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CJ Chapter 43 Fraternity Life Continues With Alex Taking Over

Alex returned to the room after taking his morning tour of the backyard of the fraternity. He seemed to realize that he should let the guys sleep and positioned his large body against the door to keep any intruders out.

Chris and Mike were snuggled together after their night of male bonding and were startled awake by loud noises in the dorm area. They groaned and separated their bodies while trying to understand what was causing all of the laughter.

"I'm gonna kill him!" they heard a loud voice exclaim.

"Now what happened?" Mike asked his roommates.

"OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR!" Joe McClure screamed. He was pushing to open the door but Alex was lying on the floor with his back against the door to prevent anyone from entering. Alex was growling and refused to move.

"HAMMER, YOUR ASS IS MINE!" Joe screamed.

Chris got out of the bed and slipped on a pair of boxers before telling Alex to let Joe come in the room.

Alex jumped up and immediately positioned his body in front of Chris's to protect his master. When Joe charged into the room, Alex crouched down in his attack mode and challenged Joe with loud growls and bared teeth.

Joe quickly realized that Alex would kill him if he tried to get to Chris and he stopped and screamed. He threatened Chris while holding a piece of computer paper in his hand. He was livid and wanted to beat the fuck out of the guy who had saved his life several years earlier.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Mike screamed at Joe.

"Look at this!" Joe screamed while throwing the crushed paper at Mike.

Mike took the paper and began laughing when he saw it. On one side of the paper was the caption, "FICTION" with a drawing of Joe McClure kissing Jennifer Carpenter. On the other side of the paper was the caption, "FACT" with a drawing of Joe kissing an inflatable sex doll. Joe was nude in the second drawing and had a boner that looked about four inches long and thin as a pencil.

"Let me see that!" Chris demanded. When he saw the drawings he began laughing along with Mike.

Joe was livid and was even more upset when Isaac and Leif looked at the drawings and added their laughter to the other guys. The doorway of the room was jammed with guys who wanted to witness the altercation in the room. Alex was still in his attack mode to protect his master from the fury of Joe's wrath.

The hallway also filled with guys who had been awakened by the noise. Everyone had copies of the drawings and continued laughing while Joe kept screaming at Chris for creating the drawings to humiliate him. Mike reminded Joe that Chris couldn't draw anything besides stick people, and couldn't have created the drawings to pimp him.

Joe was still upset, but he knew that Chris didn't have any artistic skills. Alex matched every motion of his body with threatening movement to protect his master.

Joe finally gave up and screamed that he hated Chris. He turned and stormed out of the room, pushing aside the members and pledges to head for his room.

"You crossed the line!" Mike said to his Little Brother. "You already got Joe with the shower party and now you're humiliating him and your own sister by belittling what might be real love. I know you didn't make the drawings, but you know who did! Get your ass dressed and go patch things up with Joe!"

"Joe should have been honest with me!" Chris exclaimed. "You'd feel the same way I do if our roles were reversed. He went to visit MY family without telling me!"

"Why aren't you mad at Jennifer and your family?" Mike asked. "His visit had to be planned ahead of time and someone in your family could have told you before it happened. What do you think your family will think if they see these drawings? What if Jenny really loves him?"

"Shit!" Chris exclaimed. "I didn't think about that. What should I do?"

"Go talk to him!" Mike commanded. "You and Joe have been great friends for years and you need to work this out. He should have been honest with you about Jenny, and you should have investigated things before pimping him."

Chris realized that Mike was right and decided to go and see if Joe would talk to him. He told Alex to stay with Mike and left the room. He pushed his way through the guys in the hallway and walked to Joe's room. He knocked on the door and asked if he could come in.

"GO AWAY!" Joe screamed when he recognized the voice.

Chris pushed his way into the room and stood in front of Joe McClure. "I'm sorry Joe," Chris began. "If you want to hit me, go ahead. I won't hit you back!"

Joe was shaking with rage but realized that he didn't want to hit Chris. "I love Jennifer but I was afraid to tell you," He admitted. "We met at the concert and we've been talking on the phone and exchanging email ever since. She invited me to Boston and I had a great time with her and your family."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Chris asked.

"I was afraid that you'd tease me," Joe replied honestly. "She's a wonderful girl and I love her. I'm really pissed that someone has displayed my feelings for her in a nasty cartoon."

"How would you feel if I visited your family without telling you?" Chris asked.

"I'd be upset but I'd try to find out why before I humiliated you," Joe replied.

Chris and Joe sat on the bed and talked for several minutes. They both agreed that they had handled the situation poorly and wanted to work out their differences. When they had finished their discussion, they hugged and headed down to the dining room for breakfast. The members and pledges applauded when they saw Chris and Joe walking together.

Mike walked into the dining room with Alex on a leash. When he saw that Mike and Joe were sitting together, he let Alex loose so the dog could run up to Chris. Mike knew that the leash was worthless if Alex really wanted to get away from him. The powerful dog could snap the leash or drag anyone holding it if he thought Chris was in any real danger. Alex knew he wasn't allowed to beg from the tables, but he wanted to make sure Chris was safe. He seemed to understand that Chris and Joe weren't mad at each other and whined and wagged his tail in celebration. Without being told, Alex left the dining room and went to his normal position in the hallway.

Chris went to his classes and wished that time would go faster so he could go to football practice. He was the first guy in the locker room and was very emotional when he put on his uniform for the first time in several weeks. He tried to hold back his tears, but he wasn't successful.

"Welcome back!" David Patrick said when he saw Chris getting dressed. He saw the tears and realized that Saul Bernstein was correct in saying that Chris had the body of a man but was still a young boy emotionally.

"Thanks coach," Chris said, trying to wipe away his tears when he pulled his jersey over his head.

Coach Patrick hugged Chris and choked back his own tears at having his favorite athlete back at practice. He told Chris that he loved him and reminded Chris that people would be watching the practice and that he had to take it easy.

