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It's been over a year since I started this story, and I still go back to read some of the previous chapters. Maybe everyone should do the same thing before reading how Chris and Mike interface with other people in the latest chapters. By the way, I still consider Freddy Mercury as one of the greatest vocalists in the world for the songs he belted out with Queen!!!

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CJ Chapter 51 More Basketball

Chris and Mike woke up on Saturday morning with Alex licking their faces. They both grumbled and struggled to wake up. When they were awake, they saw Kelly Moore sitting on the edge of his bed laughing at them.

"I told Alex to wake you up!" Kelly exclaimed. "You guys are funny to watch when a big dog is licking your faces!"

"You're gonna pay for this!" Chris promised. "I'm gonna tell Alex to bite you on the balls if you mess with Mike and me again!"

Kelly roared in laughter. He knew that Alex would never bite him, and continued teasing the two men while they got out of their bed and headed out of the room to take care of their morning needs. He got dressed and waited for the guys to return so they could have breakfast together. He knew that his friends in school would be green with envy when they heard that he spent a night on the CSU campus in the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity.

Chris ate a light breakfast, knowing that he had an important practice and basketball game that day. He spent a quiet morning pulling weeds with Mike and Kelly in the backyard and playing with Alex. When it was time for lunch, he had a salad and watched Kelly destroy several pieces of pizza and breadsticks.

Mike knew that Chris was holding back on his food intake, and also knew his big buddy would be starved when the basketball game was over. He watched all of his brothers giving Kelly a lot of attention, and noticed that Kelly was especially attracted to Cody and Nathan.

Kelly was surprised to learn that both Cody and Nathan were members of the fraternity. Both guys were about his size, and he was immediately attracted to them.

"I've got to head for practice," Chris said to Kelly. "You can go to the Athletic Complex, but Coach Knight usually keeps visitors from watching us."

"Can I stay here with Cody and Nathan?" Kelly asked.

"We'll bring him to the game," Cody promised. "He can sit with the rest of us in the student section."

Chris pulled Kelly aside so he could talk to him in private.

"You need to take a shower and change before the game," Chris said quietly. "You can shower with the other guys or I can get you some privacy."

"I really don't want to undress in front of these guys," Kelly whispered. "If it was just you, it wouldn't bother me, but I'm embarrassed with them."

"I asked the Fraternity President if we could borrow his private bathroom and shower," Chris whispered to Kelly. He knew his young friend was just starting to grow pubic hair and might be comfortable with guys his own age, but being nude around mature men would be traumatic. In the years Chris had known Kelly, they had become like brothers and weren't embarrassed when they were nude around each other.

"Thanks Chris," Kelly whispered while giving Chris a hug. He hoped that Cody and Nathan wouldn't tease him about using the private shower.

"I'm gonna ask Marcus if he can sit with the team and be one of our team managers today," Chris said in private to Cody. "Don't say anything to Kelly in case I can't get Marcus to agree. Tom said Kelly can use the shower in his room, and please don't embarrass him."

"He'll shit if he can sit with the team and you know we understand how a little guy needs privacy," Cody acknowledged. "I'd like to sit with the team myself!"

Chris waited in the locker room to hear the pre-game instructions from Marcus Knight and his assistant coaches. He was excited to play his first home game for the CSU Falcons and was pleased that Kelly Moore would be sitting with the team as one of their managers.

"We're supposed to lose this game by at least 15 points," Marcus said to his players. "Ben Howland is one of my friends, but today, he and I are opponents. He's a great coach and has a talented team, but we can beat them if we use our heads. They're ranked Number 3 in the nation, and we're Number 10. Tonight, we show the entire country what we can do on the basketball court!"

The basketball players ran out of the locker room and started their warm-up exercises. Chris looked over and saw the gigantic smile on Kelly Moore's face. He caught the basketball that Kelly passed to him and watched the young guy having the time of his life. Chris looked into the crowd and saw Saul, Helen, Jim, Sarah, and Kristin sitting together. He gave them a wave and turned his attention to getting ready for the big game.

"This is Tom Jeffries, and I'm excited to be broadcasting this basketball game with the CSU Falcons squaring up against the UCLA Bruins," he began. "ESPN is proud to present this game to you as the first half of two important conference basketball games. With me is Rasheed Thomas, a man who knows basketball from his years as a star in the NBA. Rasheed, what can we expect to see this afternoon?"

"Thanks Tom," Rasheed began. "I had the pleasure and pain of playing against Marcus Knight when he played in the NBA, and now that he's a college coach, I know he'll put a team on the court that will entertain all of us."

"Marcus was a great player and landed the best three freshmen in the nation," Tom Jeffries stated. "What do you expect from your knowledge of Coach Knight and his talented team tonight?"

"CJ Hammer was the most recruited athlete in the nation," Rasheed replied. "Hammer lit up the scoreboard in the last Olympics, then on the football field, and a few days ago against the Duke Blue Devils. I don't think any center in the nation can stop Hammer when he posts up or goes for a rebound. I know the bookies have the Bruins listed as a 15-point favorite, but I pick the Falcons to win this game and prove to the nation that they can dominate any team they face for the rest of their season. Hammer is listed at 6 feet 11 inches and 345 pounds, but my sources tell me that he is 7 feet tall and weighs 375 pounds. He is solid muscle, and has speed and agility that I've never seen in a big man."

"If what you're saying is true," Tom Jeffries replied, "the Bruins are in for a tough afternoon, just like the Duke Blue Devils experienced on Wednesday night in North Carolina."

Jim and Sarah Moore watched their son toss the basketballs to the Falcon players and work with the other team managers. They knew that their son was in heaven with his status of team manager for the afternoon. They watched the large television screens around the field house and hoped that Kelly's friends would see him on ESPN.

"Marcus Knight has always provided a lot of excitement for our television audience," Tom Jeffries said. "He's bringing a team to his home court that can only be described as young and talented. CJ Hammer brought down the house in North Carolina, and now he's back home in California to show the Falcon fans that he can dominate in basketball the same way he did in football."

"Hammer could have jumped to the NBA right out of high school," Rasheed stated. "Big guys like Hammer are supposed to be powerful inside, but not able to handle the basketball like the guards. I've watched Hammer practice, and he moves like he's 5 foot 10 inches tall, and can use his height and weight to drive to the basket. My friend Marcus must be in heaven having Hammer, O'Brien and Jacoby join his seasoned veterans. I haven't seen a group of freshmen this talented since we saw the Fab Five play for the University of Michigan years ago!"

