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CJ Chapter 10

The packing went fast. By noon on Saturday, everything that could be packed was in boxes. The living room was stacked high with boxes, and Hector and Mary Mendez were very pleased. They ate lunch together, and Mary suggested that the guys take a break and relax. At the time, she didn't dream that her suggestion would result in disaster.

Danny suggested that they go across the street to the middle school gym. The school had a summer program with indoor and outdoor activities. It was an attempt to give the neighborhood kids something to do besides get into trouble. Danny grabbed his basketball, hoping to see how good Chris was. He had called his best friend, Mikey Martin to join them at the school. Mikey's father, Mike Martin, was Hector's best friend, and was the real estate broker that had made the move to the new neighborhood possible.

When they got into the gym, Amanda Martin was setting up a volleyball net. Amanda was one of the summer counselors who organized the indoor activities, and she was getting ready to teach volleyball basics to a bunch of 12-14 year old girls. When Amanda saw CJ Hammer, she was thrilled to meet him. Amanda was 18, had just finished high school, and was headed for UCLA in the fall.

Chris was impressed with Amanda. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and a killer face and body. She was wearing a T-shirt and shorts that showed off her feminine attributes. Chris was horny. He had MSB from two days of no release. He would love to undress Amanda and chow down on her body. His attention was interrupted when the young girls started arriving, heading for the locker room to change clothes.

"I wonder if those girls need any help undressing," Danny teased.

"I volunteer to check the locker room for rodents," Mikey added.

"You two perverts calm down," Amanda chided. "The only rodents around here are you two!"

Chris and Isaac laughed. They admitted to each other that the young girls were definite eye candy, but also knew they would never hit on a girl that young. They both were interested in Amanda, as she had the face and body of a swimsuit model.

The four guys began a 2 on 2-basketball game, with Danny and Chris on the same team. They played for over an hour while the girls learned volleyball skills from Amanda. The young girls were just heading into the locker room to change. Danny was helping Amanda take down the net, while Chris and Isaac sat on the open bleachers at the other end of the gym. Chris and Isaac had both taken off their shirts to cool off after the hour of fun with the two teen guys. Mikey had gone to get a drink, hoping for a chance to look into the locker room when the door was open. Amanda was folding the net when the door opened and three large black guys entered the gym.

"You guys get out of here," Amanda ordered. "You were banned from this school a week ago!"

"Shut up bitch!" the largest guy ordered.

Amanda reached for her cell phone to call the other counselors for assistance. The three black guys were known drug dealers, and had been arrested several times. The biggest guy, Malcolm, weighed at least 300 pounds. He knocked the phone out of Amanda's hand and grabbed her. He quickly ripped open her T-shirt and then ripped her bra apart, exposing both of Amanda's firm breasts. Danny screamed and swung his fist at the head of the huge black guy. He connected, but was knocked to the floor by a backhand blow from the big man. Malcolm ripped the shirt and bra off from Amanda and grabbed for the waist of her shorts. The snap and zipper gave way as Amanda screamed.

"We're gonna take turns fucking your white pussy!" Malcolm yelled. "Then we are gonna visit the locker room and see if we can bust some white cherries!"

Things had happened so fast that Chris and Isaac were unable to get to the other end of the gym to protect Amanda and Danny. Mikey screamed as he ran to protect his sister from being raped, but he was dropped to the floor by a fast punch from Renaldo, an ugly black guy with nasty scars all over his face.

Chris wasted no time as he used his football skills to tackle Malcolm and slam the big black body against the wall of the gym. Malcolm was knocked unconscious by the impact. Chris tossed his shirt to Amanda as he turned to face the other two black guys. Isaac screamed that the third man, Ocie, had a gun. Chris went into his Ninja mode as soon as he saw the silver pistol come out of the waistband of Ocie's jeans. He quickly grabbed the hand that was holding the gun and struggled to aim the pistol away from his friends. The pistol fired twice, sending bullets into the ceiling of the gym. Isaac attacked Renaldo as he saw the big guy reaching into his pocket. Isaac landed two punches before Renaldo knocked him to the floor with a wicked punch to Isaac's face.

