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CJ Chapter 28 Pop Goes The Weasel !!!!

Chris was released from the Florida hospital on Sunday afternoon. His Boston family was still in Florida, waiting to see if Chris would recover from his injuries and be able to return to the CSU campus.

Chris hugged everyone and took the time to thank Charlie for helping him recover. It was a special time for Charlie, as he had always felt left out when his father and brother displayed their telepathic skills. He now knew that he had a skill that no one else in his family seemed to possess, and it pleased him that he was able to help his brother recover from the football injuries. Charlie had felt drained of all of his energy when he touched his half-brother, but quickly recovered.

Jon Carpenter hugged Chris and gave him a kiss at the airport. He had offered to have Chris, Saul and Helen use the Carpenter Lear Jet to return to California, but his offer had been politely refused. He watched his son head toward the secured boarding gates, praying that Chris would return to the CSU campus and enjoy his college life. He knew that he and his family would be traveling to California for the UCLA football game and the Orchestra Concert, and he was happy that he would spend more time with his son.

The Carpenter family flew back to Boston, and talked about the incredible links that Randy and Charlie had with their brother.

"Maybe you aren't worthless after all!" Randy teased his twin brother.

Charlie cuffed his twin on the head and said he always knew that he had special skills that no one else in the family had. Everyone laughed and celebrated as they relaxed during the flight back to Boston.

Saul had talked to the ticket agent and had requested first class seats, but found that the first class section was filled. He told the agent that his son was very tall, and would need a seat with extra legroom. The ticket agent quickly recognized the name of CJ Hammer, and said that she would try to get him a seat at the front of the coach cabin where he would be comfortable.

Chris ended up sitting with a teenaged boy and his mother at the front of the coach section, with Saul and Helen sitting further back. They were the last passengers to board as the flight crew prepared everyone for take-off.

The boy was sitting next to his mother and was shocked to see the size of the man who was going to sit next to him. He was a football fan, and immediately recognized CJ Hammer.

"You're CJ Hammer!" the boy blurted out. "I watched you play football yesterday on television! You are awesome!"

Chris buckled his seat belt and introduced himself to Blake Mathers and his mother.

Blake was in orbit that he was sitting next to the huge athlete that he knew was not only a football star, but was also the National Karate Champion. He begged Chris for an autograph, only to hear his mother chastise him.

"Blake, you mind your manners!" Sue Mathers ordered. "Mr. Hammer doesn't need to be bothered by you!"

"Mrs. Mathers," Chris began in his Texas drawl, "Blake is no bother to me! I'd like someone to talk to during the flight, as my dad and friend are sitting way back in the plane."

Blake was thrilled that the famous athlete would stick up for him with his mother, and began a constant barrage of questions after getting CJ Hammer to sign the airline's book that was in the pocket in front of his seat.

"You got hit really hard!" Blake stated. "I'm glad that you're okay. What did they do to you in the hospital?"

Chris explained that he had a concussion, how he had been treated, and that he was feeling much better after spending the night in the hospital.

"Can I touch your braid?" Blake asked. "How long have you had it. I want one just like it!"

Chris laughed and explained that a girl he knew in high school had convinced him to grow the hair on the left side of his head so she could braid it for him. The braid now reached down past his left shoulder, and he explained that he was part Cherokee Indian, and Indians believed that long hair gave them strength.

Before the flight was over, Chris had learned all about Blake's life, and that he and his mother were returning to Los Angeles after her divorce from his father was completed in Florida. Blake was 15, and dreamed of being a star athlete like CJ Hammer, and couldn't wait to tell his friends in California that he had talked to the famous athlete.

"Maybe you can come down for one of our football games," Chris suggested.

"Mom tried to buy tickets, but all of the games for the rest of the year are sold out," Blake replied.

"If you give me your address," Chris replied, "I might be able to send an autographed picture of me in my Falcon uniform. If I do, you gotta promise to cheer for the Falcons from now on, and not the Bruins!"

Blake was in orbit at the thought of getting an autographed photo. He tried not to get his hopes too high, but prayed that CJ Hammer would write to him as he gave Chris his home address.

The flight ended with Chris giving both Blake and Sue a hug before he left with Saul and Helen. Saul and Helen took Chris back to the CSU campus and up to the front door of the Jacobs Dorm. Chris gave both Saul and Helen hugs and kisses and thanked them for taking care of him. He knew that he would see them on Saturday, as it was going to be a very special day in all of their lives. Before he went inside the dorm, he used his cell phone to call David Patrick.

Coach Patrick was happy to hear that Chris was back on campus and asked, "How are you feeling, son?"

"My vision is back to normal," Chris replied, "and my headache is tolerable. My neck and back are stiff, but I'm sure that things will loosen up when I get some exercise."

"Chris, you took one of the hardest hits I've ever seen!" Coach Patrick said. "Guys have been permanently paralyzed from a helmet to helmet hit. I want you to promise me that you won't do any physical exercise until after you are examined tomorrow morning. We'll give you a complete physical with blood work and X-rays. A team of doctors will examine you before you are cleared for ANY type of exercise. After midnight tonight, you'll have to fast and only drink water until the tests are done. I'll pick you up in front of your dorm at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, and get you excused from your morning classes."

Chris agreed with the coach's orders and headed inside the lobby of the dorm. CSU students who congratulated him on the fantastic football game immediately surrounded him. They were all happy to see that he was okay and had returned to the campus. Chris went to his room and decided to take a shower before he headed to the Tri-Delt Fraternity. He was hungry, and figured that he could shower and still make it to the fraternity before suppertime.

As soon as Chris opened the door to the Tri-Delt Fraternity, he was swarmed by his pledge buddies and the members. Everyone wanted to congratulate him for the football game and tell him how worried they were about his injuries. Chris decided to pull one on the members, and looked straight at Ben Cleary and called him Joe. He then turned to Justin Abernathy and called him John.

Everyone was shocked, and suspected that the head injury to their buddy was more severe than they had imagined. Mike Mahley came into the living room and was shocked when Chris called him Justin. The living room went silent as everyone was worried that the head injury had really messed Chris up.

"GOTCHA!" Chris screamed as he grabbed his Big Brother and spun him around.

The guys were all pissed that Chris would tease them, but quickly remembered that teasing was a part of life at the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity.

"YOU ASSHOLE!" Mike screamed at Chris. "You deserve to be paddled for calling members by their first names!"

"I never called a single member by his correct first name!" Chris responded. He laughed, as he knew that he had just pulled a good one on three of the members. Mike grabbed Chris and hauled him into the living room so they could talk in private.

"I know I have problems with my emotions," Mike admitted. "Dad has me lined up with a psychiatrist to help me work through some personal problems. I already met with the shrink once, and he wants to talk to me at least twice a week. I just want you to know that I have been worried sick about you, and I'm super happy that you are back here with me!"

Chris hugged his Big Brother and realized that he wasn't the only one that needed professional help in sorting out his emotions. He kissed Mike on the lips before he headed to the dining room to help set the tables for supper.

The pledges were all thrilled to see their big buddy return to the fraternity, and gave Chris hugs and congratulations on the CSU victory over the Miami Hurricanes. Everyone was pumped with excitement, and Cody whispered that a prank had been pulled on Tom Broadbent for whacking Nick Langan the previous night. Chris had told his pledge buddies a variety of pranks to pull on the members, but didn't know what they had done to Tom.

Everything seemed normal at the fraternity during the suppertime, until dessert had been served. Justin Abernathy asked Trevor Thomas if he had a joke to share, and the fun began.

Trevor was up in front of the dining room for the first time and was very nervous as he began to tell his joke. The customary introductions and questions about the joke being dirty were completed, as Trevor began by saying, "A young guy was in school and his teacher asked the class a question."

"What was his name?" the members shouted.

"His name was Tommy Broadbent," Trevor replied.

Everyone smiled as Trevor continued telling his joke. "The teacher asked the children in class to give examples of what was not good to put in one's mouth. Little Tommy says "It is not good to put a lit light bulb in one's mouth." The teacher says "That is correct, but why?" Little Tommy answers "I don't know, but my Mom always tells my dad "turn off the light before you put it in my mouth!"

