CJ Hammer's life in college continues.

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CJ Chapter 24 Buddies and Football

Chris was waiting outside the IM Building for the posting of the signup sheets for Greek Week. True to his sense of humor, he was the first person to sign up for rushing the Tri-Delt Fraternity, and then went to the sorority lists and signed up as "Chris Hammer" with his room number and phone number in the Jacobs Dorm for rushing the Sigma Epsilon Sorority. He knew that many of his buddies would be signing up for Rush Week as he left the building to head for class. He wondered how the college would react to his signing up to rush the sorority, knowing that the girls in the sorority would welcome him as their first male pledge.

Mike Mahley had been assigned to view the list of names of guys that wanted to rush the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, and was happy to see the list filling up. He was thrilled to see that the first name on the list was CJ Hammer, and prayed that Chris would become his little brother during pledgeship. Mike knew that having Chris's name on the list of potential pledges for the Tri-Delt Fraternity would convince other top candidates to sign up for rush with his fraternity. Joe McClure was with him as they watched the multitude of guys and girls sign up for rush week.

"Look at this!" Joe exclaimed. He was pointing to the sorority lists where Chris Hammer had registered to rush the Sigma Epsilon Sorority.

"That fuckhead!" Mike exclaimed. "He told me that our fraternity was number 2 on his list, but I never expected the asshole to put his name on the Sig Ep list!"

Joe laughed and said that the Greek Council would go ballistic when they had to respond to the sorority list. He teased Mike that he would have to be the one to tell the Tri-Delt members that CJ Hammer had signed up for more than their fraternity.

"After I fuck his brains out, I'll kill him!" Mike exclaimed.

Joe grabbed Mike and pulled him away from the bulletin board, as they watched a multitude of guys and girls signing their names to the rush lists. They both were happy to see the cream of the CSU crop sign their names on the Tri-Delt list. It would be the best rush week in the history of the fraternity, and they were excited to shake hands with the guys that signed their list.

Chris left the IM Building to attend his Monday morning class. He had aced the three summer classes that he had taken, and was now faced with a full load of classes as a college freshman. He knew that when he was a Sophomore he could legally have a car on campus. He had called B and made arrangements to have one of his favorite vehicles delivered in exchange for the 1957 Nomad Station Wagon at the parking garage.

B was happy to hear from his son, and chided him for signing up for Rush Week with the Sigma Epsilon Sorority.

"You can be such a big jerk!" Saul said, knowing that his son was always full of surprises. "I bet the Sig Ep's would love to have you as a pledge, but if my memory is correct, you have a tiny thing between your legs that makes you ineligible!"

"I love you," Chris replied. "I pray that I will get a pledge bid from the Tri-Delt house. I want to follow in my dad's footsteps and become a member of the greatest fraternity in the world!"

"I wish that you would have let me help you get a pledge bid," Saul said. "As my son, you would get an automatic pledge bid, even if you were a total asshole!"

"I am a total asshole!" Chris replied. "Just ask Mike or Jake and they'll confirm that!"

"I love you," Saul said to his son.

"I love you more!" Chris replied.

Saul explained that he had a lot of fraternity business to attend to, but that he would be in Ann Arbor with Helen to watch the next football game for the CSU Falcons. He promised that he would celebrate a CSU victory with his son as soon as the team returned to California, knowing that the team would leave for the airport immediately after the game. He promised to exchange the vehicles and leave the keys with the parking deck attendant. Saul loved driving the special vehicles in Chris's collection, and knew that the 1970 Chevelle, 454, 450 HP car would be a show stopper when Chris drove it around the campus. The car was bright red with wide white racing stripes, and was a very rare muscle car.

Chris headed for class, thrilled with the prospects of starting rush week at the Tri-Delt Fraternity. He had deleted all of the phone messages from other fraternities that wanted him to attend their rush week. He was constantly being bombarded with guys who pleaded with him to attend the rush parties of the many fraternities on campus, but he had politely refused. He was totally focused on one fraternity on the CSU campus.

Chris left his first class to walk across campus to his next class as he saw Cody walking alone. He was just ready to call out to his little buddy when he noticed three guys walking behind Cody toward the Quad. One of the guys was harassing Cody.

"Hey little boy!" Perry Stanton called out. "We don't have a middle school here on campus! You need to take your little boy ass to a different school!"

Chris held back to watch what would happen as his little buddy was harassed. He knew that he couldn't be with Cody all of the time, and wondered how the cute little guy would react to being picked on.

Perry Stanton was walking with two other guys from the Freshman English class, and wanted to impress them. He knew that Cody was an exceptional student that was making everyone else look bad in the class, and he wanted to put him down. He got close to Cody and kicked Cody's foot when he was walking, causing Cody to fall forward and spill the contents of his backpack.

