CJ Chapter 50

Basketball Celebration and Crisis

Chris finished his shower and got dressed to have a late meal with his family and friends. The entire team headed for the hotel knowing they had been invited to a special celebration in the private dining room reserved by Saul Bernstein.

Chris acted like the host, circulating around the room to greet everyone and introduce them to the team and coaches. He loved seeing Uncle Stephen and Shaq mingling with his family and friends at the celebration.

Everyone was surprised when Joe McClure found a microphone and got everyone's attention.

"Tonight, I'm the happiest man in the world!" Joe announced. "I talked to Jonathan Carpenter in private and asked him for his permission to ask Jennifer Marie Carpenter to be my wife! He gave me his blessing and this beautiful woman has accepted my offer of matrimony!"

The room erupted with cheers. Randy and Charlie Carpenter were elated and ran to their sister and hugged her. Chris was also elated and hugged both Joe and Jennifer. He looked at the beautiful diamond ring that Jenny was wearing on her left hand and knew that Joe had spent a lot of money to buy it.

"I got a signing bonus from my future employer," Joe admitted to everyone in response to comments about the ring. "I wanted Jenny to know that my feelings for her were genuine."

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" Carol Carpenter asked her husband. "We're not supposed to keep secrets from each other!"

"It was better to see the expression on your face when our future son-in-law made his announcement," Jonathan admitted. "He loves her like I love you!"

Carol Carpenter hugged her husband and then grabbed her daughter. She hugged Jennifer and made room in the hug to include the handsome man who was going to be her son-in-law.

People who wanted to congratulate them on their engagement surrounded Jennifer and Joe. When Chris got his turn, he hugged and kissed his sister and then hugged Joe for the second time.

"I want you to be my best man," Joe requested. "You saved my life and I would have never met Jenny without you. Will you do it?"

Chris was honored and quickly agreed to stand up for Joe and Jenny. He celebrated with his family and included the many friends in the private room.

Back in California, the CSU campus was alive with celebrations for the basketball victory. The Tri-Delt house was rocking, even though the men had classes the next morning. The members all wished that they had been able to travel with the basketball team to see the game live. They joined together as brothers to celebrate the victory and kept reminding each other how their brothers had all made significant contributions to the big game.

One member was absent from the celebration at the Tri-Delt house. Cody Emerson was on his back, his feet in the air with Stan Burnett plowing his ass for the third time. Stan had convinced Cody to meet him for a quick trip to a friend's house while they were out of town for a funeral. When he got Cody inside the house, Stan wasted no time giving Cody a passionate kiss and removing all of his clothes. The sight of Cody's small body was a major turn-on for Stan, and his cock was hard as a rock. He lifted the small guy up and carried his nude body to the couch where he devoured the 5 inches of pleasure between Cody's legs. He slurped on the slender shaft and listened to the moans of pleasure coming from Cody's mouth. He gripped both of Cody's ass cheeks in his hands and marveled at how wonderful it felt to squeeze the twin globes and feel the combination of muscle and soft flesh. He massaged the bubble butt and gazed up at the angelic face of the young man allowing him to gobble his intimate body parts.

Cody submitted to every suggestion from the handsome man. When Stan wanted him to spread his ass cheeks to expose his anus, he quickly complied. He felt Stan's tongue circling his anus and begged him to stop teasing him and eat his ass. His frustrated pleas were finally answered when Stan spread open his puckered ring and plunged his tongue inside. Cody was in heaven and felt the rough texture of Stan's tongue probing inside his manhole. He had prepared for this event by flushing his body clean of solid waste in the hope that Stan would fill him up with cum.

Stan spread apart the beautiful globes of Cody's ass and gazed at the tight opening. He spread the cheeks farther apart and loved seeing the pink ring open for his tongue. He lapped around the hole and plunged his tongue in and out of the tasty orifice. He knew that his cock needed attention and quickly dropped his pants and boxers to release his 7 inches of pleasure. He grabbed the tube of lubricant from his shirt pocket, coated his throbbing member, and buried it to the hilt inside Cody's pleasure passage.

The two men rutted for several hours before Stan drove Cody back to the CSU campus. Cody had shot three loads in Stan's mouth and one in the man's ass before they had collapsed in mutual exhaustion. Stan had surprised himself by filling Cody's ass with cum three times. He thought about the sex with his wife and knew that it was more of a chore than a pleasurable experience. Harriet was overweight and had lost all interest in sex with him in the last few years. She was more interested in the many civic organizations where she had status because of being married to the Chief of Police. Sex with Cody Emerson was the best sex of Stan's entire life.

In North Carolina, the hotel had provided security officers to keep the media and uninvited people from "crashing" the party in the private dining room. Chris saw two familiar faces being turned away from the room and quickly ran to the door.

"Toby!" Chris exclaimed. "I'm surprised to see you and your dad here! Come on in and meet the team and the rest of my family!"

Tom and Toby Brady were thrilled that Chris had recognized them and invited them into the private party. The security guards let the man and his son enter the party and then went back to watching the doors.

"Toby demanded that we come here tonight so he could see you," Tom Brady reported. "I told him that we would be kicked out, and that's what the security officers were doing to us. He was devastated, and I was just trying to explain to him that celebrities don't want a bunch of fans stalking them."

"How would you like a ride on my shoulders?" Chris asked Toby when he saw that Toby had been crying. "I'll take you around the room and introduce you to everyone."

Tom Brady watched his son being lifted up to ride on CJ Hammer's shoulders. The tears that had been flowing down Toby's face were quickly wiped away and a wide smile lit up the boy's face. Tom snapped several pictures with his digital camera and knew that his son was having the time of his life. He followed them around the room and kept taking pictures of the famous people shaking hands with his only son. He had never seen Toby so happy.

"Are you hungry?" Chris asked Toby. Young boys are always hungry of course, so Chris put Toby down and led him to the buffet table. He helped Toby fill his plate and filled his own so they could eat together.

Mike watched Chris taking care of the young boy and knew his lover had a special place in his heart for kids. He joined Tom Brady in filling a plate and heading for the table where the Carpenter family was sitting with Saul and Helen. Chris's family and friends made Tom and Toby feel welcome, and the food quickly disappeared.