The dining room erupted with laughter as Trevor returned to his seat. Tom Broadbent was livid, as he was once again used as the butt of a joke from the pledge class.

Dave Wilbur asked Delano Genovesi if he had a joke to share, and Delano headed for the front of the dining room for the customary announcement and questions about the dirty content of his joke.

"This crippled and ugly girl was being hit on by Tom Broadbent, and she was really hard up for sex. At the end of the evening as they were beginning to undress each other in his apartment, Tom asked, "Before we go any further, Zelda, tell me do you have any special fetishes that I should take into account in bed?"

"As a matter of fact," smiled Zelda, "I do happen to have a foot fetish...

but I suppose I'll settle for your four inches tonight."

The dining room erupted with laughter as Tom Broadbent blasted out to head for his room. He was totally pissed about the pledges making him the butt of their jokes, and was determined to get even with them.

"I see that things are normal around here!" Chris said to his Big Brother. "My buddies and I will keep frying him until he either shapes up or gets out!"

The pledges cleared the tables and went into the living room for their pledge meeting, laughing about the jokes from supper and how The Weasel had stormed out.

Tom Broadbent stopped in the toilet to take a dump. He was still steamed about the jokes at supper as he looked in each stall to find one with some reading material. He found a wrinkled copy of Hustler Magazine, and settled down for a dump and a whack. Several of the pages were stuck together, and Tom wondered if he could hide a camera somewhere to catch someone jerking off in the stall. He took his dump and began stroking his 5 inches of slender meat. He wished that he had a huge dick like CJ Hammer, wondering if Chris could suck his own cock. The only sex he had scored since he came to California was from hookers that he bought in a nearby town. He had swiped his cousin's high school graduation picture from his home in Michigan, and had told everyone who would listen that she was his girlfriend. He was constantly showing guys the picture and bragging about how she sucked and fucked him on every date. He finished whacking off in some toilet paper, and took the magazine to add to the collection in his room.

When Tom Broadbent got to his room, he saw that the door was ajar. He was pissed that someone had been in his room and hoped that they didn't get into his locked metal box that contained his illegal porn. As soon as he opened the door into his room, a plastic bowl of water fell off the top of the door and dumped on his head. He screamed obscenities as he headed for his closet to get a towel. When he pulled the closet door open, all of his clothes were pulled off the clothes bar and fell to the floor. Someone had bent the hooks on each hanger so they barely stayed on top of the rod. A string had been run through the hangers and attached to the door. He was screaming and cussing as he headed out of the dorm area, determined to grab the first pledge he could and beat his ass with a paddle. He stormed into the living room where the pledges were talking about their pledge project. Jarvis and Brendan jumped up and blocked Tom's path into the room. The two athletes towered over him and were ready to beat him to a pulp.


"These fuckers are gonna clean up the water on the floor in my room and iron all of my clothes!" Tom yelled back at Dave Wilbur.

The pledges were giggling at how pissed The Weasel was as he stood in the living room with water dripping off his head. Most of the pledges knew about the pranks and had been waiting to see if they worked. Chris had told them a lot of different things to do to a member to get even for being paddled.

"You know the rules around here!" Dave yelled at Tom. "No member can use a pledge as his personal servant! If your room is a mess, I suggest that you go and CLEAN IT UP! It sounds like someone pulled a prank on you, so be a man for once in your life! Pranks are pulled everyday in this fraternity, and a true member would take it like a man and not go postal with the pledges. You don't even know that a pledge pulled the prank! Now, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, or I'll turn Jarvis and Brendan loose on your sorry ass!"

Tom Broadbent stormed out of the living room. If he had a gun he would blow the brains out of as many pledges as he could. He knew that CJ Hammer had just returned from Florida in time for supper, so it couldn't have been him that screwed up his room. He was going to make each pledge beg for his interview for his pledge book. That way he could make them come to his room and maybe one or more of them could be bribed into having sex in exchange for the interview.

Back in the living room the pledges were all laughing and giving each other "high fives" for "whacking the weasel". Dave Wilbur laughed along with the pledges when he heard the details of what they had done to Tom.

"You guys better be careful," Dave advised. "You're doing a great job of busting his balls, but he might explode and hurt one of you."

"I asked him for his interview," Nick said. "He told me to come to his room so we could do the interview in private. We've all talked to our Big Brothers, and they agreed that no pledge should go to his room alone for any reason. Do we have to get his interview for our pledge books?"

"Unfortunately the answer is Yes," Dave replied. "A pledge book isn't finished until it has a signed interview from every active member in the house. When 'Help Week' officially starts, every pledge book will be examined. Any pledge who hasn't completed his book at that time will be asked to leave, and his pledgeship is over. Each Big Brother will check his Little Brother's book to make sure it is ready for inspection, and I will help too. We want all of you guys to become our brothers! Many of the members will give group interviews, and I will insist that The Weasel does the same right here in the living room. He will be pissed, but he has no power or control."

The pledges were pleased that Dave would help them, and returned to the discussion of their pledge project. Jarrett Stevens and Cameron Joyce had made a list of the tools that would be needed, and the sequence of events that would change the backyard from a jungle into a garden. They suggested that a big roll-off Dumpster should be rented along with a Bobcat for pulling out unwanted trees and moving large quantities of dirt. They were working with a local nursery to get an estimate for the cost of shrubbery and flowers, and had made phone calls to the quarry and a cement company. Other pledges were helping collect information from companies in the area that would help make the plan come to fruition.

"We have seed money of $10,000," Chris announced. He had talked to B about the pledge project, and was told that any money that was needed would be quickly provided. B had talked to Jonathan Carpenter, and Jon had insisted that he provide half of the funds for the project. "When we need more, Jerome will let me know and I'll get it."

"Where did you get $10,000?" Isaac asked.

"I could tell you that it is none of your business," Chris teased, "But my two dads agreed to pop for the cost."

The pledges were excited as they split up the duties of calling companies and helping with the plans. Everyone wanted to get started as soon as possible, but knew that Jarrett and Cameron would control the project.

When the pledge meeting was over, Chris went to the dorm area to see his Big Brother. Chris gave Mike a hug and kiss before he headed back to the Jacobs Dorm with Isaac. This was a week that they didn't have to be at the fraternity for the supper meal or perform house duties, but both of them wanted to spend as much time with the members as possible. Chris also wanted to go to bed early, as he was still tired from being in the Florida hospital and sore from his football injuries. The two guys hit the books and later decided to get into the hot tub to relax.

It was unusual for them to have the hot tub room to themselves, and they relaxed and talked about several things, but mostly about the fraternity.

"Is Mike gonna be okay?" Isaac asked. "Everyone is worried that he is a mental case. All of us pledges have been worried about him being expelled from the fraternity, and then when we saw you go down on the football field, we freaked out. I don't think anyone slept worth a shit last night, even after B called and told us you were gonna be okay. Everyone knows that you could have put Mike in big trouble, but you didn't and protected him and the house instead. Most of us changed our opinion of you being a total asshole after that. Now you are just a plain asshole!"

Chris cuffed Isaac on the back of the head, and suggested that they go back to their room and blow each other.

"I'm not supposed to do any physical exercise," Chris explained, "But I think Little Chris needs to get rid of a MSB!"

Isaac laughed and promised that Little Chris would be taken care of real fast when they got back to their room. They had agreed to unplug the phone line in their room that was connected to the dorm and campus, as the message service was always filled to capacity. They both had given their cell phone numbers to people that they wanted to stay in touch with and that would keep them from being bothered in the dorm room.

It had been a while since Chris and Isaac had shared sex with each other, and they locked the door, put on the stereo, and got in Chris's bed. They were in no hurry to cum as they hugged, kissed and explored each other's body with their eyes, fingers, mouths and tongues. Isaac's mind was an open book to Chris, and he realized that Isaac loved him totally as they shared their intimacy. They ended up in a 69 position, and sucked each other to intense orgasms. As they relaxed after eating each other, they giggled and tickled each other.

I love you," Isaac whispered to Chris.

