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CJ Chapter 16

Both Mike and Chris had some homework to complete, and opened their books to get started. Chris had told Mike about having supper with Nathan and Cody, but never told Mike what Cody looked like. He wanted to see the look on Mike's face when he met the cute little guy with all the freckles. They had worked for about 30 minutes when a knock on the door interrupted their studying.

Chris jumped up and opened the door to see the two fresh young faces of Cody and Nathan. He invited them in and introduced Cody to Mike. Mike's mouth dropped open when he saw the strawberry blonde boy with the bright blue eyes.

Mike shook his head in an attempt to clear his vision. The boy standing in front of him looked like he could be in middle school. He shook Cody's hand and wanted to ask how old he was, but realized that young looking guys are quickly offended by any questions about their age.

"Cody just moved in to the Burston Dorm today," Chris said. "He and Nathan had a run-in with Nathan's roommate, but my Karate buddy took care of business."

Nathan was pleased at the recognition of his Karate skills and how Chris referred to him as 'his Karate buddy". Nathan said he was hungry, and asked if Chris was going to buy supper for all of them, using his Jacobs food card.

"I think my friends only come to visit me to get free food," Chris said. He was laughing, but also realized that any other food available on campus was lame in comparison to the excellent food prepared by the dorm kitchen staff.

Mike slapped Chris on the back of the head and said he came to the Jacobs Dorm to get fed and laid. As soon as he said that, he blushed with embarrassment. He couldn't take back his words, and hoped that Cody would think he was talking about the cute girls in the other half of the huge dorm.

Cody was very intelligent, and hoped that Mike had slipped and given him some private information about his sexual preference. Cody was in awe at the three handsome faces of his new friends, and wondered if any of them could possibly be gay or bi, as he wanted a chance to live out his Internet fantasies. He tried to clear his mind of those thoughts, and knew that a famous athlete like CJ Hammer must get all of the pussy in the world. Just looking at the massive body of the huge guy caused Cody to pop a woody. He hoped that his baggy jeans would hide his little boner.

The four guys created a strange looking group as they walked down to the cafeteria. With their height and weight differences, they attracted a lot of attention from the crowd enjoying the evening meal. Nicholas Langan, a Liberal Arts Major, walked up to Chris and asked him if he had finished their American Literature homework. Nick sat beside Chris in the summer class, and wanted to get to know the big athlete better.

Chris introduced Nick to the other guys. He said that he was almost done with the literature assignment and would finish it before class on Tuesday. The five guys went through the buffet line and sat together at an empty table to eat. Chris looked at Nick and thought about how different Nick looked compared to the other guys. Nick had olive colored skin, with black hair and very dark eyes. It was obvious that Nick had a lot of body hair, as it came up around his neck to the collar of his shirt. Chris thought that Nick would look like a bear if he saw him nude, and the contrast to smooth, almost hairless twinks would be interesting to see. Nick was a neat guy, and Chris had already put his name on the list of guys he wanted as his pledge buddies. He also wondered what it would feel like to have a hairy teddy bear in bed.

Mike was a celebrity with the group of freshmen, as he was a member of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. All of the guys at the table wanted to be invited to rush the Tri-Delt house, as it was the top fraternity on campus. Being invited to rush week activities at the Tri-Delt house was a major social accomplishment for any student on campus. Mike knew that the four guys were trying to impress him, and loved the special attention. He also loved the fact that Chris was helping find rush candidates for the house, and knew that if Chris recommended a guy, they would be given a rush week invitation.

Chris picked up on the subtle ways his new friends were trying to impress Mike, and decided to tease his buddy.

"You guys are giving Mike a big head," Chris said. "Just because he is a member of the Tri-Delts doesn't mean he has any influence on who gets a rush bid. He's a lowly sophomore, is on academic probation, and couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a thousand dollar bill taped to his forehead."

The four guys laughed and realized that they had been too obvious with their interest in Mike Mahley. Mike was pissed when Chris burst his bubble of fame, and slapped Chris on the back of the head.

"I know one big doofus who won't get a rush invitation if he doesn't retract what he just said about me," Mike said.

Chris laughed and said, "The Tri-Delt house is my second choice for the Greek organization I want to join."

Mike was shocked. For the past four years, Chris had been visiting the Tri-Delt house, and the entire membership wanted the huge athlete to be their brother. No one had ever considered the remote possibility of another fraternity having a chance at landing the famous athlete. He was afraid that his special friend was headed for a different fraternity, and the thought made him physically sick.

