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Changing Tom's Underwear part one (REVISED)

My name's Andy and I'm gay. I thought I'd get that bit out of the way. What else can I tell you about me? I'm 18, 6'1, about ten stone in weight and I've got mousy brown hair and hazel eyes.

I didn't used to be quite so open about my sexuality. I guess it takes a bit of time to get used to the idea and to be able to stand up and say it. Telling you is a fairly big step, considering it took me a month to come out to my university roommate.

We met on the first day of freshers week, our university has a halls of residence and a compatibility test to go with it. The idea was that we'd answer some questions about ourselves and they'd match roommates up.

Each room has two people in it. Although it was fairly small I think we did better than a lot of

other university accommodation. The room is divided into two rooms. The bedroom doubles up as the living/study room and we have our own bathroom. Quite a nice set up. Anyway, it was my first day and I'd said goodbye to my parents who had just dropped me off with my stuff. This was it, the first time I was really free, only responsible to myself. I had a good look round my room, very spartan looking. It needed to be lived in. Posters on the walls and books on the shelves. You've got the idea.

I was busy unpacking my bags when the door opened. You know what the say about first impressions and all that, well my first impression was that the university compatibility test was totally fucked up. My roommate walks in; the first thing I notice about him was his Metalica t-shirt. Oh great I thought, they've put me in with a metal head.

"Hi" he said "I'm Tom, I guess we're room mates. Pleased to meet you."

First impressions? I guess that they were a bit mixed. I couldn't quite get him. Here was this guy who looked like some metal-head biker type, but as soon as he opened his mouth I thought that there must be more to him than that. He spoke with a soft Scottish accent, but I couldn't work it out exactly. There was a definite `posh' element to his voice. `Great' I thought. `They've put me in with a snob who's into heavy metal.'

"Hi, I'm Andy"

I hoped that my voice didn't portray any feeling of disappointment. After all we'd be roommates for the whole year and my first impression of Tom was that the only thing we've got in common was the size of our bodies. We were both fairly skinny; maybe that was the deciding factor that made the computer throw us together.

As it turned out I couldn't been more wrong after a few moments of awkwardness, you know the general get to know you stuff. `Where you from?' `What course are you doing?' `Have you found the student union bar yet?' That sort of stuff. We spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking our worldly goods and general get to know you chit chat.

Tom asked me where I was from and I cautiously told him south London. I know, I guess it was my prejudice and my problem to deal with, but I could tell that he was, well, a bit posh. So I expected him to turn his nose up at the mention of where I came from. I was surprised when he didn't. Most people do. Hell even I do, it's a hole, I hate it. That's why I couldn't wait to get out.

I asked where he was from and he told me the name of a town that he lived near. I looked blankly at him.

"It's a small place in the Borders"

Still blank. My knowledge of Scotland goes as far as knowing that it's somewhere up north and the men wear kilts. Now the first part of that I didn't really care about and the second, well I was more interested to know what they wore or didn't wear underneath those kilts. I guess I'm just stereotyping.

"I'm not surprised that you've not heard of it." He went on. "Most people haven't. Thing is that I've spent more time in England anyway, I went to school in Somerset."

Boarding school I guessed, he looked the type. Except that I always thought that those sort of people wore designer clothes, not nameless tight jeans and heavy metal t-shirts. Well they do say that university broadens your outlook on the world. When I look back I realise how narrow my mind really was.

The main piece of information that I found out was confirmed when we went off to find the union bar. He was straight.

We sat in the bar taking in our surroundings, Tom kept on pointing out various girls that he liked the look of. I made brief but uninterested comments in the hope that the subject would be changed. I was discrete, but I did my own eyeing up in the bar and spotted a few really tasty guys. One of whom kept on turning round in my direction, I was defiantly getting the `come on' from him. I was just about ready to make my move when Tom broke my train of thought.

"We'll have to work out a room rota" he said

"What?" I replied, turning my attention back to him.

"Well, we're going to need a bit of space when we bring back the girls. Wont we? Let's face it these are our shag years and I'm going to make the most of them."

I have no idea why but it was at that point that I noticed that Tom was really good looking. I think that maybe it was the thought of "Our shag years" that put my mind on to it. As I said earlier we are both fairly skinny or lean whatever. He was the same height as me and had shoulder length brown hair, which I really thought didn't suit him. Probably his nicest feature was his eyes, really deep blue. They gave him an innocent look, almost child like. I'm quite sure that the girls would be turned on by that, I know that I was on that first night we were sitting in the bar.


