CJ Hammer's life in college continues.

The last chapter might have seemed lame, but stick with me.

Some people have questioned where I am heading with this story, as they fear that CJ Hammer will die. Death is a nasty part of life, and you will have to wait to find out what happens to Chris and his special friends. We are now at Chapter 21, and I want the readers to know that everything up to now was necessary preparation for the meat of my story. Music will play a part in my story, and due to limitations on attached files, you will either have to download certain songs or trust my descriptions to get the same feeling that I do from my own story. This story has been rolling around in my mind for over a year, and it is very emotional for me to develop the story and share it with you. I hope that you understand that even an author can get involved emotionally in his own story as it develops.

I make a pledge to my readers that this story will continue to completion. The actual completion may be up to you, as I might leave you hanging for how all of the characters will spend the rest of their lives. References to other colleges and their athletic programs are totally fictitious, so just go with the flow and ignore any references to your favorite college teams. By taking artistic license, I can identify different colleges and their athletic records the way I want as this story develops. If you don't like the way I refer to your favorite college----GET A REAL LIFE!!!

CJ Chapter 21 Therapy and Football

Chris woke up the next morning to a wet bed and the sounds of a sobbing boy. Robbie was nine, and was still having problems with bed-wetting. Chris remembered how the nuns at the orphanage punished boys for wetting the bed and he was sickened at the punishment that the boys had experienced and how upset Robbie was. He made a decision and forced his own bladder to release the contents on his side of the bed.

"I'm sorry," Chris said as he turned over to reveal his soaked boxers. "I thought that I had stopped wetting the bed, but I guess I had an accident."

Robbie was sobbing as he looked at the puddle of urine on his side of the bed, and knew that Chris would hate him. When the words that Chris had spoken had finally sunk in, he turned and looked at his big buddy, seeing the wet boxers. Through his tears, Robbie looked and saw a huge puddle of fresh urine on Chris's side of the bed, and realized that both of them had wet the bed. His sobs died slowly, as he listened to Chris explain that some boys wet the bed until they are older, and some men even have an occasional problem.

"Let's get up and shower," Chris said softly. "Then we can come back here and change the sheets so no one else knows we had a problem last night." He took Robbie's hand and led him into the bathroom to start the shower. Robbie was still upset, but realized that he was not alone with his problem. It made the bond with Chris even stronger, and they made a pact to keep their problem a private matter from Katy and Brian.

Chris left Robbie in the bathroom, and headed down the hall to the other shower. He went back to the bedroom and stripped the bed of sheets and mattress pad before Robbie was done with his shower. He loaded the washer and headed back to the room to get dressed.

Robbie went up to Chris and hugged him. They now shared a special secret that they hoped Katy and Brian wouldn't find out about. They dressed and headed for the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast for everyone in both sides of the duplex. The aroma of cooking bacon and brewing coffee quickly spread throughout the duplex, and the walking dead came into the kitchen. Alex was bounding around in the kitchen, hoping for a few samples of the meat that he could smell cooking. He was greeting each person that entered the kitchen with a doggy smell and lick before he returned to the stove, hoping for a sample of the bacon.

B called next door and invited Joyce and Steve to join the crowd for breakfast. The Thompson's arrived with the glow of two people that had shared a night of passionate sex. Chris bent over and whispered something into Katy's ear, and her face lit up.

"Did you score, daddy?" the innocent little girl asked.

Saul choked on his orange juice as both Joyce and Steve broke into uncontrollable laughter. Everyone was laughing, but only the adults knew why. Saul cuffed Chris on the back of the head, as Brian watched the exchange between his big friend and his father. Saul grabbed Chris by the ear and dragged him into the next room. It was obvious that he was upset with his son for prompting the little girl to embarrass her parents.

Joyce came into the living room and heard Saul chewing out Chris. She got between Saul and Chris and hugged the big athlete.

"Yes, Steve scored last night," Joyce laughed. "He scored several times in fact, and we owe it all to you for giving us a night alone!"

Saul was still upset, but he finally realized that Joyce and Steve were not offended, but were in fact enjoying the joke. They returned to the kitchen where everyone was enjoying the impromptu party, with Saul continuing his criticism of his son.

Joyce was standing near the stove talking quietly to Robbie. Her face went blank as she and her son whispered back and forth.

"I need to talk to you two," Joyce said to Saul and Chris.

Saul was surprised but quickly agreed to talk to Joyce and his son. He wondered what had been divulged in the whispering between Joyce and Robbie. Chris was worried that something was wrong and that his dad was going to be mad at him again.

Joyce had tears in her eyes when she hugged Chris and thanked him. "I can't believe that you did that for Robbie!" Joyce choked out. "He has had a bed wetting problem for a long time, and Steve and I forgot to warn you or make sure he was wearing a pull-up. He's been to several doctors, and they tell us that boys sometimes outgrow the problem when they start puberty."

