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CJ Chapter 53

Chris woke up Tuesday morning with Isaac gently shaking him. He tried to clear his head, but the pain in his side was controlling his brain.

"Time to get up, lazy ass!" Isaac teased. "We took Alex outside to let you sleep in, but now you need to get up and see if you're gonna attend your classes. It looks like one part of your body is already `UP'. Get up before I go down on that tent in the sheets."

Mike didn't get the same gentle "wakeup call". Alex was licking his face and growling at him. He pushed Alex away and cussed at the dog for waking him up.

Chris joked with Isaac and accepted help from his fraternity brothers to get out of the bed and on his feet. He took the pills that Mike offered and quickly washed them down with water. He hoped that the pills would take away the pain so he could return to a normal life. He knew that he needed a shower to get his body ready to face a day of classes with the pain that was wracking his body.

Chris and Mike were just leaving the shower room when Delano ran up to them. He had tears running down his face along with the biggest smile in the world. The star running back was jumping around and screaming with joy, and several brothers came into the hall to see what was going on.

"I can't believe it!" Delano choked out. "My dad just called me with the best news in the world! Chalmers Construction has agreed to pay him almost three years of lost wages and to pay all of his medical bills. They're even gonna pay for him to go to the Mayo Clinic! Dad was crying and so was my Mom! My brother was going ballistic, and it was hard for me to hear what was said with all of the screaming and celebrating!"

Mike and Chris hugged Delano and congratulated him on the good news. They begged him to tell what had happened to change a desperate situation in the Genovesi family into one of joy. Chris remembered calling B and Jonathan Carpenter to ask them to help the family of his football teammate. He was sure that his two Dads had done some magic.

"It seems that the Carpenter Foundation had a meeting with major contractors on the east coast," Delano said. "One of the prerequisites for being on the bid list was to have a clean slate with workers' compensation claims. The foundation won't let any company bid on four huge projects without a detailed review of any pending lawsuits. The foundation wants to preserve their reputation for helping people and don't want any project to be awarded to a company that could cast a bad reputation on them. Dad told me that Jonathan Carpenter introduced him to a lawyer who specializes in work related injuries who filed another lawsuit against Chalmers. Dad's back on the payroll and Chalmers has signed an agreement to pay him until he can return to work, or for the rest of his life! How can I thank you for saving my family Chris?"

"We need you on our football team," Chris replied. "I asked B to talk to my Boston Dad about your situation, and it looks like they found a way to help your family. We're brothers, and brothers take care of each other! I'll take a hug for payment."

Everyone in the fraternity celebrated when they heard the good news from Delano. He was finally able to tell his brothers how bad things had been for his family in the past. His entire life had been filled with the turmoil of seeing his family in desperate financial conditions that he couldn't change until he was eligible for the NFL draft. Now he could work towards his degree and decide when he wanted to turn pro.

"I always knew that you cared about other people," Mike said to Chris in private. "Your dads worked a miracle to help Delano's family get out of a crisis. You made the call, and your Dads did the work to save our brother. You never want to take credit for what you do, but I know that I love you more every day for how you help other people."

Chris admitted to Mike that he had made the phone calls to rescue Delano's family from bankruptcy. He made Mike promise not to tell anyone that he had begged Jonathan Carpenter to force the Chalmers Construction Company to either pay Delano's father or be eliminated from the bidder's list. He didn't like putting pressure on his biological father, but knew that the Genovesi family needed the political and financial pressure of the Carpenter Foundation.

Chris was still sore after breakfast, but decided to attend his classes. The professors were surprised to see him after hearing about his gunshot injuries. By the time basketball practice began, Chris was tired but feeling better and walked to the gym. Marcus smiled when he saw the big blonde walk in. He knew Chris was dedicated to the team and would give the guys incentive to practice harder. Sure enough, the spirits of the team immediately picked up when they saw Chris in the gym. The guys could tell that Chris was still in pain, but they were happy that he was able to attend the practice.

Marcus gave Chris a "high five" and a careful hug. Marcus considered Chris his son, even though they were of different races. He thanked Chris for showing up, even though he couldn't practice with the team. He had waited for four years for the chance to coach Chris and had dreamed of how good his basketball team would be with the talented guy. He remembered watching Chris standing on the platform wearing the gold medal in the Olympics along with the Dream Team of professional basketball players. He could still see the tears of joy running down CJ Hammer's face while he sang the Star Spangled Banner. Chris was still in high school, but he had been voted the Most Valuable Player in the entire Olympic basketball competition. He tried to clear his mind to get back to coaching his team that would face a tough opponent without their starting center.

When the practice was finished, Mike was waiting to drive Chris back to the fraternity. He knew that it had been a long day for his buddy and wanted to help him relax.

After supper and taking a shower with Mike, Chris watched Mike change his bandages. He was tired but he was also horny.

"I need to kiss you!" Chris announced.

Mike was willing to comply with the request and pressed his lips against Chris's. Two tongues began battling for position in the passionate kissing, with Chris winning the battle. Mike loved Chris and had mixed feelings of love and lust mixed with concern for Chris's injuries. He broke away from the delicious kissing and said, "We'd better cool it before I go crazy and rape you!"

"I know my body and I know what I need," Chris replied. "I need a protein shake to satisfy my hunger! Either put your cock in my mouth or I'll kick your ass and chew it off!"

Mike knew that he was no match physically for Chris, and also knew he was horny. He dropped his towel and aimed his throbbing boner toward Chris's mouth.

