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CJ Chapter 36 Las Vegas and California

Chris woke up on Sunday morning and groaned in pain. His legs were totally useless and he needed to pee badly. He knew that Mike couldn't help him, and struggled out of the bed to grab the crutches that his brothers had left near the bed for him. He painfully got into the bathroom and relieved his bladder, but knew he couldn't help Mike take care of his own morning needs. He struggled to the phone and called the room of his two brothers, hoping that he wasn't waking them up.

Randy answered the phone and immediately promised that he would come to the suite to help Chris and Mike get ready for breakfast. Chris swallowed two of the pain pills that Poppa Mike had given him, and knew it was going to be a challenge for him to take care of himself, let alone Mike. When he heard the knock at the door, he used the crutches to get to the door and opened it to see the smiling faces of his two brothers.

"I'm a wreck," Chris admitted. "I can hardly move, and I sure can't help Mike get to the bathroom when he wakes up."

"We're your brothers," Charlie said. "Let me connect with you and give you some strength."

Chris didn't want to drain the energy of his brother, but knew that Charlie would recover quickly. He sat on the couch in the lavish suite, and held Charlie's hand to feel the energy flow into his body. He saw the effect on Charlie, as his brother slumped down on the couch and was held by Randy.

"You guys are awesome!" Chris said, as he felt stronger. "No one can understand how we can connect, but I know I need both of you to take care of me."

"Every since we found out that you were our brother," Randy said, "We've loved you and wanted to be part of your life. Now that you're with Mike, we want to be part of his life too. Jenny is pissed that two hot guys like you and Mike are boyfriends, as we both know she would jump your bones or Mike's in a second! Jenny is very selective when she goes on the prowl, and she's frustrated that you and Mike are in love with each other."

"My sister has to accept the facts of life!" Chris said. "It took Mike's motorcycle accident to open my eyes so I could realize that I was gay and in love with him. I'd give my life for Mike, and I know he'd do the same for me."

"Randy and I are jealous that you've found true love," Charlie admitted. "We still don't know if we'll find a girl or a guy to fall in love with, but being around you and your fraternity brothers lets us see a lot of beefcake!"

"Most of them are available," Chris admitted. "Some of the members are straight, but I've bent a few of them for a one night stand. I've hooked up with all of my pledge buddies before I pledged myself to Mike, so you guys have a lot of meat to choose from if you end up going gay. I know you have the equipment to make a guy or girl happy in bed."

"I need someone to make me happy," Mike said. He had only heard part of Chris's conversation with his brothers, but woke up to Nature's Call.

Randy laughed and said he would help Mike drain the lizard, knowing that any guy that woke up in the morning would be hard as a rock as his dick needed to drain.

"You've got a nice one!" Randy joked as he saw that Mike was nude and sporting a major erection. "Charlie and I've been on the end of Chris's weenie, and you must be a special guy to take his pecker!"

"His pecker is mine for the rest of my life!" Mike exclaimed. "He didn't take care of my needs last night, but I hope he does today!"

Everyone laughed at the exchange between the four guys who understood how men could love each other. Chris watched Charlie get up to help his lover take care of his morning needs, knowing that both of them would need help to get dressed and go down to breakfast.

Both Chris and Mike needed to use the wheelchairs to get out of their suite and go down to the hotel restaurants. Chris let Randy push his wheelchair, but knew that he could use his strong arms to push the wheels of the wheelchair if necessary. The dining room was filled with people as the four men entered. The crowd quickly recognized CJ Hammer and cheered his arrival.

Saul and Helen had finished their breakfast, but welcomed the young men to their table and called for a waiter to take their orders for breakfast. Chris was flooded with requests for his autograph, and graciously signed napkins and anything that people put in front of him.

David Powell came into the dining room with his son, Marty, and quickly supplied photos from the Karate competition for Chris to sign for the hotel guests. It was a great way for the hotel to give their guests a special memento from their visit, and David Powell was thrilled that Chris would agree to give out autographs when he was still in obvious pain.

Marty Powell came up to Chris and asked if he could have a special autograph for his friend. He said that his best friend, Robbie Halsted, wanted to be at the Karate competition, but was forced to go with his parents to visit his grandparents.

"I know what it's like to have a best friend," Chris said to Marty. "Mike's my best friend, and I don't want to be away from him for any reason. Mike's been my best bud for almost five years, and now he's my Big Brother in the fraternity that I'm pledging. Sometimes, Mike's a real asshole, but I still love him."

Marty laughed and then realized that Chris and Mike were more than friends. "Robbie and I are more than friends," Marty admitted quietly. "We love each other. I hope that doesn't gross you out, but our love is emotional and physical."

"Our love is the same," Mike admitted quietly to Marty. "Chris and I haven't gone public with our love for each other, but we don't hide it either. I was so worried that Chris would get hurt when he made the Warrior's Challenge to Shori that I was ready to puke. I don't want to lose the guy that I'm in love with."

"Robbie will be here today, and I hope you'll still be here to meet him," Marty said. "He's 15 and I'm 13. We're in love and have done stuff together that my parents don't like, but they've let us be lovers."

"Guy sex at your age might be temporary," Chris said. "You or Robbie might change when you get older and find a girl that you want to be with. I did a lot of girls, but ever since I pledged my love to Mike, my life is complete. I don't want anything more in life than to wake up with Mike next to me for the rest of my life!"

"Wow!" Marty said. "It's sweet to hear that you guys are just like me and Robbie! Please don't leave until he gets here so we can talk about guy sex together. He thinks that the world will condemn him for hooking up with me, because I'm younger than he is."

"Society doesn't understand how a guy can love another guy," Mike said. "My family and Chris's have accepted our relationship, and maybe yours will too. Kids in high school might put you down and try to hurt you if you admit that you're in love with another guy, so be careful. Sometimes it's better to keep your relationship a private matter until you're older and physically able to defend yourself."

"I just know that I love Robbie and want to be with him for the rest of my life," Marty admitted. "It means a lot to me that you guys have been so open with me by telling me about your relationship."

Marty gave both Chris and Mike a hug before he left, holding the autographed photo that would be a gift for his lover.

Chris and Mike ate breakfast, but were continually interrupted by fans that wanted an autograph from the Karate Champion. Saul watched his son graciously put aside his breakfast and sign the photos and talk to the requestors. He was pleased that his son didn't refuse any request, even though his breakfast was getting cold before he could finish it. Saul knew that Karate competition had taught his son some very important lessons in life. Chris was equipped with the skills to kill any man in hand-to-hand combat, but had also learned to control his emotions when he was in danger. Stephen Segall and Yoshi Yamamoto had taught Chris how to be humble and not use his deadly skills unless his own life or the life of a friend was in danger. Saul reflected on seeing the beautiful green eyes of his son turn deadly when he was ready to attack someone. He had witnessed how Chris had saved his life during the home invasion in Texas, and had seen the same eyes when Chris squared off against Shori Tagucci. He knew his son was a gentle giant that no one should ever provoke.

