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CJ Chapter 27

The pledge meeting continued, with Dave Wilbur challenging the pledges to elect three officers that would hold office until they were initiated. He wanted an election held within a week, stating that the Pledge President would attend meetings with the fraternity officers and would be the voice of the pledges in fraternity life. If the Pledge President wasn't available, the Pledge Vice-President would fill in during the meetings. The Pledge Secretary/Treasurer would take minutes during the pledge meetings and would be responsible for organizing fund raising activities to pay for pledge outings and the cost of the pledge project. Each pledge class had to complete a project that would improve the fraternity or community.

The pledges discussed a lot of things during the meeting, realizing that they had challenges to elect officers, decide on a pledge project, get individual member interviews for their pledge books, learn the history of the fraternity, perform daily house duties, and serve the members at meals. They knew that they would be challenged by the members to perform flawlessly or feel a paddle on their ass, but also realized that they could have fun in their journey toward membership.

"I'll give you guys until tomorrow's meeting to come up with nominations for your pledge officers," Dave Wilbur said. "The sooner you guys get your pledge books and project completed, and learn the fraternity history, the sooner you will be ready for 'Help Week'. It used to be called 'Hell Week' when pledges were denied any sleep and were subjected to constant harassment that included being forced to do things that can only be described as 'degrading'. That crap ended a long time ago, and was replaced with a week of testing and trial of your commitment to becoming a member. It's my job to get you ready, and I will feel like a failure if any of you don't make it!"

Chris really liked Dave Wilbur. He had always been a neat guy to be around during the years that Chris had visited the fraternity. He knew that Dave was basically straight and had a girl that he planned to marry. He smiled, knowing that Dave had "bent" a few times to share guy sex with his brothers and once with Chris.

Dave Wilbur knew that Tom Jankowski, President, and Ben Cleary, Vice-President, had met with Tom Broadbent, trying to convince him to move out of the fraternity house. They had explained to him that he didn't fit into the membership of their chapter and should find somewhere else to live. Tom Broadbent had been livid, demanding that the local members abide by the National Fraternity rules in accepting transfer students. He had been in a four-man room when he first arrived, but the other two members hated him and demanded to have him moved or them. Dave remembered the controversy was only resolved when two members agreed to move out of their desirable two-man room to give it to Tom as they moved in with their two brothers in the four-man room.

Tom Broadbent had been upset that he was asked to move out of the fraternity. He knew that finding an apartment would be expensive, and the best dorms were already filled. He also knew that CJ Hammer had voiced his desires to pledge the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. He lusted after the star athlete, and dreamed of having sex with him. He decided to stay in the fraternity house, hoping that no one would uncover his dark past. When he was moved into the choice room with a nice view of the backyard of the fraternity, he knew he could spend hours on his computer, adding to his collection of child pornography without detection. Now that the new pledge class had been initiated, he was trying to figure out ways to hide cameras to capture nude photos and videos of the extremely young looking pledges, Cody Emerson and Nathan Pease. As he looked at the entire pledge class he saw 22 guys that he would love to have sex with.

Dave Wilbur asked if the pledges had any ideas for their pledge project. Chris spoke up and said that the backyard of the fraternity was a disgrace. The area closest to the house had overgrown shrubs and a small area of grass that the members used for sunbathing, often in the nude. The yard was actually huge, extending down a steep hill to a flowing creek. He suggested that the pledges turn the jungle into a garden with a series of rock ledges and ponds with flowing water that would run into the creek. Jarrett Stevens, an Architectural Engineering student and Cameron Joyce, a Horticulture and Landscape Engineering student, both enthusiastically supported the idea.

"That sounds like too big of a project for your pledge class," Dave Wilbur advised. "I don't know of any pledge class that could afford the cost of what you suggest."

Chris smiled and said, "I think I can get the money to make it happen. The biggest problem will be the labor to design the garden and clear the jungle. With football practice, band practice, and orchestra practice, I don't know if we can do it, but I know it would be a fantastic project."

Cameron and Jarrett promised that they could do the design and submit it to the members for approval. The other pledges said that they could do the physical labor if the money issue could be solved. The entire pledge class was excited about making a major change to the fraternity grounds that would last for years. Dave Wilbur liked the idea, but wondered if a pledge class could pull it off.

"Who do you want to nominate for your officers?" Dave asked the pledges.

"I'd like to nominate Isaac Mendez," Cody stated.

"I want Jerome Wilkins to be one of our officers," Davin Johnson announced.

" Nick Langan deserves to have an office too," Brendan O'Brien said.

Dave Wilbur was pleased that his pledge class had nominated guys that would represent athletics, technology, and liberal arts for their officers, and that a Mexican, a white, and a black had been nominated.

"I move that nominations be closed," Jarrett Stevens announced.

"Wait, guys," Dave Wilbur said. "It's supposed to be an election. In an election, you have more than one candidate for each office."

"Is this our pledge class or yours?" Chris asked.

Dave Wilbur was upset that Chris would challenge his authority, but decided to pull back and see what happened.

"What if we elect those three jerks as our officers and let them decide who takes each office?" Chris teased.

The pledges all laughed and agreed with the proposal. A unanimous voice vote made it final, and the three new officers went to the end of the living room to talk. They returned very soon, announcing that Isaac Mendez was the President, Nick Langan was the Vice-President, and Jerome Wilkins would be the Secretary/Treasurer.

The pledge class cheered, with Dave Wilbur pleased that he was already seeing unity in the new pledge class. Normally it took at least a week for a pledge class to elect officers, and at least three weeks to decide on a project. He was excited about reporting to the next membership meeting about the progress of this pledge class. He congratulated the pledges and said that they could talk about their ideas for the garden, but that study hours would start in 15 minutes.

Normal fraternity life consisted of a breakfast buffet from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., lunch at noon, and the evening meal at 6:30 p.m. Study hours began at 8:00 p.m., and during that time, the dorm areas were expected to be quiet, allowing everyone to study without disruptive noise or interruptions. All of the pledges resided in dorms or apartments off from the CSU campus, but when they were in the fraternity, they were expected to study in the library during study hours. House duties for the pledges were always completed after supper and before study hours. The lucky members and pledges who didn't have homework could relax and unwind in the living room or Rec Room without bothering the guys who needed to study. Pledges had the choice of studying in the library or returning to their dorm rooms to study. The library was considered "off limits" to anyone except pledges during study hours. A member had to knock on the door to get permission to enter the library to get a book or copy of the college tests that had been collected for several years. Each fraternity on campus had a collection of past tests that were used for study material.

Chris was thrilled with the progress of his pledge class, knowing that they were bonding together very quickly. He was pleased that Isaac was going to be the Pledge President, knowing that his roomie had not hesitated to confront the membership when he thought something was wrong. He hugged Isaac at the end of the pledge meeting and congratulated him on his new office.

"I've never been an officer for anything in my life!" Isaac admitted as he returned Chris's hug. "I gotta call home and tell the rents about this!"

Chris laughed and cuffed Isaac on the back of the head, asking Isaac to tell his parents and brother, "HI" from him. He loved Isaac and his family, and knew that they would be thrilled that his peers now recognized him as a leader.

Cody came up to Chris and asked if they could talk. Chris wondered what his little buddy wanted to talk about, but knew that he was ahead in all of his classes, and didn't need to go to the library to study.

"My dad sent me some email today!" Cody announced, excitedly. "He has been doing a genealogy study of our family, and I want you to read this!"

Chris looked at the printout of the Emerson family. He didn't understand what was so important, until Cody pointed to an entry on the family tree. He knew a little about his own ancestry from talking to his biological father and his maternal grandparents.

"Oh my God!" Chris said as he looked at the information on the printout. "You have an ancestor from the Anitsisqua Clan of the Cherokee Nation! That is the same clan that my great-grandfather was in! That is AWESOME!"

Chris picked Cody up and spun him around, thrilled that his little buddy was remotely connected to him by their family heritage. He had always loved Cody, and had given him the nickname of "Chip" for the way his cheeks seemed to puff out like a chipmunk. Cody had accepted the nickname, knowing that it wasn't a putdown from his big buddy.

"WE'RE BLOOD! Cody screamed as he hugged Chris.

The two guys celebrated their ancestral connection, not knowing how important their blood relation could be.

"I want to celebrate," Chris announced to Cody. "How would you feel about sharing some Cherokee body fluids with me?"

Cody was thrilled, and quickly agreed that he wanted to have sex with his big buddy. It was amazing to him that he had ever met the star basketball player, and now they were blood brothers and going to have sex. Chris knew that Mike and Justin were both out of the fraternity to work with study groups, so he headed for their room with Cody. He had used the rooms of Mike and Jacob Mahley in the past for sex with Sig Ep's and didn't think that there would be any problem today. As soon as they got to the room, the two pledges kissed passionately and began removing their clothes.

Chris loved his little buddy and enjoyed touching and kissing every inch of his small body. There was something especially erotic about Cody. Chris wondered if it was because of how cute Cody looked with his ponytail, or if he was interested in young looking guys. Knowing that they both had ancestors in the same clan of the Cherokee Nation made the attraction even stronger. He picked the little guy up and deposited him on Mike Mahley's bed, quickly taking Cody's five-inch erection in his mouth.

