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CJ Chapter 13

Chris woke up the next morning with Nathan sleeping on his chest. He looked down at the handsome small guy that had shared some incredible sex with him. He watched Nathan sleeping, and hoped that his little buddy would not be in pain when he woke up. Chris felt his full bladder crying for relief, and he tried to slide out of the bed without waking Nathan. He was not successful.

"Good morning stud," Nathan said as he yawned. "My ass tells me that you and I had fun last night!"

Chris was relieved that his small friend was not mad at him for the anal sex. He looked at the beautiful body of his friend, and hoped that they would be close friends forever.

"I gotta drain it," Chris announced. "I hope you aren't too sore to join me in the shower and hot tub so we can relax before I take my morning run."

"You owe me a fuck," Nathan said. "You drilled my ass, but I want to drill yours before you go running."

Chris was very happy that his buddy was ready for more action, and quickly agreed to take a leak and come back for a poke in the dirt chute. They both left the room nude and relieved themselves in the toilet across the hall.

 When they got back to the room, Chris quickly got on the bed with his legs in the air. Nathan was very horny, and wasted no time in coating his 5 1/2 inches of manhood with lubricant. He positioned himself on the bed to align his shaft of steel with the hole of his large buddy.

Chris moaned as he felt the hard cock of his friend push into his body. He knew that Nathan had a small cock, but it still caused some discomfort when his buddy rammed it inside his tight hole.

Nathan didn't wait as he rammed his entire length inside Chris's clutching ass. He was so horny that he couldn't hold back, and slammed his small body against his big friend. He was like a rabbit as he fucked Chris's tight ass.

Chris moaned as he felt his friend slam his cock to the hilt in his ass. No matter how big the cock was that was in his ass, Chris loved the sensation of feeling his insides being stretched. He watched Nathan's face contort with a combination of pleasure and pain, as he squeezed his ass muscles down on the hard cock that was fucking him. He relaxed his muscles every time Nathan drove inside his ass, and squeezed down each time the hard cock was withdrawn. Their two bodies developed a natural rhythm as they fucked like mink.

Nathan was in heaven as he felt his orgasm flowing through his body. He knew he was going to blast his wad inside Chris's gripping ass, and screamed when he lost control of his emotions. He pumped every drop of liquid that his body contained inside the tight ass of his big friend. Delano and Cameron heard his screams of passion outside the door of the room. They were hoping to take a morning run with Chris, but laughed when they heard the screams of passion. They decided to wait for the two guys in the room to finish their hot sex.

Chris loved the feel of Nathan's cum filling his body. He pulled the face of his small buddy to his so they could share a passionate kiss. He waited until Nathan's orgasm was finished, enjoying the facial expressions of Nathan that changed from lust to peace. He kissed his buddy and gripped the two small globes of the awesome ass, forcing the softening cock in and out of his own ass.

"That was the best fuck of my life!" Nathan exclaimed. "I know you have been fucked by guys with bigger cocks than mine, but it was awesome for me!"

"I want you to stop putting yourself down," Chris said. "Your cock is a perfect match for your body, and I love everything about you! There is more to a guy than the size of his dick. If I was gonna pick one thing that turns me on about a guy, it would not be the size of his dick, it would be what his face looks like. You are so fucking handsome, that on a scale of 1 to 10, you are a 10!"

Nathan loved hearing what Chris said. He had always wished that he would grow to be a large guy with a huge dick, but nature had denied him that pleasure. He knew that he was handsome and had a nice body, but hearing what Chris had said to him meant a great deal. He pulled his softening cock out of Chris's ass and collapsed on the bed.

Chris laughed when he saw his buddy collapse. He knew that he and Nathan would be special friends for a long time, and marveled at the beauty of the small ass cheeks that he had licked and fucked. When he knew that Nathan was asleep, Chris got up and dressed for his morning run. He could feel the air and cum moving around inside his ass, and smiled, knowing that he had been freshly fucked. He left the room to find Delano and Cameron waiting for him.