"It's time for Toby and me to leave," Tom Brady announced. "I don't know how to thank everyone for allowing us to join your party. My mother is having cancer surgery tomorrow, and we pray that the surgery will be a success. Thanks for lifting our spirits tonight!"

Chris gave Tom and Toby hugs before they left. He was tired and realized that the party was winding down. He got the mailing address for Tom and Toby and promised to keep in touch with them. Toby started to leave and then ran back to be picked up by Chris for another big hug. The small boy had tears of joy streaming down his face when he left with his father.

"You guys did great tonight!" Marcus announced to his team. "It's time for you to get some sleep! We leave tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. for the flight back to California and the CSU campus. Let's not tarnish our reputation by doing anything stupid tonight here in North Carolina."

"Did you see Toby's face when he left?" Mike asked Chris when they got to the room they would share for the night. "You were fantastic with him! The kids in the hospital will have the same expression on their faces when you visit them this weekend."

"Toby is a great kid," Chris said. "All he wanted was a little attention."

"I bet you felt just like he did tonight when you first met Saul," Mike said. "Getting some attention and quality time with a man is what a lot of kids need to brighten their day. I hope you get a couple of those pictures that Tom took of the smile on Toby's face when you carried him around the room. I'm very proud of you for being so sensitive."

"One part of me is very sensitive right now," Chris teased. "I'm tired and sore from the game, but Little Chris wants to take a trip in your mouth. You promised me a blowjob if we won the game, and it's time for you to deliver!"

"Pull down your pants and I'll suck the white out of your eyes!" Mike promised.

Chris was sore from the basketball game and tired, but his cock responded quickly to being released to the air-conditioned chill of the hotel room. Little Chris was already half erect when Chris dropped his Dockers and boxers.

Mike was ready to fulfill his promise and quickly began licking the head of Chris's cock after pulling the foreskin behind the corona. He stroked the long shaft and nibbled on the foreskin when it slid back and covered the head of Chris's massive cock. If he lived to be 100, Mike would never tire of sucking Chris's cock. He swirled his tongue around the large knob of Chris's cock and then swallowed as much of it as he could. He pushed the generous foreskin forward again to cover the head and slid his tongue inside. He loved feeling his tongue trapped by the natural cap of foreskin and wished that he had one of his own for Chris to nibble on. The moans of his lover gave him encouragement to redouble his efforts to pull a load of cum out of the huge cock.

"God, that feels great!" Chris exclaimed. He loved having his cock sucked by anyone, but Mike had become the best cocksucker in the world. He braced himself against the wall and surrendered to the feelings coursing through his body.

Mike could taste the precum that was flowing out of Chris's cock head. He slurped up the flow and fondled Chris's huge balls while he continued to suck the hard meat. He knew by the swelling of Chris's cock and the moans of pleasure, that his big buddy was getting close to blasting a load of cum. He continued his oral efforts and was soon rewarded by the first blast of hot cum from Chris's cock. The initial blast hit the back of his throat and caused him to gag. He pulled back and tried to swallow quickly and regain his composure. The second blast hit him full in the face and filled his nostrils and blocked both of his eyes. He quickly recovered and took the pulsing head back in his mouth to drink the elixir of love. He gulped down the rest of Chris's love pudding and savored the tangy flavor. He continued to swirl his tongue around Chris's cock and pushed the remaining cum out of the huge shaft so he could swallow it.

Chris staggered when his orgasm was finished. He had pumped a huge amount of cum into the mouth of his lover, and was weak from the intensity of his orgasm. He looked down and saw Mike's face coated with his cum, and smiled. He pulled his cock out of Mike's mouth and used it like a spatula to push the cum away from Mike's eyes and into his mouth. He finally grabbed Mike's head and lifted him to his feet. He kissed Mike on the lips and tasted his own cum that coated Mike's mouth. He used his tongue to clean up Mike's face and shared the juice with Mike through several passionate kisses.

"I think that was the biggest load you ever pumped in my mouth!" Mike said. He pulled off his shirt and wiped the rest of Chris's cum out of his eyes, but he knew that several gobs were still dripping from his hair. "I love sharing sex with you!"

Chris removed all of his clothes and then undressed Mike. He pushed his buddy back on the bed and dove for Mike's left nipple. He had always loved nipples on girls or guys, but Mike's were the most sensitive that he had ever found. He remembered the times that he had brought Mike to orgasm, just by sucking his nipples. This time, Chris wanted to arouse Mike and then suck his dick dry. He loved the unique taste of Mike's cum and wanted to fill his own mouth and stomach with the tangy sauce.

Mike moaned loudly while Chris sucked and gently nibbled on his nipples. He knew his brain was totally focused on the sensations being brought out of his tender orbs of pleasure. He surrendered to Chris's mouth and felt it taking turns with each of his nipples before taking the trip south.

Chris let his tongue trail down Mike's firm belly muscles and probed inside his lover's navel. The moans of pleasure encouraged him to tongue the hole and then follow the treasure trail down to the base of Mike's impressive 8 inches of thick manhood. He licked around the base and then went further south to lick Mike's scrotum. He bathed the sack of skin and vacuumed both of Mike's large balls into his mouth. He licked the sperm producers and allowed them to slide out of his mouth, only to vacuum them back in for more massaging.

Mike could feel his balls pull up and knew he was close to cumming. He grabbed Chris's head and began fucking his cock in and out of the mouth of his lover. He collapsed back on the bed and felt the first volley of cum explode from his cock into Chris's warm mouth. He screamed in ecstasy and unloaded all of his man juice directly into Chris's mouth and throat. He writhed around on the bed while his cock blasted wads of cum that were quickly swallowed away. He finally collapsed and fought to stay conscious. He grabbed Chris's head and gently pulled it away from his cock when his orgasm was finished.

"I love eating your cum!" Chris exclaimed. "You really popped a nut this time! I'd rather eat your cum than lobster or the best steak in Texas!"

"Hold me and cuddle," Mike begged. "Being your lover is the best thing in the entire world!"

Mike and Chris cuddled together and fell asleep.

Thursday morning they awoke to the ringing of the telephone. Marcus Knight had made sure that all of his athletes were awake in time to have breakfast before heading to the airport for their return to California. He knew that Chris would be spending the night with Mike Mahley so he added Mike's room to the list of rooms to be called.