Chris pulled away and looked into the eyes of his roomie. "I love you too," Chris said. "I have some emotional problems, and I don't know if I can ever love anyone the way you love me. For the first 12 years of my life, I was told that I was a crack baby and my mother was a worthless whore. I never expected to find anyone who would love me, and I'm talking to a counselor at least three times a week about my problems with dealing with love. Right now, I'm a mess inside my brain. I'm afraid that if I love someone my own age, they will leave me and I will be devastated. Please don't pressure me. I've considered drugs as a way to avoid the realities of life."

Isaac sobbed as he listened to Chris open up to him and share his innermost feelings. He never realized that a famous athlete could have feelings of insecurity and would ever consider taking drugs. He was determined to love Chris and do anything he could to help his buddy through his difficult times. He decided to change the subject.

"How much money do you have?" Isaac asked bluntly.

Chris smiled and cuffed his buddy on the head.

"You're asking a very personal question, pledge buddy!" Chris replied. "I'll tell you the truth that I really don't know. B and I hit the lottery when I was 12, and we've been lucky with our investments. We have a lot of money, and we're sharing it with needy people and organizations that need money to help this country. My family in Boston has a lot of money too, and Poppa Jon has been dedicated to supporting education and social programs to help the less fortunate. The only thing I've spent money on is my car collection. I love vintage muscle cars, and have a nice collection."

"I couldn't believe that you had a Viper," Isaac admitted. "I was impressed with the Nomad and your crotch rocket, but now you have that awesome Chevelle here on campus. I almost blew a load in my pants when you cranked up the Chevelle the first time I was in it!"

"I told you that you could drive it any time you want to," Chris said honestly.

"How many cars do you own?" Isaac asked.

"I think we have about 50 in storage right now," Chris admitted. "We have a full-time mechanic who takes care of them and makes sure that each vehicle gets some exercise so bearings and engines don't seize up. I started collecting muscle cars when I was 14, and B let me spend a lot of money on them. No one else knows about the collection, and I don't want you telling anyone! I grew fast, and I can't even get inside some of the cars to drive them now, but I still keep them. When I was in the orphanage, I didn't own a thing, and I guess I'm being selfish by keeping the cars. I know some collectors that have over 300 cars in their collections, so in a way, I'm small time!"

"There is one thing that you will never be," Isaac said emphatically, "and that is selfish! You're the neatest guy that I have ever met! You care about everyone, and are always willing to put your life on the line to protect other people!"

Chris hugged his roomie and thanked him for his kind comments. "I wanna go back to Fremont and watch my old football team compete," Chris admitted. "I also want to go back to Dallas and see the changes in the orphanage since B convinced some wealthy people to help boys and girls that feel unwanted. The Carpenter Foundation has donated a lot of money to orphanages across the country to give the kids a chance at a better life too. I've talked to Father Joe at the St. Mary's Orphanage in Dallas a bunch of times, and he wants me to come back and show the kids that they can find success and happiness in life. I'm gonna go there as soon as I can, but with football, the Orchestra Concert, and pledging, I'm having trouble finding time to go to Dallas."

"I want to go with you, if you will let me," Isaac admitted. "I want to see where you came from, and know more about you. I promise not to tell anyone what you've shared with me. I feel honored that you have been so open with me!"

"Let's get some sleep," Chris suggested. "I'm still sore, and hope that I'll be able to go to football practice tomorrow, but I know I need some rest."

Isaac hugged and kissed Chris before they turned off the stereo and lights in their room. They cuddled together in Chris's large bed, and drifted off to sleep. Isaac was happy that Chris had been so open with him, and loved his big buddy more than ever.

The next morning, the alarm clock woke up the two roommates, and they groaned as they separated their entwined bodies. They both headed across the hall to relieve their bladders and head for the shower room to get ready for a day of challenges. Chris returned to his room and decided to dress in sweats, as he knew that the doctors would subject him to an intense physical examination before he would be cleared to return to football practices. He was waiting outside the Jacobs Dorm when David Patrick pulled up in his car.

"I don't like hospitals," Chris admitted to his coach.

David Patrick knew that Chris's life had been filled with traumatic visits to hospitals, and tried to calm his star player down.

"I've talked to your dad," David admitted. "He told me some of the terrible stuff that you've lived through, and I hope you can relax and let the doctors examine you. We have to make sure that you're okay before you can return to practice. I know this is going to be a busy week for you with football practices and orchestra practices to get ready for the concert Saturday night. If there's any concern from the doctors, we'll play the game against UCLA without you so you can concentrate on getting ready for the concert. The entire Athletic Department wants to support you and the other athletes in breaking down some of the barriers here on campus. I'm excited to see how athletes can entertain the entire campus in the concert!"

Chris was happy that his coach realized the importance of the concert, and relaxed until they got into the parking lot of Mercy General Hospital. He tensed up, not wanting to go inside. Coach Patrick parked his car and put his arm around Chris's shoulder as they walked inside the Outpatient Ward. Chris was tense until he saw the smiling face of Dr. Michael Mahley, Mike's and Jacob's dad.

"Poppa Mike!" Chris exclaimed as he hugged his favorite doctor.

"Hi, son," Dr. Mahley replied as he hugged the man that he considered his third son. "I drew the short straw, and I've gotta waste my time looking at your pathetic body!"

Chris hugged Dr. Mahley and lifted him off the floor to spin him around. He knew that both Mike and Jake got their weird senses of humor from their dad, and he loved to tease the senior member of his extended family. The physical examination began with a series of X-rays and blood and urine tests. A team of doctors examined every inch of Chris's body before he was allowed to get dressed. He had been probed and manipulated in every way imaginable before the exam was completed.

The medical staff was pleased when they announced to Chris and his coach that he was cleared to return to football practice. Chris was elated and hugged his coach and demanded to be returned to the CSU campus. He hugged Poppa Mahley before he left the hospital to return to campus and his classes.

Chris was happy as he attended his afternoon classes and the football practice. His teammates were pleased that he had returned to campus after being in the Florida hospital, and the practice went great. Everyone was pumped up for the first conference game against the UCLA Bruins. The Falcons were now ranked number 1 or 2 in the two national polls, and the football players hoped to win the Pac 10 Conference championship for the first time in many years.

Chris left the Athletic Complex and headed directly for the Tri-Delt fraternity for supper. He wanted to help his pledge buddies set the tables for supper, attend the pledge meeting, and get started clearing the backyard for the pledge project. He was surprised to find out that Dylan Castor and Logan Koblinski had both been whacked by Tom Jankowski for not being able to recite every item in their Big Brothers' interviews in the pledge books. He knew that the members were cranking up the pressure for the pledges to learn fast, but also wanted to make Tom pay for whacking his buddies.

While the other pledges were setting the dining room tables, Chris grabbed both Dylan and Logan and led them to the Officers' Quarters. When they found Alpha Room empty, Chris described how to get even with Tom Jankowski for whacking their butts. They finished their work quickly, and returned to the dining room just before the lineup for announcing the evening meal.

"One, two, three," Cody yelled after the bell had been rung. "SUPPER IS SERVED!" the pledges screamed.

It was a meal of pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and salad, expertly prepared by the chefs in training for the chain of John's Steak Houses. Everyone chowed down, and filled the dining room with friendly chatter. It was a great meal, and everyone was having fun. The members were pleased that all of the pledges were attending supper at the fraternity, ignoring the opportunity to have meals at their dorms. Each week, 2/3 of the pledges were expected to serve the members at the evening meal and perform house duties, but this pledge class was very different, as all of the pledges attended the meals and helped keep the fraternity house clean.

As the warm apple pie was being consumed, Neil Hayworth asked Brendan O'Brien if he had a joke to share. Brendan left his seat to go to the front of the dining room. The normal announcement was made as Brendan started to tell his joke.

" A man named Tom Broadbent asked his doctor if there was a test to help him determine if he was gay. The
Doctor said "Yes, there is Please pull down your pants."
Tom pulled down his pants, the doctor grabbed his testicles and told him to say 55. The pathetic asshole
said "55."
The doctor then grabbed Tom's penis and told him to say 55. Tom said "55".
The doctor then told Tom to turn around, and putting a finger in the slime bag's anus he once again
told him to say 55. ..........

Tom said "1...2...3..."

