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CJ Chapter 4

Chris woke up the next morning with a full hardon. He looked down and saw the blonde head of his special friend, Joe, sleeping on his chest. His bladder was full, and he needed to drain it, but he didn't want to wake his sex bud. The pain became too intense, and he finally had to untangle his arms and legs from his bed buddy. Joe moaned as Chris separated his massive body and got out of the bed where they had shared a night of intense sex.

Chris giggled as he separated their bodies and searched for his boxers. He found them and slipped them on before he exited the room to head for the john to drain his bladder. The hall was empty as he opened the door to the john and headed for the urinals. He was draining his supply of filtered beer as the door opened and Leif came in. The handsome diver stood next to Chris and aimed his morning wood at the porcelain, trying to start the stream of piss.

"Did you have fun with my roomie last night?" Chris asked.

"Your roomie is a real stud, and I can't wait to have him as my fraternity brother," Leif said. "He was awesome in bed. I was surprised that he was at the competition and how he made me feel good about placing 4th. Last night, he placed 1st with me. I hope that both of you will accept our pledge bids. I know that all of the members want you, and I know that Isaac is a legacy candidate. Even if he wasn't, I would make sure he gets a bid."

Chris giggled as he finished draining his dick. He looked over and saw that Leif was well endowed, with a dick that looked like it was 7 inches, and it was only half-hard. He guessed that the impressive meat must be at least 9 inches when hard, and that his roomie must have a sore throat and tender ass this morning. He finished his piss and decided to take his morning run. He wondered if he would be running alone, as Isaac and Joe were both out of commission for the next few hours. He was pleasantly surprised to see Mike Mahley doing stretches as he left the Tri-Delt front door.

Mike greeted Chris and asked if he was ready for a long run. Chris really liked Mike, as they had been friends for years, ever since Chris was 15. Now, Mike was a member of the Tri-Delt fraternity, and Chris wanted him to be his big brother if he got a pledge bid. He was confident that he would get the bid, but nothing in life is guaranteed. They both decided to take a short route this morning, as they needed to shower, have breakfast, and hit the registration lines. Chris looked at his handsome friend and remembered the times that they had shared a bed. Mike was about 5 foot 9 inches, 170 pounds, light brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a well-developed body. The main attraction was his face, as Chris considered Mike the best looking guy in the fraternity. Mike was starting his sophomore year, and was very popular in the fraternity. They had bonded closely over the past four years and were very good friends. Mike was a frequent visitor at Chris's home, and Chris had spent many days and nights at Mike's home.

"Who's taking care of Alex?" Mike asked. He remembered the first time he met the giant dog and was scared shitless. Alex looked like he was going to kill him until Chris introduced him to the dog. Then Alex became very playful and friendly.

"Jason Gardner is living in my half of the duplex while I am gone" Chris replied as their run began. "He likes my mutt a lot, and says taking Alex for a walk gets him laid a lot."

Chris let Mike set the pace. Chris enjoyed the view of Mike's tight ass in the running shorts. He missed shoving his tongue up that tight hole and then filling it with his boner. He made himself a promise to hook up with Mike real soon, as he loved to see Mike's handsome face smiling and then screaming in ecstasy when he was being fucked. Mike was a moaner and groaner. He was also hard to control when he was being plugged.

They finished their run and decided to shower together before registration. Chris grabbed his shower kit from Joe's room. Joe was snoring loudly as Chris grabbed the kit out of his backpack. His backpack was essential for his active life. It always contained a change of clothes, a supply of extra-large condoms, and a tube of lubricant. He always carried his cell phone, even when he was running. It was a promise that he made to B, and Chris kept his promise.

Mike loved any time he spent with Chris. Ever since they had met at the gym in Freemont, four years ago, he knew that there was something special about his big friend. Now that Chris was in the same college, Mike wanted to be even closer to his buddy. He tried to hide his real feelings from Chris. He knew that Chris was very sexually active with other guys at the house, and also cracked his nuts at the Sig Ep house. He was jealous that so many guys were hooking up with Chris, as Mike would like to have Chris all to his own.

They enjoyed their shower together and washed each other's back. Mike popped wood when he ran his fingers down Chris's back and between the cheeks of the bubble butt. Chris had the finest ass of any guy in the world as far as Mike was concerned. He loved eating that cute pink hole and then planting his thick 8 1/2 inches of meat inside it. Chris was the best fuck that Mike had ever had.

Other fraternity members came in to the large shower room, and several of them teased Mike about his boner. Teasing and playing pranks was the norm at the Tri-Delt house, so Mike took it well.

"I've got a nice boner here for one of you to swallow" Mike said. "Who wants a fast protein shake before registration?"

The guys all laughed. Chris whispered that when registration was over and he had bought his books, he would love to gulp down whatever Mike could supply. Mike was in heaven, as he wanted to spend a long time in bed with his buddy.

Chris finally pounded on the door to Leif's room to get Isaac ready for registration. When the door finally opened, it smelled like a whorehouse in the room. Isaac was staggering around, looking for his clothes. The way he was walking proved that Leif had boned him really well. Chris teased his roomie about his butthole falling out. Isaac was not pleased at the teasing of both Chris and Leif, but he finally laughed and said it was a great ride.

Because it was the summer tri-mester, the registration lines were not long. They were there early and got the classes they wanted, and looked back at the long lines of late arrivals. Isaac was pleased that Chris was helping him acclimate to college life at CSU. They hit the used bookstore and found the books they needed. Now they were free for the rest of the day, as classes would start tomorrow.

