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CJ Chapter 14

Chris walked down the hallway of his home and heard loud moaning coming from the guestroom. He smiled as he listened at the door. It was obvious that Isaac was eating Jennifer, and his roomie was doing a great job. Jenny was screaming that she was cumming, and Chris was worried that the oldies would hear her orgasm in B's side of the huge duplex. He heard his sister beg for Isaac to lick her clit and bite it. Chris was nude, but took the chance to walk to the doorway that joined the two parts of the home. He closed the door and locked it, confident that his parents would not hear the evening release of hormones. He looked at Alex and told the huge dog to guard the door and not let anyone unlock it. Chris knew that Alex understood his command, as the dog laid down next to the door, blocking any possibility of the door opening.

When Chris walked back down the hall, he could hear his sister screaming, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

Chris knew that Isaac had a thick, nine-inch dick and was an excellent sex partner. At first he was jealous that Jennifer was on the receiving end of Isaac's cock, as his time in bed with his roommate had been drastically reduced when Leif started taking a fuck. Chris loved chowing down on Isaac's brown bubble butt and then plugging it with little Chris. He headed back to his bedroom to find Nathan on his back with Mike eating his cute little ass. Randy and Charlie were watching the action, and took turns feeding their erect cocks to Nathan's willing mouth.

Mike had spread Nathan's asscheeks wide apart, stretching open the tight hole. Mike could see inside Nathan's rectum and loved the view. He pointed his tongue and probed inside the tender hole, savoring the flavor and texture of the most private part of the small guy's body. Nathan moaned as he felt the tongue invade his hairless hole. Mike was an expert ass eater, and rotated his tongue to stimulate every nerve in Nathan's ass. Now Mike knew why Chris loved having sex with the small guy. Nathan screamed that he was going to cum, and Mike left the tight ass and swallowed the entire length of the 5 1/2-inch cock. He was rewarded with four blasts of thick pudding, as Nathan writhed around on the bed, screaming at the top of his voice.

Chris couldn't wait any longer as he grabbed Charlie and shoved him back on the king sized bed. Chris lifted Charlie's legs and buried his face between the ass cheeks of his half-brother, eating his ass in preparation for fucking the tight hole.

Randy spread Chris's ass cheeks and shoved his tongue inside his younger brother's ass. Randy loved eating an ass before he fucked it, and had loved fucking Chris and felching out his own load. As soon as Chris lubed up and forced his massive cock inside Charlie's ass, Randy did the same and began fucking Chris.

Chris was in heaven as he leaned forward to French kiss his brother. Charlie was an excellent kisser, and loved the feeling of the 12 1/2-inch cock that was stretching his insides. Chris was doing all of the movement, as Randy's nine inches of pleasure stretched his sphincter and hit his prostate with every stroke.

The room was filled with the sounds of uncontrolled lust, as the five men rutted. Mike went postal when he pumped his wad of cum deep inside Nathan's boy ass. Before his orgasm finished, Mike pulled his throbbing cock out of Nathan's ass and shoved it in the small guy's warm mouth. Nathan grabbed Mike's ass cheeks and tried to hold onto the bucking bronco that was feeding him the last of his hot cum. Mike loved sex with a guy, and always lost control of his body when he was cumming. He finally collapsed on top of Nathan, feeling the last of his cum being sucked out of his softening cock.

Charlie was the first to cum, and he screamed as his thick cock shot baby pudding onto his chest and belly. Chris felt the grip of Charlie's ass try to bite off little Chris, and immediately began blasting his own cum deep inside his brother's gripping ass. Chris screamed as he unloaded a huge wad of cum inside Charlie. Randy quickly joined his brothers in pumping his own load inside Chris's ass. The three brothers screamed in ecstasy, as they unloaded their thick juices. They collapsed on top of each other as their orgasms continued until they were exhausted.

"Give me your ass, Chris!" Charlie demanded.

Chris moved around on the bed to let Charlie eat Randy's fresh load of cum out of his hole. Chris moaned as he felt the suction pull the thick liquid out of his ass. He leaned forward and swallowed Randy's cock, tasting the remnants of his brother's cum that was mixed with the flavor of his own ass juices. The three brothers continued their oral assault of each other, with Randy finally pulling Chris away from his twin to suck Chris's cum out of Charlie's freshly fucked ass. Chris licked up Charlie's entire load, enjoying the flavor of Carpenter cum.

