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CJ Chapter 17

Mike and Chris were both ready for some hot action, as they undressed each other and landed on the huge bed. Mike knew that he could never force Chris to do anything, as the huge athlete was so strong that he could break him in half without working up a sweat. He also knew that Chris was his special friend, and would never use his superior strength to force him to do anything. Mike loved everything about Chris, and cherished the time that they spent together. Their special times together were not always sexual, as they loved to ride their Harleys around campus together. They also had found a quarry a few miles from the campus, and it had become their private place for just being friends. Several times they had ridden to the quarry and just sat and talked for hours. If one of them was bummed out about anything, the quarry was where they went to drop all of the crap and be honest with each other. No one else had gone with them to the quarry, and they kept the special area at the top of a pile of boulders as their "buddy spot".

Now that they were alone in Chris's room, it was time for some hot action, and Mike took the initiative in begging Chris to kiss him.

Chris had always let Mike set the pace for their bonding, and waited for Mike to let him know what he wanted. Chris loved to kiss Mike, and knew that he was the best kisser in the world. He pushed Mike back on the bed and looked at the handsome face of his buddy. He knew that Mike could be a movie star with his fantastic looks, and loved seeing the handsome face in any circumstance.

"You are the best looking guy I have ever met!" Chris exclaimed. "I can't believe that you are so beautiful!"

"You're just saying that to get into my pants!" Mike responded.

"You're wrong about that," Chris replied honestly. "I just love looking at your beautiful face and eyes, and I hope that someday I will be your fraternity brother and we can share a room together."

"You really got me upset today," Mike admitted. "When I heard that you wanted to live in a different Greek house, I was afraid I was gonna lose my best friend."

Chris laughed and said he would still like to pledge the Sigma Epsilon sorority. Mike responded by grabbing Chris's hard cock and twisting it, causing Chris to scream in pain.

"If you ever say anything about pledging any house other than the Tri-Delt fraternity," Mike exclaimed, "I will cut this tiny winkie off and feed it to Alex, your dog!"

"JESUS!" Chris shouted. "Don't hurt my little peepee! I might need it to fuck some more members of the Tri-Delt house to lock in a pledge bid!"

"You are such a slut!" Mike shouted. "You have already fucked more guys at the house than I have! When you are a pledge, you better get a pair of knee pads, as you will be bending over for everyone in the house, and will get your bubble butt paddled black and blue and fucked every single day!"

"Hey," Chris replied. "I have done some research about the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity on the Internet, and the national office has published rules about members and pledges. Paddling is forbidden, and so is hazing. You can't make a pledge do anything that is against the national rules, so don't even try to threaten me!"

Mike laughed and knew that his buddy was so strong that no one in the fraternity would dare to physically challenge Chris. He remembered the terrible fight when Chris had saved the life of Joe McClure, and had heard about the time in Los Angeles when Chris had protected Isaac, his brother and friends. He knew that he was in bed with one of the most dangerous guys in the country, but also knew that Chris would never hurt him.

"Suck my dick!" Mike demanded.

Chris laughed and pushed Mike back on the bed. He kissed Mike on the lips and shoved his big tongue inside his best friend's mouth, hearing the moans of approval from Mike. He ran his big hand all over Mike's body, exciting every nerve in the smaller guy's body. Mike was a tiger in bed, and always moaned and writhed around on the bed during sex. The other fraternity members teased Mike about how vocal he was during sex, but they were also jealous at how he could release all of his passion.

Chris devoured every inch of Mike's hot body, ripping off Mike's clothes and spending several minutes sucking, licking, and biting Mike's nipples. Mike went into sexual overload, and began screaming for Chris to suck his cock, as he was going to cum. Chris wrapped his fingers around the base of Mike's cock and squeezed tightly. Any chance Mike had to blast his cum was throttled by the grip of the strong athlete, and he moaned and begged for Chris to let him cum.

"You're not gonna cum until I want you to!" Chris said. "I own your dick tonight, and I am gonna give you the biggest set of blue balls in the world!"

"JESUS CHRIST!" Mike screamed. "I'll do anything if you will let me cum!"

"That's what I wanted to hear," Chris replied. "I am gonna fuck your brains out tonight and every night this week! You better be ready for a fuck every minute you are staying with me, as you are the hottest guy I have ever fucked!"

