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CJ Chapter 18

"Well I see you are really working HARD on your homework!" Isaac said to the two embarrassed guys. "I'll just let you FINISH your homework, and find another place to spend the night!"

"Jesus, Isaac, chill out" Chris said. "We weren't doing anything that you and Leif haven't done. This is Nick Langan, and I hope he will be our pledge buddy."

"FUCK YOU!" Isaac screamed as he closed the door and left. He saw Mike Mahley walking up to the door and told him not to go into the room, as Chris was banging a new guy.

Mike saw the tears in Isaac's eyes and immediately knew that Isaac was very upset. He grabbed Isaac and said that they should take a walk. The two guys headed down to the foyer of the beautiful dormitory, and sat near the waterfall and pond, looking at the beautiful Koi fish swimming around.

"You are really upset," Mike said to Isaac. "If you want to talk about it, I am a great listener."

Isaac tried to choke back his tears, but lost the fight. He began sobbing so loud that Mike grabbed him and pulled him behind the waterfall where no one else could see or hear them. He hugged Isaac and let him empty his tears and frustration. It took several minutes before Isaac was able to compose himself enough to talk.

"Ever since I met Chris, I knew he was a special guy," Isaac choked out. "I am attracted to Leif too, but I want Chris to be my lover. I have sex with Leif, but with Chris it is different. He gives me everything that I need, and I am jealous of all of the guys he scores with. I want Chris to be MY guy. I want all of him, and I will kill anyone to get him."

Mike was shocked. He was hugging a guy who wanted the same things that he did from CJ Hammer. His friendship with Chris began over four years ago, and now a cute, half-Mexican guy wanted to stake a claim to his best friend. He decided to be honest with Isaac.

"I have known Chris for over four years," Mike began. "In that time, Chris has had sex with a ton of guys that want him as their steady guy. Mr. B explained to me that Chris spent the first 12 years of his life without any love, and still doesn't know what true love means. Chris thinks sex is love, and he shares it with everyone. He may be the biggest and strongest guy in the country, but emotionally, he is still a little boy. He loves B, his family in Boston, and his grandparents, but right now, he is incapable of falling in love with a guy or girl. You and I both know that he is the best friend in the world, but he is not ready to hookup for more than a night of sex."

Isaac listened to what Mike was saying to him. He didn't know that much about Chris's past, but wondered how it must have been for his big roommate to live the first 12 years of his life in an orphanage, where he was deprived of love. Isaac had a loving family, and couldn't relate to the life Chris had led.

"I'm gonna tell you a secret," Mike continued. "I am in love with Chris the same way you are. I have never told anyone how I feel about him. When I find out that he has been in bed with a girl or guy, I get very jealous. Mr. B says that Chris is like an eggshell. He is very fragile and stuffs his real feelings inside. He has killed people that tried to hurt him and his friends with his Karate skills and guns, but emotionally he hasn't started puberty yet. I know that Chris loves you by the way he looks at you when you guys are together. I also think that he loves me, but I am afraid if I tell him how much I love him, he will run away. He isn't ready to make any commitment to anyone right now. You are my competition for his love, but I won't do anything to fight for his attention and love. We have to let Chris mature emotionally, and wait for him to decide if he wants a serious relationship, or if he will continue to fuck every hole he meets."

Mike hugged Isaac as they continued sharing their intense feelings for their special friend. They agreed not to fight against each other for the affection of the handsome guy, and wait for Chris to make his own decisions. It was a difficult time for the two guys to share, as they both dreamed of hooking up with CJ Hammer for the rest of their lives. They agreed that they had to accept Chris the way he was, and not try to change him. Time was the only thing that would change the handsome athlete. They headed back to the dorm room, wondering if Chris was still having sex with Nick.

When Isaac used his key to open the door, he and Mike saw Chris with his face buried in the hairy crack of Nick's ass. It was obvious that the two guys were more interested in sex than the homework that they were supposed to be working on.