Chris was in heaven. He forgot about the pain in his side and savored the flavor and aroma of Mike's cock. He slurped around the head and took the entire length in his mouth. The room was filled with the moans of Mike Mahley and the wet sounds of Chris Hammer slurping on the thick meat. Chris knew that Mike liked what some guys called a "sloppy blowjob". He bathed Mike's cock with his saliva and made loud slurping noises while he blew his best friend.

Cody Emerson was ready to knock on the door to the room when he heard the sounds that all gay males quickly recognize. He smiled and put his ear to the door to listen to the moans and groans of Mike Mahley getting his lights blown out. Every guy in the fraternity knew that Mike was a real moaner when he had sex, and they often teased him by repeating the words heard when he blasted his load of cum.

Chris was determined to eat Mike's cum and intensified his oral efforts on the thick meat of his lover. He used his finger to caress the puckered ring of Mike's anus and squeezed Mike's cock to push the precum into his hungry mouth.

"SUCK MY BALLS!" Mike screamed. He loved having Chris suck his large nuts at the same time that the huge hands were jerking his cock toward orgasm. He felt Chris's mouth vacuum both of his sperm globes into his mouth, and knew he was close to cumming. He tried to control his body to prevent injury to Chris, but he lost the battle. He screamed and began shooting a huge load of cum that had been stored up since the last time he emptied his nuts.

Chris felt the throbbing of Mike's cock and released the two large nuts to cover the purple head of his buddy's cock. He missed the first blast of hot cum, but gulped down at least six more volleys before Mike collapsed. The tangy flavor of Mike's cum was exactly what Chris needed. He gulped down each blast to make room for the next, and forced his index finger inside Mike's ass to stroke his prostate gland.


Mike thought he was finished with his orgasm, but when Chris's huge finger rammed inside his ass and stroked his pleasure nub, he felt his cock blasting more love juice. He fought to stay conscious, with his entire body focused on his pulsating cock and the large finger that was probing his love button. He finally collapsed on the bed and begged Chris to stop.

"God I needed that!" Chris exclaimed. "All day I was daydreaming about sucking your cock and eating some hot sperm! I think that was the biggest load you ever pumped into my mouth!"

"It's your turn now if you can get that monster hard for me!" Mike said.

"Why isn't my dick hard?" Chris asked. "I had wood this morning!"

"It's the pills," Mike replied. "You're taking pain pills, muscle relaxers, and antibiotics. You woke up hard and in pain. When the pills are working, you're gonna be trying to shoot pool with a rope!"

"You asshole!" Chris exclaimed. "When this rope of mine turns into steel, your ass is gonna pay for teasing me!"

"I love you!" Mike said. "I wish I could suck you off so I could eat your jizz! We're gonna have to get you off those muscle relaxers so you can fill my ass with cock and cum!"

"I'm exhausted!" Chris admitted. "How can giving you a blowjob wipe me out like this?"

"Dad warned me to be patient with you," Mike admitted. "You have a ton of people who love you and want you to be healthy. We have to be patient and let your body heal because your body is tired from fighting the pain all day. Let's make a deal that we abstain from sex until you can get up and off."

Chris grumbled but finally agreed with Mike. He didn't like how his life had been filled with danger and injuries, and wondered if he was jinxed. He licked up the cum that had coated Mike's chest and belly and savored the tangy flavor. He cleaned up the juice and used Mike's belly as a pillow to try and relax.

"I think you should call Jim Moore and see how Kelly's doing," Mike suggested. "Stan told me that he sent a Police Counselor to help Kelly cope with what he witnessed, but I know the little dude needs to hear from you."

"I called Jim between classes today," Chris admitted. "I apologized for exposing Kelly to horrible things at Jeff's store. Jim ripped my ass, big time! He said we saved Kelly's life, and chewed me out! B demanded that they move into the duplex and never go back to their old neighborhood. Their old house is for sale, and B and Sam will take care of all of the legal shit for us. I whacked two guys, and I don't feel good about what I did. Right now I feel like I'm a hit man for the Soprano Family."

"If I hear you say anything like that again, I'll kick your ass!" Mike exclaimed. "Instead of thinking about the two guys you killed, why can't you think about four lives that you saved? Self preservation is a powerful instinct, and you and Jeff did what you had to do!"

Chris thought about what Mike said. He still was bothered that he had killed two men and had exposed a young teenager to a terrible experience. He hugged Mike and felt the tears flowing down his face. Mike was right! He had been faced with certain death and had acted instinctively. The bullet fragments that had torn through his body caused him pain, but things could have turned out much worse.

Mike hugged Chris and listened to the huge athlete sobbing softly. He owed his life to Chris twice, and they had only known each other for five years. He cuddled the giant of a man and reflected on how Saul Bernstein had said that Chris was still a young boy emotionally. He continued hugging Chris and kept reminding him how he had saved four lives with his powerful actions against the attackers.

Chris finally calmed down and thanked Mike for helping him sort out the emotions of killing two men. He wiped away his tears and grabbed his cell phone to call the Moore family. He knew they'd be at the duplex and dialed his own home phone number.

"Hello" the sweet voice of Kristin Moore answered the call.

"Hi cutie, this's Chris" he said. "Is your old man there?"

Kristin laughed and yelled for her dad. She handed Jim the phone and told him that Chris wanted to talk to the "old man".

"You need to show respect for mature people!" Jim teased. "How're you doing?"

