CJ Hammer's life in college continues.

Note from the author:

I really appreciate comments from my readers, and have modified my story to include things they want to read in the story. One reader wanted some spanking, and Nathan and Reggie started that action that will continue in future chapters. Another reader asked why all of the guys were twinks, as he had a lover who is a "bear" and wanted CJ to accept all types of guys. Nick is my little bear, and he will stay in the story. Another reader asked if CJ was going to die in my story. Things are going to get real intense in future chapters, and one or more characters will die. I hate stories where guys are punished for being gay by dying, so hang with me on my story as it develops.

CJ Chapter 19

Chris was exhausted from all of the dancing, and headed to the beer tent. He knew that his drinking days were going to come to an end when football season started, as he nearly eliminate alcohol during athletic seasons. When he got to the beer tent, he saw Brendan O'Brien staggering around. It was obvious that Brendan had consumed too much beer, and needed to take a break. Chris also saw that many of the Sig Eps were hooking up with hot guys and girls and were headed to the dorm for a night of passion.

"Hey" Chris said to Brendan. "It's time to hook up for the night if you are horny."

"I am buzzed," Brendan admitted.

"I saw your sister leave with Amy," Chris said. "I bet that there will be some clam dinners at the Sig Ep house tonight."

Brendan laughed and said that his sister was a slut. He knew that Shannon loved sex, and was ready to have her pussy eaten again at the sorority.

"You can still claim a clam for the night," Chris said, hoping that Brendan would refuse to grab a girl to fuck.

"I'd rather have this," Brendan said as he grabbed the front of Chris's jeans.

"I know you are drunk," Chris said. "Why don't I get you a ride to your dorm so you can sleep it off."

"I'm just drunk enough to admit what I want," Brendan said. He grabbed Chris's cock again and stroked it. "I know you might kill me for doing this, but I want to suck your dick tonight."

Chris grabbed Brendan and led him into the dorm and up to his room. As soon as the door closed, Chris kissed Brendan on the mouth, and grabbed his ass. The two horny guys fell down on the large bed in the room, and began pulling the clothes off from each other. Their passionate kissing continued until they were both naked. They quickly turned into a 69 position and began blowing each other. Chris was thrilled at the size of Brendan's erect cock. It had to be at least 10 1/2 inches long, and was almost as thick as his. He wrapped his lips around the throbbing cock and swallowed the entire length until his mouth met the red pubic hairs of his new friend.

Brendan knew from seeing CJ Hammer's cock in the shower room that it was huge, but he had never seen a cock so long and thick. He opened his mouth wide and gulped the massive cock as far down as he could without gagging. He never dreamed that a guy as popular as CJ Hammer would be receptive to sexual advances from another guy, but now he knew that he was a horny guy. He had sucked big cocks before, but none of them were as long and thick as the one he now had in his mouth. He was determined to take all of the huge cock, and wanted to taste cum from his future basketball teammate.

The two huge athletes continued sucking cock, and didn't notice when Isaac returned to the room with Nathan and Cody. The three guys looked at the two star athletes on the large bed, and immediately took off all of their clothes to join in. Nathan and Cody began eating Chris's tight ass, as Isaac rimmed Brendan's ass. Isaac loved seeing the thin red hairs that surrounded the puckered ring of Brendan's ass, and shoved his tongue inside the tight hole.

Chris and Brendan responded to the added stimulation of having their asses eaten, and blasted their wads of cum. Two hungry mouths swallowed every drop of the hot pudding that was being pumped by two of the largest cocks on campus. Not a drop was wasted, as Chris and Brendan ate every drop of the tangy liquid. They collapsed on the bed, as the three new arrivals positioned themselves for relieving their own MSB's.

Isaac coated his throbbing cock with saliva and shoved it into Chris's tight hole. Nathan fucked Brendan, as Cody shoved his boy-sized cock into Brendan's mouth. The room was filled with the sounds and smells of hot sex, as the three guys unloaded their wads of cum. They all collapsed on the large bed, and giggled about how they were all sluts.

