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One thing that was unusual for me was to realize that many readers are from outside the United States. For some of the readers, they don't understand fraternity life or some of the terms used in the U.S. version of the English language. Fraternities are social groups where men form friendships that last for the rest of their lives. They live together and earn the right to be initiated as "brothers". The term "hazing" describes some of the things those members do to their pledges. In the legitimate fraternities, the hazing is done in fun and not intended to cause any severe physical pain or permanent injuries. There are many fraternities in the U.S. that have chapters at several universities and colleges. It is not uncommon for a national fraternity to have over 100 chapters across the nation. National fraternities have a headquarters with a president, vice-presidents and people who visit the individual chapters to help with financial matters and ensure that the fraternity traditions and basic values are followed. Members from one chapter are welcomed like brothers when they visit another chapter. It is an emotional bond that unites the men during their college years and long into their futures. I wish that I had given this information when I first started the story.

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CJ Chapter 44

Chris's Challenges and Alex's Accomplishments


Chris woke up early the next morning, slipped on a pair of boxers, and joined Alex for the morning ritual of inspecting the backyard. He could see the area where the grass was matted down from the sexual activity of him and Mike and he hoped that the sunshine would refresh the grass before anyone else saw it. He watched Alex run around sniffing the bushes and hiking his leg to mark his territory. When Alex headed for the end of the yard and started pooping, Chris went back inside the fraternity to use the toilet. When he got back to the room he heard Mike yelling at Alex to leave him alone. Alex was determined to get Mike out of bed and continued licking his face until Mike struggled to sit up on the bed.

"One of these days I'm gonna kill you!" Mike yelled at Alex.

Alex growled and barked at Mike and then went to wake up Isaac and Leif. They both grumbled but got out of bed to hit the showers and get ready for breakfast and their classes. Alex bounded out of the room and ran down the hall barking to wake everyone up.

"I feel like I got run over by a truck!" Mike exclaimed. "I still can't believe what you did to me last night. I don't even remember leaving the backyard. How did I get here?"

Chris laughed and told Mike how their evening of lovemaking had ended. He could see that Mike was still groggy so he helped him stand up. They both listened to the laughter in the dorm area that was mixed with cussing for Alex waking everyone up. They took care of their bathroom needs and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

Cody came in and told Chris that he had a phone call on the house phone. All of the guys had cell phones for their personal calls, so it was unusual for the house phone to ring early in the morning. A pledge had to answer the phone before the 4th ring or all of the pledges would get whacked.

Chris grabbed the phone in the dining room and was surprised to hear the voice of Tom McMartin. Tom was off duty but wanted to know if he could visit Alex for his initial attempts at bonding with the huge dog. Chris was surprised at the request, but quickly said that Tom could come to the fraternity and play with Alex in the front yard. Tom was pleased and said that Stan Burnett was going to recommend his transfer to the Canine Unit. He told Chris that he had spent two months with a trained officer and dog in the Canine Unit before he was transferred to the Patrol Unit.

"Tom McMartin wants to come over and play with you," Chris said to Alex after the call ended. "I'll stay here until he gets here to make sure you don't bite him!"

Alex growled at Chris. It was obvious to Chris that his dog recognized the name of the police officer from the altercation at Aunt Millie's home.

Chris finished his breakfast with Mike and got whacked for having his pledge pin on crooked. He took the whacks from Toby Bass and was pissed at him.

Alex had growled at Toby but let him slap Chris's bare ass two times. He snarled at Toby until Chris called him away. Alex didn't like to see any pledge get whacked and seemed to be getting upset with the members for their harassment of the pledge class.

Chris saw that several other pledges were being whacked for minor things and decided it was time for the pledges to put together a plan to show the members who was really in control of the fraternity house. He was sitting on the front porch of the fraternity throwing the Frisbee for Alex when Tom McMartin arrived in his personal vehicle.

Alex recognized Tom and ran up to him with his Frisbee in his mouth. He dropped the Frisbee at Tom's feet and greeted the man with howls and doggy kisses.

Tom was happy that Alex remembered him and quickly threw the Frisbee to play with the huge dog. He shook Chris's hand and thanked him for letting him come over so early to play with Alex. He promised that he wouldn't cause any problems for the guys in the fraternity and would only stay for about an hour.

Chris was happy to see how Alex was playing with Tom and decided it was okay to leave them alone so he could attend his classes. He went to his morning classes and decided to visit the Jacobs Dorm for lunch.

It was an emotional event for Chris to return to the dorm where he had begun his college career. He looked at the beauty of the lobby and remembered the days that he had spent there with Isaac and the other guys who still lived there. He took time to look at the bronze bust of his mother, Eloise Jacobs Bernstein, and remembered the night that the monument was dedicated. He still had his meal card and used it to buy a nice lunch for himself. He felt guilty for not inviting Mike to join him for lunch at the dorm but decided he needed to look around on his own. Several students who wanted to eat lunch with him and talk about his return to the football team joined him. During his lunch, he got a surprise call from Uncle Steve who wanted to know how he was recovering from his injuries. Chris was happy to talk to his Sensei, and apologized for not calling him more often. He finished his lunch and headed for his first afternoon class. His mind was still troubled by something that he wanted to talk to Mike about. He tried to sort things out in his own mind before approaching Mike on a very sensitive subject, and didn't hear a word of the lectures he attended.

When Chris arrived at the Athletic Complex, David Patrick was waiting for him. He didn't like the look on Coach Patrick's face and wondered what was wrong.

"Don't get upset Chris," David Patrick said. "There's nothing wrong. You know that the basketball team has already started playing their pre-season schedule, and John Stevens wants to talk to you for a few minutes."

Chris saw the Athletic Director motioning for him to go into David Patrick's office. He followed John Stevens into the office and wondered what was wrong that he was prevented from dressing for the football practice.

"Hi buddy!" Marcus Knight said. He walked up to Chris and gave him a big hug. "How's my favorite athlete doing?"

Chris hugged his longtime friend and relaxed. If Marcus was there, Chris wasn't afraid of anything that John Stevens would say. He listened to John Stevens say how happy he was that Chris was recovering from his serious injuries and asked Chris if he was ready to split his time after classes for practice with both the football and basketball teams.

"I never expected to be able to play either sport again after my injuries," Chris admitted. He was trying to hold back his tears but he wasn't successful.

Marcus Knight hugged Chris again and was joined in the hug by David Patrick and John Stevens. The three men knew that Chris was very emotional and wanted to help calm him down.

"We're getting fantastic reports from Brice Cox," John Stevens stated. "I wanted to talk to you and find out if you are ready to bounce a basketball along with kicking a football."

Chris dried his tears and let John Stevens' words sink in. He wasn't being restricted from football practice, but instead he was being offered the opportunity to split his practice time with the basketball team. He was thrilled to accept the plan. He still felt a stronger commitment to the football team until the season was completed. He expressed his feelings and was pleased that the other men understood his position.

"You still aren't released for anything but limited practice," David Patrick stated. "I'd love to have you healthy enough to get out on the football field and start hitting guys, but I don't see that happening. We need to see how you do in practices this week before we decide if your football season is over."

"You won't be allowed to do any running down the court," Marcus said. "We all know that your right leg needs to be strengthened by work with Brice before you can run on the football field or basketball court. We've all been watching your progress with Brice and we're very pleased with how you're doing. I'd like to see you at our basketball practices so you can learn some of our plays. You can practice free throws and see what you can do while the other guys scrimmage. Can you work with us on this?"

"I love all of you guys for sticking with me through this crap," Chris admitted. "I've been working hard with Brice to get back in shape so I can help both the football and basketball teams. I'm really sorry that I got busted up and can't do the things that I used to be able to do. I promise all of you that I'll work even harder to prove that I'm ready to compete again. I know I have a limp in my right leg and that my ribs are still sore, but I want you guys to give me a chance to get back to active practice with the football team. I know my own body and I won't do anything that's stupid. Can you guys cut me some slack?"

John Stevens decided that it was his place to talk for the entire Athletic Department. He told Chris that he knew that CSU had landed the best football and basketball recruiting classes in the nation because Chris had committed to attend their university. He let Chris know that he considered him a personal friend and that his wife and sons loved him. He promised that the entire Athletic Department would help him live his personal dream of competing in football, basketball and baseball. He continued by saying that Chris would be evaluated several times by the training staff before he was released for any active practice with either team.

Chris accepted the decisions of the men and promised that he would work hard to get back in shape. He asked for permission to get dressed for the football practice and promised that he would obey any instructions from Brice Cox.

The three men watched Chris leave the office and discussed how the meeting had gone. David Patrick was happy that Chris was dedicated to his football team and hoped that the huge athlete would be ready to help the team when they got to their bowl game. Even if his team lost their last two games they were assured of being selected for a major bowl game. If they won their last two games, they would be playing for the first national championship in over 20 years.

