchen the next morning, I bumped into my father who had a smile on his face for some reason. "You know, you headed to bed before I could give you your present."

"Whadaya mean?" I asked rubbing my eyes groggily.

"Go check the garage, and you'll see what I mean." He said with a smile.

Immediately my brain kicked in, and I realized what he was talking about. My face lit up and I bolted for the garage. Running through the kitchen I almost took out my mom as I headed into the back hallway, opened the inner garage door, and flipped on the light.

There was nothing there. Well nothing new. Just my mom's grey 7 Series in the first, left most garage bay, my sister's light green 3 Series wagon in the second, left middle garage bay, nothing in the third bay, and then my dad's Aston which was under the car cover in the forth, right bay. I ran into the kitchen, where my dad was sitting drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

"What are you talking about? There isn't a car there, well a new car anyways." I said, my dad looked up at me with an amused expression on his face and looked back down to read his paper.

"Wait a minute, on second thought, what is El's car doing up here? It should be down in North Carolina still. She didn't drive up for Christmas." I asked, everything starting to click in my head.

"What do you mean Elspeth's car, I didn't see Elspeth's car out there." He said into his paper with a smile.

"Wait a min..." the light bulb came on in my head in mid sentence "I'm getting El's 3 Series?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes, for now you are. Now go take a closer look at the interior." He said still smiling.

I again took off for the garage, opening the door, and sprinting down the stairs. I opened the driver's door of the car, and looked down at the seat. There was an envelope that said Andrew on the front of it. I immediately tore it open and in side was a small yellow post-it with I O U 1 5 scribbled on it. I jumped out of the car, heading to run back into the house, my father was standing at the top of the stairs and must have seen the confused look on my face because he began to explain. "BMW is redesigning the 5 Series. It's supposed to be at the dealerships next fall, so I figured you could just use Elspeth's car until then."

"You're getting me a 5 Series? But those cost like fifty grand."

"So? I think my youngest son deserves to be pampered."

"But what is Els gonna drive in the mean time?"

"She bought herself a new Mini Cooper."

"Really? Those are cool. Wait a minute, you are letting Els buy a car that isn't a BMW?" I asked in shock. This seems like a silly question, but in order to understand, you have to understand my father. He is a Bimmerphile. All he will buy are BMWs. He feels that they are truly what their motto is, "The Ultimate Driving Machine." He got in an argument with my brother, and was willing to buy Scott an X5 until Scott informed him that the new Range Rover was partially built buy BMW, and had a BMW engine and transmission. Now my father still wanted him to buy a Bimmer, but he could sleep easily knowing that BMW was partially responsibly for the Rover. Yes, now my father does own an Aston Martin. They are owned by Ford and have nothing to do with BMW. But my dad bought that a couple of years ago, when he decided to take a gamble on another marquee and see if it was worth it. Well about six months after he bought the Vantage he decided he wasted him money, and should have just bought a cheaper BMW Z8. It has been sitting in the garage covered pretty much ever since. He does drive it once every so often, but not much. He mentioned that he was probably going to trade it in this summer. So now you understand where I was coming from when I asked the above Mini question.

"Well, your sister mentioned to me that she was going to buy a Mini, earlier in December, she was purposely trying to get me all riled up, but I knew that BMW owned Mini, so I wasn't worried about it. She had a shocked look on her face when I asked her if she needed any help financing it."

"That's cool. So when's the Mini coming?"

"It should be in New York next week."

"Whoa, so this has been going on for a while now."

"Yeah, your sister and mother knew, but I told them the keep you in the dark about it."

"You seem to be very good at that."

"I try my best."

"So do you have a picture of the new 5?"

"No, it's a very secretive thing. I imagine that it will have the similar look design cues of your moms 7, and of the Z4, but other than that, I hope it still is a lot like the old 5."

"Awesome, well my feet are freezing. I need to head inside." I stated. I had been standing on the cold concrete floor of the basement barefoot for about 5 minutes, and my toes were starting to turn blue.

"Thanks dad." I said giving him a hug when I reached the top of the stairs.

"You're welcome son. Elspeth's 3 should look like it's pretty much brand new. I had it clean inside and out, put new tires on her, made sure everything was working properly. Don't get too attached though, because before you know it, we are gonna be trading her in for a bigger and better Bimmer." He said smiling. I laughed at his use of alliteration.




Pretty soon I was beginning the second semester. It wasn't much fun waking up early again, but hey, it was the winter season and I didn't play any sports so I got to come home early after school and take a nap. Eric did eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, come back from Pennsylvania. He had lost some of his color, but I didn't care, he was still my sexy hunk. The first thing he did with me once he got back to Providence, well actually, the second thing was drag me off to the gym to burn off all the food I had eaten. It wasn't as though I had gained any weight either, he just felt like he was getting out of shape, and decided I should suffer with him. Caroline was still out in California with her family, so we had the whole house to ourselves, which was really good, especially when we ended up feeding each other out of refrigerator, naked. Though that did turn playful and into a loving food fight. Little can I say, we both ended up covered in whip cream and chocolate syrup, which was actually really fun to clean off of each other. Eventually Caroline came home the next week, glorious as ever with a dark tan from New Years in Hawaii.

It had snowed numerous times in January after I got back from Miami. One day after about a foot was dumped on top of snow that was already on the ground, my friend Carisa needed to go smoke a cigarette before she had to be back at school for a pit band rehearsal for the school musical. Since smoking isn't allowed on campus, we decided to go to a nearby park where she could get out smoke, and then I could driver her back to school. Thinking I was so cool with my All-wheel Drive, I decided I could drive through the unplowed parking lot of the park. I had driven through deeper snow at my house when I went to the store to get food for lunch the Sunday before when the driveway hadn't been plowed yet. I didn't get stuck, but I did happen to get stuck this time. Carisa and I got out, and we dug out the tires the best we could with our hands, and we push and rocked, but the damn car would not budge. It wasn't the fact that the wheels were stuck. They were moving, and had some traction, but the undercarriage of the wagon was what had gotten stuck. Eric came to the rescue a half hour after I called him. When he pulled up besides me, he got out of the car and just laughed at me. I was not happy with his support, but after unsuccessfully trying the same methods as Carisa and I had before, he slowly pushed me out of the snow, bumper to bumper with his car until my Bimmer got uncaught. Carisa ended up being about forty-five minutes late to class, but after the teacher heard her story about my snow incident, he let her tardiness slide with a laugh.




Life progressed happily for about a two weeks, that was until the weekend at the end of January when I was out with Meg on a Saturday, and Eric called my cell phone at around seven, and asked me to come up and see him. I had thought he sounded kind of weird on the phone, but I just wrote it off as him being silly, after all I could hear laughing in the background.

When I arrived at his house, there were about five cars parked outside. When I entered the house, I heard some laughter coming from the living room, so I figured his friends were over, and went in and greeted them. Eric was sitting on the couch with a beer in hand, laughing hysterically about something. His whole gang of testosterone pumped, muscle bound buddies were there. There were empty beer cans and bottles all over the living room. I had no idea what was happening. It seemed a little early for Eric to be partying, but with these guys, you never know what's going on.

"Baby, you made it, come here." He said smiling upon seeing me.

"Hey stud," I said giving him a kiss. I was expecting to receive just a peck on the lips, but instead he wrapped his arms around me, and practically suffocated me. His breath smelled and his mouth tasted like beer. I also thought I smelled a hint of pot in his hair.

"Whoa..." I said catching my breath, "I wasn't expecting that."

"I knew you wouldn't be." He said with a dopy grin on his face.

"So why did you want me to come over?" I asked.

"I donno, the guys and I just decided that we could use another partier."

"Oh, I'm flattered that you decided to call me."

"Actually, you were the only one that picked up your phone." Eric's friend Steve said bluntly. That hurt a little, but not too much, I figured he was just drunk.

"Well umm why are you guys `partying'?" I asked.

"Oh, no reason in particular, we were bored, and just decided to get a little trashed." Eric replied.

"Oh, sounds like a fun time." I said facetiously.

"Hey, we're gonna go get some more beer; we'll be right back, okay Eric."

"Yeah, sure guys, you got enough money."

"Yeah dude, be back in a few."

"Wait a minute, you guys are driving?"

"Yeah....how else are we gonna get there?" They asked me as if I had a third eye.

"But you've been drinking, you can't be serious."

"Eric, you're boyfriends boring, shut him up."

"Baby, they'll be fine, they're just going a couple of streets over." He said kissing me on the lips.

"Eric..." I said pulling away

"Yeah, we'll be fine." One of them said as they started for the door. Eric managed to kiss me again and shut me up, so I couldn't protest as they walked out the door. I struggled to get him off me, but honestly, he is a big guy. Finally once I got free, I stared at him, ashamed.

"I can't believe you'd let them go."

"Oh relax, they'll be fine."

"Yeah, that's what you say now, but when they end up dead, then you'll wish you had listened to me."

"You look really yummy right now, all flustered" Eric said, seductively as he again toppled me with a passionate kiss. It took me even longer to get him off of me.

"Baby, why don't you want to kiss me?"

"Because you're drunk."

"But I'm horny I haven't seen you in a week." He pleaded, nibbling on my ear.

"Well I'm sorry, but I've been busy." I replied, pushing him off me.

"You're always busy; you never make time for me." He said, his voice raised.

"Excuse me?" I asked angered.

"You heard me."

"Wait, but wasn't it you who wanted to go out with your friends last night instead of getting together with me?" He answered with a grunt as he proceeded to hungrily devour my neck, as I tried to push him back.

