To my readers:

The "Wild Weekend" has been fun to write. I offer special thanks to my editor, Bill, for his work. He corrected some errors and made improvements in my story. I hope you enjoy this segment of the story.


CJ Chapter 48 Wild Weekend Part III

Alarm clocks woke the pledges up at 4:00 a.m. They staggered around the rooms of the Holidome to make sure that everyone was awake and dressed.

Isaac called his 24 pledge buddies together to discuss their plans for the important day. He told his buddies that they would park their cars in the long driveway leading up to the fraternity house, leaving room for the truck to get by that contained important items taken when "Skip Weekend" began. He reminded everyone to be very quiet so the members didn't wake up until it was time. He made sure that Jarrett and Delano had the money for shopping at the 24 hour grocery store, and that everyone had an assignment to replace the items so the fraternity was back to normal. He asked Chris to tell the pledges the surprise that would add another shock to the members.

"I haven't told you guys something," Chris began. "I collect classic cars, and my dad convinced me that we should have a mini car show today during the Open House. We have a team of mechanics that take care of the cars and keep them all in perfect condition, and they brought some of my cars to campus. At 11:00 a.m., we'll all leave the fraternity and take the shuttle bus to the parking deck. Each of us can drive one of the cars in a caravan around the campus and over to the fraternity. Campus Security and the Police Department will escort us so we can stay together. Each of you can pick a car that you want to drive to the house, or you can just ride along. We'll drive up the driveway, make a circle in the empty parking lot, and then park the cars at an angle along both sides of the driveway. There's one special car that I'll drive in last and it's a very special item. Jim Moore is the head mechanic and he'll coordinate the arrival of the cars. You guys better be careful because I'm not gonna pay any speeding tickets for you!"

The pledges were all surprised to hear about the car show. They knew that Chris owned a Viper, the 1957 Nomad, and the 1970 Chevelle, but they didn't know that he owned other cars. They tried to get Chris to tell them what cars would be displayed, but he refused, only saying that they would see different cars today.

"What car will you drive?" Jarvis asked Chris.

"I'll be driving a 1996 Impala," Chris replied.

"What's so special about an Impala?" Cody asked.

"Wait until you see it and hear it!" Chris replied. "I had the Impala built special for car shows, and today will be the first time anyone has seen it besides me, my dad, and the mechanics. The Impala will be on a trailer until we get to the neighborhood, and then I'll drive it up to the house. B convinced me that we should have the car show as part of the entertainment for the Open House. He will be at the Open House along with all four of the Divisional Vice-Presidents of the National Fraternity and their wives."

The pledges all loved the cars that Chris had driven around the campus and wondered what vehicles they would be able to see and drive. Everyone was excited and anxious to get to the house to start the special day.

When the pledges got to the fraternity, they quickly and quietly began replacing the items they had taken. The kitchen was restocked with all of the dishes and cooking utensils and the shower rooms had the hardware reinstalled. By 7:00 a.m., everything had been returned and the pledges started to make breakfast for everyone.

Chris and Isaac walked into the room that they shared with their Big Brothers and found both guys sleeping soundly.

"Time to wake up Babe," Chris said softly to Mike. He kissed Mike on the cheek and gently shook him awake.

"Chris!" Mike mumbled. "What time is it?"

"It's 7:00 a.m. and you need to get up and take a shower before breakfast," Chris replied.

Mike was finally awake and grabbed Chris for a big hug and kiss. "I missed you so much!" Mike said. "Please don't leave me like that again."

"You've got morning breath," Chris teased. "I was hoping that I'd get a sweet kiss from you when I returned, but your mouth tastes nasty and you stink! Get your ass out of bed and hit the shower and brush your teeth!"

"Will you go with me?" Mike begged. "I missed you and don't want you to leave again."

Chris loved Mike and wanted to shower with him. They both got ready and headed across the hall where other guys were enjoying the repaired showers. They wanted to have sex but knew that a lot of work was needed to get ready for the Open House that would begin at noon.

"I smell bacon cooking!" Mike exclaimed. "I'm starving! Did you guys bring back all the stuff you stole from us?"

"Everything's back," Chris replied. "If you treat us poor pledges right, we might let you have one piece of bacon to share with your brothers."

"You asshole!" Mike replied.

"I might be an asshole," Chris began, "But I'm your asshole and you better admit that we're gonna be together for a long, long time!"

The dining room was filling up with members by the time Chris and Mike got there. The pledges told the members to sit down and recited the breakfast offerings.

"We have bacon and sausage," Isaac began. "We can also offer you bagels, toast, pancakes, oatmeal, and eggs any way that you want them. Fresh coffee is on the table along with orange juice and tomato juice. If there is anything else you want, we'll try to provide it."

"This is a real treat," Tom Jankowski said. "I speak for all of my brothers in thanking you guys for coming back here early and making breakfast for us. I see a lot of clean brothers and thank you for repairing the shower rooms. This is a big day for all of us, and I salute this pledge class for being here with us."

All of the members stood and applauded the pledge class. They watched the pledges serve them with dignity and enjoyed their company while relishing the special service. After all of the members were served, the pledges joined them in enjoying the special breakfast.

By 8:00 a.m., trucks began arriving to deliver tables, chairs, huge barbecue grills, and all of the tablecloths, paper plates, and plastic dinnerware needed. The members pitched in to set up the tables and get ready for their visitors. Roles were reversed, with the pledges knowing what needed to be done and giving instructions to the helpful members.

Mike helped Chris arrange the barbecue grills and found out that hickory wood had been soaking in plastic barrels in preparation for adding a special flavor to the meat. He helped Chris get two of the grills filled with charcoal for precooking large slabs of pork ribs.