"Sergei Greshenko, the 7 foot center of the UCLA Bruins has a reputation of being impulsive," Tom Jeffries stated. "He's a handful for Ben Howland, head coach for the Bruins to control when he gets in foul trouble. Sergei told us in an interview last week that he wants to establish himself with UCLA so he can sign up for the NBA draft at the end of the season. Today we'll see how he matches up with CJ Hammer, a man who's been ready for the NBA ever since the Olympics when he was still in High School."

When it was time for the introduction of the starting players, Marcus called his team to the bench. Kelly and the other two managers collected the basketballs and tossed towels to the players.

"Look at Kelly's face!" Saul said to Jim and Sarah Moore.

"If his smile got any bigger he'd break his face!" Jim joked. "I know he never dreamed that he'd be allowed to sit near the team, let alone work with the other team managers! How did Chris pull it off?"

"Marcus has been Chris's friend ever since Chris was 15," Saul replied. "Marcus won't admit it, but Chris can convince him to do anything. They pulled pranks on each other until basketball season started. Now it's all business for them."

It was the first time that Chris had been introduced as a starter in front of the Falcon fans. He ran onto the court when he was introduced and greeted the other four starters, with the crowd standing and cheering for him. He tried to block out the fans and excitement so he could hear the pre-game instructions from Marcus.

"I want you guys to stick to them like glue when we're on defense," Marcus instructed. "Play the 2-3 zone defense until we see their weaknesses. When we get the ball, look inside for Hammer. Jacoby, you're the team general. If Hammer's covered, you find an open man. I wanna see that ball passed around until we get a high percentage shot. Do you guys understand?"

The five starters all yelled "YES", made a circle around Marcus, and put their hands together in a show of team spirit.

"We're ready for the tip-off to start the Pac-10 basketball season!" Tom Jeffries announced. "Hammer wins the jump ball and knocks it to O'Brien. O'Brien passes to Jacoby and the Falcons head down the court."

"Jacoby moves the ball around and he sees Hammer open inside!" Rasheed Thomas announced. "Hammer has the ball and he's posting up against Sergei Greshenko! Hammer makes his move, and it's two points for the Falcons! Sergei Greshenko was completely faked out and it was an easy two points for Hammer!"

UCLA brought the ball down the court and passed it inside to Sergei Greshenko.

"Greshenko has the ball and tries to post up against Hammer," Rasheed said. "He makes his move and the shot is blocked by Hammer! Wait! They have called a foul on Hammer! That was a clean block and I didn't see any foul!"

Marcus Knight objected to the call by Nels Anderson, one of the officials for the basketball game. Chris couldn't believe that he was charged with a foul, but kept his cool.

Sergei was awarded two foul shots, but he missed both of them. Chris got the rebound and passed to Painter. He brought the ball down the court and saw Chris open in the paint. He passed the ball to Chris and watched his big buddy waste no time in making a spin move and slamming the ball through the hoop for another two points.

"This is gonna be a long afternoon for Greshenko," Rasheed said. "He was out of position and Hammer made that look easy!"

"Mike Williams takes the inbound pass and turns and runs directly into Hammer!" Tom Jeffries announced. "That's an obvious charge because Hammer gave Williams plenty of room! I don't believe it! Hammer has been charged with another foul for blocking! Marcus Knight is livid! That was a terrible call!"

Marcus Knight was furious with Nels Anderson. He screamed at the official for the bad call and had to be restrained by Fred Stonehouse when the official called a technical foul on him.

"I don't blame Marcus for protesting that call," Rasheed said. "Hammer has two fouls in the first few minutes of this game, and neither one was legitimate!"

The game continued with Nels Anderson calling several fouls on the Falcons that infuriated Marcus, his players, and the partisan crowd.

Later in the first half, Chris grabbed a rebound and took the ball "coast to coast" and stuffed it for two points.

"I don't believe this!" Tom Jeffries announced. "Hammer has been called for charging! How can anyone call him for charging on a fast break? It was obvious that Williams fouled Hammer! The basket doesn't count, and Marcus has called time out! He's yelling at Nels Anderson and this crowd is on its feet and booing that last call!"

Marcus had always suspected Nels Anderson of being biased in his officiating. He had to make a decision to pull Chris out of the game or change their offensive alignment. He switched Chris to shooting guard and moved Brendan to center. The change had an immediate effect. The UCLA guard was helpless to try and shoot over a 7-foot person guarding him. Chris blocked several shots and worked with Painter to move the ball around when the Falcons were on offense.

"Hammer brings the ball down the court, makes a quick move to the left and shoots!" Rasheed announced. "That was a three-pointer from the NBA range for Hammer!"

The game continued with Chris and Painter moving the ball around the court. Sergei moved outside to try to block Chris's shots, but wasn't able to keep up with Chris's speed.

"That's another long three pointer for Hammer!" Tom Jeffries announced. "Hammer and Jacoby are on fire right now, and the Bruins are in big trouble! We've got a time out with the score, Falcons 34, Bruins 21!"

Marcus was pleased with how his alignment changes were confusing the opponents. He told his players to try to take the ball inside or look for Brendan in the paint. The change in strategy backfired, with Nels Anderson calling several fouls on the Falcons. At halftime, the score was Falcons 44, Bruins 28.

Kelly was so upset about how the one official was calling fouls against the Falcons that he ignored play at the other end of the court when the Bruins had the ball. When the horn sounded to end the first half, he quickly grabbed towels and tossed them to the sweaty players. He followed the team to the locker room and hoped that Chris wouldn't foul out of the game.

"I know we're supposed to remain impartial," Tom Jeffries said to the television audience, "But that was the worst officiating I've ever seen!"

"Each basketball game has a league observer," Rasheed began. "Each official is graded on how they handled the game, and right now I'd give Nels Anderson a big fat `F'!"

Saul tried to control his emotions, but after watching his son play basketball for many years, he knew the rules of the game. It was obvious to everyone that the officiating of one person could control the outcome of the game.

In Boston, Jennifer Carpenter was livid. She was watching the game on television with her family, and screamed louder than anyone else in the room at the bad officiating. Jonathan Carpenter shared in his daughter's anger toward the one official, but tried to control his emotions.

"Marcus Knight had a few choice comments for Nels Anderson before he led his team to the locker room," Rasheed said. "You don't have to be an expert lip reader to know what Marcus was yelling at Anderson. The teams are coming back on the court and warming up for the second half of this game with the Falcons leading by a score of 44 to 28."