Over the next few weeks we got better aquatinted, in fact we became best of friends. It turned out that we did have a lot in common after all. We had read the same books, liked the same films and television programmes, the only thing that we clashed on was our music tastes. I really can't stand heavy metal. Oh and the other thing we differed on was our choice of underwear. I'm sorry, I notice these things. Actually I notice these things a lot.

I get really turned on by guys in their underwear. I don't know why, I just do. Maybe it has something to do with my first wank being to the men's underwear pages of the Littlewoods catalogue. Who knows?

As I said Tom and I have different tastes in underwear. He wears boxer shorts, mostly plain cotton ones. I find that quite funny as he wears very tight jeans, so when he pulls them up there's always a bit of his shorts at the back that bunches up and hangs over his waistband. Unlike most of the guys of our age I've never really been into shorts, I don't like the feel of them when they're on. I'm more into briefs. The briefer the better. Bikinis and string bikinis I think the Americans call them. Although I see myself as quite skinny I have a fairly okay muscle definition and I think I quite like the way I look in them. I also like thongs, I've been wearing them for a couple of years now and they're probably my favourite type of underwear. I love wearing them and I love seeing guys in them. Don't ask me to explain it, I can't. Just accept it.

Thanks to a couple of mail order firms I discovered, I've got quite a good collection of thongs now. My favourite pair is a red one in some kind of material that gives them a wet look. I can't remember what it's called. Most of the rest are light weight nylon in various different colours. I also have a few designer briefs, although they're not really what I'm into. They all look the same, no matter what name may be in the waistband.

It was about a month or so after our first meet that Tom and I had a discussion about underwear. We were sitting in our room late one night just in our underpants getting stoned on some really good grass I'd scored off one of the medical students in our hall.

"Is it a gay thing? Tom asked. Oh by the way I came out to him about a week before this discussion. He was really cool about it, none of that backs against the wall crap. He just said `No big deal, you're a cool bloke, it doesn't really matter to me who you want to shag'.

"What?" I replied.

"Just curious. Is it a gay thing? You wearing pants that go up your bum?" We both laughed in that stoned way that you do what you're out of it. Seemed to go on forever.

"No" I answered after catching my breath. To be honest I had expected a remark about my thongs long before now, we slept in the same room and undressed together, we both sleep in our underwear, him in his boxers and me in my briefs, sometimes in a thong. I remember the first time, about a week or so after we met, that I got undressed in front of him wearing one.

As we only had the two rooms we got pretty used to seeing each other in various states of undress. And yes, I did take a peek. Of course I did, I'm just a normal red blooded homosexual boy, put me in a room with a naked boy, I'm going to look. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, I can be very discreet. He never caught me checking him out. I have to say that he did have a lovely body. Lean, muscles in the right places. A little hair on his arms, legs, bum and a treasure trail running down from his navel to a neat patch of brown short and curlies. His cock was about five inches soft and circumcised, it rested on a nice set of balls too.

I'd actually forgotten that I was wearing it until it came to the moment of undressing for bed. `Shit', I thought `how am I going to explain this one?' Don't forget that most blokes don't wear thongs. He may have thought it a bit odd to see his new roommate wearing a skimpy thong, or worse found it amusing and told everyone we knew about it. That would be great, three years of university being known as `Thong boy'.

I know he saw me undress and get into bed, but he said nothing. I guess it was just another thing that he didn't care about. From then on I felt much more easy wearing a thong around the room. Not that I flaunted myself around or anything, it was more like just a thing that we did, sit round the room at night in our underwear, relaxing, listening to music and chatting.

The night of our stoned discussion I wasn't even wearing a thong, I was in a white cotton tanga brief. So I didn't quite know why suddenly the subject came up.

"I just thought that it must be a gay thing, a bit of string up your arse" he went on.

"I'm sure that straight guys wear them as well" I replied.

"I haven't noticed any"

"Been looking?" my turn to taunt him

"No, but you can't help noticing blokes in a changing room"

"Is that a straight thing?" I asked "Looking at guys in changing rooms?"

"Fuck off" he replied taking a toke on the spliff and passing it to me.

"I just like wearing the pants that I do because they feel good on and they look good, unlike those passion killer granddad shorts you wear."

"I'll have you know, these shorts are the choice of a generation" he laughed.

