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CJ Chapter 52

Saul Bernstein woke up on Sunday morning to the nudging of the big dog he had bought for his son. He smiled while he petted Alex and drank in the sounds and aromas of a house that had come alive. He could smell bacon and sausages cooking and could hear two immature voices laughing and playing in the other half of the duplex. Mixed with the wonderful aromas and joyful sounds of the two boys were the distinct sounds of a guitar playing. He couldn't imagine a better way to wake up in the morning.

Chris and Mike had been the first to awake, and they decided to let the others sleep while they started breakfast. When Mike announced that he had breakfast under control, Chris began playing his guitar in his living room. He had grown to love the duplex and the freedom it allowed him to have friends over and not disturb his dad. Things were different now. He knew that the duplex would soon become home for the Moore family and that his life was now centered on Mike and the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity.

Mike was cooking breakfast and listening to the two young boys teasing each other while they played. He saw the two boys running around in their boxers and laughed when he saw Robbie pull Kelly's boxers down.

"You guys knock it off so you don't wake Saul up!" Mike ordered.

"No one could sleep through all of this racket!" Saul said to Mike. He hugged Mike and watched the two young boys run around the house with Alex chasing them. "Breakfast smells great!"

"Chris sure loves being home with you," Mike said to Saul. "My dad is a true friend and he reminded me that Chris might still be trying to accept that he's a man now and not your little boy. You and I know that he's very emotional, and I hope we can work together to help him adjust to leaving his home."

"Like I told you before, Chris's emotional growth was hindered by being in the orphanage," Saul said softly to Mike. "He's big and strong on the outside, but still a boy emotionally. You're the best thing in his life now. He's madly in love with you, and I know that you'll be the rock that he can rely on. Seeing him with you and your brothers in the fraternity makes me happy. I couldn't consider marrying Helen without you in Chris's life. He's happier now than I've ever seen him, and it's all due to finding true love with you."

"I didn't know what love was until I met Chris," Mike admitted. "He risked his life to save Joe McClure and hid his past from me. I needed him and finally admitted how much I loved him when I was dying. Now I'll do anything to make Chris happy."

"All you have to do is love my son," Saul said. "He's an athlete, and sports might cause some problems in your relationship. Chris has to focus his mind and energy to compete, and that might make you jealous."

"Dad said the same thing," Mike admitted. "I admit I don't like to see Chris risking injury by playing sports, but if anything bad happens, I know I'll be there to help him recover. Chris and I talk about a dream where we live together near the St. Mary's Orphanage in Dallas. He'll be a teacher and coach, and I'll be a resident doctor to take care of the kids. Maybe that sounds corny to you, but that's our mutual dream."

"It sounds wonderful to me," Saul admitted. "Chris turned a lottery winning into a major fortune by investing in very volatile stocks and day trading. He gave his fortune to the Carpenter Foundation so his other dad could help enlarge it to fight diseases and improve the lives of orphans. He doesn't need the money from turning professional in sports, but when he does, expect him to donate his money to help others."

"I plan on joining him in helping the Carpenter Foundation grow," Mike stated. "We both were near death and realize that we need to help others to thank God for saving us."

"Do you need help with breakfast?" Saul asked.

"I can handle it," Mike replied. "Why don't you go listen to Chris's music?"

Saul walked up behind Chris and knew that his son was absorbed in the music he was playing. It had always amazed Saul that Chris could play the guitar so beautifully. His mind drifted back to when Chris had returned to Texas after recovering from his injuries and learning the basics of Karate from Stephen Segall. Karen Segall had taught Chris the basics of playing the piano, and insisted that music and Karate were both important to his recovery. Chris had told him that both Karate and playing the piano required concentration and dedication. He bought an upright piano and enrolled Chris with a piano teacher, and the results were history. Chris then took to playing the guitar in his room and had proven his talent at the CSU Concert. The grand piano that replaced the upright in the living room was now at the fraternity house where Chris entertained his brothers.

"Your music is a beautiful way to wake up," Saul said while hugging his son from the back. "I love hearing you play the piano or the guitar. Can you play `Classical Gas' for me?"

Chris knew that the song was B's favorite. He had practiced the music in private, and played it during the concert for his dad to hear. He made some adjustments to the guitar and played the guitar part of the song perfectly for his dad.

"That was beautiful!" Saul said to Chris when the song was finished. "Do you want to go to church with me this morning?"

Chris knew that worship was an important part of the life he shared with Saul Bernstein. They alternated between attending the Episcopal Church near their home and Spiritual Living, a non-denominational church that advertised, "Open Hearts, Open Minds". The new church was open-minded about gay and lesbian relationships, and made both Mike and Chris feel welcome.

"I look like shit today," Chris remarked. "Should we go when my face is all black and blue?"

"I vote yes," Mike offered upon entering the living room and hearing Chris' question. "We can have breakfast and then go to church before we head to the hospital. The P. R. Staff is expecting us and already announced that you, Brendan, Jermaine, Painter, Delano and Jarvis would be visiting the kids in the Pediatric Wards. I know you won't disappoint a bunch of kids just because your face looks like shit! I still love you, even though your face makes Alex's butt look handsome right now!"

Everyone laughed and headed for the kitchen to finish making breakfast. They enjoyed the meal together and got dressed to attend church services.

Pastor Clemens was shaking hands with everyone after they left his service. He was thrilled that CJ Hammer had attended the services with his partner, father and the young boy. He thanked them for attending and said that he was pleased that Chris and Mike had made their relationship public. He wished that more people in same sex relationships would be as brave.

Mike drove the powerful Mustang back toward campus while Saul delivered Kelly and Alex back to the fraternity. Chris asked Mike to stop at the new Wal-Mart before they got to the hospital.

When the two men got inside the store, Chris told Mike to grab a cart while he did the same. He headed for the toy department and began filling his cart with miniature footballs and basketballs. He helped Mike fill his cart with similar toys while he explained that he wanted to take small gifts to the kids in the hospital.

When the two men got their carts to the checkout, the clerk immediately recognized CJ Hammer. She questioned why they were buying so many toy balls and listened while Mike explained about their visit to the children at Mercy General Hospital.

Joyce Powell immediately called for the store manager on the public address system. She realized that the two men had wiped out their toy department of the small footballs and basketballs and wanted the manager to give them a discount.

"I'm Tony Marcello," the manager said. "Joyce tells me that you are headed for Mercy General Hospital to visit some children. Wal-Mart gives me a lot of latitude when we see people doing something so wonderful for the community. On behalf of our national chain, I want you to take these toys as our contribution."

