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CJ Chapter 41

A Special Weekend

Early Friday morning Chris and Mike woke up to sloppy dog kisses from Alex. He wanted to go outside and made his desires very plain by tormenting both Chris and Mike. When he didn't get the response he wanted, Alex began howling to wake everyone in the dorm area.

"Shut up!" Chris yelled at his dog. He knew that Alex would pester him until he was taken outside for his morning exercise and dump.

"It's time for us to get up anyway," Isaac groaned. "We can go back to sleep in class."

All four guys laughed and realized that Alex was going to wake them up early every morning. Chris slipped on a pair of boxers and was nearly knocked over when he opened the door and his big dog pushed him aside to leave the room. Alex ran for the back door of the fraternity and began barking to get out.

"I'm gonna get new doorknobs for you," Chris said to Alex. He knew that Alex could open a door with a lever handle like they had at the duplex. With the addition of a doggy door Alex would be able to leave the room and go outside without waking anyone up. Chris walked outside the fraternity, knowing that the yard had a lot of privacy due to the large trees and shrubs that surrounded the yard. He watched Alex run around the yard, sniffing for any critters that might have invaded his territory during the night. 

"Hey Chris" Mike called out to Chris. "B's on the phone."

"Hi Dad," Chris said. "How did you know I'd be awake?"

"You forget that Jason and I were living with Alex," Saul replied. "Your mutt always likes to get up early and go outside to patrol the yard and mark his territory. He always wakes Jason and me up so he has someone to play with. Now that Alex is with you, he can torment you instead of us."

"The mutt seems to really like it here," Chris said. "He's gonna be running this place in no time."

"I know that," Saul chuckled. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm doing okay," Chris replied. "The football team is leaving today for the game against Stanford, and I wish I was going with them. It sucks that I can't go with the team."

"I knew Dr. Morgan wasn't going to let you go with the team," Saul admitted. "He wants you to start your physical therapy instead of partying with the team. I also knew that you'd be disappointed in not taking the trip, so I have a different trip planned for you."

"What are you talking about?" Chris asked.

"You can go to therapy today, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon," Saul began. "You said you wanted to visit St. Mary's Orphanage, so I booked two tickets so you and Mike can fly to Dallas at noon on Saturday. The return flight leaves Dallas at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. I haven't called Fr. Joe yet, but you know he wants you to visit the kids and see the improvements that have been made."

"You're fantastic!" Chris exclaimed. "I hope they can get the Falcon game on their television. Isaac and Cody both asked if they could go to Dallas if I ever went there. Can you make two more reservations?"

"I'll make the reservations and you call Fr. Joe."

"Thanks B! I was gonna be bored this weekend, and now I have something to really look forward to! I have an appointment with Tracey Edwards today. She's my academic advisor and I want to talk to her about changing my major."

"Have fun this weekend," B said. "I love you!"

"I love you too!"

Chris was excited to tell Mike about B's plans for their weekend. Both Chris and Mike wanted to visit the orphanage in Dallas and were especially excited about seeing the kids they had met at the Karate competition in Las Vegas.

Mike was delighted to see his best friend so happy again. He knew that Chris wanted to be with his football team on their trip to Stanford, but also knew the university rules said that players on the "Injured Reserve" list weren't allowed to travel with the team.

Cody and Isaac were thrilled that Chris included them in the trip to Texas. They both loved Chris and Mike and wanted to be with them for the special trip to see where Chris had been raised before B adopted him.

"Danny is gonna start for his freshman football team tonight for the first time," Isaac said. "I really want to surprise him by being at his game. He has a new boyfriend who is the quarterback of the team and he would shit his pants if I was there to watch them play."

"How about we all hook up and go to Danny's game and spend the night at a hotel," Chris suggested to Cody and Isaac. "I can't play football right now but I sure love to watch it. We might see some future Falcons in the game and convince Danny to come here and pledge our fraternity. We'll make sure he doesn't get an asshole for a Big Brother like we did."

"If you call me an asshole again, I'm gonna lock Alex in our room and whack your ass in the Dining Room in front of everyone!" Mike threatened.

"I think my Big Brother needs a blowjob!" Chris teased. "Let's eat and go to classes so we can take a few naps!"

The guys all had breakfast and headed for their classes. Chris was looking forward to watching Danny's football game, his appointment with his academic advisor, spending the night at a hotel with Mike, and the trip to the orphanage.

The pledges all agreed to take care of Alex while Chris went off with Mike, Cody and Isaac. Chris wanted to drive his powerful Chevelle to Danny's game since he could now use his right leg. He loved the muscle car and all of the attention it generated when people saw and heard the 454 cubic inch engine.

Danny's freshman football team was on the field warming up when the four college guys walked into the stands. Danny saw the massive body of his idol and screamed in joy. He broke away from his teammates and told his coach, Tom Elliot, that CJ Hammer was in the stands with his brother and two of their buddies.

Tom Elliot was a new teacher at the high school and was supposed to be a basketball coach. He was pressed into service as a football coach for the freshman team when the regular coach left the school for a higher paying job. He didn't know much about coaching football, but he was doing his best. He knew that CJ Hammer was a fantastic athlete and asked Danny to bring CJ down to meet the team.

Danny was in heaven when he ran to the stands and begged Chris to come down and meet his teammates. When Chris got down to the field, Danny hugged him and thanked him for coming to his football game.

"I can't believe that you guys came here!" Danny said with tears in his eyes. "This is fucking awesome! I begged Isaac to come to one of my games, but I never dreamed that you'd come with him!"

"I didn't come here to see you," Chris teased. "I hear the quarterback has a really hot ass and I want to check him out!"

"My ass is cuter," Danny teased. "You had a chance to poke me but you turned me down! Toby is my new fuck buddy and you better leave him alone or I'll find a gun and pop a cap in your ass!"

"Chill out dude!" Chris said as he walked with Danny down the field. "I'm just messing with your brain! You've got Toby and I've got Mike! We came here to see you play tonight and we hope you guys win!"

Tom Elliot was thrilled to meet CJ Hammer and couldn't believe how big the star athlete was. He watched as Chris used his crutches to walk out on the field to meet him and his young team and wished that he had something to get an autograph.

"This is a real honor for me to meet you," Coach Elliot said when he shook the huge hand of the big athlete. "I'll be honest with you, I don't know how to coach football, but I'm trying to learn. If you see anything that can help my team I sure hope you'll share it with us."

"You were a great point guard for USC" Chris said. "Your team was awesome and I watched a ton of your games."

Tom Elliot was pleased that CJ recognized his basketball abilities that were cut short by a severe knee injury in his senior year of college. He introduced CJ to all of the young football team and enjoyed seeing how friendly he was to everyone. He took a chance and asked CJ to sit with him and the team on the sidelines during the game, but didn't think that the Falcon star would agree.

"I'll sit with my buddies in the stands," Chris said. "I'll watch the first half of your game and see if there is anything I can suggest to help you coach these guys. Danny is a special guy for me. I call him my little brother `cause we've been through some tough times together."

"Danny told all of us about the attack at the middle school last summer," Tom Elliot said. "After watching your Karate competition, I know all of us are in awe of your strength and abilities. He's been bragging that his older brother is your roommate and that you guys are pledging the same fraternity. He also told some wild tales about a bright red Viper and you smoking the tires around the neighborhood."

"Danny has a big mouth!" Chris said, giving Danny a critical look. "I asked him not to tell anyone about the way I drive but I guess it was fun for all of us. I own some muscle cars, and one of my favorites is that Viper. I know that Danny and his buddy liked it when I smoked the tires when we took a ride together. I'll let you get back to getting your team ready for the game."