Mike moaned his agreement, as he felt the tongue of his huge friend circle the head of his throbbing cock. No guy in the world could suck a cock like Chris did, as he slurped, licked, and sucked every inch of his pubic area. When he felt Chris inhale the entire length of his thick cock, Mike erupted with a huge volley of cum. He screamed as he felt his cock blasting his thick pudding into Chris's mouth. The intensity of his orgasm caused him to pass out, and he collapsed on the bed.

Chris was shocked that Mike had passed out, but knew that his buddy was a tiger in bed. He continued gently sucking on the hard meat of his friend, knowing that Mike would regain consciousness soon. He loved the taste of fresh cum, and swallowed every drop of the thick liquid that Mike had pumped into his mouth. When he saw that Mike was coming around, Chris lifted Mike's legs in the air and spread them apart. Mike's hole opened up when Chris spread the firm ass cheeks apart, and he dove into the tangy cleft. He licked and slurped on the puckered ring, and used his large hands to spread the ass cheeks apart, opening the tasty hole for his tongue. He probed inside the tight hole and rotated his tongue to excite every nerve ending in Mike's hole. He continued eating the tight ass of his buddy until Mike begged him to stop and fuck him. Chris needed no further encouragement, as he grabbed the tube of lubricant, coated his throbbing cock, and impaled Mike on his massive shaft.

"JESUS CHRIST!!" Mike screamed. The pressure of Chris's invading cock made Mike afraid that he was going to explode. He looked at Chris's face and saw a broad smile that brought out the deep dimples in the handsome face.

"God, you are so fucking handsome!" Mike said as his body adjusted to the pressure of the huge cock that had invaded his rectal area. Chris had paused his insertion to allow Mike to adjust. Mike knew that Chris was the most handsome guy on campus, and wished that they were formally bonded and living together for the rest of their lives.

Chris went to work, starting with slow, short strokes of his huge cock. Mike was writing around on the bed and screaming each time the cock drove deep inside his body. The room was filled with the sounds and aromas of male sex, as the two buddies slammed their bodies together. Chris was pinching and twisting Mike's nipples as he slammed his long cock to the hilt in Mike's clutching ass. Mike's screams were heard in the hallway, where Jarvis and Cameron were ready to knock on the door. The stereo was playing loud, but Mike was louder. They laughed and decided to let the two guys continue fucking without interruption.

Before the night was over, Chris had blown four loads of cum in Mike's body, and Mike had cum five times. They cuddled together and slept, with cum oozing out of their well fucked asses.

Monday was a free day for Chris, as he didn't have any classes. He went for his morning run, worked out in the weight and Karate rooms, and studied. He also spent time in the Jacobs Dorm kitchen teaching the staff his special recipe for chicken soup. It was a very special recipe that included a special way to prepare the broth, and a ton of fresh vegetables. Whenever Chris had made the special soup, the neighbors were included, and begged for the recipe. He had always refused to give out the recipe, as it was a secret that he had learned when he was in the St. Mary's Orphanage. He left the kitchen staff after making sure that his recipe would be followed explicitly. He was in the Athletic Department office early for his 5:00 p.m. appointment, and listened as the secretary was talking on the phone to John Stevens' wife.

"I will find you a babysitter, Judy", Helen Smith said. "You know that John doesn't want to go to the play, and he is looking for an excuse to stay home."

Chris could tell from hearing one side of the phone conversation that the Athletic Director's wife wanted to see a play, and that John Stevens was the one responsible for finding a sitter for their three children from all of the students on the huge campus. It was obvious that the AD didn't want to go to the play, and was looking for an excuse to stay home.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Smith" Chris said. "What night do you need a baby sitter for?"

Helen Smith interrupted the phone conversation and replied that the play was on Wednesday night. Chris like to pull pranks on anyone around and quickly agreed to baby sit for the three kids. He had seen the photos of the children on the desk of the AD, and knew that the kids ranged in age from 8 to 12. He knew that the AD would be pissed when he found out that a babysitter was available and he would have to attend the play with his wife.

"I just found you a sitter," Helen laughed and announced to Judy. "I won't tell John who it is, but you can ruin his evening on Wednesday when the sitter arrives."

Helen hung up the phone, just as John Stevens came out of his private office.

