The saga continues in the college life of C.J. Hammer. In this chapter, Chris gives some of the CSU students an idea of how devious his mind is for pulling pranks.

CJ Chapter 12

Life returned to normal for Chris during the rest of the week. He attended his classes, did his homework, kept in touch with his family and friends, but spent a lot of time planning how to fry Marcus Knight. The CSU clinic removed the stitches from his back, and told him that he could begin limited exercising.

Jermaine Lewis brought six returning lettermen from the basketball team to Chris's room for a secret meeting. Chris knew all of the guys from his previous visits to the campus, and they were thrilled that he was going to join their team. All of them had been victims of pranks by Marcus, and loved the idea that they would be included in the new plot. They all promised to keep the plans a secret, knowing that Chris had threatened not to play basketball if his plan was leaked to Marcus. The players were given information to "leak" to Marcus about Chris, but were told up front that they would not know the entire plan and who else was involved.

Chris also enlisted Isaac's help, as he needed the prank recorded on video equipment in the gym and private office of the basketball coach. Justin Abernathy, Mike's roommate at the fraternity, was also an Audio/Visual major, and was thrilled when he was included in the plot. Justin had access to the CSU cameras in the press box and the portable equipment.

John Stevens, the Athletic Director, had already started his part in the prank by following Chris's suggestions for putting the heat on Marcus. John had already agreed to Chris playing both basketball and football, and said he would handle any conflicts with the coaches about Chris missing practices for Karate competition or orchestra practice. Things were working great, and it was time for the first meeting of the basketball players in the CSU gym.

Justin had asked Marcus if it was okay for him to check out the portable video equipment by filming the meeting with the basketball team. Isaac was running the press box camera system, and it was "show time" when Marcus gave his approval.

Marcus and John were having a private discussion as the players filtered into the gym. The players were all wearing street clothes, as they couldn't start practicing officially for another two weeks.

"I don't care what you have to do to get Hammer on this team," John said forcefully. "You and I both know that we need a power center after Wheeler graduated, and Hammer is the best in the nation."

"John, I've tried everything to get him to talk to me," Marcus pleaded. "Chris has become a completely different person from the great kid that I once knew. I have team rules and principles that I won't compromise for him."

"Fuck the rules and principles!" John demanded. The college president is putting a ton of pressure on me and the AD's from other colleges are laughing at me! Now I hear that we might lose some of our freshmen recruits! They say that they accepted our scholarships with the understanding that Hammer was going to play for us!"

"Jesus, John," Marcus said. "I don't need any more pressure right now. Chris has changed. I don't accept long hair, obscene tattoos, or bad attitude on my team, and I hear that he has body piercing, hair down past his shoulders, and vulgar tattoos on his legs and arms."

"You figure out a way to handle those minor problems," John ordered. "Have him wear a headband, cover the tattoos with makeup, and have him take out the jewelry during the games. If you don't get him on the team, your job is on the line!"

Marcus choked. For the past ten years he had fielded a quality basketball team with winning records. He had hoped that this year they would win the conference championship and get an automatic slot in the NCAA tournament. His team could be competitive without Hammer, but with him, it would be fantastic. Now he could lose his job and any chance for future years as a head coach. Marcus didn't realize that the video equipment was recording his conversation with John and that John was wearing a wireless microphone.

The lettermen had all arrived, and Marcus began the meeting by introducing the Athletic Director to the team members. John was just starting to make some comments to the team when a loud noise at the other end of the gym attracted everyone's attention. Through the doorway came CJ Hammer wearing shorts and a T-shirt. In huge letters across the front of the shirt were two words: "FUCK YOU". Chris was bouncing a basketball as he moved to the center of the basketball court.

