Chris & Joe - Intro

My name is Joe. This is the true story of two young men who met in college. It's all about friendship, strong and deep, that turned into an 11-year relationship. Chris is one of two very amazing friends in my life. You will meet Andrew later.

When my life is over, I will have spent it knowing why I was born and why I was allowed to live. There have been some incredible events along the way that wanted to change that, and so they have.

I have nearly lost my life, twice, in madness of drunk drivers. I lost a beautiful part of my life the first time. I still miss him. It has led me to meeting a second man who loves me and whom I love, as deeply as I did my Chris. Andrew knows my history. To see someone stand by me at the worst of times makes me know that love does win out.

I hope you like Chris, nearly as much as I did. I hope you will in turn like Andrew. They are, still are, very special. They are the reason I live.

with the grateful assistance of Andrew
April, 1999