CJ Chapter 34 Football and Karate

On Tuesday, Chris had a light class load, so he spent a lot of time practicing his Karate with Nathan and anyone else who was available. Brian Williams felt like a rag doll after Chris pounded him around the Karate Room. He loved learning from Chris, but Chris was demonstrating many moves that Brian had never seen. Brice Cox finally kicked Chris out of the Karate Room, saying that he had hurt enough people for one day.

Chris knew that he had to be in top condition for the Wednesday afternoon meeting with Stephen Segall. Uncle Steve was still studying Karate, and was always a worthy adversary for Chris. He knew that Uncle Steve would beat the crap out of him if he wasn't ready for their sparring match, and would then pull him out of the World Championship competition in Las Vegas. He and Nathan showered together and headed for the fraternity where Mike was waiting.

Supper was eventful, as Chris got whacked by Chao and Leif for minor infractions. He saw other pledges getting whacked, and knew it was time to pay the members back for their abuse.

"Friday evening, there will be at least two shower parties," Chris told his pledge buddies as they worked in the backyard. "Which members do you guys want to get the most?"

The pledges discussed who had been doing most of the whacking, and agreed that Leif and Tom Jankowski needed a lesson. Chris said that he would take care of the arrangements.

"How can you get four letters delivered for each of them by Friday evening?" Cody asked.

Chris smiled and decided to be honest with his pledge buddies.

"Have you ever seen the guy that delivers our mail in the afternoon?" Chris asked.

Several of the pledges said that the guy was a definite keeper, but didn't understand until Chris explained.

"His name is Joe Golden, and he finishes his morning deliveries and has lunch at the Jacobs Dorm," Chris explained. "I met Joe there and we became friends. After he has lunch, he heads back to the Post Office to pick up his afternoon deliveries. I give him the letters and he gets them postmarked for us and delivers them that afternoon to the fraternity. The members all try to watch for the postman, just to make sure we don't slip in any mail to trigger a shower party."

"How did you convince him to do that for us?" Isaac asked.

"I blew him," Chris replied.

"You did what?" Cody questioned.

"The technical term is fellatio," Chris teased, "But to us perverts on the street, we call it a blowjob!"

"You asshole!" Cody exclaimed, "I know what fellatio means!"

"Joe knows that I'm in love with Mike," Chris admitted. "He and I did more than trade blowjobs before, but now he just does it for me as a favor. He doesn't expect sex from me now that Mike and I are committed to each other. I won't be at the house for supper on Thursday night if I go with the football team, so I'll ask Joe to make the delivery on Friday. I might not be there on Friday either, but I'm sure you guys can take care of the shower parties without me."

"That's awesome!" Isaac said. "Could he get in trouble?"

"That's the beauty of it," Chris replied. "Each letter is properly addressed and has a stamp on it. The mail carriers are allowed to get mail postmarked and deliver it as soon as possible."

"Let me make up the letters this time," Isaac offered. "I'll have them ready tonight. My Big Brother is gonna shit his pants when I dump ice water and ice cubes on him!"

The pledges knew that they had to keep their plot a secret so they could use it again to pimp other members. They were all happy that Leif and Tom would get paid back for whacking them.

Chris and Isaac jogged back to the dorm after listening to Mike bitch at them about how filthy they were and how he wanted to keep his car clean inside. Reggie Burris drove Mike back to the dorm and helped him get up to the dorm room to wait for Chris and Isaac.

For Mike, the highlight of each day was having Chris help him get cleaned up in the shower room. He loved feeling Chris's hands gently washing his hair and body, and knew that oral sex would soon follow. He also hoped that he and Chris could continue their sharing the way they did the previous night.

Chris really loved Mike but also liked to tease him. After he gave Mike his shower, he carefully got Mike settled on the bed. He looked at his buddy and saw that Mike was totally erect and leaking precum. He made sure that he got close to Mike but not close enough for Mike to reach him as he puttered around the room. He purposely picked items up off the floor with his butt facing Mike on the bed. Each time he bent over, his butt hole was exposed, and the effect on Mike was predictable.

"Dammit, Chris get over here so we can play turkey!" Mike commanded.

"You wanna gobble me?" Chris asked with astonishment. "I was gonna jerk off tonight."

"If you even think of jerking off, I'll cut your dick off!" Mike threatened. "Come on, Chris, stop tormenting me!"

"I have a special treat for you tonight," Chris admitted as he retrieved a tube of lubricant from his desk.

Mike was frustrated and wanted to blow his load and eat Chris's. He wondered why Chris had the lubricant and decided to try and relax to see what Chris was going to do. He let Chris move him to the center of the bed and watched as Chris put a generous amount of the lubricant on Mike's throbbing cock. When Chris coated his own butt hole, Mike realized what his lover had in mind. He knew that there was no way that he could mount Chris, but he really wanted to fuck his big buddy.

Chris smiled at Mike and told him to relax. Chris got up on the bed and carefully straddled Mike's prone body and squatted down over Mike's groin as he gripped the overhead bar that Mike used to get in and out of bed.

"Aim it in for me," Chris pleaded as he supported all of his weight on his strong legs.

Mike was thrilled when he felt the head of his cock probing at the opening to Chris's anus. He moaned loudly when he felt his cock pop inside Chris's body and slowly slide inside.

"Jesus, it feels like my dick is in an oven!" Mike exclaimed as Chris lowered his body until Mike's cock was completely inside.

Chris was extremely careful not to put any weight on Mike's abdomen as he used his legs and arms to work his body up and down on Mike's cock. It felt great to have Mike's cock in his ass again, and he loved the look of ecstasy on Mike's face.

Mike was in heaven as he felt Chris's rectal muscles massaging his throbbing cock. He lifted his left arm and began jerking Chris's huge cock as it bobbed in front of his chest. He smeared the precum around the foreskin and knob of Chris's cock and was rewarded with loud groans of pleasure from Chris's mouth.

Chris loved watching Mike when they shared sex. Mike was hampered from his normal writing around on the bed by the two casts and rib protection, but he was still lifting his lower body to fuck Chris's hot ass.