During lunch they chatted about their desires to become members of Delta Delta Delta fraternity. Both of them would sign up for rush in September, but would only visit the Tri-Delt house. It was all or nothing for both of them. They both felt comfortable that they would get pledge bids and would be pledge buddies. The Tri-Delts held their rush a week before all the other fraternities and sororities on campus. At first, it upset the other fraternities, until they realized that the top rush candidates would hold out and not visit their rush parties, concentrating on the Tri-Delt parties. They finally agreed that having a staggered rush period would allow them to secure more pledges. Guys that were not successful in getting a pledge bid from Delta Delta Delta were then available to the other fraternities. The maximum number of pledges was set at 15 for the Tri-Delt house. Some of the pledges might quit during pledgeship, but if they did, they were not replaced with other candidates.

After lunch they decided to walk around the campus and check for "eye candy". Most of the other students had the same idea, and spent a lot of time staring at both Chris and Isaac. They finally sat on a bench in the quad, and talked.

"Joe told me about how you got those scars," Isaac said. "I hope you aren't upset about him telling me. He told me how you saved his life by using your Karate skills."

"Joe is my bud" Chris replied, "but he doesn't know the entire story, and neither do Mike or Jacob. Are you a Catholic?"

Isaac shook his head, "no", waited, and Chris explained. "Joe has an older sister who is a nun. Mike and Jacob are both Catholics and have strong beliefs. I didn't want to tell them things that would upset their beliefs."

"We go to the Lutheran Church, if we go at all" Isaac said. "Dad had some bad experiences when he was young and in Catholic schools with the nasty nuns. Now we only go to church about once a month."

"Well," Chris said, "now you will hear the complete story. I just ask that you don't share it with anyone. If it gets back to Mike, I will be especially pissed at you."

Isaac promised, as he never wanted to have the big hulk pissed at him. The story began with Chris telling about Margaret, Sister Superior at the St. Mary's Orphanage for Boys. She was a nasty bitch who had almost total control of the orphanage when Father Thomas was the priest. She liked the older boys the most, as they had the biggest dicks. She often had one or more boys in her private room, and used them for sex. The boys were repaid with special privileges, better meals, and almost total freedom from any punishment. She was bi-sexual, and loved to 69 with the younger nuns under her authority. She was really pissed at Chris for being caught with Elizabeth, the novice nun who seduced him when he was 10. She wanted the beautiful young trainee for herself.

Isaac was shocked. He listened closely as Chris continued.

"Sister Margaret saw my dick when I was in the shower and wanted it. She opened her habit and lifted her flabby tits and told me I could suck them. I refused, and thought I was gonna be sick," Chris continued. "Then she pulled up the habit, pulled down her panties and showed me her hairy crotch. It was the nastiest cunt I have ever seen in my entire life. She wanted me to lick it and stick it. When I refused, she said that I would be punished by her 'boys' until I agreed."

"That same night, I was attacked. The five guys were all bigger than I was, but I knew how to fight. The got me by hitting me on the back of the head with a bamboo cane that they got from Sr. Margaret. I went down like a rock. When I came to, I was tied down nude, with one of the guys drilling my butt," Chris said.

He paused and said he really didn't want to give the graphic details of the beating and rape. The gang was large, and many of the older boys were frequent overnight "guests" in the rooms of the nuns. The truth came out after he had returned to the orphanage and had beat the shit out of the five rapists. He had left a letter for Father Joe, giving all the names and details of the attack, and the involvement of the nuns. He never had to return to the orphanage, as the adoption was approved during his recovery from the gunshot wound.

"It was really weird," Chris said. "I knew that I was really sick after I got shot. B and Sam were there with a lot of other people that are special in my life, but I don't remember much. I just remember that I was ready to give up and die. The pain in my gut was terrible and my entire body felt like it was on fire. It was the infection from the bullet hitting my intestines and allowing bad fluids and bacteria to fill me up. I crashed and gave up."

Isaac moved closer to Chris and saw the tears flowing down the big jock's face. He knew that Chris was sharing a deep secret with him, and hugged his big roomie to encourage him to continue.

"I felt like I was floating in the air, but everything was pitch dark," Chris continued. "When I was in the dark, I felt no pain, and I knew I was either dying or was dead. Then I felt a hand grab mine. I was led out of the dark and into a beautiful meadow that had a stream running through it. The man holding my hand was an Indian, wearing a full headdress of eagle feathers, buckskin breeches, and a chest covering of bones woven together with leather thongs. He told me that I was his great-grandson, and that it was not time for me to die. He led me to the stream where a fire was burning. He put some herbs into the fire and fanned the smoke in my face with a bird wing. He was chanting in a strange language that I later found out was Cherokee. I remember the sweet smell of the smoke as my body relaxed. He continued chanting and put his hands on my belly and head. I felt a jolt of energy hit my body and I blacked out. When I woke up, my belly no longer hurt. He led me into the stream and washed my entire body in the cool water. He told me that I was his 'chosen one' and that in the future, I would know when I was ready to take his place."

Chris took a deep breath and continued. "The only one who knows all of this is B. During one of our 'Total Truth" meetings, he asked me what happened in the hospital. He told me that I had a cardiac arrest, and the Intensive Care Unit went wild. He knew that I was going to die, and he fell apart. None of the doctors could explain how my heart began beating again, even before they got the crash cart. My temperature dropped to normal, showing that the infection was gone. They could not explain the eagle feather that was on my chest, or the red handprints on my belly and forehead. They tried to explain that the antibiotics had finally worked, but B and I know differently. I can still see the face of my great-grandfather. He was standing beside a teepee made of animal hides that had pictures of Cherokee life scenes covering the hides. When I woke up, I asked B where the Indian was. He thought I was imagining it. I am not a great artist, but I asked for paper and pencil, and drew a picture of the Indian and teepee. I later found out that the picture I drew matched a photo of my great-grandfather, White Cloud, a Cherokee medicine man. I knew the truth. White Cloud had died a long time before that day, but he had returned to heal me. The picture I put above my bed is the one of White Cloud that I got from my grandparents."

"HOLY FUCK!!" Isaac exclaimed. "I gotta tell you, it is hard to believe that it happened that way, but I believe you!" Isaac realized how special it was for Chris to share his past with him. He hugged his roomie and thanked him for trusting him. He also promised not to tell anyone what Chris had shared.

