This story will describe the life of Christopher Jonathan Hammer as he enters college at the age of 19. It will include flashbacks to key times in his life where fate would create significant emotional events. The story will describe the events during pledgeship to the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity at California State University. All events, locations, and characters are fictitious. There are some references to famous athletes and movie stars, but in no way does this story claim any real connection to these people. The famous people are not used in any sexual situations in this story.

Note from the author: If you are looking for continual descriptions of explicit sex between males, or any sex between men and boys, you are in the wrong story. This story will take a while to develop the characters, so if all you want is moaning and groaning and vivid descriptions of mind-blowing orgasms, go look elsewhere!!!!!!!!

The first chapter described how Saul Bernstein first met the main character in this story. This chapter will focus on the time when Chris is 19 and starting college, with a flashback to his earlier life.

CJ Chapter 2

Chris began loading his 1957 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon. The classic vehicle was one of several that Chris had purchased, and was in perfect working order. The only modification was the addition of a trailer hitch to tow the small trailer that would transport his Harley Davidson motorcycle. B did not like to see Chris ride the motorcycle, but had finally allowed his son to buy it. Chris was very careful when he rode the powerful bike, and always wore his helmet (brain bucket) and protective clothing (leathers).

Sam had come to the duplex and helped Chris and Saul load the Nomad and the trailer. The two men had agreed to come to the campus and retrieve the vintage vehicle and trailer, knowing that freshmen at the university were not allowed to have a car on campus. They would bring the new Dodge Viper that Chris owned so he could store it in a storage area near the university. That way Chris would have the choice of riding the bike or the Viper.

"I wish you would let me ride with you to the dorm," Saul said. "I know you don't want the guys in the fraternity to recognize who I am, but I feel like I am not being a good guardian by letting you go to college alone."

Chris laughed as he hugged his guardian. "You know I want to make it into the Tri Delts without your help. If anyone sees you, it will cause problems. I know everyone in the house, and they will freak out if they find out that you are my guardian. Mike and Jacob have met you, but they only remember you as 'Mr. B'. You haven't been to the chapter since I was 15, so I hope no one else finds out that we are connected. They would feel obligated to give me a pledge bid, and I want to make it on my own. Just relax and take care of Alex."

Saul realized that his boy was spreading his wings and flying off into the future. It choked him up to think about living in his own side of the duplex he had bought in Freemont, California. Chris had been living in the other side of the duplex, and had proven that he was ready for manhood. Their conversation was interrupted when Alex bounded into the room.

Chris was knocked over by the weight of the 220-pound dog that Saul had bought for him four years ago. Alex was a Ukrainian WolfHound, and was the only dog of his breed in the United States. The rare breed was developed to track and hunt wolves and bears in the remote areas of the Soviet Union, with long legs, large muscular bodies, and jaws that could kill a large wolf with a single swift bite. The breed was also desired for protecting families in their homes, and possessed extremely acute hearing and sense of smell. Alex was extremely intelligent, and realized that his master, Chris, was leaving him. The huge dog was like a small horse, and was tuned in to every emotion of his master, Chris. Alex pinned his large master down on the floor and whined and licked the face of the man who was packing to leave. Chris was in heaven as he let the big dog lick his face and whine. Chris loved this big dog and remembered how Saul had bought the dog for him, and how Alex had saved both of their lives. He finally pushed the big dog off from his chest, and saw that Jason Gardner was pulling on the dog's collar. Jason was Sam Gardner's son, and had promised to walk the dog and give him attention when Chris was gone. Alex seemed to understand that his new temporary master was Jason, and he turned his attention and affection to the 21-year-old man. Jason was a licensed building inspector, and had agreed to move into the side of the duplex formerly occupied by Chris. Jason had been living in an apartment, and the offer to live for free was too much to resist. He also loved the huge dog, and had found that the dog was a "babe magnet" when he took Alex for his daily walks. He also knew how valuable the dog could be if any danger ever arose.

"I'll take good care of Alex," Jason said to Chris. "I love him almost as much as you do. Besides, when he takes me for a walk, I meet some real horny chicks. Alex has helped me score a bunch of times! I will love having him around me here in your home. I am not trying to steal your dog or your home, but I promise to take care of everything while you are gone. I promise not to go into your trophy room for any reason at all. I know you have stuff in there that means a lot to you, and I will not unlock the door for any reason. I really appreciate it that you would let me live here for free. You are like a brother to me, and I will make sure that Uncle Saul has more company than he wants."

Chris laughed as he watched Jason and Alex rolling around on the floor of his home. He knew that Alex would be able to go in and out of the house through the dog door and into the fenced backyard, and would have an endless supply of water and food from the dog station in his kitchen. He also knew that Jason would give the dog a lot of love, and would take great care of him while Chris was gone.

Chris headed for the door of the duplex to pack his Nomad and trailer. Alex attacked the legs of his jeans and took the big boy/man down. The dog continued to play and lick his master until Chris ordered him to stop. The dog seemed to understand the situation, and knew that Chris was leaving him, but that Jason would still be living with him. Alex demanded another chance to lick his master before he let him finish packing the vintage car.

Saul watched the actions of his son and the dog. He loved seeing Alex dominate Chris and take him down to the ground. Saul had never had to try to use force on Chris, as the boy had always submitted to his authority. It was one of the things that made Saul love Chris even more. Chris had been able to physically dominate Saul for a long time, but the boy had always held back on his physical skills and allowed Saul to be the parent. Saul had never really had to spank Chris or hurt him physically. Just talking to Chris and grounding him had been all that was necessary to correct the behavior of his young virile charge. Saul loved the boy with every fiber of his body, and was filled with sadness as Chris packed to leave him. He wished that his son had got a haircut before he left for college, as the long blonde hair now reached Chris's shoulders. Saul saw the long slender braid hanging down the left side of Chris's head, and wondered why the boy liked it so much. He knew that a girlfriend of Chris's had done the braiding, and Chris had decided to keep it. Chris had the braid for a long time now, and had even had it when he played on the United States Olympic basketball team. Chris had promised that he would get his hair cut after he played a prank on the basketball coach, Marcus Knight. Marcus had been a key figure in introducing Chris to Shaquille O'Neal, and that had led to Chris being in the Olympics.

Chris continued packing his needed possessions for his start in college. Alex continued to trip him and try to interfere with the packing. Chris loved the dog, and gave him as much attention as he could as he filled the valuable vehicle and trailer. Sam, Saul and Jason helped in the packing, but knew that Chris wanted to drive to the dorm by himself. Chris was already a celebrity for his winning of a gold medal as a member of the United States Olympic Basketball Team when he was a high school junior. He also had a trophy in his special room as the Most Valuable Player during the Olympic competition. The room was filled with trophies and awards for the many achievements of Chris's athletic life. He had decided to go to the same university that his guardian, Saul Bernstein, had graduated from. He also wanted to pledge the same fraternity that Saul was now the National Vice President for. Every major university in the nation had tried to lure the talented basketball player to their school. Many of the offers bordered on the edge of being illegal, as unofficial supporters offered cash and promises of unlimited sex with young girls from their university. Chris had been on the Larry King Live Show, and had announced that the only university that he was considering was California State University. The announcement on the television program caused an outrage among many big universities, but they finally accepted that they had no chance to recruit the talented athlete. Now they would have to prepare for playing against him, a task that the Olympic competition had shown would be difficult, if not impossible. Four of the top high school basketball players had also committed to CSU after hearing that C.J. Hammer was going there.