"We know what you were doing in your room," Delano teased. "We just wish that we were in there with you!"

"You guys had better shut your mouths!" Chris ordered, "or I will shove little Chris down your throats!"

"That is exactly what we both want," Cameron joked. "You need to spread your weenie around to all of us, and so far, you have been selfish!"

They all laughed as they ran down the stairs and across the campus. It was a beautiful morning for a run, and they ran for over five miles before they returned to the Jacobs Dorm. They all ended up in the showers together, as Nathan came in for his morning shower.

"Delano and I are jealous," Cameron said to Nathan. "We want our turn with Chris, but it seems like someone else is always getting there faster."

"You better be ready to take a telephone pole down your throat and up your ass," Nathan said. "Right now it feels like my ass is on fire, but I love the feeling!"

They finished their showers and headed back to their rooms to dress for their morning classes. Chris kissed Nathan, and invited him to go to his home the next weekend for a special neighborhood cookout. It was an annual event that he and B had thrown for all of their neighbors, and was going to be a Texan barbecue with tons of food and cold beer. Nathan was thrilled that he would be invited, and quickly accepted the offer.

Isaac came back to the dorm room that he shared with CJ Hammer after his classes were finished. He waited for Chris to return, hoping that the two roomies would exchange intimate details of their sexual adventures. Leif had become a different guy, as he both gave and received anal sex. Isaac was in love with Leif, but he also was in love with his roommate. He was confused with a combination of feelings of lust and love when he thought of Chris and Leif. He wanted both of his male friends as his lover, but knew he would have to make a choice. He was not ready to make the choice without sharing more intimate times with both of the men that he loved.

"Hey, dude," Chris said as he came back into the dorm room. "I hope you enjoyed your time with Leif."

Chris acknowledging his connection with Leif embarrassed Isaac. He wanted to feel the huge cock of his roomie inside his mouth and ass, but wondered if Chris would be receptive for his advances after knowing that he had spent the night with Leif.

"I am going home this weekend for a neighborhood cookout," Chris said. "I am gonna ride my Harley home with Mike, and I was hoping that you would go with us. He's gonna ditch his Friday classes to make it a long weekend. You can drive the Viper, and I know that Nathan wants to go home with me too. Will you give him a ride?"

Isaac was thrilled that Chris would invite him to visit his home, and quickly agreed to the weekend trip. He loved driving the powerful Viper, and also loved the idea of riding with Nathan, a guy that he wanted to suck and fuck. Nathan was a real cutie, and reminded Isaac of his brother, Danny. Isaac loved sucking and fucking with a young guy, and hoped that he would get a chance to get Nathan naked and have sex with him.

Mike and Chris both rode their Harley's to the Freemont neighborhood, with Isaac and Nathan following in the Viper. The guys had all cut their Friday classes to have a long weekend of fun with Chris and his neighbors. Chris didn't have any Friday classes, and would have gone home alone on Friday and waited for his buddies to get there the next day. As soon as the two Harley's came into the neighborhood, the neighborhood came alive with boys and girls recognizing their famous friend. It was like the Pied Piper, as the kids ran to follow the powerful motorcycles down the street.

Mike had visited Chris's home before, and was ready for the greeting of the huge dog that was more like a horse. As soon as Chris and Mike shut down their powerful cycles, the door to the home exploded, with Alex bounding out to greet his master. The powerful dog knocked Chris to the ground. Alex whined and licked the face of his special master, and pinned Chris to the ground. Chris loved his dog, and wrestled with the huge body and rolled around on the grass, as Jason Gardner came out of the house.

Jason loved Alex and also loved Chris. He had been staying in Chris's side of the duplex and loved having Alex as his roommate. He watched the huge dog go ballistic at seeing Chris for the first time in several weeks.

Alex was in heaven until the Viper pulled into the driveway. The huge dog immediately left his master and went into his attack mode. He crouched down and looked directly at Isaac and Nathan as they got out of the Viper.