"Eric, you're drunk. Stop!" I scolded once I had dislodged his lips from my neck.

"Oh come on. Just humor me baby, I know you love it." I had to admit, his nibbling of that wonderful spot on my neck did feel quite blissful. That split second that he had me thinking about how good it felt, was all he needed to break my will.

"See I know how good that makes you feel." He said smiling devilishly into my eyes. He didn't seem drunk at all at the point, and the look in his eyes was comforting enough that I allowed myself to kiss him lightly on the lips.

Before we could get too heavily into what we were doing there on the couch, the boys returned with a shit load of beer. "Hey Eric, you think this is enough for the rest of the night."

"Yeah, did you get me some Coronas?" He asked, our little moment over and the drunken look was back in his eyes. Though, I was allowed to sit up again when Eric got up to get himself a beer. He brought one over for me, but I wasn't in the mood.

"More for me then." He said with a smile.

"Hey, where's Caroline?"

"She's out to dinner with Alex, they'll be home later."


The boys plugged in Eric's Xbox and proceeded to play a few games. I snuggled up to Eric as he sat there, drinking more alcohol, joking around with the guys, not paying much attention to me, which was fine, just as long as he wasn't trying to orally rape me again. Eventually though, the alcohol was not enough for their intoxicated minds, and Greg whipped out a bowl and a bag a weed.

"Hey baby, this is some really good shit, you want some?" Eric asked me with an offering expression on his face as he took a hit.

"Nah, that's not my thing."

"What?" Steve said. "You'll get plastered off your ass, but you won't smoke?"

"I'm not saying I won't ever, I just haven't and I don't want to tonight."

"Oh come on, relax, have a fun time."

"Nah guys, I'm okay, really."

"Whatever floats your boat Captain."

They proceeded there fun on the Xbox until Brian had an idea.

"Hey, guys, there's snow on the ground, why don't we go sledding." He was right, it had snowed the night before and there were a couple of inches on the ground, enough to have a fun time. I watched in disbelief as my boyfriend, no, my stoned boyfriend, offer to drive them there.

"Eric, you can't drive, you're stoned off your ass."

"Oh, I'm fine, look I can touch my nose." He said, and touched his nose.

"No, Eric, you are not driving."

"Well then how are we gonna get there?" He pleaded me with those eyes.

"Yeah dude, we wanna have some fun." Steve added.

"Will you drive us then?" Eric softly asked me, still with those pleading eyes.

"Eric..." I stated, "I really don't want to go out in the cold."

"Please baby, do it for me?"

"Eric, I really don't want to babysit you guys." I responded to him.

"We don't need babysitting, we're big boys." Chris replied.

"Yeah, we'll be fine. We can take care of ourselves." Eric said.

I was thinking it over in my head, and was seriously thinking of taking them. After all, I'd know that they wouldn't kill someone or themselves on the way over if I drove and that was more important than worrying about standing out in the cold. I could wait in the car after all. They were going sledding, with or without me.

"Fine, Eric give me your keys. Boy's put your jackets on, it's cold out."

"Thanks baby, you're the best, I love you." He said, kissing me on the lips as the rest of them hollered with joy.

After raiding Eric's house of jackets, hats, gloves and anything warm, we all piled into Eric's X5. Eric sat in the front seat, with Steve, Greg, and Brian all buckled up in the back seat. John and Chris were shafted to the trunk along with the two snow tubes that still needed to be blow up. I have to admit, I did have a fun time. They yelled at me to turn on the radio once they all were in the car, and I specifically put it on a crappy station I knew they wouldn't like. I blasted some Nsync as a little payback, but eventually put it on something they liked. I felt like the oldest person in the car, which is a pretty scary thought, because I act like a little kid most of the time. Yet, their goofiness was contagious. At one point the little comic skit that was going on between Chris is the trunk, Steve in the backseat and Eric in the passenger seat, almost caused me to swerve off the road I was laughing so hard.

Once we arrived at this hill that was in the middle of nowhere, all the boys piled out. Eric and Chris took over the job of blowing up the snow tubes with the electric pump they had brought. I sat in the driver's seat, and watched the other four busy themselves with snow balls. Chris was right, they all were big boys. The experiences I had had with them up to that point would have qualified for A&F photo shoots. The parties we'd gone to, the football, soccer, baseball, basketball games we'd play all featured the stereotypical white, American, Ivy League jocks. Big boys they were on the outside, but little, mischievous, playful boys they were on the inside.

I was happy; I was in a warm seat, in a warm car, with the soft, calming sounds of Nick Drake playing. Sitting in the car with the bright white moon out reflecting off the snow, I almost felt like I was in a VW commercial when Pink Moon came on. The evening could have been much worse. Then BAM! They started chucking snowballs at the windshield. Of course they didn't hit me, but the first one scared the shit out of me. That wasn't a bright move on their part, because Eric heard the thud, and he gets pissed when anyone comes even close to touching his car, let alone being hit by a snowball, so he started running after their asses. Needless to say, what normally should have been a ten minute job to blow up the snow tubes, took them about a half hour. When considering the circumstances—it was cold, they were stoned, and the snow was a distraction, they did it in pretty good time I'd say.

After a while of tubing, Eric got into the passengers seat and gave me a kiss.

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked.

"Very much so." He responded with a kiss. "How about you?"

"We'll there is other stuff I'd rather be doing, like sleeping, but I am enjoying watching you guys make fools of yourselves."

"Want to join us?"

"No, I'm comfy right here."

"You sure, the stars are really bright tonight?" He pleaded with another kiss. "Come on baby, don't worry, I'll keep you warm."

"Okay, but just for a little while." I said, turning off the car, and getting out. I ran out to where the guys were at the top of a hill.

"Ut oh, guess who escaped from the car?" Chris yelled.

"Whatcha doing out here little man?" Steve asked.

"Eric coaxed me out here with you guys."

"You wanna take a ride little man?" Chris asked.

"No thanks, I think I'll just watch."

"You're only here to watch?" Greg asked flabbergasted.

"Yeah, you got a problem with that?"

Before I knew it, Chris has snuck up behind me, and had me in a bear hug. "Hey, I got him, get the tube." Chris yelled, as I flailed trying to get free. I could feel them plop me down on the thing, and drag it over to the edge of the hill. Three of them were holding me down, so there was no way of getting off the damn tube.

"You better hold on tight little dude, cuz we are gonna launch ya." John said to me.

What can I say, the hill was steeper than it looked, and when I hit the little jump that they made, I shot way up in the air. All I could see was the stars as I floated for who knows how long, but all of the sudden, THUD! My ass was going to kill for a week. As I slid to a stop, I heard the howling of the gang running down the hill.

"Dude, that was fucking awesome!" I heard Chris yell as they ran closer to me.

"We gotta do that again, did you see how much air he got?" Greg stated.

They came upon me like a pack of wolves, not even bothering to ask if I was okay. One of them, I think it was Chris, grabbed me, flung me over his shoulder, and started to run for the top of the hill. I could see the other three follow with the snow tube. `Hey, where's Eric?' I thought in my head. Only four of them are participating. When I got to the top of the hill, the boys plopped the tube down again, and placed me on it.

"You ready to go again?" John said in more of a statement than a question.

"Yeah, what the heck, one more time can't possible do anymore damage than the first one." I replied laughing. Oh how wrong I was. Instead of just letting me slide down the hill, this time they decided to push me. Due to this, they pushed me out of alignment and causing half of the tube to miss the jump. Up, up I went, spinning around in the air. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact, but I appeared to just float in that air forever, then THUD! Whereas I thought I was going to land flat on the ground with the tube on top of me, appeared to be a miscalculation. Instead, I landed half on the tube. It shot off in the opposite direction as I bounced at first, and then slid to a stop and just laid there. Again, I heard the wolf pack hollering as they stampeded down the hill.

"Hey little man, you okay?" Chris asked peering down into my face as he kneeled next to me.

"What score would you give that one?" I asked bursting into laughter.

"Dude, that was a fucking 10!" Chris exclaimed.

"Yeah, it was a 9 minimum." Greg replied.

"Easily the best jump all night." John also replied.

"Can I retire as the world champion now?" I asked.

"Yeah dude, here, let me help you up." Chris said, flinging me over his shoulder again.

As Chris ran me up the hill, Greg went and got the tube, and Brian and John started the onslaught of snow balls again. Chris literally dropped me at the top of the hill next to the other tube, and got involved in the fight. As I lay looking up at the stars and the gorgeous moon, I noticed the two dark figures sitting about 10 feet away.

"Yeah, `don't worry, I'll keep you warm.' That's the last time I ever listen to you." I said, crawling over to Eric, and what appeared to be Steve.

"Well did you have fun little man?" Steve asked.

"If a soar ass is what you call fun, then yes." I retorted. "And you mister, how could you let them do that?"

"Actually, I was in on the whole thing, they used me to get you out of the car."

"Bastard." I said bluntly, punching Eric in the arm causing them to laugh. "Where the hell do you guys get the energy?"

"Were athlete's dude, we have more energy than we know what to do with."

"Oh really, then why is the sex so lousy?" I asked causing us all to laugh.

"You get a kiss for that comment." Eric said pulling me into his arms and giving me a kiss.

"I think I'm gonna go join their shenanigans." Steve said getting up and running down the hill with a yell.

Eric and I sat there watching the other five chuck snow at each other. There was also the occasional wrestling match.

"You're friends are really cool, you know. Well other than the whole launching unsuspecting people down a steep hill on a snow tube."

"Yeah, they are a pretty cool bunch."

