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CJ Chapter 11

Dennis Reichert drove his BMW back to the CSU campus, with CJ Hammer, Jarvis Williams, and Tom Borton as passengers. Chris was sitting in the back seat with Tom, and they talked about the intense situation at the Mendez neighborhood. Denny was very interested in the massive body of the black football player, and made several suggestive comments about researching the physical attributes of the huge athlete in his room at the Tri-Delt fraternity. He had been watching Jarvis during the packing, and had a lot of fun with the strong man who had been recruited for the football team.

"I was so worried about you when Mike called me," Tom said. "When he said you had been stabbed and hit on the head, I was afraid I was gonna lose my new buddy."

"I've got a hard head," Chris teased. "Just ask my dad."

Mike Mahley and Tom Jankowski had ridden their Harley's to the Mendez home, and rode back to the Tri-Delt house. Isaac drove the Viper, with Leif as his passenger. The two guys had a chance to talk through their differences, and had decided to return the Viper to the parking garage and then take the campus bus to the fraternity. They agreed to share Leif's bed at the fraternity to see if they were truly compatible as lovers. Mike had told them that he would stay with Chris and make sure he was okay. He hoped that Isaac would bond with Leif, as Mike wanted Chris to be his exclusive lover.

Mike stopped at the fraternity to grab a change of clothes and then headed to the Jacobs Dorm. Denny was just pulling up to the circle drive in front of the dorm when Mike blasted up on his loud Harley. He parked the bike in the parking lot and headed for the lobby. He figured that Isaac would be spending the night with Leif, and that Chris should not be left alone.

News had traveled fast across the CSU campus and local cities. Cell phone calls had announced that CJ Hammer was returning to the campus after being released from the hospital. Several television trucks were sitting in the Jacobs Dorm parking lot, with a battery of reporters waiting for the talented athlete's return. Newspapers across the state had reported the attempted rape and the subsequent violent altercation, and the reporters wanted to get more information for their press releases. As soon as Chris got out of Denny's car, the reporters tried to shove microphones in his face, with cameras rolling for a live broadcast. Jane Vincent, a female reporter from Channel 12 news, had done sports reporting for the local station, and hoped that CJ Hammer would give her a few seconds of live interview time. Jane had ordered her cameramen to not turn the cameras on until she had a chance to talk to CJ Hammer live. She did not shove her microphone toward the injured star.

Mike Mahley grabbed Jarvis Williams and begged him to help keep the reporters from pushing and shoving their way into the crowd that was surrounding his buddy, Chris. Jarvis took over. His massive body was very intimidating to the reporters who tried to push their microphones into Chris's face. Jarvis reared up and told the reporters to stand back or he would tackle them like they were on the opposing football team. He pushed several reporters away from his buddy and threatened the rest of them. Tom helped and yelled for other guys from the dorm to help control the crowd and let Chris enter the dorm without being pushed and shoved.

"If you guys can control them, I will give the reporters an interview," Chris said. "I was hoping to come back here, take a shower, and go to bed, but I know they have a job to do. I never expected this crap, or I would have gone to the Tri-Delt house for the night."

Chris saw a bunch of his new friends from the dorm that were helping control the large crowd, and he really appreciated their efforts. He also saw that many of the fraternity members had arrived and were helping control the crowd to let him walk into the lobby without being banged around. Seeing the fraternity members at his dorm gave Chris a feeling of brotherhood. He loved seeing his fraternity friends at the dorm to help him get to his room without being hurt by the surging crowd. Jarvis was his bodyguard, and Chris could never ask for a better person to keep people from touching him. Just the size of the huge lineman was enough to intimidate the reporters from pushing their way toward the famous athlete.

"Tom," Chris asked, "you know this dorm better than anyone I know. Will you take charge and set up an area for the interview? I promise to talk to all of the reporters, but I am too weak to face a barrage of questions all at the same time. I don't really want to be on camera, but if you set things up, I will do it."

Tom was thrilled that his buddy would put him in charge of the situation, and immediately enlisted help from other residents of the dorm to help him control the crowd.

"I look like crap," Chris said to Mike. "I sure don't want to be on television looking like this, but I know that I have to do it."