"Some people think that being a big athlete is awesome," Chris said. "It is not! My life has been filled with violence, and I wish I could just live a normal life. I get into bad situations when guys see how big I am, and they want to prove their masculinity by beating my butt. I am constantly a target. After the Olympics, things got worse instead of better. I think that guys want to kick my butt to prove that they are a better man than I am. I love to wrestle around with friends, but I always hold back on my strength. I never use Karate against my buds. It is funny watching them as they think they are kicking my butt. I know that I could rip into them, but it is more fun to watch them in their fantasy land."

Isaac laughed and said, "I hope you never rip into me. Joe told me how freaked out he was when he watched you take those Phi Tau's apart. He also told me that the Phi Tau's were kicked off campus after attacking you and him. He is afraid that they will try to retaliate, now that you are a student here. He said that they still have a house off campus, but can't wear their Greek letters, compete in intramural sports, or officially rush any new pledges. They are still a bunch of assholes, and are known for doing drugs and causing problems on campus. I hope you will be careful, as I don't want my suck buddy getting hurt."

Chris laughed. He said he knew about the Phi Tau's and their current status. He also wanted to take Isaac from the status of suck buddy to fuck buddy. The five guys that had attacked him were all kicked out of CSU and served time in jail. Larry went to prison, due to his previous record of arrests. At one time, the Phi Tau house had 50 members, but now there were less than 20. They were trying to get back on campus, but their grades and constant troubles with campus security were preventing any change in status. The Phi Tau's hated the Tri-Delts, and were always causing problems on campus. The other fraternities and sororities excluded the Phi Tau's from any social events they held. The outcasts had threatened revenge for their current status against the entire Greek community on campus.

The two roomies walked around campus, chatting as they met other students. Many of the CSU students wanted to meet CJ and some asked for his autograph. Chris was very polite and was friendly toward the other students. He has a photographic memory, and is an exceptional speed-reader. He was storing away the names and faces of the people he was meeting for future contact. B was always amazed that Chris could remember people's names when he met them for the second time.

"Let's have lunch at the dorm," Chris said. "I have plans with Mike for the rest of the afternoon. I'd bet that you need to hit the whirlpool to heal up your butthole from Leif's peepee."

Isaac laughed and agreed that the whirlpool would feel great. He also wondered how long it would be before he plugged Chris's cute butt and felt the "dick of death" ripping his ass apart. It was scary, and yet it was awesome to look forward to. Isaac wanted to connect with Chris the same way he had hooked up with Leif. College life was SWEET!!!

They finished a great lunch at the dorm, and Chris walked to the fraternity. He found Mike in his room that he shared with Justin. Justin had registered and headed out on a date, leaving the room to Mike and Chris.

Chris grabbed the sign and hung it on the outside door knob, knowing that Justin would find another room to crash in if he didn't shack up for the night with his date. Chris turned to see the smiling face of his buddy. Mike's smile could light up the world as far as Chris was concerned. He wasted no time in grabbing his friend and mashing their lips together. Tongues probed and hands wandered. Chris let Mike take the lead, as their sex varied from long periods of making out, to quickies of drop, suck, and swallow. It was always exciting for Chris to see what Mike wanted to do. Today, it was making out, so they hit the bed and swallowed tongues. They continued kissing as they undressed each other. Every new area of skin that was revealed was licked and sucked. It took over 30 minutes before they were nude on the bed, with Mike taking the trip south to inhale the huge cock. Mike was a great cocksucker, but had not mastered the art of taking the entire length down his throat. He always apologized, but was doing better each time. Chris knew that Mike would eventually master the art and be able to deep throat him the way Joe could.

Mike was in heaven as he inhaled the dick of the guy he loved. He was shy, and always had trouble expressing his feelings and emotions. He wished that he could tell Chris how much he loved him, but he was afraid that Chris would laugh at him or dump their friendship. Chris was a super jock, and the most important athlete on campus. He could have any guy or girl he ever wanted. Mike would never risk their friendship by sharing his true feelings for Chris.

"Get ready to swallow!!" Chris said to Mike. His huge cock throbbed and blasted huge amounts of semen down Mike's throat. Chris was loud as he moaned and cussed at his buddy to "eat his wad". Several guys walked past the door to the room and heard Chris's nasty mouth. They all knew that Chris never cussed unless he was going to fight or fuck, and it was obvious that it was "fuck time at Delta Delta Delta". Some of the guys that were in the hallway had already been on the receiving end of Chris's dick, and wished that they were in the room right now, eating his protein. When Chris was a pledge, they would find out how far he would go to "obey a brother".

Chris and Mike spent the rest of the afternoon sucking cock and talking. It was a great time for both of them. They each unloaded three times, but spent most of the time kissing and talking. The conversation was light until Mike asked Chris why he hadn't talked to Marcus Knight, the basketball coach. Jermaine Williams, a black Tri-Delt brother was on the basketball team, and had been trying to get Chris to talk to Marcus. Marcus was also black, and had been a close friend of Chris's. Mike wanted to know what was going on.

"If I tell you, I will have to kill you," Chris teased.

"Come on buddy," Mike pleaded. "You can tell me. Let's do 'Total Truth'. You know the rules. We can't tell anyone what is shared."

"Okay," Chris responded. "Tell me the new guys you have scored since I saw you last, and what you did with them."

"That is two questions," Mike chided. "You only get one question."

Chris was pissed, but saw the flicker in Mike's eyes and the awesome smile that told him that he would answer.

"Well, since I saw you last, I have done some of my usual buds," Mike answered. "But I have also scored with Chao and Leif. Chao is really into sucking and swallowing, but doesn't like anal at all. Leif has a whopper of a dick, and sucks like a Hoover. He also likes to 'top', but I convinced him to take a poke in the ass. He is a real pussy when he gets fucked. He screams and moans like a cunt. It is a riot."

