CJ Chapter 32 Challenges for CJ With Marco Polo

Chris was excited about returning to his old high school field where his former teammates would face their cross-town rival. Central High School had won the last two games against Madison High, and the rivalry captured the attention of the entire town, with banners and signs supporting each team. Chris put on his high school letter jacket as he got ready to go to the field and watch the junior varsity game. The front of his navy blue jacket had a large "C" for Central High School adorned with a multitude of medals for state championships along with his first name, "CJ". Chris remembered the girls that begged to wear his letter jacket, and the sex that he got in return from the horny girls. The back of the jacket had "Hammer" in large letters with "Football, Basketball, and Baseball" identified as the sports he earned varsity letters in. Chris was proud of the jacket, but hadn't taken it to the CSU campus.

When he was on the varsity team, Chris always watched as much of the junior varsity game as possible before having to leave the stands to get dressed for his own game. The tradition of varsity players watching the junior varsity had remained in effect, so Chris knew he would be sitting in the stands with his former teammates.

Saul announced that he had an errand to run, so Chris rode to the Central High School stadium with Sam and Jason Gardner. As soon as Chris walked into the stands, the varsity players swarmed him. His old teammates were thrilled to see Chris and created a major stir in the crowd with their excitement. Down on the field, the junior varsity players saw the famous athlete in the stands and yelled for the coaches.

Tom Swisher was the varsity coach, and Paul Fox was his assistant coach. When the junior varsity was playing, Paul Fox was in charge. Coach Fox loved Chris and yelled for him to come down on the field and meet the junior varsity players. Most of the junior varsity players were freshmen who had never met CJ Hammer, but knew that he had set every possible record for Central High School and the conference when he played football, basketball and baseball. The two high school coaches hugged Chris and told him how happy they were for his release from the hospital.

"I can't believe that you're here!" Coach Swisher exclaimed. "That varsity jacket looks great on you! We all miss having you on our team, but we know that you're giving our school a lot of attention every time you walk on a college field."

"I miss you guys and my teammates," Chris admitted. "I'd like to meet the JV team and then watch their game."

Chris smiled as he met each of the junior varsity players. They were small guys who were very excited to meet him. A few of the JV players were sophomores who already knew Chris and gave him warm hugs. Chris towered over the smaller guys and coaches. He was surprised when the officiating crew came over to shake his hand. He recognized all but one of the officials and challenged them to call an unbiased game. The officials that knew Chris remembered that he always handed the ball to an official when he finished a play. It might seem trivial, but to the officials, it showed that Chris respected them.

When the officials blew their whistles to start the game, Chris returned to the stands to sit with the varsity players. It was a noisy group, as the former teammates loved sitting with Chris and talking with him.

Chris noticed that Saul had arrived and was sitting with Sam and Jason behind the noisy varsity players and higher up on the stadium seats.

"Hey fatass, I can't see over you!" a voice yelled out.

Chris knew that whoever was yelling was aiming the abuse at him. Chris told his buddies to ignore the jerk, but the abuse continued.

"Hey Hammer, cut off your ugly head so I can see!" the voice continued.

There was something familiar in the voice that Chris couldn't place. He turned to see Saul, Sam and Jason sitting there with blank looks on their faces. Again, Chris had to keep his buddies from leaving their seats to kick the guy's ass.

"Hey Hammer, you're a Puta!" the familiar voice screamed out.

Reality hit Chris like a brick. Only one guy had a voice like that and had dared to call him "Puta", a derogatory Spanish word that meant "cunt".

When Chris turned around he saw a familiar face hiding behind Saul's back. It was Marco Andrews, Chris's best friend when he was at the St. Mary's Orphanage in Dallas, Texas. He hadn't seen Marc in nearly three years, as Marco's adoptive parents moved to Germany for some secret assignment.

Chris jumped up and screamed "Marco" so loud that a large part of the crowd turned their attention away from the football game to watch the huge athlete run up the aisle and grab a guy and bodily pick him up. Marco has yelled "Polo" the same way he and Chris had greeted each other years ago. The varsity players thought that Chris was going to beat the crap out of the guy and jumped up to help him. They were surprised to see Chris hugging the heckler and give him a joyous hug. Tears flowed down Chris's face as he hugged his long lost buddy.

Saul had pulled a good one on his son by locating Marco and flying him to California for a reunion with Chris. He loved seeing the happiness on both Chris's and Marco's faces as they hugged and began asking each other questions at a frantic pace.

Chris realized that he was causing a disturbance that could affect the football game, and dragged Marco to the top corner of the stands where they could talk in private. He still couldn't believe that he was holding his old buddy for the first time in many years.

"Jesus Christ have you gotten huge!" Marc said to Chris.

"You've grown too," Chris remarked as he looked at the handsome face of his buddy and hugged him again.

The two guys spent more time talking to each other than watching the game as they tried to catch up on life's events. Chris learned that Marc's adoptive father worked for an electronics company that had a government contract with the Defense Department. He was developing a guidance system that was so secret that his family was moved to Germany and sequestered for two years on a military base. The only contacts with friends and family were through email that was examined, edited, and processed through several Internet servers to prevent anyone from knowing where the family was located. Marc was attending college in Colorado, where the company had relocated his father. Chris was thrilled to learn that Marc was going to spend the weekend with him, even if he returned to the CSU campus.

"Let's go back and sit with the varsity players," Chris suggested. "We'll have time to talk after the football games."

