Chris & Joe - Part 2

And suddenly, without much real warning, it happened ...

On December 5th, Chris' birthday, we became even closer. We had gone out to dinner and got home late. In all the talking we'd done for months, we grew to realize we shared an extraordinary amount in our likes and dislikes. We were brothers, but we also grew to love each other deeply, our minds guiding us along until we ended up in each other's arms for the first time. Other than a deep sense of caring, nothing really said 'Tonight is the night'. We didn't burn for each other, but we wanted to be held by the other. He just decided not to get in his own bed that night. I had no reason to refuse him.

I looked into his eyes as he lay beside me on my bed. We were naked and it was 11:30 in the evening. The dorm was relatively quiet. We were both quite hard as he pressed his warm crotch against mine. We took our time. There was no lust, only love and a desire to please each other, to release what had been building up slowly over the past few months.

This was our first time with another guy. Nothing about it felt wrong. We weren't clumsy together. We just knew what it was going to take to make the other happy. His lips were wet and soft as he kissed mine. I was kissing my best friend - kissing a guy. Oh, it was so sweet. Surely I was dreaming. His touch told me that I was not. His touch reassured me that this was okay, that it was right, that he wanted me, and that I wanted him. After several long minutes of soft kissing, his tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth. He shifted from being beside me to lying on top of me. His body was light and firm, melting into me as our lips and tongues worked together. He stopped for a moment, moved his head back, and stared deeply into my eyes. He didn't speak. He watched my face for approval and saw it immediately. He smiled and I lifted my head off my pillow to touch his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his back, pulling he back down on top of me.

He turned me over and then very deftly entered my ass as he continued to kiss me. My ass was virgin, unexplored. By the time he was done with me, I bet he knew more about my insides that I ever would. He didn't hurt me, intentionally or unintentionally. His cock was about seven or seven and a half inches, cut. I was relaxed and did not expect to be entered, so he went in with no difficulty. I tightened my ass around his cock, holding him inside me.

"Jeez Joe, you feel so warm," he said as he slid into me. "I never expected it to feel like this."

"I can feel the heat of your dick matching the heat of my ass. It's like you're meant to be in me. This feels so amazing."

"Yeah, it does. I don't think I ever want to stop."

He pushed in to the hilt. I grabbed his dick with my tight ass-fist as he pulled most of the way out, leaving just the head inside me. The he slid forward, slowly and I pushed my ass up to meet his cock. He managed to fuck me for a good ten minutes, but then he couldn't hold it any longer. He let his load fly, filling my virgin ass with his cream. I had come at the same time, without laying a hand on my dick. My load was rubbed between my sheets as he lay on top of me, letting his softening dick slip out of my ass. I got up long enough to put a towel over the wet spot. We kissed and held each other for another half-hour. We fell asleep a few minutes later, holding each other close.

I woke in the morning before Chris, still holding him. I didn't want to let go. I also hoped that when he woke he wouldn't pull away. I kissed him gently on his neck. He woke a little while later and saw me staring into his eyes. He smiled, kissed me deeply, and let his hand roam over my body.

"Wanna run this morning?" he asked.

"Nope. I wanna make love to you."

He wasn't disappointed that we stayed in. He lay on his stomach and told me that I could do whatever I wanted to his ass. I started by kissing his cheeks and messaging them. His ass was firm and tight. I spread his cheeks and licked along the crack, down to his asshole. He put his hands on his cheeks and spread them wider as I ate him out, letting my tongue make his hole nice and wet. After a few minutes I lay on top of him and then pushed my seven-inch cock into his asshole. It sucked me in and swallowed me whole.

"Jeez, Chris, no wonder you didn't want to stop last night. You ate my whole cock in one gulp."

He smiled and told me to give it to him slow, like he had done to me. I got up on the balls of my feet and eased out, slowly, almost the full length, and then pushed back in. He pushed up with his ass to meet my thrusts. The sex was effortless and hot. He moaned softly as I fucked him, sucking my cock with his ass, drawing my juice out of my balls. In fifteen minutes time I was shooting the biggest load of my life to date. (You've heard "This is not your father's Oldsmobile"? Well, this was not your high school buddy jacking off with you either). I pushed my cock to the hilt as I spurt one after another, filling his insides. The cum lubed my cock and I still felt so hot and hard that I just kept fucking him. I turned him over on his back without taking my dick out of his ass, and fucked him for another ten minutes before an impossible load found its way to my cock head and into his already cum-moist hole.

