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CJ Chapter 5

Nathan was a hit at the fraternity. He was a handsome guy and had a quick wit, traits that were desired at Delta Delta Delta. Reggie seemed really interested in the guy that matched him for size. They began talking after the pool game was finished and found that they were both computer science majors. The next thing Chris knew, he saw Reggie and Nathan headed for the dorm area of the fraternity. Things were now getting interesting. For some reason, Chris had never hooked up with Reggie, even though he was a real cutie. Chris had seen Reggie nude in the shower room. He had a nice toned body and a dick that was average sized for his height and weight. Chris wondered if Reggie would be able to take his big meat in his mouth or back door. He had the same concerns about Nathan. It would be fun to see just how much a smaller body can take in gay sex.

Tom noticed that Nathan and Reggie headed for the dorm. In the time he had been talking to Nathan, Tom decided that the small guy would be a great pledge. Everyone knew that Chris would be a magnet for attracting the best pledges in the history of the chapter. Tom watched as many of the members hooked up for some intimate bonding. Not all the guys in the house were gay or bi, but even the straight guys accepted the fact that guys have different ideas about foreplay and getting off. He smiled as he watched the different pairs of guys headed to one of the two dorm wings. As president of the chapter, his room was in a third wing known as the "officers' wing". The president and vice-president shared a special room with a private bathroom. The treasurer, assistant treasurer, recording secretary, pledge master, assistant pledge master, house and grounds chairman, assistant house and grounds chairman, alumni secretary, Greek Council rep, historian, education chairman, chaplain, and community relations chairman were housed in three rooms with four beds each. The officers' wing had a separate large bathroom and shower room. Tom watched the pairings as they developed, and grabbed two cold beers and walked up to Chris.

Chris was talking to Adam Thompson, a sophomore. As Tom walked up, he heard Chris asking questions about pledging. Tom waited and listened, as Adam explained that the length of pledgeship depended on how long it took the pledges to become unified. Friction among pledges was common, and the friction would extend the time before "Hell Week" would begin. Each pledge class would elect a president, vice-president, and treasurer. They would also have to complete a "pledge project" to improve some aspect of the fraternity. A pledge skit was required to prove their unity to all of the members. "Road Trips", where the drunk pledges were dropped off covered with a variety of nasty body coatings at a great distance from the house, had been banned by the university and national fraternity. In the past, pledges at other fraternities had died when the road trips left them alone and drunk. Use of the paddle had been officially eliminated, but Adam warned Chris that he would feel the bite of the paddle for discipline. Officially, the national fraternity did not allow any paddling of pledges, but the CSU chapter had quietly retained the corporal punishment.

Tom liked the fact that Chris was learning more about pledging the house. Most of the pledge candidates would not even move onto the campus until September. Chris had visited several of the other fraternities when he visited the campus in the past four years, but the only one he had ever expressed any interest in pledging, was the Tri-Delt house. The national office was constantly calling Tom to find out the status of Chris's commitment to pledging. The national servicing rep had even threatened Tom that the chapter would have their charter revoked if they didn't land the star athlete. Tom knew that it was an idle threat, but it showed just how important having the Olympic star as a pledge and member was to the national office.

"When you sign up for rush in September, you will have a choice for 'open rush' to all of the recognized fraternities, or 'selective rush' for specific houses" Adam explained. "We all hope that you will sign up for our house, as we all want you to become a member here. Everyone talks about how many years you have visited us, and the members know a lot about you. Don't get a big head, but you are the top pledge candidate for this house. You have proven how you will risk your own life to protect guys from our house, and WE WANT YOU!!"

Tom walked up and handed Chris the cold beer. "Right now, I am the guy who wants him the most" Tom said. "How about you and me hooking up for some intense bonding?"