"Jesus, Perry," Adam Wentworth said. "Leave him alone!

"I'm gonna kick his ass so he knows what it is like to be a real man!" Perry yelled. "We don't need widdle babies running around with diapers on!"

Perry tried to kick at Cody who was gathering up his papers from the attack. Cody had learned enough from Nathan Pease to know how to protect himself from bullies and quickly avoided the kick, and countered with a fast punch to the balls of his assailant. Perry crumpled from the impact and bent over in pain that only a guy could understand.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!" Perry screamed when he recovered from his intense pain. He was six feet 3 inches tall and weighed 210 pounds, and there was no way that he was going to let a little shrimp embarrass him in front of other people. His attack on Cody was interrupted when Chris grabbed him by the collar of his sweatshirt and back of his jeans. He was lifted off the ground and thrown into the shrubbery along the path of the campus, where he struggled to get up.

Adam Wentworth and Tom Miller had been walking with Perry, and tried to help Cody pick up his papers, apologizing for not stopping Perry from attacking him.

Chris faced off with Perry, who had picked himself out of the thorny shrub. Perry had found a shovel that had been left by one of the grounds maintenance workers and swung it at Chris's head. It was a major mistake for Perry Stanton.

Chris avoided the swipe of the shovel that could have cut off his head, and slammed Perry against the wall of the IM Building after disarming him. He had Perry by the throat, and applied enough pressure to render Perry helpless.

"You just fucked with my buddy!" Chris spat into the face of Perry Stanton. "You have a choice to apologize to him or I will pound your ass into dust!"

Perry knew that he was fucked as he looked into CJ Hammer's eyes and saw the look of a beast ready to devour him. He nodded his head to get CJ Hammer to release the death grip on his throat, and apologized to Cody and limped away from the altercation.

"Are you okay?" Chris asked his little buddy.

"He would have killed me if you weren't here!" Cody exclaimed as he hugged his big buddy.

"That was a nice shot you gave him!" Chris replied, knowing that a fist to the groin of a man was the most intense pain any guy could experience from a punch.

Adam and Tom both apologized again for not helping Cody fight with Perry. They told Chris that they had a few classes with Perry, but were not his friends. They promised to help protect Cody in the future, and begged Cody not to punch them in the nuts like he had done to Perry.

After the altercation was over, Chris asked Cody where he learned his defensive moves.

"Nathan told me that you kicked his ass in Karate practice," Cody explained. "He has been training me to protect myself, and I know that the most vulnerable spot on a guy is his manhood!"

Chris laughed and hugged the little guy that he wanted for his pledge buddy. He invited Cody to join the Karate Club, wondering why he wasn't already a member. He knew that both Nathan and Cody were little guys who felt like fraternities wouldn't want them as pledges.

"Did you sign up for rush week?" Chris asked Cody. He saw that Nathan Pease had walked up to them to say hello.

"No fraternity wants a tiny piece of shit like me!" Cody said as he dropped his eyes to the ground.

Nathan heard what his small friend had said and agreed with the comment, saying that small guys like them had nothing to offer a fraternity.

Chris was pissed, and he grabbed both of the small guys and threw them over his massive shoulders. He carried both of them to the IM Building, ignoring their screams and pleas to be let down. He planted both of his friends in front of the bulletin board and commanded them to sign up on the Tri-Delt list.

"Sign or I will sit on you!" Chris commanded.

Nathan and Cody put their names on the rush list for the Tri-Delt fraternity, knowing that they would never be accepted into the most sought after fraternity on campus. They were both embarrassed that other guys would see their names and tease them. They both knew that thousands of male freshmen were on campus and the Tri-Delt Fraternity only accepted 15 guys as pledges. They knew that they had no chance for getting a pledge bid, but had signed their names hoping that having CJ Hammer as a friend would make a difference.

Chris hugged his two little buddies before heading for his next class. He was sitting in his Political Science lecture when a graduate student from the Student Activities Building interrupted the professor from his boring monologue.

"I need CJ Hammer to come with me," Joe Saltech announced.

Chris was surprised, but decided to leave the lecture hall without making a scene. He didn't know that Isaac had received a phone call in their dorm room about the altercation with Perry Stanton, and had made several calls to Mike Mahley, Tom Jankowski, and Jonathan Crawford that Chris was in some sort of trouble.

When Chris got out of the Poly Sci Building, he was met by two security guards. He quickly realized that he was in trouble for the altercation with Perry Stanton. He faced two of the guys that he had been training in martial arts, and knew that he could take both of them down without a problem. The two security officers were doing their job, and prayed that Chris wouldn't go postal and kick their asses.

