CJ Chapter 33 Coming Out and Competition

Chris woke up on Monday morning and was surprised to see that Isaac had returned to the dorm room the previous night. He was sleeping so soundly with Mike that he never heard Isaac return to the dorm room and go to bed. Isaac smiled at Chris and whispered to his roommate to keep from waking Mike up.

"Are you mad at me for coming back here?" Isaac asked.

"Jeez, dude," Chris replied, "This is your room too! I don't want anything to make you feel like you aren't welcomed here! You said it was okay for Mike to stay with me, and I sure don't want you to feel uncomfortable in your own room!"

Mike woke up and moaned as he turned to look at Chris and Isaac. He felt uncomfortable by invading their dorm room, but knew that he needed Chris to take care of him.

"I've got the schedule finished so Mike won't be alone and can get back and forth to his classes," Isaac said. "I know he's one of the enemy now that our pledging is started up again, but if he gives me any shit here in the dorm, I'll tie him down on the bed until he messes himself!"

Mike laughed as he realized that Isaac was teasing him and accepted his presence in the dorm room. Mike was concerned that today was the day Chris was going to talk to his football team about their relationship, just in case the guys couldn't accept having a gay guy in their locker room. Both Chris and Mike were concerned about the meeting before the practice, and hoped that the team would accept Chris's presence.

"I gotta drain it," Mike admitted. He struggled to sit up on the bed and tried to pull his wheelchair over so he could sit on it.

"Let me help you," Isaac offered. He got up from his bed and helped Mike get into the wheelchair as Chris watched.

Chris was pleased to see that Isaac was helping Mike, and that Mike was grateful for the help in getting to the bathroom. He watched as Mike used the overhead bar to help pull himself out of the bed and into the wheelchair with Isaac's help. It was neat to watch his two buddies work together to get Mike to the bathroom. He let Isaac take care of Mike without any assistance, and walked with the two guys to take care of their morning needs.

Isaac had taken care of his brother, Danny, when Danny broke his leg. He knew that a guy sure didn't want his mother or some other stranger taking him to the bathroom, and was very attentive and gentle with Mike to get him on the toilet.

Mike was able to pull down his own boxers, take a dump and leak, and wipe his own butt. He was pleased that he was getting stronger and was able to take care of some of his personal needs without assistance.

Chris watched as Isaac helped Mike back on the wheelchair and took him back to the dorm room where he helped Mike get dressed in clean boxers and a sweat outfit. As soon as the three guys were dressed, a knock at the door announced the arrival of Kelly Mason, who was going to take Mike to breakfast and to his first class. It was obvious that Isaac had done a lot of planning for how to take care of Mike using both pledges and members as he taped a schedule to the door of the dorm room and handed copies to Mike, Chris, and Kelly.

"What happens if I push his sorry ass down the elevator shaft?" Kelly teased.

"I'll start poking your hole instead of his," Chris replied.

Mike laughed at hearing his buddies tease about taking care of him. He knew that he was surrounded by love when Kelly and Isaac pushed him to the elevator and took him to the food line of the dorm.

Chris had purchased a meal ticket for Mike, knowing that his buddy would be eating a lot of meals in the dorm cafeteria. The dorm cafeteria was open to the public, but having a meal card gave Mike a discount on his meals. He gave Mike a kiss on the cheek before leaving the dorm for his morning run, knowing that Mike was in good hands with Kelly and Isaac. He returned to the dorm room after his run and took a quick shower before heading down for breakfast before his first class. He had missed a lot of classes and lectures, but knew that the CSU faculty had excused his absences due to taking care of Mike and being in the hospital himself. He looked at the schedule and knew that Mike was being taken care of until after the football practice, when Chris was scheduled to take Mike to supper and spend the night with him.

Classes went well for Chris, as the professors and students welcomed his return. He liked getting back to his classes, but knew that he had some assignments to complete and also wanted to help his pledge buddies with the renovation of the backyard of the fraternity.

When Chris got to the Athletic Complex, he found Coach Patrick and asked if he could talk to the team before practice began. Coach Patrick knew what Chris wanted to say to the team, and hoped that the players would understand as he called them all together.