Cody squealed with pleasure as he felt his dick being sucked, licked and nibbled. He loved having his dick sucked, and knew he wouldn't last long as he watched the handsome blonde athlete bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock. He loved Chris with every fiber of his body and wished that his love would be returned. He knew that he was a special friend to Chris and would do anything to take their friendship to the level of true love. His body was responding to the oral efforts of CJ Hammer and he screamed as he unloaded his semen into the slurping mouth.

Chris was always surprised at the quantity of cum that Cody could pump. For a little guy, he could put most guys to shame, as Chris gulped down a huge load of fresh, warm cum. He felt Cody collapse on the bed, and gently finished him off, savoring the unique watery flavor of Cody's juice.

Cody recovered from his intense orgasm and looked into the face of his big friend. He saw a handsome face smiling back at him. He climbed on top of Chris and kissed him passionately, shoving his tongue inside Chris's mouth to taste his own cum. He kissed all over Chris's face and began his journey South. He stopped at each of Chris's nipples to lick and suck them to hard nubs before he traveled down to Chris's navel. He licked around the button and used his tongue to trace where Chris's treasure trail had been removed during their pledge initiation. He lifted the huge erection to lick Chris's pubis, giggling about the lack of hair that all of the pledges shared. Cody vacuumed in one of Chris's huge nuts and bathed it with his small mouth. He wished that he could take both of the sperm-producing spheres in his mouth at the same time, but correctly guessed that no one could do that easily.

Chris loved the sensations from the small tongue of his pledge buddy. Cody was a fantastic sex partner, and could always get him to pump an exceptionally large wad of cum. He wanted to fuck Cody's cute little ass, but knew that his buddy wanted to suck Little Chris and eat his pudding. Cody was one of the few guys that could swallow his entire load without gagging or letting anything escape his throat and mouth. When Cody repositioned his body on top of his, Chris pulled Cody so his cute little butt cheeks were right in front of his face. He slid Cody back so he could lick Cody's beautiful ass at the same time that Cody was sucking Little Chris.

It was a special position that they both enjoyed, as Cody swallowed as much cock as he could while he felt his ass cheeks and boy pussy being licked and sucked. Before he had started college at CSU, he had never had his backdoor licked or fucked. Now he knew that his butthole was extremely sensitive, and he loved rimming, fucking, and felching. He had tried straight sex, but knew that he was gay. He accepted his gay feelings and knew that he had been gay for his entire life, and only college life had brought him out of denial into reality.

Chris was making a meal out of the cutest ass in the world. He loved squeezing Cody's ass cheeks with his big hands and then pulling them apart to open the puckered hole of Cody's pink boy pussy. He shoved his tongue inside the small gap and savored the mixed flavors of mild soap and anal juices. It was an aphrodisiac to him as he felt his balls pull up tightly to his body. He warned Cody before returning to tongue fuck his small friend, as his cock began blasting wads of cum.

Cody used both of his hands to jack Chris off as his mouth and tongue intensified their efforts to pull every drop of cum out of the huge cock. He gulped and swallowed as fast as he could, knowing that Chris had always pumped more cum than any three normal guys could pump. He had eaten his own cum several times, and realized that Chris's cum was much thicker and had a stronger flavor. He loved eating warm cum directly out of a handsome guy's cock and was easily convinced to trade blowjobs with his Big Brother, Jermaine Lewis, his pledge buddies, and even some of the other members of the fraternity. He finished Chris off and turned to French kiss his big buddy. The kisses were very passionate, and Cody knew that it was just the beginning of their sex break from studying.

Chris recovered and asked Cody to fuck him. He reached over to the table that separated the two beds in the room and handed Cody a tube of lubricant from the drawer. He lifted his legs to give Cody complete access to his hole and waited for him to lube up and slide his dick inside. He loved to see the expressions on the faces of guys as they shoved their hard cocks into his love hole, and he watched Cody's face change from happiness into lust. Even a five-inch dick will cause some discomfort when it first enters a body, and Chris felt the pressure and stretching of his body to accommodate Cody's rock hard cock. He loved being fucked, and was ready to work his anal muscles to make the fuck exceptionally intense for his small pledge buddy.

Moans and groans filled the room, as Cody put everything he had into fucking his big friend. He could feel Chris's ass muscles clamp down on each out stroke of his cock, and relax to allow him to put all five inches of his boner back in deep. He felt small as he shoved his cock inside the huge body of his friend, but knew that Chris accepted him as an equal and had assumed the most vulnerable position that any guy could be in to accept his cock. He continued slamming his body against Chris's, filling the room with sounds of body impact and aromas of anal sex. He screamed as he felt his prostate throb and pump his male liquid deep inside Chris's body.

Chris loved having sex with Cody almost as much as having sex with Mike Mahley. He held his little buddy tightly as he felt the sobs of ecstasy flow through Cody's small body. He knew that Cody was crying with pleasure and not because he was sad. He let Cody finish his orgasm and held him tight.

Cody finally recovered and lifted his face to see Chris smiling back at him. He returned the smile, knowing that nothing in the world was more intimate than sharing anal sex with another guy. He leaned down and kissed Chris, trying to explain how much he loved him.

Chris heard the words of love and also read Cody's mind. He knew that Cody was totally in love with him and wanted them to be life partners. The love that he was reading was so intense that it embarrassed Chris for prying into Cody's mind. He tried to break the contact by trying to focus on the time that he was shot and had shot men that wanted to kill him and a police officer. The thoughts were so intense and frightening that the link was broken. His biological father's suggestion had worked, but Chris was still troubled by knowing that three different guys were totally in love with him. He didn't want to hurt anyone, and was upset that someone would be hurt if he made a choice.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE?" Mike Mahley screamed. He had returned early from his study group to find his Little Brother in his bed having sex with another pledge. Mike was furious! He had hoped to return to the fraternity and make love with his Little Brother, but found Chris having sex with Cody in HIS BED!

Chris was shocked at Mike's early return, but knew that he had used Mike's room before to share sex with girls or guys. He quickly realized that things had changed, and Mike was furious with him for using his room with Cody.


Cody jumped off the bed, grabbed his clothes and ran out of the room, terrified at how Mike had screamed at him and Chris. He was afraid that his lust for Chris was going to cause them both to be kicked out of the pledge class, and he ran to the room of his Big Brother, Jermaine Lewis, to beg for his help.


Chris realized that he had made a serious mistake by using Mike's room to have sex with Cody. He knew that Mike loved him from the previous mind link, and now connected with Mike's mind and only read hurt, anger, and hatred. He pleaded with Mike to understand what had happened, but Mike was livid. He was nude as he bent over in the prescribed position for pledges to accept whacks from a member with a paddle. The first whack was so hard that he screamed in pain, never expecting Mike to ever hit him that hard. The second whack was even harder, as Mike was losing control of his emotions.

Mike wanted to come back to the fraternity and find his Little Brother to make love. Instead, he found Chris using his bed to fuck with another pledge. His jealousy had turned into hurt and anger that Chris would find another guy more desirable than him. Instead of making love to his Little Brother, he wanted to punish him for finding another guy attractive enough to have sex with him.

The third whack was as bad as the second, and Chris was now sobbing in real pain from the blows across his naked ass. He knew that he had fucked up by using Mike's room, even though he had been given permission to use it before. Mike was going to hurt him, and Chris refused to use his superior strength or Karate skills to stop him. His ass cheeks were on fire as the fourth blow from the wooden paddle drove him against the wall, hitting his head hard.

Mike had lost control of his emotions, and was ready to continue hitting Chris on the ass. He was just ready to land the seventh blow to his Little Brother's ass when Jermaine Lewis grabbed his arm and slammed him against the wall.

"IF YOU HIT HIM AGAIN I'LL KILL YOU!" Jermaine Lewis screamed at Mike.

Joe McClure and Jacob Mahley had heard the screaming and severe paddle blows and had run to Mike's room. When they found out what had happened, both Joe and Jake were furious at Mike for losing control and hurting his Little Brother. Jake was ready to kick his own brother's ass, knowing that Mike was in love with Chris and had just delivered some severe blows to Chris's naked ass.

Jarvis Williams had also run into the room and grabbed his pledge buddy. He held Chris tightly after seeing the severity of the paddle blows that had landed on his buddy's ass. Blood was flowing down Chris's legs where the paddle blows had broken the skin of his butt cheeks.

"If you ever hit him like that again," Jarvis screamed at Mike, "I'll kill you!" He helped Chris gather his clothes from the floor of the room and led his pledge buddy across the hall and into the shower room. Several other pledges had heard the yelling and screaming in the dorm area, and had run to find out what was going on. They were shocked to find out that Chris had been paddled so hard that his ass cheeks were bleeding from the impacts.

Dave Wilbur had heard the screams and had run into the dorm area. He was met by several pledges who screamed obscenities at him and the membership for how their pledge buddy had been injured. He knew that he had damage control to perform, and confronted Mike Mahley after learning what had happened.

