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CJ Chapter 42 Return to Campus

The four guys arrived at the airport parking lot and were happy to find the powerful Chevelle parked right next to the tollbooth. The attendant on duty was happy to meet CJ Hammer and his friends and told them that a ton of people had been admiring the muscle car. Steve had told all of the attendants to keep anyone from touching the classic car and how gracious the owner had been to him.

The four guys headed back to the CSU campus and were entertained by Chris's description of the sexual activities he had uncovered in the basement of the girls' dormitory. They all were surprised how Chris could leave the dorm area and return with the candleholders without being detected. They all laughed about the used condoms and the reactions of the nuns and priests.

As soon as the powerful car arrived in the parking lot of the fraternity, Alex was waiting for them. The huge dog had heard the sound of Chris's car and had bounded out of the doggy door to meet his master. He pinned Chris against the bright red car and howled and licked Chris's face.

"Did you bite any nasty members on the ass while I was gone?" Chris asked his dog.

"He'd better not bite any of my brothers or I'll whack your ass until it's black and blue!" Mike exclaimed.

Alex looked at Mike and started growling at him. He seemed to understand that Mike was threatening Chris.

"Relax, Alex!" Mike exclaimed. "You know that Chris and I are buddies!"

Alex crouched down and looked like he was going to attack Mike. He was growling and baring his teeth as a challenge to Mike.

"Either you apologize to me for threatening me or I'll tell Alex to bite off your balls!" Chris stated.

"Jesus Christ, Chris!" Mike shouted. "Don't make Alex hate me! He looks like he wants to rip me apart!"

"Alex, you know that I love Mike and that he's your friend," Chris said to the huge dog. "You behave and give Mike a kiss before we go to our room."

Alex seemed to understand what Chris was saying and ran up to Mike and greeted him with doggy kisses. He quickly ran out on the lawn and brought a Frisbee back for Mike to throw for him.

Several guys had come out of the fraternity house and were watching the dog play with the new arrivals. They were all impressed with the speed of the dog in chasing the missile and his acrobatic jumps in the air to catch the Frisbee.

Alex left the front yard and the bunch of guys only when Chris and Mike headed into the fraternity house and toward their room. He ran after the two guys and bit at the legs of their jeans to try and trip them. He loved to play with people and was obviously happy that his master was back home. He ran ahead of Chris and Mike and quickly opened the door by using his paw to pull down the door handle and his head to shove the door open. He jumped on the bed and was barking at the two guys who followed him into the room.

Mike laughed at the antics of the dog and tackled Alex on the king-sized bed. The dog and man rolled around on the bed, playing to see who could pin the other. Alex won and covered Mike's face with sloppy dog kisses.

"Did you behave while we were gone?" Chris asked Alex.

"He learned who's in charge around here," Tom Jankowski said when he walked into the room. "Your dog slept with me in the Officers' Quarters and I think he understands that all the members need to whack some pledges to shape them up!"

"He'd better change back to protecting us poor, unfortunate pledges," Chris replied. "Did you sell out to the members to get into the kitchen?" he asked his dog.

Alex seemed to understand what Chris was saying and hung his head down in shame.

"You're here to protect me and my pledge buddies, not join the members to make our lives miserable," Chris said to Alex.

Alex replied with a loud bark that indicated he understood his role in the fraternity life. He ran over and gave Chris a sloppy dog kiss and plastered his body against his master in a sign of unity.

"I see that I have my dog retrained," Chris said to Mike and Tom.

"Your piano was delivered while you were gone," Tom laughed. "Alex seemed to recognize it so we put it in the living room. We hope you'll play it for us to entertain us with your musical talents."

"My dad is gonna sell our duplex in Fremont," Chris replied. "He told me that he would put a ton of my crap in storage until Mike and I decide what we want to keep. B and Helen can take whatever they want for their new home together. I have everything I need when I have Mike and Alex with me."

"Alex is a great mascot for this chapter," Tom admitted. "He won't let anyone in the front door unless one of the members or pledges introduces him to the guest. He's better than any security system we could buy."

"I hope he learns to protect my pledge buddies from nasty members," Chris said.

"He growls if a member whacks a pledge on the butt with a bare hand," Tom admitted. "If anyone grabs a paddle, Alex goes after them and holds their hand in his mouth. He won't let anyone whack a pledge with a paddle."

"That's a good dog!" Chris said to Alex. "I'll have to teach you to bite the members on the ass if they hurt my pledge buddies!"

Alex barked in recognition of Chris's command. He seemed to understand every word Chris was saying to him.