"You guys know that Mike almost died and that I was in the hospital with a serious infection," Chris began talking to his teammates. "I wasn't able to play in the game against Washington State, but I have something to say to you guys before I return to practice with you. I thought I was bi-sexual, but I know now that I'm gay and in love with a special guy. I'm still the same guy I was before, but now I can be honest with you and tell you that Mike Mahley is my true love. If you guys can accept me after hearing that, I'll be a very happy guy, but if you don't want a gay guy on your football team, I can quit now without anyone knowing why. I can just tell people that I'm not able to play sports anymore. Mike and I aren't going to announce our relationship to the world, but we won't hide our love for each other. You guys now know the truth, and I trust that you won't out us to anyone else."

The locker room was silent for a few seconds until Delano started speaking. "Chris is my pledge buddy, and he and I share a lot of things. One of them is that I'm gay too, and I'm in love with a guy named Chao Tsung. If this team can't accept Chris for being honest with us, you can count me out too. I've never hit on any of you guys, and neither has Chris. We're both giving you the chance to either accept diversity in life styles, or be homophobes and play the rest of this season without us. It's your choice!"

"Before you guys make up your minds," Jarvis said, "You need to know that I'm gay too and in love with Justin Abernathy. He's my Big Brother at the Tri-Delt fraternity, and I hope that he and I can be lovers for the rest of our lives. Gay guys don't jump the bones of every guy they see anymore than straight guys try to bang every girl they see. You don't have to worry about me grabbing your dicks, but I might take a look at what you're packing in the locker room or showers. Chris, Delano and I are just being honest with our teammates in explaining our sexual orientation. We aren't trying to convert anyone to a gay lifestyle. We're just being honest with our teammates."

Coach Patrick interrupted the meeting by saying, "We live in California, where alternate lifestyles are very common. It may be hard for some of you to accept that you have gay teammates, but these three guys have just proved to me that they are very brave in admitting the truth to us all. We have a great team this year and I hope that we can accept what's been revealed to us and remain a team. I'm calling off practice today so everyone can make his own decision about the future of our team. I'll be in my office if anyone wants to talk to me in private."

"Coach, I'd like to say something to my teammates," Kelly Mason said. "You guys know that I have a fiancé who I plan to marry soon. Hearing that some of the guys on this team that I'm the captain of are gay doesn't change a thing in my mind. We're a team of guys who are black, white, yellow and brown. Some of us are straight, bi-sexual or gay. We've accepted diversity as we bonded together and proved to the entire country that we can kick ass on the football field. I don't want this practice called off, as we have things to do to get ready for Oregon on Thursday night. I want us to pull together and get our asses dressed and go out and get ready for our next game. Who's with me?"

Chris was shocked when the entire team cheered and headed for their lockers to change for the practice. Kelly had said what needed to be said to convince the players that everyone needed to accept diversity and work together to get ready to beat Oregon. He hugged Kelly before walking to his locker to dress for the practice. He quickly called Mike on his cell phone and gave him the great news that the team accepted him back after knowing that he was gay and in love with Mike. He promised to give Mike all the details later, but needed to get dressed for the practice.

Coach Patrick was pleased that his entire team hit the practice field. He wanted his team to remain intact, but was afraid that some of the players wouldn't accept having gay guys with them in the locker room. Instead of seeing resistance from his players, he witnessed the best practice of the year. He watched the offense practice with Chris playing fullback, blocking for Delano. When he saw Chris cream the inside linebacker, he blew his whistle and yelled, "Hammer, get your ass over here!"

Chris ran over to his coach, wondering why practice had been stopped.

"You were cleared for limited contact practice, not full contact!" Coach Patrick shouted. "If Dr. Morgan saw that last hit you made, he'd take you out of practice and threaten to take away my job! You calm down or I'll pull you off the team!"

"Jeez, Coach," Chris began. "I didn't hit Julius as hard as I could. I know my own body, and for me, that was a limited contact hit."

"I know you're a strong guy," David Patrick began, "But I don't want you to get hurt. Either you back off, or I'll bench you! I'm the coach, and you'll either obey me or sit on the fucking bench!"

Chris hung his head and agreed to do what his coach commanded. He knew that he was just getting back to his normal strength, but the way the team accepted him back on the team completed his recovery to normal strength. He was certain that he could handle full contact practice, but decided to listen to his coach and follow his orders.

"I'm sorry, coach," Chris said to David Patrick. "I feel pumped after the team accepted me back on the team, even if I'm gay. I'll do whatever you tell me, as I sure don't want either of us to get in trouble with Dr. Morgan."

