Hi: I expected more emails as my main character finally came out to the world and confessed his love for Mike Mahley. I've tried to show how a guy's sexuality can go from confused bi-sexuality into a gay love relationship. I got over 100 emails about Chapter 37, but not as many when Chapter 38 went on the archives. Maybe I missed something, as I thought that Chris's coming out to the world would get a more positive reaction. All authors need positive reinforcement to continue their stories, and I'm one of that group.


CJ Chapter 39 Pledging and Poking

Chris woke up the next morning with Mike cuddled next to his body. He thought he was still dreaming as he looked around the room and tried to turn over to face the guy who was holding him so tightly. His body reminded him that he was still hurt, and his moans woke Mike up.

"Are you okay, buddy?" Mike asked.

"I thought I was dreaming that I was here with you," Chris admitted. "It's hard for me to believe that I'm out of the hospital and slept with you. I need some help to get to a toilet, or I'm gonna flood the bed!"

"You flooded my back and mouth last night!" Mike teased. "My medical training tells me that a man has a certain amount of semen in his body, and that anything that isn't used is absorbed. I think the books need to be revised, as you blasted so much cum on my back and in my mouth that I know you belong in the Guinness World Record Book!"

"Cut the crap and help me get to the can!" Chris begged.

Mike offered to get some guys to help him load Chris into his wheelchair, but Chris insisted that he could use his crutches. Mike was pleased that Chris was able to make short trips with his crutches, but knew that his big buddy would need the wheelchair to maneuver around the fraternity and campus. 

"I love taking care of you," Mike admitted. "After the way you took care of me, I think you should switch majors to Pre-Med. I really liked the way you were with Adam, and I know you have a gift with kids."

"I love Math," Chris admitted as he drained his bladder. "I've always wanted to be an engineer, and I hope that I can get my degree here. I've spent too much time in hospitals, and I don't think I could handle losing a patient if I was a doctor."

"I want to be a doctor so I can SAVE some lives," Mike said. "Jake and I saw how our dad was upset when he came home after losing a special patient, but we also saw the times he came home after saving someone's life. I think we can both get our degrees and make this a better world for everyone."

"I feel grungy, and you smell like a whorehouse!" Chris said. "We need to get cleaned up."

"Did someone mention a whorehouse?" Jarvis said as he entered the toilet area to drain the main vein. "I spent a night with a whore last night, and he was a great fuck!"

"If you call me a whore again," Justin said, "I'll bust your black ass with a paddle instead of my dick!"

"Sorry, Big Brother," Jarvis said as he shook his dick and watched Justin take a horrendous piss. "You know that I love you!"

"I need some help getting Chris cleaned up," Mike admitted. "If you guys help me give him an enema, I can lift him with one arm!"

"Very funny, Big Brother!" Chris exclaimed. "I know it's Sunday, and I was wondering if you and I could go to church together today. I don't want to put pressure on you, but I want to thank Unetlanv or God as we call him for saving our lives and getting us back together."

"You always seem to find a way to amaze me," Mike said. "I don't know what place religion will have in our lives, but I agree with you that we need to give thanks for what we have right now. I know that the Catholic Church doesn't recognize our type of relationship, but there's a Fundamentalist Church near the campus that has a sign that says, 'Open Hearts, Open Minds'. Let's try that one today and see what we think."

"Can we go visit Aunt Millie after church?" Chris asked Mike.

"That's a great idea," Mike replied. "For some reason, she likes your sorry ass, and she hasn't seen you since she visited you in the hospital last week."

Chris and Mike had met Millicent Haversmith on one of their morning runs over a year ago. Millie lived in a huge mansion that was across the creek and her yard was directly behind the fraternity backyard. Chris was visiting the fraternity during the time Mike was pledging, and they had noticed her struggling with a large trash barrel, trying to get it to the road for pickup. Chris and Mike had helped her with the trash barrel, and found out that she was trying to clean out her garage. Millie was 70 years old, and was a classy widow who lived alone in the huge mansion. Her husband, David, had died five years before, and she was trying to clean out an accumulation of tools and antiques that her husband had collected.

Chris and Mike quickly realized that the items she was trying to get rid of had value, and suggested that she have a garage sale. Millie didn't need the money, but the guys convinced her that she could sell the items and donate the proceeds to charity. Millie said that she didn't know how to run a garage sale, and couldn't move things around to display them for sale. The fraternity came to her rescue, and the pledges set up the sale and helped Millie run it. She was in her glory, as she loved company, and a bunch of handsome young men were just what she needed. It was a two-day sale, and Millie supplied the guys with warm cookies and lemonade for snacks, and ordered pizzas for the meals. Millie was thrilled that her garage was finally cleaned out, and offered the proceeds to the fraternity. She had collected over $16,000 from the sale, and wanted the handsome guys to have it. The guys refused, but did accept a gift of an antique Victrolla record player that they displayed in the living room of the fraternity.

Jarvis, Justin and Mike helped get Chris cleaned up with a modified shower in the shower room that had recently been remodeled to provide barrier free access. They all decided to go to church together and then return to the fraternity where their roles were not equals.

"Can you take me out to see the backyard?" Chris asked Isaac when he got back to the fraternity after church and visiting "Aunt Millie" as Millicent Haversmith wanted to be called. "I feel like shit that I haven't done much to help finish our pledge project."

"Are you forgetting the times that you spent all night digging?" Isaac said as he pushed Chris's wheelchair down the brick path in the backyard. "You thought no one knew that you gave up sleep to come here and dig, but we saw the changes the next day. All of us are thrilled that you're alive, and that we're all living together in the fraternity. We know that the members are gonna whack us, but it's gonna be a blast when we get them back!"