Chris limped back to the stands where his buddies were waiting for him. He sat down next to Mike and told the guys about the coach and his request for help in coaching the young boys.

When the game began, Chris was watching closely. He quickly noticed several things that allowed him to predict what each team was going to do. He started telling his buddies what play the offense of each team was going to run, just from watching how each team lined up for the play.

Isaac, Mike, and Cody were amazed that Chris was calling the plays from the stands before the center snapped the ball. While watching the game, they knew that Chris could help Danny's coach predict what the opposing team was going to run. The first half ended with Danny's team trailing by a score of 21-0.

"You've gotta go help them!" Mike exclaimed.

Isaac agreed, and begged Chris to help his little brother's team improve in the second half. Chris followed the team to the locker room where he found Tom Elliot trying to calm the young guys down. The team was dejected after a poor first half during which they never got into the opposing team's territory.

"Can you help us?" Tom Elliot asked Chris. "My guys are very upset and I don't want this game to be a blow out."

"I saw a few things that might help but I don't think I should be the one to tell the team," Chris advised. "Maybe I should tell you what I saw and you tell the guys what to try in the second half."

"Remember, I told you I wasn't a football coach," Tom said. "I need help and I don't have a big ego that will be busted apart if you talk directly to the players."

"Okay," Chris said as he shook Tom's hand.

"Listen up!" Tom yelled to the raucous players. "CJ Hammer is a fantastic football player and he has some suggestions for us to try in the second half. I want you to listen to him and stop whining and bitching like a bunch of pussies!"

The players were all dejected over their first half performances and grumbled about being called a bunch of pussies. They quieted down to listen to what CJ Hammer had to say to them.

"You guys have to remember that football is both physical and mental," Chris began. "Harrison High has a good team but you guys can beat them. I'm gonna say some things that might piss you off, but if you listen and try what I suggest, you might do better in the second half. Most of the guys you're lining up against are bigger than you are, but you guys are faster. You need to use your speed to get into positions where you can make them lose their size advantage and use it against them."

"Their defensive right end is unstoppable!" Toby Evans said. "When I drop back to pass he nails my ass really hard!"

"He's really big compared to you guys," Chris said, "But he's clumsy. Mike, you're the left end and you can't block him by hitting him high. There are two things you can try to neutralize him. You can try to hit him low to change his direction or have him fall over you. The other thing you can try is to let him go without even trying to block him."

"He'll cream me!" Toby blurted out.

"I told you that he's clumsy," Chris replied. "He builds up speed and goes in a straight line, so if you see him coming, roll out of the pocket to the right. If Mike lets the end come clean, he will be open for a short pass with no defensive end to stop him. Toby, you're fast so use your speed to get out of his path. He'll fall on his ass trying to change direction to get to you."

The team listened as Chris continued dissecting their opponents tactics.

"Toby," Chris continued, "you need to find a secondary receiver when your main receiver is covered. Their defense is keying on you and you only look in one direction for the main receiver. They flood that side of the field and that's why you got picked off three times. You won't have time for a long pass so you need to look for multiple receivers. You need to square up, with your shoulders perpendicular to the direction you're throwing to make an accurate pass."

Toby listened and realized that CJ was giving him some great advice.

"Danny and Justin, I have a question for you," Chris began. "Do you guys think that music is playing? You must because you're both dancing in the backfield! Your linemen can use their speed to open a hole for you, but you have to stop dancing and hit the hole faster. Justin, when you get through the hole, hit the first guy with a red jersey on. Danny, you watch which way Justin blocks the guy and cut for whatever daylight is there. If you're running a pass play you should be watching their linebacker. He gets itchy feet when he's gonna blitz so watch him. If he blitzes, both of you should hit him or anyone else who is trying to hit Toby. If he keeps his feet planted, he's not blitzing and Danny can slide out of the backfield for a pass while Justin helps with pass blocking. Toby, you have to look fast for an open receiver, but don't forget that Danny will probably be wide open."

The team was getting excited from the suggestions that CJ was giving them.

"Tommy I have some suggestions for you as the middle linebacker and the rest of the defense," Chris continued. "Their quarterback is telegraphing each play if you watch him closely. When they're gonna run he keeps his head down right before the snap. If he's gonna pass, he keeps his head up and looks back and forth at your defensive backs. He always looks first and last in the direction he's gonna throw. He doesn't look for a secondary receiver so you guys can key on him and send your free safety in the direction he's looking before he takes the snap. Because their linemen are bigger than you guys, block them low instead of trying to out muscle them. That goes for both the offensive and defensive linemen."

Tom Elliot was thrilled with the way CJ had analyzed the Harrison High team. He thanked him for the advice and told his players to do what CJ had suggested.

Chris left the locker room and went back to the stands where his buddies were waiting for him. Hector and Mary Mendez had joined the group of college guys and welcomed Chris with hugs.

The second half of the game was completely different from the first half. Chris's suggestions worked, and the Chambers High team won by a score of 28 to 21. Tom Elliot was in heaven when the game ended and he called for Chris to come to the locker room to celebrate with the team. Chris, Mike, Isaac and Cody all were invited and joined the loud celebration in the Chambers High locker room.

"LISTEN UP!" Tom Elliot yelled to his team to quiet them down. "YOU GUYS JUST KICKED ASS OUT THERE AND I'M PROUD OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! Let's give CJ Hammer a round of applause for helping us learn how to play football!"

The locker room erupted with cheers and whistles in appreciation of what Chris had helped them do in the game.

Danny had dragged Toby over to meet his brother, Mike, and Cody, and was in heaven after scoring two touchdowns on runs and one on a pass. He also wanted Toby to see how handsome the three friends of his older brother were.

"You played great!" Mike said when he shook Toby's hand. We all saw how excited you were when you scored that touchdown on the keeper play! I never played football in high school but I can recognize talent when I see it. Maybe some day you'll be playing for the CSU Falcons."

"CJ really helped us," Toby said. "He was kinda blunt with all of us at halftime with his suggestions, but they worked! I'd love to play for CSU in the future."

"My big buddy can be a real asshole sometimes," Mike replied. "Chris doesn't beat around the bush when he has something on his mind. When it comes to sports he's very intense and has pissed off some of his teammates when he rips into them for fucking up."

"Did someone mention fucking?" Chris asked when he walked up to the group of guys. "Both Danny and Toby scored on the field tonight and I bet they both score with each other before the night is over!"

"Toby is a great fuck!" Danny admitted. "He moans like a whore when I poke him and I'm a lot smaller in the salami area than he is."

"That's overshare!" Isaac said to his younger brother. "Dad said he's gonna treat at Pizza Hut for everyone on the team so you better spread the word. After you eat some pepperoni pizza you can eat some Evans salami!"

"My parents said that Danny can spend the night at our house," Toby said. "My bedroom is in the basement and I plan to fuck Danny like a nickel whore tonight!"

"All this talk about fucking is making me horny!" Cody admitted. "I hope I get my itch scratched tonight too!"

"Let's let the team shower and get dressed for the pizza party," Chris suggested.

"Don't you want to stay and check out the meat my teammates are packing?" Danny asked. "We're gonna have a circle jerk in the shower room if you want to join us."

"Maybe you should save your spunk for later," Isaac suggested to his brother. "I'm sure that Toby will drain your tank before the night is over."

"I got a big reserve tank," Danny said. "We only have a circle jerk if we win a game, and so far this will be our third jerkoff contest."

"Let's go before Chris takes Danny up on his offer," Mike suggested. He was staring at the cute bubble butts of the young players who were nude and heading for the showers. He had a great lover in Chris, but he enjoyed seeing the cute butts and semi-erect cocks of the young guys too.