Everyone met for a quick breakfast before heading for the airport for the return to California. Most of the basketball team slept during the flight and tried to prepare for the time difference when they returned to campus.

Chris and Mike said goodbye to Saul, Helen, and Stephen Segall at the airport when they landed. Shaq caught a different flight to join the Los Angeles Lakers team. The team and coaches got into a chartered bus for the return to the CSU campus. When they arrived at the Athletic Complex, a huge celebration was waiting for them. It looked like most of the students and faculty were waiting, along with the marching band to welcome home their victorious team.

Chris and his teammates were elated to see the huge welcoming party at the Athletic Complex. They never expected such a fantastic reception, acknowledged the cheering crowd, and grabbed their luggage to head back to their rooms. John Stephens, Athletic Director, and Jonathan Crawford, University President stopped them. The two men had a portable amplifier and called the basketball players and coaches to the center of the parking lot.

"We're here to welcome our victorious basketball team back to the CSU campus!" John Stephens announced to the crowd. "We're all proud of our team and wanted to welcome you back as the 10th ranked basketball team in the nation!"

Jonathan Crawford took the microphone and announced, "In recognition of this great victory, and the fact that attendance at classes this morning was dismal, I'm canceling all afternoon classes! I expect all of us to celebrate respectfully, and have full attendance at classes tomorrow! Congratulations Falcons!"

The students and faculty were surprised to have classes cancelled, and cheered wildly for the actions of the University President.

Chris and Mike saw every single one of their brothers cheering in the parking lot. The guys quickly grabbed their baggage and argued to see who would drive the basketball players back to the house.

Their fraternity brothers treated Chris, Brendan, Jermaine and Painter like royalty. The players accepted the accolades and joined their brothers for a few beers in the Recreation Room.

"Did you guys hear the great news?" Mike yelled to his brothers. "Joe McClure is engaged to Chris's sister, Jennifer Carpenter!"

The room erupted with cheers. Joe walked into the celebration and was immediately surrounded by his happy brothers. Everyone congratulated him on the choice of his future wife and saw that Chris was happy to have Joe included in his family.

"You'd better ditch that beer you're drinking," Mike advised Chris. "If Marcus or one of the coaches comes in, your ass is grass!" Mike made the same suggestion to Brendan, Painter and Jermaine.

Chris grumbled, but realized that Mike was right. Marcus was a terror when he found out one of his players had broken his training rules. He and his teammates had dumped their beers and were drinking cans of Coke when Frederick Stonehouse, Assistant basketball coach walked into the Lounge Area.

"I'm glad that you guys are celebrating responsibly," Fred announced. "I don't like being a spy, but you know what Marcus thinks about his players drinking alcohol. We were young once ourselves, and we had a couple beers when we won an important game. Just keep drinking that Coke and make sure and get some quality sleep tonight."

After Coach Stonehouse left, Chris and the other basketball players thanked Mike for saving their asses. They returned to the party but left the alcohol alone.

After supper, the men of the fraternity headed for their rooms to study. They struggled to stay focused on their books while their minds drifted off to their fantastic basketball game and the welcome home celebrations.

Chris gave up on studying and looked across the room where Mike was just closing his books. "I'm ready to practice being a proctologist," Chris teased Mike. "Why don't you go prepare for a prostate exam?"

Mike laughed and knew what Chris wanted. He grabbed what he needed and headed across the hall to eliminate the solid waste from his body to get ready for some intense anal probing from Little Chris. When he got back to their room, he saw Chris waiting for him with the special applicator and lubricant.

"Are you going to at least kiss me before you fuck my brains out?" Mike asked.

Chris laughed and put the applicator and lubricant on his desk. He grabbed Mike and gave him a passionate kiss before tossing him on their bed.

The two horny guys spent at least 30 minutes kissing and stimulating each other before they were ready for hotter action.

Mike lifted his legs and let Chris put a pillow under his ass to provide easier access to his manhole. He felt the lubricant coat the insides of his rectal passage and watched Chris coat his cock with the slippery stuff. He spread his legs apart and felt Chris's cockhead smearing the lubricant around his rosebud. He relaxed his body and felt the huge cock pop into his anus.

"God I need this!" Chris exclaimed. He felt the mushroom head of his cock sliding inside Mike and knew his buddy would be feeling pain from being stretched. He paused and looked at Mike's face that was contorted with a mixture of pain and lust. He waited for a signal from Mike, knowing that his man's ass needed time to adjust to being penetrated.

Mike opened his eyes and saw the look of love in Chris's sparkling green eyes. He remembered the first time he and Chris shared anal sex and how those beautiful green eyes had transformed into the eyes of a predator. Things were different now when they made love. Gone were the feelings of conquest and submission; now they were lovers, and they both were tuned in to the feelings of their partner when their bodies were joined. He smiled at Chris and felt the shaft of pleasure slide deeper into his body. When they were joined together in anal sex, they both felt whole. It was the epitome of pleasure for Mike when he felt the stubble of Chris's pubic bush hit the cheeks of his ass. Some day in the future, Chris's pubic hair would grow back to normal, but Mike hoped that Chris would always keep it trimmed for his oral attention.

Chris watched the tension in Mike's face while letting his buddy adjust to 12 inches of thick cock that would rip most men apart. He didn't have to wait long for Mike's signal to begin thrusting.

"FUCK ME!" Mike screamed.

Chris wasted no time pulling back and then drove his cock hard into Mike's love chute. He started with short, slow strokes and quickened the pace when he felt Mike's ankles pulling his ass cheeks forward to urge his cock deeper.

Isaac and Leif were returning to the room they shared with Chris and Mike, but stopped at the door when they heard Mike's scream. They listened at the door and heard the sounds of the bed slamming against the wall each time Chris drove his cock inside Mike.

"I can't imagine what it feels like to have Chris shove that monster inside," Leif admitted.

"It's like having a telephone pole shoved up your ass!" Isaac admitted. He remembered the times he was on the end of Chris's cock when they shared a room in the Jacobs Dorm. He wasn't sure if his affection for Leif was love or lust because he had to admit to himself that he still had strong feelings of love for Chris, and wished that he were in the room with Chris's cock stretching his insides. He choked back his emotions and grabbed Leif to pull him away from the door to let their roomies have some privacy. He would never try to come between his two fraternity brothers, and hoped that his relationship with Leif would blossom into love like they witnessed between Chris and Mike.