"They are so cool with you and I, I feel so relaxed around them, like I can say or do anything."

"They're not always that way you know, but they really like you."

"Whatcha mean?"

"Well for instance, I've dated a few guys that they really didn't like, and they showed it."

"What did they do?"

"They won't say it to the dude's face, they are good guys after all, but they'll let me know that they don't want to hang around with the guy. Actually now that I think about it, John made a snappy comment to this one kid, but he deserved it, so I didn't really care all that much."


"But you," he said kissing me on the forehead, "they forced me to call you tonight."



"Eric?" I asked, after a couple of minutes of silence.

"Yeah?" He responded.

"I love you."

"I love you too babe." He said pecking me on the forehead. I lay in his arms for a little while longer, but the cold eventually overtook me, and I started to shiver.

"Hey I'm ready to go, you wanna go round up the boys?"

"Sure baby, you go warm up the car."

"Okay." I said giving him a kiss, and went and hoped in the driver's seat.

Man did that seat warmer feel great on my ass. It took Eric about fifteen minutes to get the rest of the guys in the car. Chris and John deflated the snow tubes and crawled into the back with them. It was about 2:30 by the time we got heading back to the house. Unlike the ride to the hill, the ride home was silent, no radio, nothing. Brian and Greg fell asleep sitting on the back seat, and other than an occasional noise from them, it was just the V8 and my thoughts.

When we got back to Eric's house, I got out of the car, and headed up to Eric's bed. I left the boys to settle themselves out. I was tired and cold and I just wanted sleep. Not long after I crawled under the covers, I heard Eric come in and get into bed with me, giving me a soft kiss on the side of my neck when he snuggled up to me.




The next morning I awoke before Eric and headed down to see how the rest of the guys were doing. They were all asleep, Chris and Steve on the living room couches, Brian was asleep on the floor in front of Steve's couch, John was sprawled out on the hardwood floor, which could not have been comfortable at all. I really wasn't sure where Greg was. "Hopefully not passes out in the snow" I thought.

I made my way into the kitchen as quietly as possible. I was busy spreading some cream cheese on a bagel when Chris walked into the room. I turned and smiled to him.

"Morning dude, whatcha got there?" He asked getting the OJ out of the refrigerator.

"Bagel, there's more over there on the counter." I said pointing to the bag.

I sat and began eating as he fixed his bagel and joined me at the table.

"You're pretty chipper this morning, after the stuff you guys had last night, I don't think I'd be able to function."

"Yeah, I bounce back pretty well when it comes to alcohol and other substance." I laughed at the later part of his statement.

"You have fun last night?" I asked earnestly.

"Yeah, the sledding was a blast."

"I guess, at least when it isn't forced upon you." I said laughing a little. He found my comment comical as well.

"Dude, you should have seen how high in the air you went."

"I may not have seen it, but I sure as hell felt it. I am gonna have the biggest bruise on my ass."

We continued to talk for a little while longer. I'd have to say that Chris was my favorite out of all of Eric's friends. He was really easy to talk to, and seeing as how he was on the soccer team, we were both really into soccer, plus we both were science dorks, so that was a big plus in my book.

"So how's your bio class this semester?" He asked.

"It's pretty good, we're going over organelles and stuff like that. It's kinda boring compared to the evolution stuff we went over before."

"Yeah, I didn't like bio very much. It was too much memorization of stuff." He replied.

"Oh and all the math that physics entails is quite exciting?"

"I find that it is."

I laughed. "Whatever floats your boat dude."

"Wait, you've taken physics already, right? I mean you're a junior, and you're taking biology, most juniors take physics."

"Yeah, we have a backwards science program at my school. You take conceptual physics your freshmen year, _alki sophomore year, and then bio junior year. It's really good for people like me who want to be a bio major in college, because then you can have two years of bio back to back. I'm taking honors this year, and then AP next."

"How can you take physics your freshman year? You won't have the math background for it."

"Yeah I know. It's conceptual physics though. Basically they take all the laws and simplify them so it's just easy math in perfect situations. Plus the school is too small to offer AP physics. I'd be the only one taking it. And I really need it, cuz I'm gonna be fried in college especially being a science major."

"Yeah man, I pity you."

I laughed and replied. "Oh thanks man. But it's okay, I'm an overachiever, I'll do fine."

He just laughed and gulped down his orange juice.

"So man, you got any special girl in your life?"

"Nah dude, not at the moment." He said. I noticed that he had become somber.

"I'm sorry man, something bad happen?"

"Well there was this girl, Becka, who I really loved. I mean I was thinking about proposing to her after graduation, but this summer it all turned to shit. She got really distant with me, and then broke it off when we got back to school this fall." He looked as if he was about to cry while he was narrating to me.

"Aww man, I'm sorry." I said sincerely.

"No, it's okay, I haven't talked about it in a while, and I need to get it out of my system every once in a while."

"Well I'm here for you dude."

"Thanks Andrew.

"You're certainly welcome Chris."

"Yeah, she hurt me badly. I was a mess in September. I hardly ever left my apartment, that's why I ended up not meeting you till the middle of October. I become very introverted and antisocial when I get down."

"Hey man, I know whatcha mean. I get the same way. I lock myself in my room when I get down."

"Well that's exactly what I did, for about a month and a half. I missed my first week and a half of classes. After that I only left my room to get food, go to class, and go to soccer practice. But let me tell you, I'd never had better grades in my life. I had no distractions really, so I was extremely focused on the little bit of stuff I was doing. I had a 99 average that semester." He said cracking a smile in the end.

"Dude, I need to find a balance between the two. Lock myself in my room during the school week and then party and be social on weekends."

"I'm sure Eric would really like that." Chris said facetiously.

"Well the truth is I mainly only see him on weekends. We usually converse somehow once a day, weather it is in person, on the phone or on the net. Usually two out of the three though."

"That's one of the things Eric loves about you, ya know."

"What's that?" I asked with a questioning expression.

"Well not just Eric, but we, meaning his friends, also like the fact that you let him have his space."

"Oh, well yeah, I guess I do let him have his space. Has that been a problem in the past?"

"With a few guys, yeah. This one guy had him on the shorted leash, my god it was strangling."

"Was this the guy you all really hated?"

"Yeah, how'd you know that?"

"Eric mentioned something about how you guys showed your dislike for one of the guys he was dating, last night during our little talk at the top of the hill during snowball fight number two."

"Yeah, we never saw Eric when he was dating that guy, and when we did see him it was with Dan."

"I'm guessing that Dan was his name?"



"Eric hasn't told you any of this?"

"No not really. He mentions bits here and there, and well I don't like the pry. If he wants to tell me, he will."

"See what I mean. Dude, he loves that about you."

"All I can say is that it's called trust."

"Man, I wish there was a girl out there like you. Loved beer, had fun getting down and dirty with my friends in a game of football, and gave me my space." We both laughed at his statement.

"Well it isn't exactly like all men are that way either. I have a few friends who practically lock there girlfriends up in their room, and when they go out, call them every five minutes to make sure they aren't with some other guy. I think it mainly comes down to confidence, jealousy and trust. All three go hand in hand. If you have the confidence that your significant other won't cheat on you, then you won't be jealous. You trust them. But if you don't have the confidence, then you're gonna be completely jealous and not trusting."

"You know, I've never really looked at it that way before."

"I mean, I can easily say that I am not a very self-confident person. But you could put Eric's dream man in front of him and I would trust him not to cheat. I'm confident that he wouldn't do that, and because of that I wouldn't get jealous. Now it's another story all together if he would break up with me for the guy, but I know Eric wouldn't cheat."

Chris laughed at the later part of the statement.

Chris and I talked for a while more. I could tell that a good friendship was beginning between the two of us. Though, I had other issues on my mind when I went upstairs to see if Eric was awake. Unfortunately for him he wasn't, but it was going on noon, so I decided it was time for him to get up. He was asleep on his stomach, the right side of his head snuggled into one of the pillows. His right arm was up over his head, while he left was holding the other pillow to his side.

I crawled onto the bed next to him and gently rubbed his back until I felt him stir. His eyes opened a little as he squinted allow his pupils to get used to the light. He gave me a yawning smile as he stretched his arms above his head while he rolled over onto his back. He really was a very sex man. Lying on his back smiling up at me, the blankets on the bed had slipped down past his pectoral muscles from when he rolled onto his back. His messy hair and unshaven face gave him an even more masculine look than normal, with the addition to the fact that his arms were still stretched above his head, giving me a great view of flexed muscles. Now I have sort of a weird intrigue with arm pits. I mean, I'm not the type to go down and lick them. It's mainly the look of them that turns me on. The right curves of muscles with the right amount of hair can make me hard, and boy did Eric have what it takes. I couldn't resist leaning down and kissing his tender lips. He wrapped his arms around my back, pinning me to him. I ran my fingers up and down his triceps and back onto his shoulder blades, while his hands worked lower down my back until he reached the waistband of my pajama bottoms. I wiggled my way out of his grip as I felt his fingers work they way under the drawstring.

He gave me his puppy dog face that forced me to fight leaning down into another kiss, but I had something I had to talk to him about.

"Eric, stud, trust me I'd love to have your hands no other place, but we need to talk first." I said in a serious voice.

"What is it baby?" He said trying to seduce me again with a smile.

"I am not happy about what happened last night."

"Why? Didn't you have fun last night?" He asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Eric, I'm trying to be serious here. What you guys did last night wasn't fair to me. I mean, I don't mind if you drink with them, or do whatever else you guys did, but when you get me involved when I didn't want to be, and then put me in a lose-lose situation where I have to decided between what I want to do, and the safety of you and other innocent people whom could have been involved just isn't fair." I said sternly.