"I'm gonna cum!" Mike screamed as he felt his balls pull up. His cock throbbed and flooded Chris's rectum with hot cum. He threw his head back on the bed and screamed in pleasure as his body emptied his man juice inside his lover.

At the same time, Chris's cock exploded, flooding Mike's face and hair with his own supply of pudding. He grabbed his own cock and stroked it to continue blasting volleys of cum toward Mike's mouth. He waited for Mike's cock to finish throbbing before he gently lifted up and aimed his own cock into Mike's mouth. He loved the slurping sensations as Mike gobbled up the remaining spurts of cum out of his cock. He pulled back his foreskin to allow Mike to lick the knob of his cock clean and pushed the last of his cum out of his cock for Mike to eat. He finally moved his body to lie next to his buddy so they could bask together in the afterglow of their intense sex.

"God, I needed that!" Mike exclaimed with tears of joy flowing down his face. "I can't believe that I finally got to fuck you! I know I'm too sore to take a fuck from you right now, but I can't wait until you pork me like I just did you!"

"I wanna fuck you too," Chris admitted, "But we can wait. Poppa Mike would kill me if I poked you and hurt something inside you. Just sharing sex with you like we just did was awesome!"

"I love you so much!" Mike said as he tried to dry his tears that had joined Chris's massive load of cum on his face.

"Right now I think we need a cleanup on Aisle 7!" Chris teased as he looked at the mess he had made on Mike and the bed. He watched Mike use his left hand to scoop up much of the cum and eat it. He joined Mike in licking up his own cum and kissed his buddy passionately. He finally retrieved the wet towels from their showers and did the best that he could to clean up Mike's hair and face. He gently lifted Mike's head off the pillow and threw the soaked pillow to the floor.

Mike finally calmed down after his intense orgasm and looked at the handsome face of his big lover. Chris had just used his immense strength and athletic abilities to satisfy Mike in a way he had been dreaming about. He put his head on Chris's chest and spoke gentle words of love and gratitude for Chris being with him.

"I've always loved you," Chris said softly to Mike. "I'm in heaven when we're together, even if we aren't sharing sex."

"Every time we're together I think about how I could have lost you," Mike admitted. "I couldn't control my jealousy and I was afraid to admit to you that I loved you. I was sure that you'd laugh at me and tell me to fuck off. Just being near you makes me feel whole again."

"My hole feels full," Chris teased. "I love the squishy feeling of your man juice inside my body. When you get those damn casts off, I expect a 'Mikey Madness' poke every day for the rest of my life!"

Mike laughed and promised that he would poke Chris as soon as possible. He loved lying with Chris and talking about their relationship and their plans for the future together.

"You're Catholic," Chris said, "Why didn't you go to a Catholic high school?"

"Jake and I went to St. John's School until we started high school," Mike replied. "The high school was a dump that needed a major renovation, and didn't have a soccer team. Most of our friends switched to the public high school, so Jake and I worked on the old man and mom to let us go to Jefferson High School. They finally caved in, but threatened that the first time we didn't make the honor roll; they'd whip us back to St. John's. Jake and I stayed on the honor roll and I got to play soccer. We hated the nuns in the middle school and didn't want to go to a school with a strict dress code."

"It's really weird how some nuns can be so nasty," Chris said. "At St. Mary's, they treated us like slaves. We had to do all of their laundry, iron their clothes, and clean their rooms and bathrooms. The worst was Sr. Margaret, but Sr. Mary Faith was almost as bad to us. We pulled a lot of pranks on them and got whacked bad if they caught us."

"What did you pull on them?" Mike asked.

"I told you before about putting the bucket of water over the door to the dorm," Chris replied. "We found out that Head and Shoulders is the same color as Crest toothpaste, and softened Ivory soap is the same color as Colgate. When we worked the nun's toothpaste tubes just right, we could fill them with soap. The nuns always blamed the guys who were cleaning their bathrooms, but most of the time it was me and Marco that got the cunts."

Mike laughed at the thought of someone brushing their teeth with shampoo or soap. He wanted to hear more, and asked Chris to continue.

"I worked in the kitchen," Chris began. "I saw that John had white pepper that he never used, so I got an idea to repay Sr. Margaret for hitting me and Marco with her cane. All of the nuns had their clothes marked so us guys could sort them out when we had to do their laundry. Sr. Margaret's panties were so big that they would be too big on me even now, and her bras were so gross that I can't describe them. I put white pepper inside her panties and bra cups and waited to see if it worked. You should have seen the nasty bitch the day she wore them. It was a hot day and I guess her flabby body worked up a lot of sweat that really triggered the pepper. I never saw her run so fast as she was rubbing her tits and crotch all the way to her room."

Mike howled as he tried to imagine how the pepper could burn the sensitive areas of a woman. He knew from previous discussions with Chris that Sr. Margaret hated him and had supplied the bamboo cane that was used to give Chris the horrible scars on his back.

"The nuns had air conditioning in their wing of the orphanage," Chris continued. "One of the older guys had worked with the men that installed the special electrical supply. Thomas pulled the main fuses just before we had one of the hottest weekends of the summer. The nuns were roasting in their rooms, just like us guys in the dorms. Sr. Margaret called the air conditioning company, but they were swamped with service calls. She threatened them, and the owner got pissed at her. He said that she would have to wait her turn, and made sure that his servicemen didn't come out until three days later. All of the nuns were in nasty moods, and a lot of us got slapped, spanked, or hit with a cane or ruler. It was worth it to see them cook in their rooms like we did in our dorms."

Mike didn't like hearing about the nuns abusing the orphan boys. During his entire life he had lived in homes with air conditioning, and grew up thinking that everyone had a cooled house to live in.