Chris and Jim talked for several minutes. Chris could hear the entire Moore family begging to talk to him. He suggested that they use the speakerphone in the living room so everyone could hear and talk. He specifically asked to talk to Kelly.

"How're you doing?" Chris asked the young teenager. "I'm sorry that you were exposed to a horrible situation."

"I'm feeling better now," Kelly admitted. "I talked to a police counselor and I'm gonna see another counselor after school tomorrow. I thanked Jeff for saving my life, but I never thanked you. I hope you're not pissed at me for that. Thank you for saving my life!"

Chris never expected a young boy to be so mature in his thoughts. He accepted the thank you and asked Kelly how it felt to be living in the duplex.

"It's sweet living here!" Kelly replied. "I promise not to trash your room. Kristin and I'll go to the new school tomorrow, and I'm excited to get out of that shithole we used to go to. I've already met some neat guys in the neighborhood, and they promised to show me around the school. They told me that I'm a celebrity! I hope they don't find out that I pissed my pants and barfed."

"First off, it's your room now," Chris replied. "I still have some clothes to pack up and the trophy room to clean out, but I'm glad that you're all out of that old neighborhood. Your new buddies won't know about you wetting your pants or throwing up unless you tell them. I sure won't!"

"Uncle Saul, Kate and Jason have been packing your trophies," Kelly said. We're all helping them and being real careful. That'll be Kristin's room when we're done. Uncle Saul said your stuff will be stored at a safe place until you need it."

Chris was pleased to hear that B had taken charge of settling the Moore family into the duplex. It would be strange to return to his old home to visit the Moore family, but he had everything he needed for now with Mike and his fraternity brothers.

"Hi son," Saul Bernstein said. "How're you feeling?"

"Hi Dad!" Chris replied. "I'm still sore, but I went to classes today and watched the basketball practice. The team will play an away game Wednesday night, and Marcus said I could travel with them if the doctors clear me tomorrow. It's gonna be weird sitting on the bench if I get to go."

"That's great news!" Saul said. "I hope you've called your Boston family to let them know how you're doing. You just take it easy and let your body heal up. You'll be back on the basketball court real soon."

Chris promised to call the Carpenter family and thanked B for helping the Moore family take care of the moving issues. He was thrilled to hear that B and Helen had set a date for their wedding. He decided to tease his Dad.

"Mike and I'll throw a bachelor's party for you!" Chris joked. "We can rent a hall and get some hot strippers for entertainment!"

"Don't even think about it!" Saul exclaimed. "You shouldn't even say anything like that with impressionable teenagers listening!"

Chris laughed and heard Kelly and Kristin teasing B about attending the special party. He'd never do anything to tarnish the wedding of his adoptive father and future mom and admitted that he was just teasing Saul. He ended the call by telling everyone that he loved them and promised to call again real soon. He told Mike the information that he had learned and was pleased that Mike had insisted that he call home. The two guys cuddled on their bed and drifted off to sleep.


In the room next door, Nathan Pease and Reggie Burris began making out. The two guys had a lot in common besides Computer Science. Nathan was short and thin. He'd always felt inferior during gym classes in high school and was usually one of the last guys picked to be on a team. He resigned himself to never making six feet tall, and stopped growing when he was 5 foot 6 inches and weighed 105 pounds. He had a very young looking face and was teased a lot until he started taking Karate lessons. The thing he felt the worst about was the size of his manhood. Under normal conditions he had 1 inches soft and only 4 inches hard. His dick and balls were barely larger than a prepubescent boy's. Reggie was 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighed 115 pounds. Everything on his body was slender, including his cock that barely reached 4 inches when fully hard. The two guys met during the Tau Tau Tau rush week activities and were a perfect match for Big Brother and Little Brother.

"I love licking your body!" Reggie exclaimed. He was sucking Nathan's nipples and leaving a saliva trail across Nathan's body. He lifted Nathan's legs and dove for the puckered ring with his tongue. He listened to Nathan's moans while slurping around the hole and gently biting the pink flesh. He spread the ass cheeks apart and saw the tight hole open up. His tongue probed inside the stretched hole and was bathed in the musky flavor of Nathan's love tunnel.

Nathan loved Reggie and surrendered his body to his Big Brother. He knew that he and Reggie would take turns sucking each other and then would trade fucks. Both guys enjoyed having sex with a guy who had similar equipment to theirs. Their love was pure and they planned on spending their lives together.

Reggie continued rimming his Little Brother and savored the flavor inside Nathan's love chute. He drove his tongue deep inside and listened to the moans and squeals of his little lover. He was stroking Nathan's boner and knew Nathan wouldn't last long. He left the love hole and sucked and licked Nathan's scrotum and testicles. Nathan's pubic hair hadn't grown back after the ritual shaving during pledgeship. Even when small amounts of stubble grew back, Reggie shaved his lover bald again. Both guys loved being bald and knew it was a real turn on for their oral efforts to take each other to orgasm. They often flushed their bodies of solid waste, too, so they could felch each other. Sucking your own cum out of a freshly fucked ass became a weekly ritual for them.

Nathan felt his orgasm wrack his body, and begged Reggie to suck his dick and finger fuck his love hole. He emptied his reservoir of man juice and collapsed on the bed with Reggie expertly massaging his prostate gland. He waited for his body to recover from the intense orgasm and knew Reggie was waiting to give him a special gift.