"I know. I'm sorry baby, we weren't thinking."

"Yeah, obviously. Now I'm not lecturing you about being responsible, but please, don't ever do that to me again."

"Okay baby, I won't."


"Promise cutie." He said with a knee buckling smile.

"Good, now where were we?" I asked, leaning back into another kiss.

Before he could pull me against him, I pulled the covers down enough so that I could get under them. Eric pulled then back up over me as his arms came back to their position pressing me into his chest as they worked down to my pajama bottoms. It felt so good to be pressed into his hard body. The small amount of hair on his chest tickled a little as it rubbed against the bare skin of my own chest, and his hard abdominals rubbed against me causing me to get even harder as he ground against my thigh. His fingers eventually found there way again under the draw string of my pants. He ran his fingers over the soft skin a little, while his mouth devoured me, but he eventually hooked his thumbs back over the waste band, sliding them down over my skin to my knees. I pushed them off with my feet as I ground into his stomach harder. The only thing separating us now was the thin cotton of his boxers. My right hand slid down his side until I got to the waistband. Once I reached it, I rotated onto my left side so that I could bring my hand over to rub him. He moaned into my mouth when I grabbed hold of him, giving him more pleasure than the grinding he was doing. But soon, I was pulling down his boxers, freeing him to even more pleasure from my hands.

I brought him close to ecstasy a couple of times before he rolled me onto my back, taking charge. I liked it when he pinned my hands above my head while he kissed all over my upper body. His rough face tickled my stomach as he worked his kissed lower and lower. I was waiting for him to take me in his mouth, but he bypassed me, kissing his way down my thighs. His fingers found their way down my legs to caress my feet, but worked their way back up my calves and up the back of my thighs till they reached the cleft of my butt. He worked his fingers around until they reached my opening. He stopped here, reaching over to the bedside table to get some lube, but he returned, loosening me up with the cold gel. He got a couple of fingers in me and watched my face to see the expressions of pleasure. By now he knew me inside an out very well. He could easily find my spots of ecstasy very easily, and he was teasing me with his fingers, specifically avoiding my "joy button" as he called it. When he had numerous fingers in me and I was more than ready for him to enter me, he finally pressed that spot inside of me, that made my eyes roll back into my head, and my back arch. I could hear him chuckling when I came down from my near orgasm. He came back up to kiss me on the lips a little more. I could feel his very hard member rubbing the inside of my left leg. I moaned when I felt it move a little higher up my thigh, towards my butt.

"Baby, you've got me so hard." He moaned into my ear as I rubbed my leg against him.

"I want you in me, stud. God you feel so good in me."

"God baby, I'm gonna make you feel so good."

"Mmm...it feels better than good."

"Baby, you've got me so hard. I'm gonna make you feel like you're in heaven."

"You do every time, stud."

We muttered between kisses some more until I reached over and got a condom out of the drawer. I opened it up and reached down, putting it on him. I didn't have the right leverage from my position underneath him, so he gave me a little assistance, but I soon felt him pushing against me.

"I love you Eric." I said, looking into his eyes.

"I love you too Andrew." He said before leaning in to kiss me. As we kissed I felt him enter me with little resistance, and before I knew it, he was filling me completely. He felt so good inside of me, not moving any, just allowing me to acclimate to his size. He ravished the spot on my neck as he slowly began to pump in and out of me. Lately during our romps, he had been moving his hips in different ways, and this allowed him to hit places that I never knew existed. Before long I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer as he sped up his rhythm. We were both getting close to the inevitable orgasm that would rack through our bodies.

When the ecstasy finally did arrive, my back arched, my eyes rolled back even father, and my whole body shook. The sensation sent him over the edge, and with a grunt he pushed into me all the way as his body too wracked with bliss.




The date was February 14th, 2003. When I woke up, I thought it was just an ordinary Friday. I hopped in the shower, got dressed, jumped in my car and got to school. Though, when I arrived to drop my books off at my locker, I opened it up, and was shocked to see a single red rose lying on top of my books. I dropped my backpack and everything else in my hands, as my eyes widened in shock. It was Valentines Day. I had completely

"Nice rose you've got there." Meg said looking over my shoulder, obviously wondering what had caused the commotion.

"Shit, I completely forgot it was Valentines Day."

"You what?" Meg asked astonished,

"Yeah, I just realized it was Valentines Day."

"How the fuck did you do that?"

"I donno, you know me, I never pay much attention to dates."

"You've got a fucking boyfriend. How the hell could you forget about Valentines Day?"

"I have no fucking idea. What am I gonna do? Argh, I'm so stupid. No wonder Eric told me not to come over tonight until around six."

"Okay, you couldn't take a hint from that?"

"Meg, you aren't making this any easier."

"Okay, sorry. Just calm down, everything is gonna be okay. Let me call my mom." She said, getting her phone out of her bag.

"Hey mom, it's Meg...Andrew forgot it was Valentines Day, and he is completely flipping out right now...Do you have any ideas? ...Umm hum... that would be perfect... Yeah, and a lot of chocolate...oh, fudge would be good too...Do you think you could go out and get that for him today? ...Thanks so much mom, you're the greatest...Okay, well I've gotta get to class, but I'll so you later...Love you, bye." She said hanging up the phone.

"Okay, so my mom is gonna get you a really nice bottle of champagne, a ton of chocolate, some fudge."

"Meg, thank you so much, you're a life saver."

"Hey man, that's what friends are for." She said with a smile.

"I owe you big time."

"Yes, you do. Big time."

"I actually have just the thing in mind." I said, thinking about setting her up with one of Eric's friends.

"Oh really? Do tell."

"Sorry Meg, it would ruin it."

"Well fine."

The drive to Providence was very relaxed, I really had no idea what Eric had planned for the evening, so I dressed to the nines but in a casual way. I had on a pair of pin striped pants from a suit, but spiced them up with a white long sleeve t-shirt, and a bright red t-shirt over that. It had the looks of an Urban Outfitters shot, but the full-length pea-coat, with of course, the collar and lapels pulled up. It's the only way to go. I was also rocking the old school grey winter wool hat, with the pompom on top and braided tassels hanging down from the earflaps.

I invited myself in, and called to Eric, who appeared from the kitchen in a nice pair of grey slacks and a light blue dress shirt. He welcomed me with a passionate kiss that left my weak kneed.

"Happy Valentines Day." He said with a gorgeous grin. For some reason, everything about him was an aphrodisiac that night. The sweet musky smell of his cologne filled my nose during our kiss and lingered with me for the remainder of embrace. He eyes had an extra sparkle to them. His smile in general seemed extra bright.

"Happy Valentines Day to you too."

"What'cha got there?" He asked with a mischievous grin seeing the bag that I had placed on the floor by the couch when I entered the house.

"Just a little something for you."

"Oh really? Can I have it now, or would you like to save it for later."

"Whatever you want my love." I said, pulling him back into a hug for some reason. He wrapped his arms back around me, and kissed me on the forehead as I leaned my head against his chest.

"You are so relaxing." I said after a minute or so of our embrace.

"Well I guess so, because you still have you hate and coat on." He said, making me aware that I did infact still have my coat and hat on. "I like the pompom by the way, very retro."

"Thanks, it reminded me of an old hat I used to love."

"Well, I better go check on dinner. Go make yourself comfortable in the living room, I'll be right in."

"Okay love." I said kissing him softly on the lips again, before he detached himself from my embrace.

I went into the living room and sat down on the leather couch after I hung my coat and hat up in the closet by the door. Eric had the whole house bathed in candle light. It was very romantic. The house also smelled of sweet foods and flowers as well. Though, I think that might have mainly been due to Caroline. She was complaining the other day that the cold gloom outside was making her depressed, so she went on a flower binge and bought a multiple bouquets of flowers for each room to add some color and bright thing up. Eric appeared a few minutes after a sat down with two glasses of red wine, and sat down on the couch next to me.

"Thanks for the rose in my locker today. I had a huge smile on my face when I saw it."

"You should thank Meg as well. I made her get to school really early to put it in there."

"So that's why she was there before me?"

"Yeah, she was not happy with the aspect of getting there so early. Why the hell are you there a half hour before class starts anyways?"

"I donno. I hate getting to school and being rushed to class. And a couple of my friends and I just started making it a tradition of getting there early and having a cup of tea or coffee before we go to class. It started the day off on a very good foot."

"Obviously Meg isn't a part of this crew."

"No, the only time she's there early is when she has detention. Come to think of it, if she's not late, she's early for detention for being late some many times."

"Oh, I remember that rule."

"Yeah, the dean of students is a major hard ass. But how was your day?"

"It was great. I loved the rose on my pillow this morning."

"There was a rose on your pillow this morning?"

"Yeah, didn't you have Caroline put it there?"

"No... to be honest, I completely forgot it was Valentines Day until I saw the rose in my locker."

"Then who put the rose on my pillow?"

"Must have been Caroline."

"That bitch, she is gonna get it tomorrow."

"Is she out with Alex?"

"Yupp, those two lover birds were going out to dinner, and then return to his house for a little you know what."

"Hey man, more power to them. It's more than I'm getting." I said with joking.

"And with that comment, we aren't having sex tonight."

"Eric, please. Even if you were actually serious, I'd give you and hour before you wouldn't be able to keep your hands off me."

"It's true. You're just too sexy."

"Don't even get me started about you sexy."

"All I need to say is I love you baby."

"I love you to Eric."

"Well how about we go eat dinner."

"Mmm, I'm starving."


