Hello to my Readers:

I can't tell you how many readers have taken the time to send me email, but I want them to know that their messages have given me the incentive to keep typing away. I listen to my readers, as a ton of you have begged me not to let a main character die. When I had the original thoughts for this story, I had several key events in mind, but my main theme was that no key character would die in my story. They were:

Chris's time in the orphanage and rescue by Saul Bernstein

His connection with Stephen Segall and Karate training

Protecting Joe McClure using his Karate skills

The prank involving Marcus Knight and Shaquille O'Neal

College life, especially the Orchestra Concert

Cherokee Power in saving Mike's Life

World Karate competition

Phi Tau attack and Cherokee healing


There are many people who believe in special healing powers, especially from members of what some would call Native American Societies. I researched the Cherokee Nation and based much of my story on their beliefs. I also believe that doctors can't heal everyone, and that spiritual healing can perform miracles.

I wanted my story to show that a guy can be confused about his sexual identity and then find true love with another guy. The straight sex was necessary to show that Chris was a young male who was struggling with the belief that sex was love. I never intended that the relationship between Saul Bernstein and CJ Hammer would become sexual. I wanted it to be a relationship where a single man was able to adopt and raise a troubled youth without seducing him, and prove that his love of Chris was pure.

I tried to blend humor into a story with a lot of intense events, and develop a story that had hot gay sex between guys that were friends first, and lovers later. I've had fun writing this story and hope that my readers have enjoyed it too. I lost track of the positive emails at about 150, but did receive 3 flames. I got 2 complaints from Nifty, based on guys that objected to any reference to straight sex in a gay section story.

This was my first story in the College Section of Nifty. I posted stories before in the Adult/Youth Section. The titles were:

Christopher Robin

Land of Charta

Brad Martin

Adam and Even More

I also wrote another story about younger dudes called "Life of Brad" that was posted a long time ago in the Camping Section under a different author name. Even though those stories were posted a long time ago, I still think they are worth reading. Maybe you won't want to read a story about young guys finding love with an adult man, but keep an open mind!


CJ Chapter 38 Recovery and Coming Out

"We need to have a meeting with Chris's family," Poppa Mike said to Saul. "Dr. Patterson wants to tell everyone what to expect as Chris's treatment continues."

Saul was concerned that something had been revealed in the testing that had been performed on his son, and immediately called the Sheraton Hotel to get Jonathan Carpenter to return to the hospital. He also called the fraternity to get Mike involved in the meeting, knowing the strong connection between the two men.

"Chris isn't out of danger yet," Dr. Patterson said to the large group of family and friends. "Head trauma can cause some severe reactions as Chris's brain copes with his injuries. He regained consciousness, and I was thrilled that it happened, but the human brain is like a water balloon. When the head is impacted, the brain crashes against the skull and is bruised. I'll be honest with you by saying that I never expected Chris to survive his injuries. His brain is still trying to return to normal pressure, but each portion of the brain heals differently."

Saul was concerned that the doctor was going to say that Chris would have permanent brain damage from his injuries. He saw the same concern in Mike's eyes, and wrapped his arm around Mike to comfort him and share his concern.

"Chris will have good days and bad days," Dr. Patterson continued. "His brain is severely bruised, and I expect him to have a multitude of problems coping with his injuries. Brain injuries can cause the body to appear to be healthy and then shut down completely. Chris could lose his basic senses of sight, speech or hearing from his injuries. He could still have another cardiac arrest, but we all hope that his body is strong enough to prevent that. Paralysis is still a strong possibility. I just want you to be ready for physical and emotional problems that might occur. If he makes improvement, I expect that he'll have days where he's happy and communicating freely and other days where he's depressed and even hostile. He may have days where he's unconscious as his brain tries to return to normal. We're going to keep Chris in the CCU, and limit his visitors, especially if he's having a bad day. You're his family, so decide how you want to handle his visitors. I suggest that no more than 10 different people visit him in a single day until his condition stabilizes."

Saul listened to the medical advice, and decided that the entire family should decide who should spend time with Chris. The family had a long discussion as the doctors left the conference room. Saul suggested that they blend the visitors between the family members and guys from the fraternity. He said that the most important visitor for Chris was Mike, and that he wanted Chris to see Mike every day. He also knew that all of Chris's grandparents were arriving soon, and should be given priority to see him. None of the family members wanted to leave for home until Chris was out of danger, so the group was growing in size.

"Chris has three dads now," Jennifer Carpenter stated. "I think the three dads and Mike should see Chris each morning and decide if he's having a good day or not, and then decide how many visitors he can handle. Chris is gonna be bored to death without someone visiting with him."

"I like that idea a lot," Saul said. "Poppa Mike can help us decide, and with his medical advice, we aren't leaving the decision up to one person. I know the team of doctors are checking on Chris right now, and explaining the facts to him. Chris won't like having his visitors limited, but we have to do what's right to help him recover."

"If Chris is having a bad day," Randy began, " Charlie and I can connect with him and help him. It doesn't seem to tire him out to communicate mentally with me, and Charlie can give him strength."

"I think that this family has come up with a great plan," Saul said. "I think that Jon and Mike should go in and see Chris now."

"You're going with us!" Mike stated bluntly.

When Saul, Jon and Mike got into Chris's room, it was evident that this would be one of the bad days. Chris was arguing with the doctors and demanding that he see Mike. It was obvious that he was in a lot of pain and was very angry.

"I'm here, buddy," Mike said as he used his crutches to get to the side of Chris's bed.

"Get me outta here!" Chris demanded. "I can't stand it! I feel like I'm in prison!"

"Remember when our roles were reversed?" Mike asked. "I know exactly how you feel. I turned my frustrations into anger, and cussed at the people who were trying to help me. You're an athlete, and I know you want to get up and run out of here, but you can't! Dad can give you something for the pain and that should help you calm down. If you keep acting like an asshole, they'll strap you down and whack you with so much medication that you'll be a zombie!"

Mike Senior watched his son practice his bedside manner. He dreamed of having his son follow his footsteps and become a doctor. Maybe the words weren't professional, but the manner that Mikey used was effective and sinking into Chris's brain.

"You just remember that I might be an asshole, but I'm YOUR asshole!" Chris replied. It was obvious to everyone that he was calming down as he apologized to the doctors. "The food here sucks!" Chris continued. "They sent me a breakfast of cold cereal and a banana! How am I supposed to peel a banana with only one hand? Order me an extra large pizza with everything but anchovies! For lunch I want a blooming onion and Melbourne Steak from the Outback with salad and two baked potatoes! For supper, I want the biggest rack of lamb that Dimitri's ever served!"

Everyone laughed at Chris's outburst. The doctors knew that his hunger was a good sign, but that his body couldn't handle the type and quantity of food that he was demanding.