"I think I know what is going on," Chris said as he offered his wrists for the handcuffs from the security officers. "You have a job to do, and I won't fight with you. Just do me a favor and make sure that Cody Emerson, Adam Wentworth and Tom Miller are going to be wherever you are taking me."

Tom Woods and Salazar Bass were relieved that they wouldn't have to confront their Sensei in a standoff. They both refused to put the handcuffs on Chris and led him to the cruiser. They both knew that Chris could take them out without working up a sweat, and they both wondered why they had been ordered to arrest him and take him to the Administration Building. Tom made a call to the Security Office to make sure the other men were being brought in.

Isaac was busy on the telephone after the initial contact from the Student Services Administration stating that CJ Hammer was wanted for questioning about an assault and battery charge. He had called everyone on the list of people on the wall of the dorm room that he shared with Chris, including the Athletic Director and Tom Jankowski, the Tri-Delt Fraternity President.

Helen Smith, secretary to the Athletic Director was very upset to get the phone call from Isaac Mendez. She interrupted the Staff Meeting that John Stevens was holding with his coaches by saying, "I apologize for interrupting your meeting, but I have just been informed that CJ Hammer has been arrested by campus security for assault and battery!"

The room erupted with John Stevens directing Marcus Knight and David Patrick to leave the meeting and handle the situation. He knew that the famous athlete was not the type of guy to use his immense strength against anyone unless provoked. He remembered a time over four years ago when Chris Hammer had been involved in a bloody battle protecting a friend from the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. He hoped that a similar event had not happened on the CSU campus.

Chris was taken to the Student Affairs Office in the Administration Building and immediately saw Perry Stanton standing there with Marlene Parker, Director of Student Affairs.


Mike Mahley was standing with Brian Williams, Chief of Security, as the two security officers brought in Chris. When Chris heard the screams from Perry Stanton, he turned to face his accuser. His beautiful green eyes immediately changed into the eyes of a predator ready to attack its prey. Both Brian and Mike saw the look in Chris's eyes and were immediately terrified. They had seen that look only once before, and that had been over four years prior when Chris saved Joe McClure's life in a terrible fight with some of the Phi Tau Alpha members.

Perry continued screaming at everyone in the office that Chris was a murderer and a threat to everyone on the campus. He demanded that Chris is expelled or his father would sue the university. The two security officers felt the huge body become tense, and tried to steer Chris into the Director's office. They were pushed aside like feathers as Chris headed toward Perry.

Mike and Brian got in front of Chris to block his path, with Brian grabbing Chris by the shirt. Instinctively, Chris broke Brian's grip, causing his own shirt to be ripped wide open. Mike knew he had to do something to keep Chris from attacking Perry and possibly killing him. He got in front of his best friend and started screaming at him.


Mike's screaming caught the attention of everyone in the room. He continued screaming at Chris and stood directly in front of his best friend, praying that Chris wouldn't go postal and attack him and everyone in the building.

Chris was in a trance, ready to tear Perry apart. He finally realized that Mike was yelling at him and shook his head to clear his mind. His eyes focused on the beautiful blue eyes of his best friend, and he realized that Mike saying, "Hit Me Instead" and knew that he would never hit Mike.

"I'm not gonna hit you," Chris said softly. He felt Mike hugging him and sobbing against his chest. He hugged his buddy and knew that he had been close to losing control of his mind and body. He finally relaxed and was worried that he had already hurt someone. He knew that he had not practiced his meditation and mind control skills the way he had promised Uncle Steve. He knew he was in trouble with the university, and wondered if he should call Sam Gardner to give him legal representation.

Marlene Parker ordered that she would conduct private interviews in her office with everyone involved in the incident. She asked Brian Williams to be present and to video tape the interviews. Isaac arrived at the office and ran up to hug Chris, asking what had happened that day on campus.

Perry Stanton was the first person to be interviewed in the private office. He omitted any comments about his harassment of Cody and claimed that CJ Hammer was trying to show off by hitting him, throwing him into the bushes, choking him, and threatening to kill him.

Chris was the next to be interviewed, and he described the harassment of Cody Emerson. He stated that Perry Stanton had threatened to kill Cody, and that is why he stepped in to protect his little friend. He reminded everyone that Cody was a little guy who weighed about 100 pounds, and that Perry Stanton weighed over 200 pounds. He also said that Adam Wentworth and Tom Miller had witnessed the entire altercation, and he wanted them to be interviewed. He described throwing Perry in the bushes and how Perry had attacked him with a shovel. He also admitted that he pinned Perry against the wall and threatened to pound him into dust if he messed with Cody again.