Chris laughed and quickly accepted the offer. Adam was straight, but had "bent" twice to be in bed with Chris. Adam was going steady with one of the Sig Ep's, and headed there to fuck. Chris had spent many nights in the room reserved for the president and vice-president. It had all started when he was 15 and visited the fraternity for the first time. He had been in a nasty fight that bonded him to Joe. The first night they just held each other and slept, but the next day they had fucked each other's brains out. In the past four years, he had sucked and fucked every president and vice-president in the house. He had hooked up with Tom on several occasions, and now that Tom was starting his senior year as the president, he was ready to get rid of a MSB. He had watched Isaac leave with Leif, and was disappointed that he would not be able to probe that cute brown butt. He and Isaac were suck buddies, but he wanted to see his dorm buddy's face when he plugged him with his big dick. He also wanted to swallow some more Mexican sperm, and have his ass fucked by the "hot tamale".

Tom and Chris walked to the officers' wing and into "Alpha Room". That was the name reserved for the special room for the president and vice-president. The current vice-president, Ben Cleary, had accepted a summer internship with General Motors, so the room was theirs for private time. Tom was horny, and grabbed Chris and mashed his mouth against the handsome athlete's lips. He gazed into the deep green eyes, and wondered if anyone else in the world had eyes that beautiful. He was thrilled that Chris was horny and passionate, as they kissed and groped each other. They ended up on the bed with their mouths locked together. Two tongues took turns probing into the depths of two horny mouths.

Tom broke the kiss and dropped down on the bed. He quickly pulled down the jeans and boxers of the huge athlete, exposing the erect cock that he wanted to swallow and feel deep inside his ass. He used his hand to retract the long foreskin, exposing the mushroom head that was coated with precum. Tom inhaled, dizzy with the vision and scent of the pubic area of the stud. He inhaled to capture the smell, and opened his mouth and took in the red head of the massive cock. His taste buds went into orbit, as he slurped up the tasty nectar.

Chris moaned in pleasure as he felt Tom working on his throbbing cock. Tom was one of the few guys at the fraternity who could swallow the entire length of his massive cock, and also took the entire length up his ass. He knew he wouldn't last long if Tom continued the loud slurping noises that Chris loved to hear. Guy sex was awesome, but the sounds of slurping and moaning always made the experience more intense. He decided not to hold back his orgasm, and surrendered to the feelings of the lips on his cock. He announced his orgasm, wondering what Tom would do.

Tom had the entire 12 1/2 inches of cock deep down his throat, but wanted to taste the thick liquid of his special friend. He pulled back and began stroking the huge cock with his right hand and ran his left index finger inside the bubble butt of the big stud. The finger quickly located the prostate gland and stimulated it. The reaction was immediate, as he was rewarded with the first of many blasts of thick man juice. Not a drop of the ten blasts of thick cum was wasted, as he gulped and swallowed as his finger "did the wave" over the large prostate gland of the big stud.

Chris was ready to collapse with the intensity of his orgasm. He loved the feel of having his dick deep inside the throat of a willing partner. He also knew that Tom could "ring his chimes" with his mouth and finger. He was drained, but he also knew that he would reload quickly and fuck Tom's brains out before the night was over.

Tom was gentle as he finished Chris off. He had swallowed more cum from Chris's cock than four normal guys would ever pump. Several informal meetings at the fraternity had focused on the sexual attributes of the basketball star. Even the straight members were impressed when they heard about how much cum Chris could pump out, and how quickly he would reload for another encounter.

Chris was thrilled that Tom had drained his MSB, and wanted to return the favor. He took a deep breath and pushed Tom down on the bed. In a matter of seconds, he removed all of Tom's clothes and went for his nipples. Chris loved nipples, and licked, sucked, and nibbled on the two brown nubs on the developed chest. Tom had a small amount of chest hair that ran between the two sensitive nipples. Chris pulled on the brown hairs as he drove Tom wild with his nipple attention. Many guys never learn how sensitive their nipples are, as they are usually sucking on a girl's nipples. Girls will sometimes suck a guy's nipples, but never seem to realize that nipple sucking can make a guy cum without ever touching his dick. It was the same for cocksucking. Girls can do it, but guys know how to do it best. Having a dick of your own and knowing what makes it feel like popping a nut is special knowledge. Chris figured that eating pussy was the same, as girls knew how to do it the best. He had honed his pussy eating skills ever since he was 10, but cocksucking was his favorite oral activity.

