This story will describe the life of Christopher Jonathan Hammer as he enters college at the age of 19. It will include flashbacks to key times in his life where fate would create significant emotional events. The story will describe the events during pledgeship to the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity at California State University. All events, locations, and characters are fictitious. There are some references to famous athletes and movie stars, but in no way does this story claim any real connection to these people. The famous people are not used in any sexual situations in this story.

Note from the author: If you are looking for continual descriptions of explicit sex between males, or any sex between men and boys, you are in the wrong story. This story will take a while to develop the characters, so if all you want is moaning and groaning and vivid descriptions of mind-blowing orgasms, go look elsewhere!!!!!!!!


CJ Chapter 1

"Are you ready son?" B asked.

"No" CJ replied. This was the day he had dreamed about for the past 4 years, but now he was scared. He was leaving the duplex that he had shared with his guardian, Saul Bernstein, and was headed for college at California State University. It was June and the summer term was starting. He had decided to get an early start on his college life and take a couple classes before football practices started. Actually the football practices had started in the spring, but as a freshman, C. J. Hammer was not allowed to participate until August. By taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes in high school, he would be a sophomore after the fall term. His full name was Christopher Jonathan Hammer. He had been an orphan, and his name was the only thing he had been given by his mother. The first 12 years of his life had been a disaster, and now he was headed to college as the most sought after high school basketball player in history. Chris was never one to brag or even tell others of his athletic accomplishments. In fact, much of his background had been kept secret from his friends for a variety of reasons. Now he was headed for CSU, where he had a bunch of friends waiting for him at the Delta Delta Delta fraternity. He was also preparing for the beginning of football practice, but his major interest was basketball. He also was a star pitcher in baseball, but had decided that trying to play three different sports in college would be very difficult. During his senior year in high school, the gifted athlete achieved the status of All-American in all three sports. In fact, the college had encouraged him to select only one sport to compete in, but Chris loved both football and basketball. He had refused athletic and academic scholarships, even though he scored in the top 1% on all academic tests, as he could handle college costs without assistance. He also had some plans for the CSU basketball coach where being a scholarship athlete could cause problems. Chris smiled when he thought about his plans for Marcus Knight. His guardian interrupted his thoughts.

"You said you wanted to get to the dorm on Saturday" B reminded him.

"I know, B, but I don't want to leave you. This will be the first time in 7 years that we will be apart. I haven't even left here, and already I am ready to cry" Chris said. "I don't want to leave you and Alex. You might be happy to have some freedom, but Alex can't understand being away from me. He has been sleeping with me for the past two years, and he will be devastated when I leave. His face was filled with emotion as he looked at his guardian and choked back the tears. At six feet ten inches and 325 pounds, Chris was no baby, but he was a boy inside a man's body today. He was shaking with emotion as he unsuccessfully tried to hold back the tears.

"We've been apart before when you spent summers in Japan or Europe, and when you competed for the Olympics" B said. "You know that Jason and I will make sure that Alex gets a lot of love and attention."

"That was different" Chris replied, "I wasn't moving out to go for four or five years. I don't think I can do this! What if Alex goes ballistic and kills someone?"

Saul Bernstein hugged his boy and reflected back on how they had become friends and then bonded together in a formal custodial relationship. It was a long hug as the man held onto the huge body of a 19 year old that could break him in half without working up a sweat. He still loved the sound of the boy's deep baritone voice that would make any television announcer jealous. He let his mind drift back to how they had met, as he held the massive frame of his young charge and let the boy let loose of his tears.

7 Years Prior, Age 12 for Chris

Saul Bernstein was a widower. His wife of 10 years had developed brain cancer that was not responding to treatment in California. When the doctors started testing newly developed drugs on Eloise, Saul knew that the end was near for his beloved wife. The doctors were using his wife as a guinea pig, and he knew that they were giving up on her and trying the drugs for future patients. He lost faith in the doctors, and headed for Dallas, Texas where a doctor was treating cancer patients with liquids made from human urine and other natural ingredients. The procedure was effective in curing some patients who had been diagnosed as "terminal" by the medical profession. Because the substances used by Dr. Stanislaus Berzinski were not chemicals, the FDA and other federal and state agencies could not regulate his treatments. The agencies and the drug companies tried to discredit Berzinski and his treatment methods. There was a lot of money to be made by developing new cancer treatment drugs, and the renegade doctor was making the major pharmaceutical companies look bad. Many patients with inoperable brain tumors were now leading normal lives after being cured by the unconventional treatments.

Eloise was not as fortunate. At first she had responded to the treatments, and her brain tumor had decreased in size. Saul and Eloise were thrilled when she regained some of her motor functions and was able to walk and talk normally for the first time in the 2 years of treatment in California. They walked in parks and watched children playing, wishing that they had been able to have children of their own. Their attempts at becoming parents were doomed, as Saul had an extremely low sperm count, and Eloise was infertile. They were on a long list of people waiting to adopt a child when Eloise was diagnosed with brain cancer. The tumor was fibrous and in a portion of the brain that made it impossible for surgical removal. For a brief period of time, Eloise was in remission, and then the tumor began spreading rapidly. She did not respond to the increased treatments, and died after six months in Dallas.

Saul and Eloise had moved from California to Dallas to be near the Berzinski Clinic. They lived in a condominium complex that had been built by the clinic for patients and their families. It was there that they met Sam Gardner and his wife Katy. Katy was also in treatment for a brain tumor, and the couples became friends as they shared a unique life challenge. Sam was an attorney who had left a very lucrative practice in the same part of Freemont California where Saul and Eloise had lived. Their two teenaged children, Jessica and Jason had remained in California with the grandparents. Saul was an investment counselor and continued his business by phone, even though he was no longer close to his clients in California. He was also very active in the national office of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, where he held the office of Vice-President in charge of the Western Division. Saul and Eloise were Jewish, and their faith was what gave them hope that Eloise would be cured. When she died, Saul felt that his faith was shattered, and he drifted away from the synagogues and Jewish faith.

Katy had been more fortunate, as her tumor stopped growing and then became dormant. Her treatments continued, and the tumor began to shrink. After 18 months of treatment, the tumor had vanished. Sam and Katy had been the main support for Saul during his terrible loss. He had remained in the Dallas condo until Eloise had died, and then he bought both parts of a duplex home in the Dallas area. He rented out one half of the duplex, and lived in the other, spending a great deal of time with Sam and Katy during her treatment. Sam's attorney certification had been approved in Texas, and he began taking small cases to supplement his income. He still had investments from his prior work in California, but needed other revenue to avoid draining his stock holdings to pay for the expensive cancer treatment for his wife and their living expenses away from their children. Saul had taken over control of Sam's investment portfolio, and had proven his expertise in steady growth of Sam's wealth.