"I'm not going to mess this up," Chris said emphatically. "Brice has a special set of exercises for me when the guys are scrimmaging. I'll do whatever you guys tell me to do."

"That's great," Coach Patrick replied. "We have to get ready for the Washington Huskies. They're ranked Number 4 in the nation and they want to knock us out of our Number 1 ranking. This next game might be the toughest one of the season for us."

The football players started filtering into the locker room and all took the time to greet Chris and welcome him back. During the practice, Chris had his own personal trainer in Brice Cox. Brice let Chris participate in the warm-up exercises and jog during the wind sprints. He also let Chris punt the football and do some placekicking. He was pleased with the way Chris's right leg was holding up during the practice, but made sure that Chris didn't pull any muscles.

Chris was exhausted when the practice ended. Brice had taken him into the Training Room and had finished the workout with a painful body massage. He could barely walk when he got dressed to go to the fraternity but he was excited to share the good news with Mike about how his practice had gone.

When Chris walked out of the Athletic Complex he saw Joe McClure standing near the door. Joe was talking on his cell phone so Chris decided to take a slow walk back to the fraternity. Joe called to him and said someone was on the phone who wanted to talk to him.

Chris was happy to hear the voice of his sister, Jennifer, on the phone. Jenny called him a jerk for teasing Joe about the visit to Boston, but also apologized for not being honest with Chris about her feelings towards Joe. She admitted that it was her idea for the visit to be a secret, and hadn't even told their parents until Joe arrived.

"I'm in love with Joe," Jenny admitted privately to Chris. "When I met him for the first time I knew he was the guy for me. He told me about your argument and those nasty drawings someone made to tease him. I know for a fact that his dick isn't four inches long and thin as a pencil!"

"Shit Jenny!" Chris exclaimed. "I don't need my own sister getting graphic with me about her sex life!"

Jenny laughed and said she was happy to hear that Chris and Joe had worked things out. She also admitted to Chris that she was hoping that Joe would ask her to marry him. She begged Chris not to say anything to Joe or anyone else about her feelings for Joe. She also told him that Randy and Charlie had sent Chris email about the visit and were waiting for a reply from him.

Chris admitted that he had over 100 email messages that he hadn't opened and promised that he would be a friend to Joe. Chris was happy that his sister and Joe were in love, but he still wanted to tease Joe one more time.

"I hope you realize that no one will be roommates with Joe because he farts constantly," Chris teased in the conversation with his sister.

Joe grabbed the phone away from Chris and gave him a dirty look. He started talking to Jennifer again, and Chris could see the love in Joe's eyes. Chris waited for the call to end before giving Joe a hug.

"I'll give your nasty ass a ride to the fraternity," Joe offered. "When we get there, I can whack your bare ass for what you said to Jenny about me!"

Several members and pledges were in the front yard playing with Alex, trying to throw the Frisbee around the yard so that Alex couldn't get it. The big dog was in heaven and knocked a few guys down to take the Frisbee away from them. Everyone was pleased to see Joe and Chris together and stopped the game when Alex ran to his master.

"Joe threatened to whack my ass!" Chris said to Alex. "Are you gonna let him spank me?"

Alex looked at Joe and Chris before picking up the Frisbee to return to the game in the front yard. All of the guys were laughing that Alex didn't believe Chris and wanted to play instead of attacking Joe.

"So much for your guard dog!" Joe teased. "You better get your pledge pin straight and go set tables or I'll slap your bare ass right here in the front yard.

Chris grumbled but decided to go and help his pledge buddies with the tables. The evening ended with Chris playing the piano in the living room for an old fashioned "sing-a-long" for the members and pledges. Everyone enjoyed the time together in the living room and then headed for their rooms to study.

Mike hugged Chris in the living room and thanked him for patching things up with Joe. He was proud of his Little Brother for listening to him and taking the initiative to talk things out with Joe. The two buddies walked back to their room and hit the books for several hours before they were exhausted.

"How about a shower and a fuck?" Mike said to Chris.

Isaac and Leif quickly agreed that it sounded like a great idea, but Chris wanted to tease his Big Brother.

"I jerked off at lunchtime and two times during practice today," Chris teased. "I was thinking about going down to the bar and dropping a few beers and crashing there."

"If I find out that you're jerking off anywhere on this campus, I'll forget the rules and whack your ass with a paddle until it bleeds!" Mike threatened.

Alex immediately responded to the threat against his master and crouched down in his attack mode. He had been protecting the door, but when he heard Mike threaten Chris with a paddle, he was transformed into an attack dog.

"He doesn't mean that," Chris said to Alex. "Mikey just wants to prove that he's a big, bad member who can torment poor pledges like me. If Mikey grabs a paddle, I want you to bite off his arm and eat it!"

"JESUS CHRIST!" Mike exclaimed. "Don't say that kind of shit to Alex! I love having him as our fraternity mascot, but I sure don't want you turning him loose on me or other guys around here!"

"My mutt is smarter than you are," Chris replied. "He knows when I'm teasing. I can't remember the last time I jerked off, but I know it was a long time ago. I'm sore from the football practice today, but I'm ready for a nice hot shower and a protein injection from the Mahley Sausage Market!"

"That's more like it!" Mike exclaimed. "I'm gonna have to teach Alex to bite you on the ass when you say stupid shit like that to me!"

Alex barked his understanding of the conversation between Mike and Chris. He watched the four guys leave the room to take care of their personal needs and guarded the door to the shower room until they were finished. He let other guys enter the shower room that he knew and laid down at the doorway to wait for his master to come out.

Cody and Jermaine were in the large shower room and talked to Chris and Mike. They both knew that Isaac and Leif had been included in a sexual encounter with them, and wanted to know if there was a possibility that they could hook up in the future.