Marcus Knight told his two friends that he was pleased that Chris was working hard to get back in shape. He had known Chris for several years and was thrilled that the Olympic star had turned down offers from all of the major universities in the nation to come to CSU. He reminded his friends of the pranks that Chris had pulled on him and said that the big guy that had just left the office was a fantastic athlete with a perverted sense of humor. Everyone in the office laughed and talked about other pranks that Chris had pulled on them or their athletes.

Chris got dressed for football practice and was happy to see Brice Cox waiting for him on the practice field. He was allowed to warm up with the team and then to practice kicking field goals from a variety of distances.

Brice was surprised to see that Chris was consistently kicking field goals of 50 yards. He was watching the legs of the big athlete and was surprised that Chris's right leg was holding up during the long kicks. He called Chris off from the football field and told his buddy to head into the training room.

"Are you ready to change for practice with the basketball team or do you need a massage or time on the Nautilus Equipment?" Brice asked.

"I'm ready to go to the gym, but I don't have my basketball gear," Chris admitted.

"Are you looking for this?" Mike Mahley asked. He was holding a gym bag that contained everything that Chris needed to attend the basketball practice.

"How did you know about this?" Chris asked Mike.

"I've got spies around here that think your sorry ass is ready to bounce a basketball," Mike teased. "I want to see you bust some balls on the basketball court before we go back to the fraternity where I can make you my bitch!"

Chris choked back his tears when he hugged Mike and accepted the gym bag of clothes and shoes. He grabbed Mike and dragged him into the locker room to give him a passionate kiss. He knew that no one would see their obvious display of affection so he groped Mike's crotch during their passionate kiss.

"Get your ass changed and get out there and show those jerks what you can do on the court!" Mike commanded. "I'm going to watch you practice with Brendan and the other guys who are counting on you to play on the basketball team. You have two teams that are counting on you right now and you have to work your sorry ass off to help both of them!"

"Next time I fuck you, I'm gonna make you pay for ragging on me!" Chris exclaimed. "You're my best friend and lover, but you're busting my balls right now. I'm gonna tell Alex to bite you on the ass when we get back to the fraternity!"

Mike laughed and watched his buddy change from his football gear into his basketball shoes and uniform. He loved seeing Chris excited about competing in sports. It was a major change for Mike to accept that his buddy was destined to be a competitive athlete in more than one sport.

Chris's arrival in Jefferson Center was greeted with cheers from the entire basketball team. All the players were ecstatic when they saw Chris jog out onto the basketball court in his uniform. They greeted him with hugs and hoped that he would be an active part of their basketball season that had already started. The team had a record of 5 wins and one loss and hoped that Chris would join them as their center with his strength and shooting abilities.

"Chris will be splitting his time between the football team practices and ours," Marcus Knight said. "He is still restricted from full contact because of his rib injuries and can't run until Dr. Morgan clears him. I want him to watch us run some of our plays so he can learn what his responsibilities will be."

Chris knew that Brendan had been playing center for the team and hoped that Chris would join the team so he could play his normal position of power forward. He stood beside Marcus and looked at the diagram of the play being run and then watched the team practice that play. He had learned many of the plays from his many visits to the campus and recognized some of them from his time with the Olympic team. He was anxious to get on the court and begged Marcus to let him practice.

Marcus knew that Chris had brought the rib protector known as a "flak jacket" and blew his whistle to stop the practice of the starters who were playing against the second string players. He made Chris promise not to run or jump during the practice, primarily to protect his right leg.

Chris was thrilled to get on the court with the team and moved around in the manner expected of him to run the play. He made a few baskets and became so involved in the excitement of competing again that he forgot about his right leg. Jermaine Lewis also forgot about the orders from Marcus and tossed the basketball high and to the right of the hoop when he saw that Chris was open. Chris jumped in the air, caught the ball, and slammed it through the hoop and net for a solid "slam-dunk".

The team screamed their approval of the slam-dunk and congratulated Chris. Marcus blew his whistle and screamed at Chris.

"HAMMER! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Marcus screamed. He grabbed Chris's jersey and ripped into him for breaking his promise not to jump. He was livid that Chris had performed the acrobatic move and threatened to make him sit on the bench for the rest of the practice.

"I'm really sorry Coach," Chris said humbly. "I got pumped up by being here with you and the team. You know that playing basketball requires a player to do things by instinct. When I saw the high feed from Jermaine, I just did what is natural for me. My right leg is stronger than you and Dr. Morgan think it is."

"I don't want to hear anymore of your bullshit!" Marcus replied. "If I see your feet leave the floor again I'll tell Dr. Morgan and David Patrick to pull you out of football and basketball practices!"

Chris hung his head and accepted the ass chewing from his friend Marcus. He knew that he should keep his mouth shut and listen to his coach.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Marcus demanded. He jerked on the fistful of Chris's jersey in his hand to get Chris's undivided attention. "Are you listening to me?"

"Yes Coach, I'm listening," Chris replied. "I'll do what you ask of me."

"If I see any of you putting up high feeds like that again, I'll have the entire team running wind sprints for the rest of this practice!" Marcus yelled. "This is a formal practice, not some 'jive ass' pickup game where you can show off like a bunch of street whores! Do you understand me?"

The entire team voiced their understanding of the coach's orders. They had all lost their focus with the excitement of having Chris join their practice.

When the practice ended, Marcus stopped Chris from heading for the showers to talk with him. "I'm sorry that I yelled at you," Marcus began. "I know that you were being honest with me about the instinct of taking that feed and slamming it home. Part of me was thrilled when I saw you dunk the ball, but the coach in me was afraid you'd be hurt when you landed on the floor. We need you healthy and I can't let you slide. If Tom Morgan finds out you were jumping or running, he'll pull you and nail my ass too!"

"I know I messed up," Chris replied. "I'm working hard with Brice to get my body back in shape and I'll do my best to follow the orders from you and Coach Patrick."

"That's all I can ask of you," Marcus replied. He gave Chris a hug and told him to hit the showers. When Chris turned around, Marcus whacked him on the ass.

"YIPES!" Chris exclaimed. His shorts were wet from sweat and the slap hurt just like the whacks he got on the bare ass from the members at the Tri-Delt Fraternity.

Marcus laughed and watched his big friend rub his sore ass on the way to the shower room. He knew that Chris would be ready to join the team for full practice very soon. He couldn't wait to tell his wife the good news.

"What did the coach want?" Brendan asked Chris in the shower room.

"Marcus thinks he's a member of the fraternity," Chris replied. He turned to show Brendan his bare ass that still had the handprint from where Marcus had smacked him.

All of the guys laughed when they saw the bright red handprint on the right cheek of Chris's bubble butt. Jermaine offered to give Chris a matching mark on his left cheek when they got back to the fraternity. Everyone knew that the slap wasn't a form of abuse from Marcus. They all knew that he and Chris were very special friends and that the slap was given and accepted in play.

Chris got to the fraternity house and was greeted by Alex. He heard the piano-playing coming from the living room and was thrilled to see Aunt Millie entertaining the members. He gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek before asking her how she was feeling.

"I'm just fine," Aunt Millie replied. "The boys insisted that I come here for supper and my neighbors have me booked up for the rest of the week. I'm going to save a bunch of scraps for my favorite dog in the entire world!"

Alex acknowledged her comment with loud barks and sloppy kisses. He loved Aunt Millie just like his master did.

"I'm having a doggy door installed in my back door so Alex can come over to visit me," Aunt Millie said. "I hope you'll let him come over when you boys are in classes. I plan on spoiling him."

"He's already spoiled," Chris laughed. "He's supposed to be our mascot, but he thinks he's King Alex around here! He makes sure that everyone is awake to attend the boring lectures and helps protect us innocent pledges."

"It's time for you to get your innocent ass in the dining room and help set tables," Dave Wilbur ordered. "This pledge class is getting lax and my brothers and I will shape you guys up!"

Chris grumbled and headed for the dining room. He knew that the members had turned up the heat on him and his pledge buddies, and also knew that the pledges would retaliate.

It was a wonderful meal with Millie enjoying the banter of the young men that she called "boys". She was honored that she was invited to the evening meal and being seated at the head table like she was royalty.

Tom Jankowski looked at Chris and asked him if he had a joke for the evening meal. Chris replied that he had a joke but it was not appropriate in front of their honored guest.

"I bet I could tell you boys some jokes that would curl your hair!" Aunt Millie laughed. "Please don't hold back on your jokes. I need some new material for my neighbors when we get together. We may be old, but we love dirty jokes!"

