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CJ Chapter 40 Recovery and Fraternity Fun

Chris and Mike both woke up with sore asses the morning after their sexual romp with each other. Mike was surprised to see a stain on the sheets where Chris's butt had leaked. He knew that he had a large cock, but never suspected that he would hurt Chris when he fucked him. The brown stain was evidence that Chris had suffered a tear in his rectal area, and Mike was very concerned.

"Wake up, Chris," Mike said as he gently shook Chris's shoulder.

"Let me sleep," Chris begged. "I ache all over!"

"I think I hurt your insides," Mike admitted. "I see some stuff on the sheets that looks like dried blood. I sure hope you aren't hurt, but it looks like we should have waited."

"My butt's on fire," Chris admitted. "Help me get up so I can take a leak."

Mike helped Chris get off the bed where they had shared their male fluids, and watched as Chris's face contorted in pain. He knew that his cock was much shorter than Chris's was, but he also knew that his 8 inches were thick and had caused other guys pain in the past. He hoped that he hadn't torn anything inside Chris, but the dried blood was proof that the lubricant hadn't prepared Chris for a hard fuck. He felt guilty for losing control and pounding his cock inside Chris's tight ass, but also remembered Chris begging him to be fucked hard.

Chris moaned as he used the crutches to get across the hall to the toilet area. Several other guys were there, and they all sensed that Chris was in pain. They offered to help Mike get Chris cleaned up for classes, knowing that he would need to use a wheelchair to move around the campus.

"You gave me what I needed," Chris said to Mike when they returned to their room. "I'm sore, but I'm gonna heal up just fine. Thanks for poking me, and I can't wait for another sperm enema from you."

"I'm sorry that I hurt you," said Mike, admitting. "My ass is on fire too, just because we haven't been able to do each other the way we used to. Life sucks sometimes, but I love you so much that I can't put it into words. We'll have to cool our jets for a while, until we can both take a fuck like we used to."

"I'm the one that insisted on being nailed," Chris admitted. "I really needed to feel you stretch my hole and fill it with your pudding, so quit apologizing. I would have crawled out of our room and begged every guy in the fraternity to fuck me if you had refused."

A knock at the door interrupted their exchange, as Isaac wanted to talk to the two lovers.

"Here's the schedule," Isaac said as he handed computer printouts to both Mike and Chris. "You guys gave us all a lot of entertainment last night, but its time for boring lectures and nasty members again. Get your asses ready for breakfast, or you'll be late for classes."

Chris gave Isaac a hug and kiss and thanked him for making a schedule for guys to push his wheelchair around the campus so he could attend classes. He still felt a strong bond with Isaac, and knew his pledge buddy was a great guy.

Chris was in one of his morning lectures when a Campus Security officer came in interrupting the class.

"I need to take CJ Hammer to Mercy General for an examination," Tom Woods said. "I apologize for interrupting your lecture, but we just got the call."

The professor knew that CJ was still under medical care, and quickly said that the interruption of his lecture probably woke several students up. The class laughed, as Tom Woods pushed Chris's wheelchair out of the building and to the cruiser.

"I thought I was supposed to go to the hospital this evening," Chris said when he got inside the cruiser.

"Dr. Mahley called us and said he had to have you earlier today," Tom explained. "He said he had an opening for some X-rays and the chance to have some specialists see you."

Chris was concerned that something had been revealed in previous tests, and wished that Mike were with him. He grabbed his cell phone and called Mike and asked him to come to the hospital.

"Hi Son," Poppa Mike said when Chris got to the examination room. He gave his third son a hug and asked him how he was feeling.

"I'm doing good," Chris said as he returned the hug. "I sure wish I could get these casts off so I can start walking like a human again."

"That's why you're here," Poppa Mike said. "The X-rays that we took of your arm and leg are showing miraculous healing, and I've got some of the bone specialists arguing with me about removing your casts. I'm going to give you a quick exam before we run another series of films on you, but I need you to be honest with me about how you're feeling."

"I think my arm and leg are healed up," Chris replied. "I'm still feeling some pain there, but if I can start exercising again, I think that will go away. My ribs are really sore, and it still hurts to move or even breathe."

"That's the kind of honesty I want from you," Poppa Mike said. "I'll help you undress so I can examine you completely. Severe trauma like you have experienced can cause blood clots, nerve damage, or even muscle damage that wasn't obvious when you first were injured. I'm still amazed that you're even alive after what happened to you."

"Mikey said that I'm too nasty to die easily," Chris teased. "I've learned that no one is immortal, and I know what it feels like to die."

Poppa Mike was helping Chris undress, and when the big guy was nude, he began his examination, starting at Chris's head.

"I still can't believe that your skull fractures healed so fast," Poppa Mike admitted. "I was sure that you would end up with plates in your head to protect your brain, but the neurosurgeons tell me that your skull is intact."

"I'm glad that they didn't cut off my braid," Chris said. "Cherokee people believe that long hair gives people strength, so I want to keep my braid forever."

"You're gonna look funny when your 80 years old and have a braid dragging behind your walker," Poppa Mike teased. I need to take off your rib tape, and I know its gonna hurt."

"Go for it," Chris said. He screamed when he felt his new dad rip off the tape that was protecting his ribs, but also knew that the bandages needed to be changed.

"The cartilage between your ribs was torn badly," Poppa Mike said. "We pinned your ribs back in place, but the cartilage will take a while to heal. I want the rib restraints off before we run a new series of X-rays, so we can be sure that all of your ribs are still in place."

Poppa Mike continued his examination of Chris's ribs and abdomen, and was pleased with what he was seeing. The huge athlete was healing fast, and might not even need the rib supports any longer. He continued examining Chris, and had Chris roll over on his side so he could examine his back and legs. When Poppa Mike spread Chris's ass cheeks, he saw something that infuriated him.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?" Poppa Mike screamed. "Your anus is raw and bruised!"

Poppa Mike quickly left the examination room, grabbed the first nurse he saw, and demanded to have his son Mike, brought to the room.