"You're my blood," Chris said to Cody. "You saved our lives and you're one of the guys we want to share our lives with. Tonight isn't the night for an orgy, but we both want you included in our lives. I'm really sore from my first football practice in several weeks and tonight I just want to be with my nasty Big Brother. I can see a 'carry fuck' coming in the near future if you're willing."

"I love both of you!" Cody exclaimed. "I just want to be intimate with you guys to bond with you. Jermaine is a great lover for me, but we both want to be closer to you guys. I still can't believe that I was accepted in this fraternity. You were the one to make me sign up for Rush Week here, and my life has changed ever since!"

"I'll always call you Chipmunk!" Chris replied. "You're a cute guy who has more power than you'll ever realize!"

Chris and Mike returned to their room and watched Leif fuck the brains out of Isaac. Isaac was moaning like a whore while his Big Brother pounded his ass with his long cock. The visual stimulation was enough to convince Chris and Mike to get in the 69 position and suck each other's brains out.

Chris loved licking the cock of his lover. He ran his tongue over the hard shaft of Mike's cock and marveled at the soft skin that covered the hard shaft. He traced his tongue over the head of Mike's cock and slurped up the precum that was flowing out of the end. He licked around the head of the thick cock and swallowed the entire length in one slow movement. He could feel the head of Mike's cock hit the back of his mouth and swallowed when he felt the thick cock hit his throat. He took all eight inches of Mike's cock inside his mouth and continued using his throat muscles to massage the head of Mike's throbbing dick. He could feel his own cock hitting the back of Mike's mouth and sliding into his throat.

Mike had never mastered the art of sucking Chris's cock to the point that he could take all of the length. He had tried several times, but his gag reflex always prevented him from taking the entire length down his throat. He was jealous that Joe McClure and a few other guys had mastered the art of cocksucking, and had taken the entire length of Chris's cock when they sucked him. He knew that Chris had never complained about his oral efforts, but he still wished that he could swallow Chris's cock down to the stubby pubes that were growing back in.

The two guys continued their oral efforts while Isaac and Leif were changing positions. Isaac was now fucking his Big Brother with abandon, and screamed when he flooded Leif's tight ass with a huge load of hot cum. Leif's hard cock blasted cum across his own face when he felt his Little Brother flood his ass with a hot injection of male love.

Chris and Mike exploded at the same time and gulped down the fresh pudding of male love. They didn't waste a drop of the savory fluid and collapsed on their bed to pull out every drop of the thick liquids of love. They finally turned on the bed and shared passionate kisses while their roommates switched positions so Leif could fuck Isaac again. They snuggled together and fell asleep to the sounds of two other guys making love.

The next morning, the four guys were awakened by the sounds of the alarm clock. They all groaned at the thought of another day of classes and wondered why Alex hadn't woken them up. They heard a bunch of yelling and knew that Alex had gone outside for his morning tour and had gone to wake up everyone in the dorm area.

Chris and Mike laughed when they heard the yells of the members and pledges that were shocked out of their sleep by wet doggy kisses. Alex wanted all of the guys to get up and play with him before they had to go to classes. They listened to several threats that were changed to screams for Alex to leave them alone and stop licking their faces. Everyone knew that the big dog was gaining control of the fraternity and would make sure that everyone was up and ready for classes.

"We're gonna build a dog house outside and lock you up in it!" Tom Jankowski threatened to Alex. "Some of us want to cut our classes and sleep in late, and we don't need you tormenting us!"

Instead of hanging his head in shame, Alex growled at Tom and bared his teeth. He was determined to wake everyone up so they could have breakfast and play with him before they had to leave for classes.

"My mutt knows that you need to get your sorry ass out of bed to go to class!" Chris said while petting Alex.

"Assume the position!" Tom commanded. "Alex might be able to wake us all up, but you can't show disrespect to a member!"

Alex growled as Tom whacked Chris on the bare ass with his hand. The big dog seemed to know that Chris was being punished for his actions in waking everyone up, and he didn't like it. Even after Chris pulled up his jeans, Alex growled at Tom and bared his teeth.

"It's okay Alex," Chris said. "He's just having a bad hair day! We'll get even with him and the members real soon!"

Alex barked loudly and went on a tour of all of the dorm rooms to wake the rest of the guys up. He was learning how to open a regular doorknob with his mouth and would then push open the door to wake everyone up.

"That dog has got to go!" Kelly Mason exclaimed. "I was dreaming about being in an orgy with two girls and woke up with a dog licking my mouth! I was dreaming about French kissing two swimsuit models and woke up to find out I was licking Alex's tongue!"

The guys who heard what Kelly said all screamed with laughter. They knew that they needed to get up for breakfast and classes, but loved hearing about Kelly kissing Alex. They teased him and said that they would tell his fiancé` that he had found a new lover.

Life at the fraternity had changed drastically, with Alex now in charge of all the men who lived there. The dog would make sure that everyone was up and awake for classes and would pester anyone who resisted his doggy efforts. The members recognized too, that everyone's grades would improve by being up and attending all of their classes.

After supper on Wednesday evening, Chris and Mike were outside waxing their cars. They both took a lot of pride in having their cars clean inside and out. Alex was making the rounds of the yard to find someone to throw the Frisbee for him. He pestered Chris and Mike until they finally had to take a turn throwing the toy for the dog. Alex had just retrieved the Frisbee when he dropped it and howled loudly. The big dog growled and took off on a dead run through the backyard of the fraternity. Chris and Mike saw Alex plow through the bushes and jump the creek in one huge leap.

"He's headed for Millie's!" Mike yelled.

"Jump in!" Chris screamed. He fired up the 450 horsepower engine and burned rubber off the tires as they left the parking lot. Chris ignored all speed laws and told Mike to call 9-1-1 on his cell phone and get the police to Millie's house. When the Chevelle made the turn onto Millie's street, they saw a phone company van in her driveway. A police car arrived at almost the same time as the Chevelle. Chris could see that the front door of Millie's house was open and the screen door was busted up and barely hanging by the hinges. He could hear Alex growling and knew that something bad had happened.