Eric led me into the dinning room where he had the two places set at the corner of the table by the door to the kitchen. He had the lights dimmed and had more candles lit. Kissing me, he went into the kitchen to get the plates of food that were ready. Eric had cooked a superb dinner. He had made of tomato and basil salad, and he cooked lobsters for the two of us. He actually went through the difficulty of taking out all the meat. He said he didn't feel like getting all messy while we ate. I gave him a partial scowl. Getting the meat out of the lobster is the best part of the meal. The boy obviously didn't grow up in New England. After the lobster, he brought up some sorbet before we retired back to the couch in the living room. I gave Eric his bag of goodies, which he enthusiastically ripped open to find the bottle of champagne and chocolate.

"Mmm, this will go perfectly with dessert later."

"You know what I'm in the mood for right now."

"What's that?"

"A warm bath."

"Mmm, really? That would be kinda nice, especially after the hard practice I had today."

"Well, how about we go have one."

"Okay. I'll go start up the tub, would you get some champagne flutes?"

"Sure love." I said getting up off the couch.

I met Eric in his bathroom a couple of minutes later. He had the sleeved of his shirt rolled up, while he stuck his hand in the water, checking the temperature. While we were waiting for the tub to fill up, Eric and I busied ourselves with lighting the many tea lights that Eric always has around the bathroom. We actually have candle lit baths a lot. When the water got high enough, Eric turned on the whirlpool jets, and checked the temperature again to make sure it was where he wanted it. Once the tub was ready, we helped each other undress. This consisted of numerous kisses, but soon we were down to only our boxers, which we easily shucked and climbed into the tub. Eric sat down first with his back and shoulders on the main portion of the jets. I cuddled up to him, lying my head against his head and chest. We calmly lie, enjoying each other's company as we talked. The water jets were really relaxing Eric's muscles which turned out to have been pretty sore from his lacrosse practice that day.

The bath was very relaxing. We didn't have passionate sex, we didn't have a very important conversation, in fact everything we did wasn't important at all; that was why that bath, like many was so special. It was so intimate, laying in his arms, leaning against his chest as we talked about the little things. The champagne bubbled on my tongue while we talked. Eric was rubbing his hands up and down on my stomach, at first it tickled, but I got used to it. I flexed my abs a couple of times when his hand ran over them. Eric responded by whispering very naughty things in my ear, and I could feel him getting hard under me. After a few minutes of our antics, I turned over, rubbing our chest together, and attacked his lips. His arms wrapped around me, one of his hands sliding down and grabbing my ass, while the other came up to the back of my head pulling me harder into the kiss.

His hands danced along my back and sides as mine ran up and down his biceps and chest. I pulled back from the kiss eventually, standing up and getting out of the tub. Eric gave me his pouting face, when I grabbed a towel and started to dry myself off.

"Aren't you coming back to join me?" He asked.

"I'd rather finish it in your bed." I said as I walked out of the bathroom to his room.

I was lighting candles when Eric wrapped his arms around my waist, picking me up, and laying me down on the bed.

"I'll do that." He said.

I watched him as he lit the candles. The flickering light caused dark shadows to form in the crevices of his muscles making them stand out more. When my little show was over, he hopped on the bed with me, enveloping me with kisses. He attacked my neck and moved all around my body with a trail of kisses, enticing moans from me. He rolled me on my stomach, and started to kiss the back of my neck, moving down my spine until he got to my butt. I thought he was going to stop there, but he kept going downward. I sucked in a huge breath of air and moaned when he started kissing my most intimate place.

"Weren't expecting that were you?"

I responded with a blissful moan.

"I knew you'd love it." He said, and then went back down to his work, enticing more moans of pleasure to well up from my chest. He'd never done that before, but man did it feel amazing. Eventually I couldn't take anymore of it.

"Eric, mmm, Eric, oh god, please fuck me. I can't take it anymore. Mmm, Eric..." I moaned.

I'd never seen him whip out a condom and flip me onto my stomach so fast before. I could see the passion in his eyes as he slid into me, filling that void between us. The rest of the night was filled with kisses, roaming hands, and a mouthful of moans. Eric gets this really deep, bassy moan going when he's really in ecstasy. It always sends chills up and down my spine.




Time progressed as it usually does. I worked my tail off during the school week, with a phone call to Eric before bed, and I'd drive up to Providence on weekends, or have him come down. It was the same old thing for another month. It was a Friday night and Eric was busy at the library doing research for some paper or another. I told him that he should have taken the night off because he had been at the library till late every night that week, but he insisted that he'd rather get all the research done now, and then work on the paper in little bits instead of rushing at the last minute.

My mom was staying home for the weekend, because bad weather was predicted for the weekend and she didn't want me at home alone. On the other hand, she really needed to be in New York, because one of her clients had a CD coming out the next Tuesday. To top everything off, her computer stopped working properly Wednesday, so she was working out of my Dad's office, but all her important files were on her computer, so she was on the phone with the minions back at her office having them e-mail her this and that. I mean, I was a good son and very sympathetic. The year before, I downloaded a virus that my friend sent me by accident. It caused my computer to crash the day before my sophomore project, which was worth 25% of the grade in my history class, was due. Thank god I had e-mailed the paper to my mom to proofread mere minutes before that damn virus hit me. So I knew the stress she was feeling. She took advantage of my generosity and had me running back and forth between Kinko's and home, from when I got home from school on Thursday till about eight o'clock when I told her that I needed to get my own work done. She had me doing more stuff for her when I got home on Friday, but by five o'clock I couldn't take it anymore.

As I said earlier, Eric was busy with his own work. Meg was out with this guy from school that she was currently dating, and all my other friends from school were busy with this and that. I called Caroline to see what she was up to, but Alex and she were taking advantage of the fact that Eric was going to be at the library late. The next on my list of people to call was Chris.

"Hey man." He said picking up his cell phone.

"Hey dude."

"What's up?"

"Nothing at all, that's the exact reason I'm calling."

"Hmm, that's no good, it's Friday night."

"I know, and my mom is stressed out from work, she has a big deadline sorta, if you call it a deadline, Tuesday and she's been having big technological difficulties and I can't take it anymore, I need to get out of the house."

"That's no good at all."

"What are you up to?"

"Well I was actually going to be a dork, and take it easy tonight with my new Discover magazine that came in the mail today." He said laughing. Now knowing Chris he'd have lied saying to anyone else that he was gonna stay home and watch a movie, but he knew I do the same thing sort of thing. It was weird, I'd only started really talking to him for about a month, and already I felt like we had been friends for years.

"That's cool." I said with obvious disappointment in my voice.

"Well, do you want to get together?" He asked, sensing my mood.

"Are you sure, I know you don't get much down time."

"What are you talking about? I have at least two hours worth of reading for school every night, that's enough downtime I think."

"Oh okay, well what do you want to do?"

"Hmm... I donno. What were you thinking about?"

"I don't care I just need to get out of this house."

"Hmm, well you want to go to dinner?"

"Yeah sure, I haven't eaten yet."

"Okay, now is the question of where to eat?"

"I know I'm being really indecisive, but I don't care what or where we eat."

"Hey I've got an idea, we always do stuff here in Providence, and I don't know the southern part of the state very well, so you wanna grab something to eat down by you?"

"That's fine with me, there are a few places here in Jamestown, tons over in the Newport area, and then there is Narragansett. It just depends what you are in the mood for."

"Hmm... Are there any good burger joints?"

"Well there is the Oyster Bar and a couple of other places like that here in Jamestown. They are sorta mediocre, but there is Crazy Burger over in Narragansett. That is sorta an eccentric place. They have burgers and stuff, but they also have a lot of vegan and vegetarian stuff, but they still have mouthwatering carnivorous types of burgers too. I could really go for one of their smoothies right now."

"That sounds good to me."

"Okay, so you want to meet there or what?"

"How about I come pick you up?"

"Okay dude." I gave him directions to my house, and told him to call me when he got close so I could open the gate for him.

About an hour later I was opening the front door for Chris to come inside. Now Chris Hunt is a very, very attractive man. If it wasn't for the fact that Chris was straight and that I was dating Eric, I would be all over him in a heartbeat. He's shorter than Eric, standing at about 6'1", making him three inches shorter than Eric, but still six and a half inches taller than myself. His hair is the same shade of brown as Eric's, only he keeps his shorter. He has these amazing ice blue eyes, and almost perfect shaped eyebrows, but because of his long, more oval shaped face, his eyebrows appear sort of short, which causes his eyes to stand out. He has a very cute button nose, and very sensual lips. His small mouth is set off by a set of lips that are naturally a brighter reddish pink color than most, but I'm pretty sure that is caused by his perfect set of blindingly white teeth. If you had stood Eric and Chris next to each other before I knew them and had me choose which I though more attractive I probably would have said Chris.

"Honey, could you do my one last favor and run to... Oh hello there." My mom said interrupted as she walked into the main hall, seeing Chris and I standing there.

"Oh, mom, this is Chris Hunt, he's one of Eric's good friends."

"Hello Mrs. Carmichael, it's nice to meet you." Chris said extending his hand like a gentleman.

"Yes, it's very nice meeting you too Chris." My mom said smiling.

"Sorry I didn't ask you earlier, but I didn't want to disturb you. Is it okay if I go out to dinner with Chris though?"

"Yeah of course, just drive carefully it's supposed to start snowing later."

"We will Mrs. Carmichael, I have all-wheel drive on my car anyway."

"Do you want me to get you anything while we're out?" I asked my mom.

"No, I think I'm just going to order myself a pizza, but thank you for offering."

