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CJ Chapter 31 Reunion and Recovery

Saul Bernstein returned to the room of his son, and the smile on his face told Chris that his dad was successful in setting up a meeting between him and Mike Mahley. B gave Chris a hug and kiss and told him to wait for a few minutes.

"Mike is doing much better," Saul said to Chris. "He's been a real asshole to the hospital staff, demanding to see you. He's still very weak from his injuries, but it is a miracle that he's alive. I got approval for you to visit him. We'll take you there in a wheelchair, and if you want to walk into his room, we'll bring a walker.

"B, I love you!" Chris choked out. "I want to walk into his room and be alone with him. Can I do that?"

Saul smiled and said, "You can do just about anything you want to do. Poppa Mike and Momma Mary are with Mikey right now, and they'll leave when you get in his room. Just remember that he and you have been through a lot, and it'll be a very emotional time for both of you. Please be gentle with him. He's holding onto a lot of guilt for the way he treated you. He knows that he shouldn't have been riding his motorcycle at night, and knows that he would be dead right now without your healing ceremony. We'll stay outside the room, but if either of you gets too upset, we'll come into the room and break things up. I love you and know that you and Mike are meant for each other. When you guys are ready to leave this hospital, I'll arrange for care in our home for both of you or wherever you guys end up together. All I want is for you to be happy, and I'll do anything I can to take care of you and Mike."

"You're the best day in the whole world!" Chris said to B as he hugged his dad. "I've put you through a ton of crap, and I don't know why you've stayed with me!"

"I fell in love with you the first day I met you at the St. Mary's Orphanage," Saul replied. "You never lied to me about your past or sexual desires, and I always accepted you and wondered if you would find a woman to love or would end up with another guy. Mike is the greatest guy in the world, and you made a great choice in selecting him. Society won't be easy on you if you guys go public with your relationship, but we have enough money for you guys to buy an island to live on for the rest of your lives away from the entire world. I just want you to know that my love for you is unconditional, and I'll do anything to protect you and Mike in the future."

Chris hugged B and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He knew that God had brought Saul Bernstein into his life, and that Saul had saved his life. He was determined to prove his love for Mike and go forward in their relationship as best friends and lovers.

"I'm afraid of seeing Mike," Chris admitted to Saul. "What if he hates me? He said some bad stuff to me, but I love him more than life itself! What if he won't talk to me?"

"Mike has been through a lot," Saul replied. "He's holding onto a lot of guilt about what he did and said. I know he wants to apologize to you and I know you guys will patch things up."

A knock on the door announced the arrival of a male nurse bringing in a wheelchair. Another nurse was pushing a walker that had wheels attached that would help Chris enter Mike's room. Chris was happy to see the two nurses that would help him travel to see his best friend. He struggled out of his bed to sit in the wheelchair, wishing that he could run to the room where Mike Mahley was recovering.

"We'll push him," Randall Carpenter said to the male nurse. "He's my brother, and I want to help him get to see Mike Mahley."

The nurse backed away and let Randy and Charlie push the wheelchair out of the room and down the hallway to the elevator. Jonathan Carpenter walked alongside his son and held Chris's hand as his other sons pushed the wheelchair. Saul was happy to see that Chris was surrounded by his extended family as his son was moved through the hospital. When they got to the hallway where Mike's room was, Chris asked to see Mike alone.

Saul knocked on the door and heard Mary and Mike Mahley answer that he could come in.

"I've got someone here who wants to talk to Mikey," Saul said. "He wants to see Mikey alone, so if you'll agree to leave the room, the visitor can come in."

Mike Senior and Mary Mahley knew that it was Chris outside the room, but hadn't told their son who wanted to come into his room. They both hugged and kissed their son before they left the room.

Mike was still upset that he couldn't see Chris, and wondered who was outside his room. Visitors had been limited to his immediate family and a few others, and he was creating a lot of turmoil with the hospital staff by his insistence in seeing CJ Hammer.

"I don't want any more fucking visitors!" Mike yelled.

Chris got up out of the wheelchair and pushed aside the walker. He was determined to walk into Mike's room without any assistance. He pushed open the door and looked into the room where the man he loved was laying in the bed with his head turned towards the wall.

"You don't want a visitor, even if it is me?" Chris asked.

Mike heard the voice that he loved and turned quickly to see Chris standing in the doorway.

"CHRIS!" Mike screamed. Tears flowed down his face as he looked at the man that he loved.

Chris walked into the room and closed the door as Momma and Poppa Mahley left the room. He walked slowly up to the side of Mike's bed and saw the tears flowing down Mike's face and heard him sobbing. He leaned over and covered Mike's mouth with his hand to prevent Mike from saying anything. He moved his hand aside to place his mouth over Mike's to give him a kiss.

Mike moaned and tried to break the kiss, but Chris was too strong for him. Tears flowed down Chris's face and mingled with the tears on Mike's cheeks as the two lovers held the special kiss. Chris held the kiss until he knew he had to let Mike relax so he could talk to him. He gently hugged his buddy, knowing that Mike's ribs were broken along with his arm and leg.

Mike was trying to catch his breath to talk when Chris said, "Mike, just relax and listen to me, please. I love you, and I've been a whore all my life. You're the guy for me to pledge my love to, and I want us to be life partners. I hope you feel the same way about me, but if you don't, I'll accept your decision."

"Chris," Mike choked out, "I've always loved you. My jealousy made me go insane. I wanted you for myself, and I didn't want to share you with anyone. I've been such an asshole to you that I can't believe that you would even talk to me now. Every guy and girl in the world wants to be your lover, and I don't deserve anyone as good as you."

"Shut your mouth and listen to me, or I'll break your other arm and leg!" Chris said to Mike as he gently hugged him again. "I've been the nastiest whore in the world, and I don't deserve you. I promised to be honest with you, but I wasn't. You haven't been honest with me either, even when we were at the quarry together. I should have told you the truth about the concert, but I kept my part a secret from you. It took something like this to show me how much I really love you. Just the thought of losing you made me suicidal. Now I know that I love you with all of my heart, and I hope that you still love me."