Chris watched Alex and Mike playing together on the bed and realized that they would have a lot of fun in the future, no matter where they lived. He fired up his computer to check his email and was surprised to see a message from his sister, Jennifer Carpenter. "Holy Crap!" Chris exclaimed. "Joe's hitting on my sister!"

"What the fuck do you mean?" Mike said as he fought to get Alex off his chest.

"Joe's in Boston with my family!" Chris replied. "I knew that he and Jenny liked each other, but I never suspected that he was serious about her! He flew there to be with her and it sounds like she's really enjoying his company. Jenny knows that Joe is bi so I wonder if he's nailing her AND my twin brothers!"

"This is hilarious!" Mike exclaimed. "Joe's a handsome guy and your sister is a definite 10 on the rating scale for girls. Joe needs someone special in his life and it sounds like he found her."

"I can't wait for him to get back here so I can nail his ass for going to see my family without telling me," Chris said.

"Joe doesn't owe you any explanation," Mike said. "We all have our own lives to live and he's no different. I think it just makes our family ties stronger if Joe and Jenny end up together. He's older than she is and they both can make their own decisions just like you and I did."

"I hate to admit it," Chris said, "but you're right. Joe's an awesome guy and so is my sister. If they're in love, I'm happy. I still plan to hard ass him when he gets back here."

"I want anything hard that you have shoved inside me!" Mike said. "We couldn't fool around at St. Mary's, but you and I can make up for lost time right here in our room. I need a good, hard poke in the ass from you right now or when we go to bed."

"I need to call Brice now and see if he can help me with my therapy," Chris said to Mike. "I have a dream that I'll get back in shape before the football season is over so I can get back on the team. I'm feeling pretty good right now and only have pain in my ribs. I know I've lost weight and muscle tone but I'm sure Brice can change that."

"I don't want you to compete in sports anymore," Mike admitted. "I'm not the only one that's afraid you'll get hurt again. I don't object to you working with Brice but I hope you'll reconsider about playing football."

"You're gonna be a doctor and I'm gonna be an athlete," Chris stated emphatically. "I have responsibilities to my teammates to get back in shape and help them stay undefeated. I know I'm just beginning to walk without crutches but I know my own body. Please don't make demands on me to give up sports. I've never made demands on you!"

"I love you," Mike replied. "I can't stand the thought of you getting hurt again and I know B and the rest of your family are concerned too. If you really love me, you'll listen to me and give up sports."

"You'd better think about making demands on me like that!" Chris stated. "I don't own you and you don't own me! I'm heading for the Athletic Complex and you'd better think about what you just said to me. Right now, I'm really pissed at you!"

"If you leave now, don't come back here!" Mike yelled when Chris got into his Chevelle.

Chris was furious that Mike was making demands on his plans for athletics. It was the first major argument that the two guys had shared and it had been blown out of proportion. Chris called B on his cell phone and talked to him about the argument with Mike. He asked his dad for advice and hoped he could help him.

"Mike loves you and I know he's worried about you ending up crippled from a sports injury," Saul said to his son. "I've never lied to you and I know that everyone is worried about your recovery and we all know that sports have played a vital part in your life. Go to your therapy with Brice and I'll talk to Mike. I'm your dad and I'll do anything I can to help straighten things out between you two guys. It sounds to me like Mike didn't take his medications."

"Thanks B," Chris replied. "I really need your help right now."

When Chris walked into the Athletic Complex Brice, who could see that Chris was upset, met him. Brice refused to start the therapy session until Chris explained what was wrong. When Brice heard about the argument with Mike and what had been said, he put his arm around Chris's shoulder and led him to a bench.

"We're gonna talk for a few minutes before we start your therapy," Brice said. "You had very severe head injuries that almost killed you and I'm one of the people who's concerned about you getting hurt again. A football helmet can't eliminate head injuries and a big hit could paralyze you for the rest of your life. I know you're a tough guy but remember that David took down Goliath and the same thing could happen to you. The team doctor and the entire Athletic Staff will be watching you closely before you put on a uniform again. You're a man now, and you can make your own decisions about competitive sports. I think your body can return to top physical condition but you have to be honest with everyone about how your brain is working. If you have any symptoms of blurred vision or headaches, you have to be honest with us. If you promise to be honest with us, I'll work your ass off to get you physically fit. Do we have a deal?"

"I know my body," Chris replied. "I had all kinds of problems when I regained consciousness after the attack. My head is clear now and I'm not having any problems. My great-grandfather, White Cloud, healed me with his Cherokee powers and I'm ready to get my weight and strength back. I promise that if I have any symptoms I'll tell you or the doctors."

"Thanks buddy!" Brice said while shaking Chris's hand. "Let's see what you can do today!"