Everyone but Tom Broadbent roared with laughter. There was an unwritten rule at the Tri-Delt house that if anyone knew the punch line of a joke, they would remain silent and let the pledge finish the joke for the guys that had never heard it before. Everyone loved seeing how upset Tom Broadbent was from being the butt of jokes at the evening meal.

"Pledge Hammer, do you have a joke for us tonight or can I have the pleasure of whacking your ass?" Tom Jankowski asked.

Chris said that he had something to share with his buddies and went to the front of the dining room.

"This may not be considered a joke," Chris began, "But I think it will entertain everyone." Chris knew that Tom Jankowski was straight, and had a steady girlfriend that he was engaged to. He wanted to repay Tom for whacking his two pledge buddies as he began by saying, "I've learned that Mr. Jankowski has realized that being an LSA (Language and Social Arts) Major won't land him a minimum wage job when he graduates. Mr. Jankowski has launched a new career as an actor in several new films to be released soon in Hollywood. He has displayed his 'wares' in four new films. Does anyone want to know the titles of the movies?"

The dining room erupted with cheers and yells for Chris to name the movies, knowing that Tom Jankowski was going to be busted.

"The first film he participated in," Chris began, "Is titled, 'Romancing the Bone'. The second is 'Honey, I Blew the Kids'. The third is 'Under Cock Struction' and the fourth is 'Your Ass Lick Park'!"

Tom Jankowski was pissed that Chris would make any reference to him taking part in gay porno, but joined his brothers in laughing along with the joke.

"You better watch your ass!" Tom teased Chris as he returned to the head table. "I don't like to be humiliated in front of my fraternity brothers!"

"My pledge buddies don't like to be whacked either," Chris replied honestly.

Chris knew that pledges weren't normally quizzed about their Big Brother's interview or fraternity history until they were halfway through pledgeship. Knowing that the Chapter President had quizzed Dylan and Logan confused Chris. Several other pledges announced during the pledge meeting that they had been harassed and whacked too. Isaac tried to get Dave Wilbur to tell them what was going on.

"You guys know that you won't get an answer to that question," Dave replied. "Members have secrets, and so do pledges."

While the pledges were meeting, Tom Jankowski returned to his room. He was pleased to see that everything on his desk was in order. He knew that he was a neat freak, and kept everything in his room in a specified spot. His brothers often moved things on his desk just to pimp him. Ben Cleary had just walked into the room when Tom pulled out the chair at his desk. Everything on the top of his desk slid off and crashed to the floor.

"Son of a Bitch!" Tom yelled. Nothing had broken, but he looked at the pile on the floor and realized that each item had fishing line attached to it that was also tied to the leg of his swivel chair. A few of the officers had heard the scream and ran into Alpha Room. They all laughed when they saw what had happened to Tom's desk.

Ben was laughing so hard he had to collapse on his bed. He watched Tom untie pens, pencils, his calculator, calendar, Post-It notes, and writing pads. Tape had been used to hold the nearly invisible fishing line to several items.

"I'm gonna whack some asses for this!" Tom stated bluntly.

"You and Dave made the decision to crank up the heat on the pledges," Ben reminded Tom. "It's been boring around here lately, and now that the war has started, the pledges will learn to sink or swim! What they did to your desk was a new one, and I'm impressed!" He was still laughing at his roomie, who finally joined in by laughing himself. The other officers left the room, laughing about how the prank was perfect to upset the Chapter President.

Tom Jankowski put everything back on his desk in perfect order before he could relax. He decided to put on some sweats before he started studying, and went to his closet. He didn't even think about the closet being booby trapped, and opened the door to be greeted by all of his clothes as they were pulled out and spilled on the floor.

Ben was laughing so hard that he was afraid he would wet his pants, as he listened to Tom scream and cuss. The other officers ran back into the room and joined Ben in laughing at Tom. Rigging the closet was a favorite way of messing with a guy, and all of them had experienced the shock at one time or another.

Ben swaggered over to his own closet, and carefully opened the door only a crack. He ran his hand along the edge of the door and stopped when he felt a string attached. He broke the string and gloated.

"A true Tri-Delt member knows how to be a detective and disarm booby traps!" Ben announced to the other officers. He opened the closet door, not realizing that more than one trap was set for him. As soon as he opened the door, a can of shaving cream was triggered, blasting thick white cream all over his head and chest.

The officers screamed with laughter. Ben had bragged to them, and now his own words and actions humiliated him.

The living room was close enough to the Officers' Quarters for the pledges to hear the screams, and they looked at each other and began laughing and sharing "high fives".

"I wonder what's going on?" Dave asked. He saw 22 faces turn from laughter and smiles to blank expressions, and realized that someone just got busted by a prank in the Officers' Quarters, and that his group of innocent looking pledges were involved.

The pledge meeting broke up and the pledges began doing the house duties for the evening. Several pledges had decided to start clearing some of the debris in the backyard, knowing that the major work would start on Sunday. It was going to be a busy week on the CSU campus, as their first conference football game would be held on Saturday, along with the Orchestra Concert.

Chris was worried about his Big Brother, as he knew that Mike had started taking medication to help control his emotions. Mike seemed very moody and snapped at everyone who was around him. Chris had talked to Jake and Justin, and they had both noticed how bitchy Mike seemed to be. They decided to wait for the medication to take effect, hoping that Mike would calm down and return to normal soon.

Chris was helping Isaac dust the furniture in the living room when Cody ran in screaming.


Chris and Isaac tried to calm Cody down to find out what he was trying to tell them. Cody was so upset that he was stuttering and rambling with a constant stream of cuss words and threats that he was gonna kill Tom Broadbent. Chris and Isaac finally got Cody to calm down, and what he told them was shocking.

Cody had been picking up trash outside along the fraternity house, and was under the window to Tom Broadbent's room. The shade wasn't down all the way, and he had looked in to see a mirror on the wall that reflected the screen of Tom's computer. Cody was positive that he saw an image of the line of nude pledges from their initiation ceremony that clearly showed the faces and dicks of him and Nathan Pease. He was shocked, and then saw Tom start a movie of a man raping a young girl that appeared to be about five years old. Tom was watching the video and jacking off at the same time.

Chris knew that most guys on campus had nude pictures on their computers, but hearing that Tom had a picture from the pledge initiation infuriated him. Having child pornography was illegal, and Chris was ready to go after Tom Broadbent and kick his ass. The three pledges were still talking when they saw Tom Broadbent walking toward the front door.

'YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Cody screamed at Tom Broadbent.

Chris and Isaac restrained Cody and told him to shut his mouth. Tom wheeled around and confronted Cody, demanding that he assume the position to get whacked on the ass for cussing at a member.

Chris stood in front of Cody and protected him as he faced Tom Broadbent.

"I'm gonna whack his ass good for cussing at me!" Tom shouted.

"If you even try to touch him," Chris said coldly, "I'll break off your arm and shove it up your ass! Get the fuck out of here before I rip you to pieces!"

Tom Broadbent could see the anger in CJ Hammer's eyes, and knew he was no match for the huge athlete. He decided to leave the fraternity and come back later and punish the pledges. He knew his brothers would support him when they realized that he had been cussed at and threatened.

Chris grabbed his cell phone and called B. It was time to ask his dad for advice.

B was at home in Fremont, and was happy to see that his son was calling him. He was shocked by what he heard from Chris, and asked a lot of questions.

"I've heard that name before," B admitted. "I don't remember when or why, but give me some time to make a few calls. I want you guys to try and calm down. Don't do anything stupid!"

It was almost 20 minutes later when B called his son back. "Chris, can you find Tom Jankowski for me? We have a very serious situation, and I need someone who can handle things without violence."

Chris, Isaac and Cody all ran toward the Officers' Quarters to find Tom Jankowski. Chris knocked on the door to Alpha Room and was given permission to enter.

"Well," Tom Jankowski started, "I see the perpetrators return to the scene of their crimes!"

"Tom," Chris began, ignoring the smile on Tom's face, "Something very serious has happened. B is on the line and wants to talk to you."

Tom could sense that Chris was very upset, and closed the door to his room. Ben was cleaning up the shaving cream with a mop, and stopped working to find out what was going on.

