This story will describe the life of Christopher Jonathan Hammer as he enters college at the age of 19. It will include flashbacks to key times in his life where fate would create significant emotional events. The story will describe the events during pledgeship to the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity at California State University. All events, locations, and characters are fictitious. There are some references to famous athletes and movie stars, but in no way does this story claim any real connection to these people. The famous people are not used in any sexual situations in this story.

Note from the author: The last chapter was very long, and I decided to stop at that point and begin a new chapter. This chapter will continue the story of events when Chris was 15 and visiting CSU and the Tri-Delt house. I will try to post one chapter each week and finish the entire story. One of my "pet peeves" is waiting for weeks or months for other authors to post a new chapter. I lose the continuity of that kind of posting of a story, so I won't do that to you unless something major interferes with my writing.

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I also will address 2 things readers brought up.

  1. Delta Delta Delta is the actual name of a sorority. Sorry bout that, but hey, this is fantasy land, and I can use any Greek Letters as a fraternity that I want to!!
  2. Sex buddies or a love story? The answer is both, but you will have to wait and see who hooks up just for fun and who falls in love.

CJ Chapter 3

Four Years Earlier, Age 15 for CJ Hammer--Joe McClure narrates to Isaac Mendez

Chris regained consciousness when Brian cracked the smelling salts capsule and shoved it under his nose. He grabbed Brian's hand and struggled to get up. In his mind, he was still in a fight, but Mike was holding him down and trying to comfort him. Brian was thankful that Mike was there. He sure didn't want to see this blonde-haired guy go ballistic on him like he had done to Larry. Chris finally cleared his head and tried to stand up, with Mike continually trying to talk him down from his fighting mental state. Mike and Brian helped him and stood beside Chris until his balance was restored. We heard the scream of the approaching ambulances and surveyed the damage Chris had done. Chris was shaking and said he was afraid that B would be furious with him and would prevent him from ever visiting the campus and fraternity again. He also knew that he had to call B. Any time that Chris had been in a fight or in any kind of trouble, he had to tell B immediately. He looked at the blood on his swollen hands and knew he couldn't punch the direct dial code for his guardian's cell phone. His cell phone was lying on the ground near the moaning bodies of the Phi Tau's.

"B is gonna kill me!" Chris choked out. "He made me promise to stay out of trouble, and now I am screwed!" Mike had met Chris's guardian, but only knew him as "B" or "Mr. B". Jacob had only talked to B on the phone when he called to talk to Chris.

"I'll call B for you and I'll explain things to him" Mike offered. He could see that Chris's hands were swollen badly from the effects of the terrible fight. Chris thanked Mike and told him the code to dial. Chris knew that B was in San Francisco on business, but they had promised each other to always carry their cell phones.

"Hi, son" Saul answered. "Are you having a good time?"

"Mr. B, this is Mike Mahley. Chris has been in a nasty fight."

"Is he hurt?" Saul asked, obviously afraid for his boy.

"Not really" Mike replied. "His hands are really swelled up like balloons and he passed out, but I think he is gonna be fine. I can't say that about the guys he beat the fuck out of. Sorry about my language, B, but I am really upset about this."

"Did he kill anyone?" B asked excitedly.

"FUCK NO!!" Mike yelled. "Jesus Christ, has he killed someone before??"

"Let me talk to Chris" B begged. He had hoped that the visit to CSU was going to be the start of a pleasant future for his boy, but that had obviously not happened.

"B, I'm sorry" Chris sobbed. Mike held the phone for Chris while he talked, as Chris couldn't use either of his hands. Mike tried to comfort his special friend.

"Are you okay?" B asked.

"Ya, I'm okay" Chris replied, "but my friend Joe got banged up. I tried to stop the assholes, but there were five of them. Joe got pounded pretty bad. The security officers are treating him now, but they want to take us both to the hospital. Joe is gonna need some stitches in his face. I really tried to protect him; B, but I couldn't keep him from being hurt. I feel like shit about this."

"I know you didn't start this crap, son, and I know you did what you could to protect your friend. What about the other guys?" B asked.

Chris described the events. He had tears running down his face as he told his guardian about the fight and how Larry had attacked him with a knife. B was in shock. His son could have been killed or badly injured. He was far away in San Francisco, but said that he would call Sam Gardner, their lawyer and close friend and have him meet them at the hospital. B knew that the college always took injured students to Mercy General Hospital, but made sure by asking to talk to Mike again.

"Tell Chris not to say a word to anyone until he talks to Sam first" B ordered. "It is very important! I want you to call me as soon as anything develops. I'm sorry that I can't get there now, but Sam will take care of Chris. I hope Joe will be okay too. Please help calm Chris down. When he gets in a nasty fight, he gets very emotional. Tell me what hospital he will be going to."

Chris came up to me (Joe) and hugged me. He apologized for not protecting me. I hurt all over, but I knew that he had saved my life. I broke down listening to him apologize to me. After seeing what he had done to five huge guys, I was sick that I had punched him the night before. If he had fought back, I would have been dead in a matter of seconds. He had just risked his life to protect me.

Brian drove Chris and me to the hospital in his cruiser and led us into the Trauma Center. The place was a zoo with the arrival of the ambulances from campus. Mike had warned Chris not to say anything until Sam arrived. Chris was spaced out. His eyes were dull and his face was pale. Mike was hugging Chris and talking softly to him. I was worried that Chris was hurt, but he snapped out of his trance to comfort me. I had to wait while the staff treated the Phi Tau's. They were really banged up. Larry had been taken to surgery. Sam had arrived and talked to Chris alone. Brian had called the university president along with the chief of security. They ran some X-rays on me, closed up two cuts on my face with stitches and released me.

The university president and the chief of security were conducting a formal interview with Chris and Sam. Chris asked Mike and Brian to stay for the interview. It was over an hour before the interview was done, my treatment completed, and we were released. Sam spent time with the security officers and said he was filing charges of attempted murder against Larry, along with other charges against him and the other Phi Tau's. Chris was a minor, and they were in real trouble for attacking him. Two local television stations and three newspaper reporters had learned of the attack and wanted to interview Chris and me. Sam told us to refuse to talk to the reporters or make any kind of statement. Chris and I were each a mess with torn clothes and blood all over us. Many of the brothers were waiting for us as we were released. Brian asked if he could talk to us in private. I had always liked Brian, and he had let me slide a couple times when I could have been busted. Chris and I both wanted to go back to the house and get cleaned up. Brian asked if he could talk to us there and we agreed. Chris was acting very withdrawn, and said very few words to anyone.

