CJ Hammer's life in college continues.

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CJ Chapter 22 Karate and Football

Chris refused to join any of the celebrations on campus when he returned from the Karate competition. He knew from Mike that the guys at the house had watched the Karate competition, and had celebrated his success with a kegger that night. Mike tried to get him to visit the fraternity, but Chris was embarrassed. He wanted to go to his dorm room and study and relax. The limousine dropped off everyone at the campus, with Chris kissing Saul and Helen goodbye. Mike rode back to the Jacobs Dorm with Chris and continued his pleas for Chris to go to the Delta Delta Delta fraternity with him.

"The guys at the house all want to celebrate with you," Mike pleaded. "Please go there with me. I don't ask that much of you, but right now I am begging you. We're your buddies, and you have to let us celebrate your success. Just go there with me for a half-hour. The guys will kill me if you don't come to the house!"

"Okay, you jerk!" Chris relented. He went back to his dorm room with Isaac and Mike following closely behind to prevent him from changing his mind. He was upset about the multitude of students that swarmed around him when he entered the dorm foyer, but remembered what Uncle Steve had told him about his responsibilities to help Karate competition grow in the United States. Everyone was congratulating him, and he was embarrassed.

Mike was thrilled at Chris's answer and used his cell phone to call the house. The fraternity members were ecstatic about having their future pledge join them for lunch and a few beers. As soon as the trio walked up the long sidewalk to the fraternity, the door blew open, with a multitude of the members running outside to congratulate Chris and drag him inside. Mike watched as his buddy was swarmed with hugging bodies and questions about his next competition.

Chris was embarrassed at all of the attention, and rolled his eyes as he looked at Mike Mahley. What he saw really surprised him, as Mike's eyes were filled with a combination of admiration and lust. There was something else in Mike's eyes that Chris couldn't figure out. For the first time in his life, his telepathic skills kicked in, and he sensed that Mike was in love with him. It was a brief moment of mental connection, but Chris was somehow connected to Mike's mind, and he read just how much his best buddy really loved him. As quickly as the connection had been made, it was broken.

Mike had a strange feeling that his secret love for CJ Hammer had just been exposed. He had felt a jolt of energy hit his body, and his mind had become totally confused. He tried to shake his head to clear his brain, but he felt that his true feelings had just been exposed. He felt tears forming in his eyes, and decided to go to his room in the fraternity to compose himself before returning to the celebration in the bar and entertainment room of the house.

The members who all wanted to talk to him at the same time pulled Chris into the fraternity house. He loved the physical contact with the members, but wondered where Mike had gone. He wondered if he had done something wrong and had pissed Mike off. He was just pushing some of the guys away to go and find Mike when Joe McClure came into the bar area.

"I always knew you were a champion!" Joe said as he hugged Chris. "I just left Mike's room, and he and I had a brief talk. I won't tell you what we talked about, but I want you to know that you have a very special buddy in Mike Mahley!"

"I was just going to find him," Chris admitted. "He begged me to come here, and then he dumped me. I like all the guys here, but you, Mike and Jacob are special buds to me. I'm heading for his room, and I will either kick his ass or fuck it!"

Joe laughed and said that he knew that Chris had done the deed to Mike's ass the night before. Chris was surprised that Joe knew what he and Mike had done in the hotel room, but wanted to be with Mike or he would head back to the Jacobs Dorm. The decision was made for him when Mike came into the bar area. It was obvious to Chris that Mike had been crying, and he wondered what had upset his buddy. He walked up to Mike and gave him a big hug, picking his smaller buddy up off the floor and spinning him around.

"PUT ME DOWN, FATASS!" Mike screamed at Chris. He loved the physical contact with Chris, but wanted to hide his true emotions from everyone in the fraternity, and most importantly, from Chris.

Chris spun Mike around like he was a rag doll and then threw him on one of the couches in the bar area. When Mike struggled to get up, he pinned his buddy down and for the first time, kissed Mike on the lips in front of the fraternity members.

Mike was shocked when he felt Chris's lips hit his own. At first he tried to struggle away from his huge buddy, but finally relaxed and returned the kiss, with all of the guys in the bar area hooting and hollering. It was no secret to the fraternity members that Chris was into guys and girls, but it was the first time they had witnessed him showing intimate affection for another guy in public. Several of the fraternity members were straight, but most were either bi-sexual or gay, and no one objected to the open display of affection between Chris and Mike.

"Either you guys break that kiss off and share some saliva with the rest of us or get a room!" Tom yelled. He was the fraternity president, and could make things difficult for Chris and Mike, but he decided to tease them instead.

Chris broke off the kiss and began tickling Mike. He knew that Mike had a very low threshold for tickling, and he decided to test his best friend to the limit. He attacked Mike's ribs and fought off the feeble blows that were delivered to his chest and arms.

Isaac and Leif joined in the foray, as they held Mike's arms over his head, exposing his sensitive armpits. Mike was screaming for help as the three guys continued their attack until Mike's bladder released, flooding the front of his jeans with urine.