"I can pay for the toys," Chris insisted. He was surprised when Mike pulled him away from the checkout lane.

"We both know you can pay for the toys," Mike began, "but let this store make the contribution. Sometimes when you accept help, you make the giver feel good. These people want to be a part of what you will do today along with the other athletes. Don't take that pleasure away from them! If you're afraid of it affecting your amateur status, they can donate the toys to me."

Chris realized that Mike was right. The Wal-Mart chain had been under a lot of public criticism lately in the media, and the offer was a genuine contribution. He thanked Mike for explaining things to him and returned to the checkout where the clerk and store manager were waiting.

"I know you have a Grand Opening planned for next weekend," Chris began. "Mike will accept these toys today if you let me bring some of my fraternity brothers back for your celebration. I'm sure that Delano Genovesi, Jarvis Williams, Painter Jacoby, Brendan O'Brien and Jermaine Lewis will agree to sign autographs for free along with me. You might want to stock up on Falcon shirts and more toys for us to sign for the kids. I trust that you will price things fairly for the open house."

"That would be fantastic!" Tony Marcello said. "Our Public Relations Staff will go nuts when they hear about this! Even if you didn't make that wonderful offer, I would still want you to take the toys to the kids in the hospital."

"Chris has a basketball game Friday night, so we can be here around 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. Will that work for you?" Mike asked.

The clerk and store manager were thrilled about the offer. They both recognized the names of the famous athletes from the CSU teams, and couldn't wait to tell the rest of their co-workers the great news. The store manager knew his boss and the national headquarters would provide the merchandise for the athletes to autograph for their customers, and would advertise the event across California.

"You're a smart guy," Chris said to Mike while they filled the backseat and trunk of the Mustang with plastic bags filled with toys. The bags would advertise Wal-Mart stores for everyone in the hospital. "All this time I thought you were only good for sucking my dick and taking a fuck, and now you come up with a great idea for our brothers to do some community service!"

Mike cuffed Chris on the back of the head and called him an asshole. He looked at the face of his lover and wanted to kiss him right in the parking lot. He hugged Chris and reminded him that they needed to get to the hospital to meet the other guys at 1:00 p.m.

Mike drove the Mustang up to the front entrance to Mercy General Hospital and was pleased to see Delano, Jarvis, Brendan, Painter, and Jermaine waiting for them. Each guy took bags of the toys and waited for Mike to park the car and return. Craig Golden, Public Relations Director for the hospital, was waiting there along with a photographer. Several pictures were taken before the athletes paired off to visit the different wards where children were being treated.

Mike and Chris headed for the Pediatric Oncology Ward, where young children to adolescents were being treated for cancer. Mike knew that this would be the most difficult area for the men to visit from his discussions with his father.

"The kids in this ward range in age from toddlers to young teens," Mike explained to Chris. "They all have some form of cancer and are here for surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Some of them will never leave this hospital alive, but they all need some happiness in their lives. Dad tells me that this is the area that needs you the most."

Chris stopped in the hallway and tried to compose himself. He didn't like the thought of visiting kids who might die, and wondered if he had the emotional strength to visit them.

"Think about how you felt in the orphanage," Mike suggested. "Do you remember how excited everyone got when any visitor arrived? Dad taught me that patients need moral support along with medical attention to get well. Oncology isn't my dad's specialty, but he's waiting for us behind those doors right now. This is one way our brotherhood can help others."

Chris followed Mike through the doors to the special wing of the hospital and was happy to see Poppa Mike waiting for them.

"How are my sons today?" Mike Mahley Sr. said while hugging Chris and Mike. He saw the large bags of toys and was happy to see his son and Chris both wearing Falcon jerseys for their special visit.

"Where do we start?" Mike asked his father.

Poppa Mike led his two sons into the first ward where four girls were being treated. The girls immediately recognized Chris and expressed their joy by each one begging him to come to their bed first.

Chris was shocked to see that all of the girls had lost their hair from their treatments. He visited each girl and asked her what sport she liked the most. When he got the answer, he autographed a basketball or football and gave it to the girl as a gift. He was surprised that each girl commented on the bruises on his face and seemed more concerned about his health than her own. He spent time with each girl until Mike and Poppa Mike told him that they needed to visit another ward.

At the same time, the other athletes were visiting children in other wards. The kids that had casts on their bodies asked for them to be signed by the athletes, and were thrilled that the famous men would take the time to visit them. The entire hospital staff had been alerted to the special visitors, and they shared in the joy of their young patients.

Nearly two hours had passed before Mike led Chris out of the ward. They had a few toys left over and decided to save them for the next hospital visit. They were ready to leave when a nurse called to them.

"I know you're getting ready to leave," Fran Williams said. "But there's a boy in the Pediatric ICU who heard you were visiting today. His name is Tommie King, and he is a special patient for all of us. Tommie is 11 and won't celebrate his 12th birthday. He has an inoperable brain tumor and won't be with us much longer. He's a brave little boy and says he's your biggest fan. He knows that his visitors are limited in the ICU, but I was hoping that you could just look into his room and say `Hi' to him."

Chris and Mike knew from their own time in the hospital that visitors in the ICU were limited to immediate family only. They wondered why the nurse was asking them to break hospital rules.

"Tommie's parents just left for the cafeteria while I gave him a sponge bath," Fran Williams said. "Will you please say `Hi' to Tommie?"

Chris decided he would visit the boy. He followed Fran to the ICU Wing and asked if he needed to wear any special clothing to go inside the room.

"Tommie can't contaminate you in any way, and you can't affect his condition," Fran offered. "He's the bravest boy I've ever met! He says he has to be strong for his brother and family. He knows he's dying, and yet he tries to cheer everyone else up when they visit. He doesn't want any pity, he just wants people to talk to him."

Chris choked back his emotions. Just hearing about the small boy being brave in facing a terminal illness made him feel guilty for the life he was living. He hoped that he could remain strong when he visited the boy. He opened the door and saw the boy in the hospital bed. He saw a bunch of pictures on the wall and noticed that the boy's name was Tommie, not Tommy.

"Hi little buddy," Chris said to Tommie. "I hear you're a Falcon fan."

"CJ HAMMER!" Tommie choked out. He fought back his tears of joy at seeing his favorite athlete in his room. "Please come in and talk to me!"

Chris pulled a chair next to the bed and took Tommie's hand in his. He saw the tears flowing down the boy's face and grabbed a tissue to wipe them off.