They eyes of Chris and Mike both lit up when Fr. Joe came into the dining room with the two nuns and four children. Mike and Chris greeted the new arrivals with hugs, but neither of them could stand on their own. The small children immediately got on Mike and Chris's laps and said that they were hungry. Saul watched the two men smother the orphan children with love and attention, and knew that the future would take the two men to help make the lives of the less fortunate richer with their love.

The dining room was filling with family and friends as Chris and Mike were surrounded by people that loved them. Marco and Tony came in and sat with Chris and Mike to talk. Tony was 38 and very handsome. Watching Tony and Marco together gave both Chris and Mike the impression that they two men were deeply in love.

David Powell, the Casino Manager, came into the dining room along with his son, Marty, and his wife and daughter. He gave Chris more photos for him to sign, and asked if Chris would allow the hotel Publicity Manager to interview him. He wanted to film the interview and broadcast it on the closed circuit system in the hotel. He was pleased that the World Champion agreed to the filmed interview and promised that the hotel staff would give Chris's family and friends privacy during the rest of their stay.

Chris was enjoying the company of the small children when his paternal Grandmother and Grandfather came into the dining room. It was obvious that Grandma was in a good mood, and he quickly found out that Grandpa Carpenter had been in the casino the previous night and had won over $10,000.

"I tried to keep Victor out of the casino," Grandma Carpenter admitted, "But the old devil snuck out on me when I was asleep! If he had lost in the casino, I would've made him walk home! I just don't understand how men like to gamble!"

"Men don't understand women either," Victor Carpenter stated. "I've been married to you for over 50 years and you still piss me off!"

Chris loved hearing his grandparents tease each other. It was their way of showing their love for each other, as he had heard his grandfather introduce Grandma as his "first wife". He had never been married to any other woman, and technically, he was telling the truth. Grandma Carpenter always responded with a sharp comment, and the exchange was a source of humor for anyone around the couple. It was obvious to everyone that they loved each other deeply, but still maintained their senses of humor.

"Grandpa, what are you gonna do with all that money?" Chris asked, knowing that his grandparents were billionaires who had established the Carpenter Foundation.

"I think I'll buy my girlfriend some jewelry from the store in this hotel," Grandpa Carpenter replied. "She's a young beauty who really excites an old man like me!"

Chris laughed and knew that Grandpa Carpenter was talking about his wife, but decided to join in on the fun by saying, "I know some cute girls in the Sigma Epsilon Sorority who would love to have a 'Sugar Daddy' like you!"

"Don't you go giving that old fool any ideas," Grandma Carpenter admonished. "He's lucky that I've stayed with him all these years, as I'm sure I could have done better!"

"You're my only girlfriend," Victor Carpenter admitted to his wife. "After getting lucky in the casino, I got lucky with you last night, and I love you!"

"That was overshare if I ever heard it before!" Jonathan Carpenter blurted out. "You two are acting like teenagers!"

Everyone laughed at the verbal exchange between the family members. It was great to hear words of love between people that had spent most of their lives together. To Chris and Mike, it was a vision of how they would talk to each other when they were old and gray.

The breakfast continued until the young children were full and it was time for Chris to go to the interview with the hotel Publicity Department. He wanted to walk to the interview, but realized quickly when he tried to stand up that his legs were too sore. He moaned in pain and sat back down on the wheelchair for Randy to push him out of the dining room and into the lobby.

Chris insisted that Mike be present for the filming, and also asked for crutches so he could stand behind Mike during the interview. Mike held the Championship Trophy as Chris joked and politely teased the interviewer. David Powell was thrilled with the candid interview, and knew it would be a real hit with the hotel guests. His status with the other hotel managers had been elevated by the way CJ Hammer had allowed photos, posters, and the private interview to be used for publicity. When the interview was over, David Powell said that Chris and Mike would be welcomed back for a free stay in one of the hotel suites at any time in the future.

"When you turn pro," David Powell said, "this hotel will still be here, and you guys will be treated like kings! I know you can't accept the gratitude of Caesar's Palace today, but someday in the future, you'll be rewarded for the way you let us join in your celebration."

Chris and Mike wanted to spend some time alone, and asked Randy and Charlie to take them back to their suite. As soon as they got inside, Chris got his crutches and told his brothers that he would see them for lunch before everyone had to leave for the airport to return home. He hugged and kissed his two brothers and thanked them for helping him and Mike.

As soon as Randy and Charlie were out of the room, Chris looked at Mike and said, "It's time for me to blow your lights out!"

"God, I need to make love with you," Mike admitted. "I've got a MSB for you, and I might blow your head off when I cum!"

"That's what I needed to hear," Chris said.

Mike was lying on the bed as Chris used the crutches to join him. He wanted to make love to his buddy, but knew that neither of them could move easily. He stood at the side of the bed and completely undressed, displaying his throbbing cock to Mike's eyes. He helped Mike undress and saw that Little Mike was fully erect and was leaking precum. He considered dropping on the bed in a 69 position, but decided to show Mike that he was more than a quick fuck or suck to him.

"OH GOD!" Mike exclaimed as Chris began kissing his neck.

Chris covered Mike's mouth with his own, as the two guys exchanged saliva and tongue fucked each other's mouth. Mike couldn't move around on the bed like Chris could, and was only able to kiss and lick the parts of Chris's body that were within his reach. The passions of the two lovers filled the huge suite with the sounds of two men in love.

Chris moved to suck on Mike's left nipple. He had always loved nipples on a guy or girl, but Mike's slash nipples were his favorites to lick, suck, and gently nibble on until they were fully erect. Mike was moaning and writhing around on the king-sized bed, as Chris continued his oral exploration of his handsome buddy. He traveled south, and tongued inside Mike's belly button, enjoying the moans of pleasure of his best friend. He ignored Mike's leaking cock and went further south to vacuum both of Mike's balls into his mouth.

"Jesus Christ!" Mike screamed in ecstasy. "I can't take this!"

Chris ignored Mike's screams and used his tongue to roll the two sperm generators around in his mouth. He wanted to give Mike the most pleasure that he could, and pulled his mouth away to let both of Mike's balls pop out of his mouth before he slurped them back in.

"I'M CUMMING!" Mike screamed.