"I don't want you making any calls to find a baby sitter for Wednesday night," John said to his secretary. "If we can't find a sitter, I can stay home and drink beer and watch television, instead of watching some boring play. Judy can go to the play alone or take one of her friends."

"I promise not to make any calls," Helen said, smiling at her boss.

"Come on in Chris" John said, "Marcus and David are already here.

Chris walked into the office and gave Marcus a big hug. David and John were jealous of the friendship between the two men.

"I only get a handshake, and Marcus gets a hug!" David teased. "I can see who has the inside track with Hammer!"

"Marcus has been my friend for over four years," Chris said, "and he gives great head too!"

Marcus slapped Chris on the back of the head and called him an asshole. He had learned the way to acknowledge a putdown from being around Chris and Mike Mahley during the many times the guys were together.

Chris laughed and decided to make the meeting as short as possible by explaining why he wanted to talk to the three men together.

"I hope you two aren't mad at me for asking for this meeting," Chris said to Marcus and David. "I have some potential conflicts to attending practices and games, and I want us all to talk about things and agree on a plan. You know that I am competing in Karate, and have competition coming up in two weeks. If I win the West Coast Competition, I will be headed to Chicago for the Nationals. If I get really lucky, I will head for the World Championship Competition in Las Vegas in October. I have looked at the football schedule, and know that it will conflict with the Karate competition."

"CSU would love to have a Karate champion on campus" John Stevens said. "We will work with you to reduce any conflicts." The two head coaches were not please that their boss had already agreed to Chris missing practices and games for his Karate competition.

"I have some other potential interference," Chris said. "One thing I don't like about CSU is how athletes and academic students treat each other. I have been invited to play in the fall orchestra concert, and I would like to find some other athletes to perform. I want to break down some of the barriers where athletes are considered dumb jocks with no other talent, and academic students are considered as egg heads. If I am allowed to perform in the concert, I will miss some football and basketball practices, but I want to help unify the student body here on campus."

Marcus and David were not happy to hear that Chris would miss any practices or games because of his Karate competition and concert practice. They were being selfish, and wanted Chris to pick their sport to focus his attention on, and let all other interests go away.

"Jonathan Carpenter has discussed the same problem in his staff meetings," John Stevens said, knowing that the University President was concerned about all aspects of the college experience. "He has told all of us to find ways to work together to unify the student body. I know he will support your Karate competition and performing in the orchestra concert. I am very pleased that you have come up with a way to help make our university a better place. Everyone needs some culture in their life, so the Athletic Department supports you. I hope you find some other athletes to take part in the concert."

John Stevens then turned to his two coaches, who were obviously upset at hearing about the potential interference with their plans. "I know you two are pissed at me and Chris, but my decision is final. We will all support the fall concert and Chris's Karate competition. I don't want anyone to leave here and do anything to interfere with a plan that the university staff and Board of Directors has developed. I want you two to support other athletes taking part in the concert."

Marcus and David grumbled, but finally agreed with their boss to support the fall concert plans.

"Thanks, guys," Chris said. "I hope you aren't mad at me for bringing this to Mr. Stevens, but I figured the best way to explain what I want to do was with all of us together. I promise to stay in shape and be at every practice and game that I can."

Everyone shook hands and Chris left to go to the IM Building to shoot hoops. He wanted to meet Brendan O'Brien, as he knew that Brendan was one of the best high school basketball forwards in the nation. He also knew that the way Shannon had described her twin brother had to be wrong. When he got to the gym, he saw a tall red haired guy bouncing a basketball. The guy was nothing like Shannon had described.

"Hi CJ" Brendan said. He recognized the handsome athlete from television and newspaper articles.

"I'm looking for Brendan O'Brien" Chris said.

"I'm Brendan O'Brien" Brendan replied.

"I must be looking for a different Brendan O'Brien" Chris teased. "The one I am looking for has spiked red hair with blonde tips, and has dirty green eyes. He has zits all over his face and tattoos all over his body. He has buckteeth, and walks with a bad limp. He has bad breath and foul body odor, and he always reeks like a skunk."

Brendan laughed and shook Chris's hand. "I bet my twin sister gave you that description! You should hear how I describe her to other people!"