"We have to boil the meat for 30 minutes in seasoned water in these large pots," Chris explained. "Then we put the slabs of ribs in insulated pans to keep them warm until we cook them on the grills. B and I want this to be a true Texas Barbecue, so we hired some cooks who know what they're doing. When we get all four grills going around noon, the hickory wood will be added to create smoke and a fantastic flavor. The smell will make everyone hungry and draw people from the entire neighborhood to join us today. If you want, you can help me mix up my special barbecue sauce. It's a special recipe that I learned from John Klein, but I made a couple special additions to make it my own secret recipe."

"I'll do anything you ask," Mike replied.

"If you're a good member today," Chris began, "I might give you a dose of my extra special sauce later this evening!"

Mike knew what Chris meant and cuffed him on the back of the head. Several members and pledges were helping them get the food organized and laughed when they listened to Chris and Mike teasing each other.

"The catering trucks will be here at noon," Nathan explained to the members. "We're gonna serve potato salad, baked beans, pasta salad, hot dogs, hamburgers, and Chris's famous barbecued ribs. We don't plan on serving any booze outside until the Open House is over. We know that some national officers will be here, and we'll offer them drinks at the bar, but we don't want a bunch of teenagers from the neighborhood sneaking beer and getting drunk."

Dave Wilbur congratulated the pledges on their planning for the special day. He was proud of them and made sure that his brothers knew what to do to get the beautiful garden ready for the visitors.

At 10:50 a.m., Isaac whistled loudly to get the attention of everyone. "Pledge buddies, it's time for us to leave," Isaac yelled.

The members were all shocked that the pledges were planning to leave. They begged them to stay, not knowing that the pledges would be back soon.

"Chris!" Mike yelled. "Please don't leave now! We need you guys! I need you with me!"

Chris hugged Mike and told him that the pledges would be back soon with part of the entertainment for the day. He asked Mike to continue cooking the meat and promised to be back before the start of the Open House at noon. Mike and his brothers were upset, but trusted the pledges to be back soon.

The pledges all jumped on the shuttle bus that circled the campus. They had planned their departure from the fraternity to catch the shuttle in time to get to the parking deck and be back at the house before noon. The guys were all excited to see the cars that would be featured in the car show, especially knowing that they would drive them around campus and then to the fraternity.

When the pledges got to the parking deck, they saw Brian Williams, Chief of Campus Security, standing with Stan Burnett, local Police Chief. Several security cars were parked alongside police cars and other officers were standing around. They all wondered why the law enforcement people were waiting for them.

Chris and the pledges greeted the officers and then talked to Jim Moore and the four mechanics he had brought from Fremont.

"You're in charge," Chris said to Jim after giving him a hug. "You should probably prepare the guys so they know what's going on."

"My name is Jim Moore, and I have the best job in the world!" Jim yelled to the pledges. "I get to see, drive, and maintain the finest collection of classic and muscle cars anywhere in California! Chris Hammer has been collecting special vehicles ever since he was 14, and I have so much fun being around his cars that it should be a crime to be paid."

"I'll remember that at the end of the month," Chris teased. He loved Jim and the guys who maintained his car collection, but still wondered if it was a mistake to bring 25 of his cars to the CSU campus.

Jim called Chris a jerk and continued explaining things to the pledges. He told them that 24 cars were on the third floor of the parking deck and that they had been covered and guarded until the pledges arrived.

"When you guys get up to the third floor, you can pick the car you want to drive around campus and back to the fraternity," Jim explained. "Many of the cars have manual transmissions, so if you can't drive a stick shift, pick a different car. I'll be in the lead police car and will have a speaker system to announce to your members when each of you drive your car up the driveway, circle the parking lot, and then park the car next to the driveway. It'll look very professional if you listen to my guys and space the arrivals out so everyone can get a good look at each car."

When the pledges ran up the stairs to the third floor of the parking deck, they all were shocked when they saw the cars. Lined up in neat rows were some of the most beautiful vintage and muscle cars that they had ever seen. They couldn't believe that Chris owned all of the cars and that they would get a chance to drive one of them.

"Pick your car!" Jim announced when he got to the third floor.

The pledges ran towards the beautiful cars and had a few squabbles between themselves before they all had picked a car. Each car had been recently waxed and gleamed in the California daylight.

"The keys are in each vehicle," Jim explained. "Please drive carefully, because I sure don't want any scratches on my babies!"

The other mechanics went around and explained the workings of each vehicle. They made sure that each pledge knew how to handle each vehicle before the caravan was formed.

"This is fucking unbelievable!" Tom McMartin said to Chris. "I'm ready to cum in my pants from seeing this! These cars must be worth millions of dollars!"

"They are," Chris replied. "B wants me to start a car museum to display the cars I've bought. They're just a collection of steel and rubber and don't mean as much to me as friendship does. Material things can be replaced, but friendship and love can't."

"Aren't you gonna drive one?" Tom asked.

"I figured that you'd like to ride with me when I fire up my 1996 Impala," Chris replied. "You thought the Chevelle I call `Missy' was powerful, but you can't believe the power of the Impala!"

"What's so special about the Impala? Where is it?" Tom asked.

Chris laughed and said the Impala was on a trailer and would be towed to the fraternity by a truck. He watched his pledge buddies start up their cars and start forming a line to leave the parking deck. He took Tom down to the ground level and led him to the trailer where the Impala was waiting.

"HOLY FUCK!" Tom exclaimed. "IT"S BEAUTIFUL!" He was looking at a custom vehicle that was dark purple and had wide slicks on the rear wheels. He quickly realized that he was looking at a two-door Impala and remembered that all of the 1996 Chevrolet Impala's were four-door vehicles. He saw the lowered vehicle and was shocked to see the supercharger sticking out of the hood. The sun made the dark purple metallic paint change colors to a deep red.

"I had this car built special," Chris offered. "Jim will enter it in some car shows soon, but this is the first time we've let the public see it. Most of my cars are restored back to original condition, but this one is completely different."