Chris quickly left Mike's scrotum and swallowed the entire length of Mike's eight inches of manhood. He was quickly rewarded with blasts of hot cum that he quickly swirled around in his mouth before he swallowed to get ready for the next blast.

Mike was screaming and writhing around on the bed as his cock blasted into Chris's hungry mouth. His emotions overflowed as he sobbed as his cock continued to throb and shoot cum into Chris's mouth. He was close to passing out from the intensity of his orgasm, and finally begged Chris to stop sucking his overly sensitive cock.

"I love you," Chris admitted to Mike. "I pray that we can always have sex like this for the rest of our lives."

Mike was still stunned by the intensity of his orgasm, and could only groan as he thanked Chris for being his lover. He wanted to suck Chris's cock, but knew that he had to recover from his intense orgasm before he could do anything but let the last throbs of ecstasy course through his body.

Chris looked at the face of his best friend and smiled as he saw Mike go through the last throws of his orgasm. He loved looking at the handsome face, and knew that he had found a man that could love him the same way he loved him. He leaned over and kissed Mike on the lips, sharing the flavor of Mike's cum with his buddy.

"I think you liked that blowjob," Chris said to Mike. "You almost made me choke with how much cum you pumped into my mouth. I need to blow you more often so you don't build up so much pressure!"

"Jesus, Chris," Mike moaned, "that was awesome! I can't tell you how much I love you!"

"You can help me get rid of my MSB," Chris teased. "Either you blow me or I'll blow myself!"

"Just put that dinky in my face, and I'll show you that I'm a great cocksucker!" Mike exclaimed.

Chris laughed but knew that he needed to pop a nut. He groaned as he moved on the bed to get his throbbing cock near Mike's willing mouth. He groaned again as he felt Mike's mouth caress the head of his manhood.

Mike loved the fact that Chris was uncircumcised, as he ran his tongue under the long foreskin and licked around the big cock head. He knew that the foreskin was very sensitive, and nibbled and pulled on it with his tongue and teeth. He could only use his left hand, due to the cast on his right arm, but he made good use of his fingers as he probed inside Chris's butt hole as he continued his oral attention to Chris's big cock head. He knew exactly what to do to prolong Chris's pleasure as he sucked the massive cock as deep as he could. He was massaging Chris's prostate gland as he continued gobbling down the precum that was flowing freely out of Chris's cock. His medical training had proven important as he had learned how to locate a man's prostate and massage it to get precum to flow out. He looked at the stubble of the pubic hair that he had shaved off Chris during his pledge initiation, and wondered when his buddy would have a full bush again.

"God, that feels great!" Chris moaned as Mike twisted his mouth around to give Chris's cock stimulation that would be impossible to create with regular sexual penetration.

Mike continued rotating his mouth as he tried to take more of Chris's huge cock in his mouth and throat. He was getting better at controlling his gag reflex, but still wasn't able to take the entire length of Chris's cock in his throat without gagging. He could feel Chris's cock expand and begin throbbing, and knew that his mouth was going to be flooded with the massive load of Chris's cum.

Chris moaned and announced that he was cumming, as he tried to fuck Mike's mouth with his huge cock. The pain in his body was forgotten, as he screamed in ecstasy and unloaded his man juice. He was lightheaded as he tried to focus his eyes on the handsome face of his buddy who was gobbling down his thick cum.

Mike continued sucking and swallowing at the same time his fingers were stimulating Chris's prostate to encourage the intensity of the orgasm. He continued swallowing until Chris had blasted at least ten huge volleys of cum into his mouth and throat. He pulled his fingers out of Chris's tight ass and gently finished his big buddy off with his mouth.

Chris and Mike were both exhausted from the intensity of their orgasms, and collapsed on the bed to savor the afterglow of their oral sex. This was the time that both of them loved. They had satisfied each other and now cuddled and talked softly about their relationship. Two guys lying together nude can't hide anything physically from each other, but their discussions after sex were always honest with no jokes or teasing. They always shared openly and discussed the things that had aroused them the most during their intimacy, and also shared words of love for each other.

"I love it when you suck my nipples," Mike admitted. "Kissing you is awesome, but I think I could cum just from the way you stimulate my nipples! I can't wait until you can fuck me, as my ass needs to be stretched and I need to feel your cock deep inside of me!"

"I know that in your pre-med classes they don't teach you how to finger a guy's ass like you just did," Chris said, "But you have a skill that no other guy has ever demonstrated to me. When I cum, it feels like I'm gonna blow my nuts right off my body!"

Mike laughed and said, "You've got the largest prostate that I've ever probed. I usually can't swallow all of the cum that you pump, so when I do, I feel great! I wish I had a foreskin like you do, but I can't change what they did to me when I was born. I love nibbling and licking under it. You always store up a bunch of precum in your cap, and it's great to eat it out of there."

"Are you ready for Round Two?" Chris asked.

"You know my dad wants to start your physical therapy before lunch," Mike said. "We just made love. We don't need to act like we're in the Sexual Olympics. I think we should call Randy and Charlie and see if they'll help us shower. We both stink like skunks but we can't get into the shower without help."

"I'm not looking forward to Poppa Mike and Brice Cox working on me," Chris admitted. "I pulled a groin muscle in the match with Shori, and I got some bruised ribs. I know they're gonna put me in a lot of pain. I love you, and I'd rather stay here and talk or make love again. When I'm with you, I feel complete. I know when we get back to the campus, I won't be able to exercise or play football for a while. I just wish we could stay here for the rest of our lives."

"I saw the line of bruises from your knee to your crotch," Mike said. "Your legs look horrible from what that fucking asshole did to you with that chair. I know you're in a lot of pain, but my dad and Brice need to work with you to start your treatment. I want you healthy so I can whack your ass when we get back to the fraternity!"

"Typical member," Chris teased. "All you jerks want to do is hard ass us poor pledges and whack our asses! I wonder how the shower parties went for Tom Jankowski and Chao Tsung?"

"Jesus, did you rotten pledges set Tom and Chao up?" Mike asked.

"Your two brothers went over the line!" Chris said. "You don't really think that my pledge buddies and I are just gonna let the members whack us without getting even do you? We have our ways of taking care of jerks!"

Mike laughed and admitted that Tom and Chao were very hard on the pledges. He admitted to Chris that the members were ready to declare the pledge class ready for Help Week, and were just seeing if the pledges could take some hazing.

"Even Joe McClure said he's never seen a pledge class come together as fast as you guys have," Mike admitted. "With all the shit about Tom Broadbent and the Phi Tau's, we want you guys as our brothers! If Tom and Chao got hit with shower parties, you guys must have some secret way of getting four letters delivered to the house for them. How are you doing it?"