Brice watched closely while Chris did his stretching exercises. After the warm-up Brice directed Chris through a series of exercises to test his coordination and use of his arms and legs. Before the session was finished Chris had worked out on all of the Nautilus Equipment, free weights, and conditioning in the swimming pool.

"You did fantastic today," Brice said while giving Chris a massage. "I never expected you to be able to do what you just did for weeks. Don't get your hopes up too high, but I'm gonna recommend to Dr. Morgan that you attend football practice with the understanding that you don't participate in contact."

Chris was thrilled with the report from Brice. He wished that he could share his good news with Mike, but after their argument he wasn't sure if he had a home to return to. He knew that he wanted to talk to Mike but wasn't sure if his buddy would be receptive.

"What can I do about the argument with Mike?" Chris asked Brice.

"He shot his mouth off in anger," Brice replied. "The first emotion is usually 'hurt' and anger follows. If hurt and anger aren't handled properly, the emotions turn to resentment and even revenge. You've both had some time to cool off and I think you should meet with him on neutral ground and talk things out. Love can heal this problem if you both act like adults. My wife and I have some real battles but we have a pact that we don't go to sleep without working things out. We've had some sleepless nights but we allow each other to have different opinions of things. You and Mike won't always agree on everything but you need to be open and listen to his concerns. He needs to listen to yours too. You have common ground in that neither of you wants CJ Hammer to get hurt again. Competitive sports are very demanding and often result in minor injuries. He wants to be a doctor and heal people and you want to play sports where you can get banged up. If he didn't love you, he'd let you play sports and not worry about you getting hurt. Try to understand where he's coming from with his concerns. If you talk to Mike and he doesn't come around, I want you to come home with me and stay with my family. I've got a lot invested in you and I don't want you out on the streets with no place to live."

"Thanks Brice," Chris said. "I left my cell phone in the car but I'll call him and try to talk things out with him."

Chris got dressed and headed out of the Athletic Complex to go to his car. When he turned the corner he saw Mike standing next to the Chevelle. He walked up to his buddy and saw the tears flowing down Mike's face.

"I'm really sorry," Mike choked out. "B called me and we had a long talk. I was wrong making demands on you. I love you and hope that you'll forgive me for being a fucking asshole."

Chris grabbed Mike and gave him a big hug before saying a word. The hug told both of the guys that they were going to work things out in their relationship. They got in the car and talked for a long time about their feelings and fears and how they needed to communicate more effectively in the future. Mike admitted that he forgot to take his medications with him on the weekend trip and that he could feel the anxiety in his body.

Brice was leaving the complex and saw the two guys talking in Chris's muscle car. He was relieved that they were working things out. He had called Thomas Morgan and had scheduled a medical team physical for Chris the next day. He was confident that Dr. Morgan would allow Chris to return to light practice with the football team.

"Let's go back to the house and make love," Mike said. "I need a poke in the chute from you or I'll grab some other guy to get my ass filled!"

"I'd like to take Alex for a walk and see if Aunt Millie is home," Chris admitted. "We can talk some more during the walk and plan a night of oral and anal acupuncture!"

Chris and Mike returned to the fraternity and were met by their huge dog. When Chris mentioned the word "walk" Alex ran into the fraternity and brought out his leash. The big dog was excited about going for a walk and having new territory to sniff and pee on and jumped around and barked for the walk to begin.

Chris knew that there was a leash law in effect but he also knew that Alex would stay with him and Mike and not cause any problems. He let the big dog run free and chase the Frisbee as they toured the neighborhood.

Chris and Mike had a long discussion about their relationship and their futures together. They also talked about sex with other guys and agreed that occasional sex with their friends wouldn't tarnish their relationship. They didn't have any specific plans but decided that group sex would be allowed if they were both involved. They discussed the special guys that they felt close to and would include in their sexual activities. Cody was an obvious choice, along with Isaac and Jarvis.

When they turned the corner onto the street where Aunt Millie lived, they saw her pulling weeds in the flowerbeds in front of her house.

"Aunt Millie's home," Chris said.

Alex ignored the Frisbee and ran toward the elderly lady working in her yard. He ignored Chris's call and bounded into the yard and ran up to the woman. When he got close to her, Alex lay down on the grass and rolled onto his back in a move to show non-aggression.

Chris scolded his dog and apologized to Aunt Millie for Alex running up to her.

"Alex has never done that before!" Chris said when he and Mike got into Millie Haversmith's yard. "He always waits for me to introduce him to a new person but this time he seemed to know you were a nice person that he wanted as his friend."

"I have to admit I was a little scared," Aunt Millie said while petting Alex and scratching his chest. "I didn't know if it was a dog or a horse running up to me! I've never seen a dog this large in my entire life!"