It was a fateful day when Sam asked Saul to go with him to the St. Mary's Orphanage in Dallas. A couple from Denver, Colorado had hired Sam in an attempt to find a boy that they believed was their long lost relative. The boy was Marco Andrews, and his mother had left Denver many years ago. Judy Andrews was a high school junior when she got pregnant, and her parents threw her out of the home when she told them of her condition. She refused to identify the father of the child, and moved into a home for unwed mothers. During the time of her pregnancy, her parents died in a car crash. They were a very poor family and left no inheritance for their only child. When Marco was born premature, Judy was in Dallas to visit a friend she had met in the unwed mothers' home. Judy delivered, and decided to stay in Dallas. Marco was six when Judy died of an overdose of cocaine. With no known relatives, the boy was sent to the St. Mary's Orphanage for Boys in Dallas. Marco was already past the desirable age for adoption, and he began his life of loneliness at St. Mary's.

Sam had told Saul about the boy who was now 13 years old. Tom Jacobs had been doing a family genealogy search, and had found out that he had distant cousins in Denver with the last name of Andrews. When he continued his search, he found out about Marco and the deaths of the Andrews family, and had decided to try and find the boy. Tom's search had hit a lot of roadblocks, as many legal documents were sealed and unavailable to ordinary citizens. He and his wife were childless, and wondered if the distant cousin's boy was being taken care of. They had been approved for adoption, but the list was long, and the desirable children were few. Tom then decided to hire an attorney, and the Dallas Legal Services had given him the name of Sam Gardner, a recent addition to the long list of starving attorneys in the Dallas area. Sam was a shrewd attorney, and knew how the many state agencies prevented access to important documents. His investigation had been rewarded, when he finally obtained a copy of Marco Andrews' birth certificate and tracked the boy to the orphanage. Sam still had to prove that the boy was the long lost relative, and had asked Saul to accompany him to the orphanage.

It was a hot summer day when Sam and Saul signed in at the office of St. Mary's Orphanage, and began searching the archives. Sam was very thorough, and asked to interview the boy. When the secretary refused, Sam used his legal training to threaten the woman, and she caved in. She told the two men to go to the playground and ask for Sister Margaret, the Sister Superior that was in charge of the activities for the boys ranging in age from babies to 18 years old. Sam and Saul met the nun and immediately didn't like her, as they witnessed her verbal and physical abuse of the boys. Sr. Margaret was ugly, and she seemed to take a great deal of pleasure by yelling at the boys who were playing. They had witnessed her slapping two boys and hitting another with her cane.

"I can't believe what I just saw" Sam said to Saul. "She smacked that kid for chasing after a ball. All boys want to run and play, and he didn't do anything but act like a healthy boy who wants to have fun."

Saul agreed, and was revolted at the conditions at the orphanage. The boys were all dressed in white T-shirts and gray shorts, but all of the clothes were stained and full of holes. The tennis shoes the boys were wearing were worn out and looked way too small for each boy. The buildings of the orphanage were old and obviously in very bad shape. The entire area was so depressing that Saul wanted to leave and never come back. He and Eloise had always wanted a child of their own, and dreamed of adopting a child when they could not have their own. Here was a fenced in area filled with orphans who probably wanted nothing more out of life than to be with someone who would love them, but they had a nun who was in charge that was obviously a bitch.

"I can't stand to see this" Saul said.

"It makes me sick too" Sam said. "Let's see if we can locate our boy and then see if Tom Jacobs and his wife will take one kid out of this shithole."

Sam introduced himself to Sr. Margaret, and also introduced Saul.

"Bernstein sounds like a Jewish name" Sr. Margaret spit out. "Catholics are the only ones who will inherit the kingdom of heaven!!"

Saul felt his anger burn inside his body as he looked at the nasty sneer on Sr. Margaret's face. She was a fat ugly bitch as far as he was concerned, and he immediately wanted to punch her in the face.

"Jesus Christ was a Jew" Saul stated. "He was a Jew and proved to the world that prejudice is a sin. I was a Jew by birth and marriage, but now I am an Episcopalian. I know you CATHOLICS don't approve of any religion other than your own, but you should follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and love your neighbor as yourself!!"

Sam tried to hold back his laughter as he watched Sr. Margaret turn beet red in anger. Saul had hit her with both barrels of his shotgun, and the nasty bitch was livid.

"Both of you heathens leave this sacred ground immediately!!" she ordered.

"I have legal status to talk to a boy named Marco Andrews" Sam said. "I want to interview the boy right now, but if you prevent that, I will file charges against you."

Sr. Margaret seethed with rage, as she thought about her options. Her thoughts were interrupted when the priest, Father Joseph McMartin walked up. The priest introduced himself to the two visitors and asked how he could help them. It was obvious to Sam and Saul that Father Joe was in charge, as he dismissed Sr. Margaret.

"I'm here as the legal representative of Thomas Jacobs of Denver, Colorado" Sam said. "Father McMartin, Mr. Jacobs might be the distant cousin of one of your boys. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs are childless, and if we can do some investigating, there is a remote possibility that they might give the boy a home."

"That is the most wonderful thing that could happen to any of the boys living here," Fr. McMartin said. "Please call me Father Joe like the boys do here. Who are you here to see?"

Sam told Fr. Joe the name of Marco Andrews, and watched as the priest scanned the sea of faces and bodies running around on the dirt and gravel playground. There had to be at least 400 boys of all ages running around the playground or sitting in the shade of two large maple trees.

"There he is with his best friend Christopher" Fr. Joe said. "Marco likes to be called Marc, and he and Christopher are inseparable, but they have very different personalities. Marc is very quiet, but Chris is a real challenge for any type of authority, especially the nuns around here. I have only been here for two months, but Chris seems to get Marc in a lot of trouble defying the authority of the sisters."

Saul was impressed that the priest had only been at the orphanage for two months, and yet seemed to know every boy.

"From what we observed of Sr. Margaret's authority, I would be defiant too," Saul said. Fr. Joe just smiled and turned to again locate Marc.

When Fr. Joe called out for Marc, the boy ran up and gave the priest a big hug. Then Saul noticed that another boy had tagged along when Fr. Joe had called Marc. The boy was much taller than Marc and looked completely different. Marc had long brown hair and brown eyes, but the other boy had long golden blonde hair and the most startling green eyes that Saul had ever seen. Both boys seemed very pale for living in Texas during the summer, but the second boy had an olive tone to his skin, while Mark was a pasty white. Both boys were exceptionally cute and seemed very happy to see the priest on the playground. There was something about the face of the second boy that gave Saul a shot of adrenaline. There was a feeling that destiny had brought him to this forlorn spot in Texas to meet this boy. He did not know how accurate his feelings would be.

Fr. Joe introduced the men to both boys, who showed their manners by shaking hands with the men. When Saul shook the hand of the blonde haired boy, he felt an electric impulse hit his body. The boy's face lit up and displayed two deep dimples that framed his beautiful face that blushed with the exuberance of youth. His wide smile revealed a perfect set of snow-white teeth.

