CJ Hammer's life in college continues.

If you are still with me, you will find out that this story is about GAY LOVE. I want to keep you guessing about who gets who. There are some tragic events coming up. I can't explain how much it has meant for me to receive over 50 emails in the last two days supporting me in the way I have written this story. I apologize for not being able to respond to each email, as I have spent a lot of time writing the story. I can summarize the comments by saying that the readers endorse the way I have developed the characters and the temptations of college life where students experiment with straight and gay sex.

Ever wonder what feedback an author gets?

From Nifty (by the way, I really respect the comments and control of this forum)

#1 I have moved the story CJ to the bisexual/college section of the Archive. The story seems to be veering into more and more heterosexual sex -- graphic heterosexual sex. I am receiving a number of complaints from gay readers who do not want to find a story with that much heterosexual material in the gay section.

#2 I have received more than 2 complaints from readers. Also, I have had a number of authors use your story as an example of why their bisexual story should be categorized as gay. Nifty always has had a policy of placing stories depicting homosexual and heterosexual sex in the bisexual section. I have cross-referenced gay/college. We'll see how that works.

From Readers (excerpts)

If we all liked the same thing, the world would be a very boring place. As for those who have complained, I guess there are those out there who feel toward heterosexual sex like the worse bigot would feel reading about homosexual sex. I have noticed your story is mostly on our side of the fence though. Please don't let the negative comments hurt you or influence you in any way.

.... the point of being "gay" is not whether a guy can get his nut off only with males, but whether or not the male and the female alike give him true feelings of love and intimacy and deep emotional fulfillment --- not just sexual gratification ..... so far, our hero has not allowed either male or female close to those very deep recesses within him, but with Mike, it appears, the walls are experiencing cracks ........... therefore, you are absolutely on target that, if you are bringing us to the point where CJ/Chris realizes fulfillment in needs of love and intimacy, with all barriers down, with a male and cannot find the same with a female, "CJ" belongs in the Gay section of Nifty .....

Boy, I can't imagine ANYONE giving you a hard time about your story FOR ANY REASON! I appreciate gay sex as much as any other gay guy, but the way you write this story, I would have to be a real shit hole to say anything negative at all.

I hope that you will not be swayed by a few comments from (how to say this nicely) "biggots" and stop posting this story. I look on the Nifty Archives site daily for any new chapter. I know that this is a work of fiction, but I can see so much of real life in what you have written. I have run the gamut of emotions since starting this series - happiness, fear, sadness, weeping, elation, envy, and yes, even horny.

So what if there is occasional straight sex. One of my best friends was once married and has a married straight (dammit) son. If we, as gays, start condemning others who we find "different", then we are no better than those who condemn us for being "different". After all, variety is the spice of life.

I just wanted to drop you a line and say this is a great story, and if people do not enjoy it for the fullness of the topic it is there loss, just as you have said in the past all is a part of life , and sex is not the answer for everything. if it was imagine what the world would be like Thanks for the entertainment and keep it up

Now I am pissed. I totally understand what you are doing in this story. So a couple of people complain cause there is some straight sex. Bullshit! This story has so much insight into life and love. Look at the story as a whole. Don't you dare abandon this story.

I enjoy your story because it depicts so accurately the struggle I as well as others are facing. The same struggle that CJ is faced with which is in reconciling with HIMSELF that he is gay either bi. Isaac as well as Mike know that they are gay and wish to have long term gay relationships yet they still sleep with girls.
Your story is also a college story and I can tell you from experience we college student try any and everything possible just to say I did that.

Thanks for taking the time to send me email !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CJ Chapter 23 Football and Therapy

Chris returned to his dorm room after celebrating the victory over Notre Dame with his dad and the special friends that had been in the stands and in the locker room with him. He was exhausted and sore from the many bruises that he got during the intense football game. He was happy to see Isaac in their room, as he expected his roomie to be spending the night with Leif at the fraternity.

"Hey, Bud!" Chris said as he entered their room. "I'm surprised to see you here!"

"I wanted to be here in case you decided to come back to our room!" Isaac replied. "I feel like you and I are drifting apart and I'd rather spend time with you than anyone else in the entire world!"

Chris walked up to Isaac and gave him a hug. He was sore from the hits that he took in the first college football game of his life, and he needed to go to bed and rest his body. He could remember feeling banged up after high school football, but playing at the next higher level definitely was more physically demanding and punishing. He knew that he would feel worse before he felt better, as sports injuries often blossom the day after competition.