The witnesses to the attack laughed and screamed their approval as they watched the wet spot appear in the front of Mike's jeans.

Chris felt bad as he saw the results of his tickling attack. He told Isaac and Leif to let Mike up, and watched as his buddy headed for the dorm area to clean up. He followed Mike like a puppy, apologizing all the way to the dorm.

"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! Mike screamed at Chris as he entered his room. "I wish I was as big as you so I could kick your ass for that!"

Chris grabbed Mike and mashed his mouth over Mike's, stifling the outrage of his special friend. He felt Mike struggling to pull away from the kiss and then relax and shove his tongue into Chris's mouth. What had started as an embarrassing event turned into pure passion, as Mike and Chris undressed each other to head for the shower room across the hall. As soon as they were under the warm spray of the water, Chris dropped to his knees and inhaled the entire length of Mike's erect cock.

All of the nasty words and threats from Mike's mouth turned into words of passion, as he felt his cock slide into Chris's throat. He moaned as he felt his big buddy using his throat muscles to massage the head of his cock and take him close to orgasm. He felt the throat muscles grip the head of his cock, just as a large finger invaded the hidden hole of his love tunnel.

"JESUS CHRIST!!" Mike screamed as his dick exploded in Chris's mouth. "SUCK MY COCK!! EAT MY CUM!!"

Chris had all he could do to hold onto Mike's pulsating body as the thick cock filled his throat and mouth to the limit. He expertly used his index finger to stroke and jab against the bud of Mike's prostate gland, stimulating more pulses of pleasure out of Mike's body. He felt Mike collapse and knew that his buddy had passed out from the intensity of his orgasm. He was ready for the collapse, and used his strength to hold Mike from crashing to the floor of the shower room. He picked up the unconscious body and carried it to the door where he was surprised to see several of the fraternity members standing in the hallway.

"Let us help you with him," Justin said. "He is my roomie and I don't want him to die of sexual overload!"

Jonathan and Chao had towels and tried to dry both Chris and Mike off as Chris carried his buddy to the room. He put Mike on the bed and covered him up before he turned to face the fraternity members. Several of the faces he was looking at belonged to guys that were straight, but all of the faces were smiling at him.

"I'm sorry, guys," Chris said to the many guys watching him take care of Mike. "I have strong feelings for this guy, but I shouldn't have kissed him in front of everyone or made him pee his pants. Will you forgive me?"

"There is nothing for us to forgive," Chao said. "You've been a bed partner for almost every guy in the house, and we all love you. I guess that I am jealous that you can't do to me what you just did for Mike, but relax and cuddle with your buddy."

The other guys shared the same sentiments, as Chris turned toward the bed where his best friend was sleeping. Mike was so handsome that Chris wanted to hug and kiss him for the rest of his life. He wondered if he was finally getting in touch with his inner feelings. Mike was everything that he could ask for in a friend or sex partner. His body shook with fear that he was losing control of his emotions and would finally drop the wall of protection that prevented him from loving someone his own age. His eyes filled with tears as he lifted the covers of the bed to spoon alongside his buddy.

Mike was lying on his side when he finally awoke. He could feel the massive body of his best friend spooned against his back, with a large projection nestled between his butt cheeks and laying against his back. At first he was pissed at Chris for embarrassing him in front of the other guys, but realized that the events of the day were the most erotic of his entire life. Chris had always called him "wild man" when they had sex, and he knew that he lost control when he was cumming. He knew that the intensity of his orgasms was always magnified when he was with CJ Hammer. He turned on the bed to face his buddy and marveled at the handsome face. He listened to the heavy breathing of his sleeping buddy and dreamed that they would be like this the rest of their lives. "I love you" Mike silently said to himself, as he cuddled against Chris's chest and fell asleep. He knew that he loved Chris more than anyone in the world, but was not ready to risk their friendship by revealing his true love.

The next morning, Chris woke up to the gentle urging of Jonathan Reinhardt. Jon was a senior outside linebacker on the football team, and he knew that both he and Chris were expected for morning practice.

"Haul you ass out, buddy," Jon said softly. "Maybe you can score on the football field today like you did with Mike last night!"

"Fuck you!" Mike said as he woke up from the movement on the bed. "I need my rest!"

"You need some beauty rest," Chris teased. "You are ugly, and your breath smells like my dog's!"

Mike used his legs to shove Chris out of his bed, causing Chris to crash to the carpeted floor of the room. He heard Chris moan as he hit the floor, but knew that his big buddy wasn't hurt. Chris stood up with his morning erection poking a major hole in the air for both Mike and Jon to view. Jon whistled as he stared at the immense erection, wondering if anyone in the world could take that monster to the hilt.

"I see a lethal weapon poking a hole in the sky!" Jon teased. "I hope if you pancake me like you did Julius that you don't drill me with that telephone pole!"

"I'm an Indian," Chris replied, "if I poke you with anything, it will be a totem pole!"