Marcus was shocked. Long blonde hair was sticking out of the back of the baseball cap on Chris's head. The blonde hair was streaked with blue and red. Long earrings were dangling from both ears and a post was sticking through Chris's nostril. On his left leg, Chris had a tattoo that said, "EAT ME" in large red letters. The right leg had "SUCK HERE" in dark blue letters with an arrow pointing up toward Chris's crotch. On his left forearm, Chris had a tattoo that said, "I LOVE HEAD", with a heart replacing the word, "LOVE".

The basketball players started laughing at the appearance of the huge jock. Marcus screamed at them to shut up, as he saw nothing that was funny.

Chris bounced the basketball and took a shot from the center of the basketball court. He was thrilled when the ball swished through the net.

"I come to practice when I feel like it. I play when I want to. I call the shots for the team. Are there any fucking questions?" Chris said forcefully. He then ran toward the basketball goal, picked up the basketball, and slam-dunked the ball through the hoop.

"We want to talk to you in Marcus's office," John announced. "You other players take a short break."

In the private office, two hidden video cameras were recording the conversation between Marcus and John.

"I don't care what he looks like and I don't give a fuck about your team principles!" John said to Marcus. "You get him on the team or else! Put some lip gloss on your lips and kiss his ass if you have to."

Marcus was pacing back and forth in the office, trying to decide what to do. He didn't want to lose his job, but he also didn't want to compromise his personal values and principles. A knock on the door interrupted their heated discussion.

"Come in," Marcus yelled.

What he saw shocked him. Standing in the doorway was CJ Hammer. His blonde hair was no longer that the tops of his ears, except for the long thin braid hanging down the left side of his head and past his shoulder. Gone were the red and blue streaks and the long blonde hair. Also missing was all of the jewelry and obscene tattoos. Chris was wearing a white CSU T-shirt and white shorts.

"You wanted to see me Coach Knight?" Chris asked. "I hope you have the practice schedules ready, as I want to make sure I am on time for each practice. I am excited about playing basketball for you."

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?" Marcus screamed. "YOUR HAIR...THE PIERCING...THE TATTOOS..." He stuttered, as his emotions took over.

"I can get some real piercing, real tattoos, and let my hair grow long if you want me to," Chris teased. "Am I dressed appropriately for practicing with the team?"

Marcus nodded that Chris looked great. He was in shock and then realized that he had been setup, and that Chris had pulled a major prank on him.


The other basketball players had followed Chris to the office and were standing outside the door, listening to the heated conversation and laughing.

"I think this makes us even for you setting me up with Shaq," Chris said. "Shaq could have killed me for the 'Jasmine' prank you had me pull on him."

Chris turned around to reveal that the back of his T-shirt had been cut away, along with the back of his shorts. Written across his back in bold letters was one word: "GOTCHA". When Marcus saw the special word that he and Shaq used when they pulled a prank on each other, he knew who had convinced Chris to pull this prank. On the left cheek of Chris's exposed butt was the word, "KISS". On the right cheek was the word, "THIS". Chris headed for the locker room to change.

Marcus slumped down on his desk chair. He turned to look at John and saw his boss holding a card with the word 'GOTCHA" written on it. The team players all held up similar cards.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Marcus exclaimed. "All of you were in on this with Chris?"

Everyone laughed, and Marcus finally joined in.

"Well my buddy Shaq has finally done it!" Marcus admitted. "He finally got even with me over Jasmine. I don't even have the pictures of him and Jasmine to threaten him with anymore. I guess I deserved this for pulling pranks on him and other guys."

Marcus continued talking about how he had been "busted" by everyone. He knew that it was the "prank of the century" and laughed about how he had been set up for the prank for several months. Chris came back into the office, this time wearing normal jeans and a Polo shirt. He positioned himself in front of one of the hidden cameras and began talking.