Marco was happy to go anywhere with Chris, and was warmly received by the varsity players when they realized that he was a special friend of Chris's. The junior varsity had the game under control as the fourth quarter began. The varsity players had to leave the stands to get dressed for their game, and they begged Chris and Marco to go with them to the locker room. Chris and Marc never let a chance to look at eye candy go by and checked out the bodies of the young athletes in the locker room as they undressed to put on their uniforms.

"See anything you want to pork?" Chris asked Marco quietly.

"Normally I'd line them up and blow the whole team!" Marco joked. It was a typical comment between the two guys that had shared oral and anal sex at the orphanage and during the times they had been together after they were both adopted. Marco was careful that his comments were only heard by Chris as he continued by saying, "I'm in a relationship with one of my professors. We fell in love a few months ago, and we've made a commitment to be monogamous. I hope that doesn't upset you, but I just want to be true to Tony."

Chris pulled Marco to a corner of the locker room and explained his relationship with Mike Mahley. "Mike said he expected me to hookup with someone when I came home," Chris said quietly. "Since I made my commitment to Mike I've decided to only have sex with him. I've done a lot of girls and guys, but I know that it was just sex to get my rocks off. Mike and I make love, and he is my life partner. I want you to meet him tomorrow when I go back to see him in the hospital. He's really jealous of any time that I spend with other people and he knows that you and I were lovers when we were in the orphanage together. When he finds out you're here, he'll go crazy with jealousy."

"We both have reasons to be friends now and not pollute our commitments," Marc said. "We can be buds without hooking up."

Chris was happy that he and Marco agreed that their partners were more important than getting off with each other. They watched the varsity players celebrate with the junior varsity players as they entered the locker room and celebrated their 28 to 7 victory over Madison High School. More eye candy was enjoyed by the two buddies as the young players stripped and headed for the showers. It was amazing to both Chris and Marc as they noticed the immaturity of the junior varsity players in contrast to the varsity players. They left the locker room after telling the JV team to hurry up or they wouldn't get a seat in the stands.

Chris and Marc continued their discussion of being faithful to their lovers as they walked back to the stands. Chris took out his cell phone and called Mike's hospital room, hoping that his buddy was awake and in the room. The phone only rang once when Mike answered it. He was thrilled that Chris would call him again after talking to him from home earlier that day.

"I've got someone with me that I've told you about before," Chris began. "Remember the jerk I told you about from the orphanage named Marco Andrews?"

Mike remembered that Marco was the only other guy that was Chris's age that Chris had said that he loved. Immediately his body was filled with emotions of jealousy and anger that Chris was with his old friend. He suspected that Marco and Chris had already had sex and was unable to hide his emotions from Chris.

"Relax buddy," Chris said to Mike. "Marc and I are at the Central High School football game, not in bed together. Marc is in a relationship with one of his professors and he and I are going to be faithful to our own lovers."

Mike relaxed a little but was still worried that Marco would take Chris away from him. He knew that he had to control his jealousy as it had almost cost him his life.

"Marc and I are gonna come to see you tomorrow and watch the football game together," Chris said to Mike. "Do you want to talk to him?"

Mike knew he was trapped and agreed to talk to Marc on the phone. He listened as Marc described his lover and the relationship that had developed. Marc congratulated Mike on hooking up with Chris and said he wanted to meet the guy that had settled his buddy down from being a slut. Mike laughed as he listened to Marc call Chris the same name he used for him. As Marc explained how he got to California to visit Chris, Mike started to relax. The more that Marc talked about Tony, the more Mike relaxed. He wanted to meet Marc and spend time with him, but he wanted to see Chris more than anything in the world.

Chris pulled the phone away from Marc and was very happy to hear that Mike was going to be released soon from the hospital.

"Dad says that I can leave tomorrow, but I've got to go to Assisted Care," Mike said to Chris. "The only meds I'm taking right now are pain pills, so the hospital staff and our insurance company want me out of here."

"Tell Poppa Mike that I'm your assisted care!" Chris demanded. "Isaac and I've talked about taking care of you in our dorm room, and he's already working out a schedule for guys to be with you around the clock. The dorm is barrier free and I know that my pledge buddies and your brothers will help us drag your sorry ass around the campus. Tell Poppa Mike that I'm gonna kick his butt if he sends my lover to any assisted care facility!"

Mike laughed at hearing Chris threaten his dad. He knew that Chris loved Poppa Mike and would never hurt him, but hearing that Chris was demanding to take care of him was music to his ears. He had been working hard during his physical therapy and was now able to move himself onto the portable toilet chair and wipe his own butt. His biggest problem was his sore ribs that restricted his body movements. With casts on his right arm and right leg, he knew he would have to use a wheelchair until he got the lighter casts that will let him use crutches.

"I love you so much!" Mike said. "I don't want to be a burden to you, but I sure don't want to be away from you by going to some nursing home."

"I love you too!" Chris said. "You know that you'd take care of me if our roles were reversed. Tell Poppa Mike that I'll be there tomorrow to drag your sorry ass out of there. Don't let up on him until he agrees."

Mike wished that he could speed up the clock and have Chris with him again. He had tried to be nice to the hospital staff, but still showed his jealousy and impatience when he thought about Chris. He would work on his dad to let him stay with Chris.

The phone call ended with both guys sharing words of love. Chris was happy that Mike settled down after hearing that he was with Marco Andrews. He looked forward to the next day when he would take Mike out of the hospital. He hoped that Poppa Mike would relent and let him and his buddies take care of Mike at the dorm and fraternity.