Chris looked up from his rimming, and saw the faces of his two best friends. He wanted to say something, but Nick grabbed his head and forced it back to his hungry hole.

Nick moaned as he felt the strong fingers of the huge athlete pry apart his ass cheeks. When the big tongue invaded the ring of his hole, he screamed in ecstasy.

"We either leave them alone, or join in," Mike said to Isaac.

Mike had made his decision very quickly, and removed all of his clothes and began eating Chris's beautiful ass. He marveled at the total tan that Chris had attained during the time before he started college. Mike knew that Chris had gone to Greece with Dimitri, and had been a real hit on the nude beaches. He pulled apart the globes of the huge bubble butt to expose the white skin that had been hidden from the sun. He slurped around the tight hole and forced it open with his fingers, leaving a small hole for his tongue to invade.

Isaac had made a similar decision, and leaned over to kiss Nick on the mouth. Nick was very handsome, and the sight of his hairy body was a turn on for Isaac. He had never hooked up with a guy that had so much hair, and decided he wanted to find out what it felt like. He moved his mouth down to Nick's left nipple and gave it a complete workout. He ran his fingers through the copious hair, and liked the feeling. Chris was still rimming Nick, making it possible for Isaac to get in a 69 position with Nick. The black hair stimulated every nerve ending in Isaac's body as he writhed around on the bed as the passionate 69 began.

Mike was horny and told Chris to fuck Nick and get ready to have his own ass fucked. Chris grabbed the lubricant and coated his throbbing cock. He aimed it at the hairy hole of Nick's ass, and popped the head inside. Nick would have screamed in a combination of pleasure and pain, but his mouth was filled with a Mexican tamale.

Chris waited for Nick to relax and accept his huge member. He watched as Nick and Isaac lay on their sides and sucked each other. He could feel Mike moving on the large bed to align his own impressive cock with his back door. He felt Mike's saliva coated cock penetrate his ass, and moaned his approval of the beginning of the orgy. He began moving his cock inside Nick's incredibly tight ass, knowing that he had just popped another guy's cherry hole. He soon had over 3/4 of his big cock inside Nick's tight ass, and decided that he would wait for another time for full penetration.

The room was filled with the sounds and aromas of heated sex. The rutting continued for over ten minutes, until Isaac started a chain reaction. His cock erupted in Nick's hungry mouth. Nick lost control and began flooding Isaac's warm mouth with his flood of fresh cum. Nick's orgasm caused him to clamp down on Chris's huge cock. Chris screamed as he unloaded a huge flood of cum deep inside Nick's tight ass. The spasms of Chris's anus on Mike's thick cock caused the chain reaction to continue, as Mike unloaded in his best friend's gripping ass.

The four guys gently finished each other off, and finally collapsed on the large bed. Fresh cum was oozing out of two freshly fucked asses, coating the sheets. Nick and Isaac had not wasted a drop of the precious seed that had blasted into their hungry mouths, but Mike and Chris had made a real mess of the bed.

"I'm glad my bed is still clean," Isaac teased. "I sure don't want to sleep in a lake of cold cum tonight."

"I thought you would be making a lake of cum with Leif tonight," Chris said as he separated himself from Nick and Mike.

"Leif has a big project due tomorrow, and will be working with his study group all night," Isaac said. "I figured that I could go back here to my own room and fuck my roomie, but it looks like he has other plans for the night."

"I was hoping that I would get Nick to take off his clothes," Chris admitted, "but I never expected him to be a slut like me."

Nick laughed and admitted that he had never had sex with a guy before, but that it was awesome. He had fucked girls before, but had never touched another guy's dick until tonight. He was thrilled that his hairy body did not turn off the three guys.

"I think I will call you Little Bear from now on," Chris said to Nick. "I gotta admit that most of the guys I hookup with are twinks, but feeling your hairy body rubbing against mine was awesome. I got a few hairs in my mouth when I was down on your balls and ass, but I guess that goes with fooling around with a hairy bear."

