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CJ Chapter 26 Pledging Fun

Chris and the other pledges circulated among the members in the Rec Room, enjoying the companionship and general chatter. Many of the members teased Chris about his important father and wanted to know how he could keep Brother Bernstein a secret for so long.

"He's a great liar," Mike Mahley announced. "He lies to me all the time!"

Chris cuffed Mike on the back of the head. The reaction was immediate, as Mike challenged Chris by saying, "You are supposed to show respect to your Big Brother! Hitting your Big Brother will get a paddle across your Fat Ass!"

"How can I show respect to a Big Brother who calls me 'Fat Ass'?" Chris asked the other guys.

The guys standing near them started laughing, knowing that Chris and Mike were going to provide a lot of entertainment by teasing each other. Some of the members challenged Mike to pull Chris's pants down and whack his ass right there during the cocktail hour.

"I've seen Chris's ass," Blake Edwards said. "If anything, it is a perfect bubble butt. It certainly isn't fat!"

"Everyone has seen Chris's ass!" Mike replied. "My Little Brother is the biggest slut in this fraternity!"

"I'd like to see Chris's ass," Tom Broadbent stated. He was the transfer member from Michigan, and had tried to get Chris in his room on several occasions. Tom had heard that Chris had a huge cock, and he wanted to take digital photos of it to trade on the Internet. He also wanted to get Nathan and Cody in his room to take nude photos of them. The two young looking guys would be easy to pass off as teen twinks, and would help him add to his collection of illegal gay porn.

"I'd suggest that you go somewhere else to find your sexual adventures," Mike said coldly. "Maybe you should try a local farm with some blind sheep!"

Tom Broadbent stormed off, totally pissed that he had been put down by a lowly sophomore. The guys that heard Mike's putdown laughed loudly, enjoying the look on Tom Broadbent's face when he stomped away. Tom Broadbent was furious and planned to repay Mike for his insult by paddling Chris's ass as soon as possible. Back in Michigan, the paddle system had been abandoned, and he was thrilled to learn that he could paddle the asses of unruly pledges here at CSU. His real hope was that he could paddle some naked asses, and force pledges to suck and fuck with him.

"I know I am supposed to show respect for all members," Chris said softly, "but that guy gives me the creeps!"

"He's a sleaze bag!" Rory Winchester said. "I wish we could throw his sorry ass out of the house, but there are National rules that we have to follow about accepting members from other chapters."

"It pissed me off to sell him stuff with our Greek letters," Jeremy Fisher admitted. "When he first got here, he bought one of just about every item in our storeroom. It was like he didn't have anything with our fraternity letters or logo."

"Let's change the subject," Chris suggested. "We're here to celebrate and make life miserable for our Big Brothers!"

Mike cuffed Chris on the back of the head and then hugged him. Mike was in heaven standing next to his Little Brother. The only thing that could be better than seeing the pledge pin on Chris's chest would be to see a member pin there. He dreamed of the time when they would share a room in the fraternity and make love every day.

Cody came up with his Big Brother, Jermaine Lewis, hoping to get Chris aside for some private discussion.

"You two make a strange combination," Mike said. "I see a cute little white dude paired up with a big ugly black guy!"

"Don't call my Big Brother ugly!" Cody challenged, "or I'll have to take you outside and kick your butt!"

Everyone laughed at Cody's challenge. They all knew that Jermaine was a very handsome black guy, and a very talented basketball player. Jermaine was very affectionate toward Cody, as they had shared many nights of intimacy in Jermaine's bed. Cody was the smallest guy ever initiated as a pledge, and he was challenging Mike Mahley, a guy who weighed almost twice as much as he did.

"I need to talk to you," Cody whispered to Chris. "I need to tell you something that might make you mad at me, but I have to be honest with my pledge buddy."

Chris and Cody took their drinks and headed into the hallway where they would have a little privacy.

"I hope you won't kill me when I tell you what is bothering me," Cody said.

Chris wondered what Cody could tell him that would be bad enough to make him mad. Right now, Chris was so happy that he couldn't imagine anything.

"Next week is my birthday," Cody began. "I'm gonna be 17."

Chris nearly dropped his glass. Cody looked really young, but Chris had assumed that he was 18 or 19 like all of the other freshmen on campus. Knowing that Cody was only 16 made Chris sick to his stomach. Chris and Cody had sex on several occasions and he now realized that he had broken the law. He had never had sex with anyone younger than he was, and promised himself that he would never hookup with anyone under the legal age of 18.

"Please don't hate me," Cody pleaded. "The only one that knows I'm 16 is Nathan, and I made him promise not to tell anyone. I skipped some grades in school, and started here in college knowing that guys would tease me about my age."

"I could go to jail for what I did with you!" Chris replied.

"We just took an oath," Cody said. "We vowed not to do anything to hurt our pledge buddies, the members, or the fraternity. I love having sex with you and with Jermaine. I would never tell anyone anything that would hurt you or Jermaine, or any of the other guys that I have had sex with. When I took the oath, I realized that I had to tell you, my other pledge buddies, and the members. The only one I don't want to tell is that asshole, Tom Broadbent. He has been hitting on me and told me just a few minutes ago that he wants to take pictures of me in his room. He scares me, and I know he will try to get me nude to take pictures or make me have sex with him."

"That won't happen as long as I am alive!" Chris stated flatly. "I've seen the way he looks at you and Nathan, and his eyes make chills run up and down my spine! Let's get our pledge buddies together for a quick meeting before supper. I have some things to tell them to surprise the members!"

Cody was still afraid that Chris was mad at him. His fears were extinguished when Chris leaned over and kissed him on the lips and thanked him for being honest.

"Now that I've broken the law," Chris teased, "I may as well continue breaking it by eating every inch of your awesome body every chance I get! I love your ass, and I will stick Little Chris in it as soon as possible!"

Cody giggled and returned to the Rec Room to collect the entire pledge class. The group gathered in the living room, where Chris had a few announcements.

"I've been around pledges here in the fraternity when I visited before," Chris began. "I know that Dave Wilbur will meet with us and teach us what we need to know and do, but let's give the members a surprise at supper tonight. A pledge never sits at the head of a table at any meal. Only a member has that honor, and if a pledge wants to get up from his seat for any reason, he has to ask permission from the member sitting at the head of the table. Pledges are supposed to stand and ask if anyone wants a drink during the meal."

All of the pledges were listening intently at what Chris was teaching them.

"This is the correct way to ask," Chris said. "Let's pretend that Cody Emerson is the member at the head of the table."

"Mr. Emerson," Chris began his play-acting. "May I have permission to stand and address this table?"

"When Mr. Emerson gives me permission," Chris continued, I will stand up straight with my hands at my sides and ask...

Would any of the gentlemen at this table care for coffee?

Would any of the gentlemen at this table care for tea?

Would any of the gentlemen at this table care for milk?

Tonight, because the bar is open, it is appropriate to also ask...

Would any of the gentlemen at this table care for a cocktail or beer from the bar?"

The pledges were all listening, hoping that they would remember the correct way to address the member and ask the questions.

"We should always try to have at least one pledge at each table in the dining room," Chris advised. "If we are all at the meal, we should spread out to help get the drinks. We each have to ask for permission to leave the table, even if it is only to help our pledge buddy serve the drinks. We always serve the beverage from the right side of the member or guest, and place it at the end of the knife, or where the knife would be when the table was set before the meal."