"What is going on?" Saul asked.

When Chris explained what had happened, Saul hugged his son and tried to hold back his own tears. Chris had purposely wet his own bed to keep the nine-year-old boy from being totally embarrassed. It was another event that reinforced his love for his son, as the big guy had again shown how much his friends meant to him.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you about that rude joke," Saul admitted as he hugged his son.

"Parents are supposed to yell at and abuse their kids," Chris teased as he hugged his dad. "Did you get lucky last night, or were the neighbors the only ones to hookup?"

Joyce laughed as Saul cuffed the back of his son's head as his only reply.

The trio went back to the kitchen and sat down to a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, toasted bagels with butter and cream cheese, coffee, and juice. Brian wondered what was said during the private conversations in the living room, but decided not to ask any questions. He watched his friend interface with his dad and neighbors, and felt a strong attraction to him. He felt his dick stiffen, and wondered if he needed to go to the bathroom and jerk off to relieve the tension in his body. He was now convinced that he wanted a chance to get CJ Hammer naked in bed, and find out what guy sex was all about. He kicked himself about not making a move when they were camping together, and prayed that he would get another chance. He knew he would be risking his life to hit on his big friend, but he was convinced that he was ready to make his move. Alex was in heaven as he begged from everyone in the house. Katy was the most generous, as the little girl handed her entire plate of food to the huge dog. Before her parents could object, Alex had vacuumed every bit of food off from the plate and licked Katy's face in appreciation.

Chris and Brian went for a short run of about five miles. Chris was getting vibes from his friend that he was bothered by something. During the run, he tried to get Brian to open up, but wasn't successful. He decided to tell Brian about his planned meeting with Greg Cunningham that afternoon. He told Brian that he was having some personal problems that he needed to bounce off a professional, and that B had made arrangements for him to spend time with Greg that afternoon.

Brian wished that he had someone to talk to about his own personal problems. During the run they talked, and Brian decided to take the bass boat and truck back to his parents' home, after hearing that B would take Chris back to the campus. He loved the time that he had spent with Chris, but needed some time to sort out his own sexual desires. He knew that the football season was beginning for Chris, and that his friend would be very busy for a long time. He hugged Chris and said how much he had enjoyed their weekend together.

"You are my bud now," Chris said as he hugged Brian. "I really appreciate you taking me fishing and camping. I hope we can spend some time together again soon, but I know I will have a busy schedule with practice starting." He gave Brian his cell phone number, and told him how few people had the number. Brian was happy that Chris would trust him with the number and promised that he wouldn't give the number out. He wanted to stay in touch with Chris, as his sexual desires were blossoming. He left the duplex and headed home to deliver the truck and boat to his parents' home and retrieve his own car.

Chris was in the pool playing with Robbie, Katy and Alex when Helen came out to the pool area with Saul. It was obvious to Chris that Saul was in love by the way that he treated Helen. Chris had to smile at the thought of his dad finding a woman to love. He watched the two adults give each other attention and knew that they were meant for each other. Robbie was wearing a little Speedo suit and Katy was swimming nude when Joyce and Steve came into the yard to join the group in the warm California sun.

Joyce told her tiny daughter to put her swimsuit back on, but knew that her daughter was a nudist at heart, and always seemed to strip off her bathing suit whenever she was near a pool.

"I saw you nude and kissing daddy's peepee!" Katy exclaimed as she headed for her discarded swimsuit.

Everyone except Joyce and Steve roared with laughter. Their faces were as red as the tiny suit that Katy reluctantly put on to jump back into the pool with her brother, Chris and the big dog.

"Out of the mouths of babes," Helen exclaimed. Joyce and Steve finally calmed down and realized that they had better change the subject before their young daughter realized how powerful her observation really was.

"Everyone else is wearing a bathing suit in the pool, and you will too!" Joyce ordered her little daughter.

Chris laughed and told Joyce that he would take his suit off if she would. Katy tried to convince her mommy to skinny dip with them, but was not happy when her mommy refused and told Chris to act his age. Chris laughed and grabbed Katy and tossed her through the air with her small body splashing down in the shallow end of the pool. The little girl screamed with joy and quickly swam back to Chris for a repeat toss. Robbie was begging for his turn, and the subject of skinny-dipping was quickly forgotten.

The fun in the pool was interrupted when Greg Cunningham arrived. Saul introduced Greg to everyone, and announced that Chris and Greg were going to talking alone for a while. Steve and Joyce joined their children and Alex in the pool, while Chris hit the outdoor shower and headed for his room to dress. Saul and Helen seemed very happy to have a cocktail and watch the activity in the pool, while Chris left to shower and get dressed.