"I think we should change the sheets on this fuck pedestal, have a few beers, and trade off for the night," Mike said. "I want my chance to suck and fuck Little Bear."

Everyone laughed and agreed to Mike's plans. The rest of the night was filled with the moans and groans of constant sex, as all four guys emptied their bodies into each other.

It was Wednesday night about 8:00 p.m. when Chris walked up to the front door of the Steven's home. He knew that Judy Stevens was waiting for a babysitter to arrive so she and John Stevens could attend the play.

Inside the home, John Stevens was convinced that he would be able to spend a night watching ESPN and drinking beer. His wife was nagging him to put on his sport coat that he had worn to work at the university. He hoped that his wife had not been able to find a sitter, but wondered why she was pushing him to get dressed for the evening. The doorbell rang, and Judy ran for the door, quickly followed by her three children.

When Judy opened the door, she saw CJ Hammer standing on the porch. She was shocked, as she was expecting a co-ed from the university to arrive as the babysitter.

"Hi, Mrs. Stevens, I'm CJ Hammer, and I'm here to stay with your kids while you go to the play," Chris said. He shook Mrs. Stevens' hand and looked at the excited faces of the three kids.

Toby was 12, Nathan was 10, and Mary was 8. They all knew about the famous athlete, and were thrilled to find out that he was going to stay with them while their parents went to the play. They all attacked Chris and pulled him into the family room, just as John Stevens came into the room.

"What the hell are you doing here?" John asked Chris.

"On Monday" Chris began, "you said that everyone needs some culture in their life, so I am helping you get some culture by going to the play with your beautiful wife. I owe you a bunch of favors, so the sitting tonight is free, as long as you have popcorn and soft drinks for me and the rug rats."

John Stevens' face went blank, as he realized that his wife and Helen Smith had set him up. CJ Hammer was a part of the plot to destroy his evening by forcing him to attend the play. He grumbled something about getting even with Chris, but when he saw the smile on his wife's face, he knew he was doing the right thing by going to the play. He looked into the family room and saw that his three kids had tackled Chris to the carpet and were wrestling around with the massive athlete. The giggles and squeals of his children were fantastic to hear, and he leaned over and kissed his wife.

"When we get back from the play," Judy whispered to John, "I'm going to suck and fuck you dry!"

Now John Stevens realized that Chris was doing him and his wife a great favor, and he quickly decided that attending a play was a small price to pay for a night of sex with his wife. He laughed as he watched Toby jump on top of Chris and grab him in a headlock. The small boy didn't know how powerful the huge athlete could be, and attacked with a vengeance. Chris was laughing and throwing all three kids around on the carpet, but it was obvious that the strong guy wasn't going to hurt any of the kids.

Thursday afternoon, Chris was working out in the Karate room when John Stevens walked in. He went up to the huge athlete and gave Chris a hug, thanking him for babysitting for his kids.

"I was pissed at first at seeing you at my home," John admitted, "but my wife and kids love you. The play was even more boring than I expected, but I got lucky when we got home. The kids are begging to have you come back, as they keep talking about how much fun they had with you."

"Your kids are great," Chris said. "We made popcorn and watched two porno movies together before they went to sleep."

John Stevens knew that Chris was lying, and gently punched Chris on the arm. He knew that they had watched "The Never Ending Story" and "Star Wars" while he and his wife attended the play.

"I'm helping the kitchen staff at the Jacob's dorm put on a Texas Barbecue this Saturday," Chris said. "I will be cooking the ribs and chicken, and I hope that you and your family will come over. We will have a ton of salads, baked potatoes with onions, and a special recipe for roasted corn, and I think you will like the food. The Jacobs Dorm has the best food in California, and I want to play with your kids again. Maybe I will take Toby and Nathan to the Sig Ep house for some sexual education."