"Chris," Mike began, "I love you so much I can't think straight. I've seen you with other guys and girls, and I couldn't stand it. All I can think about is how much I love you and I dream of the day you will return my love. Can you forgive me for being such an asshole?"

"I can forgive you if you can forgive me," Chris replied. "I just hope that we can go forward from here and be true lovers."

"That sounds like a dream come true for me!" Mike said emphatically. "We're both guys with raging hormones, and I don't want to own you. If either of us hooks up with another guy or girl, I can handle it. I just want to know that you'll come back to me and make love. I know the difference between fucking and making love, and I want to make love with you! I want to live with you for the rest of my life!"

"I know that having sex with someone else is just getting off," Chris said. "Sex with you is making love, and that makes it special. It's gonna be a while before you and I can make love, but I expect a ton of kisses from you until we can get off together."

Mike laughed at hearing Chris talk about making love with him. His right leg and arm were in casts, and the right side of his chest was bandaged after the surgery to put his broken ribs back into place. His body was still filled with pain, but having Chris with him was the best medicine he could imagine.

"You took something from me that I want back," Chris said.

"Jake found it in my clothes," Mike replied softly. "I apologize for the way I talked to you and how I ripped your pledge pin off your shirt."

"I don't want to hear you apologize again!" Chris said. "You and I need to put the past behind us and go into the future together! I want my pledge pin back and I won't take anyone else as my Big Brother!"

Tears flowed down Mike's face as he painfully reached to the table beside his bed. He retrieved the pledge pin that he had ripped away from his lover and held it out to Chris.

"I can't pin it back on you," Mike admitted. "I wish I could, but I hope you'll take it back and put it on."

Chris took the cherished pin from Mike and pinned it on the front of his hospital gown. He leaned over and kissed Mike on the lips, shoving his tongue deep inside his Big Brother's mouth. It was a passionate kiss that neither guy wanted to break.

"Now I feel complete again," Chris admitted. "You can't imagine how great I feel right now being back with you and having my pledge pin back!"

"I love you!" Mike sobbed. "I've always loved you ever since the day we met. I was afraid you would go to some other college. Every college in the nation wanted you to play sports for them, and I was thrilled that you came to CSU. I never told you that the other guys pimped me by saying that I was your third choice as a Big Brother. When I found out that I was your second and first choices too, I broke down crying. I was afraid you wanted someone else as your Big Brother, and my jealousy kicked in. All the members have been bitching at me for being so jealous, but I couldn't control it."

"We can't live in the past," Chris said. "All we can do is learn from the past and not repeat it. Poppa Mike made me get rid of my bike. You and I both knew that riding motorcycles was dangerous, and you broke our rule by riding alone at night. It almost cost you your life, and if you had died, I would have taken myself out."

"Jesus," Mike replied. "Dad told me that you got rid of your crotch rocket and what you and Cody did to save my life. I don't understand what powers you guys have, but I know that God sent you to me to be my partner. You risked your life to save mine, and that is the most special thing that anyone can ever do!"

"White Cloud is my great-grandfather," Chris replied. "He saved my life when I was 12, and he came to me in a vision and told me how to save your life. I'll never understand the power of the Cherokee Nation, but my heritage came through for both of us. White Cloud couldn't help me perform the 'Circle of Smoke' ceremony, but he told me that there was more danger in my future. He said he'd watch over me, and knows that our love for each other is pure. We can't predict the future or control it, but we have to know that White Cloud will be with us."

"I just know that I love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life!" Mike said emphatically. He pulled Chris to his chest for another hug.

"That's what I want too!" Chris admitted. "Poppa Mike said he would try to get us in the same room together. He said that both of us are pissing off the entire hospital staff!"

Mike laughed but then asked Chris to push the button for the nurse.

"What do you need, buddy?" Chris asked.

"I have to take a leak," Mike admitted. "They are measuring and testing everything that goes in and out of me, so I have to have the nurse here when I drain it."

Chris grabbed the nurse button and pulled it away from Mike. He looked around and found the plastic bottle that was ready for catching Mike's urine and said he would take care of his buddy.

"I'd rather have the nurse help me," Mike admitted.

"You're being a jerk!" Chris said. "I've seen your dick, held it, licked it, and sucked it dry. Why can't I help you drain it?"

Mike thought about what Chris had said and then laughed. It was still embarrassing for him to have another person help him go to the bathroom.

"I guess you're right," Mike admitted. "Help me pull down these damn pants. I don't want you getting any ideas by grabbing little Mike!"

"Little Mike belongs to me now!" Chris said as he helped Mike pull down the hospital bottoms. Sex was out of the question as Chris helped his best friend move onto his left side and aim his penis into the plastic bottle so he could relieve his bladder.

"This is embarrassing to me," Mike admitted. "I feel like a baby having someone help me take a leak!"

"I love you," Chris said as the bottle filled. "I need to learn how to take care of you so no one else needs to be around us. B said when we both get released, he'll hire some people to take care of us but I don't want anyone else taking care of you as long as I can do it."

Mike filled the urine bottle and relaxed on the bed. He was thankful that Chris wasn't grossed out to help him pee in the bottle. He was realizing that the love that Chris had for him would let him take care of every need he had. He watched Chris put the bottle on the bedside table and relaxed to look at his handsome lover. Everything about Chris was beautiful, but Mike was especially drawn to the handsome face with the two dimples that always showed when Chris smiled. He wanted to stare at that face for the rest of his life. No one in the world had eyes as beautiful as Chris Hammer.

"I think the doctors are gonna let me out of here pretty soon," Chris said to Mike. "B wants me to move back home, but I want to be near you. I don't want to drop out of school or quit the football team, and I have the Karate competition coming up soon. I might go home for a couple days to be with B and my mutt, but I promise to come back to take care of you."

"I just started studying again," Mike admitted. "It's a bitch not being able to use my right hand. I'm using a laptop computer to do my homework where I can, and guys from the house are writing for me."

"You're gonna have to learn to jerk off with your left hand," Chris teased.

"You always think about sex, you pervert!" Mike replied. He laughed and admitted that he hadn't jerked off since before his accident and was too sore to even consider whacking off. He was getting tired from just being around Chris and talking to him, but he knew it was the best time in his life as he was reunited with his best friend.