Chris was afraid of talking to Greg, but knew that he needed some professional help in dealing with his personal problems. He wanted to share his secret feelings, but was also afraid of rejection from an adult.

Greg already knew a great deal about Chris from his discussions with Saul, so much of the past had already been covered. He looked at the handsome face of CJ Hammer and realized how both guys and girls would be attracted to him. Greg was totally straight and happily married with two children. Saul had told him about Chris being able to seduce just about anyone on the planet, so Greg set the rules for their discussion very clearly.

"Let me explain how I think we should talk to each other," Greg began. "You are very handsome and have a fantastic body, but I am not interested in having sex with you. What you and I discuss will be held in strict confidence. I will not share anything with Saul unless you and I agree that he should be involved."

Chris looked at the handsome man with a short-cropped beard. He had to admit that Greg was handsome and under normal circumstances, he would try to hit on him. He also knew that he needed a friend for helping sort out his personal dilemma more than he needed another sex partner.

"Under normal circumstances I would take that as a challenge," Chris teased, "but I need a friend right now more than another sex bud. I'm afraid of telling anyone what problems I have, but I will trust you because B said you are a neat guy."

With the ground rules set, the two began discussing Chris's college life. Greg listened as Chris explained general things about where he was living and his desire to pledge the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. He listened as Chris shared intimate information about his sexual activities with several different girls and a multitude of guys on the campus. Saul had prepared him for accepting that Chris was very sexually active, but the details of how frequently Chris found a sex partner was a shock to Greg. He had dealt with adolescent clients along with adults, but in his entire career of therapy, he had never met a guy who was so sexually active.

Chris explained his strong attraction to Isaac, Cody and Mike, and how Mike and Isaac had talked to him about his sex life and how they both wanted him to settle down.

Greg listened as Chris explained his confusion about sex and love. He realized that the famous athlete was very troubled by his own desires to be sexual with his friends, and also wanted to find true love. He knew that getting Chris in touch with his inner feelings was going to take a long time. Greg had dealt with children who had been raised in orphanages, and knew that the administrators of the orphanages starved most of the children of true love. It was a challenge for Greg to maintain his professional manner as Chris described key events in his life. Saul had already told him about several key events, but hearing Chris describe the same events brought them to life for Greg.

The private discussion lasted over two hours before both Chris and Greg decided to stop. They were both exhausted by the intensity of the discussion. Chris had shared very openly his desire to understand what real love was, and how his attraction to Mike, Isaac, and Cody was more than physical. He also described his physical connection to many guys that he hoped would be his pledge buddies, and several girls that he wanted to hookup with. Before they ended their private session, Chris and Greg exchanged cell phone numbers, and agreed to talk during the week when Chris was out of class and not at football practice.

Saul was pleased when he saw the two men return to the pool area. He could tell by the look on Chris's face that the session had been intense. He hugged both Greg and Chris and thanked them for spending time together.

"I think Greg just gave me a lobotomy!" Chris joked to his dad. "I'm going back to campus to change my major from Mechanical Engineering to Brain Surgery."

Saul and Greg laughed. They both knew that Chris loved to tease, but also that the first therapy session was a success in establishing a bond between Greg and Chris. They had a simple meal of hamburgers on the grille before it was time for Chris to return to the campus.

It was another emotional time for Chris to say goodbye to the neighbors and his dog. Alex was tuned into Chris's emotions, and whined and howled as Chris left with Saul and Helen. Chris was very quiet as he sat in the back seat of Saul's Mercedes. Saul and Helen knew that the big guy in the back seat was very troubled, and they both prayed that Chris would find himself before life threw another deadly curve at him. They didn't know at the time that their fears would come true for the handsome guy in the back seat.

Chris hugged and kissed both Saul and Helen in the circle drive of the Jacob's Dorm. He knew that his dad had found a great woman to spend time with, and wished that he had someone in his life to share more than sex. He went into the dorm and headed for his room, where he spent a restless night when he dreamed about many of his significant life events.

Monday morning, Chris awoke and realized how lonely he was. It had been several days since he had shared sex with anyone, and he was horny. It had been a long time since he had to orally take care of himself, but last night he had reverted to his old practice of self-sucking. It had always been an option for him, but he normally had a willing partner to take care of his MSB. He got dressed and headed out to the stadium for an intense workout. He had used his high school stadium for a special workout for football that entailed running up and down the steps where the fans would walk. It was a special way for him to work his leg muscles, and also imagine the crowd that would be watching his team compete. He didn't know that David Patrick, the head football coach, knew of his special way of preparing for the football season.