"The paint is awesome!" Tom said. "Are you really gonna drive it today?"

"Yup," Chris replied. "We really don't know the horsepower, but the engine has had a lot of work to make it scream! Most exotic cars are pushed into position at a car show, but this one will be driven in. The original engine was a 350 C.I.D. V8, but we modified the body and frame to take a 502 C.I.D. engine, along with the supercharger. I've lit up the tires a few times and this car scares me! I hope you drained your bladder, cause I don't want you pissing your pants and getting the interior wet!"

The caravan was led by a Campus Security vehicle and began the tour of the campus. Chris and Tom rode in the big Dodge one-ton dually that was pulling the Impala on the trailer at the end of the caravan. They were followed by a police cruiser to tour the campus and head for the fraternity.

All across the campus, security officers stopped traffic to allow the caravan to stay together. People were awe-struck to see the beautiful collection of vehicles and wondered where they were going. The campus came alive with people wanting to take pictures of the special cars and wishing that the campus newspaper had warned them about the special event. Several people got in their cars to follow the caravan for a closer look at the special vehicles.

Jim Moore got out of the Campus Security vehicle after it drove up the driveway of the fraternity and connected the speaker system in the front yard. The members all streamed out of the house to see what was going on, but they weren't prepared for what they would see.

"If any of you have digital cameras or video equipment, you may want to grab them right now," Jim announced through the speaker system. He watched several members run back inside the fraternity and waited for them to return. He saw Saul Bernstein with Helen Waterson and greeted them warmly. Saul was wearing an Armani suit and Helen was wearing a beautiful dark red formal dress. The Vice-Presidents and their wives were dressed formally, just like Saul and Helen.

"It's time to start the party!" Saul said to Jim.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Jim began. "Today you're going to see some of the finest cars in the world! The pledges of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity are going to drive cars up the driveway and then park them for a Car Show for part of the Open House entertainment today. I'll describe each car when it comes up the driveway and give you some information on each one. We have signs for each car that will be displayed during the Open House. We're going to rope off the cars to prevent any damage, but I'm sure Chris will let you examine the cars closely. Security officers will make sure that none of these cars get damaged during your Open House and I'll have all of the car keys."

"Does Chris own all the cars?" Mike asked Saul.

"Yes," Saul replied. "Chris has been hiding his collection, but I convinced him to let you guys see some of his favorite toys. He told me that you wanted to see all of his cars, and I made him promise to do it now that football is over for a while. Today you guys will see less than 10% of what my son owns in classic cars. He's embarrassed to let people see what he's collected, but he needs to be open and honest with you."

Jim signaled for the first car to drive down the street and enter the driveway.

"This is a 1953 Corvette," Jim began. "Only 300 Corvettes were built in 1953 and the value goes up for the lowest V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number). This car was completely restored and is Number 22."

Cody Emerson was driving the beautiful Corvette convertible and carefully drove it up the driveway, around the parking lot, and then parked it at an angle next to the driveway. Cody got out of the car and took a bow to the applause and cheering of the audience. One of the mechanics was releasing each vehicle on the street and another was directing the pledge how to park the car.

"I don't believe it!" Tom Jankowski blurted out. "That car must be worth a fortune!"

"Actually it cost $255,000," Jim announced. "Chris has been one of the favorite bidders at the Barrett-Jackson auctions each year where cars like these are sold to the highest bidder. He sells cars when he finds a better vehicle of the same model and year. I get to go to some of the auctions to buy cars for him, and I have to admit that it is a real rush to spend his money. The next car approaching is a 1935 DeLage roadster. This is one of the oldest cars in the collection and cost $165,000 when Chris bought it four years ago."

The members were torn between looking at the beautiful cars and trying to take pictures or videos. They were all excited to see the cars and knew that visitors would flock to their yard to view the classic cars.

"This is a 1957 Bel Air Convertible," Jim announced. "This car is unusual because it has a factory installed fuel injection system along with a four-speed manual transmission. The bright red color is appropriate for the most powerful car built by Chevrolet that year. Chris loves Chevrolets and owns several 1955, 1956, and 1957 models."

Saul and Helen were pleased at the reaction of the members when they saw the cars that Chris owned. They could see neighbors coming into the yard to get a close look at the beautiful cars and were delighted to watch the Vice-Presidents and their wives enjoying the car parade.

"This is a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad, Jim began. "Nomads are two door station wagons that were built in 1955, 1956 and 1957. This one is turquoise and white and was restored in what is known as a `body off' restoration. Every vehicle you're seeing today was taken down to the frame and the engine was completely taken apart and components were machined to blueprint specifications. These cars also have `historic' license plates that allow them to be driven on the roads to and from car shows."

Jim continued announcing each vehicle when it came up the driveway.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette, Split Window Coupe. $75,000

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Custom Coupe in original condition valued at $266,000.

1955 Ford Thunderbird. $70,000

1957 Ford Thunderbird. $120,000

1967 Ferrari 365 2+2. $80,000

"This next car is very special," Jim announced. "It's a 1957 Jaguar XKSS Roadster. It is so rare that it commanded a high price of $1,100,000 at the auction."

Saul had heard that Chris had bought this car, but it was the first time he had seen it. He watched Logan Koblinski carefully drive the car and park it for display. The Vice-Presidents and their wives were all impressed with the variety of cars being displayed and applauded along with the members for each car and driver. Each pledge felt like a celebrity when he drove the special car to the parking spot and accepted the applause from the audience.

Jim continued describing the cars when they entered the long driveway.