"What the fuck do you mean by that?" Mike stammered. "Tell me where you would rather live than the Tri-Delt house."

Mike was afraid to hear the answer. If another fraternity got Chris to sign up for rush week, the cream of the crop of rush candidates would follow him. The other guys stopped breathing as they waited for Chris to answer. They had all heard that CJ Hammer came to CSU to get a chance to join the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. Now he was saying that there was a better place to pledge.

"When rush week starts," Chris replied, "you will find out the name of the best Greek house on campus. I'll put the Tri-Delts down as my #2 choice, but my top choice for where I want to pledge and become a member is Sigma Epsilon."

Everyone but Cody broke into wild laughter. Cody was embarrassed, until Nathan explained that Sigma Epsilon was a sorority that had the cutest and hottest girls on campus. Mike slapped Chris on the back of the head again, and called him an asshole. Mike was relieved that Chris was only making a joke. He would pay Chris back for putting him down in front of the cute guys later. Right now, Mike tried to relax and get his stomach to settle down. He had almost barfed at the thought of his hot buddy going to a different fraternity.
"Do you always let Mike smack you in the head like that?" Cody asked. "You could break him in half without a problem from what I have heard from Nathan."

"I feel sorry for Mike," Chris said. "He was dropped on his head by the doctor when he was born and has major brain damage. Then he fell out of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down! Have you ever seen a more pitiful face in your life?"

All the guys laughed at Chris's jokes about Mike. Mike had the face of a movie star, and it was obvious that he and Chris were very close friends by the way they teased each other.

"I saw Mike's name on the Dean's List," Nathan said. "How can he be on academic probation and be on that list?"

"Mike blows the dean," Chris responded quickly. "He is under the dean's desk at least once a week to keep his name on the list."

"That's enough!" Mike ordered. "You are making me look bad to these guys, and I was enjoying the way they treated me with respect! When you are a pledge, I am gonna bust a ton of paddles on your sorry ass!"

Everyone at the table laughed, as they enjoyed the exchange between the special friends. Cody and Nick both picked up on the comments about Mike blowing the dean, and wondered if there was something about Mike's sexual orientation that could lead to some interesting times in the future. It was the second comment for Cody that sparked a glimmer of hope for living out his fantasies. He wished that he could ask Nathan about his confusion, but was filled with fear at even mentioning his own sexual inclination.

The guys were almost finished with their huge meal when two hot girls walked up to the table. It was Shannon O'Brien and Kelly Nyquist, and they wanted to say hi to Chris.

"Hi, CJ," Shannon said. "We wanted to thank you for taking us to the Sig Ep house. We had a great time there."

Chris had jumped to his feet in respect for the two young ladies that had walked up. He pulled out a chair for Shannon, while Mike had done the same for Kelly. The other guys at the table had just learned a lesson in manners by watching the two guys treat the beautiful girls with dignity and respect. They were embarrassed that they had not acted as fast as Chris and Mike had.

"I heard you enjoyed your visit," Chris said. He was smiling as he thought about Shannon laying on her back with her red pubic hair covered by the face of one of the Sig Ep sisters. He looked into Shannon's beautiful green eyes, and hoped that he would get his chance to rip off her clothes and eat her pussy himself. He and Isaac had taken the two hot girls to the Sig Ep house, and had left the sorority after dumping their MSB's. The two guys knew that the cute girls were still being "entertained" when they left.

"From what Kelly and I heard," Shannon replied, "you and Isaac enjoyed your visits too."

It was Chris's turn to blush, as he knew that he and Isaac both made a lot of noise when they popped a nut. Amy and Melissa were both very loud when they reached orgasm, and the walls of the sorority were not insulated.

Chris decided to change the subject and said, "Your brother called me. We are gonna shoot some hoops tomorrow evening. I haven't met him yet, but if he has red hair like yours, he won't be hard to find."

Shannon was relieved that Chris had changed the subject. She and Kelly had spent the night at the Sig Ep house, and left with raw pussies and sore nipples from all of the attention of the sorority members. Neither of them had ever had lesbian sex, but had always wondered what it would feel like. They had both been fucked by guys, but found out that a girl can really eat pussy better than any guy can. Shannon loved being around CJ Hammer, and hoped that she would get a chance to hook up with him. From the screams she had heard at the sorority, Chris and Isaac knew how to please a girl. She and Kelly had shared their desires to suck and fuck the two handsome guys as soon as possible.