Tom had a nice 6 1/2-inch cock for Chris to work on. Chris had sucked Tom's dick several times, and knew the way to make his buddy happy. He inhaled the entire length and worked his throat muscles to massage the tender head of the handsome dude. Tom was 6 foot 3 inches, with a slender body that looked like it was built for playing basketball. He was not a jock, but was an expert in getting guys to talk about their personal lives. His interpersonal skills had landed him the honor of being the chapter president. He was a LSA (Language and Social Arts) major, and wanted to get a master's degree in communications. He was a natural for communications, as he could make the most impressive and convincing speeches of anyone on the CSU campus. In high school, Tom was the captain of the debate team, and never lost a match. He had displayed his skills many times when he addressed the fraternity or the Greek Council. When Tom spoke, everyone listened.

Now it was time for Tom to express his sexual pleasure, as Chris was doing a fantastic job of sucking his cock. He moaned his approval of the actions of the throat muscles of the star athlete, and began screaming his pleasure. Some of the other officers had listened to the sexual activities in Alpha Room, and knew that Chris and Tom were "blowing each other's brains out". They laughed as they listened to Tom getting his rocks off in the freshman's mouth, wishing that they were the one having their cock sucked. When Tom screamed that he was cumming, they pounded on the door and yelled their encouragement for Chris to "Suck him dry". Chris didn't need any encouragement, as he vacuumed out every blast of warm cum that filled his mouth. He had been stroking Tom's prostate with his large finger, and had gulped down every drop of sperm that had blasted into his mouth. Eating warm protein was one of Chris's favorite meals. He wondered if he could ever get enough sperm to eat, as his hunger was insatiable.

Tom and Chris kissed passionately as they descended from their sexual high. They both loved to French kiss. Their mouths were flavored with fresh cum, and they both enjoyed the chance to taste the special flavors that only guys could produce. Their kissing was interrupted, when Dave Wilbur, the current pledge master, banged on the door.

"You guys have gotta take a break and listen to what I just heard," Dave yelled. "You can go back to your sex later, but right now, you gotta come with me and hear this!"

Chris and Tom laughed, as they realized that their private time had been loud enough to attract the attention of the other officers. They both slipped on their boxers and headed out of the room. Dave was trying to get them to hurry to the west wing of the fraternity. A group of guys were standing in the hallway of the west wing, listening to the hot action going on in Theta Room. Tom whispered to Chris that it was the room that Reggie shared with three other guys, but that tonight, Reggie was with Nathan.

"Spank me harder!" Reggie screamed. He was normally a very quiet guy, but tonight, he was hooked up with Nathan, a guy his own size. It was obvious that the two smaller guys had really hit it off. The sounds of hands hitting the bare ass of a guy filled the hallway. At least ten guys were listening at the door to Theta Room, as Nathan was slapping the ass of Reggie Burris. From what the guys in the hall could hear, Nathan was sucking Reggie's cock at the same time he was slapping his cute ass. The moans and groans were intense, as Reggie begged Nathan to hit him harder and to suck harder at the same time.

"I never guessed that Nathan was into rough sex," Chris whispered to Tom. "He stared at my dick when we showered together, so I figured that he might be gay or bi, but this is WILD!"

The guys in the hallway were all groping themselves or each other, as they listened to the hot action in the room. Tom had slid his hand down the back of Chris's boxers and was probing inside his puckered man pussy. Chris was in orbit, as he tried to decide if he wanted to continue listening at the door, or go back to the officers' wing and get fucked. The decision was made for him, as he heard Reggie scream, "I'M CUMMING!! EAT MY LOAD AND KEEP SPANKING ME!!"

The guys in the hall screamed their approval of the audio event of the month. They banged on the door and yelled their approval of the entertainment. Jonathan Reinhardt whispered to Chris and Tom that he had walked past the door and heard Nathan rip off a major orgasm, just by being paddled by Reggie. Jonathan was the one to pull them out of Alpha Room to listen to the hot S&M sex along with Dave Wilbur.