"Put the speaker phone on," Saul told his son. "I want to know who's there before I begin."

After hearing who was in the room, Saul began by saying, "I've made some phone calls, and we have two serious situations to handle. First of all, Tom Broadbent is NOT a Tri-Delt member! He was expelled from the fraternity after a formal trial where he was found guilty of stealing money from the chapter's petty cash drawer in Michigan. They had just completed a fund raising campaign, and over $5,000 was missing. He was caught with the money, and it was still wrapped with the bands that had been marked by the chapter treasurer."

"He gave me a letter of introduction from the chapter in Flint, Michigan," Tom Jankowski stated. "I even sent a letter back and made some phone calls to check up on him. I was surprised to get an answering machine when I called the number on the letterhead, but everything seemed to check out."

"I called the Kettering University chapter," Saul replied. "The Chapter President said that Tom Broadbent was a total asshole, and he never sent any letter to you. He gave me details of the trial, but I won't share them with you guys, as some information is kept confidential. They suspected that Broadbent had child pornography on his computer, but let him slide, knowing that his pin was pulled. They confiscated everything he owned with our Greek letters, and paid him for the items when they threw him out of the house."

"That's why he bought so much stuff from our store when he got here!" Ben blurted out.

"I talked to two of the Vice-Presidents of the National," Saul continued. "We all agree that this guy has to go down hard for this! Here is my plan."

Saul Bernstein explained that the CSU Campus Security had to be involved, but with child pornography issues, the local police should be present too. A formal search warrant had to be obtained before anyone touched anything in Tom Broadbent's room. If he possessed and distributed child pornography, it would become a matter for the FBI to handle.

"Tom, I have a favor to ask," Saul said. "I want my son out of this. I know how upset he is right now, and I'm afraid he'll go crazy and attack this shithead. If you have to, tie him up and lock him in a closet until the police get done!"

Everyone but Chris laughed at first, but quickly realized that Saul Bernstein was tuned into his son's emotions. The look in Chris's eyes scared all of them.

"I'll go get Mike Mahley and Joe McClure," Isaac offered. "Those two guys can control Chris when he goes into a rage!"

Saul agreed with the plan as Isaac ran to the dorm area to get Mike and Joe. When Isaac returned with Mike and Joe, Tom Jankowski was on the phone with Brian Williams, Chief of Campus Security. Mike and Joe were filled in on the events, and they agreed to take Chris to the Rec Room and keep him there all night if necessary.

It was almost two hours later when Brian Williams arrived at the fraternity, along with Tom Woods and Salazar Bass, two of his security officers. The Santa Barbara Police car arrived at the same time, and showed Brian that they had the search warrant that had been signed by a local judge.

Chris wanted to go with his security buddies, but both Mike and Joe demanded that he stay with them in the Rec Room. Several other members had learned that something big was happening, and were surprised to see Campus Security and the local police at their fraternity.

Tom Broadbent had returned to his room in the fraternity, and was trying to figure out a way to get Cody and CJ Hammer into his room. He would offer them the chance to trade being paddled and possibly kicked out of the pledge class if they had sex with him. He smiled, knowing that he had the two pledges by the balls. A knock at his door interrupted his fantasy. He opened the door and was shocked to see Campus Security and the local police.

"Tom Broadbent," Police Chief John Jerred began, "I have a Search Warrant here to conduct a complete search of your room for possible possession of child pornography."

Tom Broadbent was terrified. He had a password on his computer to prevent anyone from viewing his files, but knew that his locked box would be broken open and his files would be found.

"I'm a member of this fraternity," Tom stated. "I have rights to my privacy, and I want my lawyer here right now!"

"You'll get a lawyer when we have completed our search," John Jerred stated firmly.

"You aren't a member of this fraternity!" Tom Jankowski yelled. "Your worthless ass was expelled back in Michigan! You have spent your last night in our house, and we're gonna throw you fucking ass out of here after we confiscate everything with our Greek letters on it!"

Cody Emerson and Reggie Burris were both computer jocks, and offered to help the officers examine the computer for evidence. When they saw the screen for a password, they stopped.

"What's your password?" Reggie asked Tom Broadbent.

"FUCK YOU!" Tom spat out. He hoped that the search would end without the password, but was pissed as he watched Cody and Reggie shut down the computer, remove the housing, and pull a wire loose.

"We just pulled the jumper," Cody stated. "We don't need his password now."

Tom Broadbent was very nervous as the computer booted up. Reggie was sitting in the chair and quickly opened the "history" cache. Images flashed on the screen, clearly displaying the photos that had been taken during the pledge initiation ceremonies.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Ben Cleary yelled at Tom Broadbent.

When Reggie found a video file, he opened it. All of the men in the room were appalled when they saw a young girl being raped by a grown man. The girl was about five or six years old and Tom Broadbent was now fried!

"CUFF HIM!" John Jerred commanded. "Tom Broadbent, you are under arrest for possession of child pornography. You have the right to remain silent. If you ignore that right..."

The members and pledges listened as The Weasel was read his rights. The law enforcement officers began collecting evidence from the room, and asked the guys from the fraternity to leave the room and not touch anything. Cody walked up to Tom Broadbent and slammed his fist into Tom's crotch. Tom fell to the floor, screaming in pain.

"I think he tripped over something," Brian Williams said to John Jerred.

"Pretty clumsy, isn't he?" John Jerred replied.

By now, the hallway in the dorm area was packed with members and pledges. They watched as Tom Broadbent was dragged out of his room by the police officers. The crowd parted to let the officers through, with everyone cussing and screaming as The Weasel tried to break away from the officers. Only after Tom Broadbent was safely in the back of the police cruiser, was Chris allowed to leave the Rec Room. He was still pissed that he hadn't been allowed to be part of the bust, but was thrilled when he learned that Cody had slammed his fist into Tom Broadbent's balls.

"You seem to like to hit guys in the balls, Chip!" Chris teased Cody, remembering the altercation on campus when Cody had punched a different guy in the nuts.

"I'm little and I can't reach up very high!" Cody replied.

Everyone laughed at Cody's joke, knowing that his punch could take any grown man to his knees in pain that only a guy could understand. Several of the pledges retrieved boxes for the officers packing evidence from Tom Broadbent's room. Tom Jankowski and Ben Cleary were allowed to collect any fraternity items. A complete list of items retained by the fraternity was made by one of the police officers. In less than an hour, Tom Broadbent's room was stripped of his personal belongings.

Tom Jankowski still had Chris's cell phone and called Saul Bernstein to tell him what had transpired in his home chapter. Saul was pleased that things had been taken care of, and promised that the National Office would cooperate with Campus Security and the Santa Barbara Police Force in the investigation.

Saul talked to Chris and thanked his son for staying out of the altercation with Tom Broadbent. Chris wished that he had seen Cody smack The Weasel in the balls, but knew that his dad was protecting him by keeping him out of the dorm area.

"He had nude pictures of Cody and Nathan," Chris explained to his dad. "The guys said there were other pictures of members in the shower room too. They found hundreds of pictures on his computer, and most of them were little kids having sex. They only looked at two of the video files, and both had boys or girls having sex with men. I hope The Weasel ends up in prison with Big Bubba giving him anal acupuncture!"

Saul laughed, but got serious when he told Chris to stay focussed on studying, football and the concert. "Let the police take care of Tom Broadbent," Saul advised. "I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you son!"

"I love you too, Old Man!" Chris replied.

Tom Jankowski called an emergency meeting of all of the members and pledges. Everyone gathered in the Chapter Room, with the pledges surprised that they had been invited into the special room.

"We just got rid of The Weasel!" Tom Jankowski announced.

The Chapter Room erupted with cheers and applause as Tom continued. "We have to protect our fraternity now. I'm sure that the newspapers will find out what happened and reporters will try to pump all of us for details. I'm very upset that pictures of our pledges were taken during the initiation ceremonies when they were nude. I saw pictures of some of the members when they were nude in the shower rooms, and I'd like to kill the bastard for what he did. He was arrested, but we all know how the legal system works. He might get out on bail, and I don't want anyone connected to our fraternity to go after him to kick his ass. We have to prove that we are men of honor, and not talk about this crap to anyone on campus. Your parents and friends might call you to ask about what happened here, but please don't say anything that his lawyer could use to get him released. Just tell anyone who asks that Tom Broadbent wasn't a member here, and that the police will handle the investigation. Does everyone understand and agree to what I have said?"