"I'm sorry for crying," Tommie said softly. "I heard you and some other Falcons were visiting today, but I never expected you to come in my room. I watched the basketball game yesterday with my dad and brother. Are you okay? I'm sorry you got hurt."

Chris tried to compose himself. Here was a boy dying of a cancerous brain tumor, and he was worried about him having a couple of black eyes. He held Tommie's hand and tried to decide what to say to him.

"I know it's hard for people to visit me," Tommie said. "We found out about my tumor nine months ago, and I've had time to get ready for the end. I can't believe that you are here with me. This is so sweet that I can't believe it!"

"I'm sorry that you're sick," Chris admitted. "I've been in the hospital myself, and I know it's the shits."

Tommie laughed. He looked at the man who was his idol and still couldn't believe this was happening.

"We watched you play football and the Karate competition," Tommie said. "I like seeing you play basketball the most."

"I have a small basketball that I can autograph for you," Chris said. He pulled out the small basketball and wrote: "To Tommie, from Chris Hammer".

"You signed it Chris Hammer," Tommie said. "I thought everyone called you CJ."

"My friends call me Chris," Chris explained. "Sometimes they call me `asshole' or `dipshit', but I make them pay for that!"

Tommie laughed and took the small basketball from his hero. He loved hearing the famous athlete talking to him like one of his friends.

"I can't sit up or move my legs anymore," Tommie admitted. "The doctors tell me that I don't have much more time. I wish my brother and parents were here to see you. Nathan is my older brother, and he will shit when he hears you came to visit me. Can you please sign a ball for him?"

Chris grabbed another basketball and signed it, "To Nathan, from CJ Hammer".

"Nathan will love this," Tommie said when he accepted the ball. He noticed that the autograph was different from his. "I know you can't stay long, but I really appreciate you taking the time to visit me. I'm cold and wish the nurse would come back to give me a blanket or something to keep me warm."

Chris stood up and took off the football jersey he was wearing. He had a white T-shirt underneath and wanted to give Tommie something to keep him warm until the nurse arrived. He took out the felt marker and wrote across the front of the jersey "To Tommie, a true Falcon fan, from Chris Hammer". He showed the writing to Tommie before draping it over him.

"You don't have to give me your jersey!" Tommie exclaimed.

"I want you to be warm," Chris admitted.

"This is awesome!" Tommie exclaimed. "Thanks a ton for this!"

"I'm sorry to interrupt you guys, but the visiting time is over," Fran Williams announced. She saw the smile on Tommie's face and listened while he showed her the gifts and explained the significance of the autographs.

Chris leaned over and gave Tommie a kiss on the cheek before he said goodbye. He left the room and ran away from the room before breaking down sobbing in the hallway.

Mike was waiting for Chris and ran after him. He saw that Chris was no longer wearing the jersey. He hugged Chris and led him away from the ICU toward the front door of the hospital.

Jarvis Williams was standing with the other athletes in the front lobby and saw that Chris was very upset. He walked up to Chris and gave him a hug while listening to Mike.

"Chris just had an emotional visit with a special boy," Mike offered. "Let's go outside and give Chris some time to calm down."

The handsome men stood together and shared hugs. They all realized that they were very lucky to be healthy and had just brightened the day for a bunch of kids confined to the hospital. They all promised that they would return to the hospital and convince other athletes from the campus to join them.

Mike drove the Mustang back to the fraternity where he knew Kelly was waiting for them. It was time to take Kelly home, and he hoped that Chris would talk to him about the visit with Tommie after he calmed down.

Kelly was in the front yard of the fraternity with Nathan and Cody. They were throwing the Frisbee for Alex and teasing each other about who could throw the toy the best.

Alex abandoned the game when he saw the Mustang pull up the long driveway. He knew that Chris was inside along with Mike, and he wanted to greet his two masters. He howled and barked until Chris opened the door and greeted him.

"Are you having fun?" Chris asked his dog. He knew the answer was "Yes" by the way Alex was jumping around and barking loudly. He played with his dog and listened to Mike asking Kelly to get his duffle bag for the return to his home. He saw Kelly's face turn sad, knowing the little dude had loved the visit and didn't want to go home.

"We'll have you back to visit real soon," Mike said to Kelly. He was tuned in to the emotions of the young guy who had just had the best weekend of his life. He watched Kelly give Nathan and Cody hugs before retrieving his bag of clothes from the front porch.

Kelly got in the backseat of the powerful muscle car and tried to get Mike to burn the tires when they left the parking lot. Mike resisted the temptation and headed onto the streets.

"Let's take Kelly to Burger King," Chris suggested.

"Sweet!" Kelly exclaimed. Burger King was his favorite restaurant.

After the trio had destroyed three trays of food, they got back into the vintage car. Chris told Mike the directions to a special car parts store that sold high-octane fuel that was needed for the Mustang.

"Jeff Gerth will be open," Chris said. "Classic Motors is open every day and stays open late since he has fuel with the highest octane in the area. Jeff is getting ready to move his store to a better neighborhood. There's too much crime in that area of the city, and I hope he'll find a place near the car museum."

"Dad agrees with you," Kelly said. "Jeff's store is only two blocks from our house, and he's been robbed twice in the last three months."

"Jesus!" Mike exclaimed when he pulled up to the gas pump outside Classic Motors. "The price is $2.75 a gallon!"

"I told you this was a special place," Chris said. "Jeff sells the highest octane around, and has special filters to remove water and impurities from his fuel. This is a 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang fastback that cost $280,000. I don't think $2.75 a gallon is too much to protect the fuel system."

Mike and Kelly were shocked at the value of the car they were riding in. They watched Chris pump the fuel and didn't see the white van pull into the parking area next to the store.

When Chris had filled the tank, he invited Mike and Kelly to come inside and say hello to Jeff Gerth. He had seen Jeff wave to him and electronically unlock the pump so he could fill the tank of the Mustang.

"Hi Jeff!" Chris said when he got inside. He introduced Mike and Kelly and listened to Jeff bitching at him for coming just before he was going to close for the day. The friendly banter was interrupted when two men walked into the parts store brandishing handguns.

"PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" the first man shouted.

"Give us the keys to that Mustang!" the second man shouted.

Jeff knew that owners of specialty cars came to his store for the high-octane fuel, and that they were always concerned about the safety of his neighborhood. He wanted to reach under the counter where he kept a loaded 38 revolver, but he was too far away to get to the gun safely. Instead, he pushed the silent alarm button that would summon the police.

"Give them the keys!" Chris said to Mike. "Take the car and leave us alone!"

