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CJ Chapter 15

Chris returned to his dorm room and dumped his small bag on his bed. He looked at the telephone and saw the light blinking, indicating that he and Isaac had at least one message. He groaned when he dialed in the code number to find out that their mailbox was filled with 50 messages. He started listening to the messages as he grabbed a cold Coors from the small refrigerator in the room. Neither Chris nor Isaac was of legal age to buy alcohol, but when you are in college, you can always find a buddy to buy for you.

Before he left for the long weekend, Chris had called the Athletic Department Office and asked for a meeting with John Stevens, the Athletic Director, Marcus Knight, the head basketball coach, and David Patrick, the head football coach. He explained to the secretary that he needed to talk to them all at the same time about some potential interference with attending practices, and possibly some games. The meeting was set for 5:00 p.m. on Monday. The secretary also added that the recorded message was "rude".

Many of the messages were friends saying hi, along with blatant offers of sex from girls he had never met. He was pissed that the telephone number was readily available from the dorm directory and reception desk. His personal cell phone number was carefully protected. He had only given his cell phone number to B, Mike, Isaac, and Jon Carpenter.

Chris laughed as he heard the recorded message from Shaquille O'Neal. The video of the prank had been received, and Shaq was laughing his ass off while he was warning that he was "gonna kill a white boy" for stealing the Jasmine photos. Shaq said that he and Marcus had talked on the phone, and laughed so hard that they cried about the big prank Chris had pulled. He also said that he liked the recorded message.

Momma Mendez had called, and left a very critical comment about the recorded message. She threatened to dump a full bottle of dish soap down Isaac's throat the next time he came home. Chris wondered what the recording said that would upset Momma so much. She wanted Isaac to call home as soon as possible.

Several guys from campus called, wanting Chris and Isaac to spend some time with them. It was interesting for Chris to listen to the voices of the guys. One of the special calls was from Brendan O'Brien. Chris had never met Brendan, but knew that he was a very talented freshman forward on the basketball team. If Brendan looked anything like his twin sister, Chris was definitely interested. Brendan said he would be in the gym on Monday after 5:00 p.m., and wondered if they could meet and shoot some hoops.

Chris had listened to over half of the messages when Isaac returned to the room. Isaac said he was headed for the Tri-Delt house to spend the night with Leif. Chris laughed and called his roomie a slut.

"Your mom called," Chris said to Isaac. "She is pissed about our recorded message."

Chris played the saved message for Isaac to listen to. Isaac laughed and said that he had better change the recording. Chris wanted to hear the message that was causing so many negative comments. Isaac laughed and played the message that included his own voice.

"Hi. You have called the room of CJ Hammer and Isaac Mendez at the Jacobs Dorm. As you can hear, we are busy right now, but leave a message and we might call you back." In the background you could hear a girl moaning, during what was a very loud and intense orgasm.

Chris rolled on his bed laughing. He knew that Isaac was an Audio/Video major, but never knew what had been recorded on the service. Isaac admitted that he had put the new message on the system just before he had left for the long weekend at Chris's home. Isaac changed the message to a boring announcement, and knew his mother was going to rip him apart when he called home.

At the Burston dorm, Nathan Pease returned to the front door, seeing a family unloading their car. He figured that a new student had arrived, but scanned the family and only saw a mother, father, girl and boy. He figured that they were there to help an older sibling arrive at the campus.

"Hi," Nathan said to the father. "Do you need some help unloading?"

Tom Emerson smiled and said that his son was starting at CSU in September, but had decided to arrive early to get used to the campus. He was pleased that Nathan would offer to help, but noticed that the guy offering to help was very small.

"This is my son, Cody," Tom said, introducing a small guy to Nathan.

Nathan was shocked to see the smiling face of a guy who was only 5 foot 4 inches tall, and couldn't weigh more than 105 pounds. He wondered where Cody's older brother was, as the small guy was very young looking, and couldn't be the one starting college.

"I know I am small and look young," Cody said, "but I am the one moving in here."