Marcus Knight already had a competitive team at CSU, but with the new recruits, he had hopes of a national championship. His only problem was that Chris had broken off contact during his senior year in high school. Chris had refused the athletic scholarship, and had not made any commitment to play basketball for CSU. Marcus was getting a lot of heat from the university to sign the talented star. His friends that were coaching other college teams were teasing him that he had to sign Hammer or he would lose his job. Hammer could have jumped to the NBA and signed for millions of dollars. Now Marcus had to figure out a way to get Chris to play for him. He needed the fantastic center to dominate his conference, but Chris had refused to talk to him. Conference rules prevented official contact during high school, but Chris had continued to avoid Marcus after graduation.

Saul had offered to inform the local chapter of Delta Delta Delta at California State University, that Chris was his son, and was entitled to legacy status. Legacy status would ensure that Chris would be given a pledge bid, but Chris had refused the offer. For the past four years, Chris had been a frequent guest at the fraternity, due to his friendship with Mike Mahley and his older brother, Jacob. The two Mahley brothers were the ones to invite Chris to visit the fraternity ever since Chris was 15 years old. Mike was now a sophomore and Jacob was a senior. The two brothers had been close friends of Chris, and were now celebrities on the campus for convincing Chris to study there. The visits had convinced Chris that there was no other university or fraternity that he wanted to be a part of.

Chris now was packed, and walked up to his guardian for an emotional farewell.

"I love you, B," Chris said as he hugged his guardian, Saul. "I will miss you and Alex, and I promise to call you or send email as often as I can. This is really hard for me to say goodbye to you. You saved my life, and I feel like I am losing you. I know you are going to spend some time in Israel visiting Eloise's parents and with your fraternity business, but I wish we could just go back to when we lived together like when I was 13. I love you so much that this is the hardest thing I have ever experienced."

Saul hugged his adopted son, and shared in his thoughts about their lives together. It had been the most challenging and rewarding seven years of Saul's life. Chris had retained the name given him by his mother, even after the adoption was approved. The boy he was holding was now a man, but the events that they had lived through were more intense than anyone could have ever imagined. Saul hugged the boy and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Chris was sobbing as Saul told him it was time for him to spread his wings and fly into the future. It was very difficult for Saul to push the boy away and send him toward his new life in college with a slap on his son's firm butt.

"HEY!!" Chris exclaimed, "That is child abuse!"

Saul reminded him that he was no longer a child, and that he was now a man. He hugged his son and tried to hold back his tears.

Chris broke away and said his farewells to Sam, Jason and Alex. His eyes were filled with tears as he backed the Nomad out of the driveway and headed toward the dorm where he would begin his college life. Chris turned on the radio, relaxed, and smiled as he realized that the vintage radio would only play regular AM stations, and not any of the FM stations. Chris completed the one-hour drive and arrived at the front of the Jacobs Dorm. He loved the fact that he was going to be living in the dorm that was named for Saul's deceased wife, Eloise Jacobs. Saul had donated the money to build the new dormitory, and it had only been available for occupancy for the last six weeks. Chris parked the Nomad in the unloading zone, and walked in to the beautiful foyer to register. As soon as he entered the foyer, Chris noticed the beauty of the new dormitory. There was a large open area with a waterfall and pool filled with tropical fish. Saul had told Chris that he was going to create a beautiful place for college students to live, but Chris had never seen the results of Saul's dream. He had seen the dorm under construction, but had not witnessed the finished product. This dorm was the most unusual in the nation, and all the CSU students wanted to live in it. The dorm had become one of the major recruiting points to the university. Costs for maintaining the beautiful building and supplementing the cost to students was being subsidized by a trust fund that B had established. He wanted to build other buildings for the school in the future. It was breathtaking to see the waterfall, pond, and the tropical plants that filled the foyer. The dorm had two large wings, one for males and the other for females. CSU had an open dorm policy that allowed visitors of both sexes to visit either wing of the large building. The only rule was that no co-habitation was allowed in either wing. Guys shared rooms with guys, and girls with girls. Chris walked up to the reception desk and looked at the handsome young man that was manning the desk.

"Hi, my name is C.J. Hammer," Chris said.

Tom Borton looked up and realized that he was looking at the most important new freshman in California State University history. He choked as he tried to compose himself to greet the handsome athlete.

"Welcome to the Jacobs Dorm," Tom struggled to say. "You are the most famous guy we have ever had here on campus, and I would love to have your autograph. I hope you are not offended when I ask you that. I have a brother who is 15 who would die if he could ever meet you, and your autograph would put Justin in orbit!"

Chris laughed and said he would give an autograph if Tom would direct him to his dorm room. Tom was shaking like a leaf as he searched the room roster, told Chris that his dorm room was Room 206, and that his roommate had not arrived yet. Chris had not picked a roommate, but had allowed the university system to pick someone to share his room. The only difference was that Saul had made arrangements for a larger bed and desk to be delivered to the room that Chris would occupy. A conventional bed and desk would not fit the frame of the six foot ten inch athlete. Room 206 had already been stripped of one of the twin-sized beds and regular desks in preparation for the arrival of the huge athlete. Tom held up a copy of the dorm rules for Chris to autograph for his younger brother.

"Jeez," Chris said, "I didn't expect people here to want my autograph. I am just a freshman here, and I don't expect any special attention."

Tom looked at the autographed copy of the dorm rules, and knew that Justin would be thrilled to see the signature of C. J. Hammer on it. He also knew that his pants were pushed out in total erection at being around the Olympic star. He looked at the huge muscular body standing in front of him, and fantasized about seeing C.J. Hammer nude. Tom had decided to vacate his position at the reception desk and help Chris unload his belongings. Chris accepted his offer of help and the two of them made several trips to take the boxes from the Nomad to Chris's new home. Tom was very impressed at the beauty of the turquoise and white classic car, and also the large Harley Davidson motorcycle. The Harley was a custom model with a stainless steel frame that looked like the nude body of a super model. The bike always drew a lot of attention, not only because of the startling frame, but also for the size of the driver.

Tom was a member of the university orchestra, and was surprised to see that Chris had a guitar among the many things that they unloaded in the room. Tom also noticed that there was only one bed in the dorm room that would be shared with another student. Chris told him that he needed a larger bed and desk due to his physical size, and that both would be delivered that afternoon. Tom was captivated by the modesty of the star athlete, and that Chris would be so friendly to him. As soon as they had unloaded the Nomad, Chris thanked Tom for his help. Tom was shaking with excitement as he held the autographed copy of the dorm rules for his younger brother. He promised to help Chris acclimate to the dorm and all of the places around the university. He also wanted to figure out the personal schedule of the big hunk so he could be in the shower room at the same time. Tom was on the same floor as CJ, and hoped that all parts of the massive body were huge.

Chris really liked Tom, and had decided that he could be his first new friend at the university. He had decided to wait until his roommate arrived to let the new arrival pick out where he wanted his bed and desk, and which closet he preferred. Chris had always been considerate of others, except when he or someone he loved was being threatened. Then Chris became a different person and the power of his large body would be unleashed. Many people had made the mistake and had paid a painful price, some of them with their lives.