Chris dressed quickly, as he knew that he had to return to his dorm room before practice to retrieve his practice gear and a change of clothes. As soon as he made it to the practice field, Coach Patrick greeted him with a warm hug and congratulations for the Karate competition. He thanked Chris for the airline tickets and hotel room for him and his wife, but quickly added that the generosity would not get Chris any special treatment during practice.

Chris laughed and said he was ready for practice, as he began a series of stretching exercises that he had developed with Stephen Segall. Brice Cox had learned the exercises and had insisted that every athlete used the same regiment before any form of competition.

Things went well for Chris during the weeks before the first football game of the season. The first game was scheduled for a Friday evening against Notre Dame, who had been a ranking of 3rd in the nation in the pre-season polls. CSU was unranked, due to their 8-4 season and loss to the University of Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl. The Las Vegas bookies had established Notre Dame as a 24-point favorite for the nationally televised game. Coach Patrick was convinced that he had a real surprise for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. He was going to unleash a freshman terror on the highly ranked Irish. He had always dreamed of having a team that could compete at the national level, and now he had it.

In Santa Barbara, Sharon Johnson went to the mailbox to find a large envelope addressed to her two sons, Brandon and Brett. She saw the return address was from CJ Hammer, and wanted to rip open the envelope, hoping to find the autographs that the famous athlete had promised her two sons when they met at Dimitri's Restaurant. She decided to wait until supper to give the envelope to her sons so they could have the pleasure of opening it.

The family had settled down for a meal of chicken and potatoes when Sharon announced that there was some interesting mail. Both Brett and Brandon ignored their mother as they devoured one of their favorite meals.

"I guess I could either open this mail or throw it out," Sharon teased. She held up the large envelope in front of her two sons and husband and said, "It is from someone named CJ Hammer. I guess I will just throw it away as junk mail!"

Brett and Brandon screamed and grabbed for the envelope. They had been hoping that CJ Hammer would send them his autographed pictures as he had promised, but they never dreamed that he would actually do it.

Sharon held the envelope away from her two screaming sons, until her husband, John ripped it out of her hands. John held the envelope out of the reach of his two screaming sons as he read the address. "Brandon and Brett Johnson".

"I guess you and I can't open this," John said to his wife. "It is addressed to our sons, but maybe they want us to throw it in the trash!" John was thrilled that his sons were getting mail from the famous athlete, and wanted desperately to open the envelope himself. He teased his sons for a few seconds before handing the envelope to Brandon.

It was like Brandon was opening a treasure as he opened the envelope to dump the contents on the table. He and Brett immediately grabbed for the two photos of CJ Hammer in his Olympic basketball uniform and read the notes that had been written with a felt tipped pen.

"To Brandon, my buddy from Dimitri's Restaurant. GO FALCONS!. Your buddy, CJ Hammer, #26."

"To Brett, a true Falcon Fan. It's time to RUMBLE!!! Your friend, CJ Hammer, #26."

The two boys were crying as they read aloud the personal notes from CJ Hammer. They had bragged to their friends that they had met the famous athlete, but their friends had called them liars. Now they had proof that they could show their friends, and wanted to forget their supper to call their friends to come over and see the autographed photos.

"I don't believe it!" John Johnson said. He held up his hand to reveal four tickets. "He sent us four tickets for the CSU and Notre Dame football game!"

The two boys screamed again, and were close to wetting their pants with excitement. They remembered what CJ Hammer had said to them at the restaurant, but never dreamed that he would send anything to their home. They ran around the table, jumping and screaming with joy, with tears of happiness flowing down their young faces.

"There is a letter here for you guys," Sharon announced. "Let me read it to you, as I don't want you guys washing off all of the ink with your tears!"

Three males sat down to listen to Sharon read the letter. They were all so excited that they were ready to explode, but waited for her to read what CJ Hammer had written.

"To My Two Buddies:

You are great guys, and I really enjoyed spending time with you. My dad is the most important person in my life, and I know how important a family can be. You have a great mom and dad, and I am happy for you. I've enclosed four tickets for the first CSU football game, and I hope that you can attend with your mom and dad. I am only a freshman, so I might not get to play a single down in the game, but I hope we win. After the game, I want you to join me and my dad for a sandwich. It will be my treat, but I know it will be late when the game finishes, and you may have to leave for home. I hope we can talk and be friends.

Your buddy,


p.s. Everyone calls me CJ unless they are special friends or relatives. I want you all to call me Chris from now on."

Sharon Johnson was crying as she read the letter. She couldn't believe that CJ Hammer had actually written to her sons, and had sent the tickets for the game that she and her husband knew was a "sell out". They had tried to buy tickets for the game to surprise their sons, and were unsuccessful. They now had a family dream, as they all took turns looking at the contents of the envelope. The two boys fought for the phone as they both wanted to call their friends to tell about their exciting mail. Sharon and John hugged and couldn't believe how much happiness a single envelope could bring to their family. They both wanted to call their friends to brag about the mail, but decided to let their sons monopolize the phone. They would wait until they went to work the next day to brag to their friends, relatives, and co-workers about the exciting news. They made the boys take turns calling their friends, and knew that two boys would have a lot of trouble sleeping that night.