"I can't believe that you would do this to your own Little Brother!" Dave said to Mike. "You are a disgrace to this fraternity!"

Mike realized that his love for Chris had turned to jealousy, and the jealousy had caused him to lose control of his senses. He sobbed in pain as he realized that he had hurt the guy that he loved more than anything in the world. He broke down and sobbed uncontrollably on his bed, hoping that he would die.

Chris was in the shower room, with Nathan and Cody helping him clean off his body. Nathan and Cody were both crying as they tried to help their pledge buddy recover from being beaten with a paddle by his Big Brother. The water washed away the blood from the paddle blows, but it wouldn't wash away the emotional damage Mike had done to Chris.

Chris was devastated by what had happened. He had used rooms in the fraternity for sex before, but he never expected Mike to attack him with a paddle for having sex with Cody. For the first time, he wondered if he had made a mistake by pledging the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. His feelings of love toward Mike Mahley had been replaced with hurt, then anger, and finally, hatred. He shook his head to clear his mind, and realized that he still loved Mike, but knew that Mike no longer loved him. That realization caused him to break down and sob. He crumpled into the corner of the shower room and cried uncontrollably.

Jarvis came into the shower room and saw his big football teammate sobbing like a little boy. He removed his clothes and got under the shower water with Chris, holding him and trying to comfort him.

Chris turned toward Jarvis and hugged his big black teammate, sobbing on his shoulder. He felt helpless, and his big buddy was his only refuge from the pain that was wracking his mind and body. He hugged Jarvis and listened to the soothing words that continued to flow out of Jarvis's mouth. Jarvis was trying to explain to him that when guys are in love, they become very jealous. He knew that he was jealous when his own Big Brother, Justin Abernathy, had left the fraternity to fuck one of the Sig Ep's, wishing that Justin would desire his body more than a girl.

Chris finally calmed down. Jarvis helped him stand up so Nathan and Cody could dry Chris off. The three pledge buddies helped Chris out of the shower room and into the room of Cody's Big Brother, Jermaine Lewis. Nathan had run to the medical closet and had retrieved some antiseptic cream and gauze bandages. He applied the soothing salve and bandages, trying to choke back his tears as he tended to his pledge buddy. All three guys helped Chris get dressed and insisted that he return to his dorm room for the night.

Dave Wilbur had located Isaac and told him what had happened in the dorm area of the fraternity. He pleaded with Isaac to take Chris back to their dorm room and watch Chris closely. Dave was tuned into the close bond between Chris and Mike, and was afraid that Chris would fall apart at having his Big Brother attack him.

"He's my bud!" Isaac said forcefully. "No one will hurt him again, or I'll kill them!"

Chris was physically sore, but his emotional injuries were intense. He knew that Mike loved him, and never expected Mike to hit him so hard with the paddle. He remembered a time when they were younger when Mike had punched him in the mouth when he thought Chris was trying to hit on a girl that Mike wanted to hookup with. He had taken the punch in the face that split his lip, and refused to hit Mike back. Now Mike had hit him again and had hurt him, and he wondered if his intense feelings for Mike were wrong. He refused a ride back to the Jacobs Dorm from Dave Wilbur, and walked silently with Isaac.

When they got to their dorm room, Isaac helped Chris undress. He knew that his roomie was physically and emotionally hurt, and helped Chris get into his bed. Isaac grabbed a bottle of Ibuprofen pills that his father had given him, gave two to Chris, and gave him a bottle of water from the refrigerator to wash down the pills. Chris had to lay on his front, as his butt cheeks were deeply bruised and the skin was split from the impact of the paddle.

"I never dreamed that Mike would do this to me," Chris admitted as he washed down the two pills. "I've done girls and guys in his bed before, and he never hit me for doing it. Maybe I should leave here and go to the other college that I seriously considered. Michigan State University has a great basketball coach in Tom Izzo. He wanted me to play for him, and maybe that is where I belong."

"You belong here with me!" Isaac said forcefully. "If you leave CSU, I'll leave with you! Mike lost control. I know that he loves you and I won't let you fuck up your life by reacting impulsively! Let's go to bed together and just cuddle so you know that I care about you and promise to help you get through this shit! Mike fucked up, and I bet that right now he is kicking his own ass for hurting you!"

Chris loved Isaac, and wondered where fate was taking him. He knew that Isaac, Cody, and Mike all loved him from the mind links that he had established with their minds. His butt ached from the paddling, but the hurt to his heart was worse. He moaned as he went to his own bed and lay down, hoping that sleep would heal the hurt in his body and heart.

Isaac tried to hide his tears as he undressed and got into bed with CJ Hammer. He hugged his big buddy and tried to soothe Chris with words about their pledgeship together and discussion about how to turn the backyard of the fraternity into a beautiful garden. He hoped that talking about the pledge class and their project would take Chris's mind off of the events of the evening. It worked, as Chris fell asleep, with Isaac hugging him throughout the night.

Chris woke up early the next morning and untangled his own body from that of his roommate and pledge buddy. Isaac only groaned as Chris got up and ripped off the bandages that covered his battered butt cheeks. He knew that his physical injuries would heal, but wondered if he would ever recover from the emotional impact of having Mike hurt him. He decided to take a morning run and see how his sore ass cheeks would respond to physical exercise. It was painful for him to run, but he knew that pain was always present for any athlete. He pushed himself to run faster and longer than ever before, and headed for Madison Stadium. He hit the bleachers and ran the entire stadium, not knowing that David Patrick and Marcus Knight were watching him.

"Something is wrong with our buddy," David Patrick said to his best friend, Marcus Knight. "I've seen him run before, and he never went through the entire stadium! I had a call last night from Kelly Mason, my first-string quarterback, and he told me that some shit went down last night at the Tri-Delt Fraternity. He said that Chris and his big brother had a big altercation. He wouldn't give me the details, but he did say that Mike paddled him hard, and said he was worried about Chris."

"Let me talk to him," Marcus Knight asked. "I've seen him pissed before, and I think he will open up to what is bugging him to me if you aren't around."

"You know that we both need him for our teams," David Patrick admitted.

Marcus agreed that CSU needed CJ Hammer for their teams, but reminded David of the confidential conversations that they had already had with Saul Bernstein about his son's emotional condition. They both had agreed to help Chris face the realities of his life that were traumatically affected by being an orphan. Both coaches had talked to Greg Cunningham, the therapist who was working with Chris to help him sort out his life.

Chris was exhausted when he finished running every aisle of Madison Stadium. He was just leaving the stadium when Marcus Knight confronted him. He tried to dodge his basketball coach, but was grabbed and tackled to the ground.

"You're gonna talk to me!" Marcus demanded as he wrestled with a guy that could break him in half without any effort.

"Let me go!" Chris demanded. "I have to get to my Poly Sci class!"

"Fuck your Poly Sci class," Marcus demanded. "We know you had a problem at the Tri-Delt house last night, and I want you to talk to me about it!"

Chris was ready to go postal with his basketball coach, but broke down and sobbed in Marcus's arms. He loved Marcus like a father, and would never fight with him. He continued sobbing and told Marcus that he was gay, and was in love with a guy that had hurt him physically and emotionally.

Marcus had suspected that CJ Hammer was bi-sexual after the first time that he had met the talented athlete. He had heard about Chris's visits to the Sigma Epsilon Sorority, and knew that his star athlete had put several girls through multiple orgasms. He also knew that Chris was a very sexual person in the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, and had shared a bed with some of his basketball team players.

"I know what happened last night with you and Mike Mahley," Marcus said. "Mike fucked up, and now it is your turn to decide if you want to 'fuck up' too, or get on with your life and be a real man!"

"How do you know what happened or what I am thinking?" Chris asked.

"I've watched you for years!," Marcus admitted. "You and I go way back, and I hope that we are still friends. My wife loves you like you were her son, and that goes for me too! You busted my balls with the prank you pulled on me, but I love you more than you could ever know! If you are in love with a guy, I will support you in every way that I can. I know that right now, you have been physically and emotionally hurt, and I want you to know that you are not alone as you struggle for your own identity. I want you to go with me to the training room where the PT Staff can check you out.

Chris wanted to take a shower and go to his class, but knew that Marcus wasn't going to let him leave the Athletic Complex. He grumbled, but walked beside his favorite coach to the training room.

"I stink like a skunk!" Chris said. "I should take a shower, but I don't have any clean clothes to wear."

"You do now!" Isaac said as he handed Chris a gym bag. "Coach Patrick called me and asked me to bring some clothes for you to wear. I picked out what you should wear, so at least today you won't be dressed like a nerd!"

Chris glared at his roomie. When he saw Isaac's face break out into a big grin, he cuffed Isaac on the back of the head. He headed into the shower room and washed off the sweat from his long run and intense workout in the stadium. He wrapped a towel around his waist, knowing that he would be nude during the examination. When he returned to the training room, he saw Judy Hobson, a Physical Therapist, waiting with the two coaches.

"Drop the towel," Judy ordered. "You don't have anything that I haven't seen before in the locker room!"