"Chris," Mike said softly, "I need to take a crap. Push the button for the nurse, as I don't want you to see me take a dump!"

"Mike," Chris began, "I've seen your butthole before. I've put my finger, my tongue, and my dick inside it. If our roles were reversed, would you be grossed out if I was the one taking a dump and needed help?"

Mike took a deep breath and admitted that he would help Chris take a dump and wipe his butt. It was still a very gross thought for him to have Chris help him get up on the bedpan so he could poop.

Chris was still weak from fighting the infection, but found the plastic bedpan and lifted Mike up to set him on the hospital device. He laughed and teased Mike as he listened to his friend fart and fill the bedpan.

Mike was embarrassed, but realized that Chris was more of a friend than he had ever realized before. Only a true friend could help a guy take a dump and wipe his butt for him.

"When we get out of this damn hospital, I'm gonna shave your butthole!" Chris said. "The hair on your hole makes it harder to wipe and gets in my mouth when I lick it!"

"Jesus Christ," Mike exclaimed. "This is too embarrassing for me! I feel like a baby having you wipe my butt!"

"When we both feel better," Chris replied, "I'll do more than wipe it!"

"I love you," Mike said softly. He was getting tired and weak from the emotions of seeing his buddy for the first time in many days.

"I love you too, buddy," Chris admitted as he removed the bedpan to the table in the room and walked to the bathroom to flush away the soiled toilet paper. He returned to the bed and carefully hugged Mike, knowing that his right side was very sore from the broken ribs.

"I want to talk to my dad," Mike admitted. "I want him to move us into the same room so we can talk and be together."

"I'm really tired," Chris admitted. "Poppa Mike said my body is filled with toxins that I have to flush out with lots of liquids and exercise. I've been working hard with the physical therapists so I could come to see you, but I'm really tired and sore right now."

A knock at the door interrupted their discussion.

"Can we come in?" Poppa Mike asked. He was joined by Momma Mary, B, Jake and Shannon.

"My buddy has a couple of presents for you," Chris teased as he motioned to the plastic bottle filled with urine and the bedpan.

"Mikey, you know you're supposed to call for a nurse if you need to eliminate any waste from your body," Poppa Mike said.

"I don't want any nurse helping my bud if I can help him," Chris admitted. "He doesn't have anything I haven't seen before!"

Everyone laughed at what Chris had said. Saul realized that Chris was tired, and demanded that Chris sit down on the chair in the room.

Chris looked at Jake and Shannon and suddenly realized something strange about her. He smiled and called her over to the chair and whispered his congratulations to her for being with child. Shannon was shocked, but hugged Chris and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I assume that you guys have patched things up," Poppa Mike said. "We now have three sons to love, and I wish we could celebrate."

"We don't know how to thank you Chris for saving Mikey's life," Momma Mahley said. "You risked your life to save his, and we don't know what to say or do to thank you. We didn't want to bury our son, but we had given up all hope of him surviving. My husband and the specialists in this hospital couldn't save Mikey's life, but you did!"

"Mike is my best friend and lover," Chris admitted. "I'm sorry if that upsets you. I know you want grandchildren, but I don't think Mike can have my baby. If he'd graft two tits on his back, I'd marry him tomorrow!"

"Chris!" Saul exclaimed, "Stop talking like an asshole!"

"Sorry, B," Chris said. "Mike and I just finished an emotional exchange, and I thought a little humor would lighten things up."

Saul smiled, knowing that his son was being honest. He loved seeing Chris smile and seem relaxed and happy for the first time in many days. He hugged his son and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Mary and I both dream about having grandchildren," Mike Senior said. "We've always loved you, Chris, ever since we first met you. Our family is bigger now that we have you as Mikey's lover and life partner. We can wait for grandchildren."

"You won't have to wait that long," Jake said. "Shannon and I have an announcement that we were waiting for the right time to make. She's carrying my baby right now, and I hope you aren't mad at us for not waiting until after we were married. We used protection, but the condom broke! I love her, and hope you aren't pissed at us."

"OH MY GOD!" Momma Mahley said as she hugged Shannon and then Jake. "Congratulations to both of you! If you are truly in love, we have a wedding to plan!"

"How did you know?" Shannon asked Chris.

"I could see the glow in your face," Chris admitted. "A woman is the most beautiful when she is pregnant, and you were radiating the glow of a woman in love. Jake farts a lot in bed, but I guess you already know that!"

"You asshole!" Jake said as he playfully punched Chris on the arm before hugging him.

The family celebration was interrupted when hospital workers came into the room to move Mike to a new room. Everyone was confused until Poppa Mike announced that both Chris and Mike were being moved into a semi-private room together. Chris was very tired and weak, and needed help from Jake and B to get into the wheelchair to move to the new room. He was very happy that he and Mike had patched up their differences, and were now established as lovers. As soon as he was helped into the bed in the room with Mike, Chris fell asleep.

The next two days showed marked improvement in both Mike and Chris. Being in the same room gave them the opportunity to talk about many issues. They were finally able to fully express their love for each other and resolve many issues. As their strength returned, they began teasing each other. Chris often threatened to break Mike's other arm and leg if he didn't do what he was supposed to in physical therapy. Mike teased Chris about wiping his butt, saying that Chris was a pervert who wanted to fuck him when he couldn't run away.

"I guess I won't get to eat Shannon's clam now," Chris said to Mike. "I bet her red pubic hair tastes like cotton candy!"

"You fucking whore!" Mike replied. "I don't think there is a pussy or dick on campus that you wouldn't eat!"

"I told you that if you grafted two tits on your back, I'd marry you!" Chris teased back. "I can't wait until they cut off your casts so I can lift your legs and give you a poke in the whiskers!"

"You just want me for my body!" Mike retorted.

"You finally said something that I can agree with," Chris replied. "If you didn't have that cute face, big dick and tight asshole, I'd drop you like a bad habit!"

The only time the two guys stopped teasing each other was when visitors came in. Thomas Morgan, football team doctor and Brice Cox, the training coach came in to check on Chris's condition.