"Yeah, well more fool them."


Three months on and our friendship was growing stronger, we seemed to share a kind of synchronicity. We'd be there for each other for the good times and the bad, we'd give each other space when needed and Tom's room rota plan worked well for both of us. If he was going to bring a girl back I'd make myself scarce and so would he if I brought a guy back. The perfect plutonic relationship, we spent most of our free time together and the more time we did the more we wanted to. The only time it seemed that we were apart was when we had classes or when we went off with a sexual partner. Like Tom said these were our shag years and what better place to do it than in university.


I got back from a late lecture to find Tom putting the finishing touches to a look that said he was off for some female company. He looked pretty good, gone were the metal t shirts and ripped denim jackets, my influence seemed to be rubbing off on him. That was all part of our friendship, I taught him how to dress good and in return he taught me the finer rudiments of rock music. Some trade off? One of the only things that he wouldn't get into his head was to loose the shorts. One day after another smoking session we decided to swap underwear for the day. We're the same size 28" waist so I gave him a pair of my cotton bikinis and he gave me one of his boxers. This may seem like odd behaviour for a straight guy like Tom, wearing another guys pants. The thing is I said that Tom was straight, not narrow. As the phrase goes.

In fact the swap was his idea. He thought I'd stop moaning about his shorts if I knew how good they felt on. I replied that he'd break before I did. We spent the whole day in each others pants, I can't pretend that I wasn't turned on by wearing Toms shorts even though they were uncomfortable. I also have to admit that I was turned on by the thought of my cotton briefs encasing his most private of regions (crap euphemism). The next day I got them out of the laundry basket and wore them all day. As far as I'm concerned the experiment failed, I still didn't like boxers and Tom wasn't that convinced that briefs were for him. Said he felt too held in. That said and done every now and then he'd run out of clean boxers and rather than wear a dirty pair (as he used to) he'd borrow from me. He may have had breeding, but sometimes it seemed to me that he didn't have a clue. Isn't it great when you get a heterosexual to think of personal hygiene!

"Who's the hot date tonight?"

"I'm seeing Sophie again"

"Wow, three times in a week, sounds like a full on relationship"

"Fuck off, we've not even done it yet. Tonight's the night though, we're off to see a film then back to her place and who knows" he said with a smile.

"Well at least I wont have to find some place else to sleep tonight"

"Yeah you can invite that bloke over"

"Which bloke?"

"Oh, there've been so many, you know that bloke from the bar"

The bloke in question was someone I met last night, we went back to his place. You know what it's like, you have a few to drink and end up going off with someone and when you wake up the next morning, assuming that you bothered to stay the night, you look round and think `Why?' As it was the only reason I stayed the night was that I passed out.

We were just getting going, we'd taken each others tops off and I was tonguing his nipples. Then he goes into a bit of a freak out. Saying that he's never done anything like this before and that we should stop. So I stopped. I may have been drunk, but I'm not daft. He started sobbing like a baby and I drew him into my arms and said something like it would be alright. After a while he stopped and I said that maybe I should go. He didn't seem to like that idea and begged me to stay, so I did.

At some point after that I must have passed out as the next thing I remembered was waking up to the sensation of having my dick sucked. I looked down and there was this head bobbing up and down on me. I guess he must have resolved his issues during the night and judging by his technique I'd say that it wasn't the first blowjob that he'd given. Maybe I was cruel, but I enjoyed the blowjob and split. I figured that if there was going to be any further fall out I didn't really fancy being around to pick up the pieces.

"Whatever" I replied I think I'll just stay in and catch up on some study"

"Your life. Anyway I should be off, don't want to keep Sophie waiting for the night of her life. How do I look?"

"Looking good mate" I answered.

"Oh hope you don't mind, I borrowed a pair of your pants, all mine are in need of a wash"

"No problem, who knows they may bring you some luck"

"Luck? I don't need luck. She'll be begging for it before the nights done"

"Poor deranged girl" I joked.

"Fuck you" he retorted and as if to exaggerate the point he grabbed his denim covered crotch and pulled it. "Fuck, that hurts. How the hell do you wear these tight pants without doing yourself an injury?"