"We have a buyer for that beauty!" the greasy haired robber exclaimed. "We could use some spending money too!" He ordered Kelly to go to the cash register and take out all of the money while Mike tossed him the keys to the Mustang. "Keep your hands in the open and don't even think of going for the gun under the counter!"

Jeff correctly guessed that the two men had cased his store and knew that he kept a loaded gun under the counter.

Kelly was terrified and didn't move. He felt like he was going to faint and tried to compose himself.

"Kelly!" Chris yelled. "Do what they tell you! Put the money in a bag and give it to them!"

Kelly tried to clear his head. He knew the neighborhood was filled with drug dealers and prostitutes, but he had never had a gun pointed at him before. When Chris repeated his commands, he did what he was told.

"Put their wallets in the bag too!" the first thief ordered. "Hand the bag to me!"

"No witnesses!" the second thief blurted out. "You know what the boss ordered!"

Chris quickly realized that this wasn't going to be just a robbery. It was now a situation where the lives of his friends were threatened. Both men were holding semi-automatic pistols and were under orders to kill any witnesses. He had to do something to protect the people he loved. He looked at Kelly and saw that his little buddy had wet his pants in fear and was white as a ghost and feared that he would faint.

"The little fucker's gonna pass out!" the second robber laughed. He watched Kelly collapse in Chris's arms.

Chris grabbed Kelly and handed him to Mike. He knew that he had to act fast to save some lives.

"Take him!" Chris said to Mike.

Mike looked into Chris's eyes and wondered if this was going to be the last time they would see each other. He saw the beautiful green eyes transform. The only other time he had seen that transformation was when Chris saved Joe McClure's life. The bright green eyes were now the eyes of a predator, and he knew Chris was going to do something drastic.

Chris pretended to stagger from the weight of Kelly's young body and then took the bag of money and tossed it carefully toward the left side of the first thief. He watched the thief catch the bag with his left hand and knew now was the time for action. He lunged toward the man, grabbed the hand holding the gun, and used his immense strength to aim the gun at the other attacker and pull the trigger.

Three shots were quickly fired into the second robber and his body was slammed against the wall from the power of the bullets. He slumped to the floor while Chris slammed the first man's arm against his knee, shattering the arm and causing the gun to hit the floor.

Mike's scream caused Chris to release the attacker. He was concerned that Mike was injured from a stray bullet and lost his composure. The first attacker was thrown against the wall and quickly fumbled for the gun that his accomplice had dropped. He was just lifting the gun up when Chris emptied the clip of the 9 mm semi-automatic into his body.

Mike screamed when he saw Chris stagger and was terrified that his lover was injured.

Chris ran to Mike and was relieved that Mike and Kelly were safe. He felt the dull ache in his side but ignored his own discomfort. He was holding Mike and Kelly when three more shots rang out inside the store. He looked up and saw Jeff Gerth standing behind the counter with a smoking revolver in his hand.

"I got that bastard!" Jeff exclaimed.

Chris and Mike looked toward the door and saw a third man slumped against the doorway. Jeff had retrieved his .38 Special revolver just in time to stop the third robber from shooting everyone.

The sirens blared from two police cars screaming into the front of the store. Two police officers ran in with their guns drawn. They saw two men with guns and immediately were ready to shoot to kill.

"DROP THOSE GUNS, NOW!" Terry Wilson screamed. He was aiming his 9 mm gun at a huge blond guy and was afraid of how big the guy was. He didn't recognize the man, and was determined to shoot if necessary.

Gene Hubble aimed his gun at Jeff Gerth and made the same command. He was relieved that Jeff dropped the .38 on the counter and stood back.

"DROP THAT GUN OR I'LL SHOOT YOU!" Terry Wilson screamed at Chris.

"I CAN'T GET MY HAND TO LET IT GO!" Chris screamed.


"Down on the floor!" Terry Wilson ordered, not realizing what Mike said. "Everyone on their belly!"

Chris followed the orders of the police officer and tried to get his hand to relax to release the gun. He felt the first officer stand on his hand to control the gun that he couldn't release.

"If anyone moves, we'll shoot!" Gene Hubble yelled. He quickly put handcuffs on Jeff Gerth and Mike.

"Turn loose of that gun or I'll shoot it out of your hand!" Terry Wilson ordered.

Chris closed his eyes and focused his mind and energy on his left hand. With all of the strength he could muster, he willed his hand to release the gun that seemed to be glued to his hand.

At the same time, Terry Wilson put more pressure on Chris's hand and finally saw the fingers relax to release the weapon. He quickly kicked the gun away and ordered Chris to put his hands behind his back. He knew that the huge man was too big for him to handle in a fight, and shoved his gun against the back of Chris's head.

"If you move, I'll shoot you!" Terry exclaimed.

Chris slowly put his hands behind his back while listening to Jeff and Mike pleading with the police officers.

"Cuffs won't fit me," Chris said softly. "Use your plastic ties and then call for Chief Burnett. Tell him you have CJ Hammer in custody."

Terry Wilson had never heard a criminal give him information like that. He quickly used the plastic ties to secure the big man's hands and reached for the radio pinned to his shoulder. He connected with the dispatcher and requested the Homicide Squad, backup units, and ambulances.

"You need the coroner too," Chris offered.

Terry Wilson was relieved that he had the big man in custody, unable to harm anyone he thought, and requested the Chief's presence.

"Chief Burnett is responding along with other units," the dispatcher replied.

Gene Hubble lifted Kelly Moore up and held the boy until he regained consciousness. Kelly regained consciousness and started wailing at the bloody sights before his eyes. He saw Chris lying on the floor and noticed the blood running on the floor near Chris's right side.

"CHRIS IS HURT!" Kelly screamed.

Mike was shocked to see the blood running on the floor. He started cussing at the police officers to get an ambulance and to take the plastic cuffs off Chris. His screams were interrupted when a familiar man entered the store.

"Release them!" Stan Burnett commanded. "These men are personal friends of mine!"

"Chief, they had the guns!" Terry Wilson argued.

"Do what I say or you'll be writing parking tickets for the rest of your life!" Stan ordered.

The two officers were removing the handcuffs from Jeff and Mike while Stan reached in his pocket to get a knife to cut away the plastic ties on Chris's wrists. All the officers were shocked to see Chris clench his fists and pry his wrists apart. One of the plastic ties snapped with a loud crack.

"Holy Shit!" Gene Hubble blurted out. "I've never seen anyone snap those ties!"