"I'll let you and Mikey order from the hospital menu," Poppa Mike said to Chris as he peeled the banana. "We don't have a famous chef here, and you guys have been spoiled at the Jacobs Dorm and fraternity. We might let you have some food from outside of the hospital kitchen, but only if you behave yourself! Your mind wants huge quantities of food, but your body can't take it right now. You have to trust me and the other doctors."

Chris grumbled as he held the peeled banana in his right hand. He looked at it and began making love to the banana like he was sucking a cock. "This is a nice banana," Chris began to tease, "but Mikey's is bigger! I need a protein shake or I'm gonna turn straight!"

Saul rolled his eyes as everyone reacted to Chris's to the outburst with laughter. He knew when Chris was teasing that he was getting better, but he also wished that his son would refrain from making explicit references to sex.

"Make sure that his bananas are all cut up or mashed," Saul teased to Poppa Mike. "If my son continues acting like a little boy, start sending baby food up here for him!"

"I'll go postal if the food gets any worse!" Chris threatened. "Please get me some decent food!"

"I'll see what we can do for your lunch," Poppa Mike said, "but only if you behave!"

Chris grumbled but knew he was helpless. He asked to talk to Mike alone, and the doctors and visitors left the two men alone in the room.

"Pull Little Mike out and shove him in my mouth!" Chris demanded. "I may be busted up, but my mouth needs your cock and pudding! I was hoping that when you got your smaller casts that I could lift your legs and fuck your cute bubble butt, and now I can't! This sucks! Let me at least blow you so I can get a good taste back in my mouth!"

Mike laughed and said he didn't think the hospital staff would approve of the two guys having sex in Chris's room. He grabbed Chris's chart and seemed to be studying it.

"I don't see a protein shake or protein injection on the list of your medications or treatment," Mike teased. "I wonder if they offer that type of service here, as I could use one myself!"

"You've got a whole fraternity filled with guys who will donate their pudding!" Chris replied.

"You know that I wouldn't have sex with anyone but you!" Mike said. "You had a chance to gobble some weenies when I was here in this fuck hole, but you stayed faithful to me. It's my turn now to prove my love for you is pure. I'm not gonna let you slurp on Little Mike until we can get your catheter out and I can have my head blown off when Little Chris unloads in my mouth! We're in this together, buddy!"

Chris begged for a nice kiss and Mike was quick to provide it. They both loved kissing and cuddling together, and wished that they could be in bed together.

"Hey! Break it up or share it!" Randy teased as he and Charlie came into the room. "We heard that someone was performing fellatio on a banana in here, and we came to investigate!"

"Chris was being a jerk!" Mike said as he remembered the reaction of everyone when they saw and heard Chris mouthing the banana.

"I was thinking that Randy and I should go visit the fraternity today," Charlie began. "We can each get two blowjobs and come back here and give each of you guys one of them!"

"Very funny, asshole!" Chris said. "I've got a cute male nurse here, and maybe Todd will give me what I need!"

"Did someone mention my name," Todd Evans said as he entered the room. "What does my favorite patient need today?"

The twins and Mike looked at Chris and wondered if he was going to be honest with the handsome nurse. Todd introduced himself to the twins and commented on the strong family resemblance.

"If you guys will excuse us, its time for me to give Chris a bath," Todd said. "After that, I'll change his bedding."

"I don't have anything that these guys haven't seen before," Chris stated bluntly. "There's no such thing as modesty when you're a cripple in the hospital! I do need to take a dump though, so maybe my brothers can help you get me on that damn bedpan. They don't need to hear and smell my farts, so they can leave for the smelly stuff."

"I'm staying!" Mike demanded. "You put me on a bedpan and even wiped my butt when I was busted up. I can't lift your sorry ass, but I can sure wipe it for you!"

"Let me connect with you first," Charlie suggested. "I know it will be painful for us to move you and I can give you some strength."

"Todd, you aren't gonna believe what you're gonna see," Mike said. "Randy and Chris can communicate telepathically, and Charlie can transfer strength from his body into Chris's. No one on the staff here can understand how they do it, and the staff doesn't want anyone spreading the news to the media."

Todd watched as Charlie held Chris's right hand. The results were immediate and dramatic, as Charlie nearly collapsed, but was quickly grabbed by Randy. Chris's disposition changed quickly, as he felt the energy boost help him fight the constant pain going through his body.

"We had a staff meeting about you guys," Todd admitted. "The hospital is concerned that information will leak out to the media about unusual events that have occurred. You're my only patient, and I had to agree to work 12-hour shifts every day until you're released from the ICU and CCU. Dr. Mahley picked me and Ben Thomas to take care of you and keep the media from sneaking in here."

"Get me on that pan before I crap myself!" Chris begged after he thanked Charlie for giving him a shot of energy.

Randy helped Todd lift Chris very carefully and get him on the bedpan. Chris quickly emptied his bowels and groaned in pain. Mike insisted that he wipe Chris's butt, just the way Chris had wiped his when Mike was busted up after his motorcycle accident.

"While you got my hole clean, give it a poke!" Chris begged.

"Shut up, Chris!" Mike yelled.

Todd took the bedpan into the bathroom, emptied and washed it, before returning to the room.

"Don't ever tell anyone that your shit doesn't stink!" Randy teased Chris. Charlie was holding his hose and acting like he was gagging.

"I shouldn't ask you guys this," Todd began, "but I suspect that you're more than friends."

"Mike is my best friend and Big Brother in the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity," Chris began, "he's also my gay lover and life partner. We aren't out to the world, but we don't deny our relationship when asked."

"Holy Shit!" Todd blurted out. "Wait'll Adam hears this!"

"Jesus, Todd!" Mike challenged. "Please don't tell anyone!"

"You guys have been honest with me, and now it's my turn to be honest with you," Todd said. "Adam is my cousin and he lives with me now. He's only 17, but we're in a gay relationship. He's been begging me to bring him here so he can see you, Chris, as you're his hero! He's got every magazine that had your picture in it, and he's been reading everything that was ever printed about your life. I know that you might think I'm a predator for being 24 and having a sexual relationship with an under-aged guy."

"I always tried to make sure a guy was either older than I was or over 18," Chris admitted. "I met a little guy on the campus and thought he was 18, but he kept his age a secret from just about everyone. Cody was 16 and I didn't find out his real age until his birthday when he turned 17. Cody's only 5 foot 2 inches tall and weighs about 105 pounds. He's really cute and looks really young. He helped me save Mike's life and helped my grandma heal me when I was sick. You must have seen him, as he's been here a lot."

"Is he that cute little guy with a brown pony tail?" Todd asked.

"That's him," Mike said. "Chris gave him the nickname of Chip or Chipmunk for the way his cheeks puff out. Cody is an awesome guy with the I.Q. of a genius. Chris and I have both had sex with Cody, so we won't put you down for being with Adam."