Interviews with Cody, Adam and Tom made it very clear to Marlene Parker that Perry Stanton was the aggressor in the campus altercation. She conferred with Brian Williams in private before asking the involved parties to meet with her in the conference room. Chris insisted that Mike, Isaac, and his two coaches are present.

"I'm very upset that students on this campus can't treat each other with dignity and respect," Marlene Parker began. "I have interviewed everyone involved, and it is my preliminary ruling that Perry Stanton was the aggressor, and physically and verbally harassed a fellow student. Mr. Stanton was prevented from causing serious physical harm to Cody Emerson by the quick actions of CJ Hammer. When Mr. Stanton attacked Mr. Hammer with a shovel, Mr. Hammer showed great restraint by only disabling his attacker."

Everyone but Perry Stanton was happy to hear the preliminary report from the Director of Student Affairs, as her comments continued. "I will have transcripts of the interviews included in your student files in case there is any future problems between you. Mr. Stanton, this is the second time you have had incidents on our campus in the short period you have been a student. If anyone is charged with harassment, assault, or battery, it will be you!"

Perry stormed out of the conference room. Cody and Chris had decided not to press charges against Perry, as long as he left them alone. The future would prove that CJ Hammer should have pressed charges to have Perry expelled from the CSU campus.

Chris was ready to leave the building to return to the Jacobs Dorm, but the two coaches stopped him. He knew he was going to get chewed out, and sighed as he faced them.

"You are awesome!" Marcus Knight said as he hugged his big friend. "You protected your friend and showed amazing control by not killing that asshole, especially after he attacked you with that shovel!"

Chris was shocked. He expected Marcus and David to chew him out, but they both praised him and then warned him that he had to be careful not to use his strength and Karate skills inappropriately. They didn't want Chris to get into trouble that could end his college and athletic career. The two coaches didn't realize at the time that their concerns about Chris's athletic career would become reality in the future.

Chris walked back to the Jacobs Dorm with Mike, Isaac and Cody joining their friend. He thanked them for being his special friends. He was especially indebted to Isaac for making a ton of phone calls, and to Mike for stopping him from kicking Perry's ass. They dumped their books in Chris and Isaac's room and headed for the cafeteria. Word had spread around the campus that Chris had been in trouble, and many guys and girls asked about the rumors. Chris was polite, but told the inquirers that he didn't want to talk about what happened that day.

While they were eating supper, Chris looked at Cody and suddenly felt a strange sensation that he was reading Cody's mind. What he learned was that Cody was totally in love with him, and wanted to have sex with him. Cody wanted to lick and suck all over his body, and wanted Chris to "carry fuck" him like he had done in the past. He looked at his little buddy and saw a strange expression that told him that Cody knew someone was reading his mind. He tried to break the mind link, as he felt like he had invaded Cody's privacy.

"I have some studying to do," Chris explained. "I missed practice today because of that asshole, Perry Stanton, and I know I will need some rest for classes and practice tomorrow."

Chris thanked his buddies for their friendship and help during the difficult day's events. He knew that having friends was the most important thing in his life. He hugged Mike and Cody before he returned to his room with Isaac.

"I'm still upset about today," Chris admitted. "I need to study and then go to bed. I hope you aren't pissed at me, but I just want to sleep tonight and do some thinking."

Isaac wanted to have sex with Chris, but realized that sex was not the only reason he wanted to be around his roommate. He told Chris that he had to crack the books too, and asked if they could sleep together and just cuddle. He was happy when Chris agreed to his plans.

Things returned to normal the next day as Chris attended classes and got clearance from Dr. Morgan to return to full contact practice. During a free period, Chris had talked to Greg Cunningham, trying to explain his telepathic skills that seemed to be developing. Greg had talked to Chris several times on the phone since their first face-to-face meeting. Chris was struggling with his own sexuality. He was still attracted to girls, but he now knew that three different guys were in love with him, and he was afraid of his own feelings towards his special friends and the ability to read their minds.

After practice, Coach Patrick pulled Chris aside and told him that he was needed for the live radio and television show that would be held at the local Outback Restaurant. Chris knew that the coach had a weekly show where he discussed the past week's game and the challenges for the next game.

"I don't want to be there for your show," Chris admitted. "Pick some of the seniors on the team so they can get some recognition."

"You are the one that the television and radio stations have asked for," David Patrick replied. "You know we have a rotation of stations that broadcast my weekly shows and we use different restaurants. This week, ESPN2 will broadcast the show, and Steve Michaels and Brett Carlson have specifically asked for you and Delano. I made the same picks, as you two did great jobs in our first win of the season. My decision is final! You and Delano will be there or else!"