"Saul Bernstein is a big name," Chris said. "Can I call you Mister B?"

"Mind your manners, Christopher," Fr. Joe chided. "These men are guests here, and you must show respect."

"Sorry father," Chris apologized, hanging his head in shame. "I felt like I knew him when I shook his hand, and wanted to be his friend."

Saul choked back tears as he looked at the forlorn face that was turned to the ground. This boy was an angel, and was only being a boy by making friends with him. The deep baritone voice was extremely unusual for a boy who looked like he was only a teen.

"Father Joe," Saul began, "I know that Sam needs to talk to Marc alone, and I was wondering if this youngster would be available to show me around and talk to me. I really like the name 'Mr. B', and if you don't mind, I'd like Christopher to call me that."

Fr. Joe smiled and realized that Saul was a gentle and caring person, and agreed that Chris could call Saul "Mr. B" but also warned the boy not to call the man any of the other names he used for people in authority. Saul watched the boy's face light up and saw the crooked smile of a devious young mind.

Chris held the man's hand as he led his new friend around the grounds of the orphanage. Chris pointed out the different buildings and introduced Saul to the many boys that ran around the grounds. Saul was so impressed by the boy that he could not even say a word. Each word flowed out of the boy's mouth in a Texas drawl, and Saul was captivated by the depth and mellow sound of a voice that belonged on a grown man.

"I guess I am pissing you off," Chris said. "I don't want to bore you, so maybe you want to go back to your friend and Marc. I'm sorry for being a shithead."

Saul was shocked. He was really enjoying the tour with the young boy, but realized that his reactions were not giving the boy any feedback about how much he was enjoying the company of the handsome young boy. His mind flashed back to his deceased wife and how much she would have loved the time with the cute young boy with the incredibly green eyes. There was no way Saul could describe the depth of those beautiful green eyes. The boy's eyes sparkled with an intensity that defied any description. Saul took a deep breath and tried to understand what was going though his body. This young boy was the most incredible person he had ever met. Something about the boy seemed to be drawing him into a vortex of feelings that Saul had never felt before. It was not lust; it was a pure feeling of love. Saul had braced himself against ever feeling love again after losing his wife, but fate had brought him to be in this place and to meet this handsome boy, and now Saul was shocked.

"You're not a shithead" Saul said, "I am the shithead for not realizing how nice you are being to me."

Chris giggled and said, "You are the first adult who has used the word 'shithead' to me. Maybe you and I can be buds."

Saul laughed out loud and said, "I think we are already buds. Now maybe we can be good friends too."

Chris smiled and grasped the man's hand even harder as he led his new friend around the grounds of the orphanage. Chris was in heaven as he described each building and area of the orphanage that had been his home for the entirety of his life. This man was so different from the visitors to the home that only wanted to see the babies and very young boys.

Saul Bernstein's life was devoid of any sexual activity. He had loved Eloise with all his heart, and had resigned himself to the thought that he would never find anyone to love like he had his wife. He had refused offers to meet other women from his many friends and business associates, and focused his life on serving the fraternity that he had joined during his college years. He was 45 years old and was not ready to start another relationship. His only sex had been his right hand since the death of his wife.

The young boy seemed excited about showing him around the grounds of the school, and didn't seem to mind the drab exteriors of the buildings. Saul wondered how long the boy had been in the orphanage, and what circumstances had placed him there.

"Chris" Saul began, "how long have you been here?"

"Since I was born" was the reply.

Saul could see that the boy's bright face had faded when he answered the question. It was obvious that the boy was not happy that he had been in the shithole for his entire life.

"I'm sorry for asking that," Saul apologized.

"It's okay" Chris replied, "I was not adoptable when I was a baby."

"Why?" Saul braced himself for the answer and wondered if he was prying too deeply into the boy's life.

"Let's sit on the bench and I will tell you" Chris said. He was still holding the man's hand as he led him to the bench under a maple tree.

"Sister Margaret has been here a long time and she doesn't like me. She said that my mom was a street whore who had me and left me at the hospital. She said my mother was an addict and when I was born I was addicted to cocaine and heroin. She calls me the 'devil spawn boy' and always tells me that I am worthless. When I was a baby, no one wanted to adopt a boy who was an addict. She said I got brain damage from the drugs and that I should have died instead of being a burden to society."

Saul choked when he heard what the nasty bitch had said about this young boy. Chris could not be held responsible for the actions of his mother, and the nun had been brainwashing the boy for years that he was worthless. Tears started forming in Saul's eyes as he let the words of the young boy sink in. He knew that babies born to addicted mothers had severe emotional problems and were not considered for adoption by many placement agencies, but this boy seemed to accept what life had dealt him and was surviving under terrible conditions.

"I guess I was a rotten kid when I was young," Chris continued. "I was in a couple of foster homes and had one family that wanted to see if I would fit in with their family. They had a boy who was a year older than me and he wanted to boss me around and bully me. I beat the shit out of him and they sent me back here. I learned to cuss real early, and I have a nasty mouth. That keeps other guys from messing with me. I get teased a lot, and when someone teases me, I just smack him in the mouth. I don't mind teasing if it is in fun, but some of the names the guys here call me really hurt."

Saul was having trouble holding back his tears as he listened to what life in an orphanage was like. He listened as Chris told about beatings he got from the other boys and from the nuns. It seemed like the boy's life had been filled with violence, hatred, and ridicule. The tears were now flowing down his cheeks as he looked away from the boy to wipe them off.

"Hey, Mr. B," Chris said, "it's okay. I have learned to survive and I even have some fun by teasing the nuns. Sister Margaret thinks she is punishing me by making me work in the kitchen. That's a joke, because the cook is a really neat guy and he always gives me a lot of extra food to eat. I am always hungry. His name is John, and he hates Sister Margaret too. She tries to get him to feed us guys some dog shit food, but John does the shopping and buys good stuff. Sister Margaret wanted him to feed us boys rotten shit and only cook good food for her and the cunts."

Saul was shocked at the nasty language of the young boy with the face of an angel, but realized that life had hardened the boy so he could survive.

"Sorry about my language," Chris apologized. "I know I have a filthy mouth, but you should hear the nuns when they cuss at us boys. They are careful around Father Joe, but around us boys they treat us like dirt. That is why I get in detention a lot. John teases me about wanting to be in detention so I can be around him. He is super nice to me, and he says I am the best helper in the kitchen that he has ever had. He is teaching me how to cook, and I like it."

"I'm glad you have someone around like John to talk to," Saul said as he tried to compose himself. "What do you do in the kitchen when you work there?"

It was a break in the tension as Chris told about washing pots and pans, peeling potatoes and other vegetables, and helping John make soups and stews for the multitude of boys. Even when Chris wasn't in detention, he would sneak into the kitchen to help John cook. That is the way Chris had learned how to cook many different specialty dishes for the nuns. Sister Margaret insisted that the nuns get complete meals of meat, salad and vegetables, along with a variety of desserts. Chris had learned how to prepare all of those dishes by watching and helping John.