"I think we all need a shower," Chris announced. "I want Brendan to flush out his ass so I can fuck him tonight!"

Brendan quickly agreed to the enema, as long as Chris got ready to be fucked by his own cock. The two special water bottles got a real workout, as everyone flushed out to get ready for a night of anal sex. They all ended up in the shower room together to wash off any traces of fresh cum. Tom Borton was there with Delano Genovesi, and it was obvious that they had fucked, as they both walked funny when they came into the shower room.

"We're having a party in Isaac's mouth tonight," Chris teased, "and everyone is cumming!"

Isaac slapped Chris on the back of the head, but laughed and said that the party was in Chris's mouth and ass. Tom and Delano quickly asked if they could be included. They really didn't get a direct answer, but when Chris kissed Delano on the mouth and Isaac kissed Tom, it was obvious that they were included.

Jarvis Williams walked into the shower room in time to see the passionate kissing. He asked to be included and was thrilled when his big blonde buddy mashed his mouth against his mouth. He was invited to the semen swap and was advised to flush out his body with the two bottles.

When Jarvis got to the room, he found Chris on his back with Brendan fucking the big blonde. Jarvis wasted no time in feeding his huge black cock to Chris's hungry mouth, and was thrilled to see the entire 12 inches disappear.

Chris was now sucking the largest cock of his life. The dark black meat was as thick as his own was and he now realized how difficult it was for his buddies to deep throat him.

Jarvis moved on the bed to straddle Chris's chest. That move allowed him to lean over and feed his cock into the soft blonde mouth that was taking him close to blowing his wad of cum. Brendan was fucking Chris and worked his tongue into Jarvis's asshole.

Isaac, Cody and Nathan were standing near the bed to get a ringside view of the three athletes servicing each other. They knew that they would be included in the orgy very soon.

Brendan screamed as he unloaded in Chris's ass. He had just won a $100 bet with his sister by getting Chris in bed before she did, but more importantly, he had found out that he now had a new fuck buddy. He pulled his softening cock out of Chris's ass and felt three hungry mouths clean it off.

Jarvis pulled his massive meat out of Chris's mouth and moved to take Brendan's place. He shoved his black meat into the blonde hole, and marveled at the contrast in color of Chris's skin where the sun couldn't shine. He figured that Chris had spent a lot of time on nude beaches to get such a beautiful tan compared to the white skin under his armpits and between his ass cheeks. He loved fucking cute guys and now was fucking a guy that he never dreamed would bottom for him.

Chris moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain as the huge cock stretched his insides. He felt the coarse black pubic hair mash against his ass cheeks, and knew that Jarvis had completely buried his bone. He pulled Jarvis's head toward his own so they could kiss while they fucked. His ass was filled with Brendan's cum and the huge black cock was making loud squishing sounds as the rutting continued.

Brendan was on his knees, sucking Isaac's cock, and was playing with Tom's and Delano's very hard cocks. Isaac was so stimulated by the hungry mouth and the passionate scene on the large bed that he blew his load of cum quickly. Brendan swallowed every drop of Isaac's cum and gently finished off his new buddy.

Chris moaned as he felt Jarvis's cock expand, and he knew he was going to get a real cum enema. The first blast of hot cum flooded his insides. He could feel every ridge of the huge meat as his big buddy screamed and continued fucking him hard. He felt at least eight blasts of cum as he was filled to the point of overflowing.

Jarvis collapsed on top of his blonde buddy. Chris held him close and was licking off the sweat from any part of his body that he could reach with his tongue. Jarvis thought that his large body would rejected by Chris, as most of the guys he had seen with his big buddy were white twinks. He kissed Chris on the mouth and loved the taste of his handsome friend's mouth.

Cody and Nathan were slurping up the huge flow of cum that was now sliding out of Chris's distended fuck hole. The two small guys loved being included in the orgy, and both wanted to be fucked by the large guys.