David Patrick was pleased that Chris would listen to him, as he wanted to make sure that Chris was healthy for the next game against Oregon. He knew that one guy didn't make a team, but having CJ Hammer on the field put fear in the opposition and pumped up his own team. He told Chris to return to the field, but to play strong safety on defense and only make light contact.

The entire team was pumped when the practice ended, as they realized that they made a great deal of progress toward the Thursday night game with Oregon. The locker room was filled with sore bodies and cheers, as everyone had put their emotions and strength into working hard.

Chris left the Athletic Complex with Delano and Jarvis, and thanked both of them for supporting him in front of the team as they walked across campus together.

"I never expected you two to come out with me," Chris admitted. "I think there are more gay guys on the team that might open up after we came out today. I hope you guys don't get any crap from anyone."

"We were just being honest with our teammates," Jarvis said. "The crap that you and Mike have been through gave me a wakeup call that I could lose Justin too. I don't want to lose any of my buddies, and when Mike's parents told us to say goodbye to him, I went nuts. I'll kill anyone who tries to hurt one of my buddies, and now we have a group of guys who are in love to protect. I'm glad that I got the chance to have sex with you before you and Mike made your commitments. Now we can fuck with the members at the Tri-Delt house and make their lives miserable."

Chris and Delano both laughed at hearing Jarvis saying he wanted to fuck with the members. They all knew that the members would try to mess with the pledges and whack their asses, and the retaliation would be sweet. Delano and Jarvis begged Chris to bring Mike to the fraternity for supper, knowing that everyone would want to see them as much as possible.

Chris said he wanted to wait to see if Mike was too tired after returning to his regular classes before he made any commitment to bring his Big Brother to the house. As soon as he got to his dorm room, he saw the smiling face of his buddy who was sitting at his desk and working on the computer. Chris ran up to Mike and gave him a gentle hug and kiss, and thanked Tom Jankowski for staying with his buddy.

"How are you feeling?" Chris asked Mike.

"I'm feeling better than I can ever remember," Mike admitted. "Just being with you is the best therapy in the world! I wanna hear everything about the meeting with the football team. It was great of you to take time to call me and tell me that things went good, but I want to hear everything that happened."

"Are you up to going to the house for supper tonight?" Chris asked Mike.

"I sure am," Mike said. "When we're in the house, I can use my status as a member to make you my bitch!"

"Don't forget that I'm gonna bring your sorry ass back here where I'm the boss and you're the bitch!" Chris teased. "If you give me any crap when we're there, I'll take it out on your ass when I get you back here!"


"You guys need to cut each other some slack," Tom Jankowski said. "We've all been through a ton of shit lately, and we just need to have fun with each other. I'll get my car to the front door to take you two lovers to the house so we can have some fun together."

Chris and Mike were both happy to be together and have the opportunity to return to the fraternity house to be with their buddies. As soon as they got inside the house, everyone was buzzing about the latest news on the campus. Tom Broadbent had been living at the Phi Tau Alpha Fraternity house and had been arrested by Campus Security for raping a girl at a party after the last football game. The girl had pressed charges and said that Tom had given her a drink laced with the date rape drug. Campus Security had raided the Phi Tau Alpha Fraternity, along with State Police, and had found a chemical laboratory in the basement of the fraternity. Preliminary information revealed that the lab was used to produce Rohypnol and other illegal chemicals that were being sold on the campus and across the state.

Chris left Mike with Isaac and used his cell phone to call Brian Williams, Chief of Campus Security. He knew that Brian wouldn't reveal all the information about the recent arrest, but wanted to talk to Brian about Tom Broadbent.

"I know you can't tell me everything you know about that asshole, Tom Broadbent," Chris began, "But I'm worried that he is still free after being arrested for possession of child pornography. Why isn't he in jail with Big Bubba drilling his sorry ass?"

"You and I both know that he deserves to be in prison right now," Brian Williams said. "I owe you a lot for training me and my crew in Karate, and I'll take a risk and tell you what I know, as long as you promise not to share information with anyone else. Tom got out on bail for the pornography charges, and the FBI is hot on his tail with busting down his computer. His dad is very wealthy, and posted his bail and is causing a lot of trouble for CSU and my security force for the way we arrested his son. As far as the university is concerned, Tom Broadbent is innocent until proven guilty, and they let him attend classes after he got out on bail. I'll tell you stuff that you can't repeat if you promise me to keep it secret."

Chris quickly agreed to keep any information a secret, as Brian continued.