"Today was my first day outside in a long time," Chris continued. "I was in DT (detention) for the last week for calling Sister Margaret a fat fucking cunt. She was walking in the playground and tripped, and she took her cane and hit Marc. He didn't trip the bitch. She just can't walk. She was pissed and decided to cream whoever was closest, and Marc didn't see it coming. She beat the fuck out of me and then put me in DT after I called her that. John laughed when he heard what I called her and said she deserved it."

Again Saul was shocked at the filthy language of the cute young boy.

"Maybe you should clean up your language so you don't get in so much trouble," Saul offered. "I don't really like Sister Margaret myself, but I wouldn't call her that name. I'm sure that Father Joe wouldn't like to hear you cuss at the nuns either."

"I know you are right," Chris replied. "I guess I learned how to cuss from the older boys when I was young, and it is hard to stop. I bet you are mad at me for talking like that."

Saul watched as the boy's face drained of color and dropped toward the ground. He tried to imagine how he would have acted if he was a young boy raised by a bunch of nasty nuns, and decided that he might have talked just like Chris himself. The boy was still young in Saul's mind, and hearing Chris talk about the times when he was young shocked him.

"How old are you?" Saul asked, trying to change the subject.

"Almost 12" Chris replied.

Saul was amazed, as the boy was very tall for his age, and also noticed that the boy had very large hands and feet. Saul smiled as he thought of the saying "you know how big a dog will be when you look at the size of the puppy's feet".

"What do you like to do?" Saul asked. The more he talked to the boy, the more the candor and honesty captivated him. Every time Chris looked at him, the emerald green eyes lit up and sparkled. The boy had the most beautiful eyes that he had ever seen. It was like the boy was looking into his very soul when they made eye contact.

"I like all sports" Chris replied. "I think I am good at them too. I love martial arts, and John gave me a book of exercises to practice. I had to hide it from the other guys, but Sister Margaret found it and threw in it the incinerator. She said the book was written by the devil and demanded to know where I got it. I didn't tell her, but she beat the shit out of me with her cane. About a year ago we were on some charity fundraising party where they wanted to see some of us boys. That was the only time I can remember that I got new clothes and shoes to wear. I saw part of a movie in this big fancy house, and Steven Seagall was in it. He is awesome, and he is my hero. I would love to meet him and learn to protect myself like he can."

Saul was impressed by the way the young boy talked. It was obvious that the boy was very intelligent, and not a worthless part of society. Something about being around Chris and holding his hand brought back memories of Eloise, and Saul could almost hear her talking to him, saying, "this boy is a diamond in the rough---be his friend and love him."

"You said that the other boys call you names," Saul said. "What names hurt you so bad that you hit other boys?"

Chris' face drained and he dropped his head. Saul was afraid that he had overstepped his bounds by probing into the boy's past, but something told him that he needed to know more about Christopher Jonathan Hammer.

"It is embarrassing" Chris replied. "If you promise not to tease me I will tell you."

"I promise."

"They call me 'whore boy' cause of what Sr. Margaret tells everyone about my mom. They also call me 'donkey dick' or 'horse cock' cause I am bigger than most of them. I think you know what part of me they are looking at when they say that. I did some stuff with a novice nun when I was 10, and I got in a lot of trouble with everyone over that. They also tease me about my butt, saying it is a girl's butt, not a boy's."

Saul was shocked at first, but then smiled when he realized that the boy was being very honest with him. Saul had never been the boy or man with the exceptional equipment that would elicit that type of comment. He wondered what a 10-year-old boy could have done with a novice nun, but decided to leave that subject alone. Then he remembered the name "whore boy" and decided to focus on that.

"We don't choose our parents or how we are brought into this world," Saul said. "When someone calls you that kind of name, I know it hurts. I was called 'Jew Boy' and 'kyke' and I know how names can hurt your feelings. When you react to those names, you encourage the shitheads to use the names again and again. I developed a way to look at the name callers and call them 'fucking assholes' in my mind without saying a word out loud. That way I could either ignore them or smile and make them furious. Maybe you should try that."

"Wow!! That is SWEET" Chris replied. "He was giggling at hearing his new friend use the words 'fucking assholes'. You are a neat guy for an old man." The boy giggled again, knowing that calling his new friend an old man would shock him. Chris' eyes were sparkling with mischief as he continued to tease Saul about his age. The deep dimples on the boy's face added to the picture of a beautiful young boy filled with mischief and fun.

"I'm not too old to turn you over my knee and warm your little butt for calling me old" Saul teased back.

"You could never catch me," Chris said as he jumped up and ran out of reach. Chris was now in his element as he ran around and continued to tease Saul about being old and slow. Saul was in heaven as he watched the boy laughing and playing with him.

Their fun was interrupted when Sr. Margaret walked up and yelled at Chris for being disrespectful. "You nasty little asshole" she said as she swung her cane to hit the boy. Chris had instinctively jumped out of range for the cane that whooshed through the air.

Saul was livid as he jumped up and put himself between Chris and Sr. Margaret. "If you touch that boy with your cane, I will break your neck. He was having fun, and you had no right to eavesdrop on our private conversation!"

Sr. Margaret was livid as she faced Saul. She never allowed anyone to defy her authority, and she was not about to let this heathen Jew defy her in front of one of the boys at the orphanage. She knew that she would beat the boy severely later when this filthy man was gone, but now she needed to show who was in charge.

"You will leave here and never return!" She commanded. "You are a pervert, and it is obvious that you are here to find a boy that you can seduce and have as your sex slave! Men like you need to be castrated before you force boys like MY CHRISTOPHER to engage in fellatio and sodomy with you."

Saul was livid as he faced the vulgar nun. Everything Chris had told him about Sr. Margaret being a nasty fat bitch was true.

"I see my lawyer walking up here with Fr. Joe right now" Saul spat out. "I dare you to repeat your words in front of them! You are a nasty bitch, and the most revolting piece of excrement on the face of the earth!"

Sr. Margaret drew back her cane, ready to strike at the man that had defied her authority and had called her a vile name in front of Chris. The boy recoiled in fear, as he knew that he would be the one to pay the price for this altercation. Tears were flowing down his face, as he feared that he would never see his new friend again.

"Is there a problem here?" Fr. Joe asked.

"There certainly is" Saul replied. "I would like Sr. Margaret to repeat the filthy charges she just made toward me."

"What is the meaning of this Sr. Margaret?" Fr. Joe demanded.

"I said nothing to this heathen, and now he is trying to corrupt one of my favorite boys!" Sr. Margaret spat back. She hated Christopher, but she would never admit it to anyone in authority.