David Patrick was hidden from Chris's view as he watched the star basketball player run the steps to the stadium. He knew that CJ Hammer was a high school All-American as an offensive end and defensive lineman in football, and also achieved All-American status as the center for basketball and pitcher for baseball. He knew that Chris had also won national competition for punt, pass, and kick competition, and wanted to capitalize on the talents of the special athlete. He had talked to Chris's high school coach, Tom Adams, and found out that Chris had played quarterback and free safety, when key players were injured. He wished that he could clone the big athlete, but decided to accept the gift of having the basketball star on his football team. The previous year the CSU football team had gone 8 and 4, but lost in the Fiesta Bowl to the University of Michigan. He knew that his freshman recruiting class was the best in the nation, and he hoped that he would be able to mold a team that would win the Pac-10 conference for the first time in over 10 years. He watched the handsome athlete put himself through a workout that was more intense than any workout he would ever demand of his football team.

Chris left the stadium and headed for the IM Building, where he wanted to practice his Karate skills. He never knew that his football coach had been watching as he ran up and down the stadium. He met Brian Williams and Brice Cox at the Karate Room, and gave them both a hug. Brice was in charge of all conditioning for CSU athletes, and knew that Chris was in top shape without any effort on his part. Brian was ready for some intense Karate training, and the two men changed into their Gi's and did their stretching exercises.

After a series of practices on the suspended leather bags, Brian asked for a chance to spar against Chris. He knew that Chris was going to compete for the West Coast Karate Championship, and wanted to help his friend get ready. Brian wasn't ready for the attack of his Sensei, as Chris displayed moves that Brian had never seen before. He was on his back so many times that he finally had to beg Chris to stop.

"I don't know where you learn all of those moves," Brian admitted, "but if you use them in competition, you will kick ass!!!"

"Yoshi gave me some advanced Karate books to study," Chris admitted. "They are all in Japanese, but I can read them and practice the moves. I just wish that Yoshi would be with me when I compete, but he hasn't left Japan in over 20 years. Uncle Steve will be my Sensei when I compete, and he is awesome! He told me that I could kick his butt with what I have learned from Yoshi, but I would never try to put Uncle Steve on the mats."

"Can I go with you to Seattle for the competition?" Brian asked. "I would love to meet Stephen Segall, and watch you win the competition. Ever since I met you when you were 15 I knew that you would be a champion, and I want to be there with you."

Chris laughed and said that Brian might end up being a witness as he got his ass kicked in Seattle. He really liked Brian and his wife Karen, and wanted both of them to be with him during his competition. He agreed that he wanted some friends to make the trip with him to Seattle, but made Brian promise to keep the competition a secret from the rest of the CSU campus.

At 4:00 p.m., Chris was dressed for his first official practice with the CSU football team. He had met most of the returning lettermen, and knew that the team had the potential for winning the conference championship. Graduation had cost the team their starting tailback, one great wide receiver, along with linemen on both offense and defense. The free safety had lost his eligibility due to academic problems, so the team had to regroup to replace the lost talent.

Coach Patrick started the freshmen with a series of wind sprints. He knew that all of the freshmen had been training with Brice Cox, and were in top physical shape. What surprised him the most was that the fastest freshman on the team was the biggest, and that was CJ Hammer. Chris was the fastest sprinter of all of the freshmen, and he decided to test Chris against the returning lettermen. He was shocked when Chris beat even the returning wide receiver, Damian Lewis, who had been clocked in the 40-yard dash at 4.3 seconds. He quickly realized that the All-American status of his freshman walk-on was a gift from heaven. Having a 6 foot 10 inch player that could run faster than his best wide receiver would be an asset for him and his assistant coaches to develop.

The practice continued with players trying out at different positions in the first contact practice of the year. Chris wanted to play offensive end and defensive safety, the positions he had loved during high school football. He knew that he was strong and fast, but didn't want to hurt any of his teammates or make them look bad on the field in front of the coaches. During the practice, he made his moves and blocks, but Coach Patrick seemed pissed at him.

"Hammer!!" Coach Patrick yelled. "You block like a pussy!! I want to see you block the defensive end or linebacker like you mean it!" He had talked to Chris's high school football coach and had viewed videos of how devastating the big athlete could be, but what he was seeing in practice was unsatisfactory. He wanted to know just how good all of his freshmen were before he began a very difficult season of competition.

Chris was upset. He knew that he was holding back when he made his blocks, as he didn't want to hurt his teammates. He walked up to the coach and told him the truth. The coach wanted to see what Chris could really do in a game, and demanded that he not hold back on his speed and strength.

The next play was an end run with Delano Genovesi carrying the ball around the left end and then cutting inside toward the middle linebacker. Chris lined up and drilled the defensive end before he took out the middle linebacker with a crushing block. Delano was free in the secondary before the strong safety took him down after at 20-yard gain. The defensive end and middle linebacker were both down on the ground, as the coach blew his whistle.