Mike had come to the hospital after Chris called him, and was waiting patiently in the waiting room. He was surprised when a nurse came to get him and took him to the examination room.

"You two have some explaining to do!" Poppa Mike yelled. "I just looked at Chris's anus, and it's obvious that you two have been having anal sex! How the fuck can you do that to a guy who was dead only a couple weeks ago?" Poppa Mike asked his son, Mike. "What's wrong with you guys? Are you a couple of fucking dogs in heat that can't wait?"

Mike had never heard his dad cuss like this, and knew he and Chris were in big trouble. He tried to explain, but his dad cut him off.

"I don't want to hear any of your fucking excuses!" Poppa Mike screamed. "I saw Chris die in this hospital, and now I see his anus dilated and leaking blood! Are you a man, or are you a fucking dog?"

"I'm sorry dad," Mike sobbed.

"It's my fault Poppa Mike," Chris admitted.

"Shut the fuck up!" Poppa Mike screamed. "I was ready today to ask the orthopedic surgeons to take off your casts so you could move around normally, but right now I'm ready to put you in a full body cast and admit you back in this hospital and keep you here for weeks!"

Chris had never heard Poppa Mike use such language, and knew that his new dad was furious. He knew that his rectum and insides were torn from the fuck he got from Mike, but didn't want Poppa Mike to blame his lover.

"Please listen to me," Chris pleaded. "You probably don't understand or agree with the sexual relationship between me and Mike, but it is both emotional and physical. It's been weeks since I felt him inside me, and I BEGGED him to do it. I'm 19, and I'm the horniest guy in the world! I had to feel him inside me, so if you're gonna be pissed at anyone, hit me until you can calm down!"

Poppa Mike was furious, but listened to what Chris had said. He realized that he didn't understand the emotional and physical connection between two men, but also knew that he was screaming and threatening the two young men that he loved most in the world.

"I'm sorry for screaming at you," Poppa Mike said as he calmed down. "I don't understand gay relationships, but I've been reading some articles to try and learn. The anal area isn't designed for what you guys do to each other, and you can get a serious infection from fissures, or tears, in that area. I'm gonna ask Dr. Linda Miller to examine you so we know what kind of damage you have."

"Does it have to be a female doctor?" Chris asked.

"Dr. Miller is a specialist in rectal surgery, and I want her to examine you," Poppa Mike replied. "She's also a personal friend of mine and Mary's, and I know she will keep the results of your examination confidential. She can explain things to both of you so you know what not to do again. I'm mad at both of you, but I still love you."

Poppa Mike left the room to page Dr. Miller. Chris and Mike were both upset, and tried to calm each other down.

"Dad has never cussed at me like that," Mike said. "I should have jerked off instead of hurting you."

"I begged you to bone me," Chris replied. "Poppa Mike is right though. We should have waited and used a different kind of lube. We both have big dicks and need to think with our big heads instead of the little ones."

"I hope you aren't seriously hurt," Mike admitted. "I've met Dr. Miller before, and she's really nice. She'll probably chew us out good, but she'll fix you up."

"Put this hospital gown on," Poppa Mike said when he returned to the room. "Linda is available right now, so we're gonna take you to an examination room that has the equipment she needs."

Chris groaned as Mike helped him put on the hospital gown and get in his wheelchair. He felt like his butthole was going to fall out, and winced in pain.

"Dr. Mahley told me a little about your injury, but I need to hear the details from you," Dr. Linda Miller said to Chris. "He also asked me to examine Mike, just in case he has any problems too. In my field of work, I've seen things that defy description, so use the words that you guys use with each other. I bet that you won't use any word that I haven't heard a hundred times or more."

"Mike and I are gay lovers," Chris began as he got on the examination chair. It was similar to the equipment used for gynecology exams and exposed his groin and rectal area. "We had anal sex, and there was a little blood on the sheets this morning."

"I'm going to be very blunt with my comments," Dr. Miller said as she asked Poppa Mike to wrap an elastic bandage under Chris's scrotum to lift his genitals up to give her an unobstructed view of Chris's anus. "Your penis is exceptionally large, and it's difficult for me to believe that Mike can take it anally without being torn. What brand of lubricant do you guys use?"

"We use either K-Y jelly or Anal Ease," Mike replied.

"I might upset Dr. Mahley right now, but I want you guys to use a lanolin based lubricant from now on," Dr. Miller said. "The types you have been using are water soluble, and don't provide lasting protection with the fluids that are excreted inside the anal passage."

"I don't want you giving them any encouragement to do this again!" Poppa Mike yelled.

"Mike, you asked me to examine these two men," Dr. Miller began. "I treat a lot of gay men and boys and have removed things from rectums that would shock you. I also have a gay brother, and telling two gay men that they have to stop having anal sex is like telling you that you can't make love to Mary again! You can chew me out later, but right now, I need to see what damage has been done."

Poppa Mike grumbled, but knew that Linda was telling him the truth. He was still upset that his sons were reckless, but tried to remember how he was when he was 19 or 21.

"Normally we do this examination after a series of enemas," Dr. Miller said as she prepared the equipment needed for the examination. "I'm going to insert a scope inside your anus and rotate it around. It's going to be painful, but I need to extend the scope inside you to find the source of the bleeding."

Mike held Chris's hand as Dr. Miller inserted the lubricated scope into Chris's rectum. Chris was moaning in pain, and was embarrassed at having anyone examining his butthole.

Dr. Miller and Poppa Mike were watching the monitor where the images from the scope were displayed.

"There it is," Dr. Miller said. "It's a tear that should heal without any major problem." She continued her examination until she was convinced that there was only one area of concern. After removing the scope, Dr. Miller carefully wiped away the lubricant from Chris's anus, knowing that the area was very tender.

"You can get dressed now," Dr. Miller said to Chris. "I'm going to give Mike the same examination, just in case he has any problems. From the size of your flaccid penis, I can only imagine the strain that is put on his anus when you guys have sex."

Mike had the same examination and got dressed while the two doctors talked in private.

"That was humiliating," Mike said to Chris. "Having your finger, tongue or dick inside my ass is great, but having a woman shove that probe up my ass is degrading."