"She called me a pervert who is trying to seduce Christopher into fellatio and sodomy!!" Saul spat back at the nasty bitch. "You cannot allow such a nasty person to be in charge of the lives of impressionable young boys! The visit I just had with Chris was wonderful, and I would like to return to see him and be his friend, but I am afraid for his safety now that Sr. Margaret has shown her true colors to me. I am begging you to protect Chris from her!"

"She said that to you??!!" Sam demanded. "Saul Bernstein is my best friend, and he has been investigated and approved for adoption of children. Making that kind of slanderous statement can result in severe legal recourse against you, Sister Margaret, and this orphanage. I am outraged that you would say anything like that to my friend!"

"I never said anything like that" Sr. Margaret lied. "He is a Jew who is trying to discredit the Catholic faith!"

"She said it, Father Joe" Chris finally spoke up. "She is always cussing at us boys and hitting us. Mr. B is my friend, and I am fucking pissed that she would say anything to hurt him. I really don't know what those words mean, but the way she said them, I know they are nasty!"

"ENOUGH" Fr. Joe yelled. "I have seen and heard enough out of you, Sr. Margaret. You are confined to your quarters, and I will be watching you closely after you make repentance for your sins against this boy, other unfortunate boys here, and this visitor that you have offended. Your status as Sister Superior is now revoked, pending a review by Bishop Mulcaney, the Convent Review Board, and me. These boys need love, not another example of society's abuse and criticism of those less fortunate than we are. YOU ARE DISMISSED!!"

Sister Margaret knew she was in trouble and turned violently and left, with her habit flapping in the breeze of her hurried departure.

Chris was sobbing as he ran to Saul and hugged him. The boy was totally devastated by what had just happened, and he was afraid he would never see his friend again. Chris held onto Saul and cried, as Fr. Joe and Sam came forward and hugged the two new friends.

"Calm down Christopher" Fr. Joe said softly. "I am in charge here, and I am going to make some drastic changes in how you boys are treated. I want to be your friend, and will make sure you and the other boys are treated fairly. I know you have a nasty mouth, and I am asking you to stop swearing at other people. If you make that promise to me, I can assure you that you will be safe here at St. Mary's."

"I promise to you and Mr. B that I will stop swearing" Chris sobbed.

"I will take your word on that" Fr. Joe said softly.

Fr. Joe was hugging the boy and wondering just how bad things were in this place that he had been assigned to. It had only been two months since he replaced the aging priest who had retired. Father Thomas was old, nearly blind, hard of hearing, and senile. It was obvious that the conditions at the orphanage went unnoticed by the old priest. The nuns had too much control and power, and had obviously abused many of the orphan boys. Things were going to change. He had spent the last month trying to understand the financial conditions of the orphanage, and he had found several disturbing discrepancies in the donations and their use. He had already uncovered many obvious problems with cash donations for improving the condition of the buildings that had somehow been diverted to other uses; mainly for improvements in the living areas of the nuns. The boys lived in dormitories with no fans or air conditioning, while the nuns had comfortable rooms, air conditioning, lounges with color televisions and VCR's, and even computers with Internet access. The boys had nothing.

"Saul and I need to leave now" Sam said. "I have some more investigating to do, and I need to make contact with the Jacobs couple. I trust that you will discipline that nasty nun and protect Chris and the other boys from her wrath. I hope that my friend and I will be welcome back here in the future."

Father Joe pulled Chris away from the other two men and assured them that Chris would be safe and that they were welcome to return again. Chris was sobbing as he realized that his new friend was going to leave him. The boy's life had been filled with the emptiness of people leaving him, and he feared that Saul Bernstein would never return. He broke away from Fr. Joe and ran and gave Saul a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Saul was devastated. This precious young boy was everything that he and Eloise had dreamed about. Eloise, of course, wouldn't have appreciated the vulgar language, but she would have loved the boy and wanted to adopt him. Saul knew that his wife was still with him in spirit, and that she was telling him that this boy was theirs to love and protect. Saul made a decision instantly that he would rescue this special boy from a life of misery and abuse.

Saul hugged the boy and savored the feeling of the kiss on his cheek. He wiped away the tears that were flowing down Chris' face with his hand and said, "I will be back to see you real soon. I trust Fr. Joe to take care of you while I am gone, but I PROMISE that I will be back soon so we can have fun together."

Fr. Joe pulled Chris away and wrapped his arm around the shoulder of the tall boy who was almost 12. Chris was almost as tall as the priest, but was obviously in need of physical attention from a man.

Saul and Sam left the orphanage, and headed for Saul's car. Sam realized that Saul was in no condition to drive, so he took the keys and told his friend to calm down. Sam drove as Saul wept.

"I have heard horror stories about orphanages, but that was the most oppressive place I have ever been!" Sam said.

"I have to rescue that boy!" Saul sobbed. "He is a great kid that deserves more from life than living in a hell hole like that. Eloise would kill me if I didn't do something to rescue him!"

"You are my financial advisor, and I am your lawyer" Sam said. "Let me do some investigating about him, and see what we can do. You and Eloise were approved to adopt a child, and from what I see from your face and from your actions, you have found the perfect match. A single man adopting a boy his age will not be easy, but I have a few contacts in this state that can cut through a lot of red tape. It will take many months, and we will need Fr. Joe and other influential people to make it happen. You are my friend, and you have to decide if this is what you really want. You just met the boy, and we will have to establish a series of supervised visits before any legal action can take place."

"I know that when I shook his hand, I felt electricity flow between us," Saul said. "I am not a pedophile who wants a boy for sex. I know that God and Eloise sent me to St. Mary's with you today to meet Chris, and I am going to see him as often as I can. I already love that boy like he was my son!"

"I know you are not a pedophile, Saul" Sam said. "I have seen you with my two children, and you are a loving person who needs to be a parent. Maybe you need to see the bad side of being a parent before you get yourself in too deep. Kids have raging hormones and can be a real challenge to be around. Chris is already past the age that you can influence his basic personality. He has probably experienced forms of abuse that you cannot even dream about. Living in an orphanage of boys up to 18 years old probably means that he has been enticed, coerced, or forced into homosexual activity. He is very handsome, and I would bet that those nasty fucking nuns have been using him and other boys for their own sexual pleasure."

Saul listened as his friend talked to him. The tears were still flowing down his face as he dreaded the thought of the beautiful young boy being forced to have sex. He remembered what Chris had said about doing things with a novice nun when Chris was 10. He wondered just what had really happened to the special boy in his life. Boys that age needed love and nurturing so they could develop their own identity. The last thing they needed was a place where they could be raped or forced into a life of depravity. Saul was even more determined that he was going to be a part of Christopher Jonathan Hammer's life.

"I want to go back to see him again as soon as possible," Saul said. "He needs to know that he has a new friend who cares about him. I love Jennifer and Jason, but your kids have a father and mother, and Chris has nothing. I trust that you will help me get permission to visit him, and I will wait and see if Chris is interested in anything more than friendship. Right now I would adopt him and make him my son with no hesitation at all."