Tom Jeffries saw on the monitor that the cameraman had focused on a young teen wearing a Falcon T-shirt. "I see Marcus has added another manager to his staff," Tom said to the television audience. "I don't know who the lucky boy is, but he's obviously enjoying the opportunity to see a college basketball game from the bench. We'll try to get Judy Sowden to identify the young guy."

"Coach Knight, what can we expect from your team in the second half?" Judy Sowden asked Marcus before he got to the side of the court.

"I told my players to concentrate on moving the ball around the court," Marcus replied. "I have some strong feelings about the officiating, but I'll spare you my true feelings. We're gonna run and gun in the second half to see if the Bruins can keep up with us. My players are in great shape and I think we can wear the Bruins down."

"Who's the young teen talking to Brendan O'Brien right now?" Judy asked. She had heard the request from Tom Jeffries to identify the boy.

"His name is Kelly Moore, and he's an honorary manager for this game," Marcus replied. "Kelly is a personal friend of Chris Hammer, and he was added to my staff for this game."

In Fremont, Mikey Ellis was watching the basketball game with his mother and father. Kelly was his best friend, and Mikey was green with envy when he saw his buddy on national television.

"THAT LUCKY FUCKER!" Mikey screamed when he saw Kelly on television and heard his name announced to the world.

"If I hear you cuss like that again, I'll shove a bar of soap down your throat!" Mary Ellis said to her son.

"He sure is a lucky fucker!" Big Mike said to his only son who also carried his name. He gave his son a "high five" and shared in his excitement until his wife interrupted their celebration.

"If you two don't stop cussing, I'll change the channel!" Mary Ellis threatened. She looked at the faces of her husband and son and surrendered. She knew that they were all enjoying the game and that Kelly must be in heaven with the team. Kelly was a frequent overnight guest, and she knew he would be bragging about his temporary status with the CSU Falcon basketball team. She couldn't stay angry with her husband and only son when they were so excited to see Kelly on television.

When the second half started, Marcus kept Chris in the shooting guard position. The Bruins were frustrated by the speed of the Falcons and started making critical mistakes that ran up the score against them.

"Hammer and Jacoby have lit up the scoreboard!" Rasheed announced. "They make a strange combination because of their size difference, but they're finding the open man and racking up a ton of assists between them!"

"Marcus Knight ignored the bookies who picked the Bruins to win this game by over 15 points!" Tom Jeffries said. "We have a time out now with the Falcons blowing out the Bruins by a score of 68 to 46! Marcus must be in heaven right now!"

When play was resumed, Chris and Painter continued nailing three-pointers or finding open teammates for easy baskets. The Bruins brought the ball down the court and their guard took a long shot that bounced off the rim. Chris was in position for the rebound when Sergei Greshenko lost his composure and intentionally threw his elbow back to slam into Chris's face.

"Hammer is down!" Rasheed yelled. "Greshenko swung his elbow back to hit Hammer instead of going for that rebound! That's an intentional foul and if I was officiating this game, I'd send Greshenko to the locker room!"

"I don't believe it!" Tom Jeffries announced. "Nels Anderson didn't even call a foul on Greshenko, and Hammer is covered in blood! Marcus Knight is on the court to attend to his injured player and has now cornered the officials to protest the foul!"

"Hammer is up, but his face is covered in blood from the elbow that Greshenko hit him with!" Rasheed said. "I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Hammer's nose is broken, and I can't believe that no foul was called! Nels Anderson has just called a technical foul on Marcus Knight! This is unbelievable!"

"The assistant coaches are trying to restrain Marcus from attacking Nels Anderson!" Tom announced. "I don't blame Marcus for protesting that call! Marcus is pointing to the instant replay screens that clearly show that Greshenko purposely smashed Hammer in the face! We're gonna take a break for a commercial while things settle down here!"

Chris staggered toward the bench where the trainers grabbed him and made him sit down. Kelly was screaming and had tears flowing down his face when he saw that Chris was injured. He was pushed aside by the trainers so they could attend to Chris.

"We're back now, but I don't have good news for the Falcon fans watching this game today!" Tom Jeffries announced. "CJ Hammer has been taken to the locker room and Marcus Knight has been ejected from coaching this game! I don't believe this! Ben Howland grabbed Greshenko by the front of his jersey and practically threw him on the bench! Howland is a quality coach, and he won't tolerate a player who intentionally hurts an opposing player! Howland did what the officials should have done! He benched Greshenko!"

Chris was groggy from the injury and let the trainers help him out of the field house and into the locker room. Thomas Morgan, team doctor, quickly took over and got Chris on a training bench and applied ice to Chris's face. He helped the trainers remove Chris's jersey and put gauze in front of Chris's nose to absorb the blood that was still flowing out.

Marcus ran into the locker room and to the side of the table to be with Chris. He talked to Chris to calm him down while Dr. Morgan used cotton swabs to apply medication in Chris's nose to stop the blood flow.

Chris was dizzy and had a splitting headache from the blow to his face. He could taste the blood flowing down his throat and tried to cooperate with the doctor and trainers who were attending to his injuries.

Saul Bernstein was still in the stands with Helen, Jim, Sarah and Kristin. He had seen his son injured before and trusted the trainers and team doctor to take care of Chris. He was very upset, but tried to calm his friends down.

"Shouldn't you go to the locker room?" Jim asked Saul.

"Chris is with the people who can take care of him," Saul replied. "He always told me to stay in the stands if he got hurt. He said he would be embarrassed if I ran down like a frantic mother trying to protect her baby. I'm as upset as you are, but I won't embarrass him! He's a strong man who can take punishment and bounce back."

Mike was sitting with his fraternity brothers and was extremely upset to see his lover injured. He wanted to run to the locker room but knew that he would be kept out. He also knew that Chris had been injured before and wouldn't want him to act like a baby running to his injured partner. Instead, Mike tried to calm his fraternity brothers down from tearing Nels Anderson apart.

"Fred Stonehouse is now in charge of the Falcon team with the ejection of Marcus Knight," Tom Jeffries announced to the television audience. "We've got a lot of basketball left before this game ends, and we'll see how the Falcons pull together after losing their star player. We're not going to show the replay of the injury to CJ Hammer again. I'm sure that the league officials will view the game films and take appropriate action. It wouldn't surprise me to see a lynch mob come after Nels Anderson for the way he has called this game!"

"Fred Stonehouse is a great assistant coach and I'm sure many colleges in the nation would love to have him as their head coach," Rasheed added. "Let's see how this game plays out with the two big guys out of the game. From what I know of Ben Howland, Sergei Greshenko will be glued to the bench for the rest of this game."