"My twin brother is about 6 foot tall, has spiked red hair with blonde tips, and has dirty green eyes," Shannon said. "He has zits all over his face and tattoos all over his body. He has buckteeth, and walks with a bad limp. He is pathetic, but he is my twin, so I have to put up with bad breath and foul body odor. Maybe you can convince him to take a shower, as he always reeks like a skunk."

At first Chris thought Shannon was being serious, and then he laughed as her description of her brother continued. He told Shannon that he would tell Brendan how she described him.

Shannon and Kelly both laughed. The two girls were a lot of fun to be around, and seemed very relaxed at a table filled with cute guys. Both girls seemed very interested in Nathan and Cody, and chatted for a while before excusing themselves to go study.

"I think little Chris is standing at attention," Mike teased when the two girls left.

All of the guys looked at the front of Chris's pants and saw the big bulge that proved that Mike was right. Chris smacked Mike on the back of the head and told him to "put a sock in it". The other guys at the table realized that a gentle slap on the back of the head was an accepted way to acknowledge a put down between Chris and Mike. They all hoped that some day they would have the same close bond that allowed the two friends to tease and hit each other playfully.

The group broke up and headed back to their own dorm rooms to study. Nick and Chris made plans to finish their American Lit assignment on Monday evening at 9:00 p.m. Nick was thrilled that he would get to study with CJ Hammer and see his dorm room. Chris wanted to figure out a way to get Nick into the shower room with him, and see his furry body. He wondered what it would feel like to wash Nick's hairy body and what it would feel like to lick a hairy ass and then fuck it.

A few of the guys at the Tri-Delt house had chest hair, and it had felt great rubbing against Chris's sensitive nipples when they had hooked up. Most of the hairy guys at the fraternity had decided to shave their asses and balls, and trimmed their pubic hair. Dave Wilbur, the current pledge master, had shaved his thick chest hair off, leaving a strip of hair about an inch wide that went from his neck to his treasure trail. Chris had enjoyed playing with the hair and pulling on it while he sucked Dave's cock dry. Variety was the spice of life, and Chris enjoyed the differences in male bodies. He preferred twinks, but also loved the added stimulation of having a hairy body rubbing his sensitive skin during male sex.

When it came to girls, Chris liked neatly trimmed bushes; small patches of pubes that remained after girls had shaved or used hair remover, and shaved clams. Seeing a massive bush of pubes on a girl was a major turnoff for him, and he had refused to go down on girls that had a natural crotch. The absolute worst thing was to see a girl's asshole surrounded by a ring of black, curly hair. It was a major turnoff to Chris, and would cause him to lose his boner and leave the girl on the bed to finger herself to an orgasm.

Before Nathan and Cody left to return to the Burston Dorm, Chris pulled Nathan aside to talk to him in private.

"Cody is super cute," Chris began. "He looks so young and innocent, but you do too, and you are a slut just like me and Mike! I'd love to get him undressed and eat every inch of his bod."

Nathan laughed and said that Cody was afraid of being teased about his size. He told Chris that Cody was a virgin, but that he was going to try to remedy that situation real soon.

Chris laughed and offered his help in popping Cody's cherry. He loved the times that he had gotten Nathan naked and licked and touched his soft, small body. Everything on Nathan was perfect, and Chris wanted to get Nathan in his room for another "carry fuck" real soon. Mike had told Chris that he wanted to see if he was strong enough to do the same thing with Nathan, and if they had two horny small guys, it could be a night of super passion.

"Take it easy on him," Chris suggested. "A guy who is a virgin when he starts college might freak out if you come on too strong with him. Spend the night in the same room with him to get him relaxed about wearing only undies. If you can get him to the gym and get him sweaty, you might be able to convince him to hit the showers with you."

Nathan laughed and said he had some experience seducing other guys, and would let Chris know when he scored with Cody. Chris made Nathan promise to give minute details of any sexual encounters.

Mike was waiting for Chris to finish his private conversation with Nathan. He had been talking to Cody, and was very interested in the cute guy with the freckles. Just being around Cody was making Mike horny, and he wanted to get Chris back to the dorm room and fuck his brains out.

"You fucking jerk!" Mike yelled at Chris as soon as they were back in Chris's room. "Those guys were treating me like a god, and you had to go and put me down in front of them! I'm gonna make you my bitch tonight, and fuck your brains out!"

Chris laughed and said he was going to make Mike his bitch instead.

"You are such a slut!" Chris said as he grabbed his buddy and kissed him. "You did everything but pull Cody's pants down and blow him. I can't believe that you said the stuff you did in front of a guy that you just met for the first time. He is probably telling Nathan right now that you and I are a couple of gays that want to rape him!"

