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C J Chapter 46, Wild Weekend

The pledges knew that something was up by the way the members harassed them at every opportunity. They grumbled to each other about the elevated level of whacking and noticed that the members were having frequent meetings in the Chapter Room. They were constantly grilled about fraternity history and asked to recite things from their pledge books. They all had red asses from the constant spankings from the members and wondered how "Help Week" could be any more intense than what they were experiencing. The pledge meetings were hard for Isaac to control with all of the pledges yelling about the hazing. The only way he could calm his pledge buddies down was to force them to give status reports on their individual assignments for Friday evening. When the plans were being discussed, the pledges forgot about their sore butts and got excited about how the members would respond to their pranks.

"I've noticed that some of the members are using the backyard for sunbathing," Helmut said. "I wonder what would happen if someone accidentally turned on the sprinkler system?"

The pledges all laughed and talked about how to turn on the sprinklers without getting caught. They decided that they could piss off some of the members with the sprinklers that would get them wet along with any books or clothes on the grass.

"I found an easy way to get on the roof," Jarrett announced. "If the dumpster lid is closed you can jump up on the lower roof and then get up to the roof above the second floor of the dorms. If we work it right, we can dump some pails of ice water on the sunbathers and shrivel their nuts into raisins! If we do it fast, we can be down off the roof before they can catch us!"

"Great idea!" Isaac said. "Let's hit them with the sprinklers until they get wise and figure out a way to keep the water from being turned on. Let's save the ice water for this weekend so we can cool them off!"

Everyone was excited and hoped that they would get the opportunity to hose down the members real soon.

Chris was walking back to the fraternity after football practice when his cell phone rang. He answered the call and was surprised to hear Brian Packard's voice.

"Hi Chris," Brian said. "I've got some great news for you."

"Hi Brian," Chris replied. "I was gonna call you and tell you that I have two tickets for the game on Saturday for you. I'm gonna play, but that is a secret that you can't tell anyone."

"AWESOME!" Brian replied. "The game is sold out and I hear that scalpers are getting $500 for seats in the end zone. I need to tell one person that you'll be playing, but I know he won't tell anyone."

"Jeez Brian, please don't tell anyone or I could get in trouble," Chris pleaded. "Who do you need to tell?"

"I need to tell the guy I'm in bed with right now!" Brian exclaimed. "Remember me telling you about Kris, my friend? I took your advice and told him the truth about how much I loved him. I was afraid he would kill me, but he didn't."

"WOW!" Chris exclaimed. "What did he say and do?"

"Kris said that he was afraid of his own feelings towards me and didn't want to fuck up our friendship by telling me that he loves me," Brian said enthusiastically. "He grabbed me and gave me the best kiss of my life! I think we set a world record for getting each other nude and dropping a load! Kris moved in with me last week and now we make love instead of just trying to pop a nut with each other. I want you to meet him."

"You're a neat guy and you deserve someone to love," Chris said.

"He wants to say hi to you," Brian said.

"Hi Chris," Kris said. "Brian's told me a lot about you and the fun you guys had camping and fishing together. I'd really like to meet you. I can't believe I'm even talking to you! You're on the cover of every sports magazine and every sportscaster in the nation is trying to get an interview with you."

"I'm just a guy who wasn't able to get in Brian's pants," Chris teased. "I flashed him my pee-pee when we went camping and he didn't seem interested. You must have something that I don't to get Brian in bed."

Kris laughed and said that Brian had told him how big Chris's "pee-pee" was. He also told Chris that he was a schoolteacher and had joined a special association.

"It's called GLSEN," Kris said. "The acronym means, Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, and we work with educators and students. We encourage gay teachers to be role models for their `just coming out' gay students. We aren't trying to recruit or corrupt the kids, but we let them know that their feelings and desires aren't a sin or some disease. We're getting some criticism from homophobes, but we're also getting a lot of parents of children thanking us for helping. I can send you some information if you're interested."

"I'd love to read about GLSEN," Chris replied. "I just changed my major to secondary education and I hope to teach middle school and high school kids at the St. Mary's Orphanage some day."

"WOW!" Kris exclaimed. "Brian said you were studying engineering! When you announced to the world that you were gay, you opened a lot of people's eyes! Some gay guys are effeminate, but others are straight acting and could fool anyone. GLSEN would love to have you join us!"

"Let me think it over and talk to Mike," Chris replied. "Send me the literature as soon as you can. Just promise me that you won't tell anyone that I'm gonna play in the game on Saturday. If you guys decide to go to the game you'll be sitting near my dad and future mom. We have a block of tickets and I only had two more to give out."

"I'll be there with Brian even if I have to drag his dead body to the stadium!" Kris replied. "Brian wants to talk to you again."

"God Chris, I can't believe that you're gonna give us two tickets for the game," Brian said. "You could sell them for a lot of money. I want you to meet Kris and we both want to meet Mike."

"My dad and I never sell our tickets, Chris stated. "B says that we have to give the tickets away to get someone to cheer for the Falcons and me.

Brian laughed and said that the entire state would be cheering for the Falcons to finish their regular season undefeated.

"There are some things happening this weekend at the fraternity," Chris admitted. "After the game my pledge buddies and I will be hiding out at the Holidome from the members. You guys can crash there with us for the night and meet Mike on Sunday. We have a big Open House scheduled to show off our pledge project in the backyard of the fraternity from noon until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. I hope you guys can stay for the Open House. It's gonna be a big Texas barbecue with entertainment and a lot of eye candy!"

"Sounds great!" Brian replied. "How do we get the tickets for the game?"

"I'll leave them at the `Will Call' booth under your name," Chris replied. "I can't wait to meet Kris."

The call ended just as Chris was walking up the driveway to the fraternity. He heard a bunch of yelling and correctly guessed that his pledge buddies were tormenting the members. Alex ran up to meet him and pestered him to throw the Frisbee. Chris played with his dog for a few minutes before going into the fraternity to get ready for supper. He heard more yelling inside and knew that his pledge buddies were having fun.

"WHO THE FUCK TURNED ON THE SPRINKLERS?" Tom Jankowski screamed. "When I find out who did it, I'll whack them `till the skin is gone from their ass!"

Alex seemed to understand what Tom was saying and growled and bared his teeth in protest. He had noticed how the members were treating the pledges and was in his protective mode at all times.

Tom, Justin Abernathy and Joe McClure were all dripping wet and were pissed that they and their books had been hit by the sprinkler system. They questioned their brothers and were pissed that none of them had seen the culprit. They turned their wrath on the pledges and were equally frustrated that no one would identify the perpetrator.