The local Pizza Hut was happy that the large group of young guys chose their restaurant for their celebration. The teenagers destroyed a ton of pizza and entertained all of the customers with their antics.

The four college guys left to go to the Holidome where Chris had made reservations. Chris wanted to exercise in the pool and had told his buddies to bring swimsuits for the trip. The four handsome guys attracted a lot of attention when they entered the pool area in their Speedo suits. They knew that males and females were staring at them and the bulges in the fronts of their tiny swimsuits. Several people recognized Chris and asked him to sign autographs. He was gracious and signed the autographs and even played with some of the children in the pool.

After exercising for over an hour, Chris was ready to head for bed. He and Mike would be in a room that joined to the one where Isaac and Cody would sleep. Chris didn't want to sleep until he had taken care of Mike's sexual needs and his own. As soon as they got into their room, Chris grabbed Mike and gave him a passionate kiss.

"I see that my Little Brother is horny," Mike teased. "I still don't know how you can stuff that big cock of yours into that tiny bit of nylon that you call a swimsuit."

"There were a lot of people staring at your package too," Chris replied. "You started boning up a few times and I saw everyone checking out the Mahley Sausage Market!"

"Kiss me and fuck me!" Mike begged. "I brought the special lube and applicator so you could drill my ass tonight!"

"I'm gonna drill and be drilled!" Chris replied. "I need to feel you inside me tonight! Even if you go wild you won't tear me up if we use the lube correctly."

"Let's 69 first," Mike suggested. "I love chowing down on your meat and nibbling on your foreskin!"

The two guys quickly removed their swimsuits and got on the bed in a 69 position. They wasted no time swallowing hard cocks and fingering hot buttholes. They both knew what turned their partner on the most and used that knowledge to get each other close to orgasm. Each time they sensed that their partner was ready to cum, they backed off to make the oral sex last longer.

Mike loved sucking on Chris's huge cock and running his tongue under the long foreskin. He made loud slurping noises while he devoured the generous supply of precum that was leaking out of Chris. He rolled Chris's huge nuts around with his hand and bathed them with saliva. When he sensed that Chris was close to shooting his wad, Mike left the huge cock and drew one of Chris's balls into his mouth.

The oral sex lasted nearly 20 minutes before both of the guys exploded. Not a drop of cum was wasted. They both collapsed on the bed to enjoy the afterglow of satisfying oral sex.

"That was awesome!" Chris said to Mike. "I expect a nice long fuck from you when you get this thing reloaded!"

"You're still hard," Mike said. "Lube me up and fuck me!"

"I'm gonna rim you first," Chris said. "I love eating your ass and then fucking it. If you'd graft two tits on your back I'd marry you!"

"You fucking jerk!" Mike blurted out. "You'd marry me today if we could find a place where it was legal!"

"I think we should buy a big mansion and hire a bunch of cute guys as servants," Chris teased. "If you act like a jerk to me, I'll have some willing mouths and asses for my personal sperm deposits."

"When have I ever refused to have sex with you?" Mike asked.

"You're a whore!" Chris teased more. "I love you just the way you are! All I have to do is show you my dick or ass and you bone up!"

"I need to be fucked right now!" demanded Mike.

Chris loved having sex with Mike because he was always horny. He pushed Mike back on the bed and lifted his legs to expose his guy pussy. Chris didn't waste any time using his tongue to circle the puckered ring and lick directly on the place where he wanted to plant his huge cock. He used his hands to spread Mike's ass cheeks apart to open the hole for his probing tongue. The moans he heard from Mike gave Chris the encouragement to continue eating the ass of his lover. He spread Mike's ass cheeks open as far as he could and plunged his tongue inside the tangy hole to savor the flavor and texture.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Mike exclaimed. "FUCK ME!"

Chris grabbed the lubricant and special applicator to prepare Mike for an anal assault. He applied a generous supply of the lubricant to Mike's hole and his own cock to prevent any pain or injury. The head of his massive cock popped inside the oven of Mike's rectum with a pop that caused both guys to moan. Chris paused to allow Mike to relax before he began a series of slow thrusts and withdrawals until the entire length of his organ was buried inside Mike.

"God your ass is tight!" Chris exclaimed. "I'm glad you don't have teeth down there or my dick would be chewed off!"

"Shut up and fuck me! Your big cock is where it belongs right now and I need to feel you fill me with cum!"

Chris began with long, slow strokes of his cock until he was sure that Mike was relaxed enough for a healthy fuck. He started speeding up his thrusts and was encouraged by Mike's moans of pleasure. He lifted Mike's legs in the air to give himself complete access to the anal passage that was massaging his throbbing cock and continued slamming his cock inside Mike's gripping hole. He shifted positions and pulled Mike onto his side so he could slam his cock home and suck on Mike's nipple at the same time. He worked the nipple until he decided to lick and suck on Mike's neck and ear, knowing that Mike would go ballistic at any moment.

"I'M CUMMING!" Mike screamed with his cock exploding huge quantities of cum across the bed. His asshole gripped Chris's cock hard and was quickly filled with Hammer juice when Chris exploded inside Mike's rectum.

Chris kept fucking Mike's tight ass until he realized that Mike had passed out from the intensity of their mutual orgasm. He gently held his male lover and kissed Mike's neck and ear until Mike regained consciousness.

"That was awesome!" Mike choked out. "You flooded my guts with your load and you're still hard! Keep fucking me!"

Chris turned on the bed carefully so his cock never left Mike's hot asshole. He positioned Mike on his back and raised his legs high in the air to get a better angle for fucking his buddy once again. Mike's moans gave Chris the encouragement to fuck harder and he began slamming his cock to the hilt. He held Mike's ankles and used his strength to pull Mike's body up to receive each hard thrust. Chris looked at Mike's feet and decided to see if Mike was into having his feet licked while he was being fucked. He pulled Mike's left foot towards his mouth and began licking the bottom of the foot and then sucking on the toes.

Mike screamed when Chris's tongue tickled the underside of his foot. He was very ticklish and couldn't stand the feelings of the big tongue running up and down on his foot. When he felt Chris begin sucking on his big toe like it was a dick, Mike moaned in ecstasy.

Chris pulled on Mike's ankles until he could get both feet near his mouth. He alternated from one foot to the other and sucked and nibbled on the toes while he continued plunging his cock in and out of his buddy.

Both guys were covered with sweat from the intense sex and continued their passionate love making for over 20 minutes. When Chris finally unloaded his cum into Mike's love tunnel, Mike shot a load of cum across his chest and into his own face. Chris dropped Mike's legs and leaned forward to kiss Mike on the lips and slurp up the fresh cum that had decorated Mike's face.

Mike was overcome with a combination of exhaustion and raw nerves and began sobbing. At first Chris was worried that Mike was hurt, but he quickly realized that the intensity of their lovemaking had worn his buddy out. He gently pulled his shrinking cock out of Mike's abused hole and held Mike tenderly.

It took several minutes for Mike to regain control of his emotions. His sobs finally ended and he apologized to Chris for crying.

"I feel like a baby for crying," Mike admitted. "I've never had anyone do that to my feet and it was very intense. At first I didn't like it because you know I'm really ticklish. You and Jake used to tickle me until I pissed my pants and I always hated that. When you licked the soles of my feet I was afraid I'd kick you in the face. You're so fucking strong that you kept me from being able to pull my feet away from your mouth, but you drove me mad when you sucked my toes! I wanted to fuck you tonight but I shot another load when you filled my ass with cum. I don't think Little Mike will be able to bone up for a while so you might have to wait to get fucked."