Mike laughed and said he was sorry for his comments, but that the new guys that Chris was introducing him to were all awesome looking, and he needed some fresh meat.

"I'm getting tired of boning a Cherokee," Mike teased. "I think some cute little boy meat would taste better than that totem pole you keep shoving in me."

Chris grabbed Mike and threw him on the bed. He quickly attacked his friend and started removing Mike's clothes.

"I'll show you how a Cherokee warrior treats his squaw!" Chris teased. "When I get through with you tonight, you will be begging for a medicine man to cure your sore throat and ass!"

Mike loved Chris, but couldn't bring himself to tell his friend how he truly felt. He knew that Chris had bonded very closely with Isaac and Nathan, and figured that he could never expect Chris to give up a life of daily sex with different guys. In Mike's fantasies, he and Chris would become true lovers. Even if they had a fling with another guy, Mike wanted them to become more than friends or fraternity brothers. In his dreams, they would be lovers for the rest of their lives. Fate would challenge his dreams, and he didn't realize how dark things would be in the future for him and Chris.

Nathan and Cody returned to the Burston Dorm and went to Nathan's room. They were surprised to see all of Jerry's possessions gone. Randy Crawford, the Dorm Advisor had followed the two small guys to the room, and explained that the dorm advisors had all agreed that Jerry Adams had to go. His possessions had been put in a storage area, and Jerry was moved into a single room near the dorm office. He had been given a week to find other housing. Randy apologized for the altercation, and said that Jerry had been a pain in the ass to every advisor in the dorm.

After Randy left, Nathan asked Cody if he wanted to watch a movie and drop a couple beers. Cody was in heaven when he heard the offer. He wondered how Nathan could score any brew, as he looked too young to get any store to sell to him.

"How can we get any beer?" Cody asked. "You and I both look so young we would have trouble buying anything except bubble gum."

Nathan laughed and told Cody that he had some friends who kept him supplied. He went to the small refrigerator in the room and retrieved two cans of Budweiser. He was thankful that Jerry hadn't raided his supply, and that the dorm advisors hadn't turned him in for having beer in his refrigerator. He handed the cold beer to Cody and told his friend to pick a movie from his collection of VCR tapes and DVD's. Nathan had a couple of X-rated videos that were carefully hidden, and a ton of movie files and pictures on his computer that were protected by his password. He remembered what Chris had said, and decided to go slow in the seduction of his little friend.

Cody had ripped off some beer from his parents before, and had also done some drinking at a few parties. Now he was in college, sitting with a buddy, and no parents were around. He chose Die Hard and sat on the bed while Nathan loaded the tape. Cody was checking out Nathan's ass as his buddy bent over. Five hard inches of meat poked out the front of his jeans. He hoped that Nathan wouldn't notice when he sat very close to him on the bed.

Nathan was tuned into body language, and tried not to smile as he watched Cody struggle to hide his boner. Things were working out great, and Nathan loved the closeness to his small friend as they watched the movie. He kept Cody supplied with cold beer during the movie, and knew that neither of them could drink very much without getting drunk. As the movie continued, both guys were feeling a buzz from the beer and the occasional body contact.

Nathan paused the movie and said he had to take a leak. Cody was in the same condition, and was waiting for the opportunity to visit the toilet across the hall. The two guys headed across the hall and stood at the urinals, with the appropriate empty urinal between the two that they were using.

Nathan made sure that he was standing back far enough to let Cody get a glimpse of his meat while he was draining it. He pretended to look away, but his peripheral vision caught Cody checking him out. He gave his semi-erect dick a few extra shakes before zipping up and heading for the sink to wash his hands.

Cody had seen Nathan's dick, and it looked a lot larger than his did. He was hoping that Nathan would have a small one, and wondered if his buddy was partially hard. His own cock always seemed to be hard when he was around hot looking guys, and he was thankful that his erection had gone down enough that he was able to pee. He had stood close to the urinal to prevent Nathan from seeing his boner.

The movie was finished, and Nathan was ready to take the next step with Cody. He gave his buddy another beer, and asked if Cody wanted to see a movie that had some hot action in it.

Cody was feeling a buzz, but hoped that Nathan was talking about an X-rated movie. He said he was ready for anything hot, and took a large gulp of his beer to hide his enthusiasm.