1970 Plymouth Hemi `Cuda, bright yellow with black racing stripes. Everyone loved the deep-throated sound of the Hemi engine when Harrison drove it up the driveway and parked it, after revving the engine several times. $216,000

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle 454, dark green with white racing stripes $125,000

1970 Chevrolet Camaro detailed by Yenko in Hugger Orange $185,000

1965 Austin Healy 3000, silver. $65,000

"This is another special car," Jim explained. "It's a 1955 Mercedes Benz gull wing valued at $365,000 when it was purchased two years ago. The gull wing doors are unique to this brand of cars."

1966 Chevrolet Corvette 427/425 horsepower, silver with black interior. $62,000

1965 Mustang fastback, bright yellow with black accents. $280,000

1955 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, white with red interior. $50,000

1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, bright red. $54,000

"Take a close look at this one," Jim said. "It's a 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang that was one of the most powerful cars built at that time. It's valued at over $300,000."

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 $110,000

1933 Ford Woody Wagon $72,000

1959 Ford Skyliner Convertible $50,000

1970 Oldsmobile 442 $55,000

"This car was made famous by the movie `Christine'," Jim explained. "It's a 1958 Plymouth Fury in the same bright red color as the car in the movie. The car in the movie killed several people. This one is powerful but friendly. $167,000."

"Where's Chris?" Mike asked Saul.

"If I know my son," Saul began, "He'll be making a grand entrance in his favorite toy."

"The last car for the show is very unusual," Jim Moore began. "Chevrolet stopped making the Caprice and Impala models in 1996. All of the production vehicles had four doors, but this one is nothing like a production car. Chris came up with the idea to rework an Impala into a two-door showpiece! It's taken almost two years for this car to be built, and everyone who worked on it is excited about seeing it displayed in a National Custom Car Show in Chicago next month. I won't have to tell you when Chris is ready to show off the car he calls `Petunia'."

Chris and Tom McMartin watched the mechanics tilt the trailer and carefully let the Impala roll off and onto the pavement. When the Impala was released from the cable, Chris told Tom to get inside.

Tom was shaking with excitement when he got inside the beautiful purple leather interior. His eyes were trying to take in all of the special features when Chris pointed them out. He saw that the interior was beyond description with four bucket seats, a custom dashboard, plush carpet, sunroof, and a DVD player combined with a Playstation 2 for the rear passengers.

"Listen to the stereo system!" Chris said excitedly. "It cost over $25,000."

The entire car was shaking from the power of the speakers blasting out a hard rock song. The music was so loud that the people standing outside the fraternity could hear the boom of the huge bass speakers. Chris let the music play for a minute or so and then turned it off. When he started the engine of the Impala, the roar shook the windows of the houses in the neighborhood. He put the Impala in reverse and slowly backed it away from the trailer. He revved up the powerful engine a few times before idling the car to the beginning of the driveway.

"Impalas all had automatic transmissions," Chris said to Tom. "This one has a six-speed manual transmission and special rear end to take the power."

"It sounds like a dragster!" Denny Reichert yelled over the loud engine sound. All of the members and pledges were anxiously waiting for the powerful car to come up the driveway.

"You'd better cover your ears!" Saul warned everyone.

Everyone was waiting for the car to come up the driveway so they could get a closer look. They weren't ready for what happened next.

"Hang onto your ass!" Chris warned Tom McMartin. He revved up the huge engine and floored the accelerator before releasing the clutch. The roar of the powerful engine echoed around the neighborhood and the wide slicks bit into the pavement, sending clouds of burning rubber into the air. The Impala screamed up the driveway sending everyone running for safety, while two windows in the fraternity shattered from the deafening roar! Chris had thrown a fast power shift into second gear and hit the brakes at the last second to expertly drive the Impala around the parking lot and park it in the place of honor nearest the house. The entire car was still shaking from the power of the engine and the tires were still smoking. Chris revved the engine two more times and then shut it off.

The spectators were having trouble hearing after the roar of the huge engine and the screaming tires had battered their ears. The air was filled with the stench of burning rubber and everyone was dazed from the intense sound compared to the quiet of the Sunday afternoon. The young men all swarmed around the purple beauty and waited for Chris to get out.

Tom McMartin got out of the deep purple Impala and was still shaking from the experience of riding up the driveway. He watched Chris leave the car and hug Saul, Helen, and Mike. He couldn't believe that Chris was calm after the scary ride and hoped that no one could see how scared he was.

"Show Off!" Saul said while cuffing his son on the back of the head.

"I've looked down the barrel of guns pointed at me by people who were ready to shoot me," Tom McMartin admitted to Chris. "Nothing scared me as much as riding in that car!"

"You guys just broke a bunch of laws!" Stan Burnett teased. "I just about crapped my pants when you guys made your grand entrance! I hope we don't get too many complaints!"

"You thought my Chevelle was scary," Chris said to Tom and Stan. "Missy is tame compared to this car!"

People flocked around the Impala while Jim Moore described the modifications that had been made to create "Petunia". He explained that the 502 C.I.D. engine had at least 1500 horsepower and that every part of the car had to be reinforced to handle the power. He admitted that General Motors had sold them parts for the vehicle at drastically reduced prices, hoping that the car would be displayed at car shows for advertisement.

"I always wanted to see your cars," Mike admitted to Chris. "I almost shit my pants when you pulled that hole shot! Kelly said you broke two windows in the house, you dumb shit!"

"Oops!" Chris exclaimed. "I'll go clean up the broken glass and get it repaired. I'm really sorry that I broke the windows."

"We'll take care of that," Tom Jankowski said. "Your car show was perfectly timed to let everyone know that the party is started! All of us want to look at your cars closely, but we need to take care of our guests. Let's get some guys to start serving the food and beverages!"

The members and pledges joined the other guests in swarming around the beautiful cars. The members were jealous that their pledges had the privilege of driving the special cars to the house and wanted to take the time to look at each car closely. The pledges were standing by the car they drove and were explaining how it felt to drive the special cars.