Chris had noticed that his roommate's name was on the dorm roster next to his. Isaac Mendez sounded like a Mexican name. Chris had no problem with sharing his room with a minority. His years in the orphanage had been spent with boys of all races and nationalities, and he had learned to judge someone by how they acted, not how they had been born. Chris walked across the hall to the toilet to relieve his bladder. He was hoping that his roommate would arrive soon so he could get unpacked, move the Nomad and trailer, and go visiting the Sigma Epsilon sorority. Amy would be surprised, as she was expecting Chris on Sunday. Amy had made Chris promise that as soon as he arrived, he had to come to the sorority and "fuck her brains out". Chris liked sex with girls, but he LOVED sex with cute guys. His active sex life had begun when he was 10, and it never slowed down. He tried to keep up an image of being straight or bi-sexual, but his true orientation was gay. He had already had sex with several of the members of the Delta Delta Delta fraternity during his frequent visits. He also had developed a reputation at the Sig Ep sorority for being a super stud. The Sig Ep's were all beautiful girls and almost all of them put out. The Tri Delts had formed a strong bond with the sorority, and the results were some awesome parties. Chris smiled as he remembered the "Wesson Oil Parties". Everyone was nude and slipping around on a large tarp covered with Wesson Oil. All the guys wore condoms and slid their dicks into any hole that got in the way. The room was always pitch dark, so you never knew who you fucked. Several times Chris had planted his huge meat in the tight ass of one of the fraternity brothers. The recipient knew who was fucking his ass because even at 15, Chris was hung bigger than any guy in the house.

As Chris was washing his hands after "draining the main vein" he heard voices in the hall.

"I just hope I don't get some asshole nerd with three legs and a face full of zits."

"ISAAC!!! You watch your mouth!!"

"Sorry mom, sorry dad."

"Here it is, room 206. Look at all the shit he brought in. Hey, there is only one bed and one desk. SHIT!!"

Chris walked up to the door of the room and knocked before he walked in. "Hi, you must be my roomie, Isaac Mendez," Chris said as he stuck out his hand for a shake. "My name is.." His sentence was cut off by Isaac.

"HOLY SHIT!!!" Isaac screamed. "You're C.J. Hammer!!"

Mrs. Mendez smacked her son on the back of the head. "You watch that mouth of yours, young man!!"

Chris just smiled and shook hands with Isaac, and his parents.

[...] denotes conversation in Spanish

[Son, you have to behave yourself, Mr. Mendez said. You have a very famous roommate, and I don't want you to offend him with your cussing. Everyone in this country knows him, so you let him make the decisions who gets what part of the room. He could break you in half in 10 seconds if you make him mad.]

[Excuse me, Mr. Mendez, Chris said in perfect Spanish. The words that Isaac used are nothing compared to what I hear in the locker room. I saw on the dorm roster that Isaac is a sophomore, and I am only a freshman. That gives Isaac status over me. I didn't unpack because I wanted him to decide where he wants his bed and desk and which closet he wants. My bed and desk will be delivered later today.]

"I guess that means we can't use Spanish to have a private family discussion," Isaac laughed, as he stared at the beauty of his new roommate.

"Where did you learn to speak Spanish so well?" Mr. Mendez asked. "Even with your Texas drawl, I can tell that you are very fluent in Spanish."

Chris smiled and replied, "I lived in an orphanage for my first 12 years. There were lots of Mexican boys there and they taught me. The nuns only understood English and Latin, so we used Spanish when we didn't want them to understand us. I know a lot of Spanish words that would offend Mrs. Mendez much more than what Isaac has said so far."

Everyone laughed as they individually thought of nasty words in Spanish. Isaac was still in awe over finding out that his roommate was not only the Olympic star, but was also even more handsome in person that on television. It was very difficult for Isaac to stop staring at Chris's face and massive body. The deep sound of Chris's voice made Isaac want to just sit down and listen to the mellow tones of his voice. Chris interrupted Isaac's daydream by asking where he wanted his bed and desk. Isaac seemed embarrassed, but really wanted to be by the window. Chris could sense the smaller boy's hesitation, and just moved the bed by the window.

"Get your butt off that chair and help me move your desk," Chris ordered. Then he broke out laughing.

Isaac looked at the beautiful green eyes and deep dimples. He knew he could never be a roommate with CJ. Isaac was bi-sexual, but he preferred the company of a hot horny guy in his bed. Being in the same dorm room with CJ would be impossible, as Isaac was hard as a rock just talking to CJ. He hoped that his baggy jeans were hiding his throbbing meat. He knew that CJ had to be straight. No gay or bi-sexual guy could be that handsome and HOT, HOT, HOT. His problem would be how to ask to move to a different room without causing problems. His parents would be upset with him, and he would have to lie and say that Chris wanted him to move out. He looked at the huge muscles on Chris's arms and how the thin T-shirt clung to the sculpted chest. Isaac was afraid he was going to cum in his pants just from seeing Chris with clothes on. He could never be his roommate and watch him undress without blowing his cover.

Chris noticed that Isaac seemed distant. He also noticed a nice bulge in the front of Isaac's jeans. Isaac was about five foot 10 inches, 160 pounds, with black hair, honey colored skin, and a killer smile. He was definitely a keeper in the face category. He was drop dead cute with a face of a 16-year-old. He was handsome and horny. That made Chris hopeful that they could be more than mere roommates. Chris would love to pull down those jeans and have a quick snack of Isaac pudding, but that would have to wait until the parents left. Chris hoped that Isaac wasn't straight. If he were, he would be a challenge for Chris to convince to try "the wild side of sex".

Tom came into the room and announced that Chris's bed and desk had arrived. The deliverymen were bringing it up on the elevator.

"How do you like your roommate?" Tom asked Isaac.

Isaac wanted to ask Tom to be moved, but was afraid this was the wrong time. He decided that he would jerk off at least five times a day in the hope that he could keep his libido down. He would hold out for a few days and then ask to be moved.

"I never expected someone like C.J. Hammer to be on the open list for roommates," Isaac replied. "We watched every Olympic game he played in, and saw him on Larry King Live too. I knew he was starting college here, but never dreamed that I would ever meet him."

"Isaac was expecting a nerd with zits and three legs as his roommate," Chris giggled. "I think I disappointed him."

Everyone laughed; realizing that Chris had heard Isaac's comments in the hallway. The deliverymen arrived and set up the bed frame, box springs, and mattress. They had to make a second trip for the desk and chair. Chris asked Tom if he would help bring up Isaac's stuff, and they headed downstairs. Several other guys saw Chris and introduced themselves. Chris asked if they would help bring in some stuff, and they all agreed. Mr. and Mrs. Mendez never had to touch a single box, and all of Isaac's possessions were quickly placed in the room. The deliverymen were finished unpacking the desk and assembling the heavy-duty swivel chair and were ready to leave. Chris handed them a $50 tip and thanked them for their work. Both of the men were surprised that this famous athlete would be so generous. They whispered to each other as they left the room, then turned around and came back in. The older of the two men apologized and then meekly asked if he could have CJ's autograph for his son. The other man also wanted autographs for his two sons.