Some of the guys asked questions, and Chris answered them. He also told his pledge buddies that they had to have a joke to share with everyone in the dining room. If they didn't have a joke, they would get a swat on the butt with a paddle that was always hanging in the dining room.

"We need to be thinking about who we want as our Pledge Class President, Vice-President, and Treasurer," Chris added.

Many of the guys immediately wanted Chris to be their president, but he quickly refused, saying, "The officers need to be guys that can be at the house during the week. Guys who are on varsity sports this fall will miss a lot of meals and will be at practice almost every day during the athletic season. The same goes for guys in the band or orchestra. We should be finished with pledging before basketball season starts. All of us will be busy, but some of us will have more time to be around the members and take care of problems like Tom Broadbent. I swear to God that if that asshole hurts one of you, I will take him apart, and no one will ever find his body!"

The pledges all began discussing who should be the officers. Chris reminded them that they had time to make that decision, and suggested that they practice for asking for beverages at the supper. He said that the members wouldn't expect them to know how to do that tonight or have a joke, so just relax and have fun. Everyone practiced and seemed to understand how to ask correctly.

Dave Wilbur came into the living room, wondering what the pledges were up to. As soon as the pledges saw him, they all went silent. He knew that they were up to something and smiled, knowing that Chris Hammer was going to help him shape the group up real fast. He figured that this pledge class would learn quickly and would be ready for initiation into membership in record time.

"It's time for supper, pledges," Dave announced. "I want you guys to spread out and not all sit together at the same table. A member will sit at the head of the table, so don't even think of sitting there unless you want to feel 'Old Hickory' across your sorry asses! There are 12 tables, so I want at least one pledge at each table."

The pledges joined the members in heading toward the dining room. Chris wanted to sit with his dad and Mike, and followed B to the head table at the front of the dining room. Tom Jankowski, as President, always sat at the head of that table, with Ben Cleary, Vice-President, sitting at the head of the table right across the aisle from Tom. That way during the meal, the President and Vice-President could easily talk to each other if necessary. Six tables were on each side of the aisle, with the position of the "heads of the tables" all on the aisle.

Everyone stood in front of their chair, waiting for Scott Randolph to say a prayer before the meal. The normal prayer always recited in unison, but for the special supper, Scott began with a prayer for the new pledges before joining everyone in saying, "Bless this food to our use, and us to thy service, in Christ's name we pray. Amen."

Normally, all of the food was already on the tables, but for the special supper, two additional tables were at the front of the dining room. Chris had shared many meals at the fraternity, but had never seen one served where the meat dish wasn't already on the table. He was surprised to see four men dressed in Chef's uniforms bring out large platters to the two additional tables. Each Chef had a large standing rib roast in front of him, along with bowls of Au Jus and freshly ground horseradish. Chris was excited to see Kevin Michaels, Head Chef from the Jacobs Dorm supervising the men who would carve the roast beef. Chris wanted to run up and greet Kevin, but knew that he had to follow proper etiquette in remaining at the table. He smiled at Kevin, who smiled back at him and gave him a "thumbs up" in recognition of his new status as a pledge.

"Mr. Jankowski," Chris addressed the head of the table. "May I have permission to get roast beef for you and the other members at this table?"

Tom Jankowski smiled, surprised at the way Chris had figured out that the pledges should serve the members. He was just going to ask the pledges to serve the members, but Chris had beaten him to the punch. The pledges at the other tables had heard Chris's request, and made the same offer to the head of their table. All of the members were impressed.

"That would be excellent, Pledge Hammer," Tom replied. "Brother Bernstein, please tell our polite pledge how you want your prime rib."

Chris stood and accepted the plate from Tom. Saul handed his plate to his son, asking for "well done" along with a covering of Au Jus and cup of horseradish. B smiled at Chris, knowing that Chris already knew his preference from the years that they had lived together. Tom asked for "medium rare".

"Mr. Jankowski," Brendan O'Brien began, "may I have permission to help my pledge buddy serve the members at this table?"

Again Tom was pleased. He nodded to Brendan who stood and addressed his Big Brother, Dennis Reichert by asking, "Mr. Reichert, how would you like your beef?" He asked the same question politely of Mike Mahley who was sitting next to Chris.

When the pledges were waiting in the four lines to retrieve the roast beef, Chris whispered that all of the members had to be served before any pledge could get his own beef. He reminded his pledge buddies to help each other and serve from the right side of the members. After all of the members were served, the pledges took their own plates up to the carvers and were happy to see that they got larger portions than the members.

As soon as his plate was filled with mashed potatoes and green beans, Chris again addressed Tom by saying, "Mr. Jankowski may I have permission to stand and offer beverages to the men at this table?"

Tom almost choked on his food when he heard the same request being made at every table in the dining room. He knew that Chris had watched other pledges during the past four years, but never expected all of the pledges to know the responsibilities at their first formal meal.

Chris and 11 other pledges stood and flawlessly went through the proper way of offering drinks to the members. Jarvis Williams had made sure that he was sitting at the same table as Cody after he saw Tom Broadbent follow Cody into the dining room. He had already decided to help protect his little pledge buddy from the predator and was ready to join Chris in taking the asshole out if necessary.

Chris did fine until Saul asked for a Manhattan from the bar. He was starting to explain how he wanted the cocktail mixed when Chris interrupted him saying, "I know how you want it, B."

"Pledge Hammer!" Tom said forcefully. "You will address the members of this fraternity properly!"

Saul chuckled as his son turned red with embarrassment.

"Sorry B," Chris slipped again. "Shit!" Chris whispered to himself.

He was standing right next to Tom Jankowski and across from his dad. Tom heard the muttered expletive and threatened to use "Old Hickory" on Chris in front of everyone. Tom was just teasing, as he didn't expect any of the pledges to know how to address the members at the supper table.

"You're going to have your work cut out for you to shape that pledge up!" Saul teased.

Chris glared at his dad, and then realized that both Tom and his dad were teasing him. When he and Brendan were at the bar, mixing drinks, Brendan teased him too. Chris admitted that it would be difficult for him to remember to call the members, "Sir" or "Mister" as his frequent visits over the past years had put him on a first name basis with all of the members.

When Chris had been in the beef line, he had asked Kevin what was being served for dessert. He made sure that all of his pledge buddies knew that cherry cobbler was the correct answer if they were questioned by any member.

Everyone was nearly finished with the main course of the meal when Dennis Reichert casually asked what was being served for dessert. He looked at his Little Brother, Brendan, never expecting a correct answer.

"We're having cherry cobbler, Sir," Brendan replied, and then continued, "Mr. Jankowski, may I have permission to go to the kitchen to get desserts for the members at this table?"

All four members at the table chuckled at how expertly Brendan had responded to his Big Brother's question and the way he offered to serve dessert to them. Chris asked permission to help his pledge buddy. At the other 11 tables, pledges had heard what Brendan and Chris had asked and followed suit. When all of the pledges were in the kitchen, the members chatted about how fast this group of pledges had learned dining room etiquette.

In the kitchen, Jarvis asked Chris, "What will happen if I 'accidentally' dump Tom Broadbent's dessert in his lap or on top of his head?"

Chris laughed, but then replied, "it would give him the right to swat your ass!"

"If that fuckhead thinks he is gonna use my black ass for anything, I'll wring his scrawny fucking neck!" Jarvis replied.

"Chill out buddy!" Chris advised. "There are ways we will take care of his sorry ass! We need to spread the word to all of our Big Brothers that we don't want any pledge being alone with him. If there are two of us together, we will have a witness if he tries anything. From what I have seen, I think he wants our two little pledge buddies, so we have to protect them."