Chris decided to take a risk and tell his joke, knowing that if he refused, he and his pledge buddies would get whacked. He walked up to the front of the dining room and made the normal introduction for sharing a joke with the members and pledges. Everyone knew that Aunt Millie was a guest and believed that the joke had to be totally clean.

Chris began by saying, "One day the traveling dildo salesman visited a new town and went about plying his wares to the members of this fraternity. He talked to Mr. Jankowski and showed him all of his wares. Mr. Jankowski thought for a little bit, trying to decide between the medium-sized pink one, and the large black one. Eventually, he bought the large black one.

He went to Mr. Bass, and showed his dildos to him. He too, bought the large black dildo.

He went to the third and fourth members, and all happened as before.

He went to Mr. Mahley, and showed all of his wares to him. Mr. Mahley didn't think a moment before saying, 'I'll take the huge silver one.' The salesman looked slightly confused for a second, but went ahead and charged him double what he normally charged for the large black one.

When he got home that evening his wife asked him how his day had gone. He replied it had gone well.

'How many dildos did you sell?' she asked.

'Well," he said, 'I sold four of the large black ones............and my thermos'."

Aunt Millie laughed so hard she was crying. She loved the joke and promised that she would share it with her neighbors at the earliest opportunity. She loved the fact that the boys would be relaxed enough to tell an off-colored joke in front of her. She watched Mike cuff Chris on the back of the head and knew that her boys loved to tease each other.

Everyone in the dining room was laughing after they saw Aunt Millie's reaction to Chris's joke. They knew the joke wasn't as nasty as the ones they normally told, but they didn't expect Aunt Millie to laugh so hard.

Aunt Millie decided that she would prove to all of the boys that she wasn't offended by Chris's joke and told Tom Jankowski that she had a joke to share with everyone. Tom was shocked, but quickly accepted her offer.

Aunt Millie walked to the front of the dining room and started telling her joke. "A wealthy 97-year-old man is visiting his mistress in the 65th floor penthouse he keeps her in. His wife barges in and sees them going at it like a couple of horny dogs. She rushes over to the bed, grabs him and throws him out the window.

She looks at the bimbo and says "Don't worry - if he can screw at his age, he can fly, too."

The members and pledges roared with laughter that the elderly lady had a fantastic sense of humor and wasn't afraid to share it with them. They loved the lady who was their neighbor and knew that she would be a lot of fun to be around.

"I can't believe that you weren't offended by my joke and told that one of yours!" Chris admitted. "You're the greatest!" He gave Aunt Millie a kiss on the cheek and hugged her.

"Just because I'm old doesn't mean I don't have a sense of humor!" Aunt Millie replied. "I haven't had this much fun in years!"

The meal ended with Aunt Millie at the piano in the living room. She played several songs for the entertainment of the pledges and members before she admitted that she was tired and needed to go home. She exerted her position with the fraternity by leading Alex to the kitchen where she gave him a bunch of table scraps from the fantastic meal.

Alex was in heaven. He chomped down the goodies and whined for more from the special lady.

Several of the members and pledges watched their special guest spoil their mascot, and knew that the lady and dog were bonding even closer.

Tom Jankowski offered to drive Aunt Millie home while the pledges headed to do their house duties. Aunt Millie insisted on giving everyone a hug before she left to return to her home. She had many tales to share with her neighbors and friends from her wonderful visit with "her boys".

"I have John duty tonight," Chris said to Mike. "When I get finished, can we talk? I have something that is really bothering me, and I want us to be honest with each other."

"I want to talk to you in private too," Mike admitted. "I'll be in our room when you finish your house duties."

Chris had signed up on the pledge duty roster to clean the toilets, knowing that it was the least desirable job. He knew that his athletic practices and therapy kept him from doing as much as the rest of the pledges, so he wanted to take the nasty job. He knew that Brendan and Cameron had the same chores and worked hard to clean the toilets, urinals and sinks in the east dorm wing. He was mopping the floor when Adam Thompson came in and started hardassing him.

"Where's your pledge book?" Adam asked Chris.

"Right here sir," Chris replied.

"Recite the fraternity motto" Adam commanded.

Chris recited the motto flawlessly.

Adam was determined to find something that Chris didn't know and continued to pump him with questions. He finally resorted to the challenge for Chris to recite every part of Adam's own interview. Chris failed and was immediately whacked on the bare ass. Adam left and Chris was livid. He was supposed to know every single detail of his Big Brother's interview, but wasn't expected to be able to recite the interview of other members.

Before Chris was finished with his house duties, he got whacked by Keegan Smith and Blake Edwards for the same alleged offense. He knew that the members were cranking up the pimping of the pledges and he was ready to retaliate. When he got back to his room he was livid. He complained to Mike and was pissed that his Big Brother was laughing when he heard about Chris getting whacked.

"Maybe I don't want to talk to you!" Chris yelled at Mike.

"Calm down Chris," Mike said. "You know that my brothers want to see how much shit you guys can take. I hope that you can put all that aside for a while and calm down so we can go outside and talk like friends instead of being enemies. I love you and know how you feel about being pimped by the members. It's all part of earning the right to be called a brother."

Chris listened to Mike and tried to calm down. He knew that all of his pledge buddies were getting the same treatment and he was pissed. He tried to stuff his personal feelings about the members and still wanted to talk to Mike about what had been bothering him all day.

"Let's take a walk with Alex so we can talk," Mike said while hugging Chris. "You know that I love you more than anything in the world. Don't let a little harassment and a few whacks on the butt turn you into an asshole. Your pledge class is the best that we've ever seen, and it won't be long `til you guys will be our brothers!"

Chris grumbled but agreed to take a walk with Mike. Alex was always ready for a walk so he could pee on everything in his path when he walked with his two masters.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Mike asked when they got out on the main street in front of the fraternity.

"Maybe this isn't the time for me to say anything," Chris admitted. "I'm still pissed."

"Maybe I should tell you what I wanted to talk to you about instead," Mike said. "I love you so much that sometimes I can't think of anything but holding your hand or hugging you. The times that we talk openly are more important to me than the times that we are having sex. I love you unconditionally, and I know in the past that my jealousy caused us some serious problems. I'm still jealous, and that's what's bothering me."

"I love you too," Chris said. He hugged Mike and pulled his Big Brother to sit beside him on the curb of the street. "You and I were making love and we included Isaac and Leif in our intimacy. Don't get me wrong; I wanted them involved. I guess it's hard to break the habit of the way I lived my life. I always thought that sex was love, but after I thought about Isaac and Leif sharing our intimacy I felt weird. I don't know if I'm making sense; it was neat to suck and fuck with them, but when I think back on that time, I feel like I'm a slut. We were in the shower room with Cody and Jermaine and we told them that they would be part of our sex life in the future."

Chris paused and leaned over and threw up on the side of the street. He was retching and sobbing while Mike held him close.

"I can't believe that you're upset about the same thing that I am," Mike admitted. "I've had sex with a bunch of guys, but with you it's making love, no matter how kinky we are with each other. I know that you and Isaac had sex at the Jacobs Dorm and I was jealous. Any guy that looked at you was a target for me to kill. Sex is addictive, just like alcohol or narcotics. There are programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to help people change their lives. I've done some research and when someone makes a mistake, it's called a 'slip'. That doesn't mean that it's okay, it only means that we're human and we make mistakes."

Chris wiped the vomit off his face and looked at Mike. The words that his lover had just said to him made sense, and he was trying to clear his mind.

"I don't want to hurt Cody's feelings or anyone else's," Chris admitted. "Cody saved your life and mine, and he's a fantastic guy. He and Jermaine want to be intimate with us to form a bond, but I don't want anyone with us when we make love. Does that sound stupid?"

"That's the nicest thing you ever said to me!" Mike replied. He hugged Chris and kissed him on the cheek. "I know that I love you and want us to have very close friends, but I agree that our sex lives should be exclusive. Straight guys play sports together and go camping and even sleep together. It doesn't mean that we have to blow a guy to be his friend."

"God, Mike, I can't believe you said that!" Chris replied. "I've been a whore my entire life and now you're saying things that I should have realized a long time ago! I don't know why you put up with me!"

Mike hugged Chris and said that he loved him and didn't care what happened in the past.

"You can't focus on the past if you want to live in the future!" Mike said. "We have each other to love and we can have friends that we don't suck or fuck. If they want more than friendship, they can look for someone else! Either we agree we want to be exclusive, or we'll have trouble saying no to guys who are our friends. I think we can have buddies that are close friends without sucking their dicks!"

"I love you so much!" Chris exclaimed. "I was afraid of talking to you about this, but I now know that you and I are thinking alike! Let's go back to our room and just kiss and cuddle. I don't think this neighborhood is ready to see two guys making out on the curb, especially if they see you gag after tasting my mouth!"