"You just told me stuff you weren't supposed to share with a pledge," Chris said, "So I'll tell you how we do it. I love you and know you won't rat me and my buddies out to the other members. We love you guys, but revenge is sweet!"

Chris then told Mike the arrangement that he had with the mailman. Mike laughed and said it was a fantastic prank that his brothers deserved for whacking the pledges. He promised not to tell how the pledges could set up his brothers and thanked Chris for being honest with him. He then asked Chris to call his brothers so they could get cleaned up.

Randy and Charlie were happy to get the call to help Mike and Chris take their showers. The twins loved seeing the handsome guys nude, and quickly came to the suite and helped the two injured men shower before Chris had to go to his medical examination and physical therapy.

Randy pushed Chris's wheelchair to the hotel facilities where patrons of the hotel received emergency treatment. He could read Chris's mind, and knew his brother was concerned about the examination and physical therapy.

Chris knew that Poppa Mike and Brice Cox would be waiting for him, but was surprised to see a female doctor, Jodi Henderson, waiting for him along with David Patrick and Marcus Knight. Chris was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and knew that everyone would be examining his legs.

"I don't like the looks of this," Chris said to the group. "Maybe I should just go back to the suite and drain the liquor cabinet!"

"Relax, son," Poppa Mike said. "We're not the enemy here! We know you're hurt and we want to examine you and get started on some therapy to get you back in shape. The X-rays came back negative, so we know you don't have any fractures from the way that jerk hit you with that chair. Stephen Segall talked to us and told us that you won't be able to walk for at least a week. We need you to be honest with us and tell us the truth so we can help you."

"Okay," Chris said. "My legs are a mess right now. I can't put much weight on them and I pulled a groin muscle with one of the moves against Shori. The bones in both of my calves really ache, and I know it'll be a while before I can walk without crutches, let alone run. My ribs are sore from some hits in my matches, and I've got a lot of other bruises that will heal soon."

Chris got out of the wheelchair with Randy's help and used the crutches to move to the examination table. He moaned as he got up on the table, knowing that everyone was watching him as he moved.

"Holy Shit," Brice Cox said as he looked at Chris's legs. "You're busted up bad, buddy! A groin pull is bad enough, but both of your legs are turning black from the impact of that chair! I don't know how you can stand the pain!"

"I know some guys might be embarrassed about undressing in front of a woman, but I'm a doctor and need to protect the interests of Caesar's Palace by examining you," Jodi Henderson said. "Will you let me and Dr. Mahley examine you?"

"I'll undress if you will," Chris teased. "Maybe if we can get rid of these perverts, we can have some fun together!"

"CHRIS!" Poppa Mike yelled. "YOU BEHAVE!"

"Sorry, Poppa Mike," Chris said. "She's a hottie, and I just wanted to break the tension in here! I feel like a piece of meat that everyone wants to poke and probe. Go ahead and do whatever you need to do."

The two doctors began their examination by having Chris roll over on his belly so they could examine his calves. They both realized that the bruises were severe and the impact of the metal folding chair had compressed the massive muscles and had hit the bones.

Mike Senior had mixed feelings as he examined his son's lover. He had never seen bruises like the ones on Chris's legs and prayed that he could help Chris recover from his injuries. He knew that Chris had risked his life to save his son after the medical profession had failed. Now he was trying to maintain his professional stature as he realized that Chris was badly injured and in a lot of pain. He looked at the bruises that extended from Chris's ankles to his knees, and knew that his new son had to be an exceptional man to fight the pain and be able to use crutches to move into the examination room.

"Roll over for us," Mike Senior asked Chris. "We need to undress you to see the other areas where you were hit."

Chris complied, knowing that he would soon be nude in front of the men and female doctor. He had been examined and treated by female doctors and physical therapists before, but he still maintained his modesty and didn't like other people seeing his genitals. He moaned as he rolled over and let Poppa Mike undress him. The bruises on his arms and rib cage were now revealed to everyone as his T-shirt was removed.

"I don't know how you can even breathe without wincing," Dr. Henderson admitted. "Your ribs are badly bruised, and you must be in a lot of pain." She was making notes on each bruise that she and Dr. Mahley found during their examinations. She was also admiring the muscle development of the man who was the largest and strongest man she had ever examined.

"My legs hurt so much that I don't notice the groin pull or my sore ribs," Chris admitted. "I feel like I got run over by a truck!"

"We need to examine the rest of you," Poppa Mike said. "I see some bruises in your lower abdomen, and we need to make this examination complete, not only for the hotel, but for CSU."

"Go ahead," Chris said, knowing that he was going to be nude in front of everyone. He didn't like it, but knew it was inevitable.

Poppa Mike hooked his fingers in Chris's shorts and boxers and gently pulled them down. Chris was now completely nude and turned his head so he wouldn't see the eyes of everyone who was now seeing his manhood.

Dr. Henderson was making more notes about the bruises in the groin area of the famous athlete, and was impressed with the size of Chris's penis and testicles. She had never seen a young man who was so endowed, and felt her body react to seeing a soft cock that she would love to suck into erection. She was married, but her husband didn't have the equipment that she was now viewing, and any healthy female would want to get CJ Hammer into bed for hot sex.

David Patrick and Marcus Knight had both seen Chris nude before and knew their star athlete was packing equipment that any man would love to have. They pushed aside those thoughts and saw that Chris was covered with bruises that would take any athlete out of competition. They were both concerned that their young friend had been injured so badly that his life would be affected permanently.

"Your groin pull is severe," Poppa Mike said. "We'll start you on some exercises today to stretch your muscles, and I'll recommend that we increase your medications to relax your muscles and give you some relief from your obvious pain. I hope you aren't upset after this examination, but it was necessary for us to know what we're dealing with. You won't be able to exercise or think about competing in football for a long time. I want Brice Cox to start with you on some exercises to help get your muscles back into shape. It will be painful for you, but pain is necessary for you to recover from your injuries."

Poppa Mike and Brice talked privately and then told Chris to get dressed. When Chris was dressed, Poppa Mike gave him a hug before handing him two bottles of pills.

"You and I both know that the only way to get your muscles healed is to work them," Brice said to Chris as he took him to the exercise room. "We'll start with some stretching exercises and then work on an inclined platform. I'll give you an oil massage that will make you hate me and then follow up with ice to reduce the swelling. After you spend some time in the whirlpool, I want you to stay off those crutches. We'll need to keep repeating the therapy when we get back to campus. If I see you out of your wheelchair before you get back to your dorm, I'll make you regret it when I get you in my training room!"