Isaac saw the huge dog looking at him, and knew that he was in trouble. Alex was slowly approaching him and appeared like he was going to attack at any second. Isaac had never seen a dog as large as this one, and knew that the huge dog could kill him in a heartbeat.

"Alex," Chris said, "these are my friends. This is Isaac, and this is Nathan. They are both my friends and yours too."

Immediately, Alex ran up to the two guys and sat in front of them, offering his paw for a shake. When the two guys shook his paw, Alex licked their hands, taking their scent to memory.

Both Isaac and Nathan were still afraid of the huge dog that was more like a horse than a dog. They had never seen a dog that weighed over 200 pounds, and hoped that Chris would control the dog to prevent an attack.

"Alex is a real pussy," Chris said. "Once he knows that you are my friend, you can pull his ears, wrestle with him, and even ride him. He just wants to protect me and B."

Jason laughed as he watched the two new visitors. He remembered the first time that he had met the huge purebred dog, and was afraid that he was going to die. He looked at the handsome guys that Chris had brought home for the big neighborhood barbecue and wondered if all of the handsome guys were gay or bi. Jason was 100% straight, but enjoyed the times that he had spent with Chris. He knew that Chris was into guy sex, and wondered if all of his friends were the same.

"Where is B?" Chris asked.

"He is in his part of the duplex, and he has some surprises for you," Jason said.

Chris and his college buddies went into the duplex and dropped their bags of clothes on the floor of the living room. Isaac and Nathan were awestruck when they saw the huge flat screen television and large stereo speakers in the living room. The living room was huge, and was filled with leather furniture and a grand piano. They couldn't believe that their college buddy had a home that was so large and that it was filled with so many expensive possessions.

The door that separated one side of the duplex from the other was opened, and Saul Bernstein rushed out to greet his son.

"B!" Chris screamed as he ran to hug his dad.

They hugged as Chris lifted his dad off the floor to spin him around. Chris was in heaven as he was now home with the man that he loved more than life itself. He hugged Saul and wept tears of joy.

Saul loved his son more than anyone in the world, and returned the strong hug with all of his strength. Ever since the day that he met the 12-year-old boy at the St. Mary's Orphanage, he had known that Chris was his son, and that their lives would be connected for eternity.

"Let me down you big shit!" Saul commanded. "I have some surprises for you!"

"I'm never gonna let you down!" Chris exclaimed. "You are my dad, and I get to hug you as much as I want to!"

Saul laughed and said that he had some other people who deserved a hug from his son. He pushed away from Chris and told his huge son to let him down.

Chris reluctantly let his dad down to the floor and introduced Isaac and Nathan. B had met Mike before, and greeted all of the handsome men with a warm handshake and hug. He then went to the door that separated the two halves of the duplex and opened it.

Chris was shocked when he saw his biological father, Jonathan Carpenter, and his wife, Carol come out of B's side of the duplex. His eyes were filled with tears as he hugged his father and mother. He never expected to see his Boston family at the neighborhood barbecue.

Carol Carpenter was in heaven as she hugged the huge man that her husband had fathered. She had completely accepted the existence of her husband's infidelity, and loved Chris like he was her own son. She kissed Chris and hugged him tightly.

Chris was sobbing as he hugged his father and mother. He never expected to see them in California, as they lived in Boston, Massachusetts. His shock continued as he saw his twin brothers, Randall and Charles walk through the doorway, followed closely by his sister, Jennifer.

Chris was sobbing so hard that everyone thought that he might pass out as he hugged his brothers and sister.

"I can't believe that you are here!" Chris sobbed. "This is so awesome!"

Chris introduced everyone and continued to hold the hands of his father and mother. He cherished the time that they spent together, and wished that they lived closer to California, so he could see them more often.

"Jesus!" Mike said to Chris. "Your father and brothers look exactly like you!"

"What did you expect, Doofus?" Chris asked as he playfully slapped the back of Mike's head.