Alex was shoving his wet nose into the faces of his two masters and wanted to play. He ran ahead and brought back one of his many Frisbees for Chris and Mike to throw for him. The two handsome men returned to the fraternity and went to their room. They saw Isaac fucking Leif and undressed to cuddle together. They watched their friends having sex and shared gentle kisses before they fell asleep on their bed.

Alex woke everyone up the next morning with his barking and sloppy dog kisses. The dorm areas were filled with laughter and cussing from the members and pledges. Chris and Mike weren't spared from the attention of the mascot and struggled out of bed to begin their day.

"Get all the members up!" Chris yelled to Alex. He figured if he and his roommates were forced to get up, the rest of the fraternity needed to do the same.

"Don't forget the pledges!" Mike added to Alex's orders. He loved pimping the pledges and didn't want them to get special treatment from Alex.

Chris and Mike headed for the shower room where many guys were moaning about Alex waking them up. Alex was waiting for Mike and Chris to leave the showers and greeted them with howls and doggy kisses.

Chris knew that Tom McMartin was going to return to the fraternity to spend time with Alex. He finished breakfast and was playing with Alex in the front yard when the blue SUV pulled into the driveway.

Alex was excited to see Tom again and ran up to greet him. He saw another police officer in uniform and reverted to his attack mode.

"This is my partner, David Gallagher, and he's your friend," Tom said to Alex.

Alex walked slowly up to David and sniffed him to capture his scent. He seemed to accept David and turned his attention back to Tom. He ran to get his Frisbee and dropped it at Tom's feet.

Chris recognized David from the time at Aunt Millie's and shook his hand. He watched Tom playing with Alex and knew that they were becoming good friends.

"I'd like to take Alex to the Canine Unit facility today and introduce him to Lieutenant Henry Wells. Henry heard what Alex did the other day and wants to introduce him to Lady. Lady is a 7-year-old German Shepherd who helps train other police dogs. Can I borrow Alex for a couple hours?"

Alex seemed to understand what was going on and ran to the SUV and barked. Chris was concerned about his dog going with Tom and made an offer.

"I have a lecture this morning that is an audio recording," Chris said to Tom. "I can have someone record it for me and I'll be free until noon. Alex isn't used to going with someone he just met and might cause some trouble. He seems to like you, but I think I should be there when he meets your lieutenant and another dog. Let's ease Alex into this by me riding with you and Alex for a while. David can drive my car and we can see how Alex reacts."

"That sounds like a good idea," Tom said.

Chris left to get his Chevelle and drove it to the driveway. The reaction from the two police officers was immediate.

"HOLY FUCK!" David Gallagher screamed. "I love old muscle cars! This is a classic! Are you sure that I can drive it?"

Chris laughed and said that he loved muscle cars too. He told David that he could do more than drive it, he could see what the powerful car could do if they took a side trip to Quarry Road. He admitted to the two police officers that he used that road for his private drag strip and had left thousands of miles of tire wear on the blacktop road.

"You hold Missy back by jamming on the brakes while you floor the accelerator," Chris advised. The front disc brakes will hold her back but the rear wheels will start smoking the tires. Then you let off the brakes and hold on tight. She's got an automatic transmission and will burn rubber each time she shifts. It's almost as good as sex when you get jammed back in the seat by her power."

"Are you sure you want to let that jerk abuse your beautiful car?" Tom McMartin asked. He was jealous that he wasn't the one that Chris was tossing the keys to.

"He won't hurt Missy, but she might hurt him if he doesn't control her," Chris replied. He watched Tom open the back of the SUV that held a dog cage and saw Alex quickly jump inside the cage.

"Alex loves to go for a ride," Chris said to Tom. "My mutt's in heaven right now!"

Alex barked his agreement and looked out the window while the two vehicles headed for Quarry Road. There was a long straight section of road and Chris and Tom watched David power-torque the muscle car and then let it loose.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Tom exclaimed when he saw the rubber burning off the rear tires of Chris's car. He could only imagine the rush that David was feeling when the car screamed down the road. He saw the tires smoke again when the automatic transmission shifted into second gear.

"My dad doesn't like me to drive Missy," Chris admitted. "He knows that I love fast cars and speed, so he always rags on me to drive a different car."

"How many cars do you own?" Tom asked.

Chris didn't want to brag and tried to change the subject. Tom insisted on an answer and Chris finally admitted that he owned over 250 vehicles that were stored. Tom was shocked and quickly realized that Chris must be very wealthy to own so many cars, even if they were all junkers. He had a hard time believing that a guy as rich as Chris must be could be such a neat guy to be around. He asked Chris to name the cars that were his favorites and was shocked to hear a list of classic vehicles that any guy would love to own.

"My favorite is the 1957 Nomad," Chris admitted. "When I was in high school my buddies called it 'The Hearse'. They said more girls got laid out in the Nomad than in any hearse in the world. I have to admit that I got in trouble a few times when I got caught having sex at lunchtime in Nadine. That's what I call the Nomad."

"You're a weird guy," Tom said. "You must be filthy rich, but you act like a regular guy who just enjoys life. I'm really happy that I met you and hope we can be friends."

"We already are friends," Chris replied. "You have a dangerous job and I respect you for taking the risks that you do when you're on duty. I don't think I could handle your job. When Alex took down that asshole that attacked Aunt Millie, I wanted to kill him. Karate has taught me some restraint, but I don't think I could ever go after someone who committed a brutal crime without wanting to kill him."

"It's really hard sometimes," Tom admitted. "I know you smacked that asshole for what he said about gay people. My younger brother is gay, and I wanted to kill that bastard for what he said to you. The asshole was so upset about Alex being ready to tear him apart that I don't think he remembers you hitting him. I made sure in my report that his injuries were caused by being taken down by Alex, and made no reference to you hitting the asshole."

"I owe you for that," Chris admitted. "My Sensei has chewed me out before for using my fist to hit someone in the face. The bones in the hand can be broken easily when someone punches a guy in the jaw. I have to admit that I lost control when I smacked him. I know several Karate blows that could have killed him instantly, but I guess I just wanted him to suffer for hurting Aunt Millie. She's such a wonderful woman and sure didn't deserve being hit or threatened with a knife."

"I know that I sure don't want to have you get pissed at me!" Tom admitted. "I saw your Karate competition on television and I know that you could wipe the floor with me or anyone on the Police Force. We cooperate with the Campus Security and Brian Williams told us that you've been training his officers in the martial arts. We've seen his officers in action, and it is awesome!"

"Brian has been a friend to me for several years," Chris admitted. "He's seen me at my worst when I went postal with some guys when I was 15, and he's cut me and my buddies some slack when he caught us drunk."

"I see my partner is coming back with your guided missile," Tom said. "I bet he either shot a load in his pants or crapped them!"

Chris and Tom got out of the SUV and walked over to talk to David. He was shaking like a leaf and had trouble talking.

"I can't believe what this car can do!" David admitted. "I've never felt the rush that I felt when I turned Missy loose! I hope you aren't mad at me."

Chris laughed and said that Missy had impressed a lot of people in the past. He commented that it was strange being with two police officers in uniform who were witness to her power.

"We need to leave to meet with Lt. Wells," Tom said. "He's really excited about meeting Alex after what happened a few days ago."

"Alex seems to accept riding with you," Chris said. "I'll drive the Chevelle and let you guys take Alex and treat him like you would if he was your dog. He's really smart and will listen to what you tell him. I'll talk to Alex for a minute and then follow you guys to the Canine Unit area."

David was still shaking from the excitement of driving Chris's car and was bragging to Tom about how it felt to drive it. They were headed to the Police Headquarters when their radio crackled with an All Points Bulletin. There had been a drive-by shooting where one person was dead and two were injured. The perpetrator was a black male driving a late model black Ford with Nevada plates. Tom and David were only two blocks from the Police Headquarters when they saw a vehicle that matched that description speeding down a street in front of them. Tom turned on the emergency lights and siren and spun the SUV around to give chase to the suspect vehicle.

Chris was following behind the police vehicle and saw the lights go on. He realized that his friends were taking off on a call and decided to follow them at a safe distance and speed.

David was on the radio telling the dispatcher that Unit 17 was in pursuit of a black Ford that was traveling at a high rate of speed. The dispatcher responded by alerting the two officers that the suspect was armed and dangerous, and that extreme force was authorized.

Tom pushed the SUV to the limit and chased after the fleeing vehicle. He chased the Ford down a winding road through a wooded area and saw the driver throw something out of the window. The Ford didn't make a sharp curve and spun out before hitting a tree. The driver jumped out and ran into the woods.

"He's getting away!" David screamed at Tom.

Tom didn't hesitate and jumped out of the SUV and ran to the tailgate. He opened the tailgate and told Alex to get the man but not to kill him. Alex jumped out of the cage when Tom opened it and ran after the man.