Everyone in the Chapter Room nodded and voiced their agreement with what their Chapter President was saying.

"I think it is time for us to pull together and prove to this campus that we are a fraternity that obeys the law," Tom continued. "This week will be intense for all of us with the football game and Orchestra Concert, and we don't need the distraction of having reporters feeding like sharks on us. It's time for us to pull together and support each other!"

"Mr. Jankowski, does that mean that you will stop whacking my pledge buddies?" Chris asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"Pledge Hammer," Tom responded, "You and your pledge buddies better shape up, or we'll have to buy a new supply of paddles!"

Everyone laughed, enjoying a break from the tension of the evening. Chris loved to tease, and knew that his pledge buddies were ready to prove that they were ready to strike back if the members kept increasing the pressure on them.

The meeting broke up and Chris found Mike to give him a hug before he left for the Jacobs Dorm. Mike was still acting strange, and let Chris hug him, but didn't return the hug. Chris wondered what he had done wrong to have Mike act indifferent towards him, but decided it must be the medications, and left with Isaac.

"Mike's acting weird," Chris said to Isaac as they walked together. "I'm really worried about him. I'm gonna call Poppa Mike and talk to him about the medications Mike is taking."

Isaac didn't know what to say to his roomie, but he also realized that Mike was acting very strangely lately. The intensity of the evening's events left both Chris and Isaac tired, and they slept in their own beds for the first time in many days.

The next day, classes went well for Chris as he headed for the football practice field. The entire campus was buzzing with rumors about what had happened at the Tri-Delt house the previous evening. The Tri-Delt pledges and members dodged the questions that were asked of them, and were all relieved to get into the safety of the fraternity house. Leif Johannsen and Chao Tsung had whacked both Taran Michaels and Mackenzie Kline for minor infractions, and the pledges wanted revenge. Before supper was served, three other pledges had felt the bite of Old Hickory and they were all pissed at the members.

"Chill out guys," Chris said to his pledge buddies as they set the tables for supper. "We all know that they are testing us to see if we can take harassment and abuse. Friday night is Greek Night, and we will bust their balls, big time!"

Greek Night was a special night for the Tri-Delt members, as they would all spend time together and go out bowling, to a movie, play pool, or just bar hop together. Pledges were never included, as it was a "members only" event. Chris had plans for hitting the members hard for whacking his buddies.

After the pledge meeting was over, Chris got his pledge buddies together for a planning session. Several of the pledges ran back to their dorm rooms to get their small tape recorders that they used to record lectures on campus. Chris's plan was going to be fantastic if it worked!

In Los Angeles, Sue Mathers was setting the table for supper with her son, Blake. The doorbell rang, and Sue yelled for Blake to answer it. He was in the bathroom, so she went to the door to find a UPS Delivery man holding a package. She signed for the package, and couldn't believe that it was addressed to Blake Mathers, and had a return address from CJ Hammer. She screamed for her son to get out of the bathroom, and that he had a package from CJ Hammer.

Blake quickly wiped his butt and ran out of the bathroom. He saw the package and was afraid to touch it when he saw the return address.

"OPEN IT!" Sue demanded.

Blake tore open the package and screamed when he saw a California State University jersey fall out. The jersey had the number 26 on the front, and "HAMMER" on the back. He was crying as he saw writing on the front of the jersey. He struggled with his emotions as he read, "To my buddy, Blake. Falcons Rule! Your friend, Chris Hammer."

Blake had tears running down his face as he held the jersey, determined that he would wear it to school the next day. He held the jersey up, and knew it was going to be too large to fit him properly, but it was the size that his big friend would need for his huge body.

"Look at this!" Sue said to her son. She held out a photo of CJ Hammer in his CSU Falcon uniform, with another autograph that said, "To Blake. Thanks for traveling with me. Your buddy, Chris Hammer."

When Sue Mathers held up four tickets for the CSU/UCLA football game, she and her son were both crying with joy. They celebrated and looked at all of the items that CJ Hammer had sent to Blake, and realized that the famous athlete had given them a needed gift to lift their spirits when they needed it the most.

Blake was still crying with joy as he asked his mother who they would invite to go to the game with them. Sue told her son that it would be up to him, and knew that he would want his best friend, Toby to go.

"Can I call Toby and invite him and his dad?" Blake asked his mom.

Sue Mathers liked the idea, as she knew that Toby's dad was divorced and very handsome. Things were looking up for the Mathers family.

Friday evening arrived on the CSU campus, and the pledges were ready to spring their attack on the Tri-Delt members. Every single pledge had been whacked several times during the week, and they were ready for revenge. They knew that all of the members would be gone, and the supper meal had been canceled. The pledges had ordered a ton of pizzas and celebrated in the Rec Room by picking the lock on the bar and draining the alcohol supplies. 22 horny guys began an orgy that would last for hours. Condoms were required and three plastic pails were used to catch any cum that wasn't deposited in a baggy for the special use in harassing the members. Every single pledge was bi or gay, and they loved their pledge buddies. Before the orgy was finished, three plastic pails contained a gross collection of fresh cum and filled condoms.

The members returned to their fraternity house, tired and drunk from their night of bonding. They returned at different times, and several of them went to their rooms, only to see the "do not disturb" signs on the doorknobs. They could hear sounds of sex from inside their room, and grumbled as they went to find a different room to sleep in. There was an unofficial rule that even the residents of the room couldn't enter if the sign was on the door knob.

Chao Tsung staggered to the door of his room and opened it. He was immediately hit on the head by a plastic tray that had been balanced on top of the door. The contents ran down his head, and he screamed as he realized that he was covered with condoms and cum. Jeremy Fisher heard his roommate screaming, and laughed as he saw the cum and condoms covering Chao's head. Jeremy headed for his bed and flopped down to continue laughing at Chao. As soon as Jeremy hit his bed he was soaked as a huge condom filled with water exploded. In other parts of the dorm areas, members stripped and got into bed, only to feel the nasty sensations of laying on collections of cum-filled condoms or water filled condoms that exploded. Other members saw signs on their doors and headed for the Living Room or Rec Room to sleep on the couches.

The members ended up leaving the dorm areas and sleeping anywhere in the fraternity that they could find a comfortable spot. The quantities of beer that they had consumed had dulled their senses, and they just wanted to sleep.

Saturday morning found the members moaning from their hangovers. They looked around and realized that their roommates were also sleeping outside the dorm areas. Tom Jankowski was the first to realize what had happened when he saw Ben Cleary sleeping on the couch in the living room.

"I thought you hooked up," Tom said to Ben. "The sign was on the doorknob, and I could hear someone having sex inside our room."

"I saw and heard the same things," Ben moaned as he got up off the living room couch. "I thought you were scoring, so I came out here to sleep."

Other members told of having cum and condoms dumped on their heads, finding cum and condoms in their beds, or being flooded when condoms filled with water flooded their beds.

Dave Wilbur was the first to realize what had happened, and he laughed so hard he couldn't talk. The members were pissed at him for laughing, until he finally regained his composure.

"THE PLEDGES JUST BUSTED OUR BALLS!" Dave yelled at his brothers.

Dave led a bunch of members back to the dorm areas where he opened the first door that had a sign on the doorknob. He could hear the sounds of moaning and groaning coming from the room, but ignored the unwritten rule to stay out. He walked into the room and went to the stereo that was playing a tape recording of two guys having sex. He shut off the stereo, and faced his brothers.

"This is the best prank I have ever witnessed!" Dave said. "I bet that you will find the same tape playing in every room with a sign on the door! The rooms without a sign on the doorknob are the ones with booby traps!"

The members all disbursed and checked their rooms, finding out that Dave was right about the pranks. After the initial anger of being wasted by the pledges, they all ended up laughing at how they had all been busted. As far back as any of the members could remember, there had never been a prank that wasted the entire membership at the same time.