"That sex was incredible!" Chris exclaimed. "I thought I knew every inch of your body from our previous love making, but now I know a new area to stimulate you. I'm exhausted too, so let's take a quick shower together and cuddle. I don't think Fr. Joe and the nuns would appreciate us porking each other at St. Mary's, so you better be ready to give me anal acupuncture tomorrow morning before we go to the airport."

Mike laughed at what Chris said and agreed that all four of them would have to behave when they visited the orphanage. He needed help to get out of the bed and into the bathroom because his legs were like rubber after the intensity of the fucks he got from Chris.

The two guys showered together and kissed passionately as they took turns washing each other. They dried off and headed back to the bed where they had bonded together like two dogs in heat. They cuddled and talked about their love for each other and the many changes that had happened in their lives together. They finally drifted off to sleep with Mike resting his head on Chris's chest.

Chris and Mike were sleeping soundly together when they awoke to knocking at the door that joined their room to the one where Cody and Isaac had spent the night. Mike rolled over and fell on the floor when he tried to stand up to walk to the door. He was pissed when he heard Chris laughing at him, but knew that his legs and body were still feeling the effects of the intense sex he had shared with Chris.

"You guys make a lot of noise when you fuck!" Cody said when Mike finally opened the door. "We were trying to get some beauty rest but your moans and screams kept us awake for hours! We heard what sounded like Mike crying and we figured either he got the fuck of his life or Chris couldn't get it up and left poor Mikey frustrated."

"When we get back to the fraternity, I'm gonna make both of you assholes cry when I whack your cute asses!" Mike promised.

"Are you gonna let a piece of shit member threaten your pledge buddies?" Isaac asked Chris.

"You guys have to remember that Mike and I are lovers," Chris said. "We experiment with each other when we make love, and last night I guess I found out something about my Big Brother that can put him over the top! If you guys are gonna blab about stuff you hear, you won't be invited to take trips with us again!"

"Jeez Chris, chill out!" Isaac said. "Cody and I banged each other good last night but we don't make as much noise as you guys did! We just like pimping the members. We won't say anything to anyone if you tell us what you did to this piece of shit to make him scream and cry."

Chris laughed and described what he and Mike had done together the previous night. Cody and Isaac listened intently to how both Chris and Mike described trying different things to make their sex more exciting. They both had guys that they were in love with but hadn't made a commitment to be monogamous. They realized that having one lover didn't mean that sex would become boring.

"Why don't you guys give us some privacy so I can fuck my Little Brother," Mike said. He pushed Cody and Isaac out of the room and locked the door. He joined Chris in the bathroom so they could both take a leak before they returned to the bed for a morning fuck.

"Lube me up good," Chris begged. He lifted his legs in the air to give Mike complete access to his rosebud and moaned in pleasure when he felt Mike's tongue working around the hole.

Mike loved eating Chris's ass before he fucked it. He shoved two pillows under Chris's butt to lift it higher off the bed so his tongue could probe against the puckered ring. He knew that Chris's ribs were still sore and didn't want to bend his big buddy too far back to get ready for a fuck. He spread Chris's ass cheeks apart until the hole opened up to allow him to shove his tongue inside.

Chris moaned in pleasure when he felt Mike's tongue probe inside his anus. He loved being rimmed and would have lifted his body up so he could suck his own cock at the same time, but his ribs were still too sore for that body position. He loved the sensations of having a guy eat his ass and finally begged Mike to lube him up and fuck him.

Mike grabbed the lubricant and the applicator so he could prepare his Little Brother for a nice fuck. He used the applicator like a dildo and worked it in and out of Chris's tight ass. He smeared more of the lubricant on Chris's anus and his own cock before he pulled the applicator out and replaced it with his throbbing cock.

Chris moaned when he felt Mike's thick cock stretch his anus open. He knew that his insides were healed from the damage of their last anal sex and he wanted to feel Mike deep inside him. He grabbed Mike's body and pulled it forward to bring the entire length of Mike's cock inside his ass.

Both guys moaned when they felt Mike's cock hit Chris's prostate and slide fully inside. They kissed passionately as Chris encouraged Mike to fuck him hard. Mike loved fucking and began ramming his dick in and out of Chris's body.

Chris could feel every bulge and vein of Mike's cock when it went in and out of his hole. He clamped his ass muscles down when Mike pulled back and relaxed them when he slammed forward. The two lovers built up a rhythm and kissed or pinched nipples during the intense fuck. Chris was the first to unload when he blasted a load of cum across his face and head and onto the wall behind the bed. The grip of his orgasm took Mike over the top, and Mike flooded Chris's ass with hot man pudding. The two dudes collapsed when their orgasms peaked and they held each other close until their cocks had been totally drained.

"God I needed that!" Chris exclaimed. "Little Mike did a great job!"

"I love you so much!" Mike said as he kissed Chris on the mouth. He licked up the huge load of cum that was all over Chris's face and delivered much of it to Chris's mouth so they could share it. "You painted the wall with your jizz!"

"I think we better wipe that juice off the wall," Chris suggested. "I don't want some horny housekeeper coming in and putting it in her nasty cunt!"

"We need to hit the shower and have breakfast," Mike suggested. "I don't think you should show up at your therapy session or St. Mary's with dried cum in your hair!"

Chris and Mike laughed and got off the bed to shower before heading down to check out of their room. They heard loud noises coming from the adjoining room and realized that Isaac was fucking Cody really hard. They laughed and knocked on the door that joined the two rooms but never tried to open the door to see the two guys fucking. Instead they headed into the shower where they could hug and kiss while they washed each other.

The guys had breakfast in the hotel dining room where Chris was continually asked for autographs. Mike had brought a large supply of photos from Chris's Olympic basketball team, Karate competition, and in his CSU Falcon uniform. Each time someone came up asking for an autograph Mike would ask him or her which photo they wanted.

Chris was embarrassed about everyone wanting his autograph and the fact that Mike had brought a large supply of the photos. Mike explained that Saul had sent the prints to him at the fraternity and that the kids at the orphanage would want Chris's autograph. Chris was gracious in signing the photos but wished that he could have a time where he and his family or friends could have fun without being pestered.

The four guys finally got to the airport in time for their short flight to Texas. Chris was concerned about parking the 1970 Chevelle in the parking ramp but the attendant promised that he would watch the car closely and make sure it was still there when Chris returned. The attendant asked for three autographs for himself and his younger brother, and promised that no one would touch the car. He said he would move the car up next to the pay booth if Chris would trust him with the keys.

"I'm your biggest fan," Steve Keller said to Chris. "I'm gay and have a lover that I want to give the extra photo to. My little brother is 15 and he's either gay or bi. We all think that you were very brave for coming out to the world that you have a male lover. You're the hero for all of the guys in the nation that are attracted to other guys."

Chris thanked Steve for his comments and tossed him the keys to the powerful muscle car. Cars were only a worldly possession and Chris knew that they could be replaced if something bad happened to them. He wished that more people in the United States were receptive to the kind of love that he and Mike shared with each other.

When the flight arrived in Dallas, Texas, Chris had planned on renting a car to drive to the orphanage. The four guys only had carry on luggage because they were only spending one night in Dallas, so they didn't have to wait at the baggage claim area. They walked into the airport terminal and were headed for the car rental wing when two nuns met them.

Sr. Katherine and Sr. Angelina were bubbling over when they greeted Chris and his friends and gave all of them hugs. They quickly told the college men that they had a van waiting to drive them to the orphanage.

Chris was surprised to see the two nuns that he had met in Las Vegas, but quickly accepted the offer of a free ride to the orphanage. These two nuns were completely different from the nuns that Chris had met during his many years in the orphanage. They both smiled and joked with the college guys and made them feel very comfortable.