Chris saw the determination in Brice's face and knew he'd better follow his orders. The therapy was intense, and tears flowed down Chris's face as his muscles were tortured to the limit. The oil massage was equally painful as Brice used his powerful fingers to manipulate the injured muscles. After the ice treatment and time in the whirlpool, Brice called Randy Carpenter to push Chris back to his room.

"I know that was very painful," Brice said to Chris, "But we had to do it."

"Some day I'll practice Karate on you to get even," Chris threatened. He was so weak from the therapy that he couldn't get out of the whirlpool without help from both Brice and Randy.

"Can you eat anything now?" Randy asked. "A bunch of people want to see you again before they start leaving for the airport, but I can explain to them if you're too tired."

"I need to eat something before I can take these pills," Chris said. "I promised to meet Marty's buddy and some other people. I don't want to disappoint anyone."

As soon as Saul saw Chris's face, he knew his son was in a great deal of pain from the physical therapy. He and Helen gave Chris a lot of attention as he greeted the large group of family and friends in the dining room.

Mike was concerned about his buddy after talking to his dad about the physical examination. He had seen all of the bruises on Chris's body and witnessed how painful it was for Chris when he moved around on the bed to make love.

Chris and Mike took the time to talk to Marty and Robbie in private so the young guys could talk openly about gay relationships. The four guys talked for several minutes before Saul reminded Chris that people needed to leave for the airport.

Chris wanted to use the crutches to stand and give people hugs, but remembered the threat from Brice Cox, and remained in his wheelchair. He thanked everyone for coming to his competition as he shook hands or hugged his family and friends.

When the large crowd was gone, Saul told Chris that he could take a nap before they had to leave for the flight back to California. Chris liked that idea as Randy and Charlie pushed the two wheelchairs back to the suite. The Carpenters had brought their private jet, and wouldn't leave until the guys from the CSU campus left for California.

Chris and Mike slept together, knowing that they would have to leave for the flight back to California soon. Most of the people from the CSU campus had already left on their flights, leaving only Chris, Mike, Saul, Helen and Brice Cox. Brice wanted to make sure that Chris was okay after the intense therapy session, and had changed his flight arrangements to return to California with Chris.

The ringing telephone woke Chris and Mike up from their nap. It was Saul telling them that the limo would be picking them up in 30 minutes to go to the airport. Randy and Charlie came and helped Chris and Mike pack their suitcases and get in their wheelchairs.

A large group of the hotel staff was waiting in the lobby when Saul checked out and paid the huge hotel bill along with a generous tip. More pictures were taken as everyone wanted to say goodbye to the new champion who had brought fame to their hotel and the nation. Marty and Robbie were both very emotional as they hugged their two friends and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. Mike had brought his own wheelchair from California and the hotel wanted to give Chris the large sized wheelchair from their clinic. Saul didn't want anything to affect Chris's amateur status, so he paid for the wheelchair with a check and kept the receipt.

It was a tearful time for Chris to say goodbye to his Boston family in the lobby. He wished that they didn't live on the other side of the nation, as he loved being around them to have fun and learn more about his heritage. At the time of the farewell, Chris didn't realize how life would throw him another curve where he might not see his family again.

Brice Cox was very attentive to both Chris and Mike as the airlines made special arrangements to get the two men seated in the first class section of the flight. Many of the boarding passengers recognized Chris and congratulated him on his Karate Championship, delaying the boarding process and making the flight late in leaving Las Vegas.

When they arrived in California, Saul had rented a limo to return the small group to the CSU campus. Chris wasn't prepared for the surprise that awaited his return to the Jacobs Dorm. The parking lot had been emptied of all vehicles and was filled with students and faculty, along with the entire CSU marching band. He looked at his dad and only saw a sly smile that told him that Saul had made more phone calls.

" Jonathan Crawford, the University President, wanted to welcome home the World Champion," Saul admitted. "You can use your crutches to get up on the temporary platform, but you're gonna sit in a chair during the interviews. It looks like all of California is here to welcome you home!"

As soon as Brice and Saul helped Mike into the wheelchair and Chris got out of the limo with his crutches; the CSU band struck up the Falcon Fight Song. The huge crowd was cheering and waving signs that welcomed Chris back to campus. He looked around and saw the entire football team and all of the members and pledges of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity cheering for him. His eyes filled with tears, as he never expected a welcome like this. Several television stations were covering the homecoming, and had set up their cameras and microphones in front of the elevated platform to capture the event.

Brice and Jarvis Williams helped Chris get up on the makeshift stage and made sure he was seated comfortably before the formal activities began.

"My name is Jonathan Crawford, President of California State University," he began. "I'm honored to be here today to welcome back to our campus an athlete who's already brought distinction to our university. Yesterday, the entire world witnessed an athletic event like no other. We watched one of our own prove to the world that he's an athlete that can demonstrate his Karate abilities at the same time that he shows the honor of an international sport. I look around this parking lot and see thousands of students and faculty who join with me as we welcome back on the California State University campus, the new World Champion of the World Karate Federation, CJ HAMMER!"

The crowd was screaming and cheering as Jonathan Crawford introduced Chris. They began the same cheer that they used when he was competing for them in football. "C J HAMMER, clap...clap...clap,clap,clap." The cheer was repeated over and over until Jonathan Crawford signaled for the crowd to quiet down. He had placed the huge trophy on the table, and the camera flashes were intense, as everyone wanted to capture the moment.

"For those of you that don't know," Jonathan began, "Chris was painfully injured when he was attacked between rounds of his competition. He's in a lot of pain and can't stand up to address you, but I'm sure he'll say a few words and then answer some questions from the media who are here to capture this fantastic moment in history for California and the rest of our nation."

Chris wanted to get up and accept the welcome back to the campus, but knew his legs wouldn't hold up for any length of interview. He saw his favorite newscaster, Jane Vincent, smiling at him, and waved to her and her husband, David.

"I really don't know what to say," Chris spoke into the multitude of microphones. "I never expected anything like this when I returned home to the CSU campus. Many of you know the story of my life, as it has been told in many newspaper and magazine articles in the past. When I was 12, a fantastic person named Stephen Segall took me into his home to recover from some injuries. Uncle Steve pushed me hard to recover from my injuries, but started teaching me lessons about life and responsibility. He taught me the basics of Karate, but emphasized the responsibility to match my actions to the level of threat that I was facing. My training continued with Yoshi Yamamoto in Tokyo, Japan, where I learned more about the Art of Karate and the honor associated with the sport. My Sensei honored me by leaving Japan for the first time in over 20 years to be my coach during my competition in Las Vegas. Without him and Uncle Steve, I would have never had a chance to be successful. I return to this beautiful campus and the Jacobs Dorm, the same guy I was last week, only with the addition of some bruises. I also take this opportunity to thank all of you for the way you've supported our football team this year. You don't know how much it means for me and my teammates to see the cheerleaders, fans, and band support us during a game. You give us a shot of adrenaline, and we respond by doing the best we can for Coach Patrick to win the game. I'm only one voice, but I salute you, the students and faculty of CSU, and I want to thank you for this unexpected welcome home!"