Aunt Millie asked questions about Alex to know what breed he was, how old, weight, and what tricks he could do. She could tell that the dog was very powerful but he was acting like a little puppy. When she mentioned that she had some leftover steak from the previous day, Alex jumped up and barked. She led the dog and college men into her huge home and took out the leftovers for Alex. She was amazed at how quickly the dog gobbled up the steak and crunched the bones like they were potato chips.

"He certainly has powerful jaws!" Aunt Millie exclaimed. "I hope he doesn't bite people."

"Alex is a smart dog," Chris said. "When we lived in Dallas a group of men broke into our home at night and wanted to rob and kill me and my dad. Alex tore the throats out of two of the men and saved our lives. He's a big baby around people he loves but if someone threatens them, he turns into the meanest animal in the world. I weigh more than he does but I know he could kill me in a matter of seconds if he wanted to. He loves to play and be around people but he also is on guard every second. He saved a little boy who lives next door to our duplex from being abducted by a sexual pervert. He took the man down and held him there until the police arrived. He also protects us poor, innocent pledges from the nasty members at the fraternity."

"You're not poor or innocent!" Aunt Millie exclaimed. Mike laughed at the astuteness of the elderly lady as she continued. "You boys at the fraternity throw some wild parties and I've seen and heard things that I can only dream about."

"Aunt Millie, please don't say any more!" Mike exclaimed. "I'm really embarrassed!"

"I love hearing the parties and seeing what you guys are doing with the house and grounds," Aunt Millie admitted.

"We're almost done with our pledge project and we'd love to have you visit and see our Japanese Garden," Chris said. "Maybe you can give us some suggestions about flowers that will improve the garden."

"I've been snooping around and know that you've done a lot of work in your backyard," Aunt Millie admitted. "I'd love to see what you've done."

"Will you come over for supper tomorrow night?" Mike asked. "We have supper at 7:00 p.m. to allow the athletes and band members time to finish practice. Please consider coming over to see the changes we've made inside the house and in the backyard."

"I love how you guys left the outside of the house unchanged," Aunt Millie said. "I was always afraid that you boys would tear down the old mansion and build a new house."

"We've limited the number of pledges that we take each year so we don't have to put on an addition," Mike admitted. "The inside of the house has been remodeled, but we left the outside intact. Please accept our offer, and if tomorrow is a bad day for you, we can plan a different evening." 

"I'm always available and tomorrow evening sounds fine to me," Aunt Millie replied. "I see that Alex has made himself comfortable in the living room and maybe he can come over and visit me again."

Alex barked his understanding and agreement with Aunt Millie's offer. He was watching the front door in his efforts to protect his friends.

"I have neighbors that are really nice," Aunt Millie said. "We get together for meals and that's why I had the leftover steak for Alex. I just couldn't throw it out and now I'm glad that I saved it."

"I'm glad that you have good neighbors," Chris said. "It looks like my mutt is comfortable being around you and in your home, so he will probably want to visit you when we're in classes."

"He's always welcome here," Aunt Millie said.

Chris, Mike and Alex returned to the fraternity and were instantly brought back to the reality of fraternity life and pledge harassment. Several pledges were being grilled by the members and were getting slapped on the bare ass for not being able to provide the correct answers.

Chris saw Joe McClure in the living room and wanted to nail him for visiting his family in Boston. When he started to harass Joe, the tables turned on him. Joe refused to let Chris tease him about his interest in Jennifer Carpenter and punished Chris for not having his pledge pin straight on his shirt. Alex watched Joe slapping Chris's bare ass and growled at Joe. Mike laughed at the sight of his big lover getting his ass slapped and Alex growling at Joe.

"You guys are both gonna pay for this!" Chris exclaimed while pulling up his jeans.

"You can't threaten a member!" Mike exclaimed. "Drop your pants and assume the position!"

Chris knew that he had screwed up and took the hard slaps on the bare ass from Mike. Joe was laughing but Alex was growling. Isaac had seen the pimping of his pledge buddy and knew he and Chris would get revenge on Joe and Mike.

When they got to their room, Mike teased Chris about screwing up by threatening a member.

"You know you can't threaten Joe or me!" Mike said. "I enjoyed seeing your bare ass, but I'd rather be putting my dick in it instead of slapping it with my hand. Now my hand hurts, and its all your fault!"

"You members need a lesson in how much you need us innocent pledges," Chris replied. "You know that my pledge buddies and I will get even with you jerks!"

"I love you," Mike said as he kissed Chris on the lips. "You guys have taken a lot of shit from us and gave us a ton in return. That's what makes living in a fraternity a ton of fun!"

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out tonight!" Chris exclaimed. "After we have supper you'd better be ready to be my bitch!"