"You're lucky he didn't break loose and kick your asses!" Stan said. "This guy is the World Karate Champion, and he could break every bone in your body in a matter of seconds!"

Mike was terrified at first when he saw the blood soaking Chris's T-shirt, but his medical training quickly kicked in. "Stay on the floor!" He ordered Chris. He helped Chris roll over and lifted the T-shirt to reveal a bullet hole in Chris's side. He applied pressure to the wound and yelled for an ambulance.

"It's not that bad," Chris said. "That sleazy asshole got lucky. I don't need an ambulance. You can drive me to the hospital."

"Is Chris gonna die?" Kelly sobbed. He had never been so scared in his entire life.

"Chill out Kelly!" Chris said. "I've got a little hole in my side is all. I'll be playing basketball tomorrow!"

Kelly wasn't convinced. He looked at all of the dead bodies and vomited up everything he had eaten at Burger King.

"Take care of Kelly!" Chris ordered.

"I will if you promise not to move," Mike answered.

"The FBI will be here shortly," Stan said. "Two other special cars were stolen today, but their owners weren't as lucky as you guys. The FBI is tracking a theft ring and you guys just put a dent in their plans."

When a longhaired man entered the store, Chris was on alert. The guy looked like he hadn't taken a bath in months and had filthy clothes on. He was sure the guy was another robber and struggled to get up.

"Relax Chris," Stan said. "This is Agent Mason Banks. He's been undercover for months trying to get a break on this theft ring. Mason, meet CJ Hammer!"

Mason leaned down and shook Chris's hand. He saw the shock on Chris's face and laughed. "My wife doesn't like my looks either!" he teased. "It looks like you took one in the side. We'll get you out of here as soon as possible."

"Mike, give me my cell phone," Chris said. He took the phone and asked Stan if he could spare a cruiser to go to Jim Moore's home. Hearing the positive response, he punched the speed call to reach the Moore residence.

"Hello," Sarah Moore said.

"Sarah, I need to talk to Jim" Chris said.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked. She could hear her son wailing in the background and her motherly instinct kicked in. "Is Kelly hurt? Where are you? Tell me now!"

"Kelly's just scared," Chris replied. "Let me talk to Jim!"

Jim Moore heard the fear in his wife's voice and ran to the phone. He knew something was wrong and was terrified that his son was hurt.

"Who is this?" Jim pleaded.

"It's me, Chris," Chris replied. "Kelly's okay but he's really scared. There was a robbery attempt at Jeff's store. It's really bad, Jim. Three guys are dead and the place is crawling with police and the FBI. A cruiser is coming to your house to stay with Sarah and Kristin. Bring some clothes for Kelly. He wet himself and threw up. I'm really sorry for exposing Kelly to this mess, please don't be mad at me."

"Jesus Christ!" Jim exclaimed. "Is anyone hurt?"

"Kelly, Mike and Jeff are okay," Chris replied. "Mike and Stan Burnett are trying to calm Kelly down right now. Don't leave Sarah and Kristin alone. Wait for the cruiser and then get here as fast as you can. I don't want Sarah and Kristin to see this mess."

"Are you hurt?" Jim asked. He could hear the strain in Chris's voice and suspected that something was wrong.

"I took one in the side," Chris admitted. "Call B for me and ask him to get Sam. Tell B that I'm gonna be fine. Don't scare him, but tell him to get to Mercy General with Sam. I killed two men and Jeff nailed one too. I'm really sorry about this!"

"If you killed someone, they deserved it!" Jim replied. His words caused the Moore house to be filled with the screams and sobbing of two women. His daughter and wife heard his comments and were terrified that someone they loved was dead. "The car is here!" He hung up the phone and quickly explained to Sarah that he needed a change of clothes for Kelly and that Chris was hurt, but not seriously.

Terry Wilson came into the house and quickly described what had happened at Jeff's store. He promised to stay with Sarah and Kristin while Jim went to the scene. He agreed that the bloody site was not a place for the woman and her teenaged daughter, and tried to calm them down.

Jim called Saul Bernstein and tried to hide his concern for Chris when he spoke. He waited for his wife to collect a change of clothes for Kelly and told Saul what he knew of the altercation. He promised Saul that he would call again when he got to the store and saw Chris's condition.

"I could walk to the hospital from here!" Chris said. "It's just a minor wound and you don't have to make a big deal about it."

"Bullets move if your muscles flex!" Mike insisted. "You stay put!"

Chris grumbled but knew Mike was right. He saw Kelly in Stan's arms and knew he had to do something to calm his little friend down.

"Hey Kelly!" Chris yelled. "Steal a bottle of mineral water from Jeff's cooler for me! I'm thirsty!"

It was just what Kelly needed to hear. Chris was asking him to help him, and Kelly immediately calmed down to get the water for his big friend. He retrieved the water and opened it before kneeling down to hand it to Chris.

Chris was drinking the water when Jim Moore ran into the store. Chris tried to smile at his friend, but the pain in his side was now reminding him that he had been shot.

Jim was concerned when he saw Chris on the floor. He hugged his son and tried to keep him from looking at the dead men in the store. He was thankful that his wife and daughter weren't there to see the carnage. He listened to Mike and Jeff describe what had happened, and was thankful that none of his friends was killed.

More officers and FBI agents arrived to process the crime scene. One agent announced that he found written instructions in the white van on where and how to deliver the Mustang. Mason Banks quickly realized that there was a way to capture more members of the theft ring.

Ambulances started arriving and a large crowd of neighbors had to be held back by the police officers. It took four strong men to lift Chris onto the ambulance gurney.

"Mr. Hammer I have a favor to ask," Mason Banks said. "I'll understand if you say no, but if we could borrow your car, we could fill that van with agents and possibly bust up this theft ring. Two people died today when their cars were stolen, and we want to prevent any more attacks. We'll be careful, but your car might be damaged. It would really make the rest of the gang relax if they see the targeted car pull up with the van."

"That car cost Chris $280,000 but I say take it," Mike replied.

"I agree with Mike," Chris said. "We've got other cars if that one gets totaled. I hope you catch the guys without any agents getting hurt."

Mason Banks was surprised to hear the value of the car, and excited that Chris and Mike had agreed to the use of the vehicle in trapping the thieves. He quickly picked agents that looked like the dead thieves and called for helicopter surveillance and deployment of other agents in the delivery area.

"Only family is allowed in the ambulance," the paramedic announced when Mike tried to get in with him. "We'll get him to Mercy General and you can meet us there."

"Mike rides in the ambulance!" Stan Burnett ordered. "Mike is closer than family to Chris!"