The crowd went wild as they cheered for CJ Hammer. "C J HAMMER, clap...clap...clap,clap,clap." The cheer was repeated over and over until John Stevens, the Athletic Director stood to address the crowd.

"I know the media have some questions for CJ, and I also know that you students need to study before classes begin tomorrow."

The students booed as expected. Everyone knew that Monday classes were going to be a disaster, as the students were still celebrating the Karate victory from the previous night.

"How does it feel to be the World Karate Champion?" Jane Vincent asked into a microphone so the entire crowd could hear her question.

"Jane, you're my favorite broadcaster," Chris began. "I ache all over from my bruises, but I know that I did my best to represent my Sensei, Yoshi Yamamoto, his Dojo, and the people of the United States and Japan. When I accepted the trophy in Las Vegas, my first words were in Japanese to the people of my second home. They deserve honor and respect, and I must remain humble. Without the training of Stephen Segall and Yoshi Yamamoto, I would have never been able to represent the United States in the competition. I began my physical therapy today in Las Vegas, and I know it will take me time to be able to walk to classes, let alone participate in football practice. As soon as I can walk again, I want you and your husband to join me for supper at Dimitri's Restaurant for the best Greek food in California!"

Jane laughed as she knew that Chris had just given another plug for his favorite restaurant in California across the entire state and nation. She loved the huge athlete like a brother, and prayed that he would recover quickly from his injuries.

"Will you stay here in college, or will you leave CSU for professional sports?" Jeff Hall from CBS Sports asked.

"I came to CSU to do two things," Chris replied. "I wanted to follow in my dad's footsteps and get my degree and also hoped to pledge and become a member of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. My dad, Saul Bernstein, got his degree in Finance, and he's been very successful. I chose Mechanical Engineering. I'm pledging the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity right now where my dad is the National President, and if you look on my shirt right now, you'll see my pledge pin. I didn't accept any athletic scholarships because my dad and I can afford the tuition here, and I plan to stay here on campus until I get my degree. I like to pull pranks on everyone, and I have a few more surprises for Coach Patrick and Coach Marcus Knight!"

"When will you be able to play football again for CSU?" Lucy Adams from Channel 5 asked.

"Every athlete learns to play with pain," Chris replied. "I'll leave that decision up to the Training Coach, Brice Cox, the football team doctor, Dr. Thomas Morgan, and the Physical Therapy Staff here on campus. I feel guilty for getting hurt in the Karate competition, as I want to do what I can to help my football team stay undefeated."

Jonathan Crawford, the University President, got everyone's attention as he said, "It's time for us to give CJ Hammer a round of applause and let him get some rest. I thank all of you for being here this evening, and join you in congratulating Chris on his outstanding accomplishments as the World Champion of the World Karate Federation!"

The crowd cheered as the band struck up the Falcon fight song again. Brice and Jarvis helped Chris out of his chair, off the platform and into his wheelchair. Saul was waiting with Helen and they both gave Chris hugs and kisses as they congratulated him on the way he handled the press conference.

"We want you and Mike to spend the night at the fraternity," Tom Jankowski said to Chris. "We know you're hurt, but we want you to be with us tonight. Isaac has already worked out a schedule for us to get you guys to classes and therapy, so please come and stay with us."

"Are you gonna whack me or my pledge buddies?" Chris asked in a teasing manner.

"Your pledge buddies set me and Chao up with shower parties Friday night!" Tom replied. "Somehow, I know you were involved, but that's part of the fun of being in a fraternity! We'll cut you some slack until you heal up, but then your ass is mine!"

"Chris's ass is mine!" Mike blurted out. "I want him as my brother, and I don't want him to turn his pledge buddies loose on our brothers again!"

Everyone laughed and agreed that Chris and Mike should spend the night at the fraternity house. Saul had heard the exchange between the young men and knew his son would be in good hands. He and Helen said goodbye to Chris and Mike and demanded daily updates on their progress toward healthy lives.

The fraternity was alive with activity as Chris and Mike were welcomed home. All of the members and pledges welcomed Chris and Mike back home and wanted to see Chris's trophy. Saul and Helen left to go back to Fremont, knowing that Chris and Mike were in good hands.

Isaac hugged Chris and congratulated him on his championship before whispering that Taran Michaels was in trouble for losing his pledge book. Chris was shocked, as every pledge had to keep his pledge book with him at all times. He really liked Taran, and asked how he could lose his pledge book.

"Taran was working in the backyard," Isaac explained. "We had some more brush to clear down by the stream, and we rented a wood chipper. Taran was feeding the animal, and his pledge book fell out and went through the shredder. That happened Friday, and he's been frantic to try to get all the member interviews again. Tom Jankowski and Chao Tsung are still pissed about the shower parties on Friday, and they won't give Taran a chance to get a new interview with them. We heard a rumor that the Pledge Committee is gonna start Help Week as soon as you can walk, and Taran will be booted out for not having his pledge book completed."

"Why won't Tom and Chao cut Taran some slack?" Chris asked Isaac.

"Chao said it was irresponsible for Taran to lose his pledge book, and Tom is pissed that we busted his balls with the shower party," Isaac replied. "Every pledge has gone to those two members, but they won't budge. If Help Week starts, Taran is out!"

"We won't let that happen," Chris stated emphatically. "Taran is a great guy, and he wasn't irresponsible, he was the opposite. He was working to make this fraternity better, and we need to put a little pressure on Chao and Tom."

"Thanks roomie," Isaac said. "I knew you'd help us keep our pledge class together! All of us in the pledge class will do whatever you suggest, as we don't want to lose Taran. He has everything in his new pledge book except Tom's and Chao's interviews, so if you have a plan, we'll all do what we can."

"Let's flood them with special treatment," Chris suggested. "I can't move around very good yet, but I bet that in a couple of days, I'll be walking without the crutches. I'm gonna stay in a wheelchair or on the crutches until Taran has his pledge book complete. I don't like being dishonest, but Taran was a great suck and fuck, and I want him to be my fraternity brother!"

"You're a slut!" Isaac blurted out. "You always think with your dick!"

"You never complained about my dick before!" Chris retorted.

The two pledge buddies laughed at their exchange and agreed to keep their conversations private from the members and pledges. They both wanted Taran to get his last two member interviews completed and signed so he would be included in Help Week and have a chance for membership in the fraternity.