Mike and Nathan cheered and clapped as they watched the three handsome brothers eat the fresh protein. The entire room was filled with the aroma of fresh cum, and the night had just started.

Isaac had fucked Jennifer without using a condom, as she said she had the Norplant protection for preventing conception. It was great news for Isaac, as he had dumped his wad deep inside Jennifer's gripping pussy. He swung around on the bed to clamp his mouth on the freshly fucked hole, and sucked his own cum out, enjoying the mixture of flavors of his own juice and Jennifer's copious female juices. Jenny was sucking Isaac's cock, drawing out the remnants of his thick cum and enjoying the taste that was mixed with her own cunt juice.

The wild orgies continued for several hours. Isaac continued pumping cum inside Jennifer until her pussy was sore and stretched out of shape. Isaac then used Jennifer's tight ass, and pumped his last load of cum in her backdoor. Jenny was in heaven as she collapsed on the bed and fell asleep on Isaac's muscular chest.

In the other bedroom, five horny guys had emptied every drop of liquid pleasure. Charlie and Randy had both enjoyed a "carry fuck" with Nathan, and realized that Chris had a great bunch of sex buddies. They all were exhausted, and fell asleep in a mass of nude bodies.

The next morning, the young adults woke up late, moaning and groaning after the most intense night of sex in their lives. Jennifer and Isaac were the first to get out of bed, take a shower together, and begin making breakfast. The kitchen had been fully stocked with food, as B had guessed that the collection of college kids would bond together and sleep in late.

The five guys in Chris's bedroom woke up with full bladders and sore asses. They all laughed as they realized how late it was, and how intense the sex had been. The large shower attached to Chris's bedroom was big enough for all of them, and they took turns washing each other. They all were tired from the male bonding, but knew that they would reload before the day was over. They only put on boxers as they smelled the aroma of bacon cooking in the kitchen. When they got to the kitchen, they found Jennifer wearing only a long T-shirt and Isaac wearing a pair of very brief, bikini underwear. The guys all laughed as they saw that Isaac was boned up. Jennifer loved looking at all of the hot guys who were wearing the boxers that showed their manhood.

Jennifer grabbed Isaac's meat before she left to get her clothes on. She kissed Chris on the cheek, and said that Isaac was a real stud, and her pussy needed some rest. "That was overshare if I ever heard it!" Chris exclaimed, as he gave his roomie a "high five" for his excellent performance.

Alex was in the kitchen, as his doggy senses knew that food was being prepared. The huge dog had already gone outside through the "doggy door" and was in a playful mood. He went from one guy to the next to lick hands and faces, hoping that someone would go outside with him and throw the Frisbee. Chris realized that his dog had guarded the door so the horny group could get their sexual relief, and decided to go for a run and take Alex with him.

Alex was thrilled that he was going for a run with his master, and bounded ahead of the huge athlete. Alex loved running with Chris, and led his master on the route that they had always taken together. Many neighborhood dogs barked when they saw Alex running down the street, but the smaller dogs never left their own yards to try and attack Alex. Chris remembered the one time when a pit bull got loose from his chain and tried to attack him as he ran. Alex nailed the pit bull to the ground, with his jaws holding the pit bull down. The dog owner ran out of the house and was afraid that his dog would be killed, but Alex only held the dog by the throat until the owner grabbed the broken chain and pulled his dog to safety. The owner was relieved that his dog was spared, knowing that the huge dog would have been justified in killing the pit bull for attacking Chris.

Chris and Alex returned to their home. Chris took a quick shower and headed for the kitchen for breakfast. Jennifer had saved a ton of bacon for her brother and his dog, and laughed as the bacon disappeared. Nathan had cooked a huge batch of scrambled eggs, while Charlie had toasted bagels and covered them with butter and cream cheese. Everyone was fully dressed and well fed when B knocked on the door. The parents came inside Chris's side of the duplex, knowing that some raging hormones had been satisfied during the night.

Saul, Jon and Carol had talked for a long time the night before, knowing that the college students were next door sharing body fluids. They had avoided direct comments about the sex that they knew was occurring next door, but admitted that their children were "healthy" kids with "healthy" desires.

B took command and told the strong guys that the pool needed to be cleaned, the backyard cleaned of all of the cans, and that the tables and chairs would be delivered for lining the street for the neighborhood cookout. Everyone was excited about helping make the event a success. Chris knew that he would be one of the chefs preparing the Texas style food that would include ribs, chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Chris and B had a huge barbecue grille that was used for feeding their company, but had rented three more huge grilles from the local Lion's Club. The grilles would be delivered soon, and Chris knew that he would be busy getting the charcoal ready for displaying his grilling talents. B had already been soaking hunks of hickory wood in a large barrel for giving the meat the special flavor that was a vital part of any Texan barbecue.