Chris saw the wreckage of the car and kept back in case there was any chance that gunfire would erupt. He saw Alex run into the woods and knew his dog was going after someone.

David was on the radio and alerted the dispatcher that he and his partner were in pursuit of a suspect who matched the description of the perpetrator. Tom had his gun drawn and was following the sounds of Alex chasing the man through the woods. When the howls changed into barking and snarling, Tom guessed that Alex had nailed the suspect. He followed the sounds and found Alex standing over a black man with his muzzle and teeth only inches from the man's neck. Tom ran up to the scene and saw that the man was terrified of the huge dog who was snarling and snapping at him and was drooling on his face. If the black man could have turned white with fear, he would have.

"ALEX, HE'S MINE NOW!" Tom screamed at the huge dog.

Alex backed away but continued growling and snarling at the terrified man. He was ready to tear the man apart if he made any move to harm Tom.

"Good boy!" Tom said while he was putting handcuffs on the suspect. He turned his head when he got the aroma of human waste. It was obvious that the suspect had crapped and peed his pants when the huge dog confronted him. Tom laughed and realized that he would shit and piss his own pants if Alex ever attacked him. He dragged the smelly man to his feet and led him back to the road where the police vehicle and his partner were waiting.

Chris saw Tom pushing the black man out towards the road. He knew that Alex had chased down the man and was surprised that the man could still walk. Alex was unpredictable when he went after someone and Chris was always afraid that Alex would chase down someone and kill him or her.

Alex saw Chris and left Tom to run to his master. He barked and howled while he gave Chris doggy kisses.

"You go back to Tom and help him with that asshole!" Chris ordered. He watched Alex follow his orders and walk behind the prisoner to the police vehicle.

David was on the radio and had called for Lt. Wells to come to the location. He knew they were only a few blocks from the Police Headquarters and wanted Henry to see what Alex had done.

Tom and David started searching the suspect and quickly found a package that looked like it contained cocaine. They both were nauseated by the stench of the suspect and decided to let their backup units complete the body search.

It seemed like only a couple of minutes before several police cars screamed to the arrest site. Chris was surprised to see Chief Burnett get out of a cruiser and approach his two officers and their prisoner. Other police cars arrived and Chris decided it was safe for him to approach the site.

Alex was standing near Tom until the other officers arrived. He crouched down in his attack mode until Tom introduced him to the other officers. Alex seemed to relax and then ran around the black Ford. He was barking and scratching at the passenger rear door when Lt. Wells arrived in another Canine Police Unit. Alex squared off to face Lt. Wells until Tom introduced him as a friend.

Henry Wells had heard the stories about the huge dog that had saved Millie Haversmith's life and had chased down one of the perpetrators. He stood still until Alex sniffed him and seemed to accept his presence. He reached into his pocket and tossed Alex a dog bone and was pleased that the huge dog gobbled it up quickly. He was the head of the Canine Unit and always had dog bones for rewarding his dogs for their actions. He watched Alex return to the car and continue barking and pawing at the door.

"What did you find buddy?" Henry asked Alex. He knew that the big dog wanted the car door opened so he opened the door and looked inside the car. He saw expended shell casings from a gun and a package that looked like it was cocaine. "GOOD BOY!" he said to Alex and tossed him another dog bone.

"Get some evidence bags over here!" Henry yelled to two rookie officers who had arrived on the scene with their partners. "Take digital pictures before you touch anything and then collect the evidence!"

Alex had chomped down the dog treat and was now barking and scratching at the trunk of the vehicle. Henry and Tom walked to the back of the vehicle and knew that Alex wanted the trunk opened. Tom went to the driver's seat and hit the trunk release. When he got back to the trunk he whistled at the contents. Several bags were in a box and each one appeared to contain large quantities of cocaine. Stan Burnett joined the two officers and opened a gym bag that contained a large quantity of money.

"Holy Shit!" Stan exclaimed. "We've got a murder suspect and a major drug bust here!"

"I think he threw something out of his car about a quarter mile back," Tom McMartin said. "It might be the gun he used in the shooting."

"I can let Lady loose to try and find it," Henry said.

"Let's see if Alex can find it first," Tom suggested.

Chris was watching all of the activity but had decided it wasn't his place to get involved. He watched his dog work with Tom and was shocked that Alex seemed to know what to do.

Tom praised Alex for what he had done and gave him a lot of petting and attention. He looked directly into Alex's eyes and told him that they had to find a gun.

Alex seemed to understand and walked beside Tom toward the area where the suspect had thrown something out of the car. Alex seemed excited to run ahead, but returned to match Tom's walking pace down the road. When Tom figured he was near the area, he told Alex to find the gun. Alex ran ahead and began running back and forth along the side of the road. Before Tom got to the area, Alex was barking and clawing at the ground like he wanted to dig a hole.

Tom walked up to the place where Alex was digging but didn't see anything. Alex continued barking and moved down into the ditch and had his nose to a pile of leaves and grass. Tom used a stick to push aside the pile of leaves and found a 9mm Glock pistol. He carefully lifted the pistol with the stick and put it in an evidence bag. He could see that the pistol had jammed, and figured that the jamming was the reason the perpetrator had thrown it out of the car.

"GOOD BOY!" Tom exclaimed to Alex. "You did fantastic!"

Alex ran around and barked after accepting the petting from his new friend. He seemed to understand everything that Tom was saying to him. When Tom told him to go find Chris, Alex took off on a dead run to find his master.

"Did you find it?" Chris asked his dog when Alex ran up to him and gave him doggy kisses. He could tell that Alex was excited about the events and was enjoying the attention of the police officers.

"I've never seen anything like this!" Henry said to Chris. "We have trained dogs that can't do what your dog just did! He's a natural as a police dog. I hear that we might get one of his puppies, and I can't wait to have a big dog like him help us take down suspects!"

"He's just a worthless mutt!" Chris said while petting his dog.

Alex growled at Chris and everyone laughed. They realized that the big dog was very intelligent and wasn't going to accept Chris's nasty comments about him.

"Let's get things buttoned up here," Stan Burnett commanded. "I don't know if I can approve of you using Alex to track a suspect, but the results are certainly fantastic! You released an untrained dog on a suspect without any approval."

"The dispatcher said extreme force was authorized," David said. "I don't think we did anything wrong with releasing Alex to take that shithead down!"

Henry and Stan both laughed and agreed that Alex would definitely fit the description of extreme force. They both knew that the suspect had filled his pants when the jaws and teeth of the huge dog confronted him.

"I thought this was going to be a simple exercise of introducing my mutt to a training program," Chris announced. "I'm still shaking from what happened here. You guys might be used to this kind of tension, but I'm not."

"I'm sorry Chris," Tom admitted. "I never expected to get an emergency call like this. Alex is a natural for police work and I hope you let us continue to work with him."

"The officers are going to have to do a bunch of paperwork right now," Henry stated. "I'd still like to have Alex visit our training program and see what he can do. We all know that he is a very valuable dog, so if you don't want him to continue with us, we'll understand."

"Do you want to work with Tom and these other police officers?" Chris asked Alex.

Alex couldn't talk but he made his decision known by running up to Tom and licking his face. He howled and barked to show Tom that he was his friend.

"I think my mutt has made the decision for me," Chris laughed. "I need to get back to campus so I can sleep through some boring lectures and then go to football and basketball practices. Tom has become a friend of mine and Alex's, so he can come to the fraternity at any time to take Alex away. The only thing that I want to warn you guys about is that Alex is very powerful. I know you use men in a padded outfit to train a dog for attack, but Alex has jaws so powerful that he might hurt or even kill a man if he attacks. You'll have to teach him how you want him to react. He's torn the throats out of two men who had guns and threatened my dad and me. He can kill in a matter of seconds if he thinks his friends are in danger."

"Thanks for the warning," Henry said. "I've trained a lot of dogs, but I've never seen a Ukrainian Wolfhound before. Just his size would scare the shit out of any suspect and by the size of his jaws and teeth, he might be too lethal for us to train. Tom told me about how Alex chased down that man a few days ago, and now I've witnessed what he can do. Let's see how he does in our training exercises."

Alex barked and begged for another dog bone from Henry. He caught the bone in the air and crunched it down in less than a second. It was his way of showing that he was ready to be friends with the police force.

"Let's get back to the fraternity so I can go to classes," Chris said to Alex. He watched his dog run to the Chevelle and bark for the door to be opened for him.

Tom took a chance and gave Chris a hug. He was pleased that Chris returned the hug and said goodbye to all of the police officers. Tom knew that he had made a great friend in the famous athlete.

Chris drove back to the fraternity and continued to praise Alex. The big dog howled and licked Chris's face until his master told him to knock it off. Chris couldn't wait to tell his buddies about what Alex had done, and decided to call Mike on his cell phone to tell him what had happened.