"We have guests and food to serve!" Tom Jankowski announced for the second time to the members and pledges. He ignored the groans of his friends and insisted that they serve their guests.

Several people decided to look at the special cars later and walked into the backyard where the Disc Jockey was playing music for the entertainment of the visitors. Brian Williams helped his security officers rope off the cars while Jim Moore and the mechanics put up the stands that held the description of each car for the display. The pledges and members all got busy putting out the food and beverages for their guests.

The visitors were admiring the beautiful Japanese Garden when they saw Alex running up to greet Chris. The big dog was howling with joy at seeing his master for the first time in two days and licked Chris's face and then did the same to Mike.

"Stop licking me!" Chris said to his dog. He knew that Aunt Millie must be either at the fraternity or on her way if Alex was loose.

Saul watched his son and Alex playing and knew that the big dog would be a hit with the visitors after he met them. Everything was coming together to make the day very special for everyone.

"You behave yourself," Chris said to Alex. "We have lots of visitors who'll wanna play Frisbee with you if you're nice to them. Don't bite anyone except the members!"

"You jerk!" Mike said. "Alex won't bite anyone, especially me or my brothers!"

"Take a swing at me and see how long you have a right arm!" Chris teased.

"Come on Alex, I'll get you something to eat," Mike said. He laughed at Chris when Alex quickly followed him to the grills in the backyard. He tossed Alex two hotdogs and watched them quickly disappear.

"I think Alex is happy to be home," Aunt Millie said to Chris after giving him a big hug. "I really enjoyed his company and made sure he was well fed. Your garden is beautiful!"

Chris introduced Aunt Millie to his dad and Helen, along with all of the other special guests. He introduced himself to the men tending the barbecue grills and was surprised to see John Klein supervising the cooking. He quickly realized that his dad had asked John Klein to select the chefs to prepare the food for the Open House.

"I hope you have time to enjoy yourself today," Chris said to John after giving him a hug. "I sure didn't expect you to be working."

"I'm having a great time," John said to Chris and Mike. "I tasted your barbecue sauce and it tastes different from the recipe I taught you. I really like it! What did you add?"

"He added lemon juice and Dave's Insanity Hot Sauce to your recipe," Mike offered.

"Asshole!" Chris yelled at Mike. "That was supposed to be a secret!"

"I'm going to experiment with your changes for customers who like a sauce that is spicier," John said. "I'm always open to improvements."

"It looks like everything is under control," Chris said to Mike. "Do you have time to take a walk with me?"

Mike was surprised that Chris wanted to leave the party, but quickly agreed to go anywhere with him. He was surprised when Chris led him into the fraternity and down the hallway to their room.

Chris grabbed Mike by the collar and shoved him into their room and hung the sign on the door to keep everyone out.

"I can't wait until tonight to be with you," Chris admitted to Mike. He pushed Mike onto their bed and pinned him on the mattress while giving him a passionate kiss.

"God, I love you!" Mike choked out. "I missed you so much while you were gone!"

"Get your clothes off for a quickie!" Chris ordered. "I need to taste your cock and cum!"

Mike and Chris both undressed quickly. They didn't waste any time in getting into a 69 position to pleasure each other.

Chris was thrilled to be with Mike alone and naked. He quickly began licking the head of Mike's cock and was pleased to taste the first drops of precum that flowed into his mouth. He pulled away from Mike's cock long enough to lick his index finger and insert it in Mike's ass. The moans of pleasure he heard were muffled because Mike was expertly sucking his cock also. He returned his attention to licking the underside of Mike's swollen cock head, knowing that the area was extremely sensitive. He felt like it had been weeks since he had sucked Mike off, and swallowed all eight inches of meat while he probed inside Mike's ass to find his prostate gland. When he stroked over the knob of male pleasure, he felt Mike's body tense up and knew he was going to get a nice load of man pudding for his mouth and throat.

"I'm cumming!" Mike screamed, pulling his mouth away from Chris's large cock. He tried to return to sucking Chris's cock, but the intensity of his orgasm caused him to thrash around on the bed, making it difficult for Chris to keep his cock in his mouth. He tried to control his body, but he thrashed around so hard that both he and Chris fell off the bed.

Chris had always known that Mike was a wild man in bed, but this was the first time that they had ended up on the floor when Mike was unloading his cum into his mouth. He quickly covered the knob of Mike's cock to drain the last few pulses of warm cum that were ejected from his lover's loins. His own cock was begging for release, but he knew that Mike needed time to recover from his intense orgasm. When he felt Mike's body go limp, he knew that his buddy had passed out. He positioned his body to cuddle Mike's and waited for his lover to regain consciousness. He gazed down at the handsome face of his Big Brother and loved Mike more than ever. He gently held Mike until he felt his body come to life again.

"You're an animal in bed!" Chris said when Mike was conscious. "I thought we could just go to our room and blow each other, but you always surprise me!"

"God Chris, I've never felt like this in my entire life!" Mike choked out. "I can't even move right now. Please hold me. I'm ready to cry. I love you so much and you always take care of me. I feel like a baby!"

"You're my baby!" Chris replied. "I missed sleeping with you and wanted to take care of your MSB. I'm sorry that you were upset when I was gone, but I needed to be with my pledge buddies. Please forgive me."

"I love you," Mike replied. "When we're apart I go nuts. I know my medication will help me fight my depression, but being with you is what I really need. Let me suck you off now so we can both be satisfied."

"I'm already satisfied by eating your cum," Chris replied. "Little Chris can wait until tonight to squirt inside your tight ass! We both need to make sure that our guests have a great time today, but tonight your ass is mine!"

Mike struggled to stand up after his intense orgasm. He staggered and felt Chris's strong arms holding him up. He hugged Chris and wrapped his arms around the strong body of the famous athlete who was his lover. When he was in Chris's embrace, he felt complete and secure. He wanted to stay in Chris's arms for the rest of his life, but knew that they both needed to take care of their visitors.