Chris wrestled Ocie toward the bleachers. Using all his strength, Chris slammed Ocie's arm against the edge of the bleachers, shattering the arm and causing the pistol to fall under the bleachers. Renaldo had pulled a knife out of his pocket. He ran up behind Chris and rammed the knife into Chris's back. Instinct caused Chris to react to the pain in his back by swinging his elbow back, connecting with Renaldo's nose. The knife wound had missed any vital organs on Chris's body, but he went postal. He turned his attention to Ocie and beat the fuck out of the man who tried to kill him and his friends. Chris used his fists and feet as he pummeled the big black guy. Before he was finished, Ocie had a broken nose, broken jaw, and a broken leg to go along with his broken arm.

Far away in Boston, Massachusetts, Randall Carpenter was having lunch with his family. He stood up and screamed that Chris was hurt. The family could not understand what was happening with Randy, as he screamed that they had to help his brother, Chris.

Renaldo got up and looked for his knife. It was a mistake to turn his back on CJ Hammer. Blood was flowing out of the long gash in Chris's back as he attacked Renaldo. Danny, Isaac and Mikey watched in horror, as the fury of their friend was unleashed on Renaldo. A flurry of kicks and punches reduced the black attacker to a bloody mass of flesh. Chris had broken several of Renaldo's ribs, along with his nose and jaw. Chris jumped in the air and landed on Renaldo's arm and hand. The bones shattered with sickening crunching sounds. Chris finished Renaldo off my giving him a swift kick in the balls.

Amanda had pulled on Chris's "Big Johnson" shirt to cover her nudity, and had called the other counselors and the police. She told them that the attackers had a gun and knife, and that shots had been fired. Several police cars responded to the emergency broadcast.

Chris turned just in time to see Malcolm stagger to his feet. Malcolm was holding the knife that Renaldo had dropped, and he was ready to kill.

"STAND BACK!" Chris screamed to his friends. "HIS ASS IS MINE!"

The girls had all run out of the locker room when they heard the two gunshots, and they huddled together around Amanda. The girls were terrified at seeing the bloody war.

Malcolm circled around Chris, seeing that the big blonde guy was bleeding profusely. He figured that the wound would slow Chris down, but he was wrong. Chris avoided the slashes and thrusts of the long knife. Isaac tossed Chris his shirt, and Chris quickly wrapped the shirt around his left hand. The covered hand blocked the next thrust of the knife. The blade of the knife was tangled in the shirt, and Chris used his strength to whip his arm around. The quick motion ripped the knife out of Malcolm's hand.

The scream of sirens filled the neighborhood. Mary and Hector looked out their front window to see the first cruiser pull into the school parking lot. Mike Martin was having coffee with his friends. They all knew that their children were in the school, and they ran out of the house in fear that their kids were in danger.

Chris faced Malcolm. "Now you are gonna get the worst ass kicking of your life!" he threatened.

Malcolm was a heavy weight boxer and was almost the same size as Chris. He figured that he could take the big blonde guy apart, especially after seeing all the blood flowing out of Chris. Chris didn't waste any time as he attacked. In a blur, he had Malcolm staggering with a broken nose and jaw. Chris kicked Malcolm in the balls, dropping the big attacker to his knees. Chris grabbed Malcolm by the hair and slammed his mouth against the edge of the bleachers, shattering teeth and facial bones.