Chris was thrilled when he shook Brendan's hand. Brendan was the same height that Chris was, and was drop dead cute. Chris guessed at Brendan's weight at about 240 pounds, and all of it was solid muscle. His smile could light up a room, and Chris wanted that room to be a bedroom, with him and Brendan both nude. The two large athletes were instant friends as they began playing one on one basketball. Some other guys were in the gym and seemed interested in playing basketball with the two star athletes.

Because the other guys weren't on the basketball team, they figured that the two talented players wouldn't include them. Chris was kicking Brendan's ass in the one on one game, and was teasing Brendan about being slow.

"Jesus," Brendan said. "You are faster than any guard I have ever seen! I'm glad we will be on the same team, as I sure wouldn't want to play against you!"

"Let's grab some other guys and have some fun," Chris said. He called to the other guys in the gym and asked if they wanted to play a half court game. Six guys were playing at the other end of the gym, and were thrilled at being invited to play with two famous basketball players. Chris wanted to play on the same team as Brendan, as he wanted them to get used to how each other played and try to work together. Jermaine Lewis came into the gym and was pleased to see his two freshmen teammates practicing. Jermaine was a member of the Delta Delta Delta fraternity, and was a friend of Chris's. A game of four on five started, with Jermaine, Chris and Brendan on one team with a guy named Dylan Castor. Dylan was in heaven as he met and played with the talented players. Jermaine was a great ball handler, and made several high feeds for dunks from Chris and Brendan. The two tall guys were able to block several shots from the other guys, but held back on their aggressiveness during the pickup game. Dylan was a lot of fun to play with and did his best to keep up with the three team players.

Chris liked Dylan. He found out that Dylan was a freshman, majoring in Finance. In contrast to the many guys that Chris had met on the CSU campus, Dylan was average looking, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was about 5 foot 10 inches tall, and a little overweight. What he lacked in physical beauty, Dylan made up for with his personality. He teased the other guys on his team when they made a mistake, and took a lot of kidding about his own performance.

The impromptu game lasted over an hour, until everyone was exhausted. The entire group headed for the locker room for a much-needed shower and change of clothes. For Chris, it was going to be the opportunity to see Brendan nude. As soon as Chris entered the shower room, Brendan was already there, shampooing his hair. It gave Chris a great chance to scope out the private area of the handsome redhead, and he saw a nice patch of red pubes above a cock that looked at least five inches soft. Chris gazed at the beauty of the muscular body of his new friend, and liked everything that he saw. Jermaine was also in the shower room, and was happy to see his future pledge nude. Jermaine and Chris had hooked up before, and it was always a night of fantastic sex.

Dylan walked in, and was embarrassed that his body was not toned like CJ Hammer and Brendan O'Brien. He looked at the two massive athletes and saw muscular bodies with huge cocks. He wished that his own cock was bigger, and that he was in better shape.

"Hey Dylan," Chris said, greeting his new friend. "You did great out there on the court. I think you should try out for the team, as Jermaine has an anchor in his black ass!"

Everyone laughed at the joke, with Jermaine threatening that he was going to bust Chris's ass when he was a pledge. Dylan relaxed and enjoyed the eye candy in the shower room, wondering how big all the cocks would be when they were hard. Dylan had always loved looking at hot guys, but had never crossed the line to touch another guy. He always felt inferior with his less than average looks and overweight body. Having CJ Hammer, Brendan O'Brien, and Jermaine Lewis give him positive feedback meant a great deal to him. He knew that Jermaine was a member of the Tri-Delt fraternity, and that CJ Hammer wanted to be a pledge. Dylan would kill anyone to get a chance to rush the Tri-Delt house, but knew that he had nothing to offer the top fraternity on campus. He felt like he was a nerd, studying Finance, and playing in the orchestra. He knew that fraternities wanted jocks and guys with handsome faces.

Chris liked Dylan, and asked where he was living. When Dylan said he was living in the Wilson Dorm, Chris invited him to have supper with him at the Jacobs Dorm. Dylan was thrilled that the famous jock had invited him to have supper with him. Brendan was jealous, and asked if he could join them. Chris quickly said that they were both invited to enjoy the buffet meal that was the envy of every student on campus. He also told them that the cafeteria was serving a special recipe of homemade chicken soup. He didn't tell the guys that it was his recipe, and that he had helped prepare the ingredients.