Isaac was tuned into Chris's emotions, and knew that his big buddy was in pain. He convinced Chris to undress and head for the hot tub, where he could relax and unwind from the intensity of his first college football game.

Chris was happy to be with his roommate and quickly agreed to take a quick shower and relax in the hot tub. Isaac had to help him undress, as it was very difficult for him to bend over. Isaac was shocked at the multitude of bruises all over the massive body, and was glad that he was there to help Chris undress.

Chris headed for the hot tub area and saw several of his buddies involved in more than casual contact with each other. Delano was kissing Jarvis passionately, and Tom was giving Hunter a blowjob at the side of the hot tub. He smiled as he realized that most of his buddies were definitely into guy sex. He was so sore from the football game that he was sure that he couldn't have sex with anyone. He headed for the hot tub, determined to get in the hot water and relax, but watching Davin shove his dick down Painter's throat caused him to develop a major boner.

Isaac was happy to see the erection of his roommate, and hoped that he would get a chance to chow down on Chris before the night was over. He teased Chris about his boner and never tried to hide the fact that his own cock was rock hard from watching all of the hot action in the hot tub area. He had left his special friend, Leif, to return to the dorm, with the hope that he could have sex with his roommate. He knew that he was in love with CJ Hammer. He knew that Chris had fucked several girls on the campus, but also knew that Chris was into guy sex. He had pissed Leif off when he left the stadium after the celebration of the victory over Notre Dame to return to his dorm room. Leif wanted to swap sperm with the handsome freshman but knew that other willing guys would be at the fraternity, celebrating the big football victory.

Chris moaned when he got into the hot, bubbling water. He knew that he had some very painful bruises that would take several days to heal, and he hoped that Coach Patrick would take it easy on the team during the weekend practices. Watching the live sex show in the hot tub room kept him hard as a rock, and lessened the pain in the rest of his body.

Isaac was soaking next to Chris and reached over and began stroking the 12-inch meat of his roommate. When he didn't hear any objections, he told Chris to lean back on the side of the tub. The movement caused Chris's cock to stick out of the water like the mast on a sailing ship. Isaac wasted no time in moving to swallow the helmeted head, peeling back the foreskin to reveal the large purple knob.

Chris moaned as he felt Isaac's talented tongue work its magic. He reminded Isaac that no cum was allowed in the hot tub, hoping that his roomie would keep sucking and swallow his load.

Isaac was jerking his own cock with his right hand while he used his left hand and mouth to pleasure Chris. He sensed the swelling of the massive cock and knew he had to be ready to eat a nice batch of sperm soup. When he heard Chris's warning that he was going to cum, he was ready. He gulped down each blast of thick cum, hearing the approval of the witnesses to his oral efforts. He never allowed a single drop of Chris's semen to escape his hungry mouth. It was the first time that he had been able to eat the entire load without any leakage. He slowed down his oral attention, knowing that Chris's cock would be hypersensitive. When Chris pushed his head away from his deflating cock, Isaac stood up and offered his cock to Chris's mouth. He was thrilled when Chris took his cock to the hilt. He lasted only a few seconds before he blasted his own juice into his roomie's gobbling mouth and throat.

Chris was totaled. He struggled to get out of the hot tub, appreciative of the help from Jarvis and Isaac. He limped over to the towel rack and knew it would be painful to dry his own body. His roommate took the towel and gently dried every inch of his body.

When Chris and Isaac got to their room, they both got into Chris's bed. Isaac kissed Chris on the lips and told his buddy to get some sleep. They snuggled together and drifted off to sleep.

Isaac woke up the next morning and turned to look at his sleeping buddy. No guy in the world was as handsome as CJ Hammer and he dreamed of waking up every morning in bed with him. He pulled back the sheet to exposed Chris's chest and saw how dark the bruises on the rib cage had become. He couldn't imagine how painful all of the bruises could be. He knew that Chris wanted to be awake by 9:30 a.m. so he could attend the morning football practice that was scheduled at 10:00 a.m. He brushed aside the golden blonde hair that had dropped in front of Chris's eyes and kissed him on the lips.

Chris's eyes flickered and finally opened. He saw Isaac's smiling face and returned the kiss. He tried to get out of the bed and moaned in pain. His muscles had tightened during the night and the multitudes of bruises were more painful than ever. He tried to slip on a pair of boxers and realized that he couldn't bend over.

"You can't go to practice like this," Isaac pleaded. "Let me call the coach so you can rest today. I'll take care of you and give you a massage."