Mike explained that the only differences he could see were a different skin tone and higher cheekbones on Chris. He said that the twin brothers were both very handsome guys, and that Jennifer was a definite 10 for a girl. He didn't tell Chris that he was more handsome than his brothers were, as Chris had the most vivid green eyes in the world, and had the deep dimples that always lit up his face when he smiled. Mike knew that Chris was the best looking guy in the world, and could be a movie star or model and make a fortune.

"I gotta ask you a question," Mike admitted as he pulled Chris aside to talk in private. "Your brothers are awesome looking, and I hope that they are straight. I want us to hook up this weekend, but if they are sluts like you are, I know I am gonna have to kill them to get in your pants. Are they straight?"

At first, Chris didn't want to answer. He knew that both of his twin brothers were bi-sexual, but didn't want to "out" them to his friends.

"I won't answer that question right now," Chris answered. "Before the day is over, you will have an answer. I promise that you won't go back to campus with an MSB. Next week I want you to move into my dorm room with me so we can have fun together."

Mike wasn't thrilled that Chris didn't answer his question, and decided to put more pressure on him.

"If you won't answer my question, I want you to do something special for me," Mike said.

"I'll do anything you want," Chris said as B walked up to the two buddies.

"I want you to open your secret room and let me see inside," Mike said.

"NO WAY!" Chris shouted.

"I think you need to let your family and friends see what's inside," B said. "You hide too much information from the people that love you, and if you don't open that door, I will!"

"Come on B," Chris pleaded. "That room is only for you and me."

"How many of you would like to see the awards and trophies that Chris has won?" B yelled to the large group of visitors.

They all yelled that they wanted to know more about their son, brother, and friend, and told B that they wanted to see the awards. B looked at Chris and laughed.

"Either you unlock the door or I will," B said to his son.

"This is one of the times that I don't like you," Chris said. "You know that I get embarrassed when someone sees what is inside that room. You can open the room, but I'm gonna go outside and play with Alex."

"You're not going anywhere except inside the room with us!" B commanded as he grabbed his son. "After we all take a tour of the trophy room, I am gonna show them the video!"

"SHIT!" Chris exclaimed. "You know that the video embarrasses me more than the room!"

B laughed and hugged his huge son. "I love you, son," B said softly. "Your family and friends want to know more about you. They deserve to see what you have accomplished. I have some new footage in the video that you have never seen. I found some people that had taped some of your athletic competition, and I think the new video is great! Your family deserves to see inside the room and watch the video."

Chris groaned, and agreed to open the room. Mike was thrilled, as he had visited the home several times, but had never seen the awards that his best friend had won.

When the room was unlocked, the crowd of people streamed inside the large room. They were awestruck with the multitude of ribbons, certificates, trophies, photographs, and the glass cases that held Chris's treasures. B grabbed his son and led the group around the room, explaining each award, beginning with the first ribbon that Chris won at the age of 14 for taking second place in a swimming meet. Next to the ribbon was a picture of Chris wearing a Speedo, holding his first award. Everyone loved the picture, as it left nothing to the imagination about Chris's endowment as a young teenager.

"It looks like 'little Chris' wasn't very little when you were 14," Isaac joked.

Everyone laughed except Chris, who was very embarrassed. Jennifer gave her brother a hug and whispered in his ear that he was bigger at 14 than their brothers were now. Chris hugged Jennifer and whispered that he would protect her from the predators he had brought home from college. Jennifer laughed and whispered that she wanted to "get poked" this weekend, and if Chris wasn't going to do it, she would love to have any of his hot friends take care of her "wide on".

Chris groaned, and realized that hormones were raging inside his private room. He returned to hold B's hand, as his dad explained each award. Jonathan Carpenter grabbed Chris's other hand as the tour continued.

"Look at this!" Nathan exclaimed. "When you were 14 you won the state, regional, and national competition in the football pass, punt, and kick competition! Jesus, you were competing against guys as old as 18, and you won all three events!"

Everyone looked at the collection of trophies and awards from the football competition, and saw Chris wearing a Dallas Cowboys uniform for the competition and awards ceremonies. The uniform was sitting inside a glass case under the trophies. It was difficult for Chris and B to answer all of the questions of the visitors to the secret room, as the questions flowed like water from every part of the room.