"Makeup won't help make your ugly face look better," Mike teased. He then realized how embarrassing the situation was for his special buddy, and said, "most guys in your situation would just head for his room without talking to anyone. You are being awesome for putting your own feelings aside to be on television and talk about a very serious situation that the world needs to know about. I will be right beside you to give you support. I just want you to know that I love you like a brother, and will kill anyone who tries to hurt you."

Chris loved Mike. He had known for a long time that their friendship was genuine. They had sex together, but there was a stronger bond than just cumming together. They were best friends, and Chris valued the special bond with Mike. He remembered the first time that they had sex at the quarry not far from the campus. Whenever one of them got bummed out, they went to the quarry or listened to their favorite oldie song, "Turn, Turn, Turn" recorded by the Byrds in the 1960's. The two ways of coping with stress had never been shared with any of their other friends.

It took several minutes for a press conference area to be set up in the lobby. Tom was ordering people around, and any disagreements were quickly handled when Jarvis and other athletes or fraternity members made their bodies available to Tom. While the press conference area was being established, Chris told Mike to find Jane Vincent from Channel 12. Chris had seen her sports broadcasts, and had enjoyed seeing a woman reporting from the locker rooms of male athletes. She had a lot of class, and Chris wanted to talk to her in private. Jane was thrilled that Chris would talk to her live from the conference room adjacent to the lobby of the beautiful dormitory. She quickly got her cameraman situated to film the interview.

"This is Jane Vincent reporting live from the Jacobs Dormitory on the California State University campus," she began. "With me is CJ Hammer, the Olympic gold metal basketball player. CJ, I want to thank you for giving me this exclusive interview."

"Jane," Chris began, "I have watched your sports reporting, and I am very impressed with your professional way of presenting a different side to sports. You are very talented, and you are one awesome looking lady!"

Jane quickly realized that CJ Hammer was going to be a challenge to interview.

"CJ," Jane continued, "can you tell us what happened in Los Angeles yesterday?"

"Well," Chris began, "I got up early, went for a run, took a shower alone, unfortunately, and then had breakfast."

Jane laughed and knew that the big guy was a real tease.

"I mean what happened at the Bryant Middle School gym?" Jane professionally asked.

"Oh that," Chris teased. He continued talking with his Texas drawl. "I met this awesome girl named Amanda Martin. She is gonna start at UCLA this fall, and she is beautiful. I wish she were starting college here at CSU instead. That girl needs to be here on the CSU campus and live in the Jacobs Dorm so that she and I can be roomies."

"CJ," Jane persisted, "I don't know if network news is ready to hear that kind of personal information. Can you tell us about the attack and what happened in the gym?"

Chris realized that it was time to let Jane off the hook. He clinically described the attempted rape of his friend, Amanda. He described the gun and knife that were used to threaten him and his friends, and how he and his friends, Isaac and Danny Mendez, and Mikey Martin had tried to prevent the attack by fighting with the attackers. He said that they were successful in thwarting the attack, but that all of them had been injured.

"Tell us about the confrontation with the Los Angeles police officers," Jane continued.

"I think that I will avoid that question," Chris began. "I will say that I reacted to someone grabbing me from behind when I was in a very intense situation, and I unfortunately struck a police officer. I am very sorry that I hit a member of such a fine police force. The Los Angeles Police Force responded quickly to the life threatening situation, and I thank them for their dedication to their duty. I am very sorry that I didn't realize that the guy that was grabbing me from behind was a police officer. I am an honorary officer of the Dallas Police Force, and I would never intentionally hurt a fellow officer."

"What about the police officer that allegedly hit you with an illegal weapon known as a 'sap'," Jane probed.

"That is the part of the question that I will avoid," Chris replied. "I will let the Los Angeles Police Force take care of any allegations about that issue."

Jane quickly realized that CJ Hammer was either very intelligent, or had been coached in how to handle a live interview. She quickly diverted to asking about his injuries.

In Los Angeles, Saul Bernstein was watching the live interview of his son. He was at the UCLA chapter of his fraternity, and he wished that he were with his son during the interview. The fraternity members had interrupted their work with the National Vice-President to turn on the television, knowing that his son was on the live telecast from the CSU campus. He was impressed how his son was handling the probing questions of the talented sports announcer. He also knew that Sam Gardner had already talked to Hector Mendez about the numerous charges that needed to be filed. It was a reunion for the two lawyers, as they had met each other during California Bar Association meetings, and had become good friends.