The football team arrived at the Athletic Complex to get dressed for their game against the UCLA Bruins. Everyone was pumped and teasing each other in the locker room, when Kelly Mason grabbed Chris and looked directly into Chris's eyes.

"You guys pulled the greatest prank in the history of our chapter!" Kelly said to Chris. "You gotta know that you'll pay for what you pulled on us, but I want you to know that I loved it! If I was into guys, I'd grab you and fuck your brains out!"

Chris laughed and decided to tease Kelly even more. He grabbed his quarterback and kissed him on the lips.

Kelly pulled away and wiped his mouth, screaming at Chris that he would bust his ass when they got back to the fraternity. He realized that the handsome pledge was always full of surprises and had just busted his balls again. The other players all laughed, not really knowing why Kelly was so upset with their star freshman.

Blake Mathers and his mother, Sue found their seats for the football game and were shocked to see that they were sitting on the 50-yard line. Toby Jefferson and his dad had joined them, and were thrilled that they would get such great seats for free. Saul Bernstein introduced himself and Helen Waterson, along with Sam & Kate Gardner and their son, Jason. The area was filled with the entire Carpenter family, along with Ellen and Harvey Porter, and Ben and Mary Jacobs. It was a special time for Saul, as his in-laws had flown from Tel Aviv, Israel to see their grandson play football and attend a special event scheduled after the Orchestra Concert. Saul had paid a lot of money to get seats for all of the special people to attend his son's football game and sit together.

Steve Michaels was the main announcer for the ESPN2 network and Brett Carlson was his color commentator as they began their pre-game dialogue.

"Brett, this is the second time that we have seen the CSU Falcons play this year," Steve Michaels began. "Before this season started, I have to admit that I was one of the people who expected the Falcons to start their conference competition with a record of 0 and 4. I can't remember when an unranked team has defeated four non-conference opponents who were all ranked in the top 10 teams in the nation to begin their season! Coach David Patrick has worked a miracle by blending the best freshman class in the nation with his seasoned veterans into a team that I think will go all the way and play in the Nokia Sugar Bowl for the National Championship!"

"I agree with you, Steve," Brett Carlson said. "Delano Genovesi was the highest recruited tailback in the nation when he joined the Falcon team, and his blazing speed has lit up the scoreboards across the nation. When you watch guys like CJ Hammer move from offense to defense and excel, you know that David Patrick wishes he could clone Hammer! The UCLA Bruins are 2 and 2 coming into this conference game, and you know they're gonna be looking to see where Patrick puts Hammer! The CSU defense has humiliated every opponent this year, and I look for this game to be a blow-out!"

UCLA won the coin toss and the CSU Falcons would receive, as the commentary continued.

"It's a high kick that is taken at the four-yard line by CJ Hammer!" Brett Carlson announced. "Hammer is hit at the 10, breaks a tackle, he's hit again at the 15, makes a spin move and breaks away! He's got a wall of blockers along the left sideline, and he makes two defenders miss as HE IS IN THE OPEN! THERE'S ONLY THE KICKER TO BEAT AND HAMMER RUNS HIM DOWN! HE'S AT THE 50 AND HE'S GONNA TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE! HAMMER IS AT THE 40, 30, 20, 10 AND IN THE END ZONE WITH A KICK-OFF RETURN OF 96 YARDS!"

The crowd went wild, cheering, "CJ HAMMER, CLAP...CLAP...CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!" The cheer was repeated several times as the fans watched the replay on the large screen televisions at each end of Madison Stadium.

Saul was in orbit, as he hugged Helen and then shared hugs with everyone else in the special group of family and friends. He couldn't imagine anything better than watching his son display his athletic abilities in front of 80,000 fans. He was thrilled that his mother in law and father in law had flown from Israel to see the football game, attend the Orchestra Concert, and then be present for the dedication of the Jacobs Dorm in honor of their daughter, his deceased wife.

Blake Mathers was the loudest fan as he cheered for his big buddy, CJ Hammer, and the CSU Falcons. He was in heaven as he cheered for his big buddy, wearing the jersey that Chris had sent to him. Several people had asked him about the jersey, and he was thrilled to show them the autograph that proved it was a special gift from the star athlete.

David Patrick was pleased that his Special Teams had scored the first touchdown, and congratulated Chris when he got back to the sidelines. He hugged his big freshman and challenged him to keep up the intensity that Chris had shown with his crushing run through the UCLA players.

The game ended up as a blowout, with Chris scoring two more touchdowns on runs and blocking for Delano Genovesi, who scored three touchdowns. Kelly Mason had thrown three touchdown passes, and one of them was a spectacular "Hail Mary" toss to Chris in the back of the end zone. Chris had jumped high in the air to pull down the pass, and the catch was used for many highlight films.

When the clock ran down, the entire CSU football team ran to the end of the field where the students and band sat. Delano jumped up on the wall and pretended that he was leading the band as they played the Falcon fight song. The CSU fans remained in their seats as they watched their team celebrate a victory over UCLA by a score of 63 to 7.

Chris ran up to the group of girls known as "Motion" for their very provocative way of dancing to the band music to entertain the crowd. The crowd went wild as the band played and Chris matched the girls in performing the erotic dance steps. Blake and Toby screamed as they watched Chris match the steps of the cute girls, with Saul rolling his eyes at the actions of his son. When the song was done, the Motion girls all hugged Chris and thanked him for dancing with them. They were all shocked that he matched every movement that they made, and realized that he had watched them closely to learn the steps.

As soon as Chris got back to the locker room, he begged Coach Patrick to let him invite Blake, his buddy, and his two brothers inside the forbidden territory.

David Patrick was so happy with the performance of his team that he agreed that the male visitors could be among the college athletes as they undressed, showered, and changed to head out of the locker room. Chris called Saul on his cell phone and asked him to bring Blake and his buddy, along with Randall and Charles to the locker room. Saul knew how special it was for anyone to be invited inside the locker room of a football team, and loved his son for thinking about the special guests.

Jane Vincent was in the locker room, conducting a televised interview with Coach Patrick about his first conference victory.

"Coach Patrick," Jane began, "How does it feel to be rated Number 1 or 2 in the National Polls, and win your first conference game by an overwhelming score of 63 to 7?"

"I've got the best team that I have ever coached!" David Patrick bragged. "We have a bunch of seasoned upperclassmen that are teaching a talented bunch of freshmen how to play football! Before our season began, people were predicting that we would start our conference competition with a record of 0 and 4! We're now 5 and 0, and I'm excited about the rest of this season. This is the most talented team that I've ever coached, and we're gonna show every team in the Pac 10 Conference that we're a team to be feared."

The team had quickly agreed that Chris should get the game ball for his outstanding performance in their win. Chris accepted the ball after thanking all of the linemen for their exceptional blocking for him and Delano.

Blake Mathers, Toby Jefferson, Randy & Charlie Carpenter were all thrilled that they were admitted to the locker room where the CSU football team was celebrating their victory. They all hugged Chris, ignoring his sweaty body as they celebrated the CSU victory. Chris was happy as he met Toby Jefferson for the first time and made sure that everyone knew his two brothers. Toby and Blake were both in heaven, as they had never dreamed that they would be allowed in the locker room where the team was celebrating.

Jane Vincent came up to Chris and asked if he would give her an interview for the Fox Sports Network. Chris really liked Jane, and agreed to the interview as long as his brothers and two young friends were included. Jane quickly agreed, and begged Chris not to embarrass her in the interview. She knew that the big athlete was always full of mischief, and hoped that this would be a clean interview.

The camera started rolling as Jane began by saying, "This is Jane Vincent, and I'm in the CSU Falcon locker room with CJ Hammer after he and the Falcons just destroyed the UCLA Bruins by a score of 63 to 7. CJ, how does it feel to be on a team that is rated at the top of two national polls?"

"Jane, I always like talking to you, and hope that you and David will join me for a nice supper tonight at Dimitri's Restaurant for the best Greek food in California! I'm proud of my teammates, as we have proven to the nation that we can win games against teams that are supposed to be better than we are."

Jane knew that Chris had done it again by plugging his favorite restaurant. She tried to ignore the free commercial and asked, "You have some friends with you. Do you want to introduce them to the television audience?"