Chris and Marc sat with Saul, Sam, and Jason during the varsity game and cheered wildly as Central won the game by a score of 35 to 14. They left the stadium and headed for The Olive Garden restaurant for a big meal of Italian food. The group shared stories of Chris's adventures, focussing in on Mike's accident and how Chris and Cody had saved Mike's life. Marc listened intently at how serious Mike's condition was before the healing, and how Cody and Ellen Porter had cured Chris of his infection.

When they got back to the duplex, Marco was scared to death when he saw how huge Alex was and how the dog crouched down in an attack mode as soon as he got out of Saul's Mercedes. He relaxed a little after Chris introduced him to Alex as a friend, but he still wasn't sure if he wanted to be around the huge dog that could tear him apart in a matter of seconds. When they got inside the duplex, Saul headed for his own part of the home.

Chris realized that Marco was afraid of Alex and decided to prove that Alex was very gentle.

"Get him Alex!" Chris commanded his dog.

Marc screamed as he tried to run away from the big dog, but only got a few steps before Alex pinned him to the floor and began licking his face. He tried to push the dog off, but Alex weighed more than he did and continued to lick his face as he was held to the floor. Marc continued screaming until Saul came into Chris's side of the duplex and ordered Chris to call Alex off of Marc.

"You fucking jerk!" Marc screamed at Chris as Alex licked his hand. "He could have killed me!"

"If Alex wanted to, you'd be dead right now!" Saul exclaimed. "Alex wouldn't hurt any friend of ours, and he was just showing you that he accepts you and wants to play."

Chris explained that most wolfhounds were tall, thin dogs with pointed faces and long hair that could run down a wolf and kill it with slashing bites from their teeth. The Ukrainian Wolfhound was different, as it was bred to have a massive body of muscles and a face like a pit bull or Mastif. The Ukrainian Wolfhound would run down the wolf and quickly disable it with a powerful bite to the neck and then whip the wolf around in the air to break its neck. Alex was from a line of champions and had proven his fighting and tracking abilities several times.

Chris was laughing, but Marc was still pissed. Alex continued to give Marc attention until Marc finally realized that Alex was not going to hurt him. He was embarrassed that he screamed so loud as he petted the dog and began playing with him.

When Chris turned around, Marc grabbed the back of Chris's boxers and pulled them up hard to force the fabric deep into Chris's butt crack. It was Chris's turn to scream as he felt his balls being crushed and his butt crack stuffed with the effects of the "wedgie".

"I owed you that!" Marc yelled at Chris. He laughed as he watched Chris drop his jeans to pull the boxers out of his butt crack.

"You guys better calm down or the neighbors will call the cops!" Saul said as he laughed and returned to his part of the duplex. He loved seeing Chris and his friends acting their age by pulling pranks on each other, but also wanted to have a good night's sleep without a lot of noise from the two young men. He wondered if Chris and Marc would have sex, knowing that they were intimate with each other at the orphanage and when they got together after Marco's adoption.

"I forgot to tell you that Alex is going to receive a commendation from the Fremont Police Department," Saul said. "With all of the concerns about you and Mike, I forgot about what Alex did last week."

"What did my mutt do?" Chris asked.

"Do you remember Officer Mallory?" Saul asked Chris.

The name was familiar and then Chris remembered how he met the officer when he was 16. He begged B not to tell Marc how they had met, but B loved having the upper hand on his son.

"Please don't tell Marco," Chris pleaded.

"Tell me!" Marco begged.

Saul smiled and told Marco that when Chris was 16, he had bought a new cycle outfit to wear when he rode his mountain bike for exercise. The outfit was made of Spandex, and was bright yellow with blue stripes down the side. It was very revealing, and when Chris went for a ride, the police followed him home and told Saul that Chris had caused three car accidents when the drivers were distracted by seeing the huge athlete displaying a massive bulge in the front of the clinging outfit. No one was hurt in the accidents, but Officer Mallory asked that Chris either wear something different or ride in one of the bicycle parks.

Marco howled with laughter at hearing about Chris and his revealing outfit. He knew that his buddy had always displayed a large bulge in the front of his shorts, and tried to imagine how Chris looked when he was wearing Spandex and riding his bike.

"Officer Mallory is now a Lieutenant," Saul continued. "He's been over to visit us a few times and he met Alex. We had told him how Alex was bred to track wolves and take them down, and Lt. Mallory came here last week to ask to use Alex to track a man who tried to rape a high school girl. The man had torn the girl's top off and was ripping at her shorts when some boys saw what was happening and yelled for help. The man ran into the woods to escape. Police tracking dogs had lost his scent near a creek, and Lt. Mallory hoped that Alex could pick up the trail. I took Alex to where the attack happened, and he seemed to understand every word I said as I told him to find the man. In less that 20 minutes, Alex followed the trail past the creek and pinned the man to the ground. I'm surprised that Alex didn't rip the man's throat out, but he just held the man down and howled for the police. Next week, Animal Planet will be in town to make a film of the events, and Alex is going to get a citation from the police for his work."

Both Chris and Marc were surprised to hear that Alex was a hero for the second time. Chris told Marco how Alex had saved Robbie, a young boy next door, from being kidnapped and had caught the child molester before the man could run away. They both congratulated Alex and gave him doggy treats. Alex seemed to understand why he was getting the special attention, and bounded back and forth between the three men to accept their special attention and the treats. Saul decided to go to bed, and reminded them that they needed to be up early to go see Mike.