The first football game of the season was scheduled for a Friday night before the official start of the fall school year at CSU. Many of the students arrived early at the campus, knowing that the first game was against a Notre Dame team that was ranked Number 3 in the pre-season polls. The Irish had beaten the Falcons the previous year by a score of 49 to 14 in South Bend, Indiana. CSU was unranked in the preseason polls, but the students arrived on the campus to cheer for their team.

Chris was really pumped when Coach Patrick called him off the field during their Friday morning practice. He had been working hard, and had received a lot of praise and criticism for his progress in practice.

"I know you think that I have been rough on you during practice," David Patrick said. "I wanted to see what you could do when you were pissed at me! I want you to know that the other coaches and I are impressed with your strength and speed, and you will be the starting tight end on offense. I also want you to be on the special teams, and if Notre Dame is dumb enough to kick off to you, I am giving you the 'green light' to return the kick, no matter where you catch it. It is time for the nation to realize that we have a competitive team here at CSU. If you are up to it, I will play you at free safety, but I don't want to demand too much of one guy."

Chris was elated that he was going to get a chance to start in his first game in college. He had worked hard to get in shape for the season, and knew that he was ready for the challenge. He hugged his coach and thanked him for making him work hard during the practices.

Chris showered after the modified practice and called B on his cell phone.

"Hey old man!" Chris greeted his adoptive father. "How's it hangin?"

"Hi son," Saul replied, ignoring his son's teasing. "Are you ready for the game tonight?"

"First I want to tell you that I love you," Chris said to Saul. "You are everything to me!"

Saul was choked up as he listened to his son. He loved the man that had grown from a nasty talking young boy in an orphanage to the best son that anyone could have.

"I love you too," Saul choked out through his tears of happiness.

"I'M GONNA START TONIGHT!!" Chris screamed. "Coach Patrick said I was gonna be the starting offensive end, and receive on special teams! If they kickoff to me, I'm gonna run it all the way to the end zone, and hold the ball up for my dad!!!"

"Oh my God!" Saul exclaimed. "I was hoping that you would get to play tonight, but I never dreamed that you would be a starter! I guess the coaches see the talent you have! Helen and I will be in the stands cheering for you, and we will meet you after the game for supper! I am so excited that I can't express myself!"

"You know that we sent the Johnson's tickets for the game and they will be sitting next to you," Chris said. "After the game I will turn on my cell phone. Maybe the two boys can come into the locker room after the game. I really hope we win, but I want the boys to have a special night with you, Helen and me. I really love you, and I love Helen too. You deserve someone as nice as she is, and I know she is the right woman for you."

Saul was choked up as he listened to his son. He knew that he had fallen in love with Helen, and was afraid that his love for her would cause a problem with his son. He had watched them together, and had only seen mutual respect that grew into love.

"I love you!" Saul said.

"I love you more!" Chris said. "Remember, the first touchdown I score is for you!"

Saul turned to Helen after the call to his son ended. He told her the good news, and gave her a hug and kiss. It was going to be a special night as Helen had never seen Chris play football, and Saul knew that his son was going to excel the same way he had done during high school and the Olympics. He wanted Helen to share the excitement of seeing Chris display his athletic abilities.

Before the game started, David Patrick held a news conference with a multitude of television reporters. All of the major networks were represented, including Jane Vincent from Fox News. The reporters fired many questions of Coach Patrick about how he felt sending his team on the field against a team ranked as Number 3 in the nation.

"I think we have a few surprises for the Fighting Irish," David Patrick announced. "We lost the game last year on their home turf and they are highly ranked. I am introducing a team that is unranked, but I have a freshman class that no one in the nation can match. Many of my freshmen were highly recruited by Notre Dame and several of the other teams that we will be playing in the non-conference games to start our season. We will wait until the end of the fourth quarter to see which team deserves a national ranking."

The emotions were high in the locker room as Coach Patrick addressed his team. "Last year in South Bend, Indiana, we got our asses kicked by a better team. We started the season with a loss, and ended with another one in the Fiesta Bowl. I have watched you guys practice, and I know that no team in the nation can compete with us if we concentrate on the basics of football. You have worked hard, and it is time for the entire nation to see how good we are. It's time for us to make a statement that the Falcons are a team to fear!"

The team was screaming as the excitement of their first game became reality. The coach blew his whistle and led the team in a prayer prior to leaving the locker room. It was a tradition to share a moment of prayer that no one would be seriously hurt during the game. When the prayer ended, Coach Patrick yelled to his team, "LET"S GO KICK ASS!!!"

The locker room erupted as the team headed out on the field to the cheering of a capacity crowd of 90,000. The sounds of the band and cheering fans gave all of the Falcons an adrenaline rush. The team captains met on the 50-yard line, and Notre Dame won the toss. They deferred to the second half, and the California State University Falcons would receive the opening kickoff.