Reggie had a mouthful of warm cum and waited for Nathan to relax from the intense sex. He placed his mouth over Nathan's and forced the fresh cum into Nathan's mouth.

The popular name for the action was "snowballing" where the two guys would share the warm cum by transferring it from one mouth to the other. The actions were repeated several times before they finally split the warm load and swallowed. Felching and snowballing were favorite actions for these two guys during their intimate sessions. They continued their lovemaking until they were both exhausted and drained of their manly juices. They fell asleep on the single bed that provided plenty of room for two small guys who were in love.

Wednesday morning found Mike and Chris entwined on the huge bed in their room. Alex was making his presence known by tormenting the four guys in the room to get them up to play. All four guys groaned, knowing that Alex was in charge of their daily activities. They got out of bed and watched the big dog bound out of the room to wake the other members of their fraternity. The loud screams and obscenities echoed through the dorm areas when the mascot tormented each of the sleepy men.

Chris had to be examined by the doctors at Mercy General Hospital. Mike drove him to the hospital and was happy to see his father waiting for Chris along with Dr. Thomas Morgan, the CSU Athletic Department medical advisor, and several other doctors.

"This looks like another setup to perv out on my bod!" Chris joked. He knew better than to push Poppa Mahley or Dr. Morgan too hard. Those two doctors could control his future in sports, and he knew he had to show respect or suffer the consequences.

"I think a lower GI (Gastro Intestinal procedure, aka, barium enema) is in order!" Poppa Mike teased. "Maybe then my special son will be more receptive to our examination of his recent wounds!"

"I apologize," Chris said quickly. He sure didn't want to go through the preparations for a lower GI that he knew included enemas and drinking a gallon of foul tasting liquid to flush out his body. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I just hope you guys will let me travel with the basketball team today. I know I can't play, but I really want to be there to cheer for my teammates."

"That sounds better," Dr. Morgan stated. "The only part of your body that we have to see is the wounds to your right side. We're concerned about infection and how your body's healing. We'll take you to an examination room and all you have to do is remove your shirt. If you give us any lip, the GI sounds like a great way to teach you respect!"

Mike laughed and that pissed Chris off. He grumbled but followed the orders of the two doctors. He was relieved when both doctors expressed their surprise at how quickly his body was healing. There was no sign of infection and the wounds had closed. He waited for the two doctors to talk in private and was anxious to hear their report.

"We're both pleased that you haven't developed any infection," Poppa Mike said happily. "Gunshot wounds are notorious for infection, but it looks like the wound was properly cleansed before closing with sutures. We still want you to continue taking the antibiotics as a precaution, but you can stop taking the muscle relaxers and only take the pain pills if you really need them."

"Marcus really wants you to travel with the team today, but I need your promise that you won't do anything to tear out the sutures," Dr. Morgan said. "I've never seen one man with so many injuries in my entire medical practice! When you get back, we want to see you Thursday morning and we might be ready to remove the sutures and see if you can do some light exercises."

"You have to promise us to behave!" Poppa Mike emphasized. "Young people seem to think they're immortal and do stupid things that can be dangerous. Do what we say, and we might let you do those light exercises later this week. Do we have a deal?"

Chris was elated. He quickly promised to follow the orders of the two doctors, knowing that their orders controlled his future in sports.

Mike had been silent during the examination, but added his personal promise to keep Chris from pulling any stitches. He was elated that his big lover would be allowed to travel with the basketball team and wished that he could also go. He had already packed a bag for Chris for the trip without saying anything to his lover.

"We've got to hurry back to the house so I can pack!" Chris said excitedly. "I hope they don't leave before we get to the airport!"

"I already packed for you," Mike admitted. "We have plenty of time and I already called Marcus with the good news while you were dressing. He said he'd hijack the plane if necessary to wait for you to join the team!"

"I love you!" Chris exclaimed. "You always seem to take care of everything for me!"

"I got a great blowjob from you last night, and I wanted to repay you!" Mike teased. "I still have an itch inside that I need Little Chris to scratch for me! I hope things get back to normal so we can be back to suck and fuck buddies real soon!"

Mike dropped Chris off at the terminal after giving him a nice kiss. He watched the bounce in Chris's step when the big guy hurried into the terminal. He waved and headed back to the CSU campus to attend his boring classes. He knew that the entire fraternity would be watching the television broadcast of the basketball game and he would be celebrating with his brothers.

Chris knew he wasn't supposed to be running, but he was excited so he hurried into the terminal to try and find Marcus and the basketball team. He was surprised to see the entire team and coaching staff waiting for him in the main terminal. He joined his buddies and celebrated the good news of his physical examination and the travel to Washington State for the evening basketball game.

The guys were all celebrating when the plane taxied and took off for the trip to the state of Washington. The airplane had just reached the prescribed altitude when a terrorist bomb in the luggage compartment exploded. The entire plane was engulfed in flames when it ripped apart. Debris was scattered over a two-mile radius from the combination of the terrorist bomb and the ignited jet fuel. All of the passengers and crew perished in the flaming inferno. CJ Hammer was dead!!!!


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Tom Jeffries and Rasheed Thomas were excited to be broadcasting the basketball game being televised across the nation by ESPN. They hoped that Judy Sowden would score an exclusive interview with CJ Hammer, knowing that the talented center wouldn't be dressed for the game and was a hard athlete to corner for a personal interview.