"Well Shaq," Chris said to the camera, "Marcus doesn't know that this was all video taped for your benefit. You two guys have used me to tease each other, and now it is time for me to get out of the middle. I want to return things to the way they were between you and Marcus before. Do you remember the last time I was at your home when you pushed me into the swimming pool? I was wearing thin white shorts over thin white boxers, and when I got out of the pool, everyone, including you, was laughing at me. The water made my clothes invisible, and 'little Chris' was on display like I was nude. I told you that I would get even with you, and it's time for that to happen."

Chris pulled out a large manila envelope that had the word, "Jasmine" written on it. He handed the envelope to Marcus and said to the hidden camera, "after I changed my clothes at your house, I went into your office and opened your safe. You really should have used a combination that was different than your birth date. I saw the combination when you opened the safe to show me the pictures. I put a different envelope in the safe with some pieces of plain paper inside. Now things are even!"

Chris pulled Marcus over to stand in front of the hidden camera and handed him a "GOTCHA" sign. Marcus had tears in his eyes as he held the sign and gave Shaq "the finger".

All of the guys displayed their "GOTCHA" signs for the camera to record. Isaac and Justin came into the office and turned off the hidden cameras, saying that they would edit the film and add headings to make the recording more professional.

"Now that we have things taken care of," Chris said, "I am hungry, and I have made reservations for all of us to have a great meal at Dimitri's Restaurant. I'd like to ride with Marcus so we can talk during the trip if you guys don't mind."

Marcus hugged Chris and said that he was glad that all the nasty rumors about Chris weren't true. He had his blonde buddy back, and the future of the basketball team looked great. He didn't realize at the time that CJ Hammer's commitment to play basketball would be ripped to pieces by tragic events.

As soon as the large group arrived at Dimitri's Restaurant, Tomas and Dimitri greeted Chris with hugs and kisses on both of his cheeks. It was a traditional Greek greeting, and Chris loved it. Dimitri told the group that the private dining room at the rear of the restaurant had been reserved for them.

The arrival of the group of tall athletes drew a great deal of attention from the restaurant customers. One in particular took notice that CJ Hammer had arrived with the CSU basketball coach, Athletic Director, and all of the returning lettermen from last year's basketball team. Jane Vincent was just finishing her meal with her crew from Channel 12 News, and her instincts kicked in. The previous Sunday, several papers had published an article titled, "Knight is Hammerless", stating that Marcus Knight, head coach of the CSU basketball team had been unable to convince CJ Hammer to play for his team. The article was very critical of Coach Knight, saying that the best high school basketball player in the nation had refused to play for him. The article was very long, detailed all of CJ Hammer's basketball awards and honors, and quoted "anonymous" sources for the information. Jane could smell another exclusive story if she could get CJ Hammer in front of the Channel 12 camera. One of her crew called the station and made arrangements for a live broadcast, hoping that Jane would be successful.

"CJ", Jane called out as she approached the large group of athletes.

Chris recognized his friend and greeted her with a hug. Jane wasted no time is telling Chris that seeing him with the basketball team was a sign that he was considering playing for Marcus Knight, and she asked for the interview. Chris laughed and said that the newspaper articles were full of lies and that he would give her a live interview to set the record straight.

The camera was running in the private dining room when Jane began her formal introduction.

"This is Jane Vincent, reporting live from Dimitri's Restaurant near the California State University campus. With me are John Stevens, Athletic Director, Marcus Knight, head basketball coach, and CJ Hammer. CJ, there have been recent press articles stating that you have refused to play basketball for Marcus Knight. Can you comment on those articles for our audience?"

"Well, Jane, first I want to thank you and your husband, Bob for having supper with me at the Jacobs Dorm on campus. It's too bad that Bob is such a great guy, as I wished that you were single and available."

Jane knew that this was going to be another difficult interview with the tricky athlete with the sparkling sense of humor.

"What can you say about the press releases," Jane asked Chris.

"Well I have some great news," Chris began. Jane was relieved that Chris was going to let her get the information she wanted for her live telecast. "I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance with Geico," Chris teased, using the line from a current commercial on television. Jane couldn't stop from laughing at the joke he was pulling on her.