"I agree," Chris said. "I sure don't want to go through this again!"

"Okay guys," Dr. Miller began when they met again, "Just so you know, women take it in the ass too, and they come here for treatment when they get reamed hard!"

Mike and Chris burst into laughter when they realized that Dr. Miller had dropped her professional manner to be honest with them. They had both fucked girls in the ass, but never heard a doctor talk so openly.

"Both of you guys have big equipment, and you have to be more careful in the future," Dr. Miller continued. "I suspect that a period of abstinence caused this, along with poor lubrication, and a generous amount of lust. I've developed a salve that is a mixture of Cortisone and Xylocaine, and a special applicator for this type of injury. The Xylocaine will reduce the pain, but it can also cause accidents if you don't have predictable bowel movements. Dr. Mahley asked me to give you the medication and applicators that you'll need because he doesn't think that you want to go to a drugstore for it. The applicator is being perfected by a pharmaceutical company under a patent that I've been granted, so I have samples to give you. Basically, it's like a syringe that dispenses the medication out of several openings. You need to apply the salve twice a day and after every bowel movement. The discomfort will be gone very quickly, but you need to abstain from anal sex for at least a week. I want to see both of you again in three days because both of you show signs of the stretching from your sexual activities. When you are healed, I want you to use a lanolin based lubricant from now on."

"I don't want you encouraging them!" Poppa Mike blurted out again. "The last thing I want to see is either of these sons of mine back here in this hospital!"

"I don't want them back here for treatment either," Dr. Miller admitted. "When you guys get active again, use one of the applicators to put the proper lubricant inside your partner. The applicators are disposable, but until they are available on the market, they can be washed out with anti-bacterial soap and reused. I used the salve to lubricate the scope, so you should be feeling better already."

"Thanks Dr. Miller," Chris said. "We know other guys who we'll share your information with."

"We're both sorry that we upset you, Dad," Mike said, hugging his father. "I hope you can forgive us."

"I apologize for the way I talked to both of you," Poppa Mike said. "I've been through too much treating both of you when I was sure you would die, so I lost it when I found out Chris was hurt again from you guys being careless. I'm trying to understand your relationship, but it's hard for me."

"A hard man is good to find!" Chris joked.

Mike tried to stifle his laughter as he looked at the pained expression on his father's face.

"You two get out of here before I revert back and start whacking some asses!" Poppa Mike shouted. "And no more nasty comments!"

Chris and Mike knew that they had pushed Poppa Mike to the limit. They decided it was time to leave the hospital and get back to the CSU campus. After their classes Chris wanted to go to the football team practice, so Mike took him there.

David Patrick was happy to see Chris, but knew that he wasn't expected to attend, as he was still in a wheelchair.

"It's good to see you," David Patrick said, hugging both Chris and Mike. "I'm sorry I haven't been visiting you as often as I should, but this season has got me strained to the limit."

"I just wanted to see you and the team," Chris said. "I was hoping they would take off my casts today, but it looks like it will be Thursday."

The entire team came over to say hello to Chris and Mike before the football coaches ordered them back on the field for practice. Chris decided that his presence was disruptive, so he asked Mike to push him back to the car and take him to the fraternity. When they got inside the fraternity house, it was obvious that the members were harassing the pledges. Chris didn't like seeing his pledge buddies getting whacked with paddles, but knew that it was part of the price they had to pay to become members.

"Tom Jankowski is back to his old tricks," Isaac said to Chris in private. "He's whacking everyone but you, and I bet when you casts are off, he'll make up for lost time on your cute ass."

"Who else is being a jerk like him?" Chris asked.

"Dennis Reichert is the other major shithead, but all of the members are whacking away," Isaac replied.

"Remember when I asked you not to let anyone know that you could draw?" Chris asked. "It's time to use your artistic abilities to burn both of those jerks."

The two pledge buddies talked quietly about the plan to burn Tom and Dennis. Isaac was laughing as he and Chris decided how to upset the two members.

Chris and Mike spent a calm night together in their room along with Isaac and Leif. For Chris and Mike it was a night of cuddling and loving talk, while Isaac and Leif banged each other like a loose screen door in a windstorm. The study hours had given Isaac the time to make some special computer art creations, and he had used the color printer in the library to make copies for posting around the house.

When Chris and Mike woke up the next morning, the house was filled with screams of laughter. They both wondered what was causing so much turmoil.

"Look at this!" Leif exclaimed as he came into the room to help get Chris ready for breakfast and his classes. He was holding four pieces of paper, and was laughing hysterically. He jubilantly showed them to Chris and Mike and fell on the bed, laughing his ass off.

Chris and Mike looked at the first paper that had the heading "Fiction" on it. The paper depicted Tom Jankowski standing nude with a fat erection that was about 9 1/2 inches long. On the second page was a label that said, "Fact" and showed Tom removing a penis extension that revealed an erect cock that was thin as a pencil and only about 3 inches long.

Both Chris and Mike broke out in laughter, and realized that Tom had been burned for his treatment of the pledges. They both knew the exact size of his erection because they had both had sex with Tom in the past. The quality of the drawings was incredible, and they looked exactly like Tom Jankowski.

They looked at the other papers that Leif had brought them and saw the label of "Fiction" on a picture of a beautiful girl. Under the drawing of the beautiful girl was the caption, "Dennis Reichert's Fantasy". On the other page was the heading "Fact" with a drawing of a female who weighed at least 300 pounds, with floppy tits that hung down past her navel. She was ugly, with zits all over her face, and had a huge cunt that was covered with sores that were leaking down on her legs, and lines going up that indicated that her pussy was extremely smelly.

Mike almost pissed his pants when he looked at the drawings, and knew that his two brothers must be livid having copies of the drawings posted around the fraternity. He was laughing so hard that he couldn't contain himself, and grabbed Chris, holding him close as they laughed together.