"Stay outside!" the police officers ordered.

"My dog's inside and he'll kill you if you rush in there with your guns drawn!" Chris screamed. He ignored the police officers and ripped the screen door off the hinges to get inside the house.

Inside Chris saw a sight that frightened him. Millie was lying on the floor with Alex standing over her. Alex was facing a man who was screaming obscenities. The man was holding his right arm and trying to get away from Alex, but the big dog was ready to kill him.

"Alex!" Chris screamed. "These two men are police officers and they're your friends."

The two police officers looked at the huge dog and were happy that Chris had ignored their orders and got into the house before they did. They had never seen a dog the size of Alex, and the sight of the huge teeth and powerful jaws scared both of them.

Chris ran to Aunt Millie and saw that she had a bump on her head. He helped her get to the sofa and waited for her to speak.

"There were two of them," Aunt Millie said. "They said they needed to check my phone lines and they had uniforms and I.D. cards. When I let them in, they both pulled knives and threatened to kill me if I didn't give them money. The other man hit me and I fell down."

Chris was livid that anyone would hit a wonderful lady like Millie Haversmith. His blood boiled and it was a good thing that the police were there or he would have killed the man who was cowering in the corner.

"Alex crashed through the screen door and bit that man to get him to drop the knife," Millie continued. "The other man ran out through the back door of the house."

Mike and several of the neighbors rushed into the living room of Millie's house. The neighbors were devastated that Millie had been attacked. They had all believed that they were in a safe neighborhood, but this event had proven them wrong.

"That fucking dog broke my arm!" the intruder screamed.

"You're lucky he didn't bite it off and eat it!" Chris screamed at him. "If the other man is on foot, Alex can find him for us. Let's find the other asshole and make him pay for hurting Aunt Millie!"

One of the police officers called for an ambulance for Millie and also for other cruisers in the area to be on the lookout for a man dressed in phone company clothing.

"Go find the other man!" Chris ordered to Alex. "Don't kill him but take him down!"

"Everyone stay here!" the police officer ordered. "I'll follow your dog!"

"NO WAY!" Chris yelled. He was already running through the house to follow Alex and told the officer that Alex wouldn't obey him and might even attack him.

Chris and Officer McMartin ran out of Millie's house and saw Alex smelling the ground and running across the backyard. The big dog was able to jump the yard fences with ease, but the two men had to climb over each one to follow him. They followed the sounds of the barks and howls of Alex and ran as fast as they could to find him. The barks and howls changed into growling and snarling, and Chris knew that Alex had found the criminal.

"Alex has him cornered!" Chris yelled to Tom McMartin. "I hope he doesn't kill him!"

Chris knew he wasn't supposed to be running, but the adrenaline that was pumping through his body made him forget about his right leg and sore ribs. They found Alex in a yard three blocks from Millie's house with the man on the ground next to a garage. The man was holding his right arm that was bleeding profusely. Alex was standing over the man with his powerful jaws and huge teeth just inches from the man's throat. The man was petrified by the sight of the huge dog and had pissed his pants in fear of dying.

"ALEX!" Chris screamed. "Good boy! Let the police officer take care of this asshole!"

Alex backed up but continued to snarl and bare his teeth at the injured man. Tom McMartin put handcuffs on the man despite his screams of pain for his injured right arm. Chris saw a large hunting knife on the ground near the garage and pointed it out to the officer.

Tom McMartin knew that two men had been committing home invasions in the area, but this was the first break-in in Millie's neighborhood. He took out an evidence bag and carefully put the knife in the bag to check for fingerprints.

"You're that big faggot football player!" the man screamed at Chris. "I bet you'd like to suck my big cock right here! All of you faggots deserve to die of AIDS and rot in Hell!"

Tom McMartin was enraged by what the man was saying. He knew that his own brother was gay and wanted to beat the man to death.

"Did you see that over there?" Chris asked as he pointed off toward the main street. When Officer McMartin turned to look where Chris was pointing, Chris slammed his right fist into the criminal's face, breaking his jaw and knocking out several of his teeth. The man went down like a rock and was out cold.

"I don't see anything over there," Tom McMartin replied. He had heard the impact of the blow from Chris and pretended that he was still looking for whatever Chris had seen.

"I guess I was wrong," Chris said while nursing his sore right hand. Uncle Steve had always criticized him for using regular punches to the face of any opponent, knowing that the bones in the hand can be broken easily.

"What happened to him?" Tom McMartin asked. He knew that Chris had punched the man but didn't realize how devastating the blow had been.

"He might have tripped over that rake," Chris said without showing any emotion.

"He's a clumsy fucker, isn't he?" Tom replied. "We'd better get an ambulance for him to take him in for treatment. It looks like your dog almost tore his arm off. I'm sure glad you came with me or I might look as bad as that shithead does right now."

Tom had called his partner and the police station and had reported that the other perpetrator was in custody and that an ambulance was needed. He made sure that the first ambulance available would take Millie to the hospital. Chris and Tom McMartin talked while they waited for the ambulance to arrive. Tom wanted to know all about Alex and remarked that he had never seen any police-tracking dog go so fast and take down a perpetrator so quickly.

"If Alex ever has any puppies, we sure could use a dog like him on our force," Tom said.

"There's only one other dog of his breed in the U.S." Chris replied. "Alex got paid real good for his stud services in Detroit, Michigan. We had the choice of $20,000 or pick of the litter. I'll ask my dad to see if we can refund the money and let you pick a puppy for the force."

"We couldn't pay that much for a dog," Tom said. "It would be a great investment but our funds are limited."

Chris used his cell phone to call Saul and tell him about the exploits of their pet. Saul was shocked but happy that the call wasn't about Chris being injured. Saul agreed to call the people in Detroit to see if they would take back their money in exchange for a puppy.