Nathan instantly knew the problems with being a very small guy on a very large campus. Nathan was only 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed 120 pounds. He looked at the fresh young face, and couldn't believe that the young guy was actually a college student. Cody had strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and a face covered with freckles. He looked like he was 14 or 15. Nathan shook Cody's hand, and immediately felt a bond with the young looking guy.

"Are you a student here?" Cody asked.

"Yup," Nathan said. He was staring at the handsome young face, and could not believe that the boy was starting college. "I started classes last month."

Cody had always been a small guy, and knew that going to college was going to be the biggest challenge of his life. He had skipped two grades in school, based on his academic excellence. Even in high school, he was the smallest guy around, and took a lot of flack about his lack of height and muscle development. He was also burdened with the face of a young boy that was covered with freckles. Now he was enrolled in college, where he knew that huge guys were athletes and students. He was afraid that he would be teased and harassed. He had accepted the full academic scholarship in Computer Science, hoping that he could be the first one in his family to graduate from college. He looked at Nathan and loved seeing a guy who was not that much bigger than he was.

Tom and Wanda Emerson were thrilled to see another small guy helping their son move into the dorm. They knew that Cody was afraid about moving away from home and starting college. They hoped that Nathan and Cody would become friends. Tom was a successful business owner who had worked his way to prosperity through hard work and dedication. He now wanted his son to have the college education that no one else in the family had achieved, and would use the profits from his tire store to guarantee that Cody had everything necessary to succeed.

Cody's possessions were quickly hauled to his dorm room. His roommate was not due to arrive until September, so Cody would have a chance to adjust to campus life before he had to share the room. He had an empty feeling in his stomach as he said goodbye to his parents and sister. Hearing Nathan promise to show him around the campus was nice, but Cody was still afraid that he made a mistake accepting the scholarship from CSU.

The two guys talked as they unpacked the boxes of clothes and room decorations. They sat on Cody's bed and openly shared their feelings about being small guys who looked young.

Nathan told Cody about meeting CJ Hammer and many other "big" guys from the Jacobs Dorm and Tri-Delt fraternity. Cody was impressed that Nathan had met the huge basketball star, and asked if he could meet CJ. Nathan laughed and said that would introduce Cody to all of his new friends.

"I'm 18," Nathan said. "How old are you? You look younger than me, but I don't want to embarrass you."

Cody blushed. He was afraid of telling Nathan the truth, but took a deep breath and answered, "I'm almost 17."

"Almost 17 means you are 16," Nathan teased. "How did you graduate from high school so young?"

"I skipped two grades when I was in elementary school," Cody replied. "I have always had good grades. Being small didn't give me much of a chance to play sports, so I studied a lot. I hope I don't get picked on here. I want to join a fraternity, but I don't think I have a chance. From what I have heard, frats want big jocks; not little shrimps like me. Please don't tell anyone how old I am. I will have enough problems being small without people teasing me about my age."

"First of all," Nathan said, "don't use the word 'frat'. The best way to insult a fraternity member is calling them a 'frat rat', so if they hear you using that word, they will cop an attitude about you. I won't tell anyone how old you are, but you better get ready for people to ask."

"Thanks for the advice," Cody said. "Can I ask you a very personal question?"

"Yup," Nathan replied. "If it is too personal, I won't answer it."

Cody smiled and blushed. Nathan loved looking at the boyish face of his new friend. He knew that he and some of his new friends on campus liked having sex with young teens, and he hoped that he would have a chance to get Cody out of his clothes and into bed.

"Have you fucked any college girls here?" Cody asked.

Nathan was bummed out. He was hoping that Cody would be receptive to gay sex, but the question burst his bubble. He took a deep breath and decided to answer the question honestly.

"There are some awesome people on this campus," Nathan began. "CJ Hammer has hooked me up a bunch of times. The girls at the Sigma Epsilon sorority are awesome looking, and I have filled my share of baggies there."

"I hope to get lucky here," Cody admitted. He took a deep breath and continued, "I'm still a virgin. The girls in my high school were a bunch of stuck up bitches, and they chased after the hot looking jocks, not a young wimp like me."

Nathan was pleased to hear that Cody was a virgin. He also wanted to be the one to change all of that real soon.