The game was being broadcasted live on ESPN2, along with several radio stations. Other television stations would broadcast pre-game and post-game interviews, but the only live coverage was with the ESPN2 broadcast.

Steve Michaels was the main announcer for the ESPN2 network, and his commentary follows.

"It's a beautiful California evening as we await the kickoff from the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame to the Falcons of California State University. The Falcons are facing the first of four non-conference opponents who are all ranked in the top ten in the nation. The un-ranked Falcons have their work cut out for them, as they are 24 point underdogs in their first game of the year. Brett, what do you think are the chances of CSU making this a game instead of a blowout?" he asked of his partner in the television booth.

"I know that David Patrick has the premier recruiting class of freshmen in the nation," Brett Carlson replied. "Coach Patrick has stated that he has some surprises for the Irish, but I expect that the Fighting Irish will take control of this game very early, and it will be a blowout!"

Steve Michaels continued his commentary, announcing, "Back to receive for CSU is a freshman, number 26, CJ Hammer. I am surprised to see the famous basketball star even suited up for this game, and I have never seen a guy his size used as the receiver on special teams. I bet that the basketball coaches are shaking in their boots to see their star playing football, and especially in a dangerous position on kickoff returns."

Brett Carlson began his commentary as the opening kickoff sailed deep into the CSU end zone. "The Irish kickoff is deep into the Falcon's end zone, where it will be downed by Hammer. Wait, Hammer is taking the kickoff from the back of the end zone and is bringing it out. He is hit at the goal line, breaks a tackle, and is hit again at the five. He breaks another tackle and heads for the far sideline where he has a wall of blockers. Hammer breaks another tackle and is loose! He is at the 40 and has only one defender in front of him, and that is the kicker! Hammer heads directly for the kicker and blasts over him and is loose! He is going to the end zone! He is at the 30, 20 10, 5, TOUCHDOWN, CSU! CJ Hammer has just taken the kickoff for a long touchdown on the first time he has touched a football in his college career. That may be a tie for the NCAA kickoff return record! We will have to wait for the official ruling on where he took the kickoff! Hammer dunks the football over the crossbars of the goal post and picks up the ball to head for the official following the play! Hammer says something to the official, and then heads for the CSU sideline where he is swarmed by his teammates! He still has the ball that he carried for the touchdown, and I can only imagine that he asked the official to keep the ball as a memento of his first college touchdown!"

The crowd was going wild as they watched the kickoff return. In the stands, no one was cheering louder than Saul Bernstein, Helen Waterson, and the entire Johnson family. Tears were flowing down Saul's face as he told Helen how Chris had promised that the first touchdown was for him. He wanted to run down and hug his son, but knew that college sports were much different than high school sports where he was able to congratulate his son during a game.

Brett and Brandon Johnson had tears in their eyes as they screamed and jumped up and down on the bleachers. Their hero had just lit up the scoreboard, and they were in heaven. They watched the replay on the huge screens at each end of the football stadium, and joined with the crowd as they cheered for the outcome. The two boys celebrated with their parents, Saul and Helen, along with the other special people that had been invited to the football game. Included in the special section of seats were Brian Packard, Chris's fishing buddy, Sam & Kate Gardner and their son, Jason. The crowd was going wild as the extra point was kicked, giving CSU a 7 to 0 lead in the game.

Chris was pumped as he headed to the sidelines, carrying the football from his first college touchdown. The official had smiled and let Chris keep the ball, knowing that it was a treasure for the freshman football player. Chris handed the ball to Gary Evans, the defensive line coach, and asked him to save it for his dad. Gary was thrilled that he held the ball for the guy that would surprise the Irish even more when he appeared as a defensive player. He promised to save the ball and give it to Chris at the end of the game.

The television commentary continued, with both announcers expressing their shock that a big freshman had broken every rule of special teams performance by taking the ball out of the back of the end zone. They expressed their opinions that CJ Hammer had been extremely lucky in ever getting out of the end zone, let alone taking the ball for a touchdown. They both expressed their belief that Coach Patrick would bench the careless freshman for his reckless actions.

Daniel Ray was the kicker for the CSU Falcons, and he drove the ball inside the end zone, where the Notre Dame receiver downed it. Notre Dame would have a first down on their 20-yard line.

Steven Michaels continued his broadcasting, saying, "CSU has just given the Irish a wake up call! No one expected the Falcons to have a chance in this game, but they have jumped out to a seven-point lead! Now we will see how the Irish answer to the fluke of a long kickoff return."

Chris was playing free safety on defense, and he knew that Notre Dame would try to retaliate quickly to take the crowd out of the game. On the first play, the defensive coach had called for a safety blitz. Chris stood in the defensive backfield, trying to look like he was going to drop back in pass protection or wait to defend for a run. At the last second, he charged the line and blasted through without being touched and creamed the Notre Dame quarterback for a seven-yard loss. He jumped in the air and screamed so loud that everyone in the crowd heard him.