As soon as the rental company trucks arrived, the neighborhood kids flocked to help get things set up. Alex was in heaven as he pestered the multitude of young children to throw his Frisbee for him to run and catch. The excitement was contagious, as everyone pitched in to make the event successful. The weather cooperated, and the neighborhood came alive with everyone coming out to help. All the refrigerators in the neighborhood were filled with salads, drinks, watermelons, and fresh vegetables. The local party store had delivered the first two kegs of ice cold Coors, and promised to keep the party supplied. Randy and Mike agreed to control access to the kegs in the beer tent, knowing that the teenaged boys from the neighborhood would try to sneak their way to the kegs. The college students decided to taste the beer, just in case it was flat or skunky. It was an obvious ploy to start the party early, and the adults remembered their own teen years and allowed the taste testing to continue.

Jon and Carol wanted to help Chris cook the meat, but admitted that they had only cooked for their family and friends on a normal sized gas grille. Chris laughed and said he would show them how to get rid of their Boston accents and learn to talk Texan.

Nathan begged to be part of the crew cooking the meat, and Chris quickly accepted him as his assistant. Chris was an excellent cook, and directed his cooking crew as they filled the four large grilles with charcoal. Chris told them that no charcoal lighter was allowed, as it would taint the flavor of the meat when it was cooked. Saul had borrowed electric charcoal lighters from the neighbors who had learned the Texan method of lighting charcoal from him and Chris. Saul brought out white aprons and tall white "chef's" hats for Chris, Jon, Carol and Nathan to wear. They all laughed, but joined in on the fun by wearing the uniforms that identified them as the official cooks of the day.

Chris moved from one grille to another, mounding up the heaps of charcoal to get it all burning uniformly. His days of cooking at the orphanage and when he lived with B had taught him the importance of controlling the temperature of the grilles.

Barricades had been placed at both ends of the street before the tables and chairs were put up by the young kids. A path had been left open for the meat delivery and for the party store to have access to the beer tent.

Chris had talked to his college buddies about the danger and risk of having sex with the young teens in the neighborhood. Isaac and Nathan both listened and promised that they would control their hormones if the young guys hit on them again. They had both loved the time they had spent sucking and fucking the young boys, but also realized that Chris was warning them about the danger of being caught with an underage boy. They also knew that they would not have any problem hooking up after the party was over, as the house would be filled with willing bodies for fluid transfer.

The meat truck delivered the huge load of meat, and the cooking began. Chris was thrilled as he directed the work of his parents and buddy. Jennifer had chopped a ton of Vidalia onions that Chris started cooking in butter. The aroma of the cooking onions flooded the neighborhood, and everyone flocked to the party. The beer flowed freely, with the neighborhood parents knowing that their teenaged sons were sneaking into the beer tent as often as possible. B told Randy and Mike to watch the young boys and make sure that none of them got drunk.

B had hired a disk jockey to entertain the huge crowd, and the music filled the air. People in the adjoining blocks were jealous that they were not included in the huge party. Chris grabbed Jennifer and Alex, and walked around to the adjacent streets, inviting the residents to join the party. The people were thrilled that the famous athlete would invite them to the huge party, and wanted to know what to bring. Chris laughed and told them that there was a ton of food for everyone, and that their kids were probably already at the party. The local police force had been notified about the street closing, and had also been invited to the Texan barbecue. When the off-duty police officers arrived to join in on the party, many of the young teenaged boys ran in fear that they would be arrested for drinking. The police officers laughed, and said as long as the parents of the kids were present, there would be no problems.

The smells of the cooking meat and onions filled the air, and everyone was famished. Tables were filled with a variety of salads and side dishes, as the crowd surged toward the cooking meat. Chris and his crew served the meat, allowing everyone to pick what they wanted from the four huge grilles. The hickory smoked ribs were a huge hit, as the California residents had never tasted a true Texan barbecue.

Little Robbie Thompson had arrived with his parents, and he jumped into Chris's arms. Chris put the small guy on his shoulders as he continued to serve meat from the grilles. Robbie was the boy that Alex had protected from the ex-convict that tried to abduct him. Joyce and Steve Thompson were thrilled that Chris was giving their young son so much attention, and thanked him for the protection of Alex. Their young daughter was with a baby sitter, and would come to the party for a short period of time.