"Adam is drop dead cute," Todd said. "He's a little guy too, and took a lot of shit at his high school about his size. His dad and mine are brothers, but they're completely different as fathers. Uncle John caught Adam blowing one of his buddies, and Uncle John beat the shit out of Adam before he threw him out of the house. He was only 16 when that happened. My parents took him in, and now he's legally emancipated from his parents. Adam and I have always been close. I tried to live a straight life until I started college to get my nursing degree. I was a male slut in college and did some stuff that I'm not proud of. I was lucky that I never got a disease. I came out to my parents when I was 21, and they were surprised but accepted my life style. About six months ago, I'd been out with some buddies and drank a lot of beer. I got back to my apartment and crashed. Adam had a key to my apartment, and when I thought I was having a wild dream, I woke up to find him sucking me off. I didn't have a chance to pull out or stop him, and I blew my load in his mouth. Before that night was over, his butt wasn't virgin anymore, and he drilled his first guy too. We've been faithful lovers ever since."

"Wow!" Chris exclaimed. "That's quite a story! If there's a way for you to bring him here, I'd like to meet him."

"He worships you," Todd said. "He'd shit his pants if he even got your autograph, let alone actually meet you!"

"I'm gonna have to learn to write with my right hand," Chris admitted. "I might have to learn to jack off with my right hand too if Mike doesn't figure out a way to take care of my needs!"

Everyone laughed, but knew that Chris was sexually frustrated.

"I'll take care of Little Chris as soon as I can," Mike admitted. "It's not possible for me to blow you when you have a catheter in your tiny little pecker!"

"How in hell can you call that monster dick a tiny little pecker?" Todd asked. "Adam went wild when I told him how big Chris's cock was. He was like a rabbit that night, and all I had to do was describe your pubic stubble or that long foreskin and he'd bone up and beg me to drill him."

"I'll talk to my dad and see if you can bring Adam here," Mike promised. "I know Chris is butt-faced ugly, but we can cover his face with bandages and take some pictures of Adam with him."

"You guys are awesome!" Todd said. "If Adam sees that Chris has twin brothers that look just like Chris, I might lose my young lover!"

"We're gonna spend tonight at the Tri-Delt Fraternity," Charlie admitted. "My twin and I are both bi, and we'd love to get our lights blown out tonight!"

"SHIT!" Chris exclaimed. "Everyone is gonna get blown but me!"

"Chris needs to rest now guys," Todd said. "I'm supposed to keep him quiet and limit his visitors. I'll give him a bath and change his bedding, but he needs to take a nap. Just so you guys know, Ben Thomas is married. You might want to cool your discussions about gay sex around him. I don't think he's a homophobe, but if you want to keep your relationship a secret, you should be careful."

Mike grumbled at having to leave Chris, but knew he needed to talk to his dad and make arrangements for some decent food for Chris's lunch and supper. He gave Chris a kiss and promised to return later in the day. Randy and Charlie would stay at the hospital, but would stay out of the room to let Chris sleep. Mike was just leaving the room when Poppa Mike came in to check on Chris.

"We found out why Chris was so grumpy this morning" Mike said as he hugged his dad. "He was full of shit!! I think he lost 30 pounds, and the toilet is plugged solid! Randy and Charlie both gagged and passed out from the stench!"

"Poppa Mike, can you drag Mikey over here so I can whack his head?" Chris begged. "Your baby will never be a successful doctor if he treats all his patients the way he treats me! He won't give me what I need, but he sure is giving me a ton of abuse!"

"I've gotta admit that it's great hearing you guys teasing each other again," Poppa Mike said. "How's he doing?" He asked Todd Evans.

"He had a healthy bowel movement, and I was just getting ready to bathe him, change his bedding, and let him take a nap," Todd replied. "He needs his head bandages changed, but I knew he should be examined first."

"Good job, Nurse Evans," Poppa Mike said. "I'll page Dr. Patterson and you can continue with Chris."

Mike laughed and gave Chris another kiss before he left the room. He wanted to surprise Chris with some decent food, knowing that his big buddy deserved a special treat.

The doctors were pleased with Chris's progress, but knew he needed to be under constant care. Chris had some bad days where he was basically unconscious or temporarily lost his sight or hearing. When his brain and body finally settled down, the Carpenters flew back to Boston so the twins and Jennifer could return to their college classes. It was a day of celebration when Chris was moved into a private room in the regular part of the hospital over a week after he had regained consciousness after his attack.

Mike came into Chris's room and saw the smiling face of his handsome buddy. Mike was walking without any casts or crutches, and wanted to celebrate with Chris.

"Wow, Mike, you've ditched the crutches!" Chris exclaimed. "I've got a surprise for you too! The catheter is gone! I still need help to take a leak or a dump, but you know what I need the most!"

"I hope we can pull that off," Mike admitted, "but I just saw Todd coming into the hospital with a really cute young dude. I bet he's bringing Adam here, so we'd better cool it until they leave. It's fantastic that you're getting back to normal, and we all want you to get out of here and move into the fraternity with me."

A knock at the door interrupted the conversation between Chris and Mike.

"Can we come in?" Todd Evans asked. After hearing both Mike and Chris answer positively, Todd brought Adam Evans into the room.

"Hi Adam," Chris said as he held out his hand toward the very cute little guy.

Adam just stood there and stared at Chris. He didn't move even when Todd gave him a gentle push and told him to shake Chris's hand.

"Grab him!" Chris shouted as he saw Adam's eyes roll back. He knew that the little dude was going to faint, and he couldn't try to catch him.

Todd moved quickly and grabbed Adam before he hit the floor of the hospital room. He carried Adam to a chair in the room and held him as Mike grabbed the smelling salts that were taped to the door of the cabinet in the hospital room. Adam regained consciousness and was disoriented.

"I knew that seeing Chris's ugly face would scare him," Mike teased. "Seeing that big dummy in that bed scares me too!"

"Ease up on the dude!" Chris ordered. "Let him catch his breath before you start tormenting him like you do me!"

Adam was embarrassed that he had fainted, and had tears running down his face. He had dreamed about meeting CJ Hammer, and felt like he had made an ass out of himself.

"Come over here and shake my hand," Chris offered. "Todd told us that you were a really cute dude, but you're even cuter than I imagined."

Adam struggled out of the chair and shook Chris's hand. He apologized for fainting, and said he was a big fan of CJ Hammer and the CSU Falcons.

"You have to start calling me Chris," Chris said. "All my family and friends call me Chris, and not CJ."

Adam was in heaven as he realized that the famous athlete was a really neat guy and very easy to talk to. He calmed down and asked Chris so many questions that everyone laughed. Adam was embarrassed, but was relieved when Chris told him to ask one question at a time and then he would answer it.