When the pledges were setting the tables for supper they laughed about pimping three of the members. They couldn't wait to do the same thing to some other members.

During supper, the members continued grilling the pledges about information in their pledge books. The meal was interrupted several times when pledges were unable to answer questions correctly and got the traditional slap on the bare ass. At the end of the meal, Mike asked Chris if he had a joke to share.

Chris got up and walked to the front of the Dining Room before starting his joke.

"Mike and Jacob Mahley traveled to Kentucky to visit a relative," Chris began. "They are walking along the street, and they see a sign on a store which reads, Suits $5.00 each, shirts $2.00 each, trousers $2.50 per pair.

Jake says to Mike, `Look here! We could buy a whole gob of these, take 'em back to California, sell 'em to our fraternity brothers, and make a fortune. Now when we go in there, you be quiet, okay? Just let me do the talkin' 'cause if they hear your accent, they might think we're ignorant, and not wanna sell that stuff to us. Now, I'll talk in a slow Kentucky drawl so's they don't know.'

They go in and Jake says with his best fake Kentucky drawl, `I'll take 50 of them suits at $5.00 each, 100 of them there shirts at $2.00 each, and 50 pairs of them there trousers at $2.50 each.

I'll back up my pickup and .......'

The owner of the shop interrupts, `Ya'll are members of a fraternity in California, ain't ya?'

`Well...yeah,' says a surprised Jacob......... .

`How come you know that?'

The owner says, `Because this is a dry-cleaners'."

The pledges roared their approval of the joke but several members were offended. It was obvious that things had not changed much so that the pledges could still pimp the members by including their names in the jokes.

Tom Jankowski stood up and got everyone's attention by tapping a fork on his glass. "I think that the pledges need a lesson in respect," Tom stated. "Let's have the pledges recite the Greek alphabet like a piston engine."

The pledges all groaned. They knew that the piston engine was a form of punishment that would leave them all sore. They all went to the front of the Dining Room and stood in a straight line. Isaac had to lead his pledge buddies in reciting the Greek alphabet with every other pledge bending his knees and performing a squat exercise for the first letter. When the pledges voiced the second letter, the other pledges squatted while the first group stood up straight. This continued until all 24 letters had been spoken.

"That was sloppy!" Dave Wilbur yelled. "Try it again!"

The pledges were ordered to repeat the exercise until several of them were unable to continue and fell to the floor. They were reminded that they had to show respect for the members at all times before being released to clear the tables.

"I can hardly walk," Isaac grumbled.

"My knees are killing me!" Helmut complained.

Several other pledges were in pain from the exercises and vowed revenge on the members.

"We'd better lay off the members with our jokes until Friday night," Isaac suggested during the pledge meeting. I have a joke that is even worse than Chris's and we'll all pay big time if I tell it."

"There's another way to use your joke if it's that good," Nathan said. "You know I'm planning on putting a series of viruses on their computers this weekend, and I can record the joke so it plays when the first virus kicks in."

The pledges all liked that idea and their spirits picked up. They continued talking about the plans for Friday and were excited by the uniqueness of the plans.

When Chris got back to his room, Mike grabbed him and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Your joke was funny," Mike said, "but some of the members think you guys are too arrogant."

"You guys challenged us to know all of our pledge buddies and become unified," Chris replied. "Your brothers have pimped us constantly and it was only a matter of time before we found ways to retaliate."

"You don't really understand what's going on, do you?" Mike asked. He knew he couldn't tell Chris what the members were up to, but he wanted to make his Little Brother think.

"I just know that you guys are making it awful tough on us this week," Chris replied. "We need to focus on our classes and the next football game. I sure don't want someone hurt from doing the piston engine. Coach Patrick would have a fit if he heard what we were forced to do tonight."

Mike knew that Chris was right and he was going to insist that his brothers show restraint for the rest of the week. He hugged Chris and suggested that they study for a while and then make love.

Chris was in great shape, but the piston engine drill left him with sore legs and knees. He was really worried about Jarvis's knees and left to check on his big buddy. He was relieved to find out that Jarvis was fine and was worried about him.

It was dark when Cody and Jermaine slipped out of the fraternity and walked into the backyard. Jermaine had a blanket, towels, and a tube of lubricant, and he was anxious to suck and fuck Cody on the fresh grass.

Stan Burnett had alerted his police officers to be vigilant around the neighborhood. He knew that the two men that had been captured had committed several home invasions in the area, and he was determined to provide a higher level of police protection for the residents. He had parked his unmarked cruiser on the street and was quietly walking around the neighborhood. He slipped into the backyard of the home next to the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity and quietly walked around the yard, looking at the activities in the nearby homes. His attention was drawn to the backyard of the fraternity where he saw two people sneaking around. The moonlight allowed him to see the two figures and he hid behind a thick hedge of shrubbery to watch them. He couldn't imagine that anyone would try to break into the fraternity, but the actions of the two people were very suspicious.

Jermaine spread out the blanket and pulled Cody down on top of his body. He started kissing his Little Brother on the neck, knowing that it would drive Cody wild. He rolled Cody over on his back and pulled up his shirt to expose his chest and belly. He was caressing the front of Cody's jeans at the same time that he was licking and sucking the two dime-sized nipples. The air was filled with Cody's moans of pleasure that proved that his Big Brother was stimulating the erogenous areas of his body.

Stan was filled with shock and excitement. He had met several of the men from the fraternity and knew that all of them were handsome and well built. He strained his ears to listen to the two men whispering words of love and distinctly heard the names "Cody" and "Jermaine". There was enough moonlight to give him a great view of the action and his cock stiffened in his pants. He had fantasized about having the cute little guy in bed with him ever since the day he had met Cody. He watched the black man pull down Cody's jeans and boxers to reveal an erect cock that looked about five inches long. His own cock was leaking precum and the front of his pants were getting soaked with his male juices. He unzipped his pants and released his seven inches of manhood to the cool California air. He gently stroked his meat while he watched the two guys on the blanket doing what he could only dream about.

Jermaine pulled Cody's jeans and boxers completely off and immediately swallowed Cody's throbbing meat. The moans he heard from Cody gave him the encouragement to use his lips and tongue to stimulate the cute white boy's boner.

Cody was moaning louder while Jermaine continued gobbling his meat. He felt Jermaine vacuum in both of his nuts at the same time he was sucking his cock. He had always dreamed about having a huge cock like Chris did, but with a small cock, Jermaine could take everything that made him a male in his mouth at the same time. It was an intense feeling that most guys couldn't experience, and Cody loved it.

"I'm gonna cum!" Cody blurted out.