"I don't want you getting turned on and forgetting why we're here!" Chris teased Judy. He knew that the PT Staff now consisted of three female trainers who treated sports injuries. He had seen the females treating groin pulls and other injuries where they handled the genitals of the male athletes very professionally.

Judy laughed and began her examination, starting at Chris's head and neck, working her way down the muscular body. She found a multitude of bruises from the previous football game and recent practices that would not cause any concern with Chris's clearance for attending football practices. She told Chris to turn around and she continued her examination of the deeply scarred back, tracing his spine with her fingers. She skipped the battered butt and worked her way down Chris's legs to examine each of the huge feet.

"Lay on the exam table on your belly," Judy commanded.

Chris winced with pain as he complied with her request. It was embarrassing, knowing that three sets of eyes were now staring at his butt and the evidence that the Tri-Delt Fraternity was violating National and Campus rules against hazing of pledges. He groaned as Judy manipulated his butt cheeks, knowing that he couldn't hide the discomfort from the severe paddling. He knew that the skin had been abraded and split, but also knew that he would heal with no permanent damage.

"You can get dressed now," Judy ordered.

"Are you sure you don't want to get rid of these two old men and have some fun instead?" Chris teased.

Marcus and David both joined Judy in laughing at Chris's suggestive comments. Chris gave up and got off the examination table, wincing when his sore butt reminded him of his embarrassing injuries.

"Two things," Judy began. "First, I want him out of practice today. He will take a combination of whirlpool treatments, ice packs, and massage therapy. I will examine him again tomorrow afternoon to see if he is ready for practice."

Chris started to protest, but was quickly cut off by the two coaches who reminded him that the decisions of the PT Staff were final and binding on the coaches and players.

"Second," Judy continued. "I am obligated to inform the Director of Student Services that an assault has caused injuries to a student. They will investigate, and charges may be filed against the parties that caused these injuries."

"If you file that report," Chris challenged, "I'll quit the football team and leave the CSU campus! I messed up and deserved to be paddled! I'm not gonna be a part of any college that would cause trouble for my buddies and fraternity!"

Everyone saw the eyes of the gifted athlete turn from vivid green to the eyes of a predator, ready to strike out and kill.

"You make the decision!" Chris demanded. "I'll take the treatments and stay out of practice today, but if you file that report, I'll be packed and headed home before lunchtime!"

"Let us talk," David Patrick said to Chris, knowing that the big athlete was serious about his threats.

Judy, David and Marcus walked out of the treatment room to have a private discussion. Chris was dressed and had shoved his sweaty clothes into the gym bag, determined to protect Mike Mahley and the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. He waited for several minutes before the trio returned to the training room.

"I don't like ultimatums from my players!" David Patrick stated firmly. "Judy has agreed to put her examination report in your file here in the Athletic Department with two stipulations. First, that you follow her therapy plan. Second, I will contact your fraternity president. If I see any further evidence of injuries like yours on ANY other student connected to your fraternity, the report will be pulled from your file and sent to Student Services! We're not stupid! We know that several fraternities still use paddles on their pledges, but a whack on the ass won't cause injuries like yours unless someone loses control! There are times that I wish I could use a paddle on some of my players when they screw up in practice or a game! Do we have a deal?"

Chris was relieved. He hugged all three of the people who could have forced him to leave the CSU campus. He thanked each of them and promised to live up to his part of the bargain. He left the Athletic Complex to return to his dorm room and grab his backpack and books. He knew he had missed his first class, but was determined to make all the rest of his classes, knowing that it would be painful to sit through the long lectures.

Back at the Tri-Delt house, several members, including all of the officers, had cut classes to decide what to do about Mike Mahley's beating of his Little Brother. Tom Jankowski had talked to David Patrick and was shaking with fear at the threats of the Head Football Coach. He knew that Mike Mahley could be put on trial by the members of the chapter and would very likely be expelled. The chapter had never conducted a trial that could end by "pulling the pin" of a member. If the National Office found out about the attack, the chapter could be in serious trouble.

Mike was in his room, totally wasted with grief over what he had done to the man that he loved. His jealousy had boiled over, and he had lost control. Many of his brothers had been in to talk to him. Most of them ripped into him verbally for hurting his Little Brother and creating a crisis on the campus. After they chewed him out, they all said that they would help with "damage control". Many of the brothers hugged Mike before they left the room, saying that they still loved him.

Chris attended his classes and reported to the training room for his therapy. It had been painful sitting in classes, and it hurt to stand up or walk. He wanted to go for a run, knowing that it would be very painful, but after the workout the pain would be reduced. The PT was effective in reducing his discomfort and he felt refreshed as he headed back to his dorm room. He grabbed some books and headed for the Tri-Delt house. He needed to talk to his Big Brother and apologize for using his room for sex with Cody. He knew that Mike loved him and had lost control of his emotions. He had been thinking of Mike all day, ignoring the lectures of his professors.

As soon as Chris entered the fraternity, Tom Jankowski, the Chapter President met him.

"We need to talk," Tom said to Chris.

"I need to see my Big Brother first," Chris replied.

"Mike is sleeping in his room," Tom said. "His dad was here and gave him a sedative. Please go with me. The officers want to talk to you in the Chapter Room where we can have some privacy."

"Mr. Jankowski, you know that pledges aren't allowed in there," Chris stated.

"Chris, you can drop the Mister stuff for a while," Tom advised. "We need to talk about what happened last night and what you want the membership to do about it. We're your friends and we need to talk to you in private."

Chris followed Tom into the Chapter Room where he saw all of the officers seated in chairs that were arranged in a circle. Two empty chairs were in the circle, and Chris and Tom sat down.

"We all know what happened last night," Tom began. "Coach Patrick really ripped my ass this morning. He is really pissed at our fraternity for allowing a pledge to be injured, and he told me how you threatened to leave CSU if the report was sent to Student Services. We don't know what we can do to rectify the situation. Mike could be expelled from the fraternity at the very least. What do you want us to do?"

"I love all of you guys," Chris began. "I screwed up by using Mr. Mahley's room to have sex with Cody. I want to apologize to him and see if he and I can patch things up. If you pull his pin, I'll walk out of this house and never return!"

The officers weren't ready to hear that Chris wanted to apologize to Mike for having sex in his room. They expected Chris to demand that Mike be punished for the attack that broke the chapter rules on behavior of members toward pledges.

"Chris you can call us by our first names," Dave Wilbur began. "I feel responsible whenever anything goes wrong with a pledge, and I promise to help you and Mike work things out. I know he feels terrible for hurting you. He won't say it out loud, but he loves you. We have him on an around the clock suicide watch right now. You have the right to file a formal complaint against him with the National Office or us. I have to tell you that information as your Pledge Master. We can appoint a different guy as your Big Brother, and that might be the best thing right now."

"Dave, you didn't listen to what I said!" Chris said forcefully. "Mike is my Big Brother and my best friend! If I wanted to hurt him, I could have taken him out last night very easily. Maybe you forgot that I have a few Karate skills, and Mike has none. I want to patch things up with him and the rest of the guys here. Please let me go talk to him!"

"You put it on the line for us today with your coaches!" Ben Cleary said. "You didn't have to do that, but it proves to all of us that you are a special pledge, and I for one am proud of you! We'll all help you sort this out!"

"Does that mean I can call you guys, ASSHOLES at supper tonight?" Chris teased.

"NO!" was the unified response of all of the officers. They all got up and hugged Chris, thanking him for diffusing a very serious situation.

Dave Wilbur walked with Chris toward the dorm area of the fraternity. Several of the pledges gave Chris hugs when they saw him still wearing his pledge pin. Cody hugged Chris and sobbed on his shoulder, saying that it was his fault that they were caught having sex in Mike and Justin's room.

Chris hugged his little friend and said that things were going to work out if Mike would talk to him. He walked up to the door to the room where he hoped to talk to his Big Brother and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" a voice asked.

"It's Chris, and I want to talk to my Big Brother," Chris replied.

"Tell him to go away," a shaking voice said.

Chris recognized the shaking voice as that of his Big Brother. He wasn't going to leave, and was ready to knock the door down if it was blocked in any way. He knew that no locks were allowed on any dorm room, but some guys blocked their door with furniture to have privacy.

"Come in, Chris" the first voice said.

He opened the door and found Jake Mahley sitting on the side of his brother's bed. Mike had his face buried in his pillow.

"Can you leave us alone?" Chris asked Jake.

Jake was afraid to leave Mike and Chris alone, but saw Dave Wilbur standing in the doorway, motioning for him to leave the room. He leaned over and kissed the back of his brother's head and said, "You better talk to him or I will kick your ass myself!"

Chris waited until the door closed, knowing that several ears were probably glued to the door to hear what was being said in the room. He sat on Justin's bed and looked at Mike laying on his stomach with his head still buried in his pillow.

"Mike, I want to apologize to you for last night," Chris began. "I was wrong for using your room and bed to have sex with Cody. He found out yesterday that one of his distant ancestors was from the same clan in the Cherokee Nation as my great-grandfather. We decided to celebrate by swapping sperms, and should have gone somewhere else instead of using your bed and room. I deserved being punished, but you went overboard and really hurt me. I'd never hurt you or this fraternity by filing any complaint, and I hope that we can put this behind us and get back to being Big Brother and Little Brother."