All of the pledges agreed to talk to their Big Brothers about their concerns, and get their support. In the fraternity life, rules established by the Big Brother take precedence over any orders given by a regular member. A pledge can legitimately refuse a request or order from a member if it violates a rule established by his Big Brother, without any fear of retribution. Chris had never seen a pledge afraid of any member, as the selection process had weeded out any predators during rush week or pledgeship.

As everyone was enjoying the warm cherry cobbler, Saul got a grin on his face and asked Tom, "Brother Jankowski, I have been impressed with how ONE of the pledges at this table has acted this evening. My son has a lot to learn, and I was wondering if he might rectify his previous slips by sharing a joke with the membership?"

"I think that would be a great idea," Tom replied. He looked at Chris and asked, "Pledge Hammer, do you have a joke to share with us this evening?"

Chris smiled and replied that he did have a joke to share. He was told to go to the front of the dining room and tell his joke. When Chris got to the front of the dining room, Tom used his fork to tap on his water glass to get everyone's attention.

"Gentlemen," Chris announced, "I have a joke to share."

"Is it dirty?" several voices asked.

"It might be considered dirty," Chris replied. He knew that if a dirty joke was told all of the pledges had to put their thumbs in their ears and wiggle their hands forward and back. He had forgot to tell his buddies that fact, but the members quickly told the pledges how they were supposed to block their ears from listening to a dirty joke. All of the pledges, including Chris complied.

"There were two old men sitting in rocking chairs on the porch of a nursing home," Chris began. He knew what the members would ask and was ready. He knew that he could use the first and last name of a member in a joke without calling them Mister.

"What were their names?" several voices asked.

"Tom Jankowski and Mike Mahley" Chris replied as he continued the joke.

"Tom and Mike were nasty old men that had never been married, as they were both so ugly that the only sex they had ever had was with destitute hookers or farm animals."

Laughter filled the dining room. Tom and Mike knew that they were going to be roasted by the handsome blonde pledge and braced themselves. Saul was chuckling. He had already heard the joke from Chris during one of their frequent phone calls.

"Nasty old Tom turned to nasty old Mike and asked him," Chris continued, "Do you still get horny?"

"Ugly Mike replied that, yes, he still got horny once in a while."

"Dirty Tom paused and then asked, what do you do when you get horny?"

"Smelly Mike replied that when he got horny, he just sucked on a LifeSaver."

"Pathetic Tom asked, Who drives you to the beach?"

The dining room erupted with laughter as Chris returned to his seat at his table. The favorite jokes at the evening meals were ones that fried one or more members. Even Saul was laughing as he realized how his son had spiced up the joke with his adjectives of "dirty, nasty, ugly, pathetic, and the references to hookers and farm animals".

Mike cuffed Chris on the back of the head and threatened that he was going to paddle Chris's ass for roasting him.

"Mr. Bernstein," Chris began, "you are the National President of this fraternity, and you just saw a member strike an innocent pledge, threaten him, and admit that this chapter still uses the paddle system that was banned several years ago by the National Office. What are you gonna do to protect a helpless pledge who is in danger?"

"Shut up Chris!" Saul commanded.

Mike and Tom laughed; knowing that Chris was trying to tease them again, and it had backfired on him! Chris slumped into his chair, hearing the laughter of everyone who had heard his comments to his dad and the response.

Tom stood up and tapped his water glass to get everyone's attention. "Gentlemen," he began, "this has been a fantastic supper, but it is now time for each Big Brother to take his Little Brother aside for some private instructions. It is now 8:00 p.m., and I want all of the pledges to return to the living room at exactly 9:00 p.m. for a brief meeting with their Pledge Master, Brother Wilbur. I speak for the entire membership when I congratulate this pledge class for the expert way they conducted themselves during their first formal meal with us. We are very impressed!"

The members stood and applauded the new pledge class. It was their way of recognizing performance that was normally not achieved until at least a week of training by the Pledge Master.

"I have to leave now," Saul said to Tom. "Can I please have a few minutes with my son?"

"You don't have to ask my permission to do anything in this house!" Tom replied. "You are the National President, and I should be asking your permission instead!"

"I have always believed that the presiding officers of a chapter have higher authority than me in their own house," Saul replied.

Chris was sad that his dad was going to leave, but knew that B had a lot of additional responsibilities with his new position. He followed his dad into the living room and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

Saul broke away from the hug and kiss and pointed to the white triangular pledge pin with the three concentric Deltas. "That pin looks fantastic on your chest!" he said. "The only pin that will look better is a membership pin! I am so proud of you that it hurts!"

Chris hugged his dad and walked with him to the front door of the fraternity, wishing that they could spend more time together. He also wanted to be alone with Mike Mahley and then with his pledge buddies and Pledge Master.

After Chris said goodbye to B, he turned to see Mike waiting for him. He walked up to Mike and gave him a hug and a kiss on the lips. He didn't care if anyone saw him kiss his Big Brother, as they were now bonded together.

Mike led Chris into the dorm area of the fraternity and told Chris that when they were alone or in Mike's room that they could drop the formality and call each other by their first names. As Mike opened the door to his room, he laughed along with Chris as they saw Jarvis Williams on his knees, sucking Justin Abernathy's dick.

"I see that at least ONE pledge knows how to honor his Big Brother," Mike teased.

Chris grabbed Mike and said, "I want your dick down my throat and then up my butt!!"

"Get undressed!" Mike commanded. "We may not have time for both sucking and fucking before your pledge meeting, but I guarantee that we will have a full night of sex before breakfast!"

Chris had quickly removed his expensive suit, throwing it on the floor of the room. He was impatient as he tried to help Mike remove his pants. He got down on his knees and nearly ripped Mike's boxers as he pulled them down and swallowed Mike's erect cock.

Mike stood in the room with his pants and boxers at his knees, savoring the feelings of Chris's mouth and tongue making love to his throbbing cock. He knew he wouldn't last long and moaned as he grabbed Chris's head and began fucking his Little Brother's face.

"I'M GONNA CUM!!" Justin screamed. "EAT MY CUM, LITTLE BROTHER!!"

Chris and Mike both turned to watch Jarvis's black mouth gobbling Justin's pink cock. The moans of pleasure told them both that Jarvis was swallowing cum that was pumping directly into his talented mouth. Mike and Chris had both had sex several times with Jarvis or Justin, and knew that Justin was going to have a well-stretched ass before the night was over.

Chris had stopped sucking Mike's cock to watch Jarvis and Justin, but never took it out of his mouth. He returned to slurping and sucking on Mike's dick, feeling Mike's body begin shaking. He knew the signals that Mike was going to cum from the many times that they had shared sex in the past. It took all of his strength to hold onto Mike as he felt the blasts of cum hit his mouth and throat. Screams of ecstasy filled the dorm area, causing many of the members to laugh, as they knew that Mike was blowing a load with his Little Brother. Mike was a tiger in bed, and Chris knew that he had to hold on tight to keep Mike from collapsing on the floor of the room. He gently finished Mike off, savoring the pungent flavor of the man juice that was still flowing into his mouth.

Mike finally came down from the incredible high that he experienced when Chris was sucking his cock. He knew that no guy in the world could crank him up the way Chris did, and was weak from his intense orgasm. He wanted to suck Chris's cock, but knew that he had to rest to get control of his body, as every nerve he owned was still pulsing with electricity.

"I love you!" Mike finally admitted to Chris.