Saul had warned Chris that people would want his autograph, and had ordered hundreds of copies of the picture of Chris in his Olympic basketball uniform. Chris had volunteered to sign the photos at the grand opening of a grocery store near their home. Everywhere that CJ went, he was asked for his autograph. Saul had put one of the boxes of the color prints in the Nomad. At first, Chris was pissed that B would pack that box for him, but now realized that "the old man" knew what he was doing. Chris said it was time to test the new chair and desk as he grabbed a felt pen and retrieved three copies of the picture from the box. Chris asked the names of the boys and added a special note to each one as he signed the photos. Tom and the guys that had helped carry Isaac's boxes into the room asked if they could have copies too. Mr. Mendez meekly asked for one for Isaac's 15-year-old brother, Daniel. It took almost 30 minutes for Chris to satisfy all of the requests. The deliverymen wanted to return the $50 tip in exchange for the autographed photos, but Chris only laughed and said he could not take any form of payment for autographs without losing his amateur status. Sam had warned Chris that taking money for playing sports, accepting free meals, or being paid for anything remotely connected to his athletic career could cause serious problems. Chris wrote unique notes to each person on the photos. Before he was finished, he had given out over 25 pictures.

Chris was hungry, and decided to head for the cafeteria for lunch. He decided to ask the Mendez family to join him, and promised to help Isaac unpack after lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Mendez were impressed with the way Chris had taken charge and got help to unload their van of boxes for their son. They quickly realized that this famous young athlete was not conceited, and was going to be a great roommate for their son. Isaac seemed uneasy as the four of them hit the cafeteria and selected their food. Chris insisted on paying for all of their meals as he presented his Jacobs meal card. The food was really great, and Chris went back up for a second helping of the Oriental stir fry meal. They talked about the university and the many opportunities available for graduates. Mr. Mendez said that he was an alumnus, and had been a member of the Delta Delta Delta fraternity. He knew that Isaac would be offered a pledge bid, but that his son would have to earn the right to join the elite fraternity. Chris just smiled, as he knew that Isaac was going to be a great addition to the Tri Delts.

Their lunch ended after Chris had made three trips back to the food line. Everyone realized that the massive body they were looking at needed a lot of fuel. Mrs. Mendez said that she would love to have Chris visit them in Los Angeles, and promised that he would not go away hungry. Chris blushed, and Isaac was more in love with his new roommate than ever before. The parents left the dorm after demanding that Isaac behave himself and not get into trouble.

Chris and Isaac returned to their room, made their beds, unpacked their possessions, and put up some wall decorations. One of the things that Chris mounted on the wall over his bed was a picture of a Cherokee Indian. Isaac asked about the photo, and Chris told him that the man in the photo was his great-grandfather, White Cloud. Isaac was surprised to find out that Chris was 1/4 Cherokee Indian. It finally registered to Isaac that the deep tan that Chris had was very unusual for a blonde. Chris also put up a "dream catcher" in front of the window. It was a combination of strings and feathers.

"I wondered how a blonde could have such a great tan," Isaac said. "You are darker than I am, and I am 1/2 Mexican."

Chris laughed and said he had just returned from a trip to Greece with a friend, and had been on the beach every day. He wanted to see the rest of Isaac's body, and decided to take a risk and ask some questions of his own.

"I don't want to invade your privacy," Chris began, "but I was wondering if you like sex with horny girls."

Isaac smiled and said that he liked girls. He secretly wanted to admit that he liked sucking cock and being fucked in the ass even more, but he was afraid of the reaction of his roommate. Chris was hoping that Isaac was gay, especially after seeing Isaac boned up during the time they were setting up their room. He also knew that he wanted to visit Amy and get his rocks off.

"I have a M.S.B. right now," Chris said. The puzzled look on Isaac's face caused Chris to laugh and explain that it meant a Massive Sperm Backup. Isaac laughed and said he was ready to go into the toilet and "cuff the carrot" himself.

"You won't have to cuff anything around here," Chris offered. "This college rocks with great professors and unlimited ways to get rid of M.S.B. Let's hit the showers, and I will hook you up at the Sig Ep house. The girls there are awesome, and are always horny. I told you that I don't swear unless I get emotional, and that means when I am going to fight or fuck. You are really cute, and I am positive that one of the girls there will drain you of all man juice that you have!"

Isaac liked hearing that, but knew that he did not want to be in the shower room with his huge roommate. He knew he would not be able to control his dick if he saw Chris nude. He knew of no way to avoid the inevitable, and agreed that he needed a shower. He prayed that his cock would behave. He tried thinking of everything he could to will his dick to stay soft. His most successful image was of his mother nude, and that seemed to work. He watched as Chris undressed down to a pair of Joe Boxers. The boxers had happy faces all over, and Isaac laughed when he saw them. Chris smiled; knowing that Isaac was checking him out. Chris turned his back to his roommate as he dropped the boxers. Isaac gasped. The back of the star athlete was covered with deep scars that proved that Chris had been badly beaten at some time in his life. The gasp was loud enough that Chris heard it and turned to face his startled roommate. Isaac gasped again as he looked at the massive man meat that hung limply between Chris's legs. A nice patch of golden blonde pubes topped a cock that was at least 8 inches long, and CHRIS WAS SOFT!

Isaac was busted, as Chris saw where Isaac's eyes were focused.

"Hey, dude," Chris began, "you didn't expect a guy who is 6 feet 10 inches tall to have a dinky did you?"

Isaac had lost his battle trying to prevent a boner. His dick was fully hard and ready to blow, just by seeing the massive muscles, and an uncut dick that defied description. Chris was bigger soft than he was fully hard. Seeing his roommate nude was more than he could handle. He decided to try to talk to Chris as he slowly began to undress, trying to focus on the image of his nude mother to make his erection fade away.

"How did you get the scars on your back?" Isaac bravely asked. He hoped for a long explanation that would give him time to will his dick to go soft. He saw the smiling face of his roommate turn very serious. He was afraid he had stepped over the line asking that question.

"I will tell you the full story sometime," Chris said, "but the short story is that some guys didn't like me, and they beat me with a broken bamboo cane. I have had those scars ever since I was 12. That was the worst year of my life, and resulted in this scar when I was shot in the belly, and this scar where I was opened up to fix the damage."

Hearing that Chris had been beaten and shot shocked Isaac. None of the articles about C.J. Hammer had ever given him the information about being beaten or shot. Isaac felt tears forming in his eyes as he looked at the handsome face of his roommate.

"It's okay, pardner," Chris said, reverting back to his Texan heritage. "Everything that happened in the past was necessary to get us where we are today." That was one of Saul's favorite sayings, and Chris had taken it to heart.

Isaac took a deep breath and pulled down the last article of clothing from his body. His cut dick was soft after hearing about Chris's past.

"Nice dick you got there roomie," Chris said. "I know some girls who will be more than happy to jump on it as soon as we get to the Sigma Epsilon house."

Isaac would rather have Chris jump on it, or even better, to jump on top of Chris and suck that monster dick until it was hard and blasted baby pudding into his mouth. He felt his dick throb, and prayed that he would not pop a boner. Chris wrapped a towel around his waist, grabbed his shower kit, and headed out of the room, across the hall, and into the shower area. Chris was under the shower, washing his hair, when Isaac began showering across the room from Chris.

Isaac tried not to look as Chris washed his massive body. Isaac could not see a trace of fat on the entire body of his roomie. When Chris started washing his pubic area, Isaac lost control of his dick as it inflated to over 8 1/2 inches of thick meat. He tried to turn away and hide his erection from Chris's view, but he was unsuccessful.

"All guys pop wood in the shower," Chris said, trying to relax his roommate. "It just means that you are healthy. After seeing your slab of meat, I am positive I can hook you up at the Sig Ep house. I hope you don't tell your parents how I talk to Amy, but when I am going to get laid, I revert back to the language I learned in the orphanage."