The ambulance finally arrived and hauled off the man who had injured Millie. Several other police cars had arrived and Chris had the opportunity to meet the Chief of Police, Stan Burnett. The size of Alex and the description of the way the dog had handled the situation shocked Chief Burnett.

"How did your dog know that Mrs. Haversmith was in danger?" Stan asked Chris.

"Aunt Millie spoiled my mutt with steak and steak bones," Chris replied. "I really don't know how Alex tunes into people's emotions, but he can sense danger.

Alex hung his head in a show of embarrassment over Chris's comment.

"Well I bet he gets a lot more steak from Mrs. Haversmith in the future!" Stan said. "He saved her life today!"

"He saved my life and my dad's when we lived in Texas," Chris stated. "He's a great dog and I love him!"

Alex perked up and wagged his tail. He barked loudly and began jumping around the yard where the men were talking. He found a stick and dropped it at Stan's feet to get him to play.

Stan laughed and threw the stick as far as he could. Alex ran and caught the stick and returned it to Stan's feet.

"I'd love to stay here and play with you, but we have a lot of paperwork to take care of," Stan said. "Alex just caught the two guys we've been looking for. Those two just started stealing phone trucks or utility trucks to get access to homes around the city. Three people died from their previous attacks and Mrs. Haversmith could have been added to that list. I'm gonna see that Alex gets a commendation from the Police Force for his work today!"

Chris's cell phone rang and he was happy with the news he got from his dad. The people in Detroit had agreed to take back the $20,000 in exchange for a puppy from the litter. He thanked B for making things happen and gave the good news to Stan and Tom.

"Do you have room in your home for a big ugly mutt?" Chris asked Tom.

Alex dropped his head, not knowing that Chris was talking about one of his puppies. He was afraid that Chris was going to send him to live with Tom McMartin.

"I'd love to have one of Alex's puppies!" Tom exclaimed. "I've thought about transferring to the Canine Division, and I bet Chief Burnett can make that happen for us. Do you think we could borrow Alex if we need his help? We have a Canine Unit but I haven't seen any of our dogs with his speed or strength."

Chris said that Alex would be available but would have to bond with the officer that would be handling him before he would be effective. Tom McMartin said that he would love to spend some time with Alex to bond with him. Alex seemed to understand that the officer would not be taking him home and jumped up and licked Chris's face. He also seemed to know that his future would involve Tom McMartin and he licked the man's hand.

"I wouldn't give you away!" Chris said to his dog. "You have to protect me from the nasty members!"

Alex barked and ran ahead to Millie's yard where Mike was waiting with a bunch of the neighbors. He knocked Mike down and licked his face until Chris whistled for Alex to return to him.

The neighbors all wanted to pet the huge dog that had saved Millie's life, but Alex pulled away and crouched down in his defensive mode.

"I need to introduce you to Alex before you can pet him," Chris said to the multitude of neighbors. "He's a very powerful dog, but he's like a little puppy if you're his friend. Aunt Millie spoils him with treats but if you put a Porterhouse Steak on the grass right now, he still wouldn't be your friend or even eat it. He's in his defensive mode right now and will be very leery of any movement you make toward Mike or me. Tell me your names so I can introduce you to him."

The police officers watched as Chris introduced each person to Alex. The big dog would walk up to the person and sniff them to get their scent. When the introductions were over, Alex let the people pet him. One of the neighbors had gone back home and returned with two pork chops that were left over from supper. Alex gulped the two chops down in a matter of seconds. Everyone was amazed at how big and powerful the dog was and played with him while the police officers took digital photos of the crime scene.

Many of the guys from the fraternity had also come over to find out what all the sirens were about. No one else was in the parking lot when Alex ran to Millie's, but the guys knew the sirens were close to Millie's house and had come to investigate. Cody went back to Jermaine's car and retrieved a Frisbee. Alex entertained the entire neighborhood with his acrobatic abilities in catching and returning the plastic toy. Most of Millie's neighbors were elderly people and one couple had two of their grandchildren visiting. A boy who was about 9 years old seemed really frightened of Alex.

Chris asked the boy what his name was, and found out that Evan was afraid of dogs after being bitten when he was four. The little girl's name was Kristin, and she was 6. Both children watched Alex playing and wanted to join, but they were afraid of Alex.

Chris called to Alex and introduced the two children again. He explained to Alex that the children were afraid of him. It really wasn't necessary because dogs can sense fear in humans. Alex rolled over on his back and whined for the children to come closer. Chris watched closely while the kids took a big risk and approached Alex. It didn't take long and both kids were petting Alex and playing with him.

Chris asked the kids if they had ever ridden a horse. Neither one had, so Chris asked them if they wanted to ride Alex. Evan was afraid but Kristin said she wanted to ride Alex. Chris waited for Alex to stand up and lifted Kristin up to place her on Alex's back. He told the little girl to hold onto Alex's fur or his collar. Alex walked slowly around Millie's yard with the little girl's emotions changing from fear into excitement. Several of the neighbors ran home to get cameras to record the event. Evan was jealous that his little sister was having so much fun riding Alex that he begged Chris for a chance to ride too.

The local television station had heard the police call about the home invasion and was setting up a live telecast in Millie's yard. Chris was thrilled when he saw Jane Vincent get out of a van to come into the yard. He was just putting Evan behind Kristin when Jane called for the camera crew to film the two children riding the big dog.

Jane knew from the initial reports that the big dog had thwarted the home invasion and had saved the life of Millicent Haversmith. She was scoring another exclusive when she got the footage of the two little children riding the huge dog that had saved the day for Millie. When the crew finished filming the dog and children, Jane interviewed Chief Burnett to get the details of the crime.