"I think I will let Marcus Knight and John Stevens make any further comments," Chris said. He was laughing as he pushed Marcus in front of the camera.

Jane quickly turned to address Marcus.

"Coach Marcus Knight, what information do you have for our listeners?" Jane asked.

"I am very pleased to announce that CJ Hammer, the gold medal winner from the last Olympic basketball team has agreed to play basketball for the California State University Falcons," Marcus said. "CJ has been my personal friend for over four years, and we want to set the record straight. The press releases that said that CJ had refused to play for me were inaccurate, and I challenge the reporters to retract their comments. CJ had some issues to handle before he made his formal commitment to me and John Stevens, my boss and Athletic Director for CSU."

Jane turned her attention to John Stevens. "John Stevens, do you have anything to add?" Jane asked.

"Yes I do," John replied. "CJ Hammer is a fine young man who will be playing both football and basketball for our fine university. CJ has recovered from his recent injuries and has returned to his conditioning program. We at California State University are very pleased that this talented athlete chose our university over all of the other colleges in the nation."

Jane knew that she had the information that she wanted, and signed off of the live broadcast. She went up to Chris and slapped him gently on the back of the head.

"You jerk," Jane teased, "we just gave out a free commercial for Geico Insurance!"

Everyone laughed at the prank that Chris had played on the Channel 12-news crew. Jane was laughing as she told Chris that she would have to be more careful when she interviewed him in the future. Jane and her crew left. Chris and the basketball group had a great meal of Greek food and discussed strategy for the upcoming basketball season. It was a very relaxing evening after the intensity of the prank in the gym.

Marcus drove Chris back to campus. On the way to the Jacobs Dorm, Chris saw Nathan Pease walking alone and asked Marcus to stop the car.

"Hey Nathan," Chris yelled to his Karate buddy. "Sup, dude?"

When Chris heard that Nathan was bored, he quickly invited him to be "bored" with him at the dorm, knowing that Isaac was headed to the Tri-Delt house to slap skin with Leif. Nathan picked up on the double meaning of the word, "bored", and hoped that he would get a chance to hookup with Chris.

Marcus dropped the two students off at the front door of the dorm, and knew that his wife was going to be very happy with the news that he had for her about CJ Hammer playing basketball for him. Shanelle had been very upset with Chris, and never expected the special friend of her husband to cause trouble. Marcus knew that he could never tell his wife all of the details of the pranks he and Shaq had played on each other, but he knew she would be very happy to learn that Chris was the same teenaged guy that she had grown to love. He also knew that his excitement about having the best basketball player in the nation on his team would lead to some intense sex with his wife.

When Chris and Nathan got to the dorm room, things happened very fast. Chris saw the lust in Nathan's eyes and knew the small guy was horny. Chris had been hoping that he would have a chance to have sex with his little buddy. He pulled Nathan into a passionate kiss, and squeezed the small globes of Nathan's tight ass. To Chris, it was like holding a young teenaged boy, as he lifted the 120 pounds like it was a feather.

"God, I've wanted to get you in bed ever since I met you," Chris said to Nathan. "Everything about your body screams, 'SEX'!"

"I wish I had a bigger dick," Nathan admitted. "I know you've got a huge one, and it is kinda embarrassing for me to show you mine."

"When I saw your boner in the showers," Chris said, "I knew it was a perfect match to a perfect body. I'm gonna eat every inch of your body until you scream for me to stop!"

"I'm kinda grungy," Nathan admitted. "I need to take a shower."

"Are you up to taking a fuck?" Chris asked. "I promise to go easy on you, but I really want to bone that awesome ass of yours!"

Nathan admitted that he wanted to be fucked by Chris's huge cock, but he was afraid he would be split wide open. Chris and Nathan agreed to flush out their solid waste, take a shower together, and see how much cock Nathan could take without being injured. When they finished their showers, they headed back to the room for some intense sex.