Brendan had reloaded, and now wanted to fuck his first black guy. He begged Jarvis to roll over on his back and lift his legs. He was thrilled when the black athlete complied and he immediately began rimming the black hole that was surrounded by a ring of wiry black hair. As soon as he lubricated his cock and slid it inside Jarvis's fuck hole, he felt Chris rimming his own hole. He knew that he was going to be the center of a fuck sandwich, and was elated.

Chris was ready to unload his own cum, but took time to enjoy the view and taste of Brendan's hole. Brendan's skin was very white, especially in contrast to his own and Jarvis's. He ate the hole and spread it open to allow penetration by his hungry tongue. He loved the musky aroma and flavor as he continued eating the hole to prepare it for a nice hot fuck. Cody and Nathan were still eating his own ass, and the slurping sounds told him that the two guys were still feasting on the flow of cum from his stretched hole. He grabbed the tube of edible lubricant and wasted no time in sliding his massive cock inside Brendan's tight ass.

It took a while for the three guys to develop a rhythm. Brendan and Jarvis were being stuffed with the largest cocks that had ever entered their asses, and moaned loudly. The other guys in the room each found a hungry mouth for their erections. A chain reaction of orgasms began, with moans and groans filling the room. When the dripping cocks pulled out of the freshly fucked holes, they were quickly swallowed and sucked clean. Asses were licked and sucked clean of the tangy juices that flowed out.

Before the night was over, everyone had blasted several loads of cum into hungry mouths and tight asses. The room smelled like a whorehouse, but the horny guys all slept together with their bodies glued together with drying cum.

Jarvis was in heaven as he realized that the seven white guys had accepted him as a true friend. He was sore after being fucked by both Brendan and Chris, but loved the feelings of friendship. He had never seen two white guys with cocks so large. He knew that not all black guys had huge cocks, but also knew that Chris had poked him with the biggest dick that had ever been in his ass. He hoped that their friendship would continue, as he wanted to top and bottom with Chris again real soon. He also wanted to fuck the other cute guys that he had met since he moved into the Jacobs Dorm. He hoped that he had a chance to pledge the Tri-Delt fraternity, but wondered if he would be accepted as a gay black guy.

Chris woke up the next morning with the feeling of a warm mouth on his piss hardon. Cody was sucking his dick, and wanted to feel the entire length of Chris's huge cock in his ass. Cody had been fucked by Nathan and Isaac, but had never felt a huge cock like the three in the room go all the way inside his small body. He continued sucking Chris's huge cock until it erupted with blasts of cum that choked and gagged the small guy. He had to pull off from the blasting cock, and got the last four spurts of cum directly on his face and hair. He was covered in male juice, but loved the fact that Chris had flooded him with his man sauce.

"That is the best alarm clock in the world!" Chris said as he stroked the last few wads of his man cream into Cody's tiny mouth. He loved every part of Cody's tiny body, and dreamed about having him as a pledge buddy. He kissed Cody and slurped up his own cum from the cute, baby faced boy. Chris quickly inhaled Cody's hard cock and sucked a nice load of watery cum out of his cock. Cody was so cute that Chris wanted to eat every part of his body.

Cody laughed and said he wanted Chris to give him a carry fuck like he had done to Nathan. Chris laughed and said that Cody was going to be the fraternity cum receptacle when they were pledges together. Cody was thrilled to hear that he would have a chance to pledge the fraternity with CJ Hammer, as he felt that he had nothing to offer the best fraternity on campus. He was still sure that the fraternity wanted big guys with big cocks, and not a tiny guy who couldn't play sports.

Chris woke up Jarvis, Brendan, Isaac, Tom, Delano, and Nathan, and asked if they wanted to take a run with him. All of the guys staggered around the room with sore asses to find their clothes, and headed out of the dorm for an early morning run. The trucks would arrive at 9:00 a.m. to load up all of the tables, chairs, and grilles that were used for the huge Texan Cookout. By the time that the guys returned from their slow run, the trucks had arrived, and Tri-Delt members and guys from the Jacobs Dorm were loading up the furniture.