"HOLY FUCK!" Gary Evans, the defensive line coach exclaimed. "Don't turn him loose again or we won't have a defense left for our first game!"

Coach Patrick and the assistant coaches helped the two injured players to the sidelines, and realized that they had a lethal weapon on their team. The two injured players were not seriously hurt, but everyone on the team realized that CJ Hammer was a loose cannon that had to be controlled. They were thankful that they were on the same team as the powerful athlete, as they didn't want to be hit with the same force that they had just witnessed.

Chris was embarrassed at hurting two of his teammates. When he had played high school football, he had always held back on his blocks during practice, not wanting to hurt his teammates. He had done the same during many of the games, not wanting to hurt other teenagers who were competing at the high school level. Now that he was competing at the college level, he was afraid he would hurt someone and keep them from getting into the NFL. He walked off the field toward the locker room, convinced that he should give up football and concentrate on basketball.

"HAMMER!!" Coach Patrick screamed. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING??"

"I'm not here to hurt my teammates," Chris replied. "I think I should quit the team and concentrate on basketball, just like Marcus asked me to do."

David Patrick walked up to the huge athlete and grabbed him. He spun Chris around and saw the tears forming in the vivid green eyes. He knew that he had to apologize to Chris about the way he had insulted him.

"Chris," Coach Patrick began, "I'm sorry for calling you a pussy. I knew that you were fast and strong, but I never knew how powerful you really are. I've watched the videos that Coach Adams sent me about you, and I know that you can play quarterback, kicker, or any position on my team. I wanted to see what you can do, and the assistant coaches need to see it too. We need you on this team, and I promise never to make you hit your teammates like that again. Toby and Julius are gonna be okay, but you just proved to both of them that they aren't invincible. They both needed a 'wake up call', and you just gave it to them. They are seniors and should make it to the NFL, but we need them and you to form a competitive team. Show the returning lettermen how good you are in practice. It will help them get ready for the toughest non-conference schedule of any college team in the nation."

Chris turned and looked into the face of his football coach. He knew that he was big and strong, but didn't want to hurt anyone who was his friend. He wondered if he should blow off the coach and head back to the dorm, but he also knew that he loved playing football. He decided to return to the practice field and apologize to both Toby and Julius.

The first guy to come up to Chris was Jarvis Williams. He hugged Chris and said that he had just witnessed the most awesome hits of his life. He begged Chris to stay on the team and help them win the conference championship. Chris returned the hug from the 300 pound defensive tackle, and said that he would do his best for the team. He apologized to Toby and Julius for hitting them so hard. They both said that they were okay, and happy that they were on the same team as him. They didn't want to be hit that hard again, but knew that they would be up against big linemen in the future games. The rest of the practice went well, with several of the freshmen displaying their athletic skills.

Coach Patrick watched as his new team worked out on the field. He sensed that he had the makings of a conference championship team, and wanted to talk to his assistant coaches about how to use the talent available to them. He knew that the freshmen that had been recruited were the secret to a winning season, even though his non-conference schedule was the toughest of any college team in the nation. His first four games were scheduled against teams that were all ranked in the top ten college teams in the nation. He knew that his team was unranked, but was convinced that he could win at least two of the first four games and head into the conference competition with a team that was ready to kick ass. He had made it clear to everyone on the team that no one had a lock on a starting position, as practices would be used to decide who would start against Notre Dame on the Friday evening opening game.

Chris was sore and bruised after his first major practice with the CSU football team, but he was also pumped about how the team had practiced. He realized that several of his freshman buddies had excelled, but Jarvis and Delano had displayed unusual abilities when they were on the field. He headed to the showers where everyone was teasing about the first practice and the errors that everyone had made. There was one guy that no one teased, and that was CJ Hammer. The entire team knew that the tall athlete was headed for fame in football, and they all hoped to be on the same team to share the victories.

The next two weeks went fast for everyone on the CSU campus. Chris got a reprieve from practice for the first weekend so he could travel to San Francisco to train with Steven Segall in preparation for his Karate competition in Seattle. The second weekend was the West Coast Karate competition, and only a few of the guys on campus knew that Chris was competing in Seattle. Saul had reserved several rooms in the Holidome for special friends who had been invited to view the competition.

Brian Williams was thrilled when he got his invitation to view the competition, and was happy to meet Mike, Isaac, Nathan, Delano, and Cody at the beautiful hotel. Saul had paid for the flights of everyone who was invited to the competition, and paid for all of the rooms and food for everyone.