Chris grumbled, but knew that the coach was more powerful than the President of the United States was when it came to CSU football. He didn't like the two ESPN2 announcers because of their negative comments about the CSU football team in their pre-game show. Even after CSU had won, they said it was a fluke, and that Notre Dame was overrated.

During the live telecast at the Outback Restaurant, Steve Michaels and Brett Carlson diverted from the CSU/Notre Dame football game to ask CJ Hammer questions about the altercation on the CSU campus. Chris was pissed, but reverted back to his mind control learned in Karate, to deflect the questions.

"I thought this was a sports broadcast," Chris replied. "Maybe I should be asking you two guys about relations with your wives and girlfriends."

The two professional announcers were pissed and tried to pin Chris down with more probing questions about the altercation. Chris just smiled and refused to take the bait and reply to the questions. Coach Patrick who told the two announcers to restrict their questions to the football game of the previous Friday rescued him. The announcers returned to the game statistics and complimented CJ Hammer on his kickoff return and offensive statistics.

Chris didn't like the two announcers, but controlled his emotions and gave very brief answers to their questions. The two announcers wanted to get CJ Hammer to show some of his personality traits that he had shown during interviews with Jane Vincent of Channel 12 News. Jane had been given exclusive interviews with the star athlete, and the content had been so candid, that all of the other reporters were envious.

"CJ, you played on the U.S. Olympic basketball team, and now you are playing football. Which sport is your favorite?" Steve Michaels asked.

The restaurant was packed with CSU fans who loved seeing their coach and players answer questions from the television announcers. Back at the Tri-Delt fraternity, the living room was packed with members who wanted to watch their star pledge candidate on television. Mike explained to all of his fellow brothers that Chris didn't like the two ESPN2 announcers because they had put down the CSU team and predicted a blowout by Notre Dame.

"My favorite sport is hockey," Chris replied. "When I get out of college, I would love to play for the Detroit Red Wings as a center."

The living room of the Tri-Delt house erupted with laughter. CJ Hammer had been visiting the house for over four years, and during that time, he made strong friendships with all of the members. They all knew that anything that involved skates would have CJ Hammer on his ass. It didn't matter if it was roller skates, In-line roller blades, or ice skates. It had been a major source of fun to take Chris anywhere where skates were involved so they could watch him spend more time on his ass than standing up. Everyone in the fraternity knew that Chris was jerking off the two announcers in saying that his favorite sport was hockey. The guys were going wild with laughter. They couldn't believe that Chris would pull a prank on a pair of national reporters.

The show ended, and Chris was relieved to return to his dorm room to study and rest. As soon as he got to the room, Mike and Isaac were waiting for him. Mike grabbed Chris and gave him a hug and kiss and then started laughing uncontrollably.

"You fucking jerk!" Mike yelled. "I can't believe that you said your favorite sport is hockey! I've seen you bust your ass on skates so many times that it is unreal!"

"I don't like those two assholes," Chris replied. "I wanted to mess with their minds!"

"Every guy at the house went wild when they heard you say that your favorite sport was hockey!" Mike said. "We all know you jerked those two assholes off, big time!"

Chris laughed and said that the next telecast of David Patrick's Show was going to be moved to Dimitri's Restaurant, after the football game with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He also knew that Channel 12 News would cover the show, and hoped that his favorite reporter, Jane Vincent, would be there.

Isaac hugged Chris and reminded him that they both needed to study. Mike took the hint that he needed to leave, but wished that he could spend the night with Chris and have sex with him. He also knew that Isaac was in love with Chris, and would also want him to leave.

"How about we all do some studying and then have a little fun together?" Chris suggested.

Mike was thrilled, as he had brought his backpack with the books that he needed for studying for the next day's classes.

Isaac liked Mike, but wanted to spend time alone with his roommate and have sex with him. He also knew that it was going to be an important week for everyone, as the sign-up sheets for Rush Week were still on the bulletin boards outside the IM Building.

"Mike," Chris began, "we all know that the rush list is huge. I want to know what you guys use to decide who gets a pledge bid. I know that everyone who signs up for rush will be invited to the first rush party, but what do I have to do to get a pledge bid? I'm afraid that the shit that happened yesterday will piss the members off and I will get dumped."

"Chris," Mike began, "you have been visiting the Tri-Delt house for the past four years. All of the guys love you. What you did to protect Cody will make the guys want you more than ever before. You put it on the line before for members of the fraternity, and now you proved that you would protect other guys that are really neat. You know how the rush activity happens. The members decide who will be invited to the second rush party, and after that, the candidates are pared down to a maximum of 15. The lucky 15 get a bid to pledge, but not all of them are guaranteed membership into the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity."