Chris picked up the smaller guy so they could kiss. Their tongues dueled, as their passions increased. Nathan could feel the huge boner that was rubbing up and down the crack of his ass. He loved the skin contact with the huge athlete and wanted to suck the huge cock. He pushed away from Chris to break the hot kiss and announced his desire to suck the big cock.

"I wish I had a foreskin," Nathan admitted. "It must feel awesome!"

"Let's try something," Chris said. He lifted Nathan up and stood him on top of a stool in the room. The height change made it possible for their dicks to be at the same level, if Chris pushed his long boner down.

Chris pulled back his long foreskin and told Nathan to put his dick head against Chris's. When the two dicks were aligned, Chris slid his foreskin forward, covering the smaller head of Nathan's cock.

"Grab my foreskin and stroke it over the head of your dick," Chris suggested.

Nathan did what Chris suggested, and for the first time in his life, he felt the sensation of having a sheath of skin surrounding his cock head.

"This is awesome!" Nathan exclaimed. He stroked his cock and savored the feeling of having the thin skin excite his throbbing cock as the two guys kissed passionately. It was an intense feeling, and Nathan announced that he was going to cum.

Chris dropped to his knees and swallowed the cock of his Karate friend. He was quickly rewarded with several blasts of warm, thick cum. The flavor of the warm cum was unique, and Chris loved every blast, holding it in his mouth until it was time for the next shot. He saved the last few smaller pumps of Nathan's load in his mouth, and when his buddy's orgasm was finished, he kissed Nathan on the mouth, forcing the thick fluid into Nathan's hungry mouth.

"God that was intense!" Nathan exclaimed. "Feeling your foreskin on my dick was more than I could handle. I loved it!"

Chris laughed as he listened to his buddy explain how it felt to have a foreskin for the first time. When Chris was young, he wished that he had been circumcised at birth like most of his friends. He realized that having a foreskin was exciting, as almost all of his sexual partners loved to use their mouths on it to nibble and lick it. Pulling it back to wash under the extra skin had never been a problem for him, so it was an added feature for his sex partners.

"I want to blow you!" Nathan said. He knew that the huge cock would be a challenge for him, but he had sucked large cocks before, and was always able to handle them. Now he would have the chance to test his cocksucking skills with the biggest dick he had ever seen.

"It's all yours!" Chris said as he lay back on the bed. He was thrilled that he and Nathan were having sex, as he wanted to devour the entire body of the cute guy.

Nathan kissed Chris on the mouth and began his trip south. He licked, nibbled and sucked both of Chris's nipples, causing the gentle giant to go into orbit. Chris had always been into nipples, and loved to have his worked on by his sex partner. Nathan licked lower, enjoying the hairless chest of the massive athlete. He only found hair when he dropped below Chris's navel, where the blonde treasure trail began.

Chris moaned as Nathan's mouth captured the head of his cock.

Nathan used his lips and tongue to do everything possible to stimulate his big buddy. He tasted the precum that had filled the foreskin and slurped out the tasty liquid, making loud slurping noises. He licked under the skin cap and heard his large buddy moan in appreciation. He licked down the entire length of Chris's shaft and swallowed one of Chris's large balls. The huge orb filled his mouth, and he knew that there was no way he could take both balls in his mouth at the same time. He rolled the large nut around in his mouth, enjoying the fact that the entire scrotum of the big athlete was hairless.

Chris was moaning loudly as Nathan continued his oral assault. He felt Nathan's finger probing at the opening to his ass, and he lifted his body to allow easier access to his hidden hole. Nathan probed inside as he sucked first one nut and then the other knowing that Chris was offering his entire body for pleasure. His fingers were much smaller and thinner than Chris's, so he added a second finger to the tight ass of the big guy.

"Jesus, Nathan, get me off!" Chris pleaded.