When we got back to the Tri-Delt house, it was in total chaos. Many of the members wanted to go "postal" and attack the Phi Tau Alpha house. It was a good thing that Brian was there, as he calmed down the vigilantes by telling them that Jonathan Crawford, the university president, had already promised that the Phi Tau's were going to be booted off campus. Chris was soaking his hands in a bowl of ice water that Mike had brought him. It was neat to see how Mike took care of Chris. It was strange to see Mike's eyes as he fussed over Chris. His eyes were filled with love and admiration. Chris was almost silent, but seemed to really like the attention from Mike.

"I want to know who trained you" Brian said to Chris. "I teach martial arts here on campus, but I have never heard of anyone take down four huge guys at once and then face off with a guy armed with a knife like you did. You could kick my ass in a heartbeat. I would be honored if you would train me. Who is your Sensei and what Dojo did you train in?"

Chris didn't want to answer the questions. If he answered, he would reveal part of his past that he wanted to hide from Mike and Jacob. He also didn't want his new friends at the Tri-Delt house to know his past. We all stared at Chris until he couldn't stand it anymore.

"My Sensei is Yoshi Yamamoto, and I am from the Yamamoto Dojo in Tokyo, Japan" Chris replied softly.

"HOLY FUCK!!" Brian shouted as he jumped up and began pacing the floor. He was shaking all over. "I knew it had to be a special Dojo, but I never dreamed I would ever meet anyone trained by Yoshi Yamamoto!! My Sensei will shit his pants to hear this. I can't wait to tell him!"

Many of the brothers gathered around to listen to Brian explain. Yoshi Yamamoto was a ten time Karate World Champion. He retired, undefeated, and ran the most famous and exclusive Dojo in the world. Virtually all of the world champions for the past 20 years had come from his Dojo. He only accepted the best fighters in the world, and had a reputation for teaching martial arts and social responsibility to his fighters. He demanded total adherence to his theories of matching fighting actions to the level of the threat to his fighters. Chris had displayed his loyalty by stopping the other Phi Tau's with blows that would disable them, but not break any bones. Larry was different. Chris had taken him apart because of the threat of the knife. In the realm of Karate, using a knife or other dangerous weapon was forbidden, and allowed the opponent to physically harm or even kill the attacker. We were all shocked to hear about Chris's training. I was about to shit my pants. The night before I had punched Chris twice and slammed him against the wall. He had never raised a hand to defend himself or to retaliate.

"You could have killed me last night" I (Joe) said. "I punched you and shoved you around my room, but you never fought back."

"JESUS CHRIST!!" Brian yelled. "You hit him and are still alive??"

Chris pulled his sore hands out of the ice water and hugged me. "I don't hurt my friends" Chris said. I hugged him back and knew that I was one lucky guy for being alive today. I was sobbing as I hugged the massive body of the 15-year-old that had saved my life. I could not express how grateful I was for Chris not kicking my ass and for saving it with the Phi Tau's. They had obviously watched me and knew my route for my morning run. If I had been alone, I would be dead now or cut to ribbons. Having Chris here this weekend was obviously destined. It was comforting, and yet it scared the fuck out of me. I knew that he was a true friend and I tried to think of a way to apologize for hitting him.

The unofficial meeting broke up, as Chris said he wanted to take a shower and a nap. Mike, Jake and I walked Chris back to my room. Mike was talking on the phone to B as we walked. Mike had stopped to talk to B in private, and I wondered what that was all about. I learned later that Mike had asked B why Chris was so secretive about his past. Mike had also told B that Chris seemed shy and never undressed in front of them or even removed his shirt around us. B was upset that Chris had not opened up to us, as he knew we were special friends to his son. He said that things had to change. B told Mike about having a "Total Truth" meeting with Chris. He explained that Chris would refuse to participate, but that he would convince him. The rules were simple: ask anything and tell only the truth.

When we got to my room, Mike announced the "Total Truth" meeting and explained the rules to Jake and me. Chris was livid. He flatly refused to participate and said he would call Sam to take him home or walk there by himself. Mike was still talking to B who could obviously hear Chris's refusal. B talked to Chris on the cell phone.

"I WON'T DO IT!! " Chris screamed at B. "You had no right to tell Mike about 'Total Truth'. That is for you and me alone, and not for my friends!"

The three of us listened to one side of the conversation, and saw Chris shaking with rage at B. We were all scared that Chris would go ballistic on us. Several of the brothers heard Chris screaming at B and had come to the door. I told them to leave us alone and shut the door. I know they stayed outside to listen. The phone call lasted for several minutes, with Chris refusing what B was ordering him to do. Tears were streaming down Chris's face as he argued with B. Chris turned away and tried to talk softly so we wouldn't hear his words, but we did.

"They will hate me if they find out what I have done and what has been done to me," Chris whispered. "I don't want to lose their friendship. I love being here with them but I am sorry that I let you down."

Several more minutes passed, as Chris seemed to calm down. I could tell that B was winning the argument. Chris finally said softly "okay, I'll do it, but you have to promise that Sam will come and get me when I call. I know they will hate me and I will have to leave here. I'm pissed at you for doing this, but I still love you."

Chris was sobbing as he ended the call. He looked at us and said he had to take a shower first.

"Jesus, Chris" Mike said. "What did you do that can be that bad? Did you kill someone?"

"Yes" Chris replied, "I've killed more than one person. I'm gonna shower while you guys decide if you really want to know the truth about me or if you want me to disappear. I think I should just leave and go home. You were my friends, but maybe you should pick someone else to be buds with. Right now I am scared and I want to leave." Chris grabbed his shower gear and headed into my bathroom.

The three of us sat there in total silence. Chris's words had shocked us. He had killed not only one person, but also more than one. Mike was the first to break the silence by saying that Chris was a neat guy, and if he had really killed someone, they must have deserved it. He also said that when they were wrestling around, Chris had never used his martial arts, and had let Jake and him pound Chris's ass. He was determined to remain Chris's friend. Jake and I agreed.