Two police officers rushed into the gym with their guns drawn. The first police officer ran to where Chris was stomping on Malcolm's leg, shattering the bone. The police officer grabbed Chris from behind, making a very serious mistake. Chris instinctively swung his elbow around, hitting the police officer in the side of the face. The second police officer ran up and hit Chris on the back of the head with a sap. (a sap is a long handled club made of rubber that is filled with lead)

Chris went down like a rock, with his face hitting the bleachers. Amanda and the others screamed at the police that Chris was not the attacker. Mary, Hector and Mike had just run into the gym when the first police officer grabbed Chris. They saw Chris knock the officer down, and also saw the second officer knock Chris to the floor. Hector screamed at the big black police officer that had hit Chris on the head.


Mary was a nurse, and she quickly ran to take care of Chris. She yelled at Danny to run home and get her medical bag.

"He's breathing!" Mary announced.

Amanda had found the first aid kit in the gym office and brought it to Mary. Mary found the smelling salts and broke them open to revive the big athlete. Chris became conscious with a start, and struggled to get up, thinking he was still in a fight. Isaac hugged Chris and tried to calm him down. Two more police cars had arrived, and the gym was filling with concerned parents and other children. The duty sergeant ran up to the mass of bleeding bodies and quickly radioed for four ambulances.

Back in Boston, Randy screamed that Chris had been stabbed and hit on the head. He was screaming for his father to call someone to help Chris. Jonathan Carpenter knew that his son, Randall, had a mental connection to Chris, and immediately ran to the phone to call the home of his son and Saul Bernstein. The call was answered by Justin Gardner, who said that Saul was in Los Angeles, and he thought that Chris was at the college. Justin gave Jon the cell phone number for Saul. Saul and Chris had recently changed cell phone servers, and had new telephone numbers. Jon dialed the number, knowing that Saul was all the way across the country, and might not believe that their son was hurt.

Hector grabbed the sergeant and told him that the black officer had hit Chris with a sap. The black officer tried to deny it, but Mikey had watched the officer throw the sap under the bleachers. He told the sergeant where the sap was. When the sergeant found the sap under the bleachers, he warned everyone not to touch anything.

"Cuff him!" the sergeant, shouted to his partner. He was pointing at the black officer that had used the illegal weapon. He got on the radio and called for IA (Internal Affairs) and the detective bureau. He wanted a complete investigation conducted with no loose ends. The black officer's name was Willis Barry, and he was Malcolm's cousin. The school area was Officer Barry's patrol area, and there had been rumors of drug dealing and officers taking bribes to allow the dealers free access to the neighborhood.

Sergeant Stanton used a video camera to record the crime scene. He knew that the ambulances would arrive soon and take away the chance to show locations of the moaning bodies. Using the camera as a witness, the three attackers were read their rights. Probable cause allowed the police to search the three busted up rapists. The camera recorded the finding of a large supply of crack cocaine, poppers, and Rohypnol, the date rape drug along with a lot of cash.

Mary applied a pressure dressing to Chris's back. Danny was in shock from what he had witnessed. He had seen martial arts attacks in movies, but seeing a real attack was much different. He could not believe how powerful Chris was and how deadly he could be. He didn't want to even look at Chris, as he was afraid that Chris would go postal again and hurt him or his family.

"Call B for me," Chris moaned to Isaac. His head was throbbing from the impact of the club and his vision was blurred. The pain in his side told him that he was going to have another scar on his back.

Saul had two incoming calls, but recognized the caller I.D. for his son, and chose to take that call first.

"Hi son," B greeted. "How is the packing going? I think your father is calling me on the other line right now."

"This is Isaac, Mr. B" Isaac began. "Chris is hurt! He was in a terrible fight and he got stabbed in the back and hit on the head with something called a sap."

B was in a meeting at the UCLA chapter of the Delta Delta Delta fraternity. He never expected to see his son this weekend, as the local chapter had financial problems that would keep him busy all weekend. Saul quickly raced out of the meeting, explaining that his son was injured. He quickly got directions to the hospital where Chris would be taken, and got in his Mercedes, praying that his son be not severely injured. Saul took the other call to hear Jonathan Carpenter saying that his son, Randy had said that Chris was hurt. Saul was shocked that Randy would know about Chris's injuries, when Randy was over 2000 miles away. He told Jon that Chris had been in a fight and was hurt. He promised to call Jon back when he knew how bad the injuries to their son were. When he got to the hospital, he found Chris in a trauma area with several people that Saul didn't know. He saw that Chris was awake, and that was a good sign.