Chris was totally focused on the feelings in his cock. He continued ramming in and out of Mike's gripping asshole and knew that he was getting close to orgasm. He leaned back and pinched both of Mike's nipples until he heard his buddy scream. He wrapped his arms around Mike's shoulders and held on tight while Mike's body convulsed in orgasm.

The dorm area was filled with the sounds of the large bed slamming against the wall and the screams of ecstasy when both Chris and Mike shot their loads. Several members heard the sounds of passion and were jealous that their two brothers had found the ultimate partner for sharing their lives and bodies with.

Chris and Mike were both exhausted and Mike tried to stay conscious. Their bodies were entwined and coated with the juices of male love. The room seemed to spin around for both of them while they tried to clear their heads. Each time they made love, they learned something new about each other. This time it was the fact that twisting Mike's nipples while being fucked could cause Mike to blast so much cum that his body was drained at the same time it was being flooded with Chris's huge load.

When the afterglow of their sexual bonding subsided, Chris and Mike heard a knock at the door of their room. They shared a gentle kiss and laughed when they realized that they were covered in fresh cum and had made a lot of noise when they fucked. They both moaned when Chris's deflating cock slid out of Mike's stretched hole, followed by the flow of cum that had been deposited.

"Stay out!" Chris replied to the knock at the door.

"I'm coming in," Cody Emerson replied. "All of us know that Mike just got his brains fucked out, but Chris has a call on the house phone."

Chris and Mike both groaned and knew that they had to separate and let their little buddy come into the room.

"Whew!" Cody exclaimed. "This room smells like a whorehouse!"

"How would you know what a whorehouse smells like?" Mike asked. "Have you ever been in one?"

Cody laughed and told Chris that he better throw a towel around his waist and take the phone call.

"Why weren't you at the celebration today?" Mike asked Cody.

"I was spending some quality time with a friend," Cody answered evasively.

"That wouldn't be a certain Police Chief, would it?" Chris asked. He didn't wait for the answer but wrapped a towel around his waist to leave the room to take the phone call.

"Hello," Chris said when he grabbed the house phone.

"Hi son," Saul Bernstein said. "I tried to call your cell phone, but you must have turned it off. I had to call you with some bad news. I just found out that one of our warehouses was broken into. Ten of your cars were taken out and loaded on a truck before the police arrived. They caught the thieves and recovered the cars, but need you to sign the complaint forms in Fremont. Can you drive there tonight?"

"I'll grab Mike and get there to sign the complaint," Chris replied. "Are you sure that Sam can't take care of this?"

"Sam's headed there right now," Saul replied. "Maybe you and Mike can spend the night with us at the duplex. It won't be long and we'll be moving out and it might be your last time to sleep here. There's something else that I have to tell you. Jim Moore's nephew was involved in the theft, so Jim feels responsible and has quit."

"Jesus, B!" Chris exclaimed. "Jim would never steal from us! Did you talk to him?"

"You and I both respect Jim and know his background," Saul said. "We know he served time in prison for running that chop shop where stolen cars were either stripped down or shipped overseas. Jim paid his debt to society by serving his time in prison, and he's been using the money we paid him to make restitution to the people who lost cars to the theft ring. You know where he lives with Sarah, and I always wondered why he didn't buy a home in a better neighborhood. Sam found out about Jim making payments to the people whose cars he took, denying himself and his family a better life. Also Sarah just lost her job as manager of the Black Forest Restaurant when Applebee's bought it out. I'm afraid of what this whole mess will do to their family."

"I love Jim, Sarah, Kristin and Kelly," Chris admitted. "I was always welcome there like I was part of their family. I'm not going to let Jim quit when I really need him!"

"He won't talk to me," Saul admitted. "His nephew is an electronic wizard, and cracked the security system for the Fremont warehouse. Jim got suspicious when Larry seemed too interested in the warehouse and went there just to check on things. They had the 1957 Jaguar XKSS Roadster loaded along with the 1953 Corvette and eight other cars when Jim called the police. Fortunately the police got there quickly and arrested the thieves without shooting anyone. Jim knows the value of those cars and feels guilty, even though he wasn't involved in the theft."

"I'm going to Fremont with Mike right now," Chris said. "I'm gonna take Alex with us, and Jim will either talk to me or I'll have Alex rip him apart! I'll sign the complaint forms, but I'm not coming back to campus until Jim is back with us! I'll come home to spend the night after the UCLA Game Saturday night. Marcus might let me slide on practice Sunday if I have a good game. I bet Alex would like to be home and visit all of the neighbors too."

"This is something only you can do with Jim," Saul admitted. "Jim and Sarah need help right now, and I pray that you can reason with him. Sam will meet you at the police station and he might want to go with you to talk to Jim. Good luck, son. I love you."

Chris went back to his room and quickly filled Mike in on the dire events. He was determined to convince Jim to remain as their Chief Mechanic, and would do anything to support Jim and his family during this time of trial.

"B and I pay Jim $200,000 a year," Chris said to Mike. "Most expert mechanics are lucky to make $100,000. B and I had agreed to give Jim a big raise to $300,000 so he could get his family out of that shitty neighborhood where they live, but we haven't told him yet. We have some ideas for expanding our car business and Jim is the one we want to head up the expansion. Sarah ran the Black Forest Restaurant, and was fantastic. Now they're both out of jobs and I won't let this shit screw up them and their kids."

"I've been working on the plans for the car museum with your two dads," Mike said while he and Chris were getting dressed after taking quick showers. "We need someone to help plan the food services for the museum with the understanding that the food will be sold below cost and restricted from the car displays. I got Brian Williams to agree to head up the security force, and we are trying to retrofit the closed Kmart store for the museum. Can Sarah help us plan the layout and take over the food services?"

"That's a fantastic idea!" Chris exclaimed. "Sarah transformed a failing restaurant into one of the favorite places for B and me to have meals! She understands how to satisfy her customers and we'll have to move fast to keep John Klein from grabbing her for one of his steak houses."

"We're on a mission!" Mike said to Alex when the big dog ran into their room. He was surprised when the big dog howled and jumped around the room.

"Alex loves Jim, Sarah, Kristin and Kelly," Chris said. When he said the names, Alex barked and howled in recognition.