Stan Burnett was a pro at being interviewed and knew that he couldn't identify the two men in custody. He described the events of the home invasion and the part that Alex had played in foiling the crime. He mentioned in his interview that they had been offered a puppy that was sired by the hero of the day to add to his Police Force and that CJ Hammer owned the famous dog.

When the live telecast was completed, Jane hugged Chris and asked him how he was doing in recovering from his severe injuries.

"I'm mad at you!" Chris said to Jane.

Jane Vincent was shocked that Chris was mad at her. She wanted to know what she had done to make him angry. She knew that she had always been able to get exclusive interviews from the famous athlete and she wanted to make amends immediately.

"You didn't interview me so I could plug my favorite restaurants!" Chris exclaimed.

Jane called Chris a big jerk and hugged him again. She knew he was always full of surprises for her but she didn't see this one coming. She promised to let him give free advertisement for his favorite restaurants on her next interview with him, as long as he didn't tell anyone.

Cody drove Chris's car back to the fraternity while Chris and Mike decided to walk home with Alex. They both continued to praise the dog for his heroic efforts and promised that he would get some treats from the kitchen when they got home. Alex ran ahead and was waiting at the doors of the kitchen when the two guys got inside the fraternity.

"He's been standing there and barking like mad!" Tom Jankowski said. "He already had his limit on goodies for the day, but he seems to think he deserves more!"

Everyone in the fraternity knew what Alex had done and wanted to be part of the celebration and reward of their mascot. Alex was in heaven with everyone offering him meat scraps from the evening meal. He continued eating anything that was offered until Chris said that they had to stop or Alex would explode. The big dog didn't like it when the treats stopped, but he walked into the living room and crashed on the floor to sleep.

"I see that one part of the Hammer family has been satisfied," Mike said. "I wonder if the other stud is ready for a shower and a fuck!"

"I'm always ready for that, but first I want to go to the hospital and see how Aunt Millie is doing," Chris replied. "I need to ice my hand too."

"Jesus, Chris! What happened to your hand?" Mike asked. He saw that Chris's right hand was badly swollen and was upset with himself for not seeing it before.

"The guy that Alex chased down hit me in the fist with his jaw," Chris replied. He then told Mike what the asshole had said about him and used the word "faggots". He told Mike that he had to keep the information a secret to prevent any assault charges from being filed against him for breaking the guy's jaw and knocking out some of his teeth.

Mike told Chris to wait in the Living Room with Alex while he got a bag filled with ice. He gave Chris the ice and said that he would drive them to the hospital to check on Millie.

"I hope we can find a florist open this late," Chris said to Mike in the car. "She loves flowers and I want to take some to her."

"Sometimes you are such a fucking jerk," Mike said, "but other times you show how sensitive you really are inside that nasty body of yours! I love seeing you show your real feelings to me."

"You'd better be nice to me or I'll take Cody up on his offer tonight instead of porking your sorry ass!" Chris teased. "I can almost feel my dick sliding inside the Chipmunk's cute little butt right now!"

"Don't forget you've gotta sleep!" Mike threatened. "I can pound your sorry ass while your sleeping or cut Little Chris right off if you cheat on me!"

The car had just pulled into a parking spot in the lot of the hospital when Chris leaned over and gave Mike a kiss on the cheek. He thanked him for being his buddy and promised that he would repay Mike in their bed that night.

Millie was a terror to the hospital staff. She demanded to be released so she could go home to her own bed. Several of her neighbors were trying to reason with her, but she was a feisty lady. She calmed down when she saw Mike and Chris come into her room with a bouquet of red roses. The guys had purchased the fresh roses from the Gift Shop that was ready to close when they arrived at the hospital. The shop attendant recognized CJ Hammer and made up a special arrangement of 12 long-stemmed red roses for them to deliver to Millie.

Millie had tears in her eyes when she saw the two handsome men bringing her flowers. Her mood changed immediately. She thanked the "boys" for the flowers and was thrilled to introduce Chris and Mike to her friends. She couldn't believe that they had come to visit and had brought her the beautiful roses.

"These flowers aren't as beautiful as you are or the flowers in your yard," Chris said when he gave Millie a kiss on the cheek.

Millie blushed and tried to choke back her tears. She loved the two men and was honored that they had come to see her.

"I bet they want to keep you here overnight for observation," Mike said. "Anytime a person gets a head injury there's a chance for problems. I know the food here sucks, but I bet you'll be home tomorrow."

"That wasn't very professional language for a future doctor," Chris teased. "Even though my Big Brother is headed for a career in the medical profession, he needs to practice his bed-side manners."

"You two always tease each other!" Millie exclaimed. "How is my favorite dog in the world?"

"Alex is a mess right now," Chris said. "He got so many treats from your neighbors and the guys back at the fraternity that I don't think he can even walk right now."

"He's gonna get more than treats when I get out of this hospital!" Millie exclaimed. "Alex saved my life today and I'm going to repay him."

Chris and Mike took turns telling Millie and her friends about how Alex had nailed the two men that attacked her and how the dog was filmed on television giving Evan and Kristin a ride on his back. Millie said she wanted to see the film and asked to have the television turned on. The timing was perfect and Jane Vincent's broadcast was being aired on the local news. Everyone watched the news report and talked about it when it was finished.

"We need to hit the books and you need some rest," Mike said to Millie. "If you need a ride home, please call the house. You may not be up to cooking for a few days, so you just plan on having meals with us. We can pick you up and take you back home after we torment the worthless pledges."

Millie was shocked and flattered that Mike would make that offer to her. She knew that her friends and neighbors would help her with meals, but she also loved being around the handsome young men at the fraternity. She accepted Mike's offer for evening meals but demanded that none of the pledges be harassed while she was in the fraternity.

"Alex belongs to one of those pledges," Millie said, "and I won't have anyone messing with those sweet, innocent boys!"