"I'm not sure, Jane," Chris continued, "but I might have a small bruise on my face, and a small cut on my back."

Jane laughed and continued. "It is obvious that you have two black eyes, and we heard that you had 24 stitches in your back from a severe knife wound."

"I think it is vain to look into a mirror too much," Chris joked. "My best friend, Mike Mahley is here with me, and he says the changes in my face are a real improvement."

Jane was trying, unsuccessfully, to control her laughter, as Chris continued. "I am trained in Karate, and unfortunately, I had to use my skills to protect myself and my friends. If you promise to have dinner with me some time, I will show you the tiny cut on my back."

Jane knew that she was on the spot. The famous athlete was turning the tables on her and had become the interviewer, and she was thrilled at the candid content of the exclusive interview. She knew that her boss would be thrilled with the content of the interview that was being broadcasted across the Fox Television Network live. No other television channel or network was getting the chance to talk to CJ Hammer like she was.

"I am happily married," Jane began. "I don't think my husband would appreciate me having dinner with a handsome athlete like you."

"I'll invite you and your husband to join me for the best food in the world that is served right here at the Jacobs Dorm on the CSU campus, by Kevin Michaels. Kevin is the best chef in the state of California, and has a fantastic kitchen crew," Chris said. "You won't find a better place to eat unless you want Greek food, and then you should go to Dimitri's Restaurant here in town.

Jane quickly accepted the offer. Chris turned around and lifted his T-shirt, showing the long gash that had been closed with 24 stitches. He left his shirt up long enough for the camera man to zoom in on the deep cut that had been closed on his right side. Jane was shocked when she saw how large the deep wound was. She wondered if her television station was ready to broadcast a long gash that had been closed with so many stitches. It proved to her that CJ Hammer had been hurt more than what he was showing in the personal interview.

"CJ," Jane continued, "thank you for giving Channel 12 this exclusive interview. I hope that you recover from your injuries, and show the world how great an athlete you are as a CSU Falcon."

"Don't forget our date," Chris added.

Jane laughed and signed off, ending her exclusive interview.

Chris knew that the interview was over. Tom was motioning for Chris to leave the conference room, and Chris knew that it was time for the press conference to begin.

Before Chris left the conference room, he laughed and teased with Jane after the camera had stopped recording their interview.

"You are such a tease," Jane said. "I had a tough time during that interview, but I want you to know how special it was for me to talk to you before the official press conference. My boss is going to be in heaven when we show the exclusive interview across the nation on Fox News. Now that we are off camera, I want you to know that if I wasn't happily married, I would take you up on your dinner offer in a heartbeat!"

Chris laughed and said that he was happy to finally meet the lady sports announcer that he had admired for the past two years. He promised that as long as she kept reporting sports in such a fantastic way, that he would give her more exclusive interviews. He also said that he wanted to meet her husband, that the dinner offer was real, and that the food at the dorm was fantastic. Jane gave Chris a hug, avoiding the area of his back that had the long gash from the attack. She also agreed to accept the offer for her and her husband to have a meal with the famous athlete. They made a supper date for the next evening.

The Channel 12 crew set up their camera for the press conference, but the exclusive interview was already being televised across the nation. The Channel 12 crew at the station headquarters was celebrating as the interview hit the airwaves. They knew that Jane had scored an "exclusive" that would give the local station a ton of advertising in the future and special status with the national Fox Network.

In Boston, Massachusetts, the Carpenter family was thrilled to see their son and brother giving the exclusive interview. Charlie was the most emotional, as he cried when he saw his brother tease the local television reporter. He told his family that he knew that Chris was in pain, and was putting on a show for the television cameras. Randy hugged his twin brother and realized that they were both connected to their brother.

Chris followed Tom Borton to the makeshift podium where he would face the multitude of television, radio, and newspaper reporters. Tom took over as the announcer, and said, "My name is Thomas Borton, and I am a friend of CJ Hammer, the gold medal winner from the last Olympic basketball team. CJ has been injured by a savage attack that occurred in Los Angeles, California, at the Bryant Middle School. I want everyone to know that my friend was released from the hospital today after being treated for his injuries, and he is in pain and very tired. CJ will take a few questions, but I want everyone to realize that he has been through a very stressful situation, and that he is on pain medication and antibiotics for his injuries. If the press disrespects my friend by being abusive, this press conference will end very quickly."