John Stevens laughed, and said his sons would get their sexual education from someone else besides the star athlete. He quickly agreed to bring his family to the special cookout, and asked if he could invite the university president and board of governors. Chris said that he and Kevin Michaels were preparing a huge feast, and that the members of the Sigma Epsilon sorority and Delta Delta Delta fraternity had been invited. There would be other students on campus invited to the huge cookout, but it was not an open party for the entire campus. It would be almost impossible for any group to feed over 40 thousand students. He quickly agreed to having other faculty members and administration attend the cookout, knowing that his friend, Brian Williams would provide security for the party. He wished that B could attend, but the national fraternity business was taking up a lot of time, and B had to be in Oregon for the weekend. B had agreed to pay for all of the food and rental of the equipment necessary for the big event.

Saturday arrived, and Chris got out of the bed that he had shared for the past week with Mike Mahley. They had spent the night kissing and hugging. The only sex that they had shared, was to suck each other off two times to allow them to sleep. Chris looked down at the handsome face of his best friend, and wondered what Mike would look like when he was old and gray. Chris thought about all of the guys and girls he had been sexual with, and knew that Mike was the best. He had never told another person his own age that he loved them, and wondered if he really knew what love meant. He knew that his feelings toward Mike and Isaac were more intense than what he felt for other guys that he had hooked up with. He wondered if he would ever be able to love another person that he had been sexual with. Sex was a bond of friendship, but Chris wanted more. He wondered what it would feel like when he was old and gray and living with Isaac or Mike or some other guy. He knew that he wouldn't grow old with a woman, as he was definitely more attracted to hot male bodies.

He shoved his thoughts and feelings aside, and decided it was time to go for a morning run and then help organize the big cookout. He tried to wake Mike up, but Mike had never been a morning person. Chris had to resort to more drastic measures to get his buddy out of bed.

He went to the small refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of cold water. He opened the bottle and dumped the entire contents on Mike's head and chest.

Mike screamed as he felt the ice cold water hit his face and body. He jumped up off from the bed and cussed at his laughing buddy. A year at the fraternity had taught Mike that pranks were allowed and expected, and that no physical violence was allowed in retaliation.

"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!" Mike screamed at Chris.

"I tried to wake you up to go running with me," Chris laughed, "But you are a lazy ass! All you want to do is suck and fuck. I need an exercise buddy, so get your naked ass dressed and go running with me!"

Mike was still pissed that Chris had dumped the cold water on him, but also loved the fact that they had spent another night of intimacy together. He quickly dressed, and the two friends headed out of the dorm for a long run around the campus. Mike had been a high school athlete in soccer and swimming, but was not good enough to compete on the college level. He liked to run to stay in shape, and took some teasing from Chris about needing to work on his stomach muscles more to eliminate a little fat in that area. He also knew that his weight training and workouts had given him a very developed chest, and that Chris loved sucking on his chest and nipples. He would work on his belly muscles, as he wished that he had a rock hard body like Chris had. There was no fat on CJ Hammer. Mike always teased Chris about his big bubble butt, as it was one of the features of the huge body that drove guys and girls wild. Seeing Chris in a pair of tight Dockers would drive anyone wild with lust.

When Chris and Mike returned to the dorm after a ten-mile run, they were both sweaty and tired. They headed to the shower room, where other guys were just trying to wash away the hangover from a night of drinking and sex. Jarvis Williams came up and told Chris that everyone was looking forward to the Texas Cookout, and offered to help. Jarvis still wanted a chance to get the blonde guy in bed, and wondered if Chris would cross the race border to hookup with a black guy. Jarvis knew that Chris was into gay sex, but hadn't had the chance to get his golden haired friend alone for some sperm transfer. Tom Borton arrived in the shower room along with Delano Genovesi. It was obvious to Chris that Tom and Delano had spent the night swapping body fluids, and he was a little jealous.

Tom had told Chris about a small group of guys in the dorm that got together to "help each other out", and had invited Chris to join them. Chris had been very busy, but wanted to find out which guys were in the group, as he loved to taste new meat. Tom and all of the guys in the shower room offered to help during the cookout, and now things were getting very interesting.