"I see that you hooked up again last night," Mike said to Chris. "I got some hot pussy, but I wished that I was boning your fat ass last night!"

Chris slapped Mike on the back of the head to acknowledge the put down, and went to work helping to load the trucks. As soon as the trucks were loaded, Chris grabbed Mike and dragged him to his dorm room.

"You bitch at me for hooking up," Chris began, "but you did the same thing, only you shoved Little Mike in a cunt instead of a guy's ass! You are as much of a slut as I am!"

Mike realized that he had upset Chris, and quickly kissed his special friend on the mouth as a way of apologizing. The door opened and Isaac walked in.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Isaac asked. "I can come back later if you guys need to be alone."

Isaac really wanted to stay in his room and hookup with Chris, but saw that Mike had a lip lock on his buddy, and was ready to rip Chris's clothes off.

"Mike was just apologizing to me for being an asshole," Chris said. "I like assholes, as they are fun to pork!"

Everyone laughed, and made plans for another orgy that night. Chris and Mike had decided to ride their Harley's and left the dorm to get their rides. Isaac was disappointed that he wasn't included, as he didn't own a bike. He walked with Mike back to the Tri-Delt house, and voiced his displeasure for being excluded.

"We've talked about Chris before," Mike said. "We both love him, but have to let him find himself. I know we both want him to be happy, and right now he thinks that sex is love. You've seen how he will spend time with anyone who approaches him. I bet you didn't know that he babysat for John Stevens and his wife so they could have a night out together. He is training the security force in Karate, and has also been helping Brian Williams run the Karate Club training. I just heard that he is gonna help with the orchestra concert. I am worried that he is spreading himself too thin, and that is what I want to talk to him about when we go riding."

"I know that I have spent a lot of time with Leif," Isaac admitted. "Whenever I go back to our room, Chris is either banging a guy or he is gone. It seems like I don't get a chance to even see him, let alone talk or hookup with him. I'm really jealous."

"I'm gonna try to talk to him about all of the things he is trying to do at the same time," Mike said. "I wish that I could tell him that I love him, but I am afraid he would either make fun of me or drop me 'like a turkey turd from a tall pine'."

"I'm still pissed that you guys are going riding without me," Isaac said, "but I know you both love your Harley's. My dad would kill me if I bought one or even suggested that I was gonna ride one."

"My dad is a doctor, and he has seen too many motorcycle accident victims," Mike said. "He and my mom keep begging me to get rid of my Harley. My dad is trying to get a transfer to Mercy General Hospital right now, and he told me if he gets transferred, I will have no reason to keep my bike. Mom and dad will have to move, but they will be closer to campus, and I will love that."

"I bet the coaches here on campus will make Chris stop riding his bike," Isaac said. "Everyone knows the biggest danger is the way cars don't respect a motorcycle. When a car hits a bike, the bike and its rider always lose. I hope that you and Chris know that and will be careful."

Mike and Isaac continued their discussion about cycles and danger, never realizing that fate would prove that all of their concerns and fears would come true.

Mike fired up his Harley and rode to the dorm to meet with Chris. Mike's bike was custom built, but couldn't match the stainless steel body of Chris's Harley that looked like a nude woman. Wherever they rode, the two bikes attracted a lot of attention, especially the large body of CJ Hammer on the shape of a woman's body. The two guys blasted around the campus for over 30 minutes, and then headed down Quarry Road, to their secret buddy spot. They parked their Harley's and headed for their rock overlook. Chris had brought a six-pack of beer, and they sat together and enjoyed the special time together.

"I want to talk to you about something really personal," Mike said.

"You and I have always used this spot to talk about stuff we don't want anyone else to hear," Chris replied. "I may not be as good a listener as you are, but I will try. I was hoping that we would talk about our friendship and what I have to do to get a pledge bid, but I guess you want to talk about something different."