"The girl is Brooke Jones," Brian said. "She was a virgin, but Tom Broadbent convinced her to go to a Phi Tau Alpha party where he put Rohypnol in her Coke. She passed out and was taken to a room where she was raped by at least ten guys. The assholes made a video of her losing her virginity, and it clearly shows that she was drugged. I won't describe all of what we saw on the video, but it clearly showed her bleeding from losing her virginity and that she was forced to perform every possible sex act with many guys. We didn't see their faces, but the poor girl was treated like an animal. The State Police arrested the entire fraternity, but you know how the legal system works. They might get out on bail, but I promise that we will take them down for the rape and running the illegal chemical factory. I just want you to know that the Phi Tau's are all blaming your fraternity for being arrested. They all hate the Delta Delta Delta fraternity members, and I just want to warn you to be careful and take care of Mike."

Chris was shocked that the Phi Tau's would blame his fraternity for being busted by the police, but thanked Brian Williams for being honest with him.

"I need to warn my buddies to be careful," Chris said to Brian. "I won't tell them the details, but they need to know that the Phi Tau's blame us for being busted."

Brian agreed that Chris needed to warn his fraternity buddies and promised to increase security presence to track the movements of the Phi Tau's.

Chris was worried about the safety of his buddies, and went up to Tom Jankowski to talk to him.

"Mr. Jankowski, I need to talk to the members and pledges and tell them what I know about the Phi Tau situation," Chris said in private to Tom. "I can't tell you everything that I know, but we need to warn the members and pledges."

Tom was concerned, but agreed that Chris should talk to the men at supper. He grabbed Ben Cleary and asked him to make a list of any members and pledges who missed the supper meal. Ben was surprised at the request, but returned to his room and printed out a roster of current members and pledges so he would be accurate in taking role at supper. As soon as the meal began, Tom clinked his glass and asked Chris to address the group.

"I won't tell you everything that I know about the Phi Tau incident," Chris began, "But my source told me that the Phi Tau's blame us for their current situation. We have to be alert and protect each other, as the Phi Tau's have proven in the past that they will attack us. They've all been arrested, but will probably be released on bail while Campus Security and the State Police continue their investigation. Their fraternity is sealed, so the jerks will have to find someplace else to live. Tom Broadbent is right in the middle of this crap and I wish that I had busted him up when I had the chance. We need to use the buddy system so no one is alone on the campus."

The members and pledges all realized the danger that they were in, and asked Chris a ton of questions. Chris had to refuse to answer most of the questions, as he had promise Brian Williams. He did confirm some of the rumors, but kept his promise to Brian.

When Chris sat down, Tom thanked him for warning the members and pledges about the current situation. As the meal finished, Chris wanted to lighten things up a little and suggested to Tom Jankowski that a few jokes might be helpful. Tom quickly agreed and asked Chris to tell a joke.

After the normal introduction, Chris began telling his joke.

"There was a young dude who was constantly jerking off," Chris began.

"What was his name?" the members asked.

"His name was Mikey Mahley," Chris continued. "His father and mother had caught him cuffing it in his room, at the supper table, and even in church. Teachers had also complained that Mikey always had his hand in his pocket in class, and was constantly playing with his tiny dinky."

Mike Mahley didn't like being the brunt of his Little Brother's joke, but took the teasing from his brothers well.

"Daddy Mahley finally knew that he had to talk to his son about his constant masturbation," Chris continued. "He took the little pervert to his room and said that Mikey had to stop jacking off all the time. The little pervert told his dad that his tiny little pecker was always hard, and when it was hard, he had to play with it. Daddy Mahley told his son that when his penis got hard, he should just grab it tightly and say, 'Die'. He should repeat the word 'Die' until his erection went away."

The members and pledges loved jokes, especially ones that roasted a person who was in the dining room.

"Later that day," Chris continued, "Daddy Mahley was walking past the closed door to the sex maniac's room and heard Little Mikey shouting, 'Die... Die... Die'. Daddy Mahley was pleased that his suggestion was working for his son, until he heard his son's voice continue saying, 'Die, Die, Die de die de die de die de die!'"

The dining room erupted with laughter as Chris returned to his seat next to Mike. Mike threatened to bust his Little Brother's ass, but laughed along with the members and pledges.