"The entire team wants to come up to see you guys," Dr. Morgan said. "We are all praying for your complete recovery, and hope that you will be able to return to action before the football season is over. I've talked to Mike's dad, and he says that Mike's broken bones are healing at an unbelievable pace. We all talk about the special healing ceremonies, but we sure don't say anything to the media about it. Jane Vincent wants to interview you, but the hospital PR staff is afraid that the interview will cause problems."

"I know I will miss the game against Washington State," Chris said. "I'm working hard so I can get ready for the Oregon game and the Karate World Championship. The PT Staff here says they won't even consider letting me play football or Karate, but they don't know crap about my body. Just being with Mike has been the best therapy I could ever imagine, and I know I'll be ready for practice next week."

"You know that you'll need clearance from me before you put on a uniform," Dr. Morgan said. "I'm not going to take a chance that you'll get hurt. The team needs you, but they need you healthy and not when you're weak and could get hurt."

"It's almost time for me to go to PT," Chris said. "Why don't you and Brice go with me and see how I'm doing. I've been lifting that boat anchor in the other bed lately, and I can feel my body returning to normal. I'll know when I'm ready to practice again."

Brice and Dr. Morgan were pleased that Chris had a positive attitude toward his recovery. They both knew that Chris would work hard to get back in shape. They watched Chris get out of the bed without help and walk with the two nurses to the PT room. They were both impressed at how well Chris did with the stretching exercises, treadmill and light weight lifting.

"I still get a little dizzy if I move too fast," Chris admitted. "I also get tired easily, and have to rest between exercise routines. Each day I get better and I'm using the small trampoline in the room between therapy sessions. As soon as the blood work shows that the toxins are out of my body, they'll release me. B wants me to come home, but I need to attend classes and take care of Mike. I think that some exercise in the pool will drive the last of the toxins out of my muscles without any impact problems."

"I'm very impressed," Dr. Morgan admitted as they walked back to the hospital room. "I never expected you to be able to do what I just witnessed, and I appreciate you being honest with everyone about the dizziness and fatigue. How did your visit with Stephen Segall go?"

"Uncle Steve wants to pull me out of the Karate competition," Chris admitted. "I told him that I'll be ready, but he doesn't believe me. I'm doing some of the mild Karate exercises and I got him to hold off on pulling me out of the competition. He's a great Sensei, and he knows my strengths and weaknesses. He'll be here tomorrow to watch me in PT."

When they got back to the room, Mike wanted to know how Chris did in the PT session.

"He did great," Brice said. "We were both impressed with how he handled the tough session."

Mike was pleased with the report. He had his own PT session each day where he was learning how to use assist devices to lift his body so he could take care of his personal needs. His dad was having assist devices installed in Chris's dorm room and in Mike's fraternity room, along with other modifications to the fraternity to make it barrier free.

Chris had suggested that the two guys move into his room in the dorm, as the facility was barrier free and had his large bed already in place. He knew that he could take care of Mike with the help of his pledge buddies.

During the time the two guys were in the same room, Chris continued to take care of all of Mike's needs. He demanded to learn how to move Mike safely and how to bathe him properly. It was a great day for both of the guys when Mike was taken into a shower room on a plastic covered bed where Chris could wash Mike's hair, shave him, and bathe his entire body. Chris had to wrap towels around the openings to Mike's casts and wrap plastic bags over the casts that were secured with rubber bands. He was determined to take care of his buddy, and learned how to keep water out of the casts.

Mike was upset that he couldn't take care of his personal needs, but finally realized that Chris was able to show his true love by taking care of all of his personal needs. The Carpenter men had returned to Boston, and Chris was happy that he was able to take care of Mike. After learning how to protect Mike's casts and bandages from the water, Chris was able to keep his buddy clean. When Chris pushed Mike back into their hospital room, he refused to help Mike put on the hospital gown and modified bottoms.

"Please help me get dressed," Mike pleaded as Chris removed the towels covering Mike's body.

"I like you better just the way you are now," Chris replied. He helped Mike get into his bed, knowing that the nurses had changed his bedding.

Mike was ready to push the button to ask a nurse to help him get dressed when Chris pushed him back on the bed.

"Relax, buddy," Chris said. "I need to perform another Cherokee healing ceremony."

Mike was startled until he saw and felt what Chris had in mind. His flaccid cock was immediately engulfed in the warm mouth of his best friend, and he groaned his appreciation as Chris coaxed his cock into full erection. He moaned as he felt Chris licking his throbbing erection and then his scrotum. He loved the way Chris always took the time to suck his balls and lick under them. He looked down and saw a stream of precum leaking out of the head of his cock and tried to stifle his moans as Chris continued eating his privates. He knew he wouldn't last long, as he felt the precum being licked away and the suction and tongue action of his best friend pull him toward orgasm. He grabbed the pillow off his bed to stifle his moans as his dick blasted a huge load of cum directly into Chris's hungry mouth. Mike screamed into the pillow as his body flooded Chris's mouth with a pent up supply of man juice. Not a single drop of liquid escaped Chris's mouth, as he continued sucking Mike's cock until the blasts subsided into a gentle stream of tangy cum. He finally pulled Chris's mouth off from his throbbing cock and pulled his face up to kiss him passionately.

Chris loved Mike and was determined to help his buddy relax. He knew that Mike needed a blowjob, and was more than happy to gulp down the immense load of cum that had been building up for several days. He laughed as he looked at his lover on the bed. The look on Mike's face gave Chris all the reward he needed. Every guy has a special glow after emptying his balls, and Mike usually was thrashing all over the bed during his orgasms. Chris wished that the casts were gone so he could pile drive Mike's awesome ass, but he knew he would have to wait a while before he could poke Mike. He also knew that he needed relief, and was determined to jack off or blow himself.

"Give me your cock!" Mike choked out. "I wanna blow you!"