We all decided to take a quick shower in the open shower room across the hall and wait for Chris. We showered fast. Chris was using the private shower in my room and took a long shower, probably hoping that we would give up and leave. I was the Vice-President of the chapter then, and one of the privileges of being Vice-President is having a private bathroom attached to the room shared with the President, Dave Wilbur. I headed for the kitchen to grab a case of cold Budweiser. I was sure that we would need it during the discussion.

The three of us drained two beers each before Chris came out of the bathroom. He was wearing a T-shirt and boxers, just like he had done other times that he had showered. The three of us were only wearing pairs of my boxers. I offered him a beer and he chugged it. He took another and drained it too. He was shaking like a leaf as "Total Truth" began.

"Why are you shy about undressing in front of us?" Mike asked Chris.

"Before I answer that" Chris said, "Name the guys that you have had sex with."

During our quick showers, Mike had explained that Chris would probably try to break up the meeting by asking us questions that we would refuse to answer. B was tuned into his son's emotions and knew his tactics. B had also explained that whoever asked for the "Total Truth" meeting had to answer the first question. Because there were three of us facing Chris, he could ask each one of us the same or a different question before he would answer any question from us. His first question shocked all three of us.

"I have had sex with my brother Jake, Joe, Danny, Keith, Tommy, and Toby. I also had sex with three guys from high school that you don't know. There might be some others that I can't remember right now" Mike answered honestly.

"What have you done sexually with a guy?" Chris asked me.

I told him the truth. I had kissed, licked, rimmed, sucked and fucked with guys. I also told him that I would love to have sex with him.

Chris was agitated that his questions were being answered. He was hoping that the meeting would be broken off when we refused to answer.

"Name the guys that you have blown and eaten their loads" Chris said to Jacob.

"I have blown and swallowed cum from Mike, Joe, Keith, Tommy, Jonathan, John, Peter, and Matt. I did some guys in high school too, but you don't know them either. I still want to swap sperm with Danny and Toby like Mike has done, but the guy I want to blow the most is YOU."

"SHIT!!" Chris shouted. He knew he was fucked now, as we had revealed information that we had never shared with each other. Chris drained another beer. He waited, hoping we would call the meeting off, but we were determined. The long silence was too much for him. He hung his head and began to talk softly.

"I don't undress in front of you because I don't want you to see my body. It is hideous," Chris admitted. "When I was 12, I was beaten, raped and forced to suck off 5 older boys at the orphanage. I have bad scars on my back from a bamboo cane that broke when they attacked me. When the cane broke, it was like a bunch of razors cutting into me. I don't want you to see my back. You will be revolted if you see it."

Mike was the one to convince Chris that we were true friends and saw the beauty inside him. He also told Chris that scars on the outside of a body were bad, but letting scars remain inside, was a million times worse. I don't know where Mike heard that, but it seemed to calm Chris down. Chris was crying. It was hard to believe that a guy as big as Chris was could be so emotional. B had told Mike that Chris was 15 and big for his age, but inside, he was still a young boy. Life in the orphanage had prevented normal emotional growth for his son. B had said that "Total Truth" would help Chris cope with his past, but that we had to treat him like he was a vulnerable 12-year-old, and to expect Chris to be very emotional.

Chris stood up and took off his T-shirt. His muscle development was awesome. He pointed to a scar on his belly and said that it was the place where he had been shot. He pointed to a long thin scar above his navel and said that is where the doctors had opened him up after he had been shot to clean out infection. We all looked at his scars and were shocked that a guy who was only 15 had been beaten, raped and shot. We were jealous that his chest and belly were solid muscle, with the finest definition that we had ever seen. Chris turned around and we saw his back. The awesome muscles were riddled with long, deep scars that proved that the guys who attacked him could have killed him. His back looked horrible. We all broke down. Mike was the first to turn Chris around and hug him. It was a group hug as we shared in the agony that Chris felt. He told us that every time he started a new school and took gym, someone called Protective Services about his scars.

"Those scars are part of you" Jacob said. "They are as much a part of you as your beautiful eyes. I really appreciate the fact that you are being honest with us, and have shown us your back. The real CJ Hammer is the guy we love, and he just happens to have some scars. Joe will have some too now, and he could have been dead or lying in the grass with his balls cut off and his face slashed apart. You saved his life and we all love you for putting it on the line for him."

"Cutting off Joe's balls would have been minor surgery" Chris joked. The tension had been broken by our reaction to seeing his scars, and he was finally relaxed. "They are tiny, little raisins. Any work on his face would be an improvement."

We all laughed. Chris was a real tease, and sure broke the tension in the room. Chris seemed to relax and decided to tell us the rest of his story, but demanded another beer first.

He told us that his best friend at the orphanage was Marco Andrews. When he was beaten and raped, the attackers threatened that if he told who had beaten him, they would torture and kill Marco. He knew that the gang was large, and that he could only identify 5 of the members. He refused to tell anyone who did it. B would end up being Chris's guardian, but he refused to tell him or the priest anything. Three plastic surgeons worked for hours on his back. He was in the hospital for a long time because of infection in the deep cuts on his back. During his hospital time, Sam had begged a friend of his to contact Stephen Segall, the Hollywood actor and martial arts expert. Chris was a Segall fan, and dreamed of learning the martial arts. Segall was fantastic, and flew to Dallas to visit him in the hospital.

Segall was appalled that anyone would beat a 12-year-old boy that badly. He immediately bonded with Chris, and offered to have him visit in California and stay at his home to recuperate from his injuries. Chris missed a year of school while he healed and the legal issues at the orphanage were sorted out. The attackers were never identified, but the investigation made the gang stop their aggression. He spent the first six months with the Segall's. Sam had convinced the Texan authorities that the boy would not be safe at the orphanage during the investigation, and got approval for the visit to California. Chris still calls the Segall's aunt and uncle.

Stephen Segall had not only helped Chris recover from his injuries, but had also trained him in the martial arts. Chris learned faster than anyone he had ever trained, and soon became a challenge to his own skills. When he realized that the boy was so advanced in the martial arts training, Uncle Stephen had contacted his Sensei to advance the boy's training. The next four months he was in Japan with Yoshi Yamamoto, the same Sensei that had trained Segall. Chris has gone to Japan each summer for additional training. During the time he was away from Texas, B had convinced the authorities to approve his adoption of Chris. It was a dream for both of them to be legally joined, and for Chris to leave the orphanage to live with B.