Brendan liked what he saw of CJ Hammer's nude body. There was no fat on the huge jock, and the huge meat swinging back and forth between Chris's legs was a magnet for Brendan's eyes. He was bi-sexual, and hoped that he would get a chance to get into CJ Hammer's pants. Just thinking about having sex with Chris made his dick start to harden. He turned away and tried to hide his arousal at seeing the golden blonde pubes and huge uncut cock. He also knew from talking to his sister, that she wanted to get CJ Hammer in bed. They had made a bet of $100 for the first one of them to score with the famous athlete. Brendan knew that his sister had the inside track, as she was female and very beautiful. After meeting CJ Hammer, Brendan knew that he wanted to be more than just a friend to the handsome athlete.

Chris quickly said that both guys were invited to enjoy the best food on campus. He also saw that Brendan was boning up, and that excited him. He saw the small patch of red hair on Brendan's chest between the two hard nipples. He wanted to attack Brendan right in the shower room and suck his brains out. He also was attracted to Dylan, and wondered what made Dylan tick. He would find out as soon as possible, as he was horny, and needed to unload real soon. He also knew that Mike Mahley would be waiting for him to return to the dorm room for another night of intense male bonding, and that Nick would be there to finish their American Literature homework. Life in college was getting better every day.

After the guys finished their showers and got dressed, they met outside the locker room to walk together to the Jacobs Dorm. Chris's cell phone rang, and he talked as the three guys walked together.

"Hey B", Chris said as he recognized the phone number. "Have you been banging the neighbors?"

Saul laughed and said that the only one getting any sexual action was his son. He loved Chris, and had learned how to banter back and forth with his boy. He asked about how Chris was doing with his classes and if he had resolved his problems with the Athletic Department over Karate competition.

"I had the meeting today with Marcus, David, and John Stevens," Chris replied. "I got approval for the Karate competition and to practice with the orchestra for the fall concert."

B was surprised that the Athletic Department would agree to Chris competing in the Karate tournaments and also play in the fall concert. He and Chris had talked about the concert, and B knew that his son was very talented at playing the guitar, piano, and singing. He would love to see Chris perform in front of an audience, as the only time his son had ever played music was when they were alone in their home. He told his son that he would invite a bunch of special people to attend the concert, as it was going to be a special event. Chris was embarrassed, but agreed that the concert would be very special for the CSU campus. It would also be after his relationship with Saul Bernstein was revealed to the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity members.

"I love you," Chris said as the call ended.

"Who was that?" Brendan asked. "What is the fall concert that you were talking about?"

Chris explained to Brendan and Dylan about his relationship with B. He also said that Tom Borton had invited him to play the guitar with the orchestra during the fall concert. Dylan was thrilled that he was a member of the symphony orchestra and would get the opportunity to be around CJ Hammer more in the future.

"I played lead guitar in a band," Brendan said. "Can I fit into any part of the concert?"

"I play trumpet in the orchestra," Dylan said. "It is going to be great to have a jock take part in the concert!"

Chris explained that the real reason he wanted to be part of the concert was to break down some of the divisions among the students on the CSU campus. If jocks show the campus that they can play music and support the orchestra, it will help everyone feel a part of the student body. Dylan and Brendan were both excited about the concert, and wanted to expand the number of athletes that would take part. Chris asked them not to say anything about athletes performing in the concert, as he wanted it to be a surprise.

The three guys arrived at the Jacobs Dorm and headed for the cafeteria. Chris used his cell phone to call Mike and ask him to join them for supper. Mike was happy to meet any friends of Chris, as he knew that they would be potential rush candidates. When he met Brendan, he knew that Chris was more than interested in friendship with the tall basketball player. Mike was immediately jealous that Chris was paying so much attention to Brendan.

Dylan loved the food and the chance to meet a member of the Tri-Delt fraternity. Mike was a very handsome guy, and seemed to be really neat. Mike talked to Dylan, and quickly learned that the average looking guy was really cool to be around. There was something about Dylan that Mike found really attractive, and he wondered if the new guy would be receptive to sexual advances from another guy. Mike liked drilling a new guy's face and ass, and any friend of Chris Hammer was fair game for a sexual poke.