The basketball game resumed with the two teams playing without their starting centers. The Falcons were determined to win the game and hoped that Chris would recover from his injury.

"We've got a time out now with the Falcons leading by a score of 84 to 63," Tom Jeffries announced. "We'll be right back after we let our affiliates identify themselves."

The commercials ended and the game was ready to resume when the fans stood up and started cheering loudly.

"The fans are on their feet and now we see why!" Tom Jeffries announced. "The closed circuit cameras are showing CJ Hammer leaving the locker room to return to this game! Hammer's face is swollen, but he has a determined look on his face! The team doctor must have worked a small miracle to get Hammer ready to come back to this game!"

Mike and all of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity members stood and cheered to see the images of Chris leaving the locker room to head back to the basketball court. They knew that Chris was a tough guy and could bounce back from the injury. They didn't expect him to be able to return to the game, and joined the crowd in cheering "CJ Hammer! Clap...clap, clap, clap, clap!" It was the same cheer that had echoed around the football stadium in recognition of the favorite athlete on the CSU campus. The cheer was repeated several times until Chris got to Fred Stonehouse and joined his team.

The sweat that had soaked Chris's jersey had been replaced with the water that had washed out most of the blood that had streamed down his face. The officials examined Chris and saw that his nose was packed with cotton to prevent any blood flow. They determined that his condition was acceptable for getting back into the game.

"Hammer is now back on the court, and I have to admit that I never expected this," Tom Jeffries said. "Taking a blow like that to your nose has to hurt and cause headaches and dizziness. Let's see if Hammer can play or will be returned to the locker room!"

Chris had a splitting headache, but knew he couldn't take any pain medication that might cause his nose to start bleeding again. He was determined to help his team win the basketball game and pushed aside his pain.

Painter was thrilled to have Chris back on the court and dribbled the ball to the offensive end of the floor. He passed to Chris and watched in awe when Chris nailed a three-pointer! All of the Falcon players cheered and headed back in defense.

"That's my boy!" Saul screamed. He had tears of joy running down his face when he joined his friends to celebrate Chris's return to the game.

"If there was any doubt about Hammer being a tough guy, it was just eliminated!" Rasheed said. "I've been blasted in the nose before, and I know that it can throw off your balance and vision, but Hammer nailed that three-pointer like a pro!"

Chris was totally oblivious to the crowd in the field house. He pushed aside his pain and focused on playing basketball. He blocked several shots and continued to drop three-point shots through the basket.

"We're seeing one of the greatest exhibitions of basketball that I've ever witnessed in my life!" Tom Jeffries announced. "CJ Hammer has lit up the scoreboard and the fans are creating a deafening roar in Shepard Field House!"

"I've never seen anyone hitting three-pointers with 80% accuracy!" Rasheed added. "Most of those shots are from the NBA three-point range that we all know is further from the basket than in college basketball. The Falcons have put this game out of reach for the UCLA Bruins!"

When the game clock ran down to three minutes, the Falcons were leading by a score of 110 to 78.

"CJ Hammer is at the foul line shooting two free throws," Tom Jeffries announced. "Fred Stonehouse is making substitutions to give more of his players some court time, and each starter is leaving the court and accepting the cheers of the Falcon fans."

Each starter was replaced; one at a time, while Chris made both of his free throws. When Chris made the last free throw, the horn sounded again with Adam Wentworth replacing him in the game. Everyone in Shepard Field House stood and cheered for Chris when he left the game and headed for the bench. Kelly tossed Chris a towel and waited his turn to hug his big friend.

Fred Stonehouse was elated with the score and let Chris pick him up and spin him around. He knew that Marcus was watching the game on television from the locker room and wished that his friend were with him to congratulate Chris on a fantastic game.

When the horn sounded to end the game, the Falcons had won by a score of 120 to 88. Fred Stonehouse looked for Nels Anderson and only caught a glimpse of the official fleeing for the exit. He turned his attention to Ben Howland and made the customary handshake at the end of the game. He was surprised to hear the apology from Coach Howland at the behavior of Sergei Greshenko.

"I apologize for that cheap shot," Ben Howland said to Fred. "Greshenko will be disciplined by me, our university, and probably the conference. Please tell Hammer that we won't tolerate that type of behavior and I respect him for returning to the game."

Judy Sowden cornered Fred before he left the court to join his team in the locker room. "Fred Stonehouse, you were forced into coaching today after Marcus Knight was ejected from the game by Nels Anderson," she began. "Do you have any comments about the officiating?"

"I think it's obvious to everyone who watched the game and replay that the injury was intentional," Fred began. "I'd rather focus on a great victory and let our Athletic Director and the conference handle any formal complaints. I know that Marcus Knight is proud of his players for overcoming adversity and playing like mature men. We had a balanced attack with all of our starters scoring in double digits! Hammer, Jacoby and O'Brien proved today that they're the best three freshmen in the nation!"

"Everyone thought that CJ Hammer's nose was broken. He returned to the game and played better than he did in the first half. How can you explain that?" Judy asked.

"You have to know Chris Hammer!" Fred replied. "He's not only big, he's tough as nails! I wasn't surprised to see him come back on the court. It would take something like a broken leg to stop him, and even then, I'd bet that he'd come out with a cast on his leg and be ready to play! I need to join my team in the locker room where I know Marcus is celebrating with them."

"This is Jane Sowden thanking Fred Stonehouse for talking with us," she announced.

"I don't think any other game today could ever match up to what we just witnessed," Tom Jeffries announced. "We leave Shepard Field House for the second part of our basketball double-header, with a final score of the CSU Falcons 120, and the UCLA Bruins 88!"

When Chris got to the locker room Dr. Morgan immediately took him to a training table. Marcus Knight was there to help the team doctor take care of his big friend and congratulated Chris on playing a fantastic game. Chris could still taste the blood in his mouth and throat and had a splitting headache. He saw Kelly trying to get close to him and asked Dr. Morgan and Marcus to let him talk to his little buddy.

"You did great today," Chris said to Kelly. "I bet if you go to the locker room door right now, you'll find our dads trying to get in. Marcus will let you bring them in if you ask him nice."

Kelly was still worried about Chris after seeing his swollen face and the start of two black eyes. He grabbed Chris's hand and held it while Dr. Morgan pulled out the gauze that was packed into Chris's nostrils. The sight of the blood caused him to become nauseated and he felt light-headed.

"Grab him!" Chris ordered.

Marcus grabbed Kelly before he fainted and helped him to a bench. A trainer grabbed some smelling salts and held them to Kelly's nose to revive him.