Joyce gave Chris a big hug and kiss, and said that he, B, and Alex were the best neighbors in the world. Alex ran up to Chris and licked at Robbie's legs. The nine-year-old boy squealed as the dog tried to pull him down off from Chris's shoulders. Chris let Robbie down, and the cute little boy climbed on the back of the huge dog and rode Alex like a horse around the entire block. Everyone cheered as they saw Robbie riding on the back of the huge dog. Robbie was thrilled at the attention he was getting as he rode on the back of his canine friend. Alex only stopped running around when someone offered him a rib bone or hunk of grilled chicken.

Chris knew that his pure bred dog was a celebrity in the neighborhood for protecting Robbie and his sister from the attempted abduction. He watched his mutt gobble up several pounds of offerings from the large crowd, and knew that the back yard of his home would be filled with "land mines" the next day.

Chris finally told his cooking crew that it was time for them to eat. B had come into the cooking area with Jason Gardner, and told them to enjoy what they had cooked. Chris ate until he was stuffed, knowing that the huge crowd appreciated his cooking talents. The music from the disk jockey was blaring, and it was time for some dancing. Chris grabbed Jennifer and headed toward the open area in front of the DJ. As soon as the crowd saw Chris and Jennifer dancing a fast dance, the area filled with writhing young bodies. The adults were thrilled when they watched the college students mix with the young teens to dance to the wild rock music. The kids were in heaven as they watched the moves of Chris with his sister. Chris had learned to dance from a black girl, and knew how to throw his massive body around in very provocative movements.

Jennifer was thrilled that Chris would pick her to dance. She was in awe as she watched her brother demonstrate the movements that had seduced many of the CSU girls, and she wished that she would get the chance to spread her legs for her own brother. Chris just reeked of sex when he danced, and Jennifer was totally turned on. She danced with her brother and wished that she were in bed with him ramming his huge cock inside her body.

The party continued for several hours, with everyone enjoying the food, music, and dancing of the younger people. Chris had grabbed Carol and begged her to dance with him. Jonathan Carpenter was thrilled as he watched Chris dance two fast songs and one slow one with his wife. He loved his son, and the fact that Chris was so free to express his emotions in dancing with his stepmother. Carol was in heaven as she danced with her handsome son. Randy cut in on the second slow song to dance with his mother.

Sam and Katy Gardner were at the party along with Jason, and loved watching Chris unwind with the entire neighborhood. Chris had forced Katy to dance with him, and she loved every minute of the time with the huge athlete.

Before the night was over, Chris had danced with every young girl in the neighborhood. The young girls were thrilled that they had the chance to bump and grind with Chris, or feel his huge muscles during a slow dance. Many of the adult women cut in to dance with Chris, fantasizing about what it would be like to have the huge stud in bed with them. A lot of the neighborhood men would get lucky that night after their wives got aroused by dancing with Chris and his college buddies.

The party finally wound down when the DJ stopped playing music at 2:00 a.m. The local police had run interference with any complaints from surrounding neighbors that had decided not to join in the festivities. The huge party would become a yearly event, as everyone enjoyed the chance to meet their neighbors and have fun together.

Saul, Jon and Carol headed off to bed, knowing that the party had been a huge success. They had watched the college students have fun, and control the beer consumption of the teenaged boys from the neighborhood. Chris had even grabbed Saul to dance with him, and B was thrilled as he tried to match his son's gyrations during a fast dance.

As soon as Chris knew that the parents were gone for the night, he locked the adjoining door and told Alex to guard it. The college crowd knew that it was time to exchange body fluids again. Jennifer grabbed Nathan and asked if he wanted to hook up. Nathan was thrilled, as he had loved looking at Jennifer's firm breasts and great ass when they were in the pool area. He figured that Jennifer would want a guy with a larger cock, but was determined to prove that size wasn't the most important thing in having straight sex.

Chris was thrilled that Jennifer had selected Nathan to spend the night with. Chris knew that Nathan had the most perfect body of any guy in the world. Everything about Nathan was perfect, and Chris knew that his sister was going to have a great time.

Alex was on guard duty at the door that separated the two halves of the duplex, but the parents were exhausted and quickly fell asleep. That was not the same for the college students, as the sounds of slapping bodies and loud orgasms filled half of the huge duplex. The guys completed a full rotation of sex partners before they emptied their bodies of male fluids, and fell asleep. Jennifer was thrilled that the smallest of the hot guys was the best in bed, as Nathan took her to more orgasms than any guy had ever done before.