Jermaine wanted to tell his Little Brother to be quiet, but he had his mouth full of Cody meat and could only mumble. He felt the first blast of cock pudding hit the back of his mouth and he let the two testicles slip out of his mouth to make room for boy juice. He loved sucking Cody's cock and knew that the little white dude pumped out a man-sized load of semen. He allowed some of the thick juice to slide down his throat but kept a mouth full while he bobbed his head up and down to complete Cody's orgasm. When he felt Cody collapse on the blanket, Jermaine lifted his head and kissed Cody on the lips. He let the fresh cum slide out of his mouth and into Cody's so they could both savor the flavor of the intimate ejaculate.

Stan Burnett was stroking his cock while he watched the moonlit figures coupling on the grass. He felt his own orgasm building in his body and stifled his own moans when his cock blasted several wads of cum on the branches of the shrubbery and lawn. He wondered why he couldn't get aroused with his wife the way watching two college men performing oral sex had just gotten him. His body shook with the intensity of his orgasm and he hoped that all of his cum missed his pants and shoes. He was surprised that his erection didn't subside after his orgasm, and he continued watching the two guys for more visual stimulation.

Cody had removed his T-shirt and was now pulling Jermaine's clothes off. He loved the ebony colored skin of his Big Brother and licked and sucked every inch of the body when it was revealed. He knew that his Big Brother loved having his ears kissed and licked, so Cody gave each ear a great deal of attention. He unzipped Jermaine's jeans and pushed them down to reveal the patch of tight curly black pubic hair. He bent over and licked around the dark purple cock head and lapped up the precum that was flowing out of Jermaine's boner. When he heard his Big Brother beg him to suck his dick, Cody obliged by swallowing all six inches of the black cock.

"I'm cumming!" Jermaine groaned.

Cody was squeezing Jermaine's balls and scrotum and jerking the black cock with his other hand to pull as much cum as possible out of his fuck buddy. His small mouth overflowed with the volume of joy juice that was blasting out of Jermaine's fuck stick. He pulled back so that only the head of Jermaine's cock was in his mouth and continued jerking the ebony shaft with his hand to keep the juice spurting into his mouth. He loved the taste of fresh cum and swirled the thick liquid around in his mouth before swallowing it. He didn't know the exact composition of seminal fluid, but he knew it always left his mouth with a unique taste and seemed to clean his taste buds. He loved sucking cocks and eating cum!

Stan continued stroking his meat and hoped that no one could see him hiding in the bushes. He thought the two guys would go back inside the fraternity after sucking each other off, and wished that the moon was brighter so he could see better. He was still stroking his hard cock when he saw the two guys moving around on the blanket. He was thrilled when he heard Cody whispering to Jermaine to lift his legs and get ready to be fucked. He strained his eyes to see Cody mount Jermaine and start fucking him. Even if the night were dark there would be no way to confuse the positions and motions of the two young men on the blanket. He watched Cody working his cock in and out of Jermaine's willing body and listened to the moans of the two horny guys. The sight of the cute bubble butt of the small guy brought Stan's cock to full attention again. He had lusted over the cutie when he had met him and had admired the curves of his bubble butt in the clinging shorts that had been soaked with sweat. That night he had gone home and fucked his wife with an intensity that she couldn't believe. He was happily married, but he was constantly daydreaming about undressing Cody and having oral and anal sex with him.

Cody fucked Jermaine for several minutes and shared passionate kisses with him. He knew his cock was short and thin compared to most of the guys in the fraternity, but he also knew that Jermaine liked kinky sex with him and other guys. When he felt his orgasm building to the point of explosion, he pulled his cock out of Jermaine's hot hole and wrapped his fingers around his cock to jerk himself to orgasm. He aimed his tool at Jermaine's face and open mouth to blast his juice all over the black face of his Big Brother.

Jermaine moaned when he felt the first blast of cum splash across his face. The juice left a streak of pudding from his chin to his hair. He didn't want to waste a drop of the precious liquid so he grabbed Cody's cock and took it in his mouth. He savored the flavors of Cody's cum mixed with his own ass juices and knew that the flavors were equal to ambrosia that the Greek gods cherished. He felt Cody's cum being smeared around on his face and licked and slurped on his buddy's meat to eat every drop of cum that he could.

Cody pulled his softening cock out of Jermaine's mouth and began licking the errant juice from Jermaine's face. He loved eating his own cum and used his tongue to capture his own juice to deliver it to Jermaine's mouth for sharing.

Stan wished that he could see the activity better, but he could imagine the cute little guy kissing him instead of the black fraternity member. His cock was pulsing and he knew he was going to shoot another load of cum on the bushes. He was transfixed by the sexual activities on the fraternity lawn and wished there was some way for him to get Cody alone in a motel room. He strained his eyes to capture the motions of the two young men and wished that they would talk louder so he could hear them better. He watched the moonlit bodies and saw Cody reaching for something on the blanket. His emotions soared when he realized that the small guy was applying lubricant to Jermaine's cock. He could hear the moans of pleasure and watched as Cody straddled Jermaine and sat down on the black cock. He knew that a full-grown man was now fucking Cody, and the vision caused him to blast his second load of cum all over the bushes. He covered his mouth with his hand to stifle any sounds and worked his right hand faster and faster to complete his orgasm. He felt his legs go weak and he found himself kneeling on the ground with his own cum soaking through the knees of his slacks after all. He watched Cody bouncing up and down on Jermaine's cock and knew the small guy was enjoying being fucked in the cool, evening air.

Jermaine loved having Cody on top when they fucked but he also liked to bend the small legs back and slam his cock to the balls inside Cody's gripping ass. He grabbed Cody and turned him over so the little guy was now on his back with his legs in the air. He grabbed Cody's ankles and pushed them back over Cody's head to open the small guy up for a total ass fucking. He slammed his loins against Cody's ass cheeks to bury every centimeter of his black cock inside the pink hole of his Little Brother.

"Fuck me harder!" Cody blurted out. He felt Jermaine's hand cover his mouth and knew that he had been too loud when he succumbed to his anal pleasure.

Jermaine pounded his cock into Cody and knew that their slapping bodies were making a lot of noise, but he didn't care if the entire world could hear or see them. All he wanted to do was fuck his Little Brother as hard as he could. He felt his orgasm growing inside his body and leaned down to replace his hand with his mouth to stifle any noise from Cody's mouth. The two mouths locked together and shared passionate kisses and sounds of guttural groans when Jermaine's cock exploded inside Cody's tight ass.