"Here is his gold medal from the Olympics!" Mike exclaimed. "Can I touch it?"

Chris took the medal out of the glass case and handed it to Mike. Mike held the heavy medallion and ribbon like he was holding the most valuable jewel in the world.

Jon Carpenter loved being inside the special room and learning more about his own son. He was filled with pride, but he wished that he had been a part of Chris's life from birth. He knew that Saul Bernstein had rescued his son from life at the orphanage, and had been a great influence on Chris's life. He grabbed his son's hand and held it tightly as the tour continued. Chris loved the contact with his biological father. Carol grabbed Chris's other hand and kissed him on the cheek. Chris returned the kiss and told his stepmother that he loved her. He had always introduced Carol as his mother, not as a "put down" to his biological mother, but as a way of expressing his love and affection to Carol for accepting him into the family.

Everyone was interested in the numerous Karate competition awards and trophies, especially the fact that the most recent award was the first place trophy for winning the California Karate championship. B explained that Chris was going to compete in two weeks for the West Coast Regional Competition. If Chris continued his undefeated status, he would be eligible for the WKF (World Karate Federation) competition this fall. The best Karate athletes in the world would compete for the World Championship in Las Vegas, and B was confident that his son would win.

The tour of the room took a long time, as the visitors didn't want to leave the room. B said that he was going to show a special video of Chris's athletic accomplishments in the huge living room. B and Chris had selected the huge duplex that was owned by a millionaire because of the connected quarters. Chris wanted to live in the smaller side of the huge duplex, but B realized that his son would have many more visitors than he would, and had insisted that Chris take the larger part. They had hired a contractor to install the connecting doorway between the two parts of the duplex, so they could have free access to spend time with each other. B knew that his son was very active sexually. Chris had been very open and honest ever since the first day that they had met. Chris had been caught a few times having sex with guys or girls, and B accepted that his son was bi-sexual.

When the large group congregated in the living room, B started the videotape. Everyone but Chris was thrilled at seeing videos of Chris competing in a variety of sports. Each segment showed the athletic abilities that Chris had during his teen years. When the video showed Chris winning the swimming freestyle event at the age of 14, everyone laughed. Chris remembered how excited he was for winning the competition, and how he had popped a boner when he got out of the pool. He had never seen the new footage that showed his Speedo pushed out with the full erection.

"JESUS!" Chris exclaimed. "That part has GOT to be edited out!"

Isaac laughed and said it was obvious that Chris was a "hard" swimmer. Everyone else was laughing, but Chris was beet red with embarrassment. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to leave the room, but his twin brothers grabbed him and forced him back down on the couch to watch the rest of the video.

"I am gonna kick my dad's ass for this!" Chris said. "I invite my college buddies to come home for a cookout, and he shows them stuff that is so private that it is X rated."

Everyone was laughing as they watched the rest of the video that showed Chris's athletic abilities in football, basketball and baseball. The tape included many segments from basketball games where Chris showed his athletic abilities by slam dunking the basketball. It also showed interviews with sports casters who loved to get the big athlete aside for live interviews.

"This is my favorite part," B announced, as he paused the video. "It was the state high school baseball championship game, and every time Chris came up to bat, the opposing pitcher intentionally walked him. Chris pitched a perfect game, and the score was tied, 0 to 0 in the ninth inning. Central High School had several guys on base during the game, but couldn't score. Each time Chris was intentionally walked, he stole second base. He never got past third base until the ninth inning."