Chris and Marc sat in the living room and talked for hours, with Alex sharing his time with both men. It was 1:00 a.m. when they decided to take a shower and go to bed, as Chris wanted to go to the hospital as early as possible to claim his best friend and lover. They took separate showers, but both checked out the development of each other before and after the showers. Marco teased Chris about not having any pubic hair. Chris explained that Mike had shaved him as part of his initiation as a pledge to the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. They both wore boxers to bed and only exchanged kisses on the cheeks before snuggling together and falling asleep.

Chris woke up about 7:00 a.m. and decided to take a run with Alex before breakfast. He stirred on the bed and that caused Marc to wake up in time to see Chris's morning erection sticking out of the waistband of his boxers.

"I feel sorry for Mike," Marc teased. "If you've been dropping that lethal weapon in his ass, he's gotta be stretched out like a nickel whore!"

"Mike does just fine with Little Chris," Chris replied. "His butt hole is tight as a virgin! From what I see in the front of your boxers, Tony must walk funny for a week after you pork him."

The two friends teased each other as they stood and drained their bladders at the same time in the bathroom. They were both happy that they had slept together without breaking their commitments to their lovers. They ran together with Alex trying to get them to run faster, but Chris didn't want to push himself too hard or wear Marc out. They returned home to find B making breakfast for them. Chris showered in B's side of the duplex while Marc showered in Chris's side.

Saul was surprised that Chris and Marc didn't shower together. Chris saw the confusion on his dad's face and explained his commitment to Mike and how Marco was in a similar relationship with Tony. Saul congratulated his son for being true to Mike. He knew that Chris was a very sexual person and was pleased that his son recognized the need to be faithful to his life partner. It was a major change in Chris's personality to commit to a relationship with one person instead of playing the field.

As soon as they finished breakfast, Chris wanted to leave for the hospital. He knew he couldn't play in the football game, but felt an obligation to be on the sideline with his teammates. Those feelings conflicted with his desire to be with Mike. He called Coach Patrick and explained his predicament. Coach Patrick understood the relationship between Chris and Mike and told Chris to stay with Mike and take good care of him. Chris thanked his coach and promised that he would cheer for his team and watch the game with Mike and his friend, Marco.

As soon as they got to the hospital, Saul let Marco and Chris off at the door so they could get to Mike's room as fast as possible. As soon as Chris got out of the Mercedes, he ran into the hospital with Marco trying to keep up. When Chris got inside Mike's room, he ran up to Mike and gave him a gentle hug and a passionate kiss.

Mike had been a bitch to the hospital staff and his family as he waited for Chris. His parents had gone to take care of his release papers and he was alone and frantically waiting for Chris to arrive. Tears flowed down his face as his lover gently held him.

Chris finally broke away from Mike's embrace to introduce Marco to Mike.

Marco walked up to Mike and shook his left hand and congratulated him on his relationship with Chris. "You told me that Mike was ugly with zits all over his face," Marco teased. "He doesn't smell like a skunk either!"

Mike knew that Marco was teasing and laughed along with the other two men. He reached for Chris again and pulled him down for another kiss.

"God, I missed you!" Mike sobbed. "The old man argued with me, but I finally convinced him to let me stay with you in the dorm."

Chris was pleased that Poppa Mike had agreed with his plan. He looked at Mike and decided to put Mike's mind at ease about spending the night with Marc.

"Marco and I did every sex act imaginable when we were buds in the orphanage," Chris began. "Last night we showered separately and only kissed each other on the cheek before we slept together. I wouldn't lie to you if we fooled around, but both Marc and I are dedicated to our own lovers, and we never touched each other sexually."

Mike looked at the faces of the two men and realized that they were telling the truth. He was relieved, as his mind had been going wild with thoughts that Chris and Marc would renew their former relationship and Chris would dump him to be with Marc.

"I've always loved Chris," Marco admitted. "He saved my life too and he'll have those scars on his back for the rest of his life from protecting me. I can still love him as a friend, but I'm in love with Tony, and I won't do anything to betray Tony's love for me. You're a lucky guy and I know Chris loves you unconditionally. I hope we can be friends and get together with Tony for some special times. I called Tony this morning and he had similar worries that Chris and I would have sex. He had told me that it would be okay, but I won't do anything to fuck up the best relationship of my life!"

"I'd really like to meet Tony," Mike said. "He must be a great guy to agree for you to be around Chris and not try to get in his pants. Chris could seduce the Pope, so I know that you both were tempted but I believe that you behaved yourselves. I did too. Cody offered me a blowjob last night when he came to visit me. I turned him down, and you don't know how hard that was for me! I feel the same toward my commitment to Chris. I don't want to fuck up the best thing in my life."

Poppa and Momma Mahley came into the room, holding Mike's release papers.

"This is the best day of my life!" Poppa Mike said as he met Marco and hugged Chris. "If anyone would have told me a week ago that I would be taking my son out of this hospital in anything but a casket, I would have never believed it! Mary and I are so happy that we can't find the words to express our feelings. We know that we have a larger family to love now, and that makes us both very happy."

Chris hugged his new set of parents and promised to take care of Mike until he was able to take care of himself. He knew it was a big responsibility to take care of his buddy, but wanted to prove his love and devotion to Mike.