"Orphan boys will cling to any chance they have to get out of that shithole," Sam said. "I just don't want him to use you. I could see that you clicked with him, and it was fantastic to see the expression on your face when he hugged and kissed you. Your entire face lit up like I have never seen before. I can tell that there is chemistry there, but you have to realize that many people in positions of authority will suspect that you are physically attracted to him. I am just being your friend when I say that, but I am warning you of the way many people will view any legal status between you and Chris. You will have to be prepared for accusations of child molestation, and your background will be investigated scrupulously. Any skeletons in your closet will be found and used against you. That is the lawyer in me talking, but as my best friend, I can promise you that I trust you, and will make this happen. You have been the one to support me and Katy during her treatment, and now it is my time to repay you."

Saul thanked his friend and returned to his home. He could not sleep, as he was worried about the handsome young boy and the danger he could be in with a bunch of nasty nuns. Saul had visited several different churches after he decided to leave the Synagogue. He had also talked to friends about their experiences with their own churches. Many of the Catholic friends had described school life under the supervision of nuns, and Saul had just seen a vivid example of what his friends had described. He had joined the Episcopal Church in Freemont, mainly because of the female priest who preached tolerance and love toward all of God's creatures. Saul had met one of God's most beautiful creatures when he met Chris at the orphanage. Saul finally gave up trying to get to sleep and watched the late night television shows. He finally dozed off, but only got 3 hours of sleep before he woke up. He decided to go to a department store that was open 24 hours a day and look around the sporting goods area. He had noticed that the orphanage had a basketball court, but did not see a basketball anywhere around. Saul had played basketball in high school and was a starter on the varsity team. He was not good enough to make the college team at California State University, but he played on his fraternity's intramural team. He bought two good quality basketballs as gifts for Chris and two new nets for the naked hoops on the court. Saul wanted to buy the boy some new tennis shoes, as he had noticed the boy's toes sticking out of holes in the worn out shoes he was wearing. Saul had no idea what size shoes Chris would wear, so he decided to wait until he knew for sure. He was also fearful that the other boys might get jealous if Chris had new shoes, and beat him up to steal them.

As Saul walked around the store he realized that he was looking at clothes and items for Chris. He smiled as he realized that the boy had made such a great first impression that Saul was already picturing him as his son. He had already decided that he would return to the orphanage that day to visit Chris and play basketball with him. Fr. Joe had said that he and Sam were welcome to return, so Saul decided to test Fr. Joe's honesty. He finished breakfast, cleaned his house, and kept staring at the clock, hoping it would run faster. Saul had noticed the visiting hours at St. Mary's began at 1:00 p.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m. He finally could not wait any longer and drove to the orphanage. He arrived at 12:30 p.m. and signed in at the office. He asked to see Fr. Joe, and the nun at the desk asked if he had an appointment.

"I apologize for not calling ahead to make an appointment," Saul said. "I was here yesterday and talked to Fr. Joe, and I was hoping that he would have some time to talk to me about Christopher Hammer."

The nun's face changed into a nasty sneer when she heard Chris' name. All of the nuns had heard about Chris' encounter with the novice nun when Chris was 10. The apprentice nun was thrown out of the convent. Sr. Margaret had rewarded any nun who caught Chris doing anything wrong, and she loved punishing the boy.

"With no appointment, you will have to leave," the nun spat out. Just as she was saying that, Fr. Joe walked into the office after finishing his noon meal. Fr. Joe ignored the nun for the time being, making a mental note to add this nun, Sr. Mary Faith to his list of nun's with bad attitudes.

"Mr. Bernstein," Fr. Joe said as he held out his hand to shake with Saul. "I am surprised to see you so soon, but you are welcome here at any time. Please come into my office so we can talk in private."

Saul followed the priest toward the door. Fr. Joe stopped before entering his office and looked at the nun at the reception desk.

"Sister May Faith," Fr. Joe said, "when this meeting is completed, we will discuss the proper way to greet visitors to St. Mary's."

The nun was livid. Saul was impressed. Fr. Joe led Saul into the office and closed the door.

"I apologize to you for the second time in two days," Fr. Joe said. "I have a lot of work to do here at St. Mary's to improve the lives of the boys, but I know I have to start by modifying the behavior of the nuns towards the boys and visitors. I don't like to put the blame on Fr. Thomas, but he wasn't physically able to understand what was going on here. He was 70 when he retired, and I am 32. I can see and hear, and what I see so far appalls me."

"It is great to see someone like you take charge here," Saul said. "You don't owe me an apology, but if it will make you feel better, I accept it."

Fr. Joe and Saul talked for over an hour about Chris and the conditions at the orphanage. Saul had decided to make a sizeable donation toward clothing and shoes for the boys. Fr. Joe was extremely pleased that this man would donate money to a place where he had been treated poorly. Saul opened his checkbook and wrote a personal check for $30,000 and gave it to the priest. Fr. Joe was overwhelmed at the size of the donation, and told Saul that a major sporting goods manufacturer had offered shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes for the boys at below cost prices. The orphanage didn't have the money to accept the generous offer from the manufacturer until now. He also told Saul that he had found a Big Lots outlet that had offered underwear and socks at extremely low prices. He promised that every cent of the generous gift would be used for the boys. He had taken over control of the bank accounts of the orphanage from Sister Margaret, much to the dismay of all of the nuns. He promised to deposit the check and make the calls necessary for the boys to be measured and fitted with proper sized clothing.

"I want this donation to remain anonymous," Saul requested. "I have some influence with some wealthy people who might be convinced to make similar donations, as long as the boys get the benefits. I also came here today because I was worried about Chris. He was very upset after the altercation between Sr. Margaret and me and I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. Chris is a very special boy to me, and I want to visit him frequently. I am not trying to buy my visits here by my donation. My wife died a year ago, and we had always dreamed of having a child of our own. Unfortunately, that never happened, but I assure you that I want to spend time with Christopher and get to know him better. He has a nasty vocabulary, but I can see a wonderful young man inside his body."

The priest was impressed with the honesty of the visitor. He also realized that Saul could initiate legal proceedings against Sr. Margaret for her verbal abuse, and the last thing the orphanage needed was a legal battle. The generous gift would make a significant improvement in the lives of all of the boys at St. Mary's, and he would make sure that every cent was spent to benefit the boys.

"I have been watching Christopher very closely since you visit yesterday," Fr. Joe said. "He was very upset about the altercation, and worried that you would never come back to see him again. I want you to know that I have not heard him swear since you left. I even heard some boys calling him vicious names. Normally Chris would punch them, but he just looked at them, smiled, and walked away. He promised you and me that he would stop swearing, but the way he handled the name-calling was a shock. Of course, I disciplined the name callers."