"I'm no different than any of the other guys who got banged up in the game," Chris replied. "I HAVE to go to practice! Just help me get dressed. I'll feel better if I walk to the practice field."

Isaac had to completely dress his big buddy as he listened to the moans and groans from every move of the battered body. Chris had refused to eat anything, saying that he would throw it up. He watched Chris limp out of the room to walk to the practice field and headed for the telephone. He called the number for Brice Cox, the training coach, and told him about Chris's injuries. He begged Brice to take care of Chris and was relieved to hear that the coaching staff had already made plans to take care of their banged up players. Brice had thanked him for calling and giving an accurate report of Chris's physical condition, knowing that most athletes would lie about injuries to stay active on their team.

Chris got into the locker room and headed for his locker. He tried to untie his sneakers and quickly realized that he would need help, as he couldn't bend over without intense pain. He saw Toby Bass and asked him to help him with his shoes, begging Toby not to tell anyone.

David Patrick came into the locker room and saw Toby helping Chris with his shoes. "What's the problem here?" he asked.

Chris was embarrassed and tried to lie to his coach by saying, "Toby was just checking out my new shoes. He wants to get a pair like mine."

"Hammer," Coach Patrick began, "If you lie to me again, I will make you run the stadium for a complete practice! We all saw your body in the showers after the game, and we know you got really banged up. My staff is not here to kill our players. Toby, help him get undressed down to his boxers or briefs. Hammer, you better not lie to me or the other coaches!"

"I didn't want you to call me a pussy again," Chris said to the coach.

Coach Patrick got right into Chris's face as he said, "You better let me off the hook for making that comment to you! You proved to everyone on this team, and to every fan who watched the game that you are definitely not a pussy! We need you healthy for our next game, and I have an excellent staff to help you heal up!"

"Sorry, coach," Chris replied. "I'll do whatever you tell me to do."

"Get you ass in the training room," Coach Patrick ordered. "We have some doctors who want to examine everyone who played in the game. Our physical therapy specialists will work on you and the other guys, and there will be no formal practice until Monday."

Chris was relieved that a contact practice had been canceled. He was wearing a pair of "Looney Toons" boxers, and wished that he had selected a different pair when he was in his dorm room. He limped into the training room where the teams doctor, Thomas Morgan was waiting for him along with two other doctors. Chris was elated when he recognized Dr. Michael Mahley, Mike's dad standing there smiling at him. He hugged the elder Mahley and said, "Poppa Mike! What are you doing here?"

Mike Mahley Sr. laughed and replied that several of the doctors from the local hospital did volunteer work in the community. He congratulated Chris on his excellent performance the previous night.

"You are my third son," Mike Sr. said as he hugged Chris carefully. "I hope you aren't hurt, but we will run a series of X-rays just to make sure. My wife and I loved every minute of the game! Mike and Jacob called me and asked me to check in to make sure you were okay. I guess your brothers are concerned about their future pledge."

Chris loved the Mahley family and called the parents, Momma Mary and Poppa Mike. He limped into the examination room, knowing that he didn't have any bone fractures. He knew his own body, and would have known if there were any serious injuries.

While the X-rays were being processed, Dr. Mahley gave Chris a complete physical examination, dictating into a small tape recorder. He knew that his youngest son was very attached to the handsome athlete, and wanted to make sure that Chris was not severely injured. He and his wife had already discussed the possibilities that one or both of their sons might be gay or bi-sexual. They had observed the way that Young Mike treated Chris, and realized that the two guys were more than close friends. They loved all three of the boys, and would accept any life decisions that their sons would make about their sexual orientation.

After the examination was completed, Dr. Mahley said, "I am going to recommend that you stay out of practice until Wednesday. You don't have any broken bones or fractures, but I can tell by your reaction to my physical manipulations of your body that you are in a lot of pain."

"Poppa Mike," Chris began, "please don't do that. A lot of us got banged up, but I don't want anyone thinking that I got special treatment because I know you. I will heal up and be ready for the next game in Ann Arbor. Please don't hold me out of practice, or the guys will call me a wussy or something worse."

Dr. Mahley laughed and said, "even if you weren't my third son I would tell the coaches to hold you out of practice. You have some serious bruises, especially around your rib cage. You are going to listen to me and do what I tell you! You are going back into the training room where the PT (Physical Therapy) Staff will work on you. If you argue with me about this, I will call the Athletic Director, John Stevens and have you benched!"

"JESUS!" Chris exclaimed. "Please don't do that to me, Poppa Mike! I've been banged up before, and I'll know when I can practice again."