"This is Tom Jeffries for ESPN Sports, and with me is my partner, Rasheed Thomas," Tom Jeffries announced to the television audience. "We're excited about the game tonight pitting the Falcons of California State University against the Cougars of Washington State University. Rasheed, can the Falcons win this game without CJ Hammer?"

"Well Tom, no team wants to lose their starting center," Rasheed replied. "CJ Hammer is a huge man for any team to face, but tonight, my buddy Marcus Knight will have to move someone else into the center position, probably Brendan O'Brien, another very talented freshman. We have Judy Sowden down at courtside, and she's been successful in arranging a live interview with CJ Hammer. Let's go down to Judy and listen to what CJ Hammer has to say!"

"CJ, thanks for taking time to talk with me and the ESPN audience. You're not dressed for this game and you'll be watching from the bench tonight," Judy began. "I'm sure that the television audience wants to know how you feel about sitting on the bench after suffering a gunshot wound last weekend."

"Hi Judy," Chris replied. "I was examined by the doctors this morning, and there doesn't appear to be any infection. I hope to return to active status with this team real soon, but for now I have to be content with the bench so I can heal completely."

"Can you tell the television audience what caused your gunshot wounds?" Judy asked.

"Some people wanted to steal my car," Chris began. "I can't really go into all of the details because of the formal investigation, but I can say that the lives of my friends were threatened. We were forced to take aggressive actions, and unfortunately three people died of gunshot wounds. I was lucky, but I did have two bullet fragments removed from my right side after the altercation. The FBI and local police officers broke up a major auto theft ring and I know California is safer today because of their actions."

"I know that I speak for the viewing audience in expressing our hopes for your rapid recovery and return to action with the Falcon basketball team," Judy added. "We know that Marcus Knight wants you back on the court, and wishes you a speedy recovery!"

"Thanks Judy and I hope my young buddy, Kelly Moore is watching tonight from his new home in Fremont, California with my other little buddy, Robbie Thompson," Chris added. "Hi Kelly! Hi Robbie! Go Falcons!"

Judy laughed and returned the broadcast to Tom and Rasheed. When the camera was turned off, she thanked Chris for giving her the exclusive interview. She shook hands with CJ and was amazed at how her hand was dwarfed by the huge hand of the star athlete.

Kelly Moore had invited Robbie Thompson and his new friends, Greg, Marty and Julian to watch the basketball game on the large high definition television in the living room of his new home. He jumped up and screamed in joy at hearing CJ Hammer mention him to the television audience. Robbie and his new buddies joined him in celebrating and didn't calm down until Jim and Sarah reminded them that the game was starting.

Saul and Helen were also in the living room to watch the basketball game. They were both proud of Chris and how he always had time for young children. They both knew that famous athletes often avoided contact with fans, but Chris was different. His years in the orphanage had taught Chris how small children craved attention, and he was always polite with fans requesting autographs. He'd just made two young boys ecstatic after being mentioned on national television.

It was a close game, but the Falcons won by a score of 79 to 74. The two ESPN announcers wrapped up the game report with their comments.

"The Falcons are victorious without their star center," Tom Jeffries announced. "Brendan O'Brien did a great job after being moved to center for Marcus Knight, and he was the top scorer with 22 points and 11 rebounds. Rasheed, you're a personal friend of Coach Knight. What do you think of the way he prepared his team for this game?"

"Marcus has a lot of young talent on his Falcon basketball team," Rasheed replied. "I know Marcus wishes that CJ Hammer had been able to play tonight, but a seasoned coach knows how to make adjustments with the players who are available. O'Brien played the best game of his career tonight, and I'm sure Marcus is pleased with his performance. We all saw how Hammer was cheering on his teammates, and I'm convinced his presence here helped motivate the Falcons. The big question is, when will Hammer return to active status?"

"David Patrick had the same concerns and questions when Hammer was knocked out of the football program earlier this year," Tom Jeffries announced. "Hammer returned for the last two games of the regular football season, and we all know the impact he made. He's concentrating on basketball right now, but we all expect him to return to the football team when they play for the national championship on January 6th. It wouldn't surprise me to see Hammer back in uniform next week for the Falcon basketball team. I'm sure that the other Pac-10 teams hope he stays on the bench."

"Judy Sowden has Marcus Knight with her," Rasheed said. "Let's see what Marcus has to say about this game tonight."

"Marcus Knight, congratulations on your team winning a close game tonight," Judy began. "I'm sure our television audience wants to hear your comments about how your team adjusted to the loss of your starting center, CJ Hammer."

"Chris Hammer has been a personal friend of mine ever since I met him when he was 15," Marcus replied. "Losing a player with his talents is hard to take, but basketball is a team sport. This is the most talented team I've ever coached and my players turned up their intensity and won the game tonight. I'm proud of all of them for not giving up when we were down by 8 points. O'Brien moved to center and played his best game of the season tonight. Lewis and Jacoby were awesome, and I was confident that we would win this important game."

"When will CJ Hammer return to active status?" Judy asked.

"The doctors will determine that," Marcus replied. "Chris is healing fast, and we all look forward to him returning quickly. I hope that in less than a week he'll be ready for limited playing time."

"I notice that you call him Chris when everyone else calls him CJ. Why is that?" Judy asked.

"His full name is Christopher Jonathan Hammer," Marcus began, "But he uses the initials `CJ' for the team rosters. He doesn't like anyone calling him Chris unless they're close friends or family. I'm honored to be included in that exclusive group of people. He spends time with my family and we all have fun together."