"Father Joe and all of the boys and girls at the orphanage are thrilled that you're coming to visit us," Sr. Katherine said. "There have been a lot of changes since you left our home and we hope that you enjoy your visit. Fr. Joe is always telling the boys and girls that there is hope for them to learn a trade or find a family that will accept them into their lives. You're the example that Fr. Joe uses the most when he talks to a child who seems to be without hope."

"I wasn't the best example to follow when I lived at St. Mary's," Chris admitted. "I did some nasty stuff when I lived there, but God brought Saul Bernstein there to rescue me. The nuns that used to be in charge at St. Mary's weren't very nice to the other boys and me. I did some stuff that I'm not proud of, but I paid them back for being brutal to us boys."

"Fr. Joe said you were the worst boy he ever met!" Sr. Angelina commented. "He also said you were the best! He told us some of the pranks you pulled on the sisters, and we all laughed at how inventive you were when you were only a boy. Now you're a man, and the orphanage has recently expanded to include girls when other orphanages across the state closed due to reduced state funding. Saul Bernstein has been our savior by finding people who made large donations to continue our ministry. We want all of our children to find families who will accept them, but we also realize that most of our children will be with us until they turn 18 and leave. The Carpenter Foundation has established a trust fund to pay for college expenses for our young adults when they finish our high school. Unwanted children now have hope for a future where they can find a job in a trade or go to college."

"I knew that my dad was a special person," Chris said, "but I haven't seen the results of his efforts. My biological father controls the Carpenter Foundation and he's another great dad to me. I'm excited to see the changes that have been made since I was at St. Mary's a couple years ago."

"We hope you won't teach the boys your nasty tricks," Sr. Angelina said. "I sure don't want to have my undies filled with white pepper or have my hands stuck to things with super glue!"

The four guys laughed when they listened to the nuns describe all of the pranks that Chris and his friends had pulled on the nuns in the years past. Chris tried to deny any involvement in tormenting the nasty nuns, but finally admitted that he was the ringleader in harassing the nuns who beat the boys for little or no reason.

"Hey Mike," Chris asked, "Do you know why nuns always travel in pairs?"

Mike knew that Chris was going to pull a joke on the two sisters and played along by saying, "No".

"One nun sees that the other nun, gets none," Chris teased.

The four guys laughed while Sister Katherine threatened to pull the van over and spank Chris's butt. Everyone laughed at the joke and enjoyed the trip.

"Two nuns walk into a liquor store," Sr. Angelina began. "They asked for a pint of whiskey. The storeowner didn't want to sell alcohol to two nuns but finally agreed when the nuns said it was for Sister Superior's constipation. The next day the two nuns were back again for another pint, and said it was for Sister Superior's constipation again. This continued for two more days until the store owner refused to sell to the two nuns without calling the convent. The two nuns finally admitted that they were drinking the whiskey and said, 'Sister Superior will crap when she finds us drunk again'."

Everyone in the van roared with laughter when they realized that the two nuns were completely different from any nuns that they had ever met. Cody had never been around a nun before, but he had heard bad stories from Chris, Isaac and Mike about how severe the nuns were in the past. These two nuns were obviously different and had learned to have fun in their lives of celibacy.

When the van pulled up to the front of St. Mary's Orphanage, multitudes of people were waiting for them. A large banner stretched across the Reception Center that said, "Welcome Back CJ Hammer". Many of the children were carrying signs that had the names of all four of the visitors. Chris jumped out of the van and quickly used his crutches to help him get to Father Joe.

"I love you!" Chris said to Fr. Joe. "This is fantastic for me to be able to come back here and see what you've done to this place! The two sisters that you brought to Las Vegas were fantastic for meeting us at the airport and bringing us here! I want to see everything!"

Father Joe hugged Chris and welcomed him back to the orphanage where his life had begun and where he had met Saul Bernstein. He hugged the other guys from the college and welcomed them to the place where Chris had been a very nasty boy.

Chris turned away from Fr. Joe and saw four faces that he recognized. He yelled at the small children and called them to break the ranks of the welcoming party to run to him and give him a hug. Julie Smith, Nathaniel Jerome, Carlos Chavez, and Carrie Mathers ran and surrounded Chris with hugs and screams of joy. They were the four children that had been in Las Vegas when Chris had won the World Championship of the Karate Federation. The four children had been celebrities for being selected to go to Las Vegas, and they had bragged about how much love and attention they got from CJ Hammer and his friend Mike Mahley.

Chris picked up Nathaniel and Carrie, while Mike held up Carlos and Julie. Cody and Isaac felt left out until they were swamped with other kids wanting to be picked up and loved.

Chris was still limping from his injuries, and Fr. Joe demanded that Nathaniel and Carrie get down from Chris's arms.

"I can handle this," Chris said to Fr. Joe. "I love seeing these two urchins, and I want them to show me around the orphanage. I'll be okay as long as they don't expect me to run with them in my arms."

"We're all honored that you guys came to visit us," Fr. Joe said. "I want you to meet two other priests who have devoted their lives to our ministry here. This is Father Joseph Kosmanski, and Father John Medford. They will take over when I'm moved to another calling."

"I don't want you to leave here," Chris admitted. "You were the one to change this place from a nasty hole into a place with love! I hope that the Catholic Church recognizes what you've done here!"

"I'm being promoted to Bishop," Fr. Joe admitted. "These two priests are going to make sure that St. Mary's continues as a haven for the orphans and gives the children hope for the future. We have expanded to provide shelter and love for over 1,000 boys and girls since you left. State funding dropped off for most of the orphanages in Texas, but with the financial support of Saul Bernstein, Jonathan Carpenter, and many other contributors, we have expanded and improved the lives of many children. We have over 50 nuns here who administer to the children, along with nearly 50 teachers from the private sector. John Klein, the owner of John's Steak House Restaurants, got his start here with us when he taught you how to cook. He has continued to provide chefs in training for our kitchens, and we have fantastic food for everyone. We hope that you and your friends will enjoy your visit with us. The CSU game against Stanford will be televised here and you can watch it in the amphitheater where we watched the games you competed in."

"This is too much for me to take in at one time," Chris admitted. "I knew that a lot of changes had been made here, but I never expected to find out how much you've expanded. I want to see my old dormitory and all of the new buildings!"

Nathaniel and Carrie got down from Chris's embrace and held his hands as they led him around the grounds of the orphanage. The two children were proud as they led the famous athlete around the grounds that were now called a campus. They showed Chris and his friends the huge athletic building where an Olympic size swimming pool was combined with an indoor track, gymnasium, exercise room for aerobics and a weight lifting room. They led the visitors around to show them the Media Center where a multitude of computers were ready for use by the children to surf the Internet and complete research.

Mike loved having Julie and Carlos holding his hands during the tour of the academic buildings and the special building that had been built for shop classes. A multitude of machines had been purchased and installed to train the boys and girls in operating equipment to machine wood and metal into useful objects for the orphanage. Welding shops and auto mechanics garages had been created to give the children who didn't have college potential a chance for a career in other fields.

"It's time for lunch," Fr. Joe announced. "We know that you guys must be hungry, so we want you to be well fed before we continue the tour and get ready for the Falcon's football game."

Chris and his friends were all hungry and agreed that it was time for some food. They were happy to find out that John Klein had continued to provide expert food services to the orphanage. They were all spoiled from eating the excellent food from John's trainees at the Jacob's Dorm and at the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. The college guys mixed with the children during the luncheon and enjoyed how excited the children were. The food was great and everyone was stuffed before they left the huge dining hall.