"Can I see your braid?" Adam asked.

Chris showed Adam the braid on the left side of his head and said that he was happy that it hadn't been cut off when he was injured. He explained that the doctors had shaved off some of his hair to suture the places where his scalp had been split open, but was happy that he wasn't bald. Adam touched the long braid and said he knew that Chris started growing the braid after a girl in his high school had braided it for him.

"How did you know that?" Chris asked.

"I've read everything I could find about you," Adam admitted. "Ever since Todd got the job as your nurse, I've been begging him to get your autograph for me. I got some friends in high school that don't believe that Todd was your nurse, and I want to prove it to them."

"I can't sign an autograph because of my broken arm," Chris admitted, "but I had my dad bring something here for you. I signed one of my CSU football jerseys to give to my favorite restaurant, and I want you to have it."

Mike got the huge jersey and gave it to Adam. The young dude had tears running down his face as he saw the Number 26 Falcon jersey with CJ Hammer's signature on it. He held it like he was holding a treasure and tried to express his gratitude through his tears.

"It might be a little big on you," Chris admitted. "I told Todd to bring his digital camera so he could take some pictures of us together, and you can show the photos to your buddies."

"This is soooo sweet!" Adam exclaimed. "My buddies will shit when they see this jersey and see the pictures!"

Todd was in heaven as he watched Chris show his love of children in the way that he treated Adam. Most famous athletes would give out an autograph, but he didn't know any star who would give a teenaged boy so much special attention.

"Can I see your chest and your dick?" Adam asked boldly.

"ADAM!!" Todd screamed. "BEHAVE YOURSELF!!"

"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours first!" Chris laughed.

Adam wasted no time in lifting up his T-shirt and pulling down his shorts, revealing a nice hairless chest and rock hard cock of 5 inches.

Mike was laughing and told Todd to relax, that Chris was an exhibitionist. He looked at the exposed body of the cute young guy and recognized that Adam had a body identical to Cody's.

Chris didn't hesitate as he used his right hand to lift his hospital pajama top to reveal his massive chest and the bandages that protected the ribs on the left side of his body. He then pulled down his pajama bottoms to reveal Little Chris to the eyes of his young admirer.

"HOLY FUCK!!" Adam exclaimed as he saw the size of Chris's flaccid penis. He'd never seen a cock so large, and loved the fact that Chris was uncut like he was. "I'M GONNA CUM!!!" he screamed.

Todd quickly grabbed some tissues from the bedside table and covered Adam's throbbing cock just in time to keep the little dude from making a mess of Chris's bed. He held Adam up as the small guy almost collapsed with the intensity of his orgasm.

"I'm really sorry about this," Todd said to Chris and Mike. "I knew Adam was excited about coming here today, but I never dreamed that he'd lose control like this. Please forgive him and me!"

"There's nothing to forgive," Chris laughed. "Right now I feel like I could bust a nut myself! Mike is the best lover in the world, and I can't wait till we can hook up again. It's been too long, and I'm super horny!"

"I couldn't help it Todd," Adam admitted. "You told me he had a huge dick and wasn't cut, but seeing it for real was too much for me to take!"

"Cut him some slack," Mike asked Todd. "I'll be honest with you guys that just seeing Chris's dick without a catheter and Adam's boner had me hard as a rock and ready to blow a load in my jeans too! We all know that guys are turned on by visual stimulation."

"Your foreskin is longer than mine," Adam said. "Guys at school tease me and say my dick is ugly. I've always been small for my age, and I have to take a lot of shit."

"When I was in the orphanage," Chris began, "about 1/3 of the guys were uncircumcised. I didn't like to be teased about having a foreskin or the teasing I got because my dick was bigger than theirs was. I was always big for my age, and I usually smacked the guys in the mouth. When B adopted me, he convinced me that the guys were jealous. Every guy is born with a foreskin, and in a lot of countries, they grow up the same way unless they can't pull the foreskin back. I like having my foreskin, as it's fun to play with!"

"I love Chris's foreskin," Mike admitted. "I wish I hadn't been cut when I was born. I think Chris is right that the guys that are teasing you are jealous. You're really handsome and have an awesome body. You've got a great guy in Todd, and you need to think about your love for him when people are trying to put you down. You're the guy who is complete and natural, and they're the ones who have been butchered."

"You guys are awesome!" Adam said. "Todd's said some of the same things to me, but hearing it from you guys has convinced me! Thanks a ton!"

"Adam, we should be leaving now," Todd said. "Chris has a lot of friends and family that want to see him, and we've taken a lot of his time."

"I'd like you to take a couple more pictures and I want a hug from both of you before you leave," Chris said. "If I ever get out of this shithole, I want you guys to visit me and Mike again. My dream is to get back into football before the season is over, and if I do, I promise to get you guys some tickets."

"That would be sweet!" Adam said. "Every CSU home game is sold out for the rest of the season. I'd love to see you play again!"

"We're keeping our hopes up," Mike said, "but after what Chris has been through, we're just happy that he's healing up. When I saw him on the floor of the Weight Room, I thought he was dead! My dad keeps telling me that Chris is lucky to be alive right now, and I still have nightmares about him being hurt so bad. I know we both are happy that you guys came here today, and we hope that your love for each other will grow in the future."

"Can I give you a kiss on the cheek?" Adam asked Chris.

"You sure can, little buddy," Chris replied. "When you and Todd get back to your apartment, give Todd a blowjob for me! He took great care of me, and he deserves a reward!"

Adam and Todd each gave Chris a gentle hug and kiss on the cheek before they hugged and kissed Mike the same way. It was a fantastic visit for Chris and Mike, and they enjoyed every minute of being with Todd and his young lover. When Todd and Adam had left, Chris and Mike talked about how special the visit had been for both of them.

"I know I said I wanted a blowjob from you," Chris admitted, "but I can wait till we can be alone at the fraternity. Just seeing your handsome face and getting your fantastic kisses is enough to take care of my needs. To be honest with you, I'm really sore right now, and sex isn't as important to me as feeling your hand holding mine. I love you so much that all I can think about is getting out of here so we can cuddle together and sleep. I need to feel your body next to mine so that I know that we're still lovers."

"You told me that White Cloud said that there was danger in your future," Mike said softly. "I don't understand the healing powers of the Cherokee Nation, but I know that we were meant to be together. I love you so much that it's hard for me to put my love into words. When you and I are together, I feel whole, and when we're apart, I feel empty. I like it when we tease each other, but I like it more when we drop the crap and tell each other how much we love each other."

"Give me a nice kiss," Chris begged. "You're the best kisser in the world! I'm not afraid of telling the world that I'm in love with you, but I don't want to do or say anything if you aren't ready too."