"Virginity can be cured," Nathan laughed. "Just keep an open mind, and I guarantee that you will be shooting cum before the week is out."

Cody wondered what keeping an open mind really meant. He hadn't been honest with Nathan. He has asked about sex with a girl, but knew that seeing naked guys in the showers after the mandatory gym classes had excited him the most. He hoped that keeping an open mind might lead to satisfying his real desire of sucking cock and having anal sex with a guy. He had been surfing the Internet for years, and had constantly sat in front of his computer at home with his dick in his hand. His personal record was jacking off five times in less than two hours, as he looked at hot pictures and videos of twinks having sex. He knew his dick was small, just like the rest of his body, and figured that no one would be interested in a tiny guy with a tiny dick. It wouldn't take long for those ideas to be erased.

The two new friends continued talking about their families and how difficult it was to be the smallest guy in their high schools. They ate lunch together and decided to take a walk around the dorm. Nathan returned to his own room, with Cody tagging along. Nathan had a real asshole for a roommate.

Jerry Adams was a junior, and treated Nathan like dirt. As soon as he saw his roommate open the door, Jerry began tormenting Nathan. When he saw Cody, Jerry laughed and said, "I see my little boy roomie found a baby boy to play with."

"Fuck off," Nathan replied. "Cody is a freshman here and his IQ is higher than your weight."

Jerry wasn't ready to take any shit from his small roommate, especially in front of another student. He was ready to smack Nathan in the mouth when a knock at the door interrupted the disagreement. He grabbed for the doorknob, determined to get rid of the visitor and beat the fuck out of Nathan.

"Is Nathan here?" Jodi Thomas asked. She was standing in the hallway with Nicole Jerome, another awesome looking girl from the Sig Ep sorority.

"Why would you want to see a little puke like him, when you can have a REAL man like me?" Jerry asked. "Nathan has the tiniest dick on campus, and I can give both of you a ride on my face and fill you with a man's dick."

Jodi and Nicole were both pissed at the gross language, and decided to put Jerry in his place.

"The only way I would sit on your face is if I was taking a dump in your mouth!" Jodi exclaimed.

"You may think that you have a big weenie," Nicole added, "but you are a big prick from the top of your head down to your feet!"

Jerry was super pissed at being shot down by the two beautiful girls. When he heard Cody giggling, he turned his rage toward the sound. He shoved Cody against the wall of the room and drew back his fist to punch the small guy.

Nathan didn't wait as he threw his body against Jerry, knocking his bigger roommate away from Cody. Jerry was livid, turned, and threw a punch toward Nathan's face. It was a big mistake, as Nathan used his Karate skills to beat the fuck out of Jerry. The sounds of the fight drew the dorm advisor to the room, where he saw the last two blows from Nathan reduce Jerry to a bleeding, whimpering blob on the floor.

Jodi and Nicole quickly explained to the DA that Jerry had attacked both Cody and Nathan. The dorm advisor knew that Jerry and Nathan didn't get along. Jerry had already been disciplined for breaking dorm rules, and this was the last straw.

"I've had it with you," Randy Crawford said, looking directly at Jerry Adams. "You have been on probation every year that you have lived in this dorm, and now I am going to see that you are booted out of here! Get your ass up, clean up and meet me in the office! As far as I am concerned, you have spent you last night in the Burston Dorm!"

Jerry staggered to his feet. He had been humiliated in front of a bunch of people. The hallway was filled with other students who had heard the fight. He vowed that he would get even with Nathan.

"Sorry about that," Nathan said to Cody and the two beautiful girls. "Jerry has been a real asshole to me ever since I moved in. Ever since he found out that I was a friend with CJ Hammer and the guys at the Tri-Delt fraternity, he has been jealous. Jerry wanted to join a fraternity, but his personality kept him from getting a single rush invitation."

Cody had calmed down after being pushed around by Jerry, and was awed by the display of Karate skills by Nathan. Jerry weighed at least 50 pounds more than Nathan did, but the smaller guy had kicked ass.