"This place looks fantastic!" Chris said as he saw the backyard and how the plans of Jarrett Stevens and Cameron Joyce had come to fruition. The only things that needed to be completed were the planting of the shrubs and laying of the sod. "I can't believe how great this place looks now!"

"We've thought about adding a Japanese Pagoda to the flat area under the trees," Isaac said. "We think that it would be a great addition to the Japanese Garden, and will give us a place for shelter for parties, dancing, and also outside toilets."

"Let's do it!" Chris exclaimed. "That would be great for the reception for my dad and Helen. I don't think we have the skills to do all of that kind of construction, but I know where we can get the money to hire the work done. We can put down the paving stones to finish off the flat area after the construction is completed. That will give us an area for a real Texas barbecue, and even a dance area."

"We thought that you might offer that," Isaac admitted. "We don't want you to feel like we're begging for money, but we wanna make the garden complete, especially with the wedding reception coming up. Dave Wilbur says we've already done the best pledge project in the history of this chapter. The main sewer line runs right through the backyard, so it should be easy to hook into it for the toilets when the Pagoda is built."

"We don't want anyone touching the area down by the creek," Cody said as he walked up to give Chris a hug and kiss. "You and I both know that the area near the stream is sacred, and we want to leave it untouched."

"I love you," Chris said as he returned the hug and kiss from Cody. "Fate brought all of us guys together so we could help each other. You saved my life and Mike's, and I don't know how to thank you for what you did."

"I remember when you dragged me to the board to sign up for pledge week for this fraternity," Cody said. "At the time, I was sure that no fraternity would want a little runt, but now I know that the guys here will accept someone like me. Finding out that I was part Cherokee was great, and now I know that little guys like me can be buddies with guys like you who could break me in half without working up a sweat."

"You caught Chris like he was a rag when he performed the healing ceremony on me," Mike said as he joined the group in the backyard. "Chris weighs three times your body weight, but my dad told me that you caught him and carried him out of my room and placed him on a hospital bed like he was a feather. You don't know the strength that you possess."

"None of us understand the power of the Cherokee Nation," Cody said. "I never told my parents what happened here in this yard or the hospital, but I know that we need to preserve the area down by the stream where both Chris and I got our strength when we connected with the Cherokee Nation."

"I'm hungry," Chris admitted. "I need some good food so I can get my strength back to whack some members here!"

Everyone laughed and agreed that it was time to get back in the fraternity house to set the tables for the Sunday meal. Chris wanted to help, but Mike told him to relax and enjoy the times where he would be waited on by everyone in the fraternity. He pushed Chris's wheelchair into the house, and was surprised to see Tom Jankowski waiting at the door.

"Can I spend some time with Chris?" Tom asked.

Mike knew that Tom and Chris needed to work out a few things and let Tom push Chris into the living room.

"I'm really sorry that I was such a jerk," Tom said. "You've been coming to this fraternity for years, and I should have listened to you when you came to me. Your pledge buddies are an awesome group of guys, and I was totally wrong for refusing to give Taran a chance to get ready for Help Week. I feel like I'm a total failure as a chapter president, not only for how I treated you guys, but also how I didn't throw Tom Broadbent out of here. Can you ever forgive me and be my friend again?"

"I was upset that you turned Taran away after all of us tried to suck up to you," Chris admitted. "I thank God that sanity has been restored here, and I don't hold grudges. My dad says that we can't live in the past, so I want all of us to remember what happened and not repeat it. Right now, I'd really like a gentle hug from you. I love you like a brother, and want us to be friends for the rest of our lives."

"I love you!" Tom said as he hugged Chris and cried tears of joy. "I never expected you to forgive me for all of the shit that I caused here."

"You're the President of this Chapter," Chris replied. "I've always liked you, and now I love you! You've got a tough job, and get a lot of crap when stuff goes wrong. My pledge buddies and I want to become your brothers, and we're ready for a bunch of crap from you guys, but you better be ready for us to retaliate!"

"We wouldn't have it any other way!" Tom admitted. "We love whacking pledges, and know that we'll get whacked back. That's one of the greatest things about being in a fraternity, as it sure breaks up the stress of college classes!"

"I'm really hungry," Chris admitted. "Can you ask one of my pledge buddies to wheel me into the dining room?"

"I'd be honored to get you into the dining room," Tom said. "I'd like you to sit at my table today so we can all give thanks for the fact that we're all together as members and pledges."

"I'd like that as long as Mr. Mahley is sitting next to me, and you ask me to share a joke with the members," Chris said, returning to his position as a pledge. "I'm not able to help my buddies wait on the members, but I can at least tell a joke."

It was a great meal of Southern Fried Chicken and all of the fixings as the members and pledges celebrated their new lives together with Chris back with them. The pledges continued to serve the members, and Chris was upset that he couldn't bring refreshments and food to the guys that he wanted to respect as brothers of the fraternity.

"Relax, Chris," Mike said as he realized that Chris wanted to help his pledge buddies serve the members. "We all know that you want to be with your pledge buddies, but there will be a time for that later. We're all happy that we have your sorry ass sitting with us for this meal, and you need to chill out!"

"Pledge Hammer," Tom Jankowski addressed Chris, "Do you have a joke to share with us today?"

"I realize that I haven't helped my pledge buddies today, so I have two jokes to share with everyone if you will let my pledge buddies off for the rest of this meal," Chris said "I want a night where my buddies won't get whacked from you guys."