Chris was happy to see that Helen Waterson had joined B at the hotel. He smiled and wondered if his dad was going to hookup for the weekend with the wonderful woman from Los Angeles. He decided not to tease his dad, and headed for the room that he would share with Mike. Chris had been so busy with his Karate training and football practice, that he had very little contact with Mike and the guys at the fraternity. By the time that he finished practice and studying, it was late and he usually went to bed alone.

As soon as Chris and Mike got into their room, Chris grabbed Mike and kissed him passionately. He wanted to fuck Mike's brains out, but also knew that he had to conserve his strength for the next day's competition. It was still a great feeling to kiss and torture Mike by grabbing his dick and ass as they fell on the bed to continue their hot saliva exchange.

"You are gaining weight," Mike exclaimed. "I can tell the difference in your body, but it is all muscle that you are adding. Have you weighed yourself lately? I bet you have gained 20 pounds since you started college here."

"I don't care if I gained weight! I've missed you so much!" Chris exclaimed as he pinned Mike to the mattress on the king-sized bed. He wasted no time in undressing his buddy and swallowing the entire length of Mike's erect cock.

Mike went into orbit as he watched his big friend swallow every inch of his throbbing cock. He knew he wouldn't last long, and began moaning as his orgasm rapidly approached. He screamed and writhed around on the bed as his cock shot a huge load of hot cum directly into Chris's slurping mouth.

Chris loved hearing Mike get off. No guy in the world was so vocal when they came, and every moan, groan or whimper of his handsome friend was music to his ears. He gently finished his friend off, knowing that Mike's cock was very sensitive after popping a big nut in his mouth. He saved some of the fresh cum to share with Mike as they French kissed after the fast blowjob.

"God, that was awesome!" Mike exclaimed as he came down from the high of having his dick sucked dry. "You suck cock better than anyone in the world! I wanna blow you now and eat every drop of your sperm soup!"

"Hey, dude," Chris replied, "I gotta save my strength for the competition tomorrow. After I win or lose, I will blow your head off when I shoot in your mouth!"

Chris and Mike laughed as they cuddled and discussed the Karate competition and the rules. Three points would win a match, with one point scored for each knockdown or forcing the opponent out of the competition ring. The referees would watch for any illegal holds or blows that had been outlawed from competition. In Karate, many of the blows were aimed at immobilizing the opponent by attacking his genitals or throat. All of the blows to those areas were forbidden, and would result in disqualification of the guilty competitor. They cuddled together until it was time for supper with their friends.

Mike was thrilled when he saw Stephen Segall and his wife, Karen, enter the dining room of the hotel. He had never met a Hollywood star, and was tongue tied when Chris introduced him to his aunt and uncle. Brian Williams was there with his wife, Karen, and the two wives hit it off immediately. Sharing the same first name was a coincidence, but being with their husbands and their young friend who was competing was exciting.

Chris had kept his Karate competition a secret from most of the CSU campus, but he had invited the coaches from the football and basketball teams to attend with their wives, along with the AD, John Stephens and his wife, Judy. It was a special feast for everyone as Chris watched B interact with Helen. He knew that his dad was in love, and it caused some mixed feelings for him.

B had always been tuned into his son's emotions, and asked Chris to talk to him in private.

"I am your dad," Saul began, "and I am in touch with your emotions. I am falling in love with Helen, but I will always be your dad. I have never loved anyone in my life more than I love you. I still love Eloise, but she is gone, and I need someone in my life to fill my emptiness. I hope that you can understand that my love for you is unconditional. Helen won't take anything away from our love for each other. She will just add her own love for you and me to our family."

Chris hugged his dad and thanked him for talking to him. His own confusion about love and sex was still churning around in his mind, and he had been afraid that he was going to lose the one person in his life that had always been his foundation for unconditional love.

"I really like Helen," Chris admitted. "I was afraid she would take you away from me. I still have a lot of things to work out in my own mind, but with Greg's help and yours; I will get through this. I just want you to know that you are the most important person in my life, and I would die if you left me!"

Saul hugged his huge son and continued expressing his unconditional love. The two men finally separated and headed back to the large group of friends in the dining room. Chris sat down next to Helen, with Uncle Steve on the other side. The entire group was very vocal with their approval of the great meal and their expectations that Chris would win the competition the next day.

"I want you to get some rest tonight and meet me for exercise at 7:00 a.m.," Uncle Steve said to Chris. "I know that you are spending the night with Mike, but you have to set your priorities, and rest instead of having sex."

Chris was shocked that his uncle and Sensei knew of his sexual orientation. Instead of denying that there was any sexual bond between him and Mike, he just bowed his head and agreed, saying, "You are my Sensei, and I obey your wishes."