"Is there any truth to the rumors that CJ uses white pepper to pull pranks on his friends?" Judy asked.

Marcus laughed and tried to decide how to answer that question without violating television etiquette. He wondered how Judy heard about Chris's pranks.

"Chris learned early in his life that white pepper can cause burning and itching to private parts of a person's body," Marcus replied. "I won't go into the details, but he's always been pulling pranks on his teammates and friends. The pranks create a lot of entertainment for the coaching staff and players, but I think he's learned to stop targeting me."

Judy laughed and congratulated Marcus before ending her interview. "This is Judy Sowden returning the broadcast to Tom Jeffries and Rasheed Thomas for ESPN Sports."

Marcus left the interview and ran to the locker room to celebrate with his team. He wasn't prepared for the surprise waiting for him behind the locker room door. When he opened the door, all of the players, assistant coaches and trainers were waiting with cans of shaving cream. Chris had convinced one of the trainers to go with him to a nearby drugstore before the game where he purchased special cans of shaving cream that could shoot over 10 feet. Marcus was shocked when the first blast of shaving cream hit him in the face, and he tried to protect his eyes. He looked like a snowman before the guys stopped.

"You rotten fuckers!" Marcus screamed. He listened to the cheers and laughter of his players and staff and knew that there was only one guy who was responsible. He joined in the laughter and tried to clear his face of the white coating. He felt his body being lifted off the floor and he struggled to get loose. Four of the Falcon players carried him into the shower room and held him under the cold spray. The ice-cold water, leaving Marcus dripping wet and freezing, quickly washed the shaving cream away. He cussed at his players and threatened them with wind sprints for the next practice. He saw his entire staff joining the players in laughing and teasing him, and joined them in laughing and celebrating their victory.

Everyone was hit by the shaving cream and joined Marcus in the shower room to get clean. It was a joyful event for all, and they continued their celebration all the way to the airport for their return to the CSU campus.

Marcus sat next to Chris for the return flight and threatened to get even for the prank. He loved Chris and knew that the child in the huge athlete was going to continue to be a challenge for him and his staff.

It was almost 1:00 a.m. when the chartered bus delivered the team to the CSU campus where several cars were waiting to take the men home. Mike and several Tri-Tau brothers were waiting to congratulate their team on the important victory.

"Get some rest!" Marcus ordered. "Jonathan Crawford says you can miss your morning classes, but you all better attend the afternoon classes and practice. I'm gonna make you guys pay for pulling that prank on me!"

"I've got a surprise for you!" Chris said to Mike when he was sitting in the passenger seat with his lover driving. He grabbed Mike's right hand and placed it over the front of his jeans.

Mike was driving the 1957 Nomad that had been delivered to the fraternity to replace the damaged Mustang, and was surprised to feel a large bulge under his hand. He stroked the erect meat of his lover and knew that Chris had stopped taking the muscle relaxers. He pulled his hand away from the hard bulge and immediately began thinking about having over 12 inches of thick meat probing inside his horny ass.

"Hold that thought!" Mike joked. "If we didn't have the other guys in this car, I'd pull over and fold down the rear seat for a hot poke in the ass!"

"You watch the road!" Jermaine ordered. "You perverts can pick up the action when we're safely back to the fraternity!"

It was a short trip from the Athletic Complex to the fraternity, and Mike had a full boner for the rest of the trip. He was tired, but the thought of sharing anal sex with Chris blotted out his need for sleep.

Chris, Painter and Jermaine were pleased to see all of their brothers standing outside to cheer for their return. It was early in the morning, but all of the brothers wanted to welcome their brothers home and celebrate the victory of the basketball team.

Mike left the celebration to run to his room. He wanted to prepare for the anal probe that he'd been hoping for from Chris, and quickly flushed his body of solid waste and showered. When he returned to his room, he saw Chris waiting for him with the anal lubricant and a raging boner.

"I've got your present ready!" Chris teased. "I'm gonna fuck you like a nickel whore tonight!"

"You're gonna kiss me and make love, not fuck me!" Mike demanded. "That boner will go to waste if you treat me like a whore!"

"Sorry Mike," Chris said. "I'm just excited about feeling Little Chris stand up like a man for a change. Put the sign on the door and let's rock and roll!"

Mike was happy to comply with Chris's requests. He loved feeling Chris's monster stretch his insides and knew it was the way they were meant to share their love for the rest of their lives. He whistled for Alex and waited for the big dog to get inside the room before he closed the door. He turned towards Chris and dropped the towel from around his waist to reveal his own throbbing boner.

Chris was ready for hot action and was stroking his foot-long member while staring at the beauty of Mike's body. Mike wasn't into sports, but his body was sculpted like a swimmer. Chris loved seeing Mike's handsome face that seemed to light up any room he was in when he smiled. He grabbed Mike and gave him a passionate kiss while grabbing the firm globes of Mike's ass to squeeze. He knew that Mike was horny and wanted to be fucked, but he decided to practice some intense foreplay before burying his throbbing meat in the tight hole of his lover.

"Fuck me!" Mike demanded.

Chris didn't answer Mike's demand, but made his desires known by picking Mike up and tossing him on the large bed they shared. He positioned his body so the two lovers were in the "69" position where they both quickly filled their hungry mouths with hard cocks. He loved sucking Mike's cock and was always amazed at how the soft, silky skin felt foreign to be covering the rock hard shaft that he loved to feel in his throat and ass.