Reggie and Nathan seemed oblivious to the cheers in the hallway, as they continued their kinky sex.

"FUCK ME!!" Reggie screamed at Nathan. From the moans and groans heard in the hallway, it was obvious that the two small guys were a perfect sexual match. Reggie was screaming his approval of the fucking that Nathan was giving him, as the guys in the hall continued to grope each other.

Chris was the one to break the group apart, as he said, "I want you to fuck my brains out now" to Tom.

"I need to feel your huge dick inside my ass too," Tom said. "Let's go back to the officers' wing, flush out our holes, and then fill them with hot sperm!"

Some of the guys decided to stay and listen, as Nathan was pumping his wad inside Reggie's small ass. The two small guys were very vocal, and seemed oblivious to the audience in the hallway. The neat thing about the fraternity is that no one would dare open the unlocked door to intrude on the two lovers inside. The sign hanging on the door said "PRIVATE" and everyone in the fraternity respected the sign and it's meaning. No one would dare open the door and invade the privacy of the room unless there was a fire or some other life-threatening emergency. Listening outside the door was not only accepted, it was encouraged, as members would learn more about their brothers' sexual preferences.

Tom and Chris headed back to the officers' wing. They flushed out any solid waste that they had in their bodies, and showered together. They spent the night fucking each other in every position that they could remember. It was a great night of bonding, as they each popped four loads of cum inside each other.

The next morning, Chris woke up to find Tom sleeping on his chest. Tom's hand was holding his hard cock that needed to be drained. He wanted to get up without waking Tom, but considering the way Tom's arms and legs had entangled with his made it impossible. The urge to pee finally made Chris pull away and get out of the bed that was covered with dried cum. The two dudes had sucked and fucked each other dry, and the entire room smelled of sweat and cum.

Tom moaned as Chris pulled away from his body. The sex had been awesome. He was convinced that he had to have Chris as a pledge, so they could repeat their activities of the previous night. He watched as the cute bubble butt of the star athlete headed for the private shower. He noticed that Chris had areas on his body that showed the contrast of his tanned and un-tanned physique. One of the areas was under the awesome ass cheeks, where the muscles of the tight ass folded over and prevented a tan. Tom had also visited the other un-tanned area when Chris lifted his arms, revealing his arm pits. Seeing the handsome jock nude and seeing the intimate tan lines was a special treat for him. His ass ached with the feelings of pleasure and pain. No one in the world could fuck like Christopher Jonathan Hammer!

Chris took a fast shower, as he wanted to run before he had breakfast and headed for his classes. His ass was still filled with cum that Tom had deposited there, and he longed for another cock to "scratch his itch" deep inside his body. He had sucked and fucked with at least 2/3 of the guys in the house, and each one was unique. Life was good, and Chris was a "cum hound". He loved trading sperm with other guys, but also loved the intense kissing that only a few of the guys in the fraternity shared with him.

When Chris left the front door of the fraternity, he was pleased to see Mike waiting for him. Whenever Chris spent the night at the house, Mike seemed to be waiting for him in the morning for running.

"It's nice to see you ready for running after sucking and fucking Tom's brains out last night!" Mike said. He loved to tease Chris about his promiscuity, but also wished that they would develop their friendship into an exclusive relationship.

"Well, I heard some moaning and groaning from your room when Tom and I walked past it," Chris said. "From what I could hear, you were rushing a guy from the Camden Dorm named Lonny. We heard his screaming your name as you 'fucked his brains out'. I guess you did a good job, as I don't see him ready to run with us this morning."

"I'm gonna tell the other guys to ban you from spending the night here," Mike teased. "You know too much already about this house, and have drilled too many members with that huge dick of yours. We need some fresh meat around here, not that old, worn out dinky that you have between your legs."

"Just remember that my 'dinky' can make you scream!" Chris teased back, as they began their run.

Mike and Chris loved the time they spent with each other, but never let the opportunity for teasing each other pass by without trying to humiliate each other. They both loved teasing and playing pranks on each other and the other guys in the fraternity. When they were finished with their run, they slowed down to cool off.