B started the video that showed Chris striking out the three batters from the San Francisco high school team in the top of the ninth inning. The first Central High school batter got a base hit. The next batter struck out. The next batter got a single, and they had runners on first and third with one out. The next batter struck out. Chris was in the "on deck" circle when his teammate was hit by a pitch. The bases were loaded with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning when Chris came up to bat. He was left handed and got into the batter's box. The opposing team manager called for a "time out" and made a pitching change. He brought in a right-handed pitcher to face the star athlete that he knew was left-handed. The new pitcher warmed up and was ready to pitch. He was shocked when Chris switched to batting right-handed. The video included the commentary of the television sports announcer when he stated his surprise that CJ Hammer was batting right-handed. The very first pitch was across the plate and resulted in a loud crack of the bat. Chris knew as soon as he had hit the ball that it was a homerun, and jumped in the air with his arms extended over his head. The tape showed the ball go completely out of the ball park in deep center field for a grand slam homerun. The entire Central High School team and coaches were waiting for Chris at home plate. He was tackled to the ground and covered with the bodies of his teammates as they celebrated the victory. The television coverage continued and showed the replay of the game winning home run several times. The video showed the tears of joy that flowed down Chris's face after winning the baseball championship.

Everyone had cheered when they saw Chris hitting the home run. They knew that B had experienced the thrill of seeing his son win many sports events, and wished that they had been there to share the excitement. The last segment of the tape showed Chris competing in the Karate tournament where he won the state championship. The sports commentator had praised CJ Hammer as the best Karate fighter in the United States, and said that he was the best chance for our country to take the world championship.

The room was filled with people cheering. Chris was embarrassed, but accepted the hugs of his family and friends.

The doorbell rang, and Alex ran to the door to protect the occupants of the home. When B opened the door, he saw a bunch of children of all ages who wanted Chris to come outside to play with them. B laughed and told Chris that his fan club had arrived.

Chris went to the door and greeted the multitude of fresh young faces. There were boys and girls as young as five and as old as 16 standing in the yard. He loved hanging out with the young kids, and had always given them a lot of attention. All of the kids considered Chris as their big brother, and knew that he would spend time with them.

"Give me about 15 minutes," Chris said. "I have some special company that I want to talk to. Bring your swimsuits, and we will hit the pool when you come back."

The kids were disappointed at first, but quickly realized that Chris needed some time with his guests. They loved being in the pool with the huge athlete, knowing that he would play with them and throw them in the air to splash down in the water. They also knew that Chris would be wearing a Speedo, and they loved seeing his almost nude body in the pool.

Randy and Charlie grabbed Chris and pulled him into the trophy room. They wanted to talk in private with their brother, and closed the door.

"We need to know if your buddies are available for some 'male bonding'," Randy said. "Jenny is hot to hook up, and she thinks that all of your buddies are awesome. We do too, and we want to know if they are hot for her or if we have a chance to get them in bed with us."

Chris laughed and hugged his twin brothers. "All of my buddies have taken the trip south on me," Chris admitted to his brothers. "I think all of them would love the chance to slap skin with you, but let me talk to them first. All of them have gone down on the girls from the Sigma Epsilon sorority, and have fed the girls their weenies. I'll tell you the truth about them. Isaac has the greatest ass in the world, and he loves to be drilled. Nathan has the most incredible body in the world, and if you hookup with him, you will find out that little guys can take a fuck like a man! If you score with Mike, you will find out that he is the hottest fuck in the world, and he will scream and ride you like a bucking bronco!"

Randy and Charlie were thrilled at the prospect of getting the handsome friends of their brother nude. They also realized that they would have to compete with their sister, who was obviously very horny. It would be a challenge to see who got who in bed the first. The three brothers left the private room, with Chris closing and locking the door. When B first ordered him to unlock the door, he was pissed, but he realized that his dad was much smarter than he was, and the visitors had loved the tour of the room and the video. He still wanted B to edit out the swimming competition that displayed his boner to the world, but guessed that his dad would refuse to change the tape. B loved to embarrass his son, and Chris loved to play pranks on his dad.

Chris called to his college friends and took them into his bedroom. They were impressed that the room was so large that two king sized beds fit in with room to spare. There was a large entertainment center with another flat screen HDTV and huge stereo system.