"Things got a lot better when Fr. Joe got there," Chris continued. "We still used the white pepper and soap in the toothpaste until the nuns complained to Fr. Joe. He turned the tables on the nuns by telling them that they had to do their own laundry and clean their own rooms and bathrooms. We all loved Fr. Joe, and stopped the pepper and soap treatments immediately. The nuns were all pissed, and took their anger out on us when Fr. Joe wasn't around. Sr. Margaret and Sr. Mary Faith were the worst to us. Sr. Margaret used her cane on us a lot, and Sr. Mary Faith was a demon with her thick ruler. A lot of boys helped out in the pranks, but Marco and I were the main culprits. I guess that putting super glue on Sr. Margaret's cane and Sr. Mary Faith's ruler was a little over the line."

Mike howled with laughter and begged to hear more from Chris.

"The nuns had super glue to fix statues and decorations in their rooms," Chris continued. "It doesn't harden until the air is removed by two things being joined tightly. We made sure that we ripped off the solvent before getting the two nasty bitches. You should have seen Sr. Margaret's face when she realized she was permanently attached to her main weapon. All of us ran away from Sr. Margaret and Sr. Mary Faith so they couldn't hit us. They both went ballistic on anyone they got within range. Fr. Joe finally broke things up and confined the two nuns to their rooms while he went to town to buy some solvent. It was only a few days later when both nuns were sent back to the convent and replaced with younger nuns who were strict but fair with us guys."

"What did Fr. Joe do to you guys for nailing the nuns?" Mike asked.

"He knew that Marco and I were the ring leaders," Chris replied. "He chewed us both out really good before he broke down laughing. He admitted that he wanted to get rid of both of them and had seen them hitting us guys when they were glued to their weapons. He made Marco and me promise to treat the new nuns with respect and stop the pranks. He had tears of laughter running down his face as he hugged both Marco and me and said he hoped that we never got mad at him."

"I know you want to go back there and see him," Mike said. "From what you and B have told me, the orphanage has really been fixed up and expanded. It's sad to think about a bunch of kids living without a family to love them. I hope that you'll take me with you when you go back to visit there."

"I talk to him on the phone as often as I can," Chris said. "He told me that the boys watch every game that they can get on their television channels and that they all cheer for the Falcons. I feel guilty for not visiting them, but with classes and football, I'll have to wait. I told Fr. Joe about you and me, and he accepts our relationship. He prayed for both of us when you got hurt and said he wants to meet you."

Mike was surprised that a Catholic Priest would accept a gay relationship. The Catholic Church still considered it a sin to have sex before marriage, use any form of birth control, or have any relationship other than between a man and a woman. It was obvious that Fr. Joe was an exceptional person and a progressive thinker.

"I've told my pledge buddies the pranks we pulled on the nuns," Chris said, "So when you or your brothers get burned it won't necessarily be me that did it. I've been thinking about gluing your balls and dick up on your belly, so don't even think about ratting me out to your brothers!"

"I know you wouldn't do that!" Mike grinned. "You want my balls and dick where you can use them like you just did!"

Chris laughed and agreed that he needed Mike's equipment in working order, but warned Mike that if the members turned up the heat too high on the pledges, he'd better wipe the toilet seat before he sat on it.

Mike had heard of people being super glued to a toilet seat and shuddered at the thought of how embarrassing it would be. He wondered if the pledges would do something that drastic in retaliation.

"Whew!" Isaac said as he entered the dorm room. "It smells like a sperm bank in here!"

"How would you know what a sperm bank smells like?" Mike asked.

"He goes to a sperm bank every day for a milkshake," Chris replied.

"I get my milkshakes from Leif," Isaac replied as he put some papers in Chris's backpack.

Chris saw Isaac's smile and knew the shower party letters had been created. He returned Isaac's smile before saying, "Mike just planted a milkshake up my butt!"

"Are you shitting me?" Isaac asked.

"Chris is very athletic when he uses my assist bar," Mike replied. "The aroma you smell is from Chris covering my hair with his own brand of cream conditioner."

All three guys laughed and decided to open the window and door, knowing that the positive pressure of the dorm's air conditioning system would push the stale air out of the window in a matter of seconds. Isaac stayed in the room while Chris took Mike back to the shower room to get him cleaned up for the night. Chris felt pressure inside his body and knew that he was going to let a wet "fuck fart" real soon. He quickly ran into a toilet stall and barely made it as the trapped air pushed Mike's love potion out of his body.

Mike heard the wet fart and the moans of Chris as his body eliminated the extra juice. He teased Chris about rattling the windows in the dorm as Chris returned to give Mike a shower/bath.

"Shut up, Big Brother," Chris commanded, "Or I'll tie your hair in knots and leave you naked right here!"

"You know that you need me beside you to get a good night's sleep," Mike replied.

Chris laughed and agreed that he needed a good night's sleep that night to get ready for the sparring with Stephen Segall. He loved teasing Mike, but would never do anything to embarrass him. He cleaned up his buddy and took a quick shower himself before getting Mike back to the dorm room.

Isaac gave both Mike and Chris a hug and kiss before the three guys fell asleep.

The next morning, Chris woke up early and wanted to take his morning run. Isaac agreed to stay with Mike, but demanded that Chris find someone to run with. Chris agreed and was pleased that Delano was available to run with him. The two football teammates ran across the campus and returned to the dorm to shower before breakfast.

Chris was nervous about this important day in his life and barely listened to the lectures during his classes. His mind was totally focused on meeting Uncle Steve and proving that he was ready for the Karate competition. When 3:00 p.m. arrived, Chris ran across the campus to the Athletic Building to get ready to meet Uncle Steve. He was shocked to see Stephen Segall waiting for him along with John Stevens, the Athletic Director for CSU, Thomas Morgan, the football team doctor, David Patrick, the football coach, Brice Cox, the training coach, and Brian Williams, Chief of Campus Security.

"What's going on here?" Chris asked before he even hugged Uncle Steve. "Are you guys trying to set me up?"

"I met with John Stevens and David Patrick earlier," Uncle Steve admitted. "I want everyone to see what you can do before we decide if you can play football or compete in Karate. You've learned more than I have from Yoshi Yamamoto and you need to stop holding back when we spar. I'm not your enemy, and you'd better give me a hug before I get pissed at you."

Chris smiled and hugged the man that helped save his life by teaching him the art of Karate.

"I apologize for my rudeness, Sensei," Chris said as he bowed in respect for his teacher.