The entire fraternity was in turmoil, with Tom and Dennis trying to find out who had drawn the pictures that burned them. Only a few of the pledges knew the truth, and the entire pledge class swore that they were innocent. It was the beginning of another chapter in the saga of pledging the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, as more members would be burned with explicit drawings if they whacked the pledges.

Thursday arrived, and Chris was excited about the chance for having his casts removed. He and Mike had continued being intimate, but they had restricted their sexual adventures to oral sex, and that had satisfied both of them. Chris went to his morning classes and was anxious to go to the hospital where he hoped that he would be rid of his casts for the first time in several weeks. He was excited to see Mike bring his Chevelle up to the entry to his Political Science Building so he could get inside his special vehicle. Tom Jankowski was riding with Mike to get a lift to a class nearby. Isaac was pushing Chris's wheelchair, and stopped beside the muscle car when Tom got out.

"I know that you two were involved in humiliating me," Tom said. "When your casts are off, your ass is mine! I've tried to find out who the culprit is, but now I'm going to let "Woody" whack pledge asses until someone comes clean. You can plan on 25 pledges having trouble sitting down for supper tonight!"

"I've never seen a man more in need of a blowjob in my life!" Chris said to Mike and Isaac, repeating a line that Robin Williams said in "Good Morning, Vietnam."

Tom stormed off, with Chris, Mike and Isaac laughing at him.

"Tom's pissed, but he's just blowing hot air," Mike said. "The brothers won't let him hurt anyone, but he might lay the wood on some asses to make his point. Let's get lard ass loaded in this piece of shit car so we aren't late getting to the hospital."

"I've waited for this day," Mike said to Chris. "I pray that you'll get your casts off today and we can get back to a normal life together."

"I love you," Chris said to Mike. "I want these damn casts off so I can walk normally and take care of myself. You've been a great nurse for me, and I don't know how to thank you for taking care of me."

"You took care of me when I was busted up," Mike said. "You took me to your room in the Jacobs Dorm, and put me on a bedpan and wiped my dirty butt. People who are in true love will take care of each other through anything that happens. We did that, and it proves to the world that we are real lovers and not just fuck buddies."

"I'll always take care of you," Chris said. "You're my lover, and my life means nothing without you."

"I just want you healthy, so we can be lovers and have some fun together," Mike said. "I know that my dad doesn't really understand our love for each other, but I hope he and my Mom will understand some day."

"Your parents are my parents," Chris said. "They know we love each other, and they both accepted that fact when you were brain dead. The power of the Cherokee Nation brought you back to life, and it saved my life too. We have to trust the things that brought us together and saved our lives to take us into the future together."

"Let's get your sorry ass into the hospital," Mike said. He drove the powerful muscle car to the front door of the hospital and said, "I'll get you out of the car and park it before I get you to see my dad and the other doctors. I'll never understand what you and Cody did to save our lives, but we need to always remember how we could have lost each other. We're together today because of your Cherokee heritage, and the things that you, Cody, White Dove and White Cloud did to save our lives."

Chris was anxious while he waited for Dr. Miller in the examination room. Mike was holding Chris's hand when she came into the room and greeted the two handsome men.

"How are you feeling?" Dr. Miller asked Chris.

"I think my insides are healed up just fine," Chris replied. "Mike and I haven't poked each other since your last exam, but I hope we can real soon. You may not understand our needs as gay lovers, but I feel the closest to Mike when he's deep inside me. You said we could use our words, so I'll be honest and tell you that I need to be fucked by Mike and fuck him back for us to be happy."

Dr. Miller laughed and said she appreciated Chris being honest with her. She loved seeing Chris and Mike together. She remembered that many of her patients were brought in the Trauma Unit after being involved in orgies where drugs were used to get a guy high so he could be abused. She had removed shot glasses, flashlights, bottles, and even live animals from the anuses of men and women. She knew that the anal passage was a source of sexual pleasure, but it was also an area where damage could result in life threatening injuries.

Chris was still embarrassed at having a female doctor examine his anus, but knew that Dr. Miller had been very honest with him and Mike, and had given them some valuable advice. He decided to ask her a question that was really bothering him.

"Dr. Miller," Chris began, "Why did I get torn up? Mike and I have boned each other for years, and I never bled or got hurt before."

"That's a good question," Dr. Miller replied. "Your body was probably able to take the size of Mike's penis in the past, but you were severely injured, and your body had to fight a lot of pain for you to recover. When the body recovers from severe injuries, all of your muscles are strained and then tighten up. Mike has a very large penis, and the girth is what caused your injury. Dr. Mahley and I have talked about you guys, and we want you to be happy in life. You guys need to take things slow and easy, and your bodies will stretch once again to accommodate the size of your partner."

"I never expected you to be so honest with me," Chris admitted. "I know society still doesn't accept gay relationships, but I love Mike more than life itself! He and I have been through a bunch of crap, but I want to live with him for the rest of my life."

"Let's get this examination completed, so I can talk to you and Mike together," Dr. Miller said.

The exam went well, with Dr. Miller pleased to see that Chris had completely healed from his anal injuries. Mike's exam showed that he was also healed from his stretching. She gave both of the men a hug and told Mike that a nurse would push Chris's wheelchair to the Orthopedic Ward.

When Chris and Mike got to the Orthopedic Ward, they were surprised to see Saul, Helen, Poppa and Momma Mahley, David Patrick, Marcus Knight, and Dr. Morgan waiting for them.

"If someone sold tickets for this event, I want the money!" Chris teased, hugging each of the people.

"Some of us like you the way you are right now," Saul teased. "When you're in casts and riding a wheelchair, I don't have to worry about you driving that red missile you call a car!"

"I asked to be here with the two coaches," Dr. Thomas Morgan said. "I'm the team doctor, and I want to hear from the specialists here. I couldn't believe that you were ready to have your casts removed until I saw the X-rays. I'll have some say in when you can exercise again, but these doctors think you could be walking normally within a couple weeks."

"Let's get this over with!" Chris demanded. "I want you to save the casts for me so I can whack some members with them when I get back to the fraternity."

"I think you'll have some different protection when we get you back to the house," Saul said. "I want those casts destroyed! We don't need any reminders of how close we came to losing our son."