"You were awesome!" Cody said to Nathan. "Can you teach me how to defend myself. I have had my ass kicked so many times that I lost count." Nathan was being honest, but quickly got embarrassed at admitting his weakness in front of the two beautiful girls.

"We actually came here to invite you to a party Friday night," Jodi said to Nathan. "If you will introduce us to this cutie friend of yours, we will invite him too."

Nathan apologized for not introducing Cody Emerson to the two girls. Nicole was only about 5 foot 3 inches tall and weighed 95 pounds. She was immediately attracted to Cody, and hoped that he would come to the party.

Jodi had already had sex with Nathan, and knew that he was a great pussy eater. She also remembered that the small guy never seemed to lose his erection after he had cum. Getting Nathan in bed again would guarantee her a night of multiple orgasms, along with a generous supply of warm cum to eat. The two girls were thrilled when Cody and Nathan promised to attend the party. The girls left, with Nathan and Cody listening to the other dorm residents express their appreciation for Jerry Adams being kicked out. All of the witnesses to the attack by Jerry had to sign written statements for the Burston Dorm administrators, but it was a formality. Jerry had been a pain in the ass for everyone, and they were happy to get rid of him.

"Let's take a walk," Nathan said. He wanted to show Cody around the campus and relax after displaying his Karate skills. They were walking in the quad when Cody saw CJ Hammer walking toward the Intramural Building.

"Holy fuck!" Cody said. "That is CJ Hammer!"

Nathan laughed and grabbed his new friend by the hand and led him toward Chris. Cody was afraid as they approached the famous athlete, and wanted to run away. Nathan told him to chill out as he called out to the huge athlete. "Hey, Hammer, do you want to meet my new friend?"

Chris turned and looked at the two small guys approaching him. He had never seen two guys as cute as the two that approached him. He wondered if Nathan was bringing his younger brother or another relative up to meet him, but decided to wait before making any judgement.

"Hey, Nathan," Chris said as he held out his hand for a shake. "I was just heading for the IM Building to work out. I didn't expect to see you so soon after last weekend. I hope you had fun with my family and friends."

Cody was amazed. He hadn't really believed that Nathan even knew CJ Hammer, let alone had visited with him and his family and friends. He held back, afraid of even being close to the handsome guy that could break him in half without working up a sweat.

"I had a great weekend," Nathan said. "I never got a chance to thank you for inviting me to your home. I gotta tell you that your dog scared the fuck out of me, but your family is awesome!"

Chris laughed and asked, "Who is your friend?"

"This is my new buddy, Cody Emerson," Nathan replied. "Cody is a freshman, and just moved in to the Burston Dorm. We had a little problem with my roommate, but I think that things are going to be okay now."

Chris shook Cody's hand, and marveled at how small the hand was compared to his own. He looked at the small guy and couldn't believe that Cody was actually a freshman in college. He had met high school boys that looked older than Cody, but decided to be a friend to the small guy that didn't want to let go of his large hand.

Cody was in heaven as he felt the strong grip and huge hand of the most famous athlete in the country. He had watched the Olympic competition and every television program that CJ Hammer had ever been a part of. He couldn't believe that he was actually shaking hands with the super star, and looked up at the massive body and felt like he was going to pass out.

"Can I have my hand back?" Chris asked of his new little friend.

Nathan laughed as he saw the expression on Cody's face turn from awe to total embarrassment. He knew he had to rescue his new friend as he said, "I felt the same way the first time I shook Chris's hand. I didn't think I was awake when he talked to me like a friend. He kicked my ass in the Karate practice room, and I figured he would hate me. Chris is a great guy, and you have to relax and accept that he is a big hunk of shit with no brains or talent!"

Chris laughed when he heard Nathan put him down. He loved Nathan, and wanted to spend some quality time with him again real soon. He was also attracted to the cute guy with the strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes that he had just met. It was like he was looking at a boy of 13 or 14 when he looked at Cody. He knew that Nathan was a tiger in bed, and Chris wondered if Cody was going to be another hot addition to his list of fuckable college studs. He didn't want to embarrass Cody by asking how old he was, but Chris guessed that the cute guy with the freckles across his face was a "Dugie Howser" who had entered college before he was 18. He also quickly decided that he liked what he saw, and decided that as long as Cody was Nathan's friend, he must be a cool guy.