Tom introduced CJ Hammer to the multitude of reporters. Hundreds of CSU students were standing in the large lobby area to hear the live interview with the famous athlete.

"My name is CJ Hammer," Chris began. "I was in Los Angeles to help my roommate and his family pack for a move from one neighborhood to another. We took a break from the packing to play basketball at the Bryant Middle School, where my friends were attacked. My friends, Isaac and Daniel Mendez, along with Amanda and Mikey Martin were attacked, and we fought back. I am not going to describe the events that occurred. I will just say that we defended ourselves, and all of my friends and I were injured in the attack."

The reporters did not respect the instructions that Tom had given them, and all started screaming questions at Chris. They were pushing and shoving each other to get their microphones as close to the podium as possible. The lobby was a bedlam. There was no way to control the barrage of questions that were screamed at the star athlete, or the crowd of reporters that was pushing toward the podium. Tom tried to calm the reporters down, but his efforts were futile.

Tom was brilliant, as he raised his hands and told the reporters that the interview was over, due to their disregard for the rules that he had given them. The reporters were livid, and demanded that Chris answer the multitude of questions that they asked him. Jarvis came up along with several other athletes to block the surging crowd, and led Chris out of the lobby toward the elevator. The other athletes and fraternity members blocked the reporters from getting close to Chris and Mike, and they got in the elevator and left the melee.

"I hated that," Chris said to Mike. "I wish I was at the fraternity where I could take a shower and go to bed with no one trying to ask me questions."

Mike carefully hugged his buddy and said that he would stay with him for the night, and make sure that no one bothered him. Chris was exhausted, and didn't want to see anyone for the rest of the night. They got into Chris's room and grabbed towels to head for the shower room across the hall. As soon as they got to the door to the shower room, they saw Jarvis standing guard at the doorway along with Jerome Wilkins, Delano Genovesi, and Harrison Grissom. The shower room was vacant, and the special friends blocked anyone else from entering the showers until Chris and Mike were finished. Mike was extremely gentle as he helped his buddy wash his massive body. Mike knew that he had to be careful when he washed Chris's back, as he avoided touching the fresh stitches. They finished their showers quickly, and Chris thanked his buddies for keeping people away from him. He knew that Isaac was spending the night with Leif, and invited the guys to fill Isaac's bed for the night. He eliminated any questions from the guys by saying that he wanted Mike to sleep with him in his bed.

Delano grabbed Harrison's hand and led him toward the door of the room. It was obvious to everyone that Delano and Harrison were more than friends were when they kissed in the hallway and promised to protect Chris and Mike from any intrusion. Jarvis and Jerome said that they would grab chairs and sit outside the door to the room to keep away any intruders.

Chris dropped his towel and slipped on a pair of boxers, groaning as he bent over to pull the boxers up. Mike was fantastic as he found the pain pills and antibiotics for Chris to take. Chris lay down on his large bed, and groaned in pain. Delano went to the small refrigerator in the room and retrieved a bottle of water for Chris to use to wash down the pills. Mike gave Chris the pills and watched as his friend washed them down and collapsed on the bed. Mike got in bed with Chris and tried to hide the tears that were flowing down his face. He knew that his buddy was in pain, and he wanted to comfort him. Mike carefully snuggled next to Chris and tried to stifle his sobs. Chris pulled Mike to his side and fell asleep.

Delano and Harrison talked quietly about how special their new friend was. They undressed and got into Isaac's bed. They fell asleep together, while Jarvis and Jerome stood guard outside the door to the dorm room.

Chris woke up the next morning with Mike cuddled on his chest. He looked down at the light brown hair of his buddy and thanked God that he had friends like Mike. He ached all over and knew that it would be a long time before he felt normal. One thing that was normal was his morning boner that demanded attention. Chris struggled to separate himself from Mike's grasp, and headed across the hall to drain his bladder. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Jarvis and Jerome awake in the chairs in the hallway.

"Jesus," Chris said, "did you guys stay here all night?"

"We took a couple breaks to do some intense male bonding," Jerome admitted. "Jarvis has a quick trigger!"

"That was overshare," Chris laughed.

He drained his bladder and went back into the hallway.

"One of these days I will feel better," Chris said, "and then I would like to thank you guys by sucking you dry!"