Chris and Mike left the privacy of their room and headed back into the backyard of the fraternity. Cody Emerson saw the look on Mike's face and knew that he had just unloaded a wad of cum with Chris. He teased the guys about hooking up during the party and wished that he had done the same thing. He was looking around the yard to find Stan Burnett and hoped that he could find the man and entertain him.

"Let's serve some food and listen to the entertainment that Tom Borton arranged for today," Chris suggested to Mike. "When this party is over, I'm gonna blast so much cum up your ass that it'll come out of your ears!"

"I'm just starting to feel normal," Mike admitted. "No one in the world can turn me on the way you do. I know you had the chance to unload with your pledge buddies, but you stayed faithful to me. That means a lot. You could have any girl or guy in the world, and you picked me. I know now what true love is!"

"I've always loved you," Chris said softly. "It took me a while to stop fucking girls and guys and learn to make love with you. You're everything that I want in a lover, and I want us to live together and be friends as well as lovers. Let's serve some food and have some fun with the visitors and our friends."

Mike and Chris began cutting up and serving the barbecued ribs. They were pleased that several people came back for second helpings of the spicy meat.

Alex was in heaven with all of the friendly people and the aroma of the cooking meat. He begged from everyone and was rewarded for the pitiful expressions on his doggy face. He ran to where Chris and Mike were serving the ribs and howled for a treat. Chris and Mike both tossed him a rib and watched when the bones were quickly crunched up and swallowed along with the meat.

"You guys need to take a break and eat," Isaac said. "Delano and I'll take over for you so you can taste those fantastic ribs!"

Mike and Chris were both hungry and quickly filled their plates. They joined the table where Saul and Helen were entertaining Aunt Millie and some of the police officers.

"I love the barbecued ribs," Aunt Millie said. "I'd really like to have the recipe for the sauce. My friends take turns hosting meals and they would love to taste a true Texas Barbecue."

"When it's your turn to host a meal, Mike and I will cook the ribs for you," Chris offered. "John Klein taught me how to cook when I was in the orphanage, and the sauce is his recipe with a couple additions Mike and I made. Mike blew it and told John what I added!"

"You shouldn't keep any recipe secrets from me anyway," John Klein said when he brought his plate of food to the table along with his wife and children.

Saul introduced John and his wife to the people at the table and told them about his restaurant success. Everyone was surprised that the owner of the chain of successful restaurants was joining them for the Open House. Jodi Klein was pleased to see Chris give her twin sons, Jeremy and Justin a lot of attention.

"Have you guys ever ridden a horse?" Chris asked the small boys who were five years old.

The boys loved the attention and said that they had never ridden a horse. They were thrilled when Chris called Alex and introduced them to the huge dog. At first they were scared, but Chris told him that Alex was very friendly and would let them take a ride on his back. The boys forgot about their food and quickly let Chris put them on Alex's back. They both squealed with joy when they rode Alex around the beautiful Japanese garden, and were the star attractions for everyone, with Chris and Mike walking on either side of Alex to keep the boys from falling off. Everyone cheered and applauded when the twins rode near them on their tour of the garden. John and Jodi Klein watched Chris and Mike taking care of their sons and knew that the two men would be excellent parents.

Cody had finished eating and looked for Stan Burnett. He found the Chief of Police sitting at a table filled with other police officers, and sat next to Stan to talk to him.

"Have you seen the inside of the fraternity?" Cody asked Stan. "I know you saw the living room, but wondered if you wanted a tour of the rest of the house."

Stan was thrilled that the cute little guy was sitting next to him. He looked into Cody's eyes and saw a spark of excitement. He didn't want to appear too anxious, but smiled and accepted the offer of a tour. He dumped his empty plate in the trash barrel and watched the cute bubble butt of Cody Emerson walking toward the fraternity house. All of the pledges were wearing gray shorts and white T-shirts that showed off their male attributes. The sight of Cody's butt cheeks started his manhood to inflate with passion.

Cody led Stan into the house and down the hallway to the bar area. He offered the Police Chief a drink and described the trophies and furnishings while Stan sipped his scotch and soda. He was getting vibes that Stan was more interested in looking at him than listening to what he was saying.

"Let me show you the room I share with my Big Brother, Jermaine, along with Jarrett Stevens and his Big Brother, Ron Gentry," Cody offered. He was pleased to see Stan grab his drink and walk with him to the dorm area.

Stan tried to hide his erection but wasn't successful. Just being around Cody and listening to his immature voice was causing his cock to leak precum.

"This is my room," Cody said. "When we want privacy, we put this sign on the doorknob. We don't have locks on the doors in the dorm area, but no one opens a door with a sign on it."

Stan watched Cody take the sign, put it on the doorknob, and close the door. His spirits soared when Cody walked up to him and ran his hand over his erection. Any inhibitions that he possessed were quickly extinguished.

Cody knew that he was taking a big risk in fondling the bulge in the Police Chief's pants, but he was pleased with the reaction from the mature man. He looked into Stan's eyes and saw pure lust. He felt Stan's erection and let his own passions take over. He held onto Stan's boner and offered his lips for a kiss.

Stan moaned when he felt the small hand grab his erection and leaned down to kiss the beautiful lips of the small guy who looked like a young cherub. The kiss was sweeter than anything in the world and he felt his knees going weak. He let the small guy lead him to a bed and continued French kissing the cutie when they both were on the bed. He could feel Cody's fingers unhooking his belt, unbuttoning his slacks, and sliding his zipper down. When he felt the cool air hit his throbbing cock, he knew he was in heaven.

"I've wanted this ever since I met you," Cody admitted. He stroked the seven inches of manhood and smeared the copious precum over the knob of Stan's cock.