"I love it when you get angry!" Mike admitted. "You always seem to find a way to do something weird when we make love, and that keeps our sex unique and fresh. I just know that I need to eat your cum tonight and fuck your bubble butt before we go to sleep. Don't plan on getting any sleep until I'm satisfied!"

"Your Big Brother's a slut!" Isaac exclaimed. He walked into the room and petted Alex while confronting Mike on the actions of the members. "We have to develop some plans to get back the control of this house. The members seem to think they own the house and us, but you and I know that's not the truth."

"You guys better get down and set tables for supper," Mike ordered. "My brothers and I are experts in pimping pledges so don't start something that you can't handle."

Chris and Isaac grumbled but knew that they needed to leave the room to set the tables for the Sunday evening meal. Alex left with them to protect them from the members.

After supper, the pledges and members relaxed in the living room and bar area. Chris played the piano for the entertainment of everyone and said that it needed to be tuned after the move from the duplex. The guys headed back to their rooms for studying and remarked about how nice it was to have live entertainment at the fraternity.

Later that evening, Mike was studying at his desk when his work was interrupted. Chris had taken a shower and had placed his cock on Mike's shoulder in an invitation for a sexual romp. Mike turned his head and kissed the head of Chris's cock, knowing that he was going to get his wish of passionate sex with his big buddy.

"Tonight we're gonna do it MY way!" Chris stated bluntly. "Take off your clothes and get ready for some intense action!"

Mike was thrilled that Chris was taking charge and quickly removed all of his clothes. He watched Chris retrieve a large bag from his closet and wondered what his big buddy had planned for their activity.

"Tom Borton went to an Adult Bookstore and bought some toys for me to use on you," Chris offered. "Tonight, you're gonna find out how perverted my mind really is. You pissed me off today, and it's payback time!"

Mike had mixed emotions of lust and fear over what Chris had planned for him. He decided to go with the flow and see what Chris had planned for their sexual activity. He was surprised when Chris pulled out pantyhose and tied his wrists to each side of the king-sized bed. His cock was completely erect in anticipation of this new experience and he submitted to Chris's commands.

Chris put a cock ring around Mike's dick and tied Mike's scrotum and balls with more of the pantyhose material. Mike's balls were pulled down toward the foot of the bed while Chris tied both of Mike's ankles to spread his legs far apart.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Mike asked.

"Shut up or I'll gag you!" Chris replied.

Chris continued preparing Mike for a night of intense sex by lubricating a vibrator and inserting it inside Mike's asshole. He didn't turn the vibrator on, but continued retrieving items from the large bag of toys. He put lubricant on Mike's nipples and then taped twin nipple vibrators over each one.

"Jesus Christ!" Mike exclaimed. "Where did you get this stuff and learn how to use it?"

"Shut the fuck up!" Chris ordered. "I see that you need a gag to know your place, so here it is!"

Chris put a gag in Mike's mouth that contained a large plastic ball to prevent him from being able to scream. He then positioned an AccuJack tube over Mike's cock. He connected all of the equipment and decided it was time to turn everything on. He started with the nipple vibrators and was happy to see the expression on Mike's face when the vibrators began stimulating Mike. He then turned on the butt plug vibrator that was lodged in Mike's ass, knowing that the device was designed to stimulate Mike's prostate gland.

Mike threw his head back in total ecstasy when he felt the vibrations begin. He had never dreamed that Chris would bring toys into their sex lives, but the vibrations were exciting and thrilling to him.

"You said you wanted to blow a bunch of cum tonight," Chris said. "I'm gonna make sure that Little Mike gets totally drained before I untie you!"

Chris turned on the AccuJack to begin the sucking motion on Mike's large cock. He watched the eyes of his buddy while the vibrators took control of every nerve of Mike's body. The AccuJack tube filled with a huge load of cum that blasted out of Mike's cock and Chris turned it off to allow Mike to recover from his orgasm. He turned up the intensity of the vibrators on Mike's nipples and the one in his Big Brother's tight ass. He watched Mike's face contort with a mixture of pleasure and pain as the vibrations increased in intensity. When he saw that Mike had recovered from his orgasm, Chris turned the AccuJack back on to suck another load of cum out of his lover.

Mike was groaning and trying to keep from passing out from the intensity of the sexual stimulation. He had never expected Chris to come up with this type of activity, but he loved it. Every nerve in his body was being stimulated by the devices that Chris had planted in his body.

Isaac and Leif walked into the room and laughed at the site that greeted them. Chris was watching Mike on the bed and sucking his own cock at the same time. Isaac knew that both he and Chris could suck their own cocks, but he had never witnessed Chris doing his own tool.