"I love you too!" Chris said. The only other guy in his life that he had ever said that to was Marco at the orphanage in Texas when he was 12 years old. It shocked him that he was able to say those words to Mike, but felt like his mind was finally allowing him to get in touch with his most hidden secrets.

Mike wondered if it was just the passion of the moment that caused Chris to reply to him with the words that he had dreamed of hearing. He had finally told Chris that he loved him, but realized that during the celebration of the day, many guys had said "I love you" to him and everyone in the Chapter Room. He decided not to press the issue with Chris, and instead, savor the words that he had dreamed of hearing.

"I need a blowjob!" Chris announced, as he held his rock-hard 12 1/2 inches of muscle in his hand. "If I don't get a blowjob right now, I will jack off and shoot cum all over your face and bed!"

Mike laughed and immediately pushed his Little Brother onto the bed that they would share for the night. His pants were still down around his knees, but he needed to drink from Chris's fountain of pleasure before the pledge meeting. He slid back the generous foreskin on the huge cock and slurped up the precum that had filled the cap. He loved the fact that Chris's cock was intact, and had the extra skin to contain a generous amount of the clear liquid that proved he was aroused.

At the other end of the room, Justin was slurping around the black shaft of Jarvis's huge cock, knowing that he would have that huge black meat in his ass before the night was over. He knew that his Little Brother wasn't little in the dick department, as they had romped together in bed several times. He loved Jarvis, and hoped that they would become life partners.

Chris and Jarvis both came at the same time, filling the mouths of their Big Brothers with huge volleys of thick cum. They both screamed as their cocks exploded, and collapsed down on the two beds in the room to allow their Big Brothers to suck them dry.

After the room quieted down, Mike announced, "You guys have to get ready for your pledge meeting!" He pulled away after giving Chris a kiss on the lips, sharing the mixed flavor of his own cum and Chris's with his Little Brother.

Mike got up off from the bed and went to the gym bag that Chris had brought to the fraternity. One of the other members had brought it to Mike's room, knowing that Chris would be spending the night there. He retrieved a pair of "Joe Boxers" from the bag and told Chris to put them on.

"This is all you will wear to your first pledge meeting," Mike announced.

Chris was embarrassed, but realized that almost everyone had already seen the nasty scars on his back and the ones on his belly. He knew that he wasn't supposed to have any secrets from the members of the fraternity, and wondered if his pledge buddies that had never seen his scars would be repulsed.

"We're all in this together," Mike said. "Your scars are part of you that everyone needs to see and accept, just like when you were 15 and showed them to me and the other guys in this fraternity!"

"Where do I put my pledge pin if I am only wearing boxers?" Chris asked.

Mike laughed and told Chris that he would shove the pin through Chris's left nipple. The startled reaction from his Little Brother made Mike laugh out loud as he finally told Chris to put the pin through the waistband of his boxers, directly under his navel. He told Chris that some of the pledges would be wearing Speedo's, briefs, or jock straps, but all of them were expected to have their pledge pins on unless they were completely nude.

 Chris and Jarvis were both wearing boxers as they headed to the living room where their first pledge meeting would be held. Dave Wilbur was waiting for them and handed each pledge a set of papers. He told them that they could sit anywhere they wanted and that pledge meetings were informal. When the last pledge arrived, he started the meeting.

"I want to tell you guys that I am your Pledge Master for the time being," Dave began. "My girlfriend is pregnant and we are going to be married in December. When I am away from the house, Ben Cleary will fill in for me. I want all of you to relax and read the rules and expectations for pledging our fraternity. You will see your Big Brothers come in and ask you to leave with them for a few minutes. At 9:00 p.m. we will go into the Chapter Room for a brief ceremony, and then you will be free for the rest of the night. A very important rule is that no member can ask or try to force you to rat out your pledge buddies. Believe me, they will try! Pledges always have secrets, just like the members do! We want you to succeed and become our brothers, but we will test you and see if you are truly dedicated to our beliefs and to your pledge buddies. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them."

"What if a member tries to do something sexual with you?" Cody asked.

"Let's be honest with each other," Dave replied. "I'm mostly straight, but I have had sex with guys before. Some of the members are completely straight and won't bother you, but some might find you very attractive and hit on you. If you want to have sex with a member or another pledge, no one will be upset. I think if you look at rule number 27 you will find your answer. Basically, it says that "No member will coerce, threaten, or physically force a pledge to do anything that would violate the pledge's Basic Human Rights'."

"I know that several of us are concerned about Tom Broa... Oopps, I meant to say, Mr. Broadbent," Chris said.

"I said that our meetings are informal," Dave replied to Chris. "That means you can refer to members by their first names, and call me Dave or David. Just don't call me 'asshole', like you have the past two years!"

The pledges all laughed, knowing that Chris had been around the members for a long time and was always teasing them.

"Tom Broadbent is a weird fuck," Dave said candidly. "The brothers are all watching him closely. He transferred here from Michigan and we had to allow him to live with us. Don't be afraid of him, but don't do anything that he tells you to do if you believe that it will violate our rules. If he steps out of line, we will throw his sorry ass out of this house and notify the National Headquarters. I'm not sure, but I think we have a direct connection to someone in the National Office of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity!"

Again the pledges laughed, knowing that Chris's dad was the National President. As the pledges read the pages of rules and expectations, Big Brothers came in and took their little brothers away. One of the first to leave was Nicholas Langan with his Big Brother, Jacob Mahley.

Chris wondered when Mike would come for him, and also wondered where he would be taken. Almost half of the pledge class was gone before Cody and Nathan returned. Chris looked at them and saw strange expressions on their faces. They seemed nervous but didn't look like they were hurt in any way.

When Brendan returned with his Big Brother, Dennis Reichert, Chris let out an audible gasp. "Oh My God!" Chris gasped, "He shaved your body!"

All of the pledges looked at Brendan and realized that the red hair that had been on his arms and legs was gone, along with the few chest hairs that Brendan always seemed to be playing with. The red treasure trail that Chris had followed down to Brendan's juicy cock was also gone.

Chris had read stories about pledges being shaved, but never dreamed that the Tri-Delts would do that to their pledges. He also had read where pledges were forced to have a "circle jerk" and shoot their cum on a pizza. The last pledge to cum had to eat the pizza. All of the stories ran through his mind about being forced into "chugging" contests, road trips where the pledges were dumped off, nude and miles away from the campus, and "treasure hunts" where the pledges had to steal things around the campus.

"Relax, guys," Dave said, smiling. "Every member here had the same thing done to him, and we all survived. You Big Brother will be careful. The first pledges back from being shaved were told not to say anything to the rest of you until someone noticed. The reason for shaving your bodies will be revealed in the Chapter Room in a few minutes."

"Poor Nick!" Chris exclaimed.

The pledges all laughed; knowing that Nick was extremely hairy, and had been awarded the nickname of "Bear". Now they realized why Nick had been one of the first to be taken and still hadn't returned to the living room. The last pledge to be taken was Chris Hammer.

"If you nick me, I'll kill you!" Chris threatened.

Mike laughed and teased that he was going to circumcise Chris.

"Your body is almost hairless right now!" Mike teased. "I did see a few golden hairs around your pussy hole the last time I was licking it, so they will be gone!"

Chris followed Mike into the shower room where he saw Painter Jacoby being shaved by Rory Winchester, and Dylan Castor with Adam Thompson. It was strange to see his buddies standing there almost hairless from the neck down, but in a way it was erotic. Mike pulled down Chris's boxers and grabbed the flexible shaft of the showerhead and wet down his body.