"You know that everyone in the house wants you as a pledge," Mike said. "You are my best friend, and I will make sure you become my brother in the fraternity, just like you are now with Jacob and my family. You know that my parents call you their son, and love you. Mom has told me that she loves you as much as she loves me and Jake, even after that pool party and the other things you did to test her and dad."

Chris smiled and remembered some times when he had really upset Mike's parents. There was one time when he was 16 and had been invited over for a long weekend. Mike and Jake had six girls invited over for a pool party. Mike was in the pool with five of the girls when Chris had changed into a very small Speedo suit that had worn thin from the effects of pool chlorine. When Mary Mahley saw how revealing Chris's tiny suit was, she yelled out the window that he couldn't wear that suit in their pool. He had said "okay" to Momma Mary, and turned toward the cabana. Mary had returned to cooking for the group of teens, and never saw him peel off the thin nylon and dive into the pool totally nude.

Mike Senior had just returned home from his shift at the hospital and heard the yells and screams from the pool. He asked his wife what was going on, and she replied that the boys were having a pool party. Jake had arrived at home with the last of the girls to attend the party, and quickly saw that everyone in the pool was nude. He was thrilled to rip off his clothes and jump into the pool; quickly followed by the girl he had just brought to his home. Mike Senior looked out to his fenced in pool area and saw a multitude of nude teenaged bodies.

"What the hell is going on?" Mike Senior asked his wife, dragging her to the window. He was thrilled at seeing the firm breasts and trimmed bushes of the young girls that were frolicking around in the pool with Chris and his two sons.

Mary screamed when she saw all of the nude bodies. She yelled for Mike and Jake to come to the house, and was shocked to see her two sons walking up to the sliding door with their semi-erect cocks leading the way.

"You told Chris that he couldn't wear that suit in the pool," Mike said, "so he took it off and dove in. If he can swim nude, so can we!"

Mike Senior laughed at his wife's reaction, and told her that he would handle the situation. He walked out to the pool and feasted his eyes on the firm tits and tight cunts of the young girls that ranged in age from 16 to 18. He wanted to rip off his own clothes and jump in the pool and join the party, but knew that he had to act like a responsible adult.

"You have 30 minutes to swim nude," Mike Senior said. "There will be NO SEX, and when I yell again, everyone will put on their suits for a normal pool party. You either agree, or I will send all the girls home and spank three boy asses until they are black and blue!"

Everyone agreed, and loved that the adults were going to allow them to skinny dip. Most of them were sexually active, but had never been allowed to skinny dip during the day with adults present. Mike Senior laughed when his wife objected to his plans, but she was thrilled when her husband grabbed her and carried her to their bedroom for some intense sex.

Mike Senior had just blasted his load of cum inside his wife when the phone rang. It was the neighbor, John Jerred, who was laughing so hard he could hardly talk.

"You are driving the teenaged boys in the neighborhood wild!" John said to Mike Senior. "Johnny can see your pool by looking out of his bedroom window, and he has called all of his buddies and is selling tickets to look out his windows and over the tall wood fence. I'm glad my wife has gone to the store, as I get a free view. Johnny and all of his 12 and 13-year-old buddies are all boned up from seeing all of the hard titties. I think he has made at least $50 so far selling time at the windows!"

Mike Senior laughed and admitted that he was enjoying the view, but also told his friend and neighbor that the nude swimming was going to end in the next 10 minutes. John Jerred was upset, but realized that his wife would be super pissed if she knew what was going on next door. John told Mike Senior that there would be a lot of wet sheets in the neighborhood when at least 10 young teens left his son's bedroom to dream about being invited to the pool party.

"What are you thinking about?" Mike asked Chris.

"I was just thinking about that pool party, and how mad your mom was at me," Chris said.

He and Mike shared a good laugh as they reminisced about the hot pool party. All three guys had ended up fucking several of the girls. It was a wild weekend. Momma Mahley had laughed after the weekend, and made Chris promise to wear board shorts when he came to the home to swim. She would never tell him he couldn't wear a swimsuit again.