"Okay, well then I think we're gonna leave."

"Okay honey, have fun." She said giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Chris, again, it was nice to meet you. And Andrew, please wake me up if you get home after I go to bed."

"I will, bye mom."

"Bye Mrs. Carmichael."

We walked outside down the short flight of steps and into Chris' bright red Audi that was parked on the circle. The first time I saw Chris' car this winter I instantly fell in love with it. My father would have been ashamed of me. I was drooling when I first got into his spanking brand new S4. Now, Chris' father is Len Hunt, the CEO of Audi of America, and because of it, he gets cool presents like this hot rod before they even go on sale at the dealerships. The blinding red was very much in contrast with the black concrete and the little reminiscent patches of snow still on the ground. We hopped into the still warm interior and we were off. Chris was definitely driving way too fast for the conditions the roads were in, but I was having a fun time. I couldn't blame him either, with the all-wheel drive planting those 340 horses pouring out of the roaring V8 to the ground I would have been driving quite recklessly myself. I was fraternizing with the enemy. Big time. At least it was an Audi, and not a Mercedes. I think my father might have had a heart attack over that one.

We sped over to Narragansett in record time, and had some great food. I got a little cold from the kiwi-lime smoothie I had, so I ordered a bowl of clam chowder and a Loco burger. Chris loved his Luna Sea burger, and was amazed that a burger made of salmon could taste that good. We topped the evening off with a bowl of Mexican style fried ice cream. Chris and I were laughing about the Rhode Island way of saying "chowda." I could tell that he wasn't originally from around the area. He grew up in Michigan, where the headquarters to Audi is, but when his family found out about the infidelity of his father, his mom and younger sister moved to Boston. His dad's affair surfaced during the fall of his freshman year at Brown, so he didn't partake in any of the moving. Because of it, Chris isn't that close with his father much anymore and we both understand where each other are coming from when we bitch about the paternal side of our parental units. We finished eating and as we were heading out to his car, he popped a question to me.

"Hey, I've never asked you before, but you wanna drive?" I contemplated it. I mean I really did want to drive, but the fact was, it was a manual and I didn't know how.

"Dude, I'd love to, but I don't know how to drive stick yet."

"You don't?" He asked flabbergasted.


"The way you talk about your dad and cars, I'm amazed he didn't teach you stick when you started to walk." He said laughing.

I have to admit, his comment was pretty funny, and I cracked up myself. "No dude, the only car we have at the moment that is manual, is my dad's Aston, but he never drives it, and he hasn't really been around to teach me."

"Well man, tonight is your lucky night."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, it's perfect. No one is out on the road tonight."

"I don't want to stall or fuck up your transmission."

"Dude, the stuff I've done to this car on purpose is nothing near the damage you could do by stalling or going into the wrong gear." He said with a smile.

"Then yes, I'd love to get behind the wheel."

"Well, here are the keys." He said tossing them to me.

We piled into the car, and I started her up. It was really cold out, and the leather seats had cooled down significantly while we were in eating. That's the one demise of leather, it's burning hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. Though, once the seat warmers kicked in, it was nice and toasty. Chris started out by having me learn the six gate patterns. Once I was comfortable with that, he would put me into a gear, and I'd have to tell him what it was without looking at it. After that, he'd tell me a gear to put the stick in, and I'd follow his commands. After about a half hour of sitting there doing this, he felt I was reading to put the car into motion. I wasn't used to the race bred throttle at all, and the first few minutes were pretty jerky. At first the clutch seemed awkward. Normally I had my left leg tucked up, my knee leaning against the door, and my calf pressed back against the front of the seat. Driving with two feet was an instinct that was very awkward, and I was afraid I was going to hit the brake with my left foot instead of the clutch. I was soon smoothing out the ride. The next tricky part was deciding which gear to be in, but once I figured out which one, I didn't have any trouble getting it in the right gate. After about an hour of me punishing the poor car, I let Chris drive again. I decided to just show him around the area. We were having fun talking and laughing as we sped around the twisty back roads. We drove past the beaches numerous times, and I took him to Judith Point to see the lighthouse.

It did start to snow at around 9:15, and we decided to head back. We were about forty-five minutes from my house, so I just sat back and enjoyed the company. Our experience was the making of a Quattro All-Wheel Drive commercial, flying around dark, windy, two lane roads in the snow. I'll admit my Bimmer probably would have been fishtailing all over the place. We were just getting over the bridge when it really started to fall. Christ slowed down considerable at this point, but I could tell he was still having fun playing with his toy. He played in the snow a little during some of the other snow storms, but up in Providence he just didn't have to roads to play on.

"Hey dude, you wanna see my favorite place on earth?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." I told him to continue past my house, and showed him Beavertail State Park which is at the tip of the peninsula on which I live. The peninsula is referred to as Beavertail because when looking at in on a map, the birds eye view looks like exactly that, a beaver's tail, though, the tip comes to more of a point.

He slowed down as we wound around the loop of the park, and as we were going around a bend, we saw a beautiful pair of deer standing in the road. Chris had stopped the car, but they continued to just stare into his headlights. They were so gorgeous, covered in a blanket of white snow. After a few seconds they bounded off into the wood and brush on the side of the road. Chris and I remained silent, but we shared the same smile on our faces, and he slowly continued around the loop. We took the long way out past the lighthouse, the third oldest in America mind you, and back around to continue on the main loop. I stopped him at one of the parking lots, and I got out. He followed me down onto the giant rocks that in some places made ten to twenty foot cliffs. We couldn't really see much because of the snow, but you could hear the monstrous roar of the waves below. We stood for about five minutes looking out into to black sea. The only light present was the always sweeping beam of the lighthouse.

"It really is peaceful out here." He said.

"Yeah, I come out here when I need to think. When it's clear you can see the moon reflecting off the water all the way out into the horizon, but the most amazing time is sunsets."

"I bet."

I smacked him with a snowball on the back of the head as he was walking back to the car. He laughed, and then made one himself, throwing it at me. We chased each other around for a good ten minutes. We got wet and cold, and as we were at the car about to get in, we saw headlights from another car, more like a truck on the other side of the loop, coming towards us.

"Fuck, it's probably the DEM guy."

"What's that mean?"

"It means get the fuck out of the park."

We hopped in, Chris fired that burbling engine up, and we pealed out of there. Technically the park is closed sunset to sunrise, and a couple of years ago, when my brother and I had been playing with Comet out there in the winter at night, the DEM guy gave my brother a ticket. During the summer they don't give a shit unless it's bad weather, because the tourists flock to it, but during the winter, they are pretty hardass.

We exited of the park, and sped towards my house. When we finally pulled into my driveway at 10:30, it was almost blizzard conditions out. Christ pulled up around the circle to the front door, and we sat for a second.

"Dude, it's really snowing out. I don't think you should drive home."

"I think I'll be fine."

"No, seriously dude I'm not trying to being neurotic, but it's been snowing for about an hour and there's at least two inches of snow on the ground already. If you were just going over the bridge I'd say fine, but you have to go all the way up to Providence. Just stay here for the night."

"Are you sure, I don't want to impose on you."

"No, it's fine. We have a billion guest rooms, and you can borrow some of Eric cloths that he's left here."

"You're sure?"

"I'm positive." I said smiling. "The guys will probably come to plow the driveway in the morning, and your car might get in the way, so how about I run in, and open up the garage, and you leave you car in there for the night."

"Okay cool."

"Just take the left up beyond the end of the circle till you get to the side of the house. I'm pretty sure the middle right bay is empty."

"Okay, thanks dude." He said smiling.

"No problem." I replied as I got out of his car, and ran through the snow to get to the front door. Once inside, I ran through to the side of the house, through the kitchen, into the back hall, and down into the garage. As I pressed the button to open the door, all I could see was the stark white of the blizzard winds and the bright blue beams of Chris's car. He pulled in, turned off the burbling V8, got out of his car, and followed me up into the warmth of the house. My mom was still on the phone working, when I went into my dad's office to see if she was up. I let her know that Chris was spending the night, and she asked if we needed anything, but we said that we were fine.

Chris and I went into my room, and decided to watch a movie. He ended up deciding on watching the special edition of the Fellowship of the Rings. I excused myself while he put the DVD in to change out of my wet cloths and into to some dry pajamas. I showed him where Eric's cloths were, and when I came out, he was in a dry pair of boxers and a t-shirt sitting on the couch. He smiled at me as I lie down on my bed, and hit play on the remote. We were chatting during the beginning of the movie, both of us had seen the original before, but Chris had never seen the added scenes of the special edition, so both of us being the Tolkein fans that we are, got talking about other things the movie left out. I was tired from school, so I ended up falling sleep while they were in Lothlorian. I did however awake to Chris' stirring when the movie was over.

"You want to sleep in one of the guest rooms?" I asked as politely as possible, in mid yawn.

"No, I think I'll just sleep here in the couch, it's comfy enough for me thanks."

"Okay, dude. Whatever floats your boat." I again partially mumbled as I threw him the extra blanket at the foot of my bed and crawled under the covers, and was out pretty soon after my head hit the pillow.

When I awoke around nine-ish the next morning, I had to take a piss as usual. As I returned from my morning trip to the bathroom, I noticed Chris asleep on the couch. His face was smooshed against the back of the couch. For some reason I thought it was a very comical sight. The blanket looked as if it was about to fall off of the couch any minute, the only part of it covering him was his feet. I covered him back up with the blanket and then went to go make myself some breakfast, leaving him to sleep.