Stephen Segall smiled and returned the bow of respect before telling Chris to get dressed for their exercise. He accepted another hug from his favorite student and hoped that Chris was physically and mentally prepared.

Chris was surprised to see Brian Williams dressed for competition. Steve, Brian and Chris went through the stretching exercises and mental preparation through meditation.

Uncle Steve said he wanted to watch Chris and Brian spar first. Chris didn't like using some of his special moves on Brian, but knew he had to impress Uncle Steve or the match would end in disappointment. Chris focused his mental and physical energy to quickly attack Brian and put him down three times in less than three minutes of actual competition.

Brian moaned in pain and was relieved that his security force didn't witness how quickly Chris had kicked his ass. He wanted to hit the showers and get in the hot tub to sooth his aching muscles, but decided to see the match between Chris and Stephen Segall.

Uncle Steve didn't hold back as he quickly attacked Chris with a fast series of moves. Chris was totally focused and blocked and countered the moves, marveling how fast the older man could move. He used the new moves he had learned from Yoshi and scored the necessary three points in less than six minutes. He didn't like using the advanced moves on his Sensei, but knew he had to prove that he was ready for the World Karate Competition.

"You've done well, student," Stephen Segall said to Chris. "You head for the showers while I talk to these men."

Chris bowed respectfully and headed for the showers, closely followed by Brian Williams. He wondered what was being said, but knew he had to obey his teacher.

"I thought you kicked my ass yesterday," Brian said, "But today, you humiliated me!"

"I'm sorry, Brian," Chris said. "Uncle Steve is my Sensei, and he demands that I spar aggressively. I had to prove to myself and Uncle Steve that I'm ready to play football and compete in Karate. I'm still worried about what's being said right now."

Chris and Brian finished their showers and got dressed in street clothes before heading back into the Karate Room. Chris was upset that his Sensei had excused him from the discussion, but knew he had to respect his teacher's orders.

"I was impressed," Uncle Steve said as he opened his arms for a hug from Chris. "I was worried that you would be weak after your hospitalization, but I can see that you've recovered well. I'll be proud to lead you into the arena for the World Karate Competition, and know you'll represent me, Yoshi, and the United States proudly."

Chris had tears of joy running down his face as he hugged his Sensei. He couldn't wait to call Mike and share the good news.

"Dave and I have decided to pull you out of the Oregon game," John Stevens said. "We don't want to take the chance of you getting hurt in the football game."

"Please don't do that," Chris begged. "I'm back in shape now and I don't want to let my team down. Every guy that plays in a football game gets some bumps and bruises, but I'll have two days to heal up before the Karate Competition. I'm begging you guys to listen to me. I know my body, and I can do both. Please reconsider."

John Stevens, David Patrick, and Stephen Segall went to the other end of the room to have a private conversation. The conversation lasted several minutes before the three men returned to talk to Chris.

"We'll make a deal with you," John Stevens offered. "You can play the first half, but regardless of the score, you'll sit on the bench for the second half. Do we have a deal?"

Chris knew that he had lost all bargaining advantage and shook hands with the men to seal the agreement. He also knew that he would have to put everything into his performance during the first half of the football game.

"No special teams play," David Patrick added.

"Then you have to let me play both offense and defense," Chris insisted.

David Patrick grumbled but finally agreed to Chris's demands. He knew that he needed the talented athlete on his football team, but also recognized the publicity that the university would get if Chris competed in Karate.

Chris was thrilled that the men that controlled his athletic future had listened to him. He knew that B was waiting at the Jacobs Dorm with Mike to hear the results of the sparring and the plans for the rest of the week. He quickly invited all of the men to join him and his dad for supper at Dimitri's Restaurant and was pleased that they agreed to celebrate with him and his father.

Chris grabbed his cell phone and called Mike. The phone didn't even finish the first ring before Mike answered. Saul watched Mike's face and saw the tears of joy that told him that the sparring had gone well for his son. He waited for his turn to talk to his son, and listened as Chris talked so fast that Saul began laughing.

"Wait until you get here and you can tell us the full story," Saul said with tears of joy in his eyes. He knew that he had to make several phone calls to confirm the reservations at Dimitri's Restaurant and to invite people that needed to celebrate with Chris and Mike. Now that Chris and Mike had established their relationship, Saul considered them an inseparable couple. He loved both of the young men and wanted to make their celebration a special night, knowing that Chris would be leaving the next morning with the football team to fly to Oregon.

Chris rode to the Jacobs Dorm with Uncle Steve after his Sensei had time to take a shower. Chris was surprised to see Aunt Karen, Stephen Segall's wife waiting by the Lexus. He hugged his aunt and kissed her as he tried to tell her how the sparring had gone without embarrassing his Sensei.

"Steve called me when you were in the shower," Aunt Karen said to Chris. "He told me that you kicked his butt! There are times that I wish I could do that to him myself!"

Chris laughed and picked up his aunt and spun her around. He knew that they had a wonderful marriage, and respected each other. He was bubbling over with enthusiasm as he sat in the back seat of the luxury car as they headed across the CSU campus. Uncle Steve finally told Chris to calm down and save his energy for the football game and Karate competition.

Karen admonished her husband as she looked at the handsome face of the young man in the back seat. She remembered the first time that she had met Chris when he was barely able to walk after his severe beating. Now she was looking at a powerful man instead of a frightened boy, and her husband had made the change possible. She remembered pleading with her husband to go easy on Chris, but Steve knew what was necessary to get Chris back to health, and had pushed the boy beyond anything she could imagine. She now realized that Chris was a complete man because of the dedication of her husband.

When they arrived at the Jacobs Dorm, Chris was pleased to see Mike waiting in B's Mercedes along with Isaac and Leif. He hugged his dad and gave him a kiss on the cheek before launching a description of the trial at such a fast pace that Saul put his hand over his son's mouth.

"I can tell that things went well," Saul laughed, "But you're talking so fast I can't understand you. You have to remember that I'm from California, and you still talk with that Texan accent! Let's go to the restaurant, and I want you to try to talk slower so Mike and I can understand you."