Nathan grabbed a tape that held a collection of short movies. The first few movies were straight sex with handsome guys and cute girls. The "actors" were about 20 years old, and were very attractive. Nathan started the movie and sat close to his buddy. He could feel the body heat from Cody, and drank in the aroma of his cute little friend. When Cody moved around on the bed, Nathan could see the bulge in the front of Cody's jeans. He wanted to reach out and grab the bulge, but resisted the temptation.

Cody and Nathan watched the first short movie with a guy and girl making out and then stripping each other. The couple got into a 69 position and ate each other to orgasm. The guy in the movie blasted his load all over the girl's face and into her mouth. The girl ate all of the cum and licked and sucked the guy clean.

Cody was ready to cum in his pants. The guy in the movie had a huge cock, and had pumped a huge wad of cum on the girl's face. He wished that he were the one eating the fresh cum instead of the girl.

The next two short movies were similar, but the fourth one had bi-sexual action. Two guys were taking turns fucking a girl and one of the guys ended up fucking the girl while he blew the other guy.

Cody lost control and blew his load inside his boxers and jeans. Nathan saw the wet spot and knew it was time to crank up the heat on his new friend.

"I see you liked that action," Nathan said. "One thing better than watching a movie of guy sex is actually doing it!"

He reached over and ran his hand over the large wet spot and listened to the groans from Cody. When his buddy didn't push his hand away, Nathan opened the front of Cody's jeans and reached inside the boxers to smear the fresh cum around the small head of Cody's throbbing cock.

"OH FUCK!" Cody moaned. His dreams of finding a guy to have his first sexual encounter with were coming true. He collapsed back on the bed, with Nathan quickly following him. The beer had prevented him from becoming totally embarrassed at cumming in his jeans.

Nathan pulled his cum coated hand out of Cody's wet boxers and licked it clean. It was the best tasting cum he had ever eaten, and he wanted more of it. He put his hand back inside the wet boxers and found enough cum to coat two of his fingers. He delivered the two coated fingers to Cody's mouth, and watched as Cody licked and sucked them clean. Nathan leaned over and kissed Cody on the mouth, and was thrilled to have his kiss returned. Two small tongues probed and licked the insides of two hungry mouths.

"I told you that virginity could be cured" Nathan said as he broke the kiss. "I'm gonna make sure the door is locked so I can show you how great male sex can be."

Cody was so lightheaded that he was afraid he was going to pass out. He watched Nathan lock the door and then stand at the foot of the bed. Nathan took his time as he slowly undressed. When he got down to his boxers, the front was tented out from his throbbing boner.

"Do you want to pull my boxers off?" Nathan asked.

"YES!" Cody groaned. He sat up and reached for the waistband of Nathan's boxers. He carefully pulled out the front of the boxers to expose the part of Nathan that he wanted to see, feel, and suck. When he saw the 5 1/2 inches of hard meat, and the small patch of brown pubes, he was afraid he was going to pass out. He slid the boxers down so Nathan could step out of them and wrapped his fingers around his buddy's pleasure pole. He was happy to see that Nathan's cock was about the same diameter as his own and only a little longer. He leaned forward to take the hard cock in his mouth, but Nathan pulled away from him.

"I want to undress you," Nathan groaned. "I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do. You are in control of how far and how fast we go."

"I want to do everything with you!" Cody choked out. "I have dreamed about having sex with a cute guy like you, and now I want to try everything!"

Nathan was thrilled as he sat on the bed and began undressing Cody. He kissed Cody on the mouth and covered his face, neck and ears with wet tongue kisses. The moans of pleasure told Nathan that he was doing a great job, and he continued removing more barriers to his hungry mouth. When he exposed the small chest and two tiny nipples, Nathan spent several minutes kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling on the two nubs. Each nipple was so small that a dime would completely cover it from view. Nathan's oral attention caused both nipples to become rock hard nubs.

Cody was afraid he was going to cum again without feeling a mouth on his cock. He pushed Nathan away from his chest and begged him to rip his clothes off and suck his dick. With two horny guys working together, Cody was quickly nude. The two guys laughed as they both moved at the same time to get into the 69 position. Two mouths swallowed two small cocks and began savoring the unique flavors and aromas of male genital areas.

Nathan loved looking at the pink cock of his friend that was nestled at the bottom of a small patch of strawberry blonde pubic hair. He slurped up the cum that his hand had missed, and devoured Cody's cock. He wanted their oral sex to last for a while, so he let the beautiful thin cock pop out of his mouth and traveled lower. Cody's grape-sized balls and scrotum were inhaled and bathed with saliva. The moans he heard from Cody gave him the encouragement to roll the twin globes around with his tongue and let them pop out of his sucking mouth. He spent several minutes vacuuming the globes into his mouth and letting them pop back out.