"Mr. Mahley and I need to get some rest," Chris said to Dave Wilbur and the other members. "I can't tell you guys how great it is for us to be back here with you, but he and I need help to get to his room and into bed."

Jarvis and Brendan quickly agreed to help Chris and Mike get to the dorm area and help the two men get ready for bed. They both tried to whisper to Chris about Taran's problems, but Chris quickly silenced them and told them that he knew the problems and had a plan.

Chris and Mike cuddled together in Mike's bed and quickly fell asleep, as they were both exhausted from the intensity of the weekend and their triumphant return to the CSU campus and their fraternity.

The next morning, Chris woke up stiff and sore. Mike woke up at the same time and teased Chris.

"You'd better not put what I feel poking my back inside my ass!" Mike teased. "The doctors are gonna give me a complete exam, and a stretched hole full of cum might surprise them!"

"I'm so sore that I couldn't do you if you begged me!" Chris groaned. "I'm gonna get to the Training Room and see if Brice will work on me again. I think that shithead enjoys hurting me."

Jarvis Williams was sleeping with his Big Brother, Justin Abernathy, and woke up when he heard Chris and Mike talking. He woke Justin up by grabbing his dick and twisting it, causing Justin to scream in pain.

"I'm gonna whack your ass for that!" Justin threatened.

"If you whack my ass, you won't be drilling it again!" Jarvis replied. "Mike and Chris need some help, so get your lazy ass out of bed!"

Chris and Mike both laughed at the exchange between their buddies, knowing that Jarvis and Justin were committed lovers. It was neat to see the small white dude try to order the massive black guy around.

Jarvis took Chris to the Athletic Complex where Brice Cox was waiting. Brice was surprised that Chris had called for a special therapy session, knowing that the big guy had to be in a great deal of pain from his injuries and the therapy in Las Vegas.

"I figured I'd have to send out a goon squad to drag your sorry ass in here this afternoon," Brice teased Chris.

"The sooner I get my muscles working, the sooner I can kick your ass!" Chris retorted.

Brice laughed and told Chris that it was a bad idea to threaten him before the therapy began. He put Chris through the series of therapy and was pleased at the progress that Chris was demonstrating. He congratulated Chris and said it was time to increase the intensity during the afternoon session. Jarvis and Brice had to help Chris out of the whirlpool, as he was exhausted and very sore.

Isaac arrived to take Chris to breakfast and his first class. He had made up a new schedule where the pledges would take care of Chris and the members would take care of Mike. The two pledge buddies discussed how to get Tom Jankowski and Chao Tsung to sign the interviews that Taran Michaels needed to complete his pledge book.

"Every pledge but you has gone to those two assholes," Isaac said. "Taran has done more work around the fraternity and on our pledge project than any other pledge. We can't let the members dump him now! Taran said it was his fault for shredding his pledge book, and said for us to get ready for Help Week without him."

"That's bullshit!" Chris blurted out. "We're a tight group, and we won't let this split us up! I'll talk to both Tom and Chao, but let's try to suck up to them. If all of us do special things for them, they might see the light. I'll ask Mike to help us too."

The plan went into effect the same day, as the pledges cleaned the rooms for the two holdout members, did their laundry and even washed and waxed their cars.

Chris went to therapy and then to the last half of the football team practice. His teammates were pleased to see Chris and hoped that he would recover from his injuries and return to practice soon. David Patrick was pleased to see Chris at the practice, even though he was in a wheelchair. He thanked Taran Michaels for pushing Chris's wheelchair to the practice field, knowing that it was a difficult push for the small guy.

Chris and Teran waited for their pledge buddies to shower after practice and then headed to the fraternity. Teran was still upset that he couldn't get the last two interviews signed to complete his pledge book, and continued to blame himself for shredding it.

"We're in this together," Chris said to Teran. "We're gonna kill those two assholes with kindness and see if we can get them to change their minds."

Supper that night at the fraternity followed more pledge harassment by the members. The only pledge that didn't get whacked was CJ, as the members couldn't bring themselves to make a guy get out of a wheelchair to bend over for paddling. After supper, the entire pledge class did the house duties or worked in the backyard. Chris cleaned the bathrooms, knowing that he couldn't maneuver his wheelchair on the uneven dirt in the backyard. The members all had turned up the heat on the pledges, knowing that Help Week was imminent.

"Why isn't your pledge pin on straight?" Dave Patterson asked Chris. "If you weren't in that wheelchair, I'd whack your ass!"

Chris locked the wheels on his wheelchair and used the chair and sink to get up and painfully bend over. Dave was shocked and then embarrassed that he was picking on Chris.

"I can take a whack like my pledge buddies," Chris challenged Dave. "Don't act like a pussy and do it!"

"Shit, Chris, I'm sorry," Dave admitted. "I can't hit you. I was just pimping you!"

"Me and my pledge buddies expect to be pimped," Chris admitted. "If you guys can take the repercussions, we can take the whacking."

Dave hugged Chris instead of whacking him, and said that he was doing a great job on the cleaning.

"Do you have any influence with Mr. Jankowski and Mr. Tsung?" Chris asked. "We really want Taran to get his last two interviews signed. He's worked harder than any other pledge, and we won't leave him behind."

"Tom's still pissed that you guys hit him with a shower party," Dave admitted. "No other pledge class ever did that to the Chapter President. Chao has always been a stickler for rules and he was pissed that he got nailed with Tom."

"Those two members went out of their way to whack all of us," Chris replied. "I've been around this fraternity for over four years, and everyone always realized that whacking pledges doesn't go without a response from the pledges."

"Let's see if your sucking up does some good," Dave said as he hugged Chris again before leaving.

The pledges all decided to leave the fraternity when study hours began. They went to the Jacobs Dorm and had a secret pledge meeting to discuss the recent events. They all agreed that they would stick together and try to convince Tom and Chao to sign the interviews in Taran's pledge book. They also promised Taran that they would be a pledge class of 25 when Help Week began, or they would all refuse to continue.

"I know you guys all want to be members," Taran said. "I don't want you guys doing something stupid for me that'll piss the members off. I feel like a jerk for losing my pledge book. Maybe it's fate that I won't get in with you guys."

"FUCK FATE!" Chris said as he got out of his wheelchair and slowly walked over to hug Teran. "You're our pledge buddy, and we won't let two guys break us up. I'm really pissed! If the members don't come to their senses, I don't want to be their brother! I'll leave CSU before I compromise my values!"