We dozed off again, me on top of him, his arm around my back and his other holding my ass. When we woke again, we headed for the showers and out to the student union for breakfast. He had to work in the library in the afternoon and I had to work at the restaurant at 5:30. I went to the library in the meantime and sat so that I could watch him at the front counter. He knew I was there and it turned him on to be watched.

I got home at 12:30 a.m. He was in bed, sleeping. Thankfully he was not a light sleeper. A small night light in the corner let me see to undress without turning on a light. Normally I would sit and do homework until about 3:00 a.m. but I decided to let it wait until later in the day. I slipped quietly into bed behind Chris, holding him close to my body, spoons-style, my right hand settling onto his flaccid cock and low-hanging balls. I kissed him lightly on his neck and fell asleep moments later.

We awoke each morning after spending each evening in each other's arms. He woke me with a kiss or I woke him with a kiss. I licked his body, starting at his Adam's Apple, down to his chest and nipples, to his flat stomach and navel, down to his balls and then back up to his semi-flaccid cock. I opened my mouth and swallowed as much of it as I could. The taste and texture of his boy-cock was incredible. He wasn't too thick, giving me a nice mouthful to suck on. I felt his hand on my head, encouraging me gently to make love to his meat, to bring him the pleasure that we knew. He unloaded in my mouth as I swallowed him whole and wagged my tongue at the base of his cock. I swallowed his cream, feeling it slide into my throat as he thrust his hips against my eager mouth. In the afternoon, he would return the favor. More often than not, we lay in a 69, mimicking each other's actions, sucking up each other's hot loads.

We warmed up and then went for our run. Between morning and afternoon classes, we lay on either his bed or mine, holding each other while we read assignments.

"I love you Joe," he said to me on December 7th.

"I love you, too, Chris. You're in my heart even when we're separated during the day."

"And you in mine, Joe. I'm glad that we are friends. I can't ever imagine it not being this way, can you?"

"No. I'd dread us ever being separated, for any reason. I want you in my life always." We sealed our promise with a kiss.

We did manage to study, and we even got through finals that semester. It was hard though, because our attention was on each other, not necessarily on Economics homework. Sometimes we would have to go sit in the lounge at the end of the hall and study so we could actually get something done.

Christmas break came sooner than we knew. We went home for Christmas holiday to our respective hometowns, for two weeks. We talked to each other on the phone every other night, still never short on conversation. I worked at my chores all day, but Chris was on my mind every minute. At bedtime I jacked off, shooting my load while thinking about him. I licked off my fingers, imagining the taste of his cum in my mouth.

January rolled around and we returned to school. We arrived within mere minutes of each other, meeting up in the parking lot and thinking it funny. We were constantly amazed at the things we had in common, our timing, and our nearly identical natures. We thought that the saying went "opposites attract" but you couldn't prove it by us. We considered that maybe we were really brothers, separated at birth. We discussed incest and it turned us on. As if we needed a reason to be naked in bed, holding each other close.

The school ritual was fairly routine. We ran each morning at 6:30, showered, kissed, and went to 8:00 classes. He worked five days a week from 10:00 to 1:00 and 3:00 to 5:00. I worked at a local gas station from 10:00 to 2:00, five days a week and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 4:00. He had a 2:00 class and I had 3:00 class. I tutored from 4:30 to 5:00 five days a week. I came back to the dorm, changed for work, and kissed him until the last possible moment. I worked in a local moderately upscale restaurant across town, from 6:00 until midnight, six nights a week. We also squeezed in basketball practice and played soccer. Our friends, especially those friends whose parents were paying their way, thought we were insane. Our attitude was that life is not to be wasted. Enjoy it with every breath.

Fitting in study time was hard, but we were both B-students, occasionally rewarded with an "A" when the class was especially interesting. On the weekends when we weren't working, we had sex. We'd quickly taken to sucking each other off in a 69, either on our beds or on the floor. Seems we couldn't get enough of the other's cock. I swallowed his load as he swallowed mine, and we still wanted more.

On one rainy Saturday morning we went for a run, as usual. The rain did not slow us down. Today it was warm and the water felt good. We did not run with the intention of running the whole length of our course. We ran until we found a secluded place in the woods. It took moments to get out of our close and for him to enter me as I lay on my back in the wet grass. He did not hurry. I let him have me any way he wanted. He wanted me nice and slow, the same as the first time we ever made love. It took 15 minutes for him to moan and unload into my tight ass. Then he bent between my legs and licked his cum from my pucker, teasing me and sending tingling sensations up my spine.