"I don't care if the entire world knows that we love each other," Mike admitted. "I know that other gay guys would appreciate knowing that we aren't ashamed of being lovers."

Chris's rapid recovery continued, as his large plaster casts were removed and replaced with lighter ones. The doctors were shocked at the way his bones were healing, and realized that he would be ready for release very soon. It was a great day for Chris when he was able to use crutches to move from his bed and use the bathroom. He was exhausted when he got back to his bed, but he was thrilled that he was finally able to take care of his personal needs.

Saul Bernstein came into Chris's room and gave his son a gentle hug and kiss on the cheek. He was very happy to hear that Chris had made it to the bathroom and back without assistance, and knew his son would be considered for release from the hospital soon.

"When are you gonna pop the question?" Chris asked his dad. "You're not getting any younger, and Helen needs you."

"I'm waiting until the guy I want as my best man can stand up for me," Saul admitted. "I know you love Helen, and I want to formally ask you to be the best man when I marry her."

"Jesus, B," Chris exclaimed. "I'm honored that you'd ask me to stand up for you! I love you and Helen, and know that you two need to get married. She's a fantastic lady, and you deserve someone to love."

"I've always loved you," Saul admitted. "I remember the first time I met you at the orphanage in Dallas. I knew that Eloise was with me when I met you and decided that I wanted to spend more time with you. I still miss Eloise, but I know that she would want you and me to find love and happiness in life. You've been the best son in the world, and I've loved being your adoptive father."

"You're the greatest dad in the world!" Chris admitted. "I put you through a bunch of crap and you always supported me. We've had some tough times and I've done some really horrible things to people, but you've always been there for me. I can't wait to see you and Helen get married! Do you think she'll let me call her mom?"

Saul had tears running down his face as he hugged his son and told him that he knew that Helen would be honored if Chris would call her "Mom". He knew that his son was a special boy who had grown up into an exceptional man. He wanted Chris to be his best man when he married Helen, but was unsure if Chris was ready for his adoptive father to get married again. All of his fears were extinguished, as he held his son and thanked Chris for being receptive to having a new stepmother.

"Don't make her wait any longer," Chris advised. "Pop the question now! I'll ask Poppa Mike to give you a prescription for Viagra, so you can pretend you're my age!"

"You're a real shithead!" Saul said as he hugged his son again. "I don't need Viagra when I'm around Helen!"

"That's overshare!" Chris exclaimed. "You don't like to hear me and Mike messing around, so keep your intimate stuff private or I'll tell Helen what Mike and I do when we have fun together!"

The two men drew a truce, and hugged and shared kisses on the cheek. They both knew that they had found true love, and were ready to enjoy life.

The CSU Falcons had won their away games with USC and Arizona State, and were holding the rank of 1st place in the National Standings. They were playing a home game against the Stanford Cardinals and were trailing by a score of 14-7 when the first quarter ended.

Steve Michaels was the main announcer for the ESPN Network and was joined by Brett Carlson in the national broadcast of the Pac-10 game.

"That's the end of the first quarter," Steve Michaels announced. "The CSU Falcons are down by 7 points, and it looks like the Cardinals are ready to punch the ball in for another touchdown, as we take a commercial break."

Stanford had a first down on the CSU 20-yard line, and the momentum of the game was in their favor. There was a large disturbance in the CSU stadium, and the commentators were anxious for the commercial break to end so they could explain why the crowd was on their feet cheering wildly.

"The big Trinatron screens are showing something that has this entire stadium on its feet!" Steve Michaels said. "From the north end zone we can see the electric cart coming into the stadium, and it's carrying a man who this crowd has grown to love! It's CJ Hammer, the talented player who we hear was just released from Mercy General Hospital! A little over three weeks ago, CJ Hammer was pronounced dead in the Trauma Unit of that hospital, and now he's here to support his teammates on the CSU Falcon team! The team is going wild as they see Hammer being driven onto the football field and over to their sideline! Hammer is still in casts from the vicious attack that nearly killed him, but his presence is sure to fire up the Falcons!"

Chris had tears running down his face as he was driven into the stadium and over to his teammates on the sidelines. The players swarmed around him and were ecstatic that Chris was back with them, and they all wanted to touch him and thank him for coming to their football game. The effect of having Chris on the sideline pumped up the team, and the momentum of the game changed drastically. By halftime, the CSU Falcons were leading by a score of 28 to 17, with Delano Genovesi running wild through the defense. Chris was in the locker room at halftime, and was thrilled to be back with his teammates.

"We're all happy to have Chris back with us again," David Patrick said, "but we've got another 30 minutes of football to play here. I know that we never expected to see Chris in our locker room again, but God has been good to all of us! Let's give thanks to God and go out on that field and kick ass in the second half!"

Saul and Helen were sitting in the stands when the game ended with the Falcons winning by a score of 35 to 17. They were both thrilled that Chris was out of the hospital and back with his buddies. They celebrated the Falcon victory and knew that Chris was going to be taken to the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity for a big celebration. Saul had made some special arrangements for Chris's release from the hospital and wanted it to be a big surprise for his son.

Chris and Mike were in the locker room as the football team celebrated their victory. They were both emotional as they joined the players in the celebration. Several television announcers wanted to interview Delano and other players who had excelled in the football game. Jane Vincent was in the locker room and begged Chris for an interview. Other television announcers wanted Chris to let them interview him, but he had refused.

"This is Jane Vincent, and I'm in the CSU Falcon locker room with CJ Hammer," Jane began her live television spot. "I was at Mercy General Hospital when this fine young man was declared dead, and I'm thrilled to be interviewing him today. How does it feel for you to be out of the hospital and back with your teammates, CJ?"

"Jane, it's always been great to see you and I wish that your husband, David was here with us today," Chris replied. "I've been through some bad times, but I can't wait until I get these casts off so I can get back on the field with my teammates. I'm still busted up, but getting out of the hospital today was fantastic! I wanted to get back to my buddies on the football team and the ones at the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity."

"You suffered a severe attack at the hands of some men who tried to kill you," Jane continued. "The entire nation was shocked when you were attacked. It's a miracle that you're here today and able to support your teammates. I'm sure that your arrival on the football field gave your teammates the lift they needed to turn the momentum around so they could win this game today."

"I've learned that life is short," Chris began. "My dad is in love and so am I. Without the love of a special person in my life, I wouldn't have survived the injuries that could have killed me."

"Are you ready to break the hearts of every girl in the nation by telling the television audience who you're in love with?" Jane Vincent asked, surprised that CJ Hammer was admitting that he was in love.

"My reason for living is right here with me now," Chris said as he motioned for Mike to stand beside him. "His name is Michael Mahley. He's been my best friend and my Big Brother at the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. He's the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I'm totally in love with him."

