CJ Hammer's life in college continues.

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CJ Chapter 20 Love versus Sex & Bass Fishing

Chris and Mike cranked up their Harley's and headed back to the CSU campus. Chris loved the time he was at the quarry with Mike, as it was their place for total honesty and a spot that no one else had been invited to share. He looked at the handsome face of his best friend, and had strange feelings that there was danger ahead for them. He shook his head to clear his mind, and rode his powerful machine back onto the campus. When they got to the Jacobs Dorm, Mike gave Chris dibs (a touching of clenched fists) and headed back to the Tri-Delt house.

Chris returned to his dorm room to study, and found Isaac alone in the room. Chris was surprised to see his roomie, as most of Isaac's free time seemed to be spent at the Tri-Delt house with Leif.

"Sup, buddy?" Chris asked as he entered the room.

"Nadda" Isaac replied. "I've got some studying to do, and I was hoping to talk to you for a while."

"I got some books to crack too," Chris admitted, "but I always got time for a bud. You talk, and I will listen."

Isaac got up from his chair and offered Chris a cold Coors from their small refrigerator. He grabbed one for himself and sat on his bed to look at his handsome roommate.

"I'm not real good at expressing myself," Isaac admitted. "I got some stuff to talk to you about and I hope you won't freak out on me."

"Lay it on me," Chris said, taking a big drink of the cold beer.

"You know that I have spent a lot of time with Leif at the fraternity," Isaac began. "He has really changed after you had that talk with him about not using me and being an equal partner when it comes to sex."

"I was pissed at him for using you," Chris admitted. "You are a neat guy, and deserve someone who appreciates you for what is inside you, not just for sex."

Isaac paused, thinking about what Chris had just said. He then started again, saying, "I am learning that you are a very neat guy who is more than a famous athlete. I really like you as a person, friend, and partner. I'm not the only guy on campus that wants you to be more than a casual partner in bed. I won't tell you who else is in love with you, but I sure am."

Isaac saying that he loved him caught Chris cold. In his entire life, he had only told one person his own age that he loved him, and that was Marco at the orphanage. He had expressed his love to adults like B, the Carpenters, and his grandparents, but he had never said, "I love you" to a girl or guy since he left the orphanage. Hearing that Isaac was in love with him caused him a lot of stress, as he felt obligated to return the same message. He wondered if Isaac and Mike had teamed up on him, as it was unusual to have two friends hit him with emotional stuff on the same day.

"I don't want to put pressure on you," Isaac said honestly. "I just want you to think about where your life is headed, and realize that jumping from one bed to another won't give you happiness. I've always had a mom, dad, and brother to live with. I have to be honest that sometimes I almost hated them and said really nasty stuff to them, but I know that I truly love them. Now I have met you, and I want us to be more than friends and roomies. I want you to be my lover, and spend the rest of my life with you."

"Jeez, Isaac," Chris said. "This is getting really heavy."

"I'm sorry, bud," Isaac said. "I just had to tell you how I really feel. I can't relate to the stuff that has hit you in your life and how it must feel to finally know some things about your biological parents. I just know that I want to be close to you for more than sex, if you can accept me. I love Leif too, but my feelings for you are so strong that I can't deny them anymore."

"I will be honest," Chris said. "I have talked to B about my emotions, and know that I am not as strong as I try to portray to others. Being a big jock is a curse, and I know that people expect me to be strong and tough, but inside, I sometimes wish I were the same size as Nathan or Cody. If I was, maybe I could be more honest with myself and others."

"You are the neatest guy I have ever met," Isaac said. "I have never met anyone who is so down to earth as you are. You enjoy life, and spread a lot of love around to your friends, whether or not you recognize it. You make everyone laugh with your jokes and pranks, but I know that the thing that people like the most about you is how honest you are with your feelings. I didn't come back here tonight to make you sad, or to coerce you into having sex with me. I came back here to be your friend, and hopefully, to cuddle with you tonight on your bed. I hope you aren't mad at me for my saying that I love you, but I am being honest. I really love you, and want you to know that."

Chris got up and hugged Isaac, with tears streaming down both of their faces. Chris hugged his roomie and wondered where his life was headed. He was afraid of saying that he loved anyone. His life had been filled with loneliness and pain, and he was worried that if he let himself go and loved anyone, they would leave him.

The two roommates fell onto Chris's bed and hugged, with Chris sobbing into Isaac's shoulder. Isaac hugged his huge buddy and wondered if he had crossed the line in telling Chris how much he loved him. He also wondered if his buddy was beyond any point in his life where he could accept the love of anyone alive on the planet. He hugged Chris and decided that he had gone too far, and was going to lose any chance of having the big guy accept him as his life partner. His tears joined those of the huge guy on the large bed as he held on and snuggled.

The next morning, Chris woke up and looked at the handsome face of his roommate. He thought back to what Mike and Isaac had said to him in the last 24 hours, and realized that his life was going to change drastically in the future. He saw how peacefully Isaac was sleeping, and marveled at how handsome the half-white, half-Mexican guy was. He knew that they had bonded closely and had shared intimate sexual experiences together. He challenged his own mind to try to figure out where he was headed with his own emotional development. He wanted to find true love, but wondered if he even knew what true love meant.

Isaac stirred, and looked into Chris's eyes. "Are you pissed at me?" Isaac asked.

Chris didn't directly answer, but pressed his lips against Isaac's as a way to silence the question.

"I need to take a run," Chris said. "What you and Mike have said to me is really messing up my mind right now, and whenever I get confused, I have to exercise to clear my mind. I want to thank you for being so honest with me, but right now, I gotta admit that I don't know what love really means. I know that you are a special guy to me, but please don't put more pressure on me right now. I need some time, and I don't know if I can ever really love another guy or girl the way you want me to."

Isaac hugged Chris and apologized for putting too much pressure on his special friend. He said that he wanted to join Chris for his morning run, and decided to let Chris find himself and decide if he wanted to continue a life of random sex or hookup with one guy or girl.

The two guys headed out of the dorm for a five-mile run, knowing that both of them were troubled by the intensity of the discussions during the past 24 hours. The run ended with a hot shower in the shower room of the Jacobs Dorm, where they were joined by many of their new friends. It was a chance for both of them to check out the meat that was available for sexual adventures.

Chris was troubled with his emotions, and decided to call B to talk to him. During the time that they had been connected as father and son, Chris had always been honest with his adoptive father, and asked if they could meet for supper at Dimitri's restaurant to talk. B was thrilled to hear from his son, but quickly realized that Chris was troubled, and needed someone to talk to. He quickly canceled his plans and agreed to meet with his son, knowing that Chris was more important than any meeting that he had committed to.