Mike Mahley couldn't believe that Chris was in his room and not beating the fuck out of him. He lifted his tear-streaked face to see Chris sitting on Justin's bed, looking like he had just lost his dog or best friend.

"I'm such a fucking jerk!" Mike sobbed. "I wish that you'd kick my ass until I'm dead. At least then I'd pay for what I did to you!"

"I agree that you're a fucking jerk!" Chris replied. "Will you accept my apology?"

Mike was sobbing and couldn't even talk. Chris got up and crossed the room to hug his Big Brother. Mike pulled away, but was no match for the strength of his Little Brother. He hugged Chris and begged him to forgive him for the severe paddling.

"Let's just say that we both accept the apologies," Chris whispered into Mike's ear.

The two men hugged and cuddled on Mike's bed. The guys listening at the door realized that some semblance of normality was restored between Mike and Chris, and left to spread the news to the members and pledges. Chris and Mike fell asleep on Mike's bed, hopeful that the events of the previous night would never be repeated.

Mike woke up first and turned to look at the handsome face of his Little Brother. He loved Chris more than anything in the world, and knew that he had really fucked up by letting his jealousy distort his common sense. Chris was a very sexual creature, and he had to accept him the way he was. He looked at his handsome buddy and prayed that some day they would become true lovers instead of sex buds.

Chris woke up as Mike touched his face, pushing his hair out of his eyes and tugging on his long thin braid.

"We're late for supper," Mike said softly.

Chris lifted up and kissed Mike on the lips. He was happy that his kiss was returned, but realized that he was very hungry.

"Will I get in trouble for going into the dining room late" Chris asked his Big Brother.

"I think that we will be teased, but no one will hurt you," Mike replied. "I hurt you enough last night to last ten lifetimes!"

"We can't live in the past!" Chris said. "I want you to promise me that you won't bring that up again! You better wash your face, cause you look like shit!"

For the first time in 24 hours, Mike Mahley smiled. He hadn't eaten a thing all day, and was starving. He went across the hall and washed his face, cussing at his Little Brother who was goosing and teasing him. The two guys hugged and kissed before they headed for the dining room, holding hands all the way.

The dining room was almost silent with the members and pledges concerned about how Chris and Mike were doing to patch things up. Beverages had been served and everyone seemed to be poking at their food, hoping that their fraternity life wouldn't be torn apart by an investigation from the college or National Office. When Chris and Mike walked into the dining room, holding hands, the room erupted with cheers and applause. Everyone but Tom Broadbent stood and applauded at seeing Chris and Mike together again.

Chris walked up to the head table and said, "Mr. Jankowski, I apologize for being late for supper. I'll eat in the kitchen for arriving late if you will let me have supper. I'm really hungry, Sir."

"Pledge Hammer," Tom Jankowski replied, "Find an empty seat and sit down. Seeing you and Mike together is the best thing that I've ever seen!"

Chris and Mike found two empty chairs at the same table and joined in on the chatter that was now filling the dining room. Appetites seemed to be renewed, as everyone was relieved to see that normality had returned to the Tri-Delt house. Chris and Mike both ate like hogs, as neither of them had been able to eat since the events of the previous night. They were still chowing down when dessert was served. Chris asked for permission to help Trip and Hunter serve dessert to the members, but was turned down by Chao Tsung, who was sitting at the head of the table.

"Sit and eat," Chao ordered. "Two pledges can handle dessert for us."

Everyone was enjoying the apple pie when a clinking glass pulled their attention to the front of the dining room where Jarvis Williams was standing.

"I have letter Number One for Mr. Broadbent," Jarvis announced. "It has a return address from 'Sharon Peters' in Lansing, Michigan."

Everyone laughed and knew that Tom Broadbent was going to be fried again, as Jarvis delivered the letter.

"I have letter Number Two for Mr. Broadbent," Nick Langan announced. "It has a return address from "The Penis Enlargement Institute' in Chicago, Illinois."

"I have letter Number Three for Mr. Broadbent," Hunter Greenwood announced. "It has a return address from 'Ima Slut' in Detroit, Michigan."

Tom Broadbent accepted the letters, not knowing the chapter tradition that any guy getting four letters in a single day would get a "shower party" from the pledge class. He looked at each letter and saw a canceled stamp was attached. At first he was thrilled with the notoriety of getting so much mail in a single day, but wondered why it was being delivered at the supper meal. The letters all looked legitimate, but he didn't recognize the return addresses.

"I have letter Number Four for Mr. Broadbent," Dylan Castor announced.

Before Dylan could announce the return address on the letter, the dining room erupted with shouts of "SHOWER PARTY! SHOWER PARTY! SHOWER PARTY!"

Tom Broadbent didn't know what "Shower Party" meant, but he would quickly learn, as several pledges grabbed him and lifted him out of his chair in the dining room. Pitchers of ice water were grabbed as the biggest pledges grabbed Tom Broadbent and carried him out of the dining room and into the courtyard. Windows along the sides of the dining room gave every member an excellent view of the festivities. Four pledges held Tom Broadbent in the air with his face looking up toward the California sky. They held him by his arms and legs, and easily controlled him as he struggled and cussed at them.

Other pledges had retrieved the 12 pitchers of ice water from each of the dining room tables. Each pitcher had been topped off just before the announcement of the first letter.

"ONE, TWO, THREE!" the pledges counted in unison. On the count of three, four pledges released Tom Broadbent, letting him fall to the grass in the courtyard. He hit the ground on his back, at the exact time that 12 pitchers of ice and water flooded his body. Everyone cheered at the perfect execution of a "shower party". Tom Broadbent stood up and screamed at the pledges, saying that he was going to kill them for soaking him with freezing water and ice cubes.

Chris and Jarvis stood, side by side, to protect their pledge buddies who were returning to the dining room to the cheers of all of the members.

"I'LL GET EVEN WITH YOU ASSHOLES!" Tom Broadbent threatened to Chris and Jarvis. He knew that he couldn't handle either of the two huge pledges in a fight, so used his only weapon, his mouth, to threaten them. He was livid as he headed for his room to change his clothes.

"Congratulations, pledges!," Dave Wilbur said when their pledge meeting began. "You've shocked the members again by knowing our tradition of 'shower parties' and you got 'The Weasel' really good!"

The pledges all laughed and gave each other "high fives" for the beginning of their push to drive Tom Broadbent out of the fraternity house. They openly admitted that Chris had told them of the tradition, and had made sure that the regular mailman with legitimate postal cancellations delivered each letter.

"You guys have to learn that you don't have to tell me how you pull a prank or which of your buddies orchestrated it!" Dave advised. "I promise as your Pledge Master that I won't tell any member that you set 'The Weasel' up on this. Fraternity life is supposed to be fun, and after the tension of last night and today, we all needed a good laugh! CONGRATULATIONS!!!"

The pledge meeting was a happy event, with everyone excited about having fun. Jarrett Stevens and Cameron Joyce had worked hard on a proposed design for converting the backyard from an overgrown jungle into a beautiful garden. They were both excited to show how a fountain could flow through a series of ponds, down the hill and into the creek. They had done sketches that showed where tier lights would light a path of paving stones that wound around the ponds and led to a flat area where parties could be held. Everyone was excited when they looked at the renditions of their pledge project, knowing that it would take a lot of physical effort to remove the old shrubbery, excavate for the ponds, and clear out the undergrowth that choked the land down to the creek.

"We can put a pump in a crock in a deep spot in the creek," Jarrett explained to his pledge buddies. "That way we will use the water and return it to the creek. If we want to, we can make some of the ponds deep enough to support fish called Koi. They are beautiful carp that we would have to feed, but it would look awesome! Other people use the creek water for watering their yards, so it shouldn't be a problem to get a permit."

Dave Wilbur loved the proposed changes to the backyard, but again thought that the project would be too expensive and take too much work for the pledge class to complete.

"I think that you guys have a fantastic idea," Dave admitted, "but you don't realize how expensive this project can be. It would take a ton of work just to clear the land down to the creek, and this might be a project for the entire fraternity to take on instead of just the pledge class."

"I told you before that the money won't be a problem," Chris said. "Some of us are playing football or have commitments to the band and orchestra, but I think we can pull this off without help from the membership. We will need to get permits and electrical supply, but I know where there is a rock quarry where we can buy some great stones to create a beautiful garden. Jarrett knows how to run a Bobcat and other big equipment, so all we have to do is rent what we need. Let's put in a sprinkler system so the entire garden and yard will be watered properly. If we do this right, the garden will be 'barrier free' so anyone can enjoy the garden even if they are in a wheelchair."

"Jarrett and I have been looking at different varieties of shrubbery," Cameron said. "We'll talk to a local nursery to make sure that our choices are right and available. We're both pumped that we will have a chance to prove to our pledge buddies that we know what we are doing!"