Tom Jankowski smiled and realized that Chris was doing what he could to restore normality to the fraternity. He watched as Mike pushed Chris's wheelchair to the front of the dining room for the normal announcements of a joke.

"A teacher asked her young students to pick a letter of the alphabet and then make a sentence with that letter as part of a word," Chris began. "The teacher knew that Tommy Jankowski was a nasty mouthed kid, and always said something that was vulgar, so she avoided him. Little Christine said that she had a word that began with the letter, A, and said Apple, A big red apple for my teacher. The teacher liked that start and asked if anyone had a word that began with the letter, B. Tommy raised his hand, but the teacher ignored him, thinking that Tommy would use the word, Bitch. She was happy to call on Davie, who said, Ball, A big red ball that I use to play with my doggy."

Everyone knew where this joke was heading, but waited for Chris to add the punch line.

"The game continued, with the children volunteering to take the next letter of the alphabet and make a sentence out of their word," Chris continued. "The teacher continued to ignore Tommy, as she knew he would say some nasty word if she called on him. When the class got to the letter, R, no one but Little Tommy was raising his hand. The teacher tried to think of a nasty word that began with the letter, R, and finally decided to call on Tommy, who was raising his hand and jumping out of his seat. What's your word and sentence?" the teacher asked.

"Rat," Tommy replied.

The teacher breathed a sigh of relief, as she expected Tommy to express some objectionable word.

"A big fucking rat, with a cock this long," Tommy said as he held his hands far apart.

The dining room erupted with laughter, as everyone enjoyed the chance to laugh again after the intensity of their emotions over the past few weeks. Everyone enjoyed a good joke or prank, and loved having Chris back with them to be part of their lives. They all loved the fact that Chris had burned the Chapter President with his joke, and knew that this was going to be a great time in their fraternity life.

"I know that I can't work with my pledge buddies right now," Chris admitted, "But I have another true story to share with you guys so my buddies can have some relief from the constant harassment here in our new home. Mr. Jankowski promised me that if I shared two jokes, my pledge buddies could have a night without fear of being whacked."

"Mr. Mahley and Mr. Abernathy walk into a department store," Chris began. "They walk up to the perfume counter and pick up a sample bottle. Mike sprays it on his wrist and smells it, That's quite nice, don't you think, Justin?"

"Yeah. What's it called Mike?" Justin asked.

"Viens a moi," Mike answered.

"Viens a moi? What the does that mean?" Justin asked.

At this stage the store clerk offers some help. "Viens a moi, gentlemen, is French for 'come to me.'"

Mike takes another sniff and offers his arm to Justin again saying, "That doesn't smell like cum to me. Does that smell like cum to you?"

The dining room erupted with laughter again, as everyone enjoyed the jokes and return to having fun at the fraternity that they all loved. Mike went up to the front of the dining room and pushed Chris's wheelchair back to the head table, and threatened that he would whack his Little Brother for making him the brunt of another joke.

All of the members and pledges were thrilled that sanity had been restored to their fraternity, but also knew that more challenges would be presented before a new initiation ceremony was performed.

The pledges cleared the tables and joined the members and Chris in the Bar Area to watch the NFL football game on television.

"Will you get me a beer?" Chris asked Mike. "I need a couple brews to blur my vision so I don't puke when I see your naked body in our room!"

"I should whack you for saying that!" Mike said as he went to the bar and returned with a tall glass of beer for his buddy. "I'm sure that our dads wouldn't like to see you get drunk, so take it easy."

"I wanna stay sober so I can have sex with you when we go back to our room," Chris admitted quietly. "It was awesome to get off with you last night, but I need another dose of protein from you today. If I take some pain pills and wash them down with beer, I might be able to handle a poke!"

"I forgot that you were on pain pills!" Mike exclaimed. "Enjoy that beer, cause it's your last! Pain pills and alcohol don't mix, so consider yourself cut off!"

"SHIT!" Chris exclaimed. "I should have hooked up with another engineer, instead of a future doctor!"

"Engineers don't have a tight ass like I do!" Mike teased. "If you behave yourself, I might do to you what you did to me when I was busted up. I'd love to feel Little Chris stretch my asshole open again, as it's been too long since you poked me!"

Chris remembered how he had used the overhead bar to lower himself on Mike's boner when they made love in the Jacobs Dorm. He wanted to experience the tight sleeve of Mike's man pussy again, but wondered if Mike was physically able to squat over his cock and take a fuck without slamming down on his ribs or casts. He also knew that Mike always seemed to lose control when he was getting fucked, and turned into a writhing demon in bed.

"I don't know if that's a good idea, Mr. Mahley," Chris admitted to Mike. "You always seem to go postal when you get poked, and I don't need my ribs, arm or leg broken again. Poppa Mike says that I'm healing super fast, and he sure will be pissed if I show up with new fractures. I want my casts off, not new ones added to my bod!"

"Do you really think that I'd ever hurt you?" Mike asked. He was upset that Chris would ever be afraid of him.

"Give me a kiss!" Chris begged Mike. "I love you so much! I'd love to sink Little Chris inside you again! You're the best lover in the world, and just being next to you gives me a major boner!"

Mike gave Chris a passionate kiss, and ignored the catcalls and teasing of the members and pledges who were watching them.

"Cameron and Taran installed the overhead bar above our bed today," Mike said to Chris. "I know I get wild when I get ready to cum, but I also know that I need to feel you deep inside me. I'll use the bar to keep my weight off you, but I really need to feel you inside me today! Let's go to our room and share some fluids!"