Chris laughed and Mike groaned. They both realized that Millie was a special person with a wonderful personality. They both loved her and wanted to help her recover from the frightening events of the day. They gave Millie kisses on the cheek and said goodbye to her friends and neighbors. They headed back to the fraternity and shared their happiness in seeing that Millie wasn't severely injured in the attack. When they got to the fraternity they were surprised that Alex didn't run up to greet them. The big dog was sleeping in the Living Room and woke up but didn't seem to have the energy to get up to play with them.

"I think my mutt ate too much," Chris said to Mike. He petted Alex and told him he was going to put him on a diet the next day. Alex seemed to understand and growled at Chris before lying down again to sleep.

Chris and Mike told their buddies about Millie's condition and then headed to their room to study with Alex following behind them. It was obvious that Alex was tired and wanted to sleep by the door when the guys studied.

After a couple hours, Chris was tired and decided that he had studied enough for one night. He left his desk and licked the back of Mike's neck to indicate that he was ready to study anatomy with his Big Brother.

Mike was receptive to Chris's advances and immediately closed his books and turned off his computer. He knew that Chris would want to take a shower before they went to bed so he stood up and stripped off his clothes.

"You don't have a physical tomorrow, so tonight I'm gonna play hide the hot dog in the bun with you," Mike said to Chris.

Chris laughed and admitted that he wanted to feel Mike's cock stretch his butthole and fill his insides with love pudding. They headed across the hall to the bathroom and shower room. Several other guys were showering and continued talking about Alex's exploits. Everyone was proud of their mascot and loved having the dog in the fraternity.

Chris and Mike returned to their room and saw Leif and Isaac in a passionate 69 on the bed. They both liked having two roomies who were in love like they were and enjoyed the live sex show.

"Slip on some boxers and your shower shoes and then follow me," Chris said to Mike. He grabbed a plastic bag and a rolled up sleeping bag and left the room where Leif and Isaac were now fucking.

Mike wondered what Chris had in mind but decided to follow his Little Brother's instructions. He followed Chris to the door that led to the backyard and watched Chris turn off the tier lights that lit up the beautiful Japanese garden.

Chris walked down the path, unrolled the sleeping bag, and laid it on the grass. He asked Mike to get on the sleeping bag with him and began kissing him.

Mike was concerned about damaging the new grass until Chris told him that the landscaping consultant said that the sod had taken hold and the grass was ready for mowing and light use. The smell of the fresh grass in the cool evening air was an aphrodisiac for the two men. Chris was in charge of their sex again and Mike wondered what his buddy had planned. He didn't have to wait long to find out. Chris let his mouth travel across Mike's body and stimulated Mike and himself in the darkened garden. It was a moonless night, which focused both men on the physical stimulation instead of being able to see the effects of their lovemaking on each other.

"I'm going to try something new with you tonight," Chris whispered to Mike. "We've never fucked outside and I want to see if you like it. I hope you let me set the pace tonight."

"Just being on the grass with you is awesome!" Mike admitted. "I know that other guys have sucked and fucked in the backyard, but I don't think anyone has done it on the new grass. This garden is beautiful and the sounds of the flowing water are like music for us to make love to. You know that I trust you to make this night memorable for both of us."

Chris pulled Mike's boxers off and began using his oral talents to pleasure his Big Brother. He avoided Mike's leaking cock and vacuumed Mike's two large balls into his mouth. He lifted Mike's legs and caressed the puckered opening of Mike's rosebud with his finger. Chris continued licking and sucking the sperm orbs while his finger teased the opening to Mike's love tunnel.

Mike was filled with the emotions of his love for Chris and the sensations that were coursing through his body. He knew that Chris was going to fuck him and anxiously anticipated the feeling of the huge cock stretching his rectal passage open. He had never had sex in the backyard of the fraternity and was thrilled that his first time would be with the man that he loved more than life itself.

Chris moved on the sleeping bag and pushed Mike's legs higher until his ankles were next to his head. Chris used his tongue to circle the hole where he wanted to plant his cock and then licked the area between Mike's hole and his scrotum. The moans he heard gave him the incentive to continue his oral efforts. He alternated between sucking Mike's scrotum and balls and circling the pulsing hole of pleasure. He finally centered his efforts on Mike's asshole, using his tongue to probe against the puckered ring. He pried apart the cheeks of his lover's ass to open the tight hole to give his tongue access to probe inside.

Mike moaned loudly when he felt Chris's tongue enter his hole. Every nerve in his body was screaming for sexual release. No one in the world could eat ass like Chris Hammer!

"I'm gonna cum!" Mike screamed at Chris.

Chris quickly covered Mike's throbbing cock with his mouth to receive the first of many blasts of hot cum. He swirled his tongue around Mike's cockhead and gulped down the generous supply of baby pudding. Swallowing Mike's cum was the ultimate act of proving his love for his buddy. He continued sucking and licking Mike's cock until the blasts of cum subsided. He pushed the remaining cum out of Mike's cock and saved the tangy juice in his mouth. He moved up to kiss Mike passionately and used his tongue to push the warm cum into Mike's mouth.

The two buddies cuddled together and shared words of love for each other. Mike was surprised that Chris had gotten him off so quickly and wondered what Chris had planned next. He looked at the plastic bag that Chris had brought outside and wondered if any of the sex toys were inside the bag. He didn't have to wait long.

Chris removed his own boxers and told Mike to roll over onto his belly on the sleeping bag. As soon as Mike was on his belly, Chris reached into the plastic bag and removed the lubricant applicator and tube of special lubricant. He spread Mike's legs and used his fingers to spread the lube around Mike's love hole. The groans he heard from his buddy gave him the encouragement to finger fuck Mike's ass, first with one finger and then with two.

"Jesus Chris! Fuck Me!" Mike demanded.