Two other jokes roasted two more members, and everyone enjoyed the break in tension. After the tables had been cleared, Chris made sure Mike was taken care of as he joined many of his pledge buddies on the backyard restoration as the other pledges did the house duties. Chris was very surprised at how much had been accomplished in the project. The basic contour of the yard had been completed using the Bobcat and stakes had been placed in the ground to show where hand digging was necessary. The ponds and connecting stream would carry the water to the lowest pond for recirculation back up to the top pond. Chris worked for two hours before it was time to take Mike back to the dorm. Many of the pledges were surprised to see Chris working so hard after his ordeal in the hospital, and tried to get him to quit early.

"I haven't done my share of the work on our project," Chris admitted to his pledge buddies.

"Jesus, Chris," Isaac blurted out. "You're playing varsity football, taking care of Mike, and just got out of the hospital. "You're doing way more than your share! You helped plan this project and paid the big bucks to buy the stuff we need. Cut the crap or we'll all jump your ass and kick it all the way back to the Jacobs Dorm!"

Chris knew that varsity athletes were expected to attend all of their classes and practices, and that left little time for working on the project. He also knew that he had to pace himself as he got back in shape for the football game and Karate Competition. He knew that Uncle Steve would be on campus Wednesday to spar with him, and he had to be ready or lose the chance to compete for the World Championship.

Mike spent his time talking to his brothers and studying while he waited for Chris and Isaac who were working in the backyard. He wished that he could go out and see what had been accomplished, but there was no way he could maneuver his wheelchair on the dirt. Jarrett Stevens took a lot of pride in planning the renovations, and had pushed Mike's wheelchair to the window and explained what the yard would look like when it was finished. The pledges had changed the plans for the walking path from a series of steps to a barrier free path.

"You and Cameron have done a fantastic job!" Mike exclaimed. "Our backyard was a jungle, and now it will be the nicest part of our yard!"

"We're working hard on the project," Jarrett admitted. "It won't be long and we'll be pouring concrete for the ponds and stream and building the retaining walls. When that's finished, all we have to do is wait for the sprinkler system and lighting to be installed and then we can put in the plants and sod. A local garden club has been out to take pictures and they want to put a feature article in the newspaper. We might even get an article in 'House and Garden Magazine'. The only parts we had to contract were the sprinkler system and the electrical work, due to building codes and the insurance company."

When Chris and Isaac came up to Jarrett and Mike, Mike told them that they looked and smelled like pigs.

"You're not going to get in my car like that!" Mike ordered. He took a lot of pride in his car, and didn't want the interior covered with mud and sweat.

Jarrett laughed and offered to drive Mike back to the dorm in his car, knowing that he was on duty the next morning to get Mike to his first class. Mike had a handicapped permit for his car, so he could have someone park his car as close to the campus buildings as possible. Chris and Isaac agreed to jog back to the dorm and then take a much-needed shower.

Chris knew that Mike was tired and getting grumpy. It was hard for Chris to put himself in Mike's place where every movement required the assistance of another person.

"I've never seen a man more in need of a blowjob!" Chris said to his buddies about Mike. He was quoting one of his favorite lines uttered by Robin Williams in the movie, "Good Morning, Vietnam."

Even Mike joined in the laughter as he recognized that he owed his very life to his huge lover. He was tired and hoped that Chris and Isaac would help him take a modified shower when they got back to the dorm.

"You guys know what PMS really stands for?" Chris said to Jarrett and Isaac as they loaded Mike into Jarrett's car. "It stands for Putting up with Mike's Shit!"

"You're gonna pay for that one, Little Brother!" Mike teased. Just seeing Chris's vivid green eyes sparkle and the deep dimples form on his handsome face melted any tension from Mike's body. He loved Chris and knew that Chris was proving his love for him by taking care of him without complaining. The teasing was all in fun, and Mike knew that Chris really loved him.

Jarrett got Mike back to the dorm and was pleased that Jarvis and Hunter were waiting to help get Mike out of the car, into his wheelchair, and up to the dorm room. As soon as Chris and Isaac arrived, they decided to get Mike ready for a shower and get their own bodies cleaned up for the night.

Mike loved the feelings of Chris washing his hair, as the gentle fingers pushed all of his frustrations out of his body. He moaned in pleasure as Chris and Isaac both gently cleaned his body and then showered themselves.

When they got back to the dorm room, Chris heard his cell phone ringing. He looked at the display and announced that it was Brian Packard calling him. He was pleased that his fishing buddy was calling him and wanted to take the call.