Chris finished his beer and told Mike that he was ready for hooking up with him. He was well rested, and hoped that he and Mike could spend some quality time together before their roommates interrupted them. He saw Jarvis and Brendan and asked them if they'd help him get cleaned up. Mike knew how to wrap towels around the openings to Chris's casts and to protect his rib bandages, but he couldn't lift Chris up on the gurney to get him into the shower room. Mike wrapped the casts with plastic bags and the two big guys got Chris on the gurney.

Jarvis and Brendan were pleased that Chris had asked them for help. They really liked their pledge buddy, and wanted to do anything they could to help him recover from his injuries. It also gave them a chance to see Chris's cock again, as he had become exclusive in having sex with Mike and no one else.

"If that Big Brother of yours treats you bad, I'd be more than happy to feel that monster of yours in my mouth and ass again," Brendan teased, knowing that Mike was listening.

"I make the same offer," Jarvis said. "We pledges need to stick together."

"I'm the only one who's gonna get stuck to Chris's body!" Mike exclaimed. "You guys can help me get him cleaned up and then I want you to go swap sperm with each other or some other guys around here!"

"We're just pimping you, Mr. Mahley," Jarvis admitted. "When you got Chris to make his commitment to you, you cut off the best supply of man meat and cream on the campus!"

"I'm close to grabbing a paddle and whacking your asses!" Mike teased. He knew he needed help from Jarvis and Brendan, but he wasn't going to let two pledges tease him without threatening them.

"Chill out, Big Brother," Chris directed. "If you start whacking my pledge buddies, I might have to cut you off!"

"Hah!" Mike exclaimed. "When you cut me off, you cut yourself off, too!"

The guys all laughed, knowing that being in a fraternity was a lot of fun, especially when you could tease each other. They got down to business, and used the sprayer attachment to carefully get Chris clean without soaking his casts or bandages.

Chris felt like helpless as he let his three buddies help him get clean. He wished that his casts were off so he could take a normal shower and then take Mike to bed and fuck his brains out, but he knew that he needed time to heal from his injuries. He felt like his broken arm and leg were healing, but the cumbersome casts still caused him discomfort.

Both Jarvis and Brendan wanted to wash the special parts of Chris's massive body, but Mike ordered them to take care of other parts, as he gently washed Chris's crotch and ass. He looked at the blonde stubble, and wondered if he should use his position as a Big Brother to shave away the pubic hair that was growing back in after the initiation into pledgeship. He decided to let Chris grow his golden pubes back, but hoped that he would keep them trimmed.

Chris moaned as Mike used his fingers coated with soap to wash his butthole. He wanted to feel Mike's fingers, tongue or cock inside his hole, but didn't know if it was possible. His cock inflated to a full 12 1/2 inches and both Jarvis and Brendan wished that they were going to be in the room to feel that huge cock invade their bodies.

Mike had other ideas, as he ordered the two pledges to strip and take a cold shower to calm down their hormones. His own cock was throbbing and leaking precum like mad, and he didn't want to shoot his load in his boxers. He gave Chris a towel to dry off as much of his huge body as he could reach, as he got under a cold shower himself to keep from cumming.

When the guys got Chris back into the room, both Jarvis and Brendan gave Chris and Mike kisses before they left. They were both so horny that they would suck and fuck the first guys that they found as they put the sign on the doorknob to give Mike and Chris some privacy.

Cody and Nathan were walking down the hall of the dorm area and were quickly picked up and carried into the nearest room. Jarvis had Cody in his arms and asked him if he was ready for a fuck. Cody loved being with big guys and quickly said that he had an itch deep inside his ass that needed to be scratched.

Nathan had always liked being around Brendan, and had quickly realized that the two big guys were extremely horny. He had fooled around with many of his pledge buddies, but for some reason, he and Brendan had never hooked up. Things were going to change for the better, as Nathan returned the passionate kiss from the tall basketball player.

"I want to suck your dick!" Nathan said as he pulled away from Brendan's hot kiss. "I want to taste your red pubes and eat your cum!"

"JESUS!" Brendan exclaimed as Nathan dropped to his knees and pulled down his shorts and boxers. He felt the warm mouth of the cute little guy and knew he was in for a great sexual encounter. Nathan was a gifted cocksucker, as he used his mouth and tongue to excite Brendan to the point of orgasm. The little dude knew what he was doing with a man-sized cock, and sensed when Brendan was close to blasting. He left the throbbing cock and pulled Brendan's huge balls down so he couldn't cum, and lifted the huge scrotum to lick under it.

Brendan knew enough about male anatomy to know that he wouldn't be able to cum as long as Nathan pulled his scrotum down with his small hands. He moaned his appreciation of the ball washing that Nathan was giving him with his small mouth, and closed his eyes to enjoy the special attention of his pledge buddy. He opened his eyes when he heard a high pitched scream ring out in the room, and looked to see Jarvis standing up with Cody impaled on his huge black cock. He knew that Cody liked to be "carry fucked" by a big strong guy, and was getting his wish as the big black cock sank deep inside the little body of Cody.

Jarvis was in heaven as he hugged Cody's body to his and thrust his massive organ deep inside the tiny white dude. He had fucked Cody before, and each time had been awesome when he realized how small Cody was to be taking his big black cock to the hilt.

"Do me like Cody!" Nathan screamed to Brendan.

Brendan wasted no time in lifting Nathan up to his arms. He put the little guy on the bed and began eating his ass to get it ready for a hot fuck. Nathan pulled his ass cheeks apart, exposing his boy pussy and opening it up for Brendan's tongue. Brendan loved rimming a cute guy, and Nathan was one of the cutest guys in the world. He ate the puckered hole and used his strength to spread the hole open wider, so his tongue could probe inside.