Chris was more worried about Kelly than he was with the discomfort of having the gauze pulled out of his nostrils. It felt like Dr. Morgan was pulling out his brain when the packing was removed.

"Take care of my little buddy!" Chris pleaded.

"He's just nauseated from seeing your blood," Dr. Morgan replied. "The trainers and Marcus are taking care of him and I want you to relax while we ice down your face."

Chris was glad that he was lying down when the effect of the ice took over. He felt dizzy and tried to relax to let the team doctor treat him.

Kelly regained consciousness and felt embarrassed about fainting. He hoped that the basketball players didn't see him pass out, and tried to clear his head.

"Let's go get your dad and Chris's," Marcus said when he saw the boy was recovering. "I'm a coach who's seen a lot of injuries, but it still bothers me to see blood running out of one of my friends."

Kelly let Marcus help him walk to the door of the locker room. When Marcus opened the door, Kelly was elated to see his dad and Saul waiting along with Mike Mahley.

"Chris is bleeding a lot," Kelly said while hugging his dad. "I'm scared and I passed out."

Jim Moore hugged his son and followed Saul and Mike to the table where Chris was being treated. They were all concerned that Chris's nose might be broken, and they wanted to comfort him.

"His nose isn't broken," Dr. Morgan announced to the concerned people. "We took X-rays when he left the game and had the result before I let him play again today. We've got the bleeding stopped and he can take a shower, but he can't be exerting himself for at least 24 hours. His eyes might be swollen shut and will be black and blue, but I expect him to recover completely."

"Does that mean that Mike and Kelly won't wait on me like a couple of slaves?" Chris joked to Tom Morgan. "I should have talked to you before you gave them such a positive prognosis."

"Jocks aren't supposed to use big words like `prognosis'!" Thomas Morgan joked. He had treated Chris before for injuries and knew that the talented athlete was resilient. He had seen the medical history that detailed the numerous injuries that Chris had experienced in his lifetime, and knew that Chris had survived several potentially lethal wounds. A bloody nose and two black eyes were insignificant compared to skull fractures and broken bones. He respected the young athlete for being resilient and a great person to be around.

"I'll take care of you!" Kelly insisted. "Just ask for anything and I'll get it for you!"

"How about 10 bottles of Excedrin?" Chris asked Kelly. "I need a head transplant!"

"Your head belongs to me!" Mike replied. "I might study brain surgery so I can replace your twisted brain with Alex's brain! Maybe then you would behave and listen to what I say!"

"Let's see how you feel after a shower before you take anything that will thin your blood," Dr. Morgan said, ignoring the banter between the young men. "I'll write you a prescription for Tylenol 3, but I want someone with you at all times in case you start bleeding again. If you do, I want you to go to the closest clinic or emergency room. Do you understand? No bending over. No strenuous activity."

Saul held Chris's hand and listened to his son agree with Dr. Morgan and banter with his friends. He hated seeing his son injured, but life seemed to constantly challenge Chris.

"After your shower I want you to call Boston," Saul said to Chris. "I know the rest of our family is worried about you."

Chris loved hearing Saul talk about their extended family. He knew that he would have lived in the St. Mary's Orphanage until he was 18 if he had never met B. He was thankful for having Saul adopt him and for finding his biological heritage.

"I'd ask for some hugs, but I'll wait until I take a shower," Chris announced, knowing that he was soaked in sweat. "Can you grab Brendan and Jermaine to help me get into the shower room?"

Kelly ran to find Brendan and Jermaine. He found them both coming out of the showers nude, and asked them to help Chris. He took the opportunity to look at the manhood of the two men and felt inferior with what was between his legs. He prayed that he would develop a big dick and large patch of pubic hair like he saw on all of the basketball players coming out of the showers.

"We had to carry your sorry ass when you left the game today," Brendan joked. "Now you want us to drag your fat butt into the showers! What a lazy ass!"

Chris knew that Brendan was teasing him, and accepted the help from his two teammates to get undressed. He knew that he shouldn't bend over and was happy that the guys would help him.

Kelly helped by taking off Chris's shoes and socks while the other guys got Chris nude. He saw how his dad and Saul accepted being around all of the nude guys in the locker room and felt guilty for comparing his small genitals with mature men.

Chris felt refreshed when the warm shower washed away the sweat from the basketball game. He thanked Brendan and Jermaine for helping him get cleaned up.

"You're our brother!" Jermaine said. "Even if you played a shitty game today, we'd take care of you. I'm black and you're white, but we're brothers for life!"

Chris left the shower room with his two fraternity brothers and saw Kelly waiting with a bunch of towels. He caught a towel that Kelly tossed to him and wrapped it around his waist before messing up Kelly's hair. The big smile on Kelly's face told Chris that his little buddy was back to enjoying a special day in his life.

"I refused to let the press come into the locker room today," Marcus said to Chris. "I want to talk to all of my team before you guys leave here and there won't be any interviews with the reporters today."

Chris knew that Marcus was a very professional coach, and needed to talk to his team in private. He asked Mike, Saul and Jim to leave before the team meeting, but grabbed Kelly's hand to keep him in the locker room.

"You're part of this team today," Chris said to Kelly. "You can join us but I don't want you telling anyone what Marcus says to us. I trust you to keep it a secret."

Kelly was shocked. He never expected Chris to include him in the team meeting when his dad, Saul and Mike were asked to leave. He helped Chris get dressed and put on Chris's socks and shoes so Chris didn't bend over. He was still worried that Chris's nose would start bleeding again, and wanted to do everything he could to help his big friend.

"I apologize to all of you," Marcus began. "I've preached to you about maintaining your cool, and today I lost mine! The entire nation saw me lose control and verbally attack an official. It was obvious that the elbow to Chris's face was intentional, but there is no excuse for me going postal with Nels Anderson. I'm ashamed of my behavior today, and ask you guys to forgive me."

"If you hadn't gone after that asshole, I would have!" Jermaine blurted out. "All of us wanted to kill Greshenko for that cheap shot, and that official needs to have his ass kicked too!"

"Ben Howland showed more class than the officials today!" Brendan added. "When I saw him grab Greshenko, I thought he was gonna punch him in the face! You taught us that this is a team sport and we have to take care of each other. When I saw Chris hit the floor, covered in blood, I was ready to start a brawl. Your actions kept the crowd and us from storming the court and creating a riot! I respect you more today than ever!"