"If Mike starts acting like a jerk, I'll spank him and send him home to you," Chris teased. "I'm not going to put up with any crap from him."

Saul had entered the room and said that if anyone deserved a spanking, it would be Chris. He loved his son and wished that both Mike and Chris would return to the duplex in Fremont, but knew that both guys wanted to stay on the campus and attend classes.

Mike Senior and Mary Mahley knew that Chris was teasing, and laughed at the thought of Chris spanking their son. They knew that Mike would recover much faster if he was around Chris and his fraternity buddies, and hoped that Mike would get rid of his jealousy. The psychiatrist had told the parents that Mike felt insecure because Chris was so famous and Mike didn't possess any athletic abilities. He said that time would prove if the love between the two guys was pure and Mike could accept his role as Chris's lover.

A nurse came into the room with a wheelchair, and it was time for Mike to leave his room. Chris carefully picked Mike up and placed him on the wheelchair and supported his leg cast carefully. Poppa Mike was pleased how Chris handled Mike without causing any major pain. He knew that Mike was still sore from his injuries, especially his ribs and abdomen.

Marco rode with Saul as they followed Mike Senior's Cadillac STS away from the hospital. The black Cadillac headed for the CSU campus, but passed the Jacobs Dorm and headed for the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. Poppa Mike knew that many of the pledges and members were waiting for their two buddies to arrive for a celebration. It was obvious that Poppa Mike had made a lot of arrangements, as a large group of guys were standing under a banner that said "Welcome Home Mike & Chris". As soon as the black Cadillac got into the driveway, the pledges and members all began cheering as a wheelchair was pushed to the door of the car for Mike.

Chris and Mike were both touched by the welcome from their buddies and had tears flowing down their faces as they accepted the hugs. Saul and Marco watched as the fraternity guys displayed their emotions at having Chris and Mike back at the fraternity.

"I hope you have a cold keg and some hot pizza," Chris said.

"You're too young to drink legally!" Saul reminded Chris.

"Mike cannot have a drop of alcohol!" Mike Senior commanded.

"Jeez, can't you oldies take a joke?" Chris exclaimed. "Mike and I don't need booze to get high. All I need is to be around him, and I'll get a major buzz!"

Chris introduced Marco to his fraternity buddies as Jarvis wheeled Mike toward the fraternity house. Jarvis and Brendan lifted the wheelchair and carried it up the front porch steps and into the living room of the fraternity. Chris saw that a ramp was being constructed to allow barrier free access to the fraternity. He was pleased that his buddies recognized the need to make changes to the old fraternity house for Mike or any other person that was physically challenged.

As soon as Mike was settled in the lounge area, Saul, Mike Senior and Mary decided to leave and let the guys spend quality time together. They demanded daily updates on how Mike was doing and promised to hire nursing help if needed.

Chris and Marc were sitting with Mike and noticed tears flowing down his face. Mike was feeling the emotions of leaving the hospital and returning to his beloved fraternity. Chris comforted his buddy and shared in the emotions of being with Mike and their special buddies. They both realized that the fraternity was their new home, and dreamed of being brothers and living together in the Tri-Delt house.

Dave Wilbur came up to Chris and asked if he was ready to resume his pledgeship. Chris pointed to his pledge pin and said he was proud to be wearing it again and having Mike as his Big Brother. He told Dave that he was ready to pimp the members again, but reminded Dave that he would be taking care of Mike at the Jacobs Dorm.

"You've done more than any pledge in the history of this chapter," Dave said. "Just having you and Mike back with us is a miracle, and everyone wants things to go back to normal now. We put the entire pledge class on hold until we knew how you and Mike would recover. We were all scared that we would lose Mike or you. Just because you're taking care of Mike won't cut you any slack with me or my brothers, as we plan to pay you back for the pranks that we know you devised to hard ass us."

Chris loved being around the fraternity members and his pledge buddies, and hugged Dave and threatened that any harassment of his pledge buddies would result in retaliation.

"We expected that answer from you," Dave laughed. "We wouldn't have it any other way!"

Many of the pledges and members left the fraternity to attend the football game, but a large group remained to spend time with Chris, Mike and Marco. Most of the guys started drinking beer, but Chris, Mike and Marco refrained. Chris knew that he had to get in shape for football practice, the next game, and the Karate competition. He made sure that Mike was comfortable and catered to every need of his lover. The members and pledges were thrilled to see the love in the faces of their two special buddies. Their fears of having to attend a funeral for Mike had been replaced with celebration of his return to health and connection with Chris in love.

When the football game started, Chris felt guilty for not being with his team, even though he knew he wouldn't have been allowed to dress or play. Mike was tuned into Chris's emotions and felt guilty for Chris being with him.

"I'm sorry you aren't with your teammates," Mike admitted. "I know how much it means to you to be there with them, and I feel guilty for you being with me."

"You're the most important thing in my life," Chris admitted. "I'll quit all sports to be with you! I'm finally in touch with my feelings, and I know that God wants you and me to be together. Just holding your hand and seeing your smiling face means more to me than anything in the world!"

"I love you so much," Mike said. "I don't deserve your love after the way I've treated you."

"If you say anything like that again, I'll kick your ass!" Chris threatened. "It took a terrible tragedy to wake us both up to how much we love each other. Now we need to get to know each other better and be honest with each other. I need you in my life to be complete, and I promise to be faithful to you."

Mike pulled Chris over for a hug and kiss. He knew that his dreams of being Chris's life partner were coming true, and he cherished the time with his big buddy.