I lay down between his legs and entered him, once again smoothly and in one rain-lubricated stroke. He swallowed me whole and held on, pulling his ass tightly around my dick as I withdrew slowly and then pushed back in. It seemed like I was harder each time we fucked. I kissed him and I entered his tight hole, sliding in and out the full length, up to my head. On the downward thrust I finally shot a thick load in his ass. He pushed his ass up against my balls and I bucked as I unloaded. When we were done, we lay and kissed each other quietly for long minutes, feeling each other's soft lips and wet tongues in our mouths. We could have lay here all day, but we finally got up and ran the distance back to our dorm to shower and get ready for work.

In March, the ritual changed. Chris became ill and within a week we found out that he had Hodgkin's Disease. He was scared silly. Neither of us were afraid of dying; we were afraid of dying prematurely, before our time was really spent. He got onto a routine of chemo and radiation, but it devastated his system. He had no desire to leave school, especially since classes ended in six weeks. We did whatever it took to keep him current, even on the days when he could not go to classes.

Our friends were surprised that Chris had such stubborn determination. They helped all they could, but it was hard for them to feel like they were doing anything positive. The treatments would knock him out of circulation for days. I continued to sleep with him, holding him tight, trying to make it through with him. I let him know, by doing so, that he wasn't alone, for any reason. I was scared of him dying in my arms, but if that is the way it happened, then so be it. I held on to him, as determined as he that he make it.

Some nights I held his head in the bathroom, putting a cold wet washcloth to his face as he puked endlessly into the toilet. Then I'd walk him back to our room, get him undressed and into bed, and hold him.

He was amazed at my dedication to him. I told him how I felt, from my heart.

"Never, ever be afraid that this will change us. I love you because you're you, not because of anything else. I'm not afraid of your cancer. And I'll hold you like I've done for months. Okay?"


He cried. I let him, either wiping away or kissing away the anxiety and the fear that he had. His attitude eventually improved and he became a little stronger. He seemed to thrive on my love. The drugs were helping, of course, but they weren't going to help him alone. I wasn't smug enough to think I would be enough alone either, so I worked in combination with his treatment routine.

He managed to make it through finals okay and then I helped him get home to the Berkshires. I spent two days with him and his family and then went home for the summer to my family. Chris and I talked every other day. By July the cancer was gone. I worked in the fields on my dad's farm. He'd worked in a hardware store, even when he was going through maintenance chemo. His family cared for him deeply and his friends kept him occupied so his mind wasn't spent worrying.

We returned to school in late August, rooming together on campus again in a newer dorm. We picked up where we left off. I fucked him with great joy and passion. He fucked me equally. His load was as sweet as ever in my mouth and up my ass. The ritual of the past school year was repeated, nearly hour for hour, so the time we had together, alone, was welcomed and fulfilling. Every day was important.

In early November the cancer appeared again. He knew a little more this time around, so the treatments didn't bother him so much. I was with him daily to take him to and from the local hospital. Our friends were not quite so antsy this time about how to treat him. Some suspected that Chris and I were in love. We neither confirmed nor denied their notions.

Thanksgiving was again spent at his house. His folks treated me so well and I honestly cared for them the way I did my own parents. They marveled at my ability to talk to Chris and to stand by him, even when some of the other friends at school were shy of him. Chris would have done the same for me if necessary, so it was a no-brainer.

We returned to school in time to get ready for finals. Christmas vacation was two weeks spent apart, but also spent in calling each other every other day. Chris had been close to remission again and knew that he was at least a bit ahead of the cancer.

"You make me fulfilled in our friendship, not just in the sex. I sometimes look at you in amazement of how strong you are. How come you've never even flinched at my disease?"

"Because you are a friend and I've never taken that word lightly. A friendship is a deep commitment to the spirit. Nothing should ever be so bad that you couldn't depend on me to be right at your side. I'll be here anytime, at any hour, for any reason as long as we live."

He held me. There was no kissing this time. He just wanted to be held and to suck up my strength. I held his hand, kissed it, and was very content to let him take from me.

By the end of January, the cancer had once again vacated his system. Time was a blur or ritual and routine.

To be continued ...