"God you're so handsome!" Stan moaned. He couldn't believe that this handsome young man was massaging his erection and jerking him off. He nearly fainted when he saw Cody's head go south and cover the head of his cock with his mouth.

Cody was an experienced cocksucker and knew how to please a man. He swirled his tongue around the swollen head of Stan's cock and lapped up the precum. He began bobbing up and down on the man's cock and pulled down Stan's slacks and jockey briefs to expose his large balls. He pulled his mouth off the shaft of Stan's cock and licked the hairy scrotum before taking one nut in his mouth. He bathed the globe with his tongue and felt Stan pulling his body into a 69 position. He helped Stan pull down his shorts and briefs and groaned when he felt the man's warm mouth swallow his five inches of throbbing meat.

The two men were oblivious to the rest of the world during their oral efforts to please each other. They alternated between sucking cocks and licking scrotums to prolong the intimate encounter.

Stan was in heaven when he tasted Cody's precum filling his mouth with the flavor of ambrosia. He fondled the firm globes of Cody's ass cheeks and ran his finger up and down the valley between them. He wished that he could see the puckered opening of Cody's anal passage and shove his tongue inside to taste the young guy's hole. He knew that the flavor would be the best taste of his life but he didn't want to let the small cock out of his mouth until he had tasted Cody's cum.

Cody was thrilled that his sexual advances were accepted and intensified his efforts to suck the cum out of Stan's large cock. He heard a muffled moan just before he felt the throbbing pulses at the base of Stan's cock that warned him to get ready to swallow. The first blast of cum hit the back of his mouth and was quickly swallowed to make room for more male juice. He felt his own cock throb and start pumping cum into Stan's mouth and felt light headed.

The two horny guys swallowed their fresh cum and expertly used their tongues and fingers to stimulate each other. They both shot at least six spurts of cum before they collapsed on the bed to recover from their orgasms.

"That was awesome!" Cody said after turning to kiss Stan on the lips. "I wanted to suck you off the first night I met you."

"I saw you and Jermaine having sex and wished it was me with you," Stan admitted. "You're the cutest guy I've ever met!"

"We should probably get back to the party before someone comes looking for us," Cody said. "I hope you aren't mad at me."

"Why should I be mad?" Stan asked. "That was the most intense orgasm of my life! I'd love to spend more time with you so I can lick your ass and fuck it!"

"I'd love that," Cody admitted. "I love being rimmed and then fucked! When can we hook up again?"

"I'll let you know," Stan replied. "I'm watching a friend's house while he and his family are attending a funeral out of state. Maybe we can meet there and have some more fun. I hope you won't tell anyone about what we did today."

"I won't tell if you won't," Cody replied. He pulled up his underwear and shorts before going to his desk to write down the number for his cell phone. He kissed Stan again and made him promise to call when they could get together and fuck. He opened the door and removed the sign before leading Stan back to the party in the backyard.

Chris was changing the trash bag in one of the barrels when he noticed Cody and Stan coming out of the fraternity house. His instincts kicked in and he realized that the two guys had just shared sex together. Cody had the strange glow on his face that all guys have after they have blown their load. Chris didn't want to embarrass them and merely gave Cody "the thumbs up" sign. He went back to work and emptied all of the trash barrels and threw the full bags in the dumpster. He was listening to the Disc Jockey announcing each record before it was played and also heard the challenge for a Karaoke competition between the members and pledges.

"We need you to sing for our side," Isaac said to Chris. "I've asked Brendan, Delano and Jarvis to sing too. If we beat the members, they have to buy the beer for a week!"

"I'm not gonna sing!" Chris said to Isaac.

"Yes you are!" Saul said to Chris. "I love hearing you sing and I know that you have a great voice. Please sing for us!"

"I'll sing a song if you do," Chris replied to his dad. He thought that his challenge would end the argument, but was surprised when Saul agreed. Chris had heard Saul's voice at church, but didn't expect him to accept the challenge.

"I've got the music from the concert," Tom Borton announced. "Let's hit them with the songs that stole the show!"

The DJ was pleased when the challenge was accepted and the four pledges got up on the stage to sing. After singing a song from the concert, the crowd stood and cheered for the pledges. Joe McClure, Dennis Reichert, and Ron Gentry did a good job, but the crowd applause was definitely giving the pledges the advantage in the competition.

Chris had demanded that Saul sing, and was pleased to see his father talking to the DJ.

"This song is dedicated to the woman I love," Saul announced. He sang the song, "Lady in Red" beautifully to Helen. His deep baritone voice was filled with emotion as he poured out his love for his future wife who was appropriately dressed in a beautiful dark red dress.

When Saul was finished with the song, the crowd went wild, with Chris and Mike cheering and clapping the loudest. Saul had stolen the show from the pledges and humbly accepted the approval of the audience. He stepped off the stage and was hugged by Helen Waterson, who had tears running down her face.

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard!" Helen said to Saul. "I can't wait to become your wife!"

"The pledges admit defeat!" Isaac announced to the crowd after jumping up on the stage and grabbing the microphone. "My pledge buddies and I can't compete with a love song that was sung by our National Fraternity President with so much emotion! I hope some of our guests will entertain us by singing a song for our entertainment during the rest of this Open House celebration."

Chris and Mike gave Saul and Helen hugs and congratulated Saul on winning the Karaoke Competition. They circulated around the yard and talked to all of the guests. Everyone was enjoying the festivities and didn't want to leave the fantastic party. Instead of ending at 6:00 p.m., the party continued until 7:00 p.m. when the DJ stopped playing music and announced the conclusion of the Open House.

The members and pledges were perfect hosts and thanked the visitors for coming to their party. The National Fraternity officers and their wives went inside the fraternity to socialize at the bar while the pledges and members all pitched in to clean up the yards after the party and get the rental items ready for pickup on Monday morning.