Chris wasted no time in pulling down his hospital pajamas and aiming his throbbing cock into Mike's willing mouth. Mike loved to suck cock and was an expert that could either take a guy over the top quickly or prolong the action for as much as 30 minutes. It only took a matter of seconds before Chris's cock erupted a huge volley of cum blasts into Mike's hungry mouth. The velocity of the blasts was too much for Mike to contain, as he gagged and had to pull away as the huge cock continued blasting streams of cum across his face and into his hair. He regained control and swallowed the cock again to take the last few blasts of cum in his mouth and swallow the pure protein. He had blown Chris many times, but had never experienced a load so large. He continued sucking Chris's cock and used his left hand to push all of the man fluid out of the foot-long cock so he could swallow it. Mike was in heaven as he gobbled down every drop of semen that Chris's large body could provide.

When his cock became hypersensitive, Chris pulled it out of Mike's mouth and began licking his own sperm off from Mike's face and hair. It was a great way for the two guys to share their first intimacy since before the concert. Chris helped Mike get into the hospital pajamas and used a wet washcloth to clean up the remnants of his own jizm from Mike's face and hair.

"God, I needed that!" Mike choked out. "I can't believe how much cum you pumped into my mouth! I better blow you every day from now on, or you'll make me choke again!"

"We both need to get our rocks off every day," Chris laughed. "I was going into sperm withdrawal, and knew I needed to eat your cum!"

"I'll give you a load every day for the rest of my life!" Mike laughed. "When we get better, we can give each other more than one load a day!"

When the two guys were relaxed after their sexual encounter, they heard a knock on the door. A group of visitors came into the room and quickly realized by the red faces of their buddies that Chris and Mike had just had sex.

"I see that you guys are getting better and off!" Cody teased. Jarvis, Jermaine, Isaac and Delano joined him.

All of the visitors recognized the looks of satisfaction that always followed a guy after he had blown his wad of cum. They all teased Chris and Mike, and said they would be willing to help their buddies get rid of MSB in the future.

"If I can't get rid of my MSB with my Big Brother," Chris said, "I'll find another receptacle for my sperm!"

The Tri-Delt members and pledges were thrilled to see the pledge pin back on Chris's chest. They all congratulated him and Mike for patching up their differences. They couldn't wait to go back to the house and tell the other members and pledges that Chris was a pledge again, and that he and Mike Mahley had worked out their differences. Pledging activities had been suspended until Mike and Chris were out of danger, and the guys celebrated that things might return to normal soon.

"Cody, Chris and I need to talk to you alone," Mike said. "I hope you other guys aren't pissed at me, but we need some private time with him."

The other guys left the room so that Chris, Mike and Cody could have a private discussion.

"I knew when I met you the first time that you were a special dude," Chris said to Cody. "Other than being the cutest guy I've seen on this campus, there was something about you that told me that our futures were linked. It was fate that your dad found out that you are part Cherokee, and you helped me save Mike's life. Then you connected with the Little People, and you saved my life. I don't know how to thank you or repay you for what you did."

"You have always been a friend to me," Cody admitted. "You're the most famous athlete in the nation, and you treated me like a friend and protected me. I'd never considered pledging a fraternity until you made me sign up on the rush week list. I'll be honest with you guys. I love both of you, and would love to have sex with you for the rest of my life. It's weird for me to realize that at one time I could speak and understand Cherokee, but right now I can't. Jermaine is my true lover, and he acts weird around me now. I think he's afraid of me because of what has happened. I feel honored that I was able to help heal you guys, and hope that we can be friends in the future. I've found out that guy sex is awesome, and I want a lot of it. I hope that we can swap sperm without breaking up our special bonds with special guys. I love Jermaine and want him to live with me for the rest of my life, but I also want to have fun with both of you and other guys in the fraternity. Can we do it?"

"You saved both of our lives!" Mike said. "For a little guy, you have the powers of a giant! I love you for what you've done for us! My dad is a doctor, and he can't understand what you and Chris did to save our lives! I'm busted up, but I love you and want to do anything I can to repay you for saving our lives!"

"I just want Chris to be my pledge buddy, and for you to be an active member," Cody admitted. "I've lost my Cherokee powers, but I know that I love both of you. Right now, I want a hug and kiss from each of you."

Mike and Chris were happy to hug and kiss Cody, knowing that the small guy had immense powers that had saved their lives. They both knew that Cody was a special guy in their lives, and both wanted to keep him as a very close friend. They both remembered the times that they had shared sex, and knew that Cody was a hot guy to share sperm with.

Jermaine came into the hospital room and hugged and kissed his Little Brother. It was obvious to Chris and Mike that Jermaine and Cody were meant for each other as they watched the two lovers interact.

"You guys have the same special connection that Chris and I have," Mike said. "It's really neat to see two guys who are in love. I wish that the pledgeship was over, and all four of us could be brothers. We've already been through too much, and it's time for us to be united as brothers."

"My pledge buddies and I haven't finished messing with you members yet," Chris teased. "You guys think you can pimp us, but we have some more plans to mess with you. We also have a pledge project to finish along with our pledge books. We're having fun being pledges, and we know you jerks are having fun pimping and whacking us!"

Mike and Jermaine both laughed and agreed that the members were having fun with this pledge class. They talked about the night of cum attacks and the shower parties for Tom Broadbent. They all enjoyed sharing stories about pranks and how they wanted to live together in the fraternity house.

Poppa Mahley broke up the festivities and said that both Mike and Chris needed to rest. He watched as all of the guys say goodbye to his two sons and knew that strong friendships were being formed. He loved seeing Chris and Mike together and knew that they were destined to be together forever.

"The entire staff is thrilled with how you guys are doing," Poppa Mike said. "From the blood work I expect Chris to be released Thursday evening or Friday morning. Saul wants Chris to go home to Fremont to stay for a while. I know you guys don't want to be apart, but I think Chris needs some time with Saul. As a father, I know what it is like to be worried about my son, and Saul needs to spend some private time with Chris and be convinced that he is okay."

"Please don't leave me!" Mike pleaded to Chris. "I love you so much that I can't think about being apart!"

Chris was upset too, but realized that he owed his life to B, and needed to be with him and tell him how much he loved him.

"Mike and I are just getting our minds settled with our new relationship," Chris said. "I need to spend time with B, but I also need to be around my buddy. I'll go home for a day or so, but I want to be here to take care of Mike. Nothing in the world is more important than being around Mike and taking care of his personal needs. He'd do the same for me if our roles were reversed."