Mike was between classes when he got Chris's call and was thrilled when he heard what Alex had done. He was excited to tell his brothers about their mascot and wished that he were with Chris to praise Alex for his work. He used his cell phone to tell his brothers what Alex accomplished for the local police force. The great news was spread quickly among the members and pledges. Everyone was proud of their mascot and knew that he was a celebrity.

Chris parked his car in the fraternity parking lot and grabbed his backpack to head for his classes. He watched Alex run into the backyard of the fraternity and knew that his dog was checking his territory. He reflected back on the events that had happened in the past months and thanked God for protecting him and his friends.

After his classes were finished, Chris headed for the Athletic Complex for the football practice. He knew that his right leg was getting stronger and that his ribs were healing. He was anxious to get back to full contact practice, but he also knew that no one would let him do that. He grumbled through the modified football practice and headed for the basketball court. When he got to the field house where the basketball team was practicing, he found his teammates laughing hysterically. They ran up to him and blurted out that Marcus was in the showers trying to wash his balls.

Chris knew that the white pepper he had put in Marcus's jock had worked. He was paying Marcus back for slapping him on the ass and tried to act innocent with his teammates.

"He started rubbing his crotch when we started practice," Jermaine laughed. "Then when the practice continued, he was pulling at his privates and started screaming. He ran into the locker room and jumped into the showers with all of his clothes on!"

"Jeez, I wonder what's wrong with him?" Chris asked innocently. "Let's get back to practice while he plays with his pocket rocket."

The two assistant basketball coaches came out of the locker room laughing hysterically. They took over the practice and told the players that Marcus was having a problem with his "privates". They were laughing so hard that they had trouble convincing the players to learn a new play that Marcus was going to introduce to the team.

The team all laughed and then concentrated on learning the new play. They practiced harder than ever and impressed the two assistant coaches. When practice was completed, Chris walked back to the fraternity with Brendan and Jermaine. They both suspected that someone had put something in Marcus's jockstrap, but didn't know who had done it. They knew that the team would pay for the prank at the practice the next day when Marcus was back.

The fraternity was alive with activity when Chris and his buddies got there. Members were pimping the pledges and whacking bare asses everywhere. Chris had just entered the house when Chao Tsung and Francis Lafitte challenged him. The two members started firing questions at Chris so fast that he was confused and made mistakes in his answers. Both members immediately whacked him on the bare ass. He was livid and knew that his pledge buddies had been taking whacks ever since they got home after classes. It was time for the pledges to retaliate.

After the supper meal, the pledges gathered in the library and began bitching about the members and being whacked. They all wanted to do something to pay the members back, but were all screaming at the same time about ways to nail the members so nothing was being settled.

Isaac was the Pledge President, and he tried to calm the guys down. He knew that all of them were being whacked and told his pledge buddies that he had complained to Tom Jankowski, the Chapter President. He was upset that Tom had told him to tell his pledge buddies to "grow up".

"I think we need to give the members a real lesson in pranks," Chris said to his pledge buddies. "We all know that our pledge project is completed, and the new Japanese Pagoda will be finished in a couple days. The members want to have a cookout for our neighbors to celebrate the completion of the backyard. Let's give them a real surprise!"

Chris knew that the football team had two home games left before the end of the season. He also knew that invitations had already gone out to dignitaries and the neighbors, inviting them to the celebration of the garden on the Sunday after the last football game.

"The Friday before the Open House is another Greek Night," Chris continued. "We all know that the nasty members will all go out bowling and get blasted. They won't be back until late, and I propose that we give them a real surprise. Here is some of what I think we should do."

Chris described how he wanted to have a "Skip Weekend" where the pledges left the fraternity and went to a motel or hotel. He said that they should take all of the dishes, glasses, silverware, and booze from the house. They would sabotage the house so the members would learn who had the real power in the house. He described how to remove light bulbs and rig the toilets to harass the members.

The pledges listened to Chris's ideas and were thrilled with his plans. They immediately came up with ideas of their own to pimp the members and make them realize how much they needed the pledges. It was the start of a major plan to take the members down from their pedestals, and everyone had unique ideas. Their devious plans were interrupted when Dave Wilbur came into the library to join the pledges. The discussion immediately changed to talk about the last few things to be completed in the pledge project. Dave Wilbur was the Pledge Master, and quickly realized that he had interrupted a secret meeting. He tried to get the pledges to tell him what they were talking about, but they all pretended to be talking about the backyard project. Dave knew that something was up, but he couldn't break into the secret plans.

Chris went back to his room with Alex biting at the legs of his jeans. Alex loved to take a guy down so he could lick his face and get the guy to play with him. Chris picked up a tennis ball and threw it down the hall to get Alex to leave him alone. Alex ran after the ball and brought it back to Chris for another throw. Chris threw the ball again, just at the time that Jeremy Fisher walked out of his room. The tennis ball hit Jeremy on the head, and he immediately decided to punish Chris.

"Drop your pants!" Jeremy ordered.

Chris was pissed that Jeremy wanted to punish him for an accident. He dropped his pants and boxers and took two hard slaps on the bare ass from the angry member.

Alex growled and snapped at Jeremy when he saw his master being whacked. He didn't like Chris being hit by anyone, and grabbed Jeremy's hand in his mouth to prevent any more slaps.

Jeremy knew that Alex could bite his arm off, and cussed at Chris before heading down the hall.

"I'm getting pissed at you and your brothers," Chris said to Mike when he got in their room. "Why can't you guys just treat us the way you want us to treat you?"

Mike laughed and listened while his Little Brother told of the whacks that he got since he returned from the basketball practice.

"I love to see you when you're pissed!" Mike teased. "Get your ass over here and give me a kiss!"

"Some day you and your brothers are gonna realize how much you need us pledges!" Chris said. He hugged Mike and gave him a passionate kiss. He was mad but couldn't stay that way when he looked at the handsome face of his Big Brother.

"Let's hit the books and then swap sperm," Mike suggested. "Tonight, I'm in charge!"

Chris and Mike both hit the books and studied until Isaac and Leif returned to their room. It was obvious that their two roommates were horny and jumped on their bed and began undressing each other. They asked Mike and Chris to join them in a mini orgy and were disappointed when they heard the refusal.

"You guys have fun with each other," Mike said. "Chris and I have decided to keep our sex lives exclusive. That doesn't mean that we won't watch you guys pork each other though."

Chris and Mike headed for the shower room and gently washed each other. Other guys were in the showers but either ignored the two lovers or watched their activities. When Chris and Mike got back to their room, they saw Leif sucking Isaac's cock at the same time a vibrator was stimulating Isaac's ass.

Mike took charge and had Chris positioned on the bed with his legs lifted. He pushed a pillow under Chris's butt and began rimming his buddy. He stroked Chris's cock and continued eating his ass for several minutes. He left the bed and retrieved the lubricant and applicator. He applied a generous amount of lube to Chris's butthole and his own cock before poking this throbbing cock inside the cinnamon ring of pleasure.

Chris moaned when he felt Mike's thick cock stretch his anus and then pop inside. He loved being fucked by Mike and knew his Big Brother was going to give him what he wanted. The visual stimulation of Mike's facial expressions and the pounding of Mike's cock against his prostate were overwhelming. After several minutes of being fucked, his long cock exploded, and huge volleys of thick cum blasted over his head and onto the wall of the room. The cum wads continued until Chris's chest and face were coated with the thick liquid of love.

Mike felt the grip of Chris's anal passage when his buddy was cumming. He watched the thick ropes of cum flying everywhere and felt his own cock unload inside Chris's ass. He screamed in ecstasy and continued slamming his body against Chris's. Instead of losing his erection, Mike was stimulated by the sight of his buddy writhing around on the bed in total ecstasy. He continued fucking Chris for another 20 minutes until they both exploded again in a mutual orgasm.

Isaac and Leif had finished their own sexual adventures and had watched their two roommates making love. They both knew that Mike and Chris were exhausted from their intense sex and could see that neither guy could get off the bed to get to the showers. They decided to get some guys to help their buddies clean up. Isaac left the room and brought back Jarvis and Brendan. He knew that his two big pledge buddies could help him and Leif get the two exhausted lovers into the shower room to clean up.

"Whew!" Jarvis exclaimed. "This room smells like a whorehouse!" He saw the cum dripping down the wall and the thick coating all over Chris's face and chest. He grabbed a towel and wiped Chris's face and chest before helping Chris get out of the bed. He helped Chris stand up and guided him toward the shower room. He was surprised at how weak Chris was and knew that he would have to help his big buddy get cleaned up.