The group continued the tour of the campus and was pleased with the beauty of the buildings and play areas for the children. Wherever they went a stream of children of all ages followed, wanting to be with the visitors. All of the children wanted to hold the hands of the four college men, so the priests organized a rotation where many children got a chance for contact.

Chris remembered how special it was when a visitor came to the orphanage. Every boy wanted the visitor to like him and take him away from the dismal surroundings. The children all wanted attention but now had a place that was comfortable and beautiful instead of being abused by the nuns and living in terrible conditions. Chris was pleasantly surprised when he saw the dormitory where he had lived much of his life. The single beds had been replaced with bunk beds due to the increase in orphans. The room was now carpeted and had central air conditioning. The boys had been allowed to paint murals on the walls that used to be a drab gray color. Everything was now cheerfully decorated and the boys took pride in their wings of the dormitory.

"This brings back a lot of memories for me," Chris admitted. "My bed was here in this corner. We used to cook during the summer months because we didn't even have a fan in this wing. I'm really pleased with the improvements that have been made in the living conditions for the boys."

"We have two new dormitory buildings for the boys and two new ones for the girls too," Fr. Joe said. We've had visitors from all over the nation who have been amazed at how nice our facilities are compared to theirs. The Carpenter Foundation is expanding their outreach to other states and has found many other contributors who are trying to make a difference in the lives of orphans."

"Where are you gonna sleep tonight?" Carlos asked Chris. "I want you to sleep with me!"

"I'm too big to fit in one of these beds," Chris admitted. "I like to sleep on the floor so maybe I can crash on the floor near my old bed location. Maybe I spoke too soon. I never asked Fr. Joe if it would be okay for us to sleep in the dorm with you guys."

"I figured that you'd want to be in your old dorm area," Fr. Joe stated. "We have extra mattresses and we can bring them in or find empty beds in one of the new dorms."

The young boys all pleaded with Chris and his friends to sleep in their dorm area. They were thrilled that he would spend the night with them instead of staying in the guest quarters that were reserved for visitors.

The group continued the tour of the facilities and went to the new dormitories reserved for the girls. They were allowed in the lobby area and living room, but were told that the sleeping areas were off limits for any men or boys.

"Sr. Angelina says that the statue of the Virgin Mary guards the girls while they sleep," Fr. Joe said. He opened the door to the sleeping area to show Chris and his friends the statue that he said the nuns pray to each night after they have the girls safely in bed.

"I have a very sensitive question for you," Chris said to Fr. Joe. "You have hundreds of kids who are into puberty and have raging hormones. How do you keep the boys and girls from getting together for Sex Ed?"

"The dormitories are locked at night," Fr. Joe said. "The boys and girls have limited contact with each other unless they are closely supervised by the nuns. The courtyard between the dormitories is flooded with light at night and we have motion detectors and surveillance cameras that are monitored by our security staff. There's no way for any person to get from one part of the campus to the other without being seen."

"I think you have underestimated the desires of horny teenagers," Chris said to the priests. "It's no secret that boys will fool around with other boys in the dorms, but the attraction of having girls so close is incentive for the boys to find a way to beat your security systems. I bet some of the girls are just as interested in getting into the boy's dorms."

"Good Lord!" Fr. Joe exclaimed. "We had the Security Company look at the campus and they assured us that we're secure. I hope you don't teach the boys any of your bad habits while you're here! You were a little scamp when you lived with us and we don't need the turmoil that you caused for everyone!"

"I'll behave Fr. Joe!" Chris promised. "I never lied to you when I lived here and I won't start now!"

"I think we should head for the Amphitheater" Fr. Joe said. "The Falcon game will be on very soon and we don't want to miss any of it."

The visitors all followed the priests to the large building where assemblies and special events were held. The Amphitheater had seating for over 1000 people, but today it was arranged for a group of 50 with a large plasma screen television centered on the stage area. Couches and chairs had been brought in for the comfort of the visitors while they watched the football game. Across the campus, other televisions were tuned in to the pre-game show for the CSU game against Stanford. A lottery had been held to select the boys and girls that would have the opportunity to watch the game with Chris and his friends. The lucky boys and girls were excited that they would have the chance to be with the visitors and watch the football game.

When Chris sat down on one of the couches, boys and girls who wanted to sit with him swarmed him. He saw a black boy who was about five years old get pushed out of the way by older kids who were scrambling to get on the couch with Chris.

"What's your name?" Chris asked the little black boy who was dejected after being pushed away by the larger children.

"Ocie" was the soft reply.

"Well Ocie, I have room on my lap for a cute little dude like you," Chris said. He held his arms out and was quickly rewarded with a bouncing little boy with a wide grin. Ocie was overjoyed by having the chance to sit on Chris's lap to watch the game. He reached up and kissed Chris on the cheek and thanked him for being nice to him.

Chris choked back his tears when he thought about his own life at St. Mary's. He would have given anything to have a man invite him to sit on his lap for any reason. The little black boy was all smiles with the attention he was getting from Chris and the jealousy of the other kids who wished that they were on Chris's lap.

The priests and nuns rotated the children during the game to give more of them a chance to sit with Chris and his college friends. Chris complied with the authorities of the orphanage but told them that he wanted Ocie to sit with him for the entire game.

The Falcons were heavily favored to win the game and led by a score of 24 to 7 at halftime. Everyone was enjoying the game and the commentary by Chris about the different plays and his knowledge of the tactics of the Falcons. Delano was running wild through the Stanford team and had accumulated over 200 yards rushing in the first half.

"I gotta pee" Ocie whispered to Chris. "I don't want to leave cause I'll lose my spot on your lap, but I really have to go bad."

"You hit the bathroom," Chris said to the cute little guy. "I'll save your place for you."

Ocie beamed and quickly ran for the bathroom. A mixed race boy quickly ran up and begged to take Ocie's place on Chris's lap.

"My name is Thomas and I'm Ocie's big brother!" Thomas exclaimed. "Can I sit on your lap? Please let me!"

"You don't look like Ocie's brother," Chris said. He picked up the boy and placed him on his lap where Ocie had been sitting.

"I'm not his real big brother" Thomas admitted. "I'm his pretend big brother and we sleep together a lot. I'm a lot older than he is but we call each other brother."

"How old are you?" Chris asked.

"I'm 8 1/2" Thomas replied. "I wish I had a big brother of my own. Will you be my big brother?"

Chris choked back his emotions again. He knew that every orphan wanted someone to cling to and connect with. He quickly agreed that he would be Thomas's big brother and would call or write to him as often as possible.

Thomas was in heaven and had tears running down his face. He reached up and kissed Chris on the cheek and said that he would be good at the orphanage and take care of Ocie.

Ocie looked dejected when he returned to the couch where Chris was sitting. He was afraid that he had lost his special spot when he went to the bathroom, but he was very happy when Chris moved Thomas to make room for Ocie to sit on his lap along with Thomas.

Fr. Joe and the other priests watched the college men give all of the children special attention during the football game. It was gratifying for the priests and nuns to see how much affection the boys and girls were getting from the visitors. The room was filled with cheers for every good play made by the CSU Falcons. The game ended with the Falcons winning by a score of 42 to 14.

"We're having salad and pizza tonight," Fr. Joe announced. "The children love pizza and asked for it when they heard that you guys would be coming here today. I hope that's okay with all of you."

"We love pizza!" Cody exclaimed. "When we watch a football game at the fraternity, we always have pizza and tap a keg of Coors! Where's the keg?"

"Lord help us!" Sr. Mary exclaimed.

The children were all laughing hysterically at the thought of the orphanage providing beer for the visitors. They all loved to tease the nuns and get a reaction from them, but on the other hand, had learned to respect their authority.