"What?" I asked

"These" he replied. Undoing the button of his jeans, letting them fall to his knees revealing the underpants that he'd borrowed. It crossed my mind as to what pair he'd borrowed, thinking that it was probably a pair of briefs. I didn't think that he would have borrowed a thong, so I was slightly surprised to see him show off a white nylon thong. The light from the room caught the shine of the material which made his package look bigger than it would if he'd worn his

boxers. He reached his hand round to the back and pulled the string slightly out of his butt. His facial expression animated a fake look of pain.

"Don't worry, you get used to it"

"Well if I get my way tonight I wont be in them long"

He pulled his jeans back up and said for me not to wait up for him. A little in joke between us.

I'd sat at my desk in our room for about an hour, it was true I did need to catch up on a bit of studying. The only thing was that I couldn't seem to take anything in, my mind kept on wondering back to the scene where Tom dropped his trousers. I have to tell you that for a straight boy he had a good body on him. I'd already thought that he'd be my ideal guy if he weren't straight. Like I've said before we've a lot in common, we love each others company and he has the type of physique that I love. Lean without being too bony, he'd been working out a bit as well and was developing a bit of a six pack. I also have to admit that I hoped this wouldn't be the last time I saw him in a thong, man he looked real hot.

I pulled myself out from this thought. Ain't going to happen, no point in dwelling on it. Besides it would only ruin our friendship. Amazing what crap we tell ourselves. Just because I had the hots for my roommate didn't mean I'd have to become obsessed by him. With that thought in mind I went down to the student union bar. Well it was that or I could have stayed in and had a wank. As I walked in I saw the guy from last night, he walked up to me and started to make small talk. `Sorry about all that last night'. He went on that maybe we could get together again sometime soon. Okay so I'm a hypocrite I said to myself that I wouldn't get involved with someone who had `issues' and that we'd not repeat the night before and in a way we didn't. All we did was go off to the bar's toilet and relieved a bit of tension. After I shot my load he shot through saying that he had to be off someplace, can't remember where. Well at least I didn't have to make him breakfast! I went back to the bar and caught up with some guys from the halls. We drank until closing and then all went back to my room to continue.

Most of the guys from the halls knew by now that I was gay, surprisingly no one had a problem with it. I think maybe because in Toms' words `you're a normal kind of guy who just happens to like other guys, you don't mince about in anyone's face'. I guess he's probably right. If the truth be known Tom and I are probably two of the most popular guys in our halls of residence, we've always got people popping in for a drink or a chat. Whenever we're out at the bar there's always someone who we know. People just like us, I don't think sexuality comes into it.

Like I said after leaving the bar we carried on the drinking session back in my room. By midnight things got a bit rowdy, that's students for you. Someone started a beer fight with the main casualty being Toms bed, it got drenched. I made a mental note to hang the mattress out to dry before he got back. I was in no hurry as I didn't think he'd be back before morning.

By about two in the morning the last of the guys left staggering back to their rooms, leaving me to clear up the mess. It's funny how sobering a bit of cleaning can be, there was no way I could have slept with the room in the state that it was in. I don't know, it's just one of my quirks.

By three o'clock I'd stripped down to my undies (coincidentally an identical pair to the ones Tom had borrowed the same night) and was laying in my bed waiting for sleep to descend. It was about half three when I was almost drifting off that I heard a key turn the locked door to our room. I heard Tom move across the floor to his bed, he switched on his lamp and started to take off his shoes. I asked him why he was back so early.

"Shit sorry did I wake you" he asked

"No" I replied with a small yawn " I was just starting to drop off"

"Sophie and I broke up" he volunteered


"Yeah, we went out, had a good time so I thought. I suggested that we went back to her place and she freaked. Went on about me only wanting one thing and all that crap"

"I thought that you did"

"Well yeah, but I quite liked her"

"So what did you do"

"I told her to sort herself out and left. I've been walking round for the last couple of hours, making a huge hole in a bottle of scotch"

He sat down on the bed, just as I remembered that I was supposed to air it. I explained what happened, he was a bit miffed that he'd missed a good night and also that there was a large damp patch on his bed.

"Well it's too late to do anything about it now, I'll just have to share your bed for the night"

Although the idea was appealing I protested that it was only a single bed.

"Stop whinging, anyway it's about time you had a real man in your bed, don't you think?"

He started to undress; I couldn't help wondering if he'd keep the thong he borrowed from me on or sleep in the nude. By the time he got to taking off his jeans I was rock hard, he put his clothes away and headed towards my bed. The bulge in the thong bobbing up and down as he walked. I couldn't take anymore, I turned over and faced away from him. I pretended to be tired and sleepily told him to turn his light off before he got in.