It was a formality, but he had to return to the orphanage until the adoption was finalized. The priest and nuns promised him protection. The first day he was back, he found out that Marco had left to live with a distant cousin. The attackers knew that he could now rat them out, so they decided to kill him and throw his body in the incinerator at the orphanage. One of the numerous gang members was Nathan. He was a small boy who was not part of the rape. He had joined the gang for protection, but he liked Chris and told him of the danger.

Chris had to act fast. His life was on the line. He went after each of the 5 attackers individually. They were preparing for the murder, but were still alone when he found them. He beat the fuck out of each one, even though some of them were armed with baseball bats or other weapons. His martial arts' training was incomplete, but he was able to dominate the five older guys who had raped him. He then jumped the fence of the orphanage and ran away. He didn't get far before he was cornered by a police officer in a lumberyard with very high fences. He was wearing the uniform of the orphanage, and was easy to spot. He could have fought with the officer, but he respected authority, and surrendered. He was loaded into the back of the City of Dallas police cruiser. The officer driving the cruiser was Henry Jones, a black sergeant. They only made it about two blocks when an emergency call came over the police radio about two escaped convicts that had just robbed a nearby bank. Two people had been shot in the robbery. Henry Jones saw the vehicle described in the broadcast, told Chris to get down on the floor, and gave chase. He ran the suspect vehicle off the road and into a bunch of trees, and a gun battle began. Henry let Chris out of the back of the cruiser and told him to stay down. The two convicts came around the side of a building and shot Henry, hitting him in the leg, and the femoral artery. Chris grabbed the gun that fell out of Henry's hand and shot at the two attackers. He had never held a gun before in his life, but fate was with him. Both convicts ended up on the ground with bullet holes in their heads. Chris had taken a bullet in the belly and blacked out from pain. When he woke up, he saw that the officer was bleeding badly. Chris used the police radio and screamed for help. He saw the street signs and told where they were. Henry had passed out, and the blood was gushing out of his leg. Chris plugged the hole with his finger and held his hand over his own stomach wound.

When other police cars arrived, the officers took over Chris's work. Chris nearly died from his injuries and the infection that he developed from the stomach wound that cut his intestines. He said an Indian that visited him in the hospital saved him. No one ever saw the Indian, but they couldn't explain the eagle feather that was found on his bed, or how the infection disappeared. Henry Jones would have died if Chris had not slowed the flow of blood. Henry's daughter, Latisha, is the one who taught Chris how to dance. He still visits the Jones family and calls Henry and his wife, Shannon, uncle and aunt, and Latisha is his cousin.

Chris was exhausted from telling part of his secret story. He asked if we would stop now. We all wanted to hear more about this special friend, but realized that he was worn out. Chris took a deep breath as he stood up and faced us.

"The other reason I don't want to be nude around you guys is that I am afraid you will tease me about my dick" Chris told us. "You guys don't seem to be embarrassed at being nude around me, but I used to get teased all the time at the orphanage. This is why."

We were shocked when Chris pulled down the boxers to reveal that he was wearing tighty whitey's. He pulled down the briefs to reveal the biggest uncut cock I have ever seen on any guy. It was at least seven inches long and very thick, with a nice patch of golden blonde pubes. His foreskin completely covered the head of his cock. He told us that he was called "donkey dick" and "horse cock" by guys in the orphanage. He was also teased about his long foreskin. I about shit myself when I saw the size of his meat. No wonder the Sig Ep's screamed when he fucked them.

He pulled up the briefs and boxers and said he was exhausted. Mike and Jacob hugged Chris and thanked him for being honest with us. Chris wanted to take a nap, and I was sore and tired too. I hung the sign on the outside of the doorknob that told everyone to stay away and not disturb us. Each room has a sign like that. We don't allow locks on any room doors in this house, but no one would ever open a door with a sign on it. I was exhausted from getting my ass kicked and from listening to what was said during "Total Truth". I had decided to take a nap at the same time as Chris, and got into Dave's bed.

I was shocked when Chris walked up to the bed, lifted the covers, and got in beside me. He snuggled up to me and hugged me. My eyes were filled with tears when I felt him crying on my chest. I hugged him and we fell asleep together.

"Now you know why Chris is so special to me," Joe said to Isaac. "He saved my life and I love him as much as any guy can love another guy. The guys here in the fraternity would kill anyone who would try to hurt Chris. You have a very special roommate. He has a lock on a pledge bid, and would have to really fuck up to get booted out before he becomes a full member here."

"Thanks for telling me that story," Isaac said to Joe. "I hope Chris won't be pissed at you for telling me."

"Everyone in the fraternity knows the story and a lot more about him," Joe said. "We heard that there was a home invasion when he lived in Dallas, but we decided not to push him for the details. In the last year he found out who his biological parents are, and he also found out more about his heritage. When he is ready, he will share that with us too. I won't ask you to pry into his life, but I hope you realize how much all of us love him, and want to know more about him. Our love for him is unconditional."

Their conversation was interrupted when Chris returned with Mike. They were drinking Corona with lime and salt, and seemed to be buzzed. Isaac was worried that the plans for him and Chris to share sex that night would be ruined if Chris got drunk.

"Chill out, roomie," Chris said to Isaac. "Have a taste of your heritage. This is Mexican beer, and I love it."

Isaac grabbed the bottle of Corona out of Chris's hand and chugged it down. He then pulled Chris aside and begged him not to get drunk and ruin their plans. Chris agreed that he had too much to drink and decided to go back to the dorm to sober up. He knew that if he stayed for the party, he would get wasted and probably hook up with a Sig Ep. He still wanted to sample some fresh Isaac pudding, so he told his friends from the fraternity that he was heading back to the dorm.

Joe smiled, as he knew what Chris was up to. He wanted to join the two horny guys and have sex with both of them at the same time. Joe and Chris had shared many intimate times together in Joe's room, and his ass itched at the thought of the huge cock. He wondered if Isaac was ready to be plugged, but decided to let them leave without making a scene about joining them.

Chris knew that he had consumed too much alcohol, and tossed the keys to the Viper to Isaac. Isaac was thrilled that he would drive the muscle car, and was thankful that Chris knew not to drive to the dorm. After they got to the dorm parking lot, they installed the hard top and locked up the Viper. It would have to be moved to the off-campus parking lot tomorrow.