Saul was elated. It was obvious that Chris had kept his promise not to cuss, and had used Saul's advice about how to handle name callers. Saul was sure that some nasty words had flashed in the blonde boy's head when he mentally responded to the other boys.

"I brought two new basketballs as gifts to Chris," Saul said. "I was hoping to spend some time with him today just having fun on the basketball court. I also bought two new nets for the hoops, but we will need a ladder to install them."

"That is wonderful," Fr. Joe replied. "I'm sure that we will have money left over from your donation to buy more sports items for the boys. If your friends decide to make donations, I promise to spend the money wisely. Many of the buildings need repairs, and I would love to air condition the dormitories. Most of these boys will be here until they are 18, and then they will leave. I want to establish better educational programs including computer use, so they can find good jobs when they leave. We have some shop equipment that was donated several years ago, but most of it is inoperable. Many of the boys are not going to go to college, and learning a valuable trade here might be their only hope for a better future."

"I think that you are the best person to make changes here," Saul said. "I would like to see all of the boys have a chance for happiness in the future. I am sure that I can convince some of my clients and friends to donate small amounts of money, and when they witness the improvements that are made with their donations, their contributions will increase."

Fr. Joe was elated at this possibility of financial support for St. Mary's. Even if no other donations were received, the boys would have new clothes and shoes, and that would make a major improvement in their attitudes. The many days and nights of prayers for financial help were being answered.

"Let's go find Chris," Fr. Joe said. "Then I have to have a talk with Sr. Mary Faith."

Saul grabbed the plastic bag that held the two new basketballs and nets and followed the priest out of the office. He noticed the nasty sneer he got from Sr. Mary Faith, and mentally called her a 'nasty fucking bitch'.

As soon as Fr. Joe and Saul entered the playground area, Chris saw his friend. He was thrilled that the man would come back so soon, as he had feared that the previous visit had gone bad. He screamed in glee as he ran and hugged Saul. Saul fought back the tears that were forming in his eyes, as he hugged the handsome boy and spun him around.

"YOU CAME BACK!!" Chris screamed. "This is AWESOME!!"

"I've been hearing good reports about your language," Saul teased.

Chris giggled and said "I slipped a couple times, but Fr. Joe didn't hear me. It's not easy giving up my image."

Saul laughed and handed Chris the bag with the gifts inside. The boy was in orbit as he opened the bag to see the new basketballs and nets.

"This is fuc..., this is AWESOME," Chris corrected himself and blushed. His face was beet red after almost slipping back into his old language.

"I want to see how good you are at playing basketball," Saul said. "I used to be pretty good myself. Maybe you can find some guys that want to play."

Chris ran and found Marc and some other boys to play basketball. It had been months since they had a ball to play with, and the last one was almost flat and wouldn't bounce. As soon as the other boys saw the new basketball that Chris was holding, the court was flooded with willing players. Fr. Joe told two of the older boys to get a stepladder from the shed to put up the new nets, and then left to have a discussion with Sr. Mary Faith. Saul was in heaven as he put up the first new net and let Chris have the honor of putting up the other one. There were so many boys that wanted to play basketball that Saul suggested half court games so more boys could participate. Chris was beaming with pride as he unwrapped the second new basketball and tossed it to the boys. He was a celebrity for having new basketballs and for sharing them with the other boys.

Saul was amazed at the skills of his young friend as they played on the same team. Chris was fast as lightning and was an excellent shot. Saul knew that the boy could whip him bad in a game of one on one, but he also saw some shooting techniques that the boy needed to change. Chris was impressed at how good 'the old man' was in playing basketball, and listened carefully at the suggestions that Saul gave him on his shooting technique. The suggestions worked, and Chris dominated the game with his scoring. Saul also gave Chris pointers on defense, and the boy absorbed the suggestions like a sponge. After about an hour of intense play, Saul was exhausted and said that he had to quit. Chris decided to quit too, and other boys were waiting to replace them in the intense game. Fr. Joe had joined in the game, and showed that he was no slouch in being able to play.

Chris and Saul went to the drinking fountain and replaced the fluids they had lost in the last hour. Saul didn't like the fact that the water was almost hot, but he drank and didn't complain. He didn't want to embarrass the boy by criticizing what Chris had to live with. Chris was in a playful mood, and teased Saul about being old and not being able to keep up with him. Saul smiled and grabbed Chris before the boy could run away. Saul pinned the strong boy to the ground and began tickling him. Chris was going ballistic as he tried to get away. He was extremely ticklish, and was thrilled that the man would play with him.

"STOP OR I WILL PISS MY PANTS!!" Chris screamed.

Saul let the boy go, and warned him to never tease him about being old again. Chris ran for the nearest toilet and returned a few minutes later to see his friend laughing at him.

"You jerk," Chris said. "If I pee my pants I will have to spend the day in wet pants, or beg the nuns for some dry ones."

"Then you better promise not to tease me about being old again," Saul said, "or I will tickle you until you flood this whole place."

Chris laughed and playfully punched Saul on the arm.

"You are so much fun to be around," Chris said. His emerald eyes sparkled with intensity as he looked into Saul's eyes. "I've never met anyone like you!"

Saul knew that his first impressions of the boy and his intelligence were correct. Not only that, but the boy was the most talented basketball player Saul had ever seen. He thought of his deceased wife, and knew that she was watching over him as he spent time with this special boy. He knew that fate had brought the two of them together, and that their futures were linked. He wanted to know more about the boy that had captivated his mind.

"Chris," Saul began, "I know I am an old man to you, but ever since I met you I have found something that was missing in my life. I want to be your friend and get to know more about you. You can ask me anything if you want to."

Chris had never had this opportunity, and he seized it. "Tell me about your family?" he asked sheepishly.

Saul held the boy's hand as he told about Eloise and her cancer. He told the boy about losing his parents to a plane crash when he was 28, and all of the significant events that had brought him to visit St. Mary's. Chris listened intently, and absorbed the information that Mr. B was sharing with him. Every question that Chris asked was answered honestly. Saul had tears running down his face as he told of his beloved wife and her cancer. Chris connected with the man, hugged him and shared his tears. This was the most intense experience of his young life. Chris had decided to answer any question the man would ask him.

"Will you tell me what some words really mean?" Chris asked.

Saul nodded. He wondered what words this bright boy was talking about.

"What do 'fellowshow' and 'soddingme' mean?" Chris asked.

Saul choked. Chris had heard those words come out of the mouth of Sr. Margaret, and now Saul had to decide if he was going to answer the boy truthfully.

"I'm not sure if I should be the one to answer those questions," Saul said honestly. "I could get into trouble for explaining those words to a minor."

"There is no one else that I can ask," Chris said. "I know the words are nasty by the way Sister Margaret said them to you. If they are sex words about what guys do, I have probably already done it."

Saul smiled at the honesty of the boy. He had heard stories about sex in orphanages and figured that boys going through puberty would probably experiment with each other.