Chris laughed and stored the information away for future use. He wondered if Isaac had boned Leif last night, or if Isaac was the "bottom" all night. He was ready to answer Mike's question.

"Do you remember how I met Marcus for the first time?" Chris asked.

Mike nodded, and drifted back to the time when Chris was 15 and he was 16. It was the day after the big fight with the Phi Tau's and he and Joe had taken Chris to the IM building where the varsity basketball players were practicing. They needed one more guy to fill in on the "pickup team". Joe had asked if Chris could play basketball, and he had acted interested, but fumbled the ball, dribbled it off his foot, and acted totally uncoordinated. The varsity players laughed at him and figured that they could wipe the floor with Chris's ass. Marcus was pissed that he would not have a challenge for his varsity players, but agreed that Chris could join, as no one else was willing to play.

As soon as the "pickup team" brought the ball inbound, the pass went to Chris. He dribbled like a pro, streaked toward the baseline, faked out the starting center, and stuffed the ball over his back for two points. Everyone was shocked. The guy they thought was going to be a "pussy" had just creamed them. Chris didn't let up. He stole the inbound pass and dumped a three-pointer. Now the varsity was rattled. Chris was like a blur on the court as he caused turnovers and executed precision passes to his teammates. Marcus had blown the whistle and demanded to know what college team Chris played for.

Chris and Joe were laughing, and that made Marcus even madder. He had been set up, and he wanted to know who this guy was who could make his starters look so bad. Joe introduced Marcus to CJ Hammer.

"CJ is a freshman," Joe teased.

"What college?" Marcus demanded.

"Central High School in Freemont, California," Chris replied.

Marcus was shocked. CJ was so talented that he could start on any college team in the nation. He could not believe that the man standing on his court was actually a boy in high school. When he realized that Joe and Chris were telling him the truth, he knew what he had to do.

"Marcus hooked me up with Shaq (Shaquille O'Neal)," Chris said. "He knew that Shaq was running a basketball camp in L.A. the next week, and he called him to get me in. The camp was full, and Marcus had to beg Shaq to let me in. It was a long phone call, but Marcus promised to return some pictures if Shaq let me in the camp. I delivered the envelope of pictures without ever seeing any of them. The envelope was sealed and Marcus made me promise not to open it. The only thing I saw was the word 'Jasmine' on the outside of the envelope."

"Most of the guys at the basketball camp were black, and they didn't seem to like me," Chris continued. "They knew I was added at the last minute, and many of them had friends that wanted to get in, but the camp was full. Things changed after we started practicing. I did okay, and some of the guys seemed to notice. Shaq knew that Marcus was a great coach. They had played pro ball together until Marcus tore up his knee. Shaq decided to test me in front of the entire camp, and said he was going to 'post up' to see if I could play defense. He was a lot bigger than I was, and he knew how to use his body to push me around. The first time he scored. He told me to be more aggressive. The next two of his shots I blocked. He was shocked. He tried again and I stole the ball from him. He grabbed me by the shirt and dragged me to his office. He thought I was a pro from some other country, and Marcus had sent me there to make him look bad in front of the entire camp."

Mike laughed as he listened to the story that none of the guys in the fraternity had heard. He knew that Chris had made an impression on Shaq, but never knew the details. The beauty of "Total Truth" was that Chris would not hold back, but that Mike could not tell anyone else what had been shared.

"I apologized to Shaq," Chris said. "I told him I was just doing what he had told me to do. I told him the truth. He was amazed that I was a freshman in high school. He told me that he and Marcus had always played pranks on each other. They always ended the prank by saying 'GOTCHA!!' The pictures I had delivered were the proof of the biggest 'GOTCHA' that Marcus had ever pulled on Shaq. He took me back out on the floor and put me in a game with some of the best players in the camp. I did good, but Shaq kept ragging on me about my style. He gave me a lot of attention, but a lot of criticism too, and I really learned a lot from him. He made me promise to stay in high school, then finish college, as he didn't want to play against me in the NBA."

Mike was thrilled at hearing this secret information. No one at the fraternity, even the two basketball players, had ever heard about the connection between Marcus and Shaq. Chris was also being honest about his basketball skills. Sharing special times like this with Chris made Mike feel even closer to his friend.

"Shaq invited me to his home several times and I went there," Chris said. "He is a great guy. I really respect him and how great a pro he is. He has made millions, but he acts just like a normal guy. He is a lot of fun to be around, and he has helped me improve my game a ton. I have gone to his camps ever since, and now he has me help train the other guys there. It is an honor to be around him. Shaq is the one who got me on the Olympic basketball team. Usually the U.S. team is made up of pro players, with a token high school player and one from a college."

"I know that you won a gold medal and the MVP award," Mike said, "but that doesn't explain why you won't talk to Marcus now. You even gave Marcus your gold medal when you came back to campus. He about shit when you did that. He has it on the wall in his office, and always points it out to visitors. What the fuck happened to make you avoid Marcus now?"

"Marcus set me up," Chris said. "When he knew I was headed for the Olympics, he wanted me to lay a 'GOTCHA' on Shaq. I pulled a lot of pranks on Shaq when we were in the Olympic dorms. Of course, the basketball team all had private rooms. I did some stuff to tease Shaq, just like Marcus asked me to do. Some of the pranks were my own ideas. I snuck into his room and put peanut butter on his pillow, right next to his head. During the night he tossed and turned, and coated his face with peanut butter. Shaq was livid. I filled a condom with water and put it under the sheet on his bed. He jumped on the bed and was flooded with water. I put red pepper in his jock before practice, and he went ballistic."

Mike was laughing so hard he was crying. Chris had pulled some "world class" pranks on a pro athlete and was still alive. He thought that those pranks would be great to pull on his own fraternity brothers.