"How was your day?" Chris asked. "Mine sucked, but I practiced my Karate."

B knew that his son was not hurt badly when he was joking. He hugged his son as tears flowed down his face. He had been afraid that he would find his son unconscious from the fight that he had been in. Saul introduced himself to Mary and Hector Mendez, Isaac and Danny. Danny was standing near the door and was still shaking with fear. Isaac was trying to calm his brother down, but it wasn't working.

"I'm afraid of him," Danny whispered to his brother. "You saw what he did to those assholes. What if I piss him off and he attacks me?"

Saul heard Danny's fears. He tried to help calm Danny down by saying, "I saw Chris in action when some men broke into our home in Dallas. He scared the crap out of me when I saw how powerful and deadly he could be. One thing you have to understand about my son. He has never hurt one of his friends, even when they have punched him in anger. He won't hurt you, but I know you have a reason to be scared."

"I'm sorry that you are afraid of me," Chris said to Danny. "I'm sorry that my friends got hurt by those assholes. I know that I went postal, but when someone pulls a weapon on me, I will mess him up really bad. I hope that Amanda is okay. She sure didn't deserve to be attacked and have her clothes ripped off. If anyone is gonna take off her clothes, I want it to be me."

Danny and Isaac laughed, but the adults in the room didn't join in. The adults knew the gravity of the situation at the school, and how close they came to having someone they love killed. Hector was a lawyer, and made sure that the numerous charges were filed against the attackers and Officer Barry. Saul listened as Isaac and Danny described the events of the attack. When he heard about the gun, he thanked God that his son was safe. He listened intently as he stroked the long blonde hair of his son. He wondered why life had thrown so much violence into his son's life. He also knew that Chris had saved many lives with his Karate skills.

Amanda walked into the crowded treatment area. She asked to talk to Chris alone, and the treatment area emptied. She walked up to the side of Chris's bed, leaned over, and kissed him on the cheek. "I don't know what to say to you," Amanda began. "You saved my life and my brother's. Those shitheads would have raped me and my girls. If you hadn't been there..." Amanda's voice trailed off. Tears were flowing down her face as she kissed Chris again on the cheek.

"I'm really sorry that the asshole attacked you," Chris said. "If I had been at the other end of the gym..." Amanda's fingers cut off his comments by touching his lips.

"You saved me and my girls from being raped" Amanda choked out. "I'm not a virgin, but I sure don't want to be raped by a bunch of drug dealers. You protected me and my brother, and I don't know how to thank you."

"I just did what I had to," Chris admitted. "I hope that you are okay."

"I was with a rape counselor," Amanda said. "I have some scratches on some private areas of my body, but you saved me from the worst experience of my life!"

When Chris found out that the rape counselor had taken pictures of the scratches, he took a chance and asked if he could have a copy of the photos. Amanda laughed and asked if he wanted to see a picture or the real thing.

"When you were down on the floor," Amanda admitted, "I saw a big bulge in your shorts. If what I saw is real, I would love to kiss that bulge and have it inside me. I'm just worried about you and how bad your injuries are."

Amanda leaned over and kissed Chris again on the cheek, just as Saul and the others came back into the treatment area.

"If we can get the oldies out of here," Chris said, "you can give me a REAL kiss and get in bed with me."

Amanda laughed along with Isaac and Danny. Again the raging hormones in the room did not amuse the adults. Mike and Mikey Martin came in and tried to express their appreciation to Chris. The doctor came in and ordered everyone out of the treatment area.

"I'm his father" Saul said to the doctor.