Kelly was upset and wanted to ride with Mike and Chris, but Jim told him to change his clothes and they would ride to the hospital together. Jim took his son into the back of the store where there was a bathroom with a shower stall. He helped Kelly undress and told him to take a quick shower to wash off the urine and vomit. While Kelly was in the shower, Jim put on a clean shirt from Jeff to get rid of the vomit that was smeared on him when he hugged his son.

"I'll have your wife and daughter taken to the hospital," Stan offered. "We'll have the cruiser stay at your home until you return."

Saul Bernstein was shocked to hear that his son had been shot, and tried to calm down when Jim told him what Chris had said. He quickly called Sam Gardner, his attorney, to ask him to go to the hospital. He called Helen and she promised to meet him at the hospital.

When Mike was in the ambulance he called his brother Jake at the fraternity. He quickly explained what had happened and asked Jake to have someone go to the basketball practice and tell Marcus Knight, even though he knew that the practice had started and that no interruptions were allowed.

Marcus Knight remembered telling Chris that he wasn't expected at the practice, but he was surprised that his big blond friend hadn't shown up anyway. He was in the middle of one of his tirades for a screwed up play when Isaac Mendez ran into the gym.

"PRACTICE IS CLOSED!" Marcus yelled at Isaac.

"CHRIS HAS BEEN SHOT!" Isaac screamed. He was trying to compose himself, but hearing his own words caused him to break down.

Priorities immediately changed for everyone in the gym. Marcus was frustrated by Isaac's emotional state, but kept trying to get more information. Brendan finally got Isaac to calm down and held his brother while Isaac tried to explain what had happened. Descriptions of the events got distorted when they were shared, and Isaac tried to explain what he had heard at the fraternity.

Marcus felt sick when he heard that Chris was "seriously" injured with gunshots to his body. He immediately headed for his car and saw his entire team jumping in cars with the coaching staff and trainers.

Dr. Michael Mahley was just getting ready to leave the hospital when a nurse ran into the parking lot. She quickly told him that an ambulance was bringing CJ Hammer in with a gunshot wound. He felt the blood draining out of his body from the fear that Chris might be seriously injured. He quickly ran for the Trauma Unit. While he was waiting for the ambulance, he called his wife and told her to call Saul and Jake. He wondered where Mike was, and prayed that his sons were both alive.

The Trauma Unit was pure bedlam. Word spread like wildfire through the hospital that one of the athletes who had visited the children was now in transport with a gunshot wound.

A police escort screamed in first, followed by the ambulance. Dr. Mahley was shaking with fear at what he would see when the doors opened. What he saw shocked him. He saw his son, Mike, jump out of the ambulance and then saw Chris trying to smile when the paramedics pushed the gurney into the hospital.

"Jeez, it looks like we missed a party!" Chris joked. "Where's the beer?"

Dr. Mahley was relieved, but also angry at his own emotional weakness. He ran over to the gurney and gave Chris a kiss on the cheek and promised to take care of his injury.

"If you give me some forceps, I can pull the bullet out myself!" Chris teased.

"Shut up Chris!" Poppa Mike ordered.

"I've been telling him the same thing!" Mike exclaimed. "Maybe he'll listen to you!"

The parking lot filled quickly with Delta Delta Delta brothers, basketball players, and university officials. Saul, Helen and Sam arrived just as Stan Burnett delivered Jim and Kelly Moore.

Saul rushed into the Trauma Unit and quickly found his son with Mike and Mike Sr. He was relieved to see that Chris was awake and joking with the nurses.

"You're giving me gray hair!" Saul said, relieved that Chris wasn't critically injured.

"You better use Grecian Formula or Helen will grab a younger man!" Chris teased back.

Saul kissed his son on the cheek and thanked God that Chris wasn't seriously hurt. He heard his cell phone ringing and looked at the caller ID. He expected the call.

"Hello Jon," Saul answered. The call originated from the residence of Jonathan Carpenter in Boston, Massachusetts. Randy Carpenter had always been aware when his half-brother was injured.

"Randy says Chris is hurt!" Jonathan said anxiously. "We tried Chris's cell phone but there's no answer. Please tell me Chris is okay!"

"Chris has been shot, but he's gonna be fine," Saul stated. "Some assholes were going to steal one of his muscle cars and threatened to kill Chris, Mike and two friends. Chris was shot in the right side, but it looks like no organs were hit. I'm at the hospital right now and Mike's dad is taking charge of everything. Chris wants to talk to you."

"Hi Dad," Chris said. He wanted to calm down everyone, but he was feeling weak and nauseated from the loss of blood and the realization of how close everyone came to death. "I'm gonna be okay, but right now I'm feeling light headed. I'll let Mike tell you what happened, but please don't worry. I'll let them take out the bullet and go back to the fraternity and drop a few beers with the guys tonight!"

Jonathan Carpenter was relieved to hear Chris's voice and heard Saul in the background talking like a father by reminding Chris that it wasn't legal for him to drink. He listened to Mike's description of the events and knew that everyone was lucky to be alive after the attempted robbery. He promised to call his wife and children to give them the news, and asked Mike to call him later with updated information.

The call was just ending when Chris heard Marcus Knight arguing with the hospital staff to get in to see Chris.

"B, you'd better let Marcus in or he'll go postal!" Chris said. "Mike, maybe you ought to go out and try to calm everyone down. I'm gonna be fine!"

"Things are getting out of control in here!" Poppa Mike blurted out. "Either people calm down or I'll call security and get this area cleared!"

"Please let Marcus in," Chris pleaded. "He's a special friend and I want him to see that I'm okay."

Mike left to talk to the people in the waiting room while Marcus pushed his way into the curtained area. Chris saw the tears in Marcus's eyes and knew his buddy was frightened and concerned.

"I'm gonna be a little late to practice today," Chris said to Marcus. "I was gonna be there, but some assholes had other ideas."

Marcus wiped away his tears and looked at Chris's face and then the blood soaked bandages on Chris's side. He wasn't a basketball coach right now, he was a concerned parent looking at his injured child. He brushed the blond hair out of Chris's eyes and kissed Chris on the forehead.

"I was scared shitless when Isaac interrupted practice today," Marcus admitted. "The entire team is waiting to hear good news about you. I want you to forget about basketball and relax. Let the doctors patch you up so I don't have to worry about you."

"I feel nauseated is all," Chris admitted. "I sure would have given those assholes my car and money, but when they said they were gonna kill all of us, I had to do something. The shithead was lucky to hit me, and he paid the ultimate price. I feel sick about killing two men today, but I had no choice!"