"Mary and I love both of you," Poppa Mike said. "We know you guys are meant for each other. Your strong love is the only reason that we have both of you alive right now. Just seeing your two smiling faces together is the greatest gift I've ever had!"

"I know I have to control my jealousy," Mike admitted to Chris. "I'll try to handle being apart from you and work hard on my PT so I can get out of here too. Please don't forget me when you're back home!"

Chris walked over to Mike and kissed him on the lips, saying, "I could never forget the guy that I love! I'll bribe some guys from the house to visit you or you'll spend all your time learning how to jerk off with your left hand. Just be nice to the nurses for a change, or they'll put your bed pan and urinal in the freezer to punish your sorry ass!"

"You're such an asshole!" Mike said.

"I might be an asshole," Chris replied, "But I'm YOUR asshole now!"

"You guys drive me nuts!" Poppa Mike laughed. "After what we've all been through, it's great to have a chance to laugh again."

"I want Mike to move into the dorm with me," Chris said. "It is barrier free and I can take good care of him there. I know my pledge buddies will help me along with guys from the house."

"Mike's bones are healing at an incredible rate," Poppa Mike said. "Normally with his type of breaks, we have to leave the primary casts on at least three weeks and then change them. As soon as we can, we'll put smaller casts on him so he can move around better."

"One of his bones is almost back to normal," Chris teased.

"Shut up, Chris!" Mike said.

"That qualifies as OVERSHARE!" Poppa Mike said. "Mary and I love having another son in our family, but we don't need to hear details of your intimate times, unless you want me to tell you what she and I did last night!"

"EWWWWWW!" Mike yelled. "I know you and Mom hooked up at least twice, or Jake and I wouldn't be here, but I don't want to listen to any description of your personal life!"

"The same goes for us," Poppa Mike laughed. "We accept you guys as best friends and lovers, but keep your sexual activities private, please!"

The three men laughed and agreed that sex needed to be kept private.

"I want you guys to get some rest now," Poppa Mike said. He gave both of his sons a hug and kiss before he left the semi-private room, leaving directions with the nursing staff that no more visitors would be allowed until the next day.

As soon as Poppa Mike left the room, Chris gently hugged Mike and gave him a kiss. He knew that they both needed rest, and wanted to take care of Mike's needs before they slept. He got the plastic urinal and helped Mike get comfortable. The nurse came in, measured the urine, and logged the information on Mike's chart before she thanked Chris for helping her. She told the two guys that they wouldn't be bothered for the rest of the night, and to push the call button if they needed anything.

It was Thursday morning when Chris and Mike woke up to nature's call. Chris took care of Mike's needs before his own, teasing Mike about his piss hardon.

Mike wished that he could take care of his own needs, but knew he needed to be able to walk to get back to any form of normal life. He knew he could reach the table to get the urinal, but it would be painful for him to stretch his body around on the bed. He was determined to try to take care of himself when Chris was gone, and was struggling with the thoughts about being separated from Chris.

Right after breakfast, Chris was taken for his PT session. He already knew that his body was pushing the toxins out, and he would be able to return to some regular exercises. He worked hard during the session, and was happy to hear the congratulations of the PT Staff in saying that he was ready to be released.

Saul Bernstein was with his son when the staff gave Chris detailed instructions on what he could and couldn't do after he was released. He was thrilled that Chris had recovered enough to go home with him, and wanted to spend some quality time with his son. He also had a special surprise for Chris that he hoped would help pick up Chris's spirits.

Chris returned to the hospital room and saw Mike sleeping in his bed. He walked up to Mike's side and kissed him on the lips, causing Mike to moan and wake up.

"I'm being released," Chris said softly to Mike. "B is here with us, and he wants me to go home for some rest. I need to be with him for a while, but I promise that I'll come back to take care of you real soon. I just want you to know that I love you more than life itself, and I'll be your lover for the rest of my life!"

Mike was upset that Chris would be released from the hospital, but knew that they were bonded with pure love for the rest of their lives.

"All I can ask of you is that you come back to me as my lover," Mike said softly. "I can accept that you might get off with someone else while you're gone, but I want you to come back to me and make love with me again. We both know that we like sex with other guys or girls, but when we are together, it's not fucking, but making love! Give me a kiss before you leave me and promise that you'll return as my lover."

Chris leaned over and gave Mike a passionate kiss and promised that he would return soon to take care of him. He knew that Mike was his life partner, and that their lives were linked together for eternity.

The trip back to Fremont was uneventful until Saul's Mercedes pulled into the driveway of the duplex. As soon as the expensive car came down the street, Alex went into orbit, recognizing the sound of the special vehicle. He blasted out of the doggy door and attacked the car before it even came to rest in the driveway. Chris opened the door and was immediately attacked by the huge dog.

Saul was upset that Jason had allowed the huge dog to run free, but quickly realized that the broken leash in Jason's hand was caused by Alex's excitement about seeing his master. The huge dog would normally obey any commands, but he seemed to realize that Chris was returning home, and the dog was not going to allow any leash to prevent him from greeting his master. He pinned Chris to the ground and covered his face with doggy licks and kisses, as he continued howling and pinning his master to the ground.

The loud events were shared with the neighbors, as Joyce and Steve Thompson, Robbie, and Katy ran into the yard to join in the celebration of Chris's return home. They all knew that Chris had been in the hospital with a strange infection, and had prayed for his healing.

Chris pushed Alex aside and hugged Robbie and Katy, as his dog ran around, barking and jumping in the air. It was obvious to everyone that Alex was celebrating the return of his master, and wanted everyone to know that Chris was home again.

"My God, you've grown!," Chris said to Robbie. "I can't believe how much bigger you are now!"

Robbie was in heaven as he hugged his hero. He loved hearing the comments that he had grown, knowing that his neighbor was the most famous athlete in the nation. He hugged Chris and begged to spend time with him and spend the night together.

Chris picked Robbie and Katy up and went to hug Joyce and Steve. He loved all of them like they were family, and knew that they were the best neighbors in the world.

"This is the best thing that could happen to our family," Steve said. "We've all been worried about you and Mike, but Saul kept us informed about how you were doing. We all love you and want to spend time with you."