Leif and Isaac were shocked that they would get the chance to meet Stephen Segall and his wife and then ride with them to the restaurant. Jarvis joined Chris and Mike in Saul's Mercedes as the two cars left the CSU campus.

Chris was shocked to see the entire membership of the fraternity waiting inside the private room of his favorite restaurant. Along with the entire pledge class were Helen Waterson, John Stevens, Brice Cox, David Patrick, Brian Williams, Marcus Knight and Poppa and Momma Mahley. It was obvious that B had done a lot of planning to invite so many important people in Chris's life.

Chris tried to be a gracious host as he went around the room and greeted the people that had made his life so full of love. He held Helen's hand as he greeted everyone and introduced Helen to his friends.

Saul watched his son with his lady friend and loved seeing them together. He had fallen in love with Helen, and he knew it was only a matter of time before he would propose to her. He sipped on his Manhattan and watched his big son display his social graces with the woman that would soon be his stepmother. Now that Chris had found true love with Mike, it was time for Saul to pledge his love to Helen.

Dimitri and Tomas Kostas were thrilled to have the large special party in their restaurant, and spent a lot of time with the special group.

Chris's call for wine for everyone was met with severe reprimands from Saul and David Patrick. The adults knew that many key athletes from the football team were in the party, and demanded that alcohol only be served to people of legal age and that the football team not drink a drop.

"Jeez, can't you take a joke?" Chris teased.

Saul cuffed the back of his son's head and said his joke wasn't funny, as he hugged Chris.

Stephen Segall was gracious as he gave out a lot of autographs and watched his protégé flow through the large group. He had a big surprise for Chris at the Karate competition, but was determined to keep it a secret from everyone.

The group was very loud as they settled down at the tables and cheered for each order of flaming cheese with the traditional cheer of "Hoopaaa". The main course of lamb arrived and the huge banquet room quieted down as everyone relished the fantastic meal.

Chris thanked B for planning the fantastic celebration. He knew that his dad loved him, and was thrilled that so many people had been included. The meal finally ended when Coach Patrick reminded his players that they needed to get a good night's rest before they left to fly to Oregon. When the football players got up to leave the restaurant, it was a signal for everyone that the party was over.

Chris went around giving out hugs to many people that he wouldn't see again for a while. He knew that he wanted to spend the night with Mike and that Mike was tired after the anxiety of the day. Mike had empathized with Chris's anxiety over the sparring test, and had been worried all day that Chris would be disappointed.

Saul paid the huge bill for the fantastic meal and had included a huge tip for Dimitri and Tomas. He drove Chris and Mike back to the Jacobs Dorm, with Helen Waterson riding with them. Helen and Saul gave both Mike and Chris hugs and kisses before they left the two young men at the dorm.

"That was an incredible party," Mike said to Chris. "I can't believe that B got it organized so fast."

"B told me that he knew I'd do good in the sparring match and had most of the party planned for several days," Chris admitted. "My dad is full of surprises! He gave me something to give to you."

Mike was confused until Chris handed him an airline ticket. He looked at the ticket and realized that it was a first-class ticket to fly to Las Vegas on Friday evening for the Karate competition. He had dreamed about going with Chris to the Oregon football game or the Karate competition, but knew that his dad wouldn't agree to him traveling.

"My dad won't let me go!" Mike sobbed. "He's worried that I still should be in a nursing home instead of here with you!"

Chris smiled at his lover and said that Saul had talked to Poppa and Momma Mahley and had convinced them to let Mike fly to Las Vegas for the weekend. He had rented several suites at Caesar's Palace where the Karate competition would be held, and had invited other people to be there. B hadn't told Chris who he had invited, but said it would be a surprise for Chris.

"God, I love you and B!" Mike sobbed. "This is too much for me to handle after today! I was so fucking worried about your sparring that I know I didn't hear a word of any lecture today. I was ready to puke waiting for you to call me! I forgot to thank you for calling me so fast after the guys made their decisions to let you play football and compete in Karate. Can you forgive me?"

Chris laughed and said he didn't need to forgive his lover for being the best thing in his life. He gently undressed his buddy, figuring correctly that Isaac would be spending the night with Leif at the fraternity.

"Let's just cuddle tonight," Chris suggested to his exhausted lover. "You're whipped, and I should save my energy for the football game tomorrow night."

Mike returned Chris's hug and kiss and quickly fell asleep. He was regaining his strength, but was worn out from worrying about Chris all day.

Chris snuggled next to the man he loved and fell asleep quickly. He slept soundly until Jarvis knocked on the door to wake Chris up for the trip to Oregon. Tom Borton arrived to take care of Mike as Chris and Jarvis left the dorm to head for the Athletic Building to board the buses with their teammates.

Buses containing the cheerleaders and marching band for the trip to the airport joined the two buses of players. Everyone was pumped for the trip as they cheered and sang along to music played by a multitude of tape players. The two chartered planes rocked with the exuberance of the team, band and cheerleaders. The loud group arrived in Oregon and boarded buses to head for the stadium where Coach Patrick had insisted that his players have the opportunity to run around on the field. The Falcons knew they were entering hostile territory, but were determined to maintain their Number 1 position in the football rankings.

Coach Patrick and his assistant coaches met with the team and laid down the rules for their behavior before, during and after the game. CSU was the surprise of the country after taking down the top ranked teams in the nation to gain their own share of celebrity status, and the coaching staff was adamant that nothing would tarnish their collegiate reputation. The team wished that they would have the opportunity to spend the night in a hotel in Oregon after the game, but the college had insisted that the entire entourage return to the CSU campus after the game was completed.

The team was taken to a hotel where they were allowed to use the facilities to relax before the game. They destroyed the buffet luncheon, much to the chagrin of the hotel administrators. Coach Patrick apologized to the hotel staff before taking his well-fed team to the stadium to practice before the nationally televised game.

Saul had brought Helen with him to cheer for his son, along with several other special friends. He knew that he wouldn't have any time with his son after the game, but Saul wanted to see the game with Helen.