Isaac relaxed and no longer tried to hide his boner from him. Just being nude with Chris was driving Isaac insane, as he dreamed of walking to the other side of the shower room and getting on his knees to worship that huge cock that was swinging back and forth. Even the thoughts of seeing his mother nude would not make his erection subside. Chris was the first to leave the showers and grab his towel. He warned Isaac not to waste his boner by whacking off, as the girls at the sorority would take the starch out of his woody real fast.

When Isaac finally rejoined his roommate in their room, Chris had already put on a pair of silk boxers that had "Eat Me" printed all over them. Isaac laughed and asked if Chris was advertising. Chris smiled and said that Amy loved him to wear sexy undies, so he always tried to wear something new for her to see. Isaac felt jealous whenever Chris talked about Amy, wishing that Chris were wearing the advertisement for his mouth to complete.

Isaac grabbed a pair of CK boxer briefs, and tried to tuck his boner inside. He gave up trying to hide his erection from Chris's view, and slipped on his jeans and a wife beater. The two horny guys were ready to hit the road and locked their room before they left. Both of them had keys to the deadbolt lock, and also had the access cards for the electronic door lock. When they got to the foyer, Tom called to Chris.

"Hey, CJ," Tom said, " a guy named Sam Gardner was here. He said he was taking your Nomad back to Freemont, but he left these keys for you, and said your car was in the lot. Don't forget that freshmen can't drive on campus. Your motorcycle is allowed, but if you have a car, you will have to park it off campus until you are a sophomore."

Chris knew the rules, and also knew that the campus security officers were his friends. They would cut him some slack today, as he was just moving in, and the campus was about half empty during the summer terms. He took the keys, knowing that Sam and B had kept their promises and had retrieved the Nomad and trailer, and had left his new Viper for him.

Isaac was shocked when Chris walked up to the Viper and asked him to help remove the hardtop. Isaac had never ridden in a Viper, and this one was awesome. The car was bright red with huge chrome wheels. The car just screamed SEX. They removed the top and placed it on the grass at the far end of the parking lot. Just sitting in the muscle car caused Isaac to get light headed. When he heard the rumble of the powerful engine and felt the vibration, he was thrilled. Chris threw the vehicle in first gear and smoked the tires out of the parking lot. Many people heard and saw the vehicle exit, and wished that they were inside. It was only two miles to the Sig Ep house, and Isaac wished that they could ride around the campus and town for hours. He loved the power of the Viper, and wished that he owned it. He was surprised that Chris could even fit behind the wheel, as his long legs seemed to hit the dash. Isaac also realized that his roomie must be very wealthy to own so many different types of transportation.

When they pulled into the parking lot at the Sig Ep house, several girls ran up to greet them. The girls all seemed to know Chris and begged for a ride.

"I'm here to give Amy a ride," Chris joked. "This is my roomie, Isaac, and he is looking for a ride too. Are any of you interested?"

All four girls offered to take care of Isaac while Chris rode Amy. Chris said he wanted to see Amy and wondered if Melissa was available. He was happy to hear that both Amy and Melissa were in their room. Chris and Isaac walked into the sorority and signed in at the reception desk. Jodi was sitting at the desk and ran up and gave Chris a hug and kiss.

"You weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow," Jodi said. "Who is the cutie you have with you?"

"This is my roomie, Isaac," Chris said. "We both need to get rid of MSB."

Jodi laughed and offered to take care of both of the handsome studs standing in front of her. She reminded Chris that it had been several weeks since he had "drilled" her. Chris promised that he would pay her a visit real soon. Jodi then asked Isaac if he wanted to trade body fluids with her in her room. Chris said that they were headed to visit Amy and Melissa, but if one of them were out of commission, her offer would be accepted. Isaac was quickly realizing that Chris had not lied about how beautiful and horny the Sig Ep's were.

Chris bounded up the stairs to the third floor with Isaac trying to keep up. Chris had just turned down the hall when Amy came out of the shower room with a towel wrapped around her body. When she saw Chris, she ran and jumped up into his arms. Chris spun Amy around and lifted her towel, exposing her perfect ass to Isaac.

"Have you ever seen an ass as fine as this one?" Chris asked. "She has the nicest tits and sweetest pussy in the state. I'm going to eat her cunt until my face looks like a glazed donut!"

Amy giggled and pulled down the front of her towel to offer her nipples to Chris's mouth. Isaac was shocked to hear the way Chris was talking, and was really turned on by the view of Amy's hard body.

"Chris only talks dirty when he wants to fuck me," Amy said to Isaac. "He forgets his manners, and didn't even introduce you to me."

Chris pulled his mouth off from Amy's right nipple and introduced his roommate to her. He said that Isaac needed to pop a nut and wondered if Melissa was available.

"She is waiting for me in our room," Amy said. "You weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow, and we both are super horny. I was just getting ready to eat her pussy and plug it with one of our dildos, but now we have something better to use in our cunts."

Again, Isaac was shocked. He had never seen a girl as beautiful as Amy act so horny and talk so graphically about sex. He realized that he was in for the time of his life at this sorority. Amy told them to wait outside the door to her room as she opened the door and said, "Forget the dildos, baby, I found something better for your snatch."

Melissa was lying nude on the bed, waiting for the mouth of her roommate to suck her pussy and chew on her clit. She was a graduate student now and had decided to stay in the sorority to live with her lesbian lover, Amy. When Melissa saw Chris, she jumped off the bed and jumped into his arms, rubbing her naked pussy against the bulge in Chris's jeans.

Chris kissed Melissa on the mouth, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth. He grabbed her firm ass and shoved a large finger inside her asshole, causing Melissa to moan loudly. At the same time, Amy was undressing Isaac. When she pulled down his jeans and boxer briefs, Amy whistled.

"That is an awesome hunk of meat," Amy said. "I hope you know how to use it on Melissa, but Chris is mine."

Melissa had been removing Chris's clothes, and he now stood nude in front of her. Melissa dropped to her knees and quickly sucked the massive dick into her mouth. Amy pulled Chris away from her roommate, and pushed Isaac to take his place. Melissa quickly inhaled Isaac's erection and began giving him an expert blowjob. Amy had followed suit and was on her knees slurping on Chris's hardening meat. The two guys were standing side by side as the two girls continued sucking their cocks. Isaac looked down and was shocked to see how big Chris's dick was as it got hard. Amy was taking about five inches of dick in her mouth and was stroking the rest with her hands. When Chris was fully hard, Amy pulled her mouth off from the monster erection and went to her desk. She returned with a ruler and measured Chris's cock, announcing that it was 12 1/2 inches long.

Melissa took the ruler and measured Isaac's throbbing cock and gave the measurement at 9 inches. The girls traded comments about the two huge cocks and how their pussies would be sore for a week if the guys knew how to use them. They both knew that Chris was an expert lover, as he had visited them several times when he was alone. Both girls had been eaten and fucked so well that they could hardly walk afterward. They had both taken the "dick of death" up the ass, and knew that if Chris wanted "backdoor sex" they would have trouble sitting down for several days. Both girls were sucking cock like veterans. Chris was super horny, and was ready to blow his load.

"Watch this," Chris said to Isaac. He pulled his huge cock out of Amy's mouth and started jacking off, aiming his cock head at Amy's face. The first blast of cum splattered from Amy's lips, into her nose, across her right eye, into her hair, and over her head. Chris aimed the second blast to shoot directly into Amy's open mouth.