Dr. Mahley knew that he had won the argument. He made Chris promise to be honest with the PT Staff about his pain and not return to contact practice until he or Dr. Morgan cleared him.

Chris limped back into the training room where he saw a familiar face. It was Marty Wade, a former gymnast for the CSU Falcons. Marty had graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy and had been hired to attend to athletes on the CSU campus. Chris had watched Marty compete in gymnastics during the past years when he visited the campus, and knew that Marty had made the Olympic team. A bad fall from the uneven bars had ended Marty's competition but he still possessed the perfectly proportioned body of a gymnast. He was also a very handsome guy with a very unusual combination of black hair and blue eyes. He was about five feet eight inches tall and weighed about 150 pounds. Every ounce of his body was pure muscle.

Chris greeted Marty with a firm handshake and asked about the physical therapy that was planned for him. He looked at Marty's smiling face and knew that it was going to be difficult to keep Little Chris from poking out the front of the crazy boxers.

"Nice outfit!" Marty teased. "I want to see what body movements you can make without major pain, and then we will work on getting you back into practice."

Marty was very professional as he directed Chris through a variety of exercises, making Chris promise to explain what movements caused him pain. Marty made a lot of body contact with Chris as he worked with the talented athlete. He was happy that he was wearing a jock as he examined and manipulated the muscular body, as his dick was hard as a rock. He knew he was gay, but never dreamed that CJ Hammer would be receptive to any advances from him. He hoped that the confining jockstrap would hide his arousal from the famous athlete and turned to reposition his erection in the baggy gym shorts that he was wearing.

Chris felt his dick responding to the handsome guy with the incredible body. He hoped that Marty would make him do something painful so his dick would return to a soft state. Instead, Marty ordered Chris to lay on the training table and began coating his body with oil and massaging his feet. As soon as he felt the strong hands of the handsome trainer start massaging his feet, Little Chris was no longer a little member. He moaned as he lifted up off the table to reposition his throbbing dick into a more comfortable position. He was embarrassed that he was erect from only the firm massaging of his feet.

Marty was really into feet, and massaging the size 19 feet of the famous athlete was making his cock leak precum. He tried to maintain a professional manner, but it was very difficult when he was rubbing the massage oil into the huge feet of a handsome guy. He looked at the muscular body lying on the training table and tried to think of something else to keep from shooting a load of cum into his shorts. Even though the muscular back was covered with a multitude of deep scars, it was a major turn on for him. He wished that he could lick the massive body instead of massaging it with his hands. He also knew that any guy that was getting a total body massage would pop a boner, and he wanted to get Chris to flip over and show how big his cock was when it was hard.

"That feels really good," Chris said as Marty started working on the calves of his legs. "I was so sore today that I couldn't even dress myself."

"Who helped you?" Marty asked.

"I've got a great roomie," Chris replied. "He got me in the hot tub last night to try and relax, and this morning he had to dress me like I was a baby."

Marty smiled at the thought of another guy dressing CJ Hammer, knowing that the roomie would have seen the big dick that had been protruding down the left leg of the cartoon boxers. He wondered how big the cock would be when it was hard, as it was massive when he first saw it when CJ Hammer walked into the training room. From the size of the feet he had been massaging, the huge hand that he had shook when they first met, and the bulge in the Looney Toons boxers, he correctly guessed that CJ Hammer had a huge cock.

Chris relaxed on the treatment table as Marty spread the massage oil and used his strong hands to work the muscles of his legs. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure, as he felt the strong hands working up his sore legs and closer to his cloth covered butt. When he heard Marty ask him to spread his legs apart, he was afraid he was going to pop a nut in his boxers. He tried to think about the most repulsive scene in his life, and that was Sister Margaret exposing her hairy cunt to him when he was in the orphanage. It only worked for a few minutes, as he felt Marty pulling down his boxers to expose his bruised buttocks. He lifted up to allow the boxers to be pulled all the way down his legs and over his feet. He knew that there was no way he could ever turn over now, as Little Chris was now BIG CHRIS. He moaned as he felt Marty massaging his butt cheeks where he knew he had some serious bruises from the football game.

Marty knew that he was only doing what any Physical Therapist would do as he examined the body of an athlete and worked on the minor injuries. He also knew that he was oiling and massaging the finest male body that he had ever seen in his life. He was surprised to see the total tan on CJ Hammer's body and realized that the handsome athlete had done a lot of nude sunbathing to have a tanned butt.