Chris rode his Harley to Dimitri's Restaurant, and was warmly greeted by Dimitri and his father, Tomas. Chris had always loved being with Dimitri and Tomas, and knew that they were true friends. Their restaurant had prospered from the numerous accolades from Chris during television interviews and both father and son knew it was due to Chris's friendship with Dimitri, and their frequent trips to Greece that had created prosperity for them. Whenever Chris had called for reservations at their restaurant, he had been quickly accepted and offered their private dining room that was usually reserved for large parties.

"I'm meeting B here," Chris said as he hugged and kissed both Dimitri and Tomas. They were like family to Chris, and he loved the food from their burgeoning restaurant. They had expanded the restaurant into a vacated store that was next door, and it was obvious that the population of California was ready for more authentic Greek food. Chris and Dimitri had been more than friends, as they had shared a bed on many of their trips to Greece.

"We love having you here with us," Tomas said as he hugged and kissed the young friend of his son. "We are expanding due to your kind comments about our restaurant, and we promise to keep serving the best Greek food in California to everyone who comes here. You are my second son, and I love you!"

Chris loved both Dimitri and Tomas, and wondered where his future would take him. He and Dimitri had been very sexual during their trips to Greece, and he had learned how hot a Greek guy could be with oral and anal sex. On the times that they had gone to the nude beaches in Greece, they had both been very popular with the guys and girls that were on the beaches where clothing was optional. The two guys were a startling contrast in appearance, as Chris was big and blonde, with Dimitri being tall with dark hair, eyes, and complexion. They were both very handsome, and drew handsome guys and cute girls like magnets. The total tan that Chris brought to the CSU campus was due to his time with Dimitri on the nude beaches of Greece, where they had both blasted gallons of cum into willing girls and guys.

Chris laughed and said that he wanted to welcome his dad with wine and flaming cheese. He also ordered the restaurant special that was rack of lamb with all of the trimmings. He declined the private dining room, and said that it should be reserved for large parties who wanted to experience the feel of Greek hospitality.

Saul Bernstein was thrilled when his son greeted him at the door of the special restaurant. He hugged Chris and gave him a kiss on the cheek, marveling at the size of his son's body. He felt guilty about not spending more time with his son, but knew that Chris wanted to keep their relationship a secret from the members of the Delta Delta Delta fraternity.

"I LOVE YOU!!" Chris said as he hugged his adoptive father and spun him around the entryway of the restaurant. Many of the customers looked at the happy couple in the entryway and wondered what the loud exchange was all about. Many of the restaurant customers recognized CJ Hammer, and wondered whom he was so happy to see.

Chris realized that he was causing a stir in the restaurant, and quickly announced, "This is my dad, and I love him!"

Many of the customers began clapping, as Chris and Saul were led to their table. Two young boys walked up to the table and asked sheepishly if they could have Chris's autograph. Both boys expected to be rejected, but were thrilled when Chris asked them to join him and his dad at the table. Chris pulled out two chairs and asked the boys to sit with them at the table. Chris signed his name on napkins from the restaurant, and asked the two boys questions about their personal life.

"This is my dad," Chris said to the two awestruck boys. "I call him B, but his real name is Saul Bernstein. He is the neatest dad in the world, and I love him!"

The two boys introduced themselves as Brandon and Brett Johnson, and said that they never expected a famous athlete to invite them to sit with him and his dad.

"I don't have any photos to sign for you guys," Chris apologized, "but if you give me your names and addresses, I promise to send you an autographed picture of me in my Olympic basketball uniform. Maybe I can send you guys some tickets to the football game between CSU and Notre Dame. I may not get a chance to play in that game, as I am just a freshman, but you can cheer for the Falcons as we start our competition.

The two teenaged boys were thrilled with the way they were received by the famous athlete. They couldn't believe that they had been invited to sit with CJ Hammer and his father, and had autographs on table napkins from the Greek restaurant. They quickly accepted the autographs and wrote down their names and addresses, never really expecting the athlete to ever send them anything in the mail.

Chris stood up and gave both boys a hug before they left the table to return to their parents who were waiting for them. The two boys were bubbling over with enthusiasm, as they showed their parents the autographs and told about the possibility of getting autographed photos and possibly tickets to the first game for CSU against Notre Dame. The parents weren't convinced that their sons would ever hear from CJ Hammer again, but they were happy that their two teenaged sons got the autographs that they could show to their buddies.

"How are things going?" Saul asked his son. "I wish I could be around you more often. I really miss you, and Alex keeps dragging around one of your shirts wherever he goes. He likes to sleep on your bed when Jason isn't around."

"I really miss you and Alex," Chris admitted. "I never dreamed that leaving home would be so hard. Sometimes I want to quit and go home to be with you and Alex."

"You have never been a quitter!" Saul replied. "You've been through harder times than this when you were in the orphanage. If you would let me be honest with the fraternity, I could be around more often and even bring Alex down for a visit."

"You know I want to make it into the fraternity on my own," Chris said. "There are a lot of neat people on the campus and I have made a lot of new friends. I just need to see you more often, but I know that you are super busy with your investment counseling and national fraternity business."

"I'm cutting back on my investment clients," Saul admitted. "The fraternity business is my real calling, and I know I spend a lot of time away from home visiting different chapters. I have also been going to Dallas to visit Father Joe at the St. Mary's Orphanage. We have donated a lot of money to help St. Mary's, and many of my clients have made major donations too. I hope that you will be able to go there and see how nice the place is now. Unfortunately, many other homes for orphan children have been closed due to lack of state funding, and St. Mary's has expanded to include a separate facility for girls. Father Joe says that you are an example for all of the children that there are people willing to adopt them no matter how old they are. He would love to have you visit there and spend time with the children. He won't embarrass you by saying anything about your generous contributions to the orphanage, but he really appreciates the donations."

"Jeez, B," Chris exclaimed. "You are the one that should visit there. You took me out of that crap hole and saved my life!"

"I remember the first day I met you," Saul laughed. "You were a nasty mouthed boy, but your eyes told me that there was a neat kid inside your body. I loved you from the first day I met you. I have to be honest when I remind you about all the times that you tested my patience with you, especially when it came to you resisting authority or releasing your raging hormones. By the way, St. Mary's is no longer a 'crap hole'. It is a beautiful place with fantastic facilities for the boys, due to all the donations. You need to see it to realize what you have done for the boys there."