The two men and the big dog got into Chris's Chevelle and headed for Fremont. They knew they had a big challenge ahead of them to resolve the problems of the theft.

At the Police Station, Chris signed the complaint forms and heard that six people were implicated. The cars had been recovered by the police, and had been destined for shipment to the Middle East for a very wealthy buyer. Chris saw the list of cars that were "ordered" by the prospective buyer, and realized that their value was over four million dollars.

"Holy shit!" Mike said when he saw the list. "Those cars are worth a fortune!"

"I'll give my entire collection of cars to settle things with Jim and Sarah," Chris admitted. "They've always treated me like I was their son, and a bunch of rubber and steel don't mean shit to me right now!"

"By signing those forms you have fried six asses!" Sam Gardner said to Chris. "This theft ring has been operating for years, and now the police have the information to bust it up! This was their biggest score, and because of Jim Moore, their ring is finished!"

"We're going over to the Moore house right now," Chris said to Sam. "Jim will talk to me or I'll turn Alex loose on him!"

"Take it easy with Jim," Sam advised. "He blames himself for having his nephew, Jason, set up a data base for all of your cars. Jason copied the database and used it to advertise the cars for prospective buyers. Once a stolen car gets to another country, no one could trace it or find it. They had planned to take 30 of your cars in this theft, and we suspect that the ring had buyers for many more. Do you want me to go with you to see Jim?"

"Mike and I can handle this," Chris replied. "I've got my cell phone if we need any help."

Mike and Chris traveled to the neighborhood where Jim Moore lived with his family. It was in a declining part of town and several homes were vacant. Alex was excited when he recognized the neighborhood and was howling when Chris drove into the driveway.

"You stay here!" Chris said to Alex. He saw the sad look on Alex's face and changed his mind. "Okay, you mutt! You can go with us, but you'd better behave!"

Alex bounded out of the car and ran to the front door where he whined and barked. Before Chris and Mike got to the door, Sarah Moore opened the door and stepped outside.

"You shouldn't be here," Sarah said. "Jim's very upset, and he's been drinking very heavily. He won't talk to you or Saul. He blames himself for everything and told me he quit his job working for you. Please leave."

"I love you and Jim like another set of parents," Chris said. "I don't give a shit about those cars! I care about you and Jim and your great kids. B and I have some plans for expanding our car business, and I need Jim to head things up. Please let me talk to him."

Sarah tried to contain her emotions, but opened her arms and gave Chris a warm hug. She had tears running down her face because she knew that their family was in serious trouble with the loss of both their jobs.

"Why don't you talk to Sarah about the museum?" Chris suggested to Mike. "I think Jim and I need to talk in private."

Kristin and Kelly ran out of the house and gave Chris hugs. Kristin was a beautiful 15-year-old girl with long brown hair. Kelly had just turned 13 and was at the awkward age of boy puberty. They both loved Chris and knew that their parents were very upset about losing their jobs.

Chris walked into the house and saw Jim Moore sitting on the couch with a half-empty bottle of whiskey and half-filled glass on the coffee table.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Jim screamed. "I don't ever want to see you or Saul again!"

"You might think you can force me to leave," Chris began calmly, "But I brought Alex to keep you from even trying! You and I are gonna talk! I remember that you promised that you would always listen to me and not tell anyone what we talked about. Remember when I thought I knocked up that cheerleader in high school? I talked to you, not B!"

Jim Moore looked up at the huge athlete and knew he could never force Chris out of his home. He loved Chris like a son, and would never try to hurt him.

"First, we're gonna get rid of this!" Chris said, grabbing the whiskey bottle. "B and I have been discussing some plans to expand our car business, and we were gonna ask you to take on more responsibility. You're the best mechanic in California, but more important than that, you're a trusted friend! I NEED YOU! I don't give a flying fuck about that entire warehouse of cars! I always wondered why you lived in this shitty neighborhood. We thought that we paid you enough to allow you to move out of here and get a better home and good school for Kristin and Kelly. B told me what you were doing with the money. I wish you had told me about paying restitution to those people. I would have written a check to cover it!"

"I don't want charity!" Jim replied sharply. "You and Saul hired me knowing I served time in prison for car theft and running a chop shop. It was my decision to repay those people for the crimes I committed. It's taken me five years, but I finally settled my debts."

"Jim, you're like another dad to me," Chris said softly. "Remember the night when I was in high school and drove to that wild party and got drunk? You always told me not to drink and drive, and I called you because B was out of town. You came and got me and nursed me when I was puking my guts out all night and most of the next day. You never preached to me! You were always honest with me and told me when I was fucking up! Now it's my turn to say the same thing to you!"

Jim looked at the glass of whiskey and knew things wouldn't get better if he drank it. He had always loved Chris and would have never found a job that paid so much with his prison record. Saul and Chris had saved his family, and now the powerful young man was playing emotional trump cards.

"My nephew betrayed me and stole from you!" Jim choked out. "I trusted him, and he fucked me! You and Saul deserve better!"

"We can't find a better man in the entire country!" Chris replied. "I'm not leaving here until you listen to the plans B and I are considering, and agree to stay working with us! I don't have the time now to go to the Barrett-Jackson auctions or the car shows across the nation. You know cars better than anyone in the U.S., and we want you back!"

Jim was surprised that Chris was being so assertive with him. He expected Chris to be angry about the theft and blame him for it.

"You really want me to come back?" Jim asked Chris.

"B and I need you!" Chris replied. He then told Jim about the plans for starting "Hammer Racing" to build stock cars and "funny cars" for drag racing. He saw Jim's bloodshot eyes light up when drag racing was mentioned. He knew that Jim loved powerful engines and often watched drag racing on television. When he suggested starting a mechanics school for high school students who weren't headed for college, Jim became excited.

"That sounds fantastic!" Jim said.

"B and I think that you could manage everything for us, unless you decide you want to specialize in one aspect of the business," Chris said. "Petunia is supposed to go on tour around the country and the car museum will need a maintenance crew. We're offering you a raise to $300,000 a year and a full expense account to take on these added responsibilities. B has another offer for you, but I'll let him talk to you and Sarah about it. We need you! I need you!"

Jim broke down. He sobbed and opened his arms to hug this big guy who was offering him the opportunity of a lifetime!