Mike Mahley was thrilled that he was at the Jacobs Dorm, as he was checking out all of the guys as potential pledges to his fraternity. Chris was like a magnet for attracting guys, and Mike knew that this was going to be the best rush season in the history of his fraternity. The fraternity had held several meetings of the members to discuss the fall rush, and Mike had volunteered to spend more time with CJ Hammer to meet all of his friends. Each time Mike met a new guy, he was sizing the guy up as a potential pledge and future member of the fraternity. The fraternity loved diversity, and wanted a mixture of races and academic interests, along with a variety of athletes. Chris was finding some of the most awesome guys on campus, and Mike had promised his brothers at the fraternity that he would stay close to the handsome athlete to meet all of the new guys.

The parking lot of the Jacobs Dorm was filled with trucks delivering the huge charcoal grilles, food, tables and chairs for the big event. Chris and Kevin took control, and directed the volunteers where to put everything. The Sig Eps and Tri-Delts were helping move things around, and were thrilled that they were given the opportunity to share in the festivities. Chris went to the kitchen area and organized a crew to begin peeling potatoes and onions for his special way of cooking them on the grille.

Tom Jankowski had organized some of the fraternity brothers to begin husking a ton of fresh sweet corn, while Erin French had a bunch of her sorority sisters chopping up sweet red peppers and fresh parsley. Chris was in charge of the recipes to be used for preparing the feast, and was thrilled at all of the help from his college friends.

Amy and Melissa were in the kitchen working on the special seasoning for the sweet corn, and the two girls grabbed Chris's awesome ass when he passed them. They both wanted to hook up with him for the night, and wanted to let him know that they were available for some hot sex.

Chris laughed when he felt the two girls grab his ass. He whispered to them both that he would make sure that they didn't go back to the sorority without having their pussies licked and fucked. The two horny girls were thrilled that they were invited to the big party, and hoped that they would get a chance to suck dick and be fucked. They also hoped that they would get a chance to go down on some of the awesome girls in the Jacobs Dorm. The Sig Eps were excited that they were invited to the special party, and hoped that they would meet some hot girls to pledge their sorority.

Large vats in the kitchen were used to pre-cook the ribs. Chris made sure that the vats of water included a multitude of seasonings such as fresh garlic, onions, parsley, barbecue sauce, seasoned salt, and coarse ground pepper. The sweet corn would be roasted in aluminum foil with a coating of butter, chopped sweet red peppers, chopped fresh tomatoes, sea salt, butter, chopped parsley, and chili pepper. The combination of seasonings would permeate the corn, giving it a very unusual flavor. The potatoes were cut into chunks that were arranged with slices of Vidalia onions, parsley and butter. After a generous coating of seasoned salt and coarse ground pepper, the potato combination was wrapped in aluminum foil for roasting on the charcoal grilles. The chickens had been cut in half, and had been marinating for several hours in a special mixture of Italian dressing and spices.

As soon as the charcoal was ready, the Tri-Delts took over the grilles to cook the meat and poultry. Guys from the Jacobs Dorm were manning the grilles where the potatoes and corn were being cooked, and the Sig Eps and the girls from the Jacobs Dorm organized the buffet tables and drink service. The special event was given permission to serve soft drinks and beer, as long as the participants controlled their drinking.

The air was filled with the wonderful aromas of the cooking food, and the party began. Rock music blasted around the grounds of the dorm, as the invited guests started arriving. Kevin told Chris to greet the guests, as he and his staff would supervise the cooking of the giant meal.

One of the first people to arrive was John Klein, owner of the chain of John's Steak House restaurants, and the former cook at the St. Mary's Orphanage in Dallas Texas. Chris screamed as he saw the face of his special friend from his years at the orphanage.

"I'm glad that you are still happy to see me!" John said as he hugged the huge athlete. He knew that his friendship with a young boy at the orphanage had led to Chris and Saul Bernstein investing in a restaurant for him to own and manage. The restaurant had prospered, and now he was a millionaire from the profits from his chain of steak houses. He owed everything to Chris and Saul, and was thrilled to see the boy that had grown into a famous athlete. He had donated a chef from his restaurant chain and some trainees to the orphanage to make sure that the growing number of boys had fantastic food to eat.