Nathan laughed as his mouth released the large nut. He used both of his hands to retract the foreskin and expose the tender head of Chris's huge cock. He slurped around the head to vacuum up the steady flow of precum that was leaking out of Chris's cock, making loud slurping noises that excited Chris. Nathan opened his mouth wide and swallowed the huge knob of Chris's cock. His mouth was stretched to the limit, but he knew he wanted more. He moved around on the bed to align his mouth and body with the angle of the long shaft.

Chris was in heaven as he felt his large cock slide into the small mouth of his cute, little friend. He had wanted to have sex with Nathan ever since they had met. He could feel his cock sliding deeper into the small mouth, and wondered how his little buddy could even take the head of his large cock. He was amazed as more of his cock slide inside the tight, warm mouth, and felt the back of Nathan's mouth. His cock slid further in, and he felt Nathan swallowing to control his gag reflex. He was amazed that a guy that was so small was taking so much of his huge cock. The grip of the mouth and throat was too much for him to take, and he screamed that he was going to cum.

Tom Borton had walked up to the door to his friend's room and was just ready to knock when he heard Chris scream that he was going to cum. Tom stopped his arm from knocking, as he listened at the door. He wished that he were the one getting Chris off. He thought that Chris might have a girl in his room, but when he heard Chris call out Nathan's name to suck him dry, Tom knew that his big buddy was getting his chimes rung, big time.

Jarvis Williams walked up, hoping that he had a chance to pay the big blonde guy an intimate visit. When he saw Tom standing outside the door, he figured out that something was going on inside the private room.

Tom pulled Jarvis away from the door, saying that it was obvious that Chris was entertaining someone inside. Tom saw the large bulge in the black lineman's pants, and decided to take a risk.

"I see that you are in the mood for sex," Tom said. "If you can accept a guy's mouth on your black meat, I am available."

Jarvis quickly accepted the offer, and they left the hallway to empty their nuts. Jarvis loved sucking white guys, and wanted to shove his big black cock inside a tight, white ass. Tom was very handsome, and Jarvis was ready to unload.

Back in Chris's room, Chris blasted his first shot of cum directly down Nathan's throat. The volume of the massive load was too much for Nathan to take, and he choked and pulled away from the exploding cock. The next blast of cum caught Nathan full in the face, flooding his nose, left eye and hair with the thick liquid. He quickly tried to recover, but the third blast hit him across the face, covering his right eye before he was able to swallow the head of Chris's exploding cock. Nathan had never had a guy blast so much cum. He gulped and swallowed as fast as he could, as he continued probing Chris's ass with his two fingers.

Nathan's fingers were expertly massaging Chris's prostate, and the results were dramatic. He continued to dump his supply of body fluids into Nathan's hungry mouth. He collapsed down on the bed as his body continued to pump warm cum. His dream of hooking up with Nathan was coming true. The small guy was an expert cocksucker, and Chris admired talented mouths. He finally finished his orgasm and was exhausted.

Nathan laughed as he realized that his big buddy was equipped with the glands to produce an amazing amount of cum. His face and hair were covered in fresh cum, and he knew that he had done a great job of sucking the snot out of Chris's cock. He turned around to place his face next to Chris's, and collapsed on the chest of his huge buddy.

Chris finally regained control of his emotions, and looked at the face of his small buddy. He laughed as he saw the results of his orgasm. Nathan's face and hair were covered in fresh cum, and Chris began licking off the copious load, starting with Nathan's eyes.

"That was the best blowjob I have ever had!" Chris exclaimed as he continued vacuuming up his own load. "I never expected you to be able to take even the head of my cock inside your mouth, but you did a lot more. How the fuck can a small guy like you take so much cock?"

"I've had some practice," Nathan joked. "I love sucking cock, and yours is the biggest I have ever seen!"

Chris and Nathan collapsed on the large bed, and cuddled. They knew that their first time of sharing sex would not be the last, as they both found the other guy as the ultimate sex partner. They fell asleep after the intensity of their sex subsided.