The foyer was filled with guys and girls who were signing in and moving their possessions up to their rooms, many with parents helping them. Everyone seemed to recognize Chris and several asked for his autograph. Isaac brought Chris a cup of coffee as he watched his roomie sit at the reception desk and sign the autographs.

It was almost an hour later when Chris had signed all of the requested autographs. Isaac had continued bringing black coffee to his roomie, hoping to sober him up for a night of pleasure. It worked, and Chris was sober and horny as they got to their room.

"Time for a shower before I have dessert," Chris joked.

They hit the shower room, and noticed that several other guys had joined them. One of them was Tom Borton, who seemed very interested in the crotches of Chris and Isaac. Tom was unable to control his body, and popped a full woody of about 6 inches. He seemed embarrassed, but several other guys were boned up at the same time. Both Isaac and Chris were "window shopping" as they checked out the equipment of their dorm buddies.

They returned to their room, and Chris quickly took the initiative. He grabbed Isaac and pressed his lips against his roommate's. The probing tongue drove Isaac wild. Chris grabbed the towel that was wrapped around his roomie, and whipped it off. Chris dropped to his knees and inhaled the entire length of Isaac's throbbing meat. Isaac wanted to hold back, but the dream of having sex with Chris and the intensity of the sucking was driving him wild with passion. He gasped as he felt his body throb with the first pulse of his orgasm. Chris swallowed every blast of cum that invaded his mouth and throat. Isaac collapsed, as his orgasm drained his body of all strength. Chris was strong, and held up his roomie as the flow of fresh cum ended.

Chris giggled as he teased Isaac about popping a nut so fast. He warned that Isaac had better reload fast, as he wanted to spend some quality time on the "hot tamale" between Isaac's legs.

Isaac was lying on his back on Chris's bed, with Chris running his fingers all over Isaac's body. The gentle touch of the giant athlete was relaxing and also stimulating. Chris spent a lot of time touching Isaac's nipples. Both nipples responded.

"I love nipples," Chris said softly. "I love cones on girl tits and slash nips on guys. You have some great slash nips." He then explained what he meant. Girl nipples come in all sizes and shapes, but cone shaped or puffies are his favorites. Guy nipples are more uniform. Slash nips are the ones stretched and elongated by the muscle development of the guy's chest. Seeing a guy's nips was almost as exciting as seeing his cock and balls. NOT!!!

It was Isaac's turn to examine Chris's body in detail. He started by kissing the full lips of the big jock. Their tongues dueled for a long time. Isaac ran his fingers across the chest of his roomie, tracing the lines of the perfectly developed muscles. He pulled the towel aside to reveal the golden treasure trail that led to the major prize below. Isaac noticed that Chris did not have any hair on his chest or arms. He correctly guessed that Chris's Indian heritage had caused the lack of hair. The skin was soft and tanned, but the muscles underneath were rock hard. Chris did not have overdeveloped ugly muscles like a body builder. His body was a perfectly tuned and developed work of art that any sculptor would love to capture. What would be a six-pack of muscles on most guys was more like an eight-pack on the tall body. Everything on his body was perfectly proportioned.

Isaac let his fingers follow the thin treasure trail lower. He circled his fingers in the golden blonde patch of pubes, tickling his roomie. His fingers avoided the semi-erect cock of over 10 inches and went lower. There was no hair on the scrotum that held the two huge sperm factories.

"Do you shave your balls?" Isaac asked.

"I don't shave any part of my body," Chris replied. "I guess being 1/4 Cherokee is the reason. I have never shaved my face either. I use after-shave, but that is just to drive guys like you wild. My favorite is CK Eternity."

Isaac continued exploring the huge nuts of his roomie, wondering if his mouth was big enough to take one of the orbs inside. The gentle attention of his fingers had caused Chris's massive cock to harden fully. Isaac traced the muscles of Chris's legs as he examined every inch of the handsome body. When he got to the large feet, he moved on the bed and began licking.

Chris moaned with a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. He was extremely ticklish. Isaac sensed that another "hot spot" had been located on his roommate. He sucked the big toe on the left foot like it was a hard cock. Chris moaned. Isaac sucked. Isaac spent time with every toe Chris had, driving him wild. When Isaac licked the underside of Chris's left foot, the big stud jumped up and pulled his foot away.

"JESUS," Chris shouted, "don't do that!! I can't stand it!!"

Isaac laughed, and promised not to lick there. In his mind, he was trying to figure out a way that he could repeat the licking of the special place. Maybe some day he could convince Chris to try some bondage. He knew that the restraints would have to be extremely strong to hold down the impressive body of muscle. He decided to let the thoughts go for the time being, as he gazed at the throbbing 12 1/2 inches of meat that was leaking a steady stream of precum on Chris's hard belly. The foreskin completely covered the head of the erect cock, but was obviously filled with the slippery man juice. It was time for Isaac to test the size of his mouth.

Chris moaned as Isaac licked and nibbled on his foreskin. He wished that he had been circumcised when he was a baby so his dick would look like most of the other guys in the shower rooms. At the same time, he enjoyed the feeling of the skin when he jerked off or sucked his own cock. He smiled as he knew that most guys couldn't reach their own dick with their mouth, and had to rely on a buddy to "suck the snot" out. Chris had been sucking his own cock ever since he was 11.

Isaac continued licking and nibbling on the tender foreskin. He slurped out the generous amount of precum and savored the taste. He ran his tongue inside the tuft of skin and was rewarded with more liquid. He stroked down on the massive cock. It was so thick that his fingers could not meet as they wrapped around the heavy stalk. The pink head of Chris's cock popped out, eliciting a moan of pleasure from both guys. The head was covered in precum, and Isaac licked it all off, holding some of it in his mouth. He broke away to kiss Chris on the mouth, using his tongue to push the precum inside Chris's mouth. They both moaned as their kiss continued. Isaac was jacking Chris's cock, and more precum had made the long trip to the head and foreskin.

Isaac repeated his collection and delivery methods. Chris had experienced a lot of blowjobs, but Isaac was teaching him some new tricks. Isaac turned on the bed so that the two lovers were in the 69 position. Chris reached for Isaac's throbbing cock, but Isaac pulled it away.

"Don't suck me right now," Isaac said. "I really don't like to 69. I like to concentrate on one thing at a time. This position will line up my mouth and throat with your monster. I don't even know if I can take the head in my mouth, but I'm sure gonna try."