All Chris could do was groan and accept the help of Jarvis to get cleaned up. His exhaustion was purely emotional and he knew that he had been taken to the limit by his Big Brother. He hugged Jarvis's nude body and thanked his pledge buddy for taking care of him.

Jarvis loved Chris and wanted to do anything he could to take care of his buddy. He hoped that Chris would return to playing for the football team before the end of the season, but also thanked God for keeping Chris alive. His mind drifted back to the scene in the weight room when he saw Chris hit with the baseball bats. He knew that he had killed two of the attackers but was still mad at himself for leaving Chris alone to get ice. He blocked those images out of his mind and gently helped Chris get cleaned up and back to his room and into the bed. He could see that someone had changed the sheets and wiped down the wall to give Mike and Chris a clean place to sleep. He gave Mike and Chris a kiss on the cheek before heading out of the room to find his own Big Brother.

Cody had watched his pledge buddies practically carry Chris and Mike into the shower room and he wished that he were big and strong and could have helped them. He was the smallest guy in the pledge class or fraternity and wondered what it would be like to be big and strong. He felt strong arms wrap around his body and knew it was his Big Brother, Jermaine Williams, hugging him.

"They just did what I want to do with you," Jermaine whispered in Cody's ear. He stuck out his tongue and began licking the small white boy's ear and neck while guiding Cody back to their room.

"Chris and Mike needed help, but I'm too little to help them," Cody said to Jermaine. "Why did God make me so fucking tiny?"

"God made you a perfect little white boy for me to love!" Jermaine replied. "You're the cutest guy in this entire fraternity and maybe the entire world. My Momma says don't ever put a question mark where God put a period. You're just perfect for me and I want to make love with you right now!"

Cody hugged his big black lover and gave him a passionate kiss. He remembered his first few days at CSU and never dreamed that he would be accepted as a pledge for any fraternity on campus. He loved the fraternity life and knew that he and Jermaine were meant for each other. He remembered the day when he told his parents that he was gay and in love with a black basketball player.

Cody's parents were shocked but quickly accepted what their son had admitted to them. They had met Jermaine and welcomed him into their home as another son. They only wanted happiness for their son and if it meant accepting that he was gay, they were ready to support him.

Cody turned his mind to the present and began ripping off Jermaine's clothes. He had an itch inside his body that only Jermaine's cock could scratch for him. He leaned down and inhaled the length of his Big Brother's cock and began using his oral talents to drive Jermaine wild. It seemed like only seconds before Jermaine's cock exploded and flooded Cody's mouth with hot cock yogurt. Cody gulped down the tangy offering and twisted his head around to stimulate the black fountain for more juice.

"Holy shit!" Jermaine blurted out. "I've never seen you so horny!" He picked up the small white dude and threw him on the bed. He quickly pulled down Cody's jeans and boxers before swallowing the entire package of Cody's cock and balls. He was quickly rewarded with five spurts of cum from his Little Brother. He gulped down the tasty offering and knew what Cody would want from him after his orgasm was finished. He waited for the little guy to relax and grabbed the lubricant.

Cody was in heaven with Jermaine. He quickly pulled off the remainder of his clothes and watched his lover coating his average sized cock with lubricant. The myths of all black guys having huge cocks was false, but Cody loved all six inches of Jermaine's manhood. He knew what he wanted and waited for Jermaine to smear a generous amount of the lubricant on his rosebud. He lifted his legs to let Jermaine know that he was submitting to his lover and waited for the entry that would scratch the itch inside his body.

Jermaine loved seeing Cody in his submissive position. He ignored their two roommates and their lewd comments when they came into the room. His mind was focused on the guy known as Chipmunk, and he wanted to join his Little Brother in the ultimate act of male bonding. He pulled Cody to the edge of the bed and popped his love muscle inside the cute guy. He watched Cody's face contort with pain and then change to a glow of pleasure. He used his powerful muscles to lift Cody off the bed and kept his dick inside the warmth of the gripping love canal.

Cody was in heaven when he felt Jermaine's cock fill his butthole. He moaned in pleasure and wrapped his arms and legs around his Big Brother. He and Jermaine could complete an act of sex that most of the guys in the fraternity could only dream about. He had christened the act "a carry fuck" where he was carried around the room while he humped his body up and down on the cock of the man he was having sex with. He remembered the times when Chris had fucked him that way, and wondered if it would ever happen again. He blocked those thoughts out of his mind and kissed Jermaine passionately as they slammed their bodies together.

Painter Jacoby and Rory Winchester had watched their roommates fuck before but realized that tonight was different. They were now watching an act of love and they immediately felt the need to bond with each other. They ripped off their clothes and jumped on the bed to eat each other. The room was filled with the sounds of passion and the smells of male sex.

Cody blasted a load of cum between his body and Jermaine's at the same time that he felt his rectal passage fill with hot cum from his Big Brother. He screamed in ecstasy and passed out in the arms of his lover.

Painter and Rory were gulping down the cum that was blasting in their mouths and forgot about the sounds from Cody and Jermaine. Everyone in the room had experienced the ultimate act of male bonding and tried to relax and reload for another romp.

Cody was whimpering in Jermaine's ear when he regained consciousness. He loved his Big Brother and prayed that nothing would change when they were both brothers instead of being a pledge and member. He could feel the love juice flowing down his legs and kissed Jermaine passionately.

Jermaine had always considered himself straight until he met Cody Emerson. He now knew that he was gay and in love with a very special person. He felt his shrinking cock slip out of Cody's freshly fucked ass and carried his Little Brother out of their room and towards the showers. He knew that they needed to get cleaned up before they could cuddle on their bed and share words of love. He carefully washed Cody's body and was pleasantly surprised when Cody washed his body clean of the remnants of their sexual bonding. He carried his Little Brother back to their room where they snuggled together and listened to Painter and Rory fucking away.

Friday morning, Chris and Mike got the usual wakeup call from Alex. The big dog seemed to be in heaven when he could bark and lick the faces of the pledges and members to wake them up. Alex wanted the guys to do their human things and then play with him or give him scraps from the generous breakfast buffet that awaited everyone in the fraternity. The halls of the house were echoing with laughter and cussing from the guys getting up for their morning classes.

"I love you," Chris said to Mike. "You really rang my chimes last night. When you do stuff like that I forget what a jerk you are and what a bunch of assholes the members around here act like."

"Be careful what you say," Mike cautioned Chris. "If someone else hears that, you're gonna get that cute ass of yours whacked!"

The two guys kissed and teased each other about having morning breath. They got dressed and listened to other guys bitching at Alex for waking them up. They finished breakfast and were heading for the campus and their classes when they saw the police SUV pull into the driveway. They both realized that Tom McMartin had returned to take Alex to the Canine Unit Training Center, and greeted him and David Gallagher.

Tom was thrilled that Alex bounded out of the fraternity to greet him, and he promised to have Alex back in the afternoon. He was honored when Mike invited him and David to have supper with them and promised them a great meal prepared by their chef. He quickly accepted and hoped that he would get the autograph that his brother had begged him to ask for from CJ Hammer.

Chris attended his boring lectures and headed for the Jacobs Dorm for lunch. This time he invited Mike to join him, and the two guys renewed friendships that had been formed when they shared a room at the beautiful dorm. They both enjoyed the lunch with the guys and girls in the dorm and reflected on their days together in the special dorm that Saul Bernstein had created in his deceased wife's name.

After classes had ended, Chris headed for the Athletic Complex to get dressed for the football practice. Brice Cox greeted him with a big hug and promised to make him pay for pulling the prank on Marcus.

"What makes you think that I was responsible?" Chris asked Brice.

"You blew your cover a long time ago when you told us about using white pepper in the nun's undies!" Brice laughed. "Marcus admitted that he slapped you on the ass really hard, and we all figure that you paid him back. We all love pranks but we hope you don't do that to him before a nationally televised basketball game. I don't think the television audience is ready to see a coach running down the sidelines of the basketball court and rubbing his privates!"

Chris laughed and admitted to Brice that he had put the white pepper in Marcus's jock. He knew that he and his basketball teammates would pay for the prank with a very intense workout.

"I've been watching you and I think you're ready to start running," Brice admitted. "Dr. Morgan doesn't agree with me, but he's gonna let you dress for the game tomorrow with restrictions that you can only kick if Keegan gets hurt."

Chris was shocked. He had dreamed of being allowed to dress for a football game but never thought that the team doctor would allow it. He hugged Brice and thanked him for helping him get back in shape and for being his advocate with the team doctor. He quickly got dressed and headed out on the practice field.

When David Patrick saw that his entire team was ready for the practice to begin, he led the players to the bleachers and told them to sit down for a team meeting. He looked around the sea of faces and knew he was looking at the best football team in the history of the CSU Falcons.