"Can we sit and talk for a few minutes?," Mike asked.

Chris agreed, and they headed for a bench in the quad. Very few people were up at that time of morning, so they knew they would not be interrupted.

"Total Truth" Mike announced.

Chris groaned, as he tried to figure out what Mike wanted to know from him, and what embarrassing question he could ask Mike.

"Okay," Chris said. "Why are you avoiding me when I come to visit the house?"

Mike was not ready for that question. He figured that Chris would probe for details of his sex adventures, but never expected his buddy to be so serious with his question. He decided to lie to his friend. He could never tell Chris the real reason he was uncomfortable around him.

"I just want to watch you and see who you are attracted to," Mike lied. "You always seem to hookup with a different guy, and it is neat to see who it will be. Even the 'straight' guys in the house want to get you in their beds, so I just stand back and see what you do."

Chris knew that Mike was lying. He was an expert at watching a guy's eyes when intimate information was being shared. It was hard for Chris to be honest with Mike, as they shared a special bond that had developed over the past four years. Chris had been sexually active with Mike, Mike's brother, Jake, and their older friend, Joe. Joe and Chris had a special bond after the big fight when Chris was 15. He decided to let Mike slide this time, and was ready for his question.

"I know that you used to live in Dallas," Mike began. "We have heard rumors about why you and B moved to Freemont, but I want to know the truth. Why did you leave Dallas?"

Chris took a deep breath. He had revealed part of his past to Mike, Jacob and Joe when he was 15, but this would bring out some painful memories. He decided to trust his friend and tell the truth.

"We had a woman who cleaned both sides of our duplex," Chris began. "B was in one half of the big house, and Alex and I shared the other half. The woman who cleaned for us was Maria, and she was Mexican. She had her own code to our alarm system so she could get in to clean when we were gone. You know how protective Alex is of B and me. B had a safe in the wall of his part of the house, and he always kept cash in it. It was a week before the end of the school year. I was still 14 at the time. I woke up with Alex's mouth covering my mouth and nose. It scared the shit out of me, but I knew that something was really wrong. Alex made sure that I was awake before he moved his mouth. It is not a nice way to wake up, having a big dog covering your face with his nasty breath and slobber. I realized that someone was in the house that didn't belong there, as Alex was crouching low and sneaking along the carpet. B and I had realized that the neighborhood wasn't really safe, and we both took handgun classes at a nearby range. He had bought us both 9-mm Glock pistols that we kept in our rooms. Mine was safely hidden in case anyone spending the night happened to snoop around. I hit the silent alarm button in my room to call the police before I followed Alex."

Mike was hanging on every word that Chris spoke. He and his friends had always wondered what drove Chris and B out of Dallas, and now he was going to know.

"I grabbed my Glock and racked a cartridge into the firing chamber," Chris continued. "I was only wearing a T-shirt and boxers as I followed Alex out of the bedroom. My part of the duplex was connected to B's by a doorway that we always kept open. The only time it was closed was when I was making too much noise with my television, stereo, or if I had company for the night."

Mike smiled as he realized that even at the age of 14, Chris was a sex magnet, and probably had frequent visitors for sex. He wondered how many of them were guys, and how many were girls.

"As I followed Alex down the hall in my house, I saw a shadow of a man standing by the doorway to B's part of the house," Chris continued. "Alex attacked and ripped the man's throat out, killing him almost instantly. When the guy hit the floor, I grabbed his pistol and slid mine in the back of my boxers."

Mike was shocked. He remembered how afraid he was the first time he had met Alex. The dog weighed over 200 pounds and looked more like a horse than a dog. He knew that the Ukrainian Wolfhound was a rare breed. He also knew that the dog was a lot of fun to play with, and would never hurt any friend of Chris's. Now he knew that the dog was also a killer. He had known that Chris had killed two men when he was 12 and they attacked him and a police officer, but he didn't know that others had died during the past of his special friend.