They did not sleep very long, as Chris woke up, wanting to continue his oral exploration of Nathan's body. He started by sucking Nathan's tiny nipples. A dime would cover each one of the tiny nubs.

Nathan moaned as he awoke with the feeling of Chris's mouth working on his sensitive nipples. He knew that his big friend was ready for more action, and he was ready to feel the huge cock inside his ass. His moaning gave Chris encouragement to continue sucking and nibbling on the two tiny nubs.

Chris traveled lower on Nathan's body, enjoying the hairless, soft skin that covered the muscles that had been developed from years of Karate training. He avoided Nathan's cock and went lower, swallowing both of the balls hanging below the erect cock. He savored the flavor and texture of the twin orbs, as he rolled them around with his tongue.

Nathan moaned in pleasure as he felt his sperm receptacles getting a mouth wash. He felt his nuts move in and out of the warm mouth of his big friend, and knew that Chris was an excellent sex partner. Nathan had found the special guy in his life, and dreamed about having Chris for his exclusive male lover. When he felt Chris's tongue go lower, he lifted his legs to allow Chris total access to his body. His movements were rewarded when he felt Chris's tongue lick his perineum, and head further down. When he felt Chris's tongue stroke the puckered ring of his anus, he moaned in total ecstasy.

Chris lifted Nathan's small body up off the bed to allow him better access to the special hole of his buddy. Chris used his massive hands to pull apart the cheeks of Nathan's ass, marveling at the beauty of the twin globes. No guy in the world had a finer ass than Nathan had. Each cheek was soft but hard from the muscle development. He loved the feeling of the small cheeks as he pulled them apart to allow his tongue intimate access. When he pulled the cheeks apart, Nathan's hole opened up. Chris gazed into the hole and saw the intimate insides of his new sex buddy. He spread the cheeks as far apart as possible, without ripping the cute ass apart, and shoved his tongue inside his lover.

Nathan screamed as he felt Chris's tongue invade inside his ass. He had been licked there before, but no guy had ever spread him so wide and then shoved his tongue inside his ass. He could feel the large tongue push past his sphincter and enter his rectum. When he felt the tongue rotate inside his ass, he screamed in ecstasy. He was afraid he would cum from the invasion, and begged Chris to fuck him.

Chris knew that he had prepared his small buddy for an anal invasion. He reached for the tube of edible lubricant that was stored in the bedside table, and applied a generous coating to his throbbing cock. He knew that Nathan was a small guy, and decided to let Nathan control his penetration by sitting on his big meat.

Chris sat up on the bed and guided Nathan to sit on his cock. They both moaned as the huge cockhead popped inside Nathan's tight ass. Nathan's eyes rolled back inside his head as he felt the huge invader enter his body. He was sure that he would be split wide open by the girth of the big head that was now inside his rectum.

Chris waited for Nathan to adjust to the size of his cock. He knew that he always had to be patient when he penetrated a guy, as he had never seen another guy with a cock his size. There were times that he wished that his cock was shorter and thinner, as gay sex would have been easier for his partner. He also realized that the size of his big cock was a major attraction in the shower room, and that had led to many sexual hookups with hot guys.

"If I am too big for you," Chris said, "just lift off my dick and jack me off. I know that it must hurt, and I don't want you to hate me."

"Let me relax," Nathan asked. "Your dick feels like a telephone pole! I have dreamed about having you inside me, and I don't want you to take it out of me. Ever since the day you kicked my ass in the gym and we showered together, I have dreamed about having your dick inside of me. I'm not ready to quit now that I have it where I want it."

Chris laughed as he felt his cock slide deeper inside Nathan's tight ass. His fears that his small buddy would never be able to take his large cock had vanished. He watched Nathan's face as his cock slid deeper and deeper.