Chris laughed and relaxed on the bed, as Isaac slurped and sucked. Chris loved to hear slurping sounds when he sucked cock or was having his cock sucked. Noise during sex made it a lot more erotic to him.

Isaac proved that his experience sucking cock had paid off. He was able to use his lips and tongue to push back the long foreskin to expose the sensitive head of his roomie's dong. Chris moaned as Isaac took the head and at least four inches of shaft in his mouth before his gag reflex kicked in.

"Relax your throat," Chris advised. "When you feel like you are going to gag, swallow and try to relax your throat muscles."

The suggestions worked, and Isaac felt the mushroom head hit the back of his mouth and then slide into his throat. If he had not moved into a position to align his throat with the throbbing shaft, he would never have been able to take so much cock. His mouth and throat were stretched to the limit and he was having trouble breathing.

Chris was moaning and was close to blowing his wad. Isaac slid a finger into Chris's hairless asshole, and the super stud lost it. His first blast of cum flooded Isaac's throat. Isaac wanted to taste the thick ropes of cum and pulled back so the next shot filled his mouth until it overflowed. Isaac swallowed as fast as he could, but he could not contain the volume of man juice that was pumping into his face. He choked and gagged as the huge cock continued blasting. He pulled completely off the meat and stroked it while he tried to recover. The flood of cum continued blasting, covering Isaac's face, hair, and the sheets on the bed.

Chris's body continued to pump. Isaac recovered and took the last four blasts of cum in his mouth and swallowed the precious liquid. Before the orgasm was finished, Chris had pumped at least 10 huge shots of pudding.

Chris pulled Isaac's face to his, and began eating his own cum off his newest sex buddy's face. Both guys were exhausted. They continued to eat the fresh cum and kissed passionately.

Before they finally ended their lovemaking, they had each eaten three loads of cum from each other. Their lips were swollen from the intense kissing, their nipples were raw, and their balls were drained and sore. They fell asleep in each other's arms, ignoring the large wet spot from their evening of male bonding.

Isaac was the first to wake up the next morning. His nuts ached from the many loads of sperm he had pumped the previous day. He was sure he would never get a boner again. He looked at the handsome giant that he was entangled with and knew there was no way he could get out of bed without waking Chris. His bladder was begging for draining, and he finally gave up and untangled his legs and arms from his roomie.

Chris moaned as he felt the bed move. He finally woke up and looked at the cute butt cheeks of his roomie as Isaac tried to stand up and then fell on his ass. Chris laughed as he watched Isaac struggling to put on his boxers before heading across the room toward the door.

"Laugh your ass off, dipshit," Isaac said as he left the room to drain his bladder.

Chris was stuck to the sheets with the dried cum that proved that he and Isaac had taken good care of each other last night. He found his boxers and slipped them on. He also grabbed his shower kit and headed across the hall to clean up. He stood next to Isaac as they both released huge quantities of urine. Chris reached behind Isaac and shoved a finger in his friend's ass, closing off the flow of urine from Isaac's dick.

"You asshole!!" Isaac yelled at Chris.

Chris laughed again and finally let his friend drain his bladder. After taking care of all of his morning ablutions, he returned to their room. Isaac came back a few minutes later and they hugged and kissed. It was Sunday morning, and Chris had plans for the day that included a morning run and visit to the IM where he wanted to find a place to practice his martial arts. He also wanted to convince Isaac to continue their sexual exploration with anal sex. Chris loved sucking cock, but he also wanted to shove his big cock in a tight hole. He was hoping that the tight hole would be Isaac's cute brown butt.

They enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the dorm after their run and shower, and then drove the Viper to the parking deck near the campus. They took the campus bus back to the Tri-Delt house. Isaac met more of the members and seemed to really fit in great. They played pool and table tennis before they left for the dorm. Again Chris was swamped with requests for autographs. Isaac had gone to their room and brought back copies of the Olympic photo for signature. Chris finally got away from the reception desk and they enjoyed the lunch meal in the cafeteria. The food at the dorm was fantastic and a complete change from any school food they had ever eaten. During their meal, Isaac asked Chris a lot of questions about his athletic competition. Chris didn't like to brag, and downplayed many of the awards that Isaac asked him about.

Isaac told Chris that his father was a lawyer and his mother was a nurse and taught piano in their home. He has a younger brother, Daniel, that he calls Danny. Danny is 13 and a lot of fun to be around. Danny had watched the Olympic basketball games with Isaac and their dad, and had said that he would love to meet the talented Olympic star.

After lunch, Chris told Isaac that he would show him around the campus, but to grab his swimsuit and a towel before they left. They both had backpacks as they walked around the huge campus. Isaac had only attended orientation, but Chris knew the campus like the back of his hand, from the many visits with his friends in the past four years. Chris showed Isaac where they would be registering the next day, and where the bookstore was located. He also showed Isaac where the used bookstore was. He reminded Isaac that they had to be at registration early so they could hit the used bookstore fast before the books were sold out. Both of the guys could afford new books, but both wanted to save some money by buying used books.

When they got to the IM building, Chris said that they could swim for a while, and then he wanted to "check out the eye candy". Isaac didn't understand, until Chris explained that there was a diving competition scheduled for that day, and that divers from colleges from across the nation would be there.

"The divers wear the tiniest Speedo's that you have ever seen," Chris said. "There are three guys from the fraternity that will be competing too. I promised them that I would be there to cheer them on. Actually I want to go there to 'check them out'."

Chris was laughing, and Isaac loved to see the vivid green eyes light up, and the deep dimples frame the beautiful white teeth. Isaac felt his dick throb in his jeans. He was sure that he would never pop wood again after the previous day of sex with Melissa and Chris, but his roomie was turning his crank again.

Chris noticed the wood, and teased Isaac about being a horny slut. Isaac teased him back that Chris must have put Viagra in his drink at lunch.

They were both pleased when they got to the locker room of the IM Building and put on their swimsuits. Both of them had Speedo's that easily displayed their large packages. A ton of guys were in the shower room as they got ready to hit the pool. Chris introduced Isaac to the divers from the house, and they all had fantastic swimmer's bodies with nice full bulges in front of their competition suits. Isaac was thrilled that he would get a chance to meet the guys, and also see the variety of hard, nearly nude bodies.