"I second that!" Jonathan Crawford, CSU President said when he walked into the locker room. "I'm here to congratulate my team for a great victory and tell all of you that your university will defend the actions of Marcus Knight today. I promise all of you that I will file complaints against Nels Anderson and Sergei Greshenko with our conference and will go on record saying that Marcus Knight is the best basketball coach in the nation! Fred Stonehouse did a great job in coaching you guys for the rest of the game today, and I'm here to congratulate everyone!"

Marcus choked back his tears. He didn't want to break down in front of his players, but hearing the university president express respect for him made him feel better about his actions of the day.

"I might look like a raccoon tomorrow," Chris began, "But I'm proud to be part of this team coached by my friend, Marcus Knight! I might even stop putting white pepper in his jock before practice!"

"So you're the asshole who did that!" Marcus exclaimed. "I went home that night and found my wife in a sheer nightgown, and all I could do was moan about the fire between my legs! You're gonna pay for that in the next practice!"

The locker room erupted with laughter. All of the tension from the game and Chris's injury evaporated. Everyone in the locker room was ready to celebrate.

Kelly was in heaven. He loved Chris like a big brother and never expected to be included as a trainer for the day, and he had just been listening to a very confidential team meeting. He was sitting next to Chris and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. This was the best day of his life!

Chris and Kelly left the locker room with Chris holding an ice pack to his face. Mike, Saul, Helen, Jim, Sarah and Kristin greeted them.

"Do you still want to go out to eat?" Mike asked Chris. He knew that his big buddy was going to have two black eyes along with a swollen face, and might not want to go out in public.

"I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse!" Chris replied. "Can we go to Dimitri's? I know Poppa Tomas will keep bringing food until I'm stuffed. Maybe my dad or future mom want to go somewhere else."

"Dimitri's sounds great!" Helen said. "I love the Greek food served there."

"You can't drive," Saul reminded Chris.

"Chris and Mike can ride with us," Jim suggested. "There's plenty of room in our van."

Kelly and Kristin were pleased that Chris and Mike would be riding with them and their parents. They argued about who would sit next to Chris and Kristin won after reminding Kelly that he spent the night with Chris and would be going to the duplex in Fremont with him too.

"Marcus said I didn't have to attend practice tomorrow, but I want to go," Chris said to Mike. "Should we reschedule our hospital visit? I'm gonna look like crap tomorrow."

"The kids in the hospital would be disappointed," Mike replied. "Two black eyes are nothing compared to what they're experiencing. I say we go, just like we had planned."

During the trip to Dimitri's Restaurant, Chris used his cell phone to call his Boston family. The Carpenters were excited that he had called and used the speakerphone in Jonathan's office so they could all hear Chris and talk with him. They were all concerned about Chris's injury and needed reassurance that he was okay.

"I have a headache and will have two black eyes tomorrow," Chris said to his family. "I'll be fine when I get some food in my stomach."

"We're all proud of you," Jonathan said to his son after accepting that Chris was going to be okay. "I think your sister was ready to run all the way to California to beat up that official and Sergei Greshenko!"

"Jen, you need to save your energy so you can take care of Joe," Chris teased. "He's been floating in the air ever since you agreed to marry him. I think his face might break from the big smile that he's been wearing since Wednesday."

"I'd ask you to give him a kiss for me, but I'm afraid you might do it!" Jennifer teased. "He's a real hunk, and I've been showing everyone the beautiful ring he gave me. I can't wait for June to get here so I can become his wife!"

"You certainly surprised everyone today by returning to the basketball game after being hurt," Carol Carpenter said. "I think our roof lifted up when we all cheered for your return."

"You kicked butt today!" Randy said. "The announcers said you are ready for the NBA. Are you gonna sign up for the NBA draft after this season?"

"I'm having too much fun in college to leave now," Chris replied. "By staying in college I have Marcus Knight and Shaquille O'Neal teaching me how to play basketball and I get to play football too. I still have a lot to learn before I'm ready to even consider turning pro. Mike is a slow learner and will be in college for about 20 years before he gets his medical degree. I'll wait for his sorry ass and try to get my Masters' Degree in Education before I consider professional football or basketball."

"You asshole!" Mike blurted out.

The Carpenters all heard Mike's comment and laughed. They knew that both Mike and Chris were exceptional students and would have no trouble completing their college educations in record time.

"We just got to Dimitri's Restaurant," Chris said to his family. "I'll call you tomorrow night."

"Thanks for calling us!" Carol Carpenter said for her entire family. "We love you!"

"I love you too!" Chris replied. He ended the call and groaned when he saw the long line of people waiting outside Dimitri's Restaurant. He was starving and his stomach was grumbling so loud that Kelly and Kristin were teasing him about having Alex inside his belly.

"I called ahead and made a reservation," Saul said. "Dimitri was thrilled to hear that we'd be here tonight."

His comments were interrupted when both Dimitri and Tomas Kostas came out of the restaurant to greet them. They gave everyone hugs and kisses on both cheeks in the traditional way that Greeks greet their friends.

"Come inside!" Tomas said. "We just opened the private dining room and we can seat most of these wonderful people who are waiting outside! Thank you for honoring us with your visit tonight!"

Chris was famished and attacked the flaming cheese and Greek bread with a vengeance. He ignored the teasing of Mike and Kelly, and dove into the Greek salad.

"He needs food to fuel his big body," Jim told his son and daughter. "Get some bread and salad before it's all gone."

"Chris is my buddy," Dimitri said while putting another large bowl of salad on the table. "We'll keep the food coming until he's full. Poppa is yelling at everyone to get the racks of lamb out here so Chris can eat. He loves seeing Chris or anyone else eating the food he cooks."

"Bring some hay and I bet he'll eat it!" Mike teased.

Everyone laughed and watched Chris destroy a ton of food. Mike told everyone that Chris had restricted his food intake before the game, so he knew his buddy would be famished when the game was over.

Chris seemed oblivious to the comments of his family and friends. The only thing that seemed to get his attention was the people who had the courage to walk to the table to ask for his autograph. He was polite in signing the autographs while still consuming a large quantity of food.

"Can...I...have...your...autograph?" A small voice asked.

Chris looked up from his food and saw a cute girl who looked about 8 years old. Standing behind her was a man that Chris guessed was her father. The little girl was white as a ghost, and looked like she was going to cry or faint. Chris quickly forgot about his food and smiled at the little girl. He knew that he shouldn't stand up to greet her because his immense size would freak the girl out and she would faint.

"I'd be happy to give you an autograph," Chris said softly to the little girl. "I hope you and your dad are Falcon fans."

Nicole Powell was thrilled that the famous athlete would talk to her. She was shocked when Chris reached out and pulled an empty chair for her to sit beside him. She sat in the chair and looked at the man who had starred in the basketball game that her father took her to.