"I'm gonna be gone for part of this week to travel to Michigan for the football game," Chris said. "I'm afraid that the guys will be pissed at me for getting in trouble and will dump me. I want to be a pledge and someday become your brother, but I have a feeling that I just screwed up any chance of that happening."

"What you did with Cody proved to everyone at the fraternity that you are a guy that we want," Mike said. "Isaac has been awesome in calling everyone to let them know what is going on with you, and even if he didn't have a legacy lock on a pledge bid, I know he would be at the top of the list of pledge candidates too!"

Chris hugged Mike and was joined for a three-way hug by Isaac. All three guys knew that the future would bond them together as brothers. They all wondered if the bond would include a lifetime commitment.

Mike was studying at Chris's desk while Isaac was working on the computer on his desk. Chris was studying on his bed and had finished all of his homework.

"Anyone thirsty?" Chris asked.

Both Mike and Isaac wanted a Coke, so Chris got off the bed to visit the small refrigerator. He was wearing only a T-shirt and boxers as that was the way he had always liked to study. He walked up behind Mike and placed the can of Coke on the desk at the same time that he put his dick on Mike's shoulder.

Mike smiled and turned his head to kiss Chris's cock, saying, "I think Little Chris wants some attention!"

Isaac laughed as he watched Mike kiss and lick Chris's semi-erect manhood. He got up from his desk chair and stripped, determined to be included in any hot action in the room.

"I want a cock to suck!" Chris announced.

"I want to fuck your fat ass!" Mike teased.

"I want to eat some cum!" Isaac added.

Everyone's wishes were granted as Chris and Isaac got into a 69 position on his large bed with Mike lubing up his thick cock to fuck Chris. The room was filled with the sounds of slurping mouths and Mike's moans of pleasure as he drilled Chris while lying on his side. Isaac and Chris were soon eating sperm soup, and Mike was dumping his load in the bubble butt of his best friend. Three satisfied guys finally relaxed and teased each other about being sluts. It was only round one, and they knew that more sex would follow as soon as they reloaded. It was almost two hours later that they collapsed together on the bed, totally drained of their manly pudding. Everyone had been sucked and fucked before they fell asleep on the large bed.

Friday finally arrived, and Chris was excited about flying to Michigan for the big game with the Wolverines. One of his high school football teammates, Peyton Stamps was the starting U of M quarterback, and Chris wanted to say Hi to him. Peyton had tried to convince Chris to go to the University of Michigan and play football in "The Big House". Chris remembered how Peyton was pissed at him for saying that he would play in "The Big House" but that he would be on the visiting team sidelines. Peyton was now a junior and was rated as one of the best quarterbacks in the nation.

The CSU football team flew into Detroit Metro Airport and then took busses to the U of M campus. They had a light practice on Friday night and were staying at the Holidome near the Ann Arbor campus. Chris had Peyton's telephone number and called his former teammate to chat. Peyton was still pissed that Chris had selected CSU, but enjoyed the phone conversation, boasting that CSU was going back to California after getting their asses kicked by the Wolverines. Peyton had seen the films of the CSU/Notre Dame football game, and knew that CJ Hammer was now a lot bigger and stronger than when they were teammates at Fremont Central High School. He hoped that he wouldn't be on the receiving end of any blitzes from his younger friend.

Chris spent a lot of time on the telephone. He and B had Nextel service, and could use their cell phones anywhere in the continental United States to talk to each other. Chris talked to his dad and Helen, promising them a CSU victory against the Number 2 ranked team in the nation. He also called his grandparents, Ellen and Harvey Porter in Wisconsin, and was pleased to hear that his Cherokee clothing had been mailed to California.

Chris took the time to call Boston to talk to his extended family. They were all thrilled when he called, and fought to be the one to talk to Chris first. Jonathan Carpenter was the head of the family, and he exerted his authority to talk to his son. Randy, Charlie and Jennifer were all home from college for the weekend, and they were all planning to watch the CSU/U of M football game on television the next day.

"I need to ask you for advice," Chris said to his biological father. "Maybe I should say hi to the rest of the family first, and then we can talk for a few minutes. You are the only one I can ask about this problem."

Jon Carpenter realized that his son was in need, and was thrilled that he would have a chance to help Chris. He wished that he had been around Chris more when he was growing up, but never knew he had a third son until Chris was 18. He let his family talk to Chris and wondered what was troubling his son. He made all of the family promise to make their conversations with Chris brief, as he was anxious to talk to Chris alone. He told his wife, Carol, that he needed to talk to Chris in private, and would be in his office during the call.