Across the nation, CSU fans were anxiously awaiting the start of the unusual Thursday night game. ESPN was broadcasting the game, and the announcers began their pre-game show at 7:00 p.m. with a scheduled kickoff at 7:30.

Steve Michaels was the main announcer for the ESPN network along with Brett Carlson. They had announced the first game of the year when CSU had destroyed Notre Dame.

"We're here tonight to see if the CSU Falcons can continue their undefeated season against the Oregon Ducks," Steve Michaels said. "We've heard that CJ Hammer is back in the lineup, after being hospitalized with a serious infection that kept him out of the Washington State game. Hammer is a devastating blocker for Delano Genovesi, and has already set several NCAA records as a freshman with kickoff returns, rushing, interceptions, and total yards gained in a single game. Genovesi is the leading rusher in the nation, but last week he missed the presence of his big fullback, CJ Hammer. David Patrick has always been full of surprises, as he has used Hammer in a variety of positions to confuse his opponents. Having Hammer back in the lineup must create a lot of concern for the Oregon team, as the talented freshman plays both offense and defense."

"You and I were both wrong about the quality of this CSU team at the beginning of the season," Brett Carlson said. "No one in the country expected David Patrick to put a team on the field that would dominate the opposition the way the Falcons have done this year. David Patrick landed the best recruiting class in the nation, and he's using his talented freshmen to make a statement to the entire nation. Hammer was expected to play basketball for Marcus Knight, but he surprised the entire nation by committing to play for David Patrick first. CSU is poised to make a statement to the entire sports world with their football and basketball recruits. After dominating Notre Dame, the Michigan Wolverines, the Miami Hurricanes and the Oklahoma Sooners, David Patrick has silenced any critic that his team isn't the best in the nation. Now the Falcons are taking the PAC 10 Conference on and have launched two freshmen into the hunt for the Heisman Trophy as the best football player in the nation."

"Right now, I'd vote for CJ Hammer as the best football player in the nation," Steve Michaels said. "I know he missed one game when he was in the hospital, but the six foot ten, 350 pound freshman has dominated every game that he's played in. If he stays healthy, he could be the first freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy."

Back at the Tri-Delt Fraternity, the members and pledges went wild at the comments of the ESPN commentators about Chris and Delano. During the broadcast of the game, the members had agreed to relax the normal formality of pledgeship, as they wanted their young buddies to join them to watch the football game at the fraternity. The members loved the pledges, but also knew that they had to make the pledges earn the right to take the oath of membership into their brotherhood. The trials of having Tom Broadbent as a member along with the near death of Mike Mahley had convinced the brothers that this pledge class had already proved their dedication to being recognized as brothers.

Chris was still politicking with Coach Patrick, and convinced him to let Chris take the opening kickoff if CSU got the ball first. He was excited as Oregon won the toss and deferred to the second half. CSU would get the ball first, and Chris headed onto the field as the game began.

"CJ Hammer is back to receive the opening kickoff," Steve Michaels began his telecast. "Hammer is one of the most dangerous kickoff returners in the country, and I expect the Ducks to try to kick away from him. It's a high and long kick that should be downed by Hammer in the end zone, but wait; he's bringing the ball out of his own end zone. Hammer is hit at the five, breaks a tackle, and heads for the middle of the field. He's hit again at the 15 and spins away and heads for the right sideline. He's got a line of blockers and he's loose at the 30! Hammer is at the 40 and the only defender in his way is the kicker! He heads down the sideline and makes an incredible cut that leaves the kicker with empty arms as Hammer streaks for the goal line! No one in the world could catch him now! Hammer's gonna take it to the house with a kick off return of 105 yards!"

The partisan crowd was silenced as the CSU Falcons surrounded Chris in the end zone to celebrate the touchdown. The crowd had hoped that the Ducks would end the unbeaten season of the CSU Falcons, but that hope was definitely shattered by the opening kick off return. The extra point was good, and the Falcons led by a score of 7 to 0 with only a few seconds gone in the game.

Back at the fraternity, the house was bedlam as the members and pledges screamed their joy at seeing Chris score the first touchdown of the game. Mike was there and had tears running down his face as he cheered for his lover. He was sobbing tears of joy as Isaac gently hugged him as they celebrated together.

Steve Michaels continued his commentary by saying, "CJ Hammer just blew the ducks out of the sky with that fantastic kickoff return. David Patrick is a master at using the talents of his players to confuse the Falcon opponents. When a man as big as CJ Hammer builds up a head of steam, he can blast through tackles like a bulldozer. When he gets in the open, no one on earth can catch him."

"Hammer has played a variety of positions during his high school career and with the CSU Falcons," Brett Carlson said. "He's a fantastic kicker and was an excellent quarterback during his senior year in high school. I'm waiting to see if David Patrick switches Hammer to a different position to frustrate the Falcon opponents. I'm positive that Delano Genovesi wants CJ Hammer blocking for him as he is the leading rusher in the nation right now. Genovesi is a powerful runner who can hide behind Hammer and hit the hole with incredible speed. When Hammer teams up with Jarvis Williams on defense, they are devastating. Imagine having two guys that weigh 350 or 370 pounds lining up opposite you. If you're an offensive lineman facing either Hammer or Williams, you've gotta be praying for help from your teammates. When the offensive linemen have to double team both Williams and Hammer, it leaves other defensive players with a clear shot at the quarterback or runner. I'm predicting a blow out today, with the Falcons giving the Pac 10 Conference some major heartburn. Let's get back to the game, as Keegan Marshall, CSU kicker gets ready to kick to the Oregon Ducks."

Keegan kicked the ball to the three yard line, and the Ducks were stopped on their own 18. Chris ran onto the field and slammed his body against Jarvis Williams, as the two buddies were determined to wreak havoc on the Duck offense. As a free safety, Chris was allowed to stunt along the line and either blitz, line up to rush, drop back in pass coverage or to replace a linebacker.

