Hi folks,

Our E-mail is overflowing with comments (all terribly ego-feeding), questions, tears, praise, and a little confusion. Several folks have said they are a little lost on the timeline. I (Andrew) take responsibility for that if I've not made it clear. Below are two timelines, one for Chris & Joe and one for Joe and me. I hope this helps you out. I know the "Christopher" story and the "My Buddy Andrew" story doesn't help because Joe was so new at writing. He says he worried about all the wrong things. He compressed a lot of stuff or made assumptions that he later decided wouldn't be taken correctly. That's one reason he wanted to re-write and add the detail. Being new to the Nifty Archive, he was scared of writing long documents that no one would want to read. Now we know better (though I'm still trying boldly to overcome my fear of writing in general).

If you pay more attention to the "Chris and Joe" series and then to the "My Buddy Andrew" series, the timeline will make more sense. I apologize for missed typos or goofy stuff that make you sit and scratch your head. I work 90% of the time on a laptop, which is way harder than sitting at our desktop PC with a 17" monitor where everything stares you in the face and demands immediate correction. Maybe it's time for me to learn to edit better or to sleep more and stop editing at 4:00 a.m.

Chris and Joe Timeline

August 1974 - Chris and Joe meet in college
July 1977 - Week on the farm, Chris' visit to Joe's folk's house
August 1977 - Week at Chris' in the Berkeshires
May 1978 - College graduation
July 1978 - Chris and Joe move to Boston
<< daily contented life >>
December 1985 - The Accident
July 1986 - Joe emerges from the coma
November 1986 - Joe knows Chris is gone
March 1987 - Physical Therapy begins for Joe
February 1988 - Joe released from the hospital
March 1988 to March 1989 - Joe home in NH
March 1989 - Joe returns to Boston
April 1989 - Joe moves to Philadelphia

Andrew and Joe Timeline

May 1990 - Joe meets Andrew in Boston (Andrew from Philadelphia originally)
September 1990 - Joe returns to Philadelphia
November 1990 - Joe diagnosed with bone cancer
April 1991 - Joe returns to Boston
September 1991 - Joe and Andrew move back to Philadelphia
<< Another gap - daily life >>
March 1998 - Accident #2