They headed to the coed pool, and had a lot of fun playing water polo with girls from Sig Ep and guys from the Tri-Delt house. The cool water made the nipples stand out on the girls who were also wearing Speedo's, and the outline of the genitals of the guys wearing the tiny, tight suits made the time in the pool rewarding and stimulating. Several guys popped wood, and the girls seemed to enjoy the view as much as Isaac and Chris. They finally left the pool, showered, and dressed before the diving competition would begin. The stands were filled with spectators. The divers were awesome with most of their dicks pointed up toward their navels. It was truly a spectator sport, as less than a few ounces of nylon covered their manhood.

"See anything you want to suck?" Chris whispered to Isaac.

"I'd like to be in the locker room after the competition and suck them all dry," Isaac admitted quietly to Chris. He was afraid that someone would hear their private conversation, but everyone in the stands seemed to be locked on the hard bodies.

Chris and Isaac were especially interested in Chao Tsung from China, Francis Lafitte from Canada, and Leif Johannsen from Minnesota. They were all members of Delta Delta Delta fraternity, and were the best hopes for CSU winning the competition. Ten universities were represented in the competition. It was great to see all of the cute guys in their tiny suits when they got out of the water after their dives. The tiny suits were plastered against their packages, giving a great view of their endowment and the cleft of their tight asses. Both Chris and Isaac were boned up during most of the competition. When the final scores were posted, Florida State had taken the gold medal, CSU the silver, with Chao's performance, and Purdue University the bronze.

Chris knew that there would be celebrations at the Tri-Delt house that evening, and suggested that they both head there for pizza and beer.

Isaac loved the idea of going to the fraternity. He also hoped that he would get a chance to talk to Leif after seeing the bulge in the blonde's suit during the competition. Leif had placed fourth, and Isaac wanted to congratulate him in private. Isaac was developing a very strong desire to be naked with blonde guys, and Leif was awesome.

Joe McClure came up to them as they entered the Tri-Delt house. He pulled Chris aside and asked, "Did you score with Isaac?"

Chris laughed and confided in his long time friend. "We sucked each other dry is all. I want to plug that cute brown butt of his, but I will go slowly with him. Right now, he wants to get in Leif's pants."

Joe was pleased to find out that Isaac was into guy sex. The guys at the house knew that Isaac had a lock on a pledge bid from a letter they received from his father, alum of the chapter. Joe wanted to see what Isaac was packing, but right now he had an itch that he wanted Chris to scratch. They both watched as Isaac hit on Leif. Actually it looked like Leif was hitting on Isaac just as hard. They laughed as they saw the chemistry and waited for the inevitable. They did not have to wait long, as Leif grabbed Isaac's hand and led him toward the dorm rooms in the fraternity. Isaac made eye contact with Chris and winked and gave him the "thumbs up" sign.

Joe grabbed Chris and led him to his room, after grabbing a 12 pack of Bud from the kitchen cooler. Joe and Chris had shared hot sex many times, with Joe loving the feel of the huge cock stretching his body cavity. He knew that he needed to prepare. He put the sign on the door of the room to keep intruders out, and turned to face Chris. They kissed passionately and groped each other's body. Joe finally broke away and said he would get things ready in the bathroom. Chris smiled, and knew that Joe was preparing the enema bag to flush out waste.

Chris grabbed a cold beer and watched television. He could hear the sounds of human waste being dumped and the splashes of water hitting the toilet. He smiled, as he knew that he would take his turn cleaning himself out for Joe. As soon as he heard the shower start, Chris stripped and entered the bathroom. He saw that the enema bag was full, waiting for his hungry hole. He dumped his waste, refilled the bag twice, and completed the enema. He then pulled back the shower curtain and joined Joe in the shower.

Joe had always loved Chris. They had bonded closely when Chris was 15, and had been frequent bed partners ever since. Every time that Chris had visited the fraternity, Joe had lured the younger guy to his room for oral and anal sex. Joe was handsome and popular, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice 8 1/2-inch, thick, circumcised cock. Chris loved Joe, and also loved to feel the thick cock stretch his ass open. Due to the required blood tests at CSU, they always sucked and fucked without condoms. The normal blood test interval was every six months, but the guys at the fraternity were tested every two months. That way, bareback sex was relatively safe.

Chris got in the shower with Joe and kissed him passionately. Two hard cocks were rubbed together as the horny studs moaned and groaned together. Joe had blonde hair on his chest that Chris loved to play with. They washed each other and headed to the bed. Chris attacked the cock of his special friend, inhaling the entire 8 1/2 inches. Joe moaned at the attention of the horny stud, and grabbed Chris's head and face fucked him. Chris broke away long enough to lick his long, thick finger, and rammed it inside the tight hole of his friend. Joe moaned as the finger invaded his itching asshole. Chris's finger was bigger than many guys' cock, and the finger quickly found Joe's prostate. The finger wave worked, as Joe blew his load of man juice into the hungry mouth of the star athlete.

"JESUS CHRIST, CHRIS, DON'T STOP!!!!!!" Joe screamed as he unloaded his wad of cum into Chris's hungry mouth.

Chris did not waste a drop, as he savored the flavor of the man juice of his buddy. He loved sucking cock and eating cum. If he liked a guy enough to suck his dick, Chris would always swallow the wad. He said it was pure protein, and should never be wasted. Chris sucked the thick cock until Joe begged him to stop. Chris rolled over on the double bed and pushed Joe's mouth down on his throbbing cock.

Joe was an expert cocksucker, and had learned how to please his younger friend. Joe used his hand to slide back the generous foreskin and saw the collection of precum that was waiting for his mouth. He slurped up the tasty liquid and jacked the massive cock as his mouth sucked in the head.

Chris was in orbit as he felt Joe lick and suck his massive cock. He moaned as he leaned back on the bed and focussed on the pleasure of having his cock sucked by an expert. Joe wasted no time as he devoured the 12 1/2-inch cock. Chris felt the throat muscles constrict, as the entire length of his cock disappeared in the warmth of his buddy. Joe was one of the few guys that could deep throat the entire length of his cock, and Chris loved the intense feelings of his cock in the throat of his buddy. It did not take long for Chris to feel his large balls pull up tight to his body. He told Joe that he was close, and Joe jammed his finger deep inside Chris's ass. The stroking of his prostate sent Chris over the top, as he began blasting huge wads of thick cum into Joe's throat. Chris screamed out loud as his cock blasted his huge wad of cum. No one could suck dick like Joe could. Chris loved having his dick sucked, but Joe could take the entire length and never wasted a drop of the massive load.