"When this game is over, I'm gonna take you back to the Jacobs Dorm and play turkey with you," Chris said to Mike.

"What does play turkey mean?" Mike asked.

"Gobble, gobble, gobble," Chris replied.

Several guys had heard the exchange between Mike and Chris and laughed out loud. Isaac had joined the group in the lounge area and teased Mike and Chris about their weird relationship. He suggested that Marco spend the night at the fraternity to avoid seeing Chris take advantage of his injured Big Brother. Marco knew that Chris and Mike needed time alone, and agreed to spend the night at the fraternity after Mike was safely in the dorm room.

"I need a poke more than a gobble," Mike whispered to Chris. "I think if you get me on my left side, I'll be ready for Little Chris to get back where he belongs."

Chris laughed at the thought of having anal sex with Mike in two casts and with his bandaged ribs. He reminded Mike that anal sex could wait until Mike was stronger and they could both enjoy the act of making love together. The football game ended with CSU beating Washington State by a score of 21 to 7. Chris could see that Mike was very tired, and wanted to get him to the dorm and in bed.

"Mr. Wilbur, can you drive me and Mr. Mahley to the Jacobs Dorm?" Chris asked Dave Wilbur.

Dave was surprised that Chris had returned to acting like a pledge and quickly agreed to drive the two buddies to the dorm. Other members and pledges offered to help get Mike into Dave's car for the short trip to the dorm. As soon as Chris got Mike upstairs by using the elevator, Marco gave both Chris and Mike a hug as he left with the fraternity members.

Chris took Mike into his room and left to retrieve a training table from the hot tub room. He wanted to get the wheeled table to transport Mike into the shower room so he could bathe his buddy.

Mike was tired, but wanted to feel clean and welcomed the suggestion that Chris bathe him in the shower room. Tom Borton helped Chris cover the table with towels and watched as Chris carefully undressed Mike and placed him on the transportation. Chris carefully placed towels to cover the plaster casts and the bandages on Mike's ribs, and then put plastic bags over the casts. He told Tom that he could take care of Mike, and asked Tom to keep other guys from bothering them in the shower room. Tom smiled and agreed to divert any other guys to another shower room.

Mike still felt guilty for needing help taking care of his personal needs, but was glad that he wasn't in some nursing home with some nasty old bitch grumbling about giving him a bath. The best part of the cleansing was when Chris washed Mike's hair. He hated having greasy hair, but had only had his hair washed once during the time he was in the hospital. The feel of Chris's fingers washing his hair put Mike in a trance. He loved the feelings of the strong fingers massaging his scalp and washing away the last remnants of his hospital time with the flexible hose from the shower head.

Chris loved taking care of Mike as he carefully washed every part of Mike's body that could be washed. When he washed Mike's genitals and butt hole, he heard moans of pleasure. He took the opportunity to shave Mike's balls and butt hole and gently applied baby oil to the freshly shaved areas. He laughed at Mike's reaction to his gently caresses, and admitted to himself that he was intentionally trying to turn Mike on, and he was successful.

"I'll take care of that major swelling in your dick when we get back to the room," Chris teased Mike.

"God that feels good!" Mike admitted. "I still can't believe that I'm here with you! I need to blow a load, and I gotta eat Little Chris too!"

Chris dried Mike off and covered him before taking a quick shower himself. When he pushed Mike back to his dorm room, he gently placed Mike on his large bed before locking the door so they wouldn't be disturbed. Knowing how wild Mike could get during any sexual encounter, Chris turned on the stereo to drown out any loud moans. He returned to the bed and lay down next to his best friend. Gentle caresses and kisses elevated to passionate groping and French kissing, as Mike and Chris were finally alone where they didn't have to worry about anyone interrupting their lovemaking.

Chris wanted this to be a special night for them, and began licking and kissing all over Mike's body. He knew that Mike had many erogenous zones and he was determined to visit all of them before the night was over. He licked up and down Mike's neck and listened to the moans of pleasure from his lover. He let his tongue travel to Mike's ear and Frenched it until Mike begged him to stop. He then let his tongue leave a trail of saliva down Mike's neck to his right nipple. Chris had always loved sucking on nipples, whether they were on a girl or a guy, but he knew that Mike had the most sensitive nipples in the world. As soon as he began licking and sucking on Mike's right nipple, Mike screamed that he was going to cum. Chris quickly left the nipple to swallow the entire length of Mike's throbbing cock and was rewarded with huge blasts of warm cum.

Mike was writhing around on the bed as much as he could with the cumbersome casts on his body and screamed as he felt his body blasting his man juice into Chris's hungry mouth.

Chris had to use his strength to hold Mike's body down so he could swallow every drop of the thick man pudding. He was determined to give Mike the best orgasm of his life, and his wish was granted as he felt Mike collapse on the bed unconscious. As wild as their sex had been in the past, Mike had never passed out. Chris was worried that he had pushed Mike too far for just getting out of the hospital. He felt the sticky feeling in his own boxers that reminded him that he had blown his own load when Mike climaxed in his mouth. His guilt was quickly extinguished when Mike regained consciousness and moaned and begged Chris to stop sucking his cock.

"I was just getting started on you," Chris said honestly. "I'm sorry if I pushed you too fast and too hard."

"That was the most incredible orgasm of my life!" Mike choked out. "I can't take any more right now, but I want to take care of you now!"