Steve hugged his special trainee, knowing that Chris was in excellent shape for the competition. He was convinced that no competitor in the nation could stay in the ring with his protégé`. He would keep Yoshi Yamamoto updated on the boy Yoshi referred to as his "Golden Boy".

The Karate competition was a breeze for Chris, as he won all four of his matches by scores of 3 to 0. The other competitors were good, but Chris was fantastic. Saul beamed with pride as he watched his son make quick work of each competitor he faced. He had seen his son in action during the home invasion in Dallas where Chris showed that he could kill at any moment. It was another special time in their lives together when Saul watched his son compete against other athletes, and the video would be added to the trophy room in their duplex.

Chris was very emotional when he stood next to Stephen Segall and accepted the trophy as the World Karate Federation, West Coast Champion. The secret of his competition and skills was going to be revealed to everyone on the CSU campus, as the media covered the competition, with newspaper, magazine, and television reporters begging for interviews with the champion. Chris wanted to blow off the reporters, but Uncle Steve reminded him that he needed to let them do their jobs, and media coverage would help Karate expand in the United States. Chris relented, and only agreed to a press conference if Uncle Steve joined him. The media were thrilled to have the champion along with his Sensei attend the formal interview that lasted for over 30 minutes. Chris was happy when the interview was completed, as he wanted to join B and his friends for supper.

The local Outback Restaurant had been prepared for the celebration, and was thrilled with the media coverage of the Karate competition that spilled over into their restaurant. The place was packed with people who had witnessed the Karate competition, and had followed the crowd of celebrating people to the restaurant. Chris was embarrassed, but ended up at a table giving out autographs for free to everyone who asked.

Saul was beaming with pride as he sat next to his son and listened to all of the people congratulate Chris for his amazing performance. He always knew that his son was a special kid, but he was now even more amazed that a kid that had been considered a reject was now the most famous athlete in the nation. Seeing his son in the limelight made Saul even more determined to help children in orphanages across the nation find their true potential. The CJH Foundation had joined with the Carpenter Foundation to improve the lives of boys and girls across the nation that were living in orphanages. Children who had been rejected by society would be offered education, training, and college opportunities based on their potential, instead of their family wealth.

Chris told his dad to move so he could sit next to Helen. He wanted to be around the woman that had made a major change in his dad's life, and needed to know that she was his friend. He was thrilled when Helen hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, saying that she was happy that Chris wasn't mad at her for being with Saul.

"He's an old man," Chris teased, "but he keeps telling me that there is some fire left in his furnace!"

Helen laughed and hugged Chris again, saying that Saul was a very special man and that she loved being around him and Chris.

The large group finished their meal and headed back to their rooms for the night. Chris said goodbye to Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen, as they would be leaving early the next morning. He hugged them both and made them promise to travel to Chicago for the competition for the national championship.

"I was worried at the weigh in," Uncle Steve admitted. "You have gained weight and I was afraid it would slow you down. I'm glad that I was wrong, as the extra weight must be all muscle, and if anything, you are faster than ever!"

"Mike has been teasing me about gaining weight," Chris admitted. "He calls me 'fat ass' when we are alone. I'm gonna make him pay for that crack tonight!"

Steven Segall gave Chris another hug and made him promise to continue his practice schedule, and to arrive in Chicago early so they could meditate and practice before the competition. Chris knew that meditation was necessary for him to prepare his mind for Karate competition. It was one of the reasons that he always began his practice by spending time alone to focus his mind. The future would prove that being alone to meditate could be deadly for Chris.

Saul and Helen said goodnight to everyone as they headed back to a suite of rooms. Chris wondered if they were going to have sex, but decided to put that thought out of his mind. He knew that Mike would be a willing partner and correctly guessed that Isaac was going to do Cody all night. Delano had made it obvious that he wanted to hookup with Nathan, so the partners were set for the night.

As soon as Chris opened the door to the room he was sharing with Mike, he found his best friend standing nude, waiting for sex. He laughed and called Mike a slut, and told him to get ready to suck and fuck.

"I've got the hot tub warming up and I already flushed myself out!" Mike announced. "Get your fat ass in the bathroom and take care of business! I have some champagne chilling by the hot tub, so hurry up!"

"If you keep teasing me about having a fat ass," Chris exclaimed, "I'm gonna sit on your face until you suffocate!"

"I was hoping you would sit on my face!" Mike teased. "I'm gonna lick your hole until it falls out!"

The two buddies were both excited by the outcome of the Karate competition and the thoughts of a night of sex together. It wasn't long and they were sharing a glass of champagne and passionate kisses in the hot tub.