"These two ugly guys are my brothers, Randy and Charlie Carpenter from Boston, Massachusetts," Chris began. "The two handsome guys are Blake Mathers and Toby Jefferson, and they came here to cheer on the CSU Falcons tonight."

Jane tried to stifle her laughter as she addressed Blake Mathers. "Blake you are holding a football in your hands. Is that a special football?"

Blake was still having troubles controlling his emotions as he said that Chris Hammer had been awarded the game ball, and had given it to him as a present.

"This is the best gift I've ever gotten in my entire life!" Blake choked out. "Chris sent me the tickets to come to this game, and I never dreamed that I would see a college football game or be in the locker room! Chris is my hero!"

Jane laughed as she continued her interview with the twin guys that looked just like her favorite athlete, CJ Hammer. "You two are definitely brothers to my favorite athlete," Jane began. "Do you two play sports too?"

Randy and Charlie Carpenter were excited about being interviewed on national television, and displayed their maturity by handling the interview very professionally. They both responded that they had played high school sports, but were now focussed on the college studies that would lead them to their desired careers.

Jane asked Toby Jefferson, "Toby, how did you like the dance that CJ Hammer performed with the Motion Girls?"

Toby giggled and replied, "It was funny to see a football player dancing like that! I'm happy that I was invited into this locker room, but I'd rather be in the locker room with the Motion Girls, just in case they need help washing their backs!"

Jane rolled her eyes and realized that CJ Hammer wasn't the only guy who could shock her and her station with off-the-wall comments. She returned to CJ Hammer, and congratulated him on the way he had helped his team dominate the UCLA Bruins. She signed off, and thanked everyone for the exclusive interview. She hugged Chris before leaving the locker room, knowing that she had just scored another special interview that showed the personality of her favorite athlete.

Chris told the guys that he needed to take a shower, and that they should wait for him in the locker room. His two brothers enjoyed looking at all of the eye candy, as the players went in and out of the shower room. Blake and Toby were typical teen guys, as they checked out the equipment of all of the players. They were both shocked when they saw the size of CJ Hammer's package. They never dreamed that a guy could have anything that large between his legs.

Saul Bernstein had made reservations at Dimitri's Restaurant for the private room where his large group of guests could be accommodated. Dimitri and Tomas Kostas met the large group at the door, and ushered them into the private dining room. Everyone was celebrating and having a drink as they waited for Chris to arrive. He was driving his 1970 Chevelle, and was bringing his two brothers along with Blake and Toby. Everyone was happy to see the young guys arrive, as Chris circulated and gave hugs and kisses to all of his relatives. It was a very special time for Chris to greet his grandparents from Israel and share a meal with them. He knew that they would all attend the Orchestra Concert, and he had surprises for all of his relatives.

The large group enjoyed a great meal, with Chris paying special attention to his grandparents and Boston family. He apologized that he had to leave early to get ready for the concert, and spread around hugs and kisses to his family. When he hugged Blake and Sue Mathers, they both broke down and cried about how great their day had been.

"Everyone needs a little fun in their lives!" Chris said as he told everyone that he would see them after the concert at the Jacobs Dorm. He had to leave, and get ready for his part in the concert, that had remained a secret from most of the CSU campus.

Chris was upset that Mike didn't answer his phone call and join his family and friends for supper at Dimitri's Restaurant. He headed back to the fraternity to check on his Big Brother, hoping that he wasn't sick. Members and pledges met Chris in the hallway to Mike's room and congratulated him on the great football game. Chris was in a hurry, and wanted to talk to Mike before he had to get ready for the concert.

Mike Mahley had been in his room all day, refusing to attend the football game against UCLA. His body was wracked with the effects of the medication he was taking to control his depression. His love for Chris was so intense that he couldn't think of anything but having Chris alone with him. He was ready to tell Chris how much he loved him and beg him to stop having sex with other guys and make a life commitment to being his lover. His jealousy was uncontrollable, and he was either going to have Chris as his life partner or he was going to do something drastic.

Chris got to Mike's room and saw that the door was opened. He walked in and tried to hug Mike, but Mike pushed him away.

"I need to talk to you," Mike said. "I want you to stay with me here in my room for the rest of the night so I can tell you something important."

"I came here to find out why you didn't answer my phone call," Chris admitted. "I wanted you to join us for supper at Dimitri's. I only have a few minutes to talk before I have to get ready for the concert."

"Fuck the concert!" Mike said. "I need you to stay with me! I'm your Big Brother, and you'll stay with me or else!"

"Mike, you know that you gave me permission to be part of the concert tonight," Chris said. "I've got to be there tonight!"

"If you leave this room," Mike threatened, "I'll pull your pledge pin!"

"Jesus, Mike!" Chris replied, "You don't really mean that! I'm your Little Brother and best friend!"

"You make the decision!" Mike demanded as he reached for the pledge pin on Chris's chest.

"I'VE GOT TO GO TO THE CONCERT!!!" Chris demanded.

Mike grabbed the pledge pin and ripped it off from Chris's shirt, tearing the shirt to shreds.

"You're no longer a pledge here!" Mike screamed at Chris. "If you want to, you can go to Tom Jankowski to get your pin back, but you will NEVER be my Little Brother again!"

Chris was in shock as he ran out of Mike's room and down the hall of the dorm area. Tears were flowing down his face as he knocked Joe McClure over as he ran out of the fraternity.

Joe saw the tears and torn shirt, and knew that something really bad had happened. He ran after Chris and saw the bright red Chevelle smoke the tires as Chris blasted out of the fraternity parking lot.

Several of the pledges and members had seen Chris run out of the house, and wondered what had just happened.

Joe headed for Mike Mahley's room, closely followed by Jake Mahley, Mike's brother.

Mike was sobbing on his bed, and Joe and Jake knew that something bad had happened. It took a while for the two guys to calm Mike down enough to understand that he had pulled Chris's pledge pin.

"YOU PULLED CHRIS'S PIN?" Jake screamed at his brother. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

Mike sobbed and admitted that he loved Chris so much that he couldn't share him with anyone. He wanted to tell Chris how much he loved him, and had demanded that Chris stay with him for the night. When Chris refused, he threatened him and ripped his pledge pin off from his shirt.

Joe McClure was upset, but calmed down enough to say, "Mike, the meds you are taking are fucking you up! Chris loves you, and he didn't have to come here before the concert. He came here because you're his Big Brother and he cares about you! If you really love him, we'll work this out after the concert! He won't tell anyone what part he'll play in the concert, but you're going to find out with Jake and me! Get your ass out of that bed and get cleaned up! We have damage control to perform!"

Chris returned to the Jacobs Dorm and ran past the students who tried to congratulate him for the football victory. It was the first time that Chris had ever ignored his fans, as he didn't want them to know that he was upset and had been crying. He ran to his room and found Isaac getting dressed to go to the concert.

Isaac immediately saw that his buddy was very upset, and hugged Chris to try and calm him down. It took a few minutes for Chris to compose himself enough to describe what had happened at the Tri-Delt house between Mike and him.

"MIKE PULLED YOUR PLEDGE PIN?" Isaac asked, not believing what Chris was telling him. He was livid and was ready to go to the fraternity and kick Mike's ass. He knew that Mike had been a bitch all week and everyone had been talking about the effects of the medication on a guy that was usually a riot to be around.

"It's that fucking medication he's taking!" Isaac stated bluntly. "I've talked privately with Mike, and I know that he LOVES YOU! I know that he's jealous when you spend time with me or other guys. We have to trust the other members to get Mike to calm down. Jake and I talked, and he's gonna insist that the shrink change Mike's meds so he can settle down and be the guy that we both love. You're gonna get your pin back or our pledge buddies will quit pledging! Trust me buddy, we're in this together!"

Chris hugged Isaac and told him that he didn't want any of their pledge buddies to turn in their pledge pins. He also didn't want to go to Tom Jankowski and be assigned a different Big Brother. He was going to work things out with Mike. He wanted to help Mike settle down so they could share their true feelings for each other. Chris knew that he loved Mike, and was coming to grips with his own feelings. Casual sex with other guys was fun, but nothing could compare with making love to Mike Mahley! 

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