The doctor said that the X-rays did not show any skull fractures. He questioned when Chris had his last tetanus shot. It had only been two months before, so no booster injection was necessary. He said he wanted to admit Chris for observation because of the head injury. Chris argued, but B overruled his son. He promised to spend the night with Chris at the hospital.

"I'll spend the night if you do something for me," Chris said to his dad.

Saul listened to the conditions from his son. Chris wanted the Martin and Mendez families out of the neighborhood, just in case the three attackers were gang connected and came after the families. He suggested that the families go to a hotel or motel until things calmed down in the neighborhood. He wanted Saul to go back to his important meeting, saying that he didn't need anyone to hold his hand during the night. He finished with asking B to find him a room with a cute nurse who was nymphomaniac.

Saul messed up Chris's hair and threatened to cut if off while Chris was lying on the bed. He told his son that he would find a room for him with a big fat ugly nurse.

Saul asked for a "Total Truth" meeting. Chris groaned, as he knew that during "Total Truth" he could never lie to his adopted father.

"Tell me the truth about how you feel," Saul asked.

"My head feels like someone dropped a boulder on it," Chris began, "and I am seeing double. You know that I hate being in a hospital. I want to get out of here, but I really feel like shit right now."

"I love you, son," Saul admitted. "Thanks for being honest with me. I want you to stay here tonight, just in case you have any problems. You face is gonna look bad when you go back to school, as I can see two black eyes forming. You will have to cut back on your exercise program until the stitches are out of your back. I will pay for the families to go to someplace safe tonight, but I don't want to leave you here alone. I'm your dad, and my place is here with you."

Chris gave up. He asked for something to reduce the pain that he was feeling, and more ice for his head and hands. Saul left the treatment area to talk to the doctor about admitting Chris for the night. Isaac was upset, and said that he would stay at the hospital with his buddy. Saul knew his son, and said that everyone should say goodbye to Chris to let his son get some rest. The hospital staff had hooked up IV's to his son, and had provided bags of ice for the swollen hands that had wreaked havoc on the attackers.

Isaac came back into the treatment area. He was still shaking about the intensity of the events of the day. He said that he would stay with Chris for the night so that Saul could go back to his meeting.

"If what I have seen about you and your brother is true," Chris began, "You need to be with Danny tonight. You don't have to tell me, but I know that you guys have had sex with each other. I can see it by the way you guys look at each other. Tonight I want you to go to bed with Danny and calm him down. I told you that I won't lie to you, and I hope that you won't lie to me. You and Danny need to hookup tonight. Tomorrow, I will be released, and I want to convince my little brother that I won't kill him. Please talk him out of the funk that he is in right now."

Isaac realized that Chris Hammer was not only a hero, but he was an awesome friend. He admitted that he and Danny had been sharing guy sex for the past three years, and that they had both loved the oral and anal adventures. He promised that he would calm Danny down. He could not express how much he loved his roomie for protecting all his friends during the attack. He hugged his big roomie and cried tears of appreciation. Saul came into the treatment area and broke up the tearful exchange, saying that the hospital staff was ready to move Chris to a private room for the night. Chris had been given some painkillers that were taking effect. He slumped back on the bed, and Saul knew that his son was out for the night.

Saul called Jonathan Carpenter to tell him about Chris's condition. Jon was very relieved to hear that his son was going to survive the attack. Randy begged to talk to Saul, and demanded to know how his brother was. Everyone was amazed that Randy knew when Chris was stabbed. He told Saul that he and Chris were connected, and that whenever something threatened Chris's life, he would know it. Saul couldn't understand how a connection could be made over 2000 miles away, but realized that his son was a very special kid, with a very special brother. He knew that the connection with the Carpenter family was going to be very important to the future of his son.

As soon as Chris was moved to a private room, Saul made some phone calls to the UCLA chapter to continue the work to correct their financial crisis. The national office would cover the deficit, but only if the chapter had a plan for financial liquidity in the future. He had offered to pay for the hotel rooms for the two families, but the fathers refused his generous offer, saying that they could afford the cost, and that it was a good idea to be away from their homes.