On the first offensive play by the Ducks, Chris rushed right over the center and sacked the quarterback for a seven-yard loss. On the next play, Chris and Jarvis both rushed the quarterback. Jarvis broke through the double team and sacked the quarterback for an eight-yard loss. It was now third and 25 from their own 3-yard line, and the Ducks were rattled. Chris was showing blitz as the center snapped the ball low to the quarterback. Chris nailed the quarterback in the end zone for a safety, and the Falcon sideline went wild. The score was now 9-0, and the Falcons would get the ball back after the free kick.

Back at the Tri-Delt house, Mike was the loudest guy screaming, as he watched his Little Brother put everything he had into the football game. Even with the casts on his body, Mike was jumping around so much that Jake and Shannon threatened to tie him to a chair to keep him from hurting himself. There were other girls invited to watch the game on the large HD-TV, and they all realized that guys might use some raw language when watching an exciting football game.

"THAT'S MY LITTLE FUCKING BROTHER!" Mike screamed as he bounced around on the sofa.

"Didn't you tell me that your mom put soap in his mouth when he cussed?" Shannon asked Jake.

"She did, but it didn't stop him!" Jake laughed. "Mike, either you calm down or we'll drag you to your room and tie you down on your bed! Dad, Mom and Chris will be furious with you if hurt yourself!"

Mike knew that he had to calm down, as his ribs were already sore from the way he had been cheering for the Falcons. He was trying to control his emotions, but seeing his lover get national recognition for his athletic abilities was too exciting.

"I'm sorry, Shannon," Mike apologized. "Chris is kicking ass today, and I'm really pumped! I'll try to calm down, but I'm so proud of him that I want to jump up and scream!"

"We'll calm him down," Brendan O'Brien said as he and Jerome Wilkins sat on either side of Mike on the couch. "If you get too rowdy, we'll both sit on your sorry ass!"

The attention of everyone was drawn back to the football game as the commercial ended. The Falcons got the ball on their own 40-yard line after a fair catch by Delano.

Chris was back on the field, and lined up as the fullback. Instead of staying in the backfield to block for Delano, Chris went in motion to the left side of the field, with an Oregon fullback following him in pass coverage. Kelly Mason dropped back and threw a bomb that Chris caught at the Duck 20-yard line before he broke away and streaked into the end zone for a Falcon touchdown. After the extra point was good, the Falcons led the Ducks by a score of 16-0.

"This is gonna be a long night for the Oregon Ducks," Steve Michaels said. "The weatherman predicted heavy rains tonight for this game, but right now, the only thing that's coming down from the sky is the football in the hands of CJ Hammer! We haven't used up five minutes on the game clock and the Falcons are blasting away at the Ducks like it's opening day of duck season!"

"Coach Patrick has done his homework," Brett Carlson said. "Every coach watches game films of his opponents, and he obviously saw things that he could exploit, as the Falcons now lead 16-0. Things could change, as I see some raindrops starting to fall. Oregon concentrates on an air attack, while CSU has a balanced attack with Kelly Mason rated as one of the top passers in the nation, backed up with the ground attack of Genovesi and Hammer. This field was already soaked by rain this week, and if it rains like the weathermen have predicted, the field will become a swamp."

The Oregon Ducks took over on their own 20-yard line after Keegan Marshall put the kickoff into the end zone. Chris was back on the field, but this time he was lined up as the left defensive end, with Jarvis at the right defensive end position. The two pronged rush of Jarvis and Chris made it a field day for the Falcon linebackers. Lukas Paulik and Julius Fischer stopped two runs for short gains and then sacked the Oregon quarterback for a loss.

"It's 3 and out again for the Oregon Ducks," Steve Michaels said. "The rain is really coming down now, and the ball is going to be hard to hang onto. Let's see if ducks really like to fly in the rain."

The Tri-Delt house erupted when Brad Miller blocked the Oregon punt and Lukas Paulik picked up the ball and ran it into the end zone for another CSU touchdown. Brendan and Jerome held Mike down as they all celebrated another score for their university team.

"The Falcons are in total command of this game," Brett Carlson said. "The score is now 23-0, and Delano Genovesi hasn't touched the ball! The leading rusher in the nation must be getting anxious to get his chance to rack up some yards against the Ducks, but so far, he could be out on a date with one of the cheerleaders!"

The Tri-Delt house was filled with laughter, as everyone knew that Delano would climb over the entire cheerleading squad to get to Chao Tsung, his Big Brother. The beer was flowing freely, but Mike abstained, knowing that he couldn't drink alcohol with the medication he was taking.

Keegan Marshall kicked off and the Ducks returned the ball to their own 22-yard line. Chris was back at free safety, and on the first play, he intercepted a pass and was forced out of bounds at the Oregon 35-yard line. Delano finally got his chance, as the first play in the driving rain was called as 23-Left. Chris hit the hole created by the left guard and creamed the middle linebacker, as Delano made two amazing cuts on the slippery field before he streaked into the end zone.

"Genovesi made good on his first carry of this game," Steve Michaels said. "I know he wanted to get his hands on the ball, and he proved why he's the top rusher in the nation as he hit the hole and used his blockers to take the ball to the house!"

"We haven't finished the first quarter of this game and the Falcons now lead by a score of 30-0!" Brett Carlson added. The Ducks were rated Number 10 in the nation, but it looks like they're no match for the power of the CSU Falcons! The rain continues to pound the field, and it looks like it's Falcon Weather instead of Duck Weather! I've never seen a top ten team dominated like this in the first quarter of a football game. David Patrick and his coaching staff will have to decide when to pull their starters to give some of the second string some playing time, as this game is all but over for the Oregon Ducks!"

Saul Bernstein was sitting in the stands with Helen Waterson. They both were wearing rain gear, as Saul didn't want to miss a single second of the football game. Helen had never been a football fan, but having Saul's son playing the sport had convinced her to learn about the sport. She was a quick learner, and often watched college and professional football with her special man. She knew she was in love with Saul, but also knew that he was dedicated to his son and the memory of his deceased wife. She cheered louder than Saul at every play where the CSU Falcons scored a touchdown.

David Patrick broke his promise to Chris when he pulled Chris out of the game early in the second quarter. The Falcons were leading by a score of 44-0, and David Patrick wanted to keep Chris from being hurt.