"My brothers are both bi-sexual," Chris explained, "and they both want to get in your pants. My sister has a major 'wide on' right now, and she wants to be boned too. I just want you guys to know that I want to get my two brothers in bed with me for some heavy male sex. You can watch or join in, but I want to suck and fuck both of them tonight. Tomorrow is the big cookout, and I am sure that you will love the food and the chance to taste some Carpenter cock or Carpenter pussy. Just remember to lock the door and crank up the stereo if you get lucky, as I don't want any of the oldies to know what we are doing this weekend."

"That is what I wanted to hear!" Mike exclaimed. "Your brothers and sister look so much like you that it is freaky. I want to see if they are sluts like you are!"

"If you call my sister a slut again," Chris warned, "I will break every bone in your body! My sister is very special to me, and I don't want anyone thinking that she is an easy fuck!"

Mike apologized, and said he never intended to call Jennifer a slut. He begged Chris to forgive him, and said he was an asshole for making that comment.

"Everyone here knows that you are an asshole!" Chris said as he hugged his best friend. "Your apology is accepted. I want you guys to get on your Speedo's and help me entertain the neighborhood kids. They are a real handful, and you will have a lot of fun with them."

The neighborhood kids all returned and were greeted by Alex. The big dog knew every kid in the neighborhood, and was a celebrity for protecting Robbie and Sarah when he was on guard duty.

There was a steady stream of kids entering the house to head for the huge pool in the back yard. All of the kids were wearing Speedo suits, including the young girls who wanted to display their maturity by wearing bikini suits. The large group hit the outdoor shower and then got into the huge pool. The boys who wanted to feel his massive muscles and play with him immediately attacked Chris. Chris grabbed one boy after another and threw them high into the air, with the boy crashing into the clear water of the pool. The boys loved the attention, and begged to be the next one to be thrown.

Chris noticed that Mike left the pool area with Jennifer, and he figured that his best friend was going to pork his sister. He decided not to make a scene, as he returned to the multitude of young boys who were demanding his attention. Alex had jumped into the pool, and was having a ball swimming around and using his massive paws and body weight to dunk the young boys.

The girls finally lost their inhibitions and joined in the line of kids wanting to be thrown. The pool was filled with the mature bodies of the twin brothers and Chris's college buddies. The air was filled with flying bodies as the younger kids attacked all of the mature guys. The pool water was churning with the intensity of the young bodies burning off their calories.

Jon and Carol Carpenter had walked outside with Saul to watch the kids play in the pool. They all loved seeing the older boys play with the neighborhood children. The adults were enjoying their alcoholic drinks and the warm California sun.

Chris saw Mike and Jennifer return to the pool area, and knew that his buddy had fucked his sister. Jennifer was wearing a bikini that showed off her hard body, especially her hard nipples. She sat on the side of the pool, and Chris pushed away the young boys that were grabbing at his massive body and swam to talk to his sister.

"I think you better take a shower or jump in the pool," Chris whispered to Jennifer. "You have a nice rope of Mike's cum hanging in your hair!"

Jennifer was embarrassed, and quickly jumped into the pool to wash her hair. Chris laughed as Jennifer surfaced. He hugged his sister and said that the oldies were drinking and probably didn't see her hair. Jennifer hugged Chris and said that Mike was a fantastic guy in bed. Chris told her that he knew that information, and they both laughed. Jennifer told Chris that she knew that Randy and Charlie had both had sex with him, and that she still wanted Chris to forget she was his sister and take her to bed.

"I love you," Chris said, "but I will let my buddies take care of your sexual needs. They are so ugly that they couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a 100 dollar bill taped to their foreheads!"

Jennifer laughed as the group of young boys attacked her brother again. The boys wanted more contact, and Chris was in heaven. Jennifer got out of the pool and dried off as she watched the young boys grabbing her brother. She saw that many of the boys were grabbing the front of Chris's Speedo, and wondered if her brother was going to take one of the cute boys to his bedroom.