"Someone has been barebutt in the sun," Marty teased as he worked the cheeks of the bubble butt and saw the white flesh that the sun couldn't reach.

"I was in Greece this summer," Chris replied. "There are a ton of nude beaches there, and I guess I got addicted to them. I have some 'tan through' suits that I wear for other occasions."

Marty was thrilled that Chris wasn't upset about him pulling down the boxers and revealing his tanned butt cheeks. It was a major turn on for him to massage the firm ass cheeks and not hear any objections from CJ. He could see that both cheeks of the firm ass were covered with bruises, and he knew that his massage therapy was causing pain.

"I know that this workout is causing you pain," Marty said to Chris. "I'm going to work all the way up to your head and then let you rest for a while before I start on your front."

Chris moaned with a combination of pain and pleasure, as he felt the strong hands work on his body. He realized that his body needed the strenuous workout of the trained therapist to return to normal. He wished that Marty was nude and was fucking his ass at the same time that he was massaging his back and shoulders. He remembered the times that he and Mike had given each other back massages when they had their dicks working in and out of each other's ass. They called the special rub downs, "fuck rubs" and both guys enjoyed them immensely. He tried to think about Sister Margaret again, but it wasn't working. He could feel his throbbing cock leak precum as it was trapped against the towel on the therapy table.

"Time for us to take a break," Marty said. "You relax for a few minutes, and I will be right back."

Marty left the treatment room and immediately headed for the locker room and the toilet stalls. He quickly pulled down his shorts and released his throbbing cock. It took only two strokes before his six-inch cock erupted with a flood of cum. He aimed the pulses toward the toilet bowl, but watched as his load blasted against the wall of the toilet stall. He stroked his throbbing dick until his orgasm was finished. He wiped off the last of the cum that flowed out of his cock with toilet paper and pulled his shorts back up, hoping that he could return to the training room and hide his feelings of lust for CJ Hammer.

"How are you feeling?" Marty asked Chris, noticing that the nude athlete was still on his stomach on the training table.

"I feel like I got run over by a big garbage truck!" Chris replied. "I think you got trained by a masochist!"

Marty laughed and said that the deep massage was necessary to promote blood flow to aid in the healing process. He explained that he would do the front of Chris's body and then send him into the steam room. After the steam room, Chris would spend time in the cold tub and then have another quick massage from one of the other physical therapists. After lunch, the entire team would meet in the auditorium to review the game films with the coaching staff.

"Time to turn over," Marty said. He felt his cock stiffen in his jock at the mere thought of seeing Chris's genitals.

"Marty," Chris began, "it is embarrassing for me to do that. I hurt all over, but one part of my body really liked the way you massaged me."

"I could have one of the female therapists take over for me," Marty explained. He was hoping that his threat of having a woman continue Chris's treatment would convince him to roll over.

"I've got major wood right now," Chris explained. "Maybe I should get a grip on myself for a few minutes and then cover Little Chris with a towel."

Marty laughed and said that Chris could "choke the chicken" when he was in the steam room.

Chris took a chance and said, "if you were nude along with me, I'd love it. I saw the front of your shorts stretched out with a nice wet spot, so I guess I wasn't the only one turned on."

Marty choked, knowing that his efforts to conceal his erection had failed. He also wanted to do more than just massage Chris's body, but was worried that doing anything intimate could cost him his job. His silence gave Chris encouragement to try to seduce the handsome gymnast.

"Lock the door," Chris ordered. As Marty walked past the table and headed for the door, Chris grabbed the front of Marty's shorts and caressed the hard meat that was hidden from his view. He was pleased that Marty had stopped walking and was letting him have a great feel of his erection and balls. "I'm gonna suck you dry, and then you can massage anything on my body!"

"I could lose my job for this," Marty explained as he broke away from Chris's grip to lock the door. He turned around and undressed, exposing his throbbing cock.

Chris smiled and rolled over to reveal Little Chris to Marty.

"HOLY SHIT!" Marty exclaimed as he stared at 12 inches of perfect manhood. He walked over to the table and stroked the massive erection, pulling back the foreskin to reveal a corona that was covered with precum. He leaned over and slurped up the copious liquid, savoring the flavor.