"Hey," Chris exclaimed, "you promised to let the past go and not keep bringing it up to me! I know I was a nasty mouthed guy when I was young, and got into a lot of trouble, but you gotta admit that when I took a stand with jerks in the school administration, I was right."

Saul laughed and agreed that Chris had proven how determined he was when school administrators had challenged him.

"I remember the time you smacked the assistant principal in the mouth," Saul laughed. "He made a big mistake by hitting you first, and he ended up losing his job for it, not to mention getting his ass kicked by a 14 year old boy."

Chris laughed and remembered how pissed the assistant principal was for finding out that his daughter was the sperm receptacle for five guys under the bleachers in the middle school. Chris was taking his second turn on the slut when her father caught them.

"I did a lot of stuff that was wrong," Chris admitted. "No matter how big a shithead I was, you always loved me. There were times that I didn't like you for grounding me, but I have always loved you."

Saul laughed and sipped the wine that had been delivered to their table. Chris was drinking Coke, but he knew that his son was now in college where alcohol was readily available.

Chris could read Saul's mind, and said, "If I wanted wine, Dimitri or Tomas would bring me a gallon!"

Saul choked and asked if Chris had been drinking alcohol.

"Jeez, Dad," Chris said, "I'm a normal guy in college now. Of course I have been drinking booze, but when football practice starts, I will cut back to about 12 beers a day, and only smoke crack on weekends."

Saul reached over and gently smacked his son on the back of the head. He had learned how Mike and Jacob had acknowledged a smart remark from his son. He knew that Chris would drink booze, but also knew that his son would never try any type of drugs.

"That is child abuse!" Chris exclaimed, laughing at the expression on his Dad's face.

"You are too big to be considered a child!" Saul retorted.

Dimitri came to the table with some flaming cheese and bread for his two friends. He sat down and listened to the banter of the father and son, and knew that they truly loved each other. He had loved the friendship he had with Chris, and especially the time they had spent together in Greece. The nude beaches were great areas to meet horny girls or guys, and most of their sex had been with the guys. Even with his Greek heritage, Chris was able to get a darker tan than Dimitri and that was still amazing people on the CSU campus.

"We are getting a lot more business here at the restaurant ever since Chris has been interviewed on television," Dimitri admitted. "Even with the expansion, we are filled to capacity on weekends and Wednesdays. I've never seen Poppa so happy, and we owe it all to you."

"You and Poppa Tomas make the best food around," Chris said. "People were gonna find out how great the food is here, even without a couple free commercials during Jane's interviews."

Dimitri left to attend to the restaurant business, and Saul decided to say, "You sounded upset on the phone. Is there something I can help you with?"

Chris took a deep breath and decided to be honest with his dad. "You know that I have been sexually active with both guys and girls."

Saul nodded and decided to let Chris set the pace for this intimate discussion. He had known from the day that he first talked to Chris that the boy had already experienced sex with several other boys and one woman.

"I am really confused about sex and love," Chris admitted. "I'm a slut. I know that, but I can't seem to stop or even slow down on the guys and girls that I hookup with. When I meet someone that I like, I try to figure out a way to get him or her nude in bed with me. I have made a lot of new friends on campus, but I think I want more than casual sex in my life. I can tell you and my other relatives that I love them, but I can't say that to someone my own age. I have a ton of people around me, but I feel lonely. What is wrong with me?"

Saul looked into the eyes of his son and realized that Chris was really troubled. He had never told Chris about seeing a psychiatrist about adopting a troubled child from an orphanage. The first psychiatrist in Dallas helped him realize how difficult it was going to be for Chris to adjust to life outside the orphanage. After they moved to Fremont, he found a new shrink to talk to about raising Chris. Now he had to decide how to be a true dad to his son. Most sons wouldn't discuss something so personal with their own father, but he and Chris had a strong bond.

"First of all, there is nothing wrong with you," Saul said. "You are starting to realize that there is more to life than sports and casual sex. This is a critical point in your emotional development, and I think you need some professional help to sort things out. I have been seeing a psychiatrist ever since I met you in Dallas. I have been lonely too, but I have been afraid to start a new relationship after losing Eloise. The psychiatrist I have been seeing was an investment client of mine, but we broke off that part of our relationship when I began talking to him. I made him a bunch of money, and he now sees me for free, saying he still owes me a fortune. His name is Greg Cunningham, and he has helped me sort out a lot of things in my life. I'd like you to meet Greg and talk to him. He is a great guy and I know he can help you sort things out."

Chris was shocked to find out that his dad had been seeing a psychiatrist. He immediately felt guilty. He was convinced that the adoption was what was causing B emotional problems, and knew that the turmoil of his own life had spilled over to his dad.

"I'm so sorry, Dad," Chris choked out. He was trying to hold back his tears, but was losing the battle. "I sure didn't mean to cause you so much trouble."

"You've got it all wrong, son," Saul said. "My troubles started when Eloise got sick and then died. Having you as my son has been a challenge, but I am sure that being a dad to you saved my life. I had considered suicide until I met you, and now I thank God every day that I have you in my life. Now Greg is helping me realize that I need companionship from a woman. I'm still going to be your dad and spend as much time with you as I can, but I have met someone that I want you to meet. Her name is Helen Waterson and she is a wonderful person. She is my age and lost her husband three years ago to cancer. We are taking things slowly, but I have to be honest with you when I tell you that I am falling in love with her."

"HOLY SHIT!!" Chris exclaimed. "My old man is gonna hookup!!"

Saul reached over and gently swatted the back of Chris's head. He saw the brightness return to the vivid green eyes of his son, and knew that this was a very important discussion for them to share.

"I want you to meet with Greg and start a series of sessions with him," Saul explained. "With your busy schedule, I'm sure that Greg will agree to phone sessions with you to help you understand your own past and the concerns you have for the future. There are a lot of predators out there who would love to trap you into some sort of relationship, knowing that you have a very promising future in professional sports. We have kept your wealth concealed in the CJH Foundation, but I'm sure that at some point in the future, it will become public information. When that happens, a lot of people will try to get their claws into your current and future wealth. You are now a billionaire, and your investments are growing rapidly. It won't be long and you will be challenging Bill Gates for the wealthiest man in the United States. Greg can help you understand your risks, and also help you develop your own plans for finding true love."

"For an old man, you are really smart!" Chris joked, breaking the tension of the discussion. "When can I meet the future Mrs. Bernstein?"