Chris had seen Nathan leave the pool with Toby, a very horny 15-year-old guy. At first he was going to object, but decided to let his neighbor and college buddy have fun. He also saw Isaac leave with Zach, who was only 14. Chris decided that he would talk to his college buddies about the danger of having sex with guys who could put them in jail. Toby and Zach had both grabbed little Chris during the pool play, and Chris figured that the two young guys knew what they were doing when they left the pool with the two older guys. He watched as the two couples returned to the pool, and knew that neither of the two boys had been forced nor hurt during their sexual adventures. He saw the way the young boys clung to his college buddies, and knew that anything that had happened inside his home had not hurt the young guys.

B finally told the visitors that it was time for them to leave, as the family was headed out for supper. Chris begged his dad to include all of the young visitors, and B agreed if they got permission from their parents. Saul had reserved a large private room at the local John's Steak House, knowing that the food would be plentiful and great. The kids all ran home and begged their parents for permission to have supper with CJ Hammer and his friends. A bunch of happy faces came back into the front yard after their parents gave them permission to have supper with the famous athlete. All of the kids were now dressed in jeans and T-shirts, and begged to ride with Chris to the restaurant.

"We will have to work out some transportation issues," B announced.

"I think my buddies and I can handle that," Chris said. He led his twin brothers and his college friends into the huge garage attached to the duplex. Everyone was amazed when they saw the vehicles inside the six-car garage. The 1957 Nomad would hold at least six adults without using the spacious area behind the back seat. They saw the 1970 Chevelle, 454 cubic inch, 450 horsepower muscle car and knew it would hold another 5 passengers. The Mercedes S500 would handle five more adults, and the 1964 Ford Shelby Mustang would handle five more passengers.

"Who the hell owns all these awesome cars?" Mike exclaimed. "I have never seen so many killer cars in one place in my life!"

"They belong to me and B," Chris replied. "The Ferrari will only hold two people, but the 1962 Impala SS will hold six if they are good friends. If we can't fit everyone in the cars here, we can use the Viper and maybe borrow the neighbor's van."

The guys were in shock when they realized that they were going to drive the awesome cars. Even Chris's twin brothers were impressed at the beauty of the vehicles inside the garage, and started to claim a vehicle to drive to the steak house. Two more neighborhood vans were needed to load the entire group for the trip. Saul was in heaven as he realized that his son was a magnet for the neighborhood children, and the kids wanted to be with his boy.

The restaurant was thrilled at the large group that filled the private room to capacity. The staff knew that Saul Bernstein and CJ Hammer had funded the first restaurant of their owner, and gave the large group fantastic service. The meal was great, as everyone had a fantastic meal of salad, steak, baked potatoes, vegetables and dessert. Saul paid the bill and left a huge tip for the restaurant staff.

When the large group got back to the neighborhood, the younger children said goodbye and thanked B and Chris for the fantastic supper. They all promised to return the next day to help set up for the Texan cookout that would include everyone on the block. They knew that the street would be closed off to all traffic so that the neighborhood could enjoy the festivities. It was an annual event that the entire neighborhood waited for, and all of the neighbors brought dishes to pass for the huge meal.

It was time for everyone to go to bed, and now things were going to get interesting. The adults headed into B's part of the duplex, leaving the young adults alone in Chris's part of the large home.

Jennifer grabbed Isaac and asked him if he knew how to make a girl happy. Isaac grinned and said he would ring her chimes all night. Chris grabbed his brothers and said that he was going to do some "brother bonding" with them. Mike grabbed Nathan and said he was ready for a "carry fuck" like he knew Nathan gave Chris at the dorm.

The guys headed into Chris's bedroom, where Chris made an announcement.

"I have a few suggestions before we all get naked and bone each other," Chris said to the group. "There is a large enema bag in the bathroom for anyone to use if they expect a visit from little Chris or from my older brothers who have some impressive meat. Motel 8 says they will leave the light on, but here the message is 'leave the bag full'. I want to spend some quality time with my brothers, but I think everyone would enjoy some variety, so let's make a deal that no one fucks the same guy twice until we have all had a taste of each other."

All of the guys agreed and knew that it was going to be a night to remember.

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