Chris wondered what B meant by his comment about protection, but knew his dad loved to pull surprises on him. He just wanted those damn casts off his body!

The doctors began removing the plaster casts, using rotary saws. When the casts were completely removed, the group of doctors made a complete examination of Chris's arm and leg, and agreed that his body had healed incredibly fast.

"I was selected as the spokesman for this group of doctors," Dr. Morgan said. "You will still need to use your crutches until your muscles recover, and you positively cannot do any exercise that creates impact on your body. Judy Hobson and Brice Cox are developing a therapy plan for you, and we expect you to follow it explicitly. You'll spend a lot of time in the pool where your muscles can be exercised without danger. You can walk, but if we find out that you've started running or lifting weights, we'll put the casts back on!"

"I promise to do what Brice and Judy tell me to do," Chris said. "I just want to thank all of you for taking care of me. I'll be honest and tell you that I want to get back in shape so I can play sports again. Sports have played a major role in my life, and I want to get to the point that I can try out for the Falcon teams again. Please keep an open mind to me competing again."

No one thought that Chris had a remote chance of returning to competitive sports, but they also knew that his desires would give him incentive to work hard in physical therapy.

"We're all going to the fraternity for a special supper," Saul said. "We can celebrate having Chris back on his feet in the bar and share a great meal together."

Chris rode to the fraternity with B and Helen, and pumped them for information about their wedding plans. He knew that Cameron and Jarrett had applied for building permits for the pagoda, and wanted his parents to see the yard where he hoped they would have their wedding reception.

When B drove his Mercedes into the driveway of the fraternity, Chris heard a familiar sound. He thought he was hearing things, but when he opened the car door to get out, the front door of the fraternity exploded open and a huge animal came bounding out.

"ALEX!" Chris screamed.

He barely had time to shout the name before his huge dog pinned him against the side of the Mercedes and began licking his face. Alex was mixing his doggy kisses with loud howls of joy, and greeted his master for the first time in many weeks. Chris was in heaven and he dropped his crutches and rolled on the grass to play with his dog.

"Boys and dogs never grow up!" Saul said to Helen.

The happy couple was joined by a stream of guys coming out of the fraternity to see the reunion of Chris with his Ukrainian WolfHound. Alex now weighed 250 pounds, and pinned Chris to the ground to lick his face.

Chris finally pushed Alex away and looked at his dad. "I love seeing Alex, but why did you bring him here?" Chris asked.

"I asked the members if we could have a mascot," Mike admitted. "I never told them how big Alex is, but they all agreed that a dog would be a great mascot for our chapter."

"You're gonna live here?" Chris asked Alex. If the dog could have talked, he would have screamed, "YES!"

"I think it's time for a few changes in traditions here," Saul said. "The National Fraternity doesn't like the paddle system, and I think Alex will be upset to see someone use a paddle as a weapon to hurt another person. I was here earlier today, and I introduced Alex to as many members and pledges as I could. Chris will have to introduce the other guys so Alex knows who he can trust."

"Has Alex met Mr. Jankowski or Mr. Reichert?" Chris asked.

"They weren't here then," Saul replied.

"FANTASTIC!" Chris yelled. "Mr. Jankowski threatened me today, and I think my little puppy will convince him to change his ways! Mr. Reichert is in for a surprise too."

Everyone laughed, and knew that another prank was going to be pulled as soon as Tom and Dennis got back to the fraternity for supper. The guys helped Chris stand up, and he used his crutches to get inside the fraternity. He was trying to walk normally, but he used the crutches to maintain his balance. Alex sensed that Chris was having trouble walking, and used his massive body to push aside the guys to make room for Chris to get inside.

"We brought Alex's food station and showed him where to leave his land mines in the backyard," Saul said to Chris. "A new door with a dog flap will be installed tomorrow. You and I know how protective Alex can be, so you have to introduce him to people so he doesn't scare the crap out of them. He's already met the kitchen staff, and I bet they'll spoil him with table scraps."

"We might have to put you on a doggy diet!" Chris said to Alex. "We don't need a fat ass dog around here!"

Alex seemed to understand what Chris was saying, and hung his head down to the floor.

"Relax, Doofus!" Chris said, ruffing up Alex. "You can guard me and my pledge buddies from the nasty members around here! Maybe if you rip a yard of ass out of one of them, they'll treat us poor, innocent pledges with a little respect!"

Alex barked loudly, giving everyone the impression that he understood what Chris had said to him.

"I want to help set tables tonight," Chris said. "I bet that B knows the way to the bar, so he can be the host for our guests tonight. Don't forget to introduce Alex to everyone but let me know when Mr. Jankowski or Mr. Reichert get here. I have a surprise for them!"

"You don't have to help us set the tables," Isaac stated. "You should be with the special guests. We can get the tables set."

"I really need to help," Chris admitted. "I won't be able to move fast, but I can do something. I'm a pledge here too, and I need to help to feel a part of my pledge class."

Chris was distributing the plates and silverware on the tables when Jarrett came running into the dining room. "Tom and Dennis just pulled into the parking lot!" Jarrett yelled.

"It's time to welcome them home!" Chris said, calling for Alex to join him as he headed for the living room and front door.

"Let's bust some pledge asses until we find out who the artist is!" Tom was saying to Dennis while he opened the door to the house. He stopped in his tracks when he saw the huge dog blocking the doorway, with Chris standing behind.

"What the fuck is this?" Tom demanded.

When Tom started to step inside the house, Alex crouched down in attack mode. Both Tom and Dennis stepped back and looked at the size of the monster that was challenging them on entering the fraternity house. Chris remained silent, and that put Alex into a different level of protection for his master.

When Tom took a step forward, Alex bared his teeth and crouched lower. It was obvious to Tom that the huge dog was going to attack him, and would probably kill him.


"Gentlemen, I'd like to welcome you home," Chris said calmly. "This animal is our chapter mascot, and he is very protective. You threatened to hurt me and my pledge buddies with paddles, and I think this little puppy would consider that an attack with a weapon. If you whack someone, it will be over very quickly for you because Alex will either bite off your arm and eat it, or rip out your throat. If you want to see a demonstration, why don't you come inside and grab a paddle and take a swing at me?"