"I'm taking this hug to mean you're accepting the new job!" Chris said while hugging Jim.

"YES!" Jim yelled. "I never expected you to talk to me again, and now you're here with the best news of my life!"

"I see things went well in here!" Sarah said when she and Mike walked into the living room. "Mike just offered me a job as food manager for the car museum! He said he has the authority to give me the job at double the salary I was making at the Black Forest!"

Kristin and Kelly were listening and knew that the stressful times in their family had just ended. They were both relieved and joined in the group hugs in the living room.

"I'd suggest that we have a drink to celebrate," Mike began, "but Chris isn't supposed to drink and I think enough booze has been consumed around here tonight!"

Everyone agreed with Mike that booze wasn't necessary for everyone to celebrate the important events. Jim was excited to describe the ideas of expanding the car business and tell his wife and children about his huge raise in pay.

"I've dreamed of paying my debts and moving out of this shithole neighborhood!" Jim exclaimed. "Maybe now we can do it!"

"B has an idea about that for you to consider," Chris said. "I'll leave that subject for him to handle. Mike and I need to get back to the campus and Alex needs to harass our fraternity brothers. I know I should have asked you this in private, but can we borrow Kelly after the game Saturday night? There will be four tickets waiting for you at the field house and B wants us to spend the night at the duplex. We'll return to the campus on Sunday and let Kelly see what fraternity life is like. Maybe you can bring a different car to campus to replace Missy and pick Kelly up Sunday evening or early Monday morning."

"SWEET!" Kelly exclaimed. "Can I go? PLEASE!!!"

"I want to go too!" Kristin insisted.

"Girls aren't allowed in a fraternity house!" Kelly answered.

Jim looked at Chris and gave him a look that said; "Don't you dare tell her that girls are frequent overnight guests at the fraternity house."

Chris smiled and waited for the answer from Jim and Sarah. He was happy to see the smiling faces that told him that Kelly was going to be his guest for the weekend. He loved Kelly like a little brother and wanted to brighten his life.

Kelly was jumping around the living room, screaming that his friends in school would shit when they heard that he was spending the weekend with CJ Hammer! It was a dream come true for him to be the guest of the most famous athlete in the nation!

Chris and Mike gave everyone hugs and got into the Chevelle for the trip back to the campus. Mike drove while Chris called B to give him the fantastic news about Jim and Sarah.

Saul was pleased that Chris had been able to convince Jim to continue working for them. He had been waiting for the call from Chris and prayed that his son would be successful. He thanked Chris for taking the time to visit Jim and get things back on track.

"Sarah and I had a long talk," Mike said to Chris. "She told me about Jim being in prison and how you and B trusted him and saved their marriage. I hope they get out of that neighborhood soon."

Chris smiled and knew that Saul was going to make Jim and Sarah a very lucrative offer. B had decided not to list the duplex with a real-estate agent, and was going to offer it to Jim and Sarah at less than 1/10th of the market value. They could live in of the duplex and use the other half for Sarah's mother. Sarah's mother was elderly and was having problems living alone. Her mother could live in the duplex, have some independence and still be around the daughter and family that she loved. The two teenagers would change to one of the best school systems in California.

Mike and Chris got back to the fraternity and watched Alex run around the yard peeing on all of the bushes. The two men were relieved that the evening was ending on a very positive note. They got to their room and collapsed on their bed, noticing that the sheets had been changed during their absence. They both correctly guessed that Isaac had cleaned up the mess from their lovemaking and planned on thanking him the next day.

Jonathan Crawford, University President, was pleased on Friday to learn that attendance at the morning classes was at a record high. He had lunch with several of his staff members and chatted about routine matters along with the hopes for a successful basketball season and for the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) football game for the national championship. Applications were flooding in for admission to CSU, and plans had been finalized for expanding the university. He was excited about the connections with the Carpenter Foundation and the approved plans for building a new dormitory, expanding the library, a new Computer Science building, and subsidized tuition fees. CSU was becoming the most popular university in the nation among high school seniors.

Chris went to all of his classes and then headed for the Athletic Complex for basketball practice. He was surprised to see trucks outside the building that told him several television stations were there to invade the sanctity of the basketball practice. He quickly turned and headed for the back door to the building to avoid the crowd of media people.

"I'm glad you got in safely!" Marcus said while hugging his favorite player. "We can't hide from the media any more! John Stephens says it's good for us to meet with the media to help in our recruiting. I've already given some interviews, but the media wants to talk to you. If you give them some time, they'll leave and we can get ready for UCLA!"

"You're the coach," Chris began, "and if you tell me I have to talk to them, I'll do it. Can I smack them in the mouth if they piss me off?"

"I'm your coach and your friend!" Marcus replied. "I'll be right beside you, and won't let the interviewers get out of control."

Chris grumbled and went into the locker room to don his practice uniform. He took the teasing of his teammates and knew that they wanted to practice for their first conference game against UCLA without any interference. UCLA had a record of 11 wins and one loss, and were favored to win the conference championship before heading for the NCAA tournament.

"Can I have your autograph, Mr. Hammer?" Jermaine teased Chris.

"Can I smell your jockstrap?" Brendan added.

At first Chris was pissed, but then he realized that his teammates were having fun, and he laughed along with them. He left the locker room and was happy to see a familiar face in the crowd of media.

"Hi Jane!" Chris said to Jane Vincent. Jane and her husband, David, were special friends, and Chris wanted to give Jane the first interview.

Jane Vincent was thrilled that Chris recognized her and quickly made her opening announcement to the Channel 12 News station.

"This is Jane Vincent, and I'm live at the CSU Athletic Complex where the Falcon basketball team is getting ready to practice for the game Saturday night against the UCLA Bruins," Jane began. "With me is a man who needs no introduction, CJ Hammer, the talented athlete who has made the transition from football to basketball for the Falcons. How does it feel to return to California after defeating the Number 2 team in the nation, the Duke Blue Devils?"

"Hi Jane, it's always great to talk with you," Chris began. "Ever since I was 15 I've dreamed about playing basketball for Marcus Knight. I think we caught the Blue Devils by surprise with the speed of our team. Coach Knight pushes us hard and demands that we play a swarming defense. I'm still a little rusty, but I'm working hard to get back in shape to play my favorite sport."