The two black athletes went ballistic. They both wanted to bond intimately with their dorm buddy, and hoped that Chris would recover quickly.

Chris went back into his room after giving his two black friends a gentle hug. He found Mike staggering around the room with his boxers tented out with a morning hardon.

"Go drain the main vein and come back her for some oral sex," Chris announced to his special friend.

He watched Mike stagger toward the doorway, knowing that Mike was not a "morning person". He looked at Isaac's bed and saw Delano and Harrison sleeping together nude. From the positions of the two bodies and the stains on the sheets, Chris knew that the two guys had done more than sleep together during the night.

Chris grabbed his pills and took them with the remaining water from the bottle that Delano had given him the previous night. He ached all over, but felt his cock throb into life with the hope that Mike would come back soon to suck him off. His wish was granted when Mike came back into the room and immediately kissed Chris on the lips. The kiss started out gently, but progressed into a passionate tongue kiss.

"Lay down on the bed so I can suck your brains out," Mike whispered to Chris. "I heard Delano and Harrison sucking and fucking all night, and now I want my turn."

Chris moaned as he felt the stitches in his back pull when he lay down on his bed. Mike pulled down the front of Chris's boxers and inhaled the large boner. He nibbled on the foreskin that he loved so much and ran his tongue under the sensitive membrane. Chris was in heaven, as he had not had any sexual release in three days. He relaxed and enjoyed the oral attentions of his best friend.

Mike was an expert cocksucker, and knew what really turned Chris on. He wanted to shove his finger inside Chris's tight ass, but knew that the probing would cause Chris to lift up his ass and create tension on the tender back muscles and stitches. Mike slurped and sucked on the huge shaft and squeezed Chris's large scrotum and balls. The moans from Chris woke up Delano and Harrison, and they both watched Mike pleasure their buddy.

Delano and Harrison both wished that they were the guy sucking the huge cock of the star athlete, but realized that they would have to wait their turns. Mike was a member of the fraternity that they dreamed of pledging, and they quickly realized that their sexual orientation was not unique, as they watched the fraternity member blow another guy. They watched as Chris went into orbit, screaming as he unloaded his cum directly into Mike Mahley's mouth. Mike was selfish, as he never let the two witnesses see how much cum was being pumped into his mouth. He swallowed the entire load, and dreamed of having Chris as his lover for the rest of his life. He knew that Chris was extremely popular with the guys at the dorm and at the fraternity. Mike had talked to Joe McClure, and knew that Joe was one of the few guys who could easily take the entire length of Chris's massive cock down his throat and up his ass. Mike knew that he could never compete with handsome guys like Joe and his deep throat talents. He also knew that Chris was very attached to Isaac, and that the two roommates had bonded closely. Mike carefully finished Chris off, with Delano and Harrison watching and giving him words of encouragement.

"My head and back might still hurt," Chris said, "but my mouth wants your cock inside it right now!"

Mike laughed as he slid up on the bed to offer his boner to Chris's hungry mouth. Chris was an expert cocksucker, and knew how to drive Mike wild. He sucked the entire length of Mike's cock into his throat and shoved his large index finger inside Mike's tight ass. Mike went postal and screamed as he felt the finger stroke over his prostate. Mike was the most intense sex partner that Chris had ever been with. When Mike had sex with a guy, he let all of his inhibitions loose. He bucked and screamed as he enjoyed the sexual events that drove him toward orgasm. He announced his orgasm with a series of loud screams and groans. Chris sucked like a vacuum cleaner as his mouth and throat were filled with warm, thick cum. Mike collapsed. His cock was still throbbing inside Chris's mouth until every drop of liquid was drained.

Outside the room, Jarvis and Jerome heard the screams of ecstasy, and hugged each other. They knew that in the future, they would get their turn sucking the snot out of Chris's huge cock, and hoped that the other members of the Tri-Delt fraternity would be receptive to guys who were gay or bi. Two other guys had agreed to relieve the door guards and had also heard the moans of passion from the guarded room.

Delano and Harrison watched as the two horny lovers satisfied each other. They raced across the hall to get rid of their full bladders and returned to the room to jump on Isaac's bed. They immediately got into a 69 position and sucked each other to a quick orgasm. The hard cocks in their mouths drowned their moans of ecstasy out. Mike and Chris watched the horny studs blow each other, and knew that both of their temporary roommates would be great additions to the Tri-Delt fraternity.