"You saved some lives today!" Saul offered. "Jeff did too. I'm proud of what you and Jeff did to save the lives of some great people."

"I'm worried about Kelly," Chris admitted. "No kid should be exposed to guns and murder!"

"If I hear you say `murder' again, I'll kick your ass myself!" Saul threatened. "It was self defense, and Sam will be here to talk to you real soon. Don't say anything to any officers or media until you talk to Sam!"

"Too late!" Chris said. "I told the police officers and FBI agents what happened. The FBI took the Mustang to use for bait to try and catch the rest of the theft ring that targeted my car. I hope no one else gets killed over a hunk of steel and rubber. Maybe I should get rid of all of my cars."

"Don't let criminals control your life!" Saul demanded. "Your cars will provide entertainment for everyone when the car museum opens. Just relax and let Poppa Mike get that bullet out of you!"

"The operating room is ready!" Poppa Mike announced. "I won't be doing the actual extraction, but I'll be there to assist. You're not going home today. We're gonna keep you on IV's with fluids and antibiotics, and if you behave, you might go home tomorrow!"

"SHIT!" Chris exclaimed. "Either I get a private room or my sex life will go in the ditch!"

"God help me!" Saul exclaimed. He knew that when Chris was joking like this he would be fine. He watched the hospital staff push Chris out of the Trauma Unit towards surgery, knowing he would have to wait for the results of the surgery like all the others.

"How is he?" Helen Waterson asked while hugging her future husband. She had listened to Mike's description of the events and still wasn't convinced that Chris would recover. She needed to hear it from Saul.

The waiting room was filled with students and faculty from the CSU campus. Everyone had listened to Mike describe the events, but they wanted to hear from Chris's dad that their friend was going to be okay.

It was almost 30 minutes later when Poppa Mike walked into the waiting room. The smile on his face was a relief for Mike, Saul and all of the other concerned people.

"We think the bullet ricocheted before it hit Chris," Poppa Mike announced. "We took out two bullet fragments and Chris is going to recover completely! He was lucky that the bullet fragments didn't hit any vital organs. He's sedated and will be admitted to watch for infection. We'll monitor his vital signs, but he's a strong young man and I'm confident that he'll be fine."

The waiting room erupted with cheers and shouts of joy. Everyone celebrated the good news and cell phones spread the good news across the campus.

Attorney Sam Gardner handled the media reporters who had heard about the injury to the famous athlete. Craig Golden, PR Director for the hospital, joined Sam for the impromptu news conference.

Mike and Saul had to wait for Chris to be moved to a room for recovery. They both were upset that Chris was hurt, but trusted Dr. Mahley that Chris would recover completely. Chris was sleeping from the effects of the sedatives, and they both decided to spend the night at the hospital.

"Helen should be here!" Mike suggested. "Please bring her in so she can see Chris and calm down."

Saul agreed and left the private room to find Helen and bring her to see Chris. He was pleased that Mike recognized the importance of Helen in his life and watched while Helen brushed Chris's hair out of his face and kissed him on the forehead.

Monday morning arrived and Saul, Helen and Mike were happy to see Chris open his eyes. They could see the pain in his face, but knew that he would recover soon.

"I'm starving!" Chris choked out. "My throat feels like a whole army ran through it! Get me some food or I'll walk out of here and go to MacDonald's!"

"He's gonna be fine!" Saul laughed. He was relieved to hear Chris's strained voice again.

"Mike, get me outa here!" Chris pleaded. "I hate hospitals!"

"Shut up and I'll get you some food!" Mike replied. "They had to search to find the two pieces of that bullet in your side, and I'll have you restrained if you try to move!"

Chris grumbled but felt the ache in his side. He knew he was lucky that the bullet didn't hit Mike, Kelly or Jeff, and resigned himself to do what Mike and the doctors told him.

It was Monday afternoon before Chris was released from the hospital. He was happy to hear that the FBI had captured most of the members of the theft ring without any agents being injured. The Mustang had two bullet holes in it, but Chris knew that Jim and Jeff would get it repaired quickly.

When Mike pushed the wheelchair to the exit door of the hospital, Chris was surprised to see a multitude of people cheering for him. Chris felt embarrassed about the cheering crowd and joked, "God, you'd think I just gave birth!"

Saul was waiting with Helen in his Mercedes to take Chris and Mike to the fraternity. He was with Chris when the doctors gave him orders to take the pain medication and antibiotics, and to refrain from any physical activity. He trusted that Mike would enforce the medical advice so Chris would recover quickly.

The media was there in full force and Sam Gardner was making a statement along with Craig Golden. The hospital security officers kept the media from approaching Chris so he could get to the car without being jostled around.

Chris was ready to get out of the wheelchair when he saw a familiar face in the crowd. It was his friend, Jane Vincent from Channel 12, and he asked the security officers to let her through the temporary barricades. He knew he had to be careful in an interview, but knew that Jane would not pressure him for details. He quickly agreed to an exclusive interview with his favorite announcer.

"This is Jane Vincent reporting live from Mercy General Hospital where CJ Hammer has just been released," Jane announced. "CJ, thank you for giving me a few moments of your time."

"Hi Jane," Chris began. "I'll always make time for you."

"I won't ask you to comment on the events of Sunday afternoon," Jane said. "How are you feeling and what did the doctors tell you about your injuries?"

"I'm feeling weak and I'm not supposed to do any physical exercise until the stitches are removed," Chris replied. "The doctors removed two bullet fragments from my right side and I expect to make a complete recovery very quickly. I might miss the basketball game Wednesday evening, but I hope to be able to rejoin my team on Friday."

"I'm sure that Falcon fans are happy to hear that good news," Jane said. "We've heard reports that your car was used by the FBI to capture more people connected with a theft ring. Is that true?"

"I have a bunch of cars, but the one we were driving was the target for the thieves," Chris replied. "The FBI used the Mustang to try to catch more of the thieves. A car is a bunch of steel and rubber, and doesn't mean anything to me compared to my friends. We were in a threatening situation, and we had to take drastic measures to save our own lives. I'll be headed to Dimitri's Restaurant for the best Greek food in California very soon!"

"You always seem to find a way to plug your favorite restaurant," Jane laughed. "I'm sure that Falcon fans across the nation are happy to see you leaving the hospital in such good spirits. Thank you for giving me this exclusive interview."

Chris stood up to get out of the wheelchair and gave Jane a kiss on the cheek.