"You had a quadruple double against a strong Duke team," Jane continued. "You were unstoppable in the paint when you posted up. Are you ready for Sergei Greshenko, the 7 foot center of the UCLA Bruins?"

"He's taller than I am, that's true, but I'll let Coach Knight decide how we prepare for the Bruins," Chris replied.

Marcus had arrived and added; "CJ Hammer has already proven his athletic ability with the US Olympic Basketball Team, with David Patrick on the football field, and Wednesday night in North Carolina. My team can match up with any basketball team in the nation! I want my team to get ready for practice tonight and forget about our last game. Saturday night, we start the conference competition, and everything changes. I expect my players to focus and execute our game plan."

"I know the fans in California wish your team continued success," Jane stated. "This is Jane Vincent returning the broadcast to our television studio."

Other announcers who were upset that Jane Vincent scored another exclusive pestered Chris and Marcus. They quickly set up a press conference and fired questions at Chris and Marcus. Things were going okay until Len Varga, sportscaster for Channel 7 hit a nerve.

"CJ, how does being gay affect your relationship with the other players on your team who are straight? Do they object to undressing around you?" Len asked.

Chris bristled and bit his tongue to keep from ripping into the arrogant announcer.

"Chris's personal life is his personal business!" Marcus interjected. "A responsible representative from any television station would never ask such an inflammatory question. You're completely out of line, and I'll personally see that you never interview an athlete on this campus again!"

The heated exchange was being broadcast live, and people across California and the rest of the nation heard the inappropriate question. Other broadcasters asked questions that were appropriate and were quickly answered.

Len Varga hadn't left the press conference and asked another question aimed at Chris. "Are you joining the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco this Sunday?"

Marcus had to be restrained by Fred Stonehouse, Assistant Coach. He was livid and demanded that Len Varga be removed from the building.

"Let me answer the question from the homophobic reporter," Chris said to the group of reporters. "I've been honest by letting people know that I'm gay and in a relationship with a man who's my life partner. We don't choose to flaunt our sexual orientation, but we support the rights of gay and lesbian people across the nation and around the world to be accepted as contributing members of society. Mike and I won't be marching in that parade, but we support the rights of the people to assemble and show the world that at least one person in 10 is gay or lesbian, and we are contributors to society. It's a sad day when a reporter from a respected television channel finds it necessary to deliver homophobic messages to his audience on a national broadcast. You need to get a life!"

The group of reporters and camera attendants cheered in response to Chris's comments. They watched Fred Stonehouse grab Len Varga and lead him out of the building.

Marcus ended the press conference and put his arm around Chris to lead him back into the locker room.

"I'm sorry to expose you to that asshole!" Marcus said to Chris. "I suspected that he was a homophobe, but he sure showed his true colors today. I feel that I failed you as a coach and friend by subjecting you to that abuse."

"I'd like to say that he didn't bother me, but he did," Chris admitted. "Mike and I have both been subjected to verbal and physical abuse for being gay, but I was hoping that people could accept us as human beings who are in love. Maybe I don't belong in sports any longer."

"If I hear you say anything like that again, I'll kick your ass!" Marcus threatened. "You're the best athlete I've ever coached, and if nothing else, you need to stay in sports to prove that a gay man can be something besides an artist."

"I sure as hell can't draw!" Chris laughed. He hugged Marcus and thanked him for being his friend.

Marcus had some surprises for his team during the last practice before the game with UCLA. He knew that the Bruins would watch the game films of his team against the Blue Devils and would use special tactics to neutralize CJ Hammer.

"We never know how the officials will call a game," Marcus said to his team. "We're gonna go inside with our offense and let Chris post up against the UCLA center, just like we did with Duke. If Chris gets into foul trouble, I'm going to switch him to point guard or shooting guard. UCLA will never expect him to make the switch, but I know how he can handle the ball and shoot from 3-point range. Let's practice tonight for the unexpected!"

The Falcon team made the adjustments with Brendan moving to center and Chris playing either point or shooting guard. Marcus watched the action and was thrilled with the results. Seeing a man who was 6 foot 11 inches tall handle the ball like he was 5 foot 10 was thrilling. He and his assistant coaches knew that they had a secret weapon to release on the Bruins and the television audience.

"Hit the showers you lazy bums!" Marcus yelled. "You guys get some sleep tonight and be back here at noon tomorrow! ESPN is broadcasting the game and it will start at 3:00 p.m. We're the first game of two featured for the Saturday sports fans, and I won't have us look like a bunch of pussies!"

The guys all hit the showers and were excited about starting the conference competition. Chris's teammates had just witnessed how talented Chris was in playing guard and were amazed at the accuracy of his shots from three-point range.

"I never knew you could play guard like that!" Jermaine said in the showers. "Big guys aren't supposed to be able to dribble down the court, but I had trouble keeping up with you!"

"Same for me!" Painter admitted. "I hope I don't lose my starting position as point guard now!"

"Chill out you two!" Chris exclaimed. "Marcus is in charge, and I'd rather play center and throw my weight around in the paint! I think I can handle their center if you guys get the lead out of your asses!"

Marcus was talking to his assistant coaches while his players were in the showers. They were all excited about the talents of their players and felt confident that they were ready for the big game on Saturday afternoon.

"Now you guys have seen what Chris can do," Marcus said. "We would have never landed Brendan and Painter without Chris committing to come here. I hope these guys stay with us and don't jump to the NBA. We all know that most of the professional players are black, but we have three white freshmen who could all make millions of dollars by declaring for the NBA draft. We need to keep developing all of our players so they can prove to the NBA that our program develops future stars. The game against Duke was just the start of what I think will be the best season in years for the Falcon basketball program!"

Mike was waiting for Chris outside the Athletic Complex. He had watched the television interviews and was upset by the questions of Len Varga. He hoped that Marcus had calmed Chris down after the nasty questions and that his best friend was handling the realities of life that homophobes were everywhere.

Chris ran up to Mike and gave him a warm hug. The two guys didn't hide their love for each other, but reserved their kisses for private times or when they were inside the fraternity house. He quickly eliminated Mike's concerns by explaining the details of the unusual practice.

Mike had stayed away from the practice to keep from distracting Chris and his teammates. He was thrilled to hear Jermaine, Painter and Brendan describe how Chris performed in the new role of point or shooting guard. They were walking across campus to the fraternity house when Chris's cell phone rang. He recognized the telephone number and was happy to take the call.