The entire pledge class agreed with Chris and said that they'd leave CSU if the members didn't come through for Taran and their entire pledge class. Taran was in tears as he realized that, for the first time in his life, he had a group of friends who loved him enough to put their futures on the line for him.

"I didn't know you could walk without your crutches," Taran said.

"I can't walk more than a few steps," Chris admitted. "When I'm around the members, I use the wheelchair to keep them from starting Help Week without you. I know it's not being honest, but they're fucking with you, so I think it fair."

"I've never heard you cuss like this," Isaac said.

"I only cuss when I'm really pissed," Chris admitted. "For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be like my dad and be a member of this chapter of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. Michigan State University has a fantastic basketball coach in Tom Izzo, and I could transfer there to play for him. I'll leave CSU and go there before I'll join a bunch of guys that don't recognize unity when they see it."

A bond was set, as the entire pledge class joined in promising to stay together, no matter what.

Two more days passed as the pledges continued showering Tom and Chao with special favors and treatment. The other members seemed jealous that their two brothers were getting so much special treatment, and took their frustrations out on the pledges.

Brice was pleased that Chris was making so much progress, but knew that his big buddy wasn't ready for any type of running or contact practice.

"I'm almost ready to kick your ass!" Chris teased Brice. "I'll know when I can start running again, but right now, I'm getting to the point where I can walk without the crutches."

Chris then explained to Brice what was happening at the Tri-Delt Fraternity. He asked his buddy to keep his therapy progress a secret until things settled down and the pledge class was unified. Brice was happy that Chris was honest with him, and promised not to tell anyone about Chris's amazing progress in therapy.

It was Thursday evening when Chris headed to the fraternity. He used his crutches to find Tom Jankowski and Chao Tsung and ask them to talk with him in private. It was an hour before supper when Tom and Chao agreed to talk to Chris in the living room.

"Whatever you're gonna say, it won't work," Tom said. "Every pledge class has lost at least one guy before Help Week began. You and your pledge buddies whacked the Chapter President, and I was humiliated. I'm holding my position that Taran got one signature from me, but he won't get another one."

"I feel the same way," Chao said. "You're famous, but we still won't compromise our values for you."

"I've been around here for over four years," Chris began. "I've seen members pimp the pledges and take the repercussions without being jerks. Taran doesn't want anyone to know that he's dyslexic, but I'm telling you that fact now. Just studying is a real challenge for him, and creating his pledge book took more effort than you could possibly realize. He's not a jock, so he put his heart into being the best pledge that he could be. He's done more house chores and logged more hours in the backyard renovation than any other pledge. All I'm asking you two is to consider what you challenged us to do when we started as a pledge class. You wanted unity, and you've got it. The entire pledge class has turned the other cheek and done special things for both of you to show you respect. We want Taran with us, and we're ready to prove it to you. Please give Taran a break and sign his interviews."

"It was a good try," Tom said, "But I'm not ready to compromise my own values."

"I feel the same," Chao said.

Chris hung his head and tried to control his anger. He was furious at the two members who were refusing to change their minds and sign Taran's pledge book.

"FUCK BOTH OF YOU, AND FUCK THIS CHAPTER!" Chris screamed as he left the living room. He headed for Mike's room, hoping that his Big Brother would appeal to the two members who had planted their feet in defiance of common sense.

Mike realized that Chris was very upset when he came into the room. He tried to calm Chris down, and listened to what had happened when Chris had talked to Tom and Chao.

"Please, Mike," Chris begged. "Please talk to Tom and Chao. My pledge buddies and I don't want Taran left out of Help Week."

"I talked to them, and so have some of the other brothers," Mike admitted. "They won't budge."

"Call a special membership meeting," Chris suggested. "Tell your brothers that they're about to lose not only Taran, but the entire pledge class. I've never asked you to do something like this for me, but I'm begging you now."

"I can't do that Chris," Mike said. "We have to respect the opinions of other members, and they're both upper classmen to me."

"You can't, or you won't?" Chris demanded of his Big Brother.

"I can't and I won't," Mike answered.

Chris was furious. His last hope was that his lover and Big Brother would help him and his pledge buddies.

"I still love you," Chris admitted, "But right now, I don't like you and don't want to be around you! If you won't do this for me and the best interests of this fraternity, I'm out of here, and I don't want to see you or hear from you!"

Chris threw his crutches at Mike as he stormed out of the room. The pain in his legs was forgotten, as he stormed out of the dorm area and pushed aside several members who had heard his argument with Mike and had come to investigate.

"Let's get the fuck out of here!" Chris yelled to his pledge buddies.

"You guys need to set tables for supper," Dave Wilbur said to his pledge class.

"Set the fucking tables yourself!" Isaac yelled as the pledges left the fraternity.

Dave Wilbur saw that the entire pledge class was pissed, and wondered what had happened to set them off. He'd never witnessed such open defiance from a pledge class and knew that something really bad had happened.

The house was in turmoil, as the members found out about the turmoil between them and the pledge class. They figured that the pledges would return and apologize for their actions as they grumbled and set the tables for supper. They were upset during the meal as they discussed what they should do. No pledge had returned to apologize or help set the tables, and the members were shocked.

Mike was the most upset, as he realized that Chris had walked out on him and might not come back. He had refused to go to supper, but Jake insisted that he needed to eat. He picked at his food and wondered what he should have done differently in the exchange with Chris. He knew that each member had the right to black ball a pledge, but also knew that Taran was a great guy that deserved membership.

The members were still grumbling about having to serve themselves during the meal when they saw Isaac Mendez walk into the dining room.

"I see the Pledge President is here to beg forgiveness," Tom Jankowski said loudly.

"I'm here to give you guys one last chance to accept me and my buddies as a pledge class," Isaac began. "You challenged us to mold together as a group, and we did that. If you want unity, you've got it with us. Yes, we did stuff to you guys when you whacked us. We'd be a bunch of pussies if we didn't retaliate. I'm here to give you guys a choice. Either you accept all of us, or you get none of us! We tried to suck up to Tom and Chao, but you two guys are assholes! We thought this chapter was filled with men that we could respect and pledged ourselves to take your pimping to become your brothers. I want your answer right now! Is Taran in, or do you guys want to lose an entire pledge class?"

"I'm not going to let a pledge class give me an ultimatum!" Tom Jankowski shouted. "Every pledge class has lost at least one guy, and you're no different! Taran is out!"

"You're a fucking asshole!" Isaac said as he removed his pledge pin from his shirt. "I've got some things that belong to this fraternity of shitheads!"

Isaac went up to the Head Table and dropped a total of 25 pledge pins on Tom Jankowski's plate.

"Take these pins and shove them up your ass!" Isaac said as he turned and left the dining room.

To be continued...

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