"When I walked into B's side of the house, I saw two men with guns," Chris continued. B was bleeding from a cut on his forehead, and the one asshole held a gun to his head. Both men aimed their guns at me, and told me to drop the gun I was holding. Alex was ready to attack. One of the guys threatened to shoot Alex, so I had to calm the mutt down. The guy with the gun to B's head laughed when I dropped the gun. B was upset, and cussed at me that I should have shot the bastard. I knew if I had fired a shot, both B and I would have been killed. Yoshi had trained me to know my adversary, and figure out his weakness before attacking. I knew I was gonna kill the guy for hurting B. I just had to figure out the way to do it without getting B killed."

Mike could see the tension in Chris's face as the story continued. He knew that Chris had hidden this information from everyone because it was painful to share.

"The first guy aimed his gun at me and threatened to kill me," Chris said. "He demanded that B go to the hidden safe and open it. The second guy was laughing as B agreed to open the safe if they would let us live. I saw my opportunity as the second guy turned to walk toward the door, probably to get a bag to haul out the loot or to find the other guys involved in the home invasion. Alex has always been able to read my mind, and as soon as I dropped and rolled on the floor, he attacked the second guy, clamping his big jaws on the arm that held the gun. As I rolled on the floor, I grabbed my own Glock from the back of my boxers and blasted away. I got the first guy right between the eyes with the first shot. I lost control and emptied the entire clip into his head and chest as he slammed against the wall. B screamed at me to stop. Alex let go of the second guy's arm as his pistol hit the floor. The guy ran out the door into the garage. I told B to grab his own Glock, as I ran after the second guy. I wanted to keep him alive to find out how they had gotten into our home, but I also wanted to kill him for trying to hurt B. I ran outside and found that Alex had the guy down on the ground outside the garage. That mutt is awesome. He knew not to kill the bastard. When I got there I called Alex off the big asshole. He must have weighed 250 pounds. A police car was just pulling up as the guy took a swing at me. B screamed at me to back off and let the police take care of the asshole, but I was livid. I won't go into the details, but I can tell you that what I did to Larry Carmody was nothing compared to what I did to that asshole. I was going to beat him to death until B stopped me. There are only two people in the world that can stop me when I lose control; you and B."

Mike choked as he listened to the story and then remembered the look in Chris's face when he had fought with the Phi Tau's. The beautiful green eyes had transformed into the eyes of a wolf, ready to kill its prey. This was the first time that Chris had ever admitted that he had control over the powerful athlete.

"I busted the guy up really bad," Chris said. "The cops threatened to shoot me, and B begged me to stop. Alex was ready to go postal on the police but B held him back, and I finally calmed down and let the asshole go. Only B and I can control Alex when he goes postal. I had a choke hold on the asshole and was ready to bust his neck when B stopped me. It was a Friday night. We ended up spending the night in the police station with all kinds of interviews. Sam was there to protect us. He knew some of the cops and finally convinced them to let us go to his house. We couldn't go back to our home for over a week, so we stayed with Sam and his family. I had some horrible nightmares that week. I guess I kept the entire house awake with my screaming. Alex and Jason calmed me down each time I woke up screaming."

"I finally asked to put up Jason's tent in the backyard so I could sleep there with Alex. I have always loved sleeping on the bare floor or on the ground. I guess it is my Cherokee heritage, but I can sleep better on a hard surface than I can on a soft bed. I slept in the tent for the rest of the week. Sam and B were upset that I didn't want to sleep in the house, but realized that I was more comfortable in the tent with Alex. They checked on me a lot, and that always woke me up, so they finally left Alex and me alone."

"The neighbors had a hot daughter. She was a year older than me, and had been over to get acquainted. One night I woke up to feel a mouth on my dinky. It was Carrie. Alex knew her, and the mutt let her come into the tent and take care of me. I think that mutt is as horny as I am, as he did everything but shove his doggie dick inside her. I did her bareback. I wasn't prepared to hookup with a girl when we had to leave our home. It is a good thing that she wasn't in the right time to conceive. Uncle Sam opened the flap to the tent and saw me banging Carrie. All hell broke loose then. B was furious with me, and Sam and Kate were upset. Jason was the one to calm them all down when he reminded them that Carrie was older than I was and had invaded their backyard. She had grabbed her clothes and left with a full load of my semen."