"Hey!" Saul exclaimed, "I said I met someone I like, but I never said anything about getting married again. I have all I can do just to keep up with my son's adventures!"

"Hey, B," Chris began. "Do you know that men over 50 can no longer be tried for rape?"

Saul groaned and knew that the sparkle in his son's eyes announced another age "putdown".

"After 50," Chris stated, "it is assault with a dead weapon!"

Saul laughed and smacked Chris on the head to acknowledge the slam at his age.

"Just because there is some snow on the roof," Saul retorted, "doesn't mean that the fire is out inside!"

Chris laughed at the joke, knowing that the gray hair starting to show on his dad's temples were partly caused by concern for him, especially during the tense times where lives were at stake. His love for his dad was unconditional, and he hoped that B had found a nice woman to spend time with. He also knew that the value of the CJH Foundation was due to the initial investment of the lottery winnings and several key stock trades that he had initiated. The only thing that Chris cared about was his dad, his extended family in Boston, and his grandparents. He had always told B to donate money to worthy causes as long as the contributions would remain anonymous.

"When can I meet Helen and Greg?" Chris asked.

"What are you doing this weekend?" Saul asked.

"This is the last weekend before football practice starts," Chris replied. "I met a really old guy at the gym named Brian Packard. He is 25 and out of college, but he just started to workout in the gym. We have dropped a few beers together and played pool a few times. He and I have become friends, and he invited me to go camping and fishing with him. It has been a long time since I went camping and fishing, so I told him I'd go. We're gonna leave Friday afternoon, camp overnight by a lake he knows, fish on Saturday and then head back to campus Saturday evening. The Tri-Delts are having a party Saturday night, and I wanted to go."

"Greg lives close to our home and will be over on Saturday," B said, ignoring the comment about a 25-year-old man being old. "I have a meeting in the morning that should be over around noon. Greg and I usually go to a quiet restaurant and talk for at least an hour. I also have plans with Helen for Saturday evening to go to dinner and a movie."

"You have to promise me something," Chris said as his eyes sparkled.

Saul braced himself when he saw the eyes turn even greener than normal.

"You have to promise me to use protection," Chris kidded his Dad. "I don't think the world is ready for a Little B running around the neighborhood."

"I should smack you for that comment, young man!" Saul threatened. "I'm not the one who has to promise to use protection! You should take your own advice!"

Chris laughed and said he could change his plans with Brian and come home on Saturday evening. Saul was thrilled and told Chris to invite Brian to spend the night, and that he would ask Greg to come over on Sunday for a cookout. He knew that his friend would make himself available to begin helping Chris sort out his feelings.

Their dinners arrived and the conversation returned to lighter topics. Chris and Saul both realized that their relationship had taken a big step forward by being honest with each other as adult men. Their mutual love and respect was growing even stronger. They finished their fantastic meal and were pleased that both Dimitri and Tomas came and sat down to talk to them while they finished their dessert.

Tomas insisted that their meals were free, but Chris was concerned about any possible interference with his amateur status by accepting any form of gift. Tomas was upset that his gift was being refused, but knew that Chris had to protect himself.

Saul explained to Tomas and Dimitri that Sam Gardner was their attorney, and had advised Chris to always pay for any food or clothing. Any anonymous gifts that were received at their home or at the CSU dorm were quickly donated to charity, with the receipts forwarded to Sam. When Chris was in high school, the gifts from boosters from the top universities in the U.S. flowed in. Jerseys from the University of Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Miami, all had "Hammer" on the back. The boosters wanted to convince the talented athlete to play for their school, but were very disappointed when Chris announced that he was attending CSU on the Larry King Live Show.

"B and I can afford to pay for our food here, but we can't give you enough money to compensate you for the love," Chris said as he hugged and kissed Tomas and Dimitri. He loved them both like they were family. He smiled as he remembered the special times he had shared with Dimtri, both in the United States, and during their travels in Greece. Greek boys were definitely hot for sex, and Dimitri was no exception.

Saul and Chris said goodbye outside the restaurant. It was an emotional exchange, but they knew that they would be together again in only a few days. Saul watched his son mount the powerful Harley and wished that Chris would get rid of it. He would make some calls to the coaches and Athletic Director to put pressure on Chris to stop riding the bike. He knew that the coaches would be upset to know that one of their stars was risking his life by riding a motorcycle. Sometimes a parent has to use all of the possible resources to influence their children.

Chris blasted back to the CSU campus with his Harley attracting a lot of attention, both for the unique design and the deep throated sound of the custom exhaust system. He parked the powerful bike in the lot reserved for motorcycles and headed for his dorm room. He was warmly greeted by other residents of the dorm, but had decided to spend the night alone and think about what he and B had talked about. He wasn't surprised to see that the room was empty, knowing that Isaac was probably on his back with Leif's dick doing AA (Anal Acupuncture). He undressed and headed across the hall to use the toilet and shower facilities. Several of his friends were there, and some of them made casual or direct comments that they were interested in having sex with him. Chris just laughed and said he would take a rain check on the offers, as he had something important to do that night.

When he returned to the room he saw that the light was lit on the phone, indicating that messages were waiting. He groaned, but knew he had to listen to the messages in case there was something important. He listened to all 50 messages, and less than five were important enough to warrant a return call. He thought about having the phone disconnected, but knew that people would find some other way to invade his privacy. He called the Porter home in Wisconsin and enjoyed the conversation with his maternal grandparents. At first his grandparents had refused any form of financial assistance in their life style, but when their neighborhood was in the path of a new expressway, they were forced to move. Saul and Jonathan Carpenter had to conceal their assistance by helping the Porters and three of their best friends find new homes in a retirement community. The four new homes were close together, and the purchase price had been supplemented without their knowledge.

Chris loved talking to his grandparents. He had told his grandmother about the fall concert, and had asked if she would make a Cherokee outfit for him to wear during the concert. Grandma Porter was thrilled that her grandson was proud of his heritage. Chris had given her measurements for making the clothing, and she was close to having the buckskin outfit completed. Both of the grandparents promised that they would attend the concert, as Saul had invited them to spend a long weekend at the duplex.

Chris also called the St. Mary's Orphanage in Dallas and was thrilled to talk to Father Joe. He felt embarrassed that he didn't call the special priest more often, but was warmly received by the man who turned the cold brick buildings into a home for unwanted boys. Father Joe described the recent changes in the orphanage, and invited Chris to return to see the changes for himself. Chris realized that people wanted him for more than his money, as the priest talked about the machine and wood shops, along with the advanced computer lab that was available to the needy boys. The scholarship fund was now bearing fruit, as two of the boys had returned as counselors after graduating from college. Others that had earned the college scholarships were excellent examples of how unwanted boys could become contributors to society.