Jane blushed and then wrapped up her live interview by saying, "This is Jane Vincent for Channel 12 News returning this broadcast to the studio."

Jane thanked Chris for the exclusive interview and knew her director would be thrilled with the content. Channel 12 would be able to sell the interview to the Fox News Network for rebroadcast across the nation.

During the ride to the fraternity, Saul Bernstein told Chris what had happened since the attack. He had insisted that the Moore family leave their home and spend the night at the duplex in Fremont. They would never spend another night in their old home in that dangerous neighborhood.

"The police stayed at the Moore home until they were relieved by a better form of security," Saul said. "I don't think anyone would try to break into that house with Jarvis Williams and Toby Bass staying there with Alex! They stayed there all night and the guys cut their classes today to help load a moving van with the Moore family personal items. The `For Sale' sign is in the yard, and a security company will watch things until it's sold. The Moore's are now safe in the duplex and Alex is back at the fraternity house."

"That's great news!" Chris admitted. "I'm really worried about Kelly. It's my fault that he was exposed to murder!"

"It wasn't murder dammit!" Mike blurted out. "You need to stop thinking about killing two assholes and think about the four lives you saved. You and Jeff saved us all!"

"Mike's right," Helen said gently. "You saved four lives by your quick thinking and actions."

"Kelly has been talking to a specialist from the Police Department to help him understand and cope with what he saw," Saul added. "Jim and Sarah are thankful that you did what you had to do to save Kelly's life. You need to think about the positive instead of the negative."

Chris was silent in the back seat of the Mercedes. He could still see the faces of the men that he had killed and the bloody scene at Classic Motors. He tried to blot the images out, but the scene kept playing in his mind.

When Saul's car drove up the long driveway to the fraternity, the passengers saw all of the brothers waiting to welcome Chris and Mike home. The guys were all cheering and had banners welcoming home their two brothers.

Chris got out of the car and saw Alex waiting for him. The dog was extremely intelligent and realized that Chris was injured. Alex ran up to Chris and nuzzled against his master. The powerful dog was on alert for anyone who would do anything to hurt Chris.

"Relax, Alex!" Chris ordered. "The only one you need to bite is Mike if he doesn't wait on me like a slave!"

Alex barked and growled at Mike. The super-intelligent dog had understood what Chris had said, and was ready to follow orders.

"I bet there are some scraps for you in the kitchen!" Mike said to Alex.

Alex quickly licked Mike's hand and took the man's wrist in his mouth to lead him into the fraternity.

"What a guard dog!" Mike teased. "All I have to do is offer him food, and he'll drop you like a bad habit!"

"There are some police officers and FBI agents in the living room who want to talk to you," Tom Jankowski said. "Sam Gardner is here to help you with the interviews."

Chris and Mike walked into the fraternity and saw the visitors in the living room. Sam told them that the events at Classic Motors were already documented, so this interview was a formality.

"Hi Mr. Hammer," a handsome man in a dark blue suit said.

At first Chris didn't recognize the man, but suddenly realized it was the FBI agent who had been undercover, and had looked like a total sleaze bag.

"I'm Mason Banks, just in case you don't recognize me!" Mason laughed. "My wife and children are happy to have me back! This was my last undercover assignment, and it feels good to be clean for a change!"

Chris laughed at the change in the man. It was hard to believe that the distinguished man in the expensive suit was the same man that he thought was another robber coming into the store.

"I have good news and bad news," Mason said. "The bad news is that your car was damaged by gunfire when we pulled the sting operations. The good news is that we apprehended 15 people and several stolen vehicles. The main players are either dead or in custody right now. I apologize for the damage to your car and promise that we will pay to get it repaired as soon as possible."

"Jim Moore and Jeff Gerth will take care of the repairs," Chris said. "I hope no innocent people got hurt. Cars can be replaced, but innocent people can't."

"Chris won't let anyone else work on his cars but Jim Moore," Mike offered. "Forget about paying for the repairs. My buddy and I won't accept payment after the great things you did to make society safer!"

"Mike said it, and I agree!" Chris said.

The interviews with the FBI and police officers didn't take long. Sam was relaxed and helped Chris and Mike through the formal proceedings.

The fraternity finally settled down when all of the visitors left. Mike and Chris headed to their room with Alex leading the way. Both men were exhausted and needed rest. It was great to be back in their room with Isaac and Leif waiting on them like they were royalty.

Chris was lying on the bed and asked Isaac to give him and Mike some private time. Isaac understood and left with Leif and put the sign on the doorknob. Alex positioned his body against the door to effectively lock it.

"Do you still love me after what I did?" Chris asked. "It was my fault that we went to Jeff's store. I'm really sorry for what happened."

"I have to admit that I was scared shitless!" Mike said. "When I saw your eyes change, I knew something awful was gonna happen. I love you more today than yesterday, and I didn't think that was possible. Relax and let me take care of you."

"I need a blowjob!" Chris admitted. "If you let me suck Little Mike, I'll relax!"

Mike laughed and quickly removed his clothes. He helped Chris undress and got on the bed in their favorite position: 69! He carefully positioned his body so Chris wouldn't have to strain to get to his throbbing dick and quickly began licking the head of Little Chris.

The room was filled with the slurping sounds of two hungry mouths. Sex was the ultimate way for the two lovers to strengthen their relationship.

Mike felt the entire length of his cock slide into Chris's throat. He knew that his buddy was an expert cocksucker, and cherished the intimate times that they shared. He ran his tongue under the long foreskin of Chris's manhood and savored the flavor of the precum that was waiting for his taste buds. He stroked the skin of Chris's cock and marveled at the soft texture that covered the shaft of steel. He hoped it wouldn't be long before that same shaft was buried in his ass, but tonight he was elated that he was sucking it. He gobbled down the flavorful precum and pushed more of it out of the long shaft. He felt the pulsing at the base of Chris's cock and knew that his buddy was getting ready to blast. His own body was focused on the nerves in his cock. He moaned when he felt the cum eject from his cock and gulped down all that Chris was feeding him.

Not a drop of cum was wasted when the two guys blasted and swallowed at the same time. They both were entirely exhausted when their orgasms subsided. They collapsed on the bed and savored the afterglow of intense sexual release.

Mike got up and went to the small refrigerator in their room to get a bottle of water. He returned to the bed and gave Chris his pain pills, muscle relaxers and antibiotics to take. He then opened the door to their room and removed the sign so Isaac and Leif would feel comfortable to return. He returned to the bed and drew a sheet over his body and Chris's, and held the most important thing in his life until they fell asleep.