"Marcus told me that the pictures were special," Chris said. "He only told me that some time during the days I was at the Olympics with Shaq, I should say something about 'Jasmine' to rattle him. I took it literally. I bought some Jasmine perfume and dumped the entire bottle in Shaq's room, covering his clothes and bed. He never knew who was messing with him, and figured it was one of the pros he was playing with. During the ESPN interview after the championship game, I dropped the bomb."

Mike had seen the interview, and tried to remember why Shaq was so upset that he said he was going to kill a blonde-headed high school player after the interview.

"I had figured out that the photos must have shown a girl named Jasmine," Chris said. "I also knew about 'GOTCHA', and figured that Jasmine was involved. During the interview, I thanked Marcus Knight for making it possible for me to be on the Olympic team. I also said that 'Jasmine" had visited Shaq's room. When Shaq said he was gonna kill me, I had to think fast. The commentator went for the kill, and asked me to explain. I admitted on live television that I had dumped a bottle of Jasmine scented perfume all over Shaq's room."

"God," Mike said. "The entire house was watching you play, and we loved it that you won the gold medal and MVP award. You should have heard the screaming for you! We watched the reaction of Shaq, and wondered why he was so upset. We guessed that having his room doused with perfume was the reason."

"Well, I finally learned the truth about Jasmine," Chris said. "Shaq told me when I was at his home that Marcus threw a birthday party for him a few years before, and the place was filled with hot women. Marcus told Shaq that he had a special surprise in the bedroom of the hotel for him. When Shaq opened the door, Marcus shoved him inside the bedroom. Waiting for him was a hooker who weighed at least 400 pounds. She had boobs the size of watermelons, with nipples at least 10 inches across, and was topless. She had huge bushes of hair under her arms and a massive bush between her legs that was only partially covered by a tiny thong. She ran up to Shaq and hugged him. Marcus and some other guys took a bunch of pictures of them together with Polaroid and digital cameras. Marcus yelled 'GOTCHA' at his buddy, and knew that he had made the major score."

Mike was in stitches, laughing at the description of the star athlete being busted by his friend. Pranks were always popular at the Tri-Delt house, and no physical violence was tolerated in retaliation when a guy got busted. Playing pranks was part of college life, and everyone in the house had been the perpetrator and the victim at one time or another. Chris had taken pranks to a new level, by pulling them on Shaq.

"Shaq got me aside after the interview was over, and I was afraid he was gonna kill me," Chris said. "He was pissed at me and Marcus, but then he broke down laughing his ass off. He thanked me for helping him save face in the interview, but made me promise to help him get even with Marcus. I told Shaq that I was going to give Marcus my gold medal. He told me that Marcus would go ballistic and refuse to take it. Shaq gave me his gold medal for my collection to replace mine that I was going to give Marcus. Shaq had already won a gold medal for Olympic basketball, and said I deserved to have one if I gave mine to Marcus. I have a plan to repay Shaq and stir things up between them again. I like pulling pranks and teasing guys, but I want to get out of the middle of Marcus versus Shaq. I want to play basketball for Marcus, but I will mess with his brain first. Marcus hates long hair, tattoos, and guys with bad attitudes. I am gonna use that information to mess with his mind. B has begged me to cut my hair, but I won't do that until the time is right to get even with Marcus. I have always loved my braid, and I will keep it, but I will cut the rest of my hair when the time is right. I am gonna bust his balls, big time!"

"Jermaine has talked to me about you playing basketball here at CSU," Mike said. "Marcus is getting a lot of heat from you not accepting the basketball scholarship and refusing to commit to playing for him. The university athletic department is putting a lot of pressure on him to sign you up. Four of the top high school players in the nation accepted scholarships here with the understanding that they would be playing on the same team as you. If you flash out, Marcus is toast. He could lose his job. He is a great guy, so don't fuck with him too long. It is really cool that you are being so honest with me about all of this. I never imagined how involved this whole situation is. Everyone knows that you could turn pro right now and make millions of dollars, but I want you to stay here, pledge, and become my fraternity brother. You are awesome!!"

Mike and Chris hugged. Mike promised that he would not share the information with anyone. The two guys had done "Total Truth" before, and both knew the rules. In the entire fraternity, only Mike, Jacob, and Joe knew about "Total Truth". It was a special bond among the four close friends.

"Can we stop 'Total Truth' now?" Chris asked.

Mike kissed Chris on the lips and their tongues dueled for position. It was time for more sex, and they both wanted to take the next step from oral to anal. Mike was the one to initiate the event.

"Let's have supper and then fuck each other's brains out!" Mike exclaimed. "I'm hungry right now after eating your sperm and listening to your story. Now I need some substantial food and your cock inside my ass!"

Chris laughed and called Mike a slut. They often called each other that name, but both of them knew that they were just horny guys needing to get their rocks off. They made it to the fraternity dining room, just as supper was being served. During the time that there were no pledges, members filled in to set the tables and deliver the food. That would all change when pledging started, as the members would be very demanding of professional service from the pledges.

Isaac was sitting at the table with Leif, and they seemed to be very friendly toward each other. Chris liked to see his roomie make friends, but wondered if Leif was going to interfere with his plans to fuck Isaac's brains out.

"Would you rather be with your roomie tonight?" Mike asked softly. He was hoping that Chris would say 'no'.

"You are gonna be my roomie tonight," Chris whispered to Mike. "You are my favorite bed partner, and I am gonna hear you scream my name all night!"

Mike giggled as he heard the answer he wanted to hear. He wished that Chris were not so handsome. Maybe then, other guys at the fraternity would not go ballistic at the chance of getting him in their bed. He also realized that the face of his friend was so handsome, and his voice was so sexy, that no one could resist the desire to have sex with him. He loved looking into the bright green eyes and seeing the eyes sparkle with lust.

They finished supper and headed for the dorm area. Chris was pinching Mike's ass all the way from the dining room, and Mike loved the attention. They entered the room and kissed passionately.