Isaac had never seen any guy shoot so much cum. Chris's dick was like a fire hose as it blasted at least eight shots of thick white cum all over Amy's face and hair. It was too much for Isaac to watch as his dick erupted and flooded Melissa's mouth with hot cum. Melissa pulled her mouth off from Isaac's cock to aim the flood of cum onto her face. When the two cocks stopped shooting, the girls grabbed each other and began licking and slurping up the huge loads of man seed. They were gobbling the cum as Chris grabbed Isaac and pushed him toward the small refrigerator in the room. He grabbed two cans of Budweiser and offered one to his new roomie.

"Let's drop a brew and reload while the cunts clean up our mess," Chris said as he drained the entire 12-ounce can of beer. He grabbed another can and popped it open as he watched Amy and Melissa licking up all their cum and then French kissing each other. When the girls turned into the 69 position, Chris set down his beer and said, "I am the one who is gonna eat Amy's pussy!!"

He quickly grabbed Amy and threw her on the bed. He spread her legs apart and buried his face in her shaved crotch. Chris was an expert pussy eater, and quickly brought Amy to a screaming orgasm. Amy was very vocal when she was cumming. She emitted a series of short, loud yelps as her body was wracked with the emotions of her orgasm. Chris continued licking and nipping at her clit, as she writhed around on the bed. His face was covered with cunt juice as he continued licking and sucking on the tasty pussy. Amy had three orgasms before Chris let her weak body go. Isaac had done the same to Melissa, but she was a moaner, and her moans had flooded the sorority with the sounds of a sister in ecstasy. Both of the horny men slipped on condoms and mounted their partner.

Isaac had not come prepared for fucking, but Melissa had handed him a condom from the drawer in the bedside table. Chris had always been prepared, as he required the "extra-large sized" condoms available at only a few places. Chris bought them by the dozen, as he was constantly in need of a "baggy" to prevent conception. Before the two horny guys left the sorority room, they had each dumped four loads of jizz. Both girls were prone on their beds, with aching pussies that had been professionally serviced.

When Chris and Isaac walked into the foyer of the sorority, many girls were applauding their performances. The walls of the sorority rooms were thin, and the other girls had listened to the screams and moans of their sisters, as the two men got rid of their MSB's. Chris bowed to the applause, and promised to return soon, and also invited the horny girls to the party that he knew the Delts would have that evening. The two satisfied studs got into the Viper and headed back to the Jacobs dorm.

Isaac was filled with mixed emotions. He enjoyed the oral and vaginal sex that he just had, but he also knew that watching Chris eating and fucking Amy had increased his passion. He wished that he were the one on the end of Chris's cock and the one kissing his lips. He was sure that Chris was straight, and that having a gay or bi roommate would send the giant stud into orbit. He was sure that Chris would kill him if he revealed his desires to have sex with him.

They entered their dorm room and collapsed on their beds. Both of them were exhausted after the sexual activity that had lasted over three hours. Chris was the first one to talk, as he asked Isaac what he wanted to do next. Isaac had enjoyed the sex with Melissa, but was filled with emotion as he decided to tell Chris he wanted to move out of the room.

"CJ," Isaac began, "I don't think I can stay in the same room with you. You are a neat guy, but if you know what is going through my mind right now, you will kill me."

Chris lifted up off from his bed to look at his new friend. He could see that Isaac was very upset, and he wondered what he had done or said to cause problems.

"I'm gonna level with you," Isaac said. "I am bi-sexual. Ever since I met you I have been boned. I know that you are straight, but I am not. I will ask to move to another room so you can have a different roommate. I know I can't control myself if I stay in the same room with you."

Chris was shocked at what Isaac was saying. He had enjoyed the hot sex with Amy, and had really enjoyed watching Isaac doing the deed with Melissa. He wanted to know why Isaac wanted to move out of their room.

"Why do you think I don't want you to stay here?" Chris asked. "Being bi is not a crime. What did I do to piss you off?"

"You didn't do anything wrong, CJ," Isaac said. "I see you and I lose control. I want to make a move on you, and I know you will kill me if I do."

"That is bullshit," Chris said. "What do you mean by 'make a move' on me?"

Isaac took a deep breath and decided to level with his roomie. "I would love to kiss you and suck your cock. I have seen your cock when it is hard and it is awesome. I don't think I could swallow as much of it as Amy did, or take it in my ass, but that is what I want to try. I know you are going to kick my ass now, but that is why I want to move out of here."

Chris smiled as he realized that his cute roommate was just like he was. Isaac was hot for him, and he was hot for Isaac. There was only one way to settle this situation. Chris got up off his bed and walked over to where Isaac was cowering. Chris sat on Isaac's bed and pulled the smaller guy to his chest. Isaac began sobbing, as he feared for his life. Chris pulled away and put his hand behind Isaac's head. Instead of crushing the sobbing boy's neck, Chris turned Isaac's head and planted his lips against Isaac's.

Isaac was shocked. He had expected CJ to kill him, but when he felt the soft lips meet his, he moaned. Chris's lips pressed firmly against his handsome roommate's lips and used his tongue to open the lips for a passionate French kiss. The kiss lasted several minutes, with Chris moving his hands all over Isaac's body. When the kiss finally ended, Chris had grasped the firm ass cheeks of his handsome roommate, and had fondled his crotch. Isaac finally realized that Chris was not going to kill him and returned the kiss with mad intensity. He pulled Chris against his body and reached for the crotch of the star athlete. Isaac was rewarded as he felt that Chris was hard as a rock. He knew that Chris had just blasted four loads of cum, but was now hard from being intimate with him. The kisses continued for several minutes until both guys could not breathe. They pulled apart and looked at each other.

"I think you and I are a perfect match," Chris said. "We both enjoy dumping our cum with a girl, but we know we want to be with a guy even more. You have been honest with me, and now I am going to be honest with you. I'd rather suck and fuck with you than do Amy or Melissa or any of the girls at the Sig Ep sorority. Will you stay here with me and be my sex bud?"

Isaac broke down totally. Hearing what Chris had said was the best news he had ever heard. He ran his hands over the muscular body and dreamed of being nude in bed with Chris.

Chris hugged his half Mexican buddy and pulled his face close for another passionate kiss. He realized that his desires for a hot roommate had been realized. He pushed Isaac down on the bed and continued the passionate kissing. He finally broke away when he realized that he had to pee badly.

"I need to drain it, buddy," Chris said to Isaac. "Let's shower off the perfume from those two cunts, have a nice meal, visit the Tri Delt house, and then come back here and blow each other apart."

Isaac could not believe that Chris was making an offer for gay sex with him. This was a dream come true. He quickly agreed with Chris's plans. His dreams of being nude with Chris in bed were going to come true if he went along with Chris's suggestions. They both showered, and noticed that several other guys had joined them in the open shower room. Everyone seemed to be staring at the beautiful body of the super athlete, focussing on his large, uncut cock. Chris knew that they had also seen his back, but no one had the guts to say anything about the multitude of scars. He finished his shower and headed for his room.

Isaac came into the room and teased CJ about all of the guys staring at his dick. Chris laughed and said that his dick was for Isaac, but right now he was hungry. They dressed and headed down to the Viper, with several guys stopping them to introduce themselves. It seemed that everyone had heard about C.J. Hammer's arrival, and wanted to see the star. Chris noticed the campus newspaper had arrived, and saw that his picture was on the front page. The headline announced "Hammer Time at CSU". Isaac grabbed a copy of the free paper and was reading the article about Chris as they drove to a restaurant about 10 miles away from the dorm. Isaac was teasing CJ about the content of the article.