Jane Vincent was shocked that her interview had just resulted in CJ Hammer admitting that he was gay and in love with Michael Mahley. The most famous athlete in the nation had just come out and admitted to a live television audience that he was gay!

"I'm at a loss for words," Jane Vincent admitted.

"I don't want anyone to be upset," Chris said. "I've struggled with my sexual identity for all of my life, but I know that I love Mike and we don't care who knows about our love for each other. Statistics show that 10% of all guys are gay, and I'm part of that 10%. I'm still the same guy I was last month, but now I'm being honest with everyone. If people in this state and nation can't accept what I've admitted, it's their problem, not mine! I love Michael Mahley and plan to spend the rest of my life with him."

"Well, that certainly is a bold statement," Jane said. She decided to change the subject of the interview, as she was still reeling from what Chris had admitted.

"I'm certain that you're not the only talented athlete who is gay and now out to the world. We've heard that some of the families of the men who were killed or injured in your attack are trying to convince the California State Prosecutor's Office to file attempted murder charges against you because of your Karate abilities. Do you have any comment on that issue?"

"I learned a long time ago to control my emotions and match my Karate moves to the level of the threat against me," Chris replied. "When you're faced by 10 guys armed with baseball bats, any blow is considered justified. They wanted to kill me, and I had only a weight lifting bar to use as a weapon against them. It wasn't enough, as they took me down and nearly killed me. Karate is an honorable sport, and competitors don't want to kill their opponents. I hope that I never have to use my skills like that again, but I would if similar circumstances happened. My personal lawyer is Sam Gardner, and he and Hector Mendez are handling any legal issues for me. Hector is the father of my roomie at the Jacobs Dorm, Isaac Mendez, and has also represented me in the past. I know that attempted murder charges have been filed against the guys who attacked me, and I suspect the families are trying to gain some legal ground by saying that I was using a lethal weapon when I used my Karate skills to defend myself. In my mind, deadly force is justified when a person is faced with the odds I was faced with."

"I hope you aren't upset with me for asking that question," Jane said. "All of your loyal fans are happy that you've been released from the hospital, and I join them in wishing you and Mike Mahley a happy future together."

"Thanks, Jane," Chris said. "I hope that you and your husband, David will join us soon for a nice meal at Dimitri's Restaurant for the best Greek food in California. We have a new John's Steak House restaurant near the campus, and the manager is a great friend of mine. I bet we can get some huge steaks if we go there together."

Jane laughed, knowing that Chris always seemed to put a joke into his interviews or a plug for his favorite restaurant.

"This is Jane Vincent, reporting live from the CSU Falcon locker room," Jane stated. "We congratulate the Falcons on their impressive victory over the Stanford Cardinals by a score of 35 to 17, and thank CJ Hammer for this exclusive interview. I'll turn it back to the studio now."

Jane Vincent gave Chris a gentle hug, knowing that he was still in pain from his rib injuries. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, and thanked him for the exclusive content of the interview.

"I hope you guys aren't going to get a lot of crap for admitting that you're gay lovers," Jane said. "I thought my interview would cover your injuries and rehabilitation, but never expected it to be such an important message. My brother was gay, and he tried to hide it from our family. He ran away from home when he was 17, and we didn't find him until he was 22 and dying of AIDS. He thought he was a demon for his sexual desires, and ran from the family that loved him. We had some time with him before he died, and it was the best and worst times for me and my family. I know that your 'coming out' will shake up the entire country. Do your teammates know?"

"Ask them," Mike replied.

Jane looked around and saw that most of the football team had been watching her interview with Chris, and several of them came forward to talk to her. The cameras weren't recording what was being said, but Jane quickly realized that all of the CSU football team players supported Chris. She was surprised to hear that Chris had come out to the entire team after he had saved Mike Mahley's life, and that several of his teammates had admitted that they were gay too.

"You don't have to ask us," Delano said. "We all love Chris and Mike, and want them to have a happy life together. I'm gay too, and I'm in a relationship that I pray will be as good as the one I see between Chris and Mike."

Several other players came forward and told Jane that they had no problem with having gay guys on their team. Jane was impressed that the guys were so open with her, as she listened to other guys say that they were gay.

"I wish my brother, David was alive today to hear this," Jane admitted. "He thought he was a freak for being gay, and he ran away from home and sold his body on the street to live. If society had been more open minded, David might be alive today to see that men can love men and not be afraid. I won't share any of this information with anyone, but I want to thank you guys for sharing with me. I love all of you!"

Jane gave both Mike and Chris a hug and kiss on the cheek before she and her crew left the CSU locker room. She had just scored another exclusive interview that would elevate her standing with her director. The Fox News coverage of the interview was broadcasted across the nation, and the network officials were thrilled with the exclusive content. The other networks were very upset that Fox had scored such an exclusive interview that contained CJ Hammer sharing that he was gay and in love. David Patrick ordered all of the media out of the locker room so that Chris wouldn't be harassed with questions or demands for similar interviews.

"You're a brave man, and I love you!" David Patrick said as he gently hugged Chris. "I pray that someday, guys won't be afraid to admit that they're in love with another guy the way you just did. Just seeing you on that cart coming out on the field today was a miracle. You could have gone home or to the fraternity, but you came to support our team, and I know that the fans went wild seeing your return. I can't thank you enough for giving our team the shot of enthusiasm to turn the game around so we could win today!"

"Even if I'm busted up, I want to be with you and my teammates," Chris replied. "Mike and I decided that we didn't want to hide our relationship any longer, so I was honest with Jane Vincent. She's a great person, and if I was straight, I'd try to jump her bones!"

"YOU SLUT!" Mike yelled. "You'd fuck a snake if someone would hold its head!"

The locker room was filled with laughter, as the team headed for the showers. Mike and Chris waited for the guys to shower and get dressed, and wanted to go to the fraternity with their pledge buddies and members.

"I know that CSU reinstated me as a student," Chris said, "but I moved out of the dorm. You said you wanted me to live with you in the house, but what about my pledge buddies?"

"You're a real jerk!" Mike said. "Do you think we'd let the best pledge class in our history get away from us? Your pledge buddies have all moved into the house! We're still gonna hard ass you guys, but as soon as things settle down, Help Week will start. We've never had pledges living with us, and it should be fun to bang their asses with paddles and hard cocks for a few weeks until you guys are initiated as our brothers!"

"I feel like a jerk for not asking where my pledge buddies were living," Chris admitted. "I thought they were still at the Holidome. I'm really tired, so I hope you don't expect me to do anything but fall asleep in your arms tonight."

"Sleeping with you tonight will be the best thing in the world for me!" Mike admitted. "We'll have a lot of time for sex, but I hope you can at least stay awake long enough for the guys to say hello to you."

"Are you mad at me for coming out to Jane?" Chris asked.