The next morning found Saul sleeping on the visitor chair in Chris's room. Chris woke up his dad, as he needed to pee. His headache had subsided and his vision had cleared. Saul buzzed for a nurse to help him guide Chris into the bathroom. When Chris saw that the nurse was an attractive lady, he asked her if she was going to "hold it" for him. Saul told the nurse that Chris was a real tease, and his son would be able to take care of himself.

It was almost noon when Chris was released from the hospital. Both of his eyes were black from the impact of his face on the bleachers, his head still hurt, and any movement of his body caused the stitches in his back to pull.

"Mike and Hector convinced the moving company to bring the two moving vans to their old homes today," B said as he drove them to the old neighborhood. "The only problem was that the men who would fill the moving vans were not available, so I made some other arrangements for workers."

Saul drove past the Mendez house. Chris recognized several cars and two motorcycles that belonged to members of the Tri-Delt house at CSU. Saul laughed and said that he had talked to Mike Mahley and asked him to get some help for the move.

"I know you don't want the guys to see us together," Saul admitted. "I'll let you off close to the house and you can make up some lame lie about why I have left."

"I don't know how to lie," Chris teased. The only person Chris had never lied to was his adoptive dad.

When Saul stopped his Mercedes about two houses down the street from the Mendez house, Chris leaned over and kissed his dad on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Saul asked, as he enjoyed the intimacy.

"That was for being my dad," Chris admitted. "I love you so much that I don't know how to say it right."

"I love you too, son," Saul choked out. "When you are a pledge, we can stop this crap of hiding our relationship. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I will always love you."

Chris moaned as he got out of the car. His back was very sore from the wound, and he knew that he wasn't going to be able to help the guys load the trucks or unload them at the new homes. Saul made Chris promise to buy supper for everyone at a nice restaurant. Money was not one of the worries of the wealthy father and son.

"One more thing before you force my sorry ass to leave the son I love," Saul teased. "I talked to the rape counselor at the hospital when you were sleeping, and she told me that Amanda might not realize how serious her situation was for a while. I could tell that you are interested in Amanda, but please understand that a girl will have to face the reality of the attempted rape sooner or later. Be very gentle with her. She might be scared of you and contact with any guy for a long time."

Chris thanked B for the knowledge about women in a crisis situation. He thought he knew a lot about women, but B was much smarter than he was. Chris walked up to the Mendez house just as Mike Mahley was carrying a box into the huge moving van.

"CHRIS!!!" Mike screamed. He set the box in the truck and ran to greet his special friend.

Chris warned Mike not to hug him, as his right side was very sore. Mike was very careful as he hugged Chris and started crying. He had heard about the attack and knew how close he had been to losing Chris. Chris loved being with Mike, as they had been close friends for several years.

"How did you get here?" Mike asked, as the other college guys ran out to greet Chris.

"B dropped me off," Chris said. "He was afraid that Momma and Poppa Mendez would put him to work if he stayed."

Mike knew that Chris was lying. B was not the kind of man to avoid work, but he let Chris slide on the lie. Chris was surprised to see many of his friends come out of the house to greet him. Mike warned them all to remember that Chris had been stabbed in the back, and that hugs could hurt their buddy. The entire Mendez family watched as Chris greeted his friends. Joe McClure, Jacob Mahley, Leif Johannsen, Dave Wilbur, Dennis Reichert, Tom Jankowski, Justin Abernathy, and Jermaine Lewis had come from the fraternity. He also greeted Jarvis Williams, Tom Borton, Jarrett Stevens, and Jerome Wilkins from the Jacobs Dorm.

"We had to tell a bunch of guys not to come to help," Mike admitted. "Just about everyone wanted to come to help Isaac and his family move. Of course, if he been you moving out of your home, no one would have volunteered to help. I know that all of your neighbors would help pack your sorry ass out just to get rid of you!"