Dave Wilbur realized that the pledge class was determined to convert the backyard into a beautiful garden. He agreed to take the proposal to the officers, but knew that they would approve any project that he brought to them. The pledge meeting ended, with everyone pumped up about the events of the day and their future plans for a fantastic project.

Chris headed into the dorm area to talk to his Big Brother. He had decided to spend the night in his dorm room, but wanted to see Mike again before he left the fraternity. He knocked on the door and was given permission to enter the room.

"I wanted to see you before I left the house," Chris said to Mike. He gave Justin a hug before he turned to his Big Brother. He gave Mike a big hug and kiss before he said, "I'm glad that we worked things out today."

Mike hugged his Little Brother and thanked Chris for forgiving him for the abuse of the previous night.

"I thought we agreed to let go of the crap from last night!" Chris said. "You're still an asshole, but you are MY asshole again!"

Everyone laughed as Chris hugged Mike and gave him another kiss on the lips. He headed back across the CSU campus to the Jacobs Dorm, filled with mixed emotions about the past 24 hours in his life.

Things settled down on the CSU campus. Chris was released by the PT Staff to return to football practice as the team was preparing for an away game in Florida against the Miami Hurricanes. Miami had been elevated to the Number One team in the nation, and would have the home field advantage against the CSU Falcons. Coach Patrick was confident that his team was ready to challenge the top team in the nation. He watched his team practice, and was pleased with the way the players practiced some new plays to pull on the Hurricanes. CJ Hammer would be used as an offensive fullback and tight end, and would show his athletic abilities with plays designed for him to take a handoff in an "end around" where he would either carry the ball or throw a pass to one of the two wide receivers.

Chris was thrilled at the intensity of the football practices, and loved having the choice of running the ball or throwing passes to the wide receivers or Kelly Mason, the quarterback. He was mainly practicing as the fullback, throwing blocks for his pledge buddy, Delano Genovesi. To confuse the defense, Chris would occasionally carry the ball into the defensive line. The team was pumped at the thought of traveling across the country to play the top rated team in the nation, knowing that their families would be watching from the stands or on the ESPN 2 live telecast.

Everyone was pumped as they boarded the chartered plane to fly to Florida on the Friday before their televised game. Chris knew that his family from Boston was flying down to watch him play, and that B and Helen would be in the stands to cheer on the CSU Falcons. The team left the chartered bus and ran around on the field where they would meet their next major challenge. David Patrick had insisted that his team be allowed to run around on the field on the night before their game to get used to the field and stadium. His players also walked into the "visitors" locker room that was painted pink to insult his team.

"Pink is the same color as my girlfriend's pussy!" Kelly Mason yelled at his teammates.

The team erupted in laughter, as their coach blew his whistle to get their attention.

"The Miami Hurricanes want to upset you by making you use this insulting locker room!" Coach Patrick began. "When we are through with them tomorrow, they will know that they got their asses kicked by a team of men that won't be intimidated by the color, pink!"

The team all cheered and left the locker room to board the buses that would take them to their hotel rooms. Chris was thrilled to see B, Helen, and his entire family from Boston waiting for him in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel where the team would be housed. He gave out a ton of hugs and kisses as he greeted his family. He wanted to spend time with his family, but knew that the team was supposed to stay together and not leave the hotel premises.

David Patrick saw the emotional greeting that his star athlete received from his family. He was surprised at the strong family resemblance of the twin men that hugged Chris. He walked up to the group and was quickly introduced by CJ Hammer to the entire Carpenter family. When he shook the hands of Jonathan Carpenter, Randy and Charlie, he realized that Chris was a carbon copy of his male family members. Even the beautiful Jennifer Carpenter looked like his favorite freshman football player, and he quickly gave Chris permission to spend the evening with his family, as long as he didn't leave the hotel premises.

Chris was thrilled that his coach would let him spend time with his family, and grabbed David Patrick and lifted him off the floor and spun him around.

"Put me down or I'll bench you!" David Patrick screamed at his talented freshman.

Chris laughed and threatened that he was going to dump his coach into the pond in the hotel lobby. He teased his coach as he held him at the edge of the pond, knowing that he would never dump his coach into the water. Many of the football team laughed as their teammate teased their coach, knowing that everyone was having fun in Florida.

The entire extended family enjoyed a meal together, with Chris loving the way B and Helen had bonded with his biological family. He was in heaven, and hoped that his team would win the game against the top team in the nation. Everyone celebrated, with Jonathan Carpenter watching his son interact with everyone like a true host. He was proud of his son, but wished that he could spend more time with him. He watched Chris socialize with his family and was surprised when Chris asked Carol Carpenter to dance with him when the band started playing.

"Come on, Mom!" Chris said to Carol Carpenter. "Dance with me!"

Carol Carpenter was thrilled that Chris was calling her, "Mom" and quickly agreed to join the handsome athlete for a fast dance on the floor of the hotel. She was impressed by the gyrations of her third son, and knew that he had learned to dance in a very provocative manner. The song ended, and she felt the strong, muscular body hug her as Chris thanked her for dancing with him.

Jennifer didn't wait for an invitation, as she pushed her mother aside and firmly stated that the next dance was hers! She was excited as she heard the first few notes of the signature song from "Dirty Dancing". As the band blasted out the sounds and words of "The Time of My Life" she felt Chris begin to gyrate with the exact moves from the movie. She abandoned all of her inhibitions, as she ground her body against her brother, totally oblivious to the crowd of observers that included her family and members of Chris's football team. It was like a replay of the movie score, with Chris replacing Patrick Swazey as they danced together. Everyone in the hotel dining room was spellbound as they watched the talented athlete dance with his sister to the very provocative steps that had been displayed in the famous movie. Everyone in the dining room stood and cheered as the song ended with Chris lifting his sister and spinning her around over his head.

David Patrick had watched his star freshman dance with members of his family, but never dreamed that Chris could put on a performance that could land him a job with any Hollywood talent agency in California. He knew that his entire team needed to rest, and reluctantly ended the wild party to announce that the team had to head for bed.

Chris hugged and kissed all of his family and joined his teammates to head for their rooms. He knew that he wouldn't be able to see them the next day, as the team had strict rules about staying together during breakfast and a light practice before the football game, and would leave for California after the game. He gave Saul and Helen a second hug and kiss, and promised them that the CSU Falcons would win the football game the next day.

Chris was still pumped up when he got to the room that he would share with Delano Genovesi. Delano greeted his big buddy and hugged him, knowing that they shared a very special friendship as pledge buddies. They both knew that they had to conserve their energy for the football game, and undressed and took their separate showers before heading for bed.

"I need a blowjob!" Delano said to Chris. He was pumped for the next day's football game, but knew that he would have trouble sleeping without sexual release.

Chris laughed and admitted that all of the dancing had made him very horny too. He was going to whack off in his bed, but decided that he and Delano could take care of each other if they got in the 69 position. The two athletes quickly got undressed and blew each other's lights out, swallowing huge quantities of warm cum. They hugged together on the same bed in the large hotel room, cuddling together and kissing as they drifted off to sleep.

The telephone rang at 8:00 a.m. awaking Chris and Delano. They were still having trouble adjusting to the 4-hour time difference between California and Florida, and moaned as they realized that they had to get up and prepare for their football game. They both grumbled about being woken up, but quickly realized that their coaches and teammates would be waiting for them for breakfast before the football game. They got out of bed and packed their bags, knowing that they wouldn't return to the hotel after the game was over.

The football team enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel and headed for the stadium where they would play a game that would be nationally televised against the Miami Hurricanes. They went through a pre-game workout that would get them loosened up and ready to compete.

When the time arrived for the Falcons to leave the pink locker room, Coach Patrick addressed his team.

"The Miami Hurricanes put us in a pink locker room to try to make us feel like a bunch of cunts!" David Patrick began. "We are their worst enemies, and we will prove today that we can kick their asses! Let's bow our heads and let Julius Fischer lead us in prayer before we prove to the world that we are a team of talented athletes!"

Julius led the team in a prayer for protection from injuries and success for their team. The prayer ended with the entire team pumped with emotion as they left the pink locker room and headed out on the field to confront the Miami Hurricanes.

ESPN2 was covering the game, and the two announcers were making their pre-game comments to the national television audience.

"The CSU Falcons come into this game with a record of 3 and 0 against three of the best teams in the nation," Tom Jeffries stated. "The Falcons weren't even ranked in the Top 25 when this season started, but now they are ranked 4th or 5th in the two major polls. If they win today, they deserve to be ranked #1. The weatherman has predicted a heavy rainfall, and that might make a big difference in the outcome of this game today."

Lamar Thomas was the Color Commentator and had played in the NFL for 10 years before a knee injury ended his line-backing career. He said, "David Patrick is an excellent coach, and his recruiting staff landed the best class of freshmen of any college in the nation! The list of recruits reads like a list of high school All-Americans, and Patrick and his coaching staff have put together a young team that can go into hostile territory like The Big House in Ann Arbor and come out victorious. I talked to Coach Patrick earlier today, and he said he had some surprises for the Miami Hurricanes! This should be an exciting game as the Miami Hurricanes are picked to repeat as National Champions. If the rain comes, the Falcon air attack will be grounded, and the advantage would shift to the Hurricane running attack."