"Hi Chris," Jim Moore said. "You and Saul are full of surprises for me and my family!"

Chris quickly realized that his dad had made the offer for Jim and Sarah to purchase the duplex and live there with their children. He could tell that Jim was excited while he told Chris they had accepted the generous offer.

"B and I love you and your family," Chris said. "B taught me that when you find a good person, you take care of their needs and they'll take care of you. You and Sarah have always been there for me, and I'm happy that things are working out for you and your family."

Mike was listening to one side of the phone call, and knew that Jim and his family were back on track to improve the standard of their lives. He tried to explain things to the other guys while they continued walking toward the fraternity.

"We're waiting for you at your fraternity," Sarah said after taking the cell phone away from her husband. "We're all excited about the new jobs and moving to your duplex. We brought you the 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang to replace Missy, and we want you and Mike to celebrate with us at the local John's Steakhouse. Please be our guests tonight!"

"How can I say no to a beautiful lady?" Chris asked. "Mike and I are both hungry, and he's giving me the `thumbs up' sign that he wants to share a great meal with your family."

The young men got to the fraternity house and saw Alex playing Frisbee with Kristin and Kelly. They could all see the happy faces of the Moore family and took turns hugging everyone.

"Can I please stay with you and Mike tonight instead of waiting until after the game tomorrow night?" Kelly begged.

Chris looked at Jim and Sarah and saw they had already given their approval for the extended visit. He grabbed Kelly and hugged him, and said he would be thrilled to have his little brother spend an additional night.

Kelly had happy tears running down his face, and jumped in the air and screamed, "YES!" at hearing the answer he had prayed for. His friends at school had treated him like royalty when they heard he was going to the basketball game and would spend time with CJ. Now he would have even more things to brag about when he went back to school on Monday.

Kristin was feeling left out by having Chris give her brother so much attention. Her feelings soared when Chris grabbed her and asked if she would be his date for the special supper. She knew that Chris was gay and in love with Mike, but she and all of her girlfriends considered Chris the handsomest hunk in the world.

Chris got Mike aside and explained how Kristin was feeling and what he had planned. He was happy to see Mike's smile, and accepted the hug that proved that Mike understood the plans and agreed with them.

Chris and Mike went to their room to change clothes before heading for the restaurant. Kelly tagged along and was excited to see the inside of the fraternity and the dorm area. He was a typical young teen and stared at everything and everybody. He saw several nude guys leaving the shower rooms and heading to their rooms, so he could check out the equipment of adult males. He hoped that he wouldn't have to let anyone see his body nude because he was just starting to grow pubic hair. He was checking out everything in the room while Chris and Mike changed clothes. When they were ready, the trio left the dorm area and met Jim, Sarah and Kristin in the living room.

"If you're ready, we'll go in the Mustang and the others can ride in the Chevelle," Chris said to Kristin. He opened doors for Kristin and treated her like she was his date.

Kristin was excited and impressed with how Chris was treating her. She knew that Kelly wanted to ride with Chris and knew she was being treated like royalty. She had been on a few dates, but none of the guys had ever treated her with so much respect. When they got to the restaurant, she was surprised when Chris asked for a table for two next to the group celebrating the recent events.

Saul and Helen watched Chris spending quality time with Kristin. They knew he was making the evening a special event that Kristin would always remember.

Sam and Kate Gardner were at the celebration along with their son, Jason. Saul and Chris had been their friends for a long time, and had provided a fantastic income and security for their family. They joined in the celebration and laughed along with the group.

"I think some college guys need to get back to campus and get some sleep," Saul advised. "This was a great party and we're all pleased to share time with our extended family, but my son needs a good night's rest before an important basketball game tomorrow afternoon."

"I just want to thank everyone for coming here tonight to share our great news," Jim Moore said. "This is the happiest that I've ever been in my life!"

Everyone stood and cheered in recognition of Jim Moore and his family. They passed around hugs and left the restaurant.

Kristin was elated by the way Chris had treated her. When he walked her to the Chevelle, he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks for being my date tonight," Chris said to Kristin. "You're a beautiful girl and I really enjoyed being with you."

Kristin was crying happily when she got in the Chevelle with her parents. She sat in the back seat and never said a word. She was reliving the time she spent with Chris and wanted to savor every second.

Kelly sat in the small back seat of the Mustang and tried to get Chris to unleash the power of the engine. He got a lesson in responsibility when Chris refused to burn rubber or exceed the speed limit.

When they got back to the fraternity, Alex was waiting for them and wanted to play. Kelly loved the big dog and tossed the Frisbee into the evening air and watched the fraternity mascot streak across the lawn to catch the missile and return it for another toss.

"That's enough for tonight!" Mike said to Alex. He saw the dejected look on Alex's face and laughed. "I guess you don't want the steak bones we brought back for you!"

Alex quickly dropped the Frisbee and jumped around the yard, howling and begging for the contents of the Styrofoam containers. He gobbled up the treats that Kelly tossed in the air for him to catch.

"We need to get some sleep," Chris said. "Let's get inside."

"Where am I gonna sleep?" Kelly asked. He wanted to sleep in the same room with Chris and Mike, but knew that they had roommates.

"Isaac and Leif moved to a different room for the rest of the weekend," Mike told him. "They figured you'd want to be with us in this room. Chris and I sleep together on his giant bed so you can have your pick of the other two beds."

"Sweet!" Kelly exclaimed. He quickly stripped down to his boxers and jumped on the bed closest to where Chris and Mike would sleep. He knew that they were gay lovers but also knew that he was completely safe with them. His friends in school were already green with envy that he was going to the basketball game and spending time with CJ. If they could see him now actually sleeping in the room with Chris and Mike, they would shit their pants. He was a boy in a man's world, and he was enjoying every second of the experience.

Alex opened the door and bounded into the room. He immediately went to Kelly and begged for some attention. After getting the attention he craved, he pushed the door closed and lay down on the floor to block the door. He was now in his protective mode, and was going to make sure that his master and friends were safe.

Mike turned off the lights and got in bed with Chris. He gave his big buddy a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight to Kelly. The room was soon filled with the heavy breathing of three sleeping humans and one big dog.