"You'll have to settle for soft drinks tonight," Fr. Thomas stated. "I don't think any of you are of legal age to be drinking beer!"

"I'm over 21," Mike admitted. "If you lend me one of the St. Mary's vans, I'll jump out and snag us a keg or two!"

Again the children laughed until they were exhausted. They knew that Mike was teasing the priests and nuns and it made the children happy to see the college men having fun.

Chris and his buddies ate with the children and gave special attention to the smaller kids. They circulated around the dining hall and made sure that all of the kids had plenty of pizza and soft drinks.

"You need to come here more often," Fr. Joe said to Chris and Mike. "All of the children saw you announce your special relationship and they wanted to be near you and touch you. We know that boys in a dormitory will experiment with each other sexually. The girls are the same way in their dorms. We don't encourage that type of behavior but we are realistic and know that sexual experimentation is normal. These children need love, and sex is a way for them to express their needs with each other."

"I'm glad that you are realistic," Mike said. "Chris told me about his life here and the fact that most of the boys found someone to be intimate with. I hope you realize that none of us will try to seduce a boy tonight when we sleep in the dorm. This is my first chance to see where Chris lived most of his life, and I hope we can come back again. This campus is filled with love for children that society has thrown away. Your work here is a true miracle and I hope we can come back and have fun with the kids."

"You don't know how exciting it is for these boys and girls to see you come here," Fr. Joe said. "If we had more warning, I know they would have made more banners and signs to welcome you here to our campus. We may be priests and nuns, but we understand the desires of the flesh. We have no reservations about you men sleeping in the dorms with the boys. I'm sure that most of them will try to sleep with you just to have physical contact with you. You will have to set the limits if that happens."

"I'd like to take a walk around the playground for a while," Chris said. "After this great meal of pizza settles, I'd like to exercise in the pool if that's okay."

"You're welcome to use any of our facilities," Fr. Joe stated. "When the children hear that you guys are going into the pool, the place will be overflowing with happy children. We'll have to hold another lottery to make sure that there's room for you to move in the pool! I hope you brought swim suits because we don't allow any skinny dipping now that we have a co-ed campus."

"We never had a pool when I was here," Chris remarked. "The only time we got a chance to cool off was running buck naked through a sprinkler on the lawn. My buddies and I brought suits because we spent last night at the Holidome. I didn't know you had a pool here but we're prepared as long as Speedo's are allowed."

"We have a special connection with a distributor who provides that type of suit for all of our boys and girls," Fr. Thomas said. "All of the children will be wearing the same type of suits as you guys, so don't be concerned. Everyone who lives or works here uses the pool facilities. The nuns are very modest so they have a time each day that the pool is closed to everyone but them. That way they can swim and exercise without any interference from men or the children."

"I knew that you'd make a big difference when you came to St. Mary's," Chris said. "I just didn't realize how much improvement had been made since I left here. I was amazed when I saw the computer lab and the machine shop. All of the buildings have been cleaned and redecorated to make the entire campus beautiful."

Chris and his friends walked around the playground where hundreds of children were having fun. Several nuns were playing with the children and helping them organize games of kickball, volleyball, softball and basketball. After their walk the guys headed for the locker room to shower and get in their swimsuits for a dip in the pool.

The young boys were very interested in seeing the college men undress and hit the showers. The shower room was quickly filled with boys of all ages who wanted to see the nude body of CJ Hammer. Nathaniel, Carlos and Thomas pushed their way into the shower room and claimed the showerhead next to Chris and Mike.

"Wow you have a huge cock!" Little Carlos exclaimed while staring at Chris's manhood that was right at his eye level.

"Yours will get bigger when you get older," Chris replied. He knew that all of the boys were checking out his dick and those of his friends. He decided to make the shower a quick one so he and his friends could put on their suits to block the view of their equipment. All of the visitors noticed several boys with boners who made no effort to hide their arousal.

When the guys got into the pool area, it was filled with boys and girls who were splashing around in the large pool. Boys and girls who wanted special attention during the pool time surrounded the four visitors.

Chris did his pool exercises to try and get his leg and arm back to normal condition. The children who wanted to touch and play with him constantly surrounded him. Chris finally gave up doing the rest of his exercise program and began tossing the kids in the air to splash down in the pool water. Mike, Cody and Isaac did the same to occupy more of the children and have fun. The lifeguard was a very attractive student from a local college and she seemed very concerned about all of the rough housing in the pool. She asked the nuns to calm the activity down before someone got hurt. The nuns loved hearing the screams of joy coming out of the children and promised to help watch the activities to prevent any injuries.

Chris and his buddies were finally worn out from throwing all of the children and dunking each other during their own versions of water wrestling. When they decided to leave the pool, the children all seemed to lose interest in swimming and headed for the two locker rooms.

The visitors wore their suits into the shower room and quickly rinsed off before going to their lockers to get dressed. The row of lockers was crowded with boys who wanted to get the last look at the visitors without their clothes on.

"Have you ever seen so many horny guys?" Isaac asked his friends. "If we're gonna sleep in the dorm with these guys, they'll be all over us to grope us. I have to be honest and say that I see a lot of eye candy here, and under different circumstances I'd drop my boxers and troll for a cutie to hook up with."

"I lived here for over 12 years," Chris said. "The guys here have been sucking and fucking each other like rabbits for years! We have to set the limits if someone tries to make a move on us. I sure don't want us to do anything that will prevent us from being invited back here. The kids need love and they make the same mistake that I did when I lived here. I thought that sex was love, but I was wrong for most of my life. You're my lover, Mikey, and now I know the difference between casual sex and making love. You saw the different ages of the boys who we will be with tonight in the dormitory. The little dudes want physical contact to connect with someone older and the teenagers will use that desire to get the young ones to put out for them. We can't change what happens here but we can give the boys physical contact without sex."

All of the guys agreed that Chris was right. They promised that they would have fun with the boys in the dormitory without any sexual activities.

Four mattresses were positioned on the carpeted floor near the corner where Chris had slept for most of his life. The boys all pushed and shoved to make the temporary beds with clean sheets, blankets and pillows. At 10:00 p.m. the main lights in the dormitories were turned off and the only lights lit up a path to the toilet areas.

Chris had just settled down on the mattress next to Mike when he felt the first boy sneak next to him. He recognized the voice of Nathaniel and welcomed his little friend to share the mattress. The dorm area became a hill of ants when other boys snuck around to get near one of the visitors. Before long, none of the visitors could roll over without crushing one of the boys who snuggled close to them. There were a few comments from the visitors that indicated that some of the boys were letting their hands wander to intimate areas, but things finally quieted down and everyone fell asleep.

Chris loved having the close contact with the young boys and listened as their breathing proved that they were asleep. He carefully extracted himself from the mass of bodies and quietly left the dormitory. It was almost an hour later when he returned and moved some of the boys so he could settle back on the mattress.

"Get my digital camera," Fr. Joe said to Fr. John in the early morning. "I have to get a picture of this to send to Saul and Jonathan!"

The visitors and boys woke up to the flash of the digital camera that captured the picture of a sea of bodies that surrounded the college guys. The mattresses and floor were covered with the orphans who had snuck out of their beds to sleep next to Chris and his buddies.

"I bet you guys didn't get much sleep with the boys crawling all around you," Fr. John said. "I hope they behaved themselves."

"It was great having them cuddle next to me," Isaac admitted. His buddies echoed his feelings of enjoying the friendship of the boys and said that everyone had behaved.

"We have mass in 30 minutes," Fr. Joe said. "We hope that you will join us in the early service before the breakfast buffet."