"It says here that you are the best basketball player in the nation," Isaac said. "It also says that you creamed Shaquille O'Neal during practice for the Olympic team, but agreed to play forward instead of kicking him out of his position as center. It lists your awards, including 'Most Valuable Player' for the gold medal team. Your quadruple double, with 46 points, 17 rebounds, 11 assists, and 12 blocked shots set a mark that will never be achieved again."

"Darn, Isaac, stop reading that crap to me," Chris said. He knew that all of the facts were true, but he was embarrassed at hearing about his accomplishments. He pulled into the parking lot of Dimitri's Restaurant, where he knew they would have the best Greek food in the entire state. "Let's relax and eat, hit the Delt house, and then do some serious male bonding with each other."

Isaac realized that Chris did not like to hear about his athletic abilities, or have people treat him special. It made Isaac love Chris even more. He had noticed that many people called his roomie, Chris, but he still called him CJ.

As soon as they entered the restaurant, a handsome young man ran up and gave CJ a hug and kissed both of his cheeks. CJ introduced Isaac to Dimitri. He also explained that Dimitri's father; Tomas named the restaurant after him, when Dimitri was only five years old. Chris seemed very friendly with Dimitri as they were guided to their table.

"Dimitri and I went to Greece this summer," CJ said. "He was visiting his relatives, and I was there for the nude beaches. We had a ball, and that is where I got my total tan."

Isaac laughed, as he had noticed that Chris did not have a tan line, but only showed the true color of his skin under his arms and in the crack of the cute bubble butt he had stared at in the shower. The more that Isaac was around CJ, the more he loved him and lusted for the huge body. They really enjoyed the Greek food and the special attention that Dimitri and Tomas gave them. Tomas considered Chris as his own son, and made sure that the two patrons had huge portions of his ethnic food.

"You have to stop calling me CJ," Chris said. "My friends call me Chris, and now that we are sex buds, I'd like you to call me Chris. B only calls me Christopher when he is mad at me. In case you don't know, B is the name I use for my legal guardian."

Isaac was pleased that Chris would consider him a friend. He loved hearing that he could call him by a special name reserved for friends. He also wished that it were time to return to the dorm, as he was boned up thinking about the kisses the guys had shared in their room. Isaac had trouble not staring at Chris's handsome face. He wanted to kiss and lick all over the huge body of his new friend. He still could not believe that Chris shared his sexual preferences, but he was ready to do anything to remain friends with the super star.

Chris left a large tip, paid the bill for their meals, and drove them to the front of the Delta Delta Delta fraternity. He parked the Viper and headed for the door, with Isaac following him closely, staring at the cute bubble butt of his new friend. Isaac would love to bury his mouth in the crack of that awesome ass, but decided to take things slowly. The door to the fraternity burst open and a bunch of guys streamed out to welcome Chris. The first to reach him was Mike Mahley who grabbed Chris is a big hug.

"You asshole!" Mike said, "you weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow. We were supposed to help you unpack!"

The fraternity members who all wanted to shake his hand or give him a hug surrounded Chris. Chris introduced Isaac to all of the guys as the group walked into the house. Isaac was impressed with the handsome guys and their hot bodies. He hoped that some of the guys were gay or bi, and that he could hook up with them.

Joe McClure came up and hugged Chris, saying that the Sig Ep's had told him that Chris and his roommate had "rang the chimes" on two of the sisters. Joe was working on his Ph.D. in Economics and had lived in the fraternity for many years. He was the chapter president when Chris had made his first visit when Chris was 15. Joe was in his last year of his doctorate, and had already landed a job with the federal government that would begin after graduation.

Chris loved the house and the guys in it. He knew every member from his frequent visits. The brothers quickly made Isaac feel welcome, as Joe offered Isaac a beer. Chris saw that his roomie was comfortable and headed for the rec room to drink beer and play pool with Mike. Joe took Isaac on a tour of the house and kept him supplied with cold beer.

"Chris sure seems comfortable here," Isaac said, "even after Mike called him an asshole!"

Joe laughed and said, "You should hear what he calls us. Chris loves to tease and pull pranks on everyone. I swear he comes up with some of the greatest pranks in the world. I owe him my life and I can't wait to see him installed as a brother."

"Chris saved your life?" Isaac asked.

"He sure did" Joe replied. "I can read Chris's eyes. I can see the way he looks at you. Be honest with me and I will be honest with you. Either you two just blew each other, or you are planning to do it soon. Maybe both are true. Are you gonna be honest with me?"

Isaac choked and decided to take a risk. "I hope we are gonna swap pudding when we leave here."

Joe laughed and said he could tell that Chris was ready to score a new dude just by the sparkle in his eyes.

"Thanks for being honest with me. Let's sit in the living room and I will tell you a story about my buddy," Joe said. He then began telling Isaac about the first visit that Chris had made to the house, when Chris was only 15.

Four Years Earlier, Age 15 for CJ Hammer--Joe McClure narrates to Isaac Mendez

Chris and his guardian had just moved from Dallas, Texas to the duplex in Freemont, California. Chris met Mike Mahley at the local gym, and they quickly became friends. Chris met Mike's older brother, Jacob, when he visited the Mahley home. Mike was 16 and Jacob was 18. The Mahley's both had visited me at the fraternity, and had asked me if they could invite their new friend. At first I was concerned about the friend only being 15, but they promised me that he was a neat guy and would not cause any trouble. Boy, were they wrong about that.

When I met Chris I was shocked at how big he was for being 15. He was about 6' 5" tall and weighed about 220. He was drop-dead cute with a killer smile and the most awesome "jungle green" eyes that I have ever seen. They arrived on Friday night and joined the brothers watching a football game on television. I know that we shouldn't have provided them beer, but they behaved themselves and never got drunk. Chris really fit in with the members and took time to meet most of them. Saturday evening we had a party with the Sig Ep's, and that is when things started getting weird. Chris was a hit with the Sig Ep's, especially when the dancing started. I have never seen a white dude dance the way Chris does. He was such a hit with the girls that they were begging him to dance with them and teach them his moves. He said a black girl had taught him how to dance, and it really showed.

Things progressed during the party and I saw that Chris was hitting on a girl named Stacey. She was beautiful and always horny. Chris was staying in my room and he asked if he could "hook up" with Stacey. I let him use my room. Tom Trent was in the room next to mine with his fiancé. When we had a party, Tom and Kendra would spend the entire time fucking. The walls of the house are not insulated, and I often listened to Tom and Kendra breeding. When I hooked up, Tom could hear me too, so it was no big deal. I'll cut to the chase. Chris fucked the shit out of Stacey. Her screams were so loud that everyone knew that she was getting the fuck of her life. Chris banged her until she couldn't walk. She had to be helped back to the sorority, but she was one happy girl. She had just left when Chris picked up Casey and gave her the same treatment. Chris was a sex maniac and drilled Casey for over an hour. When I hooked up, I had to find another room. I was pissed.

When I brought Judy back down to the party, I saw Chris hitting on Melissa. I laughed and knew the young stud was going to get shot down, as Melissa was a virgin who had turned down just about every guy in the house, including me. I don't know what Chris said or did, but the lucky fucker got Melissa to go with him to my room. All I know is that they were in there for over two hours and everyone could hear Melissa moaning and screaming. To be honest, a bunch of us were listening at the door. Tom had even allowed guys to sit in his room and listen to the fireworks when Kendra was taking a shower. By the noise Melissa was making, it was obvious that Chris was eating her out, and was doing a great job. When Melissa begged him to fuck her, I was pissed. I had wanted to fuck Melissa but she had shot me down. The screams and moans we heard left no doubt that Chris fucked the brains out of that girl. She must have cum at least four times before we heard Chris pop his nuts. He is very vocal when he gets off and we all cheered when we heard him scream that he was cumming.