Chris hugged Steve and Joyce while he was holding their children. He knew that the world could be filled with love if everyone could be like his favorite neighbors.

Alex was demanding Chris's attention, and he broke away from Steve and Joyce to look at his purebred dog. Alex had a Frisbee in his mouth, and was demanding to be played with. Everyone took turns throwing the toy for the huge dog and gave Alex a lot of praise for each acrobatic catch. Several of the other neighbors came over to welcome Chris home, and Saul could see that Chris needed to rest.

Chris was relieved when B announced that it was time for lunch and that Chris was going to take a nap when it was finished. Robbie was thrilled when Chris invited him to spend the night and help take care of Alex. The young boy loved Chris and Alex and felt grown up when he was invited for the sleep over.

After lunch, Chris and Saul sat in the backyard and talked. It had been a long time since the two of them took time to just sit and talk about everything that had happened. Saul was happy to have his son home and knew that Chris's busy schedule wouldn't give them a lot of quality time in the future.

"I know that you want to go back and take care of Mike," Saul said. "He's a great guy, and you two are meant for each other. You guys can't spend every minute together, and this may give you both a chance to think about your relationship. California has a lot of gay people, but not everyone will accept your relationship with Mike. How do you think the guys on the football team will handle it?"

"Mike and I've talked a lot about how public to make our love for each other," Chris replied. "I'm gonna ask Coach Patrick to speak to the team before I start practicing again. I'll let the team know about Mike and me, and if they can't accept our relationship, I'll quit the team. I think most of the guys will accept the truth, but there might be a few homophobes that can't or won't. If being gay means you can't play football for CSU, the team will lose some great players. I know for a fact that there are many gay guys on the team and it'll be a shock if they come out too."

"How will you handle questions from the media?" Saul asked.

"We don't want to take out a full page ad in the newspaper and announce our relationship," Chris admitted, "But we won't lie or try to hide our love for each other. We both know that there will be some assholes in the world who will try to make trouble for us, but we have a lot of support from our families and friends. We both hope that nothing will interfere with Mike getting into Med School and me being able to play sports. If things go in the ditch, we'll find a place where we can be ourselves and live together as best friends and lovers."

"You've always been honest with me about your sexual interests," Saul said. "One of the things that I love the most about you is your honesty. You're the best son in the world, and I'm proud of you!"

Chris hugged B and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You're the best dad in the world! If all the parents in the world were as understanding as you are, there would be a lot of happy kids instead of thrown away kids and suicides."

"Is there anything that you want to do while you're home?" B asked.

"I'd really like to go to the Central High football game tomorrow night," Chris replied. "They're playing Madison High, and you know how big that rivalry is. It will probably be the only chance I get this season to see them play, and I miss the guys I played with last year. Can I go?"

"Let's see how you feel tomorrow," B replied. "I know you'd like to see your buddies and the coaches, but I don't want you to be too tired out. I know you'll be honest with me about how tired you are. We could go there for part of the game and leave if you get tired. You always watched the junior varsity games, so I guess you'll want to be there early and sit with the varsity players during the JV game."

"Thanks, B," Chris said as he gave his dad another hug and kiss and headed inside to take a nap. Alex tagged along, not wanting to be out of touch with his master.

After Chris's nap, he got in the pool in the backyard and exercised. Saul watched his son doing a strange exercise where he was trying to run against the resistance of the water with Alex swimming circles around his master. He could tell that it was a strenuous workout and made Chris take breaks to let his body recover. Chris was determined to drive all of the toxins out of his body and knew that the pool exercise was like taking a long run without the impact on his muscles and bones.

When Chris finally got out of the pool, Saul could see that his son was very tired.

"That suit is indecent!" B remarked. "You should have thrown that suit away a long time ago!"

Chris looked down at the yellow Speedo suit and realized that it was almost transparent. "There's nothing there that you haven't seen before!" Chris teased.

"You have other suits to wear," Saul remarked. "You may as well be nude! If anyone else was here it would be embarrassing.

Just as Saul said that a immature voice called out to Chris. "Can we come over and swim with you and Alex?" Robbie begged.

Chris quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for the house to change into a different suit as Saul invited Robbie and Katy into the yard. The two small children quickly rinsed off in the outdoor shower and jumped into the pool to play with Alex. Chris returned to the pool wearing board shorts and cannonballed the two small children. They both screamed with excitement that Chris returned to play with them. Saul made sure that his son didn't overwork himself as he took turns throwing the small children in the air to splash down in the pool. Saul got in the pool and took his turn throwing the two neighbors and playing with Alex. About an hour later, Joyce and Steve Thompson joined the party. Chris could see the glow in Joyce's face and whispered something to Robbie.

"Did you get lucky, Daddy?" Robbie asked his father. The little boy didn't know what he was asking, but the reaction was immediate.

Joyce and Steve both blushed and tried to distract their children as they gave Chris a dirty look. Chris laughed and went back to playing with the two kids, knowing that the Thompson's had taken advantage of the opportunity away from their children to make love.

"You're a jerk!" Joyce said as she splashed water in Chris's face. She loved Chris and knew he was a real tease. She thought back to the many times Chris had hit on her for sex, and the time she called his bluff. He ran out of the house so fast that she had almost wet herself with laughter. "How's your lover doing?" Joyce asked Chris quietly.

Chris was shocked that Joyce knew about him and Mike and decided to be honest with her. He told her that Mike was getting better and he hoped that Mike would be released from the hospital soon so they could live together in the dorm.

"He's a great guy," Joyce said as Steve joined their private conversation. "We're both happy for you guys and hope that you and Mike will find happiness together."

"You deserve a guy like Mike," Steve said. "You guys make a great couple, and if you stay with him, maybe you'll stop hitting on my wife!"

Chris turned beet red and tried to change the subject. "Now that you know I'm gay, is it still okay for Robbie to spend time with me?"

Joyce and Steve both laughed. "Of course it's okay!" Steve replied. "Robbie worships you, and we know you'll never do anything that would hurt him! You're his big brother and he loves you with every fiber in his body!"