Travis Powell was shocked to see CJ Hammer giving his little daughter so much personal attention. He was recently divorced and had surprised his daughter by taking her to the Falcon basketball game. He stood behind his daughter and listened to Chris talking to her like a friend. He was pleasantly surprised when Mike Mahley dropped a photo of CJ Hammer in his basketball uniform in front of Chris to sign for Nicole.

"To Nicole, a Falcon fan and friend, from CJ Hammer" was the autograph.

"Thank you so much!" Travis said to Chris. "Nicole is your biggest fan, and when we saw you here tonight, she wanted to get an autograph but was scared. I told her that you might not want to be bothered, but I was hoping that you'd at least sign a napkin for her. This is a great night for my daughter and me!"

"Pull up a chair and join us for the rest of the meal," Chris offered. "Everyone here is teasing me about how much I'm eating, and I need some friends to defend me."

Dimitri had seen the father and daughter approach Chris for an autograph and knew that his buddy would be gracious. After hearing the offer to join, he quickly pulled a small table over to join Chris and his party so the man and daughter could sit with them.

Travis and Nicole Powell were in heaven. They listened while Chris introduced them to his family and friends and then joined in the fantastic meal that Dimitri and the other waiters delivered.

Dimitri always had a digital camera available, and took several pictures of the Powell's with Chris and the other guests. He asked for an email address so he could send the photos to the Powell's and also asked if he could put the pictures on the website for the restaurant.

Travis watched the big athlete help his daughter with her food. Chris was cutting up the lamb and filling Nicole's plate like he was a parent. This was going to be a night that his daughter would remember for the rest of her life.

When everyone was stuffed with the fantastic food, it was time for them to leave. Nicole wrapped her arms around Chris's neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Travis Powell shook hands with Chris and Mike and thanked them again for inviting them to share their table. He asked for the bill for the meal and was surprised when Saul Bernstein said that their meals were paid for.

"I don't know what to say besides `thank you'," Travis said. "We certainly didn't expect to be included like this, and I can't tell you how much we enjoyed this meal with everyone!"

"If you give us your address, we'll send you some tickets for another home game," Chris said. "My dad has connections to get tickets, and I need someone to cheer for me and my teammates."

The party broke up after Nicole gave Chris another hug and kiss on the cheek. She couldn't wait to tell her friends that she had shared a meal with the famous athlete!

"You were great with that little girl," Mike said during the ride to Fremont. "You have a real talent for dealing with kids. I bet she won't sleep a wink tonight!"

"I really like kids," Chris admitted. "She looked like she was gonna faint when I first saw her. I wish I didn't scare kids like that. I know it was bad manners when I didn't stand up, but I bet she would have keeled over if I did."

"Changing the subject," Mike began, "I got a call during the game that Tom McMartin borrowed Alex tonight. He's working weekends with the Canine Patrol, and wanted Alex to ride with him. Tom promised to bring Alex to your duplex when the shift is finished."

"Alex really seems to like playing cop," Chris said. "He's a natural hunter, and I know his puppies could make great police dogs. He and Tom really hit it off great, and Alex will do anything to protect Tom and track down criminals."

The Moore van pulled into the driveway of the duplex to the barking of Alex. He was standing with Tom McMartin and Robbie Thompson. Robbie was the small boy that lived next door who had been saved from the clutches of a pedophile by Alex.

CHRIS!" Robbie screamed when he saw his big friend. He joined Alex in welcoming Chris home with a combination of hugs and doggy kisses.

Chris hugged the small boy and then saw Joyce, Steve and Katy Thompson walking into the yard. He loved the Thompson family and hoped that they would remain friends after Saul moved out of the duplex to the mansion he had bought.

"I'd still like to take you out on a romantic date!" Chris said to Joyce.

"You had your chance and you ran like a greyhound!" Joyce teased. She loved being around Chris and had called his bluff about intimacy, only to see the big guy head for the hills.

"After what I just saw him eat, I know he's full of shit!" Mike offered. He hugged Joyce and Steve and watched Chris play with their two children.

Chris introduced everyone and then listened to Tom McMartin describe how Alex had performed during their shift together.

"We got a call to assist on a domestic violence call," Tom began. "It began with a routine call, but when we got the call, the male perpetrator had assaulted two females and then ran away. Alex got the scent and took off on a dead run. I had a hell of a time chasing after him until Alex nailed the guy. The guy was almost a mile from the scene when I found Alex holding the guy down with his jaws holding the guy by a very private area. The guy was petrified that Alex was gonna change his gender!"

"Jesus!" Chris exclaimed. "Maybe Alex isn't the dog you should use."

"He's a perfect police dog!" Tom exclaimed. "That guy could have gotten away, but Alex was too fast for him! The guy was scared to death and admitted everything to me. All the guy wanted was for me to call Alex off!"

It was getting late, but Chris watched Robbie riding around the yard on Alex's back. He knew his dog was very intelligent and knew when to be gentle with people like Robbie and when to attack to protect his friends or find a criminal.

"Can I spend the night?" Robbie pleaded.

"Chris has guests tonight," Steve Thompson said. He watched the face of his son turn from happiness to total disappointment.

"I think we can find room for another visitor tonight," Mike offered. He knew that Robbie loved Chris and wanted to spend the night like he had done many times before.

Robbie jumped with joy, even before his parents gave him permission to spend the night with their neighbors. He quickly made friends with Kelly and took his new friend back to his house to get clothes to spend the night.

"Alex is getting a reputation as the best police dog we have," Tom McMartin said. "We can't wait until we get his puppy for a permanent member of our police force. I hope you'll let us keep borrowing Alex."

"Alex was bred to be a hunter," Saul offered. "I remember the day I brought him home and Chris saw him for the first time. Alex knew that Chris was going to be his master, and immediately bonded to my son. Alex saved our lives, and now he's bonding to you and his new position as your partner on the police force. I'd never want to have him chase after me and take me down! He'll let kids ride him, pull his tail, and jump on him without doing anything besides lick them. When that dog is in his protective mode, he's deadly!"

"He's just a worthless mutt!" Chris teased. He watched Alex hang his doggy head in shame. He quickly recanted his comments and said, "He's my mutt, and I love him!"

Alex jumped up and knocked Chris down on the grass. Saul laughed and knew that Alex could take down anyone, and was now proving that fact by pinning Chris to the ground to lick his face. Everyone laughed and watched Chris wrestle with his big dog on the grass.