Nathan screamed as he felt Brendan's tongue working inside his asshole. Members and pledges walked past the room and knew that some guys were having a real good time inside the room. There was an unwritten rule that if someone was hooking up in a room, the other guys would leave them alone, even if it was their room that was being used for the sexual romp.

"FUCK ME!" Nathan screamed to Brendan.

Jarvis was carrying Cody around the room, with the little guy doing all of the work as he lifted his body up and slammed it down on the big black cock. Jarvis grabbed the tube of lubricant that he had used to get his big cock inside Cody and tossed it to Brendan.

Brendan caught the lube and quickly coated his throbbing cock. He wasted no time in shoving his manhood inside Nathan's tight ass and lifting the little guy off the bed.

Nathan was now in heaven, as he felt his ass filled with a combination of pain and pleasure as Brendan's cock sank inside. He and Cody were the two smallest guys in the pledge class, and they now had two of the largest cocks of any guy in the fraternity stuck up their tight asses.

Jarvis and Brendan carried the two cute guys closer together so the four men could share in their sexual bliss. Jarvis kissed Brendan passionately, as Cody and Nathan did the same. Their passions exploded, as both Nathan and Cody felt their cocks explode and flood the chests of their pledge buddies. The grip of the two tight asses caused both Brendan and Jarvis to explode, and give both Nathan and Cody enemas of man cum. As the two tight asses were filled with man cream, they gripped the massive poles and drew out every drop of semen that Jarvis and Brendan had in their bodies. The room was filled with the screams of ecstasy, as all four young men collapsed on the beds to share the intense feelings of male sex.

Chris and Mike were in the next room, making out, and heard the screams of ecstasy from their buddies. They both laughed as they tried to imagine what perverted sex acts the guys had performed. They recognized the voices, and knew that Jarvis and Brendan had wasted no time in finding two cute guys to get sexual with.

"Do you wish that you were in the room with them?" Mike asked Chris.

"I've been with all those guys sharing sperm next door," Chris said. "When I hooked up with them, it was sexual release. When I'm with you, it's making love! I don't even need to cum to have a fantastic time when I'm with you! Give me a hot kiss and get your boxers off so I can see your manhood!"

"I hope you do more than look at my dinky!" Mike teased.

"I'm gonna swallow Little Mike!" Chris replied. "Put him in my mouth! I don't want this to be a quickie for us, but right now I need a sperm donation from you!"

Mike was in heaven as he positioned his body over Chris on the large bed, and aimed his throbbing cock into the willing mouth of his big lover. He knew that Chris was a talented cocksucker, and moaned as he felt Chris's tongue begin working its magic.

Chris was in heaven, as he tasted the meat of his best friend and lover. He licked from the base of Mike's cock all the way up to the head, where a generous supply of precum was leaking out. He knew what Mike liked the most, and made loud slurping sounds as he bathed every intimate part of Mike's genitals with his mouth and tongue. Chris used his right hand to grab Mike's balls and pulled them into his mouth. He rolled the sperm factories around with his tongue and applied suction to draw the two large nuts into his mouth. The moans coming from Mike's mouth gave Chris incentive to continue gobbling the two large balls around. He pulled back to stretch Mike's scrotum to the limit before the twin orbs popped out of his mouth. He quickly sucked the nuts back into his mouth and continued working his magic on them.


Chris knew that holding Mike's balls away from his body would delay his ejaculation and he loved being in control. Normally when he and Mike shared sex, Mike was in control, but this time their roles had been reversed. He could feel the precum leaking out of Mike's throbbing cock and coating his face, and wanted to slurp it up. He decided it was time to gobble Mike's cock and let him blast his wad of cum. As soon as he released Mike's balls and swallowed his cock, he was rewarded with huge blasts of man cream.

Mike screamed in ecstasy and began fucking Chris's mouth as his cock began blasting. His screams were heard throughout the dorm area of the fraternity, and the listeners all cheered as they listened to the babble of words that Mike was screaming. As the guys cheered, they wished that they had been included in the hot sex, and also hoped that Mike wasn't hurting Chris when he went ballistic.

Chris was gulping down the huge flood of cum that was erupting out of Mike's cock, but he gagged at the volume and was forced to pull away as the cock continued blasting. His face and eyes were covered with hot cum before Chris fought back the gag reflex and swallowed the cockhead again. He worked his tongue around the purple head of Mike's cock and made loud slurping sounds that drove Mike wild.

Mike was overcome with the intensity of his orgasm, and collapsed on the bed, unconscious. Chris continued sucking and licking the 8 inches of pleasure and used his strength to roll Mike on his side where he could continue sucking. Chris loved seeing Mike cum, as his body always went wild. He wished that he had a video camera running, as both of his eyes were covered with fresh semen, and he couldn't see the results of his special blowjob. When the flow of Mike's cum stopped, Chris continued sucking Mike's cock very gently, knowing that it would be extremely sensitive.

Mike moaned as he regained consciousness. He looked down and saw Chris still sucking his cock and knew that he had passed out again. It seemed to Mike that every time he and Chris shared sex it was becoming more intense. He finally begged Chris to stop sucking, as his cock was hypersensitive. When Chris lifted his face, Mike started laughing.

"You should see your face!" Mike laughed. "I've never seen anyone with a facial like this one!"

"I can't open my eyes right now!" Chris replied. "Either use your tongue to feed me your jizz or get a towel!"