"We talked about coming out before," Mike said. "It was time for us to be honest with the world. We said we didn't want to hide our love for each other, and now everybody knows. I'm proud of you and the fact that you introduced me to the nation as your lover! I love you so much that I still can't find the words to express myself!"

"I don't need to hear words," Chris said, "I just need to feel you next to me to know that we're in this together!"

"Dad told me that your X-rays have shown remarkable healing of your fractures," Mike said. "None of the doctors can understand how my broken bones healed so fast, and now yours are doing the same thing. If we could ever understand the power of the Cherokee Nation, we might learn how spiritual healing can perform miracles. Dad said you could be out of your casts in no time, and that will be a great day for both of us. Isaac already has a schedule made up for guys to get you to your Engineering classes, and I know you'll be busy catching up on the work you missed. He even got most of your professors to agree to meet with you to give you special help in catching up. Isaac is an awesome dude, and he and Leif will be our roommates at the house."

"Isaac is a great guy," Chris said. "He was a natural as our pledge class president, and he's been a great friend to me."

"Isaac busted every member's balls when he dumped 25 pledge pins on Tom Jankowski's plate in the dining room," Mike said. "He could have thrown them in Tom's face, but he was a true leader as he expressed himself and left with dignity. He saved our fraternity from disgrace, and made us all realize what we'd lost when you guys quit college to stay as a group. I know that Tom and all of the members have visited you and said how sorry they were for the crap that went down, but Tom is still afraid that you'll hate him."

"I've always liked Tom," Chris said. "He hurt me when he refused to sign Taran's book, but I don't hold grudges. B always taught me that you can't look back or you won't see the future. I'll talk to Tom tonight, as I don't want him to be upset. If I can patch things up with Tom and the rest of the members, you guys better hold onto your asses, as my pledge buddies and I will fix you good if you whack us!"

"We wouldn't have it any other way!" Mike admitted as he hugged and kissed Chris in the locker room.

"Break it up until you guys are in your room!" Kelly Mason said. "I've got my van outside, and I think I can find a couple guys to load Chris's sorry ass inside so we can take him home."

Chris loved the fact that he was going to live in the fraternity house, as pledges had always lived in dorms or apartments until they were formally initiated into the fraternity. Jarvis and Kelly lifted him into the van, but not before complaining about how heavy his sorry ass was. It was a short ride to the fraternity, and Chris was surprised when he saw the banner that said, "Welcome Home, Chris."

All of the members and pledges were cheering as Chris was loaded into his wheelchair and brought into the fraternity. They had all seen the interview with Jane Vincent of Channel 12, and congratulated both Chris and Mike for making their relationship public. Chris saw that several of the members had their girlfriends at the house, and greeted everyone as he was wheeled into the bar area. He saw the smiling face of his father, and held his arm out for a hug from Saul Bernstein.

"You did a brave thing today," Saul said as he hugged his son. "I'm proud of you!"

"I'm glad you're not mad at me," Chris said as he gave his dad a kiss on the cheek.

"I have something to tell you," Saul said as he hugged Helen Waterson. "Today, I asked Helen to be my wife!"

Chris was thrilled that his dad had finally popped the question to Helen. He looked at Helen's face for some reaction and finally asked, "What did you say?"

"I told him, yes," Helen said. "I was concerned that you might think I was taking your father away from you, but Saul convinced me that you wanted us to be married."

"GIVE ME A HUG!" Chris demanded of Helen. "B needs you in his life, and I'm so happy that I want to scream!"

"I still want you and Saul to be father and son," Helen said.

"B saved my life by taking me out of that orphanage," Chris replied. "He'll always be my dad! I put him through hell with the stuff I've done since he adopted me, and he never complained. He deserves someone in his life like you, and I hope you'll let me call you MOM!"

Helen hugged Chris and said she would be honored if he called her "Mom". Helen and Chris both had tears running down their faces as they embraced and shared their emotions. Helen knew the strong bond between Chris and Saul, and had been reluctant to do anything that would break them apart. She knew how hard it was to lose someone that you loved after losing her husband to cancer, and had decided that she could accept being only friends with Saul if Chris would be upset if they got married. Her fears were extinguished as Chris began yelling to his fraternity buddies that his dad was going to get married!

The fraternity members and pledges celebrated the great news, and congratulated Saul and Helen. Everyone wanted to know when the wedding would be, as they wanted to join in the celebration.

"We've only talked about a small civil ceremony with a few people," Saul said. "We're not teenagers getting married, but I love this woman so much that I want to scream!"

"You can't do that to each other," Chris said. "You both have a ton of friends that would be offended if you ran off to some place like Las Vegas and got married. You deserve a nice wedding where your friends can celebrate with you and share in your joy! I'm so happy right now that I'm ready to explode! Please think about having a nice wedding with the reception here at the fraternity."

Helen hugged Saul and admitted that many of her friends would be upset by not being able to share in her joy at being married again. Saul admitted that he wanted to show the world that he was in love with Helen and have a nice wedding. They both thanked Chris for opening their eyes, and said that they would plan a nice wedding for a time after Chris was healed from his injuries.

"I have another suggestion for you to consider," Chris said. "I know Helen has a nice house outside of Fremont, and we have the duplex. I think you two should look for a new home together, and sell Helen's home and our duplex or rent them out. That way, you'd be starting a new life together without the connections to the past."

"Our duplex is your home!" Saul blurted out. "I don't want to sell your home!"

"Mike and I will be here on campus for several years," Chris said. "You know I won't be at the duplex with you very often, and when I graduate, I hope I'll be able to move into a home with Mike. I want you two to get a clean break from the past and start a new life together. I think you should buy a new home and have a guestroom for people like me and Mike to stay in when we visit you. If I'm initiated here, I want to bring Alex here as an unofficial mascot of the house. The duplex was a great place for us, but you two deserve a new place that is your own. Please consider it."

Saul hugged his son and cried tears of joy as he let Chris's words sink in. He knew Chris was right about buying a new home where he and Helen could start a new life together.

"What about all of your awards and trophies?" Saul asked. "What will we do with them?"

"Mercy General Hospital saved my life and Mike's" Chris replied. "If we make a donation to them for a pediatric treatment ward, they might consider having a display of all of that stuff that I've hidden for years. I don't need to hide that stuff anymore. All I need is to know that I have Mike and you have Helen. We can put that stuff in storage until we decide what to do with it. What do you think?"

"I haven't told you how wealthy the CJH Foundation has become," Saul admitted. "Even with the donations to the CSU campus and the other charitable organizations, you're now a billionaire!"

"All I need is enough money to pay my food bill here on campus!" Chris replied. "I'm hooked up with a guy who's gonna be a famous doctor, and he can support me for the rest of my life! I might make a couple bucks if I can get back into sports, but just being with Mike is all that I need."