Dennis and Tom were terrified when they looked at the size of the jaws and teeth that were confronting them. They considered running, but worried that the huge dog would see that as a reason to attack them.

"ENOUGH!" B said as he approached the front door. The living room was filled with members and pledges who were enjoying the way Tom and Dennis were acting when they were challenged by Alex. "This is the last chapter in our National Fraternity that uses the paddle system. It was banned several years ago, and I'm embarrassed that my home chapter is the last holdout in maintaining that tradition. I don't like pulling rank, but as of today, paddles will be used for decoration and gifts, but will never be used to discipline a pledge again!"

Saul's announcement was met with loud cheers from the pledges, and moans or groans from the members.

"Alex can protect this house and the residents," Saul continued. "He's saved lives in the past, and I'm sure that life around here will be safer with him guarding the house. I know that pledges need discipline, so I suggest a bare hand on a butt as a replacement if other means of discipline don't work."

"B!" Chris exclaimed. "Don't let the members off the hook!"

"If a pledge really needs strong discipline, I'd suggest a bare hand on a bare butt!" Saul repeated.

The members cheered, and the pledges booed.

"Alex can tell the difference between play and anger," Saul continued. "I never had to hit Chris to discipline him, but I don't think we have enough corners in this house for the pledges to stand in when they show disrespect. Do we have an agreement?"

Tom, Dennis, and the other members agreed that it was time for the paddle system to be abandoned. They still had a way to whack the pledges, but their hands would be sore along with the asses of the pledges under the new system.

"Chris," B continued, "Introduce Tom and Dennis to Alex so we can calm things down!"

"You ruined our fun!" Chris retorted. He relented, and introduced Tom and Dennis to Alex. The results were immediate when Alex went up to the two guys in a friendly manner and captured their scents. He was playful, but the two guys were still intimidated by the size of the dog and the way he had snarled at them and bared his teeth.

Chris knew that he had made the most of the situation, and told Alex to get his Frisbee and take Tom and Dennis outside to play. Alex quickly grabbed his toy and pushed the two guys out on the front lawn to play. A bunch of members and pledges watched Tom and Dennis take turns throwing the Frisbee. Everyone was shocked at how fast Alex was, and how acrobatic he was in jumping high into the air to catch the Frisbee in his mouth. Each time he ran back to Tom or Dennis and dropped the Frisbee at their feet.

Tom and Dennis realized that the huge dog was no longer a threat to them, and they romped in the yard with him. Alex was in heaven, and he played and even tackled the two members to pin them to the ground and lick their faces.

The other supper guests arrived, and B or Chris introduced them to Alex. Everyone was shocked at the size of the dog, and how gentle he was in greeting them.

The meal was fantastic, with carved prime rib with all of the trimmings. Chris sat at the head table with B and the other guests, returning to the duties of a pledge in serving the people at his table. Other pledges helped him, recognizing how difficult it was for Chris to walk back and forth to the kitchen and serving tables. Chris gave priority to serving Helen, and she loved the special attention. Saul was happy to see his son and future wife having fun together, and knew that his upcoming marriage would strengthen the family ties. Alex was in heaven, laying down at the entryway into the dining room, waiting for any table scraps after the meal. The dog looked relaxed, but both Chris and Saul knew that he was always on guard for any person who might try to cause trouble.

"Pledge Hammer," Tom Jankowski began, "Do you have an appropriate joke for our mixed audience tonight?"

"Yes sir, I do," Chris replied. Chris used his crutches to help him walk to the front of the dining room, and addressed the people in the room. He made the appropriate introductions, and began his joke.

"A big city lawyer named Thomas Jankowski, went duck hunting in rural Tennessee," Chris began. "He shot and dropped a bird, but it fell into a farmer's field on the other side of a fence. As Mr. Jankowski climbed over the fence, an elderly farmer drove up on his tractor and asked him what he was doing.

Mr. Jankowski responded, 'I shot a duck and it fell in this field, and now I'm going to retrieve it.'

The old farmer replied, 'This is my property, and you are not coming over here.'

The indignant Mr. Jankowski said, 'I am one of the best trial attorneys in the United States and, if you don't let me get that duck, I'll sue you and take everything you own.'

The old farmer smiled and said, 'Apparently you don't know how we settle disputes in Tennessee. We settle small disagreements like this with the 'Three Kick Rule.'

Mr. Jankowski asked, 'What is the Three Kick Rule?'

The Farmer replied, 'Well, because the dispute occurs on my land, first I kick you three times and then you kick me three times and so on back and forth until someone gives up.'

Mr. Jankowski quickly thought about the proposed contest and decided that he could easily take the old codger. He agreed to abide by the local custom.

The old farmer slowly climbed down from the tractor and walked up to the attorney. His first kick planted the toe of his heavy steel-toed work boot into Mr. Jankowski's groin and dropped him to his knees. His second kick to the midriff sent the hunter's last meal gushing from his mouth. Mr. Jankowski was on all fours when the farmer's third kick to his rear end sent him face-first into a fresh cow pie. Mr. Jankowski summoned every bit of his will and managed to get to his feet. Wiping his face with the arm of his jacket, he said, 'Okay, now it's my turn.'

The old farmer smiled and said, 'Naw, I give up. You can have the duck!'"

The dining room erupted with laughter, with everyone enjoying a good joke, especially one that burned someone in the room. Tom gave Chris a nasty look when he returned to the table, but remembered that he was the one to threaten Chris that day, and had also asked for the joke.

"I'm surprised that you knew a joke without cuss words," Saul said to his son.

"I only cuss when I'm in a fight or making love," Chris replied. "I don't think either action would be appropriate here in the dining room!"

"Helen and I want to see the backyard before we leave," Saul said when the meal ended. "We hear that it is shaping up, and that some new additions are planned."