Mike was teasing Chris. Everyone knew that Chris and Isaac were going to be pledges and that the entire house would have turned out to help them, especially after hearing about the attack and Chris's injuries.

Chris turned to the large group of guys and said, "next time bring some guys who are willing to work instead of 'Missing Mike, the laziest ass in the fraternity'."

Mike cuffed Chris on the back of the head, bringing out a groan of pain from his friend.

"God, I'm sorry," Mike said. "I didn't think about your head injury."

"None of you guys better touch my new son," Mary Mendez ordered. "Anyone who touches him will answer to me, and I can kick ass with the best of them!"

Everyone laughed, but realized that Mary was being serious at the same time that she was teasing the muscular young men. She had never seen so many handsome faces in one place in her entire life.

Mike was not ready to let Chris off the hook, as he said, "I see that someone did some work on your face." Mike was looking at the two black eyes that Chris had gained in the last 24 hours. "I think the work is a real improvement!"

Danny was still standing back away from the group of guys that was laughing as Mike continued to tease Chris. Danny had a black eye and bruised face from his part in the attack. Isaac had a black eye and split lip too.

"If you don't lay off me," Chris threatened, "I have Momma Mendez rearrange your face to look worse than mine! You are already the ugliest guy in the fraternity!"

Everyone laughed at the verbal exchange of the two best friends. Isaac pushed Danny toward Chris. Danny slowly approached the huge guy that had saved his life and looked into the vivid green eyes. "I'm really sorry for the way I acted toward you when you were in the hospital," Danny choked out. "You scared the shit out of me when I saw you beat the fuck out of those big black guys."

Mary Mendez let her son slide on his nasty language. She knew that Danny had been terrified when he witnessed the savage fight, and needed to come to grips with his fear. She also realized that Chris had saved the lives of her two sons and Amanda and Mikey, and she loved Chris like her third son.

"Why don't you and I go talk for a while," Chris said as he put his arm around Danny's shoulder.

Danny flinched, showing that he was still afraid of the huge guy. Chris quickly pulled his hand away, realizing that the young teen was still deathly afraid of him. The other guys watched as Chris tried to calm the young guy down. They quickly decided to go back to work packing the moving van, with Mary and Hector organizing the work efforts.

Danny grabbed Chris's hand and put it back on his shoulder. Chris was touched when he realized that his "little brother" was trying to deal with his fears of him. They walked into the backyard of the home and sat on the wooden swing to talk. Danny was very emotional as he told Chris how scared he was during the attack. Chris hugged the young dude and admitted that he was scared too. He knew that the attackers wanted to rape and kill, and that his Karate skills had saved several lives. He reminded Danny that being big doesn't mean that you can't be hurt or killed.

Jarvis Williams, the 300 pound black lineman walked up to the two guys. He knew that the attackers were all black had made racial slurs about innocent people.

"I just want to tell you guys that there are black people and Niggers," Jarvis said. "You guys ran into three Niggers, and if I had been there, I would have joined Chris in kicking their fucking asses!"

Chris looked at the massive lineman and said, "Jarvis, everyone knows that you are black and that black guys call each other that nasty name. I really hate to hear slurs against any race, so I want you to promise me one thing. Please don't use the 'N' word around me. It really upsets me. I know there is trash in all races, but I don't like to hear trash talk."

Jarvis apologized, and also realized that his big friend was not a racist. It would be a special bond between them as they played on the same football team. Jarvis wanted to pledge the Tri-Delt house, and realized that using racial slurs would not be acceptable. He promised not to use the nasty word around Chris, and also realized that some white guys accepted racial diversity.