The entire CSU defensive team was pumped and the crowd was going wild. The Notre Dame team was still confident that they could move the ball, until the next play when Chris again blitzed on another passing play. He jumped in the air and deflected the ball. Jarvis Williams intercepted the deflected pass and lumbered into the end zone for another CSU touchdown. It was the first time Jarvis had ever scored a touchdown in his football career, and he celebrated in the end zone by doing a sensuous dance and then spiking the ball. The first guy to hug and congratulate him was CJ Hammer. The crowd was rocking the stadium as the extra point was kicked, giving CSU a 14 to 0 lead in the game. The celebration on the CSU sideline was nothing to compare to the celebrations in the stands. The home crowd was going wild as the television announcers tried to maintain a professional air in their telecast.

Back in Boston, Massachusetts, the Carpenter family was watching the live telecast and going ballistic. Jon Carpenter knew that it was his son that was on the football field, and he wished that he had been able to attend the game. He was with his wife and children as they watched the game, cheering for their family member as he displayed his talents. He promised his family that they would travel to California soon to visit with his son and watch a game live. Tears flowed down his face as he thought about the life that his son had experienced, and he promised himself that he would continue to be a part of his son's life in the future.

The Notre Dame football team was rattled by the way that an un-ranked team had scored two touchdowns on them. Their coach tried to focus his team on the basics of football, reminding them that they were a team that couldn't be beaten by the lowly Falcons.

Daniel Ray drilled the kickoff into the end zone, where the Notre Dame receiver downed it for a touchback. The teams lined up for the next series of downs, knowing that the Irish would try to push the ball down the field to take the crowd out of the game.

Chris lined up in the defensive backfield, but knew that he was assigned to the fullback on a full blitz by the three linebackers. The ball was snapped, and he drove through the block of the center to nail the fullback for a three-yard loss. The next play was a similar formation, but Chris was free to move around on the field. He faked that he was going back in pass protection, and then charged the quarterback, nailing him for a six-yard loss. It was now 3rd and 19, and the defensive coordinator called for pass-10. That was a call that meant that the free safety would drop back in prevent defense, to keep the opponents from gaining a first down.

Chris talked to his teammates in the defensive huddle, and told them that Notre Dame would expect him to blitz. He looked at Jarvis Williams and told him to get his fat ass in gear and bust the quarterback. Jarvis laughed and said that he was going to "pancake" the quarterback, and that the secondary had better be ready to shut down the receivers.

The next play went like clockwork for the Falcons, as the fastest receiver for Notre Dame was covered expertly by Jeremy Thompson and CJ Hammer. Jarvis drove through the double team block and sacked the quarterback for another six-yard loss.

Chris was the first to congratulate his big black buddy for the first sack of his college career. It was now fourth down and 25 yards to go, and Notre Dame was forced to kick the ball. Back to receive was number 26, CJ Hammer, and the results were predictable. It was a high kick, and everyone expected a "fair catch", but that was not what CJ Hammer did. He caught the ball and was immediately hit, but he shook off the first tackler and headed upfield. He broke two more tackles before he headed for the sidelines, streaking past a multitude of defenders and carrying one guy into the end zone with him.

The crowd went wild as the CSU Falcons now led the Number 3 team in the nation by a score of 20 to 0. The extra point was good, and the ESPN announcers were speechless. The stadium was rocking as there was a break in the action for a commercial. When the commercial break was over, Steve and Brett began their dialogue about how CSU had just shocked Notre Dame and the entire nation by taking control of the football game. Before the first half was finished, CSU had a commanding lead of 49 to 7. Chris had caught six passes for 205 yards and two touchdowns, along with one interception that was returned for another touchdown. His blocks were the key to Delano gaining 120 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

The locker room was pure bedlam, as Coach Patrick blew his whistle to get his team's attention. "We scored 49 points in one half of this game," Coach Patrick began. "If we can score 49 points, so can Notre Dame! They will make some adjustments for the second half, but if we play with the same intensity that we have shown, this game will be ours!!"

The team settled down and listened to the coaches make changes in patterns and alignments to improve the team performance. During the second half of the game, CSU played ball control by running the ball to keep the clock moving. Chris was moved from free safety on defense to defensive tackle, where his pass rushing abilities could be exploited. The combination of Chris and Jarvis was too much for the Notre Dame offensive line to handle. Chris was used only on defense in the second half, as the coaching staff knew that playing offense and defense could lead to a tired and injured player.

The ESPN2 announcers were correct when they expected a blowout. The only problem was that the CSU Falcons were on top when the clock ran out. The final score was 63 to 14, and the crowd went wild as they counted down the last 10 seconds of the game.

Instead of heading for the locker room, Chris had convinced the players to run to the opposite end of the filed where the band and students were sitting in the stands. The band and students were thrilled that the team would honor them by celebrating with them. Jarvis jumped up on the wall around the field and pretended that he was leading the band as they played the Falcon Fight Song. When the fight song finished, the team headed for the locker room. As soon as Chris got into the locker room, he asked Coach Patrick for permission to have his dad and two special boys join the celebration. Normally the locker room is off limits to spectators, but Coach Patrick was thrilled with his team's performance and agreed to the visit.