"You got the easy one!" Rory teased Mike. "Hammer should only take 10 seconds to shave!"

Everyone but Chris laughed. He knew that his Cherokee heritage had left him nearly hairless. He still had nothing on his face to shave, and sometimes wished that he had stubble to rub up and down Mike's thighs. When Mike needed to shave, his beard stubble added a new dimension of stimulation to the insides of Chris's thighs.

Mike was very careful as he removed all of the hair from Chris's armpits, his treasure trail, pubic patch and a few hairs from his scrotum. The other guys had left when Mike had Chris turn around, bend over, and spread the cheeks of his ass. The last hairs were gone as Mike told Chris to rinse off while he got something for him to wear. Chris dried off and put baby oil on the freshly shaved areas, just like Dylan and Painter had done.

Chris expected the return of his boxers, but was surprised when Mike returned with a bright blue thong for him to wear.

"You aren't serious!" Chris said as he looked at the tiny piece of nylon that Mike offered him. "That won't even cover Cody's package!"

"I want everyone to see what you're packing!" Mike teased. "Just put it on and let's show everyone what I've been taking down my throat and up my ass!"

Chris mumbled, but knew he had to do what his Big Brother ordered. He was surprised to see that the nylon stretched and completely covered his dick and balls. He hoped that he wouldn't pop wood, as he knew that Little Chris would be standing out of the pouch even if he was only half-hard.

"You're gonna pay for this!" Chris threatened Mike.

"Promises, Promises!" Mike replied. "You look fantastic, by the way!"

Mike gave Chris a kiss before he led him back into the living room. All of the pledges whistled and made "catcalls" when they saw Chris wearing the blue thong that was stretched to the limit to contain his huge manhood. Most of the pledges had already seen Little Chris soft and hard when they had spent quality time with Chris in bed.

Chris glared at his pledge buddies, but quickly relaxed and laughed with them. He noticed that Jarvis was wearing a red thong that was similar to his own, and realized that Mike and Justin were roommates, and probably went shopping together.

At 9:00 p.m. the pledges were led into the Chapter Room and told to stand in line, facing the altar. Tom Jankowski and Ben Cleary were behind the altar, wearing their ceremonial robes. Each Big Brother was standing behind his Little Brother as the ceremony began.

"Big Brothers, prepare your Little Brothers!" Tom ordered.

Each Big Brother grasped the underwear of their Little Brother and slid it down and off his body. 22 pledges were now standing totally naked in front of the altar. Chris noticed that Tom Broadbent had selected a seat near the end of the line where Cody and Nathan were standing. He noticed that Tom was fumbling with something, and had a gleam in his eyes. His attention was returned to the front of the Chapter Room as Tom began speaking.

"You are before the altar of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity that you have chosen to pledge," Tom said. "You stand here, devoid of one symbol of manhood; your body hair and all of your clothing. Just as you are neophytes to our customs and traditions, you have been returned to boyhood, so that you can grow toward membership as you return to manhood. No man is more vulnerable than when he is nude. You can hide nothing from our view when you are nude, just as we promise to hide nothing from you as we teach our ways. As you have pledged yourselves to us, we pledge ourselves to you. On behalf of every member of this chapter, we promise to be your friends and guides on your journey to membership. Big Brothers, please lead your Little Brothers out of the Chapter Room."

The Big Brothers led their Little Brothers into the Rec Room where the gym bags that the pledges had brought to the house were waiting for them. Each pledge got dressed in the casual clothes that they had brought and were offered a drink from the bar.

"Hey, Bear!" Chris called to Nick Langan. "How does it feel to be a 'Cue Ball' like you have called me?"

"It feels really weird," Nick replied. Chris had teased him about his hairy body in the few times that they had shared sex, giving him the nickname of Bear. He had responded by calling Chris, Cue Ball, teasing him for his lack of body hair.

The pledges circulated among the members, enjoying the friendly banter. Many of the conversations contained references to the shaving of body hair and that it was a local chapter ceremony that began five years before. The social hour was concluded at 10:00 p.m., and everyone headed for the dorm areas of the fraternity.

Mike and Chris finished their drinks and walked together toward the room where they both knew they would exchange body fluids. As soon as they opened the door they saw Justin on his back with a big black cock ramming in and out of his stretched ass.

"It sure didn't take ONE Big Brother very long to know his proper place!" Chris teased Mike.

Justin was moaning in a combination of pain and lust as his big, black, Little Brother slam fucked him hard on his bed.

"You're my bitch!" Jarvis screamed as his huge body pinned Justin to the bed.

The sights and sounds in the room were an aphrodisiac to Chris and Mike as they ripped off their clothes. Both of them were boned up and horny. Chris was not going to wait any longer, as he demanded that Mike fuck him hard. Mike was more than happy to comply. Chris was on his back with his legs in the air when Mike aimed his lubricated cock at the freshly shaved man-pussy and filled it. Chris screamed as he felt Mike drive the entire length of his 8 1/2 inches of thick manhood to the hilt in his body. The pain and pressure quickly turned to feelings of intense passion toward Mike. He felt like he was whole when he and Mike were joined sexually, and wondered if he was feeling true love for the first time in his life. He pulled Mike's mouth to his own and shoved his tongue inside Mike's mouth, imitating the thrusting motions of the thick cock inside his ass.

Mike went ballistic as he blasted his cum inside the guy that he loved more than life itself. Tears of joy streamed down his face as he plunged his manhood in and out of Chris's willing body. He knew that they were meant to be joined both physically and mentally for the rest of their lives. At the time, he didn't realize how short that time period could become.

Before the night was over, all four guys rotated from one bed to the other, filling willing mouths and asses. The four guys lost track of time and reason as they rutted together, mixing race, size and status as they shared body fluids. It was a night of almost constant sex and drinking in the room with no thoughts toward the challenges of the next day.

Chris woke up the next morning and moaned, as his head throbbed from drinking too much alcohol, and his ass ached after being fucked by Jarvis's huge cock. He looked at the clock on Mike's desk and knew he was going to be late for class. He struggled to untangle his body from Mike's and staggered to the shower room to clean off the remnants of the most intense night of sex in his entire life. He had tried to wake the other guys in the room, but only heard moans and threats from them. He arrived late to his Political Science lecture, and promptly fell asleep, as the professor droned on in his monotonous dialogue.

A guy sitting next to Chris in the lecture hall woke him up when the lecture ended. Chris knew that this was going to be a terrible day for him, and wondered how many of his pledge buddies were suffering the same way he was. He attended the rest of his classes that day, but never returned to the fraternity or the Jacobs Dorm for lunch. His stomach was sending messages to his brain that any food would immediately be rejected in a most unpleasant manner. He headed to the Athletic Building, knowing that football practice that day was going to be a disaster. He had been in the toilets with dry heaves all day, and knew that he was too weak to practice effectively.

Coach Patrick had been circulating through the locker room as his players got dressed for practice. He quickly noticed the smoothly shaved bodies of three of his star freshmen. Having been in a fraternity when he played football for Michigan State University, he smiled, knowing that the shaved bodies were a sign that his stars had been initiated over the weekend. When he looked at the three guys, he also realized that they were wiped out. He was determined to get his team ready for their next opponent, the University of Miami. The game would be played in Florida, and he knew that the time change would be a major problem for his players, not to mention that Miami had taken over the top ranking in the nation. The CSU Falcons were now ranked #5 in the nation; the highest ranking his teams had ever received. He noticed several other players that looked like they had been on a serious weekend binge, and was concerned about getting the team ready for the next big game.