Cody loved being fucked and felt his own cock unload for the third time in less than an hour. He knew it wouldn't be a large load, but it still gave him a lot of sexual satisfaction to know that Jermaine could make him cum without either one touching his slender cock. He hugged and kissed Jermaine and loved the feelings of having his butt hole filled with fresh cum. He could feel Jermaine's cock softening, and could also feel love juice leaking out of his freshly fucked ass and down on the blanket. He felt the captured air release from his body after Jermaine pulled his cock out. The sounds of a wet fart filled the air and both guys laughed.

Stan tried to compose himself and wished that he were on the blanket with the two young guys. He would love to suck their cocks and lick their asses clean of fresh cum. He knew he had to leave the area quietly to avoid detection. He would return to the Police Station to shower and change clothes before he went home. It would be hard for him to explain coming home with grass stains on the knees of his uniform and the smell of cum permeating all of his clothes. He hoped that his wife would be asleep when he got home so he wouldn't have to explain anything to her.

Chris and Mike were still studying in their room when Cody and Jermaine snuck back into the fraternity. The beautiful Japanese Garden would be used by more guys in the future to have sex with their buddies or with girls from the Sigma Epsilon Sorority.

"I need a blowjob!" Mike exclaimed to Chris.

"I can blow myself!" Chris replied. "Why don't you see if you can take care of your own needs tonight?"

"Either you blow me or I'll go to every room in this fraternity with my dick out to find a warm mouth!" Mike retorted.

Isaac and Justin laughed and knew it was time to quit studying and release their MSB's. They both loved listening to Chris and Mike tease each other, but also knew the two guys were devoted to each other.

Chris and Mike headed for the shower room and joined several other guys who were exhausted from studying and needed a break. The guys in the showers loved seeing the semi-erect cocks of Chris and Mike and wished that they were the one to get in bed with either guy.

Chris and Mike headed back to their room and quickly got into a 69 position. They were both experts in sucking cocks and worked each other over for more than an hour. They had each swallowed three loads of cum before they finally relaxed to cuddle together and sleep.

The week seemed to drag for Chris. The bright spot of his day was going to the football and basketball practices. He knew that the injuries to Kelly Mason and Justin Marshall had left him as the starting quarterback for the Saturday evening game. He attended all of his classes, but his mind was on the football game and the events that he and his pledge buddies had for Friday night.

It was Friday afternoon and the football practice was just ending when David Patrick called Chris aside.

"I don't want you to get a big head," Coach Patrick began, "But I'm excited about how you're doing in practice. Brice thinks you're almost back to 100% and the entire coaching staff is pumped up for the last regular game of the season. I've kept the media away from our practices so the Oregon State Beavers don't know what we've got planned for Saturday. They think that we are busted up on offense and won't be able to mount a serious threat to them. If you play tomorrow like you did in practice today, we're gonna have our first perfect season in over 20 years. I need you to stay focused on the game and lead our team to victory!"

Chris hugged David Patrick. He promised to stay focused on the game and thanked the coach for trusting him to play quarterback in the important game. He also knew that this was the day when his pledge buddies would repay the members for a week of pure hell at the fraternity.

Chris and Jarvis walked back to the fraternity together and shared their excitement about the football game and the surprises that awaited the members. They knew that the members were all leaving to celebrate Greek Night together and would return to the fraternity early in the morning. Only members were allowed to celebrate Greek Night, and the evening meals were always cancelled for the fraternity house. Every member was expected to join his brothers for a night of bonding and drinking. It was the perfect opportunity for the pledges to spring their pranks.

"Let's get organized!" Isaac yelled to his pledge buddies when the last members had left the fraternity. "Tom Jankowski and Dave Wilbur nailed me good about us being responsible for cleaning the house, setting up all of the tables and chairs, cooking the food, and supplying entertainment for the Open House. The members don't really know any of the details because they expect us to do all of the work. We're gonna have them by the balls!"

The pledges started initiating their devious plans to pimp the members. They only took a break when a huge load of pizzas arrived. Then a large panel truck backed up to the kitchen doors and the pledges filled it with things that the members couldn't live without. By 9:00 p.m., the pledges were all celebrating at the Holidome in a series of connected rooms. The football and basketball players refrained from drinking more than a couple beers so they wouldn't get in trouble with the coaches. Everyone was excited about the pranks that they had ready for the members when they returned to the house.

The Tri-Delt members returned to the fraternity around 1:00 a.m. Most of them were drunk and wanted to get a good night's rest before the important football game on Saturday and the Open House on Sunday. They were surprised to see the fraternity house completely dark and didn't get their normal greeting from their mascot, Alex. They stumbled into the house and tried to turn on the lights. They were all pissed that the lights wouldn't come on and finally realized that all of the light bulbs were burned out or missing.

Several members staggered into the toilet areas to get rid of all of the beer that they had consumed at the bowling alley and bar that they had monopolized. Again they found out that the lights didn't work, but they knew where the urinals were located and went to relieve themselves. Each toilet area was filled with screams and loud cussing when the members realized that they were pissing on their legs and shoes.

Toby Bass wasn't drunk because of his position on the football team, but when he realized that he was urinating on his jeans and tennis shoes, he flushed the urinal in the hope that the water flow would stop his own urine from splashing on him. Instead, the full force of the flushing water covered his legs and shoes before cascading down on the ceramic tile floor.

Two of the members had to take a dump and sat on the toilet seats. When their bodies released their solid waste, it didn't fall into the toilet, but was pushed back against their buttocks. When they felt their own feces smearing against their bodies, they yelled and screamed obscenities. When they reached for the rolls of toilet paper to wipe their bodies clean, they could only rip off tiny scraps. They grabbed the rolls of paper and realized that the edges had been glued together and the delicate paper was useless.

Several members had returned to their cars and brought back flashlights to be able to see when they walked through their house. They grumbled about how the pledges had crippled the fraternity and had left the house a total disaster before the important Open House.

Throughout the fraternity, members were screaming when they realized how the pledges had left their fraternity. Almost all of the mattresses from the dorm rooms had been removed and stacked in the basement. Every drop of alcohol had been removed from the bar and storage room, and rooms in the Officer's Quarters had been filled from floor to ceiling with wadded up newspapers. The kitchen had been stripped of every plate, cup, glass, and bowl. All of the cooking pots and pans were missing along with all of the silverware and parts for the coffee makers.

Mike Mahley had his flashlight and walked into the room that he shared with Chris, Isaac, and Leif. He saw that the huge bed that he and Chris shared was intact, and he started laughing at his brothers.

"You guys wanted them to bond together and earn our respect!" Mike laughed. "The pledges have just whacked us back for Help Week and they don't even know what we have planned for Sunday night! This is hilarious!"