"You're on the bench!" Coach Patrick said to Chris after Delano scored his third touchdown. "You played like a true champion, and now it's time for some of the other guys to get some playing time. I want you healthy for your Karate competition, so sit back and enjoy the rain!"

Chris was upset at first, but knew that he had played hard in the game. He also knew that Coach Patrick didn't want to run up the score on the Oregon Ducks. He hugged his coach and put on a raincoat to watch the rest of the first half of the football game.

"It looks like David Patrick has pulled Hammer out of this game," Steve Michaels said. "I think he made a great decision, as the field is now a swamp, and the Ducks have been plucked!"

"Delano Genovesi might be joining Hammer on the bench," Brett Carlson said. "Genovesi has over 200 yards on 12 carries in this game, and the Falcons need to save their stars for the rest of the season. This game is now a scrimmage for Patrick to empty the bench and let his second and third string players get some playing time."

The entire CSU campus was celebrating the fortunes of their football team, as the first half ended with the Falcons leading by a score of 51-7. When the game ended, the Falcons and their loyal fans celebrated a 65-14 victory.

David Patrick had a lot of trouble getting the attention of his celebrating players in the locker room. He had tears in his eyes as he congratulated his players for the way they had dominated a team that was ranked 10th in the nation.

"I have never coached a team as talented as this one!" David Patrick said after he and his assistant coaches finally got the attention of the boisterous team. "Our defense was spectacular, and they couldn't stop our offense! You've made me so proud that I can't find the words to express myself!"

"Does that mean that you're calling off practice for the weekend?" Chris teased. He figured that the coach would blast him for making that comment, but was surprised when Coach Patrick continued.

"That's a great idea!" Coach Patrick said. "We'll meet Sunday afternoon to watch the game films and see what USC did in their game on Saturday. You guys deserve a rest, but do your own exercises to stay in shape! Contact practice will resume on Monday afternoon!"

The locker room was filled with the cheers of the players as they celebrated their victory and a chance for a couple of days away from practice. Every eligible guy on the team got a chance to play in the game, and they were all thrilled that their families and friends had seen them on national television.

After blowing his whistle to get the attention of the entire team, David Patrick asked, "Who gets this game ball?"

"Hammer, Hammer, Hammer!" filled the locker room as the team cheered.

David Patrick handed the game ball to CJ Hammer and gave Chris a hug.

Chris held the ball over his head and announced, "I've been awarded a game ball before, so I think we need to recognize a fat ass who made three sacks, four tackles for loss, and 10 solo tackles! I think Jarvis Williams deserves recognition for playing the best game of this year!"

The team quickly agreed that Jarvis had played a fantastic game that throttled the Oregon offense. The team cheered as Chris tossed the game ball to his pledge buddy.

Jarvis had tears of joy running down his face as he caught the ball and held it above his head. It was very unusual for a defensive lineman to be recognized with the game ball, and Jarvis hugged Chris and thanked him. The entire team congratulated Jarvis on his great game and signed the football as a memento for him to treasure for the rest of his life.

"You guys hit the showers!" Gary Evans, the defensive line coach ordered. "We're gonna destroy that hotel supper buffet before we get on the plane to fly back to campus!"

David Patrick and his assistant coaches celebrated their impressive victory as they watched their team toss their muddy uniforms into the laundry carts before heading for the showers. All of the coaches were proud of the team and knew that any reservations about having gay players on the team had been dissolved. They quietly shared their beliefs that the Falcon team could not only win the Pac-10 Championship, but could win the first national championship for the first time in over 20 years.

The football team destroyed the buffet at the Sheraton Hotel, while the cheerleaders and marching band destroyed the meals at two other luxury hotels. Everyone was stuffed as they boarded the two charter flights to return to the state of California. A sleepy group of students boarded the buses to return to the CSU campus and returned to sleep until the buses arrived at the Quad on the CSU campus.

Jonathan Crawford, the university president, insisted that the cheerleaders and band members be the first ones to exit the buses and receive the welcome from over 20,000 happy students and faculty. After the band members had retrieved their instruments, Jonathan went to the two buses that held the tired football players and let them out. The California air was filled with the sounds of the Falcon fight song, played by the band, and the cheers of the happy students. Jonathan had cancelled all classes for Friday, knowing that his campus was celebrating the football victory and the students would be hung over from their celebrations.

Chris was the last guy off the bus, and was shocked at how many students had stayed up to greet the football team. He quickly scanned the crowd and saw Mike sitting in a wheelchair that was being pushed by Brendan. He ran to hug his buddy and unsuccessfully tried to hold back his tears of joy.

Mike was exhausted, but had pleaded and threatened everyone at the fraternity to take him to the Quad to meet the team. He had tears running down his face as he congratulated Chris for his performance in the football game.

"I speak for the entire university, as we welcome our football team, cheerleaders and band back to the greatest campus in the country!" Jonathan Crawford announced through a megaphone. "As a reward to our football team and the entire campus, all classes for Friday are cancelled! Let's all celebrate responsibly, as we don't want any negative national publicity to mar the reputation of our university!"

The crowd cheered their approval of having Friday classes cancelled. The Tri-Delt members and pledges all wanted to celebrate together, but knew that the football players and band members needed to rest and relax after the late night trip home.

Tom Jankowski drove Chris and Mike back to the fraternity, as both guys wanted to spend the rest of the night and the next day with their fraternity buddies. Chris knew that his large bed in the Jacobs Dorm would have been more comfortable for him and Mike to sleep in, but he loved being with the men that would soon be his brothers.

Mike was exhausted from the emotions of watching the football game and waiting for the team to return to campus. He was asleep as soon as Chris undressed him and laid him on his bed in the room he shared with Justin Abernathy.

Chris snuggled next to Mike's body as he watched Jarvis making love with Justin. He wished that he and Mike were able to share the same type of physical and emotional love as Jarvis and Justin, but knew that Mike was worth waiting for. He listened to the moans and groans of the two guys sharing their body fluids and cuddled close to Mike and fell asleep.

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