"I'll fill the bag for you," Mike said. He went to his closet, grabbed the enema bag, and walked across the hall to the toilet area. Chris knew it was "flush out" time again.

Chris stripped down to his boxers and followed the cute ass of Mike into the toilet area. No one else was in the toilet as Mike filled the bag and handed it to Chris, who was sitting nude in the toilet stall. They both ended up flushing out any waste in their bodies, and then headed for the shower room. Mike had returned the kit to his closet, and was thrilled that he would be hooking up with Chris for the night.

By the time Mike got into the shower room, several guys were there, including Isaac and Leif. Isaac saw the way that Chris looked at Mike, and knew that they were going to hookup for the night. Isaac was obviously jealous. Mike picked up on the vibes from Isaac and was uncomfortable. He liked Isaac and wanted him to become a brother, but he was not ready for jealousy from the prospective pledge.


Leif picked up on the tension and broke it by grabbing Isaac in the shower room and kissing him passionately in front of several brothers. Everyone cheered, including Mike and Chris. Isaac melted into the arms of his new lover. Chris and Mike finished their showers and headed for Mike's room, hanging the sign on the outside doorknob. Everyone in the fraternity knew that the sign on the door meant "stay out, sex in progress".

The night was filled with passion, as Chris and Mike traded saliva and sperm. Mike was the first to get fucked as he lubed up the 12 1/2 inches of meat and sat down on it. His dick went from a full woody to totally soft, as his body felt the combination of pain, pressure, and pleasure. He took his time, working his body up and down, taking more of the huge dick inside his clinging hole. When he finally had taken the entire length, he went wild.

"Go for it wild man!" Chris yelled. He pinched Mike's nipples and twisted them, as the rutting continued.

Mike was a wild man. Whenever he got a dick inside his butt, he went ballistic and threw his body all around the bed, making it difficult for the dick owner to keep it inside. Due to the length of Chris's huge cock, it never came completely out. Chris was in heaven as he watched Mike go postal. Mike was the best fuck Chris had ever had, and the night had just begun. Mike rotated on the pole that was implanted deep in his ass, and began bucking like a bronco. He was pumping up and down on the cock and screaming in total abandon. Guys walking in the hallway knew that Mike was the hottest fuck in the fraternity, and they all wished that they could watch the two horny fuckers. The door was pounded and yells of encouragement filled the hallway.

Mike's cock was fully hard, and Chris was stroking it to increase the pleasure of his buddy. Precum was flowing out of Mike's cock. Chris was working the cock and pinching Mike's nipples as Mike was slamming his ass up and down on Chris's huge cock. Chris grabbed quantities of the precum and fed it to Mike, and also ate it himself. It was an awesome hookup, and the two studs were ready to cum.

Mike blasted first, covering Chris's face and chest with his thick love fluid. He shot four huge wads of cum before he settled down and worked his tight ass to satisfy his younger buddy.

Chris felt Mike's ass clamp down as his face and chest were flooded with warm cum. The extra grip on his cock caused him to erupt. He flooded the tight ass of his buddy with at least 10 blasts of baby pudding. The squishing sounds of their union filled the room. Chris could feel the overflow of his cum running down his cock and collecting on his pubes and balls.

Mike collapsed on the chest of his lover. He was totaled. He finally lifted up to allow the huge cock to slip out of his battered hole.

They both moaned, as their union was broken. They turned on the bed into a 69 position. Mike ate the cum that had leaked out of his hole and was puddled on Chris's pubes and balls. Chris spread Mike's asscheeks and felched his load of cum out of Mike's gaping hole. The two hungry lovers ate every drop of cum that they could get to.

"Jesus," Mike said. "That is the first time that anyone has felched me. It felt like you were gonna suck my guts out through my asshole. Where the fuck did you learn that?"

Chris giggled and said that Joe had taught him the trick. He had wanted to try it with Mike to see his reaction. They had turned on the bed so they were face to face, and they continued making out and sharing cum that Mike had blown on Chris. They continued kissing and cuddling. They finally fell asleep.

Later that evening, Mike took his turn and fucked Chris. Mike had one of the thickest dicks in the fraternity, and plugged Chris's hole like a professional. He thought about felching Chris after filling the tight ass of the big jock with his pudding, but lost interest after getting his rocks off. It was a full night of anal sex, as they both ended up fucking each other three times. Five loads of cum were fired by each of them before they finally fell asleep with their bodies wrapped around each other.

The next morning, the alarm clock woke them up to get ready for their first day of classes. Chris was taking two courses during the summer tri-mester. His classes were held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That would give him long weekends to enjoy himself on the campus.

Mike and Chris were both sore from their night of fucking. They both moaned as they separated and headed for the shower room in the fraternity. Several other guys were already in the showers, and greeted the two fuck buddies with comments about how loud they had been the night before. Teasing was the norm at the fraternity, so both Chris and Mike joined in.

"You guys are just jealous that you didn't get your chimes rung like I did," Mike teased. He grabbed Chris's soft cock and said, "When this guy is a pledge, I will paddle his ass and then fuck him until his asshole falls out!"

Everyone laughed. All of the brothers liked Chris and were thrilled that he wanted to pledge their fraternity. Having the Olympic star as a pledge would help the Tri-Delts lure the cream of the crop of freshmen into pledging. Several member meetings had been held to discuss how to keep Chris from joining a different fraternity. Every fraternity on campus wanted to rush CJ Hammer. Official rush would not start until the fall semester began in September, but freshmen who started classes during the summer term were fair game. They could be invited to parties, but official rush was in September.

Mike and Chris finished their showers and decided that they were too sore to make their morning run. They enjoyed breakfast with the other members of the fraternity, and saw Isaac and Leif enter the dining room.

Chris could see that Isaac was walking funny, and knew that his roomie had been boned again last night. He wanted his turn in plugging the cute brown butt of his friend, and wondered if he would get a chance, now that Isaac and Leif seemed to be a couple.