Several other members joined Mike in laughing at all of the pranks that the pledges had just pulled on them. They had all pulled pranks on the members when they were pledges, but this pledge class had surpassed all of the pranks that they had ever dreamed about. They used flashlights to illuminate the urinals and saw that plastic wrap had been taped against the porcelain basins of the urinals and stretched over the front. Plastic wrap had been stretched over the bowls of every toilet in the fraternity to trick the members.

Mike was laughing hard when he threw himself on the bed that he shared with Chris. His laughter ended quickly when the bed went crashing to the floor. All of the bolts that held the bed frame together had been removed, and he ended up hitting the floor at the same time that two cans of shaving cream were triggered and flooded him and the bed.

Mike screamed and tried to get up off from the bed and out of the streams of shaving cream. His brothers laughed at him and teased him about not seeing the booby traps that had been set for him.

Several members needed to take a shower to clean up after being flooded with urine or having their own waste smeared on their bodies. They quickly realized that the showerheads had been removed along with the handles to control the flow of hot and cold water.

Tom Jankowski yelled for all of the members to come to the Chapter Room for a meeting about the conditions in the fraternity house. He had a great deal of trouble calming down his brothers before he could speak to them.

"We just got our balls busted!" Tom said. "We didn't tell the pledges that this was Help Week and that we would initiate them as our brothers after the Open House. We fucked up! We pushed them harder than any pledge class in the history of this fraternity, and now we can see that they can retaliate harder than we could imagine. They have us by the balls right now, and we all know that we need them to get this house ready for Sunday."

Many of the members argued with Tom and wanted to punish the pledges and make them sorry for pulling the series of pranks on the weekend of the big football game and the Open House.

"You may not want to hear what I say," Joe McClure yelled to get the members' attention. "I've been here longer than any of you, and I've seen a lot of pledge classes. I didn't like what you guys have done to them this week, but I kept my mouth shut. You guys pushed them to the limit, and I'm surprised that none of the pledges cracked and smacked you in the mouth! We wanted a bunch of great guys to take our shit and cower to us! It sure as fuck didn't happen! I've got shit running down my leg right now and I stink like a skunk, but I respect this pledge class for being a bunch of men that deserve our respect! They whacked us and we deserved it!"

"Joe's right!" Tom said. "None of us ever dreamed of some of the pranks they just pulled on us! If we have to surrender to them, I'm ready to hold the white flag and beg them to come back here! We need them and they are already better brothers than we are!"

The members all realized that they had pimped the pledges hard during the past week and it was time to bury the hatchet and initiate the pledges as their brothers. They didn't like admitting defeat, but they were at the mercy of the pledges with the Open House coming on Sunday.

"Let's get some mattresses and crash for the night," Tom suggested. "Tomorrow I hope the pledges contact us so we can get life back to normal around here."

Two of the members had left the house to go to a store that was open 24 hours a day. They purchased light bulbs to give some light to the fraternity house along with toilet paper. Several members helped get the wadded newspapers out of the Officers' Quarters and were pleased to find that the shower hardware had been left in the President and Vice-President's shower room. The hot water ran out quickly and the members realized that the pledges had turned off the electric water heaters for the entire fraternity house. Several guys took cold showers to get rid of the stench of their own waste that covered their bodies. It was nearly 3:00 a.m. when the house quieted down with the members crashing wherever they could.

Chris was in the Holidome and couldn't sleep. He had watched his pledge buddies celebrating their retaliation towards the members and avoided drinking beer with them. He had called his friend, Brian Williams, Head of Campus Security, to tell him about the pranks. Brian had laughed his ass off before promising that he wouldn't let any of his officers interfere with the devious plans of the Tri-Delt pledges. Chris had also called Tom McMartin and begged him to help the pledges pay the members back for a week of shit. Tom promised that he would inform his Chief in case any emergency calls came from the members of the fraternity. Chris also called the local fire department and told them that the fraternity would be testing their smoke detectors and alarm systems early in the morning.

At 4:00 a.m., several vehicles parked on the street in front of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. The pledges quietly walked up the driveway, got inside the fraternity house and headed for the dorm areas. They quickly placed several empty coffee cans in the hallways and dropped lit smoke bombs in the cans. The smoke bombs quickly filled the hallways with smoke at the same time that other pledges were on the roof of the fraternity. The fire alarms went off in the fraternity, and everyone was quickly alerted to get outside.

"FIRE! FIRE!" was screamed throughout the fraternity by the pledges.

The members were still groggy from the combination of booze and lack of sleep and staggered out of their rooms into the hallways that were filled with smoke. They didn't seem to realize that pledges were directing them to run out of the fraternity house through the back door. They staggered outside in their underwear and screamed in fear that their beloved house was going to burn to the ground. They were quickly shocked awake when several trash barrels of ice water were overturned on the roof and flooded them as they stood in the backyard. They screamed when the ice water hit them and were shocked awake.

The pledges on the roof knew that the gutters had been blocked with plastic wrap that was secured with duct tape, and that all of the ice water had run down the roof to completely flood the members. They ran across the roof and jumped down on the lid of the dumpster to run into the front yard of the fraternity.

The members realized that they had just been whacked again by the pledges and ran around the side of the fraternity to try and catch the pledges.

Chris and Jarvis were waiting for the members and aimed the fire hose at the skimpily clad members. The pledges had removed the fire hose from the inside of the house and had connected it to the fire hydrant next to the driveway. The members were knocked over by the force of the water and then tried to stand up and resume chasing after the pledges. The air was filled with the sounds of screaming tires when the pledges drove away from the screaming members.

Returning to the Holidome, the pledges gathered together to share their excitement over fucking with the members again. Their laughter was interrupted when Jarvis asked where Cody was. The pledges all looked at each other and were shocked when they realized that Cody wasn't with them.

"SHIT!" Isaac exclaimed. "He was on the roof with us and I think he was the last one to run for the dumpster."

"The members must have him!" Jarrett exclaimed.

"What the fuck are we gonna do?" Nathan asked.

"We're gonna get him back!" Chris stated emphatically. "The members won't hurt him, but I'm sure they will try to use him as a hostage to negotiate with us. Let me make a couple phone calls."

Chris used his cell phone and called Tom McMartin. He apologized for calling Tom in the middle of the night, but he was determined that the pledges would all be together.

Tom laughed when he heard some of the pranks that the pledges had pulled on the members and planned on using some of the ideas for tormenting the other police officers. He knew that Chris and Alex had done a lot to make the area safer and promised to call Chris back in a few minutes.

Stan Burnett was in the Police Station and took the phone call from one of his favorite officers, Tom McMartin. When he heard that Cody Evans was the pledge being held by the members, his emotions soared. He took an officer and a patrol car and headed for the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. He knew that he should refuse to get involved in a fraternity prank, but the chance to talk to Cody clouded his thought processes.