Back in California, the Tri-Delt Rec Room was filled to capacity, as all of the pledges and members were watching the large screen television. It was noon in California, but the beer was already flowing freely as the guys watched the ESPN2 broadcast. Everyone wished that they could have gone to Florida to cheer for their team, but had to settle for watching the game on television instead.

Cody Emerson grabbed the remote and said, "Hey, I think there is a cooking program on Channel 7 right now!" He changed the channel and was quickly attacked by everyone in the room. The channel was immediately changed back to ESPN2.

"If you touch that remote again," Jermaine Lewis threatened his Little Brother, "I'll whack your ass so hard your balls will come out of your mouth!"

Everyone laughed and continued to tease and tickle Cody. Pranks and jokes were always enjoyed in the Tri-Delt house, but no one wanted to miss a single second of the football game.

The Falcons won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. The Miami Hurricanes took the opening kickoff and were stopped at their own 23-yard line. Chris was playing free safety on defense, and stunted back and forth across the line of scrimmage. When the ball was snapped, he blitzed, and nailed the Miami quarterback for a seven-yard loss. On the next play, he faked a blitz and dropped back in pass protection. He was assigned to the tailback in case he would leave the backfield and head into the flat for a pass. Chris cut in front of the tailback and picked off the pass with one hand knocking the ball into the air before he hauled the ball in and ran it into the end zone for a CSU touchdown. His teammates surrounded him in celebration of his interception and their first touchdown of the game. The partisan crowd was stunned, with their team down by a score of 7 to 0.

The Rec Room at the Tri-Delt house was pure bedlam as everyone screamed and cheered for the first touchdown of the game that had been scored by their pledge. Tom Broadbent was included in the celebration, as "high fives" were exchanged around the room. He wished that the members and pledges would accept him as an equal, but knew that his secrets and desires would get him thrown out of the house if they were uncovered. He tried to keep a low profile, but it seemed like everyone was out to get him and force him to move out. He had started collecting nude pictures of the pledges and members with a digital camera and his cell phone, and was trading the pictures on the Internet. If he moved out, he would lose access to the best looking guys on campus.

"We are less than two minutes into this game, and the Falcons have forced a turnover," Tom Jeffries said. "This crowd is shocked right now, but let's see how the Hurricanes respond when they get the ball back."

Coach Patrick had decided to use Chris sparingly on defense to conserve his energy for the fullback position on offense. He would have loved to have Chris on "Special Teams" but knew that the success of the team depended on a ground attack that would eat up the clock and keep the powerful Hurricane offense on the sidelines. The Hurricanes took over on their own 20-yard line after the CSU kickoff sailed into their end zone.

Chris was on the sidelines as the CSU defense held the Hurricanes to seven yards on three plays.

"It's three and out for the Miami Hurricanes," Lamar Thomas announced. "The Falcon defense dominated the line of scrimmage, with the big freshman, Jarvis Williams making two excellent tackles. Williams was the top rated defensive tackle in the nation, and we are seeing him prove that he can dominate at the college level."

The Hurricane punt went out of bounds on the CSU 35-yard line. There was a timeout on the field for a commercial break, and David Patrick took the time to talk to his offense before they would take the field. He pumped up his players and turned the team over to the Offensive Coordinator, Mike Johnson, who was in the press box and would call each play.

The two ESPN announcers were very surprised to see the offensive formation of the CSU Falcons. "I don't believe this!" Tom Jeffries announced. "The Falcons are lining up in the 'I' formation with Delano Genovesi at the tailback position behind Number 26, CJ Hammer and Kelly Mason, the senior quarterback! You said that David Patrick had some surprises for the Hurricanes, but I don't think anyone ever imagined having a 350 pound fullback leading the way for the talented Genovesi!"

"Genovesi is 5-10 and weighs 195 pounds," Lamar Thomas said. "He is almost invisible behind Hammer! I played linebacker, and I sure wouldn't want a 350-pound truck slamming into me! Let's see how this offensive alignment works for the Falcons!"

The Tri-Delts were going wild as they watched the Falcon linemen open big holes in the Hurricane defense. Chris "pancaked" the middle linebacker and Delano had consecutive runs of 18, 12 and 11 yards.

"THAT'S MY LITTLE BROTHER! Chao Tsung screamed.

"My Little Brother is the one blocking for him!" Mike Mahley replied.

"The Hurricanes have called a timeout," Tom Jeffries announced. "I think they are trying to figure out what to do to stop a ground attack that they never dreamed would come from the Falcons. Kelly Mason came into this game as one of the top rated quarterbacks in the nation, and I'm sure that the Hurricanes expected an air attack. So far, Mason hasn't thrown a pass, and the Falcons are moving the ball down the field!"

"Latrelle Jones is considered the best middle linebacker in college football," Lamar Thomas said. "Many people expected him to sign up for the NFL draft at the end of last season, but he returned for his senior year. He's a top contender for the Butkus Award, but right now I'm sure that he is asking his teammates for some help, as CJ Hammer has 'pancaked' him on the past three plays. I think Latrelle is getting a taste of what the hitting is like in the NFL from CJ Hammer!"

The commentary continued as the Falcons lined up for the next play. "Hammer goes in motion to the left," Tom Jeffries announced. "Kelly Mason drops back to pass. Genovesi throws a block on the blitzing linebacker and Mason throws towards Hammer in the left flat. It's caught, and Hammer is loose. He's at the 30, breaks a tackle, he's at the 20, 10, 5, TOUCHDOWN, CSU FALCONS!!"

"Hammer normally plays on Special Teams and defense," Lamar Thomas said, "But today, he is an offensive star for the CSU Falcons! Most defensive backs weigh about half of what he does, and it is almost impossible for them to take the ball away from a guy that is a foot taller than they are and can run them over just like he did to Damian Jefferson. It's gonna be a LONG day for the Miami Hurricanes if they don't figure out a way to stop the CSU offense!"

Saul Bernstein was celebrating in the stands with his friend, Helen Waterson and the entire Carpenter family. Everyone was hugging and celebrating at how great Chris was doing in the game, and how the Falcons were kicking ass against the Miami Hurricanes.

Everyone at the Tri-Delt house was jumping and screaming as they watched their football team dominate the Number 1 team in the nation. Everywhere on the CSU campus, television sets were tuned into the ESPN 2 broadcast, and the campus was rocking! The Falcons continued their domination of the Hurricanes, and led by a score of 28 to 0 with two minutes left in the first half of the game.

"Miami is still reeling from the way the California State University Falcons have dominated this game," Tom Jeffries announced. "They need to get a touchdown to go into the locker room with some semblance of momentum."

Miami went to their passing attack, and moved the ball down the field. Three completed passes gave them a first down on the Falcon two-yard line.

"Miami is knocking at the door!" Lamar Thomas said. "If they can score now, they can go into the locker room with some momentum and regroup to figure out a way to get back into this game!"

"Miami comes up to the line of scrimmage with a single tailback," Tom Jeffries announced. "It looks like a run, as Tom Filmore hands the ball to Jeff Hall. He's hit by Jarvis Williams and FUMBLES the ball! The Falcons recover at their own one-yard line! It's first and 10 for the Falcons, as Jarvis Williams laid a crushing hit on the running back and caused that fumble! There's a timeout on the field, as we take a commercial break."

Coach Patrick congratulated Jarvis and the rest of the defensive team before addressing the offense. "Hammer!" he screamed. "Get me a first down! They'll try to strip the ball, so protect it!"

Chris nodded his understanding as the Falcons lined up on the field.

"The Falcons are at their own one-yard line," Tom Jeffries announced. "They need to get out of the shadow of their own end zone to run out the clock and go into the locker room with a 28 point lead. Mason is under center, he takes the snap and hands off to CJ Hammer who is hit at the line, breaks a tackle, knocks over the middle linebacker and he is FREE! Hammer is at the 30, runs over the defensive back, and HE IS GONE! HE'S AT THE 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, TOUCHDOWN! CJ HAMMER HAS JUST TIED AN NCAA RECORD WITH A 99 YARD TOUCHDOWN RUN!!!"

Saul had tears running down his face as he hugged Helen and celebrated. Jon Carpenter was in the same condition as he hugged his wife and children, celebrating the long touchdown run by his son.

The same emotions filled the Tri-Delt Rec Room, as the members and pledges practically tore the room apart with their celebrations. The Falcons now led by a score of 34 to 0!

Chris ran back to the sideline, removing his helmet to cool off. David Patrick grabbed him and hugged him.

"I'm sorry coach," Chris said to Coach Patrick.

"What the fuck are you sorry about?" David Patrick yelled.

"You told me to get a first down, but I didn't do it!" Chris teased.

David Patrick had learned the way Chris and his buddies responded to a stupid comment, and cuffed his gifted player on the back of the head.

"I just saw Coach Patrick hit Hammer on the head!" Tom Jeffries announced. "Why would a coach cuff a player that just tied a NCAA record?"

The extra point was good, and the CSU defense held the Hurricanes to short gains as the first half ended.