Chris walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face, as I sat eating an egg I had made, and reading the paper. We had gotten two and a half feet of snow the night before, and that was the main hype of the paper. I read the comics and ended up cutting out the Dilbert to give to my dad, who would also have found it quite comical. Chris and I were talking about politics when the phone started ringing. I figured that I was for my mom from work, I'm not sure why, but they call the house number on occasion. Though, my mom yelled for me that it was Eric.

"Hey stud." I said picking up the phone in the kitchen.

"Hi cutie."

"How was your studying last night?"

"It was pretty good, though I walked out of the library to the surprise of a lot of snow."

"Yeah, Chris and I were out in the thick of it last night."

"Oh really?" He asked intrigued.

"Yeah, I was bored and I needed to get away from my mother's hysteria, so I called him up and he came down. We ended up going to dinner."

"That's cool."

"Yeah, and he taught me how to drive his car."

"Now, that must have been fun."

"It was beyond fun." Eric laughed at my statement. "But it started snowing really badly when he dropped me off, so he stayed the night."

"Oh really?" He again asked intrigued.

"Yes really, we watched Lord of the Rings. I ended up falling asleep on him in the middle of it though."

"I'm amazed you two dorks weren't picking away at its imperfections and changes to the book."

"Oh we were, but I just got really tired. I feel bad; he ended up crashing on the couch."

"I'm sure he didn't care, your couch is comfier than most of the mattresses in the dorms here at Brown."

"This is true." I replied laughing at his statement.

"Well I was just calling to check up on you, make sure you got in okay if you had gone out last night."

"Thanks stud, I feel special."

"Well you should."

"And why is that?"

"Because I love you."

"Aww, thanks stud. I love you two."

"Well I'll let you get back to your conversation about politics with Chris." He said snickering.

"Oh shut up, for your information we were discussing how bad cartoons are these days."

Eric just laughed. "Well, is it okay if I come down and visit you later today? Maybe this afternoon?" Eric asked.

"I'd love you to."

"Okay, it's settled then."

"See you later stud."

"Bye cutie."

"Love you Eric."

"Love you too baby."

I hung up with Eric, and went back to my conversation with Chris. He left after we had lunch, but not before talking me into coming to some of his pick up games at this indoor soccer place in Cranston. There was one that Tuesday afternoon, and I told him I'd hurry to the indoor place after school. Eric ended up arriving late afternoon. We went out and played in the snow with Comet, but mainly just had a relaxing time talking. We were snuggled up with cups of hot cocoa on the living room couch, and at around five we decided to make my mom dinner. To my joy, he spent the night. Although we didn't have sex, it felt great cuddled up to him, keeping me warm.




After that weekend I began to see Chris even more and more. Eric and I would do something with him, or I myself would meet him for lunch some days. I was playing soccer with him every Tuesday afternoon, which was fun. It was a challenge playing Division 1 college players, and I was keeping up with them. Chris and I got along so well, it was almost eerie. Being that it was February, Eric's birthday was soon approaching. He was turning twenty-two and I decided I wanted to show him a fun time.

"Hello?" Greeted a female voice I knew to be Caroline.

"Hey, it's Andrew."

"Hey cutie, what's up?"

"Nothing much, how about you?"

"I'm doing pretty well. You wanna talk to Eric?"

"No, actually I called to talk to you?"

"Oh really? And why would you want to talk to me?"

"Well it is a certain someone's birthday coming up soon."

"I know it is. You got something planned?"

"Well yeah, I was just talking with my friend Meg, and she gave me the idea of throwing a sex toy party." I stated.

"Oh my god, that is such a great idea, why didn't I think of that?"

"I donno."

"I was thinking of just inviting a few of his friends over and getting a couple of kegs, but I like your idea much better."

"There is a slight problem though."

"What's that love?"

"Well, one, I don't know where to find someone to do it, and two, I'm too young to get anything set up."

"Hmm...very true. Well, how about you just leave it to me. I know some girls that would know where to find someone to run it."


"Of course."

"Well then it's settled then. I guess I'll set the rest up. When we gonna do it?"

"Well I was thinking of throwing my little shindig the Saturday before his birthday."

"That's sounds good to me. Well girly, I gotta get back to this damn paper. I'll see you soon."

"Okay bye Andrew."

"Bye." And with that I hung up.

I was watching television with Meg, and on the show we were watching they were having a Tupperware party. Meg then referred to a story that her brother had told her about going to a sex toy party. I loved the idea and the plans for the Eric's party began forming in my head. Unfortunately due to my age, or lack there of, I wasn't going to be able to do much except distract Eric, and make sure everything was going as planned. Though in order for this party to actually work there was going to have to be alcohol involved, a lot of it. I called my new pal Chris about that one.

"Hey dude, what's up?" Chris asked, obviously catching my number on the caller ID.

"Hey man, nothing much."

"And what would warrant a call from you at eleven o'clock on a school night. I hope not a fight with Eric."

"No, no, everything was peachy keen when I talked to him at about eight, so unless something has gone down since then that I haven't heard about, things are fine."

"Then why are you calling me?"

"So you're telling me that I can't call just to shoot the shit?"

"Oh shut up, I know you too well. You normally aren't even awake at eleven on a week night."

"Yeah I know, I'm an old man."

"So why you calling then?"

"Well, it does have to do with Eric."

"Uh huh..."

"Well his birthday is a few weeks away, and Caroline and I are throwing him a party."

"Keep _alking'..." Chris interjected.

"And well, we are having a sex toy party."

"You're having a what party?" Chris asked with shock.

"A sex toy party, you know like a Tupperware party. Only instead of Tupperware there'll be sex toys to buy."

"Dude, that is such a great idea." He said laughing.

"Yeah, thanks. Well I've hit a snag."

"What's the problem?"

"Well this thing is gonna need massive amounts of alcohol, and well...I'm sixteen."

"So you want me to get it?"

"Could you please?"

"Yeah, no problem dude."

"Thanks man, you're the best."

"Hey, it's no problem. One question though."


"When this thing going down?"

"The Saturday before his birthday... the twenty-second I think, yeah the twenty-second."

"Alright dude, I got it covered."

"Okay, and again, thanks man."

"Your welcome dude."

"Well I really need to get to bed." I said yawning, causing Chris to laugh.

"Yeah man, you're up way past your bed time."

"You know me too well."

"I try my best. Well I'll let you go now, see you this weekend."

"Bye dude."

"Bye." With that I hung up and went to bed.

With Caroline in charge of getting the sex toy representative, Chris in charge of getting the alcohol, all I had left to do was get people to come. That was a pretty easy job. I just mentioned it to Eric's group of friends, and they were all over getting people there. After that I was allowed to sit back and watch it all come together.

The Saturday of Eric's birthday party arrived and everything had worked out. Caroline had gotten in touch with a woman who ran these kinds of parties, Chris had gotten me all the alcohol that I needed, well actually he probably got much more than was called for. I had Eric's group of friends get in touch with people who he would want there and who would be interested in coming. By the time Eric showed up, there was a group of about twenty-five of his friends, plus Eric, Caroline, Meg and myself.

Eric knew something was up. I'm sure he expected that we were throwing him a birthday party; the beauty of the whole thing was that he was expecting a much different type of party. I didn't know many people, so I was exempt from smoozing my way through the crowd. Eric on the other hand was quite a busy person. He got sucked into the mess of people, and I didn't see him for a while. That was okay with me though, because I would have him all to myself later that night.

The day started out by getting Eric out of the house. I had Steve and a few of the other guys take him out. Eric called me twice, the first time I didn't hear my phone, and the second time was to see if I wanted to meet him for dinner. I turned him down though and told him that I had plans with Meg, which technically I did. I could hear in his voice that he was just calling to verify that I was throwing him a party. A very quick thinker that boy is. Meg and I headed over to the house at about two. Caroline and Meg hit it off well. I should have figured so, they have very similar personalities. We got to work cooking stuff and cleaning. Caroline and Eric are both very clean people, their house always looked spotless. I'm the one who usually makes the messes. Yet, we whipped out the vacuum cleaner and Swifered up the place. After that the house wasn't spotless, it fucking sparkled. After our cleaning charade, we set up shop in the kitchen and cooked some food. Mainly munchy stuff like brownies and the lot, it wasn't as if we were serving people a seven course meal, well I hoped that weren't expecting it at least. The party wasn't starting till about eight so we figured people would have already eaten by then. My savior Chris arrived at around six thirty with our alcohol for the evening. Caroline had opened up a bottle of wine earlier while we were cooking, I hadn't acquired that flavor of wine at that time, but I was happy with a glass. Meg on the other hang was enjoying it, she and Caroline had drunk the bottle in know time, and the slight drunkenness added to their personalities had them laughing up at storm. Meg took a liking to Chris, and the thought popped into my head that I might set them up on a date.

What are you doing here, mousier?" Eric asked, whisking me into a hug and a kiss. He surprised me with the amount of passion he induced into me with that kiss. The clock read quarter to eight when I looked over at it after he detached his lips from mine with a sly grin on his face.

"Nothing..." I said in a demure voice.

"Oh really?"

"Yupp." I said, placing my hands over his shoulders, entwining my fingers together.

"You wouldn't happen to be throwing me a party tonight, now would you?"

"And what would make you think that?"

"Well, one, the large abundance of alcohol around this place, and two, you are just really bad a hiding things."

"Man, you spoil all my fun." I said with a faux pout.

"I'm sorry babe. I hope it wasn't a surprise."

"No, I expected you to figure it out, because yes, I know I can't hide shit for my life."

"So who'd you invite, if I might ask?"

"Just some of your friends."

"Just `some'?"