Mike remembered the name, but didn't really connect who Brian was. He was surprised that Chris had a friend who knew his cell phone number and trusted that Chris would explain things after taking the call.

"Hey, Dude!" Chris said to Brian. "It's been too long since we talked. What's shakin?"

Mike and Isaac could only hear one side of the conversation, but it was obvious that Brian was a good friend of Chris's as the conversation continued.

"I've been away for over a week, and I'm just catching up on the newspapers," Brian said. "Are you okay? I read in the sports section that you were in the hospital with some weird infection and missed a football game. How are you doing?"

Mike and Isaac listened as Chris told Brian about Mike's motorcycle accident and how badly he was hurt. Chris didn't tell Brian the complete truth about how Mike was healed, but he did say that he contracted a serious infection from contact with Mike in the hospital. They both smiled as they listened to Chris tell only a portion of the actual circumstances without lying to his friend. Mike was very pleased when he heard Chris describe his relationship with Mike as true love.

"I had to get away for a while," Brian admitted to Chris. "Ever since you and I went camping and fishing together, I've been doing a lot of thinking. Hearing you say that you're in love with Mike is a shock to me, but a very welcomed one. I need some advice from you."

Chris listened as Brian explained that he had a friend named Kris, and spelled the name for him. Kris had been Brian's friend for a long time, and Brian was now struggling with feelings that he had toward Kris.

"Ever since you and I went on that trip to the lake," Brian explained, "I've been thinking about my own life and relationships. Kris has been my bud, and I guess I've always had some special feelings about him. Just being around you at our camp and skinny-dipping with you made me realize that I want more out of life than hooking up with some cunt at a bar. You seem so relaxed and able to be honest with yourself and other people, that I guess I'm jealous. I spent a week at our campsite and did a lot of thinking, and I didn't come home until I was convinced of what I want to do."

Chris listened and encouraged Brian to keep talking. Isaac and Mike were listening to Chris, and knew that the conversation was getting very heavy.

"I want Kris to be more than a friend," Brian admitted. "I love him, but I'm afraid he will blow up and never talk to me again if I admit I'm having gay thoughts about him and me. What should I do? I'm going crazy!"

Chris took a deep breath and said, "Is Kris a true friend? If you can say 'Yes', I can give you some advice."

Brian was choked up when he replied that he thought Kris was a true friend.

"If he's a true friend," Chris replied softly, "He'll accept you no matter what you say to him. You need to be honest with him and yourself. I think you should go to see him on his turf, not in a public place like a restaurant. Tell him the truth that you have feelings for him that are stronger than just being buds. Watch for his reactions. From what you told me about Kris when we were camping, I think he wants the same thing that you do. It isn't a time to play games and try to hide what's in your heart. If he's a true friend, he'll accept you. If he has the same types of feelings for you, it can be the greatest thing in your lives. It's a risk, but the worst thing that could happen is you find out he isn't a real bud and rejects you. True friends don't try to change their buddies, they just accept them. You're a great guy, and you deserve someone to love. I hope that Kris is the guy for you like Mike is for me. I used to think that sex was love, but I've learned that sex is just fucking unless it is with Mike."

Mike had tears running down his face as he listened to Chris give Brian advice. The words that Chris spoke to Brian convinced him that Chris had really changed and was dedicated to their relationship.

"That was heavy!" Chris said as he ended the call. "Brian Packard is the guy that I went camping and fishing with, and I have to admit, I wanted to have sex with him when we were together. I didn't push him, as I could tell that he wasn't ready for me to jump his bones. I hope he takes the risk to tell his buddy how he really feels about him."

Both Mike and Isaac congratulated Chris on the way he talked to Brian. They both knew that society expected every guy to find a girl and have a marriage with 2 1/2 kids and a home with a white picket fenced yard. A guy who has realized that he is having gay thoughts needs someone to talk to and listen to him. Chris was the best listener in the world.

"I'm gonna hit the hot tub for a while," Isaac said, knowing that Chris and Mike needed some time alone to talk.

"I love you so much," Mike said to Chris as Isaac left the room.

"I love you more each day," Chris said to Mike. "Most of my life was spent without any form of love until I met B. Now I want to prove my love for you is pure and real. Are you ready to go to sleep, or do you want to play 'turkey'?"