Chris turned on his cell phone and quickly called B to invite him, Brett and Brandon into the locker room. Saul was very emotional as he congratulated his son on the fantastic game. He was surprised that the coaches would allow the visit, but quickly accepted the invitation. Two young boys tried to scream in excitement when they heard that they were invited into the CSU locker room, but they had both cheered so loudly during the game that their vocal cords were not working properly.

The coaches locked the door to the locker room for their post-game comments. They knew that several reporters were waiting to interview them and the players, but wanted some private time with their team.

"You guys just put CSU on the map!!" Coach Patrick yelled. "We just beat the Number 3 team in the nation! I have the game ball here, and I want you guys to decide who gets it!"

The locker room erupted with the unanimous screams of "HAMMER, HAMMER, HAMMER!"

Chris had tears running down his face as he accepted the game ball from his head coach. One of the assistant coaches had already marked the ball with the date and final score, but Chris asked all of his teammates to sign the ball. Each team member signed before heading for a much-needed shower.

When Chris left the screaming shower room, B and the two happy boys greeted him. He hugged his dad and spun him around. The two boys were a little reluctant to make contact with Chris, as he was only wearing a towel around his waist. They were both thrilled when he scooped up the two boys and began introducing them to all of the other players. The two boys had never been around so many huge, muscular bodies, and they were thrilled to see many nude athletes. They had just started taking gym in the middle school, and had the normal embarrassment about being nude around other boys. Now they were in a locker room filled with huge athletes who showed no embarrassment about exposing their bodies to everyone.

Chris put the boys down and retrieved a special football for his dad. It was marked as "CJ Hammer's first touchdown" with the date. Chris handed the ball to B, knowing that it would end up in a special place in the trophy room at their home.

Saul Bernstein had tears flowing down his face as he accepted the ball from his son. He looked into the vivid green eyes and told Chris, "I am SO proud of you!"

Chris hugged his dad and then retrieved the game ball. He walked over to Brandon and Brett and asked them if they could share. The boys didn't know why Chris would ask them that question, as they had always shared toys and clothes with each other. When Chris handed them the game ball, he said it was theirs to keep.

The two boys knew the significance of the gift and hugged Chris with tears flowing down their faces. It was the best day of their lives, as they couldn't wait to brag to their friends at school. Saul was even more proud of his son when he saw him give the game ball to the two young boys. He knew that Chris had always been tuned into the emotions of others. He loved seeing his big son take time to make the day special for the two happy kids.

The locker room door was opened for the reporters to enter and set up their equipment for live interviews with the coaches and players. Coach Patrick had a strict rule that right after any game ended, he would have some private time with his assistant coaches and players. Even though the locker room was filled with partially clothed or nude males, all reporters were allowed inside. One of the two female reporters was Jane Vincent from the local Fox television station.

Jane made contact with Chris and begged for a live interview with him. Chris asked if two young friends could join the interview, and Jane agreed, happy that she was scoring another exclusive interview with CJ Hammer. The other media reporters were interviewing Coach Patrick, but Jane wanted to talk to Chris. She pleaded with Chris to behave and not give out any impromptu commercials for GEICO Insurance again.

Chris laughed and said he was going to give a pitch for Dimitri's Restaurant if Jane didn't object. He wanted to include his dad in the interview, but was afraid that some of the fraternity members would recognize the name of the National Vice-President of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. Saul had already figured out that he needed to stay away from the camera crew, but he stood close to listen to the interview.

"Don't tell anyone that I said it was okay," Jane pleaded. "My producers will be thrilled that we got you first for an interview and I can lie and say I didn't know what you were going to plug your friends' restaurant."

The camera crew setup their equipment at one end of the locker room, with Chris putting the two boys on the changing bench so that their faces would be high enough for the camera to catch. He was still wearing only a towel, but knew that the camera crew would keep the camera focused on his upper body. He had been interviewed many times in locker rooms and knew that the camera crews would not film any nude athletes.

"This is Jane Vincent, reporting live from the locker room of the CSU Falcon football team," Jane began. "With me is CJ Hammer, who scored five touchdowns against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame as part of the 63 to 14 victory. CJ, why don't you introduce your two young friends and tell us how it feels to account for over 400 all-purpose yards in your first college football game."

"Hi Jane," Chris began. "It is always a pleasure to talk to you, but I'm still waiting for you to go out on a date with me!"

Jane laughed and reminded Chris that she was happily married, and that her husband was an avid hunter and an excellent marksman.

Chris laughed and had his hands on the shoulders of the two boys standing in front of him. "This is Brandon Johnson and his brother, Brett. These two guys are special buds of mine, and I appreciate you allowing them to be here for the interview."

Brett and Brandon were so excited about being interviewed on television that they were tongue-tied. Jane got them involved in the interview when she asked about the football that Brandon was gripping tightly.