A few minutes later, Chris came out of the room looking for some of the Sig Ep sisters. Melissa couldn't walk, and needed help to get back to the sorority. She staggered out of my room with two of her sisters holding her up. Before she left, she gave Chris a hot tongue kiss and said she wanted to see him again soon, but would have to wait for her pussy to heal.

Chris was an instant celebrity, but not with me. When I looked into my room, it was trashed. The sheets were covered with blood and cum, filled condoms were hanging on the wastebasket, condom wrappers were scattered around the room, and the room smelled like a whorehouse. Chris was trying to clean up the room, but I lost it. I grabbed him and punched him in the face. He never swung back at me, and begged me to forgive him. I slammed him against the wall and hit him in the stomach. Mike and Jake pulled me off Chris and chewed me out big time. I didn't realize at the time how close I was to having the shit kicked out of me by Chris.

The other brothers had heard the fighting and really chewed me apart for punching Chris. I realized that I was jealous that he had scored with three different girls, but especially for busting Melissa's cherry. I apologized to Chris, but knew that I would have to do more than that to get him to forgive me. The brothers helped clean up the room and opened the window to air out the room. Kendra had left for the night and Tom came in to congratulate Chris on his academy award performance. Tom was teasing Chris by repeating things he had heard through the wall:

"EAT ME, CJ!!"






Chris turned beet red as Tom continued to tease him. Jake finally made Tom stop the teasing. Chris was upset and said that he would call his guardian to come and take him home. The brothers would not hear of it, and demanded to know how the young stud had seduced the three girls in one night. Chris finally relaxed and said he would sleep on a couch in the living room.

"This room smells like cum and pussy juice!" Chris said with a grin.

I told him that he was going to sleep in that room or else! He was the one to stink it up, and now he would have to pay the price for scoring there. The other guys left the room, as Chris headed into the bathroom to take a shower. I had noticed that Chris seemed shy about undressing in front of me, and wondered why. Living in a fraternity is not a place for modesty. I knew he was a big guy, but the clothes he wore were always loose and baggy, so I never got a good view of his package. I wondered if he had a tiny pecker and if that was the reason for his modesty. After the screams of the girls he had fucked, I was confused. Even when Chris came out of the bathroom he was already wearing a T-shirt and loose boxers. It looked like he was wearing something under the boxers, as I could not make out his package. I made Chris sleep on my bed that still smelled like a cum rag even after the clean sheets were there. I slept on David's bed, as he had gone home for the weekend.

The next morning I woke up to see Chris dressed in shorts. He was getting ready to go for a morning run, and I decided to join him to apologize again. I always ran about that time of morning, so I offered to show him my route. I could still see the bruise on Chris's face where I had hit him, and I really felt bad. He told me that he was sorry for trashing my room and ruining the sheets. He promised to wash the bedding and even buy new stuff for me. We had gone about two miles from the house on my regular route for my morning runs. When we turned the corner around the IM (Intramural) building, three members of Phi Tau Alpha were standing there.

Phi Tau Alpha is the burnout fraternity on campus. Most of the members are former football players that had been kicked off the team for using steroids or other drugs. The Phi Tau's were constantly in trouble with the Greek Council and the university. They were on social and academic probation and had been threatened that their house could be booted off campus. When we found our path blocked, we both stopped and faced the three shitheads. Two more Phi Tau's had come up behind us. I knew we were in trouble, because the Phi Tau's hated the Tri-Delts.

Larry Carmody was standing there grinning at me. He hated me for dating Laura Spencer, a girl he wanted for his own. Laura hated Larry and had told him to "fuck off".

"YOU!, BLONDIE!", Larry shouted at Chris. "Get the fuck out of here. We just want to talk to your asshole buddy!"

Chris stood his ground. I could see his body tense up. I knew I was going to get the shit beat out of me by the five big goons, and I was afraid that they would beat Chris up too.

"Just leave us alone and no one will get hurt," Chris said calmly.

The Phi Tau's laughed at him. Chris was bigger than I was, but he was lighter than any of the five shitheads.

"We are just going to cut off Joe's balls and carve up his face so no girl will ever want to look at him again," Larry said as he brandished a long knife.

"Put away that knife and you will just get your ass kicked," Chris said calmly. His voice had turned cold as ice. "If you try to use that knife on me or my friend, I will bust you up so bad you won't be able to walk or talk for a month."

I knew that Chris should have run away. I had hit him the night before and cussed him out bad. He owed me nothing, and now he was in serious danger. He was making threats that I knew he could not complete.

We didn't know that two of the Sig Ep's were out for their morning run and had seen the standoff. One of them had a cell phone and had called campus security. She also called the Tri-Delt house and told the guy who answered the phone to get help to the IM building, FAST.

The first Phi Tau took a swing at Chris and then all hell broke loose. I had seen martial arts movies, but have never witnessed anything like I saw that morning. Chris was a blur as he smashed his fists into faces and bellies. His legs flew through the air, knocking the shit out of the Phi Tau's. He had kicked the knife out of Larry's hand and then spun around kicking Larry in the gut, knocking him back against the wall of the IM building. Merle had me against the wall, beating the shit out of me until Chris grabbed him by the hair and literally swung him through the air and into the pile of bleeding bodies on the ground.

Larry had caught his breath and found the knife on the ground. He was just picking it up when Brian Williams, a security officer ran up. Brian drew his pistol and ordered Larry to drop the knife. Larry stood there defiantly, as I tried to stand up after getting my ass pounded. Larry refused to drop the knife. He knew that he and his buddies were in trouble, but he was not going to give up.

"HIS ASS IS MINE!" Chris screamed.

Brian and I tried to reason with Chris, but things happened real fast. Larry lunged at Chris and the nastiest fight I have ever seen began. Things happened so fast that it is impossible to describe. Larry slashed at Chris with the deadly knife, but Chris avoided every swipe. I was so scared that I couldn't move as I watched Chris go into his Ninja Mode. He kicked his leg up to hit the arm that held the knife, snapping Larry's arm with a sickening crack. Larry's scream was silenced by the crunch of his nose, as Chris's fists drove Larry against the side of the building. Another swing busted Larry's jaw, and as he was leaning against the wall, Chris's leg crashed down on Larry's right leg. The leg broke with another sickening crack.

"ENOUGH!!" Brian screamed at Chris. "HE'S HAD ENOUGH!!"

Chris turned toward Brian and me. I can't explain what I saw in his eyes. Instead of seeing two eyes that could melt anyone's heart, I saw the eyes of a rabid animal. I was scared shitless. Other security officers had arrived, followed by a bunch of guys from the house. Chris had just saved my life. Mike was one of the guys to arrive and was shocked by the piles of moaning bodies and blood. He was afraid to get near Chris, as his friend looked like he was possessed by a demon.


Chris stood there, his body filled with tension. He shook his head, and started to relax. Mike was still scared, but walked up to Chris and hugged him. The tension drained out of Chris's body and he slumped to the ground. Mike could not hold Chris up, and the two of them ended up sprawled on the grass. Chris had passed out.


To be continued...

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