Chris promised to visit Dallas as soon as possible. He knew that the orphanage was a big part of who he was, and remembered the 12 years he spent in the orphanage as the worst and best of his life. It was there that he met Saul Bernstein, the man who changed his life forever. As he thought about his own need to sort out his emotions, he thought about all of the unfortunate boys who needed to feel love so they could survive. He decided to give back as much as he could by supporting the orphanage and by visiting to see the improvements that the CJH Foundation and Saul's investment clients had funded.

Chris knew it was late in Boston, but decided to call the Carpenter home to talk to his family. A sleepy sounding Charles answered the phone. He was quickly awake when he realized that his brother was calling from California.


"I'm sorry for calling so late," Chris admitted. "I just figured that two lazy guys like you and Randy would be screwing off all summer until classes start in September."

"You don't know OUR father," Charlie said. "He made all of us get jobs for the summer! Even his baby girl is working for the summer at a day camp for inner city kids. I am working with a lawn maintenance company, and my worthless twin is vegetating with a construction company."

Chris could hear Randy in the background cussing at Charlie. It was fun to hear his brothers argue about who was going to talk on the phone. After a few seconds it was obvious that Randy had gone to another room and had grabbed a portable phone. From what Chris could hear, the entire house was now awake, and he wished that he had called earlier. He had forgotten the time difference from California to the East Coast, but heard the excited voices as more phones came on line.

"Hi Chris" told Chris that his biological father was on the line. "How are you doing? We miss you, and want you to come here to visit us."

"Hi Dad and Mom," Chris replied. "I'm sorry that I called so late, but it is only 10 p.m. here in God's Country."

Everyone laughed at hearing Chris's apology, knowing that California was in a different time zone. The Carpenter family was thrilled, and everyone tried to talk at the same time. Jon finally exerted his family position and demanded that everyone else hang up so he could talk to his son. He promised that they would all get a chance to talk to Chris, and heard a lot of grumbling as his children got off the phones.

Jon was thrilled that his son would take the time to call, and loved hearing the deep baritone voice with the Texas twang describe life on the CSU campus and his desire to pledge the Delta Delta Delta fraternity. He told his son that the Carpenter Foundation had joined forces with the CJH Foundation in providing financial assistance to the St. Mary's Orphanage and other orphanages across the country. The Carpenter Foundation was much larger, but the CJH Foundation was rapidly growing into one of the country's largest philanthropic organizations.

Chris loved hearing his father's voice, and realized that other than their differences in dialect, their voices were identical.

"I love you!" Chris said to his father, not trying to hide his sobs. "I wish we lived closer together so we could hug more often! It is still hard for me to realize that you and mom accept me and have made me a part of your family!"

"Your mom is pulling at the phone cord to talk to you," Jon admitted as he tried to choke back his own tears. "She loves you as much as I do, and I will let you talk to her before your brothers and sister get their turns."

"HI MOM!!" Chris exclaimed as he heard the voice of Carol Carpenter.

"HI SON!!" Carol responded. "We all miss seeing you! We know you are busy with college, but want to see you again as soon as possible! Can you come to visit us?"

"I'd love to fly there right now!" Chris admitted. "Football practice starts next week, and I have a lot of stuff going on. Is there any way that you can all come to the fall orchestra concert in October? It is the same weekend as the UCLA football game, and I can promise you some choice seats for the game and concert."

"We will be there!" Carol promised. "Saul calls us a lot to tell us what is going on with you, but you know that Randy is connected to you emotionally, so we automatically know if anything bad is happening to you. I still don't understand how the men in my family have telepathic skills, but it is comforting to know that you are safe."

"I have been reading books about telepathy," Chris admitted. "It is weird and scary, but I have realized that I have some skills at reading the minds of some of my best friends. Some of what I read is X-rated, so I won't tell you what I am learning!"

Carol laughed and said that she had also studied telepathy to understand the skills of her husband and sons. Jennifer was begging to talk to Chris, and Carol finally relented and let her daughter talk to her brother.

"HI STUD!" Jennifer exclaimed. "How's it hangin?"

"Hi beautiful!" Chris replied. "How's the best looking girl in the world?"

Chris and his sister talked for several minutes about college life and their desire to see each other again. It was a great time for them both as they talked about everything in the world. Jennifer finally admitted that her two "asshole" brothers were bugging her to get on the phone. She told Chris that she loved him before relinquishing the phone line to her twin brothers.

"FINALLY!" Charlie said. "You wasted a bunch of time by talking to everyone but us!"

Chris laughed and talked to his two brothers. The family resemblance was amazing, as both of his twin brothers looked just like him, except for the color of their eyes and their body sizes. Randy and Charlie had vivid blue eyes, and were six feet 5 inches tall, with curly blonde hair. Chris's hair was the same color, but his was totally straight due to the influence of his Cherokee heritage.

"I want you guys to come out here to visit me," Chris said. "I can guarantee you a hookup if you can get away from the rents when you come here!"

The twins laughed and said that they were hooking up a lot, but some California meat would be a welcomed change. They both said that they were interested in "surf and turf", indicating that they were interested in female and male companionship when they came to California.

"If you can't hookup here," Chris said, "you couldn't hookup in a whorehouse with a $1000 bill on your forehead! If you don't score, I promise to take care of you both myself!"

"You are the one we want to score the most with!" Charlie said. "Lately I have had to lower myself to doing my own brother, due to the lack of quality beef around here!"

Chris laughed and was surprised that Charlie was the one to express his lust for sex with him. Charlie had always been the reserved twin, and apparently didn't inherit the telepathic skills of his father and brother.

"I wish you guys were here with me tonight," Chris admitted. "I'm gonna have to go to bed and blow myself!"

The twins roared with laughter. They knew by the size of Chris's cock that it was possible that he could suck himself, but didn't know that their brother was capable of self gratification with his own mouth.

"Can you really do that?" Randy asked.

Chris laughed and said that he had been able to blow himself ever since he was 10. He admitted that it hurt his neck, but the pleasure was worth it. He described the many guys that he had become friends with on the CSU campus and promised his two brothers that they would have a ball when they came to California. The phone call ended with the guys hoping for a joyous reunion, not knowing that fate would have a different plan in store for them.

Chris went to bed that night, and thought about taking care of his sexual needs with his hand or mouth, but ended up falling asleep on his large bed with the happy thoughts of the conversations with his family.