"Okay, buddy," Saul said, "I will answer those questions, but I hope you won't tell anyone."

Chris was thrilled that his new friend would answer his questions. His face was lit up with the deep dimples and his emerald eyes sparkled.

"First of all," Saul began, "the first word is not fellowshow, it is fellatio, spelled F-E-L-L-A-T-I-O. It means taking a penis in a mouth."

Chris smiled and said, "Oh, we call that a blowjob, and every guy here has done that."

Saul choked when he heard the honesty of the boy. He had figured that the boys would masturbate, but oral sex was a shock to him. He decided to continue.

"The second word is not soddingme, it is sodomy, spelled S-O-D-O-M-Y" Saul continued. He took a deep breath and continued, "It means putting a penis inside someone's butt."

Chris was excited as he giggled and said, "We call that buttfucking or cornholing. Marc and I do that too. Older boys want to do that with us, but we won't let them. Marc and I really love each other. I hope you are not mad at me for using those nasty words. I know I promised you and Fr. Joe that I would stop cussing, but those are the only words I know."

"Father Joe said you are keeping your promise to us," Saul said. "I know it is difficult to stop swearing after using those bad words for so many years. I'll be honest and tell you that I am shocked that you have performed fellatio and sodomy, but I have never lived in an orphanage, so I can't judge you. I just want you to know that I appreciate your honesty with me."

Chris smiled and hugged Saul. Tears flowed down the boy's face as he hugged Saul tightly. He felt a strong bond to the man, and wanted to make the bond even stronger.

"Do you want to ask me any questions?" Chris asked. "I will answer anything that I can, but there are some things that go on here that I can't or won't tell you. There is a gang of older guys who would beat Marc or me if they found out I told you. I only know the names of a few of the gang and they keep secrets about who is a member. That way we are always afraid if we rat them out and the others get us."

Tears now flowed down Saul's face, as he feared for the safety of Chris and Marc, along with the many other innocent boys who were not in the gang. He hugged the boy tightly and decided to ask about what happened when Chris was 10.

"You said you got in trouble with a novice nun when you were 10" Saul said. "Will you tell me what happened?"

"I might have to use bad words to tell you," Chris said. "It is embarrassing for me to tell you. I don't want you to hate me."

"I won't hate you Chris," Saul said. "Actually I have real feelings of love toward you. I am not after you for sex. I want to be your friend and see if I can help you and the other boys here have a better life."

"That is so awesome to hear," Chris said. "I will tell you everything, but if I gross you out, you gotta tell me so I can stop."

Saul agreed and listened as the boy opened up a chapter of his young life that was obviously painful. Chris explained that he started puberty when he was almost 10 years old. His dick had been itching and was always hard, his balls were red and very sensitive, and he started growing blonde hairs above his dick. A novice nun had been assigned to St. Mary's and she was young and very beautiful. Chris had caught mumps, and Elizabeth was his nurse in the infirmary. Chris didn't understand at the time why the doctor had said he was concerned that the mumps would "go down" on the boy, but he noticed that the doctor and Elizabeth spent a lot of time looking at his balls. It was very embarrassing having someone other than Marc playing with his nuts. Elizabeth insisted on bathing the boy in the bathtub instead of letting him shower with the other boys in the open shower room. She had told him that soaking in the hot water was good therapy for him.

Saul listened intently as the boy continued the story. Chris was now holding Saul's hand and looking directly into his eyes. Saul felt like he could dive into the green depths of the vivid eyes.

Elizabeth was thorough when she bathed the boy, taking a lot of time pulling back the foreskin on the young, uncircumcised penis and carefully washing the boy's privates. Chris got a boner and Elizabeth continued washing and stroking the substantial penis. She measured his erection and told him that it was 5 1/2 inches hard. She gave him a lot of compliments about how long and thick it was for a boy so young. She also played with the golden blonde hairs that had recently sprouted above his dick. Each time she washed the boy, she spent more time exploring his privates. She told him that she would like to teach him some special things, but it would have to remain a secret between them. Chris did not understand what she meant until she opened her uniform and showed him her firm young breasts. She was 19 and very beautiful, unlike the old nuns like Sr. Margaret. Chris was a vulnerable young boy with raging hormones. It was easy for Elizabeth to seduce the boy when she secretly took him to her room. Over a period of several weeks, Chris had his dick sucked and was taught to eat pussy and fuck. Chris knew that it was wrong, but it was so exciting learning about sex that he looked forward to each visit. Their secrets were uncovered when Sr. Margaret unlocked the door to Elizabeth's room and found the boy fucking the novice nun.

"Sister Margaret went ballistic on me," Chris said. "She accused me of seducing Elizabeth and called me all kinds of nasty names. She said she was going to cut off my dick and balls to keep me from ever having sex again. Elizabeth admitted that she was the one who seduced me, but Sr. Margaret was beating me with her cane. She hit me everywhere, but she was mostly aiming for my dick and balls. The beating only stopped when Fr. Thomas came into the room. Sr. Margaret insisted that I be beaten and punished. Fr. Thomas protected me and put the blame on Elizabeth. He said she was the adult, and that I was just a child. Elizabeth had told me that Sr. Margaret wanted to have sex with her and had been continually feeling her tits and saying how she wanted to eat her pussy. Elizabeth was sent back to the convent, and Sr. Margaret always blamed me for ruining her chances of making Elizabeth a lesbian. I was sore for a week from the beating from Sr. Margaret. The doctor wanted to call the police, but Fr. Thomas was afraid that the church and orphanage would get in trouble. He made me promise not to tell anyone what had happened. I broke that promise with Marc and now with you."

Saul pulled the boy into a warm hug and thanked him for being so honest. He had learned a lot about the young boy, and was shocked by all of the information. Starting puberty before he was 10 was very unusual. Learning about straight sex that early in life could cause emotional problems for a young boy. Hearing how big the boy's penis was at 10 years old explained the names of "donkey dick" and "horse cock" that the other boys called Chris now. A boy's penis grows bigger, not smaller. The worn out shorts hid nothing, and Saul had noticed a bulge that would make many grown men envious. He pushed those thoughts out of his mind, and thanked Chris for sharing his secret with him. The bond with the boy was growing even stronger.

Back to Chris at 19 years old.

Saul was brought back to the present, as he listened to the 19-year old man sniffing back tears. He hugged the boy/man and smiled. Chris was an integral part of his life now, but was headed to a new environment where his character would be tested to the limit. Saul knew that his son was sexually active with both guys and girls. Chris had always been honest with Saul, and had admitted his part in sexual encounters when he had been caught. Many of the encounters had been hilarious. Saul could only imagine how Chris would react when he got to the campus and continued his sexual adventures.


Author's note:

This was a long first chapter in my story. I will try to develop the characters more fully in future chapters. There will be other flashbacks to events in Chris' life that play a significant part as the story of his college life unfolds. Feedback is appreciated to