Mike was gently chewing on the generous foreskin of his huge lover. He savored the flavor of the head of Chris's cock and the slight flavor of the natural lubricant that Mother Nature creates under a foreskin. He slurped under the foreskin and used his lips to push it back to expose the purple knob to his tongue and taste buds. He gulped down the saliva that was flavored from the intimate part of Chris's cock and wished that he could bottle the unique flavor.

Chris was using his tongue to bathe Mike's genitals with his saliva, and enjoyed the flavor of his lover's hidden treasures. He let his tongue travel to Mike's love hole, and circled the puckered ring before probing inside the tangy hole. He used his immense hands to spread Mike's ass cheeks apart and gazed at the opening of Mike's hole when it was spread open for his eyes and tongue. He immediately shoved his tongue inside the open brown ring and savored the flavor of his lover's intestinal tract. There was nothing in the world that was more delicious than the flavor of Mike's anal passage.

Mike groaned out loud and begged Chris to fuck him and relieve the itch that had been controlling his body for the last few days. He knew that the only way he could feel complete was when Christopher Jonathan Hammer was filling his rectal passage with over 12 inches of hard cock. He screamed in ecstasy when he felt Chris's tongue invade his anal passage and begged his lover to fill him with a hard cock.

Chris was in control for one of the few times that he and Mike made love. He delayed the entry of his cock into Mike's love tunnel until he realized that Mike was totally engulfed with the feelings of love and lust. He coated his throbbing cock with the special lubricant and pinned Mike to the bed with his immense strength. The head of his cock found the puckered ring and was immediately shoved inside.

Mike had wanted Chris's cock inside his ass, but the size of the throbbing organ seemed larger than ever when he felt it stretch his sphincter and plow inside his rectal passage. He screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure when he felt the huge cock pop inside his ass and slide deep inside his body. It filled his ass and made him feel like he would explode from the pressure, but he struggled to relax and accept the shaft that felt like a telephone pole. He finally realized that Chris's cock was buried in his ass, and tried to relax more to enjoy the invasion that he had desired for several days. His body finally relaxed and he grabbed Chris to kiss him passionately before encouraging him by saying, "Fuck Me!"

Chris loved having sex with Mike and knew that his large cock was causing pain for his lover. He paused to let Mike adjust to the size of it and then began moving his cock in and out of Mike's ass in slow and short strokes.

Mike was in heaven when he felt the entire length of Chris's cock stretching his insides. All of the nerves in his body were focused on that huge cock filling him with the essence of male love. He surrendered his body to the lust of his lover, and urged Chris to fuck him harder and faster.

Chris had a pent up supply of man cream and began fucking Mike harder and faster. He started making longer strokes and was spurred on by the sounds of his lover's urging to fuck harder and faster.

Mike was totally focused on the huge cock that was invading his ass, and never realized that his own orgasm was wracking his body. His large cock erupted with several blasts of hot cum that hit his face and chest, while Chris's cock was exploding inside his rectum.

Chris collapsed on top of Mike's body and licked up the cum that had coated his lover's face. He used his tongue to push some of it to Mike's hungry mouth, and shared the tangy sauce with his lover. When he regained some of his strength, he let his mouth travel south to slurp up more of Mike's cum that had coated his chest. He vacuumed in the deflating cock of his lover and savored the remaining cum that was still leaking out of his cock.

Mike was totally exhausted from the effects of being fucked by his big lover and blasting his own load of cum while being fucked. Every time he shared sex with Chris, he learned something new about male sex and his own body. There had been several times when he and Chris had each experienced multiple orgasms, but he was now convinced that making love wasn't the Sexual Olympics. Making love with Chris was a mutual sharing of intimacy that could supply more satisfaction than having ten orgasms.

Mike and Chris decided that their orgasms had satiated their sexual needs for the night, and decided to bask in the afterglow of great sex and go to sleep.

Isaac and Leif had slept in the living room to give their roommates some privacy. It was almost 11:00 a.m., and the two brothers decided to wake up Mike and Chris so they could have something to eat before going to the afternoon classes.


Isaac and Leif were walking down the hallway to the room that they shared with Chris and Mike when they heard the sounds of Mike moaning. They stopped outside the door to their room and listened to the sounds of their roommates making love. They saw the sign on the door and decided to listen to their roomies making love and put their ears against the door. They both realized that Chris had his huge cock buried in Mike's ass and wished they were in the room to watch the hot action.

Isaac removed his ear from the door and dropped to his knees. He was horny and wanted to join Chris and Mike, even though he knew he couldn't open the door. He quickly unzipped Leif's pants and extracted the throbbing meat so he could swallow it. He took the entire length of Leif's large cock in his mouth and began slurping on the juicy manhood.

Leif was a willing participant in the oral efforts of the young man who was his Little Brother. He loved Isaac and wanted to share sex with him. He was extremely horny and the oral efforts of his Little Brother were taking him close to orgasm. The sounds of Chris and Mike fucking in their room added to his passion, and he knew he was close to flooding Isaac's mouth with man cream. He screamed in ecstasy when he felt his cock erupt with a flood of hot cum that was quickly swallowed.

The room was filled with the moans and groans of sexual pleasure, while Isaac was gulping down the last few spurts of Leif's cock outside the closed door. Chris had woken up to the sensations of Mike sucking his throbbing cock, and had quickly mounted his lover. It was a great way for the two men to begin their day, and they mated with abandon. They had both blown their morning loads when they heard their roommates in the hallway. They acknowledged the knock on the door and realized that their buddies wanted to get inside.