"Too late, buddy," Chris said. "I blew my wad in my boxers when you went ballistic in my mouth!"

"Let me taste your cum!" Mike pleaded.

Chris stood up and peeled off his boxers and offered his cum-soaked cock to Mike's hungry mouth. He moaned as he felt Mike's mouth slurping up the remnants of his orgasm. He knew that he had to calm Mike down and suggested that they relax and cuddle together.

Mike was exhausted by the events of the day and his intense orgasm, and welcomed the opportunity to cuddle and sleep in the arms of his lover.

"God, I love you!" Mike exclaimed. "I can't describe how fantastic it is to be with you and not have to worry about anyone interrupting us! I'm totally exhausted, and I can't really handle any more sex tonight, but if you want me to, I'll blow you or let you fuck me."

"I just wanted you to get off before we went to sleep," Chris admitted. "Maybe we should have waited until you're stronger, as you've never passed out on me before. I'm sorry if I pushed you too fast."

"I can't believe how great it felt to cum in your mouth!" Mike admitted. "I know that I love you so much that I can't find the words to express myself. I owe you a blowjob, but I hope you can wait until we sleep for a while so I can get strong enough to make you pass out too!"

Chris laughed and said that being with Mike was more than he could handle. He had blown his load, and wanted to make Mike comfortable so they could sleep together in his bed.

Mike was relieved that Chris was satisfied, and collapsed on the large bed. He watched as Chris wiped up the remnants of his cum and joined him on the bed. Mike lay on his left side and was happy to feel Chris's naked body spoon up against him.

Chris leaned over and gave Mike a kiss on the lips before telling his buddy to sleep well. The two lovers knew that this was the beginning of many nights of intimate contact in their lives as they cuddled together and fell asleep.

Back at the Tri-Delt fraternity, the pledges and members returned from the football game and celebrated the CSU victory at the bar. Marco felt very comfortable as he downed a few beers and mingled with the handsome guys. He laughed as several guys offered to take care of his sexual needs, but politely told each guy that offered that he was taken. The guys all respected Marco for the way he refused their offers, and told him that he could pick any room that he wanted to sleep in with no fear of being coerced into having sex. Marco was pleased that the guys would respect his wishes and headed into the dorm to crash for the night. He knew that Chris and Mike were together in Chris's dorm room, and he hoped that they were enjoying their time together. He took the time to call Tony and tell him what had happened since they last talked. Tony was happy to hear from his young lover, and wished that he had gone to California with him. He was anxious for Marc to return to make love to him Sunday evening.

Sunday morning, Chris woke up and snuggled against Mike's back. He loved waking up next to his best friend, and hoped that they would always wake up together. He needed to take a leak, but didn't want to wake Mike up. Chris knew that his buddy needed his rest and tried to hold his bladder as long as he could as he listened to Mike's steady breathing.

Mike finally stirred and moaned as he tried to turn over to face Chris. His body was still sore, but he turned over on his injured side to face Chris for a morning kiss. He had dreamed of Chris during the night, and the dream was beautiful, with the two guys making love and cuddling together.

"I love you," Mike said as he broke the kiss. "I want to wake up with you next to me for the rest of my life."

"That's what I want too, buddy," Chris said, "But right now, I need to drain Little Chris or I'll flood this bed!"

Mike laughed and admitted that he needed to take a leak too. He knew that special equipment would be delivered that day to help him take care of his personal needs, but right now, he needed Chris to get him to the toilet before he wet the bed.

Chris was feeling much better now and easily picked Mike up and carried him out of the room and into the restroom. He sat his buddy on the toilet before he went to a different stall to take a dump and drain his bladder. He heard Mike fart several times and decided to tease his buddy.

"I just heard a mouse on a motorcycle!" Chris teased.

"Shut up, asshole!" Mike yelled. He knew that he was still having problems with gas after his intestinal injuries, but didn't want Chris teasing him about it.

"I just hope you don't fart in my mouth when I rim you," Chris teased.

"You're such a slut!" Mike shouted. "All you think about is sex!"

"You weren't complaining last night!" Chris replied.

Mike laughed and admitted to Chris that the previous night was awesome for him. He finished his dump and wiped his own butt, moaning as he twisted his body to reach his butt hole. He wanted to get up off the toilet, but knew that he would have trouble and might fall.

Chris finished his own dump and pushed open the door to the stall where Mike was still sitting. He kissed Mike on the lips, ignoring the stench of Mike's waste elimination.

"Let's get your sorry ass out of here and down for breakfast," Chris said as he easily lifted Mike off the toilet and carried him back to his room. He helped Mike slip on boxers and a sweat outfit and gently placed him in the wheelchair for the trip to the elevator and down to the dining room. Mike gave Chris a kiss and thanked him for taking care of him without being grossed out.

As soon as the two buddies got out of the elevator, they were joined by several Tri-Delt pledges who wanted to help take care of Mike. Chris let Delano and Helmut push Mike into the dining room and watched as they helped Mike select food for his breakfast. Chris filled his tray with food and used his meal card to pay for his meal and Mike's. Delano and Helmut sat next to Mike and cut up his food and helped him eat.

Mike was pleased that the two pledges would help him and give Chris a break from taking care of him. He loved being around his buddies instead of laying in that fucking hospital room and eating the shitty food. He was sitting across the table from Chris, and loved looking at the handsome face of his lover. No one in the world had eyes as green as Chris did, and Mike loved looking into those eyes and seeing pure love. He knew that Chris was changing and proving that his love was genuine and unconditional. Mike was finally realizing that his jealousy was unfounded, as Chris was proving that he was his lover and would be true to him. It was a great feeling to look at the handsome guy and realize that Chris was his lover, and they would remain together.