The chicken soup was a real hit with the students. As soon as a few tried the soup, word spread around the cafeteria, and the rush was on.

"This is the best soup I have ever tasted," Mike said.

The other guys at the table agreed as they returned for second helpings. They were all trying to guess what vegetables were used and what gave the soup such an unusual flavor. Kevin Michaels, the head chef, came out of the kitchen with one of the cooks he was training. He came up to the table and congratulated Chris on the fantastic soup.

"Why are you congratulating that meathead?" Mike asked.

"Chris made the soup," Kevin replied. "He spent about half the day working in the kitchen, making sure that we used fresh vegetables and made the soup to his secret recipe. He drove our suppliers nuts with his picky attitude toward the chicken and vegetables, and sent back the noodles to get a different brand and type. Everyone wants to know what spices we used, but we promised not to tell."

"I didn't know you could cook," Mike said to Chris. He leaned over and whispered, "I thought the only thing you could do was kiss, suck and fuck!"

Chris smacked Mike on the back of the head and then pulled the unfinished bowl of soup away from Mike. Mike tried to grab the bowl, but Chris was too fast.

"Apologize to me or you will wear the rest of this soup!" Chris demanded.

Mike was afraid that Chris would dump the soup on his head, and quickly apologized. He grabbed the bowl and finished the soup fast, before Chris could change his mind and dump it on his head.

"We are looking for a new cook for the fraternity," Mike said. "The one we have really sucks, and just gave us two weeks notice that he is leaving. I guess we bitched about the food enough for him to realize that he was going to be fired."

"Maybe Kevin can hook you up with one of his trainees," Chris said, looking directly at Kevin.

"I think that we can work something out," Kevin said. "The people are being trained here to work in the John's Steak House restaurants, and the owner wants the training expanded."

Mike was thrilled that he was part of selecting pledges and finding a new cook for the fraternity. If the new cook was as good as the ones at the Jacobs Dorm, the entire fraternity would be thrilled.

"I gotta get back to the room," Chris said. "Nick is supposed to come over to study American Lit with me."

Brendan and Dylan were disappointed that their time with the handsome athlete was going to be cut short. Mike said he wanted to talk to the two guys about the Delta Delta Delta fraternity, and the two guys were thrilled. They both wanted to be invited to rush week at the fraternity, and now they were getting a chance to talk with a member.

Chris smiled and realized that Mike was beginning to rush his friends far ahead of the official rush week in September. He headed back to his dorm room and found Nick waiting for him.

"Jeez, Nick," Chris said, "I hope you haven't been waiting long."

Nick lied and said he had just arrived. The truth was that he was so excited about studying with CJ Hammer that he had arrived 30 minutes early. He knew that CJ was very popular on campus, and was excited that he had even remembered their study appointment.

As soon as they got inside the room, Nick looked around and noticed the photo of the Native American above Chris's bed, and the dream catcher over the window. He asked about them, and Chris answered.

"That is a photo of my great-grandfather" Chris replied. "His name is White Cloud. I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian, and the collection of string, beads and feathers in front of the window is a Cherokee dream catcher."

Nick was pleased that CJ would share information about his family, and asked more questions. Nick had been on the Internet and had read everything he could find about the famous athlete.

Chris answered all of Nick's questions, and also asked personal questions about Nick. He found out that Nick's mother was Greek, and that explained the dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin, and hairy body.

"If I was gonna give you a Cherokee name," Chris said, "it would be little bear, because of your hairy body."

Nick was embarrassed. He had been teased for a long time about his hairy body, and now he felt that the guy he wanted to be intimate with would reject his body hair.

Chris recognized that Nick was embarrassed, and quickly added, "Actually I am jealous of your body hair. My Indian heritage gave me a body that is almost hairless, and I wish I had a hairy chest, arms and legs."

Nick liked what he heard, and relaxed and teased CJ by calling him, "Cue Ball", for being hairless.

"Hey," Chris replied, "I've got hair where it counts!"

Nick laughed and said that CJ would have to prove it, as he looked like a hairless little boy. Chris liked to tease, and also accepted the teasing in return. He wondered what it would feel like to have Nick's hairy body rubbing all over his in bed.