"I want you guys to know that this has been the most exciting year of my life," David Patrick began. "When we started this season, we had the toughest non-conference schedule of any university in the nation. No one expected us to win a single one of our first four games, but you guys proved them wrong! This team has taken on the best in the nation and has earned the right to be ranked Number 1! Tomorrow we play the Washington Huskies, and they are currently undefeated and ranked Number 4 in the nation! I know you've all read the press releases where the Huskies are the most penalized team in our conference, but they still seem to find a way to win every game. They want to tear us apart and move up in the polls so they can be the team to play for the National Championship. We've had some injuries, but we're still the team they have to beat to claim the Conference Championship and the right to get into the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) bowl in Miami. We have to take each game as the last game of our season. We need everyone to give everything they have on the field and not give up until the scoreboard shows that we've won. I'm counting on the upper classmen to lead this team to victory! I don't want anyone to ever say that I didn't push you and make you perform at your very best! Let's get out on the field and practice with the determination that we're the best team in the country!"

Coach Patrick's pep talk was met with enthusiasm by all of the players. They screamed and ran out on the field to get ready for an intensive practice before the biggest game of the season.

Chris was pumped from the comments from his coach and wished that he were going to be able to play in the important game. He participated in the warm-up exercises and jogged around the field during the wind sprints. He could feel that his body was ready for more than the coaches would allow and wished that he could start in the important game.

"Chris is doing great," Offensive Coordinator, Mike Johnson said to Dr. Thomas Morgan, the team physician. "Look at the way he's kicking the ball. He's ready to help this team win the National Championship!"

"I love that boy like he was my own!" Thomas Morgan replied. "I saw what was left of him when those assholes busted him up with those baseball bats, and I can't believe that he's alive today. I don't want to put him in harm's way by letting him get hit and crippled or killed. He might be ready for the last game of the season and any bowl game that we get invited to, but I can't risk him getting busted up tomorrow."

"He's the toughest guy I've ever trained," Brice said in awe. "I've pushed him harder than any other athlete I've ever met! Sometimes I think he hates me, but then he comes up to me and gives me a hug and thanks me for being his friend. He's gonna be the Number 1 draft pick when he signs up for professional football or basketball. I haven't even seen him throw a baseball, but I hear that he can throw a fastball over 100 miles an hour! I just hope he stays with us here on the campus for a couple years before he turns pro."

"He's a special guy to all of us," Dr. Morgan admitted. "He's only a freshman, but he can fire up the entire team just by being with them. I'd love to see him back with the team but I have a job to do to protect him and this university."

Chris worked hard during the football practice and was again kicking field goals of 50 yards or more with consistency. He reflected back to his times of competing in the Punt, Pass and Kick Competition when he was only 15 years old. He had won the National Championship for his age group and the overall competition for all ages up to 18. He knew that he could help his team if he was given the chance.

Brice watched his talented friend and called Chris off the field to spend time in the weight room. He was pleased to see how Chris was handling the dead weights and was pushing the Nautilus equipment to the limit with his muscle power. He told Chris to quit and head for the basketball practice, knowing that Marcus Knight was waiting for him.

"Well, I see that our Prima Donna has finally arrived!" Marcus yelled when he saw Chris jog out on the basketball court. "I don't suppose that you want to confess your crime and save your teammates from being put through wind sprints for the rest of this practice!"

Chris was surprised by the way he was greeted by his friend and coach, but knew that he had to keep a straight face when Marcus confronted him.

"Is there a problem here?" Chris asked innocently.

"Someone put something in my jock that made my balls burn like hell!" Marcus exclaimed. "I'm gonna find out who did it and make him pay!"

"I did it!" Brendan blurted out.

"I did it!" Jermaine added.

Marcus glared at his players and listened as each one of them confessed that they were the one who put something in his jock to torment him. Eleven players stated that they had put white pepper in his jock before Chris admitted that he had done the deed.

"ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT!" Marcus screamed. "If any of you pulls a stunt like that on my or my assistant coaches again, I'll bust your balls so hard in practice that you'll wish that you'd never been born!"

The practice resumed with all of the players giggling about how Chris had whacked Marcus for slapping his butt. They loved their coach and also loved pranks that broke the tension of practice and basketball games.

Marcus and his assistant coaches watched their players during the practice and were thrilled with the way the team was working together. They all knew that when Chris was cleared for full practice their team would be difficult for any other team in the nation to beat. They tried to hide their excitement, but it was contagious. The players knew that they had the makings of a conference championship team, and they pushed each other harder at every practice.

Marcus was trying to hide his excitement when he headed into his office to change and shower with his players. He had known Chris for many years, and dreamed of the time when the big blonde guy would begin playing college basketball, hopefully for his team. He reflected back to the time when he met Chris for the first time and thought he was a professional basketball player who was teasing him. Chris was only 15 years old at that time, and he was already better than any college senior in the nation. Marcus opened the locker in his office to change his clothes and was immediately hit with a spray of shaving cream from a booby trap. He screamed obscenities and slammed the locker shut. He looked to the door of his office and saw his assistant coaches roaring in laughter. He knew he had just been the victim of another of CJ Hammer's pranks, and finally calmed down to laugh with his friends. He wondered how he would ever get through the years that Chris would be playing for him.

Chris arrived at the fraternity and saw the blue SUV in the parking lot. He was happy that his new friends from the Police Force had accepted the supper invitation and was ready to greet them. Alex bounded out of the front door of the fraternity to greet his master and was quickly followed by Tom McMartin and David Gallagher.

"How did my mutt do today?" Chris asked the two police officers.

"Alex did great with Lady at learning how to search for drugs in a house or car," Tom said while giving Chris a warm hug. "I'm sorry to say that he failed the initial test with the armed dummy exercises."

"Jeez I hope he didn't hurt anyone!" Chris exclaimed while hugging his big dog.

"We took your advice and used the scarecrow man to test him," Tom replied. "When Alex saw the scarecrow with a knife, he not only attacked the dummy, he tore through the padding and ripped off the arm. Henry was shocked because no dog has ever torn through that tough padding. Then when he reloaded the dummy with a gun, Alex ignored the gun and ripped off the head of the dummy and bent the aluminum post right down to the ground!"

"I warned you guys that Alex is powerful," Chris replied. "I'm sorry if he damaged some of your training equipment."

"Henry went postal when he saw what Alex could do," David stated. "He has never seen a dog that powerful in his life and was shocked that any animal could tear apart that dummy. You should have been there to see Henry go wild! He spent the entire afternoon working with Alex and taught him how to take a man down without ripping him apart. Before we left, Alex worked with an officer in the padded outfit and took him down exactly the way Henry trained him! Henry was so excited that I think he peed his pants! He can't wait to get Alex's puppy to train for our Canine Force."

"Well I think my mutt has come to college to learn to be a Police Dog!" Chris said while petting Alex. He screamed when Alex pushed him down and pinned him to the ground to lick his face.

The two police officers and the members and pledges all laughed when they saw Alex take Chris down to the grass. They all knew that none of them could do that to their friend, and that Alex was a bundle of muscle and power.

"Wash your face and get ready for supper!" Dave Wilbur yelled to Chris. "We're having my favorite meal of barbecued ribs and I don't want them to get cold while you play with our mascot!"

Chris pushed Alex away and walked into the fraternity to get cleaned up for supper. He was pleased that his new friends were sharing the meal with them and wanted to make sure that they enjoyed their time at the fraternity.

It was a fantastic meal of barbecued ribs, baked potatoes, sweet corn, and a fresh garden salad. The meal was topped off with warm cherry pie and a lot of friendly discussion. Tom and David were impressed with the fantastic food and how friendly the members and pledges were towards them. They listened to the friendly banter between the pledges and members and knew that the young men were forging friendships that would last forever.

Tom Jankowski was sitting in his normal position at the head table and asked Chris if he had a joke to share. Chris replied that he did and went to the front of the dining room for the traditional introduction of a joke.

Mr. Jankowski went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled," Chris began. "First off the dentist said he would give him a shot to numb his jaw, but Mr. Jankowski said he was afraid of needles. The dentist said 'OK, I'll get out the gas to put you to sleep'.

Mr. Jankowski said he was allergic to the gas. So the dentist said he'd look for something else. After awhile he came back with a couple of pills. Mr. Jankowski asked what they were. The dentist said they were Viagra. Mr. Jankowski said 'WHAT! Why these?'

The dentist said, 'They won't put you to sleep, but they will give you something to hang on to while I pull your tooth'."

Everyone in the dining room roared with laughter. The visitors realized that the members and pledges enjoyed jokes and didn't mind ones that made one person the brunt. They laughed along with the younger guys and wished that they had been part of a fraternity to have fun and share times with other guys. They left the fraternity after thanking everyone for inviting them to share a meal and have fun.