Mike and Chris didn't like to waste fresh semen, so Mike moved on the bed so he could lick up the cum that had flooded Chris's eyes. He slurped up the warm cum, making as much noise as possible as he vacuumed up his own juices. He held the fresh cum in his mouth and delivered it to Chris's hungry mouth, enjoying the passionate kisses and sharing of the tangy liquid. He continued his cleaning of Chris's face, and saw that two streaks of cum had gone into Chris's hair.

"I think we found a new hair conditioner for you!" Mike teased as he used his fingers to lift some of the cum out of Chris's hair. He ate part of the cum before putting his fingers into Chris's mouth for a special cleansing.

"That was the biggest load you ever blew!" Chris stated. "You've never choked me with your load before, but you sure did this time! Get me a washcloth, please, so I can get your cum out of my eyelashes!"

Mike laughed and then got very concerned that he might have hurt Chris when he lost control during his orgasm.

"I hope I didn't hurt you," Mike admitted. "I know I go ballistic when I cum, and maybe you should tie me up so I don't hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me at all," Chris admitted. "I love having sex with you! You missed my ribs when you passed out, and that's the area that is the most painful for me right now."

"I'm sorry that I lost control again," Mike admitted. "You just got out of the hospital, and I sure don't want to hurt you in any way."

"When you've got your strength back, you know where I want Little Chris," Chris said to Mike.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," Mike said as he staggered toward the door to the room. He knew that Chris wanted to fuck him, so he decided to flush his body of waste to make the penetration easier for both of them. He grabbed the enema bag and promised to be back as soon as possible. When he opened the door to the room, he had to push away several guys who were listening to the sexual romp he had shared with Chris. He laughed as he saw four guys with obvious erections turn and try to act innocent, but he knew that they had all been turned on by listening to him and Chris having sex.

Chris relaxed on the bed and played with his hard cock. It had been a long time since he had fucked Mike, and he needed to feel his manhood surrounded by the sleeve of Mike's tight ass. He didn't have to wait long, as Mike returned, dripping wet from a quick shower.

Mike had brought a wet washcloth, and carefully cleaned Chris's face before giving his buddy a passionate kiss. From the very first time he had kissed Chris, Mike knew that their kisses would play a major part in their future sex together. Chris had a way of working his tongue that no other person could match. To Mike, it was like Chris had a second cock that could take him to the point of orgasm just by probing inside his mouth or teasing his nipples.

"Squat over my face!" Chris commanded. "I wanna rim you till your asshole falls out!"

"Hey!" Mike challenged. "A Little Brother isn't supposed to give orders to his Big Brother! You gotta remember your place or you won't get any help popping a nut!"

"I'm gonna eat and fuck your man pussy!" Chris replied. "I'm so fucking horny right now that I won't last a full minute inside you, so cut the crap and take care of me, or I'll call someone in here who knows how to treat a horny cripple!"

Mike laughed, but knew that Chris hadn't fucked anyone in weeks, and needed to feel the pleasure of sinking his shaft into a warm tube of pleasure. He moved on the bed to squat over Chris's face, and moaned as he felt the large tongue circling his puckered hole. He loved having his asshole eaten, and had cum several times in the past just from the stimulation of a guy's tongue working on his back door. He used both of his hands to spread his ass cheeks apart, knowing that his actions would open his anus for Chris to probe with his tongue. He couldn't see what Chris was doing, but he sure could feel the results and hear the slurping sounds.

"I need to be fucked!" Mike exclaimed. "I'm ready for you, so please don't make me wait any longer!"

"Lube me up!" Chris begged.

Mike grabbed the tube of edible lubricant but didn't want to waste the precum that was flowing out of Chris's puckered foreskin. He licked up the stream of juice that was pooling on Chris's belly and then licked up the long shaft to the cap of skin that he knew held more of the tasty juice. He sucked on the foreskin and was rewarded with a copious amount of the clear liquid. He used his fingers to spread open Chris's foreskin and stuck his tongue inside the cap and circled the purple knob.

"God Mike!" Chris shouted. "I want to cum inside your ass, not your mouth!"

Mike gripped Chris's huge scrotum and pulled the two large balls down to prolong Chris's pleasure. He slid the foreskin back and completely bathed the knob to savor more of Chris's precum, and then used his hand to push more of the clear liquid out of the long shaft. A stream of precum was pushed out of Chris's cock and into Mike's hungry mouth, as Mike listened to Chris's moans and pleas. He knew it was time for fucking, and kissed the knob of Chris's cock before he began coating the massive organ with the lubricant.

Several guys had been listening at the door to the room, and were whispering to each other as they all wished that they were inside with Mike and Chris. They could hear enough to know that Chris was going to fuck Mike, but they didn't think it was possible with Chris's casts and injuries.

"I wish we had a camera in there!" Joe McClure said. "Those two guys are like rabbits when they hook up, and we could make a fortune selling the video to the guys in this fraternity!"

"I wouldn't sell the video, but I'd sure use it for visual stimulation when I whack off!" Delano admitted. "Who wants to trade blowjobs right here while we listen to those two animals fuck?"

Five guys quickly accepted Delano's offer, but Joe was the quickest in pulling out his rock hard cock. Delano dropped to his knees and began sucking Joe's large cock, while the other guys paired off to do the same thing.

Back inside the room, Mike carefully positioned his body over Chris's, using the overhead bar for support. Chris guided the head of his cock to Mike's fuck hole, and moaned as he felt his cock pop inside the puckered ring.

"God, I think you got bigger!" Mike exclaimed as he felt his hole stretch to the limit. He paused to let his body adjust to the pain and pressure as he looked down into Chris's face.

Chris's eyes were closed as he savored the sensations flowing through his cock. Only the head was inside Mike's body, but the tight grip and heat had Chris at the verge of ejaculation.