Mike told Chris to sit on the side of the tub so that his cock was out of the bubbling water. He quickly grabbed the long foreskin of Chris's erect cock. He used fingers on both of his hands to pull the foreskin out and open it up for his tongue to probe under the sensitive skin. The moans he heard from Chris gave him all the encouragement he needed to probe inside the skin covering and lap around the mushroom head. A generous supply of precum flowed out of Chris's cock and was quickly slurped up by Mike's hungry mouth.

Chris moaned as he felt Mike doing a fantastic job of working on his cock. He parted his legs when he felt Mike's fingers searching for his butthole to give his buddy free access. He felt the experienced fingers locate his prostate gland and knew that several days supply of hot cum was going to explode at any minute.

Mike was tuned in to his best friend's emotions, and knew when he was going to get a mouthful of hot cum. The first blast hit the back of his throat as he listened to Chris screaming in ecstasy. He pulled back to take the next blast directly in his mouth, and savored the flavor of the tangy liquid. He pulled his mouth off of the exploding cock and began jacking Chris off to pull as much cum out of the massive body as possible. He was stroking Chris's cock with his left hand as his right hand was busy stimulating the large prostate gland to drive more fluid out. His face was covered with cum as Chris blasted at least 10 ropes of cum into his eyes, up his nose, into his hair, and into the water of the hot tub. Both of his eyes were covered in fresh cum, but he didn't need his eyes to find the exploding cock and take it in his mouth for several of the blasts. When the strong blasts reduced to gentle pulses, he swallowed the sensitive head and vacuumed all of the remaining fluid, using his left hand to push more fluid up the long shaft to his hungry mouth.

Chris felt lightheaded and fought to remain conscious. It was the most intense orgasm he could remember as he held Mike's cum-covered head as it bobbed up and down on his softening shaft. When his cock became too sensitive, he forced Mike's slurping mouth off from his cock and pulled the handsome face to his to French kiss. Mike's face was covered in fresh cum, and the two buddies gobbled up the thick pudding, with Chris using his tongue to clear Mike's beautiful blue eyes.

"Let me blow you now!" Chris begged.

"Too late, dude!" Mike replied. "I shot my wad in the hot tub when I was kissing your tiny peepee!"

The two guys laughed and decided to shower together instead of staying in the hot tub with the polluted water. They gently washed each other as they continued their French kissing. They dried off and headed for the bed where they both wanted to feel a hard cock in their ass.

Mike pushed Chris back on the bed and said, "You better get used to taking orders from me! When you are a pledge, I will make you my sex slave! You will be on your knees or back more than all of the Sig Ep's combined!"

"Promises, promises!" Chris replied, as he got on his back with his legs in the air, giving Mike free access to his butthole.

Mike dove for the puckered ring of Chris's man pussy, and spread it open. His tongue invaded the tight ring as he used both of his hands to pry apart the muscular ass cheeks to open the hole wider. He loved everything about CJ Hammer, and wished that they were joined together as life partners. He dreamed of having some sort of ceremony to formalize their relationship, but also knew that Chris was a free spirit that hooked up with a lot of other guys and girls for sex. He wanted more that raw sex with Chris, but also loved the intimacy that they had shared in the past. He decided not to pressure his buddy for anything more than friendship and passionate sex.

Before the night was over, Mike and Chris had drained their bodies of all male fluids. It was almost 3:00 a.m. when they collapsed on the bed after delivering five loads each. The only sex acts the two guys didn't share were water sports or scat, as neither of them had any desire for that type of activity. Kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking and felching were mutually acceptable ways of sharing intimacy, and all ways were experienced before they collapsed on the bed together to bask in the afterglow of the most intense sex of their lives.

When the happy group returned to California, the secret of CJ Hammer's Karate skills was common knowledge. The CSU campus celebrated the notoriety of the talented freshman. Chris was wearing a CSU hat during the interviews after his competition, giving the university exposure across the nation. The entire Delta Delta Delta fraternity was watching the competition and cheering wildly for their future pledge. The fraternity went wild when Chris won the competition. The members were thrilled to see their friend get national recognition again and celebrated with a big beer bust at the fraternity, with everyone reliving every moment of the Karate competition.

One group on the CSU campus was not celebrating, and that was the Phi Tau Alpha fraternity. Their dwindling membership hated CJ Hammer. Over four years ago, he had been involved in a brutal fight with some of their members, and they had been booted off campus. Some of their previous members were still in prison as a result of prosecution from that fight and the current members still blamed CJ Hammer for their loss of Greek status. They still maintained a house off campus, but were denied any official status at CSU. The only guys that chose to pledge the banned fraternity were rejects from the other legitimate fraternities. The members decided to develop a plan to punish CJ Hammer for the actions that they declared were heinous.


What is in store for our main character? Will he continue his athletic success? Will he find true love? Will he survive the rigors of life as a famous athlete? What will the Phi Tau's do?

Stay tuned...

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