Cody had no trouble sucking the entire length of Nathan's cock into his mouth. He compared the flavor of Nathan's precum with his own. He had feasted on his own precum and cum for several years, and dreamed about tasting another guy's juices. Now his dream was reality, as he used every trick that he had read about or watched during his Internet sexual education. He was rewarded for his extensive studying when Nathan announced that he was going to cum. Instead of taking the throbbing cock out of his mouth, Cody intensified his oral attentions. He was rewarded with several blasts of warm cum as Nathan emptied his load into his little buddy's hungry mouth.

Cody savored the flavor of his friend's hot juice. Tasting the warm cum that was filling his mouth put him over the top, and his own cock began pumping fresh cum into Nathan's slurping mouth.

The two guys collapsed on the bed as they continued to gently suck each other's cock. They were both exhausted from the intensity of their first sexual contact with each other. Nathan turned on the bed to gaze into the face of the cute little guy that he had just seduced. Cody was so cute that Nathan wanted to eat every inch of his body.

"That was awesome!" Cody admitted. "I have always wanted to 69 with a guy, and now my dream came true!"

"When I first met you," Nathan said, "I hoped that I would get a chance to suck your dick. When you asked me about fucking girls here on campus, I was afraid you would not be into any sexual contact with a guy."

"Well I have dreamed about sucking a cock and having a guy suck mine," Cody admitted. "Today when we were with CJ and Mike, I picked up some vibes that we are not the only guys on campus that eat cum."

Nathan laughed and said that Cody was right. He didn't want to tell Cody intimate details of the sex that he had shared with CJ, Mike, and their friends, but he wanted Cody to know that they were not alone in their sexual desires.

"Let's just take it slow," Nathan advised. "I told you that you would be pumping cum before the week was out, and so far, I was right. I bet that both of us get some pussy at the Sig Ep party if we behave. I want you to see what eating and fucking a girl is like. I'll be honest with you. I like pussy, but I LOVE cock!"

Cody laughed and said that he wanted to fuck a girl, but knew that his major interest was in cock.

"Will you fuck me now?" Cody asked. "I want to feel your cock shoot a load of cum in my ass!"

Nathan was thrilled that Cody was ready for more action. His cock had never gone down after he unloaded in Cody's hungry mouth, and he was ready to take Cody to the next level of gay sex. He retrieved a tube of lubricant, but knew the best way to prepare a boy pussy for fucking was with his mouth. He positioned Cody on the bed, put a pillow under the beautiful small ass, and went down on Cody. He sucked Cody's cock and balls and began his trip south. He lifted Cody's thin legs to expose the hairless, pink hole. He gazed at the puckered ring and loved the view. He kneaded the soft globes of Cody's smooth ass, and marveled at how beautiful the boy's bottom was. When his mouth and tongue hit the tender flesh of the hidden area, he heard Cody moan loudly. The loud moans gave Nathan encouragement to lick around and on the puckered hole.

Cody had read about rimming, and had seen some video files on the Internet that showed guys licking the asshole of another guy. Now he was feeling how great it was to have a guy kiss and lick the area that he had only wiped and fingered. He moaned loudly and begged Nathan to keep doing what he was doing.

Nathan had no thought of stopping his oral attention to his friend's boy pussy. He used both of his hands to spread apart the firm butt cheeks. His efforts were rewarded when he saw the puckered ring open. He quickly filled the small hole with his tongue, savoring the flavor and aroma of the tender opening.


Nathan laughed at the impatience of his new sex buddy. He grabbed the tube of lubricant, coated his slender cock, and shoved it inside Cody's virgin hole. Both guys moaned as they felt the slender cock slide all the way inside. Cody was stroking his own cock as he felt Nathan begin fucking his tight ass. The only thing that had ever gone inside his small ass was his finger, and having Nathan's hard cock sliding in and out of his ass was the best feeling of his young life. He now knew that he living his dreams of having gay sex, and he was in heaven.

Nathan loved the feeling of the virgin ass gripping his probing cock and the look on Cody's face as they fucked. It was a night to remember for both of them, as they moaned and groaned in ecstasy in the dorm room. Before the night was over, each guy had dumped two loads of cum inside the back door of his new friend. They collapsed together on the single bed, and fell asleep, holding each other closely.

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