Dave and Jeremy had walked past the door to the room and heard Chris scream in ecstasy. They laughed, as they knew that the big stud was getting his rocks off in Joe. They both wished that they had been invited to join in the fun, but headed to a different room to trade sperm.

Chris collapsed on the bed. He was drained, but knew that sex with Joe was not going to be just one load of cum. He took a deep breath and hugged Joe tightly. They kissed, gently at first, but then passionately. Joe was rock hard, and Chris knew where he wanted that hardness.

"FUCK ME," Chris screamed, as he lifted his legs, providing a clear view of his puckered hole.

Joe dove for the target with his tongue. He used both of his hands to spread the cheeks of his young lover's ass. He shoved his tongue inside and began eating the ass of the hot hunk. Joe loved rimming, and Chris was a willing partner. He probed inside and loved the musky taste of the freshly washed hole. Nothing was better than eating a guy's ass before you fucked it. Joe was an expert at eating ass, and drove Chris wild. After several minutes of probing, Joe grabbed the edible lube from the bedside table. He applied a generous coating to the puckered ring and to his throbbing shaft. He entered Chris in one long stroke, causing both of them to moan loudly. Joe was an experienced butt fucker, and he knew how to hit the prostate of his sex partner. He drilled Chris with the skill of an experienced top, but knew that he wanted his own hole stretched to the limit when he had finished. He fucked Chris for over 20 minutes, enjoying the flood of cum that erupted from Chris's cock during the hot fuck. He finally could not hold back any longer, and blasted his thick cum inside the younger stud.

Chris recognized the moans of his buddy, and knew that Joe was going to bust a nut inside him. He clamped down with his ass muscles to squeeze down on the thick dick that was buried in his tight ass. He felt the blasts of cum flooding inside his most intimate area, and loved the feeling. He pinched Joe's nipples, as he watched the face of his hot lover go from ecstasy to pain and then to satisfaction.

Joe pulled his throbbing cock out of Chris's clasping hole and moved on the bed. He covered the freshly fucked hole with his mouth, and vacuumed out the generous supply of cum that he had just deposited there. Chris was moaning his approval as Joe sucked, licked and slurped on the stretched hole. Guys walking past the door to the room heard the noises of the horny fuckers. Fists hit the door, as applause and words of praise filled the hallway. Chris and Joe laughed as they realized that their private time was not private at all from the other guys in the fraternity. They held each other closely as they basked in the afterglow of hot sex.

"It's my turn now," Chris said as he moved on the bed to position Joe for a hot fuck.

Joe offered no resistance, as he wanted the itch inside his ass to be taken care of. Chris lifted Joe's legs, exposing the pink ring surrounded by blonde hairs.

"I want you to shave your ass for me," Chris said. "I don't like to get hair in my mouth when I am rimming or felching you."

Joe laughed, and promised that he would shave his entire body to have sex with Chris. He felt the large tongue of his buddy invade his puckered ring, and moaned with pleasure. Chris was an expert at rimming. He had learned the skill from Joe, and was a very willing student. Joe loved the feel of the big tongue as it probed inside his hole.

Chris varied his oral attention with licking Joe's ass and sucking on his nuts. Joe was in orbit as he felt the tongue attention of his favorite sex partner. Chris knew every hot spot on his body from previous sexual encounters, and the dude was driving Joe wild. He wanted to feel the huge cock stretch his asshole to the limit, and he finally begged Chris to fuck him.

Chris laughed and called Joe a slut. He grabbed the lube and squeezed a generous amount on the puckered hole. He knew that Joe loved to be fucked, but took his time shoving the entire length of his manhood inside his special buddy. Joe was in heaven, as he felt the combination of pain, pressure, and pleasure fill his body. Chris was the only guy who could make Joe pass out from the pleasure of being fucked. Chris knew what to do, and leaned forward and kissed his lover. Their tongues dueled as the passion of their union mounted. Chris was now pulling back so that just the head of his cock was in the clasp of Joe's sphincter. He then drove the entire length inside, causing Joe to scream in pain and ecstasy.

The hot fuck lasted for over 15 minutes, until Joe was consumed with passion and exploded. His dick shot ropes of cum across the blonde hairs on his chest as Chris's cock hammered against his prostate, driving every drop of stored fluid up his passion pipe and onto his chest. He passed out with the intensity of his orgasm.

Chris felt the pleasure hole tighten on his cock and drove for the gold. He knew that Joe was going to freak out, but he continued ramming his big cock in and out, ignoring the fact that his sex partner had passed out. He finally emptied his load of cum deep inside Joe with loud screams of passion that were heard throughout the dorm area of the fraternity. Several of the members laughed as they listened to their future pledge spray the guts of their former president. Many of them had experienced the same thrill of being boned by the "dick of death" that hung between Chris's legs. They all knew that Joe would have trouble walking the next day, but would be wearing the smile of a satisfied lover.

Chris pulled his softening cock out of Joe and heard a moan of appreciation. He was always worried that Joe would have a heart attack and die when they fucked, but laughed as he realized that he had really "rung his chimes" again.

Joe had his share of pussy from the Sig Ep's, but he loved being boned by one of his brothers even more. He was not ready to settle down with one guy or one girl, so he continued to spread his semen in several different holes. Ever since the day that Chris had saved his life, Joe had cherished the time they spent alone and nude. He had met a girl from one of the dorms on campus, and they had been dating for several months. He really liked her and the sex that they shared, but wondered if he could ever give up the intense feelings of swallowing fresh cum from a hot cock, or the special act of sucking his own cum out of Chris's ass. Chris was the only guy that Joe had ever felched, and he loved the fact that he had taught Chris how to do the same act to him. It was their secret, as the other bi or gay guys in the fraternity never seemed to want to do it. Snowballing (spitting cum back and forth in each other's mouth) was accepted by some, but felching was over the line. Before the night was over, they did everything that they both enjoyed, and filled the room with moans and the smells of gay sex. It was almost 4 a.m. before they were both exhausted and fell asleep, their bodies drained of man fluids.

To be continued...

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