Practice started, and Coach Patrick quickly realized that it was going to be a total disaster. He watched CJ Hammer miss blocks and get knocked on his ass by guys much smaller than he was. Delano Genovesi fumbled the ball several times and had trouble getting up after he was tackled. Jarvis Williams was "pancaked" on every defensive play. He was furious, and knew the root cause of the horrendous performance of his team during the practice. It had been no secret to anyone on the CSU campus that Hammer, Williams, and Genovesi had been rushed heavily by the Tri-Delt Fraternity, and Coach Patrick blew his whistle and grabbed Kelly Mason, CSU quarterback, by the face mask.

"I am so pissed at you that I am ready to bench you!" David Patrick screamed as he dragged his star quarterback away from the startled team. "I know you are a member of the Tri-Delt Fraternity, and you and your members are responsible for destroying this practice! I am so fucking pissed at you and your fraternity, that I am ready to call John Stevens and Marlene Parker to investigate what happened over the weekend!"

Kelly Mason realized that he and his brothers had totally fucked up by holding Pledge Initiation on a Sunday evening. Normally, the initiation was held on a Friday or Saturday, allowing the pledges and members to recover from a night of heavy drinking and partying. Kelly was one of the straight guys in the fraternity, but knew that he was in the minority. Hearing that his coach was threatening to call the Athletic Director and Director of Student Services scared the fuck out of him. He knew he had to act quickly.

"I'll take care of this, coach!" Kelly promised. "We fucked up by holding the Pledge Initiation on Sunday because of the football game on Saturday. Please let me handle this, and I promise that this will NEVER happen again!"

"I'll cut you some slack," Coach Patrick said, "You are my starting quarterback, and I will give you a chance to take care of this! If those guys come back to practice again in the same condition, I will throw them off the team and make calls for an investigation of your fraternity's actions!"

Coach Patrick then returned to his team. He blew his whistle again and said that he had just witnessed the worst practice in the entire history of the CSU Falcon football team. "I'm so pissed at you fucking pussies that I am ready to cancel the rest of the football season! You are a disgrace to our college, and right now, I'm ready to throw some guys off this team! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT, AND DON'T COME BACK UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO PLAY FOOTBALL INSTEAD OF BEING FUCKING LOSERS!!!!!!!!"

The entire team walked away from the practice field, knowing that many of them had been celebrating during the weekend. Even the guys who weren't pledging fraternities had partied heavily during the weekend, and everyone was guilty of destroying the team practice. The other fraternities on campus had also held their initiation exercises, and the members and pledges were in the same shape as the Tri-Delts. The locker room was silent as the players undressed, showered, and left the building.

Kelly Mason had called the fraternity on his cell phone and demanded an immediate meeting of the members. He changed his clothes without taking a shower, and ran across the campus to the fraternity house. He had talked to Tom Jankowski, and explained the situation, asking that Tom Broadbent be excluded from the emergency meeting.

As soon as Kelly got to the house, Tom met him and hauled him into the Chapter Room. Tom Broadbent had been lured out of the house by a phone call from a Sig Ep member who gave a fictitious name and said she wanted to meet Tom at the opposite end of the campus to have sex. Tom had blasted out of the house, praying that he would have a pussy to dump his sperm into instead of his hand.

Kelly addressed his brothers in the Chapter Room and explained how their initiation ceremonies had exploded into a major controversy on the CSU campus. He knew that the football team had a chance to win the conference championship for the first time in over 10 years, and that the fraternity was at risk if an investigation uncovered the activities of the previous day.

Tom Jankowski took over the emergency meeting and gave immediate orders to all of the members. He knew that almost all of the pledges and several of the members had missed classes, due to hangovers and exhaustion from a night of drinking and sex. He hoped that the National Office wouldn't find out what his chapter had done, and was especially concerned that CJ Hammer would say something to his father.

"This is one of the worst things that could happen to our chapter," Tom said. "I accept full responsibility, and ask my brothers to help me with damage control. I want all of the pledges taken into the living room where Brother Wilbur and I can talk to them. Each Big Brother has the responsibility to make sure his Little Brother gets rest and food, with no hazing or any kind of criticism. We have to prove to everyone on the CSU campus that our fraternity stands for academic and athletic excellence, and not partying like a bunch of animals!"

Kelly left the meeting for a much-needed shower. He prayed that he and his brothers would rebound from this serious situation, and regain the respect of David Patrick, Head Coach of the CSU football team.

Chris thought about how upset his coach was at him and the other players on the football team. He was ashamed that he drank so much alcohol the previous night, and had willingly engaged in a very intense orgy. His ass was still sore from the stretching of Jarvis's big black cock, and knew that Jarvis had to feel the same way after he had fucked him two times. He thought about going back to his room in the Jacobs Dorm, but realized that he had to go to the fraternity house and talk to Mike about how bad his day had been. He was also afraid that he would be subjected to hazing from the Tri-Delt members, as his pledgeship had just begun, but decided to be with his pledging buddies.

Mike Mahley met Chris at the front door of the fraternity, and hugged him, apologizing for the previous night of drinking and constant sex.

Chris hugged his Big Brother and admitted that he was exhausted, and had slept through most of his classes and lunchtime. He was embarrassed that he didn't set limits on his own behavior, and said that he was so tired that he had to go to bed without eating supper.

Mike took Chris into the living room where the rest of the pledge class was seated. Mike left; knowing that he had missed most of his own classes after the intense partying.

Dave Wilbur addressed his pledge class and admitted that the Tri-Delt House was in trouble with the university, due to the missed classes and terrible football practice. He told the pledges that they were partially responsible for not setting limits on their own drinking and sex. Before Dave was finished with his chastising of the pledges, he saw that several of them had fallen asleep in the living room. He gave up, and told the conscious pledges to rest or get something to eat, but he expected every pledge to attend every class the next day, and for the football players to be ready for an intense practice. He saw that Chris, Delano, and Jarvis had all fallen asleep in the plush furniture of the living room.

Several of the members came into the living room as the pledge meeting ended. Instead of waking Chris, Mike helped Chris lay on the couch and covered him with a blanket. He sat on a chair and did his homework, occasionally looking to the handsome face of his best friend snoring on the couch. He had never heard Chris snore before, and realized that no one in the world could have survived a weekend of Karate competition, football, and the anxiety of Sunday's events without being totally exhausted.

Chris woke up over two hours later, totally disorganized about where he was. Mike quickly hugged him and tried to calm him down, as Chris was struggling to get up off the couch.

"Relax, Little Brother," Mike said softly. "You fell asleep during your pledge meeting, and we decided to let you rest right here. It's almost 9:00 p.m., and I bet you are hungry."

"SHIT!" Chris exclaimed. "Am I in trouble for falling asleep and missing supper?"

"We're all in trouble for having so many guys wiped out from last night," Mike said honestly. "No one is mad at you, but we need to make sure that you are rested up and ready for football practice tomorrow. Let's go get something to eat and we can talk."

Mike and Chris went into the kitchen where they found leftovers from the evening meal. Chris was still tired, but he wanted to eat something before he went to bed again. He knew that he was ahead in his reading for his classes, but wondered what he missed from the lectures that he slept through. After they had finished their re-heated meals, they walked to Mike's room, where they found Jarvis and Justin sound asleep in Justin's bed.