"Then you won't be mad at me if I teach him how to jerk off?" Chris teased.

Joyce and Steve both splashed Chris in the face and then hugged him. They both knew that Chris wasn't a pedophile and would never do anything sexual with their son.

"I think it's time for us to shower and get ready for supper," Saul announced. "I've already made reservations at the local John's Steak House, so let's get ready for a great meal that I don't have to cook!"

Robbie and Katy were both thrilled that their family was invited to have supper with Chris and B, and begged to ride with Chris to the restaurant. Steve offered to drive the group in his van, knowing that Saul's Mercedes would be crowded. In less than 20 minutes they all were ready to leave, with Alex knowing that he would get a bunch of steak bones when they returned. The dog was extremely intelligent, and recognized "John's Steak House" as a guarantee that he would eat like a king when the group returned.

Jason had returned home for the time that Chris would be in the duplex, and joined the entourage along with his parents, Sam & Kate Gardner. Chris ate like a pig at one of his favorite restaurants with Robbie on one side of him and Katy on the other. Chris was like a parent as he tended to the two small children, cutting up their steak and making sure that they had everything that they needed. Helen Waterson had joined the festivities, and Chris could see the love between his dad and the special woman.

Saul watched his son with the two small children and wished that Chris would have children of his own to take care of and love. He pushed those thoughts out of his head, knowing that Chris was in love with Mike Mahley, and no children could come from their union. He also thought about recent changes in adoption laws that allowed gay couples to adopt children, and wondered if Chris and Mike had given any thought to that.

When the meal finally ended, a huge collection of steak bones and scraps was accumulated for Alex. Robbie and Katy fought over who would get to give the treat to Alex, and Chris asked that two doggie bags be made up. Steve and Joyce loved watching Chris with their children, and knew that he would be a great parent. They also knew that being in a gay relationship would prevent Chris from ever being a father, but they hoped that he would find some way to share his love of children in the future.

Chris was amused when he found out that Katy would be spending the night with one of her friends, giving Steve and Joyce a full night of privacy. He looked at both Joyce and Steve and was ready to make a suggestive comment when Saul put his hand over Chris's mouth.

"If you say one word," Saul threatened, "You won't go to the football game tomorrow night!"

Chris giggled and pushed B's hand away from his mouth and said, "I was just going to congratulate Steve and Joyce for how beautiful their marriage is!"

Saul cuffed his son on the back of the head as everyone but the children laughed. The adults all knew that Chris was a real tease, and would have made a lewd comment if Saul hadn't threatened him.

Chris was tired when the large group got back to the duplex, and admitted to B that it was great to be home but he needed to sleep. Alex was in heaven as the two small children gave him a huge treat of steak bones and scraps. The bones were crunched up and disappeared in a matter of seconds, as the huge dog showed the power of his jaws. Robbie had returned home to get his gym bag that included a pull up to prevent any nighttime accident. Chris gave everyone a hug and kiss before he scooped Robbie up and headed for his room with Alex bounding after them. Robbie was in heaven as he loved the special attention he got from Chris. He had to go to school the next day, where he could brag about spending time with the famous athlete.

Chris woke up the next morning with Robbie snuggled on his chest. He looked down at the cute boy and dreamed about having children of his own. He knew that he would never father a child of his own, but also knew that the world was filled with children that had no real parents and needed love. He wondered if he and Mike would ever adopt any children and take care of them. He knew that orphanages were filled with children who needed love, and vowed that he would talk to Mike about his desires.

The alarm clock rang and woke Robbie up. He looked up and saw that Chris was awake, and was embarrassed that he had wet again. The pull up had soaked up his urine, but he was still ashamed of his nightly problem.

"Lot's of guys have problems with wetting the bed," Chris said softly, feeling the wet pull up against his leg. "Some day it will stop for you, so just relax and accept it."

"I wish I didn't wet every night," Robbie admitted softly.

"Don't worry about it, little buddy," Chris said. "You go take a quick shower while I make us some breakfast before you head for school."

Robbie gave Chris a hug and kiss on the cheek before he headed for the bathroom to clean up. Chris laid out Robbie's clothes for school and then made a simple breakfast of juice, toast, and scrambled eggs. Robbie was thrilled that Chris stood with him at the corner to wait for the school bus. He knew he would be a celebrity for having Chris standing with him and seeing him off to school. After Robbie left on the bus, Chris returned to the duplex and decided to take a slow jog around the neighborhood with Alex. Many of the neighbors were happy to see Chris at home and waved at him as they headed off to work or school. Alex was in heaven as he ran alongside his master. The huge dog and big athlete drew a lot of attention before they returned to the duplex.

"Are you sure that you should be running?" Saul asked Chris when he returned home.

"I feel great!" Chris said to his dad. "I think my body is finally back to normal. Just being home with you and Alex did wonders for me! The way I feel right now, I could play in the next CSU football game, but I know the team doctors and coaches won't let me."

"That's great to hear!" Saul said enthusiastically. "I know you want to get back to see Mike and watch the Falcon game against Washington State. Just don't get any ideas about playing in the game."

"I feel like I'm letting my teammates down," Chris admitted. "I'd love to play in the game, but I know I'm still weak and not ready. I think Coach Patrick will let me sit with the team, but I'm pretty sure he won't let me dress for the game."

"You could have died without Cody and Ellen," Saul said honestly. "Your team is rated Number One in the nation right now, and they can handle one or two games without you."

"I need to get ready for the Karate competition," Chris admitted. "The game against Oregon is on a Thursday night, and I'll be ready for that game. I'll have two days to heal up after the game for the Karate competition, and I promise you that I'll be ready."

Chris and Saul spent the day together, talking and playing with Alex in the backyard. Helen came over in the afternoon, and Chris loved seeing the two adults together. He wondered when they would get married, as it was obvious that they were in love.

Saul asked Chris to play the piano for them, and was deeply moved when Chris repeated several songs from the concert on the piano and guitar. He loved hearing the baritone voice of his son singing songs of love and watched how each song affected Chris emotionally. He had ordered many copies of the Orchestra Concert, and planned on giving them as gifts to special people in the lives of him and his son.

 To be continued... 

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