The cruiser drove up the driveway to the fraternity house and officer James Thornton went to the front door. He rang the doorbell several times before a sleepy member finally opened the front door.

"I'm Officer Thornton and I'm here to talk to Cody Emerson," James said to Dave Patterson.

Dave Patterson didn't want to admit that Cody was at the fraternity house and told the officer to wait in the Living Room. He ran to the Officers' Quarters and woke up Tom Jankowski and Ben Cleary to tell them about the police officer's request.

"Shit!" Tom said. "We need Cody to negotiate with the pledges. We can't let him leave here! I'll talk to the cop."

James Thornton had been told about the situation at the fraternity and was ready for a confrontation.

"Cody isn't here," Tom Jankowski lied. "All of the pledges left here last night."

"Either you produce Cody Emerson or I'll have this entire building searched for him and anything that might be illegal," James threatened.

"You can't do that!" Tom argued.

"I can!" Stan Burnett said when he walked into the Living Room. "Cody Emerson is wanted for questioning regarding a charge of Gross Indecency, and you either produce him or we'll search every inch of this house."

Tom was shocked that Cody was in trouble and quickly decided that he had to obey the police officers. He told Dave to go to Jermaine's room and bring Cody back.

When Stan saw a sleepy Cody walking into the living room, he wanted to grab that cute little guy and kiss him right in front of everyone. Instead, he acted professionally and produced a pair of handcuffs.

"Cody Emerson, you are under arrest for Indecent Exposure and Gross Indecency," Stan began. "You have the right to remain silent, anything that you say may be used against you in a court of law..."

Stan Burnett was reading Cody the Miranda Rights that were required when anyone was arrested. He put handcuffs on Cody while several members watched in shock. The members couldn't believe that Cody would do anything illegal and they wanted to protect him.

Stan recognized Jermaine Lewis from the adventures in the backyard of the fraternity and asked him to identify himself. When he heard the first name of "Jermaine" he told Officer Thornton to put handcuffs on Jermaine and read him his rights.

Tom Jankowski was shaking with concern when the two guys were arrested. He begged for an explanation and was upset when he heard the Chief of Police respond.

"How old are you?" Stan asked Cody.

"Seventeen," Cody replied.

"These two were observed naked in your backyard having sex," Stan said to Tom. "Both of them can be charged with Indecent Exposure, Gross Indecency, and Mr. Lewis can be charged with Statutory Rape for having sex with a minor."

Several members had gathered in the Living Room when the news spread throughout the fraternity that two guys were being arrested. They were all shocked and didn't know what to do. They were very upset when Cody and Jermaine were led out of the fraternity and into the police cruiser.

Cody was sobbing in the back of the cruiser and Stan knew that he had to calm him down during the short trip to the Police Station.

"Calm down Cody," Stan said softly. "You aren't in any trouble. We're just returning a favor to CJ Hammer for letting us use his dog to catch some real criminals!"

"What?" Jermaine blurted out. "We're not arrested?"

"Cody isn't under arrest, but you are," Stan laughed. He used his cell phone to call Tom McMartin and give him the good news that he had Cody in a cruiser and was headed for the Police Station.

Tom laughed and quickly called Chris to give him the good news. Police officers love to pull pranks too, and Stan hoped that this one wouldn't backfire and get him in trouble.

When the cruiser arrived at the Police Station, Stan and James took their two prisoners inside. "Put Mr. Lewis in the Holding Cell" Stan said to James. He removed the handcuffs from Cody and took the cute guy to his office.

"I'm sorry for scaring you," Stan said softly to Cody. "You guys were observed having sex in the backyard of the fraternity, but neither of you will face any charges."

"Thanks," Cody said while rubbing his wrists after the handcuffs had been removed. He looked at the handsome Police Chief and knew that he and Jermaine could have been in big trouble for their sexual adventure. "I owe you big time!"

"I have to admit that it was fun watching you two guys fooling around," Stan said. "All of you guys need to be more careful what you do in public. If someone else saw you, both of you could be in trouble."

Cody was attracted to the mature man and admired his handsome face, dark hair with a little gray at the temples, and his obvious massive body of muscles. He wondered what it would be like to be intimate with a mature man instead of the young men of the fraternity. His interests would be satiated in the future but he didn't know it at the time.

Chris and Brendan arrived at the Police Station and hugged Cody in celebration of his release from the members. They laughed together at how the members must be scared shitless over having the two guys taken away from the fraternity in handcuffs.

"What do you want us to do with Mr. Lewis?" Stan asked Chris. "We could release him or keep him locked up for a few hours."

"How about you let us have him," Brendan suggested. "We know you probably just broke some laws or rules by getting Cody back for us and we really appreciate it. We won't hurt Jermaine, but the members don't know that."

Jermaine was very upset that he could be charged with crimes for having sex with Cody. He could see his entire life come crashing down around him, and he didn't know what to do. When he saw Chris and Brendan, he wondered what was going on with them and the police officers.

"I've convinced Chief Burnett to forget about any charges against you," Chris lied to Jermaine. "He won't press any charges if you go with us and keep your mouth shut about this whole weekend. You make the decision!"

Jermaine made his decision very quickly and agreed to go with the pledges to avoid any criminal charges. His handcuffs were removed and replaced with plastic ties that were frequently used for restraining prisoners. He didn't fight with the guys even when they put a blindfold over his eyes. He was just happy that he wasn't in jail any more and wasn't going to face any charges.

The pledge class celebrated when Chris and Brendan came into the suite with Cody. They saw Jermaine with a blindfold on and teased him about how they were going to torture him.

"Let's shave every inch of his body," Helmut suggested.

"I think we should tie him up nude in the center of the quad," Jarrett teased.

"Let's make him lick our asses and suck our cocks," Jarvis added.

"I have a better idea," Isaac said. He told Cameron to cut the plastic ties that held Jermaine's wrists together and pulled off the blindfold. He popped open a can of Coors and offered it to Jermaine. "Nothing bad is gonna happen to you as long as you don't try to escape."

Jermaine was still in shock from being arrested but saw only smiling faces in the hotel room. He relaxed and drained the cold beer, knowing that the pledges were a bunch of neat guys for not pimping him. He was relieved to be away from the Police Station and back with friends, even if they were the pledges.

"We all need some sleep," Dylan said. "Chris and Jarvis have an important football game and I think we should give them a private room and let them sleep in late."

The pledges all agreed that it was time to rest. Jermaine was surprised when Cody grabbed him and took him to a room that they would share with Dylan and Logan.

"I'm too tired to have sex," Cody admitted to Jermaine. "Can we just cuddle and sleep?"