Mike had turned off the ringer on the telephone in the dorm room, knowing that the phone would be constantly ringing, and that Chris needed to rest. He grabbed a pad of paper and pen off from Chris's desk and handed the items to Chris.

"You can decide who you want to call back," Mike said as he turned on the speakerphone and punched the button for the Voice Mail system. The mailbox was filled to capacity, with a total of 50 messages. Chris groaned when he heard how many messages were waiting for him and Isaac.

"I'm really hungry," Chris admitted. "That tiny dose of protein that you gave me didn't fill my little tummy, and I want to chow down at the breakfast buffet."

Mike laughed and threatened to smack Chris on the head. Chris warned Mike that Momma Mendez would drive to the campus and kick his ass if he touched him.

"Are you gonna tell her that I blew your brains out?" Mike teased.

"I think that information would be considered 'overshare'," Chris laughed.

Mike suggested that they listen to some of the messages before they hit the cafeteria. Chris made a list of the people that he wanted to call back. The first few messages had been recorded before the attack had been reported. They had listened to 15 messages before Mike turned off the speakerphone and announced that it was time for breakfast.

Tom Jankowski and Hunter Greenwood had relieved Jarvis and Jermaine as the door guards. Chris was surprised to see the fraternity president taking time to come to the dorm to help him get a good night's rest.

Tom teased Chris and Mike about the moaning that he and Hunter had heard through the door when they relieved Jarvis and Jerome. He had recognized the two voices that had entertained the fraternity members several times in the past. Hunter grinned; knowing that all four guys leaving the room had popped a nut. He and Tom had talked a lot during their watch at the door, and had made plans to do some moaning of their own real soon.

"Get your meal card ready for some serious hammering," Tom teased Chris. "Hunter and I will be down real soon, but first I want to eat some Hunter Pudding."

The four satisfied studs left the dorm area and headed down to the busy cafeteria. As soon as Chris entered the cafeteria students who wanted to say Hi to him and voice their concerns about his injuries surrounded him. Kevin came out of the kitchen to thank Chris for the praise during the Channel 12 interview. He invited Chris to eat in the kitchen to give him some privacy, but Chris refused the special offer.

"I'm gonna have to face my friends sooner or later," Chris admitted. "If I get tired, I will go back to my room or to the Tri-Delt house to relax."

Chris, Mike, Delano and Harrison were almost finished with breakfast when Tom and Hunter came into the cafeteria. Chris laughed when he saw how Hunter was walking. It was obvious that the handsome freshman had taken some "Polish Sausage" from Tom. He teased Tom about the way that Hunter was walking as he handed Tom his meal card.

"Your handsome buddy can do more than run track," Tom said. "He did a nice 'shot put' up my butt after he massaged my tonsils with his javelin. I think we are rounding up a great bunch of pledge candidates way ahead of the official rush week."

Chris and Mike went back to the dorm room. Delano and Harrison were stripping the beds to wash the sheets after the night of pleasure. Chris listened to the rest of the messages. He already knew that he had to call B, his Boston family, his grandparents in Wisconsin, Sam and Kate, and Justin. When he heard the message from John Stevens, the Athletic Director for CSU, he added his name to the list. Marcus Knight had called twice, once before the attack and once after.

"When are you gonna stop this shit with Marcus?" Mike asked. "Jermaine told me that Marcus is going nuts about you. They have their first meeting next week, and all of the players are afraid that you won't play ball with them. Jermaine said that the four freshmen that accepted basketball scholarships all did it with the understanding that you were committed to play for Marcus. I'm your best friend, and I am begging you to stop this before Marcus goes crazy or has a heart attack!"

"Okay, asshole," Chris said. "If what you said is true, I will call it quits next week at the first basketball meeting. I know we can't officially start practicing for another month. Can I trust Jermaine to keep a secret?"

"A Tri-Delt brother can always be trusted," Mike stated emphatically. "You should know that by now, you fucking asshole!"

"I love it when you talk dirty to me," Chris teased. "I need Jermaine and the other basketball players to help me pull a little prank on Marcus. If someone leaks out what I am planning, I won't play basketball for CSU."

Mike was shocked at what Chris said, but promised to talk to Jermaine about the need for secrecy. The phone line in the room was blinking, so Mike answered the phone.