"We need to grab a video camera!" Leif said to Isaac. "This is way over the top and we need to record it for future jerking sessions!"

"We're not going to film it," Isaac replied. "We're gonna join it!"

Isaac quickly undressed and dangled his erect cock in front of Chris's face. He was pleased when Chris stopped sucking his own cock and swallowed Isaac's.

Leif didn't want to be left out and pulled away the gag from Mike's mouth and replaced it with his large cock. He was happy when Mike swallowed his cock and sucked it with abandon.

Chris pulled away from Isaac's cock and removed the vibrator from Mike's ass. He coated his immense cock with the special lubricant and untied Mike's ankles.

Mike realized what was expected of him and quickly lifted his legs to give Chris access to his butthole. He moaned as loud as he could with a cock in his mouth when he felt Chris shove his huge cock inside his ass. He was in heaven with a cock in his mouth and another in his ass.

Chris fucked Mike's ass and sucked Isaac's cock at the same time. The combined stimulation of feeling and watching the intense sex allowed each of the guys to unload their semen and keep fucking away. The AccuJack had sucked four loads of cum out of Mike's cock and his mouth had gobbled down two loads from Leif before the guys decided to let Mike recover. Chris had blown two loads in Mike's ass before he stopped fucking his buddy. Mike was sobbing with a mixture of pain and pleasure when Chris turned off the vibrators.

"I can't believe that you guys let us join in your sex!" Isaac exclaimed when he pulled his cock out of Chris's mouth. "I blew two loads in your mouth and I could tell that Leif dropped two loads in Mike's mouth! That was the best sex of my life!"

"I want to borrow those toys to use on Isaac," Leif admitted after pulling his shrinking cock out of Mike's mouth.

"I can't believe you did that to me!" Mike exclaimed to Chris. "I thought I was gonna die with all of the stimulation! I'm never gonna let you be in charge of our sex again!"

"Yes you will!" Chris replied. "We need to keep our sex exciting and I think the toys will help us have fun with each other. Tell me the truth. I think you liked it."

"I loved it!" Mike replied. "I love you so much that I can't express my feelings! I don't know why I didn't pass out from the intensity of what you guys just did with me! It was awesome!"


"I need to take a shower after I eat some protein," Chris said. He removed the tube of the AccuJack and held it to his lips to suck Mike's cum out. He kept some of it in his mouth and shared it with Isaac, Leif and Mike. He continued sucking the protein pudding out of the tube and sharing it with his buddies until the tube was empty.

"I don't think I can walk to the showers," Mike admitted. "Will you help me?"

"I've carried your sorry ass and wiped it," Chris replied. "I don't think helping you into the shower room will bother me at all. I love you and would do anything for you!"

Chris helped Mike get out of the bed and laughed when he saw the stream of semen running out of Mike's freshly fucked ass. The thick cum streaks were running down Mike's legs all the way to his ankles before he got into the warmth of the shower water.

"I love you!" Mike said to Chris. "That was fantastic, but I'm totally wasted right now. Help me get cleaned up and let's go to bed and snuggle."

"I was planning on fucking you a few more times tonight," Chris teased. "Little Chris only got off two times, and I think Little Mike popped three or four times."

"Holy Fuck!" Mike exclaimed. "I can't take any more sex tonight! If you fuck me again I'm gonna die!"

"Relax, Big Brother," Chris replied. "I was just teasing you. You need to learn my sense of humor to know when I'm teasing."

"Help me get to our bed," Mike asked. "I'm totally wasted right now and I want to snuggle next to you and get some rest."

Alex saw his two masters return to the room and greeted them both. The dog had watched the orgy in the room and seemed to understand that the four men needed to rest. He pushed the door closed after all four guys were on their beds, then he lay down to keep anyone from coming into the room.

Mike kissed Chris on the lips and thanked him for the special sexual activity. He sucked Chris's nipple like a hungry baby before falling asleep with his mouth still sucking.

Monday morning was eventful. Alex had taken his morning tour of the yard and had returned to torment the four guys in Chris's room. He wanted someone to get up to play with him before they headed for morning classes.

"Go wake up Joe and give him lots of kisses!" Chris ordered.

The big dog understood what had been said and ran down the hall to scratch and growl at the door of the room that Joe McClure was in. When Joe couldn't take the constant barking, he opened the door and was immediately pinned to the floor by the big dog. Alex obeyed his master and covered Joe's face with sloppy dog kisses. Joe tried to get away from the big dog but couldn't overpower Alex. He yelled and screamed for help, and the entire dorm area was awake before Mike came into the room and called Alex off from Joe.

"That fucking dog has got to go!" Joe demanded.