"Do you remember the time when mom came in to wake us up?" Mike asked.

Chris remembered that he was sleeping with Mike in his bed, and Jacob was asleep in his bed in the same room. Momma Mary had come in to wake them for breakfast, but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Chris lying on his back. He was wearing a pair of boxer-briefs, and had a full morning hardon that went across his body and stuck out of the waistband of his underwear. Mary had bolted from the room and demanded that Mike Senior wake the boys up.

Mike Senior had teased Chris about making him a liar when he had told his wife that all men were hung the same. She had seen proof that the young friend of her sons was endowed with manhood that any man would love to have. She would never again go to her boys' room to wake them up when they had a friend spending the night.

"You're not supposed to embarrass me when we are at the quarry," Chris reminded Mike.

Mike laughed and apologized, but said it was a riot to see how red his mother was when the three guys came down to breakfast.

"I'm really worried about you," Mike said to Chris. "You have too many things going on right now, and football practice will start next week. I don't want you to overload and burn out. You can't keep up all of your activities and still have fun as a college student. A bunch of your friends are talking to me about getting you to back off. You have to realize that you have a ton of friends around campus that want you to have fun and not burn out. Maybe you should drop some stuff like Karate or football, and concentrate on studying and basketball."

Chris hugged his special friend. He loved Mike, and listened to his friend express his concerns. The two guys had never used the quarry for sex, as it was a special place for talking and being honest with each other.

"All my life since I left the orphanage I have been under pressure and danger," Chris admitted. "When I was playing sports in high school, I had a lot of things going at the same time. You know how much I love being with you and the guys at the Tri-Delt house, and I will take your fears to heart. I love my new friends, and have put my life on the line to prove that I am a friend that can be trusted. I want to play football, basketball, and continue my Karate competition. I might even tryout for the baseball team if I can manage a larger credit load. If things get too tiring for me, I promise you that I will cut back. I want to enjoy college life, and want to do what I can for the football and basketball teams here on campus. My main desire is to pledge the Delta Delta Delta fraternity, and become your brother. That is my main focus, and everything else is secondary."

Mike hugged his big buddy and knew that Chris had listened to him as he expressed his deepest concerns. He was also concerned about the danger of them riding their Harley's around California. He wanted to talk to Chris about getting rid of their bikes, but decided that he had already pushed his friend too far. He should have taken the next step, as riding the Harley's would cause tragedy in their lives.

"What do I have to do to get a pledge bid for me and my buddies?" Chris asked Mike.

Mike laughed and said that Chris had a lock on a bid, and any guy that he recommended for a pledge bid was going to be at the top of the list of pledge candidates. He said that Chris had been a pledge candidate ever since his first visit to the Tri-Delt house. Every member at the house wanted Chris to be a pledge and brother, and would do anything necessary to get him into their brotherhood.

"If my brothers hear about you wanting to pledge any other fraternity," Mike said, "they will hunt you down and kill you! We all want you to live with us, and be a part of our brotherhood."

Chris loved hearing that the Tri-Delt brothers wanted him to be a pledge and future brother. He dreamed about living in the Tri-Delt house and sharing his life with the awesome guys that lived there. He knew that the Tri-Delts were extremely selective about offering pledge bids, and had watched the actions of the pledges during the many years that he had visited the fraternity. He already knew many of the requirements of being a pledge and dreamed about the day that the members would harass him in his quest to become a full member of the fraternity. He also wanted to have fun by harassing the members. He wanted to join his adoptive father in being a full member of the Delta Delta Delta fraternity.

"I'm not sure that all of the guys at the house like me," Chris said honestly. "I've done some stupid things around the house, and someone might blackball me. If that happens, I will quit CSU and go to one of the other schools that tried to recruit me. I know I will have to wait a year to be eligible to play sports. I am really scared about not getting a pledge bid."