Chris and Mike undressed and got into Mike's bed. For the first time in years, they were in bed together without having sex, as they were both exhausted.

The Tri-Delt members and pledges had learned a lesson the hard way...

The next morning, Chris woke up early. He was still feeling the effects of the hangover and knew he had to push his body to get ready for classes and the football practice. He separated his body from Mike, and went to the other bed in the room to wake up Jarvis. His big black buddy was still tired, but got up to join Chris for a morning run. The two freshmen went to other rooms in the fraternity to wake up Delano, Davin, Toby, Julius and Kelly. The seven guys on the football team that were either pledges or members all headed out of the fraternity for a run, determined to prove to their coach that they were dedicated to playing football.

David Patrick had not slept well the previous night. He knew that he had the makings of a national championship football team, but was worried that the heart of his team was a group of talented freshmen who were young and impressionable. He had never seen a more talented bunch of freshmen, and wondered what he had to do to get them focused on football, instead of sliding into a college atmosphere of drinking and sex. He had threatened to bench his starting quarterback, and knew that the big win over Oklahoma would be reason for all of his team to celebrate. He reflected back to his own college days, and remembered how he celebrated victories with drunken orgies. He had been chastised by his own college coach for arriving at practice, totally incapable of practicing due to a major hangover. He didn't want to involve his boss, the Athletic Director, or any other administrators on campus to shape up his players. He would wait to see what his players did at practice that afternoon.

Chris led the group of football players on a run around the campus and into the stadium. When he started running up the stands, his buddies followed him. They ran up and down the stadium aisles, knowing that they were following the paths that their fans would walk to cheer for them during home football games.

David Patrick had talked to his best friend, Marcus Knight, Head Coach of the CSU basketball team, about the terrible practice. Marcus was disappointed that his special friend, CJ Hammer, had arrived at football practice unable to effectively practice. Marcus loved Chris like a son, and knew that young guys were susceptible to the influences of booze and sex when they started college. He had advised David to challenge Chris and then see what happens.

The two coaches often took a morning run together, trying to stay in shape as they aged. They were running on the campus when they saw the group from the Tri-Delt house headed for the stadium, and dropped back to see when the players would go. When they got to the stadium, they saw seven guys going through an intense workout as they ran up and down the aisles of the stadium.

Marcus grabbed his friend, David, and pulled him back so they were out of view of the seven football players. They both watched as the players ran hard, up and down the stands, led by CJ Hammer.

"God, this is like watching a miracle!" David said to Marcus. "I know that I ripped ass yesterday, but I never expected to see this kind of reaction!"

"I told you that Chris was a real competitor!" Marcus replied. "I bet he is ashamed, and you will have to hold him back in the practice today! He will be in his 'killer' mode, and you better be ready to throttle him or he will wipe out your team!"

David Patrick was thrilled at seeing seven of his players going through an intense exercise program. Running the stadium was always punishment for fucking up during practice, and these seven guys were doing it willingly. He left the stadium, knowing that the afternoon's practice was going to be different that the previous day's.

Seven guys headed back to the Tri-Delt house, exhausted from their intense workout. They showered and all headed for their classes, after eating a hearty breakfast.

The day went well for Chris, as he attended every class and enjoyed the lunch buffet at the Jacobs Dorm. He greeted Kevin Michaels, Head Chef, and complimented him on the fantastic prime rib supper at the Tri-Delt Fraternity. He took time to discuss several special recipes that he thought the dorm residents would enjoy, admitting that he wouldn't have time to help the kitchen staff prepare the recipes. Kevin knew that he would soon take over management of a new restaurant in the John's Steak House chain. He loved Chris, and knew that the big athlete and his dad had funded the original John's Steak House in Dallas, Texas. His personal success was directly linked to the national recognition that the Jacobs Dorm was the most beautiful dorm in the United States, and served the finest food of any dormitory in the nation.

Chris went to all of his afternoon classes, and arrived early for football practice. He was completely recovered from the weekend partying, and was ready to prove to Coach Patrick that he was dedicated to football.

David Patrick watched his assistant coaches put their team through a series of exercises before contact practice began. He was thrilled as he watched his talented freshmen respond with crushing blocks and slashing runs. Bodies were flying on the field, convincing Coach Patrick that he had to calm his players down before someone was seriously injured. It was the most intense practice he had ever witnessed, and he was ecstatic, as he blew his whistle to stop the action on the field.

"Well, ladies," David Patrick began, "If I take yesterday's practice and today's combined, I would say that I have seen two average performances! I was in college a long time ago, and I know that guys can fuck up or fuck, and I want our team to be on top! I still don't want you to think that I am satisfied with this practice, as I know you can do better! It is my job to push you guys to the limit, and I want us all to focus on traveling to Florida to kick ass! Hit the showers, and come back tomorrow with the same intensity that you showed today!"

The entire team was sore from the intensity of their practice, but knew that they had displayed their abilities to their coaching staff. The locker room was filled with laughter and teasing of guys who taunted their teammates about the practice.

David Patrick went to his office where Marcus Knight and John Stevens, the Athletic Director met him. He was excited by the way his team had responded to his chastisement the previous day, and wanted to celebrate.

"We have a football team that could win the National Championship!" David announced. He was pumped, and knew that his team had already beaten top-rated teams in their pre-conference competition, and were ready to dominate the Pac-10 Conference.

John Stevens was pleased, and complimented both of his head coaches on the quality of their freshman recruiting classes. He knew that CSU was gaining national recognition for their athletic programs, and was pleased that his coaches were trying to mold the freshmen into the fabric of returning lettermen that had proven their dedication to CSU sports. He was excited about the flood of television networks that offered huge monetary rewards for being able to interview athletes and broadcast their sports competition. He knew that having CJ Hammer as the National Champion in the Karate competition had already put CSU on the sports map. He knew that the media would control the future of revenues that could expand the influence of the future recruiting of star athletes across the nation.

Chris knew that all of the pledges were expected to return to the Tri-Delt Fraternity for the evening meal during the first week of pledgeship. Dave Wilbur had explained that there would be a rotation of responsibilities where 2/3 of the pledges would serve the members and perform work duties. The duties would include setting the tables for the supper meal, cleaning the toilets and shower rooms, and general housekeeping duties of dusting and cleaning the fraternity.

Tom Jankowski was in the living room when Chris came into the fraternity. He grabbed his favorite pledge and gave him a hug; already knowing that the football coach was pleased with the performance of everyone connected with their fraternity. He hoped that their fraternity had dodged a bullet with the threats of a college investigation into their initiation ceremonies that had affected classes and football practice.

Chris headed for the dorm area, and was happy to see Mike Mahley leaving the shower room, wrapped in a towel. He ran up behind his Big Brother and grabbed him, lifting him off the floor like he was a feather. Chris ignored the screams of his Big Brother and carried him into Mike's room, dumping him on the bed and pinning him down.

"LET ME UP, FATASS!" Mike screamed.

Chris ignored the commands of his Big Brother and ripped away the towel that Mike had wrapped around his body. The cries of Mike turned to moans of ecstasy as Chris swallowed Mike's soft cock. The flaccid member came to life, and Chris proved that he was an expert cocksucker, as he slurped and sucked on Mike's manhood. He was quickly rewarded with several blasts of warm cum, as Mike unloaded into his Little Brother's mouth. Chris had to use all of his strength to hold Mike down while he vacuumed out the tangy liquid. He laughed as he listened to Mike scream and writhe around on the bed as his balls emptied into his mouth.