"He's our mascot," Tom Jankowski said when he walked into the room. "Just because you're the oldest member here in this house doesn't mean you can make Alex leave. He was just kissing you, and from what we hear, you've been kissing someone else in Chris's family lately."

Joe got up and mumbled several expletives before heading for the showers. He didn't have an early class but he was now wide-awake thanks to the unwelcome visitor to his room.

"That's a start on paying him back for hitting on my sister," Chris said when Mike brought Alex back to their room. "I still need to know if he's serious about Jenny or not. I sure don't want my sister to get her heart broken by some low-life member!"

"If you don't want to get your ass whacked again like last night," Mike began, "You'd better shut your mouth and stop saying bad things about the members around here."

"You didn't care what I said last night when I had you connected to the toys," Chris bragged.

"I wanted to fuck your cute ass, but I was so wasted after what you did to me that I couldn't even move!" Mike admitted.

"I wanted a poke in the chute last night, but I decided to torture my Big Brother instead," Chris admitted. "Besides, can you imagine what Poppa Mike would do if he happens to be at the physical this morning? The last time he saw my ass after you poked it, he went ballistic! I sure don't want to go through that turmoil again. When I pass the physical I expect a nice sperm enema from that little dinky between your legs."

"Just remember that my little dinky tore your ass up once, and it can do it again!" Mike stated emphatically.

"You don't realize the diameter of Little Mike," Chris admitted. "I know I'm longer, but Little Mike is almost as wide as Little Chris. We both have to be careful when we get down and nasty with each other so we don't tear things up. It took me a week to be able to take another poke from you after you raped my innocent ass."

Mike laughed and cuffed Chris on the head for making such a stupid comment. It was great that they could return to the practice of cuffing each other gently on the head to acknowledge a stupid comment. Mike had been afraid of hitting Chris on the head, but things had improved back to normal for the two lovers.

Chris went to his first class and then headed for the Athletic Complex where he knew the physical exam would be held. He was confident that he would pass the exam and would return to football practice. When he got inside the treatment area Dr. Thomas Morgan met him along with Poppa Mike, David Patrick and Marcus Knight.

"Are we having a party?" Chris asked. "I thought this was going to be a simple physical exam and not a media event."

"Shut up asshole!" Marcus exclaimed. He hugged Chris and said he wanted to witness the exam to see how his star basketball player was doing. "You know we started our pre-season games," Marcus said. "I hope that you can join the team soon but the doctors have the final say in that. David wants you back with his team too. Don't lie to us. You need to tell us how you are feeling."

"I've never lied to you guys!" Chris said. "My ribs are still sore but they're getting better with the stuff Brice is making me do. I still have a slight limp when I walk but I think that will go away when Dr. Frankenstein lets me start running again."

Everyone laughed at hearing Chris refer to Dr. Morgan as Dr. Frankenstein. They knew that Chris was going to be honest with them about his physical condition after the severe attack that almost killed him.

"If you show me disrespect again I'll bench you and keep you out of basketball too," Dr. Morgan threatened. He really liked Chris but didn't want to let his personal feelings interfere with his professional examination. He ordered Chris to get in the treatment room and undress for the examination.

"Why is it that every guy wants me to take off my clothes?" Chris teased. He knew that he was pushing the medical staff to the limit with his off-color comments, but also knew that people who were his friends surrounded him.

Poppa Mike and Dr. Morgan began the exam with a thorough examination of Chris's head, chest and legs. Poppa Mike pulled apart Chris's buttocks and seemed pleased that he didn't see signs of any anal sex. He put lubricant on his finger and gave Chris the "finger wave" to push out fluid from his prostate gland. He seemed pleased with every part of the examination.

"Normally your son checks that part for me," Chris teased.

"If you don't shut up, I'll order a series of enemas and a complete lower G.I." Poppa Mike threatened.

Chris knew that he didn't want to experience that type of examination and quickly apologized to his extra dad. He followed the instructions of the medical team and performed several exercises to show his coordination and physical limits. He was told to get dressed while the team held a private discussion.

"I'm shocked that you've made so much progress," Dr. Morgan told Chris. "We never expected you to survive your severe injuries, but Brice told us that you're ready to go back to limited practice with the football team. We're ready to let you return to practice, and start jogging, but you positively cannot participate in contact practice. I'll let you practice with the team and even try kicking, but you cannot get back on the practice field for offense or defense scrimmage. If you do, I'll make sure that you sit out the rest of the school year."

"Thanks Doc," Chris replied. "I know I'm not ready to hit or be hit, but I bet in another week I'll be ready. I promise to work hard with Brice to prove that I'm ready for the next step in my recovery."

The two coaches were thrilled that their star athlete was making such great progress and promised the medical staff that they would control Chris' activities in practice.