"I love you," Jermaine replied. "I was scared shitless that I was going to prison and now I'm exhausted. Cuddling with you sounds great to me."

It was Saturday morning in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Saul Bernstein was conducting a meeting of the Vice-Presidents of the National Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. The agenda was filled with issues that the group needed to address before flying to California for the CSU football game. Saul had called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and hoped that the group could take care of their important business quickly and head to California. The four Vice-Presidents were going to the Falcon football game and would attend the Open House at the Epsilon Theta Chapter of their national fraternity on Sunday. They would also witness the initiation of 25 of the best men to ever pledge Saul's home chapter.

"Mr. Bernstein, I apologize for interrupting your meeting, but there is an urgent call for you," Sarah Miles stated. "It's Tom Jankowski from your home chapter and he sounds very upset."

Saul was afraid that something had happened to Chris and immediately left the conference room to take the call.

"Brother Bernstein, this is Tom Jankowski," Tom said. "We have a disaster here! A pledge and one of our members have been arrested by the police and the pledges have left us and took everything from the house with them."

Saul was relieved that Tom didn't say anything about Chris being injured and listened while Tom described the arrests and the pranks that the pledges had pulled.

"Let me call you right back," Saul said to Tom. He was trying to decide what to do about the arrests and the impact on the National Fraternity. He ended the call with Tom and quickly dialed Chris's cell phone.

"Hello," Isaac said when the phone rang. He had taken Chris's cell phone to keep anyone from disturbing his buddy when he needed sleep.

Isaac quickly explained to Saul that Cody and Jermaine were not under arrest and were sleeping soundly with him and his pledge buddies at the Holidome. He briefly explained how the pledges had whacked the members for the intense hazing of the week and that everyone was safe.

Saul was relieved and then had trouble holding back his laughter when Isaac started describing how the pledges had retaliated against the members. He told Isaac that he would handle the members and thanked him for being honest with him.

"You guys won't believe what's happening at CSU this weekend!" Saul laughed when he returned to the conference room. "I'm gonna call the Chapter President on the speaker phone so you can get a good laugh. I'll make it one-way on the speaker phone so Tom Jankowski can't hear us laughing!"

Saul called Tom Jankowski and everyone listened while Tom described how the pledges had sabotaged the fraternity house. When the national officers heard about the watersheds on the urinals and plastic covered toilets, the conference room erupted with laughter. The more Tom described what the pledges had done to the members, the more the officers laughed. They had all been pledges in the past and they loved hearing about pranks that they wished they had pulled themselves. When they heard about the fake fire and how the members had been flooded with ice water and knocked over by the fire hose, everyone was laughing so hard they were crying.

"Now we have a computer virus on every computer in the house," Tom continued. "Reggie is working his ass off to clean the virus off, but he thinks there are other viruses ready to kick in. We need you to help us!"

Saul wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes and tried to compose himself before talking to Tom. All of the Vice-Presidents and Sarah Miles were still rolling in laughter and that made it difficult for Saul to talk to Tom.

"Relax Tom," Saul finally said. "I've talked to Isaac Mendez and no one is under arrest. You can hear the Vice-Presidents of our National Fraternity laughing in the background and we all know that your pledges whacked you guys good! You thought you had a hostage when you caught Cody, but right now, the pledges have Jermaine Lewis as a hostage! I know my son needs to focus on the important football game this evening, and I can only say that I know Chris won't let me or you and your brothers down this weekend. You might have to negotiate with the pledges to get them to come back to put the chapter in order for the Open House. You're the Chapter President, and it's up to you to handle this situation. You better find your Chapstik, because I think you're gonna have to kiss some asses to resolve it!"

"Shit!" Tom exclaimed. He was relieved to hear that neither of the two guys was under arrest, but he didn't like hearing that Jermaine was now a hostage of the pledge class. He was hoping that Saul Bernstein would call his son and convince him and the pledges to return to the fraternity, but now he would have to negotiate with the pledges if they called the fraternity house.

When the members woke up on Saturday, they all tried to figure out what to do. The showerheads were a special order item from a local plumbing company and wouldn't be available for a week. The spare shower heads had been taken by the pledges along with all of the toilet paper and paper towels from the storage room. The pledges had also given the kitchen staff the weekend off, so the members had to eat their meals at local restaurants. All of the members were worried that the Open House would end up a disaster without the pledges and the things they had taken from the house.

Tom Jankowski booted up his computer and heard the voice of Isaac Mendez telling a story.

"Two pledges and a member from the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity were walking down the street when they found a naked young woman lying on the ground, unconscious. Tom Borton took off his fraternity ball cap and placed it over the left breast of the young lady and Cody Emerson did the same with his cap to cover her right breast. Mike Mahley took off the cap that identified him as a member of the fraternity and covered the crotch of the unfortunate girl.

A police officer arrived and began his investigation. He lifted up the pledge cap that covered the girl's left breast, replaced it, and made some notes on a notepad. The officer then lifted the pledge cap from the girl's right breast, replaced it, and made more notes on his notepad. The officer lifted the member's cap to expose the crotch of the attractive young lady, replaced it, and made more notes. The officer lifted the member's cap again and then replaced it. When he lifted it for the third time, Mike Mahley got upset.

`Why do you keep looking at her crotch? Are you some kind of pervert?' Mike asked.

`No,' the Police Officer replied. `I just need to be sure `cause normally when I look under a hat from a member of your fraternity I find an asshole!'"

Tom laughed at the joke and knew that if Isaac had told that joke at one of the evening meals, the members would have whacked him and his pledge buddies. Tom saw his computer screen go blank and then display a digital photo of three of the pledges exposing their bare asses. He tried to delete the photo but couldn't.

Reggie Burris walked into the room and saw the same photo that he had seen on every computer in the fraternity. He knew that Tom's computer had the same virus that he was removing throughout the house.

It was almost noon when Reggie finally had the virus cleared from all of the computers. He was relieved and reported to Tom Jankowski and Ben Cleary that all of the members' computers were working. He had tried to boot up the computers belonging to the pledges, but found passwords were installed and a blocking virus was triggered that he couldn't break.

Tom heard his cell phone ring and answered the call. He was surprised to hear the voice of Isaac Mendez.

"Are you ready to admit defeat and hear our terms for your surrender?" Isaac asked Tom.

"You guys are gonna get your balls busted when you come back here!" Tom threatened. "Reggie got rid of your nasty joke and the virus, so you'd better be ready to come back here with your pledge buddies and kiss our asses!"

"I see that it's past noon," Isaac continued in a calm voice. "Any computer that you thought was cleaned of viruses should be shutting down right now."