Chris wanted to help clear the tables, but his pledge buddies insisted that he go with the visitors to view their pledge project. Chris asked Cameron and Jarrett to join the group, knowing that they were the two guys who had created the designs and were coordinating the entire project.

"Alex," Chris yelled to his dog. "You can go with us or beg for scraps in the kitchen. You look like you need a good meal, so you can decide."

The massive dog made his decision very quickly, and he pushed open the swinging door into the kitchen to beg for meat scraps from the fantastic meal. The kitchen staff was ready, and had a nice collection of bones and meat for the huge dog. They were all amazed at how quickly Alex crunched up the bones and begged for more. Saul had warned the staff that the dog would never stop eating or begging, and made them promise to give Alex no more than 10 pounds of people food each day. When the limit was reached, the head chef told Alex that he was done for the day.

Alex hung his head and did the best to put on the "poor doggy" look to get more of the fantastic meat.

"We'll save some goodies for you for tomorrow," Craig Grant promised. "You go find Chris and play with him."

Alex seemed to understand, and quickly left the kitchen and ran toward the back of the fraternity house. He barked and howled at the door, until Delano opened it to let the big dog run outside to find Chris.

"Did you get anything good to eat?" Chris asked Alex when the big dog ran up to him, still licking his chops.

"Alex will weigh 400 pounds if you don't control his eating," Saul said to Chris. "I remember a little boy who used to eat like Alex does, and look how he turned out!"

Everyone laughed, knowing that Saul was talking about Chris when he was young. The group was impressed with the beautiful Japanese garden, and the water that was flowing through the series of ponds and streams. The sod had been installed, and the backyard was now the most beautiful part of the fraternity property.

"This is where we'll have the Pagoda," Cameron said to the guests. "My pledge buddies and I will put down the paving bricks to make an area for outdoor barbecues and dancing. We expect that our building permits will be approved quickly, mainly because one of our alumni is on the board. The Construction Company is anxious to start, because this is a slow period for them right now."

Chris asked Saul, Helen, Poppa Mike, and Momma Mary to walk with him down near the creek that flowed across the back of the property. He saw Cody in the yard, and asked him to bring Mike down to the area they considered sacred.

"I'm not going to tell you everything," Chris began, "But this is the area that Cody and I used to get strength from the Cherokee Nation to perform the healing ceremonies. Water has always been considered sacred among Cherokees, and things happened here that couldn't be described in words. Mike and I are both alive today because of what power was revealed here, and we will leave this area untouched. I connected with White Cloud here, and Cody summoned the Little People to help him."

The parents realized the significance of the area, and treated it with respect. They all knew that Chris and Mike would have been dead without the healing powers that no one could understand. They all thanked Chris and Cody for taking them to the special place, and were pleased that the site would remain in its original state.

"I love you!" Saul said, hugging Chris. "You said that I rescued you from the orphanage, but it was you that rescued me from my life of despair after losing Eloise. When I think back to the trouble that you and I have been through together, it makes me understand that we all need someone special in our lives. I want you and Mike to be happy together, and pray that your life will be free of danger in the future. I'm getting too old to take the stress of seeing you or Mike in the hospital. I want you to live a long and happy life with him."

"Maybe this is a good time for me to make an announcement," Chris said. "I've always loved math and science, so I started CSU as a Mechanical Engineering student. Mike said he thought I should change my major to work with kids, and I've done a lot of thinking about that. He wanted me to switch to Pre-Med, but I don't like being in hospitals, and don't think I could take the stress of losing a patient. I want to switch my major to Secondary Education, and teach math or science to Middle School or High School kids. I owe a lot to St. Mary's Orphanage, and if I can, I'd like to return there to teach kids that society has forgotten. I hope that they can accept a gay teacher who has a life partner."

"JESUS!" Mike blurted out. "Why didn't you talk to me about this? I think it's a fantastic idea, because I've seen you with kids, and you always connected with them and gave them a lot of special attention. Engineers are boring, but teachers can be great if they have the personal skills that you have!"

"I might even take a crack at coaching some sports," Chris admitted. "I hope that I can return to sports here on the CSU campus, and I dream about getting into professional sports, but no matter what, I want to work with kids and teach them."

"I'm so proud of you that I want to scream!" Saul said, hugging his son. "You're showing me and the world where your loyalties lie, and I support your decision unconditionally!"

Everyone in the small group hugged Chris and supported his decision to switch majors. They all knew that Chris would be a great teacher, and that the children would connect with him for his intelligence, personality, and his athletic skills.

"It's time for us to leave," Poppa Mike said as he hugged both of his sons. "This was a fantastic day for all of us, and we want you guys to get settled in your lives together."

The group of family and guests left the fraternity, with Chris, Mike, and Alex saying goodbye to everyone.

"I need a blowjob!" Mike said to Chris after the guests had left.

"I need a shower and some kisses," Chris replied. "If my Big Brother treats me right, I might kiss his little peepee, but I'm not making any promises."

"I can slap your bare ass for being disrespectful," Mike said. "I need to pop a nut, and you better open your mouth for me, or I'll donate my sperm to someone else!"

"Alex," Chris began, "If Mike tries to feed his dick to anyone but me, you have my permission to bite it off!"

"JESUS, CHRIS!" Mike yelled. "Don't you dare say that crap to Alex! He might do what you said!"

"I was just pimping you," Chris admitted. "Alex loves you, and he wouldn't bite you for anything in the world. I want to take my first real shower in weeks, and I hope you'll help me. The spit baths you guys gave me were okay, but I need to stand under a shower and feel the hot water wash my entire body clean. I need sexual release too, so let's get cleaned up and swap sperm!"

Chris and Mike went to their room and undressed. Isaac and Leif joined them in the shower room, as a multitude of guys wanted to wash off the tensions of the day. The guys were happy to see Chris standing in the shower room for the first time in several weeks, and they enjoyed looking at the huge meat that swung back and forth between his legs. The shower room was filled with pledges and members, as everyone seemed to be ready for cleaning up before sexual adventures.

Chris and Mike got back to their room, and saw Isaac on his back with his legs in the air. Leif was hammering his cock inside his Little Brother, and Isaac was enjoying every thrust.