The two guys settled down at the two desks and began discussing the American Lit assignment. They had been assigned to read one of several poems and then interpret what message the author was trying to convey. They had selected different poems, and had already completed most of the assignment. Nick used Isaac's computer and his disk to complete his assignment. While he was working on the computer, he took a chance to look at the items that had recently been accessed from the computer. He was pleasantly surprised to see several gay videos and hot gay sex pictures come up on the screen. His cock immediately hardened to its full six inches of throbbing meat.

Chris got up to offer Nick something to drink from the well-stocked refrigerator, and noticed the bulge in Nick's jeans.

"I see that you are studying HARD" Chris joked. "Did you find the assignment HARD to understand, or are you UP to taking a break?"

Nick was embarrassed, but decided it was time to let his real desires known. He told CJ that he had found some erotic stuff on the computer, and it had caused him to bone up.

"Let me see what you found," Chris said.

When he called up the male gay sex files, Chris hoped that Nick would be receptive for sexual advances. He looked at the files and decided to make a move on Nick. He slid his hand inside the front of Nick's shirt and reached for his left nipple. He stroked the hairy chest and grabbed the nipple, pinching it with his fingers.

Nick responded with a loud moan, and lifted his head to look directly into Chris's eyes.

Chris leaned down and put his lips to Nick's. Feeling only acceptance, Chris worked his tongue inside Nick's mouth, and continued to caress and gently pinch the nipple. The kiss became more passionate, as Nick shoved his tongue inside the handsome athlete's mouth, savoring the contact.

Chris wasted no time in moving his other hand to grasp the erection that was pushing out the front of Nick's jeans. The hardness of his handsome friend gave him more courage to ask Nick to stand up. Two male bodies locked together as the two guys ground their mouths together in a very passionate kiss. Four hands were grabbing tight asses and traveling all over two aroused bodies.

Chris maneuvered Nick toward his large bed, and pushed Nick down on the mattress. He quickly pulled Nick's shirt off, revealing the chest that was covered with a mat of black hair. He dove down and worked on Nick's left nipple, sucking, licking, and nibbling on the sensitive meat. The moans of pleasure told Chris that Nick was enjoying the intimacy, and he used his hands to open the jeans and expose the six-inch boner. When his mouth began working on Nick's nipple, it was obvious to both of the guys that they were headed for a night of intense male sex.

Both guys began pulling off their sex partner's clothes, until they were both nude on the bed.

"Little bear is your new name!" Chris exclaimed, as he dove down and swallowed the entire length of Nick's throbbing erection.

Nick had moved around on the bed and was shocked when he saw the size of Chris's erection. He had never seen a cock that long and thick, and knew that he would never be able to take it in his mouth or any other part of his body. He also looked at the hairless body and marveled at the differences from his own hairy body. The only hair he saw was a nice patch of blonde pubes and treasure trail above the massive cock that had to be over a foot long.

The two bodies ground together as the guys began eating each other. It was fantastic for both Nick and Chris, as Nick was a virgin when it came to guy sex, and Chris had never been intimate with a guy who had so much body hair.

The feel of the thick black hair rubbing against his chest, nipples, and belly drove Chris wild. He slurped on Nick's hard cock and used his hands to stroke the hairy ass cheeks of his new sex partner. As soon as Chris's finger found the puckered hole of Nick's ass, he probed inside. Nick was only taking about four inches of Chris's cock in his mouth, but it was enough to stimulate the large body toward orgasm.

Nick went ballistic when he felt the combination of sucking and fingering. He wanted to warn CJ that he was going to cum, but his mouth was full of cock, and all he could do was moan. He lost control and began pumping his hot cum inside the handsome athlete's mouth and felt like he was going to pass out.

Chris could feel the cock expand in his mouth, and knew he was going to get a blast of fresh pudding. He continued probing the hairy ass of his friend and swallowed every drop of the precious love liquid. The feel of the hairy body rubbing against his own put Chris over the top, and he began blasting his own cum inside Nick's mouth.

Nick had never had sex with a guy, so he was not prepared for the large cock that was blasting huge wads of cum into his mouth. He choked and gagged, as the cock continued to blast the thick liquid into his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could before he gagged again. He pulled away from the pulsing cock and started jacking it off, with the blasts of cum coating his face, hair and the bed.

The two satisfied guys collapsed on the bed, just as Isaac opened the door to the room.

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