He pulled the duvet up and slid under it, facing away from me, back to back. The smallness of my single bed kept us close with our backsides touching; I felt the warmth of his body but tried to keep my mind off of it. All I tried to think about was getting to sleep. Tom moved about a bit to get more comfortable, I moved to give him some more room, I heard his breathing slow and become deeper.

I must have dropped off not long after that. I awoke maybe an hour later to find that Tom had totally changed position, he'd turned round his arm draped round my chest and I could feel his thong encased dick slowly rubbing against my butt. The sensation of him rubbing against me was heightened by the feel of the nylon of his pouch on my skin. I moved my butt closer towards him, I could now feel that he had an erection. I felt him push slightly harder, at the same time his hand moved down from my chest and rested on my erect cock. For a time he just left it there, maybe he was waiting for a reaction from me. I don't know. I thought that it must be a dream or something. I didn't know whether to make a move so I stayed still pretending to be asleep. I wanted to turn round to see if he was awake and aware of what he was doing but I was worried that I may break the spell.

His hand started to move caressing my dick through the flimsy nylon of my pants at the same time his cock was rubbing harder against my arse. He stopped for a moment as if to work out what to do next. He pulled his hand away from my crotch and rested it on my stomach, he then slowly moved his hand down following the hair from my navel down to the waistband of my pants, for a moment he hesitated then he slipped his hand down inside the thong. He pulled my dick free from its confines and started to slowly wank me off, meanwhile his dick was still rubbing up between my crack.

I took a deep breath when he stepped up the pace, his hand covered in my pre come moving effortlessly up and down my shaft bringing me to the point of orgasm. I let out a sound, a cross between a sigh and a moan and he slowed the pace down, his hand now covered in my juice.

I turned round to face him, our lips touched, we kissed. I moved my hand down his body till I reached his nylon covered dick straining against the material. I rubbed him a few times enough to get some of his pre come on my hand. I moved over slightly allowing him to lay down on his back, as he did that I moved again straddling him. I leaned down and we kissed again, slowly still moving down I kissed his chest, stomach till I got down to his waistline. His dick oozing pre come through the nylon material, I started to lick it like an ice pole. Slowly easing more of the nylon covered package in my mouth.

Tom let out slight moans of pleasure every time he felt my tongue on his package. I brought my hands down to the sides of his pants and eased them down, he lifted his arse slightly so I could pull them right down. His cock bounced free of its confines into my face, I took it in one hand and brought my lips to it. I went down on him once or twice but the sensation must have been too much for him, he blew his full load down my throat. I stayed down there till I had every last drop, his hands on my head caressing my hair. When his dick softened I reached down to his knees where the thong was resting and pulled it back up, covering his cock he pulled his body up slightly so I could pull the back of the thong into place. I rubbed my hand along the back string for good measure. I then rolled off him and replaced my own thong. Laying back we embraced again small tender kisses sending us off to sleep. Damp nylon covered cocks rubbing up against each other.

I woke up late in the morning, I must have slept through Tom getting up and going. I didn't have a tutorial till late afternoon and I knew that Tom had classes all day. I slowly got out of bed and my hangover from the drinking the night before kicked in. That's when the inevitable thought of 'was it a dream?' also kicked in. I went off to the bathroom for a shower. I took my thong off and opened the laundry basket, on top of the pile of clothes was an identical thong to the one that I had in my hand. I picked it up and felt the moistness of Toms cum through the material. I raised the pouch to my face and slowly licked at its cold contents. I much prefer my cum fresh, but this was an exception that I was more than happy to make. I took deep breaths with every lick, smelling Tom's odour. Christmas had come early as far as I was concerned. Okay so call me a perv, I don't care. This wasn't the first time that I had sniffed in a pair of Tom's pants from the laundry basket. I'd done it a few times, mostly after he'd worn a pair of my briefs, as they hold his essence much better than his boxers do. But this was a first; I'd never got hold of a pair with such a lovely flavour to them.

I put it on thinking about how it had only been on his body just hours ago. I pulled the back cord up between my butt cheeks thinking how not long ago it was up caressing Toms butt. I rubbed my nylon covered package till my own juice joined that of Toms. Then I took the thong off and replaced it in the laundry basket.

After my shower I went back to the bedroom and saw a note stuck to Tom's computer screen, it was from him.

I think we need to talk!

See you tonight,



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