Mike laughed and said he definitely wanted to play turkey with Chris. Chris helped Mike get on his bed and gently began kissing Mike all over his body. Mike was always responsive when they made love, but tonight he was more passionate than ever. He kissed Chris's lips and carefully moved around on the bed to get to Chris's nipples. He knew that Chris loved nipples and began licking, sucking and nibbling on Chris's slash nips. The moans he heard gave him all the encouragement he needed as he worked each nipple until it was raw.

Mike couldn't wait any longer and begged Chris to move up on the bed so he could reach Chris's throbbing cock. Mike used his left hand to stroke the massive member and aim it for his hungry mouth. He ran his tongue under the long foreskin and circled the knob to lick out the precum that had filled the cap. The moans from Chris continued as Mike slurped up all the precum that had fallen on Chris's hard belly and into the stubble that once was a nice patch of blonde pubes. He returned to swallow the knob and shaft of Chris's cock, wishing that he were able to move freely on the bed to align the angle of the huge cock with his throat. He still wasn't able to take all of Chris's cock down his throat, but he was determined that at some time in the future, he would be able to deep throat Chris.

Chris couldn't believe how passionate Mike was. He thought that Mike was exhausted from the activities of the day, but he realized that Mike needed to make love with him as much as he wanted to make love with Mike. He felt Mike's warm mouth take in one of his huge balls and moaned as he felt Mike's tongue caressing his ball sack and nut. He moaned his appreciation as he felt Mike pull away from his scrotum and return to the head of his throbbing cock. Mike's finger was circling Chris's anus, and he groaned loudly when the finger slid inside and dove for his prostate gland. He knew he wouldn't last long as he felt a second finger stretching his anal passage open and probe around inside his rectum. He wished that Mike could fuck him, but knew that it would be a long time before Mike's casts would be removed and he was able to fuck him the way he wanted to be fucked.

Mike knew that Chris was turned on and getting close to exploding. He kept his fingers busy inside Chris's ass at the same time that he was using his mouth and tongue to stimulate Chris's huge cock. The swelling of the massive member and the moans of Chris were music to Mike's ears, as he knew he was going to be rewarded for his oral efforts with a huge load of warm cum.

Chris was in orbit as he felt his orgasm control his entire body. He screamed out loud as he lifted his body off of the bed to force his cock deep into Mike's hungry mouth. The combination of Mike's talented fingers and his slurping mouth put Chris over the top and he began blasting huge volleys of cum.

Mike was ready and gulped down each spurt of man pudding to get ready for the next one. He was thrilled that he was able to move on the bed enough to pleasure his lover, and continued swallowing the thick cum and probing Chris's prostate gland to make the orgasm as intense as possible.

Chris had fired at least ten wads of cum into Mike's mouth before his orgasm was finished. Even then, his dick continued oozing more juice for Mike to enjoy. Mike removed his fingers from Chris's anal passage and dreamed of the day that he would be able to mount his buddy and fill the tight passage with his own sperm soup. He used his left hand to push all of the cum out of Chris's cock and into his mouth, collecting a nice wad that he delivered directly to Chris's mouth.

Mike and Chris "snowballed" the warm cum back and forth from one mouth to another before they finally split it and swallowed. Chris collapsed on the bed, totally spent from the intensity of his orgasm. Of all of the times that he and Mike had shared oral sex, this was the most intense orgasm ever. He felt light-headed, and knew why Mike had passed out the last time they had oral sex together.

"I wanna eat you now," Chris moaned to Mike.

Mike just laughed and admitted that he popped a nut when he was blowing Chris. He remembered how it was Chris who dumped a load when he was sucking his cock, and turnaround was fair play.

Chris moved on the bed to slurp up what remained of Mike's cum and began working his oral talents to get Mike erect again.

Mike pushed him away and said that he couldn't take any more for the night. He pulled Chris's face to his and the two lovers exchanged several passionate kisses before they broke away to look at each other and bask in the afterglow of shared sex.

"Every time we make love it gets better!" Chris exclaimed to Mike. "I don't know how that works, but I sure do love it!"

"Me too, Little Brother," Mike replied. "I don't have to have sex with you to feel the love flow between us, but the physical part of being your lover is awesome! I can't wait until I can take a shot up the butt from Little Chris!"