Chris ignored Mike's demands and twisted his fingers around to lubricate and stimulate Mike's love canal. He was in no hurry to mount his buddy and removed his fingers to insert the applicator. He squirted the lubricant inside Mike's rectal passage and used the applicator like a dildo to spread the lubricant and stimulate his buddy. He ignored Mike's appeal for a quick fuck and pulled the applicator out. He knew that Mike expected him to shove his cock in to replace the empty feeling in his ass, but Chris wasn't ready for that. He wiped his fingers off on a towel and retrieved a bottle of baby oil from the plastic bag.

Mike was sure that Chris was getting ready to shove Little Chris inside his hungry ass, but was surprised when Chris moved down toward his feet. He felt the first drops of baby oil trickle down his legs all the way to his feet. When he felt the strong hands of his Little Brother begin to massage his feet, he moaned and tried to relax.

Chris loved every inch of Mike's body and was determined to take his time giving Mike a massage before shoving his throbbing cock in Mike's tight ass. He slowly worked the baby oil into the soles of Mike's feet, knowing that his buddy was very ticklish. He listened to Mike's groans and pleas for getting fucked, but he ignored the noises to continue the deep massage. He could feel Mike relaxing and continued working the oil into Mike's feet. He began moving his strong hands up to Mike's ankles and calves while listening to the purring of his lover and the gentle gurgling of the water flowing in the garden. It took several minutes before Chris had moved his hands up to massage the globes of Mike's cute ass.

Mike was totally relaxed and felt his throbbing cock leaking precum on the sleeping bag. If Chris hadn't sucked him off he would have blasted a load of cum on the sleeping bag a long time ago. He felt Chris move on the sleeping bag and moaned when he felt Chris's love muscle probing against his butthole. He lifted up to help Chris get the huge cock aligned properly so it could enter his body. He groaned loudly when he felt Little Chris stretch his sphincter and pop inside his body.

Chris loved fucking his buddy. Normally they fucked in a position where they could watch each other's facial expressions and kiss passionately, but tonight would be different. He told Mike to lay back down on his belly when he knew that his massive cock was buried deep inside Mike's hole. He squatted over Mike's body and slid his cock in and out of the gripping tunnel that was massaging his massive cock. He dribbled more of the baby oil on Mike's back and shoulders and began massaging his buddy while he continued to fuck him.

"God that feels good!" Mike sobbed. His emotions were raw from the combination of the strong hands working wonders on his muscles and the huge cock probing the depths of his anal passage. He could feel the tears flowing down his face and fought to stay conscious.

Chris knew that Mike's body was filled with emotion and continued the massage to include Mike's arms and hands. He could feel his own orgasm welling up in his body and picked up the pace of his pulsing cock. When he knew that his body was ready to release his semen inside Mike's tight ass, he lay down on top of Mike and slid his entire body around on the baby oil on Mike's back.

"I'm cumming!" Mike screamed. He began sobbing from the raw emotions of his body while he felt his cock flood the sleeping bag.

"I'm cumming too!" Chris moaned into Mike's ear. He felt the grip of Mike's anus during his orgasm and that pushed Chris over the top. He flooded Mike's rectum with many huge blasts of man cream and continued hammering his cock in and out of Mike's body. The California air was filled with a mixture of moans and groans along with the sounds of the two oily bodies slapping together.

Chris pulled their bodies so that they were both resting on their sides. He kept his cock inside Mike's well-fucked ass and twisted Mike's face around so they could kiss. He saw the tears flowing down Mike's face and knew that they were tears of emotional pleasure and not tears of pain.

"Did you like the fuck rub?" Chris asked.

"That was a stupid question!" Mike choked out. "I don't know how you come up with these ideas for our sex lives together!"

"I love being with you whether we have sex or just sit and talk," Chris admitted. "I had this planned but wanted to wait until the grass was ready. I bet that other guys will be using the garden for hooking up with other guys or girls. Maybe we should set up some hidden cameras so we can film our own version of the 'Sexual Olympics of CSU'."

"You're a pervert!" Mike exclaimed. He groaned when he felt Chris pull his softening cock out of his stretched butthole.

"You made a mess on my sleeping bag," Chris teased. "Now you have to wash it so we can do this again."

"Just remember that I'm your Big Brother and YOU have to take orders from ME!" Mike replied. His body was so exhausted from the intensity of the sex with Chris that he could barely move. He turned and kissed Chris on the lips and asked him to help him stand up.

Chris helped Mike stand up and felt Mike's body collapse. He grabbed his Big Brother and knew that Mike wouldn't be able to walk into the fraternity without help. He guided Mike to a garden bench and returned to the sleeping bag to pack up the items he had used to make love to Mike. He folded up the sleeping bag, threw it over his shoulder and grabbed the plastic bag of sex aids before returning to the bench where Mike was slowly regaining some strength.

"Let's get your sorry ass inside!" Chris teased.

Mike was still weak and light-headed from the fantastic sexual romp with Chris and needed help to walk. He could feel Chris's cum leaking out of his butthole and stream down his legs. Of all of the times he had made love with Chris, this was the most exhausting episode, but he had remained conscious this time.

Alex met them at the door to the fraternity and greeted his two masters with howls and doggy kisses. He pulled the sleeping bag off Chris's shoulder and dragged it down the hallway to their room.

Chris took Mike into the shower room and helped him sit on the changing bench before going to their room to grab some towels. When he got inside the room he saw that Leif and Isaac were sleeping soundly with their nude bodies entwined. The room was filled with the aromas of fresh cum and sweat that proved that Leif and Isaac had enjoyed their evening together too.

Chris grabbed the towels and returned to help Mike take a shower. Mike looked like he was totally wasted, so Chris helped him get cleaned up and sat him on the bench to dry him off. He loved taking care of Mike and knew that his Big Brother was almost asleep on the bench. He threw the towels over his shoulder and carried Mike back to their room and placed him on their bed. He finished drying himself and turned off the desk light before snuggling next to Mike on their bed. He kissed Mike on the cheek before falling asleep next to his lover.

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