Mike was tuned into Chris's emotions, and challenged him.

"Are you jealous that you were not with Isaac last night?" Mike asked. "He is super cute, and I know you guys have banged each other or will real soon."

Chris took a risk and leaned over and kissed Mike on the mouth. Only a few of the members were in the dining room and witnessed the kiss, but they all cheered.

"You are the stud that I wanted to be with, and the sex last night was AWESOME!!" Chris whispered into Mike's ear. He also ran his tongue into the ear, causing Mike to squeal and jump back. The brothers loved seeing the exchange of affection. They all wished that they were the one to receive the affection that Chris was giving Mike.

Leif and Isaac joined the table that Mike and Chris were sitting at, and finished their breakfast.

Chris left to attend his first class. He grabbed his backpack and headed out of the fraternity. He knew he was always welcome at the house, but he also wanted to meet more of the guys at the dorm. Many of them could be candidates for pledging his favorite fraternity, and he wanted to get to know them.

He went to his two classes and then headed for the IM building to visit his friend, Brice Cox, the training coach. Brice had always welcomed Chris to the training center, and had expanded the Karate training area at the insistence of Brian Williams, the campus security Sergeant. The Karate room now contained several life-sized kicking bags that were suspended from the ceiling on chains. Chris loved working out in the new training room and the time he spent with Brice. He could practice all of the moves that he had learned in Japan from Yoshi Yamamoto in the special training room. He had promised his Sensei that he would practice at least three times a week, but Chris would study the Karate books and spend much more time than he promised to hone his skills.

Brian loved having Chris help him train Karate at CSU. In the past four years, Chris had trained Brian, and Brian's skills had improved. Brian taught the CSU Karate class, and was thrilled that the star athlete had taken time to train him. Each summer, Chris had returned to Japan for advanced training, and he tried to improve the skills of his friend on the campus security force when he returned from his own training.

Brice always left Chris alone in the training room, as he knew that the big athlete needed to concentrate during his training time. On a few occasions, Brice had watched Chris work with Brian, and was amazed at the grace and quickness of the huge body. Chris was one of his favorites, as he knew the huge athlete was going to play football and maybe basketball for CSU. Brice had helped Chris develop a personal training schedule that included weight training, running, swimming, and of course, Karate time.

Chris changed into his Karate outfit in the locker room. Brice came in and said that a freshman was there asking him about continuing his Karate training. Brice wanted to know if Chris would allow the new guy to join him in the training room. Chris said he would like to have a training buddy, and Brice introduced him to Nathan Pease.

Nathan was a small guy, about 5 feet four inches tall, and weighing about 120 pounds. He had brown hair that was tied back into a braid, with dark brown eyes, and a drop-dead cute face. He looked up at the guy that Brice was introducing him to, and almost fainted. Nathan knew who CJ Hammer was, but didn't know that the huge basketball star also knew Karate. He was thrilled to meet and shake the hand of the famous athlete, but wondered what Karate skills the big jock could have. Everyone who had learned Karate knew that being big and heavy was a big disadvantage. Smaller and lighter Karate fighters were much more mobile, and could usually take down a larger fighter by using their quickness. The mass of a larger fighter was also a disadvantage as it was harder to control and change direction.

Nathan and Chris did some stretching and warm-up exercises together and then began a series of fighting maneuvers. Nathan was shocked at how fast CJ was when he attacked him. Nathan was already a black belt in Karate, and thought that he would cream the big, slow giant. He was amazed that CJ was faster on his feet than he was. Every attack blow was blocked and a return blow had landed. It was humiliating to have a basketball star take him down in his favorite sport.

Brian Williams had just entered the training room and was watching the sparring.

Nathan lost his temper, and attacked CJ with a vengeance. Chris took advantage of the anger, and flipped Nathan on his back and pinned him to the mat. Nathan was screaming and cussing at Chris, as Brian looked on and laughed out loud.

"You will never be a great Karate fighter if you lose your temper," Brian said. "You have been jerked off by one of the best Karate fighters in the world, and you lost control."

"If you will calm down, I will let you up," Chris said. He was still holding the smaller guy down on the mat, hoping that Nathan would relax.

Nathan finally gave up, knowing that CJ Hammer was huge and could crush him with his body weight. He also knew from the sparring, that CJ could tear him apart in his own sport. It was a bitter pill for the small guy to swallow. His Karate skills had always given him the advantage when bigger guys had decided to pick on him. Nathan relaxed, and CJ let him go, grabbing his hand to help him stand up.

"Chris is my Sensei," Brian said. "I have seen him in a nasty fight with guys bigger than he was when Chris was 15. He kicked their asses. He could tear you and me apart if he wanted to, and he wouldn't work up a sweat. I teach Karate here on campus, but Chris teaches me. If you are lucky, he will train you too."

Nathan was still upset that he was unable to use his smaller size and quickness to score any hits on the massive body of the big jock. He finally realized that he was in the company of two special men, the CSU Karate instructor, and the handsome giant that he knew was a basketball gold medal winner.

"I apologize," Nathan said as he bowed his head. "I heard that CJ Hammer was going to start here this fall, but I never knew that he was into Karate."

Chris laughed. He told Nathan that he was just a regular guy who liked to practice several different sports.

"I feel like such an asshole," Nathan said. "Will you forgive me for losing my temper?"

Brian and Chris both laughed, and said that Nathan was not an asshole, he was just another guy who had found out that he was not invincible.

Nathan watched as Brian and CJ squared off and began sparring. He was shocked as he watched them attack each other. He thought that he had learned a lot in his previous training, but the two fighters he was watching could wipe him and all of the guys in his Dojo. He was entering a new phase in his training, and he was thrilled.

Chris said that he needed to leave, as Nathan asked Brian to allow him to join the Karate classes. Brian said he would welcome Nathan into his classes, and that Chris would help train him. Nathan decided that he had been humiliated enough for one day and that he would watch for the Karate class schedule to be posted on the IM bulletin board.