"You fucking asshole!" Mike exclaimed, as he finally came down from the intensity of his orgasm. "I'm your Big Brother, and you are supposed to respect me, not use me like a slut!"

"You are my slut!" Chris replied. "After supper, I want to shove Little Chris up your ass, and hear you moan like a nickel whore!"

Mike laughed, and realized that Chris had recovered from the drinking and sex of the previous weekend. He loved his Little Brother, and couldn't imagine a better way to end his shower than having Chris grab him and blow his lights out.

"You better wipe the cum off your mouth and go help your pledge buddies set the tables for supper!" Mike commanded. "You have a pledge meeting right after supper, so get your ass in gear or I will rip off your clothes and cut Little Chris off with a pair of scissors!"

Chris laughed and left the room to help his pledge buddies set the tables for the evening meal. He loved having guy sex, and wondered how many of his pledge buddies were developing serious relationships the way he was with Mike Mahley.

"Tom Broadbent whacked me on the ass!" Harrison said as Chris got into the kitchen area. "He said I didn't show him respect when I gave him his mail. He gave me a whack on the ass with a paddle and told me that I was supposed to deliver his mail to his room, and not put it in the mailboxes at the front door. He really hit me hard on the ass, and I want to know if he can do that again. I was just sorting out the mail, and I thought I was doing what I was supposed to do."

"Tom Broadbent is a total asshole!" Chris said. "We will make him pay for whacking you! All mail is supposed to be sorted by the pledges and put in the mailboxes for the members. We all have to expect to feel the whack of the paddle, as it is a fraternity tradition, but that weasel is not a regular member here! I think if we all work together, we can run his sorry ass out of this house, and have a better fraternity. Let's talk about this in our pledge meeting tonight after supper."

As soon as the pledges had the tables set, it was time to load the tables with ice water and the evening food that consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, a large tossed salad, along with warm rolls and butter. The pledges lined up on both sides of the hall that led to the dining room to announce that the meal was ready. Cody rang a bell and counted, one, two, three. "SUPPER IS SERVED!" the pledges yelled in unison. The members quickly headed out of the living room, rec room, and dorm areas, knowing that the food would get cold if they lingered.

Chris followed Cody to the rear of the dining room, determined to protect his little buddy. Tom Broadbent followed them and grabbed the chair at the head of the table. He was determined to get Cody in his room to take some nude photos and entice the baby-faced boy to have sex with him. During the Pledge Initiation Ceremony, Tom had used his cell phone to quickly snap three pictures of the line of nude and shaved pledges. Two of the pictures clearly showed the faces and genitals of Nathan and Cody, and Tom had transferred the images to his computer. He had already sent copies of the nude images to his perverted friends across the world, and had posted both pictures on the alt.binaries.multimedia.boys newsgroup. He had been collecting a ton of pictures and videos of young boys and girls having sex with adult men, and sending the two photos would get him more jerk-off material for his illegal collection.

Dave Wilbur, Jermaine Lewis, and Joe McClure had chosen to sit at the same table as Tom Broadbent. Chris and Cody were pleased, knowing that the members were watching Tom to keep him from harassing the pledges. Tom was pissed, knowing that the three members would prevent him from having fun with the two pledges.

"Pledge Emerson," Tom Broadbent began, "Do you have a joke for us this evening, or will you take a whack on the ass instead?"

"I have a joke," Cody replied.

Tom was disappointed that he wouldn't get to whack the cute little guy, and told him to go up to the front of the dining hall and tell his joke.

Ben Cleary was seated in the President's chair, as Tom Jankowski had left the fraternity to work on a project with a study group. Ben tapped his glass to get the attention of everyone as Cody began.

"Gentlemen, I have a joke to share," Cody began.

"Is it dirty?" several voices asked.

"It might be considered dirty," Cody expertly replied.

All of the pledges immediately opened their hands and put their thumbs in their ears, wiggling them back and forth the way they had been trained, as Cody began telling his joke.

"A certain zoo had acquired a very rare species of gorilla. Within a few weeks the gorilla, a female, became very horny, and difficult to handle. Upon examination, the zoo veterinarian determined the problem: she was in heat. What was he to do? There was no male of this species available. While reflecting on their problem, the zoo administrators noticed Tom Broadbent, an employee responsible for cleaning the animals' cages.
Now Tom, it was rumored, possessed a tiny dick, but might be able to satisfy the female. Tom wasn't very bright, so the zoo administrators thought they might have a solution. Perhaps they could entice Tom to satisfy the female gorilla?"

The members were already laughing and giggling about Cody having the balls to put "the weasel", as Tom had been nicknamed, into his joke. Tom Broadbent wasn't laughing, and his face was red with anger as Cody continued his joke.

"The zoo keeper approached Tom Broadbent with a proposition: would he be willing to screw the gorilla, for five hundred bucks?
Tom replied that he might be interested, but would have to think the matter over. The following day, Tom
announced that he would accept their offer, but only under three conditions:
'First,' Tom said, 'I want to kiss her and lick her pussy,' and 'Second, I don't want to pay child support for any baby she might have.'
The zoo administration quickly conceded to these conditions, but what could be the third?
'Well,' said Tom, 'You've gotta give me another week to come up with the five hundred bucks'."

Everyone in the dining room, except Tom Broadbent, roared with laughter as Cody returned to his seat. Chris gave Cody a "high five" for roasting "the weasel". The other members at the table congratulated Cody on his excellent joke and the way he told it. Tom Broadbent glared at Cody, determined to get even with him.

Normally only one or two jokes were told at any single meal. A tap on a glass brought everyone's attention to the front of the dining room where Harrison Alexander Grissom III, nicknamed "Trip" by his pledge buddies was standing. After the appropriate introduction, Trip started telling his joke.

"Tom Broadbent was walking across a farm field with his only friend, a drag queen called 'Honeythroat'," Trip began. "Honeythroat had just been released from prison after 20 years of being 'The Bitch' for every guy in the cell block. Tom showed Honeythroat where he'd first had sex. 'It was right down there by that tree. I remember the day plainly. It was a hot summer day. She and I were so much in love. We walked down to the tree and made love for hours,' Tom recalled.

'That sounds wonderful,' said Honeythroat.

'Yes. It was okay until I looked up and noticed her mother was standing right there watching us' Tom said.

'Oh my God! What did her mother say when she saw you making love to her daughter?' Honeythroat asked.


Tom threw back his chair and stormed out of the dining room. He was furious, and was determined to get even with the pledges for making him the butt of their jokes, and with the members for laughing at him.

"Are you going to the zoo or the farm?" Jake Mahley asked as Tom blasted past him.

Everyone was still laughing at "The Weasel" when the meal was finished and everyone was excused. The pledges were celebrating as they cleared the tables and congratulated their pledge buddies for roasting "The Weasel". When the tables were cleared and wiped off, the pledges headed for the living room where Dave Wilbur was waiting for them to start their pledge meeting.

"Thanks for sitting at the table with me and Cody," Chris said to Dave. "I know that 'The Weasel' would have messed with me or Cody if you weren't there."

"My brothers and I are watching him," Dave replied.

"That guy makes me sick!" Chris said. "What would happen to us if the pledge class takes him on to run him out of the house?"

"I told you that our pledge meetings are informal," Dave replied. "If you guys can run his sorry ass out of this house, I will buy you a keg of beer!"

time would prove that running Tom Broadbent out of the Tri-Delt house would threaten the life of CJ Hammer.

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