"Who says I'm gonna support your sorry ass?" Mike teased. "You own enough vintage cars to support both of us for the rest of our lives if you sold them!"

"You'll support my sorry ass or you won't use it again!" Chris teased. "Those cars can go in a museum or some other way of displaying them. I can't fit my big ass in most of them anymore, but I can stuff your nasty butt in them if you give me anymore crap!"

"You guys knock it off!" Poppa Mike commanded. "Mary and I've listened to enough of your crap to last us a lifetime! We came here tonight to share in the pizza and beer for celebrating Chris's release from the hospital, and we don't need to listen to two lovers rag on each other!"

Chris hugged and kissed Poppa Mike and Momma Mary as he admitted that he and Mike had crossed the line with their banter. He was happy that they had joined the large group at the fraternity to celebrate the Falcon victory, and watched as they congratulated Saul and Helen on their engagement.

"I'm starving!" Chris said to Mike. "Let's go eat pizza and let the oldies sit in their rocking chairs together!"

"If your head was healed," Saul began, "I'd smack it like I did when you were a little boy!"

Chris laughed as Mike pushed his wheelchair into the bar area where they could enjoy the pizza with their buddies. It was a great time for Mike and Chris as all of the guys had either been in the locker room during Jane Vincent's interview or had seen it live on television. They all congratulated Chris and Mike for making their relationship public to the world.

Chris and Mike ate their fill of pizza and even dropped a few glasses of beer before Poppa Mike chastised both of them for drinking alcohol. Poppa Mike knew that college life was always filled with distractions from studies, but didn't want Chris and Mike to drink too much with the medications that they were taking.

"I think Chris is getting tired," Poppa Mike said to Saul and Helen. "He won't admit it, but I can see it in his eyes that he needs to rest now. This has been a very stressful day for him and Mike, and they both need to get to bed."

Saul agreed and quickly took Helen to talk to Chris and Mike. Poppa Mike and Momma Mary joined them as they addressed the two lovers.

"It's time for you to leave this party and get some sleep," Saul said to Chris. "We can see in your eyes that you're worn out, and you need some rest. We're all happy that you have a new home here at the fraternity, and want you to get to your new room and sleep. All of your crap has been moved into your new room, and we all expect daily updates on how you're doing."

"I don't want to leave this party," Chris admitted. "I've just got out of prison, and I need to enjoy my freedom!"

"If you have a relapse, you'll be back in that prison!" Poppa Mike said. "Now that I'm your third dad, I'm ordering you to GO TO BED!!!"

"Okay," Chris said. "I don't want the whole world dissing on me! I admit that I'm tired, but I didn't want to be a party pooper! If you all give me a hug and kiss, I'll let Doofus push me to my new room. If I don't like my new digs, I'll call a cab and go back to the Holidome instead of staying in another shithole!"

"You're such a jerk!" Saul said. "All you ever dreamed about was being able to live in this fraternity house, and now you're here! Stop complaining or I'll find some liquid soap to squirt in your nasty mouth!"

"I love you!" Chris said as he hugged and kissed Saul. "I can still get you some Viagra if you need it!"

"What am I going to do with you?" Saul exclaimed. "I love you so much, but you always seem to cross the line with me!"

"That's what kids are supposed to do with their parents!" Chris teased. "You're the best dad in the world!"

Mike and Chris gave everyone hugs and kisses before Mike pushed Chris's wheelchair into the dorm area of the fraternity.

"I hope you like our new home," Mike said as he got Chris inside their room. "Isaac and Leif will be our roomies, but tonight, it will be just you and me in this room."

Chris was surprised to see that all of his stuff had been moved into the room, including his huge bed from the Jacobs Dorm. The picture of White Cloud was hanging over the bed, and the dream catcher was hanging in front of the window to the room.

"I can't believe that I'm living here with you!" Chris said with tears in his eyes. "I've dreamed for years that I would live in this house with you, and it doesn't seem real to me! Help me undress so we can make love! I need to taste you or I'll go postal!"

Mike put the sign on the door so no one would interrupt them, and quickly removed all of his clothes. He was hard as a rock, but didn't want to pressure Chris for any form of sex, knowing that his buddy was exhausted. He helped Chris get undressed and into the bed that they would share, and snuggled next to Chris's right side, knowing that Chris's ribs and left arm were still sore and in casts or pressure bandages.

"Please put your dick in my mouth," Chris begged Mike. "I need to taste your manhood and semen! I wish I could take a fuck up the ass, but I'll settle for eating your jizz tonight!"

"If you suck my dick, I won't last 10 seconds!" Mike exclaimed. "I want to suck your dick and then sleep next to you. I don't need a blowjob from you tonight to celebrate us being together."

"I really need to have your dick in my mouth," Chris replied. "I love you, and I need to feel your cock and cum inside my mouth to know that I'm not dreaming. Please, Mike, feed me!"

Mike knew that Chris was still in pain from his injuries, but also knew that he needed to unload his pent up supply of man juice. He carefully positioned his body so his throbbing dick was in front of Chris's mouth, and gasped as Chris swallowed the entire eight inches.

Chris was an expert cocksucker, and swirled his tongue around the head of Mike's thick cock and probed into the piss slit. He slurped up the generous supply of precum that was flowing out of Mike's manhood, and used his right hand to caress Mike's beautiful bubble butt. When his fingers found the puckered hole of Mike's anus, he knew that Mike was going to cum.

"JESUS CHRIST! SUCK MY DICK! EAT MY CUM!" Mike screamed as his dick erupted. He tried to control his body from writhing around on the bed, but his orgasm was so intense that he lost control and fucked Chris's mouth with abandon. He felt Chris's cum splashing across his back and head, and knew that his buddy had flooded him with man juice that hadn't been released in weeks. He yanked his satisfied cock out of Chris's mouth and jumped off the bed to swallow Chris's pulsating cock. He was rewarded with several blasts of thick man cream, as Chris collapsed on the bed, unconscious. Mike gently continued sucking Chris's cock until the flow of semen stopped. He knew that his back was covered in fresh cum, and that he had just swallowed more jizz than he had ever taken from his big lover. It was a sign of the future, as the two guys would share their bodies and juices for the rest of their lives.

Mike waited for Chris to regain consciousness, and then gave him several gentle kisses.

"That was the best sex of my life!" Mike said to Chris. "I've passed out before, but this was the first time that you did. Our sex gets better every time we are together!"

"I'm wasted!" Chris admitted. "That was so intense that I'm exhausted! Cuddle next to me and kiss me!"

"Let me wipe off my back first," Mike said. "Someone just blew the Mother of all Orgasms on my back and in my mouth! This is the beginning of the best part of our lives together!"

 To be continued...

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