"I have to meet my training coach," Chris said. "I will be working out in the Karate room and then in the weight room until about 6:00 p.m., but I'd like you two to come to the Jacobs Dorm and have supper with me and Mike."

Nathan was thrilled at the invitation, and agreed to meet Chris at the dorm around 7:00 p.m. They parted, with Cody totally amazed at how friendly the famous athlete was toward him and his new friend.

"I can't believe that I just met CJ Hammer!" Cody said to Nathan. "I watched him play in the Olympics, and saw him on television a bunch of times. I never expected to even see him on campus, but now I have met him! This is awesome!"

Nathan laughed and said that Chris was a great guy and a lot of fun to be around. Cody asked how Nathan met CJ Hammer for the first time, and why he called him Chris.

"CJ only lets his friends call him Chris," Nathan replied. "He is a Karate expert, and is awesome! I heard that he has killed some guys with his Karate skills, but if you are his bud, he is a pussy! Mike Mahley is his best friend from the Tri-Delt fraternity, and Mike told me that Chris has let his friends kick his ass. Mike told me that he got pissed at Chris when he was 16 and Chris was 15. Mike punched Chris in the mouth, splitting Chris's lip. Chris never struck back, even though he could have killed Mike in a matter of seconds. The big guy you just met is one in a million, as he would never hurt his friends. I have spent some quality time with Chris, and I want to be his pledge buddy at the Delta Delta Delta fraternity. I just hope that the members will accept a small guy like me."

Cody loved hearing about CJ Hammer and the friendship that Nathan had with the star athlete. He was very attracted to Nathan, but didn't want to say anything about his desires to get Nathan or CJ Hammer alone and nude. Cody knew that if he told anyone about his hidden desires, he would be dead before the next sunrise.

The two friends walked around the campus and chatted about a multitude of topics. They were very relaxed with each other, and knew that they would be good friends for a long time. Nathan realized that his young friend was just like he was. They both were small and insecure about their physical size, and had been on the receiving end of a lot of physical abuse from bigger guys. Nathan promised to teach Cody some Karate basics, and explained that CJ Hammer was the main instructor for the Karate Club on campus.

Cody was thrilled that he would learn some ways to protect himself, and hoped that he would get a chance to see CJ Hammer in the shower room. His dick inflated to a full 5 inches, when he thought about how big the cock must be on a guy who is 6 feet 10 inches tall. Nathan noticed the bulge in the front of Cody's jeans, and hoped that he would get a chance to see the hard meat soon.

Chris went to the IM Building, and met with Brice Cox, the training coach. Brice was upset that Chris hadn't been to the gym to stay in shape, and threatened that he was going to put Chris through the mill to get him in shape for the football team.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Brice demanded. "You need to be here at least four days a week for weight training and Karate practice."

"Chill out," Chris said to Brice. "I have been running almost every day, and I use the TUL approach to weight training."

"Explain what that means," Brice asked.

"TUL is a method of weight training that I learned in high school," Chris replied. "It means, Time Under Load, and is much more intense than regular weight lifting. I do the same type of exercises, but each time I go slow and concentrate on holding the weight for several seconds during each phase of the exercise. I only have to work out once or twice a week to maintain my strength. If you don't believe me, try to match what I do after I do my stretching exercises."

Brice wasn't convinced, but knew he had a job to do to keep all of the CSU athletes in shape for competition. He had heard about TUL, but never deviated from his pattern of demanding weight training of all athletes, male and female, at least four days a week. He grumbled, but agreed to join Chris in the weight room to try the new training method.

Before the 30-minute workout was complete, Brice was moaning in pain. He had never experienced a workout that caused so much strain in his muscles, even though the weight involved was far below his normal workout load. He watched Chris work out with a much higher weight, and marveled at how the huge athlete could handle the intense workout.

"I am gonna change the workout schedule for every athlete on campus," Brice exclaimed to Chris. "I can't believe how the TUL method makes your body work so hard! This is incredible, and I can't wait to talk to all of the coaches about this!"