Chris enjoyed talking to everyone in his family, but wished that he were talking to his father about his big concern. He was relieved when Jon got back on the phone and said that he was in his office, and that their conversation would be private and not interrupted.

"I think I inherited something from you that is causing me problems," Chris began. "Lately I have been reading the minds of some of my friends, and it is scaring the crap out of me."

Jon listened and realized that his own telepathic skills had caused him problems in the past. He knew that Randall was linked to Chris by the most unusual and powerful mind connection he had ever heard of. Randy knew whenever Chris was injured, even though they were separated by thousands of miles.

"I'm gonna tell you some stuff you probably don't want to hear," Chris continued. "I am seeing a counselor because I am struggling with my own sexual identity. I am very attracted to some guys on the CSU campus, but I don't know what love really means. I am very sexually active with several guys, and now I can read their minds that they are in love with me. Some of the stuff I read in their minds is way beyond X-rated. So far, I have linked with three guys that are in love with me, and I don't know how to turn off the telepathic skills. I feel like I am robbing them by reading their thoughts. What can I do?"

Jonathan Carpenter was shocked. He knew that he and Randy had telepathic skills, but never dreamed that Chris would develop the same ability, knowing that it was both a gift and a curse. He knew that Randy and Charlie were more than close brothers were and had been sexual with each other. He correctly guessed that his two sons were bi-sexual.

"I'm surprised that your telepathic skills have just started," Jon said to his son. "Mine have always been with me, and Randy started using his abilities when he started puberty. I have studied telepathy a great deal, but to be honest, no one seems to know how it works. Charlie never got the ability, and he is the identical twin of Randy, who has amazing skills. It upsets Charlie to know that Randy and I have something that he doesn't."

Chris listened to his father, trying to understand the good and bad aspects of being able to read people's minds.

"I had the same concerns as you have," Jon continued. "Being able to get inside another person's mind is scary. Sometimes you see things that you don't want to see or know about. When I feel like I am invading someone's privacy, the only way I have been able to break the link is to think about the most painful experience in my life. For me, it is the death of my best friend from college. Jason was beaten because he was black by a bunch of White Supremacists. They tortured him and tied a rope around his neck and dragged him behind a truck for miles. I loved Jason like a brother, and there isn't a day that I don't say a prayer for him."

Chris was shocked at what his father was saying to him. He had lost his best friend in a terrible act of racism. His father was sharing a very intimate experience with him, and it made him love Jon even more.

"Before you say anything," Jon continued, "My love for you is unconditional! If you end up in a relationship with a girl or a guy, I will always love you and whoever you pick! When I fell in love with Carol, it was like a truck hit me. I couldn't think of anyone but her and when we were together, I had trouble breathing. I knew she was the one for me to spend the rest of my life with. We had some tense times, and I was unfaithful to her. That is how you came into this world, and I wouldn't change a thing about my past, now that I know how great a son you are! Remember, everything that happened in the past was necessary to get us where we are right now!"

Chris had tears running down his face as he listened to his father. He wished that they were together so they could hug and talk face to face. Hearing that his father would accept him as a gay man meant a great deal to him. He was afraid that the people he loved would turn away from him if he acknowledged his attraction to other men.

"I don't know how to thank you," Chris admitted. "I was afraid you would hang up when I said I was attracted to guys. B already knows. He busted me a couple of times when I had friends over. Sometimes I hate myself for using other people for sex. I am afraid to love anyone or even say the word. I don't even know if I can ever love a person the way you love Carol, but I know that I want a special person in my life. Now that I know that three different guys are in love with me, I am afraid that I will hurt two of them if I pick one guy to be my partner. Love is a word that I can't use towards someone my own age. What can I do?"

"You have to trust yourself," Jon replied. "Loving someone is a risk that you will be hurt. Not loving someone is a tragedy. The worst thing that you could do is to deny yourself the opportunity to share the most wonderful and risky experience of your life! Just be honest with yourself and look for the good things in other people. When the right person comes into your life, you will be hit by Cupid's Arrow, and it will be the most fantastic experience you could ever imagine!"

"I wish I was there to hug you!" Chris admitted to his father. "You have helped me more than I can ever explain! I love you and I can't wait until I can hug you and tell you how much this phone call has meant to me! Give everyone there a hug and kiss from me, and I can't wait till you come to California for the UCLA game and Orchestra Concert."