Tom heard a bunch of guys yelling in the Officers' Quarters. His room was quickly filled with members complaining that their computers had shut down and they couldn't restart them.

"When Reggie cleaned off that childish virus, he triggered a nasty one," Isaac said. "You have one hour to give us your unconditional surrender or the hard drives of all of your computers will be erased. Nathan did some checking when he created the new virus and he says there are a bunch of term papers and one dissertation at risk of being erased. He also confiscated the important backup disks and we have them with us right now. We have Jermaine Lewis as our hostage and we expect you to accept our terms."

Tom was upset and didn't want to accept defeat at the hands of the pledge class. He listened to Isaac's demands that the members had to admit defeat by making a white flag with "Pledges Rule" in large letters and fly it under the U. S. flag in the front yard. Isaac also demanded that the members had to promise not to retaliate against the pledges with any form of harassment for the rest of the weekend and had to do the entire cleanup after the Open House.

"I'll give you 30 minutes to talk this over with your brothers," Isaac said. "If you don't accept our terms, at 1:30 p.m. your hard drives will be fried and Jermaine will be tied up nude in the center of the Quad."

Tom hung up his phone and quickly called a meeting of the members in the Chapter Room while Reggie started working on his computer.

Joe McClure was the most upset member when he realized that his dissertation for his Doctorate Degree was at risk. He had looked for his backup CD and found it was missing.

Tom listened to his brothers yelling about files that were saved on their computers that were needed for their classes. He tried to think of a way to save face with the pledges and remembered what Saul Bernstein had said about "kissing ass".

Reggie came into the Chapter Room and said he couldn't find the virus to even try to clean it. He was a computer major, but he admitted defeat at Nathan's hands.

Tom whistled to get the attention of his brothers. He knew what he had to do as the Chapter President.

"Let's admit that the pledges have us by the balls!" Tom said. "We need the pledges to get our house ready for the Open House and we sure don't want to lose the information on our computers. Have any of you ever dreamed of the pranks the pledges pulled on us? I want those guys to be our brothers so they can be on our side for the next pledge class! If Isaac wanted me to kiss his bare ass in the middle of the Quad, I'd do it! We've got a great bunch of guys who will be our brothers tomorrow night!"

The members listened and agreed that the pledges had earned their respect. They grumbled but finally agreed that Tom could negotiate with Isaac with the hope that the pledges would return before the Open House. They left the Chapter Room and hoped that the pledges would come back to the house and restore order.

Joe McClure was very worried about his dissertation and walked back to his room. When his cell phone rang, he recognized Chris's voice.

"Hi Joe," Chris said. "I don't want you to be worried about your dissertation. If you're in your room, look under your keyboard."

Joe lifted up the keyboard and found the two CD's containing the backup files of his dissertation taped to the underside. He was relieved and wondered why Chris had called him.

"We knew that you weren't pimping us like the rest of the members," Chris explained. "We know the members want to bust our balls and may not agree to our conditions, so we all agreed that I should call you and tell you where your files are. We got our asses nailed all week and we weren't gonna take it without trying to get even."

"You did more than get even!" Joe laughed. "You guys have perverted minds to come up with all the schemes for whacking us. I was one of the guys who shit on himself because of the plastic wrap over the toilet bowl!"

Chris laughed and teased Joe about being a stinking member. He asked Joe not to tell the other members about their phone conversation because he didn't want them to think the pledges were giving in.

"I'm gonna give you a big hug when you get back here!" Joe promised. He loved Chris like a brother and would do anything for him. He realized that Chris liked him too and that's why he didn't want him to worry about his dissertation.

At 12:30 p.m., Tom Jankowski got the phone call from Isaac and quickly agreed to the terms of surrender.

"All I ask is for you to give me your word that we won't get whacked when we come back," Isaac said. "We'll be back before the Open House starts and I give you my word on that promise."

"A man's word is the most binding promise in the world," Tom said to Isaac. "Please tell us how to get rid of the virus on our computers."

"If you look in the front yard you'll see Jermaine walking up the driveway," Isaac said. "He has a floppy disk and instructions for Reggie to follow to wipe out the virus. By the way, the virus would have expired at noon on Sunday without wiping out any files or memory."

"SHIT!" Tom exclaimed. "We should have known that you guys wouldn't fuck us like that, but Reggie is a computer genius and he couldn't crack the virus."

"Reggie needs to learn some things from Nathan," Isaac laughed. "Nathan spends far too much time on the Internet learning devious things."

"When will you guys be back?" Tom asked Isaac.

"I gave you my word that we'd be back before the Open House," Isaac replied. "Don't you trust us?"

"I really need to know," Tom replied. "We don't even know what you guys have rented or ordered. How can we be ready for the Open House?"

"Put your brothers to work cleaning the house and leave the rest to us," Isaac replied. "You can trust your pledges to make the Open House a big success." Isaac ended the call before Tom could ask him any more questions.

Tom and Ben Cleary gathered up the members and assigned house duties to everyone. He had to trust Isaac that the pledges would return before the Open House and wanted the members to show that they could clean the house as good as the pledges. He and Ben joined in by cleaning all of the toilet and shower areas. Before any of the members left to watch the football game, the fraternity house was sparkling clean inside, the grass was cut and trimmed, and the Japanese Garden had been trimmed and swept.

It was time for everyone to get to the stadium for the important football game.

To be continued...

Author's note:

Some of my readers don't understand college fraternities and how the men love to pull pranks. From personal experience, booby traps were used along with putting a condom full of water in a guy's bed. We put peanut butter on the pillow next to a sleeping guy so he would roll over and smear the peanut butter on his face and in his hair. Four letters in one day always resulted in a shower party of ice water for the recipient. Packages that contained cookies or other types of food were often opened and consumed before the recipient ever saw the package. Guys would be tackled and have their pants filled with shaving cream. We actually used the fire alarm trick to vacate the house and dumped cold water on the guys standing outside. We had "Skip Weekend" and took all of the eating utensils and dinnerware out of the house. We glued the edges of the toilet paper rolls and used plastic wrap to make watersheds over the urinals and toilets. We didn't get the local police to help us, but we wreaked havoc on the members when we left. "Help Week" was filled with constant harassment of the pledges and sleep was severely restricted. "Hell Night" was the last night before initiation, and the pledges were required to perform demeaning activities that left them covered in syrup, dry cereal, raw eggs and anything the members could think of that would be difficult to wash off. Fraternities were very competitive and tried to steal the Greek Letters from the fronts of other fraternity houses or steal trophies. The years I spent in the fraternity were some of the happiest years of my life, and I still have contact with my brothers!