"That doesn't seem like very many."

"It's plenty."

"You're not throwing me a big whopping party?" He asked with his puppy face. He knows that it goes straight to my heart.

"Nope. There will be plenty of people here for what I have planned."

"Oh... you've got something planned?"


"Care to tell?" He asked, getting really close, so that his forehead was leaning against mine.

"Sorry stud, it's a surprise."

"Please...?" He pleaded with his puppy face.

"Sorry stud."

"It better be good."

"Oh it will be great, you'll love it. I guarantee."

"Good, I can't wait. But while I'm waiting is it okay if I have a few drinks?"

"The more the merrier." I said with a smile.

"Great!" He said stunning me with a passionate kiss, and walking into the kitchen to get himself a beer.

People started to arrive as suspected. I knew about eight of the twenty-some people that showed up. Well scratch that. I had seen all of them, most in an alcohol induced state. So I didn't know most of their names. Though I had expected this, and prepared for it with the invitation to Meghan. Though ever since Steve had arrived, she had been heavily engrossed in conversation with him. He appeared to be enjoying her company, so I felt it rude to steal her away. Caroline was being a good host, unlike myself, and conversing with Eric's friends.

Our sex toy woman arrived at 8:30 bearing her many gifts. Eric was in hysterics when he found out that she was selling sex toys. We had the women set up in the living room, where more people could fit in and sit down, compared to the other rooms of the house. Man, did this woman have a shit load of toys. She had everything from your average flavored condoms and assorted colored dildos and vibrators to blow job machines. I was truly amazed with the stuff this "industry" had come up with. It was already a very comic scene with the toys, but add the alcohol and it was an all out riot to watch. Caroline and I had put Eric in the middle of it all, sitting on the couch next to the women, with a crown on his head. I told Eric I'd buy him whatever he wanted, and I was glad the woman took credit cards, because I ended up spending $260 dollars. That part of the party was a great success. His friends loved it. One girl who had had way too much to drink ended up spending $500 on god knows what. I got a little worried when I heard about this, and was about the talk to the woman, and see if I could just return the toys to her some other time, but Caroline said that girl could easily afford $500 on sex toys. That made me breath easy.

I had decided that I would be the one to get the woman packed up and make sure she was all set to go. Caroline had done all the work getting her there, so I told her to have a fun time. Eric talked her into buying a vibrator and a huge dildo that I didn't think was physically possible to use, though I could picture her putting out on display in her room as some weird decoration. When the woman finally left at about 10:30, I decided to make myself a drink. The problem was I couldn't find any alcohol. I was in the kitchen riffling through Eric and Caroline's liquor cabinet when my man came in, looking for something to drink also. I was busy looking for a bottle of Southern Comfort in a corner cabinet which would have been a good place to hide the liquor from children, because I could hardly reach it. The clinking of glass masked the noise of Eric's entrance into the kitchen. I finally had the bottle of SoCo that I was looking for, when Eric wrapped his arms around my waste starling me. The bottle had slipped out of my fingers, but I just caught it before it hit the marble countertop below.

"Jesus Eric, you scared the shit out of me." I said turning around to face him with the best scolding look I could.

"Sorry babe, I saw you over here, and I couldn't help myself." He murmured kissing my neck. I was about to retort with some witty comment, but before I could open my mouth, he had reached that spot on the side of my neck that turned me to tenderized meat. Eric knew that spot like he knew the back of his hand. After six months of practice, I was putty in his hands. I was hard to think with his kissing and sucking, at that spot. I could just imagine the grin he must have had on his face. I was leaning against the cabinets and the countertop as he pressed me back. Instinctively my hands went around to his back. The soft, tight, cotton, polo shirt he had on, felt amazing under my fingers. My hands slid up higher on his back, as it became harder and harder to think. I was trying not to moan which was probably what he was trying to get me to do. I would have gladly done that and a lot more if I hadn't known that there was a house full of people on the other side of the kitchen door. I clung to Eric tighter as I felt my knees literally starting to give out underneath me. I was about to buckle and finally give into his attempts, when we heard "Whoops" from the direction of the door. I opened my eyes and looked over to see Chris with an embarrassed expression on his face as he was turning around to leave the kitchen. Eric craned his neck to see Chris just as the door was closing behind him and turned back giving me a smile.

"Whoops was right." He stated. I laughed at his comment.

"What was that all about?"

"Just a little thank you for this evening."

"Mmm...I wish all the thank yous in life were like that. Another few seconds there and I would have been pleading for you to take me upstairs and have your way with me."

"We'll get to that later after everyone leaves." He said with a mischievous grin.

"I certainly hope so." I said smiling.

"Well, you want me to make you a whiskey sour."

"Please. We're all out of alcohol out there, and I was looking for something to make myself."

"Don't you worry. The boys've got it covered." He said, getting me a glass, and opening the whiskey.

"There isn't a car involved is there?"

"Well, yes, but only to the extent that they were going out to get the stuff out of the trunk of my car."

"You had me worried there for a minute," I said with a sigh of relief, "I know how you guys can be in an inhibited state." Eric gave me a chuckle.

"Here you go babe." He said with a kiss. "I should get back out to my friends. But you and I have a date in my bed tonight."

"I can't wait stud."

"Maybe we can use some of my new toys." He said with a wink right before he exited through the door. I stood for a minute leaning against the cabinet, just smiling and taking some gulps of my drink. I'm sure the whiskey burned, but I was in a little afterglow, looking forward to the end of the night when I'd have Eric all to myself in a big bed. After ten minutes of alone time in the kitchen, I decided to go see what everyone else was up to.

From my perch at the doorway to the kitchen, I could see Eric laughing with his friends, beer in hand. His crown had been placed back atop his gorgeous head. Caroline was also laughing with some other friends. Meg appeared to be plastered off her ass, also laughing about something with Steve and a couple of the other guys. I hope that he didn't take advantage of her drunken situation, because she certainly wouldn't have put up any type of resistance. I was actually surprised she wasn't on his lap or doing some other type of a tease, because I know she can be one horny bitch.

I couldn't really find anyone to talk to so I decided to go back into the kitchen to my bottle of whiskey. My bottle and I decided to go out and sit on the small set of steps that led from the patio to the back yard. There wasn't a cloud anywhere in the sky, and the light of the almost full moon reflecting off the dusting of snow on the ground created a very bright atmosphere. It was cold out, but the beauty of the landscape drew me to my seat. I got lost staring up at the stars, and the buzz that the whiskey was causing put me in a dazed kind of state. I was awoken from it when I heard the French door from the kitchen open. I looked over, but couldn't really distinguish the figure that approached.

"Hey bud, what are you doing out here all by yourself?" Chris asked sitting down next to me on the steps.

"Hey dude. Oh, I dunno. It's really pretty out."

"Yeah, it is."

"What are you doing out here?" I asked him.

"Well I saw you sitting here, and came to give you some company. Here, I brought you a beer."

"Thanks, but I got my bottle of whiskey here." I said, raising the bottle, which was sitting between my legs on the steps.

"Are you just swigging that out of the bottle?"


"Man, doesn't that shit burn."

"Yeah, it did, but I'm used to it now."

"Man, you'd be the perfect spokesman for alcoholism right now." He said laughing.

"Oh shut up, dude."

"I'm just teasing with you bud."

"I know." We sat in silence for a couple of minutes.

"It really is pretty out here, a little cold, but very pretty."

"I know I do this all the time."


"Yeah, in the summer I go out at three in the morning some times, lie in the grass, and just look up at the stars. In the winter, I'll sit on the steps. I like to go out and think."

"Well why are you out here tonight? Why aren't you inside enjoying the party?" He asked earnestly.

"I dunno. I guess I'm just not in the party sorta mood tonight."

"Aww come on, you make me get all that alcohol and then you tell me you aren't in the party mood?" He said with a grin on his lips.


"Well you could at least tell me what you're thinking about in that head of yours."

"Nothing much, I was in a daze from the alcohol until you came out here."

"Come on dude, what's up. You aren't normally like this."

"No, you're right, I'm normally not."

"Well then what's wrong? You get in a fight with Eric?"

"No, no. I've just been frustrated with my dad."

"How so?"

"Well I felt like things were going so much better between us when I got home from Miami. The month of January was great. I mean, I actually went and visited him in New York one weekend. I never do that. But then, it seems like once February started everything started going down hill. He just stopped returning phone calls, and when I did get a hold of him, I felt like he didn't want to talk to me. He just really pisses me off. I try so hard to get along with him, and he just brushes me aside." I said, the flood gates finally opening.

"I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm just so tired of this charade. I'm tired of putting in all the effort. But if I don't do anything about it, I know it's not gonna get any better." I said crying into Chris' shoulder, as he pulled me into a hug. There was a silent pause for a couple of minutes, until Chris posed a question.

"I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but why do you even care about having a good relationship with your father anymore? From what you tell me about him, he doesn't seem like a guy I would want anything to do with."

"I donno. The best answer I can give to that is that he's my dad. It hasn't always been like this. We were close when I was kid, but when he found out his youngest son was a homo I didn't matter much to him anymore. I guess I just want my old dad back. Plus I see him with my sister or my brother and it hurts even more." I said, finally expressing all the suppressed feelings I'd been having for the past couple of weeks.

I cried hard that night. After about and hour of sitting out there, we decided to go in. I had practically finished the bottle of whiskey, and was pretty tipsy. Chris helped me into the living room, and sat me down on the couch. He got us both another round of drinks, and we laughed the rest of the night away. Eric and I were both too tired and wasted to really get into having sex as we went up to bed around four am.


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