Chris laughed and said he was headed into the Karate room to practice. He asked Brice to keep everyone out of the Karate room, as he needed to concentrate during his practice. Brice had watched Chris practice before, and was awestruck by the way the huge athlete would move around and punish the hanging leather bags suspended from the ceiling. Brice and Brian Williams, the Karate Club coach, were both amazed at the way the huge body could move around the training room, punching and kicking the heavy leather bags. Brian had told Brice about the training that Chris had received in Tokyo, Japan, and how deadly the handsome young athlete could be if he or his friends were in danger. Brian had been promoted to Chief of Security for the campus police, but knew that CJ Hammer was his Sensei, and had offered to train the entire security force in basic Karate skills.

Chris finished his workout, and left the Karate room to hit the showers. He was alone as he entered the shower room, but was soon joined by several football and basketball players that had just finished their weight training with Brice. Chris was pleased to see Jarvis Williams,  Jerome Wilkins, Davin Johnson, Delano Genovesi, and Jermaine Lewis among the groaning athletes coming into the showers. They were all bitching about the new method of weight training, and how intense it was. Chris laughed to himself, as he knew they had just had their first taste of TUL, and wouldn't appreciate the effects for several weeks. He greeted his friends and the other members of the football team that were forced into the revised physical fitness program dictated by Brice Cox. He didn't want to admit that he was the instigator of the new fitness program, and just listened to the moaning and bitching of the sore athletes. He checked out the bodies of the athletes, wishing that he had a chance to see every guy on the football team nude so he could pick out some targets for his hormones. He already knew that he wanted to hookup with Jarvis, Jerome, Davin and Delano, and remembered his times in bed with Jermaine. He hoped that all of his special friends would become his pledge buddies, but knew that not every guy would fit in with the membership of the Tri-Delt house.

Chris finished his shower, got dressed, and returned to his room at the Jacobs Dorm. He found Mike Mahley waiting for him inside his room, and asked how Mike got inside.

"Isaac let me in, just before he left to spread his legs for Leif," Mike teased. "Some guys will do anything to get a pledge bid! Are you ready to get on your back with your legs in the air to get a pledge bid?"

Chris laughed as he threw Mike on his large bed. He jumped on his best friend and clamped his mouth over Mike's, shoving his large tongue deep inside Mike's mouth.

They both moaned as their passion mounted. The two buddies knew that they were going to suck and fuck for the next week, and cherished the time together. Clothes were pulled off, and two mouths covered every inch of skin that was revealed.

Chris moaned loudly as he felt Mike swallow the head of his throbbing cock. He quickly moved around on his bed to take Mike's rock hard cock into his hungry mouth. The two horny guys devoured the hard cocks in their mouths, and were quickly rewarded with floods of warm cum that they quickly swallowed. Normally their passion would have been heard throughout the dorm, but with a hard cock in your mouth, it is hard to scream or moan loud enough for anyone to hear. They both collapsed on the bed, savoring the sensations in their throbbing dicks, and the flavor of the fresh cum that they had just eaten.

"That was awesome!" Mike exclaimed. "You always pump a gallon of cum when you pop a nut, and I love to eat it all!"

Chris laughed and said it was fun to hold Mike down during his orgasm, and was thankful that Mike hadn't bit off his cock when they both came at the same time.

He loved eating Mike's cum, and was thrilled that his buddy was going to spend the week as his roommate. He planned to fuck Mike's brains out, but also wished that he would get a chance to eat some Isaac pudding, and fuck the cute brown bubble butt of his Mexican roommate. Chris was jealous that Isaac was spending the night with Leif, and wished that his cute roommate were taking his cock instead of Leif's. He also looked forward to spending time with Nathan and the cute little guy that just arrived on campus. He wondered if Cody was into guy sex, as his face and body had caused Chris to bone up when he had met him. Chris hoped that he would have another cute, small guy to introduce to the activity he and Nathan had called a "carry fuck". He also wanted to fuck Mike's brains out for the next week, as he loved to hear Mike scream when he popped a nut. It was going to be a special week for everyone on the CSU campus.

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