Chris woke up the next morning and realized that it had been a long time since he had slept alone and hadn't had sexual relief before he went to sleep. He got up and visited the urinal across the hall before returning to his room to get dressed for his morning run. He knew that he would take a long run, shower, have a big breakfast, and then head for the IM building where he would work out. He also remembered that he would be meeting Brian for their weekend of camping and fishing, and knew that he had to buy a California fishing license to be legal. B had taken him ocean fishing before, and it was a real thrill to be fishing where you never knew what you were going to catch.

Chris thought about Brian. The guy was neat, but was obviously older than he was. On a scale of 1 to 10, Brian was an 8 or a 9. He was handsome, but didn't possess the toned body of an active athlete. There was something about Brian that Chris was attracted to. They had dropped a few beers together, either at the dorm or at Brian's apartment. Chris was still confused about Brian's sexuality, as they had often discussed the availability of horny girls on the campus. Chris had also noticed the way Brian looked at him, and he wondered if his new friend was bi-sexual.

The day quickly passed, and Chris was anxiously waiting for Brian to arrive at the dorm to begin their weekend together. Brian had quickly agreed to the change in plans that would include camping, fishing, and visiting Chris's home. Brian pulled an extended cab pickup truck into the circle drive of the dorm. Chris was surprised to see the huge bass boat that was attached to the rear of the pickup. It was an 18-foot Champion Elite, with a 150 horsepower Mercury outboard engine. The red and silver metal flake boat was a perfect match for the bright red truck, and made a beautiful combination.

"Do you really put fish in this beauty?" Chris asked as he hugged his new friend.

Brian laughed and said that his father loved the boat and truck, and competed in several bass tournaments.

"I'm gonna kick your ass tomorrow!" Brian promised. "My dad taught me how to bass fish, and a couple times I even beat him!"

"Where are the cane poles and bobbers?" Chris teased, knowing that bass fishing had evolved into a very sophisticated sport with large prize money for the winners of BASS Classic Tournaments. He had watched several fishing shows on television to learn more about a new sport.

"You are such an asshole!" Brian joked. "After I kick your big ass fishing, you will have to clean the fish for our meals!"

The two guys joked and teased as they loaded up Chris's clothes. Brian had brought all of the camping and fishing equipment, so they were quickly ready to head away from the campus. The trip to the lake took over three hours, and the two friends were able to talk about several different topics. When they arrived at the remote lake, Chris was thrilled at the beauty of the large forest and crystal clear lake. The entire area was a federal park that would be protected from any form of development. They launched the powerful boat and began setting up their tent in the campground. The lake was huge and the campground was practically empty, allowing the two guys total privacy from anyone else. They fired up the charcoal grille and had a great meal of hamburgers before Brian announced that it was time for Chris's first taste of defeat on the lake.

Chris was shocked at how fast the bass boat was as Brian expertly drove it across the lake at over 65 MPH to a sheltered cove filled with lily pads and weed beds. He had never felt the thrill of flying across the water in a boat that was more like a guided missile as it skimmed across the surface of the beautiful lake.

As soon as they reached the sheltered cove, Brian retrieved several fishing rods from the locked storage units, handing Chris a spinning rod equipped with SpiderWire and a surface lure called a Pop-R. Chris knew the basics of fishing, and tossed the lure toward the lily pads. The first pull on the surface lure was followed by a large swirl on the surface of the lake as a largemouth bass inhaled the bait. Chris was thrilled as he cranked in the bass, watching the fish jump out of the water in a vain attempt to get free of the treble hooks.

Brian was shocked that Chris had scored first, and quickly netted the big bass that weighed at least 8 pounds. He put the bass in the livewell, and congratulated his big friend on his success.

"You lucky fucker!" Brian yelled as he dropped the bass into the aerated storage unit.

Chris was ecstatic at catching the first fish, and decided to celebrate by grabbing a cold Coors beer from the cooler. He gave one to Brian and decided to watch his buddy try to catch up with his success. It was funny watching Brian leaning against the small cushioned seat at the bow of the boat, controlling the trolling motor, and almost frantically casting toward the lily pads. Chris knew that Brian was very competitive, and it was fun to see how hard he was working to catch a larger bass than the one in the livewell.

Brian caught three small bass, and was getting frustrated.

"Don't put that fish in the livewell," Chris teased, "or my bass will eat it!"

Brian gave Chris a nasty look and the finger as he continued pounding the water. He cast his surface plug near a large stump, and the water exploded. Brian screamed as he saw the huge largemouth bass erupt out of the water. He knew it was much larger than Chris's fish, and he desperately wanted to get the fish into the boat. After several minutes of fighting the fish, he was pleased that Chris helped by grabbing the landing net and lifting it out of the water. Brian was thrilled that Chris gave him a high five and hug after the fish was safely in the livewell. Brian's fish was over 10 pounds, and he gloated over his big friend.

The two buddies relaxed on the beautiful bass boat and drained several beers each. Brian said that he had to take a leak, and turned the boat away from the fishing area. He shut off the trolling motor and stood up to whiz over the side of the expensive boat.

Chris was interested to see the equipment between Brian's legs, but only got a quick glimpse of a large mushroom head before Brian turned to aim his stream over the side of the expensive boat. He wished that he were able to see all of Brian's meat, but was denied the pleasure. He also felt his own bladder demand draining, and stood up at the stern of the boat to release his own manhood from its hidden position. He deliberately stood sideways; allowing Brian a clear view of his massive organ as it drained the filtered Coors into the clear lake. He used his peripheral vision to try and see if Brian was checking out his package, but wasn't sure if his buddy was looking at him or not. Chris was still not convinced that Brian was straight, but he hoped that his new buddy was at least bi-sexual, and that they would have a chance to swap sperm soup before the weekend was over.

The two guys went back to fishing, catching several more bass that were smaller than the two in the livewell. They released all of the other fish as they continued drinking beer and teasing each other. They finally headed back to their camp to clean the two fish and have a special meal of fresh fish as the sun went down.

Brian was an expert as he showed Chris how to filet the two bass and prepare them for the grille. It was a simple meal of fish and potatoes, but it was great for the two guys to share as they teased each other about who would win the fishing contest the next day.

Brian was very attracted to Chris. He knew that his friend was a gifted athlete, and was thrilled that Chris would take the time to go camping and fishing with him. As he looked at the handsome athlete, he felt some strange urges enter his body. He had always considered himself as straight, but looking at the handsome face attached to the awesome body was causing his dick to stir in his jeans. He gazed into the vivid green eyes of his new friend and watched every motion of the muscular body as Chris moved around the campsite. He wondered if he was truly straight, as he felt aroused by looking at the hot body of his new friend.