"Don't move or I'll cum!" Chris begged Mike. He wanted to get all of his cock inside Mike and have a nice fuck, but the physical and mental stimulation was making that very difficult.

Mike was patient, as he wanted a nice long fuck from his big lover. He watched the strain in Chris's face soften, and knew it was time to slide down on the fence post that was barely inside his ass.

"OH MIKE!" Chris exclaimed as he felt his cock sliding inside the gripping sleeve of Mike's ass. He let Mike do all of the work as he threw his head back on the pillow to enjoy the sensations coursing through his body. His massive cock was being massaged as Mike began lowering and then lifting his body to work the long cock deeper inside. When Chris felt the pressure of Mike's ass cheeks, he knew his dick was completely buried. "Don't move or I'll cum!"

Mike could hardly breathe as his body felt the pain and pressure of having a monster cock filling his anal passage. He had dreamed that he and Chris would have anal sex again, but it had been weeks since he had felt his lover's huge cock stretch his insides to the limit. He held the position both for himself and to help Chris hold off his orgasm. His own cock had gone completely soft from the pressure and pain, but he loved the full feeling of having Chris inside his body again. When he felt Chris try to thrust his cock in and out of his body, he knew it was time to fuck. He began lifting his body in short moves before he sat back down carefully on Chris's belly.

Chris was in heaven, as he was now fully energized to fuck Mike's brains out. He moaned and begged Mike to move faster and harder, as he watched Mike's cock return to a full erection.

The group in the hallway was very busy as hard cocks were sucked and cum was swallowed. Other guys had gone into the rooms that were on each side of the room where Mike and Chris were having sex, with guys listening at the wall to hear the details of the gay sex. Nearly half of the members and pledges were sharing in the enjoyment of Chris and Mike being together.

"Do it, Mike!" Chris screamed. "Make me cum!"

Mike was ready, and he worked his body up and down on Chris's cock using the overhead bar. His anus was so sore from being stretched that he couldn't use his muscles to clamp down harder on Chris's cock, but he continued moving his body to give pleasure to his lover. His efforts were rewarded when Chris screamed and began flooding his insides with man cum. The sensations were intense, but Mike fought to hold off his own orgasm so he wouldn't go ballistic and hurt Chris. He moaned in ecstasy as he felt his insides fill and begin leaking out onto Chris's belly and genitals.

"OH, GOD!" Chris exclaimed as he felt his body blast cum inside Mike. "KEEP HUMPING ME!"

Mike was in heaven as he felt the explosions of man cream flood his intestines. He knew he would be sore for several days, but was thrilled that Chris had fucked him for the first time in several weeks. He controlled his body so that he wouldn't hurt Chris, as he felt the blasts of cum flood his body and leak out onto Chris. He had done something that he had never done before in satisfying Chris without losing control and going ballistic. He let his body sink down on Chris's belly and savored the feelings of the cum enema that he was getting from his huge buddy.

It took several minutes for Chris to be able to talk after the intensity of his orgasm. He had dreamed about fucking Mike again, and now his dream had come true.

"That was the best fuck of my life!" Chris choked out. "I can't believe how tight your ass is and what you just did to get me off!"

Mike laughed and admitted to Chris that the anal sex was the most intense of his life. He knew that his anal passage had been stretched to the limit, and that he would be sore for several days.

"I love you!" Mike exclaimed. "I've got a huge load of cum in my ass right now, and I need to grab a towel to cover my ass and go across the hall and let the air and cum out of me! I'm gonna be back as soon as I can, as I want to blow another load myself!"

"Give me a kiss before you leave!" Chris demanded. "You're the best lover in the world! Hurry back so we can have some more fun together!"

Mike grabbed a towel and held it under his leaking ass as he left the room to head for the toilets. He opened the door and three guys almost fell over as he exited.

"You guys are a bunch of perverts!" Mike exclaimed, knowing that the group had been listening at the door when he and Chris were having sex.

"Hey!" Dennis Reichert challenged. "You listened to me banging my Little Brother, Brendan, so don't give me any shit for listening to you and Chris get each other off!"

Mike laughed and admitted that listening to other guys suck and fuck was a major turn on for him and most of the guys in the house. He knew that Chris was waiting for him, and quickly headed for the toilet area where he could release the combination of air and cum that was boiling inside his rectum. He would have loved to relax and let Chris's semen stay inside his body, but the pressure was too intense. As soon as he sat on the toilet, his body exploded with a combination of air and cum.

The guys who had been listening at the door to the room had moved inside the toilet area, and they all cheered as they listened to Mike explode on the toilet. All of the guys had felt the stretching of their asses by a cock, and knew that the sounds that they were listening to were the result of a nice anal fuck. They cheered at each explosion of Mike's bowels, and begged him to let them join in an orgy in the room with Chris.

"Chris is mine!" Mike exclaimed. "I don't own him, and he doesn't own me, but tonight, we're gonna take care of each other's needs, so you guys go grab a dick and suck it dry!"

Mike finished his dump, and wiped his tender butthole, as he wanted to get back to make love with Chris again. He knew that his ass had been stretched to the limit, and he was sore, but he wanted Chris to get off again before they fell asleep together. He pushed his way through a group of voyeurs who begged to be allowed to watch him and Chris make love.

The guys all strained to see into the room when Mike opened the door, and saw Chris lying on his back, stroking his hard cock. They all wished that they had a better chance to see the huge cock, but Mike closed the door, knowing that no one would open it.

"You've got a bunch of admirers out there," Mike said as he kissed Chris on the lips. "I bet I could sell tickets for a chance to watch Little Chris spit another wad of cum."