"JESUS!", Chris exclaimed, "I never expected you to be here today! This is awesome! I want you to meet all of my friends!"

"I heard that you improved on my chicken soup recipe," John said to Chris. "I want to know what spices you added, as I want to add it to the menu of my restaurants. I'm also here to take Kevin away from the dorm, as I have a new steak house ready to open right near the CSU campus, and Kevin will be the manager."

"SHIT!" Chris said to John. "Please don't take Kevin away from us. Everyone on campus knows that we have the best chef in the world cooking for us!"

John Klein laughed and said that Kevin was going to be the manager of both the Jacobs Dorm kitchen and the new steak house, and was also in charge of training for all of the California restaurants. He promised that the quality of the food would continue, as the accolades from the media were filling the chain of restaurants to the limit.

"I owe everything to you and Saul," John said to Chris. "You two put me in business, and I will never forget how much you did for me. Now it is time for me to repay you. I will provide chefs to cook for the Jacobs Dorm and the Delta Delta Delta fraternity for free. I will send trainees to learn how to cook from my experts at no cost to the fraternity or campus."

Chris hugged John again, and confessed the secret ingredients that he had added to the chicken soup recipe that he had learned from John at the orphanage. It was a combination of mixed pickling spices and saffron. John admitted that Kevin had saved him some of the soup that had been served that week at the dorm, and he was anxious to find out what spices had been added to give the soup the special flavor. He loved the flavor, and wanted to add the soup to his regular menu at his restaurants.

"I have another surprise for you from Texas," John said as he noticed a stretch limo pull up into the circle drive of the dorm. "I brought some true Texans to see if you know how to run a barbecue."

Chris looked at the long limo and saw some familiar faces getting out of the vehicle. As soon as he recognized the people, he ran screaming to greet them.

"Uncle Henry! Aunt Shannon!" Chris screamed. He hugged the Dallas Police officer that had arrested him when he was 12 and had run away from the St. Mary's Orphanage. Chris had saved Henry's life by shooting the bank robbers and plugging the wound in Henry's leg until help arrived. His face was flooded with tears of joy as he hugged the black couple that had become his adoptive "aunt and uncle".

"Don't I get a hug too?" a familiar voice asked.

Chris tried to clear his vision from the tears of joy to see who was talking to him. He screamed in joy as he saw the beautiful face of Latisha Jones, Henry's and Shannon's daughter. Tish was the girl that had taught Chris how to dance, and he loved her like a sister. He grabbed Tish and hugged her tightly, spinning her around.

"I can't believe that you are here!" Chris exclaimed. "I have missed you so much! I want you to meet my friends!"

Chris grabbed John, Henry, Shannon, and Latisha and took them around the busy crew that was cooking the food for the special day. He introduced each guy by saying that the guy was a pervert and each girl by saying that she was his true love. Everyone laughed and knew that Chris was enjoying his college life, and had made a lot of new friends. Chris was in heaven as people that had made his life complete surrounded him. He continued hugging the new visitors to the campus and showed them around the fantastic dorm. John left to work with the cooking crew, and Chris sat in the dorm foyer to talk to his adoptive family.

"I know that you have had some intense times," Henry said. "Saul keeps in touch with us about what is going on with you. He told us about the recent fight in Los Angeles where you saved some more lives. We know that you are a special guy, and we feel like we are your family. We really miss having you around, but know that you are very busy with your Karate competition and college classes. We want you to come and visit us whenever you can. We love the phone calls from you, but having the chance to hug you means a lot more to us."

"I love all of you," Chris said. "I am finding out that being a college athlete is very time consuming, and I am trying to balance athletics with playing with the orchestra and my Karate competition. I'm sorry that I haven't come to visit."