"At least I didn't wake you all up with my screaming in a nightmare," I joked to B.

"He cuffed me on the head and told me that I was grounded. I reminded him that I was sleeping on the ground, and couldn't get any lower. Sam and Kate laughed, and that made B even madder. He was pissed at me, but also realized that I was human, and Carrie was an awesome girl. He finally calmed down but demanded that I sleep in the house from that night on."

"A special company came in to clean up all the blood and mess in the house. B didn't want me to go back to the house and see all the blood, so Jason went with him to get some of my clothes. I still had school for another week. Someone drove me to school each day and picked me up. I was still rattled about the home invasion, but tried to put it out of my mind. My normal way to get rid of bad thoughts is to have good ones. Thinking about sex is good, but doing it is better."

"I had aced all my classes, so I didn't have to take any finals. I still had to go to school, so I found things to do. One of the things was to borrow the back of a junior's car. He had an old station wagon with a mattress in the back. Crystal Parris was a senior, and her father was the Assistant Principal. She was a cheerleader and was hot. During lunch on Tuesday, we hit the station wagon. We were doing a hot 69 when one of the teachers happened to walk past the car and see us. Mrs. Chambers went ballistic. She ran into the school and brought Mr. Parris out. Crystal and I had just enough time to get our clothes back on. Crystal had two ropes of cum in her hair when her dad saw her. Mr. Parris slapped his daughter in the face and tried to punch me. I decked him."

Mike was laughing as he listened to the story. He couldn't imagine how pissed a father would be to find out his daughter was having sex during lunch period at school, and then seeing her with fresh cum in her hair.

"Mr. Parris said I was expelled. He was screaming at me and calling me all kinds of nasty names. I grabbed my cell phone to call B. Mr. Parris said that students were not allowed to use cell phones on school property."

"When I reminded him that he had just expelled me, he took another swing at me. I dropped him again. Mrs. Chambers had seen the entire altercation. I called B and told him I was in trouble. He got Sam and they got to the school really fast. The principal, Mrs. Abernathy, had us in her office. I refused to say anything until B and Sam got there."

"B was pissed at me for having sex at school. We went outside the office to talk. When he and Sam heard that Mr. Parris had tried to hit me twice, they both were livid. Sam took over. We went into Mrs. Abernathy's office where Mr. Parris was threatening to call the police and have me arrested. He was convinced that I had raped his daughter."

"Crystal saved my ass when she told everyone that we were just having fun to break the tension of the last week of school. When her father threatened her, she blew his doors off. 'Chris and I weren't breaking any law,' Crystal said. 'I bet Mom would love to know what you do in your office with Miss Crawford!!'."

"I made a mistake by shooting off my mouth. I said, "it was lunch time and that is what Crystal and I were doing. Lunch on each other!"

Mike roared. He would have loved to be there to see the faces of the adults when Chris wised off.

"Sam took over and said that if there were any form of "rape" that it would be statutory rape charges against Crystal for having sex with a minor. He correctly guessed that she was over 18."

"I didn't go back to school there. Sam got things straightened out with Mrs. Abernathy and agreed not to press charges against Mr. Parris or Crystal."

"I guess the whole week was too much for B and me. B had asked me what I thought about moving to California. Sam and Kate were living in both states because of her treatments, but she was now in total remission, so they wanted to sell their home in Dallas. Jason had been living in Dallas, but he wanted to go back to California too."

"I told B that I wanted out of Texas, so we moved to Freemont. That is where I met this total asshole at a gym, and I still can't stand him."

Mike knew that Chris was talking about him and how they had first met.

"The only thing I like about the asshole," Chris said, "is that he fucks like a mink!"

Mike and Chris hugged and ended their "Total Truth". Chris knew that Mike was still hiding something from him, but decided to let his buddy slide. They returned to the fraternity, showered, and headed for class.

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