"I want to call Dr. Morgan," Chris said to Mike. "I want him to examine me and give me clearance to practice with the football team. I need to get back in shape if I'm gonna play in the Oregon game and be ready for the Karate competition. I won't leave you alone if I go for a physical."

"We'll take care of Mike," Helmut said. "Isaac called me and asked me to keep tabs on you guys. Delano has to go to the team meeting today, and Isaac is bringing Marco here for breakfast real soon."

Chris was pleased that his pledge buddies would help him take care of Mike, and wanted to spend more time with Marco before he had to return to Colorado. When he saw Isaac walk in with Marco, Chris got up and gave both guys a hug before grabbing his cell phone to call Tom Morgan. He was pleased that the doctor agreed to meet with him in the exercise facility along with Brice Cox.

Chris returned to the dorm room about two hours later, and the look on his face told Mike that he had passed the physical.

"I got clearance for limited contact practice!" Chris announced to Mike, Isaac and Marco. He was thrilled to share his good news with his special friends, and they all celebrated together. "I get to go to football practice on Monday, and I'm pumped about being back with my team!"

Mike was happy and asked if they could go somewhere to celebrate the good news. Chris suggested that they all go to Dimitri's Restaurant, and wanted to invite special people to join them. He used his cell phone to make reservations and invite a multitude of people to join in the celebration. He left with Marco to get his powerful Chevelle from the parking ramp to take Mike to the restaurant. Marco was very impressed with the power of the 1970 muscle car, and loved hearing the tires scream as Chris pushed the 454 cubic inch engine to the limit.

Dimitri and Tomas Kostas met the handsome guys at the front of the restaurant with hugs and kisses, and quickly took them into the private dining room. Mike was happy to see his parents, Jake and Shannon, along with B, Helen, Sam, Kate & Jason Gardner ready to share a special meal together. Joe McClure, Cody Emerson, Jermaine Lewis, Isaac and Leif came in and joined the celebration.

Poppa Mike could see by the smile on his son's face that Mike was doing great with his new living arrangements. He hugged his son and knew that Mike was going to recover fast from his injuries with the love from Chris Hammer. He still couldn't believe that he was celebrating with his youngest son after giving up all hope of Mike living. He grabbed Chris and dragged him to the far side of the private dining room to talk in private.

"I heard that you threatened me," Poppa Mike said with a smile. "Mary and I knew that Mike needed to be with you, but we weren't sure that you could take care of him without help. I can see by the glow in his face that he's doing great, and we still don't know how to repay you for saving his life."

"Just seeing his happy face is all that I need," Chris admitted. "I love your son unconditionally, and I'll do anything I can to make him happy. I was afraid that you and Momma Mary would hate me for falling in love with Mike. I promise to take care of him for the rest of his life, and it's great to have another set of parents to torment."

Mike Senior hugged Chris and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He thanked Chris for putting his life on the line to save Mike, and promised to treat Chris like another son. He loved Chris as much as he did Mike and Jake, and was relieved that Mike was recovering from his injuries.

When they returned to the table, Mike wanted to know what Chris and his dad were talking about.

"Poppa said if you act like a jerk, I should give you an enema and send what's left of you home in a shoebox!" Chris teased.

"You're a real asshole!" Mike retorted, knowing that Chris wasn't going to tell him what he and his dad had talked about.

"I may be an asshole," Chris replied, "But I'm your asshole from now on!"

Everyone at the table laughed at the exchange between the two young lovers and wondered how the two guys could continue teasing each other all the time. They realized that Chris and Mike showed their love for each other by their continual exchange of insults and put-downs.

"I hate to break up this sharing of loving words," Saul announced, "But it's time for us to take Marco to the airport."

Chris wanted to go with B and Helen to take Marco to the airport, but Marco insisted that Chris stay with Mike.

"We can say goodbye right here," Marco said to Chris and Mike. "I really enjoyed being here and meeting Mike, but I want to get back home and see Tony. I promise to stay in touch now that my dad has a regular job and we won't have to leave the country again. I want Tony to meet you guys and see if he can handle being around Alex without crapping his pants."

Marco gave Chris and Mike hugs and kisses on the cheeks before he left the restaurant with Saul and Helen. Saul had paid the bill for the lavish meal and had included a huge tip before he left the party. Mike and Chris held hands as dessert arrived. Chris was tuned into Mike's emotions and realized that Mike was tired and needed to sleep.

"Are you tired, buddy?" Chris asked Mike.

Mike didn't want to break up the party, but admitted that he was very tired and wanted to return to the dorm and sleep.

"I should've realized that this might be too much excitement for you," Chris apologized. I'll get the beast and bring it to the front door so we can go back to the dorm."

Chris and Mike said goodbye to the group and returned to the Jacobs Dorm. Isaac drove the Chevelle back to the parking deck and left to spend the night with Leif. Isaac was in love with Leif, and hoped that their love would continue to blossom like the love between Chris and Mike.

When Chris got Mike back to the dorm, he made sure Mike hit the toilet before he lifted his buddy into the bed that they would share. By the time Chris took a leak and returned to the room, Mike was sound asleep. Chris undressed down to his boxers and cuddled next to the man he loved.

 To be continued...

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