Nathan felt like his body would explode with the pressure from the invading huge cock. His eyes were closed, as he tried to relax his body to allow the huge shaft further inside his intestines. He knew that he would have trouble taking more of the huge cock, but he was determined to take as much as he could. His entire body was on fire, as the big cock stretched his anal muscles to the limit. He paused his downward motions, and tried to relax his entire body. He leaned forward and kissed Chris on the mouth, shoving his tongue inside the mouth of the huge athlete.

"God, it feels like you are ripping me open!" Nathan exclaimed. "Please don't move or I will be split wide open!"

Chris loved the feeling of having his cock buried inside his small Karate buddy. He would never force more of his cock inside Nathan's body. He looked down and saw that Nathan's cock was completely soft, and knew that the intensity of being penetrated was not a pleasant experience for his buddy. He watched Nathan's face contort in pain, and then relax, as the penetration became bearable for his small fuck buddy.

Nathan moaned as he lowered his body further down on the massive shaft. He knew that he was in control of how much cock would penetrate his body, and marveled at the control Chris was showing in not flipping him over and fucking him like a whore. When he felt the blonde pubes against his small ass, Nathan knew that he had taken every inch of cock that CJ Hammer had to offer. He moaned in ecstasy, as his body tried to accommodate the huge shaft of pleasure.

Chris was close to blowing his load as he felt his cock stretch the insides of his buddy. He never expected a guy as small as Nathan to be able to take all of his cock inside his small body, but Nathan had proved that it was not only possible, it had happened. He was in heaven as he felt the internal muscles of his new lover pulsate. Every muscle contraction drove Chris closer to orgasm.

"Can you pick me up?" Nathan asked, as he felt his own cock inflate to a full hardon.

Chris nodded and got up off the bed, with his cock buried to the hilt inside Nathan's gripping ass. He grabbed Nathan and kissed him passionately. He walked around the room with his cock inside the small guy, and marveled at the muscle control of his new fuck buddy.

Nathan began humping up and down on Chris's huge cock as his huge buddy carried him around with no effort. Chris walked over to the stereo and turned it on to cover up the sounds of their rutting. Nathan was in total control as he wrapped his arms and legs around Chris and began fucking his own ass with the huge pole of pleasure. He humped his stretched ass up and down on the huge shaft as his own cock returned to a full erection. He moaned in pleasure as he felt the large cock sliding in and out of his clutching body.

Chris was beyond control as he felt his orgasm build inside his body. Nathan had the tightest ass he had ever fucked, and the clutching membranes were too much for him. He screamed as he began blasting his load of cum deep inside Nathan's stretched ass.

Nathan felt the first blast of cum flood his insides, and lost control. He humped up and down on the massive shaft and felt his own body respond with blasts of cum that flooded the front of his big lover.

Chris pumped his massive load deep inside Nathan's body, knowing that he had found a guy who gave him the most intensive orgasm of his life. He grabbed the small globes of Nathan's ass cheeks and lifted them up and down until his orgasm was finished. He knew that he was flooding his buddy with hot cum, and loved the expression on Nathan's face when he was filling his ass. Chris also loved the feeling of the fresh cum that was shooting on his chest and belly as Nathan emptied his balls.

Chris dumped Nathan on the bed, withdrew his softening cock, and covered Nathan's stretched hole with his mouth. He slurped and sucked to draw his own cum out of the freshly fucked hole, loving the sounds that Nathan was making.

Nathan had never been felched before, and the feelings of having his ass sucked after being fucked was unbelievable. He lifted his ass to allow Chris easier access, and was close to passing out from the intensity of the sex they had shared.

Chris loved sucking Nathan's tight ass. The smells and tastes of the mixed fluids of his own cum and Nathan's intestinal juices drove Chris wild. He continued licking and sucking until Nathan begged him to stop.

The two fuck buddies collapsed on the bed, and cuddled together. They kissed and drifted off to sleep.

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