The loading of the moving van was almost completed when Mike, Mikey and Amanda Martin walked into the yard. Almost all of the college guys were inside the house with Chris and Mary Mendez talking in the front yard. Amanda was very hesitant as she walked up to Chris with her father and brother. Mikey had a black eye and bruise on his face from the fight. Chris quickly realized that B had prepared him for seeing Amanda again. Amanda told her father and brother that she wanted to talk to Chris alone, but Chris insisted that Mary stay with them. Amanda started crying as she tried to explain how terrified she was about the attack. B had been correct in telling Chris that rape victims would have to deal with the reality of the attack.

"I learned a little about women and victims of rape from my dad this morning," Chris said. "B talked to the rape counselor at the hospital, and she gave him information that he shared with me. I know that your parents are divorced, and that right now you might need to talk to a woman about your feelings. I'll go use a cattle prod on my buddies to get them moving while you talk to Momma Mendez."

Chris left as Mary and Amanda hugged and cried together. He knew how it felt to be raped, but couldn't relate to the feelings of a woman who had been attacked.

Hector brought out his camera and said he wanted to take pictures of the four guys who had survived the savage attack. He said that they all had "battle scars" that needed to be captured on film. Mike teased that Hector could enter the picture in a wildlife contest and call the photo "raccoons" due to all of the black eyes. Everyone laughed, including the injured guys who had been in the fight. Hector wanted to take a group photo of the handsome guys that had come to help his family move. Chris suggested that he call the photo "raccoon assholes". The group laughed, and finished loading the moving van.

The second moving van had arrived at the Martin house, so the group went to work loading the second van. The work went quickly with so many strong bodies working together. Before it was time for supper, Chris told Hector about B's offer to pay for the meal for everyone involved in the move. Hector and Mike tried to refuse the offer, but Chris insisted that B would be pissed at him if they didn't accept his offer. The two men finally agreed to the generous offer, as the two full vans traveled to the new neighborhood. Chris rode in the Mendez van with Hector, Mary, Amanda, and Danny, and asked Danny where they should go for supper. He already knew Danny's favorite restaurant, and vetoed Danny's suggestion for going to Macdonald's. The young guy was trying to save B money, but Chris wanted the meal to be special, and he was really hungry. The large group had split up to unload the two moving vans filled with boxes and furniture. They set up all of the beds and important items for the two families to get settled into their beautiful new homes before they headed to The Outback. Mary had made the reservation as soon as possible, and the restaurant was thrilled at having the large party fill the restaurant to capacity. The restaurant manager cut the large party some slack as they were all offered alcoholic beverages. Danny was thrilled that he was allowed to order a large draft of ice-cold Foster's Ale. Chris ordered iced tea, as he knew that he was on antibiotics as a precaution from his knife wound. The group was very noisy as they devoured a ton of appetizers, food, booze, and desserts. The bill was huge, but Chris knew that he and B could afford the expense. He added a very generous tip for the excellent service.

Mike and Leif followed Chris into the men's room to relieve their bladders.

"Leif has something to say to you," Mike said.

Chris listened as Leif thanked him for teaching him what guy love was all about. Ever since Chris had told Leif that he was cut off from sex with Isaac, Leif had been experimenting as the "bottom" with other guys in the house. He now understood how important it was to be both a "bottom" and a "top" with someone that he loved.

"I am in love with Isaac," Leif admitted. "I was wrong in the way I treated Isaac when we had sex. I hope that he will forgive me for the way I treated him, and I want you to know that I love him and hope that he can learn to love me the same way. I will let Isaac set the limits, as I know that you guys are roomies and have done it all with each other. I won't put any pressure on Isaac to be my exclusive sex partner, as I know you guys have fun together. Please accept my apology. I will apologize to Isaac if he will listen to me."

Chris was thrilled that Leif had finally understood what Isaac needed in a relationship. He was also afraid that he was going to lose his suck and fuck buddy. The large group left the restaurant, with the college guys headed back to campus after a very trying weekend. Chris rode in Dennis Reichert's BMW, and let Isaac drive the Viper back to campus with Leif so they could talk during the trip. The weekend was over, but life on the CSU campus was not.

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