"Can we watch the cooking show now?" Cody teased. "I'm getting hungry!"

"NO!" was the unanimous reply as both members and pledges attacked him to keep him away from the remote. They loved their smallest pledge and how he showed his sense of humor by teasing everyone else.

"Let's go down to Connie Sanyo on the field with Coach Patrick," Tom Jeffries announced.

"Coach Patrick," Connie Sanyo began, "How do you explain the way your team has dominated this game so far?"
"Our Offensive Coordinator, Mike Johnson, put together our game plan, and it seems to be working," David Patrick replied. "I'm sure that Miami will make some changes for the second half, but we'll be ready with some changes of our own!"

"Coach Patrick," Connie continued, "We saw you hit CJ Hammer on the back of the head after his 99 yard touchdown run. What was that all about?"

David Patrick laughed and said, "I told Hammer to get us a first down, and when he came back to the sidelines after running for 99 yards, he teased me by apologizing for not getting a first down. Hammer and his buddies have a practice of cuffing each other on the back of the head to acknowledge a 'stupid' remark, and that is what I did to him before I hugged him!"

"Thanks, coach for that explanation, and good luck in the second half," Connie said.

The guys at the Tri-Delt house were laughing at how Chris had teased his coach. When the saw the playful hit to the back of Chris's head, they all suspected that he had jerked his coach off and was repaid quickly. A ton of pizzas arrived, and the frantic guys ate like they were starving. The pizzas disappeared before the halftime was over.

The Falcon locker room was filled with excitement as the players hit the toilets and got ready for comments from their coaching staff.

David Patrick began by saying, "You guys played a fantastic first half! It's starting to rain, and that could work in our favor. This area has been soaked lately, and it won't take much rain to turn the field into a swamp! If it rains hard, neither team will be able to pass effectively, so we will concentrate on our running game. They will put 8 or 9 men in the box, so our linemen have to control the line of scrimmage and put a 'hat on a hat' to open holes. The ball will be wet, so we have to protect the ball at all times. When we are on defense, we can concentrate on their rushing game and make them take chances! We have a nice lead, but we can't let down and play conservatively or we could let them back into this game!"

The assistant coaches took over and gave pointers to the players on how they wanted them to play in the second half. When the Falcons returned to the field, it was raining so hard it was difficult to see the other end of the playing field.

"The weatherman was right in predicting heavy rain," Tom Jeffries announced. "Lamar, how do you think the rain will affect the outcome of this game?"

"Well, Tom, I've played in a downpour like this," Lamar Thomas replied. "The footing is going to be treacherous, and I don't think either team will be able to pass effectively. I think that the CSU Falcons have the advantage, as their running attack has been extremely effective in the first half. The Miami Hurricanes need to pass to get back into this game, but there is no way for the officials to keep the ball dry."

"The first half statistics are all in favor of the Falcons," Tom Jeffries said. "Delano Genovesi is running wild behind the blocks of CJ Hammer. Genovesi has scored three touchdowns on runs of 26, 52, and 14 yards, and has a total of 323 yards in the first half. Kelly Mason has only thrown six passes so far, but they were effective in two touchdowns with no interceptions. Hammer got one of those passes for a touchdown and tied the NCAA record for his run of 99 yards for another. Unless a miracle happens for the Hurricanes, they will be knocked out of the 'undefeated' ranks and have their hopes for repeating as National Champions wiped out."

The rain continued to pour down, and the field was flooded due to the saturated ground. Players were sliding all over the field, with both teams having trouble moving the ball effectively. The fourth quarter began with CSU leading by a score of 42 to 7. Delano made a long run of 35 yards and slid out of bounds on the Miami one-yard line.

"Miami has to dig in to stop the Falcons here," Tom Jeffries announced. "The rain has let up a little, but the field is soaked and neither team can get any traction. Mason takes the snap and hands off to Hammer up the middle. OH, MY! HAMMER IS HIT HARD BY LATRELLE JONES! HAMMER BOUNCES OFF THE HIT AND IS IN THE END ZONE! HAMMER HAS SLAMMED INTO THE GOAL POST AND IS DOWN!"

"That was a direct helmet to helmet collision, that we could hear all the way up here in the press box!" Lamar Thomas stated. "Both Hammer and Jones are down, and neither one seems to be moving! Jones is on his back, and Hammer is motionless with his face in a huge puddle at the back of the end zone! Let's hope that both players are okay, but neither one is moving as the trainers rush onto the field!"

"We're gonna take a commercial break right now," Tom Jeffries announced.

The Tri-Delt members were shocked as they saw Chris take a direct helmet to helmet hit from the Miami linebacker and then lay motionless on the field. Mike screamed in agony at the thought that his Little Brother could be seriously hurt, and was worried that he might drown in the water where he lay motionless.

When the commercial break was over, the two players were still motionless on the ground. Two ambulances were pulling onto the field, and everyone knew that both players were seriously injured.

Saul Bernstein had grabbed Jon Carpenter and ran down the stadium steps to the usher.

"We're the fathers of CJ Hammer!" Saul yelled at the usher. "Where do we go to meet the ambulance?"

The usher quickly left his post and led Saul and Jon through the stadium to the north end of the field where the ambulances would exit.

Back on the field, Chris was regaining consciousness and struggled with the trainers to get up. He was determined that he would never be carried off the field.

"HE'S MOVING!" Mike Mahley screamed, as he watched Chris struggle to get up.

Everyone watched Chris stagger as he fought off the trainers and removed his helmet. He got up, but looked like he was drunk as his legs could barely hold him up.

The partisan crowd cheered when they saw one of the two players struggle to his feet.

"This is a scary sight to see," Tom Jeffries said. "Two great athletes collided in the worst type of contact. Hammer has struggled to his feet, but I bet he thinks he is in California! Coach Patrick is right there with his star player, and I'm sure he will make Hammer get onto the gurney and head for the hospital for medical attention! The training staff has put a neck brace on Hammer, and it looks like he is resisting them! It looks like David Patrick has won the argument, as Hammer is being helped onto the gurney. The ambulance with Latrelle Jones is now leaving, and I'm sure that everyone in this stadium and across the nation is praying for both of these fine athletes!"

Chris woke up in the Trauma Unit of the hospital but didn't know where he was.

"Mike, get me a beer!" Chris moaned.

"Jesus!" Saul exclaimed to Jon. "He's still out of it!"

Both players were examined and given a series of X-rays. The hospital staff was pleased that neither player had suffered any breaks or fractures, but insisted that both be admitted for treatment and observation.

"He's had a concussion," Dr. Gannon told Saul and Jon. "We want to keep him here so we can make sure that there is no other damage that we haven't found. The human brain is like a water balloon, and when there is a severe impact, the brain gets bruised when it slams against the skull. Right now what he needs is rest. We can give him something to reduce the pain, but his brain is swollen, and he might not know that you are even here."

Saul and Jon thanked the doctor and watched as their son was moved out of the Trauma Unit and into an elevator to take him to a private room. Helen and the entire Carpenter family had arrived at the hospital and were worried about Chris.

"His mind is reeling with all kinds of crap right now," Randy announced. "He thinks he's at the fraternity with Mike."

Everyone was startled that Randy was able to connect to Chris's mind, but knew that the Carpenters had telepathic skills.

"Tell him that we love him," Jon said to his son.

"I just did that," Randy replied. "He says he wants me and Charlie with him."

Everyone headed for the room where Chris had been taken, praying that he would recover from his injury. Randy and Charlie were the first ones to be allowed into the room with Chris, and they both went up to his bed. As soon as Charlie touched his brother, he felt a strange sensation that energy was flowing out of his body.

Chris's eyes opened and he tried to talk. His mind linked with Randy, and he told his brother that Charlie was giving him strength. Randy told Charlie what Chris was thinking, and Charlie said he could feel energy leaving his body as he held Chris's hand. In less than two minutes, Chris was able to speak softly, and thanked Charlie for helping him. Charlie was exhausted and broke contact to sit in the visitor's chair in the room. Chris now realized where he was, and asked who won the football game.

Saul and Jon walked into the room and approached the bed of their son.

"Hi Dads," Chris said softly. "How is your day going? I can see four of each of you right now, so I don't think my day is worth a shit!"

"I always know when he is feeling better," Saul said. "When he turns into a smartass, he's gonna be okay!"

A nurse came into the room and gave Chris an injection, telling the family that he would rest now and they should let him sleep.

Randy tried to explain what had happened when Charlie had touched Chris. No one could understand how energy could be transferred from one person to another, but the quick improvement of Chris and the way Charlie was exhausted was proof to all of them that a special link existed. Saul and Jon both made phone calls to tell family and friends about Chris's condition. When Saul called the Tri-Delt house, the members and pledges were relieved to hear that Chris would be okay, but would be kept in the hospital for observation. The Falcons had won the football game by a score of 49 to 14. Saul had called the Athletic Director, John Stevens, and asked that he relay the information about Chris's condition to Coach Patrick and the team.

Chris Hammer would recover to play football again for the CSU Falcons!!!!!!!!

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