"I need a poke too," Chris admitted. "I'm just so happy that you and I are together and being honest with each other. I always had feelings for you, but when I almost lost you, I finally realized that I want love in my life, not just raw sex. I want to live my life with you until we're two old men living in a nursing home together. I even dream about us having kids to take care of. I know society doesn't like gay marriages and adoption by gay couples, but I remember all of the unhappy boys at the orphanage, and I'd like to make their lives better. I was one of the most unhappy kids in the world, and I still remember how the nuns called me 'Satan's Child' and told me I was worthless. I know that all nuns aren't that way, but the ones at St. Mary's convinced me that I was a piece of shit that didn't deserve to live. B saved my life and brought me to you, and now I want to return the love he gave me with you and kids that are being ignored by society."

Mike loved hearing Chris talk about his deep feelings. It took a real man to be vulnerable and explain how life had treated him unfairly. Mike had always lived in luxury with his father's income providing everything that he and Jacob ever needed. He cuddled next to Chris and listened as Chris shared more of his personal life.

"Father Joe is a Saint," Chris said. "He came to the orphanage and made changes real fast. He didn't like how the nuns treated us and used the money that was donated to make their lives more pleasant while letting us boys live in misery. I can't tell you how many times I was beaten by the nuns for nothing. I was a real shithead to them, and I guess I deserved some of the beatings, but what I needed was love. B convinced a lot of his clients to make donations to St. Mary's, and now it has expanded to include a place for homeless girls too."

"You always avoided any information about how much money you have," Mike said honestly. "How did you and B get so wealthy?"

Chris smiled and told Mike how he saved money and asked B to buy lottery tickets for them both. In one of his dreams, he had a vision of winning the lottery and gave B the numbers to play. B had bought the two tickets with the same numbers, and they had won over $300,000,000. B had invested the money wisely, and Chris had convinced B to let him try his hand at day trading. He had started with $10,000 and had quickly doubled the money. He then asked for a million dollars and took the account to over 10 million dollars before he convinced B to follow his advice. B had formed the CJH Foundation, and the total value was now approaching one billion dollars. The foundation was providing college scholarships to kids that weren't eligible for college scholarships from other sources, and had funded Rape Counselors in California hospitals and donated money to many other national charities. Recently, the CJH Foundation had combined resources with the Carpenter Foundation, controlled by Jonathan Carpenter, Chris's biological father. The Carpenter Foundation was much larger, and was known throughout the nation for donating money to organizations that had proven that they were responsible to the welfare of the country, and not top heavy with highly paid administrators. Jonathan Carpenter worked full-time investigating charities and made sure that any money donated was used to benefit the less fortunate.

"I've been a millionaire since I was 12," Chris admitted to Mike. "The only thing I've bought for myself is my car collection. I've never let anyone but B see what I've collected, but right now I've got almost 400 vintage and classic cars. B wants me to open a muscle car museum to display my cars, but right now I don't want the publicity. I keep the cars in three different warehouses where mechanics keep them in perfect running condition. You've seen only a couple of them when I brought the Nomad and Chevelle to campus."

Mike was choked up at how Chris was sharing so openly with him. He had always suspected that B was wealthy, but never knew how the wealth had been accumulated. Construction of the Jacobs Dorm had cost over $200 million, and the cost hadn't put a dent in the value of the CJH Foundation.

"You don't know how much it means to me for you to share this," Mike admitted. "The guys at the house figured out that you had bucks, but we never dreamed that you had so much money. You could be the biggest snob in the world, but you and B have invested your money in the future of this country. I don't know what to say, other than I love you for sharing so much information with me. I won't tell anyone what you've said, but it makes our bond even stronger. You know that I want to be a doctor, and maybe if I get past medical school, I can dedicate my practice to helping kids that society has ignored. I'd love to adopt some kids that society has thrown away and help them turn out like you!"

"You want some poor kids to turn into sex maniacs?" Chris teased. "All I want to do is suck your dick until I take the white out of your eyes, and then fuck your cute ass until it falls out!"

"You're such an asshole!" Mike replied, knowing that the serious discussion had to end sometime. "When my dad gets these fucking casts off my leg and arm, I want you to fuck my brains out!"

"That won't take long!" Chris teased. "Any guy that rides a motorcycle at night alone, doesn't have a brain in his head!"

"God, I love you!" Mike said as he hugged and kissed Chris. "I'm the happiest guy in the world right now!"

"No you're not!" Chris replied. "I'm the happiest guy in the world because I've got you, and we've finally connected as life partners!"


Chris has opened up to Mike for the first time in his life.

Tom Broadbent is back in the picture along with the members of Phi Tau Alpha.

Brian Packard is struggling with his identity.

What new challenges face our main characters???????

 To be continued...

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