Henry hugged the huge body. He thought back to the day he had picked up the terrified young kid in the lumberyard, and how the 12-year-old had saved his life. He was now a captain on the Dallas Police Force, and owed his life to the boy that had grown into the famous athlete. He loved having the autographed photo of CJ Hammer in his Olympic basketball uniform on the wall in his office. The note that Chris had written on the photo said, "To Uncle Henry, the cop that changed my life, Love, Chris." Many visitors to his office had remarked that the note showed that a very special bond existed between the blonde athlete and the black police officer.

Chris turned his attention to his "cousin". "Hey Tish, do you want to jump in the hot tub with me? We can dump the oldies and get horny together!"

"You touch my daughter and I will shoot you!" Henry threatened; knowing that Chris was teasing him and Shannon. Chris had always treated Latisha like a sister, and would never try anything sexual with her.

Chris laughed and punched Henry gently on the arm. He loved teasing anyone, and Henry was an easy target. Latisha hugged her favorite cousin and loved being around him. Chris had been accepted in the black neighborhood when they first met, and had proved that white guys can kick ass on a basketball court with a bunch of black guys. She loved dancing with Chris, and hoped that they would get a chance to dance together before she had to leave for Texas.

"I want to take Tish around and convince her to transfer here instead of going to Texas A & M," Chris said. "My cousin needs to come to California and be my roommate, as Isaac farts too much!"

Isaac was walking up and heard what Chris had said. He knew that Chris had said that only to embarrass him, and slapped Chris on the back of the head.

"I'd like Tish to be our roommate too!" Isaac said. "Maybe she can convince Chris to stop taking steroids and smoking crack cocaine in our room!"

Everyone laughed, as they all knew that Chris had never taken drugs in his life. He had developed his huge body by consuming huge quantities of food and a vigorous exercise program.

Their conversation was interrupted when three screaming kids attacked Chris. It was Toby, Nathan and Mary Stevens and they wanted Chris's total attention. Chris turned as Toby and Nathan jumped into his arms. He hugged the two boys and felt Mary hugging his legs. He pulled the two boys apart, leaving room for Mary to jump up and wrap her small arms around Chris's neck, as he spun the three kids around.

"I see that my kids have found the guy they are after," John Stevens said. He was smiling as he watched the huge athlete hugging all three of his kids like they were feathers.

Chris tickled the three kids and spun them around, only taking a break to give Judy Stevens a kiss on the cheek.

"Why don't you dump this old man and hook up with me!" Chris said to Judy.

"That old man is my lover!" Judy replied. "If I was single, I would take that offer so fast your head would spin!"

John Stevens loved seeing his wife and kids having so much fun with CJ Hammer. He knew that having the star athlete on campus had resulted in the best football, basketball, and baseball recruiting classes in the history of the university. The best athletes in the nation wanted to be on the same team as the famous jock, and it had been a real challenge for the Athletic Department to select who the scholarships should be offered to. CSU was a fierce competitor in their conference, but with the new recruits, they could be a national power.

Chris asked if he and Tish could take the younger children on a tour of the grounds, and John and Judy quickly agreed. Tish carried Nathan, while Chris carried Toby and Mary around the large group that was cooking the special food. Chris knew that young boys were always hungry, and went up to the huge grilles that were cooking the ribs and chicken.

"Do you guys have any samples ready for some little friends of mine?" Chris asked.

Nathan and Cody were cooking on one of the grilles and said that they had some ribs that were ready for sampling. Toby, Nathan, Mary, and Tish were thrilled that they were the first ones to be served at the feast. Cody grabbed some Styrofoam plates and put a generous helping of barbecued ribs on each plate for the special guests. They loved the flavor of the ribs that Chris had helped prepare, and ran to show their parents that they were the first ones to be served.

As soon as the kids teased their parents about having the special food, a stampede began. Everyone headed for the buffet tables where the plates and salads were located. They then headed for the grilles to be served the corn, potatoes, ribs and chicken.