"They can listen, but they can't watch," Chris replied. "There's something I need from you right now, so help me roll over on my right side."

Mike helped Chris roll over on the bed, and watched as his big buddy bent his body at the waist and lifted his left leg. He quickly realized that Chris was doing the best that he could to expose his ass for a fuck.

"We can't do that!" Mike exclaimed. "I'd love to fuck you, but your body isn't ready for it!"

"Either you put Little Mike in me right now, or I'll yell for the perverts outside the door to come in and fuck me!" Chris demanded. "I need to feel your dick inside my ass right now, so cut the crap and fuck me! We haven't been able to trade fucks for months, and I'm not gonna wait any longer!"

Mike knew how he had felt when he was injured and needed to feel Chris's cock stretch his asshole open. He and Chris loved sharing anal sex and knew it was the ultimate way for two guys to share intimacy. He looked at the pink ring of Chris's anus and let his lust overpower his reason, as he grabbed the lubricant and coated his throbbing cock and the hole he wanted to plunder.

"You haven't taken a fuck in weeks, so if it hurts, I'll just whack off and give you a facial," Mike promised.

"Don't make me wait any longer!" Chris demanded. "Get the head in and then let me adjust and relax before you shove it all the way in! You've got a big dick, so don't slam it inside me!"

Mike positioned his body behind Chris's and aimed his throbbing cock at the puckered ring of pleasure. He moaned as he felt his circumcised knob pop inside Chris's hole, and fought back the urge to release his semen. Just being inside the grip of Chris's tight ring was driving his body toward a quick release. He listened to the moans of pain coming out of Chris's mouth, and fought to hold back his orgasm and the urge to plunge the entire length of his eight inches of cock inside the gripping furnace.

"OH GOD, IT HURTS!" Chris screamed. "Just leave it there for a minute! Don't you dare take it out!"

Mike was patient, and waited for a sign from Chris to push more of his cock inside his big buddy. He knew that Chris's ass had tightened during the time he was injured, and that his cock was larger than most guys. The pause allowed Mike to regain control of his body and delay his orgasm. When he felt Chris begin moving his butt back and forth on the bed, he knew it was time to put more cock inside Chris's ass.

"Go easy until you get it all the way in me!" Chris begged. He felt his insides being stretched as Mike began making slow strokes in and out of his ass. Each stroke forward caused more of Mike's cock to slide inside Chris, and was met with a mixture of moans of pain and sighs of pleasure. Chris felt Mike's pubic hair rub against his ass cheeks, and knew that all of Little Mike was now buried in his ass. "Just leave it all the way in and let me relax," Chris begged.

Mike could feel the spasms of Chris's insides gripping his cock. He was thrilled that he was now all the way inside Chris's body, and knew he wouldn't last long when he started fucking his big lover. He began with slow, short strokes, knowing that his cock was large enough to cause discomfort for any guy when he fucked him. He reached around Chris and grabbed Chris's cock and began stroking it.

"FUCK ME!" Chris screamed as his cock responded to the masturbation. "FUCK ME HARD AND FILL ME WITH CUM!"

Mike forgot about Chris's injuries and began hammering his cock in and out of his lover. He continued jacking Chris off as he plowed the tight ass, relishing the gripping sensations of Chris's body as it massaged his throbbing cock.

The guys outside the door and in the two adjoining rooms cheered as they listened to Mike fucking Chris. They never expected Chris to be able to take a fuck with his casts and rib protection, but the sounds they were hearing made them believers. The audio stimulation created the need for many guys to get off, and hard cocks were being sucked and buried in tight asses as a result.

Back in their room, Mike was getting close to blasting his load, as he hammered his manhood deep inside of Chris's gripping ass and stroked his massive cock. He tried to control his body and emotions, but he was losing the battle as he slammed his body against Chris's and fucked him as hard as he had ever fucked him before.

Chris was in heaven as he felt his insides stretched and listened to the passion of his lover as he got fucked. He closed his eyes and savored the feelings of being fucked and having Mike jack him off, and knew he was close to cumming. He tightened his muscles each time Mike withdrew his big cock and relaxed them to allow Mike to plunge back inside his body. He felt his body react to being fucked for the first time in several weeks, and allowed the feelings to course through his body.

"I'M CUMMING!" Chris screamed as his cock unloaded, flooding the sheets and blasting across the room to flood the next bed. He felt his insides being flooded with the blasts of cum from Mike's exploding cock, and lost consciousness as his cock continued flooding the bed and room.

Mike had never felt an orgasm so intense, and he lost consciousness too as his body emptied all of its manly fluids deep inside Chris.

It was several minutes later before the two lovers regained consciousness. They both moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain, as they were both drained of all energy.

The audience outside the room recognized the silence inside the room as a signal that Mike and Chris were finished with their anal plunder. The guys were concerned that either Mike or Chris was unconscious and needed help as they opened the door to help their buddies.

"Let's get them cleaned up," Jarvis said to Justin. "I don't think either of them can move after what they just did to each other."

The two buddies lifted Chris onto the gurney to take him into the shower room, as Dennis and Brendan carried Mike. Everyone was concerned that the sexual encounter might have injured Chris, and came to help get their two buddies cleaned up and back to bed. They all knew that anal sex would tire out anyone, and realized that Chris had been completely drained of all energy.

After cleaning up both Chris and Mike, the two lovers were put back in their bed. Clean sheets had been put down, and the pledges and members left the two guys alone so they could sleep together after their intense bonding. Chris and Mike were awake but totally drained of energy as they cuddled together and fell asleep.

 To be continued... 

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