"Our roommates are whores!" Mike said to Chris. He saw Alex follow them into the room and lay down next to the door with his back blocking any access from anyone. "I see that Alex is ready to keep anyone from interrupting us while I make you my bitch!"

"My puppy enjoys watching guys fuck, but if you treat me bad, he'll bite off your nuts and eat them like potato chips!" Chris replied.

"Get over here and give me a kiss!" Mike yelled, jumping on the big bed.

Chris quickly pinned Mike to the bed and gave him a passionate kiss on the mouth. It was the first time in months that the two guys were both free from casts, and they both wanted to make the most of it. They continued kissing while Leif hammered his cock inside Isaac's cute ass. The sounds of anal sex turned Chris and Mike on, and they both wanted to get off before they went to sleep together.

Chris took the initiative, letting his mouth travel down Mike's body to stimulate Mike's nipples. He kissed, licked and sucked the tender nubs, and was happy to see the two nipples respond by becoming erect, and listened to the moans of his lover.

"SUCK MY DICK!" Mike commanded.

"Ask me nice or I'll join Leif and Isaac!" Chris threatened.

"Come on, Chris!" Mike pleaded. "Okay, please suck my dick right now!"

"That's better!" Chris exclaimed as he leaned down and swallowed Mike's throbbing cock. He knew that he had pushed Mike to the limit and needed to give him relief. He thought about running his finger inside Mike's ass, but decided to use his mouth and tongue to get Mike off. He licked and sucked on Mike's knob, and then took the entire length into his mouth and throat. He used his throat muscles to stimulate Mike's cock, and the result was immediate. Mike began blasting his cum down Chris's throat and screamed when he ejaculated. Chris used his strength to hold Mike down on the bed so he could suck all of the juice out of the throbbing cock.

Isaac and Leif were enjoying the live sex show, and took a break from their fucking to watch Chris try to hold Mike down on the bed. They both cheered and celebrated at the fantastic display of male bonding, knowing that Mike would be sucking Chris's huge cock when his own orgasm was finished.

Chris gulped down the tangy liquid, knowing that Mike was pumping a huge load into his belly. He loved Mike, and enjoyed being able to take him over the top.

Mike finally collapsed when his orgasm subsided. He tried to focus his eyes on the handsome guy who was gobbling down his semen, knowing that his body again went into extreme spasms when he climaxed. He calmed down and relaxed while Chris finished him off by gently sucking and licking his draining cock.

"That was awesome!" Mike said. "I really needed to blow a load, and you always seem to know how to do something special to turn my crank! I swear that my balls pulled up all the way to my navel when you finally got me off!"

"You're a real whore!" Chris teased. "All you need is to see a warm mouth and your cock is ready to blast! I'm gonna blow your head off when I cum in your mouth, so get ready to eat some baby pudding!"

Mike finally regained control of his emotions and kissed Chris on the mouth to share the taste of his own semen. The two guys loved kissing, and could get each other to the brink of orgasm just from the passion of their kisses.

"Oh God! Yes!" Chris exclaimed when Mike began sucking his throbbing cock. He threw his head back on the bed and closed his eyes to focus his attention on the oral attentions of his Big Brother.

Mike loved Chris's foreskin, and nibbled on it and worked his tongue inside the flesh cap to caress the head of Chris's cock. He loved eating precum out of Chris's foreskin, and worked his tongue around the knob and into Chris's piss slit to savor every drop of man juice. He pulled off from Chris's cock and licked around the massive scrotum with its two huge balls. He knew that Chris loved having his balls licked and sucked, so Mike gave them special attention. He vacuumed one of Chris's large testicles into his mouth, and bathed it with saliva moving it around with his tongue. He knew he couldn't take both of the huge balls in his mouth at the same time, but he gave both of them special attention until Chris begged him to suck his dick.

"Ask me nicely!" Mike said, repeating what Chris had demanded of him.

"Please get me off!" Chris begged.

Mike loved having control over his lover, and considered teasing Chris by ignoring his pleas, but decided that he wanted to eat Chris's load. He pulled back the long foreskin and wrapped his lips around Chris's knob and shaft, knowing that he would soon be rewarded with a massive load of cum.

Isaac was fucking Leif dog style, so they could both watch Mike and Chris having sex. Isaac was slamming his cock inside his Big Brother, and knew he was going to fill Leif's tight ass with his jizz very soon. He felt his balls pull up, and knew that he was going to cum as he listened to the slurping sounds of Mike's mouth working on Chris's huge dick.

"I'M CUMMING!" Chris screamed when his cock let loose of the first of several volleys of semen. He kept screaming while his cock flooded Mike's mouth with hot sperm, and he collapsed back on the bed, letting his body finish the intense orgasm.

Alex was barking loudly, knowing that his master was enjoying a very intense time with Mike. Guys walking past the door to the room tried to open the door, thinking that Alex wanted to get out of the room. Alex remained on the floor, blocking the door with his huge body, and began growling when the guys tried to push the door open.

"I'm cumming!" Isaac screamed. He flooded Leif's ass with his load of hot cum, and forgot about the sounds of Chris moaning as he flooded Mike's mouth.

It took a few minutes for the guys to recover from the intensity of their orgasms, and the room smelled strongly of the aroma of fresh cum and sweat. They all collapsed on the beds and waited for their bodies to calm down before they could talk.

"I love you!" Isaac said to Leif.

The other three guys in the room repeated his words. They all wanted their lover to know that they had enjoyed the intense sex, and that they were more than fuck buddies. They were in love with another man, and they didn't care who knew it.

Chris and Mike cuddled together and fell asleep; while Isaac and Leif decided to shower and let the fluids leave their bodies. Alex sniffed the two roommates of his master and lover, and let them leave the room before he returned to guard and block the door. When Leif and Isaac returned to the room, Alex knew to let them inside, and then lay down to guard the door as the four men slept. It was a fantastic way for the four guys to end a great day, and they cuddled together and slept with their lovers.

 To be continued... 

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