Chris led Henry, Shannon, John, and Judy to the tables, making sure that they were fed first. He made sure that his special guests had their food and beverages before he turned to greet more of the special visitors. Marcus Knight, the head basketball coach arrived with his wife, along with David Patrick, the head football coach and his wife. Chris greeted them and told them that they were too late, as all of the food was gone. The new arrivals knew that Chris was teasing, as he led them to the front of the lines to fill their plates.

Brian Williams, Chief of Campus Security arrived with his wife, along with Jonathan Crawford, the university president and his wife. Chris gave them the special treatment of taking them to the head of the long lines of students getting ready for the feast of their lives.

Chris was like a mother hen, as he moved around the tables of his special guests to take care of their every need. He and Trish made sure that Toby, Nathan, and Mary had access to the corn, potatoes, meat and salads.

"Can I have a cold beer?" Toby asked Chris.

"When you are 21 you can have anything you want!" Chris replied. He saw the disappointment in the young boy's eyes, and decided to take a risk.

"Come with me you little shithead!" Chris said. He led Toby to the beer tent that was set up in the parking lot, and grabbed a plastic glass filled with Coors on draft. He handed it to Toby, and threatened that if Toby told his parents that he was drinking beer, Chris would kick his ass.

Toby was in heaven as he drank the cold beer. He had snuck beer out of the refrigerator at home before, but he had never been treated like a big guy before. He wished that CJ Hammer were his big brother, as he idolized everything about the huge athlete. Now he was being treated like he was a college guy, and he loved the attention from Chris. He finished the cup of beer and asked for another. Chris looked at Toby and gave him "the look" that told the young guy that he had pressed his luck too far.

"Well I was hoping" Toby giggled. "It was SWEEEEEET that you let me have a beer, and I won't tell anyone."

Chris and Toby hugged and headed back to the big table where the Stevens and Jones families were eating. John Stevens loved seeing the special attention that Chris was giving his children. He also suspected that his two sons would be trying to get into the beer tent to sample the cold beer that he was drinking at the table. He loved watching Chris move around in the large crowd, teasing the guys and hitting on all of the girls and women. He knew that the star athlete could have developed into the most conceited asshole in the universe with his athletic accomplishments. Instead, CJ Hammer was the opposite, as he was genuinely friendly to everyone on campus, and was always very polite. The entire university staff was thrilled at having CJ Hammer on campus.

Chris finally went up to the tables and got some of the awesome food. He had waited until almost everyone else had been served before he filled two plates and took them to the security guards at the end of the driveway of the dorm. He returned to the tables and continued filling plates for the other security officers, and told all of the workers that it was time for them to chow down.

Feeding a bunch of starving college students is a real challenge, but everyone was able to pig out before the evening was finished. The leftovers were wrapped in aluminum foil for the students to eat the following day, and it was time for beer drinking and dancing.

Chris had devoured a ton of food before he grabbed Latisha and took her to the area in front of the stereo speakers. As soon as they began dancing, the parking lot filled with writhing bodies of college students. The faculty and university staff joined in on the dancing when they heard songs from their own college days. Chris and some of his friends grabbed the older women and convinced them to dance to modern day rock songs. Tish danced with Toby and Nathan, and Chris danced with Mary to include the younger kids in the festivities. It was a wild college party, but no one got drunk and obnoxious, as the security guards were making sure that the party didn't get out of control.

It was almost midnight when the music was turned off. Everyone booed, but knew that it was time to end the special Texan Cookout. It was a tearful time when Chris said goodbye to Henry, Shannon, and Latisha. They were spending the night in a nearby hotel, and were leaving early the next morning to return to Texas. They had all loved the chance to be together again, and promised to visit again real soon. Chris kissed all of his special relatives, and wished that they lived closer to the campus. He loved them all, and cherished the time that they had spent together. When Henry hugged his special nephew, he felt a strange feeling that he would never hug the huge athlete again. The strange feeling was an omen for danger in the life of CJ Hammer.

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