Chris moaned when he felt the warm mouth surround the head of his throbbing cock. He watched the black haired man bob up and down on his erection, wishing that he were physically able to pull Marty onto the table so they could 69. He loved the slurping sounds that Marty was making, as noisy sex had always been his favorite. He wanted the sex to last forever, but also knew that other therapists might try to get into the training room to treat other players. He moaned as he felt Marty take almost half of his cock into his mouth and throat as the talented therapist used both hands to stroke his cock shaft and balls. He was so turned on by the intense body massage that his cock erupted quickly. He warned Marty, but was thrilled when the mouth continued slurping on his meat.

Marty had never sucked a cock as big as this one. He was not prepared for the velocity and quantity of semen that blasted into his throat and gagged and choked. He pulled off from the exploding cock and took two huge blasts of cum directly on his face. He recovered quickly and captured the throbbing head in his hungry mouth and was rewarded with at least six more blasts of man juice before Chris collapsed on the table, totally exhausted. He gently finished off the talented athlete, knowing that he had just eaten more cum from one guy than he imagined possible.

Chris grabbed Marty's hair and pulled the handsome face to his, forcing their lips together to taste his own cum. He loved the passionate kisses and only broke away to slurp up his own cum that was flowing down Marty's face. He ate about half of his own cum and used his tongue to push the rest into Marty's hungry mouth. When Marty's face was clean, he begged Marty to shove his cock into his horny mouth.

Marty had jacked off a big load of cum when he was in the toilet stall, but was fully reloaded and ready to feed CJ Hammer. He knew he wouldn't last long as he aimed his six-inch cock into the willing mouth. He moaned and knew that he was on the verge of emptying his pudding. He tried to hold back, but the suction and tongue action he was feeling was too intense. He tried to stifle his screams of pleasure as his cock blasted inside Chris's mouth. He collapsed on top of Chris as his cum ejected time after time until it slowed to a gentle flow and trickle.

After he pulled his softening cock out of Chris's warm mouth, Marty said, "I never dreamed that you would be receptive to oral sex with me! When I took a break, I had to go to the toilet and jerk off so I wouldn't shoot a wad in my jock and shorts!"

"I wish I would have eaten that load too!" Chris admitted. "I have had sex with girls and guys, but I am realizing that guys are the best! You are soooo handsome! I have always admired the bodies of the male gymnasts, as I think they have the perfectly developed muscles. Swimmers are neat to watch in their tiny Speedo's, but male gymnasts have always turned me on."

"Are you gonna tell anyone that I crossed the line?" Marty asked, praying that Chris would keep their activity a secret.

"I was thinking about telling every guy on the team," Chris teased. He saw Marty drop his head, and quickly realized that it was not time for teasing him. "I won't tell a soul if you promise to give me another treatment tomorrow!"

Marty was relieved and was also excited about finishing today's therapy and having another private session with CJ. He gave Chris another kiss before returning to his professional mode.

"I'm gonna get dressed now, just in case someone tries to check on us," Marty explained. "I hope you heal up fast, as I would love to feel your big cock fuck me in the ass!"

Chris laughed as he watched Marty get dressed and then head for the sink to wash his face. He was surprised that a lot of the pain that he had been feeling this morning was leaving his body. He wondered how many of his teammates were getting the same kind of special therapies. He was now relaxed as Marty went to work on his bruised body. Little Chris was behaving as Marty had unlocked the door and covered his privates with a towel. He wondered if it was really necessary for the physical therapy to be performed when he was nude, but smiled as he was thankful that he had blown his load in Marty's mouth and had the chance to eat Marty's cum during the painful treatment.

As Marty was working on Chris's rib cage, the door opened, with Coach Patrick coming in with Dr. Mahley and Dr. Thomas Morgan.

"How's he doing?" Coach Patrick asked Marty Wade.

"He has some deep bruises and is in a lot of pain," Marty replied. "I don't see any serious injuries, but he definitely needs some time before he can practice."

"I'm feeling a lot better," Chris offered. "I'm glad that we didn't have a contact practice today. I will be ready for practice tomorrow after I work with Marty and Brice."

"I warned you about lying to me!" Coach Patrick yelled. "The doctors want you out of practice until Wednesday, and will follow their orders or you will be benched!"

Chris was pissed. He got up off the training table and turned his back to slip on his crazy boxers. He turned to look at the visitors to the training room and bent over to touch his toes. He turned around and lifted his hands over his head, proving to everyone that the physical therapy was working miracles with his body as he did several jumping jacks to prove that he was fighting off the tightness that had controlled his body before the therapy.

"I'm impressed!" Coach Patrick admitted. "When you got here today you couldn't even take off your own shoes! I want to congratulate both you and Marty, but I will still defer to the doctors about when you are ready for contact practice."

Stay tuned...

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