"This has been a fantastic day!" Jim Moore said. "It's time for us to leave and let everyone get some sleep."

Chris pushed Alex aside and gave out hugs to everyone that was leaving. He knew that he had violated Dr. Morgan's orders by roughhousing with Alex, but he was happy to share special times with his dog and friends.

Kelly seemed uneasy when Chris and Mike got into the duplex. Chris was tuned in to his little friend's emotions and asked him what was wrong.

"When we move in here, can I have your room?" Kelly asked.

"You and Robbie can sleep there tonight," Chris replied. "Mike and I can sleep in the guest room, and if your parents agree, my room can be your room forever!"

"SWEET!" Kelly exclaimed. "Then Robbie can come over and spend the night like he's my little brother! That'll be awesome!"

Chris and Mike both laughed at the exuberance of the two young guys. They could tell that the two boys would become great friends when they were neighbors. They headed for the guest room and listened to the two boys laughing and having a great time together.

"I know that Dr. Morgan told you that you can't exert yourself," Mike said. "I want to repay you for being such a neat guy with Nicole, Robbie and Kelly."

Chris knew what Mike had in mind, and wanted to share some intimate time with his lover. He walked to the hall and saw Alex knocking open the door to his room to join the two young boys for the night. The screaming of the two boys told him that Alex was playing with them. He closed the door to give him and Mike some privacy.

"Your face looks like shit!" Mike teased. "Maybe I should grab Alex for a night of wild sex instead of looking at your two black eyes!"

"Cut the crap and kiss me!" Chris replied. "Alex is busy with two young boys, and I want that blowjob you promised me if we won the game today! It's time to pay up!"

Chris and Mike were on the bed in the guest room, making out, when Alex opened the door and came into the room. Alex seemed to understand that the two men needed privacy and closed the door. He lay down next to the door and was immediately in his protective mode while the two guys were kissing and talking about the events of the day.

Mike had his hand inside Chris's shorts and was stroking the hard meat that he planned on devouring to draw out a big batch of fresh cum. He knew he had to be gentle with his lover and not cause Chris's nose to start bleeding again. He felt the precum leaking out of Chris's cock and smeared it around the long foreskin and swollen knob of the long shaft. He was unbuttoning the shorts with the intention of freeing the monster when Chris suddenly sat upright in the bed.

"Something's wrong!" Chris blurted out. He was tuned into Alex's emotions and saw that Alex was pacing back and forth in front of the closed door.

Chris jumped out of the bed and wished that he were in his own room where he could grab his 9 mm handgun. He knew the gun was safely hidden with the ammunition stored in a separate spot. He grabbed a baseball bat and opened the door to let Alex out so he could follow.

Mike was filled with anxiety when he followed Chris and Alex out of the room. All of the tension for the two men and huge dog was extinguished when they walked to the sliding door and heard two young boys splashing around in the backyard pool.

"What's going on?" Chris yelled to Robbie and Kelly. "You guys are supposed to be in bed!"

"We're skinny dipping!" Robbie squealed. "Come join us!"

Mike laughed and made a quick decision to undress and join the two boys. He dove into the pool and surfaced quickly to remind Chris not to dive. The two nude boys immediately attacked Mike in the pool to start a water fight.

Chris was relieved that the boys were okay and peeled off his remaining clothes. He walked to the shallow end of the pool and walked into the refreshing water. He was immediately covered with water when Alex jumped into the pool to join the party.

The four guys and dog played together and had a ton of fun until Saul turned on the pool and yard lights.

"You guys are waking up the entire neighborhood!" Saul yelled. "Either knock off the yelling or get out of the pool and go to bed!"

"Uncle Saul, please don't tell my parents," Robbie pleaded.

"Your parents already know!" Steve Thompson announced. "I see a bunch of bare butts attached to four guys who should be in bed right now! You've got one minute to get out of that pool and head for bed, or you'll be spending the night in your own room!"

Robbie was afraid that his dad would make him go home. He wanted to jump out of the pool, but with the lights on, everyone would see his naked body. He was relieved when Saul turned off the lights so everyone could leave the pool without being seen.

Chris saw that his dad had left four large towels by the sliding door for them to use to dry off. He knew that it would take most of the night for Alex to dry off, so he told his dog to lie on the plush rug at the front door for the rest of the night.

"That was fun, but I don't want you guys leaving the house again tonight," Chris said to Robbie and Kelly.

The two boys quickly agreed and went to the room they would share for the night. They both were giggling about sneaking out and going skinny-dipping with the two college men.

"Where were we?" Mike asked Chris when they closed the door to the guest room. "I think I was getting ready to suck your dick and eat some baby pudding!"

Chris and Mike got on the bed in a 69 position and quickly turned two soft cocks into shafts of steel. They tried to be quiet and pleasure each other.

Chris was swirling his tongue around the head of Mike's cock at the same time his large finger was circling around Mike's rosebud. He coated his finger with saliva and stimulated the puckered ring of Mike's anus before popping his digit inside. He wanted to fuck Mike, but knew that the sounds of their lovemaking would reach the two young guests. Instead, he finger fucked Mike with one hand and stroked the hard cock he was sucking.

Mike loved intimate times with Chris. He was nibbling on Chris's foreskin and stroking the long cock to encourage a flow of precum. Chris's cock produced an unusual flavor of precum that drove him wild. When the first drops of the tangy liquid met his taste buds, he savored the juice before swallowing it to make room for more. He pulled the long foreskin back to reveal the large knob of pleasure and then pulled the foreskin over the knob to squeeze out more nectar. He could feel Chris's large finger stroking his prostate and decided to return the favor. He thrust his own finger inside Chris's tight hole and expertly gave his buddy's prostate gland the "finger wave" that was part of most physical examinations of male patients.

"I'm really close!" Chris announced. He could feel his body reacting to Mike's attention and knew he was going to blast a huge load of cum in a matter of seconds.

Mike moaned with Chris's cock still in his mouth. His own orgasm was now in control of his body and he tried to keep from screaming or going postal by fucking Chris's warm mouth.

Two mouths were quickly bathed in thick jizz and the two lovers gulped down the intimate juice from their lover while trying to stimulate the prostate glands to completely empty their precious juice. The room was separated from the bedroom where the two young boys were spending the night by the trophy room, and the sounds of love and lust never reached Robbie and Kelly. When their lust had been satiated, Chris and Mike pulled their fingers out of their lover and turned to cuddle on the bed.

"I love you," Chris said to Mike.

"I love you more," Mike replied.

They drifted off to sleep with their bodies entwined, and their minds filled with love.