Mike remembered how Mr. B had told him that Chris was still a boy of about 12 years old emotionally. He looked at his handsome buddy and saw the concern in Chris's face. He loved the times when they were together and were honest with each other. They always teased each other when they were around other guys, but when they were at the quarry together it was entirely different. He wanted to tell Chris how much he loved him, but was afraid of the reaction. He also knew he had a competitor for Chris's love in Isaac.

"You know that I can't promise you anything" Mike said, "but if you don't get a pledge bid and leave CSU, I'll go with you. You are my best friend and I want us to stay close together."

"Your dad would kill you if you left CSU," Chris said. "He wants you to be a doctor just like he is, and he won't let you run off with a reject. I've been a reject all my life and it seems like pain and suffering seems to follow me around. You don't need my bad luck around you."

"You gotta stop calling yourself that," Mike threatened. "I know you can kick my ass, but if I hear you call yourself a reject again, I will either pound your ass or die trying!"

Mike hugged his big friend and heard Chris sobbing softly. He was holding the massive body, but felt like he was holding a little boy emotionally. He tried to figure out a way to calm Chris down.

"We are starting to make a list of guys that we want to give pledge bids to," Mike said. "Your name was the first one on the list. Isaac has a lock because of his father, but he would have been added even if he weren't a legacy case. Will you help us fill out the list? You know we have a limit of 15 guys that we will offer pledge bids, and you have already introduced me to some awesome guys that belong on the list. Last year over 300 guys signed up for rush week at our house, and this year we expect even more."

"Some of the guys that I like think that they have nothing to offer the fraternity," Chris admitted. "I have tried to convince them that the Tri-Delts are not a bunch of shallow assholes that only want hot guys who are jocks. Dylan Castor is a good example. He is a neat guy that has a great personality. I have a ton of fun around him, but he has low self-esteem. He thinks because he is a little overweight and isn't a jock, that he has no chance of pledging any fraternity. I have to be honest. When I meet a guy for the first time, I look at his face. It's like I can read what is inside his brain by what I see in his face, and Dylan is an awesome guy. He is only average looking, but when you look inside of him, he is awesome! You may think that I only look at his body and dick, but you are wrong. I try to see what is inside his brain, and then I decide if I want to be his friend or not."

"That is exactly why I want you to help us make the list," Mike said. "The Tri-Delt house has always had a diverse membership, and we work hard to maintain it. You're a jock, but you are also a neat guy who pulls pranks and teases other guys. You have also proven that you can take what you dish out, and that means more to us than your athletic abilities. I remember the day that you risked your life to protect Joe McClure. You scared the fuck out of me that day. Joe has been talking to all of us about how dedicated you are to your friends, and that is exactly what we want for our future brothers. Even the national office of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity has been calling Tom Jankowski about you. Just relax and be yourself, and you will be my brother before Christmas."

Chris hugged Mike and told him how much his friendship meant to him. He wanted to tell Mike about his turmoil about loving both Mike and Isaac, but decided it was not the right time.

"Let's drop a couple beers and head back to campus," Chris said, trying to change the subject.

Mike knew that draining the six-pack of beer wouldn't make it dangerous for them to ride back to campus, and quickly agreed. He loved spending time with Chris. The rock pile was their place for honesty, and they never teased or lied to each other when they were there. As they drank their beer, Chris started listing the guys that he wanted to be invited to rush the Tri-Delt house. Mike had met most of them, but hearing Chris's recommendations meant a lot to him. He would try to remember all of the names, but asked Chris to make a secret list to share with him.

Each time Chris mentioned a name, he described the guy and what his major was. He also told Mike what made the guy a potential pledge buddy. Mike was pleased to hear that some guys were small, like Nathan and Cody, and others were big like Brendan and Jarvis. Isaac was Mexican; Jarvis and Jerome were black. Some of the guys were jocks, but many were academic students with interests ranging from music to computers. It was a great balance of interests and talents, and he knew that the members would be thrilled at the diversity. The Tri-Delt house was headed for the best fall rush of its history, but the future was also filled with danger and death.

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