"On your back!" Isaac commanded Leif once they were inside their room.

Things had changed a great deal between Isaac and Leif. Isaac had been relegated to the position of "bottom" during his pledgeship to the Tau Tau Tau fraternity, but things had changed dramatically after initiation. Leif had learned that male sex was a "give and take" exchange that only developed into true love when both partners were receptive to pleasing their partner by whatever means necessary. He was now removing the remainder of his clothes to assume the receptive position for his Little Brother to dominate him.

Chris and Mike watched the actions of their roommates and cuddled to enjoy the live show. They enjoyed watching other guys make love, and their attention was focused on the interaction of Leif and Isaac.

"I sucked you off, and now it's time for you to be my bitch!" Isaac announced to Leif. He coated his hot tamale with lubricant and wasted no time ramming the entire length of his thick cock inside his Big Brother.

Leif moaned in a combination of pain and lust when he felt the thick cock invade his body. He tried to relax his body to accept the anal probe from his Little Brother, knowing that Isaac had the thickest cock he'd ever taken orally or anally. When his body relaxed, he nodded for Isaac to begin fucking his manhole.

Isaac was in heaven. In the time he'd known Leif, he'd at first been relegated to the "bottom" position, but things had now changed for the better. His physical and emotional attachment to CJ Hammer had caused confusion during his pledgeship, but he now knew that his future was linked with the handsome diver who'd been his Big Brother. When he saw the nod from Leif, he began making faster strokes with his throbbing member.

Chris loved watching other guys fuck. He knew very well that Isaac had an incredible body to go with his handsome face, and was excited to watch his former pledge buddy bone Leif. He knew from his own experience with Isaac that the Mexican-American was awesome in bed. He grabbed Mike's flaccid cock and stroked it while he watched the hot action on the other side of his room.

Isaac was now in charge, and he took advantage to begin ramming his thick cock in and out of his Big Brother. He enjoyed any intimate time that he shared with the man he was in love with. He continued hammering his cock inside the tight hole of his Big Brother until he felt his orgasm wrack his body. He screamed when he felt his orgasm flood Leif's gripping ass. His body flooded Leif's tight hole with several blasts of thick male juice, and he struggled to remain conscious while his body emptied.

Watching his roommates performing their male bonding aroused Mike. His throbbing cock was swallowed by Chris's warm mouth, and he moaned in ecstasy with the combination of visual and oral stimulation. He felt Chris moving on their large bed and saw the erect organ of his lover headed for his hungry mouth. He quickly swallowed the head of Chris's cock and savored the flavor of precum mixed with the fluids from his own rectal passage.

Chris loved having sex with Mike and also the visual stimulation of watching Isaac and Leif fucking like rabbits. He swallowed the entire length of Mike's cock and rammed his large finger inside Mike's clutching asshole to stroke the prostate gland of his best friend. The effects were immediate and Mike shot his load, screaming loudly.

Mike's orgasm caused him to pull away from Chris's throbbing cock. He felt the first of several blasts of man cream flood his face while he felt Chris gulping down his own load of baby pudding. He tried to regain control of his body, but couldn't cover Chris's cock with his mouth before his face was flooded with fresh cum. His eyes were completely covered with the sticky liquid before he regained control and covered Chris's spurting cock with his mouth to claim and swallow the last few spurts.

The dorm room was filled with the sounds of passion and the aroma of male sex. Alex howled while protecting the door, knowing that his master was being satisfied. The huge dog had witnessed the sexual exploits of his master, and also knew that the members of the Tau Tau Tau fraternity enjoyed sexual release with each other.

"You guys should make videos!" Isaac teased Chris and Mike. "We listened to you guys fucking when we were outside the room, but watching you is even better! This slut on the end of my cock gets his hole plugged every time we hear you guys fuck. I'm ready for Round Two if my Big Brother can get his dinky hard again."

"You never called my dick a dinky when you were a lowly pledge!" Leif exclaimed. "Assume the position and get ready to get fucked!"

Isaac laughed and turned on the bed to present his manhole for a hot fuck from the man who was his Big Brother. He slid a pillow under his ass to give Leif a better angle to probe inside his anal passage. He moaned in pleasure when he felt the lubricated cock stretch his anal opening and drive deep inside his body. He knew that Leif loved to be on top when they fucked, and he moaned when he felt the entire length of Leif's cock bury inside his hole.

Chris and Mike watched while Leif fucked Isaac hard. They both were satisfied from their multiple exchanges of body fluids, but they continued to watch Leif plundering the intimate passage of his Little Brother. Isaac was jerking his own cock while Leif fucked his ass. The visual stimulation of watching Chris and Mike blowing each other caused both Leif and Isaac to cum at the same time. They both screamed out when their balls emptied, and they collapsed on their bed in exhaustion.

When everyone had recovered from their orgasms, the four guys decided to head for the soothing effects of the shower room. They joined other horny guys in the shower room and listened to teasing from their brothers who had heard the passionate exchange through the thin walls of the fraternity. The Tri-Tau fraternity was filled with guys who were open minded to straight or gay sex, and the brothers loved each other unconditionally.

Chris and Mike returned to their room and dressed to begin their day on the CSU campus. Isaac and Leif had decided to head for the Game Room and play pool, but Chris and Mike were hungry. They exchanged kisses and words of love before they headed out of their room to join their brothers in the dining room.