Chris was picking up some vibes from his buddy, but decided to let nature take it's course in their relationship. They sat around the campfire, and chatted about life. It was very relaxing for them to be alone on the shore of the lake, drinking cold beer and enjoying the peacefulness of the California Park. When it was time to go to sleep, they both grabbed their sleeping bags and headed into the tent. Chris explained that he loved to sleep on the ground, and refused the air mattress that Brian offered him. Both guys had a buzz from the beer that they had consumed, and quickly fell asleep.

It was early the next morning when Chris felt Brian shaking him awake. Chris had been having an erotic dream about being with Isaac, Mike and Cody, and was fully aroused. He had gone to sleep wearing a T-shirt and boxers, and showed no embarrassment as he threw aside the sleeping bag and staggered out of the tent, with a pronounced bulge in the front of his boxers.

Brian was shocked to see the size of the bulge in the front of Chris's boxers as his friend left to take his morning piss. He knew that his buddy was large in every way, but never expected to see a boner the size of an arm pushing out the front of Chris's boxers. He could only imagine how big the athlete's cock was, as it looked bigger than any dick he had ever seen. He grabbed the pot of coffee that he had just brewed on the camp stove, and offered some to Chris as he returned from draining the main vein.

"I didn't mean to wake you up so early," Brian apologized. "I wanted to get an early start on the bass, but we can wait until later if you want to."

"I'd like a cup of coffee before I kick you butt on the lake!" Chris replied. "I let you beat me last night, but today, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Brian loved hearing a challenge, knowing that Chris could kick his ass in any sport except fishing. Hearing his buddy challenge him gave Brian incentive to make the day of fishing a mini tournament that he knew he would win. He looked at the handsome athlete and wondered why Chris was spending a weekend with him. He knew how popular Chris was on the CSU campus, and figured that he would have chosen to be with his dorm or fraternity friends instead of camping out on the remote lake. He had never seen Chris nude, as their times in the gym had been in the weight room and were followed by spending time in the pool hall or drinking beer together. He still wondered why he was so interested in seeing the areas of Chris's body that were covered by the T-shirt and shorts that he always seemed to wear. He tried to shake his head to eliminate the thoughts he was having about touching Chris's nude body.

The two guys finished their morning coffee and headed out on the lake for a day of fishing. It was a beautiful California morning, as they began catching bass to take to Chris's home for a family cookout. They joked and teased each other about the small fish they were catching, and enjoyed the time in the California outback. Chris was teasing Brian about catching the biggest fish of the morning, an eight-pound largemouth. They headed back to camp for brunch that consisted of cold cereal and fresh fruit.

Brian looked into the eyes of his friend and saw the vivid green eyes sparkle with intensity. He knew that no guy in the world was as handsome as his new friend was, and wondered what it would be like to be in bed with Chris having sex. The thoughts troubled Brian, as he was sure that he was straight, but being around CJ Hammer would challenge the Pope. He didn't want to put any moves on Chris, but wondered what it would feel like to have sex with another guy.

After the two guys had finished their brunch, Brian said he was going to kick Chris's ass in the rest of the fishing trip. He knew that the bass would head for deeper water during the heat of the day, and decided to fish a different part of the lake where a rock ledge dropped off into deeper water. He cranked up the powerful outboard and headed to the ledge where he knew that the bass would congregate. He decided to be honest with Chris and describe how to use a combination known as a "jig and pig". It was a lead headed jig that had a soft piece of pork attached to attract the bass. The jigs had a rattle chamber that made a soft clicking sound that imitated the sound of a crayfish moving along the bottom. The fishing turned into catching, and the catching was great, as both Chris and Brian hooked up with some huge largemouth bass. They teased each other as they filled the livewell with huge fish for the evening cookout at Chris's home. They were drinking a lot of cold Coors, and took several breaks to pee over the side of the expensive bass boat. Each time they peed, they seemed to grow more used to each other as they exposed their manhood to each other.

"How about we take a break from catching and go swimming?" Brian suggested.

Chris was elated, as he was hot and feeling the effect of consuming several beers. He quickly agreed to going swimming, hoping that Brian would strip down nude and go skinny-dipping with him. He was disappointed to see Brian strip down to his boxers and dive into the clear water of the lake. He decided to follow suit, and stripped down to his boxers and dove into the cold water.

The two guys frolicked around in the lake and challenged each other to a few bouts of dunking each other. They both laughed as they swam and grabbed each other, trying to push their buddy down to the bottom of the clear lake. Brian knew that Chris was much larger than he was, and tried to use his smaller size to move quickly around the 325-pound frame of his big buddy. Chris was ready and quickly grabbed Brian and pulled him under the surface of the water. They both enjoyed the physical contact as they wrestled in the water, but quickly decided to return to the boat to continue their fishing competition.

Brian was the obvious winner of the fishing competition, and he took a lot of time to lord his success over Chris. He also knew that Chris was a worthy adversary who had caught some impressive fish of his own. Brian cleaned the fish as Chris began packing up their camping gear to head for Fremont. Brian wished that they could spend a week together, as the brief time he was with Chris had been very exciting to him. He also wanted to ask Chris about the scars that he had seen on Chris's back when they were swimming in their boxers. He realized that the scars were deep and covered the back of his new friend, and didn't want to pry into the cause of the deep scars in case Chris would freak out on him.

Chris called B on his cell phone and told him to get ready for a fish fry. When he told Saul how many fish they had caught, his dad was excited to invite Helen and the neighbors to join in the cookout. He would get the grille ready and have baked potatoes and sweet corn ready for the main course of fresh bass.

The two guys laughed and joked as they broke camp and headed for Fremont. They had enjoyed their fishing competition, but loved the special time they had shared even more. They now knew that they were buds and would remain friends forever. When they got to the duplex in Fremont, Saul and Jason warmly greeted them. Chris knew that he had to introduce Brian to Alex, or the mutt would go ballistic.

Brian was shocked when he saw the size of the huge dog that was stalking him. He knew that the dog was the largest dog he had ever seen, and was staring at him with a look that made him cringe in fear.

"Alex," Chris began, "this is my buddy, Brian. He is your friend."