Everyone celebrated the good news with hugs. Chris was pleased when he saw Mike and Jarvis waiting for him outside the training room. He hugged his two buddies and told them the good news.

Chris attended the rest of his classes and then headed back to the fraternity. He knew that Aunt Millie was coming for supper and he wanted to help set the tables for the evening meal.

Alex met Chris at the front door of the fraternity and gave his master a loud welcome home combined with several sloppy dog kisses. He growled at Toby Bass for smacking Chris on the bare ass for not knowing what the evening menu was.

Chris pulled up his jeans after getting the hard slaps on the bare ass and headed into the dining room to help set the tables. He was happy to hear that Isaac had arranged for five letters to be delivered to Joe McClure during the evening meal. It was the first shot at paying Joe back for whacking Chris and not being honest about liking Jennifer Carpenter.

Aunt Millie arrived at 6:45 p.m. and was taken on a quick tour by Mike. She loved seeing the inside of the old mansion that had been transformed into a home for the college men. She especially liked seeing the antique record player that had belonged to her husband that was now standing in the living room.

After the evening meal, Millie displayed her musical talents by playing the Grand Piano that had been relocated from Chris's duplex into the living room of the fraternity. The members and pledges listened and sang along with several of the songs that Millie played for their enjoyment. She ended the evening visit by saying how much she enjoyed the meal and time to see the inside of the fraternity house and the Japanese Garden. She promised to donate some flowers from her garden to enhance the beauty of the pledge project.

"I'm really glad that you came to visit us," Mike said when he gave Aunt Millie a hug. "When the pledge project is completed we will have a big cookout for all of the neighbors. I hope that they're as nice as you are for putting up with our noise."

"You boys give us a lot of entertainment," Aunt Millie admitted when she returned the hug from Mike and gave hugs to Chris and many of the pledges and members. "I know that the Franklin family would be pleased to see what you've done with their old home."

Life at the fraternity returned to normal after Aunt Millie left, with pledges being harassed and whacked. Several of the members were still pissed that Joe McClure had been the recipient of five letters and a shower party when they had a guest for supper. Aunt Millie had laughed uncontrollably when she heard about the tradition and witnessed Joe getting drenched in ice-cold water.

"I can't believe that you pulled that on Joe!" Mike said when he and Chris got back to their room. He knew how the pledge class could arrange a shower party for any member, but also knew that he had promised not to tell his brothers how it was done.

"Tonight I'm going to fuck your brains out!" Mike exclaimed to Chris. "My dad won't be looking at your sorry asshole tomorrow, so get ready to feel my sperms swimming around inside you!"

"You don't know how much I need that!" Chris admitted. "I hid those toys so you can't use them on me, but you sure can stretch my butthole open with that winky between your legs!"

Mike laughed and grabbed Chris for a passionate kiss. He loved everything about his big friend and knew that they were meant for each other. He began undressing Chris and kissed every inch of skin that was revealed. He used his fingers to spread open the foreskin that covered Chris's cockhead and shoved his tongue inside the opening to lick up the precum. He was on his knees and sucking Chris's cock when Isaac came into the room with Leif.

"Are we included again tonight?" Leif asked.

"Mike can't talk because his mouth is full of cock," Chris replied, "But the answer is NO. You guys can watch but tonight my Big Brother and I need to share body fluids with each other."

"That's cool with me," Isaac replied. He dropped to his knees and pulled Leif's cock out of his jeans and began sucking it.

The room filled with moans and sounds of slurping. Any thoughts about opening books and studying were extinguished by the passions of male sex.

Chris flooded Mike's mouth with several blasts of hot cum. He grabbed Mike's head and fucked his cock in and out of the face of his Big Brother until his orgasm had subsided.

Mike was ready to fuck Chris and shoved him back on the bed. He quickly undressed and applied the lubricant so he could fuck his Little Brother.

Chris moaned when he felt Mike's thick cock spread open his butthole. He loved having sex with a guy and Mike was the best male lover in the world. He lifted his legs and offered his entire body to the pleasure of his best friend. He watched Mike's face contort with the combination of lust and love while he drove his thick cock in and out of his body.

"Kiss me!" Chris demanded.

Mike leaned over and kissed Chris passionately while he continued to slam his thick cock in and out of his lover's body.

Isaac and Leif were in their own world of lust. Isaac was pounding his brown cock deep inside his Big Brother and wasn't wasting any time in filling Leif's ass with fresh cum.

Before the night was over, the four men had blasted at least four loads each inside their lover's mouth or ass. The room was filled with the aroma of cum and male sweat, but the guys never objected. To them, it was the best aroma in the world!

 To be continued... 

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