"HOLY SHIT!" Mike screamed. He had the mouthpiece of the phone covered with his hand as he announced that Shaquille O'Neal was on the phone. He listened to one side of the conversation until he couldn't stand it anymore. He punched the speakerphone button to hear the super star NBA player talk to his buddy.

"I was really upset when I heard about the attack," Shaq said. "I wanted to talk to you and find out how you are doing."

"My headache is almost gone," Chris said, "but my back is sore. I need to take a dump, and I don't know if I will be able to wipe my own butt."

Shaq laughed at the openness of his young buddy. He knew that when he had back problems the simple things in life could really hurt.

"Do you want Daddy Shaq to come and wipe your dirty butt for you?" Shaq teased.

"I still owe you one for throwing me in your pool the last time I was at your home," Chris said. "Don't push your luck by teasing an injured warrior, or I will turn loose my Cherokee heritage on your sorry black butt!"

Shaq laughed. He said that Marcus was calling him almost every day, begging him to talk to Chris about playing basketball for CSU.

"Marcus is getting too much heat, buddy," Shaq said. "When are you gonna fry him?"

"I need some more help," Chris said, "but it looks like next Wednesday."

"I wish I could be there to see what you do to him," Shaq admitted.

"I have plans to videotape the event of the year for everyone," Chris admitted. "My best friend Mike is listening to what we say right now. He is gonna get me some help from the basketball team."

The call ended when Shaq said that he had to go to a meeting. Mike was thrilled that he had actually talked to the famous pro basketball player, and that he was referred to as Chris's "best friend".

Chris made a bunch of phone calls before he called the office of John Stevens, the Athletic Director. When Chris asked to make an appointment to talk to John, the secretary said she would check the busy schedule, and that Mr. Stevens was in an important meeting. Something about the deep baritone voice with the Texas drawl rang a bell in her mind.

"May I ask who is calling," she asked.

"I apologize for not telling you, ma'am," Chris said. "I'm CJ Hammer, and Mr. Stevens has been calling me. He wants to talk to me and I want to talk to him too."

Janet Adams knew that John Stevens was in an important meeting and had told her to hold his calls. She also knew the importance of having CJ Hammer commit to playing basketball for CSU, and decided to interrupt the meeting. John was upset at the interruption until he heard who was on the line to talk to him. He apologized to the attendees of the meeting, and raced out of his office to take the call.

"CJ," John said. "I'm so happy that you called me. I really want to talk to you in person, but we can talk now on the phone."

"Mr. Stevens, I know that you were in a meeting," Chris began. "I didn't mean to interrupt your meeting, I only wanted to make an appointment to come in and talk to you in private."

John Stevens was impressed at how polite the famous athlete was. He knew that CJ Hammer was so famous that he could easily develop a superiority complex and make demands from the university Athletic Department.

"I'll clear my calendar for any time that you want to come in," John admitted, "or I will come to your dorm to talk with you. I know that you are in pain, and I don't want you to have to come here."

Chris laughed and said that he needed to get out of his dorm room and get some exercise. He also said that he didn't want to interfere with any established meetings or appointments that had already been made. He told John that he didn't have any classes that day, and that he would like to talk to him at his convenience.

John Stevens was impressed. He looked at his schedule and saw an opening for 1/2 hour at 2:00 p.m. Chris promised that he would be there, and thanked the AD for making time for him.

Chris took care of his nature call and winced with pain as he strained his injured muscles and stitches when he wiped his butt. He could have asked for help from one of his dorm buddies, but some things are just too personal. He returned to his room and grabbed his acoustic guitar and began strumming a song that was B's favorite. The music was originally recorded by Mason Williams, and the song was titled "Classical Gas". Chris was playing the guitar part of the instrumental song that was recorded with the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra. Tom Borton was walking up to the door to the room, and heard the guitar music. He guessed that Isaac or Chris was listening to a recording of the guitar solo. When he knocked on the door, the music quickly stopped.

Chris opened the door and greeted his friend. He had left his guitar on his bed when he got up to answer the door.

"HOLY FUCK!" Tom exclaimed. "That was you playing the guitar!!"