It was almost 8:00 p.m. when Tom Jankowski whistled loudly to get the attention of the members and pledges.

"Guys, we had a great Open House," Tom began. "I want us all to hit the showers and get dressed for a special recognition of this wonderful day. Big Brothers, I want each of you to make sure that your Little Brothers are ready for a special meeting."

The pledges were all tired and ready for a shower, but they didn't understand why Tom was making such a big deal about them being properly dressed for a meeting. Everyone headed into the fraternity and did what Tom Jankowski had ordered.

"What's going on?" Chris asked Mike when they were in the shower room together. "You guys promised not to harass us."

Mike just laughed and told Chris to do what he had been told. This was the night that he had been waiting for, and he knew all of the pledges were concerned about the special meeting. He got dressed in his gray slacks, white shirt, green blazer and green and gold necktie. He put on his membership pin and then helped Chris finish dressing in similar clothes with his pledge pin on his chest.

The bell rang throughout the fraternity to call all of the men to assemble. The handsome group of young men in the living room consisted of Big Brothers and Little Brothers. When Mike held out a blindfold to Chris, he saw the tears of recognition of what the blindfold meant flowing down Chris's face.

"This is it!" Mike said to Chris. "Ever since you were 15 and we visited this fraternity together, I've dreamed about us becoming brothers. Tonight we take another step into the future together. I'm gonna lead you into the Chapter Room for formal initiation into the Delta Delta Delta Brotherhood."

Chris was sobbing uncontrollably. Mike and several of the other guys in the living room tried to calm him down. Everyone in the living room was emotional, but Chris was having the most trouble getting prepared for the event that he had dreamed of. His large body was wracked with sobs that concerned everyone. He had to sit down before he passed out. Mike and Jarvis sat next to Chris and talked softly to him to help him calm down.

"I owe you guys an apology," Dave Wilbur said. "I've been your Pledge Master and could have told you that this was `Help Week'. You guys took our shit and whacked us back. I don't remember any pledge class that made it through `Help Week' without someone quitting. I'm proud to lead you guys into the Chapter Room where your pledge pins will be replaced with membership pins. You've all earned the right to be a brother of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity."

Saul Bernstein was bursting with pride when he saw Dave Wilbur lead the procession of Big and Little Brothers into the Chapter Room. The members were humming the Fraternity Song until the pledges were lined up in front of the altar. Each Big Brother removed the blindfold from his Little Brother and made the introduction.

"I, Michael James Mahley present Christopher Jonathan Hammer for initiation into our brotherhood," Mike said with a quivering voice. He was the last Big Brother to introduce his Little Brother.

Chris tried to clear his eyes from the tears that were flowing freely down his face. He blinked several times and saw B standing behind the altar wearing a beautiful hooded green robe with the Fraternity Crest emblazoned on the front.

"Brothers, it is my honor to open this ceremony with a few comments," Saul began. "Standing before me and our National Vice-Presidents are 25 men who have earned the honor of becoming our brothers. In addition to being part of the largest group of young men to ever pledge this chapter, this pledge class has displayed exceptional talent and unity. I congratulate the brothers of this chapter for selecting and nurturing 25 individuals who have proven that they are ready for the challenges and responsibilities of membership. It is time for the brothers of this chapter to formally accept our new brothers."

The pledges stood in awe while three members recited the secrets and mysteries of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. Each of the speakers was standing at a corner of a triangle in the middle of the Chapter Room. They listened to three presentations, one each on "Brotherhood, Love, and Service". The ceremony lasted nearly 30 minutes before each Big Brother stood in front of his Little Brother and removed the pledge pin to replace it with a membership pin. The bond between the Big and Little Brothers would not end with initiation, but would last forever. Hugs were exchanged after each pin was replaced until Mike finished putting the membership pin on Chris's shirt.

"Gentlemen, it's time to greet our new brothers!" Tom Jankowski announced.

The Chapter Room erupted with cheering at the conclusion of the ceremony. Several pledges were crying tears of joy at becoming members and had trouble composing themselves to accept the congratulations of their brothers.

Saul could see that Chris was still sobbing when he came up to congratulate him. He hugged Chris and Mike at the same time and felt the tears run down his own face. He had always loved his fraternity and prayed that Chris would become a member too. His dreams had come true, and now he shared the emotions of his son on this important day.

"I'm so proud of you that I can't express myself!" Saul said to Chris. "Now you and Mike are brothers and bonded to the ideals of our Fraternity for the rest of your lives. Let's go to the bar and celebrate with the rest of the guests!"

"I can't believe this!" Chris said while looking at the membership pin on his shirt. "This is like the best dream of my life coming true!"

"I have a present for you," Mike said. "It's customary for a Big Brother to give his Little Brother his membership pin along with the first item with our Greek Letters on it. I hope you like this."

Chris opened the wrapped package and found a green golf shirt with the three deltas over the left side of the chest. He also found a baseball cap that had the three Deltas on the brim. He thanked Mike and gave him a warm hug.

"I have something for you too," Saul said to his son. "My Big Brother gave me this lapel pin when I was initiated, and I want you to have it now. Wear it with pride and know that across the nation, other brothers will see it and welcome you."

Chris was shaking so hard that he couldn't put the lapel pin on his green blazer. Saul put the pin in place and gave his son another hug.

"Let's go celebrate!" Mike said to Chris and Saul. "This is the best day of my life!"

The bar area was filled with people who were celebrating the initiation of 25 young men into the brotherhood of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. The female guests gave the young men a lot of attention during the important celebration that recognized their accomplishments.

It was a great day in the lives of everyone associated with the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity!!!

It's not over until the Fat Lady sings!! More to come, or should I say, cum!!!

Author's note: Barrett-Jackson is the name of a real series of auctions of classic cars. The descriptions and prices used in this chapter are actual prices paid by the buyers during a recent auction held in the United States.