Alex immediately ran up to Brian and began sniffing his legs. Brian was still scared at seeing the size of the huge dog, but allowed Alex to sniff him and then petted the dog's head. Alex turned his attention to Chris and quickly attacked his master, forcing Chris down on the grass of the front yard. Brian watched as the huge dog licked Chris's face and howled. It was obvious that the dog and Chris were very close friends and loved time together. Brian watched as Chris grabbed his big dog and rolled around on the front lawn of the large duplex home.

Saul was standing on the porch to the duplex with his lady friend, Helen Waterson by his side. They both laughed as they watched Chris and Alex rolling around on the grass, each trying to pin the other. The big dog finally won and held Chris down and licked his face.

"YUKK!!" Chris screamed. "LET ME UP YOU BIG MUTT!!"

Alex continued licking Chris's face until B yelled at the dog to let Chris up. Chris rolled to his feet and swatted at his dog, only to have Alex knock Chris down again to resume his dominance of his master. Saul was finally able to get the two friends apart as Helen laughed at the sight.

"I want you to meet Helen," B said to his son.

Chris got up and was embarrassed at how he and Alex had been playing. He didn't know that his dad's new lady friend was at the home or he would have been more reserved with his dog.

"Jeez, B" Chris apologized, "I'm sorry for doing that. I guess it is too late for me to make a good impression on your lady friend."

"I loved seeing you and Alex playing," Helen admitted as she introduced herself to Chris. She started to shake Chris's hand, but quickly decided to hug him instead. She was amazed at the size of Saul's son, even though he had described Chris perfectly. She hugged the big guy and was shocked by how hard his muscles were, and how gentle he was when he returned her hug.

Chris returned the hug, and saw that his dad had picked a neat woman to be his friend. There was something about Helen that made him very comfortable with her. He apologized for not realizing that his dad had a visitor, and introduced Helen and Brian.

"Chris has always lacked in social skills," Brian teased. "When we went fishing, he scared all of the fish away when he peed in the lake."

Saul laughed and said that everything was ready for the cookout if the two guys had really brought fresh fish. He laughed when Brian said that Chris was good using the landing net, but that he had caught all of the big fish in the cooler.

Chris teased that Brian couldn't catch fish without dynamite, and that he had caught all of the fish in the cooler. The two guys continued teasing each other, as Saul and Helen took the fish from the cooler and headed for the grille.

Alex was barking like mad when Joyce and Steve Thompson, Robbie, and Katy came through the gate to join the party. Robbie and Katy immediately attacked Chris, tackling him to the ground. Chris let the two small kids think that they had taken him down, and writhed around on the ground pretending to try to fight off the two attackers. Alex was barking loudly, and joined in the attack to hold Chris down. Robbie was screaming with joy as he sat on Chris's chest and tickled his big neighbor.

Joyce finally rescued Chris from the attack, as she wanted a hug from her special neighbor. Helen was watching the exchange between Saul's son and the neighbors, and knew that Saul's son was a very special person. She laughed when she heard Chris ask Joyce to leave Steve and run away with him. She knew that everything that Saul had said about his son being a real tease was true. She watched as Chris gave Steve a big hug and asked him to come to the first football game when CSU would play Notre Dame. Steve was thrilled when Chris said he would make sure that his family would have some great seats for the Friday night game early in September.

Saul announced that the meal was ready. He had taken the fish filets and had seasoned them with butter, seasoned salt, and lemon pepper before he grilled the fresh fish. The group enjoyed the gourmet meal and the friendly banter between Brian and Chris about who had caught the biggest of the fish. Chris spent a lot of time around Helen, wanting to get to know the woman his dad was so interested in. Helen enjoyed the attention from the famous athlete, and knew that Saul had been honest when he told her how great his son was. She watched as both Robbie and Katy sat on Chris's lap as they ate the fantastic meal. Chris was feeding them like they were little babies, and they both loved the attention.

Brian watched his fishing buddy spoil the two kids, and knew that there was a lot more to CJ Hammer than he had ever imagined. He watched as Chris gave attention to everyone at the cookout, and marveled at how one guy could give out so much love and affection.

"I can't decide if I want to steal Joyce from Steve or Helen from my old man," Chris teased. "Both women are awesome!"

The men both laughed at Chris and told him that he had no chance of taking their women away from them. Robbie told Chris that he and Katy would go with him anywhere, and everyone laughed. Saul and Helen had plans to see a movie together, and the party broke up, with Robbie and Katy begging to spend the night with Chris and Brian. Saul and Helen left, with Robbie and Katy continuing their begging.

Chris wanted to get Brian alone in his bedroom, but didn't want to go too fast with his new friend. He sensed that Brian was struggling with his own sexual identity, and decided to invite the two kids to spend the night in his room.

Brian was confused when Chris invited the two kids to spend the night. He wanted to spend more intimate time with Chris, but saw that the two kids were thrilled when their parents said they could spend the night with Chris and Alex. He was jealous, but was also confused about his own desires and interests in spending another night with Chris.

Katy and Robbie were thrilled and ran home to get what they needed to spend the night at their famous neighbor's house. Joyce and Steve were thrilled that they would have a chance to spend a romantic night together with their children next door with Chris. Everyone but Brian was happy with the arrangements. He had an immense erection at the thought of spending a night with Chris, but knew that he would have to take care of his own sexual needs with his own hand.

Robbie was thrilled when Chris said that he and his sister could sleep in his room, while Brian used the guestroom. Katy and Robbie brushed their teeth and headed into Chris's room, where both Chris and Alex were waiting for them. Katy headed for the spare bed, and was quickly joined by Alex. Robbie looked at Chris and was thrilled when his huge friend said he could sleep with him in his king-sized bed. The small boy jumped on the bed and giggled as he felt Chris grab him and tickle him. He loved any time that he spent with Chris or Alex, and tonight was the best night of his life.

Brian used the bathroom, and listened to Chris and Robbie giggling in the master bedroom of the duplex. He could also hear Alex barking and Katy laughing as everyone seemed to be enjoying the special night together. Brian was happy that the two kids were having so much fun with his big buddy and the huge dog, but he was jealous that he wasn't in the room alone with Chris. His mind was filled with thoughts about having sex with CJ Hammer, and that was causing him a great deal of confusion. He locked the door to the guestroom, and jacked off. He shot an immense load of cum on his chest and belly, and for the first time in his life, he scooped up the thick liquid and ate it. He wished that he were eating the cream from the huge cock that he had seen when Chris was taking a leak over the side of his dad's expensive bass boat. He couldn't believe that he was having gay thoughts, but he ate every drop of his own cum before he fell asleep.

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