The visitors got up and hit the bathroom before getting dressed for the mass. The children normally wore shorts and T-shirts around the orphanage and the same level of dress was allowed for mass on Sunday mornings.

After mass, Chris was in the Dining Room with Fr. John when Sr. Mary came in. She seemed very upset and wanted to talk to the priests in private. She whispered in Fr. John's ear and he nodded his head.

"If she wants to talk about some missing candle holders I should probably be in the meeting," Chris offered.

"How did you know that?" Fr. John asked. "Two candle holders are missing from the girls' dormitory and we're meeting right now in Fr. Joe's office."

Chris said that he would meet the orphanage administrators in Fr. Joe's office after he got something from the dormitory where he had spent the night. When he got to the office he knocked to ask for permission to enter.

"Are you looking for these?" Chris asked Sr. Mary as he held out the two brass candleholders.

"Those were stolen from the girls' dormitory after lights out!" Sr. Mary blurted out. "A thief took them and left this piece of wood next to the statue of the Virgin Mary that guards the girls when they sleep!"

"Chris! What is the meaning of this?" Fr. Joe demanded.

"I'm not a thief!" Chris replied. "You said that the Security Company had assured you that the boys and girls couldn't get together and I didn't believe them. It took me only a few minutes to leave the boys' dormitory, travel to the girls' dormitory and return. I took the candleholders and left a piece of a broken wooden chair to prove that the children are getting together without you knowing about it. I don't want to be a rat, but I can show you some breaches in your security and some other evidence that will be very upsetting for everyone in authority here."

The priests and nuns were shocked that Chris had been able to leave the boys' dorm and take the candleholders without being detected by the security systems. They followed Chris when he led them back to the dormitory where he had spent the night to begin describing how he had circumvented the campus security.

"This is the main area where your security fails," Chris said as he used a paperclip to pick the lock on the service door that led behind the toilets in the boy's dorm. "This access area is used for repairing the pipes for the toilets and it connects to the locker room by the pool." He led the small group through the service area until they arrived in an area that he identified as behind the showers for the girls' locker room. "Things get a little more interesting now," Chris said as he picked the lock on the door that led to the power tunnel that connected the Athletic Building to the basement of the girls' dormitory. The doors locked from the inside but the locks were very cheap and easy to open with any type of lock pick.

"This basement has things that will upset you," Chris said. "The service tunnel has a shaft and ladder that connects to the service area behind the toilets and showers in the girls' dorms. I climbed this metal ladder and got into the girls' bathrooms. It was easy to get from there to the table where the statue and candleholders normally sit. The basement is used for storage of old furniture that was in use when I lived here, and I took a piece of a broken chair and left it on the table when I took the candleholders. Here is the area that will upset all of you."

Chris showed the priests and nuns an area where the old furniture was stacked up and an area with several old mattresses.

"Not only are the kids getting together," Chris began, "they're keeping score!"

He showed everyone the soiled mattresses and a collection of used condoms that were draped over pipes on the wall. The wall had been marked with a pencil to show the names of the girls with a tally of how many times they had sex in the basement. Under each name were the used condoms from the sexual activity. Further down the wall, the first names of several boys were listed with the first names of the girls that they had scored with.

"It looks like Marty has been the most active guy," Chris said as he pointed to the area where Marty's name was followed by at least 15 girls' names. "I'd guess that Shantelle has been very busy by the way her name is under each boy's. Her tally adds up to over 50!"

"I'M SHOCKED!" Sr. Mary exclaimed. "If I didn't see this with my own eyes I would say that it was entirely made up! What are we going to do about this?"

"I'm as shocked as you are," Fr. Joe said. "The Catholic Church is totally against pre-marital sex and the use of condoms for birth control! How did our children get condoms? Why didn't our Security Company see how these buildings were connected and make them secure?"

"I hope you're not mad at me," Chris admitted. "When I lived here I used the service corridors to sneak around the buildings. I learned how to pick locks from the older boys and we used to raid the kitchen and sneak into the nuns' quarters to pull pranks on them or steal the snacks that they hoarded there. I feel like a rat for showing you how the children are hooking up. I bet that some of the kids tag along when the maintenance people work in the tunnels or service corridors. It would be easy to steal a key from them or to just pick the locks. Any person could bring condoms onto the campus, especially if they are trading the condoms for sexual favors from the kids. I may be way out of line by saying that, but it's obvious that a large supply of baggies has already been used."

"This is appalling!" Fr. John said. "We've all talked about controlling the sexual urges of the children, but it's obvious that we have failed miserably!"

"Chris told me that horny teenagers would find a way to get together," Fr. Joe admitted. "From the names on this wall it's obvious that we have some very sexually active children under our care. We don't need our girls getting pregnant and giving birth to more children that society will ignore."

"I have one other suggestion," Chris said. "When I took the two candleholders there were places for four candles. Two were missing and I found a box of candles down here in this basement that had been opened. I'm not going to get too graphic, but you have to realize that the shape and size of a candle can be desirable for a girl to use to pleasure herself. I know that the same type of candles are used in the Chapel, but I think you should switch to Votive candles for the table with the statue of the Virgin Mary."

"Lord help us!" Sr. Mary exclaimed. "We've been stupid for not realizing what was happening here!"

"I only ask you one favor," Chris said. "Please wait until after my buddies and I leave before you blow this whole situation out in public. If girls had been here when I was, I'd have had my name on that wall too! I know that my relationship with Mike is forbidden in the Catholic Church and I feel like a hypocrite for exposing sexual activity that is not allowed but is considered normal in your eyes. Are you mad at me?"

"I'm not mad at you," Fr. Joe said when he hugged Chris. "A long time ago you promised not to lie to me and this proves that you are an adult now. You recognize the responsibilities of adulthood by being honest about your relationship with Mike and how you have shown us our vulnerabilities. We're going to have a staff meeting and decide how to handle this information without losing control of our emotions. I speak for the entire staff when I thank you for helping us learn about these problems without an outside investigator finding them. I'm going back to my office to call the Security Company to put immediate controls in effect. I may be speaking prematurely, but I think that the children whose names are on this wall should be the ones to clean up this evidence of their sexual activities. I certainly don't want to touch any of those used condoms and I suspect that no one else would either."

Chris still felt guilty for ratting out the boys at the orphanage, but he realized that the girls were just as active in going to the basement to fuck. He decided not to say anything to his friends until they left the orphanage to head back to California.

During the lunch buffet, Chris autographed photos for hundreds of children. He barely had time to eat with all of the children coming up and asking for a signed photograph from him. The other guys maintained crowd control in helping Chris with his admirers. By the time they had to leave for the airport, Chris was exhausted from the stress of signing so many autographs. He gave hugs to the nuns and priests and thanked them for letting him and his friends come to the orphanage for the special visit. Fr. Joe asked Chris and his friends to come back again for another visit, and promised that many changes would be made after their visit.

Chris was very sad upon leaving the orphanage, and Mike picked up on his emotions.

"Now I know where you came from," Mike said to Chris. "I feel a real calling to return to St. Mary's to be a part of the lives of those children. It may sound stupid to you, but I'd love to major in Pediatrics and live there to take care of those incredible kids."

"That sounds great to me," Chris admitted. "I could be a teacher and athletic coach and you could repair the broken bodies after I tear them apart on the field. Just being back in my old dormitory was special. It was both scary and exciting for me. I have a lot of memories that are both bad and good from my years at St. Mary's. We all need to thank God that we don't live there like those kids that society has thrown away. I want to do what I can to improve their lives so they can be happy."

Mike and Chris made a pact to continue their studies at CSU to head for lives where they could help orphaned children.


 To be continued... 


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