The next morning, the younger group woke up with their bodies glued together with dried cum. It was a late breakfast for everyone, as the magnitude of the huge party and night of sex took its toll. When the college students finally joined the world, they found that the neighborhood families were very busy cleaning up from the huge party. The teenaged boys were folding up the tables and chairs and helped load them into the trucks from the rental company. It was amazing to see so many people help clean up from the neighborhood gathering. Chris, his brothers and college buddies jumped in to help return the neighborhood to normal.

B announced that it was time to take the Carpenter family to the airport to return to Boston. It was a tearful time for Chris to say goodbye to his family. B knew that his son had always been very emotional, and tried to calm Chris down. Chris hugged and kissed all of his relatives before they got into B's Mercedes for the trip to the airport.

"We will see them again real soon," B promised to Chris. "I know you love them, and I do too. We will see them again real soon."

Chris sobbed as he said goodbye. Everyone knew that the huge athlete was upset at seeing his relatives head for the airport. Alex ran up and put his large paws on Chris's shoulders and licked his face. The huge dog was tuned into his master's emotions, and whined and howled as he licked Chris's face. As B's car left the driveway, Mike and Isaac hugged Chris and tried to calm him down. They had just learned how emotional Chris could be around people that he loved. A huge guy that weighed over 300 pounds was not supposed to break down and cry, but they comforted Chris and knew that he was a very special guy who didn't hold back on his emotions. Nathan joined into the group hug as the guys all tried to share Chris's emotions.

The yard and street was cleaned up and returned to normal before B returned from the airport. It was another emotional time when Chris kissed his dad and said goodbye to return to college. Alex saw Jason return, and ran to greet him.

"Take care of my mutt and my old man" Chris said to Jason as he hugged him.

Chris hugged B and sobbed. It was the greatest weekend he had ever experienced, and it was now coming to an end, as he had to return to the CSU campus with his friends.

"I love you!" Chris sobbed as he hugged his dad. "This was the best time of my life, and you made it all possible by bringing the Carpenters here!"

Saul hugged his son and promised that they would have many more special times with family and friends in the future. He begged Chris to be careful when he rode the powerful Harley back to the CSU campus. Saul did not like his son to ride the powerful motorcycle. He wished that Chris would get rid of the custom bike and settle down to driving one of the huge collection of vehicles that he had stored in the garage or the special warehouse that they owned. Saul knew that motorcycles were very dangerous. His thoughts about the danger would come true in the future.

Chris and Mike mounted their Harleys and blasted out of the neighborhood. The neighbors were all waving as the loud bikes left, followed by the powerful Dodge Viper.

Less than an hour later, the loud vehicles arrived at the CSU campus. Isaac dropped Nathan off at his dorm and headed for the parking garage where the Viper had to be parked. As soon as Chris was a sophomore, he could have a vehicle on campus, but for now, the only legal transportation was his Harley. Chris rode his Harley up to the Tri-Delt house to say goodbye to Mike.

"I meant what I said before," Chris said to his buddy. "I know that Isaac will jump in bed with Leif as often as possible, and I want you to move in with me for the next week."

Mike was thrilled that he would be invited to live in the Jacobs Dorm and sleep with Chris for a full week. Mike realized that Chris and Isaac were more than roommates, and he was jealous that Isaac was living with the guy that he loved. He said that he would pack some clothes and meet Chris at the dorm as soon as possible.

"You won't need any clothes," Chris teased. "I plan on having you nude all of the time. Maybe you and I can pick some guys for pledging the Tri-Delt house. Maybe I am being a conceited asshole, but I pray that I get a pledge bid in September and that some of my buddies will too."

"You have a lock on a bid!" Mike said. "Every guy in the house wants you as a pledge and as a brother! You have already brought some awesome guys over for visits to the house, and you would have to turn into the biggest asshole in the universe in the next month to not get a pledge bid. We have had member meetings, and I bet you could become a member without ever going through pledgeship!"

Chris hugged his special friend and gave Mike a quick kiss on the cheek. He wanted to kiss Mike on the mouth, but they were in public, and Chris didn't want to create any problems on the campus by showing his affection for Mike.

"Get your shit and come to the dorm!" Chris ordered. "I need a protein injection tonight!"

Mike laughed and headed into the Tri-Delt house, wishing that Chris were already a member and was joining him in the best fraternity on campus.

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