Chris laughed and said that athletes could do more than play sports. Tom begged Chris to play the song again, but Chris was embarrassed. Tom insisted, and Chris finally agreed. Tom couldn't believe how talented Chris was as he listened to Chris play the entire guitar solo without a single mistake. The guitar solo was a difficult piece to play, and no one on campus could match the efforts of Mason Williams. Tom was a member of the symphony orchestra for CSU, and had dreamed of playing a variety of music for the fall concert. The concert was always held in the outdoor shell on campus. Any concert performed by the college students had free admission. It was the highlight of the year for the orchestra, and they worked hard to make the concert successful. Tom had an idea that involved convincing the star athlete to play "Classical Gas" with the orchestra. Tom asked Chris to play in the concert, but Chris refused.

"You don't need a dumb jock messing up your concert," Chris said. "I have seen the last two concerts, and they were awesome!"

"You dumb fuck!" Tom yelled at Chris. "You are fantastic! What do I have to do to convince you to practice with us?"

Chris thought about the stereotypes of jocks and brains. He knew that stereotypes really sucked, and he always loved the diversity of the Tri-Delt fraternity, where guys with all kinds of different talents were accepted. He knew that his fall schedule would be filled with classes and practices with the football and basketball teams. He wondered if he could fit in another round of practices.

"I am gonna be awful busy this fall with football," Chris admitted. "If I decide to play basketball too, I don't think the coaches will let me out of practice to play with the orchestra. I have to admit that I would like to break down some of the stereotypes of jocks and non-athletes here on campus. I have some favorite songs that I would love to play for my family and friends in a concert, but the coaches would have to agree. I also want to pledge the Delta Delta Delta fraternity, and being a pledge might make it impossible for me to be in the concert."

"Let me take care of the coaches," Tom said. "I have some influence with the music director, and he can go to Jonathan Crawford, the University President and convince the coaches. I am so excited about the thought of you performing with us that I am ready to cum in my pants."

Chris laughed and said that he had to leave for a meeting, but that Tom should hold that thought until he returned. Tom was a very handsome guy, and Chris wanted another dose of protein before the day was over. He put on a pair of sunglasses to hide his two black eyes, and walked across campus to the administrative offices for the meeting with the AD.

John Stevens was waiting for the star athlete. Chris introduced himself to Janet Adams and said that he was pleased to meet her. John quickly guided Chris into his office and closed the door, after telling Janet that absolutely no interruptions would be allowed.

"CJ," John began, "I am thrilled that you came to see me. I know that you have made a commitment to play football here at CSU, but I hope that you will consider playing basketball instead. You could have accepted scholarships to play football, basketball, or baseball, but you turned down all of our offers. I have never had an athlete turn down scholarship offers and then apply for regular student status. We need you in our basketball program, and I want to know how I can convince you to play for us."

Marcus Knight is a great coach," Chris began. "He hooked me up with Shaquille O'Neal, and that is how I got into the Olympic competition. I love Marcus, but he set me up with Shaq, and I could have been in some major trouble with that huge NBA player."

John Stevens laughed and admitted that Marcus had set him up for disaster too. He was supposed to play handball with the Athletic Director from Stanford, and Marcus had filled his jock with itching powder. He had lost the match and a lot of pride when he was constantly itching his crotch until he forfeited the match to rush to the shower room. John told Chris that he wanted to get even with Marcus for the prank that had cost him a great deal of pride.

"I have known you for over two years, and I consider you a personal friend," Chris said. "As a personal friend, I would like you to call me Chris instead of CJ."

John was shocked at the offer from the famous athlete, and said that Chris could call him by his first name of John.

"Thanks for the offer," Chris replied, "but you have a very important job here on the CSU campus, and I think it would be disrespectful for me to call you anything but Mr. Stevens. Maybe some day I will be comfortable with calling you 'John' but not right now."

"If you are willing to help me pull a prank on Marcus, I will commit to playing basketball for CSU," Chris promised. "Marcus and Shaq have both used me to mess with each other, and I want to bust both of them and get out of the middle of their friendly feud. I need a lot of help, but it sounds like you need to get even with Marcus too. I just want you to promise not to tell Marcus that I was here today, and help me pull a prank on him."

John Stevens quickly agreed to do whatever was necessary to secure the famous athlete for his basketball program. He also wanted to be part of a prank to repay Marcus for the itching powder prank.

Chris left the office of the Athletic Director, knowing that his plan for messing with Marcus Knight was developing fast. He was thrilled that he would have help in pulling the "prank of the century".

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