"Chris gave us the game ball!" Brett choked out. "He won it today, but he gave it to us to share!"

Brandon took the hint and handed the treasure to his brother to hold as the interview continued.

"How does it feel to be celebrating a victory when Notre Dame was favored by 24 points?" Jane asked.

"Coach Patrick and the assistant coaches told us we could win if we played like a team," Chris replied. "I got lucky by getting a ton of fantastic blocks from my teammates. The coaches made sure that we were physically and emotionally ready for this game, and all of the credit goes to them."

"How did it feel to take the opening kickoff 109 yards for a touchdown?" Jane asked.

"Coach Patrick gave me the green light before the kickoff," Chris explained. "I know it was risky to return the ball instead of downing it, but I knew my teammates would block for me, and we wanted to prove that we weren't intimidated by Notre Dame's national ranking. When I saw the line of blocks along the right sideline, I knew that I was going to score. It's hard to explain how great it felt to make it to the end zone. Maybe you had the same feeling when David gave you your engagement ring."

Jane laughed at the analogy, but knew that Chris was trying to give her a feel for his happiness. She continued her interview by saying, "You recently won the West Coast Karate Competition in Seattle. How does Karate fit into your future athletic competition?"

"Karate is a sport that has taught me how to focus my mind and body," Chris began. "All competitive sports require concentration, so I see Karate as another way to develop my body and reactions."

"Your next Karate competition is in Chicago for the National Championship," Jane continued. "CSU has a home football game the same day, and I think the listeners want to know if there is any conflict with being gone from your football team."

"The Athletic Director and coaches met with me before football practice started in August," Chris replied. "We realized that if I was lucky in the Karate competition, I would miss some practices and possibly one game. I know that the National Competition in Chicago is scheduled for noon and the game against the Miami Hurricanes is a night game. I will attempt to get back to campus for the game, but I know my team will do great without me."

Chris didn't see Delano Genovesi and Julius Fischer sneaking up behind him. Before he could react, he felt the towel being snatched away from his waist, leaving him totally nude. Brendon and Brett turned and looked down, seeing that Chris's massive manhood was completely exposed.

"HOLY SH...!" Brett exclaimed. His exclamation was cut off by Chris's hand as he muffled the boy's mouth.

All of the witnesses to the live interview were laughing at seeing Chris trying to hide his nudity by pulling Brett in front of him. Saul was laughing the loudest, knowing that his son loved pulling pranks on other people, and now he was the victim.

Chris leaned over and whispered to Brandon to go and get him a towel. He continued the interview with Jane Vincent, knowing that the camera crew knew not to film any nudity. Having Brett Johnson standing in front of him gave Chris some modesty, but he was determined to pay his two teammates back for their prank.

"How are you going to celebrate this victory?" Jane Vincent asked. She was a professional reporter and maintained her poise. She never broke eye contact with Chris, even though she would love to check out his exposed package.

"I'm normally celebrate with some of my teammates by having supper at Dimitri's Greek Restaurant in Santa Barbara," Chris replied. "Because this was a late game, I will spend some quality time with my little buddies here before they have to head home."

"Well, I'm sure that they appreciate your free commercial for their restaurant, and I bet that your young friends will enjoy any time they spend with you," Jane replied.

"I have a question for you," Chris said.

Jane braced herself. She wondered what new challenge was coming out of Chris's mouth, hoping that he wasn't going to embarrass her or her station.

"I want to know if you have any connection to a local funeral home?" Chris asked.

Jane rolled her eyes and wondered where this interview was going. She didn't have to wait long.

"I'd appreciate it if you would have two pine boxes delivered here," Chris continued. "After this interview is over, I am gonna kill two of my teammates for snagging my towel and leaving me here nude in front of a television camera. I'm gonna kill them and stuff them in the pine boxes and throw them in the closest dumpster!"

Brandon had returned to stand on the bench after wrapping a towel around Chris's bare butt. The two boys were giggling like geese at the thought of the entire country seeing Chris standing nude.

Jane laughed and wrapped up her exclusive interview by saying, "I'd like to thank CJ Hammer for this VERY REVEALING interview, and also thank Brett and Brandon Johnson for their help in adding their personal commentary. This is Jane Vincent, returning this telecast to Jordan Marsh in the Channel 12 Studios."

The interview was over, and Chris was ready to punish Delano and Julius for their prank. Jane laughed at Chris and assured him that the television audience had not seen him nude. Brett and Brandon were still giggling as Chris headed for his locker to get dressed. He would wait to pay his two teammates back for embarrassing him. As soon as he was dressed, he was grabbed by one of the assistant coaches to join Coach Patrick with the official ESPN2 interview. He answered the questions that were directed at him, but held back on his answers, deferring many questions to the coaching staff. It was obvious to the reporters that Jane Vincent had a special bond with CJ Hammer and they were jealous that she was able to get him to open up in her exclusive interviews.

The team left the locker room to join their families and friends to celebrate the football victory. 

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