Jon Carpenter said goodbye to his son and broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. His wife heard his sobs and came into the office with a glass of ice and bourbon. She handed the glass to her husband and hugged him, knowing that he was very upset by the long phone conversation with Chris. Jon hugged his wife and told her about the conversation, knowing that he had finally done something to help his own son face the realities of life.

The CSU Falcons returned to California after destroying the Michigan Wolverines by a score of 56 to 14. Chris had returned the opening kickoff 106 yards for a touchdown, and the Falcons never trailed in the game. During the first half, Chris and Delano teamed up for a total of 350 yards rushing. Delano had scored three touchdowns in the first half, and Chris made two. With a halftime score of 35 to 7, Coach Patrick threw the Wolverines another curve by switching Jarvis and Chris back to defense. A huge crowd met the team at the airport to celebrate the big victory. Chris was thrilled to see Saul and Helen waiting to congratulate him, as their plane had arrived just before the charter flight for the CSU football team.

Delano was introduced to B and Helen by Chris, and showed them the game ball that he had been awarded for scoring a total of five touchdowns with a total of 350 yards in rushing offense. He knew that his fantastic performance was due to the blocks of Chris and Jarvis when they opened big holes in the Wolverine defensive line. CSU was now a team to fear, as they had beaten two highly ranked teams with huge margins of victory.

As soon as Chris got back to the CSU campus, he headed for the Tri-Delt house. He knew that the first rush party would be in full swing, and he wanted to make sure that he was with the guys that he hoped would become his brothers. As soon as Kelly Mason, CSU quarterback and Chris got inside the fraternity house, the place went wild. Almost all of the Sig Ep's were there to have fun at the rush party and provide pussy for the prospective pledges. Everyone wanted to shake the hands of the two athletes that had won a great victory for the CSU Falcons.

Chris was tired and wanted to relax and go to sleep, but he also wanted to make a good impression on the Tri-Delt members by attending the huge party. He ended up behind the bar to help Mike & Jacob Mahley and Justin Abernathy serve beer and soft drinks to the huge crowd. The fraternity members were circulating among the rush candidates, trying to decide who should be invited back for the next party. Chris was thrilled when he saw a bunch of his buddies making a good impression on the members during the party.

"I hope you know that we got the cream of the crop for this party because of you," Mike said to Chris. "I want you to give me your list of guys that you think would be great pledge buddies for you, so I can make sure all of them get invited to the next party."

Chris wanted to kiss Mike, but realized that open displays of gay sexuality might cause problems with many of the party attendees. He and Mike had talked many times about diversity in the Tri-Delt fraternity, and had already made a list of guys that would be great additions. Chris was sore from the football game, but not as sore as he had been after the Notre Dame game. He whispered to Mike that he would give him a list if Mike gave him a blowjob.

Mike laughed and whispered back that he would give Chris more than a blowjob for helping out at the bar. The time difference between Michigan and California had allowed the team to return in time for many festivities on the campus, but there was only one place that Chris wanted to be. The party ended at 2:00 a.m. and Chris was exhausted.

Mike grabbed Chris's hand and led him to his room that he shared with Justin Abernathy. When they got into the room they found Justin fucking Cody Emerson. Cody looked up and smiled at Chris, knowing that he had been invited to the party because he had signed the rush list for the exclusive fraternity at the insistence of Chris Hammer.

Justin was moaning as he fucked the small guy and kissed him passionately. Justin had a girlfriend, but he was quickly realizing that the cute little guy on the end of his dick was more exciting than all of the pussies he had ever fucked. He loved the youthful body of the small guy, and the tight ass that he was fucking with his seven inches of meat was the best fuck of his life.

Chris and Mike didn't care about any witnesses to their affection for each other, and got undressed and immediately got into a 69 position. They were greedily sucking each other off when Justin screamed that he was cumming. They turned to watch the action in the other bed of the two-man room, and saw Cody's slender cock explode all over his chest as Justin filled his small ass with fresh cum. It was better than watching a porno movie, as both Chris and Mike were ready to explode. Without saying a word, they each took the cock that they were sucking out of their hungry mouths and began stroking the meat with their hands. In a matter of seconds, both of their faces were covered with gooey liquid.

Cody and Justin got up off the bed that they had been sharing and began lapping up the fresh cum that had been deposited on Chris's and Mike's faces. The four guys ended up in a total orgy, with hungry mouths and tight asses being filled with male juices. Any reservations that Cody had about being accepted in the desirable fraternity had vanished, as he now knew that he had true friends that would be with him for the rest of his life.


Adventures in college will continue...

A tease for the readers... pledge bids are not automatic...shit happens...romance and tragedy are bed partners...the Angel of Death circles the CSU campus...Cherokee's are special people... 


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