Nathan followed CJ into the locker room. They had selected lockers in different rows, but met in the large shower room. Nathan was in for another shock, as he saw the huge body nude for the first time. He knew that CJ Hammer was 6 feet 10 inches tall from watching the Olympic basketball competition, but he was not prepared to see the massive body nude. His eyes locked on the huge cock that was far longer soft than his was hard. He tried to break his stare, but he was unsuccessful. His own cock inflated to a full 5 1/2 inches of circumcised steel. He tried to turn away to hide his erection, but CJ had seen it.

"Throwing wood means that you are a healthy dude," Chris said. "Most people call me CJ, but I'd like you to call me Chris. Chris is the name that my friends use for me."

Nathan was embarrassed, but was also thrilled that he could be considered a friend of the famous athlete. He wondered just how big that cock he was still staring at would be when it was hard. He also knew that CJ Hammer had announced on the Larry King Live show on television that he was going to CSU and wanted to pledge the Delta Delta Delta fraternity. Nathan dreamed that he would be a pledge at that same fraternity, and wondered if he had just ruined any chance by losing his temper in the training room or by popping wood in the showers.

"I'm living in the Jacobs dorm," Chris said. "Where are you staying?"

"I wanted to live in Jacobs," Nathan said, hoping that his boner would go down. "Jacobs was full by the time I applied, so I am in Burston."

"Why don't you come with me for supper at Jacobs," Chris offered. "We have awesome food there, and I'd like you to meet my roomie. Maybe later we can go to the Tri-Delt house so you can meet some of the guys there. They are really neat guys, and I think you would fit in just great."

Nathan was in heaven. He was afraid he had blown any chance of being friends with CJ Hammer, and knew that the star athlete had strong connections with the fraternity that he desperately wanted to pledge. Now this incredibly handsome athlete was offering friendship and a visit to the fraternity that he dreamed of joining. It was a dream come true, and he quickly agreed to the plans. They finished their showers and met at the exit door to the locker room.

Brian Williams was just finishing his personal workout, and saw the two young men leaving the locker room together. He already knew that Chris was bi-sexual, and wondered if the big stud was going to seduce the small guy he had just met. Little did he know that Nathan was the one who wanted to be nude with Chris and have sex with the big jock.

Nathan was bi, but was more interested in sucking cock than fucking a pussy. He had sucked and fucked with several of his high school buddies. He was an excellent wrestler in his weight class, but wished that he were bigger. He also felt that his small dick was always a source of embarrassment. Six inches was the measure of a man, and he only had 5 1/2 when he was fully hard. He had hoped that his dick would grow when he got older, but it stopped and he felt cheated.

During their meal at the Jacobs dorm, Nathan saw just how popular Chris was. A ton of guys and girls came up to them, and Chris seemed to know the names of everyone. Chris introduced Nathan to everyone that came up to talk. They had a great buffet meal and headed up to Chris's room. Nathan met Isaac, and was captivated by the two handsome guys as they teased each other.

"I'm surprised that you can still walk," Chris teased Isaac.

"Jesus Chris," Isaac said. "I just meet your new friend and you are embarrassing me. Chill out!"

Nathan was freaked out. His mind raced to imagine what Chris was talking about as he looked at the two handsome guys. Having trouble walking could only mean that a guy had fuck Isaac in the ass. If Isaac was into gay sex, what did that say about Chris? Could this super-star athlete be gay or bi?

Nathan didn't get his answer, as they all decided to head for the Tri-Delt house. As soon as they got to the house, several members greeted them. Tom Jankowski was the current president, and he was pleased that Chris was visiting and had brought a new guest. The Tri-Delt house was always interested in meeting new students to the campus, wanting to find the best guys to become new members. Tom knew that Chris would not bring a guy to the house that was a "fuck head", so he made special efforts to welcome Nathan to the house. Tom already knew that Isaac had bonded with Leif, and that Chris had been a frequent guest with many of the members. He remembered the times that Chris had spent in his bed, and hoped that they could repeat the incredible sex again tonight. He also recognized his responsibility as chapter president, to make the guest feel welcomed.

Tom offered Nathan a beer from the bar in the rec room. Nathan quickly accepted, but did not want to be alone. He wanted Chris and Isaac to stay with him. Chris picked up on the vibes from his new friend, and decided to stay close. Chris grabbed a beer and challenged Tom and Nathan to play pool against him and Isaac. The challenge was quickly accepted. Chris was an expert pool player, as he had a pool table in his side of the duplex that he shared with B. He also had a grand piano there, but none of his friends had ever heard him play the piano. He had brought his keyboard to the dorm room, along with his acoustic guitar, but had not fired up either of his musical instruments since he moved in. Chris had always held back on his pool playing skills when he was at the house. He didn't want to show his skill and offend the members of the house. He intentionally missed shots to allow the other guys to compete.

Reggie Burris was watching the competition. He was a sophomore, who had never hooked up with CJ Hammer, even though he was a member of the fraternity. Reggie was 5 foot 8 inches, and weighed about 140 pounds. He did not play any sports, and was surprised that he was ever offered a pledge bid from the super fraternity. The great thing about the Tri-Delt fraternity is that they recognize the value of diversity. Reggie is a computer wizard, and can hack into any computer on the face of the earth. His fingers fly on a keyboard, and he can develop any program that was ever conceived. He watched the competition and dreamed of hooking up with the big stud. Maybe when Chris was a pledge, Reggie could use his status as a member to convince Chris to share a bed with him. It was Reggie's dream.

This ends Chapter 4 of my story. I hope you are enjoying my writing. As you can see, my story is not filled with the moans and groans of constant sex. Although the main theme of this story is gay sex among college students, there will be occasional events of straight sex. That is the way I see fraternity life at CSU.

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